What's that, girl?

(05:07:07 PM) ihp: "…you're incredibly lucky." He looks at Laura. "I take it you're a new addition as well?"
(05:07:29 PM) padri: Laura nods. "I am. My daughter and I arrived shortly after the breach."
(05:07:58 PM) Atcero: Zoe follows Pauline and piles up her tray with food
(05:09:05 PM) Wixelt: Wilson enters the commons
(05:09:07 PM) Wogglebug: Punch punch punch ka-kick!
(05:09:23 PM) Bunton: Pauline gets some kurczak Pieczony.
(05:09:29 PM) ihp: "…daughter."
(05:09:37 PM) FlameShirt: Abe looks simultaneously ridiculous and badass.
(05:09:39 PM) ZombieRaptor: "Yea…"
(05:10:01 PM) Bunton: She sits down.
(05:10:21 PM) padri: Laura gets ready to go on the attack. "Yes. I have a daughter."
(05:10:33 PM) Atcero: Zoe sits down do and starts eating fast, but not too fast
(05:11:09 PM) Bunton: "So, um… how long were you asleep?"
(05:11:13 PM) StopThat1 left the room (quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client).
(05:11:16 PM) ihp: "Oh. Well, does the father work here as well?"
(05:11:29 PM) ZombieRaptor: "Um…"
(05:11:50 PM) Wogglebug: Abe's doin' the usj.
(05:11:55 PM) ZombieRaptor: "No."
(05:11:55 PM) Atcero: "Well lets see… I fell asleep around 10 so about… 14 hours?
(05:12:17 PM) padri: Laura takes a deep breath. "No."
(05:12:26 PM) Bunton: Pauline looks at Zoe.
(05:12:28 PM) Bunton: "Good lord."
(05:12:37 PM) Bunton: "What is wrong with you?"
(05:12:47 PM) ihp: "…oh."
(05:12:49 PM) Atcero: "A lot of things" Zoe says, grinning
(05:12:59 PM) Bunton: "Have you been sleeping well lately?"
(05:13:04 PM) ihp: Jacob coughs awkwardly.
(05:13:48 PM) Atcero: "Yeah, I was just in a fight yesterday and was pretty beat"
(05:13:53 PM) padri: "It's alright. It's been nearly eleven years now."
(05:14:06 PM) Bunton: "A fight?"
(05:14:17 PM) ihp: "Condolences."
(05:15:12 PM) padri: Laura fingers her still-open locket and smiles. "I've got Katie, though, and I couldn't ask for more."
(05:15:48 PM) SciWeaver left the room (quit: Broken pipe).
(05:16:00 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi looks at the locket.
(05:16:19 PM) ProcyonLotor: (there's a picture of a collie inside)
(05:16:22 PM) padri: There's a picture of a man on one side and a picture of a toddler on the other.
(05:16:34 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi examines the man.
(05:16:45 PM) padri: The toddler could be Katie. And honestly, the toddler looks vaguely like the man, too.
(05:16:58 PM) SciWeaver [~ten.tsacmoc.av.1dsh.AC7215B7-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.tsacmoc.av.1dsh.AC7215B7-CRInys|alliztahc] entered the room.
(05:17:25 PM) Atcero: "yeah, they seem to be kinda often with me," Zoe says
(05:18:01 PM) ZombieRaptor: A horrified expression suddenly creeps onto Luvi's face, a realization dawning upon him.
(05:18:21 PM) Bunton: "Wh-what happened?"
(05:18:24 PM) ZombieRaptor: He turns on his heels and leaves the room swiftly.
(05:19:07 PM) Jabonicus: Sam sat in the mess hall.
(05:19:09 PM) padri: Laura is surprised. "Luvi?"
(05:19:22 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi is out the door and down the hall.
(05:19:25 PM) Atcero: "I said she couldn't fight and we fought and it was a draw," Zoe says, lying through her teeth
(05:19:26 PM) padri: She closes her locket and rushes after him.
(05:19:55 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi heads for his room.
(05:19:57 PM) Jabonicus: Sam walked into the hall, watching Luvi go past. "Is something wrong?"
(05:19:58 PM) Bunton: "Who couldn't?"
(05:20:15 PM) Atcero: "HR person, Kendall I think her name was"
(05:20:31 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi goes past Sam wordlessly.
(05:20:35 PM) padri: Does Laura see which direction he's headed?
(05:20:37 PM) ZombieRaptor: Roll perc Sam!
(05:20:41 PM) padri: If so, she runs after him.
(05:20:46 PM) Bunton: "The new girl?"
(05:21:14 PM) Atcero: "I don't think shes new to the Foundation, but to Psi I think she is"
(05:21:38 PM) Bunton: "Huh."
(05:21:44 PM) Jabonicus: 4df+3
(05:21:44 PM) Glacon: Jabonicus: 4 (4df+3=0, +, +, -)
(05:21:49 PM) Wixelt: Wilson passes Luvi in the hallway "Luvi, are you ok?"
(05:21:52 PM) Bunton: Pauline tucks into her food.
(05:21:54 PM) ZombieRaptor: Kendall walks into the commons (I'm using her for the run today so gonna have her out a bit)
(05:21:58 PM) ZombieRaptor: Wilson roll perc too
(05:22:03 PM) ZombieRaptor: 4df+4
(05:22:03 PM) Glacon: ZombieRaptor: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, +)
(05:22:19 PM) lurkd [moc.retrahc.ac.dsvr.pchd.FBA0092F-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.retrahc.ac.dsvr.pchd.FBA0092F-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(05:22:28 PM) ZombieRaptor: Sam notices vaguely Luvi looks a little distraught.
(05:22:39 PM) lurkd: Ivan finally leaves the lab for the day.
(05:22:40 PM) padri: If Laura loses him, she asks Sam and Wilson which way he went.
(05:22:53 PM) Bunton: Pauline and Zoe are in the cafeteria!
(05:22:56 PM) ihp: Jacob sighs, and talks to a nurse to have his cast taken off.
(05:23:14 PM) Sirgoldfish [ten.labolgcbs.cnlrhc.deepsthgil.2431EB2B-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.labolgcbs.cnlrhc.deepsthgil.2431EB2B-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(05:23:33 PM) Jabonicus: Sam pointed towards his room.
(05:23:39 PM) ZombieRaptor: ( Wixelt roll perc)
(05:24:26 PM) padri: Laura knocks on Luvi's door. "Luvi? Are you alright? What's wrong, Luvi?" She's worried about him.
(05:24:28 PM) lurkd: Ivan walks down the hallway.
(05:24:58 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi doesn't answer, he huddles up on his bed, very distraught.
(05:25:00 PM) Sirgoldfish: Dan enters the common.
(05:25:00 PM) Wixelt: 4df+6
(05:25:01 PM) Glacon: Wixelt: 5 (4df+6=-, +, -, 0)
(05:25:10 PM) ZombieRaptor: 4df+4
(05:25:10 PM) Glacon: ZombieRaptor: 3 (4df+4=-, +, -, 0)
(05:25:30 PM) Sirgoldfish: "Hello gentle men and ladies how is it going"
(05:25:39 PM) ihp: Jacob gets his cast cut off, and rubs his arm, before heading to his room to inspect his possessions.
(05:25:41 PM) ZombieRaptor: Wilson noticed Luvi had tears in his eyes, has Luvi ever been like this?
(05:26:05 PM) Atcero: Zoe finishes her food then puts the tray away. "I'm going to head back to the commons
(05:26:06 PM) Atcero: "
(05:26:12 PM) Wixelt: Wilson goes to Laura, "He looked- He looked like he was crying"
(05:26:16 PM) padri: "Luvi? What is it? Did they do something to you?"
(05:26:34 PM) padri: Laura is very distressed when Wilson tells her this. "Luvi, I'm coming in."
(05:26:36 PM) lurkd: Ivan enters the cafeteria for toast. He hasnt eaten all day.
(05:26:39 PM) padri: She tries the door.
(05:26:43 PM) ZombieRaptor: It's locked
(05:26:44 PM) StopThat1 [moc.rr.ser.yabapmat.8351AFA2-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.rr.ser.yabapmat.8351AFA2-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(05:26:56 PM) gumbal1: 1d6
(05:26:56 PM) Glacon: gumbal1: 2 (1d6=2)
(05:27:08 PM) gumbal1: Pauline, mdef
(05:27:22 PM) padri: "Luvi, please tell me what's wrong."
(05:27:35 PM) Sirgoldfish: (Is anyone in the common?)
(05:27:38 PM) Bunton: 4df+6
(05:27:39 PM) Glacon: Bunton: 8 (4df+6=+, +, 0, 0)
(05:27:41 PM) gumbal1 is now known as gum|HeadHunter
(05:27:52 PM) gum|HeadHunter: 4df+5 Navigation, Ho!
(05:27:53 PM) Glacon: gum|HeadHunter: Navigation, Ho!: 5 (4df+5=-, +, +, -)
(05:27:54 PM) ZombieRaptor: "I-I cant!" His voice is barely able to be heard through the door.
(05:28:26 PM) gum|HeadHunter: Pauline, your head feels weird for a bit.
(05:28:29 PM) gum|HeadHunter: 1d6
(05:28:30 PM) Glacon: gum|HeadHunter: 5 (1d6=5)
(05:28:36 PM) lurkd: Ivan eats toast and drinks coffee, absorbing the silence. He wonders what Miss Katie is up to.
(05:28:38 PM) gum|HeadHunter: Zoe, mdef
(05:28:40 PM) padri: "Then at least let me in."
(05:28:47 PM) Atcero: (oh fuck)
(05:28:52 PM) ZombieRaptor: He doesn't answer
(05:28:58 PM) Atcero: 4df+2
(05:28:58 PM) Glacon: Atcero: 4 (4df+2=+, +, -, +)
(05:29:10 PM) gum|HeadHunter: 4df+5 maybe this one will navigate
(05:29:11 PM) Glacon: gum|HeadHunter: maybe this one will navigate: 2 (4df+5=-, -, -, 0)
(05:29:17 PM) ZombieRaptor: (My god)
(05:29:22 PM) ZombieRaptor: (You suck :p )
(05:29:28 PM) gum|HeadHunter: You feel a brief jolt, then a bit of stirring in your head, then nothing
(05:29:30 PM) Bunton: Pauline makes a weird face.
(05:29:30 PM) gum|HeadHunter: 1d6
(05:29:30 PM) Glacon: gum|HeadHunter: 3 (1d6=3)
(05:29:35 PM) padri: "Luvi, it won't get better if you just sit in your room." ~Whatever it is.~
(05:29:45 PM) gum|HeadHunter: Samuel, mdef
(05:29:45 PM) Atcero: Zoe stops in the middle of the hall, looking around
(05:29:54 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi still does not respond.
(05:30:01 PM) ZombieRaptor: redact
(05:30:12 PM) ZombieRaptor: "I-I can't tell you.."
(05:30:32 PM) GraemeCracker [~ten.elbacwahs.mf.8FEFB825-CRInys|criigc#ten.elbacwahs.mf.8FEFB825-CRInys|criigc] entered the room.
(05:30:47 PM) lurkd: *sigh*
(05:30:59 PM) Jabonicus: 4df+2
(05:30:59 PM) Glacon: Jabonicus: -1 (4df+2=-, -, 0, -)
(05:31:05 PM) padri: "Then don't. I don't need to know. I just need you to feel better."
(05:31:10 PM) ZombieRaptor: (He's gonna die in this run)
(05:31:28 PM) gum|HeadHunter: 4df+5 maybe him?
