Visions of Darkness

<Recursive> Wiley enjoys leftover steaks from valentine's day.
<LemurLord> 1d10
<Glacon> LemurLord: 9 (1d10=9)
<LemurLord> it reheats well and tastes like love
<Wixelt> Wiley, roll perception.

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<Recursive> 4df+9 my steak sense it tingling.
<Glacon> Recursive: my steak sense it tingling.: 10 (4df+9=0, -, +, +)
<Wixelt> Wiley, at the far end of the room, there is a man made of shadows.
<Wixelt> Or a figure, rather, as it has no discernable gender features
<Recursive> Wiley seems to recall seeing this guy before. He immediately stands up and pulls out his metal cards.
<Wixelt> Wiley, you may recall a certain string of numbers that are burned into your memory.
<Wixelt> The figure doesn't move.
<Recursive> Wiley takes aim. "Who are you? What do you want?"
<Wixelt> It begins to move very slowly in your direction.
<Recursive> Wiley resists the urge to bolt. "Who /are/ you?"
<Wixelt> It continues to move slowly
<Wixelt> It phases through a table as if it's not there.
<Recursive> 4df+6 Wiley throws a card
<Glacon> Recursive: Wiley throws a card: 8 (4df+6=+, +, 0, 0)
<Nanoro> Maxwell arrives into the cafeteria, a blackjack and towel in hand.
<Wixelt> It passes through the figure and embeds itself in the wall.
<Recursive> Wiley swears, and starts to back away.
<Wixelt> Maxwell, you see Wiley throw a metal card at empty air.
<Nanoro> "… Err… Lad, ye alright?" He tilts his head as he wipes sweat off his brow.
<Nanoro> Maxwell fixes himself a refreshing glass of orange juice.
<Recursive> "There's a… oh, of course you can't see it, bloody typical."
<Wixelt> The figure keeps moving towards you, Wiley.
<Nanoro> "… Cannoe see what?" Maxwell looks confused.
<Nanoro> "There s'posed to be somethin'?" He looks worried.
<Recursive> "Guy made of shadows, or something." Wiley edges toward the exit.
<Nanoro> ".. What, like in the-..?!" Maxwell counts 2+2=5.
<Wixelt> The figure speeds up slightly, and adjusts it's path to follow you Wiley.
<Nanoro> "Ye seen the dream too?" He hurries to the nearest intercom.
<Recursive> "Dream, yeh!" Wiley is sort of jogging towards Wilson's office.
<Nanoro> Maxwell is already calling first Wilson, then Containment.
<Nanoro> "Wilson?! Wiley's bein' chased by the shadowy feller, he's comin' yer way!"
<Wixelt> «A shadow- Is he asleep?!»
<Nanoro> "Nay, he's wide awake! Should be there now, I'm callin' Containment!"
<Nanoro> Maxwell dials up the Containment number.
<Nanoro> "Hullo? One of, err, agents is… Uhh… Reportin' they
<Nanoro> 're bein' chased by a shadowy feller!"
<Wixelt> «A shadow man? Of what sort?»
<Nanoro> "Err… I weren't able to see it, but me, the agent bein' chased and several other fellers've been seein' a dream about it."
<Nanoro> "Ambiguous, shadowy, pulsating limb and whatnot."

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<Nanoro> "And, err… Wilson's been researchin' it or whatnot, but he's a wee bit busy."
<Nanoro> "The thing is in his lab, with Wiley - the chased one."
<Wixelt> «A hallucination probably isn't something we can immediately deal with unless we get a better description of it. For the time being i'd find this Wilson you mentioned and see what he can do to help.»
<Nanoro> "Aye, err… Alright."
<Nanoro> He thanks them politely and calls back to Wilson.

<Nanoro> Maxwell's training at the gym still.
<Nanoro> He's gotten a good roll going, not gonna stop now.
<Nanoro> 4df+7 Let's see how well he performs a Knee Buster Special.
<Glacon> Nanoro: Let's see how well he performs a Knee Buster Special.: 6 (4df+7=+, -, 0, -)
<Nanoro> The dummy gets its knees busted alright.
<Nanoro> Maxwell rises from the floor, deciding to head on over to the cafeteria to get a beverage.
<Nanoro> Wrestling makes him awfully thirsty.
<Wixelt> Wilson does stuff in his lab.
<Wixelt> 4df+6
<Glacon> Wixelt: 6 (4df+6=0, -, 0, +)
<Wixelt> Nothing interesting occurs.
<Recursive> "Wilson? Open the door, please!"
<Wixelt> Wilson, who was talking to Maxwell on the comms, quickly opens the door.
<Recursive> Wiley speeds through, "Ah, you might wanna see this."
<Wixelt> "Please tell me we're asleep."
<Wixelt> Wilson looks a bit worried.
<Recursive> "Don't think so. I just woke up an hour ago."
<Wixelt> "I see."
<Wixelt> Wiley, roll perception.
<Recursive> 4df+9 Wiley uses Leer
<Glacon> Recursive: Wiley uses Leer: 9 (4df+9=-, +, +, -)
<Wixelt> The shadow figure phases through the wall at the far end of the room.
<Recursive> Wiley freezes, and points at it.
<Wixelt> Wilson looks over his shoulder.
<Wixelt> He frowns heavily.
<Wixelt> "…It's there isn't it?"

