The End of the Tour

ihp Jacob reports to… somewhere. He wonders why the hell Bowe summoned him; last time he saw him, he talked about a mission in the Arctic (or was it the Antarctic?). Considering the insanity that's been going on around the site, he's… not too happy to think about seeing Bowe, but at the same time, can't really say anything bad about the man.
RogGMs Everyone here arrives in a conference room, with General Bowe, flanked by two guards, at the front. "Be seated, please."
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gumbal1 Danielle follows.
Jabonicus Wallace reports.
Optimal Frederick seats himself.
Sirgoldfish Dan follows Fred.
DrSavage Randall sits down, free of bandages.
ihp Jacob sits at the table and sighs, rubbing his right hand with his left.
gumbal1 She's seated. "Out of curiosity, Bowe, do you know what that thing with the potatos several days ago was?"
RogGMs Bowe's got two especially tough looking guys in black leather uniforms, holding submachine guns. Bowe himself is decked out in a suit that actually looks designed to go places, rather than rattle with medals all of the time.
Soulless Elanor is just a little late!! It's almost as if she was rushing here.
RogGMs "That's irrelevant."
gumbal1 "Just wondering, is all."
Soulless Yeah she's definitely late. She sits down and tries to pretend she was totally here the whole time.
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Sirgoldfish ~It is kind of telling mister Bowe.~
RogGMs Serge was totally in the conference room the whole time.
DrSavage Randall only stares silently at Bowe. Looking inside him.
TeslaTornado He definitely has been! He's carrying his backpack and his rifle and everything.
Sirgoldfish Dan appears to be cool and collected despite what Bowe did to his friends.
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RogGMs "Now, I now many people may have been unhappy with my policies. However, they were only here to make a stronger Foundation. And today, we will be embarking on a mission to show just how much we have really changed."
Jabonicus Wallace has his rifle and toolbox.
ihp "…is this what you mentioned when you rescued my squad from that… pocket dimension, general?"
Sirgoldfish "How have we Change, Bowe?"
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ihp "Pinkerton was there, as I recall."
Sirgoldfish Dan nods to Jacob.
Jabonicus Wallace stayed quiet.
RogGMs "It is. Today, gentlemen, we are going to recruit a god."
ihp Jacob blinks. "…capital or lowercase G?"
Soulless Elanor flashes a note of recognition.
Sirgoldfish "A god?"
TeslaTornado "That is… Wildly inappropriate of us."
Soulless She quickly hides it.
TeslaTornado "Why would we need a god?"
gumbal1 ~I wonder why he deflected the potato question.~
Jabonicus "A… god?" Wallace replies. "What makes him, or her, a god?"
RogGMs Bowe rises, and a dropdown map of the arctic drops down behind him. "Capital G, sir. Able, son of Adam. His power could give us the strategic capability to wrangle stronger and more dangerous anomalies."
ihp "…Able? As in Cain and?"
Sirgoldfish "Ever heard of megalomania, Bowe?"
ihp He suddenly remembers the dream Lisabet had.
RogGMs Bowe points to a patch of ice on the map. "The very same. He resides here, in the arctic."
TeslaTornado Serge squints at the map. "… The arctic."
Soulless Elanor keeps herself acting very well. Inside, she is panicking.
ihp Can Jacob roll academics to remember details of the Cain and Able fable?
RogGMs he can!
ihp 4df+4 Academics!
Glacon ihp: Academics!: 7 (4df+4=+, +, 0, +)
Jabonicus "How is he a god? Intelligence? Strength?"
gumbal1 4df+4 wha
Glacon gumbal1: wha: 4 (4df+4=-, +, -, +)
gumbal1 "Wait, how do we even know this is Able?"
DrSavage Randall stares at Bowe. "And what would a divine being want to help us for?"
Soulless "…I'll know."
RogGMs "That's above your paygrade. Mission details are being carried out by Omega-7. Your job is to bear wittness, and tell your colleauges just what we've been up to."
Soulless She says this quietly.
Soulless So quietly it may go unheard.
TeslaTornado "More than that, why would a /god/ want to help us?"
Sirgoldfish "You want us as gossip?"
ihp "…sir,isn't Able dead? And why would be he in the arctic?"
ihp He be*
Optimal Fred waits for others to ask hid own questions.
RogGMs Bowe glances at Elanor for just a moment, an almost unnoticable second, before looking back to his map. "I want you to yell what you've seen from the rooftops."
gumbal1 "How can we trust that Omega-7 will do their job. I only know of two anomalies they've captured, as opposed to Psi-7's countless."
RogGMs "They have operational capacity far beyond your mission parameters."
Soulless Elanor glances back at Bowe and goes very quiet, listening but not saying anything.
TeslaTornado "We are a secret organization. Wouldn't screaming about him from the rooftops make us… Not secret?"
RogGMs "Now, we don't have time for more questions. I have requisitioned special aircarriers for us, to cut down the trip time. We won't be in Kansas anymore. Move out!"
TeslaTornado Serge applies Bumpkin Logic to anecdotes.
ihp ~Air carriers? As in aircraft carriers?~
gumbal1 Danielle moves out.
TeslaTornado Serge rolls out.
gumbal1 ~What an unpleasent man.~
Sirgoldfish Dan moves out, and laughs once he is out of ear shot of Bowe.
Soulless Elanor moves out, still mute.
Optimal Fred moves out, assuming that fate will take him to the designated area.
Jabonicus Wallace moves out.
ihp Jacob goes along, thinking about the story of Cain and Able. ~Able died… and how is he a god? What if we're going after Cain and not Able?~
ihp He says none of this aloud.
Soulless Once out of ear shot of Bowe, she flinches at the laugh. "What's so funny?!"
DrSavage Randall simply does not break eye contact with Bowe until he is out of sight.
Sirgoldfish Dan looks to Elanor. "We have been chosen to scream on top of roof tops/"
gumbal1 "Alright, first things first: Check ourselves for bugs."
RogGMs They move outside to an impressive looking big airship. Bowe boards. Inside, they will find winter coats and gear, and some serious looking machine guns and rocket launchers. "Don't touch the toys until we get there. Some of them are on hair triggers."
Jabonicus Wallace gets on, looking at the gear, cracking a smile.
Sirgoldfish "Are you really planing on shooting a god, Bowe?"
TeslaTornado Serge is already dressed in heavy winter gear, although he appreciates the gear that is provided and gathers more blankets and supplies, adding them to his patchwork satchel.