(05:31:28 PM) Glacon: gum|HeadHunter: maybe him?: 5 (4df+5=0, 0, 0, 0)
(05:31:42 PM) ZombieRaptor: The navigator has chosen'
(05:31:42 PM) Atcero left the room.
(05:31:43 PM) ZombieRaptor: !
(05:31:47 PM) gum|HeadHunter: Sam, you feel sick all of a sudden, before a vision comes to you
(05:31:52 PM) gum|HeadHunter: Pause for description
(05:32:00 PM) Atcero [ten.tsewq.ogrf.DAE2E574-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsewq.ogrf.DAE2E574-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(05:32:34 PM) lurkd: Ivan ruminates his toast and thoughts.
(05:33:10 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi feels absolutely terrible.
(05:33:29 PM) Riemann [ude.lfu.etalx.0DC5B4BB-CRInys|tibbiM#ude.lfu.etalx.0DC5B4BB-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(05:33:34 PM) gum|HeadHunter: You're in a dark, musty room, reading some sort of eldritch instruction manual. You can't read the text, but the pictures seem to indicate it involves the binding of doors to other places. Suddenly, your vision is clouded by white and you fall into a hole in the ground.
(05:33:45 PM) padri: Laura turns to Wilson, looking distraught. "I wish I knew. He was fine, and the all of a sudden … this."
(05:34:11 PM) gum|HeadHunter: «Attention all available personnel. Please report to the front of the site.»
(05:34:25 PM) ihp: Jacob sighs on the way to his room, and heads to the front of the site.
(05:34:30 PM) gum|HeadHunter: Report to #homeimprovement
(05:34:42 PM) Sirgoldfish: "eh, I might as well" Dan goes to the site.
(05:34:42 PM) ZombieRaptor: Kendall looks up, then heads over, stopping along by her room for actual shoes.
(05:34:50 PM) Atcero: Zoe goes to the front of the site
(05:34:52 PM) Sirgoldfish left the room.
(05:35:02 PM) lurkd: Ivan considers going, but he's a bit weary for action.
(05:35:05 PM) StopThat1: Sean wakes up with a start, and quickly grabs his rifle before walking to the front of the site
(05:37:03 PM) lurkd: ["How many years are you going to do this, Ivan?"]
(05:39:33 PM) lurkd: He stares hard at the wall.
(05:40:09 PM) Atcero left the room.
(05:40:46 PM) Vivax [em.setah.rehtaew|niaR#em.setah.rehtaew|niaR] entered the room.
(05:40:46 PM) mode (+o Vivax) by ChanServ
(05:41:57 PM) Wixelt: Wilson tries to think of something to say, but he's got nothing
(05:42:13 PM) lurkd: Ivan spins a cigarette along the tables surface.
(05:42:42 PM) padri: "Alright, then, Luvi. I'm leaving." She sounds like she's just been rejected.
(05:42:49 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi is sad.
(05:43:09 PM) padri: ~Maybe I shouldn't have trusted him.~
(05:43:16 PM) padri: She turns and leaves.
(05:44:12 PM) lurkd: *sip*
(05:45:11 PM) padri: Laura begins to wonder if she's done something. And how she's going to return Luvi's cat.
(05:47:09 PM) Jabonicus left the room.
(05:47:11 PM) Wixelt: Wilson goes to take a nap.
(05:47:55 PM) GraemeCracker: Murray faffs about outside, once again shirking his duties in favour of patrolling.
(05:48:20 PM) lurkd: "….quiet…." Ivan looks around to see if he really is alone.
(05:49:21 PM) padri: She needs to get away from here. Maybe cooking would calm her down. She hasn't cooked in ages.
(05:49:27 PM) padri: She goes to the cafeteria.
(05:50:32 PM) lurkd: Ivan is sittig there in the corner looking particularly lonely though its not obvious.
(05:51:05 PM) padri is now known as padinner
(05:55:20 PM) GraemeCracker left the room (quit: Quit: Okay, back to learning.).
(05:56:16 PM) padinner left the room (quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client).
(05:58:18 PM) lurkd left the room (quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client).
(06:00:00 PM) StopThat1 left the room.
(06:01:34 PM) Daedalus [~moc.rr.ser.lacos.98020969-CRInys|enahtanoj#moc.rr.ser.lacos.98020969-CRInys|enahtanoj] entered the room.
(06:06:30 PM) StupeiAceDefect [~ten.xoc.rb.rb.21704FB9-CRInys|criigc#ten.xoc.rb.rb.21704FB9-CRInys|criigc] entered the room.
(06:12:25 PM) StupeiAceDefect left the room (quit: Quit: CGI:IRC).
(06:13:50 PM) DrSavage [~androirc@620FE600:5C65C384:F0F8E530:IP] entered the room.
(06:19:35 PM) padri [ten.tsacmoc.ag.1dsh.D03F7014-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsacmoc.ag.1dsh.D03F7014-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(06:22:49 PM) padri: Laura sits in the cafeteria, knitting furiously.
(06:23:57 PM) Daedalus: Monday wanders into the cafeteria, yearning for a schnitzel.
(06:24:13 PM) Wixelt: Wilson continues to nap in his room.
(06:24:17 PM) padri: Laura looks up. "Evening, Mr Monday."
(06:25:39 PM) Daedalus: "Good Evening, Herr Moodie." Monday smiles and forgets about the schnitzels "How are you and your daughter doing?"
(06:26:18 PM) padri: Laura doesn't look like she's very happy. "Katie is doing fine."
(06:26:24 PM) Vivax left the room (quit: Quit: Bye).
(06:26:25 PM) padri: Or sound exactly like it.
(06:26:59 PM) Daedalus: "Is there something wrong?"
(06:27:24 PM) padri: "Did you know that Luvi made it out of the hospital today?"
(06:28:08 PM) Daedalus: Monday looks surprised "Oh? I did not know that."
(06:28:56 PM) padri: Laura nods, needles clicking together at a terrifying speed. "A couple of funny floating orbs came and healed him."
(06:29:12 PM) padri: For some reason, she doesn't sound happy about this.
(06:29:40 PM) ProcyonLotor: (It is because laura wanted to kiss him better)
(06:29:47 PM) Daedalus: "Thats good, I guess…" Monday sits across from her and raises an eyebrow "Does it bother you?"
(06:29:53 PM) padri: (Yes. That's exactly why.)
(06:30:02 PM) ProcyonLotor: (KNEW IT)
(06:30:07 PM) ZombieRaptor: (Oh my)
(06:30:17 PM) ZombieRaptor: ( Procyon was right for once?)
(06:31:13 PM) padri: "He was all better. All fine. Then he looked over at me and ran off! And he won't speak to me. After I spent nearly a full twenty four hours in there with him, fetching him food and water …"
(06:31:56 PM) Wixelt: Wilson enters the cafe.
(06:32:26 PM) padri: Clickclickclickclickclick.
(06:32:55 PM) Daedalus: "Calm down, Frau Moodie, you're going to kill whatever it is you're making."
(06:32:59 PM) You are now known as ProcyonGone
(06:33:04 PM) Wixelt: He goes over to the serving area to find something that isn't a bagel.
(06:33:19 PM) Wixelt: He picks out a salad and some cheese.
(06:34:12 PM) padri: Laura takes a deep breath. "I suppose he doesn't owe me anything.
(06:34:13 PM) padri: "
(06:34:52 PM) Wixelt: "And besides" Wilson is passing Laura and Monday "When I saw him he was more upset than anything else"
(06:35:02 PM) Daedalus: "I'm sure Herr Harkess had a good reason to leave. Perhaps a family emergency…"
(06:35:41 PM) ZombieRaptor: (Famalie ist tote!)
(06:35:58 PM) Wixelt: "He didn't seem angry at all to me"
(06:37:29 PM) AxNinjaX [PI.69597B4F.8DCE7C5D.63702E01|tibbiM#PI.69597B4F.8DCE7C5D.63702E01|tibbiM] entered the room.
(06:38:21 PM) padri: "Then why wouldn't he tell me?"
(06:38:43 PM) Wixelt: "Perhaps it was too personal for him"
(06:39:09 PM) padri: "What could it have been? We looked at the moon and he ran off."
(06:39:55 PM) Daedalus: Monday looks unsure. "Herr Harkess is a secretive man, I wouldn't take it personally."
(06:41:12 PM) Wixelt: "What was he doing just before he rsn oof? Maybe that'll givr you a clue."
(06:41:47 PM) padri: Laura nods, but she's not buying it. He didn't give her grief about the tallies.
(06:42:39 PM) padri: "We were looking at the moon, and then we were talking with … Jacob about my family, and then he ran off."
(06:43:00 PM) Wixelt: "Your Family?"
(06:43:36 PM) padri: "Yes. Jacob was asking about Katie."
(06:43:55 PM) Wixelt: "And how did you respond?"
(06:45:39 PM) padri: "I just told him about her. I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt this time."
(06:46:28 PM) DrRobWatson [~PI.DE4E55D2.6E1E4BE1.C4B2D829|diordnA#PI.DE4E55D2.6E1E4BE1.C4B2D829|diordnA] entered the room.
(06:46:33 PM) Wixelt: (I don't recall, has Laura ever mentioned her husband around Wilson?)
(06:46:36 PM) DrRobWatson left the room.
(06:46:50 PM) DrRobWatson [~PI.DE4E55D2.6E1E4BE1.C4B2D829|diordnA#PI.DE4E55D2.6E1E4BE1.C4B2D829|diordnA] entered the room.
(06:46:52 PM) padri: (I don't think so. Or Monday.)
(06:47:14 PM) Wixelt: (K)
(06:48:28 PM) Wixelt: Wolson thinks (Is there any ops monitering this channel right now?)
(06:48:48 PM) padri: (And she's tucked her necklace back into her shirt.)
(06:49:51 PM) Daedalus: "Are you not comfortable talking about your family?"
(06:50:38 PM) padri: "There's no topic I like better. Katie is the best thing I've had in this world."
(06:51:00 PM) AxNinjaX left the room (quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client).
(06:51:24 PM) AxNinjaX [PI.69597B4F.8DCE7C5D.63702E01|tibbiM#PI.69597B4F.8DCE7C5D.63702E01|tibbiM] entered the room.
(06:52:03 PM) Daedalus: "I mean, other family… such as Katie's father?"
(06:52:19 PM) DrRobWatson left the room.
(06:52:36 PM) padri: "He died quite a while ago." Laura shrugs.
(06:53:16 PM) Daedalus: "How did he die, if you don't mind me asking?"
(06:53:58 PM) padri: "It was in the war." Laura sets down her knitting and folds her hands in front of her. "I still remember getting the news."
(06:55:47 PM) Daedalus: "I'm sorry…" Monday looks mournfully at Anna "Many of us lost loved ones during the war… "
(06:56:19 PM) Wixelt: Wilson frowns, remembering the day he got news of his father's demise.
(06:57:47 PM) padri: Laura nods. "The war was not a happy thing."
(06:58:05 PM) Wixelt: "I lost my father to it"
(06:58:42 PM) padri: "So did Katie."
(07:02:59 PM) Wixelt: Wilson frowns.
(07:03:21 PM) padri: Laura shakes her head, realizing that's silly. "Sorry." She picks up her knitting.
(07:04:02 PM) Daedalus: "All men lost something on those battlefields, Frau Moodie. Whether it was their own lives, or the life of a brother, a father, an uncle, or a son. Some of us lost something far worse…" Monday thinks himself and of Luvi "Some of us lost our humanity"
(07:05:08 PM) DrSavage: Randall walks down the halls toward the commons, carrying coffee, some cake, and a report.
(07:05:31 PM) padri: Laura looks down at her hands. "I suppose there's more to some people than I can imagine."
