The Windmills of Luvi's Mind

21:04 ZombieRaptor Luvi hums an old German tune.
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21:05 ProcyonLotor You are somewhat out of tune.
21:05 ZombieRaptor Luvi don't care, he's not master singer.
21:06 padri Laura walks into medical.
21:06 Wixelt Wilson bangs his head on a pipe whilst walking along a corridor.
21:07 Wixelt "Ugh. Where the hell did that come from?"
21:07 ProcyonLotor Wilson knows how to ruin his day with metal.
21:07 ZombieRaptor Luvi smiles at the sight of Laura!
21:08 padri "Afternoon, Luvi!"
21:09 ZombieRaptor "Afternoon Laura."
21:09 ZombieRaptor "How're you?"
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21:09 padri Laura pulls up a chair. "I'm doing well. Having a good day today. But what about yourself?"
21:11 FlameShirt A blue orb and a purple orb bob about in medical, looking in the various beds. You probably recall you've only ever seen blue and red orbs before, not purple ones.
21:11 ZombieRaptor "I'm doing better I suppose, commonwealth dumped off a lot of medical supplies yesterday."
21:11 ZombieRaptor "Speaking of the commonwealth…"
21:12 padri Laura looks at the orbs, confused. "What are those? Did they escape from containment?" She's ready to bolt for the intercom, if need be.
21:13 FlameShirt The pair reach Luvi's bed. "Mister Harkess?", asks the blue orb.
21:13 ZombieRaptor Luvi looks at it "Yes?"
21:13 padri Laura frowns, glaring slightly at the orbs.
21:14 ZombieRaptor He looks at Laura and frowns a little "They're fine."
21:14 FlameShirt "We understand you are currently in an… unrecoverable medical situation?". It's the blue orb again. The purple one hums quietly.
21:14 padri She looks at him and sits.
21:15 ZombieRaptor "I may…" ~Was it unrecoverable?~
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21:17 FlameShirt "The Commonwealth Exploration Division is willing to provide medical aid for yourself. You will be completely healed. However, there is a condition to this aid."
21:17 FlameShirt The blue orb pauses.
21:17 FlameShirt "We require access to your memories."
21:18 ZombieRaptor Luvi smiles then frowns.
21:18 ZombieRaptor He frowns loudly "What do you need from memories?"
21:18 padri Laura frowns again, deepre.
21:20 FlameShirt "There is a great deal of sociological data from this time that we are /greatly/ interested in. Be assured that any stores will be held in the highest privacy and will be anonymised as best as we can accomplish."
21:21 ihp Jacob wanders around the site, having just arrived back from a short leave.
21:21 padri Laura briefly wonders about the tallies in the new light of riffling through Luvi's memories.
21:21 Wixelt Wilson is in the basement.
21:22 ZombieRaptor (You should totes visit medical Jacob)
21:22 ihp Jacob needs his cast off, so he does just that!
21:22 ZombieRaptor Luvi looks at his broken body then back at the orb. He still frowns but says "Alright."
21:23 padri She reaches up and grabs her necklace again, slipping her finger through a ring. She doesn't say anything, though.
21:24 FlameShirt The blue orbs shakes. "One more fact you should be made aware of before agreeing. You will be forced to experience your memories again, in a concentrated form."
21:24 ZombieRaptor Luvi frowns incredibly loudly.
21:24 padri Laura fidgets.
21:24 ZombieRaptor "How long will this take..?"
21:25 FlameShirt "On the order of seconds."
21:25 ZombieRaptor "Alright then…"
21:26 ihp Jacob stares at the orbs as he enters medical. ~What the deuce?~
21:26 padri She slips her finger into her ring and holds the locket as she watches this strange and unsettling conversation.
21:26 Wixelt Wilson walks past medical. He sees the orbs.
21:26 FlameShirt The purple orb moves forward and hovers over Luvi in his bed. "You're certain?", asks the blue orb.
21:27 Wixelt He stares for a moment before shrugging and keeping on his way,
21:27 ZombieRaptor "…not really….just do it.."
21:27 padri "Luvi, you don't have to."
21:28 FlameShirt The purple orb moves slightly, but hesitates when Laura speaks.
21:28 padri "I'll keep visiting and help take care of you. You can heal the normal way."
21:28 padri "If that's what you want, that is."
21:29 ZombieRaptor Luvi frowns more and thinks for a moment.
21:29 ZombieRaptor "If it's only going to take seconds.. I'll be fine, I think."
21:30 padri Laura nods.
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21:33 FlameShirt The purple orb descends and enlarges, engulfing Luvi. Luvi, you feel suddenly feel an incredible burst of speed and see bright lights and impossible machines, before slipping into unconsciousness.