Soulless Elanor puts on the winter coats, still relatively quiet. All her general confidence is pretty down this mission.
gumbal1 Danielle frowns at the guns, then puts on the winter gear.
ihp Jacob puts on as much winter gear as he's allowed, and sighs. "We're going to the Arctic, to find a God, who is the grandson of God."
Jabonicus Wallace decides to put on the gear when it starts getting cold.
Optimal Fred dons a coat. It be cold in the arctic.
RogGMs "Hopefully not. But if he turns on us, we'll need some serious firepower." bowe sounds excited.
gumbal1 "I honestly doubt this biblical folklore bullshit. He's probably just a reality warper who's compromised Bowe."
Sirgoldfish Dan dons the coat, and hangs by Fred.
ihp "Cain and Able were middle Eastern, though… and Able is dead." He frowns. "Is that why we want him? He's come back from the dead?"
gumbal1 Sge says this to Jacob.
Jabonicus Wallace breaks in to the invisible peer pressure and dons the proper clothing.
TeslaTornado Serge looks at Elanor with some concern, pulling a coat over top of his own coat and then swathing himself in his rough-knit blanket. "Monsieur Wexley, we have seen stranger."
Soulless Elanor sits, watching and waiting, anticipating. She looks to Serge and tilts her head questioningly.
RogGMs Bowe enters another chamber, leaving everyone alone in this room. There are seats, room to move around, and seatbelts. It's much niceer than the air force planes.
Optimal Fred looks at Dan. "And just like that, we're taking a vacation to the arctic. Don't you love this job?"
ihp Jacob looks at Danielle. "Considering the fact that I've gone against at least there types of Fairy… I'm inclined to believe this is actually Able." He nods at Serge. "Exactly my point." He sits down and takes a seat.
ihp (Department of redundancy department, have I helped you be helped?)
gumbal1 "Maybe they're just called fairies because that's the most applicable term."
Jabonicus "If this is a god, what will shooting him do?"
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DrSavage "Pathetic."
Sirgoldfish "This assignment shows how little of a shit they give about us, Fred/"
Sirgoldfish "Are you excited to meet a god, Fred?"
TeslaTornado Serge tilts his head at Elanor in that silent, questioning way of his.
Soulless Elanor gives a small, perhaps a little bit bitter of a smile.
TeslaTornado Serge inclines his head slightly towards the good General.
ihp Jacob just shivers thinking about the arctic. "Why is it all the way up there, though?"
Optimal "Excited Dan? No. Meeting any god is something I have wished to steer away from."
Soulless The smile gets a bit more bitter.
RogGMs The engines begin to spin up.
Jabonicus Wallace walks over to Serge. "Hey, which gun suits your fancy?" He asks, motioning towards the line of guns.
Sirgoldfish "I am not excited."
gumbal1 Danielle looks to Serge. "{Glad to finally meet another frenchman.}"
RogGMs Serge, Bowe is in another room in the plane
TeslaTornado Serge looks at Wallace and smiles his usual childish, big-toothed grin. "I have Pauline's gun. It is all I need."
Sirgoldfish "Any god would be pretty mad at me."
Optimal "Heh, yeah, I hear you."
RogGMs The engines are louder, and the plane begins taxiing to take off.
TeslaTornado ((Redact the bit about Bowe, then))
Soulless "…I think, excitement is not the right word for meeting something like a god."
Soulless "It is perhaps never the right word."
Jabonicus "Suit yourself Frenchie." Wallace pats Serge on the back. "I call one of the Launchers."
Sirgoldfish Dan turns to Wallace. "Maybe shooting a god would give us time to atone for our sins or some shit."
Soulless This may be drowned out by the engines.
DrSavage "This is a fool's errand."
TeslaTornado "Just do not hit the rest of us with it, monsieur." He smiles at Danielle. "{Likewise, ma'am. There are very few of us here.}"
ihp Jacob just looks out the window absently. "…" He writes out something on his notebook, which he discreetly shows the rest of his team. ~The word "Fishbait" comes to mind.~
Sirgoldfish "It is more than foolish to fuck with a god."
ihp ~Gods need a sacrifice, do they not?~
TeslaTornado Serge can barely read!
Optimal "So this mission is a bit funny to me. We are apparently going to nab Able, and then tell everyone about it?"
RogGMs The plane begins the actual process of taking off. Anyone not strapped in will definitely fall, because this sucker is going /fast as shit/.
Sirgoldfish "I suppose."
TeslaTornado "Rolling the red carpet for Omega 7, it would seem." Serge, ever superstitious of advanced technology, is strapped to his chair.
TeslaTornado He lets out a whoop, half of excitement and half of raw terror.
Soulless Elanor writes back in shaky handwriting. ~Don't worry about it. If what they say is true, Omega 7 will be the lambs.~
gumbal1 Danielle is also strapped in. "Fuck planes."
Jabonicus Wallace was strapped in. /barely/
Optimal Fred strapped hisself in.
Jabonicus Wallace grinned. He loved planes.
ihp Jacob nods. ~Then what are we?~
Soulless Elanor stumbles and crawls to a chair, having been to distracted to strap herself in.
TeslaTornado Serge assists Elanor with her restraints.
RogGMs There are no windows, but you can feel the plane picking up speed as it goes by, the wind whistling past the thick walls of the fuselage. Damn. That is faster than shit right there.
Soulless It's only when she's strapped in then she writes back. ~We're going to watch and become their Prophets.~
gumbal1 "Urgh. Has Omega-7 even been on more than 2 missions?"
Soulless "Thank you." She says the srge.
Soulless *Serge
Optimal ~Daaaaaaaaaaamn man. This plane is some faaaaaast shit.~
ihp "… are we going Supersonic?!"
Sirgoldfish Dan turns to Elanor. "So, should I do anything before talking to this god character?"
RogGMs Jacob's question is answered by a sonic BOOM
ihp Jacob yelps. "Sonofabitch we are!"
DrSavage "If Omega 7 lives through this debacle, they can announce whatever they want."
Soulless Elanor opens her mouth, only to close it and cover her ears at the noise.
ihp "…well. I guess if we're going to the arctic, we gotta go fast."
TeslaTornado Serge lets out a shriek and grips the nearest solid object with an iron grip. "THE PLANE IS BREAKING"
gumbal1 Danielle frowns loudly and grips her seat.
Jabonicus Wallace shouts over at Serge. "The plane is fine!"
Optimal "Not a fan of planes is he?" Fred nods over to Serge.
