Taste of Darkness

21:58 Nanoro Maxwell is enjoying a snack in the cafeteria-
21:58 Nanoro *.
21:58 Nanoro Today, it appears to be some fried chicken and mashed potatoes.
21:58 Nanoro With a side of bacon, obviously.
21:59 Nanoro And some good ol' gravy on top.
21:59 Wixelt (Maxwell had the dream, didn't he?)
22:00 Nanoro (Yarp.)
22:00 Wixelt Roll perception.
22:01 Nanoro 4df+6
22:01 Glacon Nanoro: 5 (4df+6=0, -, -, +)
22:01 Wixelt Maxwell, there is a shadowy figure standing nearby.
22:02 Nanoro Maxwell looks up from his meal and jolts.
22:02 Nanoro "BLOODY-!" He rushes up immediately, accidentally knocking over his chair.
22:02 Wixelt It begins to move towards you.
22:02 Nanoro He runs to the nearest intercom.
22:03 Nanoro He literally punches it. «LAD! LAD, WILSON!»
22:04 Wixelt «This is Communications, dumbass. We can connect you to Dr. Wilson if you wish. Just stop making me deaf!»
22:04 Nanoro «Well in that case, BLOODY DO SO.»
22:05 Wixelt «Maybe if you'd STOP SHOUTING!!!»
22:05 Wixelt The figure is getting close to you now.
22:06 Nanoro «I am bein' CHASED by a bloody SHADOW, I got all the right to panic! Just get me through to him!»
22:07 Wixelt «Maxwell?» It's Wilson now. He sounds concerned.
22:07 Nanoro «LAD! It's the shadowy feller!»
22:07 Nanoro «The hell do I do?!»
22:09 Wixelt «Um…» Wilson seems unsure for a moment, «I'm actually in Medical right now, so lead it down here. We can't stop it, so the best I can do is observe it's contact with you.»
22:10 Nanoro «Aye, will do!» He storms out of the cafeteria.
22:10 Nanoro To Medical! *Batman transition*

22:10 Nanoro There are hurried footsteps coming from down the hallway.
22:11 Wixelt Wilson is waiting by the comms unit near the door.
22:11 TeslaTornado Harris doesn't bother glancing over. It's medical, there are always hurried footsteps.
22:11 Nanoro *stomp stomp stomp stomp STOMP STOMP STOMPSTOMPSTOMP*
22:11 Nanoro Maxwell rushes to Wilson, panting wildly.
22:11 Wixelt He looks like he's mostly recovered from his wound, but he's still got his bandages on.
22:12 Nanoro "Lad! *wheeze* It's af- *hack* after me!"
22:12 Wixelt Maxwell, roll perception.
22:13 Nanoro 4df+6
22:13 Glacon Nanoro: 7 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, +)
22:14 Wixelt Maxwell, the figure is a way off down the corridor.
22:14 Wixelt It will be here in a couple of minutes at the very least.
22:14 Wixelt "Ok."
22:14 Nanoro He tries to steady his breath a bit.
22:14 Wixelt Wilson looks at the notes he had brought down to Medical after he was hospitalised.
22:15 Wixelt "From what Wiley told me about his last encounter with it, and also what I saw of that encounter, this thing is trying to bring itself into alignment with reality."
22:16 Nanoro "Aye?" He looks up at Wilson, all the while glancing at the shadow every now and then.
22:16 Wixelt "And to do so, it's planting it's existence into the minds of humans."
22:16 Wixelt "And then once it gets powerful enough, it consumes said human being or beings."
22:16 Nanoro "Aye."
22:17 Nanoro "… Aye." He doesn't look too hapyy about that.
22:17 Nanoro *happy
22:17 Wixelt "Luckily, Wiley fought back against it after it stole his body, so he's still alive to tell us that."
22:17 Nanoro "And, uhh… How powerful's it get by now again?"
22:18 Wixelt "Well, Wiley was able to fight back against it from within it after it essentially killed him. So i'd say it's not yet back at it's full power."
22:18 Nanoro "… Yet."
