What the cat?

Nanoro Maxwell has been put to outside patrol. Man, he's just filling in for everyone these days. :V
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10:34:31 AM padri Perc.
10:34:53 AM Nanoro 4df+4 hum de dum
10:34:53 AM Glacon Nanoro: hum de dum: 3 (4df+4=-, +, 0, -)
10:35:37 AM padri Max, ur blind. But you see it anyway. There's a creature in a bush over there, gutting a squirrel.
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10:36:33 AM Nanoro Well, this time Maxie boy is actually on duty, and as such has brought a proper gun. He perks up, points Betsy at the… Thing and tries to see closer.
10:36:51 AM Nanoro The slooowly reaches for his radio.
10:38:15 AM padri It's small. Doesn't /look/ like it could do much damage to a human, but you never know. It looks up at you and makes a strange sound, like a drawn out trill.
10:38:52 AM Nanoro Nooope nope nope. Max radio's. "Unidentified critter spotted in the premises!"
10:39:06 AM padri It has a small head, pointed forwards towards where it's nose and mouth are. It isn't very much taller where the eyes are, although they look forward, like on most predators.
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10:39:14 AM Nanoro *-", +«
10:39:23 AM padri It crouches on four legs, it's tail swaying back and forth.
10:39:27 AM Nanoro «Don't look nor sound like normal!»
10:39:37 AM padri The sound lowers into a growl.
10:39:56 AM Nanoro Max keeps Betsy pointed at it, keeping a moderate distance.
10:40:29 AM padri It's about a foot long, not including the tail.
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10:41:24 AM padri It's splotchy colored, too. Orange and white and black. Well, probably white. It looks a little dirty, though.
10:41:56 AM padri «You know what to do with anomalies, agent.»
10:42:39 AM padri It's triangular ears flatten backwards against its head.
10:42:42 AM Nanoro ~… Right. Secure, contain, yada yada.~ Max thinks hard of how to catch this thing. It's probably plenty more agile and faster than he is.
10:43:57 AM padri It turns back to its squirrel. It could very well be more agile than you. It's sleek and thin. Built like something meant for running.
10:44:57 AM Nanoro Max isn't stealthy or particularly witty either. Oh how he wishes he could just bludgeon the thing and bring it back, would be so much easier that way. :l
10:45:04 AM padri But you can see the bones.
10:45:25 AM Nanoro …Bones?
10:45:42 AM padri It's underfed, not skinned.
10:46:00 AM padri This squirrel must be a lucky feast for the poor thing.
10:46:03 AM Nanoro Max blinks. Maybe, just /maybe/ he has something.
10:46:27 AM Nanoro Slooowly he reaches for his pockets. C'mon, he /always/ carries a snack of some description.
10:46:29 AM Nanoro d10
10:46:30 AM Glacon Nanoro: 10 (d10=10)
10:46:45 AM Nanoro …. /Yes/. Beef jerky get.
10:47:32 AM padri It eats the innards like its never eaten before. It has its front paws tucked under its chest as it does.
10:47:33 AM Nanoro He warily strips a piece in half and tosses it lightly towards the critter, in the hopes that it'll investigate.
10:49:50 AM padri Jerky is smelly. It likes the smell. And there's no squirrel left. It does go to investigate.
10:49:55 AM padri Sniff sniff.
10:50:34 AM padri It walks slowly, one step at a time.
10:51:50 AM padri «We're sending backup.»
10:52:08 AM padri Raj is radio'd to report to Max's patrol route.
10:52:35 AM TesKin Good thing Raj knows The Forest pretty well. He reports!
10:53:31 AM padri There's a creature, furry, thin, orange/white/black, vaguely triangular shaped face, tail.
10:53:35 AM padri Small.
10:53:41 AM padri Looks light.
10:53:59 AM padri It stops what it's doing with Max and stares at Raj.
10:54:02 AM TesKin 4df+4 (Survival) Raj knows critters. Does he know this critter?
10:54:04 AM Glacon TesKin: (Survival) Raj knows critters. Does he know this critter?: 1 (4df+4=-, 0, -, -)
10:54:16 AM padri It's eyes are green in color, and the pupils are slits.
10:54:24 AM padri No clue, raj.
10:54:52 AM TesKin ~Huh.~
10:55:14 AM TesKin Raj crouches, hand hovering near the massive .44 strapped to his chest.
10:55:35 AM padri It seems to be ignoring you now, Max.
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10:57:28 AM TesKin Raj slliiddeess closer to Thing, hand dropping away from his handgun.
10:57:38 AM TesKin "Hey there little 'un."
10:58:07 AM padri It yowls. It doesn't sound aggressive, though.