Soulless She closes her eyes and shakes a bit, terrified at the noise and the shaking and whatnot. Never been on a plane like this before, and she's clearly scared.
Jabonicus "Planes do!"
Jabonicus "That's a plain going fast noise!"
Jabonicus plane*
ihp Jacob yells at Serge, "It just means we're floating around at the speed of sound!"
Optimal "Heh, should've heard me on the toilet after hot burrito night…"
TeslaTornado This does not encourage him to shut up.
Sirgoldfish "WELL, WE ARE SERGE!"
Jabonicus "Not with that attitude?"
Jabonicus !*
Soulless She just waits for the craziness to be over.
RogGMs The plane begins to decelerate. Everyone can feel the inertia as it slows down quite suddenly.
DrSavage "Hmmm…"
gumbal1 Danielle stays as quite as griping her seat in near or super sonic speed can get
ihp Jacob shakes forward in his seat. "Son of a- OW!"
TeslaTornado Serge looks at Dan with a look of abject terror. "I SHIT IN THE WOODS!"
Optimal All of the blood rushes to Fred's face.
RogGMs They can feel the plane going around and around, probably looking for a place to land or summat
Soulless Elanor reminds herself this isn't as bad as having her bones charred by hellfire. Thank you Satan for giving an appropriate range of suck to compare things to.
Sirgoldfish "So, Elanor, any tips on not upsetting Able?"
Jabonicus Wallace looks like a fat Scottish boy on Haggus Tuesday
ihp Jacob looks at Dan. "Don't mention his brother, for one thing."
Soulless Can Elanor roll academics + paranormal to discern more details about this Able character, and how hes managed to survive to modenr day?
DrSavage "Don't talk about his brother. Or his mother. Or his father."
TeslaTornado Serge has actually managed to climb up his seat and is now fully braced against the wall.
Sirgoldfish "So I have heard." Dan responds to Jacob.
RogGMs Elanor can!
Soulless 4df+11 mkay
Glacon Soulless: mkay: 10 (4df+11=0, -, 0, 0)
Jabonicus Wallace laughs at Serge.
RogGMs Elanor, you've heard some stories of a being. Not Able, but… some of him. Cold and deeply slumbering, a great being in an empty box.
TeslaTornado Serge squints at him.
Soulless "…It's not really Able."
gumbal1 "As I suspected."
Soulless "But it still is, in a way."
DrSavage "Even if it isn't Able. It might think it is."
Sirgoldfish "Well, are we doing with one of those righteous gods?"
Sirgoldfish "Because they may be mad at me."
Soulless "Just not the whole spirit. Some of him. He's been… The best word is sleeping. He's been sleeping for a long, long time."
gumbal1 "Wait, what? So that hokey crap that could have gotten me killed further was true?"
Soulless She rubs her eyes. "I read it somewhere, a passing pasage."
ihp Jacob frowns at Elanor. "Hmm. We'll have to use precautions then. Maybe if they can't wake it…"
Optimal "Don't fear the gods Dan. None of them are truly all powerful."
RogGMs The plane slows down a lot again. It starts coming in for a final landing. Everyone can feel it get much colder very quickly as the plane pulls into a steep dive.
Sirgoldfish "I've stolen a house. I am sure this god man is no biggie." Dan jokes/
gumbal1 "This is O-7 we're talking about. Of course those green will wake it." He pauses. "Green means new, right?"
Sirgoldfish Dan has stolen a house though.
Jabonicus "Can we touch the toys now?"
TeslaTornado Serge notices. He looks at Elanor with a look of slight terror.
ihp Jacob shivers, despite his coat. "Son of a bitch…" He nods at Danielle. "And we're all so green that grass is envious of us."
gumbal1 "We've done more than O-7 has."
ihp Jacob shakes his head. "I doubt that. They were there when I arrived at Site 19."
Riemann Elanor, everyone else is shivering, but you don't know why. It's not /that/ cold. You still feel pretty warm.
Soulless Elanor looks back to Serge. "We will be their prophets and their bards, not their soldiers."
Sirgoldfish "I heard some of them are younger than 22, Danielle. Just a rumor though."
Soulless "Don't worry, we'll make it out…" She loosens her coat a bit, feeling plenty warm. WTF Elanor are you nuts? It's freezing.
DrSavage "We will be neither."
ihp Jacob nods at Dan. "Iris Thompson. She's an anomaly, and only 18."
Soulless "…Is it really that cold?"
gumbal1 "So? Not much of a stretch from my 24."
TeslaTornado Serge bundles his blanket tighter about himself. He doesn't seem convinced. First a god, then an airplane.
TeslaTornado Can Serge roll his survival stuff to gauge the temperature?
Optimal Fred just sits and waits for the exit to open, gripping his showy cane tightly.
RogGMs The plan suddenly PULLS out of its dive, and lands on the ground with a thud. «Attention personnel! Please place your winter gear on, select your arms, and report outside of the plane!» Bowe sounds very, very excited.
Jabonicus Wallace grabs the first rocket launcher he sees.
ihp Jacob unbuckles himself and looks over the selection of 'arms'. What do they have?
Soulless Elanor jumps at the thud, and carefully unbuckles herself.
Sirgoldfish Can Dan roll urban subterfuge to see if he has heard any reliable rumors about Omega-7?
RogGMs Big machine guns and rocket launchers.
RogGMs He's heard they're tough and use anomalous personnel.
Sirgoldfish Dan follows Elanor.
TeslaTornado Serge looks for an M2 Browning. A huge, simple machine gun with a long belt and a big magazine.
gumbal1 Danielle puts on her winter gear. "Sounds liek he found the secret potato farm of Atlantis. I can't wait." She eyrolls.
ihp Jacob frowns, and takes a machine gun. A rocket launcher only has a couple of shots in it.
Optimal Fred already had his winter coat on over his tweed suit. He goes over and looks at all the big guns, wondering which one suits him best.
TeslaTornado Serge looks at Danielle. "… Potato farm?"
gumbal1 Danielle takes a light machine gun.
RogGMs They have all sorts of machineguns and rocket launchers.
Jabonicus Wallace giggles because of the rocket launcher he has.
Soulless Elanor bundles up despite not being all that cold and it shows in that she bundles up not all that tightly compared to others.
Optimal All those guns…
gumbal1 "Haven't you heard? Bowe has a potato fetish."
DrSavage Randall takes his gear and a machine gun. There is an unhinged look in his eyes.
Sirgoldfish "And is satan." Dan adds to what Dai was saying.
