Voices of Darkness

13:21 <Wixelt> Wilson lies bored in Medical.
13:22 <Recursive> There's a sonic scewdriver on the table next to his bed.
13:22 <Nanoro> Nathan is in his lab, conducting experiments on rats.
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13:23 <Nanoro> Today he sees if he can restore that rat he lobotomized the other day.
13:23 <Nanoro> 4df+12
13:23 <Glacon> Nanoro: 13 (4df+12=-, +, 0, +)
13:23 <Wixelt> Wilson glares it back through the fourth wall.
13:23 <Nanoro> The results are promising, but still no real progress.
13:23 <Nanoro> The rat remains a vegetable.
13:24 <Prior> Whatever accident of space-time turned it into a carrot remains beyond Nathan's understanding.
13:25 <WetBeard> D:
13:25 <Wixelt> Wilson senses some sort of running gag going in reality, and chooses not to partake in it.
13:26 <WetBeard> Pierre blinks, feeling he's gone insane, he goes back to his room to get back to work on his blueprint.
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13:30 <Wixelt> Wilson goes back to being bord
13:30 <Wixelt> *bored
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13:38 <Wixelt> Wilson reads a newspaper in Medical.
13:41 <Wixelt> d10
13:41 <Glacon> Wixelt: 3 (d10=3)
13:42 <Wixelt> Nothing interesting exists within it'a pages.
13:42 <RecursivePhone> Wiley dozes on the chair where he fell asleep last night.
13:43 <Wixelt> (Is that in Medical)
13:43 <RecursivePhone> Yep.
13:43 <Wixelt> Wilson glances over at him.
13:44 <RecursivePhone> He's drooling on his coat. Eww.
13:44 <Wixelt> What doth the Wiley dreameth of?
13:44 <Wixelt> Wilson frowns at him, before going back to his paper.
13:45 <RecursivePhone> Nothing interesting, just sitting in a bar with some old pals.
13:46 <Wixelt> Wiley, roll perception.
13:46 <RecursivePhone> 4df+9
13:47 <RecursivePhone> 4df+9
13:47 <Glacon> RecursivePhone: 9 (4df+9=-, +, 0, 0)
13:47 <Wixelt> Wiley, one of your pals is suddenly gone.
13:48 <Wixelt> A famililar shadowy figure stands in their place.
13:48 <RecursivePhone> Wiley frowns. Then he glowers. "Piss off."
13:48 <Wixelt> It just stands there
13:49 <RecursivePhone> Wiley sighs. He pushes a bottle of non distinct alcohol towards it.
13:50 <Wixelt> It doesn't even look down at it.
13:50 <Wixelt> it begins to move towards you.
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13:51 <RecursivePhone> "Yeh, I figured that." Wiley grabs one of the lights hanging from the ceiling. He points it at the figure.
13:52 <Wixelt> It flickers a little, but keeps moving in your direction.
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13:53 <Nanoro> Nathan walks around in Medical, checking patient reports.
13:53 <RecursivePhone> Wiley frowns, and remains seated. "Go on, then."
13:53 <Wixelt> If you come to Olga and Wilson's beds, you may find Wiley lieing asleep in a chair between the two.
13:53 <Wixelt> It stops about a metre from you.
13:54 <Nanoro> He isn't quite there ywet, but is coming that way.
13:54 <RecursivePhone> "What? Fancy a drink, then?"
13:54 <Wixelt> It reaches out towards you.
13:54 <Wixelt> More specifically towards your head.
13:54 <Wixelt> Roll Mental Defense.
13:54 <RecursivePhone> 4df+3
13:54 <Glacon> RecursivePhone: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, +, -)
13:55 <Wixelt> A familiar splitting pain echoes through your head.
13:56 <RecursivePhone> Wiley bites his lip, not giving it the satisfaction of seeing him in pain.
13:57 <Wixelt> The numbers are burnt into your memory yet again.
13:58 <Wixelt> This time, each one seems to have heavy stress put on it, making the painful process even longer.
