Into the Frozen North

[Saturday 19:55:30pm] Wogglebug The five of you travel North, through the lightly falling snow. The ground below you is covered heavily in the stuff, and far behind you the brownish stain that is the city of Banganash recedes into the distance. You think you might be walking over some sort of farmland, but it's hard to tell with all the snow. You're all heavily equipped for a journey of sev
[Saturday 19:56:02pm] Wogglebug eral days.
[Saturday 19:56:29pm] Daedalus "This is gonna be a lotta fuckin' walkin'" Billy grumbles.
[Saturday 19:56:32pm] Wogglebug It has been explained to you that several Foundation personnel have reported visions in their sleep of a man dying next to a ship crashed in the snow.
[Saturday 19:57:12pm] Wogglebug One of them reported a very strong image of a map indicating a path leading from a large city marked in an unknown language.
[Saturday 19:57:20pm] Scantron "Not that bad."
[Saturday 19:57:50pm] TeslaTornado "When I was younger," Serge comments, "I walked to town once a week, which was thirty miles away."
[Saturday 19:58:06pm] Wogglebug After copying that map from the man's memory, the Foundation determined that the location seen in the visions is somewhere far to the North of Banganash. You have been tasked with out just exactly what is going on. Each of you has a copy of the map.
[Saturday 19:58:07pm] GraemeCracker "Least it ain't rainin'. Snow's fine, but rain…Geh." Lloyd shudders, half from the cold, half from distaste.
[Saturday 19:59:00pm] Daedalus "Well, things are a lot closer in Londontown than in Frenchland." He frowns, "Why couldn't we take a trolley? Or at least a fuckin' bike."
[Saturday 19:59:24pm] TesKin Branko shrugs. He's in his element in the snow.
[Saturday 19:59:41pm] GraemeCracker "You try ridin' iron horses in the damn snow."
[Saturday 19:59:43pm] Wogglebug The snow falls lightly around you.
[Saturday 20:00:17pm] Scantron Maria seems pretty indifferent to the weather and temperature. "Is bike riding hard?"
[Saturday 20:00:23pm] TeslaTornado "Is easier to walk." Serge trudges on through the snow, looking down occasionally to check the map.
[Saturday 20:00:46pm] Daedalus "Well… don't know." Billy frowns, "Don't know how ta ride one."
[Saturday 20:00:49pm] Wogglebug It's still snowing.
[Saturday 20:00:51pm] -->| Wixelt (PI.12C1C7B6.95A20DFA.D7DD5B87|tibbiM#PI.12C1C7B6.95A20DFA.D7DD5B87|tibbiM) has joined #homeimprovement
[Saturday 20:01:07pm] TesKin Branko hikes on, following Serge.
[Saturday 20:01:13pm] Wogglebug You walk and walk and walk and walk and walk.
[Saturday 20:01:24pm] Wogglebug Eventually, you can make out some steep cliffs in the distance.
[Saturday 20:01:31pm] Wogglebug The sun is getting low.
[Saturday 20:02:11pm] TeslaTornado Serge pouts at the cliffs. "We will not want to ascend those in the dark."
[Saturday 20:02:14pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd trudges on, peeking out at the cliffs. "It ain't too hard, just takes a bit 'o practice…And acceptin' of the fact that yer gonna fall a lot."
[Saturday 20:02:17pm] TeslaTornado "Unless there is a path."
[Saturday 20:02:25pm] Wogglebug You could check the map.
[Saturday 20:02:28pm] Daedalus "FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK, WHY IS THIS SHIT SO FAR AWAY? Oi… . Over there." He points to the cliff, "Can we stop there? S'gettin' dark."
[Saturday 20:02:32pm] TeslaTornado HE consults the map.
[Saturday 20:02:45pm] Wogglebug Roll survival for map comprehension.
[Saturday 20:02:50pm] Wogglebug Maps aren't easy.
[Saturday 20:02:58pm] Wogglebug Tough stuff, maps.
[Saturday 20:03:05pm] Wogglebug In that you have to roll at least a 1.
[Saturday 20:03:08pm] TeslaTornado 4df+5 (Survival) Add +5 if Wilderness Survival applies
[Saturday 20:03:09pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Survival) Add +5 if Wilderness Survival applies: 4 (4df+5=-, 0, -, +)
[Saturday 20:03:20pm] Wogglebug It will apply for the entirety of this run.