Jabonicus Wallace has his gear and a rocket launcher that he /really/ likes.
Soulless Elanor looks to Dan.
Soulless "He's not Satan!"
Sirgoldfish *Satan
ihp He reports to the front of the aircraft. "…ladies and gentlemen, let's get a god."
Soulless She snaps this quite suddenly.
Sirgoldfish "That was a joke, Elanor."
Optimal Everyone's so confident in their choices. Shit. Should have spent more time at the range…
gumbal1 "For the last time, he's not a god. It's just Bowe's sense of grandieur."
Soulless She then goes to grab her weapon, one of the lighter machine guns.
TeslaTornado "… Fetish?" Serge hefts an M2 Browning and carefully dismounts the plane, looking like the most badass homeless man in the world.
gumbal1 She follows Jacob.
Soulless "I'll let you know if he's really a god."
TeslaTornado A Tripod is slung over his back, next to his beloved rifle.
Sirgoldfish Dan grabs the smallest machine gun, and follows Jacob.
ihp Jacob looks at Elanor. "We were up against a god, once. Bobble. Hopefully Omega-7 won't bail us out of that."
Jabonicus Wallace dismounts the plane. "This baby should be a good god-tester."
ihp "Out of this, rather."
RogGMs Once everyone is outside, Bowe is standing there with Iris.
ihp Jacob nods respectfully at Iris.
Optimal Fred just grabs a random machine gun and walks to Bowe.
Soulless Elanor looks to Jacob, her gaze solemns. "Hopefully." She heads out and nods respectully.
TeslaTornado Serge looks at Iris. He smiles and nods at her amicably. "Bonjour!"
RogGMs If anyone doesn't know what Iris looks like, she's a hardened looking teenager in combat fatigues with a huge camera and a machinegun.
Jabonicus Wallace realizes that he is probably the only one with a rocket launcher.
DrSavage Randall looks sadly to Iris. It's obvious by his look that he pities her.
gumbal1 Danielle's gaze is not drawn to Iris.
Sirgoldfish Dan looks to Iris. "Still waiting on that wine." He jokes
Riemann She's smirking at the sight of Psi-7 walking off the plane, on hand on her hip, the other holding the gun
Jabonicus Wallace never met Irish, and thus has no relations with her.
Soulless Elanor hasn't met Iris, so just politely says nothing.
Riemann "I think you already have it there, guy." She responds to Dan.
RogGMs "Alright! Omega-7 has marked our trail, which we shall take by foot. It is not a long path… you can see it from here!" he points to a dot on the horizon. "Any questions?"
TeslaTornado Serge looks at Bowe. "Do you have a map? And weather reports?"
Jabonicus "Will I get to shoot this?" Wallace motions to his rocket launcher.
gumbal1 "Why are you calling it 'Able'? Seems a bit melodramatic?"
ihp Jacob shakes his head. "None." He turns on his headlamp; it's late, so it's probably night time in the arctic.
Sirgoldfish "You're planing on shooting a god?"
Optimal Fred secretly mimics Bowe. "It's no a long path! You can see it from here…"
gumbal1 "Also, why are you calling it a god?"
RogGMs Bowe ignores everyone and just begins marching off to the dot.
Soulless Elanor says nothing.
Riemann Iris rolls her eyes at the influx of questions.
Soulless She quietly tromps on after Bowe.
gumbal1 Danielle shoots a glare at the back of Bowe's head. ~Rude.~
gumbal1 She follows.
Jabonicus Wallace follows with his toolbox on his back and the rocket launcher in his hands.
Sirgoldfish Dan follows Danielle
TeslaTornado Serge hefts the solid weight of the Ma Deuce. "Wonderful!" He shouts after Bowe. "When we are all caught in a squall and blinded, at night, in the dark, with no idea where the plane is, do not come looking for me!"
Optimal Fred goes trucking through the snow.
Riemann Iris watches Psi-7 for a moment, and easily and nonchalantly follows Bowe, mainting a bit of a distance from anyone else.
DrSavage Randall looks to Bowe, his eyes focusing on him.
TeslaTornado He had the foresight to grab snowshoes from the plane and plods along atop the snow. While walking, he reaches his mind out toward Elanor.
RogGMs It's really fucking cold guys holy shit. There's nothing but ice seeming to go on forever, and even with boots its slippery as shit. Everything looks the same, in every direction. And it's really cold. Colder than soviet russia.
Optimal Oh my god is it cold. Holy balls guys.
Sirgoldfish Dan attempts to smoke a cigarette
ihp Jacob has a headlamp. "Lights on, if you have them." Note to the GM: the lamp is crafted, and gives +1 perception and -1 sneak when turned on in the dark.
Soulless Assuming Riemann's thing on Elanor is still correct, Elanor doesn't seem to shiver as much or seem to be as affected.
Riemann Elanor, Antarctica should be colder than this. What's everyone worrying about?
RogGMs The cigarette will not light
Jabonicus Wallace names the rocket launcher Chell.
Soulless "…Is it springtime in Antarctica?"
TeslaTornado Serge isn't stupid enough to unbutton. He'd be frozen to death in moments. He reaches back to his pack and clicks his lamp onto his bandolier, flicking it on.
Soulless She asks this pretty opently.
RogGMs The dot on the horizon is getting closer. It now looks more like a blob than a dot.
ihp "…I thought this was the Arctic, not Antarctica."
TeslaTornado Elanor, you hear a voice in your ear that sounds like Serge's despite his being several feet ahead of you. "It's winter still."
Soulless "…Strange, it doesn't feel too much like it."
Optimal "Actually, it's winter back in New York. Wouldn't that make it Antarctic summer time?"
TeslaTornado «Have you been drinking?»
Sirgoldfish "Some people are just more accustomed to the cold."
Jabonicus Wallace shrugs. "Scotland is cold as bloody hell!"
TeslaTornado 4df+10 (Survival + Wilderness Expert) Serge knows some shit about harsh winters
Glacon TeslaTornado: (Survival + Wilderness Expert) Serge knows some shit about harsh winters: 10 (4df+10=-, 0, +, 0)
Soulless "I guess I'm just more accustomed. Lucky me…" She says this with a bit more confidence as she heads over.
gumbal1 Danielle focuses on the dot
Jabonicus Wallace resists the urge to shoot it
RogGMs The blob has become a vague square. Bowe is picking up the pace. He looks the most excited y'all have ever seen him.
Optimal "Jesus. Are we there yet???"
RogGMs "Almost!"
Soulless Elanor tromps on after Bowe.