(07:07:44 PM) Wixelt: Wilson gives a small smile "Don't Worry. If Luvi's not telling you something, it probably mean he's traumatized by it. We should respect his privacy, and if he wants to tell you eventually, that's his choice."
(07:08:29 PM) padri: Laura nods. "I'll have to go apologize for pushing him. But I suppose that should also wait, at least until he's willing to speak to me again."
(07:09:44 PM) Daedalus: "Do you know where he went?"
(07:11:07 PM) Wixelt: "I think he locked himself in his room"
(07:11:26 PM) padri: Laura nods.
(07:12:14 PM) ZombieRaptor left the room (quit: Quit: ZombieRaptor).
(07:12:35 PM) padri: She stands up. "Thank you, Monday, Wilson. I really appreciate it. I should go feed Marge."
(07:13:15 PM) padri: She heads out.
(07:13:17 PM) Wixelt: "Goodnight"
(07:13:33 PM) Daedalus: Monday nods
(07:13:44 PM) padri left the room (quit: Quit: later taters).
(07:17:20 PM) Daedalus: Monday heads to the commons
(07:17:44 PM) Wixelt: Wilson follows.
(07:19:29 PM) Daedalus: Monday enters the commons and takes his usual seat by the fireplace.
(07:20:09 PM) Wixelt: Wilson enters and turns on th TV.
(07:21:01 PM) Daedalus: ~Anything but Lassie. God, I swear. You owe me.~
(07:21:53 PM) Optimal [ten.enoeciohc.cor.FDB4A0A7-CRInys|nhoJ#ten.enoeciohc.cor.FDB4A0A7-CRInys|nhoJ] entered the room.
(07:22:20 PM) DrSavage: Randall walks into the commons and sits down, taking a bite of coffee cake and sipping his coffee. He then starts reading the paper.
(07:23:14 PM) ZombieRaptor [~moc.rr.ser.xtas.7B50EE2F-CRInys|paReibmoZ#moc.rr.ser.xtas.7B50EE2F-CRInys|paReibmoZ] entered the room.
(07:23:47 PM) thorgold [lim.cph.afasu.ude.34D8532-CRInys|tibbiM#lim.cph.afasu.ude.34D8532-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
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(07:27:59 PM) Daedalus: Monday pets and feeds his bird
(07:28:12 PM) DrSavage [~androirc@620FE600:5C65C384:F0F8E530:IP] entered the room.
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(07:31:49 PM) Optimal: Frederick is in his room reading, unaware of whatever the fuck is going on in home improvement.
(07:32:06 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi is sad as fuck in is room.
(07:32:30 PM) Wixelt: Wilson flicks through the TV channels.
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(07:48:58 PM) Optimal: Pizza. Pizza sounds good right now. Frederick walks to the cafeteria.
(07:49:40 PM) You are now known as ProcyonLotor
(07:50:56 PM) padri [ten.tsacmoc.ag.1dsh.D03F7014-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsacmoc.ag.1dsh.D03F7014-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(07:54:48 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi is in the cafeteria, eating, looking rather nervous.
(07:55:16 PM) Wixelt: Wilson enters the cafeteria.
(07:55:39 PM) Wixelt: "Hey Luvi" Wilson goes to find his salad, which he forgot to eat earlier.
(07:55:56 PM) ZombieRaptor: "H-hey…"
(07:56:54 PM) Wixelt: Wilson pauses "Don't worry, you don't have to talk about what's getting to you if you don't want to, that's your business"
(08:00:58 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi eats his pasta
(08:01:12 PM) padri: Laura walks down to the cafeteria to make herself some chamomile tea. She's surprised when she sees Luvi. "Oh …"
(08:01:42 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi makes himself smaller where he's sitting, he looks /very/ nervous.
(08:02:13 PM) choobakka [rodne.no.eikoow|akkaboohc#rodne.no.eikoow|akkaboohc] entered the room.
(08:02:48 PM) padri: Laura looks a touch nervous, too. "I'm sorry, Luvi." She looks down at her feet. "I don't know what I stepped in on, but I'm sorry. It's not my place to intrude."
(08:03:20 PM) Optimal: Frederick, over his mediocre slice of pizza, notices that everyone is on edge for some strange reason.
(08:04:11 PM) ZombieRaptor: "I..I…." Luvi stutters, unable to complete his phrase.
(08:04:54 PM) ZombieRaptor: Redact
(08:05:14 PM) Daedalus: Monday wanders into the cafeteria, looking for bread.
(08:05:17 PM) ZombieRaptor: "Y-your locket L-Laura."
(08:05:58 PM) padri: Laura looks up. "You want to see it?" She reaches up to take it off.
(08:06:33 PM) Atcero [ten.tsewq.ogrf.DAE2E574-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsewq.ogrf.DAE2E574-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(08:06:41 PM) ZombieRaptor: "I-I saw the picture I-in it earlier.. T-that man…"
(08:07:19 PM) Wixelt: Wilson begins to put 2 and 2 together, ~Wait…~
(08:08:48 PM) padri: Laura is very confused. She's not putting them together, but that's very much willful ignorance protecting her. "Yes. It's my husband on one side and Katie on the other. So?"
(08:09:06 PM) ZombieRaptor: "I… I saw I
(08:09:10 PM) ZombieRaptor: Redact :/
(08:09:31 PM) ZombieRaptor: "I… I saw him in my m-memories."
(08:09:42 PM) Wixelt: "Oh Boy"
(08:10:10 PM) Daedalus: ~What…?~
(08:10:14 PM) Wixelt: Wilson begins to back away.
(08:10:24 PM) ZombieRaptor: You can see tears beginning to well in his eyes…. He knows she is going to hate him and he can't keep it locked up.
(08:10:43 PM) padri: Laura, having unclasped the necklace, drops it. It falls on the floor. The rings roll off of it and away.
(08:10:45 PM) Wixelt: Wilson gives Monday a "Get your ass out of there" look
(08:11:04 PM) padri: She just stands there.
(08:11:09 PM) Wixelt: Wilson backs out of the room.
(08:11:57 PM) Daedalus: Monday goes to a corner of the cafeteria and watches
(08:12:34 PM) ZombieRaptor: "I'm sorry" he says, barely above a whisper.
(08:12:37 PM) padri: Laura's knees give out from under her. She falls to the floor.
(08:13:13 PM) Wixelt: By this point, Wilson is a long, long way away
(08:13:24 PM) Wixelt: He doesn't want to see or hear this.
(08:13:32 PM) ProcyonLotor: Exactly 43 meters away, to be precise.
(08:13:47 PM) Wixelt: (Why 43?)
(08:14:07 PM) ProcyonLotor: (like all of my GMing decisions: why not)
(08:14:21 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi looks down at his pasta.
(08:14:23 PM) Daedalus: O.O
(08:14:32 PM) ProcyonLotor: The pasta looks a lot like you've left Laura.
(08:14:51 PM) ProcyonLotor: Weak, floppy, and damp.
(08:15:02 PM) ProcyonLotor: Luvi feels sort of bad.
(08:15:15 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi feels /terrible/
(08:15:46 PM) padri: She just found out she knows the man who killed her husband and left her daughter fatherlesss and all her friends have walked away.
(08:15:55 PM) ProcyonLotor: That is a sort of bad, is it not?
(08:16:19 PM) Daedalus: Monday silently watches from a corner in the cafeteria.
(08:16:25 PM) ProcyonLotor: Wait. Why is Luvi debating semantics when he should be regretting being terrible?
(08:16:33 PM) Daedalus: ~Oh God…~
(08:16:39 PM) ZombieRaptor: (Coony stahp)
(08:17:49 PM) padri: Laura sees her rings have rolled away and reaches out to collect them. Only hers turns out to be in her reach.
(08:18:18 PM) Optimal: Frederick has witnessed a bombshell he thought he never would have saw. Suddenly, his pizza isn't so appetizing.
(08:18:47 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi looks at his now depressed pasta
(08:19:40 PM) Wixelt: Wilson's backed so far away that he's done a full circuit of the base and is back in the cafe. ~What- Damn.~
(08:20:18 PM) ProcyonLotor: He has walked almost a tenth of a mile.
(08:21:26 PM) padri: Laura is not crying. She takes the ring she can reach and leaves everything else. She stands, with effort, and walks away.
(08:21:31 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi says, his voice choked up "I'm so sorry," it's barely above a whisper.
(08:21:44 PM) padri: The locket, necklace, and male wedding ring are left.
(08:22:35 PM) Wixelt: Wilson collects them up "I'll take them to her later" He looks at Luvi "You couldn't have known. Don't berate yourself for it"
(08:22:55 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi doesn't look up.
(08:23:32 PM) Daedalus: Monday sits next to Luvi and attempts to comfort him
(08:23:57 PM) Optimal: Frederick is silent. Uncomfortable, he silently walks away.
(08:24:03 PM) Wixelt: Wilson acquired: Laura's Jewelry (x3)
(08:24:32 PM) ProcyonLotor: (It's dangerous to go alone, take this: jewelry you stole from a crying woman added to inventory)
(08:24:50 PM) Daedalus: "Her- Luvi… she'll forgive you…"
(08:25:02 PM) Wixelt: (He's going to give it back)
(08:25:06 PM) ZombieRaptor: "….I killed her husband…."
(08:25:48 PM) Wixelt: Wilson goes to find Laura.
(08:26:51 PM) Wixelt: (Where is Laura?)
(08:27:03 PM) padri: In her room.
(08:27:37 PM) Daedalus: "…Time heals wounds, she will forgive you eventually…"
(08:27:47 PM) Wixelt: Wilson looks for Laura at her quarters. He knocks on the door.
(08:29:28 PM) padri: Laura opens the door, but it takes her some time. Her eyes are red, but no tears.
(08:30:54 PM) Wixelt: "I-" Wilson can't find the words, a pained expression crosses his face when he sees her. He hands her the jewelry "You- You left these behind"
(08:31:27 PM) padri: Laura looks at them and tears up. She can't hold it back again.
(08:39:11 PM) ProcyonLotor: Wilson has been staring at the sobbing Laura for upwards of a minute. It's pretty awkward.
(08:40:28 PM) ProcyonLotor: Staring intensifies.
(08:40:38 PM) ProcyonLotor: The awkwardness has just about reached critical mass.
(08:41:25 PM) padri: Laura turns and walks into her room. She can't take those from him at this moment. It would be too much like when she was told John died.
(08:41:28 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi decides to go back to his room… Past the awkward Wilson and the grieving Laura.
(08:41:54 PM) Wixelt: "Uh- Oh hi Luvi." Wilson goes after Luvi.
(08:41:55 PM) padri: Laura doesn't notice.
(08:42:08 PM) padri: Now she does. She doesn't get back up to close the door.
(08:42:16 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi doesn't answer an continues walking.
(08:42:43 PM) Wixelt: It's pretty clear he didn't have anything left to say to Laura at that particular time.
(08:43:06 PM) Daedalus: Monday sits in the cafeteria and pets Anna contempativly
(08:43:16 PM) ProcyonLotor: Anna squawks.
(08:43:22 PM) ProcyonLotor: "SQUAWK"
(08:43:35 PM) ProcyonLotor: Reminds you of a certain dog.
(08:43:45 PM) Wixelt: Wilson sighs and turns back to Laura "He's just as upset as you are, believe me" Wilson walks away down the corridor
(08:44:41 PM) padri: Katie watches Lassie in commons.
(08:45:15 PM) Daedalus: ">sigh< I know, Anna, I know…" Monday heads to the commons, hoping to avoid more heartbreak
(08:45:23 PM) Wixelt: Wilson enters the commons "Katie, I think you should go and give your mother a hug. She needs it."
