IC 1
ihp A radio continues to play smooth jazz int he commons.
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RecursiveRecursion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPxVMpeVRGI
Glacon RecursiveRecursion: Portal 2 - Smooth Jazz - length 5m 24s - rated 4.96/5.0 (3593) - 295 933 views - fdsman on 2011.04.28
Wixelt Wilson ambles into the commons
gumbal1 Danielle eyes the radio with abject suspicion, but is glad it at least isn't playing Johnny Guitar on loop.
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Wixelt Wilson sits on the floor, as Danielle is currently sitting in the only chair- No, the only piece of furniture left in the commons apart from the television.
Wixelt And the radio
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Daedalus The smooth jazz dissolves to static.
Beaker Ryan enters
ihp The smooth Jazz then starts up again.
ihp It is ALWAYS smooth Jazz.
ihp ALWAYS smooth Jazz. Secure. Contain. Protect.
gumbal1 (It's a song title "Smooth Jazz" playing voer and over and over)
Beaker ryan shakes his head.
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gumbal1 Danielle, tired of the smooth jazz, attemtps to change the channel.
Nemi Lis finishes up her walk and enters the site, pulling on her coat for the cool. Not that it even bothers her anymore, since she doesn't perspire or .. even react to cold. She heads to the commons to see what's new.
Daedalus The song is called Smooth Jazz, but it's actually a regular Jazz song.
ihp The next channel is a station talking about news. "-Walt Disney is currently televising the grand opening of his theme park, Disneyland. It is the first park of its kind, and will include appearances by famous characters of his, such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck."
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ihp Lis, you feel tired all of the sudden. Like, 'holy shit I'm gonna faint right now if I don't do something' faint.
ihp Roll pdef to actually /not/ faint.
Beaker "I wanna go to disneyland!"
Nemi 4df+3 Pdef
Glacon Nemi: Pdef: 3 (4df+3=+, -, -, +)
ihp *thud*. You go down like a bag of rocks.
Beaker "Lis?" Ryan walks over
Beaker Ryan shakes her shoulder
ihp No response.
gumbal1 Danielel looks at Ryan. "I'm confused. Why are they making an amusement ground for a series of cart-" Danilele jumps at Lis' collapse. "Merde!"
Nemi She's out like a light! Literally, almost.
Beaker 4df+9 Ryan assesses Lis
Glacon Beaker: Ryan assesses Lis: 5 (4df+9=-, -, -, -)
ihp It's definitely Cancer, Ryan. Probably cancer of the ubermasticatory system.
gumbal1 (lol)
Beaker Ryan c ant find a thing wrong so he sits back down
gumbal1 "Should I take her to medical?"
Nemi Moreover, Lis' body is actually cold. No pulse, no movement, her breathing almost seems like an unconscious habit.
Nemi Like someone hit the off switch.
Beaker Ryan checks again
Beaker 4df+9
Glacon Beaker: 9 (4df+9=0, 0, -, +)
Beaker Ryan opens his med kit and takes out smelling salts and carefully cracks it under Lis's nose
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Nemi Nothing.
Beaker Ryan lifts her up like a rag doll and goes to medical
Nemi It's pretty much like carrying a rag doll, yeah. Or a corpse.
gumbal1 Danielel assists. It takes two to carry a person efficiently (she believes).
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Nemi Lis is five foot tall and like, a hundred pounds soaking wet at most.
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ihp In the commons, the radio continues to play smooth jazz.
gumbal1 Danielle reenters the commons. She changes the channel again.
ihp The radio is changed to a country station… for about five minutes. Then, back to smooth jazz.
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ihp Jacob runs into his room, and slams the door behind him, looking in the mirror. Could it be? Is he cured?
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ihp Jacob looks into the mirror and sighs. His more wolfish features are returning already. He shakes his head, and sadly, heads back to the cafeteria.
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ihp Smooth jazz keeps playing in the commons.
Beaker Ryan and Katie enter the commons
padri Katie is holding Ryan's hand.
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Beaker Ryan looks around for anybody Katie nows
padri So does Katie. Is there even anyone in there?
ihp The sound of smooth jazz is your only companion. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
LemurLord Rupert is sitting by the radio on the floor, again lost in his papers
padri Katie tugs at Ryan's hand and points at Rupert.
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ihp «Attention all Site 19 personnel. Please be advised that all anomalous personnel are to be confined to their quarters, medical or a voluntary containment cell until further notice.»
padri Katie looks up at Ryan. She's a little scared.
ihp «Any anomalous personnel found in the common rooms, dining areas or laboratory wing will be quarantined in those areas.»
LemurLord Rupert looks up wondering what's going on
padri She's not anomalous, but maybe they'll think she is. Jacob thought she was 26…
RecursiveRecursion Wiley pokes his head out his door. ~What is going on around here, I go to study my work for FIVE minutes…~
ihp «All non-anomalous personnel are to report to medical immediately.»
LemurLord When Rupert looks down to return to his work his eyes find the recently de-aged Katie standing next to some guy he doesn't know
padri Katie begins to head that way.
RecursiveRecursion Wiley does soooo
padri She doesn't let go of Ryan's hand, tho.
ihp The commons are sealed off. A personnel stops Katie. "Hold on there."
ihp "What's your name?"
LemurLord Rupert is completely confused but does as the intercom instructed. He gathers his things and makes for the door.
padri "Why?" She sounds distressed.
ihp "The only child on record being here was one Kathleen Moodie. Through certain… events, she's supposed to be 26 or so."
padri "No! That's not right!"