13:59 <RecursivePhone> Wiley grits his teeth. "I know what your game is. You aren't getting loose, hear?!"
14:00 <Wixelt> Roll mental defense.
14:01 <RecursivePhone> 4df+3
14:01 <Glacon> RecursivePhone: 5 (4df+3=+, 0, +, 0)
14:02 <Wixelt> You feel the attack on your mind grow stronger, but you hold it back somewhat.
14:02 <Wixelt> However, you may feel something more than numbers entering your memory.
14:02 <RecursivePhone> Wiley grits his teeth even harder.
14:02 <JamJam66> (Ayyy)
14:03 <RecursivePhone> (Oh god why Jams?)
14:03 <JamJam66> (I'm sorry)
14:03 <Wixelt> 'I am already free.'
14:04 <Wixelt> You don't hear this, you just know it suddenly through the pain.
14:04 <Wixelt> 'But freedom does not equal existence.'
14:04 <RecursivePhone> Wiley raises an eyebrow.
14:05 <Wixelt> The level of mental attack increases rapidly.
14:05 <Wixelt> Roll mental defense.
14:06 <RecursivePhone> 4df+3
14:06 <Glacon> RecursivePhone: 1 (4df+3=-, +, -, -)
14:06 <Wixelt> Your mid is overwhelmed by a massive torrent of mental activity.
14:06 <Wixelt> You white out.
14:06 <Wixelt> *mind
14:07 <RecursivePhone> Wiley is shaking in the non dream world.
14:07 WetBeard → AwayBEard
14:07 <Nanoro> Nathan is a few beds away, reading a clipboard.
14:08 AwayBEard → AwayBeard
14:09 <Wixelt> Wiley, when your white out clears, you may find yourself surrounded by nothing but darkness.
14:09 <Wixelt> The pain remains present in the back of your mind, like a small headache.
14:10 <RecursivePhone> He looks around, rubbing his temples.
14:10 <Wixelt> All you see is shadowy blackness.
14:10 <Wixelt> And you feel like you're floating underwater.
14:11 <RecursivePhone> Wiley experimentally tries to move forward.
14:12 <Wixelt> It feels like you're trying to move through almost solid matter.
14:12 <Wixelt> It difficult, and doing so barely makes any progress.
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14:13 <RecursivePhone> He frowns, and waving his arm in front of him.
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14:15 <Wixelt> It feels like you're waving your arm through the air, but very thick air.]
14:15 <Wixelt> *-]
14:16 <RecursivePhone> Wiley frowns. ~This is my dream.~ He imagines a flashlight in his hand.
14:18 <Wixelt> Roll mental defense.
14:18 <RecursivePhone> 4df+3
14:18 <Glacon> RecursivePhone: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, 0)
14:18 <Wixelt> An image of a flashlight flickers in your hand before fading away again.
14:19 <RecursivePhone> Wiley frowns, and tries again.
14:19 <RecursivePhone> 4df+3
14:19 <Glacon> RecursivePhone: 3 (4df+3=-, +, -, +)
14:20 <Wixelt> The image remains for a moment longer, but still fades.
14:20 <Wixelt> 'It is foolish to resist.'
14:20 <Wixelt> 'I shall exist once more.'
14:21 <RecursivePhone> "Screw you, mate. Not on my watch."
14:21 <Wixelt> 'We shall see.'
14:22 <RecursivePhone> "So. You can talk. What are you?"
14:22 <Wixelt> 'You call this talking, yet these are simply words in your mind.'
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14:23 <RecursivePhone> "It's close enough."
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14:24 <Wixelt> 'Perhaps.'
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14:24 <RecursivePhone> "So what are you? A nightmare? Some sort of sentient abstract idea?"
14:25 <Wixelt> 'I am a power you can not comprehend.'
14:26 <RecursivePhone> "And I'm the king of Belgium. Did you take me here to show off, or do you want something?"
