Three Blind Mice

[23:23:20] <Pixeltasim> Luke walks in, "Wassup?"
[23:23:30] <gumbal1> Danielle walks in.
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[23:23:48] <Soulless> Elanor is here!
[23:23:54] <Pixeltasim> "Hey Elanor." Luke is there!
[23:24:08] <Daedalus> Eli walks in, "Good Evening"
[23:24:14] <Soulless> "Good afternoon."
[23:24:18] <Soulless> Elanor looks like she really could use a nap.
[23:24:51] <SirGoldFish> A pissed off bald man in a black trench coat is there! He has some official looking document.
[23:25:13] <SirGoldFish> "This is everyone?"
[23:25:22] <Pixeltasim> "I guess."
[23:25:24] <Daedalus> "You look rather angry about something, sir." Eli says to him, "Does it have something to do with the mission at hand?"
[23:25:47] <Soulless> Elanor looks to the pissed off drunk man.
[23:25:49] <Soulless> Err
[23:25:52] <Soulless> Pissed off bald man
[23:26:19] <SirGoldFish> This is the same man from last mission that I Gmed Ela and Eli
[23:26:57] <Soulless> "Hello again, sir."
[23:27:33] <SirGoldFish> The man shrugs. "You'll be investigating a town in North Carolina. A bunch of "mysterious figures" Or something stupid was spotted there."
[23:28:04] <Daedalus> Eli smiles warmly at the man, "And will we have to wear masks for this?"
[23:28:13] <Pixeltasim> "Woo."
[23:28:16] <gumbal1> "Humanoid?"
[23:28:18] <Pixeltasim> Very unenthusiastic
[23:28:26] <SirGoldFish> "The town is home to approximately 243-" The man is cut off by a smaller gentle man handing him another piece of paper.
[23:28:41] <SirGoldFish> "242 civilian"
[23:28:51] <Soulless> "…Hm."
[23:28:52] <SirGoldFish> "Did I forget to mention the beheading?"
[23:28:59] <gumbal1> "You did."
[23:29:37] <Pixeltasim> "Woo."
[23:29:56] <Daedalus> "Beheading? Sounds like serious buisness." Eli scratches his chin, "Why doesn't the police handle this?"
[23:30:00] <SirGoldFish> "Well about 14 people were murder there over the course of 4 months, all beheaded."
[23:30:23] <Soulless> Elanor carefully puts on a cat's eye pendant.
[23:30:38] <SirGoldFish> "I don't know." The man says rather rudely.
[23:30:50] <gumbal1> Danielle takes out and examines her machete. "Clean beheadings?"
[23:31:24] <SirGoldFish> "This should be easy to find a murder in a small town. It is almost like the killer puts on a new identity every-time."
[23:31:57] <Daedalus> "Hmm, to behead is a very precise practice. It has a very specific purpose."
[23:31:59] <SirGoldFish> He looks to Dani. "Cleanest that you'll ever see."
[23:32:00] <gumbal1> "How do we know the killer puts on a new identity each time?"
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[23:32:38] <SirGoldFish> "I never said that. I said it was like that."
[23:32:54] <Pixeltasim> "Small town, I guess we can interview people there…"
[23:32:56] <gumbal1> "And what would lead us to assume it would be like that?"
[23:32:57] <Soulless> "Rehardless, assuming that we're there to investigate…? We should go before someon else is hurt."
[23:33:20] <gumbal1> "This osunds like an important bit of information."
[23:34:16] <SirGoldFish> "The town is full of wackos who report mysterious happenings, anyways." He looks to Danielle. "That is what the report said."
[23:34:58] <Pixeltasim> "I guess we should jump on the plane, get going?"
[23:35:04] <SirGoldFish> The man points to a jeep not far by. "You'll be taking a plane to North Carolina."
[23:35:21] <Soulless> "Thank you, sir."
[23:35:26] <Pixeltasim> "Shotgun!"
[23:35:45] <Pixeltasim> Luke jogs over to the jeep and jumps in, "Thanks, we'll take it from here."
[23:35:46] <Daedalus> Eli chuckles and heads towards the car, "I'll drive."
[23:35:55] <gumbal1> Danielle gets in the jeep.
[23:36:17] <Daedalus> Eli drives them out!
[23:36:46] <Soulless> Elanor is in the jeep. She closes her eyes in the jeep, leaning back and just trying to rest a bit.
[23:37:01] <LemurLord> Roy jumps in the jeep as well, almost missing it altogether
[23:37:09] <SirGoldFish> You guys all head out to the airfield!
[23:37:16] <SirGoldFish> Roy has been there the whole time!
[23:37:45] <Daedalus> Eli is an extremely slow driver! he drives a good 20 miles under the speed limit.
[23:38:04] <SirGoldFish> The jeep stops by plane.
[23:38:47] <gumbal1> Danielle frowns. "Could you possibly drive faster?"
[23:38:57] <gumbal1> redact
[23:39:23] <Daedalus> Eli gets out, "What an exciting thing!" he says, marveling at the plane.
[23:39:32] <SirGoldFish> The plane is ready for everyone to board!
[23:39:47] <LemurLord> Roy casually steps on the plane, even though he hasn't been on one in years
[23:39:50] <Soulless> Elanor heads into the plane, her gaze a little out of it.
[23:39:54] <gumbal1> Danielle boards it. She hopes it has seatbelts.
[23:40:08] <Soulless> Kinda on autopilot there, Elanor.
[23:40:40] <SirGoldFish> Everyone's on the plane.
[23:40:55] <Daedalus> Eli is totally on the plane now.
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[23:42:02] <SirGoldFish> A man who talks in a slurred voice comes onto the intercom. «You'll all be heading out to North Carolina. Hope you all had a good time…»
[23:42:09] <SirGoldFish> And the plane is off!
[23:43:52] <Soulless> "…I hope a drunk is not driving this."
[23:44:22] <gumbal1> "I've had worse."
[23:44:24] <Pixeltasim> "One would hope."
[23:44:29] <gumbal1> "I hope."
[23:44:52] <SirGoldFish> You here what sounds like a man chugging coming from the log cabin!
[23:45:02] <Daedalus> Eli is too busy looking out the window to notice any negativity, "This is simply marvelous!" he exclaims
[23:45:25] <gumbal1> "I swear to god how have I survived this long."
[23:45:26] <SirGoldFish> « You know my bitch of an ex lived in NC!»
[23:45:54] <SirGoldFish> «She dumped me because I had "issues"»
[23:46:12] <SirGoldFish> «But what does she know!»
[23:46:37] <SirGoldFish> The plane takes a dive before going back onto its regular course!
[23:47:02] <Soulless> Elanor puts her face in her hands.
[23:47:41] <Daedalus> "Oh dear me…"
[23:47:55] <SirGoldFish> The man uses PSI-7 as his personal therapist for a couple of hours before finally landing
[23:48:19] <Pixeltasim> "How did this guy even get hired." Luke jumps out of the plane
[23:48:30] <Soulless> "Probably was cheap."
[23:48:40] <Soulless> She gets the fuck off that plane.
[23:48:43] <SirGoldFish> He is basically full on crying when they land. «My mommy never loved me!!»
[23:49:11] <SirGoldFish> There is a jeep waiting for them!
[23:49:12] <LemurLord> Roy tries consoling him the best he can
[23:49:12] <gumbal1> Danielle fucks off the plane too, hoping she hasn't secretly died and not known it yet.
[23:49:33] <Soulless> Elanor gets the fuck on that jeep.
[23:49:47] <Daedalus> Eli pats the pilot's shoulder on the way out, "I know how you feel, sir. Try to talk with your Mother." He heads to the jeep
[23:50:18] <LemurLord> Roy hops in the back of the jeep
[23:50:40] <gumbal1> Danielle gets shotgun.
[23:50:57] <SirGoldFish> Assuming everyone's on the jeep, they're off!
[23:51:00] <Daedalus> Eli drives again! Even slower this time!
[23:51:35] <Soulless> Elanor enjoys the slow ride.
[23:51:41] <SirGoldFish> Suburbia passes by you like a bolt of lightning before you all end up in a massive forest road.
[23:51:47] <gumbal1> "Could you drive faster?"
[23:52:07] <SirGoldFish> Everyone Precption DC 5!
[23:52:11] <Pixeltasim> 4df+4
[23:52:11] <LemurLord> "It's calming, Dani"
[23:52:17] <LemurLord> 4df+9
[23:52:19] * Glacon has joined #homeimprovement
[23:52:22] <gumbal1> 4df+4 wha
[23:52:22] <Glacon> gumbal1: wha: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, 4-, 0)
[23:52:27] <Pixeltasim> 4df+4 perception
[23:52:27] <Glacon> Pixeltasim: perception: 8 (4df+4=3+, 3+, 3+, 3+)
[23:52:28] <Daedalus> 4df+2
[23:52:28] <Glacon> Daedalus: 4 (4df+2=3+, 0, 3+, 0)
[23:52:35] <gumbal1> "It's slow."
[23:52:39] <LemurLord> 4df+9 uh
[23:52:40] <Glacon> LemurLord: uh: 11 (4df+9=3+, 3+, 0, 0)
[23:53:36] <Soulless> 4df+5 percep
[23:53:37] <Glacon> Soulless: percep: 6 (4df+5=0, 0, 3+, 0)
[23:53:40] <SirGoldFish> Roy and Luke notice an odd amount of dead trees on the right side of the road, it is almost like it is following the town.
[23:53:48] <SirGoldFish> Elanor notices it as well!
[23:53:54] <Pixeltasim> "Lotta dead trees."
[23:54:02] <LemurLord> "That's odd. Hey you guys see this?"
[23:54:06] <gumbal1> "It'sa forest. Of course there are."
[23:54:24] <LemurLord> "Not all in a row like that"
[23:54:27] <Pixeltasim> "Like they're all on the right side."
[23:54:34] <Soulless> "….Hm…"
[23:54:43] <Daedalus> "Hope it doesn't effect the road.""
[23:54:46] <SirGoldFish> It is almost as something is heading for the town.
[23:54:57] <Soulless> "It looks like something had knocked the trees over on the way to town."
[23:55:17] <SirGoldFish> Most of the trees are still standing.
[23:55:19] <Daedalus> "Oh dear, something big?"
[23:55:22] <LemurLord> "What beast could do /that/"
[23:55:26] <LemurLord> "?"
[23:55:30] <SirGoldFish> Everyone agility!
[23:55:34] <Daedalus> "An elephant?"
[23:55:36] <Pixeltasim> 4df+5 I am agile
[23:55:37] <Glacon> Pixeltasim: I am agile: 4 (4df+5=4-, 3+, 4-, 0)
[23:55:38] <SirGoldFish> To not get jostled.
[23:55:42] <LemurLord> 4df+2
[23:55:43] <Glacon> LemurLord: 4 (4df+2=3+, 0, 3+, 0)
[23:55:44] <gumbal1> 4df+4 Fcuk
[23:55:45] <Glacon> gumbal1: Fcuk: 2 (4df+4=0, 0, 4-, 4-)
[23:55:56] <Daedalus> 4df+4 Oh dear
[23:55:57] <Glacon> Daedalus: Oh dear: 2 (4df+4=0, 4-, 0, 4-)
[23:57:21] <SirGoldFish> A tree falls onto the jeep! As you're about to enter the town. Luckily everyone avoids getting stomped on!
