<TeslaTornado>: Kevin strides into the motor pool.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi has his Thompson /and/ rifle today…. Rifle on back and Thompson in hand.
<Riemann>: Geoff stands near a pair of jeeps, his characteristicly loose clothing billowing in the breeze.
<gumbal1>: Danielle goes tot he pool
<Jabonicus>: Sam had his toolbox that he kept in the car pool, along with his rifle on his back.
<Riemann>: "Is, erm, everyone here?"
<ZombieRaptor>: "I think so.."
<gumbal1>: "Not necessarilly everyone, but this seems like a good amount."
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi stands /right/ in front of Geoff, cigarette in mouth.
<ZombieRaptor>: *puff*
<Riemann>: Geoff is really not enjoying that, Luvi
<ZombieRaptor>: (Scaring the interns YAA)
<ShotgunFiend>: Matt shrugs. He checks, clears, and loads his Springfield.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi takes a step back.
<Riemann>: "I think we're waiting for one more…"
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin loads two full mags into his Brownings and clicks one into his Sten.
<Nemi>: Lis shows up in motorpool! She's as per usual in black coat, black stockings, black shoes.. and bright green with cheerful snowmen patterned scarf. Because that is how she do. "Hi, sorry for being slow!"
<Riemann>: Geoff scans nervously, not making eye contact
<Riemann>: "Oh, um, it's ok."
<Riemann>: "Now then."
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi cycles his thompson's receive4 or whatever it is.
<ZombieRaptor>: Receiver
<Riemann>: "We've recieved several disturbing reports of attacks in Hyde Park, over in Britain."
<Riemann>: "You all will be sent to, well, investigate."
<gumbal1>: "Britian? We have influence there?"
<Riemann>: "Not much, not much."
<ZombieRaptor>: "We have influence nearly everywhere… Even if minuscule."
<Riemann>: "I'm afraid. But a fellow of mine from Uni called me up."
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin looks at Geoff. "Would someone with a military background help our team gain some ground? I can get my uniform."
<Riemann>: "We don't know much about what's happening, only that there've been multiple attacks by very… odd figures."
<Riemann>: "This will be an exploration, erm, mission."
<ZombieRaptor>: Brb
<Riemann>: "You can if you'd like, but I would, erm, be prepared."
<Jabonicus>: Sam shook his head. "God damn, finally approved for another one of these and it's mass murdering aliens…"
<Riemann>: "So, uh, if there aren't any questions, these jeeps will take you to the airfield."
<TeslaTornado>: "Of course." Kevin goes back to get his uniform, packs it into a bag and tosses it into one of the jeeps before piling in.
<Nemi>: "Okay, exploratory.."
<gumbal1>: "What did the figures look like
<gumbal1>: ?"
<Jabonicus>: Sam nodded, climbing into the same jeep as Kevin.
<ZombieRaptor>: Back
<Nemi>: "Yeah, um, what have they been doing, what do they look like, capabilities, allies or friendlies on iste..?"
<ShotgunFiend>: Matt rides shotgun in one of the jeeps.
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin looks at Sam and nods. "We haven't met, agent."
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi takes a seperate jeep.
*** Daedalus is now known as Daedaleft
<Jabonicus>: "Dr. Wallace." Sam said. "Call me Sam. Who're you?"
<Riemann>: "They're inevitably hostile, but eyewitnesses can't get a good description consistently, I'm afraid
<Riemann>: "*
<gumbal1>: Danielle sighs and gets into a jeep. ~Fuckign Englishmen~
<TeslaTornado>: "Kevin Winsthrop. Mobile Task Force Psi-7, former Special Operations Executive." He reaches out a hand.
<Riemann>: Geoff scurries away, and the jeeps rumble into life, making it to the airfield in record time
<Riemann>: *Transistion music* Psi-7 is at the airforce!
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin grabs his bag of uniform and dismounts from the jeep, boarding his second plane in several days.
<gumbal1>: Danielle dismounts and gets into the plane
<Jabonicus>: Sam gets out, jogging onto the plane.
<ShotgunFiend>: Matt sits in the plane, tapping his thumb on the butt of his rifle
<Riemann>: It's a smaller plane, and looks rather rickety for a trans Atlantic flight. But it's the best you can afford
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi heads into the plane.
<gumbal1>: "Mon Dieu, this'll be like last time, won't it?"
<ShotgunFiend>: Matt shrugs. Planes don't bother him.
<Jabonicus>: "What happened last time?"
<Riemann>: Once everyone piles in, the plane begins to accelerate down the runway, taking off into the distance
<Jabonicus>: Sam was slightly pissed he was cleared for /this/ mission.
<gumbal1>: "The pilot laughed at us as they faked turbulence."
<Riemann>: *More transition music because this is a trans Atlantic flight*
<ShotgunFiend>: .y elelvator music
<Jabonicus>: Sam laughed a little. "That's pretty funny."
<Nemi>: "At least we have seatbelts, right?"
<Nemi>: Lis naps on the way.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi grumbles at the pilots.
<ZombieRaptor>: If they act up.
<Riemann>: They behave
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin sits and watches the ground, then the ocean, roll by.
<ShotgunFiend>: Matt gets plenty of shit eye on the way there
<ShotgunFiend>: Shut eye, even.
<gumbal1>: Danielle watches the ocean
<Riemann>: The plane lands in West London, where several cabbies are waiting for Psi-7. In the lead cab is a suited man who looks rather important
<Jabonicus>: Sam gets off, walking towards the cabs.
<gumbal1>: Danielle gets into one of the cabs.
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin strides off the plane, sucking in a lungful of London air. ~Just as nasty as I remember it~
<Nemi>: Lis wakes and groggily makes her way to the cabs! She'll take whichever is closest, not really caring which she climbs into.
<ShotgunFiend>: Matt climbs into a cab. Which cab, the world may never know.
<ZombieRaptor>: .q Fran
<Glacon>: ZombieRaptor: no quotes found
<ZombieRaptor>: .q Evergreen
<Glacon>: ZombieRaptor: no quotes found
<Jabonicus>: Sam took the same one as Matt for some reason
<ZombieRaptor>: (Goddamnit wrong chat…. I am not mentally here right now)
<ShotgunFiend>: And now the world knows.
<gumbal1>: "London isn't as nicel as I've heard it to be."
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi gets into a cab.
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin sits in the cab that Danielle's in. "Whoever told you London was nice was lying."
<ZombieRaptor>: "It's doing better than Dresden.."
<Riemann>: The cabs putter off, mixing in between lorries on their way to Hyde Park, arriving in good time
<gumbal1>: "Trust me, I'd never step foot in Germany, so I wouldn't know."
<Nemi>: Lis just quietly watches out the window. How nice.
<Jabonicus>: Sam looked out the window the whole way, wanting to know if bullets would even work against these things
<ShotgunFiend>: If they don't, Matt will be mad.
<Riemann>: And you arrive! Finally. That took forever, guys, but you're here at Hyde Park.
<ShotgunFiend>: What time of day is it?
<Riemann>: It's midday
<Jabonicus>: Sam got out, holding his toolbox in his right hand
<ShotgunFiend>: Matt climbs out after Sam, taking a gander around.
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin gets out as well, stretching his legs.
<gumbal1>: Danielle gets out, surveying the surroundings.
<Riemann>: Hyde Park is one of the prides of London for a reason, it's verdant beauty enchanting in the warming sun
<Nemi>: Lis climbs out, covering her eyes from the winter sunlight.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi walks around.
<Nemi>: Wait a minute. Verdant? It's February. Lis is confused, and worried. She sticks close to the others as she surveys their surroundings.
<gumbal1>: Danielle tries to get the attention of a local.
<Riemann>: Shushes, Lis
<Riemann>: The locals attention is caught
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin doesn't really know what he's looking for, so he tracks down a local of his own.
<Jabonicus>: Sam looks around. It should be cold…
<Riemann>: "Hello, Miss!" says the local near Danielle
<Riemann>: Woops, let me clarify. It is cold, but you can feel the warmth of the sun at this time
<Jabonicus>: Sam's confusion was cleared.
<ShotgunFiend>: Matt nonchalantly leans up against something. Probably a streetlight. He watches around, making sure nothing suspicioso happens.
<gumbal1>: "Hello. My friend recently complained about the noise from this place keeping her up. Has anything odd happened here recently?"
<Nemi>: Lis hovers near Danielle, a bit sniffly.
<Riemann>: "Oh, yes, we've had some commotion in here. There's a section over there that's been cordoned off by the bobbies, but they won't say why." The local frowns
<Jabonicus>: "When was it closed off?" Sam asked.
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin looks over at the cordon. He goes that way.
<Riemann>: "Oh, just a couple of days ago, I believe. Though, the papers say there have been attacks for longer."
<Nemi>: Not liking the idea of anyone going off by themself, Lis starts making her way after Kevin.
<Jabonicus>: "Were you around during any of the attacks?"
<Riemann>: "Me? No! Haven't you been reading?"
<Riemann>: "Very few people survive the attacks. It's terrifying!"
<Jabonicus>: "I mean, were you near the area when one of the attacks happened?"
<Riemann>: "Oh, no, no, thankfully not."
<Riemann>: "I'm sure the people over there could tell you more?"
<gumbal1>: Danielle turns to the "people over there."
<Riemann>: It's the policeman standing near the cordoned section
<Jabonicus>: "Thanks for the information." Sam nodded, turning to the people in that general direction for obvious reasons.
<TeslaTornado>: Hey look, Kevin's headed towards that rozzer!
<Riemann>: Yay!
<Nemi>: Lis is right behind Kevin!
<gumbal1>: Danielle heads towards the officeer
<Riemann>: And Luvi is… I dunno, twiddling his thumbs
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi walks with them.
<ShotgunFiendM>: Riemann, could you give a physicsl description of the place we're at?
<ShotgunFiendM>: Physical*
<Jabonicus>: Sam goes towards the officers.
<Riemann>: Right now, it's a park. Trees, hedges, a couple of fountains, but the cordoned off section seems to cover some sort of… shack, almost
<ShotgunFiendM>: Any surrounding buildings?
<Riemann>: A few, but mostly public unimportant buildings
<Riemann>: The officer doesn't seem annoyed to see Psi-7
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt eyes those 'unimportant' building.
<Jabonicus>: Sam examines the officers before approaching. "Hello officers."
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin stands and salutes the officers. "Gentlemen."
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi walks up beside Sam, Thompson in hand.
<ZombieRaptor>: "Evening."
<Riemann>: Matt, these buildings are entirely unimportant. You see some loos, and a public services building
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt migrates on over to earshot of the officer and the group
<Riemann>: "Evening, folks. How may I help you?"
<Nemi>: Lis clasps her hands together and bobbles in place.
<Jabonicus>: "We'd like to know about the murders that happened here."
<gumbal1>: "My friend was wondering about the disturbances that were keeping her up."
<TeslaTornado>: "… What they said."
<Riemann>: "Nasty piece of business, that. We've sectioned this off until a special team can come up to visit, and investigate."
<TeslaTornado>: "Define special team, officer."
<TeslaTornado>: "Scotland Yard? Or someone further up the chain?"
<ZombieRaptor>: "They probably mean us Kev."
<Riemann>: "Special Crime Police, or summat."
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin produces his Foundation ID surreptitiously, showing it to the officer.
<Jabonicus>: "I believe we are the special team you are waiting for then."
<TeslaTornado>: "Special Crimes Police, at your service."
<Riemann>: The guard examines it, then looks at a photo he has. "Welcome, then."
<Riemann>: "The majority of these attacks have been focused around this building, here."
<Riemann>: He motions towards the shack thing
<ZombieRaptor>: "Do we have any witnesses?"
<ZombieRaptor>: "Or descriptions of what is doing this?"
<Riemann>: "None that are available to talk." The police grimaces
<Nemi>: "Right. Let's get to work!" Lis will duck under the cordon and start approaching the building. She draws her pistol as she goes!
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin re-conceals his ID. "What can you tell us about the building? Any history of violence, strange happenings?"
<Jabonicus>: Sam stood next to Kevin
<Riemann>: "There are no records of it ever being built, strangely enough."
<Riemann>: "Just, there."
<Riemann>: "The attacks didn't start till recently."
<ZombieRaptor>: "May we take a look inside?"
<gumbal1>: "Spooky."
<Riemann>: "By all means, do."
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt hrmms.
<Riemann>: The policeman steps aside
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin nods. "Thank you, officer." He slips under the cordon, drawing his pistols, and approaches the building.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi walks up to the shack and grabs the handle. "Kevin." Luvi nods to the door.
<Riemann>: The shack sits there
<Nemi>: List examines the structure and … is ignored as usual.
<Nemi>: Windows? Door? Any unusual stains, oddities, etc?
<TeslaTornado>: "Agent Tande, what do you see?"
<gumbal1>: Danielle opens the shack's door.
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt goes to one of those unimportant buildings. Tallest on he sees. He goes inside and waves a very official looking badge as he heads up to roof level.
<Jabonicus>: Sam thought for a moment. "If it wasn't approved, why wasn't the building torn down?"
<Riemann>: Lis, it's made of concrete, and has some weird piping that leads to nowhere running up the side
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin shrugs. "Could be resistant to it, or could be that whatever's in there keeps anyone from trying."
<Nemi>: Lis watches Luvi and Danielle try to pile through the door clowncar style. "It's concrete all around.. there's piping up one side. Doesn't appear to be attached to anything."
<Riemann>: Near the bottom of the wall to the right of the door, there's a very small window, that really serves no functional pupose
<ZombieRaptor>: RedACT
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi heads up with Matt, sniper team.
<ShotgunFiendM>: Fuck yeah.
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin crouches and checks the tiny window.
<Nemi>: She examines the piping more closely. "Small window near the door— might be a visual inside."
<gumbal1>: What's the shack inside look like?
<Nemi>: Lis is trying to figure out what the piping's made of, what potential attachment it migth be, signs of soot that could indicate exhaust..
<Riemann>: It's dark in there, Kevin, but you see stairs leading down
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi arrives next to Matt, unslings his rifle and points it at the shack, he adjusts his scope.
<Riemann>: The door is open, so I don't know why you're looking in the window
<ZombieRaptor>: He rests the rifle on the side of the building.
<Riemann>: The pipes are made of copper, and are ostensibly for liquid
<gumbal1>: Danuielle enters the shack.
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt has already taken up a similar position. His Springfield is pointed down at the shack.
<Nemi>: "Looks like a.. liquid pipe. I can't figure out what they're possibly used for— not exhaust pipes or anything." She's thoroughly puzzled.
<Jabonicus>: Sam looks at the structure, trying to determine how old the pipes were with engineering
<Jabonicus>: 4df+7
<Glacon>: Jabonicus: 7 (4df+7=+, -, 0, 0)
<Riemann>: The shack has a single gaslight hanging from the ceiling, illuminating a stairway that leads down into a gloomy darkness
<Riemann>: Sam, they look vaguely victorian era
<TeslaTornado>: "Single stairwell. Poorly lit. No idea where the stairs lead." Kevin clucks his tongue.
<gumbal1>: Danielle looks around the shack for shit
<ZombieRaptor>: "It's good to have another sniper around Matt."
<Jabonicus>: Sam walked over to Kevin. "Someones got to go down there."
<Riemann>: It's /just/ the stairs leading down
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi peers through his scope down at the shack.
<gumbal1>: Danielle looks down the stairs
<ShotgunFiendM>: "I can only agree. Two shots and four eyes is always superior."
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin looks at Sam and Lis. "I'll go down."
<Riemann>: She can see about 10 meters down, but then the light fails.
<Jabonicus>: "I'll go with you, two guns is better than one."
<Riemann>: The air is dank and clammy, though somehow warmer than outside
<ZombieRaptor>: (Gdi now Matt and Luvi are out of the run )
<ShotgunFiendM>: 4df+8 perception, surveying the area around the shack and whatnot
<Glacon>: ShotgunFiendM: perception, surveying the area around the shack and whatnot: 11 (4df+8=+, +, +, 0)
<Nemi>: "Our snipers have the door, I'll go with." She follows the other two down.
<TeslaTornado>: "Of course." Kevin looks at Sam. "Is there a torch in that toolbox of yours?"
<ShotgunFiendM>: (You just had to follow him realism 2stronk)
<gumbal1>: Danielle descends the stairs
<Nemi>: "I've got a light." Lis retrieves CRANK FLASHLIGHT.
<Nemi>: She doesn't squeeze it, yet it shines brightly. She levels it down into the dark.
<Riemann>: The area around the shack is normal