[Saturday 20:03:42pm] Wogglebug You see that there should be a large canyon opening up in the cliffside ahead and to the right a bit.
[Saturday 20:03:45pm] Scantron Survival is not a class skill, and thus Maria can't roll it!
[Saturday 20:03:55pm] Wogglebug You're about 4 miles from there right now.
[Saturday 20:03:57pm] Daedalus Billy reads the map. Would his first specialty skill apply?
[Saturday 20:04:08pm] Wogglebug No.
[Saturday 20:04:20pm] Scantron She looks at her map nonetheless. She's pretty sure she can figure out where Banganash is, and that she is somewhere else.
[Saturday 20:04:24pm] Wogglebug You see there is a line for cliffs, and a symbol for something.
[Saturday 20:04:35pm] TeslaTornado "Is a canyon mouth about four miles ahead… Zere." He indicates the canyon.
[Saturday 20:05:03pm] Wogglebug Banganash is the city at the bottom of the map. It's large and brown. Whoever made the map made it look like a big stain.
[Saturday 20:05:33pm] TesKin Branko nods at Serge. "Then let us go towards it."
[Saturday 20:05:48pm] Daedalus "Great. So are we gonna keep walkin' or can we set up camp? Me fuckin' feet are killin' me?"
[Saturday 20:05:55pm] Daedalus .*
[Saturday 20:06:16pm] TeslaTornado "Is only four miles, and canyons are more dangerous at night." Serge stops to consider.
[Saturday 20:06:46pm] TeslaTornado 4df+10 (Survival + WE) Trying to gauge the weather and see if it'd be easier to push the canyon or rest for the night
[Saturday 20:06:46pm] GraemeCracker "It'll suck less if we don't stop fer too long."
[Saturday 20:06:46pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Survival + WE) Trying to gauge the weather and see if it'd be easier to push the canyon or rest for the night: 10 (4df+10=+, +, -, -)
[Saturday 20:06:52pm] Wogglebug You rise over a small hill, and walk through a small valley, Eventually you reach the cliffside. Ahead you can see a large canyon cut into a massive stone cliff. The stone is white and grey, striated in layers down the enormous wall of the deep fissure in the rock. It's a relatively wide passage, wide enough to herd elephants through, and likely once held a v
[Saturday 20:06:55pm] Wogglebug ery large river, now long gone. There are some small shrugs and sparse grass spattered about the place, but mostly it's just lightly snow-covered rock.
[Saturday 20:07:15pm] Wogglebug You'd be best to take shelter in the canyon for the night, you don't know what might be ahead, and it's likely to storm in the night.
[Saturday 20:07:24pm] Wogglebug But you /could/ trudge ahead.
[Saturday 20:07:33pm] Wogglebug Might do you well to look for a cave, or something.
[Saturday 20:07:57pm] TeslaTornado "We should take shelter in the canyon. A storm is coming." Serge looks for an outcrop or a cave, suitable for this purpose.
[Saturday 20:08:17pm] TeslaTornado 4df+4 (Perc) Lookin' for a hole
[Saturday 20:08:18pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Perc) Lookin' for a hole: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, -, +)
[Saturday 20:08:43pm] Wogglebug There's a bit of an overhang right where the canyon spills out onto the plains. It'd be some shelter, I guess.
[Saturday 20:09:26pm] TeslaTornado Serge indicates it to the group.
[Saturday 20:09:40pm] Daedalus 4df+9 (Perc) also looking for shelter
[Saturday 20:09:40pm] Glacon Daedalus: (Perc) also looking for shelter: 12 (4df+9=0, +, +, +)
[Saturday 20:10:39pm] Wogglebug You see a cave high up on the cliffside, within the canyon. It can reached pretty safely, by taking a barely-visible path behind some shrubs. It'll definitely save you from the bandits that were going to kill you in your sleep.
[Saturday 20:11:29pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd peers off towards what Serge's pointing at. "Guess it'd do fer cover…"
[Saturday 20:11:47pm] Daedalus "Up there. A bear rest." Billy points, "Probably safer."
[Saturday 20:12:08pm] TeslaTornado Serge looks. He smiles at Billy and claps him on the shoulder. "Good eyes, monsieur."
[Saturday 20:12:09pm] Wogglebug Definitely safer. Much more bandit-resistant.
[Saturday 20:12:44pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd turns his head. "Aw yeah, much better. So, we stayin' the night?"