(08:45:27 PM) ZombieRaptor: Is Marge in the commons with Katie padri?
(08:45:35 PM) ProcyonLotor: "What's that girl? Hope is a lie and I know all your secrets?"
(08:45:39 PM) ProcyonLotor: "BARK"
(08:45:44 PM) padri: Yes.
(08:45:53 PM) ProcyonLotor: "Well, that's been obvious for a while now, hasn't it, girl?"
(08:45:58 PM) padri: "What's wrong?" <katie
(08:46:17 PM) Wixelt: "She's abit upset about something"
(08:46:32 PM) padri: Katie looks worried. "Okay…"
(08:46:33 PM) Wixelt: Wilson isn't about to tell her the full truth now is he?
(08:46:43 PM) Daedalus: Monday enters the commons
(08:47:17 PM) Daedalus: "Hello, Anna…" He seems tired
(08:47:33 PM) ProcyonLotor: "Corporal Moodie is trapped out on the battlefield, girl?"
(08:47:35 PM) ProcyonLotor: "BARK"
(08:47:36 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi wants Marge :o
(08:47:44 PM) ZombieRaptor: He decides to check the commons.
(08:47:52 PM) ProcyonLotor: "There's nothing we can do for him anymore."
(08:47:55 PM) padri: Katie goes off to see… Wait a minute. Was that her name on teh TV? She turns around.
(08:48:08 PM) ProcyonLotor: It's just a dog.
(08:48:15 PM) ProcyonLotor: It's panting a little, wagging it's tail.
(08:48:19 PM) ProcyonLotor: Katie wants to pet it.
(08:48:32 PM) padri: Katie walks over, Marge in hand. "What did it just say?"
(08:48:34 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi looks in the commons, Katie has Marge there yea?
(08:48:39 PM) padri: In her arms.
(08:48:57 PM) Daedalus: Monday stares angrily at the TV
(08:49:07 PM) Wixelt: Wilson is surprised to see Katie back so soon.
(08:49:37 PM) ZombieRaptor: "K-Katie… I need Marge…"
(08:49:37 PM) ProcyonLotor: Monday, mdef.
(08:50:18 PM) Daedalus: 4df+6 ~Wha-~
(08:50:19 PM) Glacon: Daedalus: ~Wha-~: 8 (4df+6=+, +, -, +)
(08:50:27 PM) padri: Katie: "The TV said my name, Mr Luvi."
(08:50:33 PM) Optimal: Frederick enters the commons, hoping to forget the ordeal in the cafe.
(08:50:45 PM) ProcyonLotor: 4df+10 Your sordid past.
(08:50:46 PM) Wixelt: "I didn't hear it"
(08:50:46 PM) Glacon: ProcyonLotor: Your sordid past.: 10 (4df+10=+, 0, -, 0)
(08:50:48 PM) padri: Bad idea, fred.
(08:50:58 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi doesn't have time for this "I need Marge!"
(08:50:59 PM) Wixelt: ~Wait, I didn'y did I?~
(08:51:06 PM) Wixelt: *didn't
(08:51:13 PM) Wixelt: 4df+6 perc
(08:51:14 PM) Glacon: Wixelt: perc: 7 (4df+6=0, +, +, -)
(08:51:27 PM) padri: Katie is a little scared by his yelling. She holds out Marge to him.
(08:51:59 PM) ProcyonLotor: Monday, you can still hear Timmy talking to his dog, but the words run right off you. The images on the screen have been replaced with holes full of corpses. As it switches to people, choking and gagging in concrete chambers, you realize what it is you're seeing. Monday could have stopped this. It's your fault, as much as anyone else's.
(08:52:17 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi takes the cat and jogs back to his room.
(08:52:26 PM) ZombieRaptor: He hugs Marge.
(08:52:37 PM) ProcyonLotor: Wilson notices the audio isn't quite matching up to what's on the screen.
(08:53:06 PM) Wixelt: "Corpses… Katie, I really think you should check on your mother"
(08:53:20 PM) Daedalus: Monday collapses and clutches his head
(08:53:25 PM) padri: "But it said my name!"
(08:53:35 PM) Wixelt: *Monday!"
(08:53:41 PM) Wixelt: Wilson rushes over.
(08:54:40 PM) Optimal: ~Oh hell no.~
(08:54:56 PM) Daedalus: He starts to shout in German [ANNA! GERTRUDE! I'M SORRY, I'M SORRY!]
(08:54:58 PM) Optimal: Frederick watches even more drama.
(08:55:10 PM) DrSavage: Randall steps back into the commons. What does he see?
(08:55:19 PM) padri: Katie is very scared. She runs out past Randalll.
(08:55:29 PM) Wixelt: "I think hes having some sort of memory lapse"
(08:55:36 PM) Wixelt: "
(08:55:42 PM) ProcyonLotor: Randall sees Monday, collapsed and shaking in his chair, the others crowded around him.
(08:55:47 PM) DrSavage: "Little one, what is wrong?"
(08:55:51 PM) ProcyonLotor: The TV is blaring, but no one is watching it.
(08:55:57 PM) Optimal: Frederick is concerned about the girl, he runs after her.
(08:56:08 PM) Daedalus: Monday pulls out his gun and attempts to put it to his head
(08:56:09 PM) DrSavage: He offers a gloved hand.
(08:56:22 PM) Optimal: Redact
(08:56:25 PM) Wixelt: Wilson turns around and throws his knife at the screen.
(08:56:37 PM) Wixelt: Shut up TV!
(08:56:40 PM) ProcyonLotor: Mdef, Wilson.
(08:56:46 PM) padri: "The TV! And Monday!" She presses herself against Randall instead of taking his hand.
(08:57:05 PM) Wixelt: 4df+6
(08:57:05 PM) Glacon: Wixelt: 3 (4df+6=-, -, -, 0)
(08:57:23 PM) ProcyonLotor: 4df+6 Your father couldn't finish anything, and neither can you.
(08:57:23 PM) Glacon: ProcyonLotor: Your father couldn't finish anything, and neither can you.: 6 (4df+6=-, 0, 0, +)
(08:57:40 PM) ProcyonLotor: Wilson drops the knife to the ground, his hand shaking.
(08:58:11 PM) Wixelt: "I- I-"
(08:58:18 PM) padri: Katie hides herself against Randall.
(08:59:42 PM) Optimal: Frederick stands near the wall, waiting for a chance to aid someone.
(09:00:00 PM) DrSavage: "There there, little one…" Randall holds her gently. "We shall be….alright…."
(09:00:11 PM) Wixelt: Wilsona attempts to recompose himself
(09:00:16 PM) ProcyonLotor: Randall, mdef.
(09:00:16 PM) Wixelt: *Wilson
(09:02:15 PM) Wixelt: 4df+6 Get your st together Wilson (mdef)
(09:02:15 PM) Glacon: Wixelt: Get your s
t together Wilson (mdef): 6 (4df+6=0, +, 0, -)
(09:03:29 PM) ProcyonLotor: 4df+7 Can you ever pull it together? How can you even claim with a straight face that you've ever had it together to begin with?
(09:03:30 PM) Glacon: ProcyonLotor: Can you ever pull it together? How can you even claim with a straight face that you've ever had it together to begin with?: 8 (4df+7=+, -, 0, +)
(09:04:06 PM) DrSavage: 4df+8 tagging endurance
(09:04:06 PM) Glacon: DrSavage: tagging endurance: 9 (4df+8=+, +, 0, -)
(09:04:15 PM) Wixelt: ~For the love of mercy what is happening to me?!~
(09:04:54 PM) ProcyonLotor: 4df+8 You couldn't save your brother; do you seriously think you can save yourself?
(09:04:55 PM) Glacon: ProcyonLotor: You couldn't save your brother; do you seriously think you can save yourself?: 8 (4df+8=+, 0, 0, -)
(09:05:10 PM) padri: pause for DrSavage
(09:05:24 PM) ProcyonLotor: Randall, you know that you tried your hardest. Randall surpresses the thought.
(09:05:29 PM) DrSavage left the room (quit: Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( http://www.androirc.com )).
(09:05:53 PM) Elvarien left the room (quit: Quit: ).
(09:08:39 PM) Wixelt: 4df+6 Think about this rationally, you are NOT unable to finish things, you are together… enough, and you WILL NOT be mocked like this!!!
(09:08:39 PM) Glacon: Wixelt: Think about this rationally, you are NOT unable to finish things, you are together… enough, and you WILL NOT be mocked like this!!!: 5 (4df+6=-, +, -, 0)
(09:09:21 PM) ProcyonLotor: 4df+7 You've been running for a long time, Wilson. Perhaps you should give up the ghost.
(09:09:22 PM) Glacon: ProcyonLotor: You've been running for a long time, Wilson. Perhaps you should give up the ghost.: 9 (4df+7=+, 0, 0, +)
(09:09:50 PM) DrSavage [~androirc@620FE600:5C65C384:F0F8E530:IP] entered the room.
(09:10:08 PM) ProcyonLotor: Wilson collapses.
(09:10:20 PM) ProcyonLotor: He's concious, but barely.
(09:10:20 PM) DrSavage: (What'd I miss
(09:10:51 PM) Daedalus: 4df+5 It wasn't my fault, I did what I needed to do… for Anna.
(09:10:51 PM) Glacon: Daedalus: It wasn't my fault, I did what I needed to do… for Anna.: 4 (4df+5=+, -, 0, -)
(09:11:31 PM) ProcyonLotor: 4df+7 Was Anna worth six million, or thirty pieces of silver?
(09:11:32 PM) Glacon: ProcyonLotor: Was Anna worth six million, or thirty pieces of silver?: 10 (4df+7=0, +, +, +)
(09:11:33 PM) padri: Katie swallows a scream, burying herself farther into Randall.
(09:12:24 PM) DrSavage: "Sshhhh, no…no little one. Is your mother Laura?"
(09:12:49 PM) padri: She nods into his shirt.
(09:13:02 PM) ProcyonLotor: "Hey girl! Do you know who Katie's father is?"
(09:13:08 PM) ProcyonLotor: "Bark!"
(09:13:15 PM) DrSavage: "And you love your mother very much?"
(09:13:20 PM) Wixelt: Wilson begins to hyperventilate.
(09:13:26 PM) padri: Katie turns to the TV again. "Sh! It said my name again!"
(09:13:28 PM) ProcyonLotor: "Shame the body was too savaged to be identified!"
(09:13:34 PM) ProcyonLotor: No one else but Katie can hear it.
(09:13:50 PM) padri: She looks frightened and confused.
(09:13:55 PM) DrSavage: "The tv is talking to you?"
(09:14:15 PM) padri: She's still holding on to Randall. "It's Lassie! She's talking about Dad."
(09:14:16 PM) ProcyonLotor: Randall, perception.
(09:14:28 PM) Wixelt: (Oh boy)
(09:14:32 PM) padri: Her eyes are glued to the TV.
(09:14:40 PM) Wixelt: Wilson is close to passing out
(09:14:49 PM) Optimal: Frederick whispers to himself. "Oh really…"
(09:15:01 PM) Optimal: Frederick would like to inspect the tv.
(09:16:15 PM) ProcyonLotor: Frederick really doesn't want to get close to that thing. There's something wrong. Mdef.
(09:16:51 PM) Daedalus: Monday is whimpering on the floor, his raven loooking at him inquisitively.
(09:17:05 PM) Optimal: 4df+6 Oh shi-
(09:17:05 PM) Glacon: Optimal: Oh shi-: 5 (4df+6=-, 0, -, +)
(09:17:28 PM) ProcyonLotor: 4df+8 Something is slipping through now.
