[Soft RP]
<gumbal1> Danielle reads in the commons.
<~RogetGMs> Danielle, you feel… tingly
<Nemi> Nasirah lurks in the halls, totally beating up some nerds or their lunch money.
<gumbal1> Danielle checks herself for bugs, frowning.
<~RogetGMs> Danielle, you can see some blinking lights around Nasirah
<SirGoldFish> Daniel is there!
<Nemi> Well, she's in the hallway, anyway.
<~RogetGMs> Nasirah, you see sparkles around danielle and daniel
<~RogetGMs> Daniel feels tingly
<SirGoldFish> Daniel looks around.
<Nemi> Nasirah squints at them. This better not be some anachronistic vampire shit.
<SirGoldFish> "Now what?"
<gumbal1> Danielle frowns. ~Oh dear~
<~RogetGMs> Nasirah, Daniel, and Danielle begin fading!
<Nemi> "Oh great, this is just like that time in Abd al-Mariz.."
<Nemi> Nasirah holds still and awaits the sudden change of venue, gritting her teeth in irritation.

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<SirGoldFish> What does this look like from Daniel and Danielle's perspective?
<gumbal1> "Merde."
<~RogetGMs> Looks like peeps be vanishing
<~RogetGMs> All of you black out… but you wake up with some sort of diving suit on… in homeimprovement.

[Home Improvement]
<gumbal1> "what the fuck"
<Soulless> He pats his suit and looks around.
<RogetGMs> It feels bulky, but surprisingly light!
<SirGoldFish> Daniel is in his diving suit.
<ihp> Susan groans as she awakens, trying to get her surroundings in a… diving suit? "What the hell…."
<RogetGMs> It's a barren landscape. Much dark.
<SirGoldFish> "This is bullshit."
<SirGoldFish> Daniel has his arms crossed.
<RogetGMs> You can all hear each other. These diving suits must have some kind of connection.
<ihp> Susan looks at those around her. "Well, good to know I'm not alone… wherever the hell we are."

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<Soulless> "B-bonjour…"
<SirGoldFish> "Is that you Walter?"
<@Wogglebug> Ben drops to a crouch.
<RogetGMs> None of you can see the others through the diving suit visors, but the suits themselves are big and bulky, and the masks sort of look like welders masks. They're black, with big oxygen tanks hooked onto the back.
<gumbal1> "Bonjour, or maybe bonsoir."
<@Nemi> Nasirah hates diving suits. It reminds her of that time she went pearl diving and the sharks were actually weresharks.
<@Wogglebug> He reaches for his sidearm, which isn't there.

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<gumbal1> Danielle tries to take off her helmet.
<RogetGMs> All of your possesions have disappeared. That is unfortunate.
<RogetGMs> Danielle, it's bolted to the suit.
<@Nemi> "Hey." Nasirah picks herself up in that weird bulky suit.
<Soulless> "Y-y-yes… I am… Walter…"
<ihp> Susan frowns. "All right, everyone sign off! Who are you all?"
<RogetGMs> But the suits… don't feel heavy at all. Somehow. That's weird.
<Soulless> "W-w-walter Bouchard… r-r-researcher…"
<gumbal1> "Fuck. Stuck in her-wait, who's the new voice?"
<@Wogglebug> "WHO THE FUCK ARR YOU!"
<@Nemi> Nasirah hops in place, experimentally. "I'm Nasirah. Calm down, Ben."
<SirGoldFish> "I am Daniel Pinkerton."
<RogetGMs> Looks like this all around.
<Soulless> Walter wishes Marty was here.
<Soulless> '&'
<Soulless> '^'
<ihp> "Sir, there is no need to shout, or talk like you're blackbeard. I'm Dr. Smith, psychologist at Site 19."
<@Nemi> "We're … somewhere." She leans her head forward in the suit, awkwardly, trying to get a better gander through the visor.
<@Wogglebug> "Hrmf."
<@Nemi> ".. Think we're not on Earth."
<Soulless> He pats the… dirt?
<@Wogglebug> Ben goes over to Narisah, eyeing everyone else suspiciously.
<RogetGMs> Nas…. you can see earth. Above you. In the sky.
<RogetGMs> Can't be…
<SirGoldFish> "This does not looks around. "This aint earth."
<@Nemi> "Prophet, it really IS just like that time in Abd al Mariz.. I'm over here, Ben."
<Soulless> He looks up and makes a baby deer noise.
<@Nemi> She waves her arms.
<ihp> Susan blanches as she sees the Earth. "Don't fucking tell me we're on the moon."
<@Nemi> "Looks like it, ma'am."
<ihp> "Don't /fucking/ tell me we're on the- son of a-"
<Soulless> He tries to hide behind Daniel.
<SirGoldFish> Daniel pats himself Down. "FUCK!"
<@Wogglebug> "We should find cover."
<SirGoldFish> "My wallet!"
<gumbal1> "Do any of you see a deer ?"
<@Wogglebug> He says this to Nessy.
<Soulless> "I m-m-make it… w-when I… uhm…"
<ihp> Susan frowns. "Deer on the moon? Don't be ludicrous, Miss Levine." She wonders if /Hill/ had anything to do with this.
<RogetGMs> Everyone, there's a nasally, deep, and quite loud 'DRRRRRRRRR' noise for a few moments.
<Soulless> "S-s-scared."
<@Wogglebug> From where?
<Soulless> He makes the noise again.
<ihp> Susan jumps at the noise, looking around.
<gumbal1> Danielle jumps at the noise.
<RogetGMs> All vocalizations are heard by everyone, by the way. There's no one-on-one comms
<@Nemi> Nas looks this way and that, for the source. Though given that sound doesn't travel through a vacuum..
<RogetGMs> Ben, from the suit. From whatever you're hearing everyone else with.
<@Wogglebug> He scowls.
<@Nemi> "The fuck was that."
<RogetGMs> Everyone, perc
<@Nemi> "Hey! Whoever's roaring on the line!"
<@Nemi> 4df+4
<ihp> 4df+3
<gumbal1> 4df+4 wha
<@Wogglebug> 4df+2
<ihp> ….
<SirGoldFish> 4df+5 Damnnit