[Saturday 20:12:48pm] TesKin Branko nods. "Da, easier to defend as well. Let us go."
[Saturday 20:13:15pm] Daedalus Billy heads up, "I hope we're spending the night. Who wants ta take first watch?"
[Saturday 20:13:22pm] Scantron "I will."
[Saturday 20:13:32pm] TeslaTornado "I will take second, then." Serge ascends.
[Saturday 20:13:33pm] Wogglebug They walk up to the bcave and begin setting up camp for the night. It's a very small cave, just big enough to protect them from the wind and snow and such. Tell me, what do they do to make their first night in the wilderness pleseant and defenisble?
[Saturday 20:14:15pm] TeslaTornado Serge lays out his canvas at the mouth of the cave as a shroud to break some of the wind.
[Saturday 20:14:24pm] TeslaTornado It's neutrally colored, so it isn't overly obvious.
[Saturday 20:15:01pm] Wogglebug Do they light a fire?
[Saturday 20:15:05pm] Daedalus Billy sets up some bedding for himself and makes a torch so they can see.
[Saturday 20:15:24pm] Wogglebug Roll survival, engineering, or science to make a torch.
[Saturday 20:15:50pm] Daedalus Welp, he has none of those, so he doesn't make a torch.
[Saturday 20:15:59pm] TesKin 4df+9 (Engineering + Combat Engineer) Branko tries to make a low wall in front of the cave.
[Saturday 20:16:00pm] Glacon TesKin: (Engineering + Combat Engineer) Branko tries to make a low wall in front of the cave.: 6 (4df+9=0, -, -, -)
[Saturday 20:16:17pm] Wogglebug You succeed, Branko! This will help in case of ambush.
[Saturday 20:16:18pm] GraemeCracker 4df+8 Lloyd makes a torch, then.
[Saturday 20:16:18pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: Lloyd makes a torch, then.: 6 (4df+8=-, -, +, -)
[Saturday 20:16:20pm] Daedalus He uses his lighter to light a few feet in front of him instead.
[Saturday 20:16:22pm] Scantron Maria has science, but not fire-focused. She is a pharmacist!
[Saturday 20:16:32pm] Wogglebug Lloyd makes a very lovely torch, useful in case of danger!
[Saturday 20:16:57pm] TeslaTornado 4df+10 (Survival + Wilderness Expert) Serge also crafts some torches en masse.
[Saturday 20:16:58pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Survival + Wilderness Expert) Serge also crafts some torches en masse.: 7 (4df+10=-, -, -, 0)
[Saturday 20:17:10pm] Wogglebug As the sun sinks, they slip into their beds and rest. Several more torches are also made.
[Saturday 20:17:29pm] Wogglebug Maria, as first watch, roll perceptuion to see how that goes.
[Saturday 20:17:55pm] Scantron 4df+6 I SEE ALL
[Saturday 20:17:55pm] Glacon Scantron: I SEE ALL: 4 (4df+6=-, 0, 0, -)
[Saturday 20:18:00pm] Scantron I SEE SOME
[Saturday 20:18:15pm] Wogglebug You see a lot of ice and snow and such.
[Saturday 20:18:22pm] Wogglebug A shooting star or two.
[Saturday 20:18:41pm] Wogglebug Off in the far, far distance, you see a stormcloud breathe fire at another stormcloud.
[Saturday 20:19:02pm] Wogglebug Halfway through your shift, it begins to snow more heavily. A very sleety, mean sort of snow.
[Saturday 20:19:17pm] Wogglebug Out, overall, it's relatively peaceful. The trap makes for good cover.
[Saturday 20:19:20pm] Wogglebug A bit cold.
[Saturday 20:19:42pm] Scantron Maria doesn't mind the cold. ~Quiet here.~ She stays sits down and stays very still.
[Saturday 20:19:55pm] Wogglebug Eventually, Sere rises from the grave to take up watch.
[Saturday 20:20:03pm] Wogglebug It's about 10PM at this point.
[Saturday 20:20:12pm] Wogglebug Sunset was around six.
[Saturday 20:20:27pm] TeslaTornado 4df+7 (Sneak + Vive la Resistance) Serge, first off, finds a place to obscure his position.