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<Recursive> "Yep. Can't see it?"
<Wixelt> Wilson shakes his head.

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<Recursive> "Damn." Wiley keeps edging away from it, but he quickly finds his back against a wall.
<Wixelt> "I haven't experienced the dream, so that might be a factor."
<Recursive> "Could be, yeah." Wiley's eyes are fixed on it.
<Nanoro> «RING RING»
<Nanoro> «Wilson. ye there?»
<Wixelt> Wilson hits the comms
<Wixelt> «Yes, i'm here.»

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<Nanoro> «Containment said they cannoe do jack.»
<Nanoro> «There nuthin' I can do to help?»
<Wixelt> «Unless you can see it as well, probably not.»
<Wixelt> «Let me know if that happens, by the way.»
<Nanoro> «Drat. Will do.»
<Wixelt> The figure is almost all the way to you by this point, Wiley.
<Recursive> "Uh… I don't suppose you've got any ideas as to what to do?"
<Wixelt> "Well" Wilson takes out a pad of paper, "Could you describe it to me?"
<Recursive> Wiley frowns. "Yeah. Why not. Big. Humanoid. Shadowy, no discernable facial features, pulsating dark stuff. About to be on top of me."
<Wixelt> The figure stops just in front of you.
<Recursive> "Well, nix that last part. Now it's just staring or something. If it likes, it can piss off."
<Wixelt> "I see…" Wilson writes all of this down.
<Wixelt> The figure begins to reach it's arm towards you in a familiar gesture.
<Recursive> Wiley presses himself against the wall to avoid it. "Uh.. now it's doing the arm reachy th- get away, damn it!"
<Wixelt> Wilson nods, writing that down as well
<Wixelt> He looks frantic
<Wixelt> It's fingers make 'contact' with your forehead, Wiley.
<Recursive> "Gyah!"
<Wixelt> Roll Mental Defense.
<Recursive> 4df+3 Wiley uses Calm Mind
<Glacon> Recursive: Wiley uses Calm Mind: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, 0)

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<Wixelt> A familar splitting pain burns through your mind.
<Wixelt> (Recursive?)
<Recursive> Wiley goes ow and collapses, sorry Wix

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<Recursive> Wiley struggles to a stand, wondering what happened.
<Recursive> (This is ironic now, but Wixelt?)
<Wixelt> (Yep. Will be a few minutes, someone else using computer)
<Wixelt> (Alirght, i'm back)
<Wixelt> Wiley, you may notice that you are no longer in Wilson's lab.

<Recursive> Wiley looks around at his surroundings. "Ah… hello? Wilson? Anyone?"
<Wixelt> Wilson isn't anywhere
<Wixelt> You appear to be in some sort of transparent container in the middle of a room that looks to be quite futuristic.
<Recursive> "Damn." Wiley looks around.
<Recursive> Scrath that. He gently knocks on the container.
<Wixelt> Roll perception.
<Recursive> 4df+9
<Glacon> Recursive: 7 (4df+9=-, -, -, +)
<Wixelt> You may notice several men in heavy tank-like armored suits using controls situated around the container.
<Recursive> Wiley knocks. "Uh… let me out, please."
<Wixelt> They don't seem to notice you.
<Recursive> "Screw you gents, then." Wiley tries to smash his way out.

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<Wixelt> A light suddenly flashes up on one of the consoles and the man before it suddenly looks very worried.
<Recursive> Wiley's smashing continues.
<Wixelt> "Oh boy…"
<Recursive> "Problem? Unless you want your thing, and faces smashed, lemme out!'
<Recursive> "Problem? Unless you want your thing, and faces smashed, lemme out!"
<Wixelt> "What?" One of the others looks up.
<Recursive> Wiley gestures to himself. Wiley gestures to the container. Wiley makes a fist, and Wiley punches it against his hand.

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<Wixelt> The guy who looked up moves over to the worried man, obviously having addressed him, still unaware of Wiley.
<Recursive> Wiley watches, rolling his eyes. "Hello~o"

<Wixelt> The armoured men gathered around the panel quickly become rather panicked.
<Wixelt> "It's gone." One of them says rather frantically.