(09:17:29 PM) Glacon: ProcyonLotor: Something is slipping through now.: 11 (4df+8=+, +, 0, +)
(09:18:02 PM) Wixelt: Wilson is is almost passed out, He's babbling a continuous stream of scientific nonsense.
(09:18:19 PM) Wixelt: He's trying to remain calm.
(09:18:19 PM) DrSavage: 4df+7 tagging acute sense
(09:18:19 PM) Glacon: DrSavage: tagging acute sense: 5 (4df+7=-, -, 0, 0)
(09:18:24 PM) Bunton left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
(09:18:49 PM) ProcyonLotor: They used to call you The Dynamo.
(09:18:56 PM) ProcyonLotor: What are you now?
(09:19:02 PM) ProcyonLotor: What's your job?
(09:19:11 PM) SciWeaver left the room (quit: Broken pipe).
(09:19:13 PM) ProcyonLotor: To hide the disgusting, horrible things your employers have to do.
(09:19:22 PM) ProcyonLotor: Cover up deaths, thievery.
(09:19:38 PM) DrSavage: "The tv is talking to you, little one…" His tone soft, though through grit teeth.
(09:19:41 PM) SciWeaver [~ten.tsacmoc.av.1dsh.2C54A3E6-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.tsacmoc.av.1dsh.2C54A3E6-CRInys|alliztahc] entered the room.
(09:19:44 PM) ProcyonLotor: You're no better off than you were as a thief. At least then you were controlling yourself, not some… disgusting puppet…
(09:20:19 PM) ProcyonLotor: Frederick can't bring himself to approach the set.
(09:20:26 PM) padri: Katie is holding on to Randall like a terrified four year old
(09:20:29 PM) Optimal: ~A puppet… Wait. This isn't right. I don't think like this.~
(09:20:31 PM) Wixelt: Wilson attempts pick himself up.
(09:20:31 PM) ProcyonLotor: 4df+2 Chaos.
(09:20:32 PM) Glacon: ProcyonLotor: Chaos.: 0 (4df+2=-, -, -, +)
(09:20:36 PM) Optimal: 4df+6
(09:20:37 PM) Glacon: Optimal: 6 (4df+6=-, +, 0, 0)
(09:20:58 PM) ProcyonLotor: Randall, you notice the TV isn't producing any sound, although the volume knob is at max.
(09:21:13 PM) Optimal: ~This isn't me thinking these thoughts…~
(09:21:20 PM) ProcyonLotor: 4df+8 In between the frequencies.
(09:21:21 PM) Glacon: ProcyonLotor: In between the frequencies.: 10 (4df+8=-, +, +, +)
(09:21:48 PM) DrSavage: "Nevermind…." He pulls out a from a holster under his coat, can he fire this round?
(09:22:22 PM) ProcyonLotor: Maybe it is you, thinking this. Maybe it's time you faced the truth. You're a fucking war criminal in peace time. When this shambles comes falling around, they're going to line you up against a wall and shoot you. You aren't able to blame them, honestly.
(09:22:30 PM) DrSavage left the room (quit: Client exited).
(09:23:08 PM) DrSavage [~androirc@620FE600:5C65C384:F0F8E530:IP] entered the room.
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(09:23:56 PM) DrSavage [~androirc@620FE600:5C65C384:F0F8E530:IP] entered the room.
(09:24:01 PM) Daedalus: Monday attempts to crawl out of the commons
(09:24:10 PM) Wixelt: Wilson follows.
(09:24:16 PM) Optimal: ~My god… It's… It's not wrong. I have no idea what these people are capable o— Wait! Hold on to yourself!! You can't. Let it. Control you…~
(09:24:35 PM) ProcyonLotor: It? There's no 'it' here.
(09:24:36 PM) Optimal: 4df+6 Feeble last stand.
(09:24:37 PM) Glacon: Optimal: Feeble last stand.: 8 (4df+6=+, +, 0, 0)
(09:24:47 PM) Wixelt: Can Wilson escape?
(09:24:53 PM) Wixelt: 4df+6
(09:24:53 PM) Glacon: Wixelt: 8 (4df+6=+, +, -, +)
(09:25:00 PM) ProcyonLotor: 4df+8 You can't escape the truth by blaming someone else.
(09:25:01 PM) Glacon: ProcyonLotor: You can't escape the truth by blaming someone else.: 11 (4df+8=+, +, +, 0)
(09:25:12 PM) Optimal: (It's speaking to me isn't it? Or is it his own mind?)
(09:25:21 PM) ProcyonLotor: 4df+2 Leave, but think about what you've learned here tonight.
(09:25:21 PM) Glacon: ProcyonLotor: Leave, but think about what you've learned here tonight.: 1 (4df+2=-, -, +, 0)
(09:25:32 PM) ProcyonLotor: Everyone who is trying to get out succeeds.
(09:25:50 PM) DrSavage: 4df+4 "Enough from you, idiot box."
(09:25:51 PM) Glacon: DrSavage: "Enough from you, idiot box.": 5 (4df+4=+, +, -, 0)
(09:25:51 PM) Wixelt: Wilson scrambles out of the room, giberring madly.
(09:26:00 PM) ProcyonLotor: Randall raises his gun.
(09:26:04 PM) ProcyonLotor: Mdef.
(09:26:37 PM) Daedalus: Monday goes to get help, he looks for a guard, anyone.
(09:26:56 PM) Optimal: Frederick stands rubbing his head. He is still partially confused as to what happened, but his paranoia just became stronger…
(09:27:07 PM) padri: Katie remains attached to Randall.
(09:27:08 PM) Wixelt: Wilson simply lies against a wall.
(09:27:20 PM) Wixelt: He continues to gibber
(09:28:18 PM) DrSavage: 4df+8 tagging endurance "Cover your ears little one…"
(09:28:18 PM) Glacon: DrSavage: tagging endurance "Cover your ears little one…": 9 (4df+8=-, +, +, 0)
(09:28:43 PM) Daedalus: Where are all the guards?
(09:28:58 PM) ProcyonLotor: 4df+10 You're a cog in a goddamn broken machine.
(09:28:59 PM) Glacon: ProcyonLotor: You're a cog in a goddamn broken machine.: 12 (4df+10=0, +, +, 0)
(09:29:21 PM) Wixelt: "Am I not worth it, No ambition, No ambition…"
(09:29:22 PM) ProcyonLotor: Randall puts his gun in his throat, and pulls the trigger.
(09:29:29 PM) ProcyonLotor: It clicks hollowly.
(09:30:04 PM) ProcyonLotor: Randall looks down at his shaking left hand. He doesn't remember unloading it.
(09:30:23 PM) padri: Katie is terrified. Maybe even traumatized. Despite her mother's warnings not to go on her own when badness is afoot, she turns and runs.
(09:30:46 PM) ProcyonLotor: The bullets drop to the floor through his sweating fingers, one by one.
(09:31:11 PM) Wixelt: Wilson sees Katie run out,
(09:31:18 PM) Daedalus: Monday sees her as well
(09:31:22 PM) Wixelt: He just lies there gibbering.
(09:31:47 PM) ProcyonLotor: A squadron of guard runs in, and halts.
(09:31:53 PM) ProcyonLotor: They stand there, for a few moments.
(09:31:54 PM) DrSavage: "Ahhhh….little one….go to your mother…" Randall looks to the TV, a look of fury on his face.
(09:31:55 PM) padri: She doesn't run anywhere, she just runs.
(09:32:00 PM) ProcyonLotor: One vomits.
(09:32:25 PM) Daedalus: "Anna… go… Laura…" Monday finally falls unconsious
(09:32:50 PM) ProcyonLotor: Randall.
(09:32:54 PM) ProcyonLotor: There's nothing on.
(09:32:54 PM) ZombieRaptor: (Coony all your rolls are so overpowered. Yours and gumbal1's)
(09:33:04 PM) Optimal: Frederick still a bit dazed, he's come to his senses enough to see Wilson in the hallway. He goes to check on him.
(09:33:13 PM) ProcyonLotor: ZombieRaptor: (mine are supposed to be possible to beat, but very difficult)
(09:33:19 PM) ZombieRaptor: (>+10)
(09:33:37 PM) ProcyonLotor: (against a +8)
(09:33:49 PM) DrSavage left the room (quit: Client exited).
(09:33:56 PM) DrSavage [~androirc@620FE600:5C65C384:F0F8E530:IP] entered the room.
(09:34:02 PM) Optimal: Fred shares Wilson's inflictions. "Wi— Wilson. Look at me Wilson."
(09:34:57 PM) ProcyonLotor: Randall, you don't remember who pulls you out in the hallway, but that's where you are when you come to your senses. Something snapped inside you, when you saw the dark black of that screen. It wasn't normal. It was viscuous, roiling even.
(09:35:11 PM) Wixelt: Does Wilson notice Fred (Perc, but should I deduct some points)
(09:35:15 PM) Wixelt: ?
(09:35:23 PM) ProcyonLotor: (halve your perc.)
(09:35:40 PM) Wixelt: 4df+3
(09:35:40 PM) Glacon: Wixelt: 7 (4df+3=+, +, +, +)
(09:35:57 PM) ProcyonLotor: Through his burning mind, Wilson can hear a voice.
(09:35:59 PM) ProcyonLotor: A friend.
(09:36:05 PM) ProcyonLotor: He clings to it for dear life.
(09:36:49 PM) Optimal: "Wilson! Wilson look at me!" Fred stares into Wilson's eyes.
(09:37:22 PM) Wixelt: Wilson turns to face him.
(09:37:35 PM) Wixelt: "You know… I never caught your name…"
(09:38:10 PM) ProcyonLotor: Wilson can see straight again, there's no longer static in his periphal vision.
(09:38:19 PM) DrSavage: Randall chases where he saw Katie run to. "Little one? Its over…"
(09:38:32 PM) Optimal: "My name is Fred. Are you okay? Do you need anything? Water?"
(09:38:34 PM) ProcyonLotor: He blinks a few times.
(09:38:36 PM) ProcyonLotor: He's safe.
(09:38:55 PM) padri: Katie is nowhere to be seen, yet. Keep looking, Randall.
(09:39:24 PM) DrSavage: Randall keeps moving down the hall, peering into rooms when he can.
(09:39:44 PM) ProcyonLotor: The air feels oppressive.
(09:40:04 PM) padri: Perc, Randall.
(09:41:33 PM) DrSavage: 4df+4 please come out
(09:41:34 PM) Glacon: DrSavage: please come out: 3 (4df+4=+, -, 0, -)
(09:41:59 PM) ProcyonLotor: 4df+4 The halls and rooms go on forever. You are certain you can never find the way out. Your head aches.
(09:41:59 PM) Glacon: ProcyonLotor: The halls and rooms go on forever. You are certain you can never find the way out. Your head aches.: 4 (4df+4=0, -, +, 0)
(09:42:10 PM) ProcyonLotor: She is nowhere. Perhaps she was never there.
(09:42:44 PM) Optimal: "Wilson! Answer me, please!"
(09:42:45 PM) Wixelt: Wilson has Codebreaker (Specialty) 5, can I use that in any way.
(09:43:06 PM) ProcyonLotor: Wilson can
(09:43:27 PM) Wixelt: "No… I'm fine" Wilson picks himself up, he staggers for amoment before gainig compsure
(09:43:58 PM) choobakka left the room (quit: Quit: choobakka).
(09:44:20 PM) Optimal: "Thank god…"
(09:44:27 PM) Wixelt: 4df+5 Codebreaker, try and work out how that… thing is getting to them
(09:44:27 PM) Glacon: Wixelt: Codebreaker, try and work out how that… thing is getting to them: 5 (4df+5=0, -, +, 0)
(09:44:27 PM) padri: Randall walks right past Katie without even noticing.
