Upswing Of Disorder

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Jun 13 20:17:32 <ShotgunFiend> Matt is the first outside.
Jun 13 20:17:44 <ihp> Jacob reports, stroking a beard that he swears to god he just shaved off two days ago. He's holding a briefcase in one hand, and stroking his beard and ears with the other.
Jun 13 20:17:50 <padri> Laura also shows up.
Jun 13 20:17:57 <padri> She seems to be in a good mood.
Jun 13 20:18:07 <FlameShirt> Dave slinks in last, even though he's there before other people.
Jun 13 20:18:18 <FlameShirt> Dave is contradictory like that.
Jun 13 20:18:20 <Neon> Phoebe shows up, all chipper because she's being useful, or at least so she hopes.
Jun 13 20:18:29 <ShotgunFiend> Matt is wearing his serious face. He glances around a the other people coming.
Jun 13 20:18:36 <ihp> "Miss Moodie." Jacob nods, and blinks as he notices Dave. "Mr. MacLean! It's been an age and a half since I've seen you! New York was the last time, wasn't it?"
Jun 13 20:18:43 <ihp> "The thing in the Empire State Building?"
Jun 13 20:18:55 <weizhong> Ethan reports for duty
Jun 13 20:19:04 <padri> Laura walks up to Matt. "You alright?"
Jun 13 20:19:35 <Roget> The Administrator is leaning on a crate out there, next to a jeep. He's wiping the sweat from his brow with a hankerchief. His suit, if possible, is even more wrinkled than usual, and he's constantly checking his watch. "Glad, uh, it's good that, uh, all of, all of you were able to make it… we've had a major, a really bad problem downstate, at another one of our bases. It's been attacked, and all of the records seized."
Jun 13 20:19:37 <ShotgunFiend> He looks over at Laura. "Fine. Just preparing."
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Jun 13 20:19:55 <padri> She nods, quieting to listen to the admin.
Jun 13 20:20:07 <ShotgunFiend> Matt's gaze sloooowly turns to the Admin. ~Fuck.~
Jun 13 20:20:20 <ihp> Jacob blinks. "…we're going to another Foundation site, then?"
Jun 13 20:20:21 <padri> Srs laura. This dunt sound good.
Jun 13 20:20:53 <FlameShirt> "Yeah, Jacob. The paper zombies nearly made me go apotheosis." Dave pauses. "…And that guard gave me his number."
Jun 13 20:20:54 <Roget> "We're, uh, going to need you to go down to, down, uh, to this site, and see if there is anyone left alive, re-establish communications, and find out who attack, who, uh, the perpetrators are."
Jun 13 20:21:07 <Neon> Phoebe's smile fades. She cocks an eyebrow, paying close attention to the Administrator.
Jun 13 20:21:27 <weizhong> "What's the site like?"
Jun 13 20:21:30 <ihp> "So, not a recovery operation… it's a clean-up mission. Fantastic."
Jun 13 20:21:40 <padri> Laura sighs gently.
Jun 13 20:21:48 <padri> This is the worst kind of mission.
Jun 13 20:22:22 <FlameShirt> Dave smiles.
Jun 13 20:22:30 <ihp> Jacob looks suddenly grim. He's having flashbacks to IBM, when the police came in and found him standing over Reese, having beaten him half to death with a doorknob.
Jun 13 20:22:31 <FlameShirt> Just because someone has to.
Jun 13 20:22:31 <ShotgunFiend> Matt is all to familiar with what this is going to entail. He nods at the Admin. "Do we have any extra intel?"
Jun 13 20:22:42 <ihp> He's going to have to be doing their job, now. Trying to make sense of what the hell happened.
Jun 13 20:22:47 <FlameShirt> Man, all these grim-darkers, Dave is gonna smile.
Jun 13 20:23:16 <padri> Good on you, Dave. Good on you.
Jun 13 20:25:28 <ihp> "Right. We will require a map of the site and surrounding areas. Where is this down-state location, anyway? Near any specific town? And what does this site contain? Anything dangerous?"
Jun 13 20:26:15 <padri> Laura hopes 'down-state' means they don't have to get on a plane.
Jun 13 20:26:39 <Roget> "We, uh, know the perpetrators were well armed… and that, uh, they used the anomalies to their advantage. We don't know exactly which, because it was a transit site. It was a place to temporarily store anomalies when, uh, when they were being moved."
Jun 13 20:27:11 <padri> She nods. She thinks briefly of Bowe the Terrible.
Jun 13 20:27:17 <ihp> Jacob frowns. "So, we could be facing anything, is what you're saying. No shipping manifests or anything?"
Jun 13 20:28:05 <Roget> "We, uh, don't have the manifests. We don't belive anything immediately dangerous will be there."
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Jun 13 20:28:47 <ihp> Jacob nods… "Very well then. Where is this site located, exactly?"
Jun 13 20:29:36 <Roget|GMs> "A few hours away, by jeep… it's a, uh, smaller building than site-19."
Jun 13 20:30:04 <ihp> Jacob was more hoping for an exact geographic location, but fair enough.
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Jun 13 20:31:06 <Roget|GMs> "Are you all ready?"
Jun 13 20:31:06 <weizhong> Ethan shifts his backpack around. "Sounds like it's gonna be fun."
Jun 13 20:31:11 <ihp> "Unknown assailants, unknown anomalies, and unknown status of the site. That's a hell of a lot of unknowns." Jacob crosses his arms and grimaces.
Jun 13 20:31:36 <ShotgunFiend> Matt is with Jacob, but then again, it's always like this.
Jun 13 20:31:37 <weizhong> Ethan smiles. "Looks like it'll be a challenge then. Besides, its' just 'cleanup'"
Jun 13 20:31:42 <ShotgunFiend> "I'm ready."
Jun 13 20:32:03 <weizhong> Ethan salutes.
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Jun 13 20:32:30 <Neon> Phoebe just nods, giving a light smile.
Jun 13 20:32:33 <Roget|GMs> The jeep awaits~!
Jun 13 20:32:41 <ihp> "…give me a moment." Jacob re-enters the site momentarily, and exits holding… a bloody crossbow. What. "…just in case we need to shoot someone silently."
Jun 13 20:33:15 <ShotgunFiend> Matt goes and boards the jeep.
Jun 13 20:33:27 <weizhong> Ethan runs inside, and grabs his brand new combat knife
Jun 13 20:33:38 <weizhong> Just in case things get a little up close and personal. But also because he can't shoot for shit.
Jun 13 20:33:39 <Neon> Phoebe boards the jeep as well.
Jun 13 20:33:49 <weizhong> Then, he hops into the back of the jeep
Jun 13 20:33:53 <ihp> Jacob looks over his crossbow, testing the string and counting the bolts he has. Ten of them. "…not the best shot with this, admittedly."
Jun 13 20:34:21 <Roget|GMs> Anyone hop into… the drivers seat?
Jun 13 20:34:41 <weizhong> Ethan shrugs
Jun 13 20:34:45 <weizhong> Then he slides over into the drivers seat
Jun 13 20:35:02 <ihp> Jacob looks at Ethan and frowns. He barely knows the man; he doesn't trust his driving.
Jun 13 20:35:35 <weizhong> Ethan sees Jacob's frown, and turns to him
Jun 13 20:35:37 <weizhong> "Something wrong?"
Jun 13 20:35:52 <ihp> "No… I'm just not sure how good of a driver you are."
Jun 13 20:36:45 <weizhong> Ethan nods. "I served in the Second World War and my country's civil war. I had some experience driving jeeps."
Jun 13 20:36:51 <weizhong> "American gifts, you could say"
Jun 13 20:37:07 * padri (||alliztahc) has joined
Jun 13 20:37:45 <weizhong> "Rest assured, my friend. I am at least better than Billy at driving."
Jun 13 20:38:12 <ihp> "Right. well. You're… Chinese. Are you sure you're capable of driving something like this?"
Jun 13 20:38:37 <Roget|GMs> (that's racist!)
Jun 13 20:38:49 <padri> It's the fifties.
Jun 13 20:38:52 <weizhong> Ethan waves dismissively. "Like I said, I've had experienced driving these jeeps. We had plenty of them as gifts from you Americans."
Jun 13 20:38:56 <padri> Course it's racist.
Jun 13 20:39:04 <weizhong> (Also, what padri said)
Jun 13 20:39:25 <ihp> "Right, then." Jacob just goes back to looking at his crossbow. "Anyone want to use this for the duration? I'm afraid I've not yet developed proper ammunition for it."
Jun 13 20:39:25 <padri> Laura doesn't care. She's treating a /red/ as her child's father. Doesn't get much worse.
Jun 13 20:40:20 <ihp> "…are you going to drive, Ethan?"
Jun 13 20:40:31 <ihp> "We've been sitting in this car, wasting time while people could be dying."
Jun 13 20:40:34 <ShotgunFiend> Matt looks at it. "Probably best if I use is." He holds out a hand for it.
Jun 13 20:40:38 <ShotgunFiend> it*
Jun 13 20:41:05 <padri> Laura wishes she'd brought her knitting. She does this every trip. But so much wasted time in jeeps …
Jun 13 20:41:13 <ihp> Jacob hands Matt the crossbow and bolts. It's a small, hand-held bow, not one of those big monstrosities.
Jun 13 20:41:14 <padri> She could've knitted a blanket in that time.
Jun 13 20:41:15 <weizhong> Ethan nods, and galances behind him. "Everybody ready?"
Jun 13 20:41:29 <weizhong> *glances
Jun 13 20:41:38 <ihp> If Matt had a second one, he could probably do a guns akimbo thing. If he was stupid.
Jun 13 20:41:41 <padri> "More than."
Jun 13 20:42:11 <ihp> "Let's /go/, Liang."
Jun 13 20:42:14 <ShotgunFiend> Matt takes them and looks everything over.
Jun 13 20:42:45 <ShotgunFiend> "Yes, please drive."
Jun 13 20:42:50 <ihp> "Either that or I make an artificial intelligence that makes this car drive /itself/."
Jun 13 20:42:59 <ShotgunFiend> "Before I come up there and drive myself."
Jun 13 20:43:09 <weizhong> "Alrighty."
Jun 13 20:43:15 <weizhong> Ethan starts up the engine, then pauses.
Jun 13 20:43:20 <weizhong> "Does anyone actually know where we're going?"
Jun 13 20:43:24 <Roget|GMs> There's a map on the dash
Jun 13 20:43:31 * Neon has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jun 13 20:43:34 <ShotgunFiend> "What, can't read maps?"
Jun 13 20:43:38 <weizhong> Ethan picks up the map on the dashboard, and hands it to whoever is sitting in the front seat
Jun 13 20:43:44 <ihp> Jacob gives a noise between a growl and a groan.
Jun 13 20:43:47 <weizhong> "I'm not so good at reading English quickly"
Jun 13 20:43:56 * WetBeard (||draeBteW) has joined
Jun 13 20:44:17 <ihp> Who has shotgun?
Jun 13 20:44:17 <padri> Who's sitting in the front? It can be laura, if no one else is.
Jun 13 20:44:30 <ihp> I elect Laura.
Jun 13 20:44:33 <ShotgunFiend> I thought it was Jacob. Dunno why.
Jun 13 20:44:35 <ShotgunFiend> Sure, Laura.
Jun 13 20:44:40 <weizhong> Me too
Jun 13 20:44:43 * EyeScream has quit (Ping timeout: 182 seconds)
Jun 13 20:44:46 <padri> Laura then reads the map.
Jun 13 20:44:53 <padri> She's glad of the job to keep her busy.
Jun 13 20:45:12 <padri> "We'll go [that way.] But we'd better get going."