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<RogetGMs> XD
<RogetGMs> there we go
<ihp> 4df+3
<gumbal1> 4df+4 wha
<Glacon> gumbal1: wha: 4 (4df+4=0, -, 0, +)
<@Wogglebug> 4df+2
<Glacon> Wogglebug: 2 (4df+2=0, -, +, 0)
<@Nemi> 4df+4
<SirGoldFish> 4df+5 I c u
<Glacon> SirGoldFish: I c u: 5 (4df+5=0, -, +, 0)
<Glacon> Nemi: 4 (4df+4=-, +, -, +)
<ihp> ….I said…
<ihp> 4df+3
<ihp> what the hell.
<@Wogglebug> Hehhehehehe
<ihp> 4df+3
<Soulless> 4df+5
<Glacon> Soulless: 8 (4df+5=+, +, 0, +)
<ihp> 4df+3
<Glacon> ihp: 5 (4df+3=+, +, -, +)
<Soulless> Walter sees into time and space
<RogetGMs> Everyone but Ben sees the dust begin kicking up. Walter notices that it's kicking up only in the area they're situated in, for about 50 feet all the ways around them, in some sort of circular perimeter type dealie.
<@Nemi> "We got air movement, up and around us." Nasirah looks up.
<ihp> Susan stares, and starts trying to bound away from wherever the center is, lest something crush her.
<SirGoldFish> "Air in space?"
<@Wogglebug> Ben crouches, ready to spring.
<Soulless> "C-c-circle… a-around us."
<gumbal1> Danielle tries to flee in a direction. ~oh fuck what the hell~
<SirGoldFish> "It is circling us?"
<RogetGMs> The circle begins to descend. Into the moonaverse.
<Soulless> "15 meters a-a-around us."
<Soulless> Walter is super-canadian
<SirGoldFish> "Fuck."
<Soulless> He continues to hide behind Daniel.
<@Nemi> "Dust movement. Right.."
<RogetGMs> It's actually rumbling a lot, judging by the dust it's kicking up, but all y'all hear is yer compatriots breathing and exclamations.
<SirGoldFish> Daniel looks around! "everyone! Go the center of the circle! It could buy us more time!"
<@Wogglebug> "Is it going up?"
<@Nemi> Nas bounds her way using superior moon gravity to get OUT of the circle. "Coming down."
<@Wogglebug> Ben follows Nas reflexively.
<Soulless> He skitters as fast as he can into the center.
<RogetGMs> Nas leaps over the tallest buildings with a single bound!
<@Nemi> "Haha this is awesome."
<gumbal1> Danielle follows Nas. The new person will probably know what to do.
<SirGoldFish> Daniel runs to the center!
<SirGoldFish> redact
<SirGoldFish> He leaps to the center!
<RogetGMs> Easily landing outside the descending circle, followed shortly after by Danielle and Ben.
<Soulless> Walter is awkwardly skitterjumping.
<@Nemi> Boing! Also, she's rather doubtful that standing in the middle of the thing coming down is a good idea.
<Soulless> It's funny an sad.
<ihp> Susan tries to follow after Danielle, Nas and whoever else.
<@Wogglebug> Ben looks around for cover.
<SirGoldFish> Daniel attempts his own jump out of the circle!
<gumbal1> "So, were you two suddenlt trasnported, too?"
<Soulless> "Oui."
<RogetGMs> Daniel and Walter stay in the center as it goes down, down and into the moon! They can see there's… some machinery here.
<@Wogglebug> Ben nods.
<Soulless> He looks at the machinery, head tilt. He skitterjumps a little closer to get a more analytical view.
<gumbal1> "Oh." She pauses. "Foundation?"
<RogetGMs> Daniel and Walter ought to head to tooltime~

[Home Improvement Split]
<@Wogglebug> He nods again.
<@Nemi> Nas, for her part, crouches down at the edge of the circle and peers at the descending platform.
<@Nemi> "That's new."
<@Wogglebug> Ben is watching the outside, expecting a rush.
<gumbal1> "So, what's your name?"
<gumbal1> "The nodding one."
<@Wogglebug> "Benjamin Atlas."
<RogetGMs> The dust kicks up, obscuring the descending platform completely.
<@Wogglebug> He has a vaguely russianish accent.
<gumbal1> "I'm Danielle Levine. Good to meet you. Who's the other?"
<@Wogglebug> "Nessy."
<@Nemi> "Nasirah."
<@Nemi> She shoots him a wry look, obscured fully by her suit.
<@Wogglebug> "She is monster of locke."
<@Wogglebug> "Very vicious."
<@Nemi> "Totally. I once killed a man in Tuscon just to .. nevermind. Two people just disappeared into the depths of the Moon. Should we follow them?"
<ihp> Susan looks down into where the circle descended. "Huh. I thought it was an alien ship landing or something not… a god-damn elevator on the moon."
<gumbal1> "Master of locks? So, is she a break-in expert?"
<@Wogglebug> "We should check perimeter."
<RogetGMs> Suddenly, the hole in the ground begins to seal up! A big metal cover begins sliding over from just beneath the surface. It soon covers the hole, with a big red hammer and sickle.
<@Nemi> "Right. See if there's anything else. Other.. machinery." Nasirah sounds bored already. "You go with that. I'll stand watch… huh. Hey, Benny-boy."
<gumbal1> "Oh fuck."
<ihp> Susan stares. "Oh you are /fucking/. /Kidding/. /Me/."
<@Wogglebug> He looks at her. "Hmm."
<@Nemi> "Those damn Communists on the moon." She sounds totally deadpan, possibly a bit teasing.
<ihp> "The /Soviets/ have taken over the moon?!"
<gumbal1> "That's…not as bad as it could have been, I guess."
<ihp> Susan frowns. "Well, now Bouchard and Pinkerton are in the moon, with Soviets. Great."
<RogetGMs> The dust settles, and the moonscape returns to its barren state.
<@Nemi> "A Canadian and an American on a Soviet moon base. I'm going to write a book about that." Nasirah sits on the edge of the little crater-area now sealed by the bunker door.
<gumbal1> "C'est la vie. We should be glad they only got two of us."

<ihp> Susan frowns, following Nasirah down. "What the hell were they /thinking/ going to the center?"
<@Wogglebug> "Just like you were to write book about Man in Hotel with Various Appendages?"
<@Nemi> "Course. If the Soviets are on the moon, they probably have a way to get back. Like, say, a rocket." She glances up to Ben. "I'll get to that. Eventually."
<ihp> "…if the two bozos will stop quipping inside jokes at one another, perhaps we could rescue our colleagues?"
<ihp> She aims this comment at Nasirah and Ben.

