Down below the site lies an old, disused mine. It was originally built over a century ago, to extract certain rare minerals out of the ground. Recent tests have shown that the ore veins down there are quite rich, and extremely varied. The mine itself, as a result of advanced age and constantly changing owners, is a somewhat confusing mess of tunnels that is very easy to get lost in. Everything is three-dimensional, with tunnels branching off into a dozen different pathways at once. In some places the mines even connect to natural caves, though most of these have been sealed off for security reasons.

While most abandoned mines are horrifically dangerous, this one is merely abandoned out of convenience – there are actually still a great number of different resources that could be extracted from it, and it’s not all that unsafe. Still, it is quite easy to get lost down in the darkness, so it’s important to bring a flashlight if you ever go down there.

The mines can be accessed by taking the main elevator down, located in the site basement, specifically the large storage area below the loading bay. The elevator is somewhat slow, and a bit rusty, but it’s very secure.

Characters are welcome to help extract resources from the mine, if they wish. It’s an interesting experience, for those who’ve never done it before, and finding rare minerals can be very exciting – not to mention profitable. Just be careful not to cause a cave-in.

Even further below the site than the mines is the Arena. It was found by the teams originally sent to secure the mines, and has been left relatively untouched due to the inexperience of the local agents with such devices. This Arena is very different than the one at Site-19 – instead of consisting of a podium and gems, it instead is a much more complicated, high-tech system. There is a large main control room, outside of which sits a very large, square, iron gate. The gate is controlled from within the control room, using a large series of pulleys and levers which seem to work how you want no matter what you do with them. The variables are stored in the form of smallish tapes, held in spools, and have to be placed into the machines within the control room. There’s a big red switch in the middle console of the control room which activates the gate outside.

This whole setup is located in a large cavern, which has been lit with spotlights and is accessible via the same elevator which goes to the mines – the one located in the basement of the loading dock.

There are many unexplored areas and tunnels of the mines, but personnel are to enter these areas at their own risk.

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