21:34 FlameShirt Waking up, you're in the German countryside, on your family farm. Your hands look like those of a seven-year-old's. You see that girl from school, you know the blond one that makes you giggle for some reason.
21:36 ZombieRaptor Luvi smiles, he waves to her!
21:37 FlameShirt She waves back, smiling. She runs out into one of the fields adjacent to the farm.
21:38 ZombieRaptor Luvi jogs after her, smiling, he couldn't remember a happier time than his childhood.
21:39 Vivax The sky is as blue as an Aryan's eyes.
21:39 Vivax The smell of stolon, a festive German bread wafts from the house.
21:39 ZombieRaptor Luvi doesn't know what an Aryan is at this age, he just enjoys the deep blue.
21:41 FlameShirt Luvi, you need to push those long wheat stalks out of the way, they're getting thicker and taller as you near your sweetheart. They hit you in the face as you run, leaving painful cuts on your face and arms.
21:41 ZombieRaptor Luvi grimaces, he hits at them!
21:42 ZombieRaptor 4df+3 Little Luvi melee!
21:42 ZombieRaptor Oh
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21:42 ZombieRaptor 4df+3 little luvi!
21:42 Glacon ZombieRaptor: little luvi!: 3 (4df+3=0, +, 0, -)
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21:44 Vivax You notice a ladybug mingled in with some of the blood from your cuts.
21:44 Vivax Normally ladybugs are good luck…
21:45 Vivax but today you gave a ladybug bad luck.
21:45 ZombieRaptor Luvi tries to brush it off.
21:45 ZombieRaptor He goes back to hitting the wheat.
21:45 FlameShirt Luvi, your hands grow and callous as you beat against the stalks. You burst into a clearing, your neck choking slightly on the fraying strap of your Karabiner 98k. The broken body of your spotter lies in the clearing, on the banks of the Ruhr. American mortar rounds and artillery come increasingly close.
21:46 Vivax *boom*
21:46 Vivax *BOOM*
21:46 ZombieRaptor Luvi yells and checks his dead friend briefly before taking off, trying to find cover to fire from!
21:47 Vivax Do you look at your dead friend's face?
21:47 ZombieRaptor He does, he checks his pulse.
21:47 Vivax No pulse.
21:48 ZombieRaptor So he takes off!
21:48 Vivax The face stares through your eyes, like a Roman death mask.
21:48 Vivax Pale.
21:48 Vivax And unmoving.
21:48 Vivax You can feel it at the back of your mind as you run away.
21:49 ZombieRaptor Can he see any Americans on the other side of the river?
21:50 FlameShirt There's several trucks and tanks bearing American markings travelling along a road on the far bank.
21:50 ZombieRaptor Luvi drops to the ground, he fires at the driver of one such truck.
21:51 ZombieRaptor 4df+10 Fuck the war and fuck you!
21:51 Glacon ZombieRaptor: Fuck the war and fuck you!: 11 (4df+10=+, +, -, 0)
21:51 FlameShirt The truck swerves off the road, grinding to a halt on the rough vegetation. Behind you, you hear English voices.
21:52 ZombieRaptor Luvi grimaces and turns around, pulling his quicker firing pistol, leaving his rifle hanging on him by the strap.
21:53 ZombieRaptor He also stands*
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21:54 FlameShirt Approximately fifty American soldiers appear through the wheat. A group of eight run towards you, rifles raised. They scream and yell. You don't understand them, but they are obviously demanding your surrender.
21:55 ZombieRaptor Luvi sighs an drops his pistol.
21:56 ZombieRaptor He pulls off his sniper rifle and tosses it into the river before they can recognize it as such.
21:56 ZombieRaptor Luvi realizes his war is over, standing by the Rhine, blood on his face and mud covering his uniform.
21:57 FlameShirt The Americans grab you and take you into the wheat, which leads to large room in the American POW camp, Camp Bastrop. There's hundreds of other prisoners there. The room is set up as a cinema. You're going to watch a film, Luvi.
21:58 ZombieRaptor Luvi likes this film.
21:58 Vivax You catch glimpses of American faces.
21:58 Vivax They are young.
21:58 Vivax They are your age.
21:58 Vivax In another life you wonder if you could have been brothers.
21:59 ZombieRaptor Luvi is holding a journal, an item they did not strip from him, he looks at his tally marks.
22:00 Vivax You cling to the number.
22:00 ZombieRaptor One hundred forty three at this point.
22:00 Vivax It's the only thing you have.
22:00 Vivax Make a mdef roll.