Jun 13 20:45:12 <GraemeCracker> Murray was here the whole time. He just didn't say anything.
Jun 13 20:45:45 <weizhong> "Alright, sounds good." Ethan revs the engine, and begins to drive
Jun 13 20:45:52 <ShotgunFiend> Matt tests the drawback of the crossbow, not quite notching it, before slowly riding it back down the track.
Jun 13 20:46:00 <ihp> Jacob chews on some jerky in the backseat. "Fuck's sake, I've done missions in the length of time it's taken us to start this bloody car."
Jun 13 20:46:13 <weizhong> While driving, Ethan glances over at Laura. "I don't think we've met before. My name's Ethan Liang."
Jun 13 20:46:23 <weizhong> Ethan glances at Jacob in the rearview mirror, and gives him a cheery smile.
Jun 13 20:46:26 * EyeScream (~ten.ssenisubtsacmoc.cfh.B810061A-CRInys|maercSeyE#ten.ssenisubtsacmoc.cfh.B810061A-CRInys|maercSeyE) has joined
Jun 13 20:46:56 <padri> "It's a pleasure to meet you, Ethan. Laura Moodie."
Jun 13 20:47:01 <ihp> Jacob is a grumpy gus. He practically swallows the jerky whole, his teeth visibly gnashing. He scratches at an ear, which someone sitting next to him might note is slightly pointed.
Jun 13 20:47:05 <ShotgunFiend> Meanwhile, Matt sets the crossbow down and busies himself double-checking his own weapons.
Jun 13 20:47:14 <weizhong> "The pleasure is mine, Miss Moodie."
Jun 13 20:47:26 <padri> She lets the 'miss' slide.
Jun 13 20:47:28 <weizhong> "So, what do you do?"
Jun 13 20:47:54 <GraemeCracker> Murray fumbles around with his stuff and tries to get comfortable in his seat.
Jun 13 20:48:06 <weizhong> Ethan, oblivious, continues to use the Miss, as he was taught to do in American etiquette classes.
Jun 13 20:48:22 <padri> "To put it simply, I'm a scientist for the foundation. And a full time mom." From the way she says it, she's more proud of Katie.
Jun 13 20:48:32 <padri> He has no way of knowing she prefers Mrs.
Jun 13 20:48:38 <ihp> Jacob opens his briefcase and takes inventory. "One smudge stick of white sage… sugar and salt… one some magnesium… respirators, four of them… some fire bombs… and the clippers." He inspects a pair of iron gardening shears, noting the silver plating on one of the blade is starting to flake.
Jun 13 20:49:07 <weizhong> "Oh, that's nice. How many children do you have, Miss Moodie?"
Jun 13 20:49:17 <weizhong> (And yeah, I know :P)
Jun 13 20:49:27 <padri> "Just the one. But Katie is wonderful."
Jun 13 20:49:34 * EyeScream has quit (Ping timeout)
Jun 13 20:49:37 <padri> She really loves her daughter.
Jun 13 20:50:12 <weizhong> "That's lovely." Ethan continues to drive, and glances at Murray in the back.
Jun 13 20:50:32 <weizhong> "Are you alright there, Mr…umm…I don't think that we've met."
Jun 13 20:50:36 <padri> "And you? What do you do?"
Jun 13 20:50:40 <ihp> Jacob closes his briefcase. "…Right. I'm prepared for anything."
Jun 13 20:51:14 <weizhong> Ethan smiles at Laura. "I'm an emergency surgeon, but I've served as a combat medic in the past."
Jun 13 20:51:39 <padri> "That's an honorable job."
Jun 13 20:51:46 <Roget|GMs> The trees flying past the car give way to, instead of an endless forest surrounding site19, now to the endless highways and roads that seem to make up the rest of this state, surrounded by fields and countryside.
Jun 13 20:51:49 <GraemeCracker> Murray looks up to Ethan after a few seconds of loud fumbling. "Sorry, seat's bein' a little finicky. Name's Murray."
Jun 13 20:52:17 <ihp> Jacob, who is by the window, tries to roll it down to stick his nose out and smell the country air.
Jun 13 20:52:29 <padri> Jacob's a dog.
Jun 13 20:52:39 * EyeScream (~ten.ssenisubtsacmoc.cfh.B810061A-CRInys|maercSeyE#ten.ssenisubtsacmoc.cfh.B810061A-CRInys|maercSeyE) has joined
Jun 13 20:52:40 <weizhong> Ethan shrugs. "It's a job." He doesn't show any trace of the horrors that he saw as a field medic, serving in a country embroiled by its own civil war in a political catastrophe.
Jun 13 20:52:59 <Roget|GMs> china be cray-cray
Jun 13 20:53:11 <weizhong> Ethan smiles at Murray. "Hello, Murray. I'm Ethan Liang. Pleasure to meet you."
Jun 13 20:53:13 <weizhong> (totes)
Jun 13 20:54:47 <Roget|GMs> As the map tells you to pull off the highway, you find yourselves coming up to a big, scary looking forest, with big, tall black trees. There's some smoke coming from the center of the forest, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why.
Jun 13 20:54:49 <GraemeCracker> With a resounding *clunk*, Murray manages to get his chair in proper order. "Pleasure's all mine, Ethan. You been working here long?"
Jun 13 20:55:05 <weizhong> "Not at all. I'm a very recent hire."
Jun 13 20:55:20 <padri> Laura gives directions.
Jun 13 20:55:23 <weizhong> Ethan pulls over and stops the car by a large, noticeable tree.
Jun 13 20:55:48 <weizhong> He notes the position of the tree and where the jeep is parked, so that the team remembers where the jeep is
Jun 13 20:56:00 <ihp> Jacob frowns. "Forested area. I don't like this."
Jun 13 20:56:20 <ShotgunFiend> "Forests… Hm…"
Jun 13 20:56:38 <ShotgunFiend> "At least we know which direction."
Jun 13 20:56:44 <weizhong> Ethan hops out of the jeep, and grabs his pack.
Jun 13 20:56:49 <Roget|GMs> They come up to a large, laboratory-looking building, with some small buildings around it, and some smoldering ruins that used to be small buildings. A greenhouse off to one side has been totally smashed, and there are, of all things, tank treads on the ground.
Jun 13 20:57:02 <ShotgunFiend> Matt climbs out of the jeep, strapping the crossbow makeshift-ly onto his rifle sling.
Jun 13 20:57:07 <ihp> Jacob gets out, staring at the tank treads. "…the hell."
Jun 13 20:57:14 <weizhong> "Hmmmm. Tank treads."
Jun 13 20:57:22 <ihp> Can Jacob roll scent to smell for any blood, signs of life, etc?
Jun 13 20:57:22 <padri> Laura gets out, brushing down her skirt.
Jun 13 20:57:26 <ShotgunFiend> Matt looks at them, expressionless.
Jun 13 20:57:29 <GraemeCracker> "Oh! Well, welcome to the team. I'm sure you'll find it…Unique." He looks out the window, peering at all the smashed everything.
Jun 13 20:57:37 <padri> She looks around.
Jun 13 20:57:48 <Roget|GMs> Jacob sure can
Jun 13 20:57:50 <ihp> 4df+7 perceptoin+lycanthropy. Jacob sniffs at the air. Sniiiiiff.
Jun 13 20:57:51 <Glacon> ihp: perceptoin+lycanthropy. Jacob sniffs at the air. Sniiiiiff.: 7 (4df+7=0, 0, +, -)
Jun 13 20:58:19 <GraemeCracker> "…You figure anyone's still around?"
Jun 13 20:58:19 <Roget|GMs> Jacob, this place reeks of gunpowder, smoke, blood and rotting death.
Jun 13 20:58:22 <weizhong> Ethan smiles at Murray. "Thanks."
Jun 13 20:58:23 <ShotgunFiend> 4df+7 (Survival + Battleground Veteran) Matt inspects the tracks and then the nearby forest, trying to identify anything out of the blue.
Jun 13 20:58:24 <Glacon> ShotgunFiend: (Survival + Battleground Veteran) Matt inspects the tracks and then the nearby forest, trying to identify anything out of the blue.: 9 (4df+7=+, 0, +, 0)
Jun 13 20:58:31 <ihp> ~Rot?~
Jun 13 20:58:40 <ihp> "…how long ago was this attack? I already smell things rotting."
Jun 13 20:59:02 <ShotgunFiend> "We don't know."
Jun 13 20:59:09 <ihp> Jacob follows his nose to the scent of the rot.
Jun 13 20:59:12 <padri> Laura frowns. "Well, if it was that long ago, I think it's safe to assume most of the dangers have left to be dangerous elsewhere…"
Jun 13 20:59:16 <ShotgunFiend> "You were there in the briefing with us, weren't you?"
Jun 13 20:59:31 * Soulless|Stuff is now known as Soulless
Jun 13 20:59:33 <weizhong> 4df+4+4+2 Survival, perception, elephantine memory. Ethan is a combat veteran of many years, and tries to look for evidence of what exactly happened
Jun 13 20:59:34 <Glacon> weizhong: Survival, perception, elephantine memory. Ethan is a combat veteran of many years, and tries to look for evidence of what exactly happened: 7 (4df+4+4+2=-, -, 0, -)
Jun 13 20:59:39 <padri> She's saying this more out of hopefulness than anything.
Jun 13 20:59:44 <weizhong> (Glacon you're killing me)
Jun 13 21:00:00 <GraemeCracker> "I…Yes. Of course I was in the briefing."
Jun 13 21:00:29 <ShotgunFiend> "Not you, Jacob. Asking stupid questions like we're magically supposed to know what he doesn't."
Jun 13 21:00:49 <ShotgunFiend> He follows Jacob so he doesn't get himself killed.
Jun 13 21:00:54 <padri> "Matt…" She sounds a touch concerned. He's snapping at people, and after what Emily told her…
Jun 13 21:01:02 <ihp> Jacob growls at Matt, still following the scent.
Jun 13 21:01:18 <Roget|GMs> Ethan, Matt, this place looks like this place was attacked by a small group, knew what they were doing. The tanks probably weren't actually fired though, most likely used to intimidate whoever was in here.
Jun 13 21:01:21 <ShotgunFiend> He glances briefly at Laura before Jacob growls. He rolls his eyes and continues to follow.
Jun 13 21:01:23 * Wogglebug (ainavlyselggoW.ellivselggoW.grebelggoW|gubelggoW#ainavlyselggoW.ellivselggoW.grebelggoW|gubelggoW) has joined
Jun 13 21:01:23 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Wogglebug
Jun 13 21:01:27 <padri> Laura follows Matt.
Jun 13 21:01:46 <padri> She's worried about him.
Jun 13 21:01:50 <Roget|GMs> the rot scent leads inside, Jacob
Jun 13 21:01:52 <weizhong> Ethan crouches to the ground. "Tracks. Hmmm. Some footprints."
Jun 13 21:01:54 <ShotgunFiend> "Doesn't look like there were many people here. Spec ops or commandos, most likely."
Jun 13 21:02:04 <ihp> Jacob frowns. Any obvious way in?
Jun 13 21:02:06 <weizhong> "I agree. Definitely a small group."
Jun 13 21:02:11 <GraemeCracker> Murray tags along, watching for anything that might jump out at them.
Jun 13 21:02:16 <weizhong> "But whoever they were….they knew what they were doing."
Jun 13 21:02:31 <ShotgunFiend> Matt nods at Ethan. +1 respect point for knowing what he's talking about.
Jun 13 21:02:42 <Roget|GMs> The front door is slightly ajar.
Jun 13 21:03:05 <ihp> Jacob looks at the door, and motions towards it. He looks in through the crack to see if anything is there.