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<gumbal1> "I'm not sure how we'd go about that."
<@Wogglebug> Ben gives Susan a glkare.
<@Wogglebug> "I am lightening atmosphere. Just as atmosphere is very light. Harharhar."
<ihp> Susan can't see the glare. "Hmmm. Fire won't work in space, and none of us have explosives…"
<gumbal1> "Perhaps we could find a button on this strange landscape?"
<gumbal1> Danielle looks at the sky. Can she see Earth?
<@Nemi> "Wowwww, bitch bitch bitch. Can't spend a second to make a joke AFTER saying useful things, can I?'
<@Wogglebug> "We can open metal."
<@Nemi> "Prophet, no wonder nobody likes the Foundation."
<@Nemi> She lets out a despairing sigh, then hops off the edge to land near the edge of the giant blast door thing.
<@Wogglebug> "Take large rock, break open door."
<ihp> Susan thinks. She's ex-CIA. Would she know anything about the Soviets trying to build a moon base?
<RogetGMs> Danielle, earth is a blue pearl backed up by a black sky.
<@Wogglebug> Ben looks for a large boulder.
<RogetGMs> Susan, academics
<gumbal1> "What's wrong with the moon? It looks…blue."
<@Nemi> "That's Earth, dearie-doo."
<gumbal1> "…"
<ihp> 4df+3+4+5 tagging "In Between the lines" because obscure knowledge and op sec because it deals with CIA stuff, so I feel it's relevant.
<Glacon> ihp: tagging "In Between the lines" because obscure knowledge and op sec because it deals with CIA stuff, so I feel it's relevant.: 11 (4df+3+4+5=0, -, -, +)
<ihp> Deduct if you feel appropriate.
<ihp> erk
<ihp> In between the lines is only +3
<ihp> so it's ten.
<RogetGMs> Susan, you recall some information on Soviet probes, carrying building materials and excavators up to the moon… but only for small rocks, not for anything like this. This is a much more massive scale.
<ihp> Susan frowns. Frooooowns. "The Soviets can't have done this alone. They were sending tiny probes here to- to take samples. Nothing this big."
<@Nemi> "Hey, Ben. Low gravity. Don't think boulder's gonna work. Think you could get a grib on the edge of this door and wrench it a bit?"
<@Wogglebug> Boulder search 19something continues.
<@Nemi> "Grip. Not grib. Fuck."
<gumbal1> Danielle just stands there, unable to take in this information.
<@Wogglebug> Ben goes over to Nas and looks at the seem.
<ihp> Susan looks at Danielle (or who she thinks is Danielle). "Miss Levine, are you all right?"
<@Wogglebug> How think are Ben's gloves?
<gumbal1> "What…how…why are we on the moon?"
<RogetGMs> Pretty goddamn thick. This whole suit is like wearing Fatty Arbuckles skin.
<@Wogglebug> So Ben's like 6 feet wide.
<@Wogglebug> Cool.
<ihp> "And if there are excavators… and building equipment… this can't be the only entrance."
<@Wogglebug> He bends down and tries to pry the thinger open.
<RogetGMs> It rips open like tissue paper.
<@Nemi> "Magic and shit."
<@Wogglebug> He kicks a hole open, not as carefully as he really should.
<@Nemi> Nas brushes her hands off, awkwardly with the bulky gloves. "Thanks, Ben."
<ihp> Susan blinks. "That must be /inches/, if not /feet/, thick. How…"
<@Wogglebug> "Eat spinach."
<@Nemi> "Ben works out a lot," Nas explains, deadpan.
<RogetGMs> The material looks to actually be made out of some sort of foam, with a thin metallic covering. It also looks to be incredibly corroded and damaged internally.
<@Wogglebug> He proceeds to kick his way through.
<RogetGMs> You see a long shaft going downwards. You can't see the bottom.
<gumbal1> "I'm not going down there."
<ihp> Susan frowns. "Okay, I remember Hill mentioning that moon gravity is… what, a ninth of Earth's? So, we'd have to fall nine times the distance we would on Earth to die…"
<@Nemi> "Actually, about that. Lower velocity."
<@Nemi> "Technically you can't die from falling on the moon due to lower terminal velocity and.. nevermind."
<@Nemi> Nas hops down the hole.
<@Wogglebug> Ben drops himself into a position to push off on the top of the breach, and then kicks himself downwards, so as to arrive faster.
<ihp> Susan looks at her suit. "Maybe they put a jetpack on this thing?" She jokes.
<@Wogglebug> Ben wants to get the drop on someone, literally.
<ihp> Susan looks down at the hole, then at Danielle. She shrugs, and falls in, going spread-eagle as she does so.
<RogetGMs> Nas, you drift down, into darkness. Ben whooshes past you as you go, but you both land in a big empty corridor.
<gumbal1> Danielle waits a bit, before getting lonely and jumping down the hole."
<RogetGMs> Susan does too, and eventually Danielle.
<@Wogglebug> Ben rushes one end for a few dozen meters, expecting enemies.
<ihp> Susan moves slower whens he lands, not yet adapted to the lower gravity.
<@Nemi> Nas strolls casually after Ben, as well as one can stroll in a bulky diving suit.
<ihp> When she lands, rather.
<RogetGMs> There's nothing. You can see a blinking light up ahead, with an open door below it.
<@Wogglebug> He slows, and waits for Nas to catch up. "There is a light."
<ihp> She awkwardly plods along, one foot in front of the other, trying to jump a few times, but afraid she'll hit her head on the ceiling of the compound.
<gumbal1> Danielle follows the others.
<@Nemi> "They probably went to the light, since I don't think these suits have lights or whatever."
<ihp> *plod* *plod* *plod*
<@Wogglebug> He nods. It takes a while.
<@Nemi> Nas swivels on her heels, peering back at the other two ladeeez~. Then shrugs, barely perceptible under the heavy rubberized canvas, and plods on to the light.
<RogetGMs> Along with the blinking light over a open door, there's a plaque on the floor. It says "Приветствуем космонавты!"
<ihp> Susan frowns. Froooowns. "Bloody Communists…"
<@Wogglebug> Ben reads the words.
<@Nemi> "I should learn Russian," Nas says to nobody in particular. "I think the last bit is.. kosmo something."
<gumbal1> "I, err, can't read Russian. Anyone able to translate?"
<@Wogglebug> He knows Russian.
<RogetGMs> It says 'Welcome Cosmonauts!'
<@Wogglebug> People from Minnesota speak Russian. Obviously.
<RogetGMs> clearly
<@Wogglebug> "I have no idea of what it does say, as I do not know the Russian, but if I were to make guess, I would think it is welcome to space mans."
<@Nemi> "Space mans. Kosm.. yeah that makes sense. Right. Let's see if there's any space mans here."
<@Nemi> Nas strolls.
<RogetGMs> You guys hear a whimper… sounds like Walter.
<@Wogglebug> Is the door closed?
<ihp> "Space-man?" Susan frowns. "There was some chatter out of Moscow a few years back that they were trying to send people up into space…."
<RogetGMs> The door is open.
<gumbal1> Danielle follows. "Makes sense, although why they'd go to the moon is anyone's guess."
<@Wogglebug> Ben goes in.
<@Wogglebug> Charges, really.
<@Nemi> "I think the French guy's scared," says Nas as she strolls through the door, a little bit bouncing. "Maybe they went to the moon because nobody would reasonably be able to follow."
<@Wogglebug> It's his main method of movement.
<RogetGMs> There's a tiny room, with some cabinets that look like they've been ransacked. There are several smashed oxygen containers.
<@Nemi> Nas slinks. But it's hard to slink in a big bulky space suit.
<@Nemi> "Hmm."
<RogetGMs> There is also a blue door and a red one. The red one is open.
<@Nemi> Nas peers into the red door.
<gumbal1> "Monsieur Bouchard is Canadian, actually."
<ihp> Susan looks at the blue door. "…I'm going to check this one out."
<@Wogglebug> "You want I should open it?"
<gumbal1> Danielle ransacks the place more, searching for loot.

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<RogetGMs> You hear another 'DRRRR' followed by some stuff in russian.
<@Wogglebug> What stuff?
<RogetGMs> 'Help'
<@Nemi> "Okay that definitely sounded like Russian. Or Bulgarian."
<gumbal1> "Urgh, I hate not knwoing Russian."
<@Wogglebug> "I would guess that is desperate cry for help from dying man."
<@Wogglebug> "I am very good guesser."
<@Nemi> "You are, Ben. That's why I like you."