LemurLord "What's going on here?" Rupert furiously asks the guard
ihp "We can't let you leave commons. You're an anomaly. I'm sorry." The guard looks at Rupert. "Sir, if you would stay with the child?"
LemurLord "Me?" Rupert almost looks disgusted, "Do I look like a babysitter to you?"
padri "I don't want to stay here!" She looks like she's going to cry.
ihp "Sir, I'm afraid you don't have much choice."
LemurLord Rupert gives the lapels of his jacket a brief tug, "Very well. But i expect some answers when this is over."
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ihp The radio keeps playing.
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LemurLord Rupert coughs into a handkerchief and sits down next to the radio again
padri_brb Katie just stands right where she is.
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LemurLord Rupert gives her a quick glance, "Well come on now. If we're to be stuck together we may as well keep each other company."
DrSavage Randall sits in his room, silent.
padri "Why? You're mean."
LemurLord Rupert's eyes roll, "Fine. Stay over there, if that's what you want."
LemurLord (how has he been there? who /knoooooooooows/)
ZombieRaptor Jack wanders into the commons, apparently confined to such a place now.
padri She looks out the door. Is there anyone standing in it?
ZombieRaptor "Evenin' mates."
ihp Jack, as you come in, you feel whatever magic you had leave you.
LemurLord Rupert gives a half-assed smile to Jack
ZombieRaptor He stops with a grimace, looking around confusedly.
ZombieRaptor "Wha-.."
ZombieRaptor He sinks into a chair.. "..Anyone else feel that?"
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padri There's a child-sized katie in there.
padri She glances at you, then leans out the door, looking to see if she can get out.
ZombieRaptor Jack doesn't know her as anything but you may note.
ZombieRaptor They literally haven't met except once as her as a kid.
padri vOv
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ihp Katie, the door is well-guarded.
padri …can she have her invisibility cloak with he-oh.
DrSavage Randall sighs, being cooped up is bothering him.
padri Is there any other way out of the commons?
ZombieRaptor Jack, looking uncharacteristically perturbed settles into his seat, looking uncomfortable as he opens up a book.
ihp No other way out, Katie.
padri She sighs. Loudly. Then leans out the door again.
ZombieRaptor "Ya doin alright little gal?" Jack peers over at ms. Suzy sigh.
padri She looks back at Jack. "Um. No." She looks back out the door. "I need to go out."
padri (that last was to the guards)
ihp The guard peeks into the door. "Why?"
padri "Cause I have to."
ihp "…why?"
Daedalus (Say you need to use the bathroom)
DrSavage Randall opens his door.
padri ('swhat i'm gunna do.) "Um… I gotta go potty.)
padri *"
ihp "…oh. Okay." He looks at the other guard. "Stimson, take her to the little girl's room." "All right." The guard looks down at Katie. "C'mon, kid."
DrSavage Are there guards outside his door?
ihp There aren't, but there are some down the hallway.
padri Katie reaches up for his hand.
DrSavage Randall walks out of his room.
ihp The guard takes her hand, and leads her to the bathroom.
padri She goes in. Now she's just gotta figure out how to get rid of the guard …
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ihp Katie… you're out of an anomalous dampening zone. You know what that means?
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ihp Growth spurt! About 15 years worth of it, too.
padri That solves her problem!
padri She's still got her gun on her, cause she never put it away. She opens the door, and … Intimi roll!
Daedalus (God that must be awkward to go into puberty in fast motion.)
ihp Yes, intimidation roll.
Vol (Not to mention, do her clothes even fit anymore?)
padri 4df+11 "Here's what's going to happen. You're going to go away and tell everyone that everyone's all right, and I'm not going to shoot you."
Glacon padri: "Here's what's going to happen. You're going to go away and tell everyone that everyone's all right, and I'm not going to shoot you.": 11 (4df+11=0, +, 0, -)
padri (…probably not.)
padri (hope she was wearing something stretchy!)
ihp "…right. All right. Okay. All right okay." The guard stammers, and makes his way back to the commons. "Everything's fine, folks."
ihp Meanwhile, in the commons…
ihp The radio fizzles and sparks, belching out black smoke.
padri Katie steps out of the bathroom and … zoop! Kid katie again! That was interesting. She decides to head for medical.
ihp The smooth jazz stops playing.
ihp The smoke alarm goes off in Psi-7's commons.
DrSavage Randall sprints toward containment.
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ihp The radio smoulders in the commons, unnoticed by all.
IC 2
ihp Jacob enters the cafeteria. A radio is still playing smooth jazz.
ihp Jacob frowns at the radio. "Hrm. Somewhat catchy…" He taps his foot in time with it, whistling softly.
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ihp As Jacob whistles, something happens to him: hair begins to fall out of face. He doesn't notice.
LemurLord Roy steps into the cafeteria humming to himself
ihp Jacob frowns as he finds hair in his burger. He sniffs at it, wondering where it came from.
ihp He frowns, and sniffs again. Sniff sniff sniff.
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LemurLord "Something up with the food, Jacob?" (Im /pretty/ sure they met before)
ihp "…I must be getting a cold. I can't smell anything."
LemurLord "Oh? I'm sure you'll be fine. Just don't let me catch it," Roy smiles at Jacob. Does he notices the hair loss yet?
ihp He seems less hairy than before. And his hair seems darker. Not as silver.
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LemurLord Roy grabs some grub and sits next to Jacob, "Seems like yer looking a bit younger today," he jokes.
ihp Jacob frowns. "What do you mean?"