22:19 Wixelt "If it was, based on what Wiley's said, we'd all be dead by now."
22:21 Nanoro "… Aye." he glances at the shadow again.
22:21 Wixelt It's alot closer now.
22:21 Wixelt It should be here in under a minute.
22:21 Nanoro "Got 'bout a minute, lad. Gettin' close."
22:22 Wixelt "Alright. Luckily, given what we've seen of it so far, this attack on you won't have any risk of you having your life taken from you."
22:22 Wixelt "The next one might though."
22:22 Wixelt Wilson frowns.
22:23 Nanoro "… Mrh. Who else's seen it?" Maxwell is looking a bit nervous.
22:24 Wixelt "Besides you, Wiley, who's further along than you, Olga, who is at about the same point as you, at least as far as i'm aware, and then at least two others, though I am unsure of their status as of now."
22:25 Nanoro "Well then." Maxwell tries to steel his nerves.
22:25 Nanoro d10
22:25 Glacon Nanoro: 10 (d10=10)
22:25 Nanoro He looks like he could strangle the thing right then and there.
22:25 Nanoro "Keep an eye on me body, eh?"
22:25 Wixelt Maxwell, the figure walks through the mains doors of Medical.
22:25 Wixelt Wilson nods.
22:26 Wixelt "Where is it right now?"
22:26 Nanoro Maxwell takes a sturdy pose.
22:26 Nanoro "'bout enterin' Medical. Summat twenty seconds away."
22:28 Nanoro He rolls his shoulders a bit, raising his fists. Sure, they won't do much against an ethereal shadowy thing, but it brings him confidence.
22:29 Wixelt "Alright." Wilson frowns, "Well… Good luck, I guess."
22:29 Nanoro "C'mon then, ye bastard! I ain't got all day!"
22:29 Nanoro "Got jogs to take and cigars to smoke!"
22:30 Wixelt The figure suddenly flickers, and is suddenly right in front of you.
22:30 Nanoro "C'MERE, YE!"
22:30 Nanoro Maxwell swings at it.
22:31 Wixelt Maxwell, everything suddenly goes dark.
22:32 JamJam66 (Congrats, Maxwell)
22:32 Nanoro ~Ah, crud.~
22:34 Wixelt You feel like you're floating in a vast emptiness.
22:35 Nanoro Maxwell tries his best to… Well, perceive anything at all.
22:35 Wixelt All you see is darkness.
22:35 Wixelt Roll mental defense.
22:35 Nanoro ~Crud indeed.~
22:35 Nanoro 4df+3
22:35 Glacon Nanoro: 3 (4df+3=+, 0, -, 0)
22:36 * JamJam66 quit (Quit: Shmurr)
22:36 Nanoro ((Oh wait, make that 4))
22:36 * JamJam66 joined #origins-ic3
22:37 Wixelt A slight pain spreads through your mind
22:37 Nanoro "Ack-!"
22:37 Nanoro He cringes.
22:40 Wixelt 'Your kind is so pitiful and ignorant. It is only right that it be your kind that allow me exist once more.' These words seem to appear within your own mind.
22:40 Wixelt 'How ironic it is that in that way you bring about your own extinction.'
22:40 Nanoro "… Bah! There ye are, ye bugger! Whe're ye?!
22:40 Nanoro "
22:42 Wixelt 'You cannot comprehend my power, so how would comprehend my position.'
22:43 Nanoro "C'mon, show yerself! I cannoe bash yer face in 'less ye gimme one to bash!"
22:43 * Optimal joined #origins-ic3
22:44 Wixelt ''It is foolish for a dead man such as yourself to resist me.'
22:44 Wixelt 'The last one of your kind tried that, and he is only alive through luch.'
22:44 Wixelt *luck
22:45 Wixelt 'But soon you shall all fall, so it matters not anyway.'
22:45 Nanoro "Dead? DEAD?!" Maxwell's rage intensifies. "I'll show ye WHO'LL be dead, yer piece o' crap!!"
22:45 Wixelt 'But perhaps…'
22:46 Wixelt 'Maybe now is not the time for your fate to be decided.'
