Taking What's Mine

<Balthazaar> Olga falls asleep against Branko
<GraemeCracker> Olga…Your sleep seems to be disturbed by something. The room is almost…too quiet. The silence feels deafening.
<Balthazaar> She wakes up rapidnly, frowning
<GraemeCracker> Perc, Olga.
<Balthazaar> 4df+4
<Glacon> Balthazaar: 5 (4df+4=-, +, +, 0)
<GraemeCracker> You realize that Branko is no longer there, but you also seem to notice certain oddities about the room. A slight change in the colour of your surroundings, a slight chill in the air. It feels too small, as though the walls themselves are moving millimeter by millimeter to close themselves in around you.
<Balthazaar> She gets up and draws her pistol
<GraemeCracker> The air grows colder still, a light fog rolling in from under the floorboards and through the walls. Soon it becomes impossible to see even a few inches from your own firearm…
<GraemeCracker> A step can be heard from behind, followed by a gut-wrenching snarl.
<Balthazaar> Olga spins!
<GraemeCracker> Agility~
<Balthazaar> 4df+6
<Glacon> Balthazaar: 6 (4df+6=-, -, +, +)
<GraemeCracker> 4df+5
<Glacon> GraemeCracker: 6 (4df+5=+, 0, -, +)
<GraemeCracker> A writhing, shivered hand shoots out from the mist, one that just manages to grasp the end of your pistol.
<GraemeCracker> *shriveled
<GraemeCracker> It seems to falter, feeling around the weapon before violently tearing away at it, pulling with dead, cold fingers.
<Balthazaar> O.
<Balthazaar> Olga draws her dagger
<GraemeCracker> The hand quickly disappears into the fog, leaving Olga blind once more. A shaky, dry cackle floats through the air, seemingly coming from all directions.
<Balthazaar> "Show yourself, motherfucker!"
<GraemeCracker> The bone shaking laughter grows louder. "Ohhhhh, I wouldn't ask for that."
<GraemeCracker> "But, if you so insiiiist~"
<GraemeCracker> Olga, you feel something sharp and frigid grab your ankle!
<Daedalus> (And then a skeleton popped out!)
<Balthazaar> She yells and swings down at the grabby grabby with her dagger
<GraemeCracker> Olga connects with a hand, causing the thing to squeal. Not a moment after, another arm belts out from above, shoving her backwards.
<Balthazaar> She stumbles back, slashing blindly now
<GraemeCracker> Yet another limb, this one blackened and charred, grabs hold of Olga's wrist. It shakes the knife from her hand, sending it flying to the floor.
<Balthazaar> She snarls and goes to grab it back!
<GraemeCracker> Roll stronk!
<Balthazaar> 4df+4
<Glacon> Balthazaar: 1 (4df+4=-, -, -, 0)
<Balthazaar> :<GraemeCracker> 4df+3
<GraemeCracker> 4df+4
<Glacon> GraemeCracker: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, 0)
<GraemeCracker> (Fuckin')
<GraemeCracker> 4df+3
<Glacon> GraemeCracker: 2 (4df+3=+, 0, -, -)
<GraemeCracker> Olga can pull and grab all she likes, but the hand holds strong. The raspy voice seems to click in disappointment. "And they told me you were feisty…"
<Balthazaar> She snarls again. "Fucking fight me then!"
<Balthazaar> "I'll rip you apart!"
<GraemeCracker> "Fight? Oh, dear child. I'm not here to fight." More appendages begin to grab at Olga, jittering in unnatural ways. "I'm just here to take what belongs to me."
<GraemeCracker> Let's go for another strength roll, shall we?
<Balthazaar> 4df+4 "Death?"
<Glacon> Balthazaar: "Death?": 4 (4df+4=0, -, 0, +)
<GraemeCracker> 4df+3 perhaps
<Glacon> GraemeCracker: perhaps: 6 (4df+3=+, +, +, 0)
<GraemeCracker> Your attempts to free yourself are met with futility as you become restrained by more and more arms, some unnaturally long, others connecting in ways unfit for man. Others still ooze and pulsate, as though they were ready to burst at the fingertips.
<GraemeCracker> A face extends itself from the mist, supported by a snakelike neck that wriggles and weaves towards the Polish lady.
<Balthazaar> She struggles frantically. "I'm not begging you!"
<GraemeCracker> He is bald save for a few patches of grayed stringy hair and bears an unsettling grin, which is complemented greatly with unblinking eyes, pupils the size of pinheads.
<LemurLord> (now i have to go to bed with that image, thanks)
<Balthazaar> Olga struggles desperately, trying to bite at the hands
<GraemeCracker> "I don't ask people to beg, young one. I merely take what is…Mine." His grin widens ever so slightly as one of the hands prods her in the forehead.
<GraemeCracker> "That is to say, everything that you hold dear."
