Mara Kelet

Basic Info:

Player: Klurg

Position: Wild Hunter (Aka: Stealth Operations/Fair Folk knowledge)

Demeanor: Slightly crude and lacks manners. Kind of irritable. Seems content to keep to herself.

Nature: Ever since the attack on her village, Mara is broken, her old confident nature mostly gone. While she would rather not interact with others, her curiosity will most likely get the best of her. Mentions of fae/the fair folk will get her attention easily.

Description: Mara is 6'00, 210 pounds,, most of it muscle.. Her hair is red, short and unkempt, as a result of her time in the forest, she needed short hair so that she wouldn't get it snagged on plants or strange creatures. She has rust brown eyes that have a wild look in them most of the time, as if she were going to pounce. Her accent is a weird combination of Posh and Scottish


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 6
  • Mental Defense: 5
  • Perception: 3
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 6
  • Melee: 1+3 from strength
  • Survival: 3
  • Sneak: 5
  • Academics: 3
  • Human of Fae: 3. The Fae educational system is quite effective… at teaching mythology and culture. +3 academics to Scottish and Fae culture and mythology.
  • Forest Stalker: 3. While Mara may have lived in the fae village, she prefers to hang out in the nearby forest, hunting or fooling around with the fae wildlife. +3 to sneak when stalking/sneaking up on a target.
  • Strong Willed: 2. Living with creatures strong in verbal and mental manipulation will help one develop a strong will. +2 mdef against mind control/possession.
  • Forest Strong: 4. A life of forest shenanigans and hunting would help to strengthen one's body to an extreme extent, although it's kind of hard to use all of it when someone has a tool in the way. +4 strength against an unarmed foe.


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  • Hunting Knife crafted by the fae of Mania's village. Has a forest design carved on the hilt
  • Foundation issued pistol


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  • Fae history books that she found in the wreckage of her village
  • A picture of her and her friends drawn by the village artist.
  • Bow crafted by the fae of Mania's village
  • Quiver with arrows for said bow

Personal History

TL;DR. Mother dies during childbirth in middle of magic forest in Scotland. More benevolent Fae take care of girl that comes out of the lady. Girl lives with fae entire life and enjoys hunting in forest. Fae village gets destroyed by CI. Foundation investigation crew member gets kidnapped and interrogated by said girl. Girl gets ambushed and dragged to foundation. Girl accepts job and becomes a foundation member.
Main History
Mara was Born July 20th, 1938, in the middle of some dank forest in Scotland. How dank you may ask? It had fair folk in it, who were extremely worried about the prospect of a human finding their forest, so they trapped Mara's mother in there while she was pregnant with Mara. Not being able to escape the forest, she gave birth there, dying shortly afterwards without any medical assistance. The fae then saw a crying human child with a dead mother nearby. Luckily, they weren't complete dicks and took Mara as one of their own, with the catch that they wouldn't let her out of the forest.
Mara's early life in the Fae village was a bit rough. The village was an assortment of many type of fae/fair folk, who only wished to live in peace away from the outside world and its conflicts. Needless to say, the arrival of a human child had mixed reception. Mara faced prejudice and fear from the more bigoted Fae, apathy and being ignored by most of the other fae, and help from the few who cared about her or believed her to be an interesting addition to the village.
As Mara grew older, she spent more time in the forest, hunting wild animals for fun, both of the mundane and non-sapient fae variety. She honed her skills as she hunted, along with being educated by the fair folk on the way of their people and culture. She was content with this life, minus the education part, but you can't have everything.
Then the Chaos Insurgency attacked. Mara was out hunting at the time, and by the time she came back, the village was destroyed, without her even knowing what happened. She saw a group of humans scouring the remains of her village, and connected the dots. She then ambushed and interrogated one who strayed too far from the group. The person Mara kidnapped explained that he was a member of an organization called The Foundation and his team was hunting a group of people from a group called the Chaos Insurgency, who were responsible for the destruction of Mara's village.
Shortly after the explanation, Mara was ambushed by the rest of the team. After a fierce struggle, Mara was detained and transported to a nearby site. After thorough questioning, Mara was given an ultimatum: use her knowledge and skills for the foundation, or be given amnestics and forget her entire life. She chose the former and was transferred to site 77.


  • English
  • Scottish Gaelic
  • Fae language


Has a mild allergy to certain metals, which probably helped her fit in the village a bit
Can mimic animal sounds expertly, which she used to attract prey

XP: 0

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