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<@Nemi> "Anyway, crack that door." She peers into red.
<gumbal1> "What makes you say that. Might have just been an anouncement."
<@Wogglebug> Ben beams.
<ihp> Susan raises an eyebrow at Ben and Nas. ~My god, they're worse than Hill.~
<@Wogglebug> Ben tries to just open the door.
<RogetGMs> The blue one?
<@Wogglebug> Yeah
<RogetGMs> You all hear Walter say something in russian. Sounds like "hello?" if you happen to know russian
<gumbal1> "Urgh, Bouchard better not be responsible for this catastrophe."
<Soulless> (inb4 walter secretly a commie spy this whole time)
<@Wogglebug> "Hello, dirty Russian skum. Come out with hands in air."
<@Wogglebug> "Or in lack of air."
<Soulless> Walter is following Daniel!

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<@Nemi> Nas watches the two incoming suits.

[Tooltime Split]
<Soulless> Skitterjump!
<RogetGMs> These look… recent. Very recent, in fact
<SirGoldFish> Daniel keeps a cool face despite being terrified.
<Soulless> Can Walter figure out what it is from engineering?
<SirGoldFish> "Walter can you try and identify this crap?"
<RogetGMs> Roll engineering or academics
<Soulless> 4df+7 (academics + observational)

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<Soulless> 4df+7 (academics + observational)
<Glacon> Soulless: (academics + observational): 7 (4df+7=-, +, +, -)
<RogetGMs> This looks… soviet. But it definitely wasn't built here. This was all shipped here in one big piece.
<SirGoldFish> Are there any paths or such that Daniel can take?

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<Soulless> "S-s-soviet?"
<RogetGMs> Well, the platform just seemed to stop moving. There's one way, a huge forward steel corridor.
<Soulless> "P-put to-together here a-a-all at once. S-somehow?"
<SirGoldFish> Daniel simply puts on a dumbfounded expression.
<SirGoldFish> "Communist in space?"
<Soulless> He begins moving down the coridor.
<SirGoldFish> Daniel walks with him.
<RogetGMs> It's dark. You can hear each others breathing, but the sounds of those on the surface are gone.

<SirGoldFish> He repeats "Communist in space as if this job can't get any sillier
<SirGoldFish> "
<Soulless> "I n-n-never… s-signed up f-f-for this…. I am j-just r-researcher…."

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<RogetGMs> This corridor is huge, and epically forboding. You can see a red light, faintly blinking ahead.
<SirGoldFish> "Would you like me to scout the area?"
<Soulless> "N-n-no…"
<Soulless> Walter tries to find Daniel and hold his hand. Much terrified.
<RogetGMs> Daniel, Walter tries to grab yo hand!
<SirGoldFish> Daniel rolls his eyes in the dark at the hand holding, but he shows no resistance, don't want him upset.
<Soulless> He begins to skitterhop to the red light, holding Daniel's hand.
<RogetGMs> It's a blinking light over a small door, with a plaque on the floor. It says "Приветствуем космонавты!"
<SirGoldFish> Daniel does his best to maintain a walking pace.
<Soulless> Can he try to translate a little bit?
<SirGoldFish> Daniel pretends to put on some glasses. "Eyup, that is Russian alright." He says in a sarcastic way.
<RogetGMs> Academics
<Soulless> 4df+8 (academics + well read) He's read a shitload of books, maybe he's browsed Russian 101 in his time.
<Glacon> Soulless: (academics + well read) He's read a shitload of books, maybe he's browsed Russian 101 in his time.: 10 (4df+8=+, 0, 0, +)
<RogetGMs> 'Welcome Cosmonauts!'
<SirGoldFish> "What does it say?"
<Soulless> "… C……nauts?"
<Soulless> He continues to the red light.
<SirGoldFish> "Oh boy…" Daniel continues
<RogetGMs> There's a small door beneath the light.
<SirGoldFish> Daniel opens the door and peeps his head inside.
<RogetGMs> There's a tiny room, with some cabinets that look like they've been ransacked. There are several smashed oxygen containers.
<Soulless> He worries about their own oxygen supply.
<Soulless> He begins to search for any hint of wtf this is.
<SirGoldFish> "Looks like their efforts to colonize the moon were fucked."
<RogetGMs> There are copious burns and gashes in the walls.
<Soulless> "B-b-burns… G-gashes…."
<SirGoldFish> "I can see that…"
<SirGoldFish> "Lets keep going forward."
<SirGoldFish> "This place gives me the creeps."
<RogetGMs> There are two doors, one blue and one red
<Soulless> "Eenie… meenie… minie…. moe?"
<Soulless> Walter you are so bad at doing missions
<SirGoldFish> "Lets go through the red one."
<Soulless> "O-okay."
<SirGoldFish> "Has not lead us astray so far." He puts on a good fake smile.
<SirGoldFish> Daniel goes through the red door!v
<Soulless> Waltercan't see Dannieboy's face.
<RogetGMs> The red room is full of blinking lights, and a skeleton slumped over a smashed up control panel.
<SirGoldFish> Daniel looks down. "Jesus."
<SirGoldFish> Daniel tries to cover Walter's eyes.
<SirGoldFish> He really does not want him to scream.
<RogetGMs> You guys hear some gibberish over your suit voices, ending in "….light"
<Soulless> Walter's eyes are covered.
<Soulless> "Quoi?"
<Soulless> *Que
<SirGoldFish> "Lets just turn around…"
<SirGoldFish> redact
<Soulless> *Wait no, Quoi is fine
<SirGoldFish> "I need you to calm down, okay… There is a skeleton in this room, and I don't want you freaking out."
<Soulless> "O-o-okay…"
<SirGoldFish> Daniel puts his eyes away from Walt.
<Soulless> Walter whimpers a bit at the skeleton.
<Soulless> Puppy-whimper.
<SirGoldFish> Daniel takes a deep breath and he moves the skeleton off the controls.
<Soulless> He slowly skitters to the control panel, trying to figure out what's up.
<SirGoldFish> "Can you see what you can do to the controls?"
<Soulless> "Oui…"
<RogetGMs> The controls look totally smashed up. There are buttons and diodes and switches, but they're all busted by blunt force.'
<Soulless> "N-non…"
<Soulless> "A-all th-the… s-switches… br-broke."
<SirGoldFish> "Can you at least tell what they used to do?"
<Soulless> Can he figure out through looking and examination?
<RogetGMs> They look like they were designed to control this facility. There's a lot of labels in russian for stuff like food and oxygen.
<SirGoldFish> "Lets hope a human was the one who smashed these controls…"
<Soulless> "…F-food… O-oxygen…"

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<SirGoldFish> Is there anything passed this room?
<Soulless> "I w-would think c-controlling f-functions of t-t-the f-f-facility…." By his voice he is clearly shaking.
<Soulless> 2spooky
<RogetGMs> You hear another 'DRRRR' followed by some stuff in russian.
<Soulless> Can walter try to translate?
<RogetGMs> All you can make out is 'Help'
<Soulless> "H-h-help? Help!"