Riemann Iris isn't matching Bowes excitement, but has the general air of knowing something everyone else doesn't.
Soulless She thinks back. «No, why?»
TeslaTornado Serge slows his pace. Significantly. He doesn't like this.
TeslaTornado «It is several degrees below zero, at /least/.»
ihp Jacob stares at Bowe over his shoulder. ~What is with that man?~ He looks at Iris, and falls back to join her. "I don't think I ever got a chance to thank you properly, Miss Thompson. For the save in Georgia."
DrSavage "Careful Bowe. Who knows what else lurks here."
DrSavage Randall sounds neutral.
Soulless «Is it really? When we have a break, maybe I can help warm you up.» Elanor's words also cary a kind of thought-emotion of surprise of actually holding such a conversation.
Soulless A thought-convo.
RogGMs "I know what lurks in the cold."
TeslaTornado «Just as long as we make it out of here.»
Sirgoldfish ~What ever is lurking is going to kill us?~
Riemann "About time ya thanked me, Jake." She sounds cocky, but not unduly mean.
TeslaTornado «Monsieur Bowe has no idea what is going on. I don't think he's ever seen a real winter.»
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RogGMs The square, to anyone playing along at home, is not quite clearly a cave. There are some Omega-7 folks over there, standing guard.
Soulless «It's not our job to fight. We're just here to observe and then become their prophets.»
Soulless «We have no stake in this.»
DrSavage "Do you? Where a god slumbers?"
ihp Jacob chuckles. "Well, I do thank you. I just wish you could have saved the professor as well." Jacob sighs. "I hear the site's been crazy. Something about a mutiny against your boss," He indicates Bowe.
gumbal1 "Greens up aheas."
gumbal1 *ahead
Jabonicus Wallace was giddy.
Riemann Iris shrugs, but there's some hint of regret to it. "What are you dips planning?"
TeslaTornado «I don't mean fighting. We are alone, in the arctic, at night. If something scatters us, I will be the only one going home.»
ihp Jacob shrugs. "I don't know, and I don't care. I want to keep out of it as much as possible; Bowe offered me a position on Omega-7. I've considered taking it to get away from some of the incompetents on the Psi-7."
TeslaTornado "Monsieur Wexley, I am hurt!" Serge banters, but there's a hint of fear to it.
Soulless «Pehaps you're right. I'll try to stick by you.»
gumbal1 She turns to Iris. "Hey, Mademoiselle Thompson. How many missions has Omega-7 been on?"
Riemann "Good choice. You people couldn't talk your way out of a damp cardboard box."
TeslaTornado «Hopefully it will be as you said.»
Soulless «Hopefully.»
Riemann "More successful ones than you!" Iris shouts over at Danielle
Sirgoldfish "I stole a house, Iris. I am not bad at talking/"
RogGMs They arrive at the cave. It's clear there's quite a bit of activity inside, with people moving expensive-looking devices this way and that. Some ways in, there's a black curtain blocking some sort of huge object. Everyone who sees it will feel a momentary sense of intense dread, which dissipates quickly.
ihp Jacob looks at Iris and nods. "Indeed. Also…" He points at the camera. "Is that our escape plan? Do you mean to take a photograph of us and bail us out if shit should hit the metaphorical fan?"
ihp Jacob stares at the object. ~Oh. Bollocks.~
gumbal1 Danielle furrows her brow. She hates dread.
TeslaTornado Serge stands near the mouth of the cave and goes to begin unpacking the bound-up tripod and loading the Browning.
Jabonicus Wallace slows down to Iris. "I don't believe we've met."
Soulless Elanor shudders at the sense of dread.
Riemann Iris looks Jacob in the eye, a crooked smile her only answer.
RogGMs Bowe proceeds inside. "Gentlemen! Is everything ready?"
RogGMs "We're clear, general!"
Riemann Iris shushes Wallace. "Later, watch the show."
ihp Jacob stands back towards the entrance of the cave, ready to bolt like a rabbit after hearing a rocket launcher go off.
Optimal "Ready. I guess…"
TeslaTornado Serge hurriedly loads and mounts the machine gun. "Oui… General."
RogGMs "Yes, what?"
Optimal Fred tries to handle his gun.
TeslaTornado «Elanor… I do not like this. Be ready to run.» "Yes, we are ready, sir!"
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ihp Jacob salutes Bowe earnestly.
DrSavage "Hmmm."
Soulless «Alright.»
Jabonicus Wallace stands by in case engineering support is required.
Soulless Can Elanor roll her prophecy on the huge object to try and get a sense if it is Able or not?
RogGMs Yep
Soulless 4df+3
Glacon Soulless: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, -, +)
Riemann Serge, there's something just beyond Elanors mind, unrecognisable to you.
RogGMs behind that curtain is something which looks like a man, but just isn't. It's abhorrant and wrong.
TeslaTornado Can I roll Serge's anomaly to look at it?
Riemann Later
TeslaTornado Okay.
DrSavage Randall listens closely for a heartbeat and looks as well.
Soulless «There's something behind the curtain.» She tries to send the thought of the 'abhorrant and wrong, kind of man but isn't' sense she got.
Sirgoldfish Dan looks around at the people's expressions wondering if they're scared. Precp?
Jabonicus Wallace was more interested in looking over his rocket launcher.
gumbal1 Danielle justs tays where she is.
TeslaTornado «Something?» Serge cycles the action on the M2. *k-klatch*
ihp Jacob doesn't look too scared. But looks can be deceiving.
ihp He looks at what Serge is doing, and does the same to his machine gun.
Riemann Iris doesn't look very worried, but Randall, her heart is beating like a drum, a steady and frantic staccato
Soulless «Wrong. Human but not human.»
TeslaTornado Serge's face is covered in three layers of cloth and wool.
TeslaTornado «How…?»
RogGMs Bowe walks over, and the curtain is pulled apart. Lodged in the ice is a huge, stone box, with ancient heavy chains wrapped around. As soon as the curtain moves, the temperature drops about twenty degrees. It's smoking, and has moving, ancient runes inscribed on it. The ice around it is a light gray, and appears to be much smoother than the other ice in the cave.
Soulless Elanor tenses up.
gumbal1 "So, uh, what do we do now?"
ihp Jacob just stares, and backs further towards the mouth of the cave.
RogGMs "Technicians! Unlock the sarcophegus!"
Optimal Fred shivers a he looks on.
Jabonicus Wallace stares, standing up, holding his rocket launcher /just/ /in/ /case/
RogGMs The heavy chains click, and fall down. For a few moments, nothing happens at all.