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LemurLord Roy waves his hands near his head, "Looking less grey. Coulda just been you shaved today."
padri Just wait, Roy.
LemurLord Roy just waits
ihp Jacob frowns. "Maybe… hrm."
LemurLord "Anyway," he says taking a mouthful of food, "It's probably nothing."
Vol Quinna strolls into the cafeteria and makes herself a few small sandwiches.
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LemurLord Roy tips his hat at the newcomer, "Evening miss."
Vol Quinna nods at Roy through a bite of one of her sandwiches and takes a seat at the same table.
LemurLord "I don't believe we met before, miss," he introduces himself, "I'm Roy Dobbs"
padri Roy, you spoke too soon.
padri A child walks into the cafeteria.
padri You'll probably recognize her~
ihp Jacob blinks, looking at the child and tilting his head. "…Katie?!"
LemurLord (Roy spoke to soon what?)
padri "Hi Mr Jacob. What's going on?" ("It's probably nothing.")
LemurLord (lol)
Vol "Call me Quin-" she stops mid sentence. "What is a child doing on site?"
ihp "…" Jacob stares, looking like he's going to faint. "…you're /Twenty-six/. How are you a child again?!"
padri "What?"
LemurLord "She's what?" Roy's head darts from Katie to Jacob
LemurLord "Jacob that's Katie, why would she be 26?"
padri Katie is a little confused.
ihp "…time travel. It's a long story."
Vol Quinna simply stares at Katie, unsure of how to act around a child.
padri "Is that why my room looks funny?"
LemurLord Roy turns to the new girl, "She's Katie Moodie. She was here with her mother, Laura, until…"
padri Katie just /looks/ at you, Roy.
ihp "…Katie, what do you remember?
LemurLord Roy either forgot or doesn't want to talk about it. Hard to tell with him
ihp Jacob looks at his fingers. They've turned into normal proportions. "Oh dear god." He runs out of the cafteria, bound for his room.
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padri "Um…" She thinks about it. "Well, there was that thing with Momma…" She watches him run away and just … she's not feelin' so hot.
LemurLord "Jacob?" Roy takes a few steps after him, unsure of whether to follow or not
padri She turns and walks out.
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Vol Quinna raises an eyebrow. "Do I want to know?"
ihp Jacob reenters the cafeteria.
padri Katie has left.
LemurLord "Lady even I don't half the time,"
ihp Jacob sighs. "Where is she?"
Vol "She just left." Quinna says, pointing to the exit.
LemurLord "What was that about?" he asks slightly flustered
ihp "…something odd is happening here."
LemurLord "Yeah," he sighs in response, "And when isn't it?"
ihp "In this case, it's a /lack/ of something odd."
LemurLord "And that would be?"
ihp "I need to test this. Do you have any… any silver?"
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LemurLord Roy produces his father's lighter, sterling silver, "You sure about this?"
padri Katie does! She has yet to realize she's wearing her mother's locket.
padri Unfortunately, she left.
Vol Quinna shrugs. "I wasn't aware it was werewolf season."
Vol She takes a bit of her sandwich. "In fact, it never is, as far as I know."
LemurLord "You'd be surprised at the sort of seasons we get here"
Vol (-bit +bite)
LemurLord Roy looks over his lighter, "Will this work?"
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ihp Jacob blinks, and holds out his hand. "Give it to me."
LemurLord Roy is hesitant but carefully lets the lighter drop into Jacob's palm
ihp Jacob clutches the lighter, expecting pain.
ihp It doesn't come.
LemurLord "You alright?" Roy puts a hand on Jacob's shoulder
ihp "…this is weird." Jacob hands the lighter back. "I'm… somewhat cured."
ihp "So long as I'm in this room… I don't appear to be a werewolf.
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LemurLord Roy pockets the lighter and pivots around, "Why here?"
LemurLord "Are there any other safe zones?"
ihp "Fuck if I know."
Vol Quinna finishes her sandwiches and pours herself a cup of tea. "Could be worse places to be trapped."
LemurLord Roy gets his thinking face on, "This doesn't make sense. And you said you changed back if you left this room?"
ihp "Yes! I do!"
ihp "I went back to my room, looked in the mirror, and I was my… other self."
Daedalus Hermann comes into the cafeteria arrying a large machine.
Daedalus "Here… another dead zone." He says, plugging in the machine and waving a wand around.
LemurLord "Oh," Roy spies the other new guy, "Excuse me, friend. What's that you got there?"
ihp Jacob blinks. "There are others?"
Daedalus "Physics Defying Differential Particles Detector… there is a severe lack of them in here." he says tuning the machine and putting on a pair of earphones.
LemurLord "Sir?" Roy approaches the new man and gives him a tap on the shoulder
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Daedalus "Oh? What do you want?" Hermann says, waving the metallic wand around.
LemurLord Roy backs away from the wand, "You mentioned dead zones. Are you talking anomaly dead zones?"
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Vol Quinna raises an eyebrow. "So what does that mean for the non-anomalous?"
ihp «Attention all Site 19 personnel. Please be advised that all anomalous personnel are to be confined to their quarters, medical or a voluntary containment cell until further notice.»
ihp «Any anomalous personnel found in the common rooms, dining areas or laboratory wing will be quarantined in those areas.»
Daedalus He stands on a table, "Well, not exactly. You see there are certain psysics defying particles that reside in the air as a result of directed anomalous energy. Magic residue, in layman's terms. Granted, there is always a a tiny bit hanging in the air that is a result of natural forces, but there is none here, which raises the question of why."