[23:57:42] <Pixeltasim> Luke leaps off the jeep, "Whoa!"
[23:58:03] <SirGoldFish> The jeep begins to smoke a little.
[23:58:11] <gumbal1> Danielle sits there stunned for a minute, before slowly climbing out. She examines the tree.
[23:58:17] <LemurLord> "Whoah! I hope we didn't have to pay for that," Roy jokes when he is safe on the ground
[23:58:21] <Daedalus> "OH MY STARS AND GARTERS!" Eli shouts as he jumps out, "That was close!"
[23:58:38] <Soulless> Elanor is certainly awake now as she gets out of the jeep.
[23:58:39] <Pixeltasim> "Everyone away from the jeep! We don't know what's up with that tree!"
[23:58:49] <Soulless> "Let's head into town, quickly."
[23:59:09] <gumbal1> "We should examien the tree first to see what we're dealign with."
[23:59:09] <LemurLord> "Everyone alright? No scratches?"
[23:59:46] <Daedalus> Eli dusts himself off, "I'm alright, any one need madical assistance?"
[23:59:58] <Pixeltasim> "I think we're okay." Luke inspects everyone visually.

[00:00:25] <Pixeltasim> Luke scoots under the tree to the opposite side, looking down the road into the town
[00:00:28] <LemurLord> "What a way to start of the day, eh?"
[00:01:08] <gumbal1> Danielle goes back to examining the tree. Does she notice anything odd about it?
[00:01:26] <Soulless> Can Elanor roll her prophecy to try and discern what might've caused the odd tree formation?
[00:01:33] <SirGoldFish> Roll precp to notice things.
[00:01:36] <SirGoldFish> Elanor can!
[00:01:40] <Daedalus> "Well, it could be worse." Eli coughs, and scoots under the tree to where Luke is, "I guess we're walking then."
[00:01:44] <LemurLord> Roy looks at the jeep to see if anything is salvageable
[00:01:53] <gumbal1> 4df+4 Danielle has…special eyes
[00:01:53] <Glacon> gumbal1: Danielle has…special eyes: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, 4-, 0)
[00:02:05] <gumbal1> (thxdck)
[00:02:10] <Pixeltasim> 4df+4 Luke looks into the town to see what he can see
[00:02:10] <Glacon> Pixeltasim: Luke looks into the town to see what he can see: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, 4-, 3+)
[00:02:27] <SirGoldFish> Roy, it is gonna take some effort to get that fixed.
[00:02:27] <Soulless> 4df+3 Elanor closes her eyes and leans against the big tree.
[00:02:28] <Glacon> Soulless: Elanor closes her eyes and leans against the big tree.: -1 (4df+3=4-, 4-, 4-, 4-)
[00:02:30] <Soulless> …Wow
[00:02:43] <SirGoldFish> …
[00:02:53] <SirGoldFish> Roll Mdef, Elanor.
[00:02:57] <Soulless> (inb4 she accidenytally sees a horrific eldritch abomination consuming the earth a hundred years from now)
[00:03:08] <Soulless> 4df+4 fugg
[00:03:09] <Glacon> Soulless: fugg: 6 (4df+4=3+, 0, 3+, 0)
[00:03:23] <Daedalus> (Tree is full of rage :P)
[00:03:56] <SirGoldFish> She gets a massive headache! Whatever did this to the trees wants to keep it self hidden.
[00:04:29] <Daedalus> "I determine, in an official medical capacity, that this tree's cause of death was falling over." Eli chuckles
[00:04:29] <Soulless> She pulls away as if the tree burns her.
[00:04:36] <Soulless> She clutches her head.
[00:04:38] <LemurLord> Roy kicks the tire, "The jeeps a lost cause." He joins everyone else on the other side of the tree
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[00:04:59] <Soulless> She clutches her head hella tightly.
[00:05:00] <Pixeltasim> "You okay Elanor?"
[00:05:11] <SirGoldFish> (Q q+?)
[00:05:30] <SirGoldFish> The town is called "Sunnychester" or so the smiling sign says. The town it self is placed cozily in a massive forest clearing. The grass is a dark shade of green. You all can rolling hills in the background
[00:05:52] <Soulless> "Y-yes. I'm fine. Just…. J-just a headache. I couldn't…. c-couldn't find anything."
[00:05:53] <SirGoldFish> It is somewhat rural.
[00:06:14] <LemurLord> "Not a bad lookin' place,"
[00:06:17] <Pixeltasim> "Tell us if you need anything, got some painkillers if you need em."
[00:06:20] <Daedalus> "It's rather pretty." He looks back at elanor, "Are ou sure you don't need an as[rin?"
[00:06:24] <gumbal1> "Reminds me of home/"
[00:06:27] <Pixeltasim> "Where should we start?"
[00:06:44] <Pixeltasim> Are there any discernibly different buildings from the rest?
[00:06:44] <Daedalus> "A police station, if we can find one."
[00:07:00] <SirGoldFish> Three structures stick out immediately! A bar, a police station, and a alley with yellow tape surrounding it.
[00:07:01] <LemurLord> "The market or a church if we want gossip"
[00:07:10] <Soulless> "Maybe later. Rih now the medication might affect my ability to concentrate." That's not how asprin works u lil shit
[00:07:20] <gumbal1> "The chruch. It's always the church."
[00:07:31] <Pixeltasim> "Well, we could always split-up."
[00:07:32] <Soulless> "Let's try the alley."
[00:07:51] <Pixeltasim> "Let's all check out the alley, then split up for the police station and bar."
[00:08:06] <LemurLord> "I say the alley, my cop intuition is /pulling/ me there, heh"
[00:08:34] <Daedalus> Eli nods, "Shall we be off then?" He hopes there's a body he can examine.
[00:08:38] <SirGoldFish> Everyone is going to the alley?
[00:08:50] <Pixeltasim> Luke walks toward the alley
[00:08:51] <LemurLord> Roy makes sure his badge is visible and heads to the alley
[00:09:16] <Daedalus> Eli follows behind
[00:09:28] <gumbal1> Danielle shrugs and goes with everyone else.
[00:09:28] <Soulless> Elanor heads to alley woo
[00:09:41] <SirGoldFish> A red-haired man sitting in a foldaway iron chair is reading a newspaper by the scene. He is wearing a police get up.
[00:10:10] <Pixeltasim> "Hey." Luke is in his army woodland camo BDU
[00:10:12] <SirGoldFish> The man looks up to all of you. "You dem' folks they sent?"
[00:10:13] <LemurLord> "Good day friend," Roy shows him his badge
[00:10:22] <Soulless> "Yes."
[00:10:32] <gumbal1> "Oui."
[00:10:42] <Daedalus> Eli shows the man his Coroner card, "I'm here to examine the body as well."
[00:11:09] <SirGoldFish> He looks to Dani. "Oui? I don't speak none of that foreign language."
[00:11:20] <Pixeltasim> "I do."
[00:11:41] <Pixeltasim> "But they speak english very well."
[00:11:48] <Soulless> "Our friend here-" she motions to Elijah. "-is an expert in his field of, well, what happens when our spirits leave our bodies."
[00:11:54] <gumbal1> "Go fuck yourself. It means yes. Sorry, I just arrived here a few months ago."
[00:12:26] <SirGoldFish> The man rubs his tummy "If you have any further questions just ask 'em."
[00:12:49] <LemurLord> "We will, thanks. What can you tell us about the incident?"
[00:13:39] <SirGoldFish> At the end of the brick alley is a corpse missing it head. Or at least that is what is immediately visible.
[00:14:09] <Daedalus> Eli quickly heads to the body and gets out all his tools. He hums a tune as he gets to work.
[00:14:12] <Pixeltasim> "I'll stand here and pull some uh…" he glances at the cop, "Security."
[00:14:24] <Pixeltasim> He stands at the entrance to the alley way and watches the street for any threats
[00:14:36] <SirGoldFish> "Well, the man that died was an old sort his name was Joe I believe."
[00:14:49] <LemurLord> Roy looks around the trash cans for any clues
[00:15:05] <Soulless> Elanor approaches the body with Eli.
[00:15:08] <Daedalus> What to roll for post-mortem examination?
[00:15:18] <SirGoldFish> Yes please
[00:15:30] <gumbal1> "So, I've heard about mysterious figures. What do they look like?"
[00:15:31] <SirGoldFish> He smiles a bit as if he is remembering something. "Despite his age he was always the life of the party."
[00:16:15] <Daedalus> 4df+10 Medical+Special Cause of Death, time of death, if there was a struggle, etc.
[00:16:16] <Glacon> Daedalus: Medical+Special Cause of Death, time of death, if there was a struggle, etc.: 9 (4df+10=0, 4-, 0, 0)
[00:16:23] <LemurLord> "What did he do around town?"
[00:16:24] <SirGoldFish> Roy finds nothing.
[00:18:28] <SirGoldFish> The cut itself was done by a blade. The amount of precision that this cut was done with may amaze Mister Eli. It appears that our killer wanted the head well persevered.
[00:19:07] <SirGoldFish> "He was used to be a cop like myself before he retired."
[00:19:26] <Daedalus> "My, my… he did quite a number on you. Precise…" Eli says to the body.
[00:19:53] <LemurLord> "Did he have anyone who might want him… you know, gone?"
[00:20:22] <SirGoldFish> "And the "Mysterious figures" were two new folk that appeared."
[00:20:32] <Soulless> "How is it, Mr. Davenport?"
[00:20:33] <SirGoldFish> "Not that I can think of." He says to Roy.
[00:20:43] <Soulless> Elanor kneels to the body, looking quite sad at the loss of life.
[00:20:49] <gumbal1> "Have you arrested them?"
[00:20:54] <Daedalus> "Whoever did this wanted to keep the head,
[00:20:56] <Daedalus> "
[00:21:03] <Soulless> "Hm…"
[00:21:12] <Soulless> "There are many reasons for that, I do believe…"
[00:21:13] <SirGoldFish> "Nope, we don't get a lot of new people around."
[00:21:27] <Soulless> "Do you know how it was made or how long ago it was?"
[00:21:32] <LemurLord> "Where are they now?"
[00:21:56] <SirGoldFish> "It is just odd. They kind of looked shady as if they had something to hide. I believe they're living in our inn, currently."
[00:22:13] <Daedalus> he points at the neck, "A precision cut. Most likely a straight edge, something with either weight or someone with a strong arm."
[00:22:31] <gumbal1> "They're prime suspects. why haven't you arrested them?"
[00:22:32] <Daedalus> How long ago did the beheading happen
[00:22:35] <Daedalus> ?
[00:22:55] <SirGoldFish> about 8 hours ago!
[00:23:20] <LemurLord> "Maybe we should pay the 'figures' a visit"
[00:23:25] <Daedalus> "About eight hours ago, rigor mortis and body temperature and such."
[00:23:44] <SirGoldFish> The man shrugs. "The entire police force is me Jimmy and the sheriff."
[00:23:45] <LemurLord> Roy scratches his chin, gears clearly turning
[00:24:10] <Soulless> "Hm… You know very much. Very impression."