Jun 13 21:03:07 <weizhong> "I'm guessing that this was a fast moving group. Maybe a flying column or something. But they were definitely well-trained."
Jun 13 21:03:14 <ShotgunFiend> "Excuse me." Matt steps in front of Jacob. "I'll take point."
Jun 13 21:03:40 <padri> "Be careful."
Jun 13 21:03:56 <ihp> Jacob frowns at Matt. Frown. ~Well, someone didn't bed their wife last night. What made him such a jackass all of the sudden?~
Jun 13 21:04:11 <ShotgunFiend> He looks between his weapon choices and actually picks out Jacob's crossbow. "Just tell me which direction to go."
Jun 13 21:04:29 <ihp> Jacob nods. "Door's ajar."
Jun 13 21:04:36 <ShotgunFiend> He lines up in the first position next to the door and cautiously peeks inside.
Jun 13 21:05:00 <ShotgunFiend> 4df+8 percep
Jun 13 21:05:00 <Glacon> ShotgunFiend: percep: 8 (4df+8=0, 0, -, +)
Jun 13 21:05:21 <Roget|GMs> The inside of this facility looks like there was a firefight recently. Overturned desks and tables are everywhere, with a lot of bulletholes on the side of the defenders. There's also an acrid, nostril-curling rot odor coming from somewhere inside of this facility.
Jun 13 21:05:40 * FlameShirt has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jun 13 21:06:05 <ShotgunFiend> Matt's nose twitches and he wishes he had a gas mask. He rolls inside, raising the crossbow and motions for everyone to follow, followed by a gesture for quiet.
Jun 13 21:06:15 <ShotgunFiend> Not literally rolls.
Jun 13 21:06:18 <weizhong> 4df+4+3+4 Perception, academics, elephantine memory. Ethan examines the bulletholes to try and gauge the size and types of arms that they were using.
Jun 13 21:06:18 <Glacon> weizhong: Perception, academics, elephantine memory. Ethan examines the bulletholes to try and gauge the size and types of arms that they were using.: 13 (4df+4+3+4=-, +, +, +)
Jun 13 21:07:03 <padri> Laura comes in. Woot woot.
Jun 13 21:07:24 <ihp> Jacob ghghs, looking like he's going to vomit at the scent, crouching down on the ground and sniffing at the air, trying to triangulate the source of the scent.
Jun 13 21:07:30 <Roget|GMs> Looks like a 50 cal machinegun. Fired from vehicle-attached height.
Jun 13 21:07:40 <Roget|GMs> Jacob, it's pervasive. It's everywhere.
Jun 13 21:07:58 <GraemeCracker> Murray coughs a little, covering his face with a sleeve. "Shoulda brought some vicks."
Jun 13 21:08:11 <weizhong> "Hmmm. These are sizable holes. Looks like something big, maybe a 50 cal machine gun? And shot from a higher up position, too. Perhaps it was from the tank whose treads we saw."
Jun 13 21:08:15 <ShotgunFiend> Matt keeps the crossbow raised and turns to Murray, a death stare on his face.
Jun 13 21:08:20 <ihp> Jacob gags, and pulls out a respirator from his briefcase, putting it on. It'll protect him from the scent, for the most part.
Jun 13 21:08:23 <ShotgunFiend> Then slowly turns to Ethan.
Jun 13 21:08:25 <GraemeCracker> "…What?"
Jun 13 21:08:26 <ShotgunFiend> Same death stare.
Jun 13 21:08:29 <padri> Laura folds her shawl over her face and wraps it around her neck.
Jun 13 21:08:38 <ShotgunFiend> He makes a hand signal for quiet. Finger over mouth.
Jun 13 21:08:56 <weizhong> Ethan's eyes widen, and he drops into a crouch while nodding.
Jun 13 21:09:04 <ihp> Jacob offers the other three respirators to others who don't have their own.
Jun 13 21:09:30 <weizhong> Ethan accepts one, and puts it on.
Jun 13 21:09:33 <Roget|GMs> Jacob, you have a creeping suspicion that you've smelled this before… but you can't put your finger on it.
Jun 13 21:09:44 <ihp> …perception to remember?
Jun 13 21:09:45 <ShotgunFiend> Matt allows Murray and Laura to take the remaining too.
Jun 13 21:09:47 <ShotgunFiend> two*
Jun 13 21:09:54 <GraemeCracker> Murray frowns before crouching down and grabbing a mask.
Jun 13 21:10:12 <padri> She does, and offers her shawl to Matt. It's not a resperator, but it's more than nothing.
Jun 13 21:10:21 <ihp> "…something's wrong here. Very wrong."
Jun 13 21:10:22 <padri> The smell of wool is better than rot.
Jun 13 21:10:27 <ihp> "Be on your guard, all of you."
Jun 13 21:10:35 <ShotgunFiend> Matt takes it with a nod and wraps it around his head. He advances cautiously.
Jun 13 21:10:49 <ShotgunFiend> Checks his corners and looks into any room with an open door.
Jun 13 21:11:01 <Roget|GMs> No, Jacob will recall it in due time.
Jun 13 21:11:01 <weizhong> Ethan stays in the back, since he doesn't have any real weapons besides a knife.
Jun 13 21:11:05 <ihp> Oh god.
Jun 13 21:11:10 <weizhong> (Oh shit)
Jun 13 21:11:17 <ihp> Jacob stays crouched low, distinctly afraid now.
Jun 13 21:11:33 <padri> Laura stays back with Ethan.
Jun 13 21:11:37 <padri> She's not a fighter.
Jun 13 21:11:41 <ihp> He pulls out his gardening shears- big proper ones, not secateurs- and separates them into two separate blades on handles, one silver-plated.
Jun 13 21:11:43 <Roget|GMs> It's a large hallway with a bunch of hallways. More bulletholes in some of the doors, and the smell of blood seeps through the air.
Jun 13 21:11:53 <ihp> Jacob just goes "…"
Jun 13 21:11:57 <ihp> ~God help us.~
Jun 13 21:12:15 <weizhong> (brb)
Jun 13 21:12:29 <padri> Laura is disturbed. She hopes it's /only/ a remnant of the fight, not an indication of what's here.
Jun 13 21:12:32 <ShotgunFiend> 4df+8 Perception again, to notice anything that might catch his eye.
Jun 13 21:12:32 <Glacon> ShotgunFiend: Perception again, to notice anything that might catch his eye.: 7 (4df+8=-, 0, +, -)
Jun 13 21:12:42 <GraemeCracker> Murray raises his Thompson and stares down the hall. ~/Definitely/ should've brought vicks. This fuckin' smell…~
Jun 13 21:13:08 * WetBeard is now known as AwayBeard
Jun 13 21:13:11 <ihp> Jacob just keeps his improvised weapons at the ready, his briefcase on a sling on his back.
Jun 13 21:13:13 <Roget|GMs> Something skitters across the corridor.
Jun 13 21:13:22 <weizhong> (back)
Jun 13 21:13:31 <ShotgunFiend> Matt stops dead and holds up a closed fist. He trains the crossbow on it.
Jun 13 21:13:33 <padri> Laura stops suddenly, startled.
Jun 13 21:13:54 <Roget|GMs> Matt, you see that there's some dark, dark blood on the ceiling as well, with that roll. How did… hopefully thats blood… how did it get on the ceiling?
Jun 13 21:14:13 <weizhong> Ethan slowly unsheathes his knifes
Jun 13 21:14:15 <padri> Er, she doesn't if she didn't see the skitter.
Jun 13 21:14:16 <weizhong> *knife
Jun 13 21:15:00 <ihp> Jacob pulls out a lighter, and attempts to flick it on, his heart pounding in his throat.
Jun 13 21:15:10 <ShotgunFiend> Has the skittery thing left already?
Jun 13 21:15:12 <Roget|GMs> It doesn't flick on. It doesn't even spark.
Jun 13 21:15:18 <Roget|GMs> It went into one of the rooms, Matt
Jun 13 21:15:30 <ihp> "Oh god." Jacob looks at everyone. "We need to leave. Now. If this is what I think it is, we are all going to die."
Jun 13 21:15:42 <padri> "…what is it?"
Jun 13 21:15:45 <ShotgunFiend> In that case, Matt motions for everyone to look at the ceiling. Two fingers to his eyes, then the ceiling.
Jun 13 21:15:51 <ihp> "This place needs to be wiped off the face of the Earth with a tactical nuclear strike."
Jun 13 21:16:03 <weizhong> Ethan glances up. He sees the blood, and his eyes widen.
Jun 13 21:16:03 <ShotgunFiend> "…"
Jun 13 21:16:05 <Roget|GMs> Jacob, you can hear an indistinct talking noise, somewhere far away.
Jun 13 21:16:11 <Roget|GMs> And Jacob, if you look up
Jun 13 21:16:15 <GraemeCracker> Murray stares up at the ceiling. "Oh c'mon, it can't be that…Ooh."
Jun 13 21:16:32 <ihp> "Because I /know/ what this is." Jacob's ears perk, and he looks up.
Jun 13 21:16:39 <padri> Laura looks. She prays that things have left. They might have…
Jun 13 21:17:14 <ShotgunFiend> Matt follows where Jacob looks.
Jun 13 21:17:17 <Roget|GMs> Jacob, you hear a sound like paint being thrown on a wall. Behind you, form where you came in.
Jun 13 21:17:33 <weizhong> "Mind clueing us in, Jacob?" Ethan whispers, barely audible.
Jun 13 21:17:34 <ihp> Jacob turns around and looks behind him, raising his weapons.
Jun 13 21:17:59 <ShotgunFiend> Matt keeps looking ahead, keeping a set of eyes on both directions.
Jun 13 21:18:09 <GraemeCracker> Murray gets whispery. "Ya think we should call in backup? Can't be too late for that…"
Jun 13 21:18:14 <padri> Laura looks back. She's in the front from that direction! Crap!
Jun 13 21:18:19 <Roget|GMs> The door is gone, and there's a creeping darkness coming from the walls, coming towards you. A tall, gaunt figures shuffles forwards, shrouded in darkness except for the white of his eyes. He looks up, and all of you feel a chill down to you souls. His voice cracks, and he says this.
Jun 13 21:18:25 <Roget|GMs> "Heh…. heh….. heh…."
Jun 13 21:18:33 <padri> She backs up. "What is it?" She's freaking out.
Jun 13 21:18:35 <Roget|GMs> "You… want… some… candy?"
Jun 13 21:18:42 <ShotgunFiend> Matt turns in a blink of the eye towards it.
Jun 13 21:18:53 <weizhong> Ethan backs the fuck up. "I think that I'll pass, thanks."
Jun 13 21:19:11 <ihp> "SHIT! I was right. SCP-106. Object Class: Keter. Omega-7 was responsible for containment! We tried, but-" Jacob stares. "Oh. Oh no. They didn't They /didn't/."
Jun 13 21:19:13 <ShotgunFiend> "STOP! Identify yourself!"
Jun 13 21:19:20 <Roget|GMs> "YOU… WANT… SOME… CANDY?"
Jun 13 21:19:20 <weizhong> The banter and jokes belie the fact that, in all of his years of combat experience, he has never seen anything that has freaked him the fuck out more than this.
Jun 13 21:19:30 <ShotgunFiend> Aaaand Jacob answers that.
Jun 13 21:19:33 <Roget|GMs> It begins shuffling closer.
Jun 13 21:19:42 <ShotgunFiend> "Jacob, what does it /do?/"
Jun 13 21:19:44 <padri> "What /is/ it?" She ba cks up more.
Jun 13 21:19:46 <GraemeCracker> Murray trains his gun on the Skip. "Open fire?"
Jun 13 21:19:51 <ihp> "…it rots, and kills, and hunts."