22:46 Nanoro "… Wha-?" Maxwell looks confused. "Oi! Don't ye go backin' up on a fight now!"
22:46 Wixelt ''I have all the time I need, so it can wait for now.'
22:47 Wixelt Maxwell, everything suddenly goes white.
22:47 Nanoro "C'MERE, Y-"
22:48 Wixelt Maxwell, you are back in Medical.
22:48 Wixelt Roll perception.
22:48 TeslaTornado Harris wanders in just in time.
22:48 Nanoro 4df+6
22:48 Glacon Nanoro: 6 (4df+6=0, -, 0, +)
22:48 Wixelt Maxwell, you are now across the room.
22:48 Nanoro "… Wh-..?!"
22:49 Nanoro He looks around, fists at the ready.
22:49 Wixelt In front of you, there is a Wilson back up against a wall, looking fearful.
22:49 Nanoro "OI! Where'd ye go, ye coward?!"
22:49 Nanoro He blinks as he notices Wilson. "… Lad? What's wrong?"
22:50 Wixelt Maxwell, you may notice that you're actually reaching out towards him.
22:50 Wixelt Wilson blinks a few times, taking in your presence.
22:50 Wixelt "Oh thank God…"
22:51 Nanoro "… Oh." He looks down at his hand.
22:51 * TheRaven joined #origins-ic3
22:51 Wixelt He slides down to a sitting position, breathing a heavt sigh of relief.
22:51 Wixelt *heavy
22:51 Nanoro "Lemme guess, the bastard took me body?"
22:51 TeslaTornado Harris looks at the two of them.
22:52 TeslaTornado "… If y'all're havin' an intimate moment, ah ken leave."
22:52 Wixelt Wilson nods.
22:52 Nanoro Maxwell glares at Harris.
22:52 Wixelt "I had someone move your body to a bed. But when they did, your body dissolved into shadow, just like Wiley's did…"
22:53 Nanoro "I just got bloody bodysnatched by a shadowy feller, don't ye get all sassy on me."
22:53 TeslaTornado Harris has one arm done up in a cast.
22:53 Nanoro He looks back at Wilson. "… Bloody hell."
22:53 TeslaTornado "Again, ain't judgin' yer personal tastes." Harris waves his good hand in a dismissive gesture.
22:53 Nanoro Again an angry glare from Maxwell.
22:53 Wixelt He briefly glances over at a what appears to be a dropped clipboard of some kind, which looks like someone dropped it without warning.
22:53 TeslaTornado Harris smiles disarmingly.
22:54 TeslaTornado "Y'all wa'n't hit a cripple, wouldja?"
22:54 Nanoro "Don't bloody bet on it, ye wouldn't be me first." This is growled through gritted teeth.
22:54 TeslaTornado Harris raises an eyebrow.
22:54 Nanoro Maxwell helps Wilson get up.
22:55 Wixelt Wilson just sighs, glancing at the two men, then at the clipboard on the floor, before accepting Maxwell's hand and climbing to his feet.
22:55 Wixelt "Looks like we're going to have to file another death report…"
22:55 Nanoro "… Wh- Who died?"
22:56 TeslaTornado Harris' other eyebrow goes up.
22:56 Wixelt Wilson gestures towards the abandoned clipboard on the floor.
22:57 Nanoro Maxwell looks.
22:57 Wixelt You may recall Wilson mentioned that he got someone to put your body in a bed.
22:57 TeslaTornado "Yep, it's a clipboard."
22:57 Nanoro ".. Oh."
22:57 Wixelt That person is no longer here.
22:58 Nanoro Maxwell looks a bit dumbfounded.
22:58 Nanoro "… Lad."
22:58 TeslaTornado Harris blinks. "Uh?"
22:58 Nanoro "What we oughta do is lock me up."
22:58 TeslaTornado "Wha'd ah miss?"
22:58 Wixelt "No, we shouldn't."
22:58 Nanoro He looks back at Wilson, with a very serious face.
22:58 Nanoro "Nah, I mean it."