Vol Quinna's brow drops with her exasperated sigh. "Great, now /I'm/ stuck in here too."
ihp A quarantine is, indeed, established. People in the cafeteria are sealed in there for the time being.
LemurLord "I hope there's nothing going around…"
Daedalus Hermann's guards stand by the door.
Daedalus "Something is happening. Something disrupting all anomalous and supernatural activity."
ihp «All non-anomalous personnel are to report to medical immediately.»
LemurLord "What does that mean for normal folks? I ain't gonna drop dead am I?"
Daedalus Hermann looks up at the intercom worriedly, "I hope not… I will be back. Do not touch my equipment." He says, leaving with his guards and without his large machine.
Vol Quinna gets up and tosses her tea in the sink. She nods. "Guess that's my queue." She walks out and heads for Medical.
LemurLord Roy is hesitant to leave Jacob alone like this, "You think you'll be alright Jacob?"
ihp Jacob sighs, laying on the table. "This is the most peaceful I've felt in months. I'll be fine."
LemurLord Roy nods, "Stay safe," and he makes for medical.
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ihp Jacob just paces back and forth in the cafeteria.
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ihp Jacob has a salad, for once.
ihp The smooth jazz keeps playing.
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padri Kathleen approaches the cafeteria. Does she de-age?
ihp Only if she steps in.
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padri First she has to deal with the guards. It's easier to deal with them when she's an adult.
ihp Jacob just eats a salad.
padri She approaches them. "Hey."
ihp The guards look at Katie. "Hello?"
padri "Y'know there's a crisis in the med bay, right?"
ihp "…what's going on?"
padri "That's kind of your job to know. I shouldn't have to tell you. If I were you, I'd go figure it out."
ihp The guards run off.
padri Kathleen looks in the door. ~That was easy.~ "Hey Jacob! Something nasty's going on and I need your help."
ihp Jacob blinks, and gets up. "…if I step out of here, I'll be… a werewolf again." He looks around. "…I… I can't."
padri "What's wrong with that?"
ihp "…I'm always angry. I'm afraid that if I step out of here, something… will happen. Something bad."
padri She shakes her head. "But something's already happened, Jacob. And I'm not sure it's good."
ihp "…all right. What do you need me to do?"
ihp Smooth Jazz keeps playing.
padri "I'm afraid they're doing something to us."
padri "We should check out containment."
ihp "Right. Let's head down there." Jacob steps out, and as he does, he looks about 500% more wolfish. He sighs. "It was fun while it lasted."
padri Kathleen honestly doesn't have enough concern left to be concerned about Jacob's happiness. That'll come later. She grumbles: "They're supposed to contain anomalies, not fuck them up."
ihp "To containment, then." Jacob nods.
padri "Let's go." She heads that way.
IC 3
Beaker Ryan enters carrying Lis
ihp As he enters Medical, Lis feels power flowing through her once again. Literally.
gumbal1 Danielle assists
Beaker Ryan puts her in a bed
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Daedalus Hermann works in his lab, when suddenly he notices some of the artifacts he keeps on a shelf stop glowing. He looks to Lis's blood sample and notices it turn a dark red.
Daedalus He sees them carrying Lis and heads over to Medical.
Nemi Daed: Lis' blood remains its colour.
Daedalus Redact that part then.
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Nemi Almost as soon as Lis is carried to Medical, she squirms and seems to snap back to wakefulness. "Ghwha wha what.." Brain booting up…
Beaker "Hey, you're in medical, relax"
Daedalus Hermann quickly goes to her, "Miss Tande? Are you alright?"
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Nemi She shakes her head a few times, blinking. ".. yes. What happened? I just felt so.. drained.."
Daedalus "I do not know. What happened to her." He asks Ryan.
Nemi Lis' eyes have that dull glow again. She still seems extremely disoriented and her movements are uncoordinated, like she forgot how her limbs worked. SO being in bed is probably for the best.
Daedalus 4df+11 Examining Lis
Glacon Daedalus: Examining Lis: 12 (4df+11=-, +, 0, +)
Nemi She seems to be.. normal, as much as she can be, again.
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Beaker "Not sure doc, a Disneyland commercial came on and *BAM*"
ihp "That's the fourth case today," A nurse says. "Two from Psi-7, a calorokintentic from Theta-8 and a… classified personnel from Omicron-3."
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Daedalus "Whatever it was, it's gone now." He puts away his stethoscope, "You should stay here, Miss Tande, rest."
Nemi Lis slowly nods, blinking her eyes at nothing in particular. ".. okay."
Beaker "Feeling better?"
padri Katie walks down the lab hallway.
Beaker Ryan goes to fill out the stack of paperwork
Daedalus Hermann heads down the hall to check his blood samples.
padri She finds lab 14 emptied, lab 9 emptied of her mother's things, and lab 8 empty of people.
Beaker Ryan turns on the radio to the news channel
Daedalus Hermann sees Katie and raises an eyebrow, "You, little one! What are you doing here?"
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padri She looks up at Hermann. She's a little confused. "Who are you?"
ihp There is no radio in medical.
Beaker-is-crushed Ryan waves
Daedalus "I am Dr. Austerlitz. What are you doing in this restricted area?"
Beaker-is-crushed "She is with me Doc"
Beaker-is-crushed Ryan motions to Katie
Nemi Lis sleeps.
padri Katie looks around. She doesn't recognize Ryan, either.
padri "Who're you?"