14:27 <Wixelt> 'I have not taken you anywhere. This is your own mindscape in it's most primal form.'
14:28 <Wixelt> 'Yet you only see darkness.'
14:28 <Wixelt> 'How can your insignificant species have come so far when you are so blind and insolent by nature.'
14:29 <RecursivePhone> "I'm not here of my own volition, therefore you have taken me. Quit playing word games. Honestly, it sounds like you're flirting."
14:29 <Wixelt> 'That concept is beneath me.'
14:30 <RecursivePhone> "Yeah, you're flirting. What do you want?"
14:31 <Wixelt> 'I simply wish to inform you of your near imminent demise at my hand.'
14:31 <Wixelt> The words suddenly seem very malicious.
14:32 <RecursivePhone> "Says the one who admits he doesn't entirely exist."
14:33 <Wixelt> 'But the more you see of me, the more you know of me, and the more real I am.'
14:34 <RecursivePhone> "So. You decided to reveal yourself to a grou
14:34 <JamJam66> (Has Nathan not found Wiley yet?)
14:34 <RecursivePhone> P that has amnestics. Yeh, great idea."
14:35 <Wixelt> 'I plant myself in the deepest recesses of your minds. I will always remain.
14:35 <Wixelt> *'
14:36 <RecursivePhone> "Well why do you want to end us? What'd we do t'you?"
14:37 <Wixelt> 'You did nothing to me. But your kind's existence is a blemish on my sight.'
14:37 <Wixelt> 'A blemish that, not matter how long it takes, will be expunged.'
14:37 <Wixelt> 'From every reality and possibility.'
14:39 <RecursivePhone> "Well, we do know some stuff about expungement. Why, though? Did you get cut off in traffic, or something?"
14:39 <Wixelt> 'My motives are above your kind's comprehension.'
14:40 <RecursivePhone> "I suppose that's your version of a middle finger."
14:40 <RecursivePhone> "Here's mine" Wiley does so.
14:41 <Wixelt> 'You are a fine ambassador for your kind.'
14:41 <Wixelt> 'But that isn't saying much.'
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14:42 <Wixelt> (JamJam66, presuming Nathan's been going along as normal, he should be coming across Wiley around about now.)
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14:45 <Wixelt> 'You are a fine ambassador for your kind.'
14:45 <Wixelt> 'But that isn't saying much.'
14:45 <Wixelt> (JamJam66, presuming Nathan's been going along as normal, he should be coming across Wiley around about now.)
14:45 <JamJam66> (Cough Nanoro Cough)
14:45 <Wixelt> (erm)
14:46 <Wixelt> (Nanoro, presuming Nathan's been going along as normal, he should be coming across Wiley around about now.)
14:46 <Recursive> "Aw, you tease. We haven't had much luck with ambassadors lately.
14:46 <Recursive> "
14:46 ↔ Recursive (was Mecursive) nipped out
14:47 <Wixelt> 'Making pointless jests and vocal attacks. Is that really a good way to spend one's final moments.'
14:48 <Nanoro> ((Ah, sorry. Was taking a shower.))
14:48 <Recursive> "The only way I'd have it."
14:49 <Wixelt> 'If that is how you wish it.'
14:49 <Nanoro> Nathan continues on his way.
14:49 <Wixelt> 'It is wrong to play with one's food though, so I will be taking your place in reality now.'
14:49 <Nanoro> He comes by Olga and Wilson's beds.
14:50 <Recursive> "You waht?"
14:50 <Wixelt> Wiley is asleep there.
14:50 <Wixelt> Wiley, Roll mental defense.
14:50 <Recursive> 4df+3
14:50 <Glacon> Recursive: 4 (4df+3=0, 0, 0, +)
14:50 <Nanoro> Nathan glances at him as he reads Olga's patient report.
14:50 <Wixelt> You slowly feel yourself detatch from something important.
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14:51 <Wixelt> Nathan, Wiley's body seams to covered in a thin layer of something dark.