Jun 13 21:19:56 <GraemeCracker> "I'm thinkin' open fire."
Jun 13 21:19:56 <ShotgunFiend> He straps the crossbow back on and draws his rifle.
Jun 13 21:20:00 <ihp> "We were only saved last time because of SCP-105. Iris."
Jun 13 21:20:12 <weizhong> "So, what the hell do we do?"
Jun 13 21:20:25 * Daedalus (~moc.rr.ser.lacos.E7528495-CRInys|enahtanoj#moc.rr.ser.lacos.E7528495-CRInys|enahtanoj) has joined
Jun 13 21:20:26 <ihp> "And she's on Omega-7. Those sons of bitches must've let this thing loose on here after they got routed by Able."
Jun 13 21:20:31 <Roget|GMs> It's drawing nearer. You can feel a humming energy in the air, as the world becomes less distinct and the rot takes over more and more.
Jun 13 21:20:34 <ShotgunFiend> Matt steps forwards, /towards/ the thing. He puts himself in front of everyone else. "Get behind me and /stay behind me./"
Jun 13 21:20:41 <ShotgunFiend> "Back up /now./"
Jun 13 21:20:55 <ihp> Jacob looks around. "Run. Run faster than the dark. There hast to be another ex-" The greenhouse. Jacob tries to sniff for the scent of plantlife.
Jun 13 21:20:55 <ShotgunFiend> He keeps his rifle trained on the thing and takes a slow step back.
Jun 13 21:21:04 <ihp> 4df+7 perception+lycanthropy
Jun 13 21:21:04 <Glacon> ihp: perception+lycanthropy: 8 (4df+7=-, +, +, 0)
Jun 13 21:21:08 <Roget|GMs> Matt, it's about ten feet away, and you can feel the cold rottingness of its body, its terrible form. It doesn't fear you.
Jun 13 21:21:12 <padri> "What /is/ it?" She's panicking. "No, Matt!" She grabs at him. "Run!"
Jun 13 21:21:19 <padri> She tries to pull him back.
Jun 13 21:21:19 <GraemeCracker> Murray continues his backing up. "You don't need to tell me twice."
Jun 13 21:21:23 <Roget|GMs> Jacob, you can smell the greenhouse down the hall
Jun 13 21:21:36 <ihp> "…follow me, and /run/." Jacob tries to run right towards the greenhouse.
Jun 13 21:21:38 <weizhong> (Is anyone here the age of 15-mid 20s? Isn't that what 106 likes?)
Jun 13 21:21:47 <weizhong> (Also male)
Jun 13 21:22:15 <ShotgunFiend> Matt shoulders Laura back "/MOVE!/" He grabs /her/ by the hem of the shirt instead and drags her with him as he starts retreating with Jacob
Jun 13 21:22:23 <padri> Laura runs with him.
Jun 13 21:22:36 <weizhong> Ethan runs as fast as he can
Jun 13 21:22:38 <ShotgunFiend> He shoves Ethan and Murray into gear as well.
Jun 13 21:22:47 <weizhong> (Oh whoops, 10-25)
Jun 13 21:23:02 <ShotgunFiend> (Matt's over 30 yay)
Jun 13 21:23:15 <weizhong> (So is Ethan woo)
Jun 13 21:23:22 <GraemeCracker> Murray starts moving faster, refusing to take his eyes off the old man. "Okay, run. I like that plan."
Jun 13 21:23:31 <padri> So is Laura.
Jun 13 21:23:35 <Roget|GMs> The hallway seems to go on forever, and the whole time he's right behind, softly muttering to himself and shuffling forward, his head bobbing with his movement.
Jun 13 21:23:35 <ihp> Jacob, as he runs, pulls out some white sage and lights it, wondering if it'll scare this bloody thing off. It worked with Bobble.
Jun 13 21:23:43 <GraemeCracker> Murray's 2old4it.
Jun 13 21:23:52 <Roget|GMs> The lighter doesn't work, remember Jacob?
Jun 13 21:23:57 <ihp> "Shit."
Jun 13 21:23:58 <Roget|GMs> You're playing his game now.
Jun 13 21:24:17 <padri> "Jacob! What is this thing?"
Jun 13 21:24:37 <padri> She has to know what it is to fight it, and hell if she's getting close enough to touch it.
Jun 13 21:24:44 <ihp> Jacob tries something else, then. He bites on the smudge stick and passes it to someone else. "Bite on it. It's not as effective as burning, but hopefully the scent will catch on your breath." He looks at Laura. "I'll explain when all of you are /alive/. It killed Tyler."
Jun 13 21:24:57 <ihp> "And I /refuse/ to let it take someone else on my watch."
Jun 13 21:25:18 <padri> She nods, taking the stick. She … bites it, and passes it on.
Jun 13 21:25:19 <Roget|GMs> The floor is getting slippery, guys.
Jun 13 21:25:21 <ihp> Jacob chews the sage as he talks, the scent of it hopefully catching on his breath.
Jun 13 21:25:35 <ShotgunFiend> Matt takes it and chews, passing it on
Jun 13 21:25:37 <Roget|GMs> If you look down, it's covered in the stuff that was on the ceiling.
Jun 13 21:25:39 <ShotgunFiend> Except he's in the back
Jun 13 21:25:41 <ShotgunFiend> So he gets it last.
Jun 13 21:25:43 <weizhong> Ethan takes it and chews, passing it on
Jun 13 21:25:45 <padri> Laura doesn't slow, or look down.
Jun 13 21:25:57 <padri> she's afraid she'll see blood.
Jun 13 21:26:04 <ihp> Jacob just tries to head towards the greenhouse. Elpis is /not/ getting let out of the box on his watch.
Jun 13 21:26:06 <weizhong> Ethan glances around. "What is this stuff on the ground?"
Jun 13 21:26:10 <weizhong> (Elpis?)
Jun 13 21:26:15 <GraemeCracker> Murray curses under his breath, trying not to slip as he grabs a hold of the chew-stuff. "How do we get this thing to piss off?"
Jun 13 21:26:46 <weizhong> Ethan is running
Jun 13 21:26:49 <weizhong> already
Jun 13 21:26:58 <ShotgunFiend> Matt pushes forward anyone who straggles.
Jun 13 21:27:00 <weizhong> Everyone is running
Jun 13 21:27:30 <Roget|GMs> The floor is getting steeper, to run up, and slicker. But you can see the door to the greenhouse just ahead, just ahead of the corruption.
Jun 13 21:28:04 <padri> Laura runs. Despite it being thick.
Jun 13 21:28:11 <padri> er
Jun 13 21:28:13 <padri> slick
Jun 13 21:28:16 <ihp> Jacob growls, and howls, trying to make it up there in one last burst of speed. He grabs the person next to him and tries to pull them out with him.
Jun 13 21:28:26 <weizhong> That would be Ethan
Jun 13 21:28:43 <GraemeCracker> Murray takes a quick peek behind him as he's in full sprint to see how the Old Man's doing.
Jun 13 21:28:48 <ShotgunFiend> Matt kicks on a burst of speed and shoves Laura and Murray into the room before him.
Jun 13 21:28:53 <weizhong> (I'm assuming since Matt is in the back, and pulled Laura with him. Plus, Murray started running after Ethan)
Jun 13 21:29:06 <GraemeCracker> He is then pushed with maximum force into the room.
Jun 13 21:29:24 <Roget|GMs> Who reaches the door first?
Jun 13 21:29:30 <ShotgunFiend> Jacob.
Jun 13 21:29:33 <weizhong> ^
Jun 13 21:29:33 <padri> I think Jacob.
Jun 13 21:29:35 <ShotgunFiend> Followed by Ethan
Jun 13 21:29:41 <ShotgunFiend> Then Laura and Murray
Jun 13 21:29:41 <Roget|GMs> Murray he's literally like two feet behind you right now. You can see his face. You can /smell his breath/
Jun 13 21:29:42 <ShotgunFiend> Matt last.
Jun 13 21:29:43 <padri> Then Ethan, then Murray and Laura
Jun 13 21:29:48 <padri> then—yeah
Jun 13 21:30:02 <Roget|GMs> Do they kick down the door to get into this greenhouse?
Jun 13 21:30:32 <ihp> 4df+8 Jacob tries to smash at the door with his weapons. Melee+Improvise!
Jun 13 21:30:32 <Glacon> ihp: Jacob tries to smash at the door with his weapons. Melee+Improvise!: 5 (4df+8=-, -, 0, -)
Jun 13 21:30:36 <ihp> :I
Jun 13 21:30:40 <ihp> welp. we're dead.
Jun 13 21:30:55 <Roget|GMs> Jacob smashes that rotting thing down like it's nuffin'
Jun 13 21:31:06 <padri> Yay
Jun 13 21:31:11 <ihp> Jacob then runs the fuck through the door, dragging Ethan with him. "GO GO GO!"
Jun 13 21:31:14 <padri> Laura falls into the greenhouse eagerly.
Jun 13 21:31:29 <weizhong> (Oh thank god)
Jun 13 21:31:37 <ihp> …Rotting. Crap.
Jun 13 21:31:42 <ShotgunFiend> Matt dives in, twisting in mid air and training his rifle on the thing before he lands on his back.
Jun 13 21:31:47 <ihp> Glass… doesn't rot.
Jun 13 21:31:50 <weizhong> Ethan doesn't need a second word
Jun 13 21:31:57 <GraemeCracker> Murray regains his footing after the shove, continuing his sprint into the greenhouse. "nononNONONO-"
Jun 13 21:31:59 <padri> She doesn't stop and think reaching their destination might not make them safe.
Jun 13 21:32:03 <ShotgunFiend> He quickly jumps up onto his feet.
Jun 13 21:32:21 <ShotgunFiend> And rrrruuuuunnn, shoving people who don't move forward again.
Jun 13 21:32:36 <Roget|GMs> The greenhouse is a black room, going on for what seems like a lot longer than the greenhouse. The door that Jacob just smashed shuts itself, again whole, and there's a silence. Dead silence.
Jun 13 21:32:47 <ihp> "…oh god."
Jun 13 21:32:56 <ihp> "Oh dear god /no/."
Jun 13 21:32:57 <weizhong> "What is this?"
Jun 13 21:33:00 <ShotgunFiend> Matt skids to a stop.
Jun 13 21:33:03 <ShotgunFiend> "/What?/"
Jun 13 21:33:03 <ihp> "A trap."
Jun 13 21:33:08 <padri> Laura is scared of this.
Jun 13 21:33:10 <weizhong> "What?"
Jun 13 21:33:23 <padri> She remains on the floor. "Jacob, I think it's time you tell us what we're facing."
Jun 13 21:33:28 <ShotgunFiend> Matt backs up, putting Laura behind him. He sweeps the room with his rifle.
Jun 13 21:34:00 <GraemeCracker> Murray nods in agreement. "I'm taking a wild guess that shooting it ain't gonna do jack all, so how do we beat this thing?"
Jun 13 21:34:02 <weizhong> "I agree. We need to know what we're up against?"
Jun 13 21:34:03 <ihp> "SCP-106. The Old Man. Keter. A god. It likes to hunt, trap its people in… pocket dimensions, and drive us against each other. Drive us /mad/. The only reason I escaped last time was because of Omega-7, and /they are the ones who released 106 upon us!/"
Jun 13 21:34:15 <weizhong> "Why would they do that?"
Jun 13 21:34:32 <ShotgunFiend> Matt's eye twitches. No. He refuses to believe that.
Jun 13 21:34:33 <GraemeCracker> "Omega 7…That was Bowe's group, right?"
Jun 13 21:34:33 <padri> "Against each other? How does it do that?"