<GraemeCracker> "Just like I took everything before. And will take again and again and again, until I am filled."
<Balthazaar> "There's nothing left to take!" She tries to bit the hands prodding her
<GraemeCracker> "Ohhh, but there is!" The hand recoils, returning only to flick her in the nose. "But the question is…where to start? Your other eye perhaps? A tooth? A nail?"
<Balthazaar> "You'll get nothing from me!"
<GraemeCracker> "…No, mere bodily functions mean nothing to you, do they? Shall I grab up one of your dear friends then? One of those pretty Russian girls, perhaps? The farmer? Maybe The one you call Susan?"
<Balthazaar> "Don't you fucking touch them…"
<GraemeCracker> A cackle expels from the bald man's toothy maw, drool dripping from the corner of his mouth. He seems to ignore Olga's threats with a wave of it's many arms. "Or…Oh! Oh, I know just the treat!"
<Balthazaar> She looks nervous now.
<Balthazaar> "D-don't!"
<GraemeCracker> The arms release Olga, quickly darting into the cloudy abyss. She is alone once more, the silence interrupted only with an occasional giggle or clacking of nails against floor.
<GraemeCracker> Perc!
<Balthazaar> 4df+4
<Glacon> Balthazaar: 6 (4df+4=0, 0, +, +)
<GraemeCracker> Olga! You hear the pattering of tiny feet a few feet off to your right, the outline of a child appearing in the mist.
<Balthazaar> Olgas eye widens, and her fists go up
<GraemeCracker> She appears lost, crying out aimlessly in the dense fog. "M-momma? Where are you?"
<Balthazaar> "… S-Saskia? Is that you!?"
<GraemeCracker> "Momma?" The child turns her head, reaching out blindly with tiny fists. "Wh-where are you? I'm scared!"
<Balthazaar> Olga runs to her. "Saskia it's okay I'm here sweetie Momma's here!"
<GraemeCracker> It's the strangest thing, Olga. No matter how quickly you run to your precious daughter, you seem to be running in place, always just inches away from her embrace. Saskia continues to cry out, grabbing at nothing, just out of reach. "Wh-where are you? This isn't f-funny! I don't like this game, Momma!"
<Balthazaar> "Saskia I'm coming! Come to me, please!" Olga is crying, desperately reaching out for her little girl
<GraemeCracker> As you reach out with all your might you /just/ manage to grab hold of Saskia. You suddenly find yourself tumbling to the ground, the child wrapped up in your arms.
<Balthazaar> "Saskia! Oh my Saskia I found you!" Olga hugs her tight, crying tears of joy and laughing, peppering the girl with kisses
<GraemeCracker> The girl looks up to Olga, tears streaming down her face. She grasps her tiny arms around her, squeezing as tightly as a child her size can possibly manage. "Momma! You're here! You're r-really here!"
<Balthazaar> "I'll never let anything happen to you again sweetie, I'll keep you safe and happy and I'll never leave you, I love you so much I love you more than anything!" She hugs her daughter tight, crying tears of pure joy
<GraemeCracker> "Y-you will? Even from the a-army man?" Saskia clings tightly to Olga's shirt, shaking with a noxious combination of joy and fear.
<Balthazaar> "Even from the army man." She kisses Saskia, still holding her tight. "From /everything/."
<GraemeCracker> "O-okay. I believe you." She snuggles up into Olga's arms, resting her hands against Olga's shoulders.
<Balthazaar> Olga holds her, standing up and cuddling Saskia. "Let's go see your new room. It's much nicer than our old one…" She carries her to her room.
<GraemeCracker> As you enter the room you are instantly bathed in warmth and comfort. A big queen sized bed fit for two sits in the middle of it all. Surrounding it are the many items of Olga's past, along with a big pile of things for Saskia herself. They could be safe here forever, far away from the evils that took away their lives.
<Balthazaar> Olga is suspicious now. "Saskia… W-we're going to find a different room now… Okay my darling?" She backs out of the room
<GraemeCracker> It even has a framed photo of Olga's wonderful loving family sitting on a nearby tab-Hang on Olga. Something doesn't feel…quite right about Saskia's hands that lay on your shoulder. Don't most children only have two?
<GraemeCracker> "R-really? That room seemed nice…"
<Balthazaar> Saskia looks to the hands
<Balthazaar> *Olga
<Balthazaar> "O-okay… We'll go in this room…" She goes forwards again, hoping going in will make Saskia feel right again
<GraemeCracker> Those are Saskia's hands alright. But there's a third. A wrinkly, spindly little hand attached to an arm so limp it may not have any structure to it at all. Saskia eyes grow wide as she looks up only to notice it.
<GraemeCracker> *Saskia's eyes
<Balthazaar> Olga hurries in the direction away from the arm. "Don't worry darling… Don't worry… Close your eyes… Close your eyes, I'll keep you safe…"
<GraemeCracker> Agilityyyy!