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<Soulless> He tries to talk back in the most horrible, french-canadian accidented russian 101 ever. "{Hello?}"
<SirGoldFish> "I guess they want help from whatever trashed this place."
<SirGoldFish> Assuming there is not another room passed the control room, Daniel goes back and tries to the blue door! "Lets go….."
<RogetGMs> Daniel, go back to #homeimprovement!
<Soulless> Walter dolloes Daniel.
<Soulless> *follows

[Home Improvement Unified]
<RogetGMs> Daniel and Walter emerge from the red room at just that moment!
<RogetGMs> But they look like the same ol' suits y'all are wearing.
<@Nemi> She is standing right by the red door and NEARLY arm-bars and drags Dan to the floor, but doesn't.
<gumbal1> "Who are you two?"
<Soulless> He waves to the others.
<@Wogglebug> Ben tackles Walter, assuming him to be communist skum.
<Soulless> "Bonjou-"
<@Nemi> The threat is there. Besides, Ben is there.
<Soulless> He is tackled!
<SirGoldFish> "Well, hello there ladies and gentlemen"
<ihp> Susan sighs. "My god, it's just Bouchard and Pinkerton."
<@Wogglebug> Ben has him in a full Nelson.
<@Wogglebug> "Oh."
<@Wogglebug> He releases him.
<SirGoldFish> Daniel glares at Ben. "Get the fuck off him!"v
<@Nemi> "Hahahaha!"
<@Wogglebug> "My apologies. I thought you were dirty russian skum."
<@Nemi> "Oh man! I wish I could see your faces!"
<gumbal1> Daielle chuckles a bit.
<Soulless> The whole interconnected communication is filled with puppy whimpers.
<ihp> Susan rolls her eyes, and waits by the blue door, trying to look in.
<SirGoldFish> "Well it appears that the spuds were trying to build a base of sorts. "
<@Nemi> Nas offers Walter a hand up.
<gumbal1> "Wait, did either of you two find any dogs? I just heard one."
<@Wogglebug> Ben gives Walter a friendly at on the back.
<Soulless> He takes the hand and is pat.
<RogetGMs> It's a long, thin corridor. They'd have to walk single file.
<Soulless> "S-s-sorry…."
<Soulless> "I-is me."
<@Wogglebug> Ben goes over to the blue door and enters, rushing.
<SirGoldFish> "We did not see any dogs."
<gumbal1> "Monsieur Bouchard, please stop turning into different animals on us. It gets very confusing."
<Soulless> "I… uhm… S-sorry…"
<Soulless> He attempts to skitter through to the blue door with Ben.
<ihp> Susan frowns. "Okay, fighters in the front, bard-I mean, talkers in the back. Bouchard in the /very/ back."
<@Wogglebug> Ben's already rushing.
<@Wogglebug> It's his thing.
<gumbal1> Danielle follows the spacemen.
<SirGoldFish> Daniel's is the exact middle!<ihp> Susan sighs, and walks in last.
<SirGoldFish> As always.
<gumbal1> Danielle is in the upper back.
<ihp> Or second-to-last. She's a shield for Walter!
<@Nemi> Nas is a bit behind Ben.
<@Nemi> She zooms along.
<@Nemi> By which I mean, casually ambles.
<gumbal1> Or not.
<@Wogglebug> Ben realizes he is the only man with many young women in space. He thinks Walter is a girl, for the record.
<Soulless> Walter is clearly a dude.
<ihp> ~How can they move that fast here?!~ *plod* *plod* *plod*.
<Soulless> His voice is pretty male.
<@Wogglebug> In space, no one can hear you be a man.
<RogetGMs> So the order is Ben, Danielle, Nas, Daniel, Susan, and Walter?
<Soulless> Walter is very much behind, yes.
<SirGoldFish> Daniel is a man. :|
<ihp> Sounds good to me.
<@Wogglebug> Ben does not know this either.
<RogetGMs> dohohohoho
<RogetGMs> Ben, perception. You see something up ahead.
<Soulless> Walter mutters something in French to himself.
<@Wogglebug> 4df+2 Shit
<Glacon> Wogglebug: Shit: 2 (4df+2=0, 0, -, +)
<gumbal1> "What was that, monsieur Bouchard?"
<RogetGMs> Ben, you see something like this in the darkness ahead.
<RogetGMs> The orange is gas coming out of it.
<Soulless> "{Nothing. It was nothing.}" Much lie, very false. It was something invoving Marty.
<RogetGMs> (what was it for posterity)
<@Wogglebug> Ben tackles it at high speed.
<Soulless> (I wish Marty were here he would know what to do)
<@Wogglebug> He lets out a battle roar.
<RogetGMs> Ben, strength to not be blown back.
<@Wogglebug> 4df+12
<Glacon> Wogglebug: 12 (4df+12=0, +, -, 0)
<RogetGMs> 4df+8 fuck off!!!1!
<Glacon> RogetGMs: fuck off!!!1!: 11 (4df+8=+, 0, +, +)
<gumbal1> "Alright. Just know that I don't think Marty should have power of atto-" she cuts off at the appropriate French word/phrase to notice Ben charging. "Wait what."
<RogetGMs> Ben, you hardly have any momentum left when you get ther, but you manage to knock it over in slow motion awkward-o-vision.
<SirGoldFish> "Jesus! What in the fuck is that?"
<@Nemi> Nas peers over Danielle's shoulder. "Good work, Ben!"
<RogetGMs> Ben, melee to pin.
<Soulless> "W-w-what is i-it?"
<Soulless> Walter is still in the back!
<ihp> Susan stares at Ben. "Why, oh why, does everyone on this bloody task force shoot first and ask questions later?"
<@Wogglebug> 4df+12
<Glacon> Wogglebug: 12 (4df+12=-, +, +, -)
<gumbal1> "I have no fuckign clue, monsieur Bouchard."
<@Wogglebug> Ben doesn't shoot first. He Full Nelsons first.
<RogetGMs> You can't make it out in the darkness. It looks like a big black shape with orange gas coming out
<RogetGMs> 4df+10 fuck off bitch
<Glacon> RogetGMs: fuck off bitch: 11 (4df+10=+, 0, 0, 0)
<Soulless> "{I never signed up for this. This isn't worth the salary.}"
<RogetGMs> Ben, you're just holding on as this thing wildly thrashes, orange gas aplenty.
<@Wogglebug> "Tell us launch codes!"
<ihp> Susan looks at the thing Ben's holding. ~Is he trying to wrestle a trash can?~
<gumbal1> "After you blow up a few trains and shoot a few idiots in the balls, it does get to be pretty fun."
<Soulless> "{I can't shoot…}"