Jun 13 21:34:37 <ShotgunFiend> "There's a way out."
Jun 13 21:34:38 <ihp> "Because Omega-7 is insane. They became an insurgency, the same one that I wager attacked this compound."
Jun 13 21:34:44 <ShotgunFiend> "Always is."
Jun 13 21:34:51 <ihp> "…it takes you away. One by one. We nearly killed Pinkerton because we thought /it/ was running towards us."
Jun 13 21:34:58 <weizhong> "Well, that's great."
Jun 13 21:35:07 <weizhong> "Everyone stay the hell together."
Jun 13 21:35:08 <padri> "So no shooting."
Jun 13 21:35:11 <weizhong> "Back to back."
Jun 13 21:35:19 <Roget|GMs> "You're on the money, Jacob!" says a…. familier voice. Jacob, Laura, is that… Luvi?
Jun 13 21:35:28 <padri> "Maybe if we keep in touch. I mean, physical…."
Jun 13 21:35:32 <ihp> "…it'll expect that and try and come at us." Jacob stares. "…no. No. Fuck no. No. No. NO. NO!"
Jun 13 21:35:33 <ShotgunFiend> Matt deadpans.
Jun 13 21:35:34 <padri> She trails off.
Jun 13 21:35:38 <padri> No, not Luvi…
Jun 13 21:35:39 <ShotgunFiend> "It's not him."
Jun 13 21:35:42 * gumbal1 (retal.xobdnas.ym.raelc.lliw.1l|bmug#retal.xobdnas.ym.raelc.lliw.1l|bmug) has joined
Jun 13 21:35:44 <ShotgunFiend> "Do not. Fucking. Listen."
Jun 13 21:35:51 <weizhong> "Who is that?"
Jun 13 21:35:53 <padri> She looks both panicked and hopeful.
Jun 13 21:36:03 <padri> She stands, grabbing Matt's hand.
Jun 13 21:36:07 <weizhong> "Guys, stay together. Hold hands if you have to."
Jun 13 21:36:10 <padri> And whoever else's is close to her.
Jun 13 21:36:13 <weizhong> (Wow good timing or what)
Jun 13 21:36:21 <weizhong> (I think it's murray)
Jun 13 21:36:22 <ShotgunFiend> ~And if it is, he earns a goddamned bullet through the brain.~ Matt has both hands on his rifle. She can grab his arm.
Jun 13 21:36:22 <Roget|GMs> from the shadows, in combat fatigues, and with… half of his face replaced with a metallic cover, with a red eye, Luvi walks out, holding a rifle. "Welcome to the show."
Jun 13 21:36:24 <GraemeCracker> "..Right." Murray slings his gun over his back before shuddering and jumping a little at the sudden physical contact.
Jun 13 21:36:46 <ihp> "…you aren't Harkess. You're not real."
Jun 13 21:37:06 <ShotgunFiend> matt trains his sights on the Maybe!Luvi's head.
Jun 13 21:37:18 <padri> Laura /squeezes/ Murray and Matt's hands. "Are you here to save us?"
Jun 13 21:37:19 <GraemeCracker> 4df+5 Murray looks around in the darkness, searching for an exit.
Jun 13 21:37:20 <Glacon> GraemeCracker: Murray looks around in the darkness, searching for an exit.: 2 (4df+5=-, -, -, 0)
Jun 13 21:37:28 <padri> Luvi /is/ on omega 7 after all.
Jun 13 21:37:33 <padri> It could be him.
Jun 13 21:37:47 <ShotgunFiend> Matt doesn't trust O7 as far as he can spit.
Jun 13 21:37:53 <ihp> "And even if you are real, you're Omega-7. Which means I am going to enjoy tearing your throat out and shitting it out in the woods."
Jun 13 21:38:03 <padri> That would be the kind of thing Luvi would say before shooting folks.
Jun 13 21:38:16 * ProcyonGone is now known as ProcyonLotor
Jun 13 21:38:18 <weizhong> 4df+4+3+5 Ethan looks around for an exit, and recalls everything he knows about SCPs to look for someway out
Jun 13 21:38:18 <Glacon> weizhong: Ethan looks around for an exit, and recalls everything he knows about SCPs to look for someway out: 15 (4df+4+3+5=+, +, 0, +)
Jun 13 21:38:20 <Roget|GMs> "If you agree to our… conditions. This is a last chance to save yourselves. If you don't come with me, you will die. There is no other option."
Jun 13 21:38:31 <ihp> "…what conditions?"
Jun 13 21:38:53 <padri> Laura is squeezing the hands tightly. I hope these men shoot with their other hands.
Jun 13 21:39:31 <ShotgunFiend> Matt, as I said, has both hands on his rifle. It would be hard to hold one of them. His arm is open, though.
Jun 13 21:39:39 <Roget|GMs> "Join, or die."
Jun 13 21:39:47 <ShotgunFiend> "Join what?"
Jun 13 21:39:55 <ihp> "…for someone who's an ex-Nazi, you say that with a remarkable lack of Irony."
Jun 13 21:40:01 <padri> She held one of them before, didn't she? Then she's holding someone else's hand.
Jun 13 21:40:09 <Roget|GMs> Luvi looks at Matt like he's a moron.
Jun 13 21:40:22 <ShotgunFiend> Matt clicks the safety off his rifle.
Jun 13 21:40:25 <padri> Laura is terrified of this not!Luvi.
Jun 13 21:40:30 <Roget|GMs> He levels his rifle at Jacob. "I don't have to save all of you, I hope you know that."
Jun 13 21:40:40 <ShotgunFiend> "Put down the gun."
Jun 13 21:40:40 <GraemeCracker> Murray remains silent as he pulls out his pistol with his free hand. "C'mon, that can't be him. Look where the hell we are right now!"
Jun 13 21:41:04 <Roget|GMs> "I'm still Luvi Harkness. I've just… been made better. By this new job."
Jun 13 21:41:06 <ShotgunFiend> "Put down the gun right /now./"
Jun 13 21:41:12 <ihp> Jacob raises his arms. "Fair enough. And… you know what?" Jacob grins. "Psi-7 is old news anyway. But, tell me, what am joining?"
Jun 13 21:41:35 <weizhong> "I wouldn't trust anything in here."
Jun 13 21:41:44 <padri> "If you're still Luvi, give me an explanation. After /us,/ do you think you could give me that?"
Jun 13 21:41:53 <padri> Maybe it is Luvi.
Jun 13 21:41:56 <padri> Doesn't matter.
Jun 13 21:41:57 <weizhong> Ethan looks at Luvi. "I never met you. But tell me. How did you get here?"
Jun 13 21:42:08 <Roget|GMs> "The assets of Omega-7. From the ashes, we became a force that applies logic to illogic. We are the Chaos Insurgency."
Jun 13 21:42:10 <padri> It's just as scary as if it weren't. Maybe more so.
Jun 13 21:42:26 <Roget|GMs> There's a pounding at the door. Luvi curses in german as he looks at it. "There is no more time."
Jun 13 21:42:27 <weizhong> "And more importantly, if this place is the pocket dimension of some god….why would it let you get here?"
Jun 13 21:42:42 <ihp> "…I see. Well then. All right. We shake on it?" Jacob starts pulling off his gloves. "I'll join. Screw the rest of them."
Jun 13 21:42:48 <Roget|GMs> "Wexley knows, we got in last time. We need to move, though. Now."
Jun 13 21:42:52 <ShotgunFiend> Matt doesn't know about the others, but there's no way he's going to join it.
Jun 13 21:42:55 <padri> "Jacob!"
Jun 13 21:43:05 <padri> "Luvi, /please!/ For Katie!"
Jun 13 21:43:13 <ShotgunFiend> His eyes flick briefly to Jacob, then back to Luvi.
Jun 13 21:43:41 <Roget|GMs> Luvi looks like he wants to say something to Laura, but then his eye grows red and he can't talk.
Jun 13 21:43:53 <Roget|GMs> A second later, a mottled arm reaches down and pulls him up into the ceiling.
Jun 13 21:43:56 <padri> "Luvi!" It's more of a squeal.
Jun 13 21:44:08 <ihp> "…well. There goes that brilliant idea."
Jun 13 21:44:12 <ShotgunFiend> Matt watches him be grabbed.
Jun 13 21:44:22 <Roget|GMs> "Gragghhhh!" he's firing his rifle into the ceiling and flailing.
Jun 13 21:44:27 <weizhong> Ethan scowls at Jacob. "Did you really just sell us out?"
Jun 13 21:44:30 <ShotgunFiend> "I'll be fucked if I join anyth-…"
Jun 13 21:44:39 <GraemeCracker> "Jacob, the hell you doin' pal? Didn't you /just/ say don't trust anything in he-?" He yelps as Luvi's snatched up.
Jun 13 21:44:46 <ShotgunFiend> Matt throws himself over Laura.
Jun 13 21:44:49 <ihp> Jacob tries to cut at the arm with one of his things.
Jun 13 21:44:52 <ShotgunFiend> No stray bullet gonna hit her.
Jun 13 21:45:00 <padri> Laura is terrified of what she just saw. She falls to the floor when Matt hits her.
Jun 13 21:45:07 <ihp> 4df+8 slicey dicey
Jun 13 21:45:07 <Glacon> ihp: slicey dicey: 10 (4df+8=-, +, +, +)
Jun 13 21:45:31 <Roget|GMs> 4df+7
Jun 13 21:45:31 <Glacon> Roget|GMs: 5 (4df+7=0, 0, -, -)
Jun 13 21:45:33 <GraemeCracker> 4df+5 Murray unleashes bullets onto the arm-thing.
Jun 13 21:45:33 <Glacon> GraemeCracker: Murray unleashes bullets onto the arm-thing.: 4 (4df+5=-, +, -, 0)
Jun 13 21:46:07 <Roget|GMs> Jacob… hacks off the arm, which spurts acidic tar all over everything. Luvi drops to the floor, his face badly burned, revealing an almost totally metallic face beneath his flesh.
Jun 13 21:46:24 <ihp> "Jesus Christ alive."
Jun 13 21:46:35 * AwayBeard has quit (Ping timeout)
Jun 13 21:46:44 <Roget|GMs> The old man slowly begins climbing down from the ceiling.
Jun 13 21:46:59 <ShotgunFiend> Matt stands up in front of Laura once the shooting stops
Jun 13 21:47:21 <weizhong> Ethan grabs onto the others arms. "Back up. Stay together."
Jun 13 21:47:27 <weizhong> *others' arms
Jun 13 21:47:28 <ihp> "…those who are about to die, I salute myself. The rest of you… give my regards to Miss Levine."
Jun 13 21:48:01 <Roget|GMs> It stands upon the ground, and then it looks to Psi-7… and it walks away. Through the wall, and its gone.
Jun 13 21:48:17 <ihp> "…okay. It's playing with us. Right."
Jun 13 21:48:21 <ShotgunFiend> matt follows it with his rifle the entire way.
Jun 13 21:48:26 <ihp> Jacob growls softly, chewing at the skin on his hand.
Jun 13 21:48:36 * padri has quit (Ping timeout)
Jun 13 21:48:51 <ihp> "When Omega-7 does come in… I'm sorry to say it, boys. But life's a bitch, and I'm the wolf. Got that?"
Jun 13 21:49:04 <weizhong> "Stay in physical contact guys. Watch all of the directions."
Jun 13 21:49:18 <ShotgunFiend> "Yes, Jacob. Fuck life."
Jun 13 21:49:28 <ihp> "No… /I'm the wolf/."
Jun 13 21:49:30 <weizhong> Ethan grimaces. "Well, if we die, we die."
