The Nut Low

18:50 Hankolijo After a moment, Leonard takes out a playing card. The one of him, not Ace. "Hey, are these… Common around here?" ~Just wondering how many people Ace made these for.~
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18:51 Wix Wilson passes by the commons looking somewhat bored
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18:54 TesKin Branko nods. "Da, Kevin and I contained the creatures creating them."
18:54 TesKin "She was told to not make cards of staff and the SCP's contained here though."
18:56 Hankolijo Leonard forces himself to not mention how Ace actually made that one quite recently. "Oh… Well, I actually talked to them. And what they told me ended up being my biggest burden."
18:56 TesKin Branko shakes his head.
18:57 TesKin "The things we have contained here will do anything to escape."
18:57 TesKin "Do not believe what they have told you."
18:57 Soulless "…"
18:57 Soulless "What did they tell ou?"
18:57 Soulless *you
18:57 Wix Elsewhere, Ace suddenly feels very angry at someone.
18:58 Hankolijo "Well, as far as I saw, they're just in a standard cell, and they can, apparently, materialize items at any distance. Pretty sure if they wanted to just escape, they would."
18:58 Wix Branko, you feel a great heat in your pocket.
18:58 TesKin "Spasibo, again?"
18:58 TesKin He checks the pocket that heated up.
18:58 Wix A piece of card with block text on it.
18:58 TesKin He reads said card.
18:58 Hankolijo "Well… Apparently, they, the 'Red cards', are at war with the 'Black Cards'. Those were the ones that attacked me in the cafeteria."
18:59 Wix 'I DON'T LIE. LYING IS BAD!'
18:59 Soulless "…Well."
18:59 TesKin Branko slips the card back in his pocket. "The only reason they are here is because Kevin and I would have hunted them down and eliminated them."
18:59 Soulless She sips her tea, a trace of amusement in her eyes.
18:59 Soulless "Kevin. Yes."
19:00 TesKin "And we are friends, but I am trying to do my job." Branko says to the card.
19:00 Soulless Her expression gets more grave.
19:00 Wix '…'
19:00 Soulless "I'd like to speak to these people. They seem like nice companions."
19:00 Hankolijo "And the Black cards attack us because they see us as allies with Red Cards. And we're not, which is not good. I spoke both to Fulton and Regal about the whole thing. Well, Fulton sent me to Regal…"
19:00 TesKin ~This whole place is going to shit.~
19:01 TesKin Branko shakes his head again. "I have been gone for to long."
19:01 Hankolijo "Anyway, I negotiated that we'd be sending one of the two, accompanied with an agent covered with recording gear and tracking devices, one tracking device on the anomaly as well, to meet their leader."
19:01 TesKin "YOU DID WHAT!?"
19:02 Hankolijo "…What?"
19:02 TesKin "Fucking shit."
19:03 TesKin "They are not supossed to leave the site. That is what we agreed on."
19:03 Hankolijo "Well, Regal didn't exactly mention anything like that."
19:03 TesKin "Damint all to hell."
19:03 TesKin Damnit*
19:03 Hankolijo "He was more interested in the thought of capturing all the Black Cards."
19:03 Wix 'We agreed to stay until we had exchanged information, which we have now done.'
19:04 TesKin "FUCK!"
19:04 TesKin Branko rips the card in half and burns the pieces.
19:04 Wix They burn with a blood red flame.
19:04 TesKin He stands and walks out with no warning, heading straight for the exit of the bunker.
19:04 Hankolijo Leonard sips.
19:04 Hankolijo "Welp."
19:05 Wix Elsehwere, Ace suddenly feels a bit depressed.
19:13 Hankolijo Leonard stretches. "Well, I should resume patrol."
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19:15 Hankolijo He starts walking through the halls, whistling, trying to get his mind off all this shit.
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19:27 Recursive Wiley walks into commons and WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?
19:27 Recursive There's no tea?
19:28 Recursive He is disgruntled with the force of a million stars, and walks to the caf. to remedy this problem.

19:04 TesKin Branko storms outside, heading for his cabin.
19:05 Wix There appears to be a man leaning against the wall next to the door.
19:06 TesKin Branko reaches for his gu… Oh wait, it's hanging on a peg inside his cabin.
19:06 Hankolijo (DUN DUN DUUUUUUN)
19:06 Wix The man looks up, noticing Branko.