14:51 <Recursive> "Oi! I need that body!"
14:51 <Wixelt> seems
14:51 <Wixelt> *
14:51 <Nanoro> Nathan cannot notice.
14:51 <Wixelt> 'Is that any way for a dead man to talk?'
14:52 <Recursive> "Screw you! When I'm dead I'll talk however the hell I want to."
14:52 <Wixelt> You suddenly feel the being's presence leave you, and you are left in the darkness.
14:53 <Wixelt> Nathan, Wiley's body suddenly dissolves into shadows.
14:53 <Recursive> "Damn two-bit shadowy shadow (mumble mumble mumble)"
14:54 <Wixelt> You may wish to think back to what you saw what was probably something that already happened.
14:54 <Wixelt> *when you saw
14:54 <Recursive> The dream from before?
14:54 <Wixelt> Mhm
14:54 <Wixelt> (The one in the prison)
14:55 <Nanoro> "…?" He looks back at the now empty chair.
14:55 <Recursive> Wiley remembers, trying to think of a solution to this. Light. But he doesn't have any light here.
14:55 <Nanoro> Or rather, empty to him.
14:56 <Wixelt> The shadow figure forms itself before Nathan, and without a sound, grabs him by the shoulder.
14:56 <Wixelt> Roll physical defense Nathan.
14:56 <Nanoro> 4df+3 ah gahh
14:56 <Glacon> Nanoro: ah gahh: 3 (4df+3=0, +, -, 0)
14:56 <Wixelt> Wiley, the gun that they had then fired balls of a light that seemed almost heavenly.
14:57 <Recursive> :o
14:57 <Wixelt> Nathan you suddenly feel weak, like something is being drained from you.
14:57 <Recursive> Wiley frowns. "I really don't like this."
14:57 <Nanoro> Nathan holds his head a bit, feeling under the weather.
14:58 <Wixelt> You may or not be able to deny the existence of the shadow being before you any longer.
14:58 <Nanoro> ~Oh dear… Have I contracted something…?~
14:58 <Nanoro> He may see flickers, but will still refuse to acknowledge it fully.
14:59 <Recursive> ~Listen up, god, satan, whoever. I suppose I'm asking for help. But know this. I've fought gods of darkness before. Hell, I won. So if I die, I will take over the afterlife, and send the choir invisible after that damn shadow."
14:59 <Recursive> *~
14:59 <Wixelt> Roll mental defense.
14:59 <Recursive> 4df+3
14:59 <Glacon> Recursive: 4 (4df+3=-, +, +, 0)
15:00 <Wixelt> An image of something begins to flicker in your hand.
15:00 <Recursive> Wiley looks down. ~Well then?~
15:00 <Nanoro> Nathan sways a bit, looking slightly pale.
15:00 <Nanoro> Or rather, paler than usual.
15:01 <Wixelt> 'I will take all from you.' Nathan, words appear in your mind.
15:01 <Wixelt> Wiley, the image quickly clears, it's a gun, similar in style to the one the guardss were carrying.
15:01 <Nanoro> ~… What will you take from a man with nothing to take from?~
15:02 <Nanoro> If the being is to peer into Nathan's mind…
15:02 <Wixelt> It's smaller, so probably isn't as powerful, but still…
15:02 <Recursive> ~…thank you.~ Wiley experimentally checks it.
15:03 <Recursive> "Oh, yeah." Wiley experimentally shoots it into the darkness.
15:03 <Wixelt> It's 'loaded', for a given measure of what that means for this kind of gun.
15:04 <Wixelt> A ball of light shoots into the darkness, illuminating it.
15:04 <Nanoro> ((Wixelt, mdef?))
15:04 <Wixelt> (No, not needed)
15:04 <Nanoro> ((:'c))
15:04 <Wixelt> Nathan, whatever it is, it seems to back off abit.
15:04 <Wixelt> 'No…'
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15:05 <Nanoro> ~… A strange thought, you are. Begone from my head.~
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15:05 <Nanoro> 4df+6 A mental assault.
