Megan Wilson

Name: Megan Wilson
Age: 24 (as of travelling back from 1988)
Purpose: Future Foundation agent under Psi-7, and Daughter of Elliot Wilson. Sent back in time to help make sure the alliance between the 50s Foundation and the Red Cards Alliance happens. Possible future character once this end is reached (or other events occur), but NPC for the time being.
Nature: Fairly serious, but still friendly (but not about Foundation business). Easily Bored.
Description/History: Born to the currently single Elliot Wilson and an as of yet unidentified partner at some point about a decade into the future, Megan was raised among Psi-7 agents. She was sent back in time from the year 1988 to complete a known piece of history and arrange the aforementioned alliance (which has yet to occur). Before she departed, her father gave her his pocket/utility knife for good luck (which eventually led to Lacey being able to identify her as his daughter).
Other: The following are facts that are either about Megan, or are facts that she has felt she can reveal:

  • As her superiors (and her father) only told her what she needed to know, she had no idea she would encounter her father's comrades. Prior to Lacey revealing she had worked out who her father was, Megan actively chose to withhold her surname in case someone did just that.
  • So far, she has managed to avoid meeting her father's past self or him finding out about her by remaining in Containment for the majority of the time.
  • Only a handful of people know who she is. This includes Lacey, Katie, Artyom, and a few others.
  • Megan's parents became a couple shortly after her mother saved her father's life, but according to her, had known each other for at least some time beforehand without any romantic involvement whatsoever.
  • During the GOC coup of Site 19, the lock on her cell was compromised by a stray shot, allowing her to move around the site. She eventually grouped up with Artyom and Susan and aided them and those with them in resecuring the site.

Physical Health: 7
Mental Health: 7

Physical Defense: 5
Mental Defense: 3
Perception: 4
Agility: 4
Strength: 3

Intimidation: 1

Melee: 3
Ranged: 5

Academics: 4
Science: 4


  • Dual Wielding: 3. Growing up in the Foundation, Megan developed a proficiency for dual wielding smaller firearms. This applies to pistols/handguns or small automatics, but since Megan has to be able to balance their weight to work them properly, this can only be tagged if both weapons are of the same type (e.g. Pistol + Pistol = Yes; Pistol + Automatic = No).
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