<Riemann>: (Pause for descrip)
<Jabonicus>: Sam thought for a moment. "…No."
<ShotgunFiendM>: (You just had to follow him realism 2stronk)
<gumbal1>: Danielle descends the stairs
<Nemi>: "I've got a light." Lis retrieves CRANK FLASHLIGHT.
<Nemi>: She doesn't squeeze it, yet it shines brightly. She levels it down into the dark.
<Riemann>: The area around the shack is normal
<Riemann>: (Pause for descrip)
<Jabonicus>: Sam thought for a moment. "…No."
<ProcyonLotor>: A pigeon shits on Luvi.
<ZombieRaptor>: Player fiat no.
<ProcyonLotor>: A pigeon almost shits on Luvi.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi frowns loudly.
<Riemann>: As Lis, Kevin, Danielle, and Sam descend down the stairs, the twinkly of the sunlight disappears behind them, the only thing lighting the musty air being Lis' flashlight
<Riemann>: A tinny voice crackles into life, from an unknown speaker
<Riemann>: "[My fellow citizen. If you are hearing this tape, then the world as we knew it has finished. The sky has broken, the ground heaves with the tramp of terrible feet, and all the horror and madness from the dark corners of the world has broken free to exact its vengeance on the world of Man. Those who sought to contain them are killed or scattered, and we soon learnt that to attempt to fight these creatures is almost invariably to f
<Riemann>: ace one�s death. Countless billions have been slaughtered in their attempt to sate their endless appetite for death, and there is nothing-was nothing- we could do to stop them. Evil has raised its bloody flag upon all nations of the world and crowed its unholy victory to the broken sky. Yes, this is the end."
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt hears the splat and glances over. He suppresses a chuckles.
<ProcyonLotor>: The rooftop is really boring.
<ProcyonLotor>: There's an AC unit.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi tinkers with his scope.
<Riemann>: "But there is a new hope."
<ProcyonLotor>: Perception, Luvi. DC of 2.
<ZombieRaptor>: DC?
<gumbal1>: "Merde. Extremists."
<ProcyonLotor>: (score you need)
<Nemi>: Lis leads the way! Being the lightbearer. She holds her pistol in one hand and the flash in the other. She lipquirks at the voice and stops to listen.
<ZombieRaptor>: 4df+5
<Glacon>: ZombieRaptor: 4 (4df+5=-, -, +, 0)
<ProcyonLotor>: There's a smudge on your scope.
<Riemann>: "I welcome you to UnLondon, the Last City."
<ShotgunFiendM>: (Difficulty check)
<Riemann>: "And the first."
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi cleans it off.
<ZombieRaptor>: He keeps his finger near the trigger and watches.
<gumbal1>: "Oh, worse,. Utopians."
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin draws his Sten and purses his lips. "UnLondon… I've never heard of that…"
<Jabonicus>: Sam was confused at the sudden speaking of the unlondon.
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt hums quietly to himself.
<gumbal1>: She puts a notably hateful tone on the last word.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi looks across the city.
<Riemann>: The voice clicks off, and the staircase stops, opening up to a vast city stretching in front of you
<ProcyonLotor>: City life continues as usual, unaware off what is happening below.
<Nemi>: Lis nods and proceeds down.. and she just gapes. "Herregud. Look at -this-."
<Riemann>: UnLondon looks eerily similar to the London you know, but sent back in time back to the Victorian Era
<Jabonicus>: Sam stopped, mouth agape. "But… The sewer systems…. Supports of the buildings…" His engineering mind tried to understand how it worked
<Jabonicus>: Sam tried to understand /something/ about it
<Jabonicus>: 4df+7
<Glacon>: Jabonicus: 9 (4df+7=+, +, 0, 0)
<Riemann>: The ceiling stretches far above you, and you can see what looks like birds flying around
<ProcyonLotor>: Matt's toe itches.
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin signals a halt and continues down the stairs, keeping his weapon up.
<gumbal1>: "What the…" Danielle looks at the city
<Riemann>: You are standing on the roof of a building, in a state of considerable disrepair, chunks of the ceiling missing. Other buildings loom above you, but that's the exception, not the rule
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi watches a British covered military truck pass by and think of how he would have killed everyone in it 10 years ago… Good times. ( )
<Riemann>: (There's lots of descriptions here, bear with me)
<ShotgunFiendM>: He rubs his shoe against the ground, effectively scrstching his toe.
<ProcyonLotor>: It works…for now
<Riemann>: Sam, you are baffled
<Riemann>: This doesn't even make sense
<Riemann>: But you remember that this is an exploratory mission, and hey, you're here to find out more
<Nemi>: Lis takes a breath, turning from side to side to see just what is all around. "One thing," She whispers. "One thing we always need to remember, working here.. Is that what we encounter doesn't always make sense. Come on." She looks for an access point to head down.
<Jabonicus>: Sam walked forward, looking for someone that might live here to find out /something/
<gumbal1>: "I accepted that my first day here." She follows Lis
<Nemi>: Well, safer than just jumping through holes in the roof.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi lights up a cigarette. "Hell, it's like waiting for a hostile squad to show upon their usual patrol routes… You sit there forever."
<Riemann>: Lis, there's a crumbling staircase that you can see, which looks safe enough to descend
<ZombieRaptor>: "At least I can smoke here."
<ProcyonLotor>: He can. He does.
<Nemi>: Lis pockets her flashlight and starts down the staircase. She's nervously clutching her handgun, watching her surroundings for movement and straining her ears for noise.
<Riemann>: Lis, as you descend, the stairs do /not/ collapse.
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin follows her.
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt decides not to comment on the fact he doesn't like smoking. "Yeah. Waiting a handful of days in advance for your backup to invade an interment camp… I know what you mean."
<Nemi>: Lis is unsurprised. She is tiny.
<Jabonicus>: Sam just followed Kevin
<Riemann>: You can see bunkbeds, made of steel, crammed together to fit as many people as possible, resting on floors, where there are, indeed, floors
<ProcyonLotor>: In reality, idling standing on a rooftop in London is quite a bit different from the war. They do not seem to realize this.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi does, he's just drawing the parallel it's uneventful.
<Nemi>: "My God. It's like.. they could cram scores of people in here." She watches the environs. It'd be deplorable conditions, but still. She shakes her head and continues on, suspecting there's little of actual interest to be found.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi is happy he's not cold and dying though now.
<Riemann>: The city… is silent. Not the silence of a regular city, but a dead silence that hangs around the air like a funeral shroud
<gumbal1>: "Utopians are like this. I'd think this is the poor district."
<TeslaTornado>: "The way that loudspeaker sounded, it seemed like this is some form of bunker… But bigger."
<Jabonicus>: "Shouldn't there be…." Sam thought for a moment. "People?"
<ProcyonLotor>: Perception, all on roof.
<TeslaTornado>: 4df+8 (Perc + Ungentlemanly)
<Glacon>: TeslaTornado: (Perc + Ungentlemanly): 7 (4df+8=-, -, 0, +)
<ProcyonLotor>: (that was Luvi and Matt)
<Nemi>: No vehicles, no idle background sound. Not even animal sound? That's pretty special. "You'd think," She murmurs. "Agent, it looks less like a bunker and more.. It looked a lot like London. But not. It's big enough.."
<ZombieRaptor>: 4df+5
<Glacon>: ZombieRaptor: 4 (4df+5=+, -, -, 0)
<Nemi>: She continues through the building, looking for anything of note beyond the bunks. If nothing strikes her, she'll try to proceed onto the street.
<ShotgunFiendM>: 4df+8 wut
<Glacon>: ShotgunFiendM: wut: 10 (4df+8=+, +, +, -)
<Riemann>: Eventually, you reach the floor, where you see a steel construct advertising "Dr. Goody's Wonderfood!"
<ProcyonLotor>: Luvi and Matt see a plane. It's a small biwing affair.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi thinks about coon hunting.
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt thinks about airplanes. He wonders how it would feel to snipe the pilot out of one. Odd thing to think.
<Nemi>: Lis eyes the construct warily. What's it look like? Some kind of crude vending machine?
<Riemann>: Kevin, you notice that the construction of these buildings is shoddy, ready to collapse at a moments notice, not to mention the mold and clammy damp that envelops you
<ProcyonLotor>: Luvi's extremities begin tingle. Is that the first signs of frostbite?
<gumbal1>: "But making a bunker of London? That's stupid, even for a utopian. Why not somewhere nice, like Paris, or Dijon?"
<ProcyonLotor>: Matt feels guilty. Just a dude flying a plane.
<Jabonicus>: Sam was with Kevin, worried about the structures and how they are holding.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi knows a thing about frostbite, it's not.
<ShotgunFiendM>: Yeah, Matt wouldn't like killing him anyway.
<ZombieRaptor>: He'd have to at least be shivering first.
<ProcyonLotor>: Luvi shivers. It's cold.
<TeslaTornado>: "Agent, don't judge this city." Kevin looks at the advertisements on the machine. He pulls his coat tighter about himself.
<Nemi>: She's seen primitive vending machines before, but these just look.. crude. Brutalist. "Maybe it's an alternate Earth we found. Remember the radio broadcast."
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi stays warm under his jacket.
<ShotgunFiendM>: Good thing Matt brought a decent jacket.
<ZombieRaptor>: He has gloves on his hands.
<ProcyonLotor>: Maybe Luvi shivers because of his cold heart.
<Nemi>: "Could be parallel Parises and Oslos too. Probably in ruins, if the broadcast is accurate." She backs away from the machine and will exit the building if posible, trying to get eyes on the street.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi hums a German folkstune
<gumbal1>: Luvi is noticable off-key
<Riemann>: The Wonderfood advertises a happy child eating, well, gruel
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin, meanwhile, takes a closer look at that construct. Any kind of control mechanisms?
<ZombieRaptor>: He is on key, being a musician.
<Riemann>: As you exit the building, you come out onto a street, but everything is… Just wrong
<ProcyonLotor>: There are some funny clouds in the sky.
<ProcyonLotor>: One looks like a giraffe.
<Jabonicus>: Sam looked around with Kevin, wondering where the hell people were
<ZombieRaptor>: "I don't think whatever it is is coming out of the shack."
<Riemann>: Streets turn at terrible angles, there are doors on second, third floors that step out 20 feet above the street
<ZombieRaptor>: "No report back for 20 minutes."
<gumbal1>: Danielle looks at the signs.
<ZombieRaptor>: "Should we check on them?"
<ShotgunFiendM>: "Either that or its already killed the rest of our team… Which would suck."
<Riemann>: Entire buildings are made of copper piping, whilst others lack entire walls
<gumbal1>: Assuming signs are there
<ShotgunFiendM>: "Might be a good idea."
<ProcyonLotor>: Another cloud looks kind of like a mushroom.
<Nemi>: Lis surveys her surroundings as she presses her back against the wall just outside the door, pistol up and in two hands. Her breaths are careful. "This is.. whoever built this place was crazy. Or not human. This isn't liveable."
<ShotgunFiendM>: Mushroom cloud =/= good
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi shoulders his rifle, unshoulders his Thompson, and heads down.
<Jabonicus>: Sam couldn't make any sense of it, and tried to find something that breaks the laws of physics more than anything else
<ProcyonLotor>: It's not a mushroom cloud.
<Jabonicus>: 4df+7
<Glacon>: Jabonicus: 7 (4df+7=0, +, -, 0)
<gumbal1>: "As I said. Utpoian."
<ProcyonLotor>: It's a white puffy one.
<ProcyonLotor>: Just looks sorta like a mushroom.
<Riemann>: There is a sign on a street corner, pointing towards something called "The Natural History Museum" and the "Bryson's Home for the Poor"
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt follows Luvi down. "That kinda feels like it was a waste of time, honestly."
<ZombieRaptor>: "Yea."
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi arrives at the shack and slowly heads down the stairs inside.
<ZombieRaptor>: Do they hear the announcement?
<Riemann>: The voice crackles into life again, coming from everywhere and nowhere simultaneously. It seems to be talking directly at you
<gumbal1>: Danielle frowns. ~If where we entered isn't where the poor lived, I'd hate to be a poor woman here.~
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt is right behind Luvi.
<Riemann>: "Are you frequently anxious or depressed? It could be a symptom of the Pattern Screamer�s influence- notify a Bobby immediately"
<gumbal1>: "Pattern Screamer?"
<Nemi>: Lis waits for the others to head outside, calling, "Two notable locations— Poorhouse an' Museum. I'd hate to see what the Poorhouse looks like."
<ZombieRaptor>: Can we assume they catch up to the rest? For ease on you Riemann
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin raises his weapon at the sound of the announcement, crouching behind the food dispenser.
<Riemann>: Sam, nothing really breaks the laws of physics, but simply of common sense, good taste, and municipal building codes
<Jabonicus>: Sam looked around, holding up his rifle. "Something isn't right here."
<Nemi>: Pattern Screamers. Huh. Lis files that away.
<Nemi>: "Wow! Who'd have thought!"
<Riemann>: Luvi and Matt, the message plays for you, and you meet up with the rest of the gang
<Nemi>: "Something's not right! We're just in a horrible parallel London where nothing makes sense and radios talk in your brain!"
<Nemi>: "C'mon, let's see the Museum."
<Nemi>: Lis will proceed that way.
<ZombieRaptor>: "Hell, they're still alive. That's good."
<gumbal1>: "Filled with fucking utpoians."
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin proceeds after Lis, keeping his weapon up.
<gumbal1>: Danielle follows Lis
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi keeps the back.
<ShotgunFiendM>: "Yep. Sorry we're late to the party."
<Jabonicus>: Sam follows Kevin, wanting to blow the brains out of whoever messed up common sense here
<Nemi>: "'s fine. I'm just a little worried that we've got nobody watching if things come out behind us, but whatever."
<gumbal1>: "We usually don't have people on watch."
<ZombieRaptor>: "The police have your back."
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin has effectively witnessed common sense get fucked in the ass multiple times. "When we reach the museum, I will provide rear security."
<Riemann>: Exterior pipework runs up the sides of the buildings, balconies jut out perpendicular to how they should, and those… birds keep flying overhead
<Nemi>: "Yup yup." Lis sticks to the shadowed sides of buildings, trying to keep out of view of the odd birds. She doesn't like them and can't articulate why. Fortunately, she's naturally kind of shady and easy to miss.
<gumbal1>: Danielle squints at the bird
<ZombieRaptor>: (Sniper team keep watch outside museum?)
<ShotgunFiendM>: "How'd we know if you guys were getting fucked down here without us?" (Yiiiiis)
<Nemi>: "We should get radios or something.. Maybe ask the orbs for those."
<Riemann>: You keep walking though this hellish distortion of London values, until you come across a huddled figure
<ZombieRaptor>: "Should we have an over watch out here?"
<TeslaTornado>: "Halt."
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi trains his Thompson on him.
<Riemann>: Danielle, do you roll perception?
<gumbal1>: "I can talk my way out of getting fucked on my own, thank you very much."
<gumbal1>: 4df+4 yus
<Glacon>: gumbal1: yus: 1 (4df+4=0, -, -, -)
<ZombieRaptor>: "You there! Stand up!"
<Jabonicus>: Sam watches the birds for a moment. They look like birds to him, because he is an engineer, and engineers don't normally birdwatch.
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin raises his fist and trains his Sten on the figure.
<Riemann>: (pause for descrip)
<Nemi>: Lies does not draw attention to herself.
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt has is sights on the fellow (sorry)
<Riemann>: It looks incredibly old, and dressed in rags that barely cover it from the damp and cold. It looks up with a face that was once recognisable as female, and begins to put forth its quivering hands in a cupping motion
<ZombieRaptor>: "Ma'am?"
<gumbal1>: Danielle walks to the woman. "Madame? Are you alright?"
<Nemi>: Lis waits near the edge of the street, watching the skies and the road ahead as the others accost the beggar.
<Riemann>: It coughs weakly, racking it's entire body with pain
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin doesn't go near that beggar. He's been in London. He knows better than to go near beggars.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi cautiously approaches. "Do you require assistance?"
<Riemann>: You can see a glint under its eyes. Tears
<gumbal1>: "Madame? What did they do to you?"
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt doesn't lower his rifle. Such suspicion.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi approaches within a few feet. "Ma'am?"
<Riemann>: It doesn't respond. Maybe persuasion or something would help
<ShotgunFiendM>: /Gun/ persuasion.