<@Wogglebug> Ben's not /trying/ to wrestle a trash can. He /is/ wrestling a trash can.
<RogetGMs> Ben, it suddenly begins to heat up. You can see it glowing red. Uh oh.
<Soulless> Walter tries to speak in shitty Russian.
<Soulless> "{Hello?}"
<@Wogglebug> Ben rolls, and tosses it further down the hall.
<gumbal1> "Neither could I, but a teammate had him pinned down pretty good."
<RogetGMs> strength to chuck
<@Wogglebug> 4df+12 Mach Man Benjamin Atlas
<Glacon> Wogglebug: Mach Man Benjamin Atlas: 12 (4df+12=0, 0, 0, 0)
<@Wogglebug> *Macho
<SirGoldFish> Daniel simply rubs his temple.
<RogetGMs> it flies down the hall, and explodes at the end. Everyone tumbles back from the 'splosion force.
<@Wogglebug> "I have disabled evil communist trap."
<@Nemi> Nasirah presses her hands together and then her hands to her cheek. Before being tossed back by the blast wave, rolling neatly to her feet. Though she might take out the people behind her in the process.
<@Wogglebug> "You are all welcome."
<Soulless> Walter is tumbled back, making his baby deer peep.
<@Nemi> "Excellent work!"
<ihp> Susan is knocked back on her ass and groans. "THIS is what I mean!"
<gumbal1> Danielle tumbles.
<@Wogglebug> Ben tries to stay standing.
<SirGoldFish> "ufff."
<gumbal1> "See, this is why the job's worth it."
<ihp> Under her helmet, Susan looks like she wants to put her cyanide capsule down Ben and Nasirah's throats.
<ihp> And then make them vomit it up.
<@Wogglebug> He ain't lettin' no bomb make him look like a wimp.
<ihp> And then make them take it again.
<RogetGMs> There's now some red, glowing embers at the end of this hallway.
<Soulless> He slowly gets up and jumpscampers to the red embers.
<ihp> Susan claps silently and sarcastically. "Wonderful. You disabled an explosive trash can." She plods down the hall and sighs.
<Soulless> "{I think we will have to agree to disagree.}"
<@Wogglebug> Ben moves to cover Walter.
<SirGoldFish> Daniel slow claps. "Congrats on taking out the commie." Much snark.
<gumbal1> Danielle goes over to Ben.
<@Nemi> Nas strolls along after!
<gumbal1> "Urgh, you Canadians are no fun."
<SirGoldFish> Daniel goes after!
<RogetGMs> The explosion has revealed what appears to be a tunnel in the moon. There's some nice looking excavation work here, going far beyond this soviet structure.
<Soulless> "…T-t-this is not s-soviet."
<@Wogglebug> "What do you think it is, comrade?"
<RogetGMs> "{… help… dead… all dead….}" the voice is back.
<@Nemi> "Clearly it's the Bulgarians," says Nas, dryly.
<Soulless> "{I can be fun.}" Much defensive.
<Soulless> "….H-help…. d-dead… lots- non, all, all d-dead." Walter tries to translate.
<@Wogglebug> Ben grunts.
<@Wogglebug> "Less work for us, yes?"
<@Nemi> "Ask where the dying person's hiding," She shrugs.
<SirGoldFish> "Jesus, we need to get to these people."
<Soulless> "{Where go?}" Walter is shitty Russian speak.
<SirGoldFish> ~Assuming their still alive..!
<gumbal1> "We should explore the place and get out as quick as possible. These people are probably already lost."
<RogetGMs> No response.
<SirGoldFish> "Wait, how do we know that these pleads for help are not pre-recored."
<SirGoldFish> ?
<Soulless> "Oui…"
<SirGoldFish> "I say that Dani is right."
<SirGoldFish> "There has been no sign of life so far."
<@Nemi> "If they're pre-recorded they're done for a reason and the source probably has something useful," says Nasirah, patiently.
<@Nemi> "Besides, there's not like there's anything else for us to do."
<Soulless> "Oui…"
<@Nemi> "Since, you know. Stranded on the fucking moon."
<SirGoldFish> "Orrrrrr it could be a trap."
<gumbal1> "Let's just go."
<@Wogglebug> "Is probably a trap."
<@Nemi> "We're already trapped on the moon."
<Soulless> "W-w-what if s-someone i-is alive?"
<gumbal1> "Pinkerton, at this point, all we have left to do is spring it."
<Soulless> "We s-should f-f-find them…"
<@Nemi> Nas gives Dan a look like 'are you an idiot', though it's not visible through her suit.
<SirGoldFish> Daniel sighs. "The only thing we can do is move forward."
<@Nemi> "Now we're talking."
<Soulless> "Oui…"
<ihp> Susan sighs. "There still may be a ship on this moon to take us back to Earth or something. If we can find that (though I doubt any of you can pilot it), maybe we can get home?)
<@Nemi> Nas moves forward.
<SirGoldFish> "I am guessing we were not just teleported for no reason."
<gumbal1> Danielle moves forward."
<SirGoldFish> "Whatever got us here wants us for /something/"
<RogetGMs> It's a dark cave. You can only find where to go next by feeling to the walls.
<@Wogglebug> ?Like murder."
<@Wogglebug> *"
<@Nemi> "Space murder.{"
<@Nemi> Nas sticks to the walls and moves carefully, in case of pits.
<Soulless> Walter holds onto the closest person to him.
<gumbal1> Danielle sticks to the walls.
<Soulless> So, whoever is most in the back.
<gumbal1> "Bouchard, is that you?"
<SirGoldFish> Daniel gives a coy smile. "Sounds like a movie that my uncle made."
<Soulless> "{Maybe?}"
<@Nemi> "I'd watch a movie called Space Murder," Nas says, thoughtful. "Anyway, stick to the wall."
<Soulless> "{I don't like this idea of space murder. Space murder is not in my contract.}"
<RogetGMs> They see a light up ahead.
<@Wogglebug> Ben follows Nas.
<gumbal1> "Keep moving, then, so you don't get space-murdered."
<SirGoldFish> Daniel sticks to the walls. He tries to cheer the rest of the group up. "My uncle produced a lot of trash. Including Monkeys from space, and magic man vs werewolf."
<@Nemi> "Okay. Light ahead. Get ready for anything."
<@Nemi> Nas proceeds.
<Soulless> Walter continues holding onto Danielle.
<gumbal1> "So, essentially, he predicted some of our containment runs."
<SirGoldFish> Daniel follows Nas.