22:00 ZombieRaptor 4df+4
22:00 Glacon ZombieRaptor: 8 (4df+4=+, +, +, +)
22:00 ZombieRaptor (Snappers)
22:01 Vivax You force down a tide of nausea and guilt over ending so many lives.
22:01 Vivax But is it worse now? Is it worse to feel nothing?
22:01 Vivax This is what you contemplate as they drag you to prison.
22:02 FlameShirt As your dragged out, the movie transitions into scenes of malnourished and diseased people behind barbed wire fences. You catch glimpses of Stars of David featuring prominently in their tatted clothes as you're taken away.
22:02 FlameShirt you're*
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22:03 ZombieRaptor Luvi hates the leaders of his country for what they did, to the Jewish people and to his own country with the war.
22:03 Vivax make an mdef.
22:03 ZombieRaptor 4df+4
22:03 Glacon ZombieRaptor: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, 0)
22:03 Vivax 4df+6
22:03 Glacon Vivax: 4 (4df+6=-, +, -, -)
22:04 Vivax You rationalize the guilt of association away.
22:04 Vivax You spend weeks justifying your actions, mental contortions to avoid the guilt and the shame.
22:07 Vivax How does your character pass the time physically in prison?
22:07 Vivax Do you try to make friends?
22:07 Vivax Do you talk to the Americans?
22:07 ZombieRaptor Only a few.
22:07 ZombieRaptor He learns English so yes.
22:08 Vivax It's a tough road.
22:08 Vivax You hear rumors of what the Soviets do to their prisoners. It's worse than what you did to them.
22:08 Vivax You shudder at the thought that it could be you.
22:09 ZombieRaptor Luvi shudders and tries to not think of the terrible winter in Russia.
22:09 Vivax You befriend a survivor from the Eastern Front who was transferred back West.
22:10 Vivax "In the night… in the night they would come."
22:10 Vivax "The Nacht Hexen"
22:10 ZombieRaptor Luvi was on the eastern front.
22:10 ZombieRaptor As well as the western.
22:10 Vivax :|
22:10 Vivax The boy has a thousand yard stare.
22:11 Vivax His name is Ulrich.
22:11 ZombieRaptor Luvi related to him his experience in Russia.
22:11 ZombieRaptor Relates*
22:11 Vivax Ulrich doesn't say much, he just stays close to you.
22:12 Vivax You remind him of someone he lost that he doesn't want to talk about…
22:13 ZombieRaptor (Roll persuasion to find out?)
22:13 Vivax (If you like.)
22:13 ZombieRaptor Luvi tries to persuade him to tell.
22:13 ZombieRaptor 4df+2 bad persuasion
22:13 Glacon ZombieRaptor: bad persuasion: 3 (4df+2=0, +, +, -)
22:14 Vivax "He… he was like a father and a brother."
22:14 Vivax That's all you're able to pry out of him.
22:15 ZombieRaptor Luvi doesn't press the subject, he remembers receiving news on the eastern front for the first time in months. It had told him his parents were killed in a foray into town during a bombing run.
22:20 FlameShirt Luvi, it's 1945. A man in a dark suit comes in and offers you a deal. You agree.
22:20 FlameShirt Why?
22:21 ZombieRaptor Because Luvi has nowhere else to go, only his brother survived the war, he is in Soviet controlled land.
22:22 FlameShirt I dunno, Luvi. The suited man isn't convinced. He thinks you're a dirty Nazi looking for a way out. He spits on you.
22:22 Vivax The people starve… the people starve in the streets. The Gestapo watches all.
22:23 ZombieRaptor Luvi grimaces, he requests to display his abilities as a sniper to the man.
22:24 ZombieRaptor It is about all he knows now.
22:27 FlameShirt The suit takes you to a large outdoor range on the edge of town. You're presented with an M1903 Springfield rifle and a single bullet. There's a man-shaped target at the end of the range.
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22:28 ZombieRaptor Luvi raises the rifle, he is not used to the particular rifle, but it is similar.
22:28 Vivax No… it's a Man at the end of the range.
22:29 ZombieRaptor Here comes his one hundred and forty fourth kill.
22:29 ZombieRaptor 4df+10
22:29 Glacon ZombieRaptor: 8 (4df+10=+, -, -, -)
22:29 Vivax You hit.
22:29 Vivax You hit where the thing that you could swear was a man in the head.
22:30 Vivax It explodes into a shower of cantaloupe-scented green foam.
22:30 * padri quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
22:30 Vivax It dissolves into minestrone soup.
22:32 FlameShirt Your conciousness travels along with the bullet. You surge forward with huge speeds, covered in the fake gore. You keep going and hit the bullet catcher. The scenery twists into sleek machines and strobing lights and fades.
22:33 FlameShirt You make up in Medical, Luvi.

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