<gumbal1>: 4df+9 (You can trust me) "Madame?"
<Glacon>: gumbal1: (You can trust me) "Madame?": 11 (4df+9=-, +, +, +)
<Riemann>: It coughs again, "They… They saved me, and I failed them." It replies in a voice so weak, it is almost inaudible
<Riemann>: It motions with a quivering hand towards the centre of the city, "Parliament."
<Riemann>: There are grand, rising building devoid of construction issues in the centre
<ZombieRaptor>: "What did they save you from?
<gumbal1>: "Madame? Can you tell us about this city?"

<Riemann>: The lights around you, ostensibly gaslamps held aloft by metal poles, flicker weakly, as if an unseen wind blows through them
<Nemi>: Lis can't hear the beggar, but she can hear Luvi. "Possibly the slaughter by the forces of evil mentioned in the radio message," She mutters.
<ZombieRaptor>: "No need to be snarky."
<Riemann>: "the horror and madness from the dark corners of the world, that had broken free to exact its vengeance on the world of Man."
<gumbal1>: "Yeah, that passed, and the French helped kick their ass."
<ZombieRaptor>: "French were steamrolled."
<Nemi>: "Not HERE."
<ZombieRaptor>: "The soviets did all the work."
<gumbal1>: "Shut up, Austrian."
<Riemann>: The wretched figure stares at them in confusion
<Nemi>: Lis grinds her teeth.
<ZombieRaptor>: "Austrian?"
<TeslaTornado>: "Mister Harkess, shut the /hell/ up."
<TeslaTornado>: 4df+7 (Command + Intimdation) "All of you. Enough. Shut up. /Now/."
<Glacon>: TeslaTornado: (Command + Intimdation) "All of you. Enough. Shut up. /Now/.": 9 (4df+7=+, +, -, +)
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi faces Danielle. "I'm not Austrian ma'am."
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt just sighs inwardly. He looks around for another building he could take up a position in. One with good viewlines down the streets.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi does the same. (Sniper team!)
<Nemi>: "Come on," Lis says through a forced version of her usual smile.
<Riemann>: You see several suitably tall buildings, but getting up to them is the real issue. Why would you want to, when you haven't reached the museum?