Daedalus He glares at Ryan, "What is a child doing in the laboratory halls? Are your parents around here, girl?"
Beaker-is-crushed Ryan shakes his head no at the Doctor
padri "No! Momma's /gone!/"
Beaker-is-crushed Ryan looks down sad
Beaker-is-crushed "Doc, her mother is…" Ryan looks at Katie "No longer with us. I'm watching her" Ryan lies quickly hoping it will work
Beaker-is-crushed about the watching part
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padri Katie goes along with it. At least that guy isn't trying to send her away. She backs up toward Ryan.
Daedalus "What is your name, girl?"
padri "…Katie."
Daedalus "Full name."
Beaker-is-crushed Ryan puts a protective hand on her shoulder and gives her a lollypop
ihp Concerned words are spoken throughout the site.
padri "Kathleen Evelyn Moodie."
ihp Reports of cases of anomalies stopping functioning in several laboratories are made. More reports of anomalies on staff in at least three task forces, including Psi-7, are made.
Daedalus "Now, Miss Moodie, please do not arbitrarily stroll through the halls like you do. This can be a very dangerous place."
ihp Or rather, a /lack/ of anomalies.
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padri "I /know./ I'm a junior agent."
Daedalus He turns around and briskly walks away.
Beaker "Nice" Ryan smiles
padri She turns to Ryan. "Do you know where Doc is? Or Mr Randall? Or … um… " She deflates a bit.
Beaker "Ill make a call" Ryan smiles and picks up the phone
Beaker Ryan hangs up and shakes his head. "Let's try the commons"
padri Katie comes with Ryan.
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ihp Somewhere, a call is made, and another call after that. A message is sent via enigmagraph, which is carried by foot to an intercom office.
ihp The person behind the intercom ahems, and flicks the switch on it.
ihp «Attention all Site 19 personnel. Please be advised that all anomalous personnel are to be confined to their quarters, medical or a voluntary containment cell until further notice.»
ihp «Any anomalous personnel found in the common rooms, dining areas or laboratory wing will be quarantined in those areas.»
ihp «All non-anomalous personnel are to report to medical immediately.»
RecursiveRecursion Wiley pops out of the shadows. Not literally, that would be anomalous, which he isn't. That's why he's here.
ihp Agent Dewitt is in medical, along with Dr. Burr from the Communicable Disease Center, Dr. Lovhaug, and several other doctors you don't recognize.
Daedalus Hermann reports to medical, guards in tow.
RecursiveRecursion (Huh, did someone say Davitt?)
ihp Agent Dewitt looks at you all. "Right. We don't know what's going on. We have at least six dead zones around the site, three of which are task force common areas. We're thinking this might be some kind of outside attack."
RecursiveRecursion "Does this have something to do with the weird door?"
Daedalus "What could cause mass shutdown of various unconnected anomalies?"
ihp Dr. Burr steps forward. "It may be a viral attack of some form; anomaly-cancelling virus."
LemurLord Roy lags behind, entering Medical in a brisk jog
Vol Quinna also enters Medical at this point, fondling her wampum neckalce absent-mindedly.
ihp Dr. Lovhaug has his own theory. "We recently procured a fictional anomalous item. Leakage from that universe could be causing the cancellation of anomalies, but that doesn't explain the isolation of it."
Daedalus "It would have attack very specifically. Who has the capability for such an attack?"
ihp "…there are a few places. The Chaos Insurgency, Project Smilodon, possible agents of Grassroots."
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ihp Dewitt shakes his head. "We just don't know. You're the brightest we have right now. If you have any idea what could be causing this…"
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RecursiveRecursion "You mentioned the Insurgency? Didn't that door have something to do with it?" He refers to the one outside the commons.
ihp "…I don't know what you're talking about, boy." Dewitt frowns.
RecursiveRecursion (It's still there, right?)
ihp (I'm pretending it doesn't exist because I don't know Roget's plans for it)
RecursiveRecursion (Redact that, then)
ihp "Anyone have any ideas? Anyone at all?"
Daedalus Hermann shakes his head, "I'm open to the idea that a leakage is causing these dead zones, but this seems very specific, almost intentional, but that doesn't explain what it isn't site-wide. That it is in localized areas suggets some mode of control."
ihp Smooth jazz plays int he background.
LemurLord "This is all bonkers," Roy sighs. He lowers his hat and leans against the wall. He lets the eggheads figure it out
Daedalus "Perhaps this is but an experiment."
ihp "…an experiment?" Dr. Lovhaug frowns. "What are you implying?"
Daedalus "Someone is doing this intentionally, perhaps to test something. Or perhaps this is merely the side effect of something greater…"
RecursiveRecursion "Have our anomalous objects been affected?"
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ihp "Containment is unaffected," Dewitt answers. "Anomalous items in the laboratory corridor have been cancelled, however."
RecursiveRecursion "I'll admit I'm not the smartest bloke here, but isn't there some law about energy not being created or destroyed?"
RecursiveRecursion "So my question is…"
ihp "Where's the anomalous energy going."
RecursiveRecursion "Righto"
ihp All the doctors in the room start clamoring over this. They hadn't even considered this.
ihp "We need to get to containment," says a random doctor. "Make sure that certain… objects are intact."
Vol Quinna scoffs. "What, like there's some sort of super skip stealing all of our energy?"
Daedalus "If this is a magical attack, then that wouldn't matter. We should head to containment either way."
RecursiveRecursion Wiley goes with.