15:05 <Glacon> Nanoro: A mental assault.: 5 (4df+6=0, +, -, -)
15:06 <Recursive> Wiley grins, and fires again.
15:06 <Wixelt> The shadow figure begins to melt away.
15:06 <Nanoro> Nathan's mind is pure white, moving like clockwork with everything in place.
15:06 <Wixelt> Wiley, you feel more attached to your being.
15:06 <Recursive> "That's right! Not as helpless as you though, am I?"
15:07 <Wixelt> Wiley, a familiar word style reforms in your mind.
15:07 <Wixelt> 'You may have this day, but I am merely getting started.'
15:07 <Nanoro> 4df+6 The movement doesn't stop
15:07 <Glacon> Nanoro: The movement doesn't stop: 4 (4df+6=0, -, -, 0)
15:07 <Recursive> "Sure you are. O great and powerful master of vagueness."
15:07 <Nanoro> ((welp, redact))
15:08 <Wixelt> 'Your kind shall become nothing, and I shall stand responsible.'
15:08 <Wixelt> Wiley, the darkness seems to flicker from existence, and you find yourself standing in Medical in front of Nathan.
15:09 <Recursive> "Yeah, see you later, pal. Buy me a drink next time."
15:09 <Nanoro> Nathan has his eyes closed and is holding the side of his head.
15:09 <Recursive> "Oh. Hullo there."
15:09 <Nanoro> He looks slightly pale.
15:09 <Wixelt> Wiley, you may notice you have your hand on Nathan's shoulder.
15:09 <Nanoro> "…. Hrm." Colour starts to flush back into his face as he opens his eyes.
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15:10 <Recursive> "So… you alright, mate? And when did I get here?"
15:10 <Nanoro> "… Mr. Dewitt. If you would be so kind as to let go of my shoulder."
15:11 <Nanoro> He looks slightly annoyed.
15:11 <Recursive> "It's Davitt, actually. But yeah, good idea.
15:11 <Nanoro> Mostly because he himself isn't certain of what just happened.
15:11 <Nanoro> Nathan doesn't like not knowing what just happened.
15:13 <Nanoro> "Mr. /Davitt/. If you could." He motions Wiley to step aside as he is in Nathan's way.
15:13 <Nanoro> There is medical science to be done.
15:13 <Recursive> Wiley goes back to his chair, where Wilson is probably watching confusedly.
15:14 <Nanoro> Nathan continues his trek through Medical, now checking Wilson's file.
15:15 <Wixelt> Wilson was shot in the chest yesterday or the day before that, be seems to have escaped most of the damage that usually causes.
15:16 <Wixelt> Mainly because he's sitting up in bed, watching Wiley nervously.
15:16 <Recursive> Wiley walks over as calmly as he can. "Uh… you saw that, right?"
15:16 ProcyonGone → @ProcyonLotor
15:16 <Wixelt> Wilson nods.
15:16 <Wixelt> "I wasn't sure what to make of it."
15:16 <Wixelt> "Until it was over, I thought I was asleep."
15:17 <Recursive> "It took me in my sleep. I was trapped in my mind somewhere. It spoke to me."
15:17 <Nanoro> ~Making a decent recovery. Good.~
15:17 <Nanoro> "What would you mean by 'that', mr. Davitt?" Nathan says without raising his eyes from the file.
15:18 <Recursive> Wiley looks over. "Um… it's… past your clearance level."
15:19 <Nanoro> ".. I see." Nathan scribles a note into his notepad, barely even paying any attention.
15:19 <Nanoro> *scribbles
15:20 <Recursive> Wiley gives a brief description of the previous events to Wilson, including how it becomes more powerful the more you believe in it.
15:20 <Wixelt> Wilson frowns at Nathan.
15:21 <Wixelt> Wilson frowns.
15:21 <Wixelt> "This all makes sense, considering what we knew of it so far."
