The Final Hive

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<gumbal1> Gerald Smith emits a liud groan from his chamber, still curled up in a ball

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<ZombieRaptor> Luvi wanders around containment, exploring the facility for the last time.
<gumbal1> Luvi sees the blubber collide with the glass, then slide down
<ZombieRaptor> "Stop that."
<Daedalus> Monday sees him, "Good evening, Herr Harkess."
<gumbal1> Luvi hears groaning from Smith's containment cell]
<ZombieRaptor> "Evening…"
<ZombieRaptor> Luvi frowns and heads over.
<gumbal1> Luvi sees that Gerals is still curled intoa ball, but is now shaking
<ZombieRaptor> "Shit."
<Daedalus> Monday walks over as well, "What are you doing in containment so late?"
<gumbal1> "im sorry i lied to you"
<ZombieRaptor> "You're fucking infected Smith."
<ZombieRaptor> Luvi hits an intercom. «Smith is infected.»
<gumbal1> Parts of his spine suddenly burst from his back, leaving blood sprayed across the chamber
<ZombieRaptor> Luvi frowns. "Goddamn."
<ZombieRaptor> Any response from the intercom?
<gumbal1> Several bugs start crawling around smith's body, laying down more bony matter as Smith moans.
<Daedalus> "What is wrong with himm?"
<ZombieRaptor> Intercom??
<ZombieRaptor> "He's becoming a bone hive."
<gumbal1> no response
<Daedalus> "Christ. A bone hive?"
<ZombieRaptor> "Yea."
<ZombieRaptor> Luvi hits the intercom again. «Respond.»
<Daedalus> "Is there anything we can do? We have to help him."
<ZombieRaptor> "Best thing you can do is kill him."
<Daedalus> "There's got to be a, cure… or something?"
<gumbal1> «Noted. Make sure the chamber is secure from any openings.»
<ZombieRaptor> «Do I have permission to execute the subject? There is no reason for him to live and suffer.»
<ZombieRaptor> "No cure."
<gumbal1> «Negative. Tghis is the last remaining instance.»
<Daedalus> "Christ… it's killing him…"
<ZombieRaptor> Luvi looks at smith. "You're a poor fucking bastard."
<gumbal1> "Smith" grunts.
<ZombieRaptor> "He's going to stay alive Monday."
<gumbal1> «Be sure there are no openings in the cell.»
<Daedalus> "God save him."
<ZombieRaptor> Luvi looks for openings.
<gumbal1> He fins that the entrance and vent are covered.
<gumbal1> There are no cracks in the wall. Nothing can get through unless a non-hive human lets it.
<ZombieRaptor> No openings at all?

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<gumbal1> Smith is now unable to fidgit

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<ZombieRaptor> "Smith."
<gumbal1> TSmith grunts.

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