[00:24:18] <Soulless> *very impressive
[00:24:20] <Soulless> Elanor isn'g doge
[00:24:21] <Pixeltasim> "I can go check em out, anyone with questions wanna come?"
[00:24:23] <Soulless> *isn't
[00:24:27] <gumbal1> "Still. You have guns, don't you? Just shoot out their kneecaps if they resist arrest."
[00:24:54] <LemurLord> "That's not how the police work, Dani"
[00:24:58] <gumbal1> "I, uh, believe thats how the American justice system occurs."
[00:25:11] <gumbal1> "It isn't?"
[00:25:18] <SirGoldFish> The man shows his baton. "We aint not well equipped…"
[00:25:45] <LemurLord> "Due course and all that, I'll explain it on the way"
[00:25:51] <gumbal1> "So you want us to arrest them? I think our team has guns."
[00:25:56] <Pixeltasim> "American police call in help when they know they need it."
[00:26:03] <Pixeltasim> Luke starts walking to the inn/bar
[00:26:09] <Pixeltasim> "Who wants to come along?"
[00:26:16] <Daedalus> Eli stands up, "Thank you, I try my best." He puts his tools away, "That's all I can discern for now. We should have the body shipped back to the site."
[00:26:22] <Pixeltasim> "Also what do they look like?"
[00:26:32] <SirGoldFish> "Wait!" He holds up a document!
[00:26:42] <Pixeltasim> Luke waits
[00:26:52] <LemurLord> Roy takes the paper, "What's this?"
[00:27:13] <gumbal1> Danielle reads over Roy's shoulder.
[00:27:13] <SirGoldFish> He hands them the doc. "It is the rest of what we know about the killings…"
[00:27:43] <SirGoldFish> Precp every body reading.
[00:27:43] <LemurLord> Roy holds the paper out so everyone can see.
[00:28:01] <LemurLord> 4df+9 reading intensifies
[00:28:01] <Glacon> LemurLord: reading intensifies: 12 (4df+9=3+, 3+, 0, 3+)
[00:28:05] <Pixeltasim> 4df+4 perception
[00:28:06] <Glacon> Pixeltasim: perception: 5 (4df+4=4-, 3+, 3+, 0)
[00:28:11] <gumbal1> 4df+4 wha
[00:28:12] <Glacon> gumbal1: wha: 2 (4df+4=3+, 4-, 4-, 4-)
[00:28:14] <Soulless> "Alright then. How should we take the body back?"
[00:28:21] <gumbal1> (thxdck)
[00:29:00] <Daedalus> "Have a team pick it up, would be my suggestion. Then send it back to the family."
[00:31:05] <Soulless> "Alright. Let's move on then. We can have the body picked up in due time."
[00:31:18] <SirGoldFish> Roy, you notice several things. All the body's heads were found heavily rotted in scattered around town roughly one week after each killing. All the victims are male, and that the murders happen in largely populated areas of the town.
[00:31:30] <SirGoldFish> Only Roy sees this.
[00:31:47] <Pixeltasim> "Anyone see a pattern? Or something?"
[00:31:55] <LemurLord> Roy points this out to everyone, he's good at reading police documents
[00:32:01] <SirGoldFish> Roy think if he was given enough time, that he can zero in on a general area that the killer might live.
[00:32:13] <gumbal1> "Well the, I should be fine."
[00:32:22] <Daedalus> "Whoever this is is most likely a serial killer. No remorse, and done very methodically."
[00:32:51] <Pixeltasim> "I'm going to go check these figures out."
[00:32:52] <SirGoldFish> Are they still going into the bar/inn?
[00:32:53] <LemurLord> "One week from now, Joe's head'll probably show up"
[00:33:45] <Daedalus> Eli nods, "We don't have that much time then."
[00:34:13] <Pixeltasim> Luke starts going toward the bar/inn
[00:34:25] <Daedalus> He heads towards the bar with him.
[00:34:28] <gumbal1> "We should split up. One goes goes for the inn, and the other the church."
[00:34:33] <Soulless> She nods and heads back to the team. "I can go to the church."
[00:34:46] <gumbal1> "I'll go as well."
[00:34:53] <LemurLord> Roy pockets the document, "Thanks, friend, you've been great help," he says to the officer
[00:35:00] <SirGoldFish> (Dani is oddly genre aware)
[00:35:12] <SirGoldFish> The officer is asleep!
[00:35:14] <LemurLord> "I'll go to the inn"
[00:35:25] <Daedalus> Eli nods as well, "I should like to join you ladies, nothing for me at the bar."
[00:35:28] <gumbal1> "Trust me, these things have happened before."
[00:35:40] <SirGoldFish> (Umm Tooltime is in use.. What should we do?)
[00:35:58] <Soulless> (we'll move to ic2(
[00:36:00] <Daedalus> (ic3?)
[00:36:00] <LemurLord> (kick them *out*)
[00:36:07] <LemurLord> (im kidding)
[00:36:14] <Pixeltasim> (ic4
[00:36:23] <Soulless> (guys you're free to use toooltime)
[00:36:54] <LemurLord> (which one is the inn?)
[00:36:55] <Pixeltasim> bar/inn people stay here?
[00:37:37] <SirGoldFish> Bar!Inn people stay here. Church people go to #Tooltme
[00:38:22] <Pixeltasim> Luke enters the bar
[00:38:42] <LemurLord> Roy enters close behind, hands in his pockets
[00:39:08] <SirGoldFish> The bar!inn is rather basic dark, and musty.
[00:39:23] <Pixeltasim> Do they see anyone shady?
[00:39:25] <LemurLord> (just decide now what to call it)
[00:39:28] <SirGoldFish> A cheery woman is at the counter.
[00:39:42] * Faminepulse has joined #homeimprovement
[00:40:13] <LemurLord> Roy walks up to her, "Evening miss, what're you serving?"
[00:40:38] <Pixeltasim> Luke looks around the room, are there any rooms they can access?
[00:41:36] <SirGoldFish> Luke notices what looks like the entrance to down-stairs behind the counter.
[00:41:54] <SirGoldFish> "We're serving all your basic needs, honey."
[00:42:10] <Pixeltasim> "Hey miss, don't mean to intrude, but would it be possible for us to see some of your guests?"
[00:42:33] <LemurLord> (so much for subtlety)
[00:42:55] <Pixeltasim> (real men get to the point :P)
[00:43:58] <SirGoldFish> "All my customers live here, sugar! Do ya' mean the two new guest?"
[00:44:40] <LemurLord> "Yes, what do you know about them? How long they've been here, that sort of thing"
[00:45:09] <Pixeltasim> (Now you're getting it.)
[00:45:34] <SirGoldFish> "Well, Mr. M is out, Mr. C is here, but they have requested to be left alone."
[00:45:40] <LemurLord> (Well now, after you've broken the ice with a fuckin sledgehammer )
[00:45:54] <Pixeltasim> "This is police business, I'm sorry, but we do really need to see them.)
[00:46:35] <SirGoldFish> Persuasion to convince her!
[00:46:35] <LemurLord> Roy flashes his badge, "It would help if you told us what room they were in"
[00:46:50] <Pixeltasim> 4df+5 persuade
[00:46:50] <Glacon> Pixeltasim: persuade: 3 (4df+5=4-, 4-, 0, 0)
[00:46:53] <Pixeltasim> …
[00:47:00] <LemurLord> (I only have bluff and intimidate)
[00:47:40] <SirGoldFish> She sighs. "Well, it is police duty…."
[00:47:52] <SirGoldFish> She hands you a key to downstairs.
[00:47:57] <Pixeltasim> "Thank you very much miss."
[00:48:06] <Pixeltasim> Luke opens the door to downstairs
[00:48:16] <LemurLord> "You gave them the room in the basement?"
[00:49:02] <SirGoldFish> She nods.
[00:49:14] <Pixeltasim> "Let's go Roy."
[00:49:24] <LemurLord> Roy shrugs and heads for the basement
[00:49:46] <Pixeltasim> He unlocks the door and quickly opens it, hand on his pistol
[00:49:47] <LemurLord> (Oh cop badge what /can't/ you get away with?)
[00:50:08] <LemurLord> Roy rests his hand similarly on his revolver
[00:50:22] <Daedalus> (Police brutality :P)
[00:51:02] <LemurLord> (only if they catch you)
[00:51:15] <SirGoldFish> The basement area opens to a underground hue-stone hallway lined with…
[00:51:28] <SirGoldFish> Banana peels.
[00:51:42] <Pixeltasim> "Now I'm really worried."
[00:51:54] <Pixeltasim> He looks at Roy and continues down the hallway
[00:52:05] <LemurLord> "Someone have a potassium deficiency or sumthin," he whispers
[00:52:14] <SirGoldFish> Roll agility to not slip on the banana peels.
[00:52:26] <Pixeltasim> 4df+5 this is not a cartoon :P
[00:52:27] <Glacon> Pixeltasim: this is not a cartoon :P: 5 (4df+5=4-, 3+, 0, 0)
[00:52:27] <LemurLord> 4df+2 for reelz
[00:52:29] <Glacon> LemurLord: for reelz: 2 (4df+2=4-, 3+, 0, 0)
[00:52:29] <SirGoldFish> There is a door at the end of the long hallway.
[00:53:13] <SirGoldFish> You all kinda of feel a bit more sluggish and slow going in. Roy slips on a peel.
[00:53:43] <Pixeltasim> Luke looks at Roy, and waits for him to get up before putting his hand on the door and opening it real quick like, hand still on pistol
[00:53:44] <LemurLord> "Shit," Roy stands up, wiping goop of his coat
[00:54:07] <SirGoldFish> You all make it to the end of the hallway!
[00:54:07] <LemurLord> "I'm fine, keep going,"
[00:54:18] <Pixeltasim> "Roger. Careful."
[00:54:33] <Pixeltasim> Now he opens the door real quick like
[00:54:54] <LemurLord> Roy nods, tightening his grip on his gun
[00:56:07] <SirGoldFish> The door opens to the barest room possible decorated only by a young Caucasian in the fetal position.
[00:56:32] <Pixeltasim> "Excuse me… sir."
[00:56:39] <LemurLord> "Hello? We don't mean to intrude, but we have a few questions."
[00:56:44] <SirGoldFish> Roy has his gun out?
[00:56:48] <Pixeltasim> He steps into the room
[00:56:53] <LemurLord> (no)
[00:57:03] <Pixeltasim> (I think both have their's holstered)
[00:57:06] <LemurLord> (his holster is under his coat)
[00:57:14] <LemurLord> (hidden)
[00:57:27] <Pixeltasim> (Luke's in a hip-holster, far more obvious)
[00:57:31] <SirGoldFish> The man begins to cry and back way to a corner.
[00:57:40] <Pixeltasim> (because real men wear their guns with pride, :P)
[00:57:53] <LemurLord> (not when you're a detective)
[00:57:58] <SirGoldFish> He appears to be trying to grab something from within in his shirt.
[00:57:58] <Pixeltasim> "Sir… we're not going to hurt you we just wanna ask a couple questions."
[00:58:00] <LemurLord> ( :P )
[00:58:24] <Pixeltasim> "Hey buddy stop what you're doing right now."
[00:58:27] <Pixeltasim> "Hands in the air!"
[00:58:27] <LemurLord> Roy pulls his hands out and holds them up innocently
[00:59:24] <SirGoldFish> He continues to clumsily grip for something.