(09:45:40 PM) choobakka [rodne.no.eikoow|akkaboohc#rodne.no.eikoow|akkaboohc] entered the room.
(09:45:41 PM) DrSavage: "Little one…please be alright…."
(09:47:37 PM) Optimal: Frederick is not one for cracking jokes, but… "I think we need a new television."
(09:48:37 PM) Wixelt: "Why don't we just ignore it, turn the TV off and don't turn it on again."
(09:50:04 PM) DrSavage: 4df+7 "little one, I just want to protect you."
(09:50:04 PM) Glacon: DrSavage: "little one, I just want to protect you.": 6 (4df+7=0, 0, 0, -)
(09:50:11 PM) ProcyonLotor: 4df+5
(09:50:13 PM) Glacon: ProcyonLotor: 7 (4df+5=+, +, -, +)
(09:50:35 PM) ProcyonLotor: You couldn't protect your brother Randall, and that was when you had everything going for you.
(09:50:52 PM) ProcyonLotor: You're out of your element. You can't help her.
(09:51:13 PM) Wixelt: Wilson tries to see a gap in the workings
(09:51:32 PM) Wixelt: 4df+13 tagging detail orientation
(09:51:32 PM) Glacon: Wixelt: tagging detail orientation: 13 (4df+13=-, +, -, +)
(09:52:56 PM) ProcyonLotor: Wilson realizes it's been needling his weak points. It hasn't made any arguments, just insults and cryptic abstractions. But how does it know you?
(09:53:05 PM) DrSavage: Randall holds his head and that wall begins to fall. "Franklin…."
(09:53:33 PM) Wixelt: "We have to argue with it" he exclaims aloud.
(09:53:51 PM) Optimal: "Argue?"
(09:54:07 PM) Optimal: "What are you suggesting?"
(09:54:13 PM) Wixelt: "It's pointing out our flaws, our insecurities"
(09:54:38 PM) Wixelt: "But it's being cryptic, it's not actaully making an arguement for it"
(09:54:51 PM) Wixelt: "We just argue our string points"
(09:54:57 PM) Wixelt: "In thoery…"
(09:55:15 PM) ProcyonLotor: It's always theory with you.
(09:55:32 PM) ProcyonLotor: Always theory. Never anything real.
(09:55:36 PM) Wixelt: "Well, theory comes before truth"
(09:55:38 PM) ProcyonLotor: Thought is fleeting.
(09:55:57 PM) padri: It's still affecting them?
(09:55:59 PM) Wixelt: "Thougt leads to ideas"
(09:56:11 PM) DrSavage: "No….I tried and failed….but I still tried…..and will keep trying…"
(09:56:58 PM) Optimal: Frederick understands Wilson's theory. This man's a smart one. "Wait. You're doing it right now aren't you?"
(09:57:01 PM) ProcyonLotor: It's affecting them as they try to resist it.
(09:57:10 PM) ProcyonLotor: And idea leads to more thought.
(09:57:22 PM) Wixelt: "Whcih leads to genius"
(09:57:30 PM) ProcyonLotor: And you're back where you started.
(09:57:40 PM) Wixelt: "As are you"
(09:57:48 PM) ProcyonLotor: Genius is never appreciated in its own time. And usually not afterwards, either.
(09:58:09 PM) Wixelt: "Einstein. Enough said."
(09:58:24 PM) ProcyonLotor: Look what became of his work.
(09:58:29 PM) ProcyonLotor: The best of intentions.
(09:58:39 PM) ProcyonLotor: Then 200000 dead in a blink of an eye.
(09:58:47 PM) ProcyonLotor: and more two days later.
(09:58:47 PM) Wixelt: "But think about what it could become"
(09:58:54 PM) ProcyonLotor: The wages of genius.
(09:59:13 PM) ProcyonLotor: Think of how many more cities.
(09:59:18 PM) Wixelt: "Nobody's perfect, we all have our flaws, but they don't define us"
(09:59:20 PM) ProcyonLotor: A Hiroshima for every country.
(09:59:41 PM) ProcyonLotor: If 200000 souls crying out, and then being silenced forever does not define a person, what possibly could?
(10:00:03 PM) choose_one [PI.33C121AE.2584B0F5.0658317C|tibbiM#PI.33C121AE.2584B0F5.0658317C|tibbiM] entered the room.
(10:00:16 PM) choose_one left the room.
(10:00:44 PM) Wixelt: "200000 people defines bad descision, not the person"
(10:01:51 PM) padri: Oh, Wilson. Is this really working?
(10:02:01 PM) ProcyonLotor: A bad decision? Are you listening to yourself? You're disgusting.
(10:02:20 PM) Optimal: "It wasn't Einstein's intentions for his work to kill thousands."
(10:02:54 PM) ProcyonLotor: (Frederick, it's very unlikely you'd be able to work out what Wilson is discussing)
(10:03:06 PM) DrSavage: "My brother loved me and never blamed me….."
(10:03:07 PM) Optimal: (I'm sorry, redact.)
(10:03:26 PM) ProcyonLotor: Now that he has cause to, he is no longer able.
(10:04:00 PM) padri: Katie cowers in her corner.
(10:04:10 PM) Wixelt: "But it ended what could have lead to so much more death"
(10:04:13 PM) DrSavage: "I never thought he blamed me….I never will…failures are hard but let us learn…."
(10:04:36 PM) padri: Katie cowers in her corner, crying quietly.
(10:04:42 PM) Wixelt: "In the long term, 200000 died when billion lived"
(10:04:53 PM) Wixelt: *billions
(10:05:16 PM) Wixelt: "It was the best option in the end"
(10:05:21 PM) ProcyonLotor: Wilson, death that would have been thrown in by fire from muzzles and bombs from planes and chemicals from hoses. All developed and employed by 'geniuses'. It all leads to death.
(10:05:44 PM) Wixelt: "But so does life eventually"
(10:06:44 PM) ProcyonLotor: "There's a difference between dying surrounded by your family and by the payload of a rocket bomb designed by one of the finest minds of our age. It's facile to say differently."
(10:06:45 PM) Wixelt: "And it's worldly known that bringing them death sooner was the best course of action."
(10:07:04 PM) Wixelt: "There was no other choice"
(10:07:12 PM) padri: Laura, alarmed that Katie is not back, goes to the common room to look for her. She looks … Honestly, she looks more exhausted than you could imagine being.
(10:07:15 PM) Wixelt: "None better, none worse"
(10:07:29 PM) Wixelt: "Lauara, don't go inthere!
(10:07:32 PM) Wixelt: "
(10:07:51 PM) ProcyonLotor: Who are you to make that call, Wilson?
(10:08:16 PM) padri: She turns to Wilson, a hint of confusion on her face. "Where's Katie?"
(10:08:23 PM) Wixelt: "I'm not. But I can at least try"
(10:08:32 PM) Optimal: Frederick stands, watching his newly met colleague having a debate with the voice in his mind.
(10:08:54 PM) padri: Laura turns to Fred. "Where's Katie?"
(10:08:54 PM) Wixelt: "She ranoff somewhere, scared. She's in the corridors somewhere. Randall's looking for her"
(10:09:09 PM) ProcyonLotor: The intercom goes off in the background, but none of you can understand it. It seems wrong.
(10:09:16 PM) DrSavage: 4df+7 tagging acute senses. "Little one, please…."
(10:09:16 PM) Glacon: DrSavage: tagging acute senses. "Little one, please….": 11 (4df+7=+, +, +, +)
(10:09:25 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi walks towards the commons, Marge in hand.
(10:09:32 PM) Optimal: "Katie ran off."
(10:09:34 PM) padri: Laura looks concerned. She turns to look for Katie.
(10:09:41 PM) padri: Luvi probably runs into Laura on his way.
(10:09:43 PM) ProcyonLotor: He finds Katie, huddled behind a door.
(10:09:45 PM) Optimal: "I have no idea where she went."
(10:09:51 PM) ProcyonLotor: Luvi, mdef.
(10:09:52 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi doesn't look her in the eyes.
(10:09:57 PM) ZombieRaptor: 4df+4
(10:09:57 PM) Glacon: ZombieRaptor: 7 (4df+4=0, +, +, +)
(10:10:01 PM) padri: Laura freezes, then refuses to look at him.
(10:10:09 PM) ProcyonLotor: 4df+7
(10:10:10 PM) Glacon: ProcyonLotor: 5 (4df+7=-, -, 0, 0)
(10:10:20 PM) ProcyonLotor: You make eye contact.
(10:10:21 PM) Wixelt: "So, got anything else to say?"
(10:10:34 PM) Wixelt: Wilson smirks to himself.
(10:10:35 PM) ProcyonLotor: You know I'm right.
(10:10:38 PM) padri: Katie is shivering, Randall.
(10:10:52 PM) ProcyonLotor: I'm part of you, after all.
(10:11:02 PM) ProcyonLotor: You can keep me hidden all you want.
(10:11:08 PM) Sirgoldfish [ten.labolgcbs.cnlrhc.deepsthgil.2431EB2B-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.labolgcbs.cnlrhc.deepsthgil.2431EB2B-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(10:11:10 PM) ProcyonLotor: But I'm right down in your broken core,
(10:11:17 PM) ProcyonLotor: Genius.
(10:11:44 PM) padri: Laura doesn't move, frozen in place by the sheer weight of /knowledge./
(10:12:00 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi shuffles past, petting Marge.
(10:12:08 PM) DrSavage: "It'll be okay…" He opens his arms to her. "Come on…."
(10:12:13 PM) ProcyonLotor: Mdef, Luvi.
(10:12:15 PM) Sirgoldfish: (are we at 19 now?)
(10:12:18 PM) padri: Laura walks on.
(10:12:21 PM) ZombieRaptor: 4df+4 again?
(10:12:21 PM) Glacon: ZombieRaptor: again?: 0 (4df+4=-, -, -, -)
(10:12:25 PM) Jabonicus [ten.tsacmoc.lf.1dsh.A9973941-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsacmoc.lf.1dsh.A9973941-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(10:12:35 PM) ProcyonLotor: (I told you, Luvi is a very easy target for it)
(10:12:36 PM) padri: Katie crawls over to Randall and curls up in his arms.
(10:12:45 PM) ihp: Jacob steps off the jeep, and groans, rubbing his face. He goes to write up a report on the Engimagraph.
(10:12:48 PM) ProcyonLotor: Well, well, well. What do we have here?
(10:13:08 PM) Wixelt: "Yes, you're right. But I can't hold on to my dark side forever. I know you exist. I'm not scared of you. Everyone has something they hide. Something that could break them. But that doesn't make them who they are."
(10:13:35 PM) gum|HeadHunter is now known as gumbal1
(10:13:38 PM) Atcero: Hill yawns and heads off to his room, promplty going to sleep
(10:13:46 PM) padri: Laura comes up on Randall from the direction Katie can't see. She puts her finger to her lips.
(10:13:49 PM) padri: Randall, she looks awful.
(10:13:58 PM) ihp: Jacob types up his part of the report, expecting Pauline or someone else to type up their half. He tries to downplay his heroics.
(10:14:11 PM) Jabonicus: Sam couldn't understand any of what was being said by anyone. He heard a foreign language, and he squinted out the window of the Jeep. That wasn't a window. He processed it for a moment. That was… What was that? Doesn't matter. People are talking. What were they saying? Sam couldn't tell.
(10:14:24 PM) Atcero: (redact my previous statment)
(10:14:27 PM) ProcyonLotor: Every synapse is Luvi's mind is on fire.