Sirgoldfish Dan drops his cigarette. "God damn."
TeslaTornado Serge tightens his grip on the handles of the Browning. «Get behind me.»
Sirgoldfish "So, this is just an ancient hunk of junk?"
RogGMs Then, the top of the box begins to slide off. Slowly. Everyone watching begins to experience tinnitus.
Soulless Elanor ducks behind Serge and covers her ears.
TeslaTornado Serge works his jaw, trying to stop his ears ringing.
ihp Jacob raises his M2, before deciding that provoking a god would be a bad idea, and keeps it at his hips.
Optimal Fred is all tinnitus n stuff.
Sirgoldfish Dan grabs his head.
gumbal1 Danielle furrows her brow even harder. "Fucking hell. Wish I could shoot."
TeslaTornado Jacob, you hear a voice in your head. «Do not fire that standing up. It will take your arms off.»
Riemann Iris is wincing a bit, but trying her best to play it off.
Optimal Despite the ringing, Fred stares on.
ihp Jacob blinks. «Someone on our team is telepathic? That's oddly useful! How many people can you communicate between at once?»
Jabonicus Wallace didn't notice because pre-rendered tinnitus
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DrSavage Randall is in agony, but he does not flinch.
TeslaTornado «One at a time.» It sounds Serge-tastic.
ihp He crouches slightly.
ihp «Fair enough. Don't waste it on me, then.»
Sirgoldfish Dan stands confidently wanting to make a good impression on the god.
TeslaTornado Serge turns his attention to Wallace. «Please clear backblast if you're going to fire that rocket.»
RogGMs An arm, tanned like leather and covered in the same tribal runes as the box, rises up, and pulls Able, grandson of Yahweh, out of his slumber. He looks at the gathered crowd with gray, unseeing eyes. His whole body is incredibly slender and unnatural looking, with long, brown hair in a braid going down into the box. Sound is dampened as he looks around. He says something in some forgotten tongue.
DrSavage Randall listens for a heartbeat, and uses his "Sight" as well.
gumbal1 "Er, english? or French?"
Jabonicus Wallace just stares.
Riemann Iris snaps a photo.
Sirgoldfish "Hello, Able." Dan sounds friendly
RogGMs Randall hears nothing but a growing rumble.
TeslaTornado Serge's hands sag away from the handles of the Deuce. He gapes.
Soulless Can Elanor roll to identify the language, maybe?
DrSavage Randall's eyes narrow. "Bowe."
ihp Jacob just STARES at Dan. ~He is not smart at all.~
RogGMs Bowe steps forward and yells something in what sounds like the same tongue. They stare at each other for a moment.
gumbal1 "So, uh, was it the humans first or the animals?"
RogGMs Able speaks back first. "Offer…?"
gumbal1 Danielle freezes. ~Oh fuck no.~
Soulless Elanor starts to tremble just a little.
Soulless She knows. She /knows/.
gumbal1 Danielle shivers for the first time since the trip began.
TeslaTornado Serge looks back at Elanor. «What is happening? An offer?»
Jabonicus Wallace looks at the others, suddenly worried that he might have to use the big boom-shooter
RogGMs "An eternity of combat. With opponents more powerful than anything before. If you join this force, you will be sated."
Soulless «It's really him. Kind of him. Part of who he is.»
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Sirgoldfish ~I thought we are suppose to contain entities.~
TeslaTornado «How much is part?» Serge sounds a little scared.
Soulless «I don't know. Some. Only some.»
DrSavage "This isn't right."
RogGMs Able slides off the cube, and it feels like the whole earth shakes when he hits the ground… even if the ground isn't moving at all.
RogGMs He walks towards Bowe
ihp Jacob gets ready to bolt.
gumbal1 Danielle insticntively steps backa little
RogGMs "Are you a god?" asks Able.
Soulless Elanor watches closely.
TeslaTornado Serge isn't even looking at the Browning any more. He doesn't like this AT all.
Sirgoldfish Dan is tempted to yell out ~No, but I am~
Jabonicus Wallace takes a step back, then slowly moves over to Serge.
TeslaTornado Serge whispers to Wallace, "Clear backblast."
RogGMs "… No."
DrSavage Randall /smirks/.
RogGMs Able takes a step back. "Then…" he has a sword in his hand.
RogGMs The sword is inside of Bowe.
RogGMs Bowe crumples to the ground.
Soulless Her eyes widen.
RogGMs And for a moment, the world is silent.
TeslaTornado "Woohoo!"
Sirgoldfish Dan looks shocked.
ihp Jacob stares. ~Oh. Oh shit. Oh shit oh shit oh shit.~
Sirgoldfish He steps the fuck back
Jabonicus Wallace was shocked. He didn't even /see/ the sword move.
RogGMs Able snaps up to look at Serge.
Sirgoldfish ~Well, at least he is dead~
gumbal1 Danielle claps. "Three cheers for our fellow God Incognito!"
Jabonicus Wallace slowly, then suddenly moves away from Serge.
gumbal1 ~oh fuck he's gonna kill me~
TeslaTornado Serge O_Os.
ihp Jacob looks at Iris, and mouths, "Escape plan."
TeslaTornado ~Maman, I am going to die today.~
Soulless Elanor quietly steps in front of Serge.
TeslaTornado ~Forgive me.~
DrSavage Randall looks to Able.
Soulless She looks to Able, quiet and watching.
RogGMs The dozens of Omega-7 agents around the room sprout sudden stab wounds they didn't have a moment ago.
RogGMs They cry out, and fall dead to the floor.
TeslaTornado «Time to go, Elanor.»
Jabonicus Wallace realizes he is being out-manned by a woman. an- HOLY FUCKING SHIT Wallace hides behind Elanor
ihp His eyes are wide as dinner plates as Omega-7 agents fall. ~Christity christ christ christ!~ He starts backing out of the cave.
Soulless She looks around at the people dying around her and grimaces a bit.
gumbal1 Danielle gets the fuck out out of instinct.
Sirgoldfish ~It comes down to this~
TeslaTornado Serge backs away from the Deuce. This is not something a gun could stop.
DrSavage "He's not something we can run from."
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RogGMs The cave is rumbling a lot more now guys. Agility to bolt, if you're running away.
Riemann A disembodied hand shimmers into existence, grabbing Able and throwing him across the room, coinciding with a rather panicked "RUN!!"