22:58 Wixelt "It's not just you though."
22:58 Nanoro "The feller said he ain't got time for me right now."
22:58 Nanoro "He's gonna be back."
22:59 Wixelt "And given this thing's nature, we could end up locking up half the site's staff eventually."
22:59 Wixelt "And it still wouldn't solve anything."
22:59 Nanoro "… Mrh. Reckon so."
22:59 TeslaTornado Harris watches this verbal tennis match, unaware of what's going on.
22:59 Nanoro "But we oughta figure out a way to… Ye know. Prevent that from happenin' again." He points a thumb at the lone clipboard.
23:02 TeslaTornado "Y'all ever considered coffee?"
23:02 Wixelt Wilson nods.
23:02 Wixelt "From what Wiley's told me, light works against it."
23:03 Wixelt "But regular lights, not so much. Apparently, some act of God gave Wiley access to some sort of heavenly light weapon in his mind, so he was able to escape."
23:04 TeslaTornado "… So like a blessed flashlight?"
23:04 TeslaTornado "Lighters burnin' bless'd oil?"
23:04 TeslaTornado "A papal flamethrower?"
23:04 Nanoro "… Drat. Ain't never been one fer religion much."
23:04 TeslaTornado "Burnin' Bi - wait, naw, that's downright sacrilege."
23:06 TeslaTornado "Ah mean y'all could just like."
23:06 TeslaTornado "Not dream."
23:06 TeslaTornado "'r somethin'."
23:06 Wixelt Wilson frowns at Harris.
23:06 Nanoro "… Lad, I dreamt of it already. Now it came at me while awake."
23:07 Nanoro "I cannoe do nothin' 'bout it."
23:07 Wixelt "I'm practically an expert on dreams. And I can tell you that it is /very/ difficult to not dream."
23:07 TeslaTornado Harris raises an eyebrow. "Wait, y'all talkin' about some shadow thinger?"
23:07 Nanoro Maxwell nods. "Aye."
23:09 Wixelt Wilson frowns "There isn't much more we can do about it right now, but i'd suggest we look into finding any kind of holy light that we might happen to have on site."
23:10 TeslaTornado Harris blinks. "Y'all mean like a shadow thang that pops up 'n dreams 'n' such?"
23:10 Nanoro "Aye. That might be best."
23:10 TeslaTornado "Cuuuuz ah ran int' that same thang."
23:10 TeslaTornado "Jest ignored it 'n' eventually it went away."
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23:10 Wixelt "…What."
23:11 TeslaTornado "Yuh, ah just ignored it."
23:11 TeslaTornado "'n' it left."
23:11 TeslaTornado Harris snaps with his good hand. "Like 'at."
23:11 Nanoro ".. Ye whatnow."
23:11 Wixelt ~This man's ignorance seems to be his greatest tool.~
23:12 TeslaTornado "It showed up 'n' stared at me a while, but ah wuz sleepin'."
23:13 TeslaTornado "Sum'bitch was soakin' up mah sun but frankly ah was too tired t' get up 'n' get 'im t' move."
23:13 TeslaTornado "So ah just di'n't pay 'im no mind."
23:13 Nanoro "… Ye ignored it."
23:13 TeslaTornado "Yup."
23:13 Wixelt "You realise that if you had looked up, you would be in a lot of trouble right now."
23:13 TeslaTornado "Yup."
23:14 Wixelt Wilson frowns, then shakes his head.
23:14 Wixelt "I need a lie down."
23:14 Nanoro "We both do, lad."
23:14 Wixelt Wilson goes over to his assigned Medical bed.
23:14 TeslaTornado "Same 'ere." Harris yawns. "All 'is yonderin' ah've done t'day done wore me out."
23:15 Nanoro "I'll, uhh… Hit the gym or summat."
23:15 Wixelt "You do that."
23:15 Nanoro "Need ta blow off all this steam I got." Maxwell lumbers off.
23:15 Wixelt "If you find a holy light, be sure to let me know."
23:16 TeslaTornado Harris scoots into bed with his one good arm, the other one apparently having been compound fractured.

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