(10:14:40 PM) ProcyonLotor: One hundred
(10:14:43 PM) ProcyonLotor: And
(10:14:47 PM) ProcyonLotor: Fourty
(10:14:50 PM) ProcyonLotor: Three
(10:14:58 PM) Sirgoldfish: Dan grabs Zoe "I will drop her off"
(10:15:02 PM) ProcyonLotor: But you did it all for Germany, didn't you?
(10:15:06 PM) ProcyonLotor: The Reich.
(10:15:06 PM) ihp: He keeps the candlestick, though. It's lucky.
(10:15:10 PM) gumbal1: (crossposted from Coony):You are at Site19, but the security staff are keeping you in the motorpool. They will not say why.
(10:15:21 PM) ihp: (redact)
(10:15:33 PM) ihp: (Redact it all)
(10:15:43 PM) gumbal1: (Even the candlestick?)
(10:15:45 PM) ProcyonLotor: You can say you didn't agree with what they proclaimed.
(10:15:48 PM) ihp: (Except that)
(10:15:49 PM) ProcyonLotor: But they were Germany.
(10:15:59 PM) ProcyonLotor: And you were fighting for Germany.
(10:16:04 PM) ProcyonLotor: You loved your country.
(10:16:09 PM) ProcyonLotor: You loved your country.
(10:16:14 PM) ihp: Jacob clutches his candlestick and sighs at security. "I'm tired…"
(10:16:31 PM) ProcyonLotor: Even as it sent six million people to die of starvation, beatings and gassings.
(10:16:32 PM) ZombieRaptor: ~I did it for my family!~
(10:16:44 PM) DrSavage: Randall holds her gently. "Did your mother give you the taffy, little one?"
(10:16:45 PM) ZombieRaptor: ~So they would be safe!~
(10:16:49 PM) Jabonicus: Sam looked at someone. At least he thought it was someone. He couldn't tell, his mental health being at one and all
(10:16:55 PM) padri: Laura whispers quietly to Randall. "Would you take her for the night?"
(10:17:00 PM) ProcyonLotor: What are the wages of sin, Luvi?
(10:17:06 PM) padri: Katie nods into Randall's shirt.
(10:17:09 PM) ProcyonLotor: How many innocents are your family worth.
(10:17:11 PM) padri: She doesn't hear Laura.
(10:17:14 PM) ProcyonLotor: And where are they now?
(10:17:20 PM) ProcyonLotor: Did you …help them?
(10:17:23 PM) Optimal: It is now silent in the commons. Frederick leans toward Wilson. "Is it settled?"
(10:17:24 PM) ProcyonLotor: You're alone.
(10:17:39 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi drops Marge and clutches his head "Shut up!"
(10:17:46 PM) Wixelt: "For me at least. But it might come back"
(10:17:51 PM) ProcyonLotor: You killed the man the only person who liked you loved.
(10:17:58 PM) DrSavage: He nods softly, looking to her. "I dont know what happened….but don't do anything rash…."
(10:17:59 PM) ProcyonLotor: Left her daughter without a goddamn father.
(10:18:04 PM) ProcyonLotor: And when you did this
(10:18:06 PM) ProcyonLotor: You smiled.
(10:18:16 PM) ProcyonLotor: You took out a pen, and opened your notebook.
(10:18:17 PM) ProcyonLotor: And
(10:18:18 PM) ProcyonLotor: You
(10:18:19 PM) ProcyonLotor: Made
(10:18:20 PM) ProcyonLotor: One
(10:18:21 PM) ProcyonLotor: Final
(10:18:22 PM) ProcyonLotor: Tally
(10:18:36 PM) Wixelt: "We should go and see if Luvi's alright. He's the most likely target"
(10:18:48 PM) Wixelt: Wilson walks down the hallway,
(10:18:51 PM) Optimal: "I'll follow."
(10:19:11 PM) Atcero left the room.
(10:19:12 PM) ZombieRaptor: "Fuck you! I didn't smile! I followed my orders."
(10:19:25 PM) ProcyonLotor: You can't say you didn't enjoy it.
(10:19:29 PM) ProcyonLotor: You were proud.
(10:19:32 PM) Wixelt: Wilson approaches Luvi.
(10:19:32 PM) padri: Laura nods and returns to her room.
(10:19:40 PM) ProcyonLotor: I saw you try to hide your smirk as you showed it to her.
(10:19:43 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi doesn't notice him at all.
(10:19:43 PM) Wixelt: "Luvi, keep argueing, show it the good side"
(10:19:51 PM) ProcyonLotor: Not even knowing her late husband was on the list.
(10:20:03 PM) Wixelt: He screams it at the top of his lungs.
(10:20:04 PM) ProcyonLotor: 143 people isn't orders, Luvi
(10:20:12 PM) ProcyonLotor: It's a fucking hobby.
(10:20:16 PM) ProcyonLotor: And you know it.
(10:20:25 PM) ProcyonLotor: And you signed up here, so you could do it again.
(10:20:28 PM) ProcyonLotor: You like killing.
(10:20:39 PM) ProcyonLotor: It's simple, and it'd be easier for you if you admitted it.
(10:20:57 PM) ZombieRaptor: "One hundred forty six! For four fucking years years! I didn't enjoy /any/ of it!
(10:21:06 PM) Optimal: Frederick also tries to influence Luvi. "It's trying to break you down Mr. Harkess. Be resilient."
(10:21:08 PM) ProcyonLotor: Then why are you here?
(10:21:11 PM) Jabonicus: Sam sat against a wall. He couldn't think straight. His head felt to heavy but it didn't weigh anything. He looked up, but the colors stayed where they were, images blurred, sending a mess of frozen images in his corneas. He couldn't see anything but the images frozen in his mind now.
(10:21:20 PM) ZombieRaptor: "Because I had no other choice!"
(10:21:24 PM) padri: Laura hears the yelling and watches from just around the corner.
(10:21:25 PM) ProcyonLotor: You know you're going to have to do it again.
(10:21:31 PM) ProcyonLotor: There's always a choice, Luvi.
(10:21:48 PM) Wixelt: "Luvi, keep going!"
(10:21:49 PM) ZombieRaptor: "It was here or the cold streets."
(10:21:59 PM) ProcyonLotor: You could have put your gun against your forehead, and spared one hundred and forty three.
(10:22:09 PM) ProcyonLotor: That sounds like a fair trade to me. A bargain, even.
(10:22:29 PM) ZombieRaptor: "No… I couldn't have…. I never have, I've tried many times!"
(10:22:39 PM) ZombieRaptor: 4df+5
(10:22:39 PM) Glacon: ZombieRaptor: 7 (4df+5=-, +, +, +)
(10:22:42 PM) ProcyonLotor: You're a fundamental coward.
(10:22:46 PM) ZombieRaptor: Subtract 1
(10:22:48 PM) ZombieRaptor: 6
(10:22:49 PM) ProcyonLotor: Refusing to reap what you sow.
(10:23:11 PM) Jabonicus: Sam looked over at the others. His eyes were clearer, but not by much. He mouthed words, but nothing came out.
(10:23:17 PM) ProcyonLotor: You bring death, but you shall meet it, trembling and covered in piss, with fear in your eyes.
(10:23:22 PM) ProcyonLotor: 4df+6
(10:23:23 PM) Glacon: ProcyonLotor: 7 (4df+6=-, +, 0, +)
(10:23:34 PM) DrSavage: "Want to come with me for a bit, Katie? Your mother is feeling sick."
(10:23:34 PM) ProcyonLotor: Luvi hears murmuring.
(10:23:44 PM) padri: Katie nods.
(10:24:06 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi assumes it's just more madness.
(10:24:31 PM) Wixelt: "LUVI!" Wilson slaps him.
(10:24:40 PM) ZombieRaptor: Does Luvi feel it?
(10:24:52 PM) ProcyonLotor: perc.
(10:24:55 PM) Optimal: "Remember who you are Mr.Harkess! Remember what you stand for!"
(10:24:58 PM) Jabonicus: Sam looked over at Luvi. A face. He didn't remember what face it was.
(10:25:00 PM) ZombieRaptor: 4df+4
(10:25:00 PM) Glacon: ZombieRaptor: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, +, 0)
(10:25:58 PM) ProcyonLotor: 4df+4
(10:25:59 PM) Glacon: ProcyonLotor: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, 0)
(10:26:16 PM) ProcyonLotor: Luvi feels pain. But it's been a while since he hasn't hurt.
(10:26:36 PM) DrSavage: "What happened to Mr. Luvi?"
(10:26:59 PM) padri: When did Randall walk over to Luvi?
(10:27:07 PM) ProcyonLotor: «We've regained control of utilities! Everyone, stay where you are!»
(10:27:18 PM) ProcyonLotor: The voice over the intercom is scared out of its wits.
(10:27:25 PM) ProcyonLotor: And then the lights go out.
(10:27:32 PM) Optimal: (I thought he took Katie somwhere.)
(10:27:41 PM) Wixelt: *Shit"
(10:27:44 PM) padri: (Me too.)
(10:27:49 PM) Optimal: ~Shit.~
(10:27:56 PM) padri: Katie is scared by the blackout.
(10:27:59 PM) ProcyonLotor: Your minds sear, with your deepest regrets.
(10:28:13 PM) ProcyonLotor: Every personal failing, repeated a thousand times in a second.
(10:28:17 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi screams as though in physical pain.
(10:28:19 PM) Optimal: ~Adrienne….~
(10:28:20 PM) ProcyonLotor: And then the lights turn back on.
(10:28:24 PM) ProcyonLotor: And it's gone.
(10:28:32 PM) Wixelt: "No, i'm not a failure… NO!"
(10:28:46 PM) ProcyonLotor: The voice is gone.
(10:28:53 PM) ProcyonLotor: The air is breathable again.
(10:28:53 PM) padri: Laura winces. Despite everything, somewhere in her, she doesn't want these people to hurt.
(10:29:02 PM) padri: Even Luvi.
(10:29:05 PM) ProcyonLotor: The hallways don't stretch forever anymore.
(10:29:06 PM) padri: And she hates that.
(10:29:12 PM) lurkd [moc.retrahc.ac.dsvr.pchd.FBA0092F-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.retrahc.ac.dsvr.pchd.FBA0092F-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(10:29:18 PM) Wixelt: 4df+13 perc tagging detail orientation for seeing the truth
(10:29:19 PM) Glacon: Wixelt: perc tagging detail orientation for seeing the truth: 13 (4df+13=-, +, -, +)

(10:29:20 PM) ProcyonLotor: But something is wrong. And it can't be kept out forever.
(10:29:32 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi curls up against the wall, he is on the ground.
(10:29:33 PM) Wixelt: "
(10:29:34 PM) Optimal: Frederick stands. He is motionless. Even his thoughts are at a standstill.
(10:29:51 PM) ZombieRaptor: Redact
(10:30:00 PM) Wixelt: Wilson smirks "Round 1 to Psi-7"
(10:30:07 PM) ProcyonLotor: Something's breaking through. They stopped it this time.
(10:30:12 PM) DrSavage: "It's okay, little one…" He pats her back gently.
(10:30:22 PM) ProcyonLotor: Fulton comes on the intercom. He sounds worried.
(10:30:23 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi collapses against the wall as all his failures face through his mind at once.
(10:30:27 PM) lurkd: Ivan steps out into the hallway.
(10:30:37 PM) padri: She nods. Randall is nice. She'll be alright with him.
(10:30:50 PM) padri: Laura hates that she's sad to see Luvi fainting.
(10:30:53 PM) padri: Hates it.
(10:30:56 PM) ZombieRaptor: He falls to the ground.
(10:31:05 PM) ihp: Jacob sits in the motorpoll and waits.