<ZombieRaptor>: (Because you /Always/ need sniper team for the occasional pigeon)

<gumbal1>: "Ignore the Swiss man. Now, who made this city?"
<Riemann>: "Parliament."
<gumbal1>: "Who is Parliament?"
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi shakes his head. He looks at Matt. "Swiss?"
<ShotgunFiendM>: He shrugs. "Kevin?"
<ZombieRaptor>: "Woman can't tell a German from a swissman." Luvi shakes his head again.
<Riemann>: Again, the wretch stare up at Psi-7 with a look of blank lack of understanding. "Parliament."
<gumbal1>: "Assume I was an outsider. How would you describe Parliament?"
<ZombieRaptor>: "Let's head to the parliament building shall we?"
<gumbal1>: Danielle did not hear Luvi's comment.
<Nemi>: "I'm going Museum. There's no signance for Parliament, and if you want to get lost in this tangle of streets, be my guest."
<Riemann>: The figure attempts to wrench back, but almost breaks several bones in the process. It opens its mouth to speak, but is drowned out by
<Riemann>: "Do not pity the Wretch. Allow them to pay the price of their betrayal for all eternity. Remember, citizen: on the day UnLondon rises I shall reward the loyal, but traitors shall be forever damned."

<Riemann>: If the face of the wretch could pale, it would, and it opens its mouth in a silent scream
<ShotgunFiendM>: 4df+8 percep for identifying the source?
<Riemann>: (Still describing)
<Glacon>: ShotgunFiendM: percep for identifying the source?: 6 (4df+8=+, -, -, -)
<ShotgunFiendM>: Fuck
<gumbal1>: "Fuck this utopian nonsense." Danielle follows Lis
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi hangs back, rifle out now.
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin just goes to the Museum. He's had it with these stupid fucking people and he just wants to get a better grasp of what's going on, get a perimeter secured, and go home.
<Nemi>: Yup. Lis is off to the Museum.
<Riemann>: From the black pit of its toothless mouth, a darkness runs across its face and body, until it is nothing more than a silhouette of oily smoke, which billows around, losing form
<ZombieRaptor>: Stupid people=team?
<TeslaTornado>: Obviously.
<ZombieRaptor>: Rude.
<Riemann>: A bird swings down near the group that hasn't moced yet
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt looks st the darkness lady
<ShotgunFiendM>: At*
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi looks at the bird.
<Riemann>: Matt, you cannot identify the source. It seems to be coming from everywhere
<Riemann>: And the wretch is no more, only dust in the wind
<Riemann>: Roll Percep, Matt, Luvi
<ZombieRaptor>: 4df+5
<Glacon>: ZombieRaptor: 6 (4df+5=-, 0, +, +)

<ShotgunFiendM>: 4df+8 woo sniper team
<Glacon>: ShotgunFiendM: woo sniper team: 8 (4df+8=+, -, +, -)
<ZombieRaptor>: Sniper team sticks together.
<Riemann>: Matt, Luvi, those aren't birds
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi tries to see what it is.

<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt raises his rifle up.
<Riemann>: Red masses of pulsing flesh are bound together with wires, viciously tight around it. These wirse form wings, and you can make out some strange device where its face would be
<ZombieRaptor>: "Mother of god."
<ShotgunFiendM>: "What the…"
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi shouts. "Kevin! Above!" He points.
<Riemann>: (Kevin, Danielle, Lis, where are you?)
<Nemi>: They're on the way to the Museum.
<gumbal1>: Following Lis
<Riemann>: A similar bird flies down near you, as well
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt knew he shouldve gone into one of those buildings.
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin's on his way to the museum.
<ZombieRaptor>: "Should we fire?"
<TeslaTornado>: He hears the shout and directs his view skyward. "Hold fire until they present a direct threat!"
<ShotgunFiendM>: "I… Dont know."
<Riemann>: The birds aren't attacking, but they are an abomination of nature, which is quite unsettling
<Nemi>: Lis holds her fire, watching the nearby bird warily. She attempts to edge around it and not provoke it, clearly distrusting the strange fleshy construct.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi keeps his rifle trained on them and starts moving.
<ZombieRaptor>: "Let's go."

<ZombieRaptor>: Sniper team roll out!
<Nemi>: At least the thing isn't shrieking or spewing human body parts everywhere.
<ShotgunFiendM>: "Yep." Matt does the same as Luvi.
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin knows all too well that anything made of flesh and plastic is bad news. He lowers his weapon and follows Lis's path around it.
<Riemann>: Lis, you notice that it's making a noise. Almost wretching, as if it's throwing up

<Nemi>: Lis makes mental note: At least two potential types of contacts. 'Wretches', castoffs of the society? Bird things. Artificial, but she's not sure what they're -for-.
<ZombieRaptor>: "They could be scouts of sorts."
<ZombieRaptor>: Are the on the ground?
<Nemi>: She .. makes a face despite herself, and continues on, but she's keeping her eyes on that 'bird'.

<ZombieRaptor>: Are the on the ground?
<Nemi>: She .. makes a face despite herself, and continues on, but she's keeping her eyes on that 'bird'.
<gumbal1>: "Fucking birds. What dioes a utopian need with birds?"

<Riemann>: "Have you noticed anyone acting oddly? Tell a Bobby immediately." Blares that voice, yet again
<Riemann>: (Are who on the ground?)
<Nemi>: "Don't jump to conclusions," She whispers. "We don't know what party is behind all this." Mentally notes, potential third contact type. Bobby, English police?
<ZombieRaptor>: The birds

<Riemann>: The birds are still in the air
<Riemann>: "Crime will not be tolerated in UnLondon. I warn you: the tormentors of society will become its defenders, Lis." comes the voice, laconically reaching across your ears
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin especially doesn't like the sound of police. Empty city? Composite birds? Shady police force? Ohh dear.
<ZombieRaptor>: "Did they say Lis?"
<gumbal1>: Danielle stops. "What the hell?"
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin halts. He gets a little worried at this point. "everyone, form a perimeter. /Now/."
<ZombieRaptor>: [Fuck] Luvi states in German next to Danielle.
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt presses himself into a doorway. Things calling them by name is a no no.
<Riemann>: The city goes silent yet again, even the birds now quiet
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi enters a building.
<Jabonicus>: Sam was there because reasons
<ZombieRaptor>: Can he go up it?
<gumbal1>: Danielle frowns, not even noticing Luvi's words.
<Riemann>: (And with that, I will be right back. Pause)
<TeslaTornado>: "Find whatever cover you can and prep for a fight." Kevin crouches near a door.