15:21 <Nanoro> ((Double the frown. He must look like a bulldog. :p))
15:21 <Wixelt> "First it manifests in your dreams and implants knowledge of itself there, namely it's prisoner number."
15:21 <Nanoro> Nathan overhears the part about a shadowy person.
15:22 <Recursive> "The light I used to incapacitate it… It wasn't any sort of normal light."
15:22 <Wixelt> "Then, once you know of it, it appears to you in semi-reality."
15:22 <Nanoro> ".. Are you referring to miss Sapkowski's hallucination?"
15:22 <Wixelt> "…it wasn't?"
15:22 <Wixelt> Wilson turns to Nathan.
15:22 <Wixelt> "It's not a hallucination."
15:22 <Wixelt> He deadpans.
15:23 <Recursive> "It was supernatural in some way… It appeared to me… it was almost… heavenly."
15:24 <Nanoro> "Miss Sapkowski had endured a severe cranial trauma. As a doctor I am to assume what she saw was a hallucination caused by a brain concussion."
15:24 <Nanoro> Nathan looks back at Wilson, emotionless.
15:25 <Nanoro> He then flips the pages on his notepad rapidly.
15:26 <Nanoro> Then, he shows the notes to Wilson. There is a somewhat detailed description of the events and what Olga claimed to see, as well as some medical notes. On the next page is a drawing of a dark figure, a note below it saying it was drawn from Olga's description.
15:27 <Wixelt> Wilson already knows most of what's written here, but reads it anyway.
15:28 <Recursive> Wiley frowns at Nathan. "You realize we work on a site that specailizes in anomalous - extranormal - activity? A shadowy figure isn't the strangest thing we've fought this /week/."
15:28 <Wixelt> "Wait, heavenly?"
15:29 <Recursive> Wiley nods. "I.. well, I did the closest thing I'll admit to praying for it. It appeared."
15:29 <Nanoro> For the record, the drawing is highly detailed. It almost looks like a black and white photo.
15:29 <Nanoro> Nathan looks to Wiley. "Most of these 'paranormal' things can be proven with science. I refuse to believe in ghosts, poltergeists and the like."
15:30 <Wixelt> "Do you believe in Aztec gods? Because one took control of one of my allies recently and had it shoot me."
15:30 <Wixelt> "Then it took control of me and had me let the rest in."
15:30 <Recursive> "Randall over there and I fought a god of darkness about two months ago."
15:30 <Wixelt> Wilson looks frantic.
15:31 <Nanoro> "I see." Nathan looks thoroughly unimpressed.
15:31 <Wixelt> "Wiley, I really ought to tell you what happened out here, since the skeptic here seems to be denying it."
15:32 <Nanoro> Nathan still seems to simply fail to understand.
15:32 <Recursive> "It's fine. I used to be a bit close minded meself. I've read the reports."
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15:35 <Wixelt> "Wiley, your body completely dissolved into shadows."
15:36 <Recursive> Wiley raises an eyebrow. "Well damn. It said something about taking my body."
15:36 <Wixelt> "Then it attacked Nathan."
15:36 <Wixelt> "He didn't seem to react beyond looking ill."
15:37 <Wixelt> "Given that it doesn't match the descriptions of it's behaviour in that dream vision you had, i'd assume it was weak at the time."
15:37 <Recursive> "He's an odd sort. Good thing in this case. And yeh, I did put up a bit of a fight. And not many of us know of it at the moment. Could explain the weakness."
15:41 ⇐ Optimal quit (~ten.enoeciohc.cor.DDAC17BA-CRInys|nhoJ#ten.enoeciohc.cor.DDAC17BA-CRInys|nhoJ) Quit: People don't think Optimal be the way he is, but he do.
15:42 <Wixelt> "But you realise that this means that what you used to defeat it might not work next time."
15:43 <Recursive> "Of course. The weapon I obtained was… smaller, compared to the one I saw in the dream. Maybe we need to get a bigger one."
15:43 <Wixelt> "That would probably be a good idea."

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