[00:59:53] <LemurLord> "It's alright," Roy says sternly, slowly approaching
[01:00:13] <Pixeltasim> Luke pulls out his gun and points it at the man, "PUT YOUR HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM!"
[01:01:08] <SirGoldFish> Luke roll mdef DC of 10
[01:01:18] <Pixeltasim> 4df+2 well I'm dead
[01:01:18] <Glacon> Pixeltasim: well I'm dead: 2 (4df+2=3+, 4-, 3+, 4-)
[01:02:38] <SirGoldFish> Luke unloads the entire clip of bullets into the man's chest. The man falls to the ground bleeding with a THUD.
[01:02:42] <SirGoldFish> Luke
[01:02:49] <SirGoldFish> You're a murderer.
[01:03:00] <SirGoldFish> It was an accident though.
[01:03:02] <Pixeltasim> "HOLY SHIT I DID NOT MEAN TO DO THAT."
[01:03:04] <LemurLord> "Shit! Luke what the hell!"
[01:03:17] <LemurLord> Roy darts over to the body
[01:03:27] <Pixeltasim> Luke drops his gun and puts his hands in the air
[01:03:34] <SirGoldFish> Eyup lots of bullet holes.
[01:03:43] <LemurLord> "You just stay over there!"
[01:03:45] <Pixeltasim> "Holy shit…"
[01:04:05] <LemurLord> Roy tries to find what he was grabbing for
[01:04:22] <SirGoldFish> The wounds begin to heal as you all here a *GASP* from the corpse.
[01:04:29] <LemurLord> (If it's a goddamn banana)
[01:04:29] <SirGoldFish> "Fuck me."
[01:04:38] <SirGoldFish> The man begins to pat him self down.
[01:04:44] <Pixeltasim> "Jesus christ."
[01:04:49] <SirGoldFish> "Oh thank god the bullets wen through."
[01:04:53] <SirGoldFish> *went
[01:04:55] <LemurLord> Roy jumps back, "What the…!"
[01:05:18] <Pixeltasim> "Dude fuck me, I did not mean to shoot you."
[01:05:39] <SirGoldFish> "It is alright…."
[01:05:50] <SirGoldFish> "I am Mr. Clumsy…."
[01:05:56] <LemurLord> "Is it? Because you should be a corpse right now"
[01:06:16] <SirGoldFish> "I die horribly all the time, and then I come back to life."
[01:06:26] <Pixeltasim> Luke puts his gun back in his holster, "Um, hello Mr. Clumsy, I don't know what came over me."
[01:06:33] <LemurLord> "Mr? Oh sh-" Roy grabs his temples
[01:06:41] <Pixeltasim> "Wow that sucks big time."
[01:07:36] <SirGoldFish> "Happens…"
[01:07:43] <LemurLord> "I'm going to need something stiff…"
[01:07:57] <Pixeltasim> "Uh, we're here to ask you a couple questions if you don't mind…"
[01:08:46] <SirGoldFish> "O'kay." The man talks rather slowly.
[01:09:23] <Pixeltasim> "Um, do you know anything about the murders going on around town?"
[01:09:38] <LemurLord> Roy sits down, sighing heavily, "First, I guess, do you know an old cop by the name of Joe?"
[01:11:41] <SirGoldFish> "Who is Joe?"
[01:11:48] <SirGoldFish> "And what were the murders like?"
[01:12:14] <Pixeltasim> "Um police officer in town, murders were extremely clean beheadings."
[01:12:27] <Pixeltasim> "Quite a few of them actually, seemed like a serial killer."
[01:12:31] <LemurLord> (Do we know if the decapitation was postmortem?)
[01:13:11] <SirGoldFish> "Be-be-beheadings?"
[01:13:19] <Pixeltasim> "Uh yeah…"
[01:13:23] <SirGoldFish> The man falls to the floor with a gasp!
[01:13:37] <SirGoldFish> He gets back up. "Sorry, heart attack."
[01:13:37] <LemurLord> Roy checks his pulse
[01:13:45] <Pixeltasim> "Oh, sorry man."
[01:14:09] <SirGoldFish> "Umm, that sounds like Mister, umm Headless."
[01:14:21] <Pixeltasim> "And you're Mr. Clumsy?"
[01:14:36] <LemurLord> "Mr… Headless, kind of on the nose with that one"
[01:14:40] <SirGoldFish> He rolls up his sleeve to reveal… a tattoo
[01:14:41] <SirGoldFish>
[01:14:56] <Pixeltasim> "Are you guys robots or something?"
[01:15:06] <LemurLord> Roy writes as much as possible
[01:15:16] <LemurLord> *on his notebook
[01:16:09] <SirGoldFish> "No!"
[01:16:39] <LemurLord> "What are you then?"
[01:17:28] <SirGoldFish> "I am a.." He looks down. "A Wondertainment product."
[01:17:34] <SirGoldFish> "I am defective…"
[01:17:45] <Pixeltasim> "Wondertainment? Product?"
[01:18:16] <LemurLord> "Who or /what/ are they?"
[01:18:37] <LemurLord> Roy furrows his brow as he tries to process all this
[01:19:09] <SirGoldFish> "They make toys…"
[01:19:31] <LemurLord> "Toys… and you?"
[01:21:14] <SirGoldFish> "A umm toy…"
[01:21:22] <Pixeltasim> "Oh."
[01:21:41] <Pixeltasim> "Um, sorry. Do you know where Mr. Headless?"
[01:22:09] <Pixeltasim> is*
[01:22:10] <LemurLord> Roy stares at the floor for a bit
[01:22:19] <SirGoldFish> "I don't know. I was not aware that he was living here."
[01:22:46] <Pixeltasim> "Do you know where he might be?"
[01:23:17] <LemurLord> Roy takes out the document, can he narrow it down for Mr. Clumsy?
[01:23:26] <SirGoldFish> "I know where Mr. Mad is! He was the one who put me here."
[01:23:51] <LemurLord> "Why would he do that?"
[01:24:08] <SirGoldFish> "Oh, I came here willfully."
[01:24:18] <SirGoldFish> "He wanted to make sure I did not leave…"
[01:24:23] <LemurLord> "You weren't locked down here were you?"
[01:24:31] <SirGoldFish> "Hence the bananas."
[01:24:45] <Pixeltasim> "Oh, we can help get rid of those if you want."
[01:25:14] <SirGoldFish> "Don't think Mad would like that…"
[01:25:19] <LemurLord> "So that was Mad? Then I'll send the cleaning bill to him when we meet him," Roy forces a joke
[01:25:22] <SirGoldFish> "He does not want me to leave…"
[01:25:31] <Pixeltasim> "Where is Mr. Mad?"
[01:25:52] <SirGoldFish> "Oh, he is at the church…"
[01:26:08] <LemurLord> "That's where everyone else went"
[01:26:11] <SirGoldFish> "Ummm."
[01:26:21] <SirGoldFish> "Fighting…"
[01:26:26] <Pixeltasim> "Do you want any help getting out of there?"
[01:26:44] <SirGoldFish> "If you want to knock him out just get him real mad…"
[01:27:11] <SirGoldFish> "If he gets to Mad he'll be knocked out for a while."
[01:27:15] <LemurLord> (clue found, do do dee do)
[01:27:27] <Pixeltasim> "Thanks… will he know where Mr. Headless is?"
[01:27:39] <SirGoldFish> "He might help you find him.."
[01:28:03] <SirGoldFish> You guys could totes relay this info to the rest of the group with a handy radio!
[01:28:08] <Pixeltasim> "Okay thanks, Roy, wanna go find the other's?"
[01:28:32] <LemurLord> "Thank you, Mr. Clumsy," he turns to Luke, "Yeah let's get out of here"
[01:28:47] <SirGoldFish> You guys really should just tell them via radio.
[01:28:51] <SirGoldFish> Like you can do that.
[01:28:54] <SirGoldFish> Right now.
[01:28:57] <Pixeltasim> «This is Luke here, got some information on a group of "Misters" in town. Apparently there is a Mr. Mad at the church who might know about a Mr. Headless's location, who our source thinks is the killer. You can knock him out by getting him real mad.»
[01:29:17] <Pixeltasim> yeah I was just writing it
[01:30:07] <Pixeltasim> "Let's roll." Luke heads out of the inn and starts walking toward the church
[01:30:39] <LemurLord> "So long, and uh… stay safe" Roy walks out as well
[01:30:45] <Pixeltasim> go to @tooltime ?
[01:30:47] <Pixeltasim> #
[01:30:53] <SirGoldFish> What do you guys do with Mr. Clumsy?
[01:31:07] <SirGoldFish> And yes if you're going to the church
[01:31:16] <LemurLord> Leave him, he ain't hurting no one
[01:31:16] <Pixeltasim> We leave him there presumably, he didn't ask to leave
[01:32:27] <SirGoldFish> Alright.

[00:34:45] <Soulless> "{No… I uhm, I like it.}"
[00:36:07] <Soulless> (move to ic2,goldfish wants tooltime)
[00:36:26] <Roget> (ic3 might be better, its for other stuff)
[00:36:31] * Pixeltasim has joined #tooltime
[00:36:36] <Soulless> (ok)
[00:36:53] <gumbal1> (GET OUT YOU YOUNGINS)
[00:36:57] <Roget> (OKAY)
[00:37:05] <Roget> (post-coitus-interruptus)
[00:37:08] <Daedalus> (Crazy kids.)
[00:37:39] <LemurLord> (GRANPA TAKE YOUR MEDS)
[00:38:17] <Daedalus> Eli walks towards the church, a spring in his step.
[00:38:33] <Soulless> Elanor heads to the church, rubbing her temples.
[00:38:39] <Soulless> God, shes got suchba bad headache.
[00:38:44] <gumbal1> Danielle follows, on the lookout.
[00:39:04] <Daedalus> "You need an asprin, miss?" Eli ask behind him
[00:39:42] * Faminepulse has joined #tooltime
[00:40:09] <SirGoldFish> The church is old and mostly made up of stone and murals.
[00:40:36] <SirGoldFish> A clothed priest is there doing some ritual with incense.
[00:40:42] <SirGoldFish> "Hello there."
[00:40:57] <gumbal1> "Bonsoir. So, anything new?"
[00:41:30] <Daedalus> "Good evening, sir. Are there any cults running out of this establishment?"
[00:42:09] <SirGoldFish> "Cults?"
[00:42:15] <SirGoldFish> "No that I can think of."
[00:42:19] <Soulless> "I… Yes, I think I could appreciate asprin at this point."
[00:42:28] <SirGoldFish> Everyone precp!
[00:42:29] <Soulless> She smiles to the priest a bit.
[00:42:32] <Soulless> 4df+5 percep
[00:42:34] <gumbal1> 4df+4 wha
[00:42:38] * Glacon has joined #tooltime
[00:42:38] <Daedalus> Eli reaches through his bag and hands her one.
[00:42:43] <Soulless> 4df+5 percep
[00:42:43] <Glacon> Soulless: percep: 5 (4df+5=4-, 0, 0, 3+)
[00:42:44] <gumbal1> 4df+4 wha
[00:42:44] <Glacon> gumbal1: wha: 4 (4df+4=3+, 4-, 0, 0)
[00:42:46] <Daedalus> 4df+2 old man senses
[00:42:46] <Glacon> Daedalus: old man senses: 4 (4df+2=3+, 3+, 0, 0)
[00:42:52] <Soulless> Elanor takes the asprin.