<Nemi>: And SHE just doubletakes. "What?" She freezes, entirely not expecting to be named by the Voice. She presses back against the wall, visibly unnerved. A bead of sweat not from exertion— appears on her forehead. But it gives her thought. Criminals repurposed into police?
<gumbal1>: Danielle looks for an alleyway to hide behind.

<Riemann>: pause

<Riemann>: And we're back
<ZombieRaptor>: (Unpaws)
<ZombieRaptor>: Is there a stairwell in the building Luvi is in?
<Riemann>: Luvi, you can't ascend the building, as there are no floors. Seems a pretty important thing to forget
<Nemi>: Lis remains silent against the wall, and creeps toward a corner ahead to peer over the street. She's unnerved, and visibly so. For good reason, at that!
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt is in a different building. With floors. He ascends!
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin takes up a position across the street from Lis, observing the street ahead.
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<Riemann>: A shadow in the distance begins to make its way towards you. Several, actually
<TeslaTornado>: "Contacts."
<gumbal1>: Danielle hides in an alley

<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt presumably reaches the roof of his building.
<Nemi>: Lis squints, trying to get eyes on the contacts.
<Riemann>: No, he doesn't
<ShotgunFiendM>: >
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi moves away from them. "Halt!"
<Nemi>: Inwardly, Lis groans. So much for hopefully catching them unawares before ID can be made.

<Glacon>: TeslaTornado: Dead Space 3 - Vomit Comet (Soundtrack OST) - length 2m 11s - rated 4.86/5.0 (29) - 4,391 views - deadspace3ost on 2013.02.12
<ZombieRaptor>: They were moving towards usLis.
<Riemann>: They move incredibly awkwardly, as if the joints weren't exactly working properly. As they come into the pale light, you can see that their faces are wrapped with blue bandages, and they wear police outfits
<ZombieRaptor>: Silly girl
<ShotgunFiendM>: Why does Matt not reach the roof of his building?
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi holds out his Foundation ID. "Excuse me, who are you?"
<TeslaTornado>: "Seems that those would be our Bobbies… Agents, ready to fire, on my mark."
<Riemann>: They whistle loudly, but that's drowned out but the Voice, which is shouting "Police! Halt, criminal!", louder than you would imagine possible
<Riemann>: everyone, mdef
<TeslaTornado>: 4df+4 MDEF
<Glacon>: TeslaTornado: MDEF: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, -, 0)
<Nemi>: "Those must be Bobbies," She hisses toward Kevin. "Shit.."
<Nemi>: 4df+4 Mdef
<Glacon>: Nemi: Mdef: 6 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, +)
<ZombieRaptor>: 4df+4
<Glacon>: ZombieRaptor: 5 (4df+4=+, -, 0, +)
<gumbal1>: 4df+8 (Defiant to the End) Fucking utopians
<Glacon>: gumbal1: (Defiant to the End) Fucking utopians: 9 (4df+8=+, -, 0, +)
<Riemann>: 4df+4 Dystopia
<Glacon>: Riemann: Dystopia: 2 (4df+4=0, 0, -, -)
<gumbal1>: 4df+4 (sine modifier)
<Glacon>: gumbal1: (sine modifier): 3 (4df+4=+, -, 0, -)
<ShotgunFiendM>: 4df+4 Limbo mdef because Matt is apparently not where he should be.
<Glacon>: ShotgunFiendM: Limbo mdef because Matt is apparently not where he should be.: 7 (4df+4=+, 0, +, +)
<ZombieRaptor>: "What are we being charged with?"
<Riemann>: It's terribly loud, but not seriously damagine

<Riemann>: Matt, you ran into the same problem as Luvi
<Riemann>: The Bobbies are not stopping, and are holding various makeshift weapons
<Riemann>: With a sudden lurch, they attack!
<ZombieRaptor>: "What are we being charged with!"
<Nemi>: "I don't think they're going to respond, Luvi!"
<TeslaTornado>: "MARK! FIRE, EVERYONE!"
<gumbal1>: Can I bluff?
<Riemann>: 4df+5 Melee bitches
<Glacon>: Riemann: Melee bitches: 1 (4df+5=-, -, -, -)
<ZombieRaptor>: 4df+11 Headshot
<Glacon>: ZombieRaptor: Headshot: 10 (4df+11=0, 0, 0, -)
<Riemann>: What
<Riemann>: Glacon, what the fuck
<Nemi>: Lis crouches and attempts to take aimed fire with her high-caliber pistol. Her adeptitude with the weapon suggests more than casual training. The Resistance must have kept her busy.
<TeslaTornado>: 4df+9 (Ranged + Ungentlemanly)
<Glacon>: TeslaTornado: (Ranged + Ungentlemanly): 10 (4df+9=0, 0, 0, +)
<Nemi>: 4df+8 ranged + ResOperative
<Glacon>: Nemi: ranged + ResOperative: 7 (4df+8=0, -, 0, 0)
<ShotgunFiendM>: 4df+12 regardless of whether or not he's on the roof, Matt is /inside/ one way entrance. They literally csnnot get him without walking through his bullets.
<Glacon>: ShotgunFiendM: regardless of whether or not he's on the roof, Matt is /inside/ one way entrance. They literally csnnot get him without walking through his bullets.: 14 (4df+12=+, -, +, +)
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi switches to his Thompson.
<Riemann>: You know what, fuck it, this wave of Bobbies does no damage this round.

<Riemann>: 4df+ 10 These guys are fortified corpses. pdef
<Riemann>: 4df+10 These guys are fortified corpses. pdef
<Glacon>: Riemann: These guys are fortified corpses. pdef: 9 (4df+10=+, -, 0, -)

<ZombieRaptor>: 4df+4
<Glacon>: ZombieRaptor: 3 (4df+4=0, -, +, -)
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi is moving away as he fires tho?
<Riemann>: No, that was their pdef
<ZombieRaptor>: Oh
<Riemann>: Matt, Luvi, Kevin, your bullets sink into the bobbies, and they recoil momentarily, but press on again with another attack.
<Riemann>: 4df+5 Glacon I swear
<Glacon>: Riemann: Glacon I swear: 6 (4df+5=0, +, -, +)
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi goes rapid fire center of mass.
<ZombieRaptor>: 4df+11
<Glacon>: ZombieRaptor: 11 (4df+11=0, +, 0, -)
<ShotgunFiendM>: 4df+4 Pdeff
<Glacon>: ShotgunFiendM: Pdeff: 2 (4df+4=0, 0, -, -)
<TeslaTornado>: 4df+9 (AGI + Ungentlemanly) Kevin backs up, trying to stay out of the bobbies' range
<Glacon>: TeslaTornado: (AGI + Ungentlemanly) Kevin backs up, trying to stay out of the bobbies' range: 10 (4df+9=0, +, +, -)
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi has been moving back this entire time.
<Riemann>: And they have been advancing, soo…
<Riemann>: Roll pdef, everyone but ShotgunFiendM, who did well
<Nemi>: "I don't have enough firepower for these!" Lis retreats, and finding a corner between two buildings, attempts to make with some rather dramatic parkour, vaulting between each wall in the corner until she can haul herself to the roof. Or a balcony, or somewhere at least where she can get out of their reach. She's surprisingly athletic for her frail appearance.
<gumbal1>: 4df+4 feckfeckfeck
<Glacon>: gumbal1: feckfeckfeck: 5 (4df+4=0, +, 0, 0)
ShotgunFiendM bows
<Riemann>: Lis, agility
<ZombieRaptor>: Why only ShotgunFiendM?
<Riemann>: (He already rolled pdef)
<Nemi>: 4df+8 agility+operative
<Glacon>: Nemi: agility+operative: 11 (4df+8=0, +, +, +)
<ZombieRaptor>: 4df+4
<Glacon>: ZombieRaptor: 6 (4df+4=0, +, +, 0)
<Riemann>: Matt, that blow lands, and hits /hard/. You begin to bleed. -2 physical health
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi runs up the Matt, he unloads in the Bobbie in front of him.
<ZombieRaptor>: To*
<ShotgunFiendM>: "Jesus fuck!" Matt groans and fires point blank into the bastard ththat hit him
<ShotgunFiendM>: 4df+12
<Glacon>: ShotgunFiendM: 12 (4df+12=+, -, 0, 0)
<ZombieRaptor>: 4df+11
<ZombieRaptor>: 4df+11 Glacon?
<Glacon>: ZombieRaptor: Glacon?: 13 (4df+11=-, +, +, +)
<Riemann>: Danielle, you weather the blow much better than Matt, but still loose 1 physical health
<Riemann>: Lis, your acrobatics will inspire parkour in the 21st century
<gumbal1>: Danielle makes a move to escape into the shadows where the Bobbies won't find her.
<Riemann>: Kevin, you're less impressive, but you manage to evade
<TeslaTornado>: 4df+9 (Ranged + Ungentlemanly) Return fire!
<Glacon>: TeslaTornado: (Ranged + Ungentlemanly) Return fire!: 8 (4df+9=-, +, 0, -)
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi and Matt unloaded into the same Bobbie btw Riemann
<Riemann>: Matt and Luvi, your combined fire takes down the Bobbie, and it twitches weakly as it collapses
<ZombieRaptor>: "Everyone! Concentrate fire!!"
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt groans softly as he composes himself. "I need to stop getting the shit kicked out of me."
<Nemi>: Lis is like a tiny ninja. From her vantage point, she picks herself up, leans over the roof edge, and opens fire into the Bobbie attacking Kevin. "Agent Winsthrop, get down!"
<Riemann>: 4df+10 To Kevin attack
<Glacon>: Riemann: To Kevin attack: 11 (4df+10=0, +, 0, 0)
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi wraps a little towel around matts wound.
<Nemi>: 4df+8 alas that I am not a combat monster
<Glacon>: Nemi: alas that I am not a combat monster: 8 (4df+8=-, +, +, -)
<ZombieRaptor>: He pulls it tight and duct tapes it. "It'll have to do, let's go."
<ShotgunFiendM>: Yay sniper team 5evr. "Thanks."
<Riemann>: These guys are bullet sponges, Kevin. Almost as if they feel no pain. But with Lis' help, you manage to take that one down as well
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin isn't really in a position to move, but he tries to get out of the way. He waves to Lis as a thank you.
<ZombieRaptor>: "Shoot that one!" Luvi points.
<ZombieRaptor>: 4df+11 Rest of clip
<Glacon>: ZombieRaptor: Rest of clip: 13 (4df+11=+, 0, +, 0)
<Riemann>: There's one more Bobby, fighting Sam
<Nemi>: Lis swaps mag, cursing that she doesn't have a larger ammo capacity.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi shoots at it then.
<ShotgunFiendM>: 4df+12 Boom headshot on Luvi's Bobbie
<Glacon>: ShotgunFiendM: Boom headshot on Luvi's Bobbie: 12 (4df+12=-, 0, +, 0)
<Riemann>: 4df+10 Crit success!?
<Glacon>: Riemann: Crit success!?: 9 (4df+10=-, +, -, 0)
<TeslaTornado>: 4df+8 (Ranged + Ungentlemanly - 1 for akimbo) Kevin switches to his Hi-Powers and fires on the last bobby.
<Glacon>: TeslaTornado: (Ranged + Ungentlemanly - 1 for akimbo) Kevin switches to his Hi-Powers and fires on the last bobby.: 5 (4df+8=-, -, 0, -)

<Riemann>: Nope, and the Bobby definitely falls to the combined fire of Psi-7
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi switches magazines.