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<SirGoldFish> "Pretty much, yeah." Daniel says to Dani with a smile.
<@Nemi> "Magic Man versus Werewolf. Huh."
<RogetGMs> The light emerges in a big, cavernous cave, well lit. There are a bunch of the alien trash cans you saw floating around, moving bits of stuff around. In the center, there is a massive pillar with a soviet hammer and sickle, ending with several drillbits poking into the ground. Various pieces of machinery extend into the moons interior. There's also a glowing green central component, and what looks like the tip of a rocket on the top… the rest of the
<RogetGMs> cave is built around it, winding up and around the cave walls with tunnels leading to the interior.
<@Nemi> "Okay THIS is new."
<Soulless> OMGALIENS
<gumbal1> Danielle goes over to the green componet to examine it. "Huh."
<RogetGMs> Danielle, it looks like a lil' nuclear reactor!
<SirGoldFish> Daniel stares to at the rest of the group and gesture for them to 'ZIP IT'
<@Nemi> Nas edges toward the glowy thingy, moving carefully so as to not attract the ire of the robomans.
<Soulless> Walter zips the fuck up.
<gumbal1> "Does anyone know what this is?" Danielle is not familiar with nuclear reactors.
<Soulless> He approaches the green glowy thing.
<RogetGMs> Anyone who knows that a nuclear reactor is, roll academics to identify it
<gumbal1> She pokes it.
<SirGoldFish> Daniel goes into stealth mode and he edges toward the green bit.
<RogetGMs> It's behind a glass dividor.
<SirGoldFish> Roll sneak?
<Soulless> 4df+8 (Well Read specialty skill)
<Glacon> Soulless: (Well Read specialty skill): 7 (4df+8=0, -, -, +)
<RogetGMs> Hey that's totally a nuclear reactor.
<gumbal1> Danielle frowns and examines the structure further.
<@Nemi> Nas shakes her head, exaggeratedly so as to show behind the suit.
<Soulless> "N-n—n-n-n-n-n…"
<Soulless> "Nuclear reactor." He whispers.
<SirGoldFish> Daniel don't know about any fancy smanshey nuclear reactor.
<gumbal1> "I don't know what that is."
<@Nemi> "Sounds dangerous."
<Soulless> "I-it… uhm… E-energy g-generation… t-through n-nuclear p-power."
<SirGoldFish> "That does not sound pleasant."
<RogetGMs> "{… they're going to use the power… do not let them… destroy it!}" the voice is a lot clearer.
<Soulless> "They..use? power? Do not… uhm… let destroy?"
<gumbal1> "Interesting. How does it do so?"
<RogetGMs> {"Do not let them… use… destroy… before too late…"}
<RogetGMs> the voice coughs, a hacking, hollow cough
<SirGoldFish> "Okay… What if I distracted all the trash cans while you guys do what you need to do?"
<Soulless> "D-do not… let u-use… d-destroy it, b-before it's… late."
<SirGoldFish> "Sounds like a plan?"
<@Nemi> "What do we even need to do."
<Soulless> "…D-destroy t-the… r-reactor…"
<@Wogglebug> "Sounds like bad plan."
<gumbal1> "Okay." Danielel punches the glass protecting the green thing.
<RogetGMs> melee
<@Wogglebug> Ben goes and picks up one of the drill bits.
<@Wogglebug> He carries it over to Danielle.
<gumbal1> 4df+0 I have no fighting experience
<Glacon> gumbal1: I have no fighting experience: 2 (4df+0=0, +, 0, +)
<SirGoldFish> "So, do you want me to distract the trash cans or no?"
<SirGoldFish> Daniel nor his player understands what the plan is.
<gumbal1> "Merci." She takes the drill bit.
<Soulless> "B-b-be c-careful?"
<Soulless> He says to Daniel.
<RogetGMs> The fist bounces off the glass like the glass was some kind of better glass.
<gumbal1> Danielle smacks the glass witha drill bit.
<SirGoldFish> "Okay just tell me when you need me to divert them."
<RogetGMs> It cracks a tiny bit.
<Soulless> "A-away f-from t-this… m-maybe… b-bring the t-tackling man w-with you…?"