[00:43:36] <SirGoldFish> Eli notices a odd amount of clanking and banging coming from the down-stairs area.
[00:44:09] <Soulless> (Elanor got higher?)
[00:44:19] <gumbal1> (Danielle got the same?)
[00:44:20] <SirGoldFish> *Elanor
[00:44:27] <SirGoldFish> Everyone notices it.
[00:44:50] <gumbal1> "Nice place you got here."
[00:45:06] <Daedalus> Eli coughs, "Oh… excuse me sir, but there seems to be a bit of a ruckus going on downstairs."
[00:45:19] <Soulless> "…May I explore a bit?"
[00:46:02] <SirGoldFish> The man begins to look nervous. "Nothing is going on down stairs…"
[00:46:19] <SirGoldFish> "Are you here for confession?"
[00:46:32] <gumbal1> "Would you like to confess instead?"
[00:46:55] <SirGoldFish> (YEEEAAAHHHH)
[00:47:08] <SirGoldFish> "I have no idea what you're talking about, now leave!"
[00:47:18] <Soulless> "Please, let's not pressure him. Sir, please,listen to me."
[00:47:21] <Daedalus> ("Nice one, Danielle." Eli goes in for a hi-five.)
[00:47:22] <Soulless> Can Elanor roll bluff?
[00:47:40] <gumbal1> Danielle laughs.
[00:47:56] <Daedalus> Eli coughs, "I'm afraid we can't, sir. We're with the police investigating a crime."
[00:48:12] <SirGoldFish> Yeah, she can.
[00:48:51] <SirGoldFish> "Pfft, crime? Here? That is ridiculous!" He is totally hiding something.
[00:48:54] <gumbal1> "You're funny. You know, I've got a British friend."
[00:49:02] <gumbal1> She pulls out her machete.
[00:49:19] <SirGoldFish> The man just backs the fuck up!
[00:49:22] <Soulless> 4df+6 "Please Father, listen to us. We are perfectly God-fearing men and women." She puts a hand to Danielle's arm and lowers the machete. ""
[00:49:22] <gumbal1> "He's good at getting information. He gave me this."
[00:49:22] <Glacon> Soulless: "Please Father, listen to us. We are perfectly God-fearing men and women." She puts a hand to Danielle's arm and lowers the machete. "": 9 (4df+6=3+, 0, 3+, 3+)
[00:49:50] <Soulless> "Please listen to me. We're frightened. We want to know why our fellow men are being hurt. Are being harmed."
[00:50:04] <Daedalus> Eli nods.
[00:50:15] <Soulless> "Please help us, Father. We just want the blood to stop. We just want the death to end."
[00:50:18] <gumbal1> Danielle half frowns and waits.
[00:50:29] <Soulless> She gives the saddest, most grief-stricken look.
[00:50:31] <SirGoldFish> The man just runs "Fuck it! This aint worth it!"
[00:50:47] <SirGoldFish> You can all head in!
[00:51:00] <gumbal1> "Someone get him."
[00:51:18] <Daedalus> Eli runs after the man, "Wait! We Just want to talk!"
[00:51:41] <SirGoldFish> Roll agility Eli.
[00:53:00] <Daedalus> 4df+4 old man running!
[00:53:00] <Glacon> Daedalus: old man running!: 2 (4df+4=4-, 0, 0, 4-)
[00:53:10] <Soulless> She tries to catch him.
[00:53:12] <Soulless> 4df+3 agi
[00:53:13] <Glacon> Soulless: agi: 5 (4df+3=0, 0, 3+, 3+)
[00:53:26] <SirGoldFish> Elanor catches the man!
[00:53:51] <SirGoldFish> "What the fuck do you want! You already know what is going on…"
[00:54:15] <gumbal1> Danielle calmly walks up to the man.
[00:54:15] <Daedalus> Eli stops, "Okay…. you got him." he says, out of breath despite the fact he only ran four meters.
[00:54:38] <gumbal1> "Really, then? Why don't you remidn us."
[00:56:30] <SirGoldFish> "It is an illegal fighting ring! Now let me go!"
[00:56:51] <Daedalus> "What? like cock-fighting?"
[00:56:51] <Soulless> "Please explain, Father, we're not going to hurt you."
[00:56:53] <gumbal1> "That doesn't explain a thing about the heads. Tie him up."
[00:58:18] <SirGoldFish> "Beheading?"
[00:58:28] <Daedalus> Eli looks around for some rope or something.
[00:58:42] <Soulless> "People are being killed, beheaded."
[00:58:47] <SirGoldFish> "Unless Mr. Mad went crazy this has nothing to do with beheading."
[00:58:52] <gumbal1> "As you know."
[00:59:05] <Soulless> "Mr. Mad?"
[00:59:07] <Soulless> "Do tell."
[00:59:13] <gumbal1> Danielle smiles without warmth. "Mr. Mad, eh? Tell us more."
[01:00:18] <Daedalus> "Mad? /Mister/ Mad?" Eli scratches his head, "Does he know a Mr. Hungry?"
[01:00:30] <SirGoldFish> "Umm, he is are best cage fighter. It is almost as if the madder he gets the stronger he becomes."
[01:00:45] <SirGoldFish> "He never mentioned anything about a Mr. Hungry."
[01:01:17] <Soulless> "Where is he?"
[01:01:21] <Soulless> "I'd like to talk to him."
[01:01:43] <SirGoldFish> "Probably fighting right now."
[01:02:34] <Soulless> "Downstairs?"
[01:03:12] <SirGoldFish> The man odds. "Just let me go!"
[01:03:56] <gumbal1> "Tie him up. If he's lying, me and Beatrice will work it out with him later."
[01:04:17] <Daedalus> "I'll tie him up," Eli responds, retrieving some surgical tubing from his bag.
[01:06:34] <SirGoldFish> The man is tied with out resistance.
[01:07:12] <gumbal1> Danielle sheathes her machete and heads downstairs.
[01:07:20] <Daedalus> Eli sets the man in a pew and heads downstairs, "Let's go see what this is."
[01:07:35] <Soulless> Elanor sets him down and heads downstairs.
[01:08:10] <SirGoldFish> The beard that the man was wearing is fake, and if you look closely you can see that the robe says "Tom & Bob's costume shop"
[01:09:05] <Soulless> She hums a bit. "Before we go, I'd like to warn you. Don't fuck with spirituality, good sir."
[01:09:07] <SirGoldFish> There are heading down-stairs?
[01:09:32] <Daedalus> Elijah frowns at him, he /frowns/, and heads downstairs.
[01:10:07] <LemurLord> (that's scarring)
[01:10:24] <SirGoldFish> "Fuck you, man…"
[01:10:29] <Soulless> She lowers her voice to the tied up man. "God is real, his angels are beautiful, and their gaze so purifying that they'll incinerate the sin right out of you."
[01:10:51] <SirGoldFish> The man spits in Elanor's face.
[01:10:59] <Soulless> She points to the stained glass walls. "And here you are, in His house, letting him watch all you do."
[01:11:02] <SirGoldFish> "He can go fuck himself."
[01:11:08] <Soulless> She smiles. It's not a pleasant smile. It's a mad smile.
[01:11:22] <Soulless> She reaches over and tightens a grip around his neck.
[01:11:29] <gumbal1> Danielle stops and laughs.
[01:12:00] <Soulless> "I've seen it, and soon you will too, soon you will too." She whispers to him, real quiet, real deadly. "Now enjoy his light while we do our jobs."
[01:12:20] <Soulless> She pets his hair, then wipes the spit from her face and follows them downstairs.
[01:12:29] <gumbal1> Danielle continues.
[01:12:37] <SirGoldFish> "I just want money for my kids, man…"
[01:13:44] <gumbal1> Danielle stops and laughs harder.
[01:14:04] <Soulless> She looks to Danielle. "Hm?" She looks fine. "Is something the matter?"
[01:14:19] <gumbal1> "This priest's a hoot."
[01:14:31] <Soulless> "Yes, he is."
[01:14:38] <gumbal1> She continues down to downstairs.
[01:14:46] <Soulless> "I hope he knows who he's spat on. Besides from me, of course."
[01:14:52] <Soulless> She heads down.
[01:14:52] <Daedalus> Eli follows wordlessly.
[01:16:55] <SirGoldFish> You open the creaking church door to reveal a large crowd huddled around the cage! there is a cage match going on!
[01:17:02] <SirGoldFish> Money is flying everywhere!
[01:17:32] <Daedalus> Eli frowns at them, "Rather barbaric…"
[01:17:52] <gumbal1> Danielle looks for any money on the ground and scoops it up. "Fuck if I want to be hit on by underpayed bouncers again."
[01:18:49] <SirGoldFish> The man who is clearly winning talks in a thick cockney accent thicker than anything you've ever heard. "Oi, mate, ya' should'nt have fucked with me. mate!"
[01:19:32] <Soulless> Elanor looks for Mr. Mad.
[01:20:02] <Daedalus> Eli points at the cockney man, "That is most likely him."
[01:20:33] <SirGoldFish> In seconds the losing man is literally punched out of the cage
[01:20:43] <SirGoldFish> "Any one wanna face Mr. Mad!"
[01:20:48] <gumbal1> Danielle looks at the cage.
[01:21:32] <gumbal1> "Anyone actually able to fight?"
[01:21:33] <SirGoldFish> He beats his chest in victory!
[01:21:41] <Daedalus> Eli shakes his head, "Pugalists…"
[01:22:15] <Soulless> "I'd like to talk to Mr. Mad after the fight."
[01:22:59] <Daedalus> "Good idea. Better you than me."
[01:23:00] <SirGoldFish> The man limps out of the area. "The trick is not getting hit…"
[01:23:23] <Soulless> "Anyone here good at dodging?"
[01:23:36] <Daedalus> Eli raises a hand tenetively.
[01:23:39] <gumbal1> "Moderatley."
[01:23:58] <Daedalus> "Perhaps we can both take him?"
[01:24:17] <Soulless> "Perhaps. After the fight I'll try to find him at his cage."
[01:24:22] <gumbal1> "I'm not trained to fight."
[01:24:57] <gumbal1> "I could hand you my machete, assuming you can use it, and distract him, assumign they let both of us on."
[01:25:45] <Daedalus> "I've got my umbrella, you keep that."
[01:26:33] <gumbal1> "Alright." Danielle goes to look for an announcer.
[01:26:41] <Soulless> "I don't think we should fight him head on, just tell him who we are if you can."
[01:26:49] <Soulless> "Try not to get hurt…."
[01:28:10] <Daedalus> Eli follows Danielle
[01:29:03] <Pixeltasim> «This is Luke here, got some information on a group of "Misters" in town. Apparently there is a Mr. Mad at the church who might know about a Mr. Headless's location, who our source thinks is the killer. You can knock him out by getting him real mad.»
[01:29:42] <Soulless> She thinks. "Alright, get him, as is the bluntest way to say it, pissed as fuck, shall we?"
[01:30:13] <SirGoldFish> Danielle finds the announcer with spiked up white
[01:30:21] <SirGoldFish> "Are you going in Missy?"