<gumbal1>: Danielle emerges from the shadows and brings out her knife.
<ZombieRaptor>: He surveys for any additional danger, seeing none he shouts. "We got injured!"
<Riemann>: The Voice continues shouting until the last Bobby falls, then goes dead silent in the middle of the word "Criminal."
<Nemi>: "I'm down to two mags!" Lis calls from the roof.
<gumbal1>: She attempts to cut open the chest of one of them to see what's inside.
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt sighs. He still has two rounds left in his clip.
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin ejects two magazines and reloads his pistols, saving the half-empties, then holsters them and reloads his empty Sten. "Down one and two!"
<Riemann>: You don't have to roll medical, Danielle
<ZombieRaptor>: "I got four magazines left on my Thompson… Two for rifle and three for my pistol."

<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi is loaded down today.
<Nemi>: Lis.. stares at Danielle, but makes no commentary. She just makes a face. And then, with as much unexpected agility as before, hops her way back down to the street.
<Riemann>: As you cut open, the smell of rotting flesh confronts you, violating your sense of smell.
<ZombieRaptor>: No crossbow though today.
<ShotgunFiendM>: "Two left in current clip. Five cips spare."
<Riemann>: Strips of flesh hang off of the rib cage of a corpse, the guts entirely absent
<Nemi>: She approaches and .. while not horrified, looks thoroughly disgusted. "Undead?"
<gumbal1>: "I'm just trying to find out if there's an easie way to kill these things."
<gumbal1>: "The guts are empty. Aim for the head."
<ZombieRaptor>: "Got it…"

<ZombieRaptor>: "Let's keep moving."
<Riemann>: You can see metal bolts tying the limbs together, which obviously do not match.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi starts forward.
<gumbal1>: She attempts to unqrap the bandages on the head
<Nemi>: "Volume of fire looks to have done it." She points to the pulped remains. "Take out its abilty to move an' fight."

<Riemann>: It seems this… thing, was stitched together from multiple people
<Nemi>: ".. huh. Think they must be made of repurposed criminals, then.."
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt was doing that anyway! "Yeah… I'd like to get out of here ASAP."
<TeslaTornado>: "Yes, but that's wildly ineffective in terms of ammunition consumption, and we have precious little of that."
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin looks at the corpses. "Shoot for limbs or head, I'd say."
<Nemi>: Lis watches Danielle's examination, morbidly curious. It's like something out of one of her horror novels.
<ZombieRaptor>: "These things are bullet sponges… Put em down, just don't be too slow about if."
<ZombieRaptor>: It
<Riemann>: Behind the bandages, a rotting face grins at you, Danielle. The lifeless eyes mock you, the crushed in skull devoid of gray matter taunting your assumptions

<Nemi>: "No brain.."
<gumbal1>: "Fuckign utopians. Shoot out their kneecaps, I guess."
<Nemi>: ".. Okay, definitely undead. No idea how they're animated, um. Right, moving on." Lis will hurry along toward the Museum!
<ShotgunFiendM>: "Wreck the eyes and joints."
<Riemann>: The city remanins dead silent, quiet as the grave

<Nemi>: "So the radio apparently knows who I am, at least," Lis is thoughtful, apparently having calmed somewhat after the skirmish. Funny how that works.
<gumbal1>: Danielle stops her examination. "Let's get going."
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin searches the remains for any kind of symbols or markings that would denote a point of origin.
<Riemann>: The empty grave that used to contain criminals, now desecratedfor the good of the city
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi's boots echo throughout the dead city as he walks.
<Riemann>: No, they don't
<Riemann>: Surprisingly enough, the boots do not echo
<Riemann>: Nothing echos
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt follows along, keeping an eye out. Are the birds still about?
<Riemann>: Kevin, you find nothing
<Riemann>: The birds fly overhead, but you know that they are aware of you.
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin sighs, shakes his hands off, recovers his weapon, and continues toward the Museum.
<ZombieRaptor>: "The birds are watching us…"

<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi switches to his rifle.
<ZombieRaptor>: He cycles the bolt to expend the spent shot.

<Nemi>: Lis nods. "Yup. Matt, how're you holding up?"
<Riemann>: It clinks to the ground, already dead
<Riemann>: After a disturbingly quiet walk to the Museum, you arrive.
<ZombieRaptor>: "Thankfully this isn't UnDresden.."
<ShotgunFiendM>: "I'm fine." The blood on his arm would denote otherwise, but it doesn't seem to bother him over much.
<ZombieRaptor>: "This place would be a ruin still."
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin makes his way up the stairs to the museum.
<Nemi>: "We have no idea what the state of Dresden would be in this world," She comments as she surveys the site.
<gumbal1>: "Probably shit, like it is now."
<ZombieRaptor>: "Probably in disarray still.."
<Riemann>: It looms in front of you, in stark contrast to the rest of UnLondon. The Museum is well kept, devoid of any glaring issues
<Riemann>: Matt is lying to the crew. He lost 2 health
<ZombieRaptor>: "Place was leveled during the war."
<Nemi>: "I KNOW. I'm just saying we cna't make ANY assumptions when it comes to OTHER WORLDS."
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi saw and impromptu bandaged him.
<ZombieRaptor>: "I know.."
<ShotgunFiendM>: He is lying. It hurts like a bitch.
<Nemi>: Lis mutters as she approaches the doors.

<Riemann>: The doors, great wooden things, are unlocked
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi opens one.
<ZombieRaptor>: "This silence is unsettling."
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt stays near the back ish of the group.

<Nemi>: Lis waits a second to see if any alarms go off or horrorterrors lunge out to rip Luvi in half. "Silence means we're not FIGHTING." She hisses, voice low as possible.
<Nemi>: Then she'll proceed in.
<ZombieRaptor>: "This silence though…"
<ZombieRaptor>: "It's not right."
<Nemi>: "Sssh."
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin performs a breach maneuver with Lis, skirting along the inside wall as soon as he's through. "Silence means no talking, mister Harkess."
<gumbal1>: Danielle also proceeds in.
<Nemi>: Lis skirts around the opposite wall from Kevin, scanning the room itself and the corners.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi enters behind them, gun up.
<Riemann>: Before you is the foyer to the Museum of Natural History, proudly displaying an exhibit "The Fall Of Man"
<gumbal1>: Danielle examines the exhibit.
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin reaches into the pocket of his jacket and withdraws a lighter, still sweeping the perimeter of the room with the feeble light from the lighter.
<Nemi>: When she's content that there's no threats, Lis will relax slightly and also have a look at the exhibit.
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt looks all around for suspicious!things
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi pulls his flashlight.
<ShotgunFiendM>: 4df+8 percep?
<Glacon>: ShotgunFiendM: percep?: 4 (4df+8=-, -, -, -)
<ShotgunFiendM>: …
<Riemann>: Danielle notices that some descriptive force failed to mention that the exhibit is in another room, though clearly displayed
<ZombieRaptor>: "Invest in a flashlight Agent." Luvi hisses to Kevin.
<Riemann>: Matt, you smack into a wall
<ZombieRaptor>: 4df+5 Perception
<Glacon>: ZombieRaptor: Perception: 5 (4df+5=-, 0, +, 0)
<ShotgunFiendM>: "Shit!" Matt hisses.
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin doesn't understand why a former Wehrmacht doesn't understand the concept of silence.
<TeslaTornado>: Wehrmacht sniper*
<Riemann>: Weak gaslamps cast weakshadows all over the room, dancing along the walls
<Nemi>: Lis will proceed into the other room. She'll wave Kevin over and do another breach maneuver. She seems to like to hug the left wall, for whatever reason.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi is in the center of the room.
<ZombieRaptor>: Looking around
<gumbal1>: Danielle looks for the exhibit
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin takes the right wall, counting off the room breach before sweeping the door open, hugging the right side.
<Riemann>: Luvi, you see several features involving various world ending events, but none of them are familiar. Perhaps someone else might recognise them
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi aims his rifle into the doorway.
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt silently grumble-thinks to himself and walks with Luvi.
<ZombieRaptor>: Can Luvi roll academics?

<Riemann>: If he wants
<ZombieRaptor>: 4df+6
<Glacon>: ZombieRaptor: 5 (4df+6=0, -, 0, 0)
<Nemi>: Lis checks the main room proper with Kevin, before she allows herself to take in the exhibits. Any world ending events SHE might recognize? Gigantic ominous pillars wrapped in chains, perhaps?
<Riemann>: ZombieRaptor, Luvi has a 2 in academics
<TeslaTornado>: 4df+4 (Magic Knowledge) Any ~magical~ events that Kevin might recognize?
<Glacon>: TeslaTornado: (Magic Knowledge) Any ~magical~ events that Kevin might recognize?: 2 (4df+4=+, -, -, -)
<ZombieRaptor>: With the +4, it involves a lot of book reading

<gumbal1>: 4df+3 I missed out on 4 years of schooling thanks to the occupation
<Glacon>: gumbal1: I missed out on 4 years of schooling thanks to the occupation: 3 (4df+3=-, +, +, -)
<ZombieRaptor>: (He devoured any books he could get his hands on as a kid, fast learner)
<Riemann>: Not going to fly here. Luvi, you recognise that hey, one of them looks like a meteor crashing into the earth, and you think of dinasaurs.
<Nemi>: 4df+6 Weird Shit knowledge!
<Glacon>: Nemi: Weird Shit knowledge!: 7 (4df+6=-, +, 0, +)
<Riemann>: Kvein, nope
<Riemann>: Lis, you /do/ see that!
<Riemann>: Spooky
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin looks for plaques beneath the displays. Maybe they have tidbits of information? This is a museum, after all. It'd be a pretty shit museum if there weren't display bitsies.
<Riemann>: Danielle, you see something that looks like a rocket

<Riemann>: Kevin, I rescind that. You see something… that looks like a sundial?
<ShotgunFiendM>: 4df+4 might as well academics
<Glacon>: ShotgunFiendM: might as well academics: 3 (4df+4=0, -, +, -)
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin goes to inspect that sundial-lookin' thing a bit closer.
<Riemann>: Matt, is that a giant lizard?
<ShotgunFiendM>: (Not a single good roll for academ was given that day)
<Riemann>: Yes, it is
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt blinks.

