Multi IC Room Proposal

A major issue others and I have in Origins is the clustered, overlapping, and busy IC room. Many times there will be two, three, sometimes even four distinct conversations happening in multiple different areas of the site all jam-packed into the same channel.

I'm aware that the #tooltime channel has been suggested as an 'overflow' room of sorts, but that really only works if everyone in said conversation agrees halfway through it to get up from #origins-IC and migrate to #tooltime. It's a decent solution, but it only works if everyone is on the same page and willing to move their already-started conversation elsewhere, which doesn't happen often from personal experience.

My suggestion is as follows: Do away with #tooltime and #homeimprovement, and replace them with simple #origins-ic2 and #origins-ic3. (Following of course #origins-ic itself) This solves a number of problems on a number of levels, which I shall explain here.

First and foremost, I will explain how this system works to avoid confusion: #origins-ic will still be the 'primary' channel. This is where the largest conversations will take place, for example… Luvi, Matt, Emily, Hill, and Laura all want to talk in the common room. This is a large group in a commonly used place on the site, perfect for making use of ic1.

Now, that group is speaking in the commons, but Katie, Ivan, and Wilson want to go to the cafeteria. Normally we'd just shove them all into #origins-ic and have the two conversations heavily overlap eachother, with players playing more than one character having to designate which character they're speaking as each time they send a message. This is pointless hassle and confusion. With the new system, instead of clogging up ic1, Ivan, Katie, and Wilson can simply join ic2. Ic1 will remain in the commons room with the first larger group, and ic2 will become the cafeteria with the small group. This allows players ease of mind with who's talking, where they are, and who they're talking to. Simple!

This idea could extend out to a third ic room, too. Say ic1 is still the commons and ic2 is still the cafeteria, but some players want their scientists to do some science in the labs. Instead of making one of the previous channels split between two locations, the scientists can join ic3, which then becomes the lab(s) of their choice. No clutter, no worries! This allows many more players to RP simultaneously with less confusion.

Now, ShotgunFiend, you must be asking yourself, what happens when there's a run or event? Simple! ic1, because it is still the primary channel will become the location of the run! This leaves ic2 and ic3 open for on-site RP among non-run-participants. Now, say there's an event, such as the upcoming Kids!Origins. All ic rooms can be Kids!Origins if need be, but say someone needs to do something non Kids!Origins. This is solved by ic2 or ic3 temporarily becoming non Kids!Origins themed until the RP is done, at which point it returns to Kids!Origins, unless otherwise needed.

This is my proposal for clearing up the cluttered #origins-ic room!

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