19:06 Hankolijo (And that, kids, is why you always keep your friends close, but your enemies in range of your primary firearm.)
19:07 TesKin "You are on the doorstep to my home. Why?"
19:07 Wix He appears to have slicked back black hair and is wearing a black leather jacket.
19:07 Wix "I was waiting."
19:07 Wix He smirks arrogantly.
19:07 TesKin 4df+3 (Perc) Can Branko take this guy?
19:07 Glacon TesKin: (Perc) Can Branko take this guy?: 0 (4df+3=-, -, -, 0)
19:07 TesKin (FFFFFuck.)
19:08 TesKin "I figured that. Why."
19:08 Wix Hard to say
19:08 Wix "I wanted to see what you'd do."
19:09 TesKin "I have fought demons. You do not scare me."
19:09 TesKin "Now. Tell my why you are here."
19:09 Wix "As I said, I wanted to see what you'd do."
19:11 TesKin "I am assuming that you are supossed to be contained here."
19:11 TesKin "And if you have not been, then I /WILL/ put you there."
19:12 Wix "Of course you will" he says sarcastically, taking out a couple of playing cards, "Just make sure to put me next to those two red idiots."
19:14 TesKin "You will have your own cell. And if you are one of those creatures that materalizes around whenever you choose, I will hunt you, and your kind to extinction."
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19:14 Wix He launches the two cards in your general direction.
19:15 TesKin Branko doesn't flinch. He waits to see what happens.
19:15 Wix "Well, I won't fault your enthusiasm, buuut… No."
19:15 Wix You should probably duck Branko.
19:15 TesKin 4df+3 (AGI)
19:15 Glacon TesKin: (AGI): 1 (4df+3=-, 0, -, 0)
19:15 TesKin (Welp. =P)
19:16 Wix 4df+6 Discard and Draw
19:16 Glacon Wix: Discard and Draw: 9 (4df+6=+, +, 0, +)
19:16 Wix The cards slice into you like razor blades.
19:17 TesKin Branko rushes this greaser wannabe, attempting to grab him.
19:17 Wix They only leave skin deep cuts (so no loss of health), but it stings.
19:17 TesKin 4df+6 (STR) GRRIIPP
19:17 Glacon TesKin: (STR) GRRIIPP: 5 (4df+6=-, -, 0, +)
19:17 Wix 4df+6 Block
19:17 Glacon Wix: Block: 6 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, 0)
19:17 Wix The man just manages to block your assault.
19:18 Wix He grins sadistically, before pushing you backwards.
19:18 TesKin Branko comes around with a furious haymaker punch to the head.
19:18 TesKin 4df+7 (Melee + CQT)
19:18 Glacon TesKin: (Melee + CQT): 10 (4df+7=+, +, +, 0)
19:19 Wix 4df+6 Block
19:19 Glacon Wix: Block: 6 (4df+6=-, +, 0, 0)
19:19 Wix Your fist slams into him really hard.
19:19 Wix He staggers backwards, grunting slightly.
19:19 TesKin Branko rushes in, again attempting to grab him by the throat.
19:20 Glacon TesKin: (STR) GRRIIPP 2 ELECTRIC BOOGALO: 6 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, 0)
19:20 Wix 4df+6 Block
19:20 Glacon Wix: Block: 4 (4df+6=-, -, 0, 0)
19:20 Wix You succeed
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19:20 Wix "Gah-"
19:20 TesKin Branko lifts this guy, slamming him into the wall.
19:21 Wix The man grunts again, then grins, "Any time now Joe…"
19:21 TesKin "Now, you will tell me what you have against these "Red idiots" In containment, then I will throw you into a cell, wait for you to give me what I want to know, and then I will throw away the key."
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19:22 Wix Branko, roll perception.
19:22 Wix "Like i'd do that…."
19:23 TesKin 4df+3 (Perc)
19:23 Glacon TesKin: (Perc): 2 (4df+3=0, -, -, +)
19:23 Wix "They probably already told you numbskulls everything, so go ask your boss."
19:23 TesKin Branko squeezes tighter.
19:23 Wix Branko, you failing to notice the sound of a beast thundering towards you until it's very close
19:23 Wix Roll agility.
19:23 TesKin 4df+3 (AGI) Oh boy, here we go.