[Saturday 20:20:27pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Sneak + Vive la Resistance) Serge, first off, finds a place to obscure his position.: 5 (4df+7=0, -, -, 0)
[Saturday 20:20:56pm] TeslaTornado (obscure himself* that was some english)
[Saturday 20:21:03pm] Wogglebug You obscure yourself in the same place Maria did, as it's the best cover nearby that isn't currently made inhospitable by what has quickly turned into hail.
[Saturday 20:21:14pm] Scantron Maria, as Serge gets up, leaves to go to bed.
[Saturday 20:21:25pm] Wogglebug You sleep well for a job well done. Maria.
[Saturday 20:21:43pm] Wogglebug Serge, roll me a perception.
[Saturday 20:21:45pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd snores.
[Saturday 20:21:45pm] TeslaTornado Serge smiles and nods at Maria, and binds his poncho tighter about himself. He strikes his pipe…
[Saturday 20:21:52pm] TeslaTornado 4df+4 (Perception) … And takes the watch.
[Saturday 20:21:53pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Perception) … And takes the watch.: 4 (4df+4=+, -, +, -)
[Saturday 20:22:14pm] TeslaTornado (Not sure if my specials apply here.)
[Saturday 20:22:40pm] Wogglebug Your shift goes peacefully enough. About 3/4 through you think you see something towards the top of the canyon, but you decide it must have been the sky or something. Moonlight is weird, especially when the moon is weird to start with.
[Saturday 20:23:13pm] Daedalus Billy mumbles in his sleep.
[Saturday 20:23:42pm] TeslaTornado Serge grumbles and rubs his eyes. He dumps the ash from his pipe and puts it back in his pocket, and continues ~watching~.
[Saturday 20:23:52pm] TesKin Branko wakes up and grunts, rememebering he's not in his bed.
[Saturday 20:24:02pm] Wogglebug After a while, it is 2am and your shift is over. Who was it who agreed to the third shift, again?
[Saturday 20:24:21pm] TeslaTornado We never agreed to a third shift.
[Saturday 20:24:26pm] TeslaTornado Conveniently, Branko is awake!
[Saturday 20:24:40pm] Daedalus Billy'll take fourth, then
[Saturday 20:24:46pm] Wogglebug There is no fourth shift.
[Saturday 20:24:57pm] Daedalus Alrighty then :P
[Saturday 20:25:12pm] TesKin Branko nods to Serge and shifts over to take his position.
[Saturday 20:25:20pm] Wogglebug Branko, roll perception!
[Saturday 20:25:25pm] TesKin 4df+3 (Perc) And does some looking.
[Saturday 20:25:26pm] Glacon TesKin: (Perc) And does some looking.: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, +, -)
[Saturday 20:26:04pm] Wogglebug You completely miss the bandits ransacking the overhang Serge had originally spotted. Thank god, that would have been embarrassing for him.
[Saturday 20:26:22pm] Wogglebug At about 6AM, the sun rises, and you all wake up. It's still cold, but the snow has let up.
[Saturday 20:26:45pm] Wogglebug Better get about to going.
[Saturday 20:26:56pm] Daedalus Billy yawns and grabs his shotgun and backpack.
[Saturday 20:27:08pm] Wogglebug What sort of shotgun?
[Saturday 20:27:10pm] TeslaTornado Serge packs in his canvas and all of his camping supplies.
[Saturday 20:27:31pm] TeslaTornado "Was not a bad night, was it?"
[Saturday 20:27:41pm] Daedalus Double barreled.
[Saturday 20:27:42pm] Scantron "No."
[Saturday 20:27:47pm] Wogglebug For this run all guns are replaced with single-shot rifles borrowed from people on site.
[Saturday 20:27:53pm] GraemeCracker "Slept like a hound. You guys see anythin' out there?"
[Saturday 20:27:54pm] Wogglebug Unless you want to risk explosions.
[Saturday 20:28:03pm] TesKin Branko stands and takes a swig from his canteen. He shakes his head. "No. My watch went fine."
[Saturday 20:28:09pm] Wogglebug The rifles are heavy and red.
[Saturday 20:28:09pm] Daedalus Ah, okay. He grabs his rifle instead.
[Saturday 20:28:25pm] TesKin Branko shoulders his pack and grabs his rifle.
[Saturday 20:28:30pm] Wogglebug The team, presumably after a light breakfast, heads out!
[Saturday 20:28:44pm] Daedalus He's named his 'Stalin', because it's heavy and red.
[Saturday 20:28:51pm] Wogglebug Will someone consult the map?