Sirgoldfish Dan whispers to Randall. "Can we reason with him?"
ihp 4df+3 oh god dammit no!
Glacon ihp: oh god dammit no!: 3 (4df+3=-, +, -, +)
TeslaTornado 4df+7 (AGI + Vive la Revolucion) Serge runs.
Glacon TeslaTornado: (AGI + Vive la Revolucion) Serge runs.: 5 (4df+7=-, -, +, -)
Sirgoldfish 4df+8 Dan runs out of the cave!
Glacon Sirgoldfish: Dan runs out of the cave!: 10 (4df+8=+, 0, +, 0)
Soulless Elanor looks to the hand, looking panicked, then she starts to go.
RogGMs Able yells out in surprise at this, and the whole cave begins to fall apart as people run away.
Sirgoldfish I am the fucking ginger bread man.
gumbal1 4df+4 fuck me fuck me fuck me i'm dying
Glacon gumbal1: fuck me fuck me fuck me i'm dying: 6 (4df+4=0, +, 0, +)
TeslaTornado You all hear a voice in your heads, screaming. «GO!»
Soulless 4df+3 agility
Glacon Soulless: agility: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, 0)
Jabonicus 4df+2 scotsmen are renouned for not being agile
Glacon Jabonicus: scotsmen are renouned for not being agile: 1 (4df+2=0, -, -, +)
DrSavage Randall drags Dan with
Riemann Iris doesn't move, focusing on Able and the photograph she took. She's doing her best to fight him, but it's not working too well.
Sirgoldfish Dan is ahead of Randall presumably so no draging
RogGMs Jacob, Elanor, and Wallace, pdef to not be squished by ice
ihp 4df+3 noooo
Glacon ihp: noooo: 5 (4df+3=0, 0, +, +)
DrSavage 4df+6 Tagging endurance.
Glacon DrSavage: Tagging endurance.: 9 (4df+6=+, +, 0, +)
RogGMs Able is roaring and battling the hand. There is a lot of smashing going on
Jabonicus 4df+5
Glacon Jabonicus: 5 (4df+5=0, 0, +, -)
Riemann Anyone looking back, you may see Iris blink out of existence.
Soulless 4df+3 GG WP
Glacon Soulless: GG WP: 4 (4df+3=0, +, -, +)
RogGMs 4df+5 ice smash!
Glacon RogGMs: ice smash!: 6 (4df+5=+, +, -, 0)
TeslaTornado Serge made the mistake of stopping to look back at everyone else.
TeslaTornado So he saw Iris disappear.
RogGMs All three of them are hit by chunks of ice, and take -1 body apiece as they scramble out of the cave
RogGMs Everyone else makes it out unscathed
Soulless Elanor makes a cry of pain as she heads on our.
Soulless *out
RogGMs For a moment, there is quiet as the ice settles
Jabonicus Wallace cusses, still lugging around the rocket launcher.
gumbal1 "{…what the fucking hell just happened?!}"
Sirgoldfish Dan tries to find Danielle out side
Sirgoldfish Does he find her?
TeslaTornado Serge doesn't waste time with that. He looks at Elanor and then points down the path, back towards the aircraft. «Follow the flags and run. Keep going until you find the plane.»
gumbal1 Danielle is okay, if a bit scared.
ihp Jacob grunts as his shoulder is hit by a chunk of ice. "…" And he keeps running.
RogGMs There is a roar from the ice. Able is coming.
TeslaTornado "RUN! EVERYONE, GO!" Serge is running again.
Jabonicus Wallace runs like hell.
gumbal1 "{Oh fuck why?!}" Danielle runs away more.
Soulless Elanor starts going, afraid for her life.
RogGMs Several explosions go out from the ice cave. Loud, big ones. A parting gift from Omega-7, their final fallback measure.
RogGMs Elanor, you feel some intense rage from behind you
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Sirgoldfish Dan runs more.
Soulless Welp this is where she's gonna die, she knew it was bad to make deals with the big baddy downstairs and now she's gonna pay for it, she sprints as fast as she can.
TeslaTornado Serge keeps running.
ihp ~I did not. Come this far. To die now.~ Jacob keeps legging it.
gumbal1 Danielle has flashbacks toa four year period of her life she does not remember fondly.
Jabonicus Wallace looks back, thinking of using the rocket launcher. Does he see Able?
RogGMs The incomprehensible language is screamed all around them. Roll mdef to not go insane.
ihp 4df+4 oh god why
TeslaTornado Serge bounds through the snow, remembering Bordeaux.
Glacon ihp: oh god why: 5 (4df+4=-, +, +, 0)
RogGMs Wallace can see a speck rising from the smoke and fire.
Soulless 4df+4 Hhh
Glacon Soulless: Hhh: 6 (4df+4=+, +, 0, 0)
Jabonicus Is it within rocket range?
TeslaTornado 4df+6 (MDEF + Psychic)
Glacon TeslaTornado: (MDEF + Psychic): 6 (4df+6=+, -, 0, 0)
gumbal1 4df+8 (Defiant to the End) I haven't legged it this far to be fucked over by you!
Glacon gumbal1: (Defiant to the End) I haven't legged it this far to be fucked over by you!: 6 (4df+8=+, -, -, -)
ihp "Bobble didn't kill me. The old man didn't kill me. I'll be damned if a shepherd does." ~Then again, Omega-7 bailed us on both those occasions…~
Sirgoldfish 4df+6 Partial tagging you can't control me!
Glacon Sirgoldfish: Partial tagging you can't control me!: 7 (4df+6=-, 0, +, +)
RogGMs Jacob, you feel an intense headache from Able's words. Not a crippling one, but goddamn.
RogGMs Wallace could probably hit it if he tried
gumbal1 "oh fuck what was that oh god help me"
ihp Jacob keeps running despite the headache.
ihp "Where's the fucking plane?!"
ihp Roll perception to find the plane?
Jabonicus 4df+2 oh right this
Glacon Jabonicus: oh right this: 2 (4df+2=-, +, 0, 0)
TeslaTornado Serge thunders on, in massive, leaping bounds.
RogGMs Is Wallace shooting a rocket?
Jabonicus Sam stops, holding up the rocket launcher. "IF I'M GETTING OUT OF THIS, I'M SHOOTING A GOD."
TeslaTornado 4df+10 (Survival + Wilderness Expert) Serge searches fro tracks back to the plan.