19:23 Glacon TesKin: (AGI) Oh boy, here we go.: 4 (4df+3=-, 0, +, +)
19:24 Wix 4df+4 *ROAAAR*
19:24 Glacon Wix: *ROAAAR*: 1 (4df+4=-, -, -, 0)
19:24 Wix You duck out of the way.
19:24 TesKin "What the fu-"
19:24 TesKin Branko spins, looking for the beast.
19:24 Wix Seconds later, a large back mass slams into the side of your cabin.
19:24 Wix *blaxk
19:24 Wix *black
19:25 TesKin Plz no destroy, he just finshed.
19:25 Wix The man picks himself up the ground.
19:25 TesKin Branko sprints at the mass of black.
19:25 Wix The cabin is intact, but there's a slight mark where the beast hit.
19:26 Wix The large black horned beast roars at Branko.
19:26 Wix It looks smug as hell.
19:26 TesKin Branko just looks pissed now. "You little bitch. I have seen kittens more scary then you."
19:27 Wix Obviously taking offense to this, the beast charges again.
19:27 Wix 4df+4 *ROAAAR*
19:28 Glacon Wix: *ROAAAR*: 4 (4df+4=0, +, -, 0)
19:28 Recursive Hearing a rather loud rawr, Wiley peeks in.
19:28 Wix You stop the beast dead somehow.
19:28 Wix It looks very confused for a moment.
19:28 TesKin (We're outside Recursive)
19:28 TesKin Branko twists it, trying to flip it.
19:29 TesKin 4df+6 (STR)
19:29 Glacon TesKin: (STR): 10 (4df+6=+, +, +, +)
19:29 Recursive Wiley peeks outside, not seeing anything in the caf.
19:29 Recursive "What."
19:29 TesKin .y March of Memories
19:29 Glacon TesKin: Red Army Choir - March of Memories - length 3m 26s - rated 4.94/5.0 (196) - 17 552 views - richrocks95 on 2013.11.03 - TITLE: Red Army Choir - March of Memories
19:29 Wix 4df+6 *ROAAAR?!!!*
19:29 Glacon Wix: *ROAAAR?!!!*: 4 (4df+6=-, -, 0, 0)
19:29 Wix The beast goes flying.
19:30 TesKin Branko turns to the greaser wannabe. "Now, you were saying?"
19:30 TesKin The veins in his MASSIVE arms and neck pulse with anger.
19:30 Recursive "Branko! What the hell?"
19:30 Wix Wiley, you see Branko flipping a large horned beast with black scales across the area.
19:31 Recursive Wiley reacts accordingly. By staring confusedly.
19:31 Wix The man staggers slightly, "I was saying that I'm telling you anything."
19:31 Wix *i'm not.
19:32 Wix "Well… maybe one thing…."
19:32 TesKin Branko walks towards him, literally raidiating anger.
19:32 TesKin "You will tell me /EVERYTHING YOU KNOW/ or I will kill you."
19:32 Wix "I'd like to see you try."
19:32 Wix The beast climbs to it's feet and roars at Branko again.
19:33 TesKin "I have killed dragons with my bare hands."
19:33 TesKin "Your little pet does not scare me."
19:33 TesKin "I have seen creatures that would make you piss yourself in fear. And killed them."
19:33 Wix "…Did you just call my cousin a pet?!" A look of anger crosses the man's face."
19:33 TesKin "I have brought buildings down with nothing but a hammer and willpower."
19:33 Wix *-"
19:33 Recursive Wiley jogs forward to the man. "Ah, so, uh, nice day for a brawl, eh?"
19:34 TesKin "I am /NOT/ scared of anything you can do."
19:34 Wix "Maybe not, but what you don't seem to realize is that it's not just me."
19:34 Wix Branko, agility.
19:35 TesKin "I will hunt your kind. I will not rest untill I have killed everything you and your kind hold dear."
19:35 TesKin 4df+3 (AGI)
19:35 Glacon TesKin: (AGI): 5 (4df+3=+, -, +, +)
19:35 Wix 4df+6 Discard and Draw.
19:35 Glacon Wix: Discard and Draw.: 6 (4df+6=+, 0, -, 0)
19:35 Wix The man suddenly and unexpectedly pulls open his jacket.
19:36 Wix A barrage of razor cards flies out.
19:36 Wix Wiley should probably roll as well.