[Saturday 20:29:04pm] TeslaTornado Serge has not named his rifle, as it is not his. He consults the map.
[Saturday 20:29:11pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd avoids checking the map thanks to no survival.
[Saturday 20:29:15pm] Wogglebug 1d3
[Saturday 20:29:16pm] Glacon Wogglebug: 1 (1d3=1)
[Saturday 20:29:16pm] TeslaTornado 4df+10 Serge Maillard, Consulting Map Consultant
[Saturday 20:29:17pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: Serge Maillard, Consulting Map Consultant: 12 (4df+10=0, +, 0, +)
[Saturday 20:29:35pm] Wogglebug The map indicates there should be a passage to the top of the cliffs through a cave on the other side of the canyon.
[Saturday 20:29:43pm] Wogglebug You make your way in that direction!
[Saturday 20:30:00pm] TeslaTornado Serge strikes his torch and takes the lead.
[Saturday 20:30:15pm] Daedalus Billy pats Serge on the back, "You're alright for a Frenchie."
[Saturday 20:30:29pm] Wogglebug The canyon is stupendously boring, and the weather is poor. After a bit of walking, you pass the carcass of several giant mammoths, lying in the snow.
[Saturday 20:30:40pm] Wogglebug On closer inspection, they seem to be machines of some sort
[Saturday 20:30:55pm] Wogglebug Dead as doornails, though.
[Saturday 20:31:00pm] TesKin Branko looks at them. "That is strange."
[Saturday 20:31:07pm] TesKin "At least we did not have to fight them."
[Saturday 20:31:19pm] Wogglebug Well, yet.
[Saturday 20:31:23pm] Wogglebug Roll perception.
[Saturday 20:31:32pm] TeslaTornado 4df+4 (Perc) Oh man
[Saturday 20:31:33pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Perc) Oh man: 5 (4df+4=-, +, 0, +)
[Saturday 20:31:45pm] Scantron 4df+6 THE V I S I O N S
[Saturday 20:31:46pm] Glacon Scantron: THE V I S I O N S: 7 (4df+6=0, +, 0, 0)
[Saturday 20:32:05pm] GraemeCracker 4df+4 Lloyd chews his tobacco, staring at the mechanized pachyderms.
[Saturday 20:32:05pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: Lloyd chews his tobacco, staring at the mechanized pachyderms.: 6 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, +)
[Saturday 20:32:31pm] GraemeCracker "Fascinatin'…How you figure they work?"
[Saturday 20:32:48pm] Daedalus 4df+9 "Huh"
[Saturday 20:32:48pm] Glacon Daedalus: "Huh": 9 (4df+9=+, 0, 0, -)
[Saturday 20:33:14pm] Wogglebug As you pass the last of the mammoths, you notice that one about 30m behind you has just stood up. It's gargantuan, covered in strange, rune-covered plating, plus fur. It's also covered in snow, but that's basically standard. There's a massive hole in its faceplate, but it looks plenty angry in spite of it.
[Saturday 20:33:32pm] Wogglebug It bellows.
[Saturday 20:33:44pm] Wogglebug Damn that's loud.
[Saturday 20:33:48pm] TeslaTornado Serge shrugs. "Magic, maybe?" He hears the motion of the mammoth before he sees it, and his eyes go wide. "… Everyone run!"
[Saturday 20:33:52pm] Daedalus "Aw, /shit/." Billy grabs his gun.
[Saturday 20:34:11pm] GraemeCracker "Guess we'll find out!" Lloyd gets his anti-magic shooter.
[Saturday 20:34:15pm] Wogglebug It charges, slowly.
[Saturday 20:34:30pm] GraemeCracker How slowly?
[Saturday 20:34:33pm] Scantron Maria runs! She can't shoot for shit, so she doesn't even try.
[Saturday 20:34:36pm] Wogglebug Like, I dunno.
[Saturday 20:34:40pm] Wogglebug Faster than you.
[Saturday 20:34:43pm] TesKin Branko shoulders his rifle and looks around. "Well, run or fight?!"
[Saturday 20:35:08pm] Wogglebug "BRrrrrrrRRRRRRpt!"
[Saturday 20:35:11pm] GraemeCracker "Run! You wanna deal with this big fuckin' thing?"
[Saturday 20:35:15pm] Wogglebug God that's an annoying trumpet.