<Balthazaar> 4df+6
<Glacon> Balthazaar: 5 (4df+6=-, -, +, 0)
<GraemeCracker> Saskia squeaks as she covers her eyes. "It's fast!"
<GraemeCracker> 4df+5
<GraemeCracker> 4df+5 glacon
<Glacon> GraemeCracker: glacon: 6 (4df+5=+, 0, 0, 0)
<GraemeCracker> The arm twists itself around the child's waist, pulling itself taut. It tugs at Saskia, trying to tear her from your grip.
<GraemeCracker> "M-MOMMA!"
<Balthazaar> "YOU WILL NOT TAKE HER YOU MONSTER!" Olga lets go of Saskia with one arm and attacks the arm with her free hand
<GraemeCracker> The arm surprisingly goes limp, as though it had fallen asleep. However, it slowly begins to vibrate.
<GraemeCracker> Off in the distance, you hear what sounds like hundreds upon hundreds of feet clattering along the ground, and a familiar elongated neck extending from the slowly dissipating fog.
<Balthazaar> Olga bares her teeth and clutches Saskia tight. "YOU WILL NOT TAKE HER!"
<GraemeCracker> The man's spittle flies behind him, his unending grin only increasing in size. "What is to stop me? You? You, who could not protect those you cared for before? Do you /really/ wish to fail them again this badly?"
<GraemeCracker> As he descends his face to her level, Olga may choose to roll perc.
<Balthazaar> 4df+4
<Glacon> Balthazaar: 6 (4df+4=+, 0, +, 0)
<GraemeCracker> Olga, your gun! And that door…Its contents have changed. The Commons shine like a beacon, a mere few meters from the slobbering thing.
<GraemeCracker> "She belongs to me now! I won her /fair and square/."
<Balthazaar> Olga sprints to the commons to get her gun!
<GraemeCracker> roll agility to run and gun!
<Balthazaar> 4df+6
<Glacon> Balthazaar: 6 (4df+6=+, -, 0, 0)
<GraemeCracker> 4df+3 The beast lulls, surprised by the sudden jolt before shooting one of its many limbs towards Olga
<Glacon> GraemeCracker: The beast lulls, surprised by the sudden jolt before shooting one of its many limbs towards Olga: 4 (4df+3=+, +, 0, -)
<GraemeCracker> The massive fist falls short, and Olga gets her peashooter! Now it's only a matter of making it to the door time or fending off the creature.
<GraemeCracker> *in time
<Balthazaar> 4df+11 Olga fires away at the monster, aiming to eliminate
<Glacon> Balthazaar: Olga fires away at the monster, aiming to eliminate: 13 (4df+11=0, +, +, 0)
<GraemeCracker> 4df+6 defensive arms
<Glacon> GraemeCracker: defensive arms: 6 (4df+6=+, 0, -, 0)
<GraemeCracker> Olga rains lead upon the thing, causing it to cry out in pain as it wraps its plethora of appendages, curling itself into a gigantic ball of writhing flesh. It screams out as a bullet pierces its eye, grey ooze pouring out of the socket.
<GraemeCracker> Olga, you notice the door falter. It's now or never!
<Balthazaar> She runs for the door!
<GraemeCracker> Olga makes it through the door, daughter in her arms! It then collapses, leaving an angered, multi armed beast blind and furious in it's realm.
<Balthazaar> Olga halts in the common room, panting. She hugs Saskia tight. "Are you alright? Did it hurt you?"
<GraemeCracker> The common lights flicker and shine, the television blares corny television ads, and there's a large chunk of concrete missing from the wall. This is home.
<GraemeCracker> Saskia shivers, looking up to her mother. "N-no. I don't think so…"
<GraemeCracker> "But he was so scaryyy!" She sobs, burying her head into Olga's chest.
<Balthazaar> Olga hugs her tight, stroking her hair. "Shhh, shhh, it's okay sweetie, it's okay… It's gone now… It's gone now and nothing bad can happen to you… It's okay my darling…" she rocks from side to side, holding her precious little girl tight
<GraemeCracker> Saskia cries and cries, only stopping once she realizes the room they're in. "…Momma? Wh-where are we?"
<Balthazaar> "This is called the common room, sweetheart… We live in a place called Site 19 now. It's not a nasty camp like before, it's full of nice people who will keep you safe." She smiles and kisses Saskia again.
<GraemeCracker> Saskia wipes her face free of her tears, sniffling. "Is it like our old home?"
<Balthazaar> "Come on kitten, do you want to meet mommas special friend?"
<Balthazaar> "A little… This place is in the countryside."
<GraemeCracker> The child lights up noticeably, nodding quickly at both the mention of a friend and the lack of camps and suffering.
<Balthazaar> Olga smiles and carries her outside

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