Jun 13 21:49:33 * padri (||alliztahc) has joined
Jun 13 21:49:37 <weizhong> "Not much we can do about it besides not die."
Jun 13 21:49:37 <Roget|GMs> Luvi gets up, shaking his head. "This is liberation… this is liberation… this is liberation…. this is liberation…."
Jun 13 21:50:04 <ihp> "Harkess, you were on the mission with me to contain 106. You know it can't be controlled. Why use it against us?"
Jun 13 21:50:10 <weizhong> Ethan kneels beside Luvi, and checks over his wounds.
Jun 13 21:50:24 <Roget|GMs> his face was melted off, Ethan.
Jun 13 21:50:29 <Roget|GMs> because he is a cyborg
Jun 13 21:50:39 <Roget|GMs> "We can control it… we have the technology…."
Jun 13 21:50:47 <Roget|GMs> "We can control anything…"
Jun 13 21:51:03 <weizhong> "This looks like major acid wounds and burns, rolled up into one."
Jun 13 21:51:13 <weizhong> "One ball of terrible, that is."
Jun 13 21:51:27 <ihp> "…interesting thing you have going on with the face. I would like to study it, and I will join you, on one condition: you let everyone else out, and you let us all go."
Jun 13 21:51:57 <padri> "Jacob, no…" But if she's let return to Katie, she'll let him.
Jun 13 21:52:01 <weizhong> 4df+5+5+4 Ethan recalls how to mitigate acid/burn wounds, and does his best to help Luvi out a little.
Jun 13 21:52:02 <Glacon> weizhong: Ethan recalls how to mitigate acid/burn wounds, and does his best to help Luvi out a little.: 14 (4df+5+5+4=0, 0, 0, 0)
Jun 13 21:52:07 <Roget|GMs> "I can take you to the portal… but they're not going to let you out. They're going to try and kill you."
Jun 13 21:52:18 <Roget|GMs> "I just heard them say it, over the radio in my head."
Jun 13 21:52:42 <ShotgunFiend> "Then go. Take us."
Jun 13 21:52:48 <ihp> Jacob chews on his thumb lightly. "I can deal with that."
Jun 13 21:53:09 <GraemeCracker> "I'd rather not go to wherever that thing is."
Jun 13 21:53:18 <Roget|GMs> "One more thing… they have others there. Who've died… and they brought them back."
Jun 13 21:53:38 <ihp> Jacob nods. "Take us to them. We'll deal with it."
Jun 13 21:53:43 <padri> "Back?" No, not this …
Jun 13 21:53:48 <padri> Laura went crazy over that.
Jun 13 21:54:05 <Roget|GMs> Luvi gets up, and walks down a hallway. "Come with me…"
Jun 13 21:54:18 <ihp> Jacob falls back to the rest of the group. "If I start quoting Romeo and Juliet, battle stations."
Jun 13 21:54:26 <ihp> He whispers this.
Jun 13 21:54:27 <padri> She nods.
Jun 13 21:54:30 <ShotgunFiend> Matt walks after him, keeping an eye on Laura as well.
Jun 13 21:54:39 <weizhong> (How did Ethan do with helping Luvi with his injuries?)
Jun 13 21:54:57 <Roget|GMs> (he did pretty good considering Luvi doesn't have most of his face)
Jun 13 21:55:28 <Roget|GMs> There's a shimmering light ahead.
Jun 13 21:55:45 <ShotgunFiend> Matt watches it as the approach.
Jun 13 21:55:49 <Roget|GMs> You hear footsteps from behind, and Luvi looks and curses. "Run. Run now and don't ever stop running."
Jun 13 21:55:55 <ihp> Jacob chews on his thumb nervously.
Jun 13 21:55:56 <weizhong> (It was mostly palliative)
Jun 13 21:56:13 <weizhong> Ethan grabs onto the others. "Stay together. Don't let go."
Jun 13 21:56:17 <padri> She looks to Matt. If he runs, she will.
Jun 13 21:56:19 <Roget|GMs> "RUN! NOW!"
Jun 13 21:56:32 <ihp> Jacob blinks, and runs towards the light. Full speed.
Jun 13 21:56:33 <ShotgunFiend> Matt grabs laura by the arm and /sprints/
Jun 13 21:56:52 <ShotgunFiend> If there is one person he's bringing out of here alive, it's her.
Jun 13 21:56:54 <weizhong> Everyone runs
Jun 13 21:56:59 <weizhong> *Ethan runs
Jun 13 21:57:02 <GraemeCracker> Murray begrudginly follows, and then breaks into maximum overrun.
Jun 13 21:57:03 <weizhong> (why did I say everyone)
Jun 13 21:57:10 <GraemeCracker> *begrudgingly
Jun 13 21:57:26 <GraemeCracker> {Because who would want to stay behind and fight that?}
Jun 13 21:57:45 * padri has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 29.0.1/20140506152807])
Jun 13 21:58:03 <weizhong> (So do lighters not work or)
Jun 13 21:58:17 * padri (||alliztahc) has joined
Jun 13 21:58:27 <Roget|GMs> They get to the exit, and spill out, feeling the hot breath of the old man as they tumble into reality.
Jun 13 21:58:45 <Roget|GMs> There's a bunch of men in combat fatigues pointing guns at them.
Jun 13 21:58:48 * Nemi has quit (Quit: )
Jun 13 21:59:17 <ShotgunFiend> Matt knocks Laura, maybe a little roughly, behind him.
Jun 13 21:59:24 <GraemeCracker> Murray stumbles onto the ground, breathing heavily. It takes him a second to notice the gunmen.
Jun 13 21:59:32 <ihp> Jacob frowns, standing up with his hands over his head. "All right, you're going to kill us. That's fair. However… might I enlighten you with a quote from Shakespeare before I die?" How many people are there?"
Jun 13 21:59:38 <padri> Laura stumbles as she's shoved.
Jun 13 21:59:45 <weizhong> Ethan takes position crouched, farthest away from the soldiers in fatigues
Jun 13 21:59:53 <ShotgunFiend> He swings his rifle back and forth between the men.
Jun 13 22:00:10 <weizhong> Ethan rummages around in his pack, looking for something.
Jun 13 22:00:24 <Roget|GMs> There are seven people.
Jun 13 22:00:40 <Wogglebug> "people"
Jun 13 22:00:49 <GraemeCracker> Murray stays still, waiting for either words or a gunshot.
Jun 13 22:00:57 <Roget|GMs> Before they can shoot you, a voice from the back calls out. A very, very familier voice. "Luvi, my boy, I'm disappointed in you. You've betrayed our intentions to our guests."
Jun 13 22:01:08 <ihp> "…no."
Jun 13 22:01:08 <ShotgunFiend> "…"
Jun 13 22:01:10 <padri> ….Not Bowe.
Jun 13 22:01:33 <Roget|GMs> General Stan Bowe, with a big metal machine in his chest, an eyepatch, and baldness steps out, grinning. "It's a shame to spoil the surprise party."
Jun 13 22:01:41 <padri> If that's Bowe, Laura runs.
Jun 13 22:01:43 <weizhong> Ethan finds what he's looking for, and patiently waits.
Jun 13 22:01:43 <padri> Yup.
Jun 13 22:01:46 <padri> Laura runs.
Jun 13 22:01:47 <ihp> "…son of a bitch."
Jun 13 22:01:56 <ShotgunFiend> Matt Grabs Laura by the shirt.
Jun 13 22:01:58 <padri> Don't care where as long as it's away from /that man./
Jun 13 22:01:59 <ShotgunFiend> Firmly.
Jun 13 22:02:03 <padri> Laura lets him rip it.
Jun 13 22:02:10 <ShotgunFiend> "Laura!"
Jun 13 22:02:15 <padri> The things that man did to her …
Jun 13 22:02:19 <GraemeCracker> Murray looks up, catching his breath. "Oh…Hey General. How's life?"
Jun 13 22:02:48 <ShotgunFiend> Matt just lets Laura go and points his rifle at Bowe.
Jun 13 22:02:49 <padri> Honestly, she'd rather the Old Man to Bowe.
Jun 13 22:02:50 <weizhong> Ethan is holding a bag of pills with a string leading out of it. There are a lot of pills in the bag. He also happens to have a lighter hidden in his other hand. Nobody notices, since he's behind everyone else.
Jun 13 22:02:51 <Roget|GMs> Laura, you tear into the woods, followed by about six soldiers. Bowe watches for a moment, then turns to Murray. "Life goes on, Mister Eichmann. Life goes on."
Jun 13 22:02:55 <Roget|GMs> Laura, run to tooltime
Jun 13 22:03:18 <ihp> 4df+5 Jacob looks at the machine on his chest, trying to determine weak points on it. (add +4 if computer science or electrician are applicable, +8 if both are)
Jun 13 22:03:18 <Glacon> ihp: Jacob looks at the machine on his chest, trying to determine weak points on it. (add +4 if computer science or electrician are applicable, +8 if both are): 6 (4df+5=0, -, +, +)
Jun 13 22:03:54 <ihp> Six of them went off? That only leaves the one here plus Bowe, correct?
Jun 13 22:03:58 <Roget|GMs> It looks like an infernal occult machine.
Jun 13 22:04:19 <ShotgunFiend> Matt just waits for the gunshots.
Jun 13 22:04:21 <ihp> ~Damn and blast.~
Jun 13 22:04:24 <weizhong> What other people don't know is that Ethan has a bag of nitroglycerin pills. Useful medical compound that can be used to treat severe chest pain, alleviate the symptoms of strokes, etc.
Jun 13 22:04:35 <Roget|GMs> Correct. But the one guy has a really big gun. "Don't think of running off, friends. I have more soldiers ready to swoop in if you life a finger."
Jun 13 22:04:43 <Roget|GMs> "And it's been so long! How have you all been doing?"
Jun 13 22:04:53 <weizhong> They are also highly explosive, since they also form the active compound in TNT.
Jun 13 22:05:09 <ihp> "…honestly? Things have gotten boring around Site 19." How big is said gun?
Jun 13 22:05:47 <ShotgunFiend> "Waiting to do /this./" Matt snarls as he pulls the trigger of his Springfield, sights trained between the General's eyes.
Jun 13 22:05:49 <ShotgunFiend> 4df+10
Jun 13 22:05:50 <Glacon> ShotgunFiend: 8 (4df+10=-, -, +, -)
Jun 13 22:06:05 <GraemeCracker> "Wouldn't…Wouldn't dream of running. I'm…Okay. You're looking, uh, healthy." He winces as the shot rings out.
Jun 13 22:06:22 <ihp> Jacob makes a mental note to give Matt a good bite later for his idiocy. He chews on his thumb.
Jun 13 22:06:37 <ShotgunFiend> Matt deserves said bite.
Jun 13 22:06:51 <weizhong> "Who is this guy?" Ethan says calmly, while looking around for said soldiers that can swoop in whenever
Jun 13 22:07:04 <ihp> Jacob makes a mental note to /maul/ Ethan later.
Jun 13 22:07:34 <ihp> In fact, he wants to maul his entire team right about now.
Jun 13 22:07:40 <Roget|GMs> General Bowe staggers back, then wipes his face. "You know, the old Bowe would've had you summarily shot for that. But I'm better than that. I'm going to hit you with a fucking artillary strike! You fucking asshole!" You can see his face is metallic, just like Luvi's was.
Jun 13 22:07:46 <weizhong> 4df+4+2+4+3 Perception, survival, memory, logical deduction. Ethan tries to see the soldiers.
Jun 13 22:07:46 <Glacon> weizhong: Perception, survival, memory, logical deduction. Ethan tries to see the soldiers.: 14 (4df+4+2+4+3=0, +, 0, 0)
Jun 13 22:07:56 <Roget|GMs> "Fucking sonsofbitches, shooting… light them up!" Bowe barks as he walks away.