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ihp Dewitt leads a team to containment.
Daedalus Hermann follows close behind.
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ihp "All anomalies in containment are still active. Be cautious."
Vol Quinna doesn't have anything else to do, so she follows closely behind.
Daedalus Hermann puts a hand on his weapon.
ihp Containment is quiet. Too quiet. Only a few guards are here and there, guarding a few Euclids and the few Keters they have.
RecursiveRecursion Wiley shuffles his cards nervously.
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Daedalus Hermann hides behind his guards, who are also rather scared.
ihp Hermann, do you still have that big-ass machine with you? The PDDPD?
Daedalus Yep.
ihp Roll whatever you feel relevant to use it. Probably science.
Daedalus 4df+11 (Science+Specialty)
Glacon Daedalus: (Science+Specialty): 11 (4df+11=+, -, -, +)
ihp Bzzzzzt bweeeooo beweeooo beweeooo. The PDDPD is picking up a high concentration of anomalous particles in the area.
Vol Quinna loads a clip into her rifle and calmly trains it on a nearby Euclid…just in case.
Daedalus "Scheiße, there is a lot of anomalous particles in the air. Tread carefully." He says, reading the gauges.
ihp A large cloud of the stuff had coalesced near an empty containment cell.
RecursiveRecursion "Um… What is that?"
ihp It's quite visible. It's bright blue, and resembles a storm cloud.
Vol Quinna glances over. "A cloud."
RecursiveRecursion Wiley opens his mouth to say something snarky, but closes it and shakes his head.
Daedalus "Non-Euclidian Particles. A Scheiße load of them. I wouldn't get to close."
ihp Dewitt frowns. "I take it shooting it would be a bad idea?"
Daedalus "I do not know why you would shot a minuature storm cloud, but yes, it is not the best idea."
Vol Quinna shrugs. "Tell me when I can shoot something."
ihp It starts… drifting. On an invisible wind. Towards Hermann.
Daedalus Hermann attempts to hide behind his guards, who attempt to hide behind him. They back up quickly.
Vol "Running might be prudent."
ihp Hermann, what is the PDDPD made out of? Plastic or metal?
Daedalus Roll science to find out?
Daedalus oh, nvm
Daedalus it's made of metal.
ihp The cloud seems to… reach out to Hermann's device, attempting to grasp the probe.
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ihp 4df+3 The cloud is surprisingly strong.
Glacon ihp: The cloud is surprisingly strong.: 1 (4df+3=-, +, -, -)
ihp Or not.
Daedalus 4df Hermann's strength!
Glacon Daedalus: Hermann's strength!: 0 (4df=+, +, -, -)
RecursiveRecursion (BAHAHAHA)
ihp The probe is yanked out of Hermann's hands. The cloud appears to eat the probe… before, suddenly, it glows brightly, and makes a loud whistling sound…
ihp It gets louder… and louder…
ihp And louder…
RecursiveRecursion "Um… Docs? Any bright ideas?"
ihp Roll pdef, DC of 4.
Daedalus Hermann takes off his earphones and throws the machine in front of the cloud.
Daedalus 4df+4 Pdef!
RecursiveRecursion 4df+3
Glacon Daedalus: Pdef!: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, +, -)
Glacon RecursiveRecursion: 6 (4df+3=+, +, +, 0)
RecursiveRecursion (yay)
Vol "You guys figure it out. I'm going to take cover." Quinna finds a corner to hide around and readies her rifle.
ihp The sound is loud, but you're able to cover your ears in time and not take any permanent hearing damage. However….
ihp With a bright flash of light, the cloud explodes. The probe is dropped out of the cloud, mangled and twisted into a knot.
RecursiveRecursion Wiley edges closer to it. He pokes it with a metal card.
Daedalus Hermann looks over at where the cloud used to be.
padri Katie approaches medical!
ihp Katie, you find about half a dozen doctors in medical, trying to figure out what in the actual hell is going on.
Vol Quinna eyes the machine from around the corner.
ihp "It's not a virus, or a bacteria." "It has to be some kind of magical attack!" "Then why does magic not work? It would have to be anti-magical, and anti-magical can't be magical!"
Daedalus He carefully grabs the machine.
ihp It's useless, Hermann.
padri If it's not guarded, she walks right in. She approaches one of the doctors.
ihp One of the doctors looks at Katie. Is she a child again?
padri Isn't she? Iunno. It's up to you.
ihp No anomaly dampening in medical, so no.
ihp She's an adult.
padri Then /Kathleen/ approaches the doctor.
Daedalus ~Damnit~ He takes up the device and hands it to one of the guards hiding behind him, "Hold this, you idiots."
ihp The doctor is one Dr. Hendricks. He's holding a scanner of some kind. He waves it over Kathleen. "Okay, not an alien. Probably not the Loof-aang Spaanful Empire getting revenge on us…" "Fucks sake, Hendricks, /it isn't aliens!/"
padri Katie frowns. Aaaactually, can she remember what it is? Or try to? Of course, she's gotten involved now, so that'll throw off her accuracy…
padri "You don't know jack shit, do you?"
Nemi Lis is lying around like a lump in medical, still a bit shellshocked from her brief period literally actually a corpse.
ihp "…quite frankly, no." Hendricks shakes his head.
padri 4df+3 Remembering, cause you didn't say you wouldn't allow it.
Glacon padri: Remembering, cause you didn't say you wouldn't allow it.: 4 (4df+3=0, -, +, +)
ihp You remember something about the Foundation Employment Contract including a waiver that said that it could experiment on employees. That's about it.