[01:30:40] <Daedalus> "I as well!" Eli pipes up behind her.
[01:30:46] <gumbal1> "Sure. Can he come?"
[01:31:30] <Pixeltasim> Luke enters the church.
[01:31:53] <SirGoldFish> "Are you fine with that Mister M?" Mad: "I Need a fuckin' challenge, yeah!"
[01:32:10] <LemurLord> Roy follows looking around
[01:32:37] <Pixeltasim> Can they enter the fighting place
[01:32:59] <SirGoldFish> If they decide to go down-stairs!
[01:33:05] <LemurLord> (They probably see the 'priest' first)
[01:33:11] <SirGoldFish> Yes.
[01:33:28] <Pixeltasim> "Hey! Uh, we're here on police business. Did you see any other people come in here?"
[01:33:38] <Daedalus> Eli enters the ring, removing his jacket and hat and putting them in a neat pile to the side.
[01:33:49] <LemurLord> Roy looks at the surgical tubing holding him in place
[01:33:55] <SirGoldFish> Is dani behind him?
[01:34:06] <SirGoldFish> "Fuck you!"
[01:34:15] <gumbal1> Danielle jumps into the ring and puts on an amazingly fake Scottish accent. "ALL RIGHT YAH WEE WAMBLY, HAVE AT YEEq"
[01:34:23] <SirGoldFish> "Just go down stairs with the rest of your goons.'
[01:34:37] <Pixeltasim> "Um, thanks."
[01:34:40] <LemurLord> "That's not a nice thing to say to my friend,"
[01:35:03] <Pixeltasim> Luke goes downstairs
[01:35:07] <gumbal1> "THE GAUL'S HERE TO TAKE YOU DOWN!"
[01:35:36] <LemurLord> Roy follows, "They were definitely here"
[01:35:48] <Pixeltasim> He sees the others and walks over to them, if he can, "Hey guys! What the heck is going on here."
[01:35:49] <SirGoldFish> The announcer pipes up. "IN THIS CORNER: WE GOT THE.." He looks to Eli. "OLD MAN!!" He looks to Dani "AND IN THIS CORNER: WE HAVE THE FRENC- ER- SCOTTISH PRINCESS"
[01:35:52] <Daedalus> Eli looks at Dani with surprise, "Alright then." He puts up fists. "Lets get to do this like gentlemen."
[01:36:21] <gumbal1> "YAH CALLIN' ME A PRINCESS, YAH PINEHEAD?!"
[01:36:29] <Pixeltasim> "Why are eli and dani fighting?"
[01:36:32] <LemurLord> Roy groans, "Why is Eli in the ring?"
[01:36:44] <LemurLord> "Dani, I can understand"
[01:36:47] <Soulless> Elanor approaches Roy and the others.
[01:37:15] <Soulless> "I don't know. I know a bit about fixing wounds, though. I'll be following him to his cage once the match is over."
[01:37:25] <Pixeltasim> "I feel like I should be boxing, I did a ton of it in the army."
[01:37:26] <Daedalus> Eli coughs, "I hope we can settle this like gentlemen."
[01:37:34] <SirGoldFish> Mad cracks his neck. "Lets go!" The turns shall be Mad, Eli, then Dani. You have to make a turn and roll persuasion or intimidation to make him madder
[01:37:46] <SirGoldFish> Making him madder will cost a turn.
[01:37:52] <LemurLord> (Boss battle)
[01:38:24] <gumbal1> "GET ON WIT IT YAH TOOL"
[01:38:30] <SirGoldFish> "I'll fuck ye up!!" He goes after Eli! Roll agility Eli.
[01:39:21] <Daedalus> 4df+4 "Oh My!"
[01:39:21] <Glacon> Daedalus: "Oh My!": 6 (4df+4=0, 0, 3+, 3+)
[01:39:33] <SirGoldFish> 4df+4
[01:39:46] <SirGoldFish> 4df+4 I keel you!
[01:39:46] <Glacon> SirGoldFish: I keel you!: 6 (4df+4=0, 3+, 0, 3+)
[01:39:58] <SirGoldFish> Ohh, roll pdef eli!
[01:40:25] <gumbal1> Defender clause
[01:40:36] <Daedalus> 4df+3
[01:40:36] <SirGoldFish> (What?)
[01:40:36] <Glacon> Daedalus: 3 (4df+3=4-, 3+, 0, 0)
[01:40:45] <LemurLord> "Ah he shoulda ducked left," Roy took boxing in high school
[01:40:52] <SirGoldFish> (What is defender's clause?)
[01:40:59] <Pixeltasim> (Equal rolls defender wins)
[01:41:03] <Soulless> Can Elanor try to help make Mr. Mad madder?
[01:41:04] <SirGoldFish> Oh
[01:41:08] <SirGoldFish> Never mind.
[01:41:08] <Soulless> From an audience?
[01:41:11] <SirGoldFish> Eli dodges!
[01:41:21] <Pixeltasim> "He shoulda just countered if you ask me."
[01:41:21] <SirGoldFish> Umm, sure!
[01:41:32] <SirGoldFish> Eli's turn now!
[01:41:43] <Soulless> Let me know when to roll
[01:42:02] <Daedalus> 4df+9 umbrella attack!
[01:42:02] <Glacon> Daedalus: umbrella attack!: 9 (4df+9=3+, 4-, 0, 0)
[01:42:10] <SirGoldFish> Make a roll during Mad's turn.
[01:42:28] <LemurLord> Roy rattles the cage, "Hey lughead! Need to fight a girl and an old man to feel strong?!"
[01:42:30] <SirGoldFish> 4df+7 ABS OF COPPER!
[01:42:31] <Glacon> SirGoldFish: ABS OF COPPER!: 7 (4df+7=0, 4-, 3+, 0)
[01:42:33] <Soulless> Ok
[01:43:23] <SirGoldFish> Eli smacks Mad across the face with the umbrella! "You fuckin' with me, mate!"
[01:44:17] <SirGoldFish> Mad is getting his ass beat by an old man! That makes him angry!
[01:44:25] <SirGoldFish> Your turn Dani!
[01:46:23] <SirGoldFish> 4df+9
[01:46:23] <Glacon> SirGoldFish: 10 (4df+9=0, 0, 0, 3+)
[01:46:25] <gumbal1> 4df+9 (YCTM) "PACK YER BAGGS, YOU CAN' MESS WITH THE GAULS!"
[01:46:26] <Glacon> gumbal1: (YCTM) "PACK YER BAGGS, YOU CAN' MESS WITH THE GAULS!": 8 (4df+9=4-, 4-, 0, 3+)
[01:46:34] <SirGoldFish> Er she rolled a 10
[01:46:39] <SirGoldFish> I was rolling for her.
[01:46:48] <gumbal1> I didn't see that
[01:47:01] <SirGoldFish> 4df+5 not that smart.
[01:47:01] <Glacon> SirGoldFish: not that smart.: 6 (4df+5=3+, 0, 3+, 4-)
[01:48:03] <gumbal1> "AND STILL BETETR AT FIGHTIN' THAN YOU!"
[01:48:08] <SirGoldFish> He punches a hole in the cage.
[01:48:34] <SirGoldFish> Audiences' and Mad's turn
[01:49:29] <Pixeltasim> 4df+5 "You call that fighting? /Real/ men don't lose to women."
[01:49:30] <Glacon> Pixeltasim: "You call that fighting? /Real/ men don't lose to women.": 8 (4df+5=3+, 3+, 3+, 0)
[01:49:38] <SirGoldFish> 4df+4+2 "I'll fuck you up princess."
[01:49:38] <Glacon> SirGoldFish: "I'll fuck you up princess.": 5 (4df+4+2=3+, 4-, 4-, 0)
[01:49:46] <Pixeltasim> "Of course no offense to you Danny."
[01:50:12] <LemurLord> 4df+4 Roy rattles the cage again, "YOUR LOSING, MATE. TO A MAN 3x YOUR AGE"
[01:50:12] <Glacon> LemurLord: Roy rattles the cage again, "YOUR LOSING, MATE. TO A MAN 3x YOUR AGE": 2 (4df+4=0, 4-, 0, 4-)
[01:50:14] <SirGoldFish> Roll agility Dani!
[01:50:14] <gumbal1> 4df+4 "YOU HIT LIKE AN ARBERDEENIAN"
[01:50:15] <Glacon> gumbal1: "YOU HIT LIKE AN ARBERDEENIAN": 5 (4df+4=3+, 3+, 4-, 0)
[01:50:40] <Soulless> 4df+6 Elanor begins to whoop and cheer, obnoxiously loudly. "YEAH, BEAT MAD'S STUPID LITTLE FACE IN! SHOW HIM HE CAN'T EVEN WIND AN OLD MAN AND A TWIG GIRL!"
[01:50:40] <Glacon> Soulless: Elanor begins to whoop and cheer, obnoxiously loudly. "YEAH, BEAT MAD'S STUPID LITTLE FACE IN! SHOW HIM HE CAN'T EVEN WIND AN OLD MAN AND A TWIG GIRL!": 6 (4df+6=4-, 3+, 0, 0)
[01:50:52] <SirGoldFish> She dodges!
[01:51:05] <gumbal1> "WHO YAH CALLIN' A TWIG, TOSSER"
[01:51:06] <SirGoldFish> "I'll FUCKINGJIGNIOUIOEGFNOGFDEFHSDUIfhsduiofhsduifje I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
[01:51:21] <SirGoldFish> Eli's turn.
[01:51:26] <LemurLord> "Yell at Mad, not us Dani!"
[01:52:15] <Daedalus> 4df+9 thwap him with the old brolly :P
[01:52:15] <Glacon> Daedalus: thwap him with the old brolly :P: 10 (4df+9=0, 0, 0, 3+)
[01:52:35] <SirGoldFish> 4df+10 ABS OF STEEL
[01:52:35] <Glacon> SirGoldFish: ABS OF STEEL: 11 (4df+10=3+, 4-, 3+, 0)
[01:52:49] <SirGoldFish> "Ye, call dat a hit girly man!"
[01:53:00] <SirGoldFish> Dani's turn!
[01:53:22] * Roget is now known as Bananaman
[01:53:28] <SirGoldFish> Eli and Dani get the feeling that he is almost at the breaking point!
[01:54:25] <Glacon> gumbal1: (YCTM) "AT LEAST HE CAN HIT SOMETHING! CHRIST, STEP IT UP, YAH HAGGIS BREATHED SHEEP-SHAGGIN' LOON!": 8 (4df+9=0, 0, 4-, 0)
[01:54:56] <LemurLord> (this is truly poetry)
[01:55:26] <SirGoldFish> 4df+2
[01:55:27] <Glacon> SirGoldFish: -1 (4df+2=4-, 4-, 0, 4-)
[01:56:00] <SirGoldFish> 4df+8 "DODGE THIS BITCH!"
[01:56:00] <Glacon> SirGoldFish: "DODGE THIS BITCH!": 6 (4df+8=3+, 4-, 4-, 4-)
[01:56:08] <SirGoldFish> Roll agility Dani
[01:56:21] <gumbal1> 4df+4 "AI, LADDIE, THAT I WILL!"