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<RogetGMs> a surficial scratch, almost.
<gumbal1> Danielle keeps smacking it.
<@Wogglebug> Ben drives his fist through the glass.
<SirGoldFish> Daniel looks to Ben. "Sound like a plan?"
<Soulless> Walter looks for a way to turn the thing off or some control pannel.
<@Wogglebug> 4df+12
<Glacon> Wogglebug: 9 (4df+12=-, -, -, 0)
<Soulless> Or something to blow it up with.
<RogetGMs> Walter, academics to figure this out
<Soulless> (wait, the people)
<Soulless> (pfft)
<Soulless> 4df+7 (academics + observationist)
<Glacon> Soulless: (academics + observationist): 5 (4df+7=+, -, -, -)
<RogetGMs> Ben, the glass shatters. The air around the capsule begins turning green. Also, every alien turns and begins descending down.
<@Wogglebug> "Hmm."
<RogetGMs> Walter, you see a switch labeled "release" in russian.
<Soulless> "O-oh… g-grab an a-alien!"
<SirGoldFish> Daniel goes the center.
<Soulless> "T-t-throw it!"
<gumbal1> Danielle smacks the green thing with the drill bit.
<@Wogglebug> Ben looks around for something to use as a weapon.
<Soulless> "B-boom!"
<Soulless> He flips the 'release' switch.
<RogetGMs> Ben, there's some drillbits.
<@Wogglebug> He grabs one.
<SirGoldFish> "HEY WHAT UP!
<@Wogglebug> And jumps up to attack the nearest aliem.
<RogetGMs> The rocket-looking thing on top has a hatch fly open, and blows off some explosive bolts. It begins smoking from below.
<RogetGMs> Ben, melee!~
<@Wogglebug> 4df+12
<Glacon> Wogglebug: 13 (4df+12=+, 0, -, +)
<RogetGMs> Daniel, agility to dodge a big rock being thrown at you!
<SirGoldFish> 4df+9 "Hey play nice!"
<Glacon> SirGoldFish: "Hey play nice!": 10 (4df+9=+, 0, 0, 0)
<RogetGMs> 4df+8 well this is probably going to end poorly
<Glacon> RogetGMs: well this is probably going to end poorly: 10 (4df+8=0, +, 0, +)
<RogetGMs> 4df+9 I'MMA GET YOO SUCKA
<Glacon> RogetGMs: I'MMA GET YOO SUCKA: 13 (4df+9=+, +, +, +)
<Soulless> (holy shit)
<RogetGMs> Daniel, roll pdef to not be smashed
<SirGoldFish> 4df+4
<Glacon> SirGoldFish: 4 (4df+4=-, +, +, -)
<@Wogglebug> How close is Dan to Ben?
<RogetGMs> Ben, you manage to drive a drill right into the face of one of the aliums, twisting it up.
<RogetGMs> Ben is a little ways away.
<@Wogglebug> Can he dive to block the hit?
<RogetGMs> The rocket begins to have some fins slide out of the sides.
<RogetGMs> He's too far!
<RogetGMs> 4df+7 SMASH
<Glacon> RogetGMs: SMASH: 8 (4df+7=0, -, +, +)
<@Wogglebug> Could he toss the drill into the aliem?
<Soulless> Walter looks at the rocket oh no what he did
<RogetGMs> Daniel, you're hit hard and fly back up towards the rocket, taking two damage as you tumble like a pinball.
<SirGoldFish> "Sheet"
<@Wogglebug> Ben smashes more aliens.
<SirGoldFish> Daniel coughs up a little blood.
<Soulless> "B-ben! T-throw the a-alien in the r-reactor!"
<@Wogglebug> "GRAAAAAAH."
<SirGoldFish> "You gotta try harder than that to take me out!"
<gumbal1> Danielle attemtps to smash the green thing with the drillbit still.
<@Wogglebug> He does so.
<Soulless> "Q-quickly! N-ow!"
<@Wogglebug> Ka-toss!
<SirGoldFish> "Come on buddy!"
<RogetGMs> Strength to toss
<@Nemi> Nas does something vague in the background!
<@Wogglebug> 4df+12
<Glacon> Wogglebug: 12 (4df+12=-, +, -, +)
<SirGoldFish> How many of the aliens are on Daniel compared to the rest?
<RogetGMs> Daniel, you can see the inside of the rocket, through the hatch… looks like some sort of module, that you could go in.
<RogetGMs> Daniel got knocked away by the rock
<RogetGMs> Ben, you chuck the alien in and smash the shit out of the reactor. The alien corpse begins to melt.
<SirGoldFish> Daniel the coward goes into the hatch.
<@Wogglebug> Ben shoves the drill into another alien.
<Soulless> "We m-must go! D-daniel, where you g-going?"
<SirGoldFish> Umm Daniel runs out of the hatch to the others!
<RogetGMs> Daniel, it's pretty comfy here. Seven seats, some controls, white environment… shame you have to leave it.
<RogetGMs> Ben, melee
<@Wogglebug> 4df+12 Rampaging destruction
<Glacon> Wogglebug: Rampaging destruction: 12 (4df+12=-, -, +, +)
<SirGoldFish> Daniel would have no clue on how to operate it.
<RogetGMs> The melting alien is now beginning to glow red, and you can see the rest glowing the same. Some rocks by the reactor are white hot.
<RogetGMs> 4df+8 grah sharks
<Glacon> RogetGMs: grah sharks: 8 (4df+8=0, -, 0, +)
<Soulless> "A-ah, we, oh n-no, r-run!"
<@Wogglebug> Ben takes no notice of the glowing.
<RogetGMs> Ben smashes another one. Baboom.
<Soulless> "B-ben! G-go!"
<@Wogglebug> He's too busy fighting.
<Soulless> "Allez!"
<gumbal1> Danielle frowns. "Guess that does is."
<SirGoldFish> Daniel runs.
<@Wogglebug> He continues attacking.
<SirGoldFish> Daniel runs to Walter.
<RogetGMs> The alien twists around his drillbit before its intenrnal organs spill out over the drill, flying off in all directions as he pulverizes them in an unending maelstrom of gore.
<Soulless> He reaches to Ben, be is grabbed by Daniel.
<RogetGMs> Where do they run to?
<Soulless> "W-what is it?"
<@Wogglebug> Ben continues the good fight.
<SirGoldFish> "The inside of the hatch I went through was pretty clean."
<RogetGMs> He drills one down from the head, twisting and ripping and tearing until he pushes through the bottom, wearing the corpse alien like some sort of perverse glove, what the devil might call a mitten.
<Soulless> "Ah. Tout le mond- everyone!"
<SirGoldFish> "My guess it that it was made by the alines not the Soviets."
<Soulless> "F-follow D-daniel! H-hatch!"
<Soulless> "M-maybe I d-drive!"
<@Wogglebug> How many aliens are left?
<Soulless> "Allez!"
<gumbal1> Danielle gets in the hatch. "I thought you wanted me to destroy the green thing."
<RogetGMs> They're coming out of the caves, but there's about ten that he can see.
<SirGoldFish> "Are you really gonna try and drive a ship?"
<SirGoldFish> !
<@Wogglebug> Ben tries to destroy /all of them/
<Soulless> "Ben!"
<Soulless> He jumps over to Ben and grabs at his suit to try and pull him back
<@Wogglebug> Ben is slippery with alien viscera
<@Wogglebug> He drill-punches another alien.
<Soulless> He wraps his hand around an arm.
<Soulless> "We m-must leave!"
<Soulless> *wraps his arms around an arm
<@Wogglebug> "VAT? VHY?"
<RogetGMs> The drill punches through its guts, and it pops like a balloon
<Soulless> He shouts pretty loud.
<@Wogglebug> He backhands another with the drill.
<SirGoldFish> "We need to escape!"
<@Wogglebug> "WHY?"
<Soulless> "NOW!"
<SirGoldFish> "Alright then, have fun with the alines and shit."
<RogetGMs> It breaks like a deer hit by a hummer. Splaying like a pillow full of broken glass, it careens to a wall and is still.
<SirGoldFish> Daniel limps back to the hatch
<@Wogglebug> Ben scowls, shakes Waltr off, picks up and alien corpse, and tosses it at soem of the others, to slow them down.
<Soulless> He tries to pull Ben back to the rocket.
<@Wogglebug> He turns and runs for the rocket with Walter.
<Soulless> Whee!
<RogetGMs> They manage to make it inside!
<@Wogglebug> I'm assuming Ben carried Walter for dramatic effect.
<Soulless> Woo dramatic
<RogetGMs> The controls are all labeled in russian, and there's- of course- a single monitor.
<@Wogglebug> Saving fair maidens and shit.
<Soulless> Walter heads inside and tries to figure out the controls!
<Soulless> (lol)
<RogetGMs> Academics!
<Soulless> 4df+7 (aca + observational)
<Glacon> Soulless: (aca + observational): 7 (4df+7=-, -, +, +)
<SirGoldFish> "Huh, guess I was wrong."
<RogetGMs> The aliens are banging on the now-sealed hatch now, and you can hear them making 'DRRRR' noises through your helmets.
<RogetGMs> Walter, there's a big red button labeled "launch"
<@Wogglebug> Ben makes angry faces at the hatch.
<Soulless> He pushes button.
<Soulless> "We g-go!"
<@Wogglebug> He shouts threats in Russian.
<SirGoldFish> Daniel looks around the ship his greed kicks in and he starts to look for any tiny valuables
<Soulless> "You s-s-spoke R-russian the /whole t-time/?!"
<RogetGMs> Everyone feels the g-forces slam them back into their seats as the rocket rushes through the moon, to the surface
<Soulless> He makes the baby deer noise as the g-forces hit.
<RogetGMs> Whatever they were saying is forced down into their throats
<SirGoldFish> "Yeah right!"
<@Wogglebug> He glares at Dan."
<Soulless> He does not speak. His words are forced down his throat.
<RogetGMs> The monitor flicks on.
<RogetGMs> Everyone, you hear the russian voice one last time.
<RogetGMs> "You are…"
<RogetGMs> then, there's a massive explosion on the far side of the moon
<@Wogglebug> *-"
<SirGoldFish> "Hot damn…."
<SirGoldFish> Daniel tries to talk to the best of his ability in the intense G force.
<RogetGMs> You all start to feel tingly again…
<Soulless> He is tingly!
<@Wogglebug> Ben feels waxy.
<SirGoldFish> "Are you gonna teleport us? I still have some questions." ~Asshole~
<Soulless> He wants to go home and find Marty and cry.
<RogetGMs> You all disappear… and reappear where you left from, minus your spacesuit
<@Wogglebug> Minus the viscera as well?
<SirGoldFish> We're in our old clothes?

  • RogetGMs is now known as Roget

<SirGoldFish> Daniel limps to medical swearing under his breath.
<Roget> The viscera is there, but not the suit
<gumbal1> Danielle frowns, looks around, and pretends the whole thing was a dream.

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