<Nemi>: "I think.. Look." Lis points out the chain-wrapped pillar. "I think.. I think this might be a chronicle of how the world ended. I saw that in my vision of the apocalypse."
<Riemann>: Kevin, you know exactly what that thing is. You just don't know /why/
<Nemi>: She lifts her head and looks around. "Guess in one universe it really did happen, and this is all that's left."
<gumbal1>: "Vision of the apocalypse?"
<ZombieRaptor>: Does Luvi see thermonuclear stuff, he had a dream about it Riemann
<Nemi>: "Long story, Danielle."
<ZombieRaptor>: Was a vision of a possible future
<ShotgunFiendM>: "Lizard… Pilar… Sundial… Uhhh Anyone else recognize different SCPs…?"
<TeslaTornado>: 4df+3 (Perception) Use your mind palace, Kevin. Where do you know this sundial from?
<Glacon>: TeslaTornado: (Perception) Use your mind palace, Kevin. Where do you know this sundial from?: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, +, -)
<gumbal1>: "You don't metion something and just pass it off like that?"
<Riemann>: These all are artistic representations of how the world ended, rather than in depth explanations
<Nemi>: "Luvi and I saw visions of different possible futures where the world ended," She muses over the different objects. "And.. I guess these are records of it happening."
<Riemann>: Luvi, you see no such thing. It just isn't there, is all.
<ZombieRaptor>: "I'm surprised thermonuclear warfare isn't here…"
<gumbal1>: "It may be. I saw a rocket."
<Riemann>: Kevin, visions of black eyed men flash through your mind.
<ZombieRaptor>: "Anything of note?"
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin thinks. ~Black-eyed men… Sundial…~
<TeslaTornado>: "… Shit. Agent Harrison, you're right."
<Nemi>: "Skip-related ways it ended. This city must be all that's left."
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin writes in his notebook, using the sundial as a tabletop.
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt nods. He thought as much. "Yeah… I already didn't like it here, but now…"
<ZombieRaptor>: "The sundial? We contained that.." Luvi looks over to Kevin.
<ZombieRaptor>: "I think we should put in a request for its destruction if it's here."
<Nemi>: "Always so quick to react," Lis says, almost sadly.
<TeslaTornado>: "It isn't here. It's a representation. If it wasn't, we'd all be hallucinating right now."
<ShotgunFiendM>: "These seem more like… Artists renditions rather than the real thing."
<gumbal1>: "What are we looking for here?"
<ZombieRaptor>: "Not this here… The one back on site Kevin."
<ZombieRaptor>: "If it's capable of destroying mankind.."
<Nemi>: "Fact-finding. We have facts. This is an alternate London in terrible disrepair. There are at least three different contacts we've encountered. Parliament built it, allegedly, as a shelter for the last survivors of the end of the world."
<Nemi>: "And it -knows who we are-."
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin nods and writes. And writes and nods. He occasionally glances at the door to the exhibit, keeping an eye on their exit route.
<Riemann>: The museum remains silent save the hiss of a gaslamp
<Nemi>: Lis is back to watching the door.
<ZombieRaptor>: "Should we try to find parliament?"
<ZombieRaptor>: "This /is/ an exploratory mission."

<Nemi>: "No— we don't have the munitions to take on much more of those things. Imagine if we run into more than three."
<TeslaTornado>: "And we also don't have a map. And I haven't seen any markers that lead toward Parliament."
<ZombieRaptor>: "This place mimics London doesn't it?"
<gumbal1>: "But we know what to do now, don't we? Shoot their legs"
<ShotgunFiendM>: "So… Bail out? I don't feel like we've contained anything."
<ZombieRaptor>: "What's the plan from here?"
<Nemi>: "Kind of. But the streets are wrong. And we're not here to contain. How are you planning to contain a city, Matt?"
<Riemann>: Matt realises the ridiculous of what he just said.
<Riemann>: ~Contain an entire city~
<Nemi>: "We got our facts. My plan? Either head home and encourage a security cordon around the site, or poke at the Poorhouse and THEN go home."
<TeslaTornado>: "Obviously it does so very poorly. I haven't seen a single street in Hyde Park that runs the way it does on the surface."
<ShotgunFiendM>: "Hell if I know. Might find more answers if we go deeper."
<Nemi>: "Or we might get killed."
<Nemi>: Lis says that very plainly.
<gumbal1>: "Let's check the poorhouse. Might be a utopian neck to wring there."
<ZombieRaptor>: "We could go a little ways deeper."
<ZombieRaptor>: "We still have plenty of ammunition at this moment."
<TeslaTornado>: "Poor house. It's on the way back to the entrance."
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt sighs.
<Nemi>: "Poorhouse. Then see what our supplies are like. We can send better-armed troops in, with equipment for mapping, afterwards."
<ZombieRaptor>: "Lets head out?"
<TeslaTornado>: "We reconnoiter it, we observe and report, then we retreat."
<Nemi>: "And YOU have ammunition, Luvi."
<Nemi>: Lis holds up her hand and waves the others in to follow her as she proceeds out of the building and to the street.
<ZombieRaptor>: "If you need a spare weapon, I'll toss you one if we're in combat."
<gumbal1>: Danielle follows.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi heads out.
<Nemi>: She's sticking to walls, again, staying out of the middle of the street, and will make her way toward where the sign indicated the Poorhouse was located. She's wary for danger.

<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt follows. They have accomplished jackshit except getting him a bruised and bloodied arm. Which still hurtd like fuck.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi heads on the other side of the street.
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin sticks close to Lis, providing front cover.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi is in the back.
<Nemi>: Lis is of the opinion that they accomplished quite a bit for a completely unprepared scouting team!
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt keeps an eye on the birds.
<ZombieRaptor>: "I would like to find a high point…"
<Riemann>: And despite her precaution, or in spite of it, the city remains quiet, watching the tiny figures make their way across UnLondon
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin isn't worried about accomplishments or accolades. He sticks close to Lis and keeps an eye up the street.
<ZombieRaptor>: "Map out the city from there."
<Nemi>: "We can bring surveyors in later."
<gumbal1>: "Think we can bring backa Bobbie for autopsy?"
<ShotgunFiendM>: And Matts opinion of a lot is actually completing the mission.
<Riemann>: "I rule in the interests of the many, not the few. There are no special privileges." The Voice intones
<Nemi>: Lis continues toward the Poorhouse. She slows on hearing the voice so as to not miss its words, but doesn't stop.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi keeps moving.
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin occasionally stops to make note of the phrases in his journal, then returns to Lis's right flank.
<Riemann>: "Ensure you are well rehearsed in all breach protocols. There is no excuse for panic or confusion during drills, Danielle."
<gumbal1>: "Fuck you, utopian!"

<Nemi>: "Danielle, we can retrieve another when we're not moving into unknown territory—" she whispers. Freezes again, the nods as the Voice uses Danielle's name.
<ZombieRaptor>: "Danielle shut the hell up!"
<TeslaTornado>: "Perimeter. Now."
<Nemi>: "Quiet, both of you."

