Loot Sheet and Upgrades

Loot & Upgrades

In this wondrous and terrifying world of anomalous circumstance, an agent might sometimes pick up an item that is useful and benign enough that the Foundation clears the item for field use. These loot items generally start out as rather useless, but with some research and time, one can usually unlock it's full potential.

Item name Item Description Starting Mechanics Upgrade / Requirements
Trident of Pontus A beautiful silver trident with golden-tipped prongs and engravings of sea life on the shaft. Recognizes the following commands when pointed at any body of either salt or freshwater; THERMOTITA to heat 1 cubic meter of water to a maximum of 110 degrees F; KRYO to cool one cubic meter of water to a minimum of 45 degrees F. PAUSI to stop the flow of water in a 1 meter sphere; ROI to create water flow in any direction in a 1 meter sphere; ANELKYSTIRAS to lift a 1 meter diameter sphere of water. Three uses per run. Two commands increased in power. Uses increased to 4. - 25XP
Atlantean Watch An overly complex, arm-mounted water-powered watch akin more to a gauntlet. A watch that always tells the correct time in Grecian numerals, even across time zones A watch that always displays the correct time in modern english numbers in a 24 hour format, across time zones. A display also indicates what year, month, and day it currently is. - 15 XP
Medusa's Guard A decorated iron chestplate inlaid with two ruby gems, one over he heart and one over the middle of the back. When either of the gems are struck and upon a critical hit from an enemy in melee combat, the bearer turns to marble for exactly one (1) turn or one (1) minute. When the either of the gems are struck, the bearer no longer turns to marble. Instead, anyone who strikes the gem or scores a critical hit turns to marble themselves, becoming immobilized for one (1) turn or one (1) minute. - 20XP
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