19:36 Glacon TesKin: (PDef) Branko roars. "I WILL BURN YOUR KIND TO THE GROUND AND DANCE IN THE ASHES!": 5 (4df+5=+, -, 0, 0)
19:37 Recursive 4df+3 Razor cards are my act.
19:37 Glacon Recursive: Razor cards are my act.: 5 (4df+3=+, 0, +, 0)
19:37 Wix You miss the majority of the barrage, only gaining a few scratches.
19:37 Wix Same for Wiley.
19:37 TesKin Branko goes for another grab, this time aiming to snap his neck.
19:37 TesKin 4df+6 (STR)
19:37 Glacon TesKin: (STR): 7 (4df+6=+, +, 0, -)
19:38 Wix 4df+6 Dodge
19:38 Glacon Wix: Dodge: 6 (4df+6=0, -, 0, +)
19:38 Recursive Wiley stays at a safe distance, watching disapprovingly.
19:38 Wix You manage to grab his neck.
19:38 Wix "Gah-"
19:39 TesKin 4df+6 (STR) Apply MASSIVE pressure to his throat with BEAR HANDS
19:39 Glacon TesKin: (STR) Apply MASSIVE pressure to his throat with BEAR HANDS: 3 (4df+6=-, 0, -, -)
19:39 TesKin (Welp_
19:39 Wix 4df+6
19:39 Glacon Wix: 3 (4df+6=-, -, -, 0)
19:40 Wix The man's neck only just holds.
19:40 Wix He grins.
19:40 Wix "Nice try, but i'm not that easy."
19:40 Wix The man suddenly dissolves into playing cards.
19:40 Recursive Wiley can do cards to. He pulls out a metal one, aiming for the man.
19:40 Recursive Oh, never mind.
19:41 Recursive But Wiley stays alert.
19:43 Wix "But seriously, I came here for one reason, to be honest."
19:43 Wix The voice comes from behind you."
19:43 Wix *redact that"
19:44 Wix (I meant redact the ". The other stuff still counts)
19:44 Recursive Wiley spins around, looking for it. "Honest about what?"
19:45 TesKin Branko growls and spits on the ground. "You are dead."
19:45 TesKin "That is all I am honest about.
19:45 TesKin "*
19:45 Wix "About why I came here." he is now standing next to the beast.
19:46 Recursive Wiley glances worridely at Branko. "And, ah, why was that?"
19:46 Wix "I came with a message."
19:47 Recursive "Which was?"
19:47 Recursive (*is)
19:49 Wix "Simple really." the man grins viciously, "Because you seem incapable of not sticking your nose in what doesn't concern you, your organisation will burn."
19:49 Wix "Along with those two red idiots you've aligned yourselves with."
19:50 Wix The beast growls in agreement.
19:50 Recursive "Well that's not very polite." Wiley takes aim with his cards.
19:51 Wix "That's all, and now that I know what we're up against, I shall take my leave."
19:51 Wix He eyes up Branko when he says this.
19:55 Wix "Adieu."
19:56 Wix Rather than exploding into a shower of cards, the two entities dissolve into them slowly, as if antagonizing the two of you.
19:57 Recursive Wiley frowns. "Yeah, well joke's on you." Wiley pockets the razor cards. "Keeping these, and I'll hit you between the eyes with 'em next time."
19:57 Wix "Don't bet on it…"
19:57 Wix They fade away completely
19:58 Recursive "Bollocks." Wiley heads towards containment.

19:59 Recursive Wiley runs toward containment, gets the wrong door, and stumbles in. He heads towards the containment of E-52 and E-53.
20:00 Wix A guard stops him.
20:00 Wix "Whoa buddy, where're you heading in such a hurry."
20:00 Recursive Wiley explains the situation in tl;dr terms, and shows him some of the cards the entities outside left behind.
20:01 Wix The guard frowns, but lets Wiley pass.
20:02 TesKin Branko was totally following Wiley the entire time.
20:02 Recursive "Ace? Ace's dad? A word please?"
20:02 TesKin "Jackel."
20:02 Recursive "What he said."
20:03 Wix "Yes?" Jackal comes to the viewport of the cell door.
20:03 Wix He frowns at Branko, obviously not impressed with him for something.
20:04 TesKin "Leonard said you were at war. I was just attacked by someone I presume was a "Black Card."
20:04 Recursive Wiley shows them the cards they left behind.
20:04 TesKin "I did not catch a name, but he has a large black beast as a cousin."