[01:56:22] <Glacon> gumbal1: "AI, LADDIE, THAT I WILL!": 3 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, 4-)
[01:56:39] <SirGoldFish> Roll Pdef!
[01:56:51] * Faminepulse has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[01:57:00] <gumbal1> 4df+4 "CHRIST, MAH MUMMY HIT HARDER THAN YOU!"
[01:57:00] <Glacon> gumbal1: "CHRIST, MAH MUMMY HIT HARDER THAN YOU!": 4 (4df+4=4-, 0, 0, 3+)
[01:57:09] <SirGoldFish> 4df+7
[01:57:10] <Glacon> SirGoldFish: 7 (4df+7=3+, 3+, 4-, 4-)
[01:59:27] <SirGoldFish> He winds up all his might that he can muster! Mr. Mad punches Danielle in the stomach! The force of the punch sends her flying! Breaking one of the cage's walls.
[01:59:38] <SirGoldFish> The audiences catches her.
[01:59:52] <SirGoldFish> Mr. Mad buckles his knees.
[02:00:14] <Daedalus> Can Eli hit him?
[02:00:15] <LemurLord> "Dani! Are you alright? Say something Scottish!"
[02:00:22] <SirGoldFish> He falls to the floor unconscious.
[02:00:29] <SirGoldFish> Dani takes -1 health
[02:00:53] <SirGoldFish> She is pretty damned bruised.
[02:00:58] <Daedalus> Eli stands over the man and leans on his umbrella, "Oh my…."
[02:00:59] <SirGoldFish> Mr. Mad is out.
[02:01:20] <LemurLord> "That'll work," Roy pats her shoulder, "You did it, he's out cold"
[02:01:33] <Soulless> Elanor starts looking to see who's going o take him back.
[02:01:41] <Soulless> And seeing about tailing them.
[02:01:46] <SirGoldFish> The audience looks at this in utter shock.
[02:01:51] <gumbal1> She turns to Roy. "AND YOU, YAH TOSSER! YOU CALL THAT BAITING?!"
[02:02:30] <LemurLord> "Right…" he stops patting and looks to Mr. Mad
[02:02:44] <SirGoldFish> The announcer comes up to Dani
[02:02:51] <Daedalus> "Calm down, Ms. Levine."
[02:03:00] <SirGoldFish> He holds up her arm. "Our victor!"
[02:03:25] <SirGoldFish> The audience claps in awe!
[02:03:27] <gumbal1> "NEVER ANY DOUBT! THREE CHEERS FOR ME!"
[02:04:06] <LemurLord> "She won't stop talking about this," he says to the team, "will she?"
[02:04:16] <SirGoldFish> "Umm, someone get Mad off the arena. We got another match ahead of us!"
[02:04:31] <Soulless> Elanor approaches and tries to help get Mad off.
[02:04:37] <Soulless> (Not in that way)
[02:04:44] <LemurLord> "I'll get the lug," he hops into the ring
[02:04:46] <SirGoldFish> Pfft
[02:05:01] <Soulless> (Although I'm sure Mad would appreciate it)
[02:05:09] <LemurLord> (I think Dani already took care of that)
[02:05:14] <Daedalus> (Naw, he'd just get mad. :P)
[02:05:39] <SirGoldFish> You can all see Mister Mad's muscles deteriorate like a balloon deflating,
[02:06:23] <SirGoldFish> He is left a scrawny weakling
[02:06:24] <LemurLord> Roy takes out his cuffs and puts them on Mad, in case he wakes up
[02:06:29] <gumbal1> Danielle clears her throat and goes to the others. "That was fun."
[02:06:29] <SirGoldFish> He is rather light now.
[02:07:13] <Soulless> Elanor carries him because she has not much else to do.
[02:07:17] <Soulless> "I can handle it."
[02:07:34] <Daedalus> "I would disagree. I scuffed my elbow." Eli puts his coat and his hat back on and picks up his bag.
[02:07:42] <SirGoldFish> He is so light that Ela can lift him with one arm!
[02:08:13] <LemurLord> "You took care of yourself pretty well, gramps"
[02:08:17] <Soulless> Oh goodness. She just swings him over her shoulder. She's never felt so strong in her life
[02:08:34] <Soulless> She lets him lay over her shoulder and starts heading out.
[02:09:00] <Daedalus> "Thank you." He smiles and heads out as well.
[02:09:07] <gumbal1> Danielle follows.
[02:09:35] <LemurLord> Roy hurries out
[02:10:14] <SirGoldFish> So, where does Ela bring Mad?
[02:11:25] <LemurLord> (Back to Mr Clumsy?)
[02:11:42] <Soulless> Ela takes him out of the church, or wherverr everyone else goes?
[02:12:25] <SirGoldFish> Everyone outside roll Precp!
[02:12:30] <LemurLord> "We should see if our friend isn't dead again," Roy states as he steps outside
[02:12:43] <LemurLord> 4df+9 I *see*
[02:12:44] <Glacon> LemurLord: I *see*: 5 (4df+9=4-, 4-, 4-, 4-)
[02:12:51] <SirGoldFish> …
[02:12:59] <LemurLord> (Apparently I don't)
[02:13:07] <Soulless> 4df+5 Elanor heads outside?
[02:13:08] <Glacon> Soulless: Elanor heads outside?: 6 (4df+5=0, 3+, 0, 0)
[02:13:09] <SirGoldFish> Roy trips on a brick.
[02:13:12] <Daedalus> 4df+2
[02:13:13] <Glacon> Daedalus: 4 (4df+2=3+, 3+, 4-, 3+)
[02:13:30] <gumbal1> 4df+4 wha
[02:13:30] <Glacon> gumbal1: wha: 4 (4df+4=3+, 4-, 0, 0)
[02:14:13] <Pixeltasim> 4df+4
[02:14:14] <Glacon> Pixeltasim: 3 (4df+4=0, 4-, 3+, 4-)
[02:14:51] <LemurLord> "God dammit!" Roy shouts standing back up again. He dusts himself off and wipes blood from his nose
[02:15:00] <SirGoldFish> Elanor can see what appears to be the shadow of a impossibly tall man crouched on the building opposite if the church
[02:15:34] <SirGoldFish> But before any of you can get a closer look he swings off a tree, and disappears in the shadows.
[02:15:48] <Soulless> Elanor watches him go, narrowing her eyes.
[02:15:57] <SirGoldFish> The tree begins to wilt.
[02:15:58] <Soulless> "We're being watched by an impossibly tall man."
[02:16:07] <Soulless> Her eyes widen.
[02:16:10] <SirGoldFish> We're talking at least 13 feet.
[02:16:52] <SirGoldFish> Three trees turns into a pure black color.
[02:16:58] <gumbal1> "Like every other entity watching us?"
[02:16:59] <SirGoldFish> *The tree
[02:17:13] <Daedalus> "Oh dear me…"
[02:17:20] <Pixeltasim> "Probably Mr. Headless.)
[02:17:21] <Pixeltasim> "
[02:17:31] <LemurLord> "By that tree?"
[02:17:33] <SirGoldFish> The man had his head!
[02:18:23] <Soulless> "He had his head."
[02:18:32] <Soulless> "He was… impossibly tall… he… he… the tree."
[02:18:36] <Soulless> "He did that to the tree."
[02:18:55] <Soulless> Can Elanor roll prophecy to try and identify what kind of manner of creature that man was?
[02:18:59] <LemurLord> "That explains the tree that fell on us then,"
[02:19:11] * Pixeltasim has quit (Quit: I gotta sleep)
[02:19:11] <SirGoldFish> She can!
[02:19:23] <Soulless> 4df+3 Hhhh
[02:19:24] <Glacon> Soulless: Hhhh: 4 (4df+3=0, 3+, 3+, 4-)
[02:19:31] <Soulless> Elanor closes her eyes and tries to concentrate.
[02:21:33] <SirGoldFish> This creature has an /artificial/ aura around it. What it does can not be accurately defined It basically sucks what gives living this life right out.
[02:21:47] <SirGoldFish> *things
[02:22:30] <LemurLord> "What do you see, Ela?"
[02:23:23] <Daedalus> Eli COughs, "Is it a threat?"
[02:23:59] <Soulless> She shudders.
[02:24:13] <LemurLord> "You okay?"
[02:24:26] <Daedalus> "I'll take that as a yes…"
[02:24:43] <Soulless> "Something… it isn't… not natural. Not in the magical sense of natural either it's, not organic- artificial. But, it takes life."
[02:25:02] <Soulless> "Not like it kills you. It takes life."
[02:25:25] <LemurLord> "Artificial? Mr. Clumsy mentioned…." Roy thinks for a bit
[02:25:41] <SirGoldFish> The word essence or soul would be an apt description.
[02:25:44] <gumbal1> "Better avoid it, then. Come on, we sould take the sheep-shagger back to base.
[02:25:49] <Daedalus> "We should get out of here… collect Mr… clumsy, is it? and leave."
[02:26:07] <SirGoldFish> Mr. Mad's eyes open.
[02:26:26] <LemurLord> (are the cuffs still on?)
[02:26:43] <SirGoldFish> "Ya fucks talkin' about Stripes?"
[02:27:31] <gumbal1> Danielle resists the urge to give in to her Scottish side.
[02:27:51] <LemurLord> "Welcome back, Mr Mad. Who're you talking about? Mr Stripes?"
[02:28:34] <SirGoldFish> "Sounds like the wee bastard."
[02:29:05] <SirGoldFish> *Cough* "He has been hunting us down forever…"
[02:29:11] <LemurLord> "Who is he? Another Wondertainment bloke?"
[02:30:11] <SirGoldFish> "The fucking bastard never thought anything that was not an order from fucking Wondertainment…"
[02:30:21] <SirGoldFish> "And no."
[02:30:31] <Soulless> "Stripes?"
[02:30:33] <SirGoldFish> "I don't know if Wondertainment is a person."
[02:30:36] <Soulless> "Do tell, please…"
[02:31:05] <SirGoldFish> "Stripes is…"
[02:31:12] <Daedalus> "We should get back…" Eli checks his watch, "We can interview him at the base. I don't like us being out here with that… thing watching us…"
[02:31:40] <SirGoldFish> "Stripes is trying to destroy all the defective Misters…."
[02:31:48] <SirGoldFish> "Which is most of us…"
[02:32:00] <Soulless> "Alright. Let's go."
[02:32:06] <SirGoldFish> "Can't believe the bastard found us…"
[02:32:20] <LemurLord> Roy pulls out the list he wrote down, "These guys?"
[02:32:30] <Soulless> "If I can, I'll try to talk to him. For now, let's quickly hurry home. You'll besafe with us."
[02:32:41] <LemurLord> "We need to find Mr Clumsy"
[02:32:59] <SirGoldFish> "Why'd you guys get me anyways?"
[02:33:12] <Soulless> "Alright, let's go get Mr. Clumsy."
[02:33:23] <Soulless> She pats Mr. Mad. "We'll explain on the wya."
[02:33:25] <Soulless> *Way
[02:33:46] <LemurLord> "Let's say we deal exclusively in the weird and unnatural"
[02:33:53] <SirGoldFish> You all remember that you should probably not leave Mister Headless like not contained.
[02:34:16] <gumbal1> ~We're taking ye to the highlands so ye can quite being a wimp~ danielle continues struggling with her inner Scotswoman.