Glacon TeslaTornado: (Survival + Wilderness Expert) Serge searches fro tracks back to the plan.: 10 (4df+10=+, -, +, -)
Jabonicus (No that was mdef_
TeslaTornado plane*
Jabonicus 4df+6 ROCKET TIME
Glacon Jabonicus: ROCKET TIME: 9 (4df+6=+, 0, +, +)
RogGMs Serge's head feels agony as he fires, and he has to fall to the ground afterwards. Thoughts of indiscriminate violence flood his head
RogGMs 4df+10 I AM A GOD
Glacon RogGMs: I AM A GOD: 11 (4df+10=+, 0, +, -)
RogGMs The rocket directly hits Able, but he's still coming
TeslaTornado (I didn't shoot a rocket? I looked for plane tracks.)
Jabonicus (Tesla Sam did)
RogGMs Er
RogGMs Wallace
Soulless Elanor stops to get to Wallace.
gumbal1 Can Danielle roll bluff on Able?
RogGMs Serge sees their tracks ahead
Soulless She runs back to Wallance and tries to help him up.
Jabonicus Wallace managed to shoot first then.
Sirgoldfish Dan follows Serge.
RogGMs Danielle would need a damned near perfect roll
Jabonicus Wallace drops the rocket launcher in his agony.
TeslaTornado Serge sees Elanor go back. He grabs Wallace and starts dragging him through the snow. "GO! FOLLOW THE TRACKS!"
Jabonicus Wallace pushes his way forward in his own special crippled way.
Sirgoldfish Dan attempts to follow the tracks to the plane.
RogGMs They see the plane up ahead.
ihp Jacob follows the fucking tracks like there was a lottery ticket, a bottle of whiskey, and a philosopher's stone at the end.
gumbal1 4df+11 (You Can Trust Me) "You think killing us will help you? While you're busy distracting yourself with us, Bowe will rise up and hit you with a sneak attack. Go focus on him."
Glacon gumbal1: (You Can Trust Me) "You think killing us will help you? While you're busy distracting yourself with us, Bowe will rise up and hit you with a sneak attack. Go focus on him.": 12 (4df+11=+, 0, -, +)
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RogGMs It's running, and beginning to taxi away. The ramp to inside is still open though
RogGMs The pilot is waiting for you but wants to take off asap!
gumbal1 Danielle runs for the plane.
ihp 4df+3 agility to get the fuck on the plane!
Glacon ihp: agility to get the fuck on the plane!: 4 (4df+3=0, +, -, +)
Jabonicus Wallace still requires help to get on the plane. (?)
TeslaTornado Serge runs as hard as he can on snowshoes, which isn't very hard, but quicker than wading through.
RogGMs Danielle, Able doesn't even seem to hear you. He's just coming closer. You can see his long hair trail behind him as he runs up.
Soulless Elanor tries to help Wallance on the plane.
RogGMs Everyone, get on the plane!
gumbal1 Danielle gets on, if she can.
Jabonicus Wallace gets on the plane, crumbling to the floor, clutching his head.
Sirgoldfish Dan is on the plane, with Jacob.
Soulless She climbs on once Wallance is on.
TeslaTornado Serge leaps onto the plane, standing on the ramp and hauling people aboard one at a time.
Jabonicus Once this is over, Wallace will have the satisfaction of being the only person who shot Able.
Jabonicus And lived, anyway.
Sirgoldfish Dan just looks down to his feet sitting within the plane.
RogGMs Able is hot on your heels. Once everyone is on board, and actually, it's a little before then… but the plane is taking off. There's a sharp scraping as Able attempts to slash at the fuselage, but he's just not fast enough
Soulless Elanor shouts down. "YOUR OLD FRIEND SAYS HELLO!"
gumbal1 "Fuck you, Sumerian!"
Soulless As the plane takes off, she waves.
ihp Jacob just sits in the plane. "…now what? Bowe's dead, so's most of Omega-7."
TeslaTornado Serge moves to brace himself in the plane.
Jabonicus Wallace is just kinda writhing on the floor of the pain in agony.
gumbal1 Danielle starps in. "We, uh, can take back the site, I guess."
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Soulless She goes over to Wallace and kneels by him.
Sirgoldfish Dan turns to Jacob. "Does that really solve anything?"
Soulless "Hey, you're on the plane, you're ok."
ihp "And… that thing can make /weapons/ out of thin air. It's just walking around the arctic. What if it reaches civilization!"
RogGMs «Everyone, we are returning to Site-19. Please do not panic. There appears to be a… disturbance on the site.»
gumbal1 "It actually solves a lot, Dan."
gumbal1 "Jacob, the arctic isn't anywhere near civilization."
TeslaTornado Serge sits on his bench, huddling close to Elanor.
Sirgoldfish "The site is still bugged, and this was not just Bowe doing all this shit."
Jabonicus Does Wallace continue to suffer from Able's jedi- er… mind powers?
gumbal1 "Actually, Dan, it was."
Sirgoldfish "At least things are a bit better."
RogGMs The effects fade as they move on
Jabonicus Wallace slow gets up, slowly sitting in a seat. "Well damn." Wallace says. "I dropped the launcher."
Sirgoldfish "Now that I think about it. The higher ups will probably see this as Omega failing."
ihp "…did anyone see what happened to Thompson?"
Soulless Elanor rubs her face, feeling much more relieved.
Sirgoldfish "We will start to get more work, and most of what Bowe set up will be taken down."
Sirgoldfish "Is that right Danielle?"
Sirgoldfish "
gumbal1 "Frankly, Jacob, Thompson can go fuck herself."
Jabonicus Wallace cracked a grin. "I shot him."
gumbal1 "Dan, I have no idea."
gumbal1 "Just that a multitude of problems were just solved."
Riemann Serge knows what happened to Iris.
Sirgoldfish "Do you guys thing we will get the old admin back?"
Soulless "We should first be worried about what's disturbance on the site."
gumbal1 "I didn't exactly know the old admin. Was he as reprehensible as Bowe?"
TeslaTornado He does?
ihp Jacob knows something bad is going to happen. He can just feel it.
Riemann Serge saw Iris disappear
TeslaTornado "Iris disappeared."
RogGMs Everyone, the plane touches down in ic1. You may exit. It will take off immediately after everyone exits.
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RogGMs In a smoking ruin, besides the rubble and the flames, there are… cards. Ancient playing cards, blowing in the wind. A uniformed hand reaches out, and grasps one.
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RogGMs "… It's not over yet."
RogGMs Miles away, an angry god grows weary of screaming at the sky. He turns back, walking towards whence he came. He knows this is far from over.
RogGMs ~fin~

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