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<LemurLord> The TV is currently playing a Mickey Mouse cartoon.
<Recursive> In which Mickey Mouse chases down a dangerous anomaly.
<Daedalus> Hermann scoffs. He liked Oswald the rabbit better.
<LemurLord> The cartoon freezes as static dances across the screen
<TheRaven> Will heads down to the commons.
<Daedalus> Hermann sighs and kicks the television.
<LemurLord> The television freezes as static dances across the wall
<TheRaven> "Uh…"
<Daedalus> Hermann blinks, "… Oh my…"
<LemurLord> The static creeps across the walls, filling the room with visible splotches of gray and black fuzz
<TheRaven> "Okay, so that's not just me seeing this shit?"
<LemurLord> Any immediate contact makes your hair stand on end and gives you the pins and needles feeling
<TheRaven> Will is definitely not touching it.
<DiePotato> Jed's carrying a cup of tea when he walks into commons not paying attention at all.
<DiePotato> "Tea's really good ton-"
<DiePotato> He looks up and freezes mid step at the doorway
<LemurLord> He walks right into a cloud of static
<LemurLord> It feels like those carnie games where you try to hold onto the two metal rods
<DiePotato> Jed short hair shoots up instantly
<DiePotato> "Holy shit!" He tries to step back into the hall
<Daedalus> Hermann chuckes a bit, "This is fantastic."
<Daedalus> He moves his hands through the air.
<LemurLord> To everyone else that sentence comes out as, "This is fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-ntastic,"
<TheRaven> "That's one word for it."
<DiePotato> "Wha…??" Jed's still staring add the odd monochrome static.
<DiePotato> "Where did this come from." Looking at Will. He tries to navigate the static but hits another one getting that odd foot falling asleep feeling again
<DiePotato> *from?"
<TheRaven> "Hell if I know, I just got here."
<LemurLord> Jed, the entire room seems to be 'bleeding color'. It is an effect where the previous frames are layered underneath the others
<DiePotato> "How odd…" Jed says setting down his tea somewhere. He sees the color seeping away from both his clothes and the room looking at his arms as it happens
<LemurLord> The teacup slips from its perch and freezes midair
<TheRaven> "What in the hell…"
<DiePotato> Jed doesn't notice still enthralled with the monochrome seeping away all color
<LemurLord> Will, everything is getting blurrier and the sound is getting more and more metallic
<TheRaven> "Shit, that better not be my good eye going out, anyone else see this?" He doesn't seem to notice the sound thing.
<Daedalus> Hermann looks about, wondering if the television is the cause.
<DiePotato> "Yeah. Yeah I am" Jed says. As the words come out of his mouth he can tell something's off
<DiePotato> Can
<DiePotato> Can't put his finger on it though
<LemurLord> Hermann is the only one left unaffected, for now. The clouds of static are becoming more erratic and objects in the room are skipping between the same few seconds of motion
<LemurLord> The tv is now floating towards the ceiling, static seems to be billowing out from the screen
<LemurLord> It is held down only by its power cord
<TheRaven> Will casually reaches over and unplugs it, wondering if it'll keep floating.
<DiePotato> "Uhhh…" Jed walks over to the levitating tv hitting some more static
<Daedalus> "I believe we are experiencing an anomalous event." He slaps Will's hand
<TheRaven> "Alright doc, what do you propose we do?"
<Daedalus> "Don't unplug it. You have no idea what it could do."
<DiePotato> "Well we also don't know what'll happen if we leave it."
<LemurLord> Since Jed and Will are being afflicted they will need to make Perc rolls to be able to see what is going on
<DiePotato> 4df+4 cmon glac
<Glacon> DiePotato: cmon glac: 6 (4df+4=0, +, 0, +)
<TheRaven> 4df+2
<Glacon> TheRaven: 2 (4df+2=+, -, -, +)
<LemurLord> You can make out a human shaped blob to be Hermann and can make out half of what he's saying
<LemurLord> Hermann, the skipping from before is getting worse to the point that Jed and Will appear to be skipping as well. This only affects Hermann
<Daedalus> He looks about, wondering if it's him or the others being effected.
<DiePotato> Jed keeps inspecting the television
<TheRaven> Will's hand drops to his sidearm. "Either of you see that?"