Daedalus Hermann storms back to Medical.
ihp Hermann, Katie is there, and Lis is a lump.
ihp Dewitt follows you back. "So, we got people losing anomalies, and that energy's leaking to containment. How do we stop it?"
padri This alarms her. She decides she needs to go and check on the others. "Where are the anomalous people being contained?"
ihp "Their quarters, common room, there's the werewolf in the cafeteria."
ihp "He seems pretty happy there, honestly."
Daedalus "My first thought would be some sort of shielding to prevent the transfer."
padri Katie nods, then turns to head out.
ihp Hermann, roll science to see if you can come up with a good shield.
Nemi Lis tries to sit up, a bit dizzily.
padri She heads toward the cafeteria. A werewolf would be useful to have on her side, happy or otherwise.
Daedalus 4df+11 (Science+Specialty)
Glacon Daedalus: (Science+Specialty): 10 (4df+11=+, 0, -, -)
padri *all of those should have been kathleen.
ihp You find that beryllium bronze would be the best shield in this case.
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DrSavage Randall goes to check in at containment.
Daedalus "Beryllium bronze would probably stop the transfer of energy, but… I feel as if we're going in circles."
ihp "…what do you mean?" Dewitt asks.
Daedalus "Something else is in play here, and I don't think we're grasping it."
Nemi ".. what's.. going on?" Lis finally manages to say. "Beryllium bronze? That.. reminds me of when.."
Nemi ".. scranton box."
ihp "Sorry, sir," says the person at containment to Randall, "But there was just some kind of anomalous cloud here. Nobody's allowed into containment."
ihp Dewitt turns to face Lis, and stares. "…oh, that son of a- I am going to /kill/ his ass."
ihp Dewitt storms out of the room. "That fuck does /not/ experiment on my task force and get away with it!"
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DrSavage "I don't care. I think I know what's happening here. Give me a containment suit…I need to go into 353's cell."
Nemi "Who..?" Lis watches him go, eyes shining faintly.
Daedalus "Lisbet, what's going on?"
ihp "…fine. If you think you can help…" The man in containment gives Randall suit. "Hurry up."
DrSavage Randall puts it on and goes about procedures to get into Vector's room.
ihp Vector is sitting there, limp.
Daedalus Hermann follows behind.
ihp There's an odd device on her arm.
ihp Dewitt storms down to a door that you didn't know was there, and punches in a code. It's denied. "Scranton, open the door." Silence. "Scranton!"
DrSavage "I knew it…" He walks to her and looks to the device.
ihp Vector looks rather… lifeless. She's drooling, and her eyes are blank.
DrSavage "No no no…come on…" Randall examines the device on her arm.
Nemi She sits up slightly. ".. I think.. I think someone turned on a Scranton box."
ihp It's made out of beryllium bronze. It looks like a miniature Scranton box, but… it appears to have the opposite effect. It has an antenna on it.
Daedalus Hermann observes from the outside.
Nemi "It's.. a device that causes interference with anomalies. I.. thought I destroyed the last one.."
ihp The doctors in medical look at each other awkwardly, before a containment specialist steps forward. "We… recruited Leopold Scranton after the incident in Nevada."
Nemi ".. well. Someone's turned one on."
ihp Speaking of Scranton, he opens the door eventually. "Dewitt, what are you-" Dewitt grabs Scranton's throat. He flails. "Don't fuck around with me. You're experimenting on Foundation personnel with your boxes."
Nemi ".. I think." She flops back into bed, still not having full control of herself.
DrSavage Is it stuck in it or on it?
ihp The antenna is on it. Vector flops to the floor.
ihp Dewitt practically throttles Scranton. "I-I was," Scranton gasps. "I was going to terminate it in an hour! They work! Imagine the containment applicat-" "Shut up!" Dewitt growls. "How do you turn them off?"
DrSavage Can he remove it?
ihp Gimme a strength check.
ihp Randall only.
DrSavage 4df+3
Glacon DrSavage: 1 (4df+3=-, -, 0, 0)
ihp 4df thingy resist
Glacon ihp: thingy resist: -2 (4df=-, 0, -, 0)
Vol (Jesus)
ihp It comes off easily. Vector gasps and cringes, sitting up and hissing. "Mmmm… mmmmm… .mmmmm…."
DrSavage "Hush, you're alright, you're alright."
Daedalus Hermann watches.
ihp "…Moriarty…" Vector goes unconscious. She's alive, though. For now.
ihp Dewitt, meanwhile, drags Scranton back to medical after handcuffing his hands.
DrSavage "Moriarty…" Randall looks to her, concerned.
Vol Quinna idles outside.
ihp Lis, you recognize Scranton as someone else entirely. It's the guy from the shack you were in in the forest. The scientist guy who was pinned up on the tree.
DrSavage Fury pools in Randall's eyes, as he gently puts Vector in a more comfortable position, rushing out.
Nemi Lis stares at him. ".. mister Wilson?"
ihp Scranton frowns. "What are you talking about?"
Daedalus "Das Hurensohn …" Hermann says under his breath.
Nemi "I.. remember you. From .. the park incident. Mitchell .. Wilson?"
padri Kathleen and Jacob approach containment. Upon seeing all the people, Kathleen immediately goes on high alert.
padri She stays back.
ihp Jacob stares. "…what the hell is going on?"
padri "I don't know, but I don't like it." She puts a hand on her gun. "They're all supposed to be in medical."
ihp Dewitt looks at Scranton and frowns. Scranton stares. "…shit."