20:05 Wix Jackal frowns "Cassino and Joseph again… the attacks are getting more frequent…"
20:05 TesKin "Da. Where are they coming from."
20:05 Recursive "Ah, attacks?"
20:07 Recursive "On the bright side, there's no way they'll be able to refuse an official interview now. An attack on site will get their attention."
20:10 Wix "
20:10 Wix "The attacks are coming from the Black Cards, of which the Spades Family makes up half."
20:11 TesKin "Where."
20:11 TesKin "I need to find them."
20:13 Wix "We… don't know."
20:13 TesKin Branko sighs, running a hand throught his hair.
20:13 Wix "We used to know where their family home was, but they've moved since then."
20:13 TesKin "Is there any way I can track them from that location?
20:15 Wix "Most likely not. They're very good at covering their tracks."
20:16 TesKin "Yebat."
20:16 TesKin "I need to find them and either eliminate or contain them.
20:16 TesKin "*
20:17 Wix "That's easier said than done."
20:17 TesKin "You do not know what I am capiable of."
20:18 Recursive Wiley thinks. "If you were there, would you be able to track them?"
20:18 Wix "And you don't know what they're capable of."
20:19 Wix "We've tried before. It didn't work."
20:19 Recursive Wiley frowns, and goes back to thinking.
20:20 TesKin "Dermo. We need to find them."
20:22 Recursive Wiley examines the cards they left behind, to look for clues.
20:23 Wix "I will consider options and let you know if I think of anything."
20:23 TesKin Branko nods. "Send me a card when you find something."
20:23 Recursive Wiley nods as well.
20:24 Recursive "We should schedule a proper interview, find out all we can about this war between the cards."
20:25 TesKin Branko nods. "Some new recruite already took care of this."
20:25 TesKin "Fucking idiot didn't tell Matt or I."
20:26 Recursive "Who- what?!"
20:26 TesKin Branko nods. "Da."
20:26 Recursive [in lieu of an explanation, Wiley reads the ic1 chat, in assumption Branko explains]
20:26 TesKin [Yep]
20:28 Recursive Wiley sighs, long an deep. "They let anyone on site nowadays, no?"
20:28 TesKin "Da."
20:33 * Wix is now known as WixShoowah
20:34 Recursive "Did he find out anything?"
20:35 TesKin "Apparently he approved sending out one of the anolomies with a tracker to talk to their leader. They are both probably dead now."
20:35 Recursive "Great. He sent out Ace, I assume."
20:35 TesKin Branko nods. "Da."
20:36 Recursive "Well, at least we have the tracker, I guess."
20:36 TesKin "Those were most likely destroied."
20:36 TesKin "This is the reason I do not like letting people do my job."
20:36 TesKin "Fucking christ."
20:37 Recursive Wiley frowns, and rubs his temples.
20:37 TesKin "Alright Wiley. We need to unfuck this."
20:38 Recursive "How're we going to do that?"
20:38 TesKin "I do not know. But we need to stop this shit."
20:39 TesKin "Random anolomies appearing inside of the site whenever they choose? It is not safe."
20:39 Recursive "I should find Leonard, or whatever his name was. He probably knows something."
20:39 TesKin Branko nods. "Da. We need to find out what he approved."
20:41 Recursive "If I can find Ace, I might be able to talk her out of whatever she's got into."
20:42 TesKin "If you are going after her, I am coming."
20:42 Recursive Wiley nods.
20:43 Recursive He pulls out the character cards that Ace created. "These are connected to her somehow. Maybe we can trace them back to her."
20:44 TesKin Branko nods, taking out the cards he has. "Da. I do not know how. Maybe Hermann would know a way?"
20:44 Recursive "Perhaps." Wiley frowns at the mention of Hermann, but he's more or less gotten over the Wizard incident.
20:53 TesKin "I do not know else to ask."
20:53 Recursive "Elanor might be able to work some magic. She has some sort of insight or something."
20:53 TesKin "We can talk to her as well then."
20:54 Recursive Wiley nods.
20:56 TesKin Branko sighs. "I'm going back to my cabin. If you need me, come find me."
20:57 TesKin Branko head out from containment.
20:57 * Recursive quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
21:07 WixShoowah "You realize that Ace is still here ri- oh, they're gone."
21:16 WixShoowah "Bollocks"

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