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10:58:57 AM TesKin Raj makes soothing sounds slips closer.
10:59:16 AM padri Persuasion.
10:59:29 AM padri Max seems to have offered it beef jerky.
11:00:47 AM TesKin 4df Raj isn't persuasive.
11:00:49 AM Glacon TesKin: Raj isn't persuasive.: -2 (4df=0, 0, -, -)
11:03:05 AM padri It yowls at you, more angrily. Max, if you want to try to grab it, now's the time. Roll Agi.
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11:04:54 AM TesKin Raj just squints. Cat claws only hurt for a little while.
11:05:27 AM padri Cat? What are you talking about, cat?
11:06:01 AM TesKin Thing claws*
11:06:03 AM padri If you don't roll agi now, one of you, the skip is gone.
11:06:21 AM TesKin 4df+4 (AGI) Raj just tries scooping Thing up.
11:06:21 AM padri Yes, I suppose so. They're only little, anyway.
11:06:22 AM Glacon TesKin: (AGI) Raj just tries scooping Thing up.: 5 (4df+4=0, -, +, +)
11:06:42 AM padri 4df+3 low agi cause I'm starving
11:06:43 AM Glacon padri: low agi cause I'm starving: 2 (4df+3=-, -, 0, +)
11:06:58 AM padri He grabs it! Another yowl! And a hiss!
11:07:06 AM TesKin Raj pets Thing.
11:07:09 AM padri 4df+2 v pdef.
11:07:10 AM Glacon padri: v pdef.: 3 (4df+2=-, +, +, 0)
11:07:23 AM TesKin 4df+5 (PDef) "Ow."
11:07:24 AM Glacon TesKin: (PDef) "Ow.": 6 (4df+5=+, 0, +, -)
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11:22:47 AM padri The claw grazes your face, but you manage to yank the thing far enough away from you that it doesn't get you.
11:23:08 AM padri Roll… Strength or agility to keep it from slipping out.
11:24:00 AM TesKin 4df+3 (STR) Raj is conditioned.
11:24:01 AM Glacon TesKin: (STR) Raj is conditioned.: 3 (4df+3=0, 0, +, -)
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11:26:33 AM padri You barely manage it. But you can roll again.
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11:27:03 AM TesKin 4df+4 (Agi) Sometime finesse is more important than brute strength.
11:27:04 AM Glacon TesKin: (Agi) Sometime finesse is more important than brute strength.: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, 0)
11:27:56 AM padri Yes.
11:28:40 AM padri You manage to clamp it to your chest in such a way that it can't get away. After a moment, it stops actively trying, but you'd better keep it tight, cause you can feel the muscles are still tensed.
11:29:07 AM TesKin Raj pets critter.
11:29:15 AM TesKin "I'm gonna name you Scrabbles."
11:29:23 AM padri It meowls.
11:29:33 AM padri It sounds distinctly put out.
11:29:43 AM TesKin "C'mon. Let's get you fed."
11:31:28 AM padri It does nothing. What do you feed it? It's teeth are really sharp, and it's eyes are facing forward, which indicates predator.
11:31:48 AM TesKin Raj feeds it some raw beef.
11:32:05 AM TesKin Thankfully he stocked up on meat before setting out to his camp last night.
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11:34:04 AM padri It stops trying to get away.
11:34:30 AM padri It tears up tiny pieces, but it goes at it with Fitbit.
11:34:34 AM padri *furvor.
11:35:01 AM TesKin Raj watches Scrabbles carefully, looking for any wounds on the critter.
11:35:52 AM padri There are a few.
11:36:16 AM padri Mostly scratches and cuts.
11:36:20 AM TesKin Nothing serious?
11:36:21 AM padri Nothing else you can see.
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11:36:33 AM TesKin Raj leaves the wounds away for now. Best to worry about those later.
11:36:42 AM padri Not that's /visible./ But some of the cuts are deeper than they might be.
11:37:35 AM TesKin Raj is no doctor. He'll bring Scrabbles to Medical to get patched up.
11:40:27 AM TesKin Raj pets Scrabbles.
11:40:36 AM padri Scrabbles allows it.
11:40:56 AM TesKin "Good Scrabbles."
11:41:05 AM TesKin Raj tosses more steak to Scrabbles!
11:41:37 AM padri Scrabbles doesn't try to catch it. It takes a while eating.
11:42:06 AM TesKin Raj pets Scrabbles while he… She? eats.
11:42:29 AM padri Doctor can probably tell you. Would be worth knowing, anyway.
11:43:15 AM TesKin Raj scoops up Scrabbles. "C'mon, lets get you inside and warm."
11:45:03 AM padri It's much less squirmy this time.

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