Jun 13 22:08:00 <ShotgunFiend> Matt's rifle slowly lowers.
Jun 13 22:08:02 <ihp> "WAIT!"
Jun 13 22:08:20 * ZombieRaptor (~ten.sndscps.sloop.42165AA-CRInys|paReibmoZ#ten.sndscps.sloop.42165AA-CRInys|paReibmoZ) has joined
Jun 13 22:08:22 <weizhong> Ethan gets ready to light his bag and hurl it at Bowe, if needed.
Jun 13 22:08:24 <Roget|GMs> there's about a dozen soldiers manning an artillary piece, about fifty yards away. Bowe and Luvi are hustling out of range.
Jun 13 22:08:38 <ShotgunFiend> And immediately raises back up, training on the artillery crew.
Jun 13 22:08:43 <ShotgunFiend> 4df+10 Don't fail me now
Jun 13 22:08:43 <Glacon> ShotgunFiend: Don't fail me now: 10 (4df+10=0, -, 0, +)
Jun 13 22:08:53 <ihp> Jacob hisses at Matt. "Pull something out of your ass from the Geneva Conventions."
Jun 13 22:09:04 <weizhong> Ethan lights his bag and hurls it at the artillery crew
Jun 13 22:09:13 <Roget|GMs> He hits the lead gunner in the face. They immediately begin shooting back
Jun 13 22:09:18 <Roget|GMs> 4df+7 pew pew pew
Jun 13 22:09:18 <Glacon> Roget|GMs: pew pew pew: 4 (4df+7=-, 0, -, -)
Jun 13 22:09:33 <weizhong> (Small bag, by the way. Not his backpack.)
Jun 13 22:10:00 <ihp> Jacob growls, thinks /sod this/ and bites his thumb at them. He tears off his skin, going full wolf.
Jun 13 22:10:08 <ShotgunFiend> "Bit late for that."
Jun 13 22:10:16 <ihp> Clothes go bye-bye.
Jun 13 22:10:19 <ShotgunFiend> (Any roll vs. the shooting?)
Jun 13 22:10:35 <weizhong> (Also the bag o' explosives)
Jun 13 22:10:55 <Roget|GMs> agility to oppose being shot
Jun 13 22:11:07 <ShotgunFiend> 4df+4 !
Jun 13 22:11:07 <Glacon> ShotgunFiend: !: 6 (4df+4=0, 0, +, +)
Jun 13 22:11:09 <Roget|GMs> science to do bomb science
Jun 13 22:11:10 <ihp> 4df+3 agility! Does Jacob go full wolf?
Jun 13 22:11:10 <Glacon> ihp: agility! Does Jacob go full wolf?: 5 (4df+3=+, +, -, +)
Jun 13 22:11:17 <Roget|GMs> Jacob goes full wolf!
Jun 13 22:11:29 <GraemeCracker> 4df+5 Murray runs towards the nearest cover, trying not to get shot.
Jun 13 22:11:29 <Glacon> GraemeCracker: Murray runs towards the nearest cover, trying not to get shot.: 4 (4df+5=-, 0, 0, 0)
Jun 13 22:11:32 <weizhong> 4df+3
Jun 13 22:11:32 <Glacon> weizhong: 4 (4df+3=0, +, 0, 0)
Jun 13 22:11:42 <weizhong> (Do I do memory for military experience or anything?)
Jun 13 22:11:48 <ShotgunFiend> Matt dives out of the way.
Jun 13 22:11:50 <weizhong> (With surviving these situations)
Jun 13 22:12:15 <GraemeCracker> "Can't be civilized about goddamn anything-"
Jun 13 22:12:18 <ihp> Jacob grins, and charges at the artillery, baying like a hound out of hell. He jumps on one of the gunners and bites into his throat, attempting to rip his head clean off.
Jun 13 22:12:25 <Roget|GMs> Melee!
Jun 13 22:12:38 <Roget|GMs> They're all screaming and shooting at you.
Jun 13 22:12:39 <weizhong> (Roget wat happen to explosives bag)
Jun 13 22:12:42 <ihp> 4df+8 Jacob also has 8 strength, which I believes carries over into +4 melee
Jun 13 22:12:42 <Glacon> ihp: Jacob also has 8 strength, which I believes carries over into +4 melee: 12 (4df+8=+, +, +, +)
Jun 13 22:12:44 <Roget|GMs> It's armed
Jun 13 22:12:45 <ihp> OH MY GOD
Jun 13 22:12:45 <ShotgunFiend> Matt, meanwhile searches the forest for Bowe.
Jun 13 22:12:56 <weizhong> Oh, cool.
Jun 13 22:13:01 <ShotgunFiend> Well, he stays exactly where he is.
Jun 13 22:13:06 <Roget|GMs> Matt, you see Bowe and Luvi getting into a jeep.
Jun 13 22:13:08 <weizhong> (Jacob kills the fuck out of everything time?)
Jun 13 22:13:16 <weizhong> "Hey, Matt, got a good arm?"
Jun 13 22:13:22 <ShotgunFiend> Matt takes aim at the Jeep's front tire.
Jun 13 22:13:23 <Roget|GMs> Jacob kills the fuck out of the gunner
Jun 13 22:13:24 <ShotgunFiend> 4df+10 Pew!
Jun 13 22:13:25 <Glacon> ShotgunFiend: Pew!: 8 (4df+10=-, -, +, -)
Jun 13 22:13:30 <Roget|GMs> The keep takes off
Jun 13 22:13:32 <ShotgunFiend> "Why?"
Jun 13 22:13:36 <Roget|GMs> 4df+10 beep beep I'm a jeep
Jun 13 22:13:36 <weizhong> "Throw this at 'em"
Jun 13 22:13:36 <Glacon> Roget|GMs: beep beep I'm a jeep: 10 (4df+10=-, +, +, -)
Jun 13 22:13:38 <ihp> Jacob's briefcase has fallen open as it fell off his back. There are three molotovs in it.
Jun 13 22:13:50 <weizhong> Ethan hands him the lightweight bag o' explosive nitroglycerin
Jun 13 22:14:05 <ihp> 4df+8 Jacob moves right on to the next gunner, entering a blood frenzy. His eyes go wild as he tastes the blood.
Jun 13 22:14:05 <Glacon> ihp: Jacob moves right on to the next gunner, entering a blood frenzy. His eyes go wild as he tastes the blood.: 8 (4df+8=0, -, 0, +)
Jun 13 22:14:38 <ShotgunFiend> Matt curses as he misses his mark on the Jeep. He takes the nitroglycerin. "JACOB, MOVE!"
Jun 13 22:14:43 <Roget|GMs> 4df+5 oh god why
Jun 13 22:14:43 <GraemeCracker> 4df+9 Tagging, Murray unloads onto the jeep from a distance, hoping a shot lands somewhere.
Jun 13 22:14:43 <Glacon> GraemeCracker: Tagging, Murray unloads onto the jeep from a distance, hoping a shot lands somewhere.: 9 (4df+9=+, -, -, +)
Jun 13 22:14:43 <Glacon> Roget|GMs: oh god why: 3 (4df+5=0, -, -, 0)
Jun 13 22:14:52 <Roget|GMs> Murray misses!
Jun 13 22:15:00 <Roget|GMs> The jeep takes a corner, and is gone.
Jun 13 22:15:10 <ShotgunFiend> 4df+8 Matt throws the nitroglycerin bomb at the artillery piece
Jun 13 22:15:10 <Glacon> ShotgunFiend: Matt throws the nitroglycerin bomb at the artillery piece: 8 (4df+8=+, +, -, -)
Jun 13 22:16:22 <ihp> Jacob barks as soon as he's done killing the shit out of this gunner, going off to kill the next one.
Jun 13 22:16:34 <weizhong> "Jacob! Run!"
Jun 13 22:17:11 <ihp> Jacob growls, ignoring the other gunners for now and running behind all the artillery, presumably into the woods.
Jun 13 22:17:24 * Xiao (nus.eht.otni|gninnur#nus.eht.otni|gninnur) has joined
Jun 13 22:17:38 <GraemeCracker> Murray reloads, turning his attention to Wolf!Jacob. ~Oughta get a dog whistle for this guy.~
Jun 13 22:17:52 <ShotgunFiend> (Roget|GMs: Matt threw Ethan's makeshift TNT at the artilerry piece with an 8 roll)
Jun 13 22:17:53 <Roget|GMs> It blows up!
Jun 13 22:17:57 <ShotgunFiend> yay
Jun 13 22:18:02 <weizhong> Wooooooo
Jun 13 22:18:13 <ShotgunFiend> Matt looks around. Any more targets?
Jun 13 22:18:19 <weizhong> (Chemistry knowledge ftw)
Jun 13 22:18:37 <Roget|GMs> Nope, just smoldering ash and corpses.
Jun 13 22:18:49 <ihp> Jacob growls, sniffing around for Laura.
Jun 13 22:18:55 <weizhong> (Fuck yeah chemistry bitches)
Jun 13 22:19:13 <ShotgunFiend> Can he hear the gunshots?
Jun 13 22:19:19 <ShotgunFiend> From Albert shooting Laura.
Jun 13 22:19:41 <Roget|GMs> You hear three gunshots from the woods, guys.
Jun 13 22:19:47 <weizhong> "What was that?"
Jun 13 22:19:53 <ihp> Jacob runs into the woods, right at the sound of the gunshots, growling loudly. IF THEY DID ANYTHING TO LAURA
Jun 13 22:19:55 <ShotgunFiend> Matt's eye twitches.
Jun 13 22:20:04 <weizhong> Ethan takes off as well
Jun 13 22:20:08 <Roget|GMs> Laura's body is lying not too far in
Jun 13 22:20:15 <ihp> Any sign of the attacker?
Jun 13 22:20:23 <weizhong> "Oh, oh god."
Jun 13 22:20:42 <Roget|GMs> Nope
Jun 13 22:20:46 <ihp> 4df+7 Jacob sniffs around for any sign of them. They will not get away without their blood on his teeth.
Jun 13 22:20:47 <Glacon> ihp: Jacob sniffs around for any sign of them. They will not get away without their blood on his teeth.: 8 (4df+7=0, +, -, +)
Jun 13 22:20:50 <weizhong> Ethan runs up to Laura to try to do something. He sees the bullet holes, and he knows that he's too late.
Jun 13 22:21:02 <padri> Her head is a mess.
Jun 13 22:21:08 <weizhong> (PRobs yeah)
Jun 13 22:21:22 <ShotgunFiend> Matt's breathing gets harder, more forced, and downright angry. Every muscle in his body tenses and shakes with rage.
Jun 13 22:21:34 <GraemeCracker> Murray catches up from behind, grimacing as he notices the body. "…Oh fuck."
Jun 13 22:22:07 <ShotgunFiend> Matt's still in the clearing from where he lobbed the TNT grenade. He doesn't need to go see what happened to know.
Jun 13 22:22:12 <Roget|GMs> Jacob, you smell… albert.
Jun 13 22:22:28 <ihp> Which way did he go?
Jun 13 22:22:31 <weizhong> Ethan walks back up to Matt.
Jun 13 22:22:55 <ShotgunFiend> Matt looks like if someone were to touch him, he would rip their arm off and beat them to death with it.
Jun 13 22:22:55 <Roget|GMs> North
Jun 13 22:22:59 <GraemeCracker> The only thing that goes into his mind is who's going to tell her daughter that her mother's not coming back home.
Jun 13 22:23:04 <ihp> Jacob takes off for north like a hound out of hell.