(10:31:14 PM) ProcyonLotor: «Site 19 personnel, I sincerely apologize. An experimental fear gas that was in containment somehow got in the ventilation ducts. The people responsible are in custody.»
(10:31:22 PM) ProcyonLotor: Anybody not traumatized, roll perc.
(10:31:33 PM) lurkd: Does Ivan see or hear anything in the hallway?
(10:31:36 PM) Optimal: 4df+6
(10:31:36 PM) Glacon: Optimal: 6 (4df+6=0, -, +, 0)
(10:31:41 PM) Wixelt: "Fear Gas?"
(10:31:43 PM) padri: 4df+6
(10:31:44 PM) Glacon: padri: 7 (4df+6=+, 0, +, -)
(10:31:47 PM) ProcyonLotor: 4df+2 Too scared to bluff.
(10:31:48 PM) Glacon: ProcyonLotor: Too scared to bluff.: 1 (4df+2=-, -, 0, +)
(10:31:53 PM) ProcyonLotor: It's bullshit.
(10:31:59 PM) lurkd: 4df+5 perc
(10:32:00 PM) Glacon: lurkd: perc: 4 (4df+5=-, 0, 0, 0)
(10:32:00 PM) ProcyonLotor: Everything Fulton just said was a lie.
(10:32:00 PM) Optimal: Fred whispers "Bullshit…"
(10:32:10 PM) ProcyonLotor: And whatever it really was?
(10:32:11 PM) Wixelt: "That's gotta be a cover-up"
(10:32:16 PM) ProcyonLotor: He's as scared of it as you are.
(10:32:20 PM) Wixelt: 4df+13
(10:32:21 PM) Glacon: Wixelt: 13 (4df+13=0, -, +, 0)
(10:32:40 PM) ProcyonLotor: Wilson thinks as hard as he can, but the events don't coalesce further.
(10:32:41 PM) Optimal: "Cover up? That's what I'm here for. And nothing get's past me…"
(10:32:45 PM) Wixelt: perc tagging detail.
(10:32:56 PM) lurkd: "…." Ivan runs down the hall in search of people.
(10:32:58 PM) Jabonicus left the room (quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client).
(10:33:18 PM) DrSavage left the room (quit: Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( http://www.androirc.com )).
(10:33:18 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi looks dead on the ground, unconscious.
(10:33:25 PM) Optimal: (Can Frederick use his Lie Detector skill?)
(10:33:27 PM) Wixelt: Wilson Luvi, Fred, Randall, Laura and Katie are in the hallway.
(10:33:29 PM) padri: Laura and Luvi and Fred and Wilson are all together.
(10:33:29 PM) lurkd: "Hello? Anyone?"
(10:33:47 PM) padri: Laura stares at Luvi, hating herself.
(10:33:54 PM) lurkd: He sees them and approaches.
(10:34:12 PM) ProcyonLotor: Ivan, you see your coworkers huddled in various states of extreme distress. There is an unmatched tension in the air.
(10:34:12 PM) lurkd: "Gentlemen."
(10:34:32 PM) Optimal: Frederick still motionless, he stares at the Russian.
(10:34:36 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi is unmoving on the ground Ivan.
(10:34:43 PM) lurkd: "Who is /not/ incapacitated?"
(10:35:02 PM) padri: Laura, for herself, looks more exhausted than you could imagine looking. The hatred that you see plastered to her face looks extremely tiring.
(10:35:08 PM) padri: She raises her hand.
(10:35:18 PM) Optimal: Frederick slowly raises his hand.
(10:35:26 PM) lurkd: He quick draws his zakharov device and loads a canister. *foomp*
(10:35:57 PM) lurkd: "Do we have a safer area?"
(10:36:11 PM) ProcyonLotor: Whatever it is, it's gone for now.
(10:36:56 PM) padri: Laura has no idea.
(10:37:24 PM) Optimal: "I would say safe is pretty relative at this point."
(10:37:57 PM) lurkd: Ivan looks at the motionless zombies. "These others need to get to medical."
(10:38:06 PM) DrSavage [~androirc@620FE600:5C65C384:F0F8E530:IP] entered the room.
(10:38:25 PM) ProcyonLotor: The guards wave you through the motor pool, their faces grim.
(10:38:30 PM) padri: Laura nods. "But I can't help. Not now." ~Not him.~
(10:38:38 PM) lurkd: Ivan stands aside.
(10:38:39 PM) Optimal: "I… I can assist."
(10:38:50 PM) Sirgoldfish: Dan takes Zoe to medical.
(10:39:12 PM) Optimal: Frederick tries to get Luvi to move.
(10:39:17 PM) Sirgoldfish: "You caused me a lot of trouble"
(10:39:26 PM) Wixelt: Wilson yawns "I need a lie down." He plods off to bed.
(10:39:36 PM) lurkd: "Ms. Moodie… are you coherent? Where is Miss Katie?"
(10:39:39 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi just isn't there.
(10:39:41 PM) Optimal: "Hey Wilson."
(10:39:47 PM) Sirgoldfish: Dan enters the common
(10:39:53 PM) DrSavage: Randall picks up Katie and gently pats her back.
(10:39:59 PM) Sirgoldfish: (Who is there?)
(10:40:09 PM) padri: "With Randall."
(10:40:09 PM) Sirgoldfish: (at the common I mean)
(10:40:10 PM) Optimal: "You did good cracking the code."
(10:40:21 PM) padri: Katie is very exhausted. She falls asleep in his arms.
(10:40:24 PM) Wixelt: Wilson smiles"Thanks"
(10:40:25 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi's mind has retreated into the subconscious, dreams…. He does not dream of teal.
(10:40:37 PM) lurkd: He looks for the one called Randall.
(10:40:38 PM) Wixelt: Wilson plods off to bed.
(10:41:08 PM) padri: Laura, having been left alone in the hall outside the common room, just sort of drifts.
(10:41:10 PM) Optimal: "Excuse me, someone? I think I may need help moving Mr. Harkess."
(10:41:14 PM) lurkd: "I see. Come with me, Ms. Moodie. I'll escort you."
(10:41:18 PM) choobakka left the room (quit: Quit: choobakka).
(10:41:33 PM) Wixelt: Wilson turns back and lifts Luvi.
(10:41:41 PM) Optimal: Frederick tries to pull Luvi onto his shoulder.
(10:41:51 PM) DrSavage: Randall heads into the hall, holding Katie. "Good girl…."
(10:41:51 PM) lurkd: Ivan offers an arm to her like ordinary gents do.
(10:41:51 PM) Optimal: "Thanks Wilson."
(10:41:58 PM) Riemann left the room (quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client).
(10:42:02 PM) padri: Laura clings to it.
(10:42:12 PM) padri: Like a lost soul.
(10:42:25 PM) Optimal: The two take Luvi to medical.
(10:42:55 PM) lurkd: Ivan is mainly silent but takes her back to her living quarters. "I'll be up late tonight if you need to call on me."
(10:42:58 PM) ZombieRaptor_ [~ten.sndscps.sloop.1091BE6C-CRInys|paReibmoZ#ten.sndscps.sloop.1091BE6C-CRInys|paReibmoZ] entered the room.
(10:43:19 PM) padri: Laura nods. Then she turns to Ivan. "I found out who did it."
(10:43:20 PM) Optimal: He is laid on a gurney and Frederick tells the nurse of Luvi's condition.
(10:43:38 PM) Sirgoldfish left the room (quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client).
(10:43:45 PM) ZombieRaptor_: (Is it the nurse that hates Luvi?)
(10:44:06 PM) lurkd: "…..go on."
(10:44:06 PM) Daedalus left the room (quit: Quit: ).
(10:44:16 PM) ProcyonLotor: No, it's a skeleton crew. You're far from the only one in commons.
(10:44:19 PM) ProcyonLotor: *medical
(10:44:30 PM) Optimal: (No, I just took Luvi to medical because he was being delusional.)
(10:44:38 PM) ProcyonLotor: Headaches, anxiety flare ups, even a heart attack among one of the older doctors.
(10:44:49 PM) Optimal: (With Wixelt's help.)
(10:44:54 PM) padri: She reaches for her necklace, only to find it isn't there. "John. Luvi killed John."
(10:45:34 PM) ProcyonLotor: The number 143 sticks with you, Laura. You can't recall hearing it.
(10:45:34 PM) ZombieRaptor left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 184 seconds).
(10:45:35 PM) ZombieRaptor_ is now known as ZombieRaptor
(10:46:29 PM) lurkd: That got his attention. "Excuse me? How did you come to that conclusion? From what source?"
(10:46:35 PM) padri: She has no idea why she's thought of it, but she clings to that number like a drowning man clings to a float.
(10:46:44 PM) Wixelt: Wilson plods offf to bed
(10:46:47 PM) padri: "From Luvi."
(10:47:08 PM) DrSavage: Randall walks down the halls, rocking Katie gently.
(10:47:27 PM) Wixelt: Wilson is asleep.
(10:47:46 PM) lurkd: "………" Ivan stays stoic as usual. This level of emotion is far beyond his capacity. "What will you do?"
(10:47:47 PM) padri: Katie will wake up feeling much better. She never had a dad, so she won't be able to compare it, but if she could, she would.
(10:48:36 PM) ZombieRaptor left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
(10:48:36 PM) padri: Laura starts crying again. "I don't know."
(10:49:01 PM) Wixelt: For the first time in 2 nights, Wilson doesn't dream of bagels. Instead, he dreams of nothing.
(10:50:10 PM) DrSavage: Randall tucks some taffy into her pocket, simply walking the halls to calm himself.
(10:50:13 PM) Optimal: Sensing his job is complete, he heads to his quarters.
(10:50:19 PM) lurkd: Ivan looks awkward with a sobbing woman clinging to him. *ahem* "Do you…. can I get you something, Ms. Moodie?"
(10:51:30 PM) padri: She tries to calm herself. "I don't know."
(10:51:59 PM) ZombieRaptor [~ten.sndscps.sloop.1091BE6C-CRInys|paReibmoZ#ten.sndscps.sloop.1091BE6C-CRInys|paReibmoZ] entered the room.
(10:52:15 PM) Optimal: Frederick reaches his room and starts to relive the events that unfloded in the dark hallway.
(10:52:33 PM) lurkd: "Perhaps a small drink to calm your nerves?"
(10:52:55 PM) Wixelt: Wilson lets out an earsplitting snore.
(10:52:58 PM) lurkd: "This is overwhelming I imagine."
(10:53:42 PM) padri: Laura nods.
(10:53:42 PM) lurkd: Its pretty apparent Ivan doesnt have the tact to approach this issue with the sensitivity it needs.
(10:53:48 PM) Optimal: Adrienne. The only person in the world that he mildly cared for. He goes to find his scrapbook.
(10:54:50 PM) lurkd: Ivan stops short of his room, unlocks it, and retrieves a small glass and a bottle of vodka. He pours her a glass. "Here."
(10:55:42 PM) padri: Laura drinks some of it. The very act of doing something to help take control of the situation helps to calm her nerves.
(10:56:09 PM) Optimal: Pictures. Pictures of what he used to have. Before his life descended into card tricks and petty thievery. Before he ended up in this… deathpit.
(10:56:16 PM) DrSavage: Randall looks around for anyone else.
(10:57:15 PM) lurkd: "Ms. Moodie…. I may not be the most sensitive or easing voice…. but I can listen quote well if that is what you requore."
(10:57:53 PM) lurkd: * quite * require
(10:58:50 PM) lurkd: "Empathy is difficult for me."
(10:58:57 PM) Optimal: "Adrienne. What I'd give to see your face again…" Frederick for the first time in a very long time, becomes depressed.

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