Daedalus Hermann watches Scranton from afar/
Vol 4df+4 "The hell is that?"
Glacon Vol: "The hell is that?": 7 (4df+4=+, 0, +, +)
ihp Scranton swallows. "It-it was supposed to be a harmless experiment! I was planning on shutting it down after Tande nearly kicked the bucket, but…"
ihp (What is Quinna rolling, Vol?)
Vol (hearing Kathleen approaching)
ihp He hears her, yes.
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Daedalus Hermann quickly goes to Scranton, "You said something about Moriarty."
ihp (NO he didn't? Vector did, I'm fairly sure.)
DrSavage Randall heads to medical, arms twitching.
Vol Kathleen glances around the corner and spots Kathleen. She doesn't perceive her as a threat however.
padri Kathleen, though, stays back. She's not sneaky, so she does get noticed, but she tries to notice what's going on. She does have her hand on her gun, Quin
Nemi "Kicked.. .." She stops. And STARES at 'Scranton', angrily and accusingly.
Daedalus redact thensorry
padri 4df+5 can she make any sense of what's happening? (perc
Glacon padri: can she make any sense of what's happening? (perc: 4 (4df+5=-, -, +, 0)
ihp Kathleen, as far as you can figure… 1) someone is attempting to cancel anomalies. 2) it's probably someone in the Foundation doing it, as per the clause in your contract that allows experimentation. 3) said person is somehow connected to SCP-353, AKA Vector.
ihp "…oh god." 'Scranton' whimpers. Dewitt stares at him. "Son of a /bitch/. How do we turn it off?" "I-" "HOW DO WE TURN IT OFF?"
Vol Quinna notices the gun and raises an eyebrow. She keeps her rifle raised in one hand and the othe hand up to indicate that she means no harm. "Excuse me, who are you?
Vol "
Vol (other*)
padri "Look, whoever /you/ are, I suggest you back the fuck off."
Vol Quinna rolls her eyes. "If I wanted to shoot you I already would have." She does however take a step back in compliance.
ihp "…radios. The ones playing Jazz. Get rid of them, and the effect ends. And you can't blame me for this! It's in your employment contracts!"
padri "What do you know?"
padri Is there any effect within containment?
DrSavageRandall walks into medical, looking around. "Is everyone alright?!"
Vol She shrugs. "About as much as you. I just shoot at things when I'm told to. They're in there, figuring this out." She gestures towards the room with a flick of her eyes.
padri Kathleen approaches, looking into the room indicated.
Daedalus Hermann heads to the intercom. "«I would request all radios on site playing Jazz music be destroyed. I repeat, they are causing a site-wide anomalous event.»"
Vol Quinna produces one of her tiny smiles. "Where is the nearest radio?"
padri Kathleen thinks about it. "That way." She points. "But I'm more interested in who's behind this." Would the intercom room be any help with that, perhaps?
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ihp A radio playing smooth jazz is in the laboratory hallway.
Vol Quinna approaches the indicated radio and smashes it with the stock of her rifle.
padri She heads towards the intercom room.
ihp The intercom room is occupied, for once, by a rather reedy looking man in a suit. He blinks at Katie and Quinna. "Who are you?"
padri "Identification."
Daedalus Hermann stays with Lisbet, to make sure she gets better.
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Vol Quinna finds another radio. it's not playing jazz, but she smashes it anyways. Just in case.
ihp The speaker playing Jazz is eventually found.
ihp Does Quinna smash it?
Nemi Lis eventually does kinda just flop though.
Vol Yes. She smashes it. WITH A VENGEANCE.
ihp And with that, the Scranton Boxes are gone.
ihp Anomalies return to Site 19. Anomalous personnel find their gifts (or curses) returning within a minute.
ihp A while later, Dewitt talks over the intercomm.
ihp «All right. As far as we can figure, here's what happen: Dr. /Wilson/ has been posing as Dr. Scranton for a couple of months now. An experiment, while non-consensual, was authorized by a higher-up for the purposes of testing the Scranton Box on personnel.»
Nemi As if anyone but Lis has a 'curse'.
ihp «As a result, anomalies failed in several areas around the site. Meanwhile, an unidentified party, identified by SCP-353 as "Moriarty", infiltrated its cell and placed an unknown device on them. This device, as far as our research teams can figure, absorbed anomalous energy the Scranton Boxes took away.»
ihp «We believe this was an assassination attempt of SCP-353, coordinated with action taken by Dr. Scranton regarding his items.»
Daedalus Hermann looks up at the intercom and sighs.
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ihp «However, at this time, we do not believe that Dr. Wilson, also known as Dr. Scranton, had any direct involvement with SCP-353's condition.»
ihp «All active Scranton Boxes in Site 19 are believed to have been destroyed. However, if any personnel finds a strange radio, they should report it immediately to security personnel.»
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Daedalus Hermann keeps the remains of a Scranton box and stores it in his office.
Vol Quinna approaches Hermann. "Won't it still have some sort of effect intact?"
ihp «Unfortunately, beyond charges of falsifying identity, Dr. Wilson cannot be reprimanded for his actions.»
ihp «Under Clause 15, Section 2 of the Foundation Employment Contract, all personnel employed by the Foundation consent to experimentation conducted by Foundation researchers. However, Dr. Wilson is still being held on charges of falsifying identification documents and possible treason.»
Daedalus "No, not while it is not playing noise." He says, heading back to Medical.

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