<Nemi>: Lis nods to Kevin, finds a watch point. If it's like last time, the Voice will be heralding another squad of Bobbies.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi hits his back against a door, fun to the street.
<ZombieRaptor>: Gun
<ShotgunFiendM>: 4df+8 Don't mind my perception roll.
<Glacon>: ShotgunFiendM: Don't mind my perception roll.: 6 (4df+8=-, -, +, -)
<gumbal1>: Danielle hides ina nearby alley.
<Riemann>: Nothing, Matt
<Riemann>: Nothing at all
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin stays in the street, near the doorway.
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt finds some cover and crouchecrouched behind it.
<Riemann>: No people. Did you ever notice that there are no people?
<ShotgunFiendM>: Crouches*
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi did.
<ZombieRaptor>: He doesn't care though.
<gumbal1>: Danielle will not be playing mindgames with the narrator.
<ZombieRaptor>: Less people to take note of and clearer firing lanes.
<ShotgunFiendM>: "I think we're clear."
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin looks up and down the street.
<TeslaTornado>: 4df+3 (Perc) Any bobbies?
<Glacon>: TeslaTornado: (Perc) Any bobbies?: 2 (4df+3=0, -, 0, 0)
<Riemann>: Kevin,, you can't see any
<ZombieRaptor>: 4df+5 Luvi looks around.
<Glacon>: ZombieRaptor: Luvi looks around.: 5 (4df+5=+, -, -, +)
<ZombieRaptor>: Also at the sky.
<TeslaTornado>: He sighs quietly and waves everyone out of the building.
<Riemann>: Luvi, you see no Bobbies
<Riemann>: The birds are still flying around
<Nemi>: Lis creeps down the street, eyes forward.
<Nemi>: 4df+8 eye see
<Glacon>: Nemi: eye see: 8 (4df+8=0, -, +, 0)
<gumbal1>: Danielle comes out of hiding.
<ZombieRaptor>: Are they only above us Riemann?
<TeslaTornado>: "Clear. Everyone out. Proceed apace."
<Riemann>: The birds are above you, yes
<Nemi>: "Clear. Keep moving." Lis proceeds!
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi keeps moving
<ZombieRaptor>: But only above us
<ShotgunFiendM>: ~See? Clear.~ Matt resumes walking.
<ZombieRaptor>: None elsewhere?
<gumbal1>: Danielle resumes noving
<Riemann>: Eventually, Psi -7 reaches Byron's Home For the Poor. Solid iron doors break the solidarity of the concrette building, stalwart in front of you
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin checks the doors for locks.
<Nemi>: Lis forms up to cover Kevin, warily watching their surroundings and the building itself.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi grabs the door handle if no locks. "Prepare to breach Winsthrop."
<Riemann>: There is a lock on the door, yes
<ZombieRaptor>: Redact
<Riemann>: Perception, if you'd like
<Nemi>: 4df+8 per
<Glacon>: Nemi: per: 9 (4df+8=+, +, 0, -)
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt leans up against a wall. The wound is tsking its toll.
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin pushes on the door to check if the lock is actually, you know, locked.
<ShotgunFiendM>: 4df+8 perc yay
<Glacon>: ShotgunFiendM: perc yay: 7 (4df+8=-, -, +, 0)
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi raises his rifle and points it to the door, crouching.
<gumbal1>: 4df+4 wha
<Glacon>: gumbal1: wha: 4 (4df+4=+, +, -, -)
<ZombieRaptor>: He's about 10 feet away.
<Riemann>: The door, which has a lock on it, is indeed locked. Lis, the lock is pickable, but you get the feeling that something is waiting on the other side.
<Nemi>: "Possible contact behind— I've just got a hunch, you know? I could try picking it, but.."
<TeslaTornado>: "I don't like the thought of that."
<ZombieRaptor>: Any windows?
<Nemi>: She nods.
<gumbal1>: "Get your weapons, and prepare to shoot at the knees."
<ZombieRaptor>: "Move back!"
<Riemann>: No. Not one damn window.
<ZombieRaptor>: "Shoot the lock out at a distance."
<ZombieRaptor>: "Safer."
<TeslaTornado>: "No. Don't shoot /anything/. Back away from the building and let's exit while we can."
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin issues this order in a low voice.
<Riemann>: Luvi, it occurs to you that this looks more like a prison than a Home for the Poor
<ZombieRaptor>: "Guys… This is a damn jail."
<gumbal1>: "No. If people are behind their, they're at the mercy of the utopians."
<Nemi>: "Agreed. Back off, let's retreat. Matt's looking like hell."
<gumbal1>: "Let's change that."
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt kind of fazes out a little, but comes to again. He glances around, alert again.
<TeslaTornado>: 4df+10 (Intimidate+Command+Ice King) "Agent, you will remain with the group, or we will /abandon/ you here." At Danielle.
<Glacon>: TeslaTornado: (Intimidate+Command+Ice King) "Agent, you will remain with the group, or we will /abandon/ you here." At Danielle.: 10 (4df+10=0, -, +, 0)
<gumbal1>: "…alright."
<ShotgunFiendM>: "Don't worry about me. Any other ways in or… We're leaving apparently…"
<Nemi>: "I still don't know what you're on about with Utopians," Lis hisses. "But I don't like this one bit. We've one wounded and we've got information. We can -send other teams-."
<Nemi>: She'll start back to the street at that. "Let's retrieve that dead Bobby and get out of here."
<ZombieRaptor>: Stop with social rolls on PC's man.
<TeslaTornado>: "Agent Tande, take point. Harkess, cover the rear. Agent Harrison, take my shoulder. You, Frenchwoman. Carry the corpse." Kevin looks back up the street. "We're getting out of here."
<ZombieRaptor>: "Our job was to survey, did we do the job sufficiently yet?"

<Nemi>: "On it." Lis leads the way!
<Riemann>: ZombieRaptor, stop
<gumbal1>: Danielle takes one of the less mutilated Bobbies
<Nemi>: "Luvi, when you show any actual competence at all in realms beyond killing things, I will take anything you say into consideration."
<ShotgunFiendM>: "I can walk fine. It's my arm, not my leg. If I need a crutch, I'll let you know." Matt readies his rifle as they start back.
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin supports Matt with one of his shoulders and helps him along with the rest of the group.
<Riemann>: Danielle realises, they aren't near any Bobbies!
<gumbal1>: "It's Levine. Danielle Levine."
<TeslaTornado>: "Agent Levine, then."
<Nemi>: Lis leads the way back to the site where they fought the Bobbies earlier, if she can locate it! Given it was a fairly direct route, it shouldn't be too bad.
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi heads back..
<gumbal1>: "Urgh, they're back there, aren't they?"
<gumbal1>: Danielle goes to the spot with the dead bobbies.
<Riemann>: 4df+4 UnLondon is weird, Lis, Percep.
<Glacon>: Riemann: UnLondon is weird, Lis, Percep.: 5 (4df+4=0, +, -, +)
<Nemi>: 4df+8 percep
<Glacon>: Nemi: percep: 7 (4df+8=-, 0, +, -)
<ZombieRaptor>: "Aren't you snarky today Lis." Luvi hisses.
<Riemann>: Lis easily finds it! Go Lis!

<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt sighs as people head back into the town. He follows because why not.
<Nemi>: Lis is in her element in urban settings. Even if she's a little disoriented by this bizarre place. She doesn't reply. "Here." If there's bodies, she'll move up to watch down the street as Danielle retrieves one.
<gumbal1>: Danielle, having folllowed Lis, takes one of the less mutilated Bobbie corpses
<Riemann>: There is only one Bobby lying in the street, arms crossed over its chest
<gumbal1>: "…"
<gumbal1>: "Were'nt there more?"
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt takes aim at it. There were more before.
<Nemi>: "They must have recovered their dead," She whispers. "For recycling."
<ZombieRaptor>: "Only one? Don't approach it."
<gumbal1>: "Shoot it's joints. Let it bleed out."
<gumbal1>: *its
<Nemi>: "I'll let our ammo mule do that."
<ShotgunFiendM>: "No point. Let's just head out. If we're relying on oher teams to do everyrhing else, they csn get a cadaver too."
<ZombieRaptor>: "I'm not inclined to do anything if you're going to act in such manner can have enough ammo to do it yourself Lis."
<ShotgunFiendM>: Other*
<ZombieRaptor>: "And if you noticed these things don't 'bleed out'."
<gumbal1>: "I don't care. Just put it in a state where I won't have it jump on me."
<Nemi>: Lis smirks, rolls her eyes, and turns back. She'll lead the way back to their ingress point, as if expecting the others to follow. She's good at city.
<ShotgunFiendM>: Matt follows.
<gumbal1>: Danielle sighs, then follows.

<ZombieRaptor>: "Do we /need/ a body?"
<Riemann>: The city remains silent, almost satisfied that the intruders are leaving. It does not interrupt them as they weave through the bowels, and in due time, they reach the exit
<Nemi>: "Eventually, figuring out what they are will be helpful."
<gumbal1>: "At this point, I don't care."
<ZombieRaptor>: Well I guess Luvi started walking Riemann ?
<Nemi>: Lis will wave everyone else through the stairs up.
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin lowers his Sten gun, finally. "We've reached ingress. Time to leave.
<gumbal1>: "I can make a report based on my findings, and we can work fromt here."
<TeslaTornado>: "*
<Riemann>: Or he's just there, talking to himself.
<ZombieRaptor>: ..
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi is with the group I suppose..
<TeslaTornado>: "I've collected enough data to write a report."
<Nemi>: "Likewise. We'll corroborate."
<ZombieRaptor>: "We still barely know anything about the city, a second excursion will do good."
<ZombieRaptor>: "Bring more ammunition and heavier guns."
<Nemi>: "And surveyors.."
<ZombieRaptor>: "A cartographer."
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin sighs. "And perhaps a team with a less pressing need to get itself killed."
<gumbal1>: "And people who actually know how to use a gun."
<gumbal1>: "Unlike me."
<ShotgunFiendM>: "Not to mention an actually decently sized team."
<Nemi>: Lis gives Kevin a wry look. She'll hang back until the others take up the stairs before following.
<Riemann>: They're at the stairs!
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin is already on his way up the stairs.
<ShotgunFiendM>: As is Matt
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi is waiting for the others, he exchanges a look before heading up second to last.
<ZombieRaptor>: A look with Lis
<Nemi>: Lis' expression is neutral, with only a hint that the corners of her mouth are upturned.
<Nemi>: She heads on up.

<gumbal1>: Danielle is frowning.
<Riemann>: When they arrive outside, the policeman outside nods to Psi-7
<ZombieRaptor>: "You seem a little happy Lis?"
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi walks up to him. "Make sure no one enters here."
<Riemann>: The same cabs wait outside Hyde Park.
<Riemann>: "Righto.""
<ZombieRaptor>: "Keep it off limits indefinitely." Luvi walks to the cabs.
<Nemi>: "Everyone came out mostly intact and we have information. I'd call that a win." She approaches the officer. "More to that, establish a cordon with armed guards. We'll keep in touch. Expect further teams t oarrive."
<Riemann>: He nods again
<ZombieRaptor>: And before Luvi heads off*
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin looks at the copper on the surface. "What you have here is an access to an incredibly dangerous section of the London Underground. Gas leak and a potential vagrancy problem. Keep watch on it 24/7 and wait until you hear from us again."
<Riemann>: The policeman looks at Kevin, but doesn't believe him. You know, on account of the assaults
<TeslaTornado>: 4df+10 (Intimidation/Command/Iceman) "Do I make myself clear, officer?"
<Glacon>: TeslaTornado: (Intimidation/Command/Iceman) "Do I make myself clear, officer?": 10 (4df+10=0, +, 0, -)
<gumbal1>: "If they come up, shoot them in the knees."
<ZombieRaptor>: Luvi leaves.
<Riemann>: 4df+10 They explicitly told me attacks, not gas leaks.
<Glacon>: Riemann: They explicitly told me attacks, not gas leaks.: 11 (4df+10=-, 0, +, +)
<Riemann>: "I'm going to make sure no one goes near this, Mr. whatever the reason."
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin nods. "That's all we ask." He smiles a bright smile. "Good day, Officer." He pats him twice on the shoulder, then leaves.
<Riemann>: Is everyone in the cabs?
<gumbal1>: Danielle gets in one.
<ZombieRaptor>: Yea..
<TeslaTornado>: Kevin's in a cab.
<Nemi>: Lis smiles and half-bows to the officer, then heads for a cab.
<TeslaTornado>: He's drafting his portion of the mission report.
<Nemi>: Lis sits next to Kevin and will corroborate with things she noticed that he may have missed.
<Riemann>: Then, the cabs drive you to the aeroport, and in time, you reach #origins-ic2

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