[02:34:20] <Daedalus> "Let's call for extraction, I don't believe our vehicle is in proper condition to go anywhere. Oh, and call a team to pick up that body."
[02:34:36] <Daedalus> "The headless one."
[02:34:48] <SirGoldFish> "Headless?"
[02:34:55] <SirGoldFish> "Oh shit!" "
[02:35:03] <LemurLord> Roy has a thought, "Mr Headless, Clumsy said you'd know where to find him"
[02:35:05] <SirGoldFish> "Mr. Headless followed me?"
[02:35:25] <SirGoldFish> "I told him not to follow me!"
[02:35:32] <Daedalus> "You know our decapitated friend?"
[02:35:54] <SirGoldFish> "He is not decapitated you idiot."
[02:35:59] <LemurLord> "Please start making sense,"
[02:36:33] <SirGoldFish> "He takes people's heads and uses them as his own."
[02:36:44] <Soulless> "Where is he?"
[02:36:49] <Soulless> "Let's find him."
[02:37:00] <SirGoldFish> Elanor can no longer hold Mr. Mad.
[02:38:54] <Daedalus> "Let's get out of here… Staying here any longer will endanger the objective we have been given. We'll retrieve the headless body, Get Mr. Clumsy and Mr. Mad here to a containment cell, and figure out our next moves."
[02:39:20] <gumbal1> "Agreed. I need to rest after all this."
[02:39:29] <SirGoldFish> "The bastard is probably in some warehouse."
[02:39:34] <Soulless> Elanor slowly puts him down.
[02:39:44] * Xiao has quit (Ping timeout: 185 seconds)
[02:39:46] <SirGoldFish> "He aint subtle."
[02:40:04] <Soulless> 4df+6 She puts on her charm to Mr. Mad. "Oh dear, please calm down. I can't hold you when you're so big and strong as you are."
[02:40:05] <Glacon> Soulless: She puts on her charm to Mr. Mad. "Oh dear, please calm down. I can't hold you when you're so big and strong as you are.": 8 (4df+6=3+, 4-, 3+, 3+)
[02:40:06] <LemurLord> "Okay I guess we split up again, half get Clumsy, half get Headless"
[02:40:31] <Soulless> She might have noticeably adjusted her 10/10 tits as governed by Glacon while she said that.
[02:40:47] <SirGoldFish> He shrugs.
[02:41:06] <Soulless> (aw come on now that was good)
[02:41:08] <SirGoldFish> He gives a smile. "You kinda remind me of Ms. Sweetie…"
[02:41:39] <Soulless> "Tell me about her?" She tries to chill him out so she can carry him again.
[02:42:08] <SirGoldFish> "She is simply the best."
[02:42:17] <SirGoldFish> "She is so kind, so gentle."
[02:42:27] <SirGoldFish> "Just perfect…."
[02:42:47] <SirGoldFish> "Or at least she was before… What happened with Redd."
[02:42:51] <Soulless> She tries to carry him again. "She sounds lovely. I hope I can be just as perfect as she. Tell me more about her while we get you home?"
[02:43:09] <SirGoldFish> "Fucking Redd!"
[02:43:16] <SirGoldFish> He gets up.
[02:43:18] <Soulless> Oh boy.
[02:43:29] <Soulless> "Mr. Mad! Please calm down."
[02:43:36] <LemurLord> (Dani get your Scottish ready)
[02:43:50] <Soulless> Shelooks to the others. "Come on, let's just get Clumsy and Headless and go, quickly."
[02:44:24] <SirGoldFish> "You know we would not even be in this mess if it were not for fucking Redd!"
[02:44:31] <SirGoldFish> "FUCK STRIPES!"
[02:44:34] <LemurLord> "Okay, I know where Clumsy is. This way," and he turns and leads them to the inn
[02:44:40] <SirGoldFish> "FUCK WONDERTAINMENT!"
[02:45:31] <gumbal1> "Oi! Calm the fuck down, ya weasal!"
[02:45:56] <SirGoldFish> He punches a brick wall, breaking it.
[02:45:59] <Soulless> She starts heading to Clumsy, while dragging Mad along.
[02:46:05] <Soulless> "Come on, calm down. Take a breath."
[02:46:10] <Soulless> "We will do the babysitting."
[02:46:15] <Soulless> "Take a deep breath now."
[02:46:22] <SirGoldFish> "I'll get fucking Headless out!"
[02:46:27] <SirGoldFish> "OI
[02:46:28] <SirGoldFish> "
[02:46:34] <Soulless> "Okay. Lead the way and I'll follow."
[02:46:37] <LemurLord> (To homeimprovement?)
[02:47:05] <SirGoldFish> "HEADLESS GET THE FUCK OUT HERE!" He screams louder than anyone you've ever heard.
[02:47:14] <LemurLord> "He's in the basement of the inn, behind a hallway of loose banana peels"
[02:47:16] <gumbal1> Danielle covers her ears.
[02:47:23] <SirGoldFish> "YOU AND I GOT A WEE SCORE TO SETTLE!"
[02:47:29] <Soulless> She covers her ears. Ooooh gooood.
[02:47:50] <LemurLord> Roy covers an ear with one hand and grabs his gun his the other
[02:48:00] <LemurLord> *gun eith
[02:48:22] <SirGoldFish> A man with a old face, but a young body comes out.
[02:48:33] <SirGoldFish> "Mad? You're here?"
[02:48:42] <SirGoldFish> "DON'T PLAY QUEER WITH ME!"
[02:49:45] <SirGoldFish> The man pulls out a machete that makes Beatrice look like a butter knife.
[02:50:01] <SirGoldFish> "Ah, ah, ah, calm down now…."
[02:50:16] <Soulless> Elanor looks to Elijah.
[02:50:20] <Soulless> "Rope, get me rope."
[02:50:51] <Daedalus> Eli frowns and pull out some more medical tubing, which he hands to her.
[02:51:07] <Soulless> She tries to head around Mr. Headless.
[02:51:14] <gumbal1> "Oh fuck what."
[02:51:33] <SirGoldFish> Umm roll sneak to!
[02:51:59] <LemurLord> "Let's all just breath a little and put the giant knife down, please!"
[02:52:21] <SirGoldFish> "Don't worry, this head should last me a week or two…"
[02:52:33] <SirGoldFish> "Good mind this one…"
[02:52:41] <SirGoldFish> "Lots of interesting thoughts…"
[02:53:02] <SirGoldFish> Is Elanor trying to sneak around Headless?
[02:53:04] <Soulless> 4df+3
[02:53:04] <Glacon> Soulless: 2 (4df+3=0, 3+, 4-, 4-)
[02:53:07] <Soulless> Welp
[02:53:12] <SirGoldFish> 4df+1
[02:53:23] <LemurLord> (you tried)
[02:53:32] <SirGoldFish> 4df+1 I c u
[02:53:33] <Glacon> SirGoldFish: I c u: 0 (4df+1=4-, 0, 4-, 3+)
[02:53:46] <SirGoldFish> Headless sees nothing!
[02:55:56] <Soulless> She quickly dashes to him and ties him right up, ties him up that would make the more adventerous of us quite jelly. ;3
[02:56:14] <SirGoldFish> Roll agility!
[02:56:40] <LemurLord> (I see what you did there and its gros)
[02:56:46] <Soulless> 4df+3
[02:56:46] <Glacon> Soulless: 5 (4df+3=3+, 4-, 3+, 3+)
[02:56:58] <Soulless> (Found the jelous one!)
[02:57:01] <SirGoldFish> 4df+3
[02:57:02] <Glacon> SirGoldFish: 3 (4df+3=4-, 3+, 0, 0)
[02:57:53] <SirGoldFish> "Gah!" Headless falls to the ground! You can see the seams on his neck almost breaking off.
[02:58:03] <SirGoldFish> Almost…
[02:58:37] <LemurLord> "That was… um… efficient, Ela,"
[02:58:52] <Soulless> (Yep, definitely jealous)
[02:59:13] <Soulless> Elanor leaves the seams as they are. "Okay. Let's go. I've had /enough/."
[02:59:20] <LemurLord> (not Roy! not my white knight! Never! :P )
[02:59:25] <SirGoldFish> Mad: "YEAH! Tie that fucker up!"
[02:59:45] <LemurLord> Roy turns to Mad, "You shut the hell up"
[03:00:00] <SirGoldFish> Roy
[03:00:05] <SirGoldFish> Roll agility!
[03:00:14] <LemurLord> 4df+2 I regret nothing
[03:00:15] <Glacon> LemurLord: I regret nothing: 3 (4df+2=4-, 3+, 0, 3+)
[03:00:24] <SirGoldFish> 4df+3
[03:00:25] <Glacon> SirGoldFish: 2 (4df+3=0, 4-, 4-, 3+)
[03:00:41] <SirGoldFish> He barely misses your head.
[03:00:47] <Soulless> "Alright, let's go."
[03:00:49] <SirGoldFish> "Shut the 'ell up, mate."
[03:01:14] <SirGoldFish> "Fucking 'ell…" Mad follows Elanor.
[03:01:20] <Soulless> She looks to Mr. Headless. "And you, I've had enough of you and your head-cutting nonsense. If you're that obsessed with heads, just take a doll, moron."
[03:01:28] <Soulless> "Let's go home."
[03:01:53] <SirGoldFish> Head: "That is how I live…"
[03:01:53] <LemurLord> "I'll go grab Clumsy"
[03:02:10] <Daedalus> Eli frowns, "Does anyone have a radio?"
[03:02:19] <Soulless> "We'll find you another way. I think one of us does, yes."
[03:02:37] <Soulless> Elanor fishes out her radio from her bag of holding.
[03:02:40] <Soulless> She hands it to Eli.
[03:02:43] <SirGoldFish> Clumsy walks out of the bar with massive pieces of glass sticking out of him. Bar goers gawking at him.
[03:02:43] <LemurLord> "Luke gave me his," (I guess)
[03:02:56] <SirGoldFish> "Hey guys…"
[03:03:00] <SirGoldFish> "I made it…"
[03:03:07] <LemurLord> "There you are, how did you get out?"
[03:03:28] <SirGoldFish> "I died… 47 times getting here…"
[03:03:31] <Soulless> "Alright, let's go."
[03:03:42] <Daedalus> Eli tunes it to the proper channel, "Hello? Anyone there?"
[03:03:44] <Soulless> "Call the base?"
[03:03:46] <Soulless> Redact
[03:03:55] <SirGoldFish> Zip Zam Zoom!
[03:04:24] <SirGoldFish> You all make it to #Origins-ic2
[03:04:26] <LemurLord> "Well I guess that's everyone, c'mon Clumsy. We have better lodgings than the basement"
[03:04:56] <SirGoldFish> Clumsy dies 37 more times in some hilarious fashion on the way to the base.
[03:05:32] <Daedalus> Eli may or may not have given him 37 buisness cards.
[03:05:53] <LemurLord> (Eli must hate a guy he can't bury)
[03:05:55] <SirGoldFish> He takes all of them!
[03:06:18] <LemurLord> (And bleeds severely from the paper cut)
[03:06:38] <SirGoldFish> One of the cards slits his throat open.
[03:06:57] <Daedalus> Eli frowns and gives him another.

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