<LemurLord> The far wall turns into an image of this:
<DiePotato> "Uh what's that?"
<Daedalus> "It appears to be a test screen."
<DiePotato> "Doctor are you sure we shouldn't touch the TV?"
<LemurLord> The television continues to spill static into the room
<Daedalus> Hermann touches the television himself, attempting to get it down from the ceiling.
<LemurLord> As soon as he makes contact with the screen, everything becomes static
<LemurLord> It drowns his eyes, deafens his ears
<LemurLord> All his nerves scream
<Daedalus> ~Argh!~ He lets go.
<DiePotato> "Doc you okay!?"
<DiePotato> "That
<Daedalus> "This is why we do not touch it."
<LemurLord> With the connection cut the overwhelming static disappears, but Hermann's hand looks fuzzy like someone smudged out the edges
<Daedalus> He shakes his ead.
<TheRaven> "I say we get the hell out of here. Or shoot it."
<DiePotato> "We can't just leave this here." Jed looks at the tv trying to put together what to do.
<Daedalus> "Unplug it." Hermann shrugs, looking at his hands.
<DiePotato> "Fine"
<DiePotato> Jed reaches for the plug
<TheRaven> "You sure touching it is a good idea?"
<LemurLord> Roll to find the plug in all this mess
<DiePotato> 4df+4
<Glacon> DiePotato: 6 (4df+4=+, +, -, +)
<LemurLord> After searching the wall for a few seconds Jed finds purchase and grips the rubber plug
<DiePotato> Jed yanks that bastard right outta the wall. Forgetting the TV is hovering above him.
<Glacon> LemurLord: tv turn off effect - length 4s - rated 4.90/5.0 (230) - 161 598 views - daesongguree on 2013.08.03
<LemurLord> Darkness
<LemurLord> Silence
<DiePotato> ~oh shit~
<LemurLord> Hermann, Jed, and Will find themselves in an infinite emptiness with only a television and a power outlet to give them company
<LemurLord> The tv is unplugged
<Daedalus> Hermann drifts along, looking around, "Well…"
<DiePotato> "Ummmm…." Jed looks down sheepishly
<LemurLord> The closer you drift to the tv, the more it gives you form. As if the cooling cathodes of this device were the only things keeping you intact
<DiePotato> "Is everyone alright?" Jed asks. He drifts a bit closer to the tv feeling odd
<DiePotato> He tries to drift close enough to be in arms reach of the thing.
<LemurLord> He succeeds
<Daedalus> Hermann floats along, staring at the emptiness contemplatively.
<LemurLord> It is almost as if the tv is inviting you closer
<DiePotato> ~odd feeling~
<DiePotato> "Will, Doctor? Are you two okay?" He uses the tv as an anchor to hang onto.
<Daedalus> "This is a rather interesting experience."
<TheRaven> "What in the flaming hell?"
<Daedalus> "Plug the television back in."
<DiePotato> Jed sighs "Round two…" Jed reaches for the plug again and attempts to plug it back in
<DiePotato> ~Please don't make this worse~
<LemurLord> With the plug returned, the tv alights with activity and with it, reality.
<Daedalus> Hermann drops to the floor with an 'oof'
<LemurLord> Exactly as before with Mickey Mouse getting into to silly shenanigans with a baby seal
<DiePotato> Jed hits his head against a chair. Thank god it had soft armrests
<LemurLord> Jed's tea spills to the floor. Everything has returned to normal
<TheRaven> "Was that…does that happen a lot?"
<DiePotato> Jed looks up from his prone position at the tv and lays his head back down sighing
<Daedalus> "Not really."
<DiePotato> "Sometimes"
<Daedalus> Hermann dusts himself off and takes a seat.
<DiePotato> Jed stays on the floor. "You want to report this doctor?" He's fairly defeated.
<Daedalus> "The television has a history of anomalous occurances, if we were to report it, I doubt it would do any good."
<DiePotato> "And we can't get rid of it because it would just come back to us because we handle anomalous objects…" Jed sighs again
<Daedalus|Away> "It would be best to leave it be, ad not interact with it much."
<DiePotato> Jed nods and gets up to go to his room picking up his tea cup as he leaves

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