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<Recursive> Gears in Wiley's brain start to turn. "Ohhhhhhhhhh…. Bollocks."
<Wixelt> The armoured men spring into some sort of emergency action immediately.
<Recursive> Wiley watches.
<Wixelt> One of them activates an alarm, setting off red flashing lights and alarms, whilst two others secure some kind of perimeter.
<Wixelt> Another slams on some kind of emergency communications channel.
<Wixelt> "This is Chief Warden Delta-Psi-Kappa-19. We have a prisoner breach. I repeat, we have a prisoner breach!"
<Recursive> Wiley leans against the wall. "Bollocks bollocks bollocks."

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<Wixelt> «This is Prison Control. Identify prisoner, over.»
<Wixelt> The warden seems frantic, "Prisoner Code: 23 46 93 71 27 36 8 54."

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<Recursive> Wiley listens, interested.
<Wixelt> (Does Wiley recognise the numbers?)
<Recursive> Yeah.

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<Wixelt> There is a brief silence from the comms, «…Crap. Initiating emergency lockdown procedures.»
<Wixelt> Various doors around the room slam shut with a resounding clank.
<Wixelt> All of the solid surfaces in the room shimmer with some sort of defensive field.
<Recursive> Wiley watches all of this, nervously shuffling a deck of cards.
<Wixelt> Wiley, roll perception.
<Recursive> 4df+9 Watching intensifies.
<Glacon> Recursive: Watching intensifies.: 10 (4df+9=0, +, -, +)
<Wixelt> The shadow figure is standing across the room.
<Daedalus> Hermann works in his lab.
<Wixelt> One of the guards looks up.
<Wixelt> "Aw crap!!"
<Recursive> Wiley looks over. "Ah, great."
<Wixelt> The guard pulls out some kind of futuristic looking weapon and trains it on the figure.
<Wixelt> "I have a visual!"
<Wixelt> One second, the figure is across the room. The next, it's directly behind the guard.
<Recursive> "That's right, you show the- Bollocks!"

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<Wixelt> The guard flinches heavily, and turns to react, but isn't fast enough.
<Wixelt> The other guards turn to react as well, but aren't fast enough either
<Wixelt> The guard begins to scream loudly.
<Recursive> Wiley kicks the container as hard as he can, trying to get out.

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<Wixelt> It doesn't even budge.
<Wixelt> Within several seconds, the guards entire body is engulfed in shadow.
<Recursive> "Damn it…" Wiley tries to cut through the container as he watches.
<Wixelt> The container stays strong.
<Wixelt> The shadows retract back into the figure, leaving no trace of the guard.

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<Recursive> Wiley gives up, and watches helplessly.
<Wixelt> The other guards have all retreated to far corners of the room.
<Wixelt> One of them is on the comms.

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<Wixelt> "We have a breach, I repeat we have a-"
<Wixelt> There's a flash of shadow and a muffled scream, and the guard vanishes.
<Recursive> Wiley looks around for an immediate source of light.

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<Wixelt> There's various lights in the room, but you're in a container, so you can't exactly reach them.
<Wixelt> d10
<Glacon> Wixelt: 3 (d10=3)
<Wixelt> One of the remaining guards pulls a strange weapon from it's holding.
<Wixelt> He takes aim and fires, launching a pulsating ball of amazing and godly light across the room.
<Wixelt> It missed the figure entirely.
<Recursive> Wiley's eyes narrow. "Seriously?"
<Wixelt> Said guard is no longer there several seconds later.
<Wixelt> At this point there, is only a couple of guards remaining.
<Wixelt> Roll perception
<Recursive> 4df+9
<Glacon> Recursive: 8 (4df+9=0, -, 0, 0)
<Wixelt> The world around you begins to crumble.
<Recursive> Wiley watches, a bit nervous.
<Wixelt> The guards don't seem to notice this.
<Wixelt> You may suddenly feel slightly detatched from the world around you.

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<Recursive> "Boll-lloocks…"
<Wixelt> The area around you seems somewhat hazy,
<Wixelt> A second dark figure materializes before you.
<Wixelt> It, unlike it's surroudnings, is not hazy.

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<Recursive> Wiley jumps. "Bugger off!"
<Wixelt> The world around you and the figure fades into non existence.
<Wixelt> It reaches out towards you.
<Recursive> Wiley's eyes narrow again.
<Wixelt> Roll mental defense.
<Recursive> 4df+6
<Glacon> Recursive: 8 (4df+6=0, +, +, 0)
<Wixelt> You feel like someone it's try to force a hot iron into your mind, but you manage to push said feeling back abit.
<Wixelt> *someone is
<Recursive> Wiley yelps.
<Wixelt> Very slowly, a set of familiar numbers are rebranded into your mind.
<Wixelt> '23 46 93 71 27 36 8 54'
<Wixelt> And then you wake up.
<Recursive> Wiley realizes what they mean now. He gives a brief explanation to Wilson, and collapses.

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<Wixelt> Wilson isn't there
<Wixelt> Wiley should find himself in Medical
<Wixelt> Any check of a clock will show that a couple of hours have passed.

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