Jun 13 22:23:38 <Roget|GMs> Jacob, after a few minutes of running, you can see him, you can see Albert silently running through the woods, rifle at the ready
Jun 13 22:23:58 <ShotgunFiend> Matt stalks to Laura's corpse, completely ignoring Ethan and everyone else.
Jun 13 22:23:59 <weizhong> Ethan can clearly see that he should probably not say anything to Matt.
Jun 13 22:24:12 <weizhong> He stands next to Murray instead.
Jun 13 22:24:19 <ihp> Jacob creeps up behind Albert silently, stifling his urge to growl. When at the ready, he lunges at the /thing/ that killed Laura, intending to make his body unrecognizable.
Jun 13 22:24:27 <ihp> 4df+8 +4 for strength
Jun 13 22:24:27 <Glacon> ihp: +4 for strength: 8 (4df+8=+, +, -, -)
Jun 13 22:24:28 <padri> Laura's corpse stares calmly at something no longer in front of her.
Jun 13 22:24:39 <Roget|GMs> 4df+8 Albert deftly leaps out of the way
Jun 13 22:24:40 <Glacon> Roget|GMs: Albert deftly leaps out of the way: 5 (4df+8=-, -, -, 0)
Jun 13 22:24:54 <weizhong> "deftly"
Jun 13 22:25:03 <GraemeCracker> "We gotta get her back home somehow. Can't leave her here like this."
Jun 13 22:25:18 <Roget|GMs> Jacob, you manage to pin Albert, melee to mess him up
Jun 13 22:25:31 <ihp> 4df+8 Jacob has the fucker pinned. BITE. Bite as hard as he can. Take off his head. Take off his arm. Take off his dick, just /rip him to shreds/.
Jun 13 22:25:31 <Glacon> ihp: Jacob has the fucker pinned. BITE. Bite as hard as he can. Take off his head. Take off his arm. Take off his dick, just /rip him to shreds/.: 9 (4df+8=-, 0, +, +)
Jun 13 22:25:32 <ShotgunFiend> Matt's facial features twitch in ill-contained rage. He kneels down and removes her necklace with extreme care, contrary to how you might expect.
Jun 13 22:25:34 <Roget|GMs> Your jeep is nearby, Murray
Jun 13 22:25:36 * ZombieRaptor has quit (Ping timeout: 187 seconds)
Jun 13 22:25:47 <Roget|GMs> 4df+8 Albert tries to throw Jacob
Jun 13 22:25:48 <Glacon> Roget|GMs: Albert tries to throw Jacob: 6 (4df+8=+, -, -, -)
Jun 13 22:26:08 <Roget|GMs> Jacob, you rip into his chest, and get a mouthful of broken glass.
Jun 13 22:26:14 <GraemeCracker> Murray looks to the jeep, then back to Laura. "Matt, Ethan…I need one of you to help me get her into the car."
Jun 13 22:26:42 <ihp> 4df+8+4 I'm going to say hell with it, strength bonus applies. Jacob does not fucking care. He will see this thing dead.
Jun 13 22:26:43 <Glacon> ihp: I'm going to say hell with it, strength bonus applies. Jacob does not fucking care. He will see this thing dead.: 10 (4df+8+4=+, -, -, -)
Jun 13 22:26:55 <GraemeCracker> "Before Bowe or that /thing/ or any of those bastards show up."
Jun 13 22:27:03 <weizhong> Ethan walks up to Matt. "Of course."
Jun 13 22:27:07 <ShotgunFiend> He puts the ringed necklace into his chest pocket and swings his rifle behind him. He gently slides his arms under Laura and picks her up, cradling the corpse in his arms.
Jun 13 22:27:23 <padri> She's still warm.
Jun 13 22:27:27 <weizhong> Ethan helps.
Jun 13 22:27:30 <ShotgunFiend> "Don't either of you touch her…" He threatens under his breath.
Jun 13 22:27:37 <weizhong> Ethan backs off.
Jun 13 22:27:56 <weizhong> "Of course."
Jun 13 22:28:00 <Roget|GMs> 4df+8 Albert fights back
Jun 13 22:28:00 <Glacon> Roget|GMs: Albert fights back: 8 (4df+8=+, -, +, -)
Jun 13 22:28:05 <GraemeCracker> Murray just nods and opens the jeep door. He then goes off to find Jacob, wherever he went.
Jun 13 22:28:05 <ShotgunFiend> He carries Laura's body to the jeep and lays her down as gently as he can in the back.
Jun 13 22:28:11 <Roget|GMs> Jacob, you tear off an arm
Jun 13 22:28:21 <ihp> 4df+12 NOW FOR THE HEAD.
Jun 13 22:28:22 <Glacon> ihp: NOW FOR THE HEAD.: 14 (4df+12=+, +, +, -)
Jun 13 22:28:33 <Roget|GMs> 4df+9 not the head!
Jun 13 22:28:34 <Glacon> Roget|GMs: not the head!: 8 (4df+9=-, +, 0, -)
Jun 13 22:28:35 <weizhong> Ethan is a doctor. He knows what these situations are like. He's been in these situations before, and he knows that it's not right for him to do anything.
Jun 13 22:28:36 * ZombieRaptor (~ten.sndscps.sloop.42165AA-CRInys|paReibmoZ#ten.sndscps.sloop.42165AA-CRInys|paReibmoZ) has joined
Jun 13 22:28:45 * EyeScream is now known as EyeBBQ
Jun 13 22:28:46 <ShotgunFiend> Matt removes his jacket and covers Laura's upper body and head with it.
Jun 13 22:28:56 <Roget|GMs> Jacob, for a moment, you can see regret, and sadness in Albert's eyes. He didn
Jun 13 22:28:59 <Roget|GMs> t want to do it
Jun 13 22:29:04 <Roget|GMs> then you rip it off, and he's still
Jun 13 22:29:33 <weizhong> 4df+4 Ethan hears the sound of the fighting?
Jun 13 22:29:34 <Glacon> weizhong: Ethan hears the sound of the fighting?: 6 (4df+4=+, +, 0, 0)
Jun 13 22:29:36 <ihp> Jacob growls, and then /howls/ at the sky, half-triumphant, half-mournful. It carries across the entire forest. Psi-7 can definitely hear it.
Jun 13 22:29:38 <ShotgunFiend> He then sits in his seat and waits for everyone else to pile in and to drive him home.
Jun 13 22:29:44 <weizhong> Well he definitely hears that
Jun 13 22:29:56 <GraemeCracker> Murray's out in the woods, searching for the remainder of his team. He runs over to where he hears the howling.
Jun 13 22:30:04 <weizhong> Ethan runs over to where he heard Jacob
Jun 13 22:30:06 * AwayBeard (||draeBteW) has joined
Jun 13 22:30:47 <weizhong> He comes upon the bloody carnage.
Jun 13 22:31:04 <ShotgunFiend> Matt stares at the seat in front of him with blank, glassy, emotionless eyes. His only movements is the random clenching and unclenching of his right hand.
Jun 13 22:31:38 * AwayBeard is now known as WetBeard
Jun 13 22:31:45 <Roget|GMs> Jacob still has a mouth full of broken glass
Jun 13 22:31:49 <weizhong> Ethan stares at the sight of a triumphant, vicious, bloodthirsty and enraged Jacob, on top of a headless, and also single armed body.
Jun 13 22:31:51 <Roget|GMs> he's probably bleeding from that a lot
Jun 13 22:32:09 <GraemeCracker> Murray spots the robo-corpse, then Albert's head. "…Oh fuck, not you too."
Jun 13 22:32:26 <ihp> Jacob is standing over the corpse of Albert Van Der Linde, who somehow died twice. He's slowly starting to change back into a human, his face, hands and chest covered with machine oil, glass, and blood. He picks out glass from his teeth. His eyes, which were previously a dull, intelligent shade of green, are now a feral yellow. "The Chaos Insurgency killed Laura Moodie. This /thing/ pulled…
Jun 13 22:32:27 <ihp> …the trigger." He holds up his head, standing completely naked in the middle of the forest. "I will not rest until I see them all /expunged from the fucking earth/."
Jun 13 22:32:29 <weizhong> (Is Jacob, like, lucid right now?)
Jun 13 22:32:47 <weizhong> (nevermind)
Jun 13 22:33:03 <weizhong> Ethan unpacks his medical supplies, and clears his throat. "You're hurt."
Jun 13 22:33:20 <ihp> "Fuck my pain. Who is going to tell her /daughter/ that her mother isn't going to be telling her bedtime stories anymore?"
Jun 13 22:33:21 * Daedalus has quit (Quit: Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them. Basically saying 'Why not both?'.)
Jun 13 22:33:45 <ihp> Jacob shoves Ethan aside as he carries the head through the woods, back to the jeep. "Take the corpses. We need to study them."
Jun 13 22:34:28 <weizhong> Ethan walks up to Jacob, and puts a hand on his shoulder. "And who's going to tell the rest of the team that your throat is filled with glass, and you can't talk anymore?"
Jun 13 22:35:00 <ShotgunFiend> Matt remains staring at the back of the seat in front of him.
Jun 13 22:35:02 <ihp> Jacob growls, glaring at Ethan and looking like, if he didn't spend his one transformation for the day, he'd maul him, too. "…fine. Work quick."
Jun 13 22:35:27 <weizhong> 4df+5+5+4 Ethan gets to work
Jun 13 22:35:27 <Glacon> weizhong: Ethan gets to work: 12 (4df+5+5+4=-, 0, -, 0)
Jun 13 22:35:59 <weizhong> Ethan sighs as he works. "I'm trying to keep us all alive, Jacob."
Jun 13 22:36:44 <GraemeCracker> Murray remains stone-faced, his eyes sweeping the woods. He didn't expect everything to go as horribly as it did this quickly.
Jun 13 22:37:57 <weizhong> "Murray." Ethan says, as he works. "Can you try to get that body?"
Jun 13 22:38:21 <ihp> Jacob, once Ethan is done, goes back to the jeep, completely nude, covered in blood and lord knows what else, and carrying Albert Van Der Linde's severed head. He plops it down on the driver's lap, glaring at him with new, yellow eyes. "Either you drive back to the site right fucking now so I can make my report, or I rip out the throats of three more people today."
Jun 13 22:38:48 <weizhong> Ethan pulls a rough blanket out of his pack. "Take this at least." He offers it to Jacob.
Jun 13 22:39:04 <ihp> Jacob takes the blanket and holds it close to him.
Jun 13 22:39:13 <weizhong> He doesn't even flinch at the head in his lap. He's seen far worse.
Jun 13 22:39:32 <GraemeCracker> Murray lugs a few important looking body parts with him, placing it in the back of the jeep and sitting down.
Jun 13 22:39:43 <weizhong> Slowly, he starts up the jeep, and begins the drive home.
Jun 13 22:39:46 <padri> Laura's there, too, Murray.
Jun 13 22:39:58 <ihp> Jacob puts one of the more-intact bodies from the conflict into the back seat, on top of everyone in the back.
Jun 13 22:40:16 <GraemeCracker> He puts it where Laura isn't. Like in a jeep compartment or something.
Jun 13 22:40:42 <ShotgunFiend> Matt doesn't react to any of them. If they talk to him, he doesn't respond. When they reach the site, he walks inside and immediately searches out Katie.
Jun 13 22:41:12 <Roget|GMs> They drive off, and into the good night.
Jun 13 22:41:22 <Roget|GMs> You can return to ic now. Run is dun.
Jun 13 22:41:36 <GraemeCracker> Can Murray report stuffs to the Admin>
Jun 13 22:41:39 <GraemeCracker> *?
Jun 13 22:41:46 <weizhong> Can Ethan go with him?

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