[Saturday 20:35:18pm] Daedalus 4df+5 "PISS OFF!!" He fires at the thing.
[Saturday 20:35:19pm] Glacon Daedalus: "PISS OFF!!" He fires at the thing.: 6 (4df+5=+, -, 0, +)
[Saturday 20:35:37pm] Wogglebug 4df+8 Damaged mammoth.
[Saturday 20:35:37pm] Glacon Wogglebug: Damaged mammoth.: 11 (4df+8=0, +, +, +)
[Saturday 20:35:50pm] Wogglebug The bullet clangs off of its plating.
[Saturday 20:35:54pm] TeslaTornado Serge looks at the canyon exit and tries to guess how far it is between the group and the cave, and if they can make it before they get mammoth'd.
[Saturday 20:35:55pm] GraemeCracker 4df+3 runningk.
[Saturday 20:35:56pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: runningk.: 6 (4df+3=+, +, +, 0)
[Saturday 20:35:56pm] Wogglebug You may wish to flee.
[Saturday 20:36:23pm] TeslaTornado Serge is fleeing!
[Saturday 20:36:26pm] Daedalus Billy grumbles and hurries in the opposite direction.
[Saturday 20:36:26pm] Wogglebug There's a cave about 500 meters away from you. If you sprinted the entire way you might outpace the mammoth.
[Saturday 20:36:41pm] TesKin Branko takes off, running like a bat outta hell.
[Saturday 20:37:30pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd heads towards the cave, not wanting to deal with 20 tonnes of angry trumpeting steel.
[Saturday 20:37:37pm] Wogglebug Everyone roll agility to flee. Roll perception as well, if you want to do look for ways to slow it down as you run
[Saturday 20:37:45pm] Wogglebug Lloyd travels fast tas fuck.
[Saturday 20:37:49pm] Wogglebug Look at them little legs go.
[Saturday 20:37:51pm] Scantron 4df+2 Maria is focused on running!
[Saturday 20:37:51pm] Glacon Scantron: Maria is focused on running!: 3 (4df+2=+, +, -, 0)
[Saturday 20:37:56pm] Scantron (agility)
[Saturday 20:37:59pm] Wogglebug Maria less so.
[Saturday 20:38:00pm] TesKin 4df+3 (Agi)
[Saturday 20:38:00pm] Glacon TesKin: (Agi): 2 (4df+3=-, +, 0, -)
[Saturday 20:38:03pm] Daedalus 4df+9 Looking for how to slow it down
[Saturday 20:38:04pm] Glacon Daedalus: Looking for how to slow it down: 6 (4df+9=0, -, -, -)
[Saturday 20:38:15pm] Wogglebug Branko's slow as buts.
[Saturday 20:38:23pm] TeslaTornado 4df+3 (AGI) Oh god
[Saturday 20:38:24pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (AGI) Oh god: 3 (4df+3=0, -, 0, +)
[Saturday 20:38:27pm] Wogglebug Billy's practically a track star. Him and Lloyd are really moving.
[Saturday 20:38:29pm] TeslaTornado 4df+4 (Perc) OH MAN
[Saturday 20:38:30pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Perc) OH MAN: 4 (4df+4=+, 0, -, 0)
[Saturday 20:38:33pm] Wogglebug Serge is back with Maria.
[Saturday 20:39:12pm] Wogglebug There are some boulders resting on that cliff there. If you shot them just riht, they might fall and hit the mammoth. Or Branko.
[Saturday 20:39:52pm] Wogglebug 4df+3 The mammoth pursues.
[Saturday 20:39:52pm] Glacon Wogglebug: The mammoth pursues.: 3 (4df+3=0, 0, +, -)
[Saturday 20:39:58pm] Daedalus "SOMEONE SHOOT THE FUCKING ROCKS!" Billy points at the boulders.
[Saturday 20:40:08pm] Wogglebug It's going to catch Branko unless he does something astounding.
[Saturday 20:40:20pm] TeslaTornado 4df+9 (Ranged + VLR) ROCKS FALL MAMMOTH DIES
[Saturday 20:40:20pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Ranged + VLR) ROCKS FALL MAMMOTH DIES: 9 (4df+9=0, 0, +, -)
[Saturday 20:40:29pm] Wogglebug Lloyd and Billy leap over a boulder in slow motion. It's super cool.
[Saturday 20:40:41pm] Wogglebug The bullet whiz-bangs the rocks.
[Saturday 20:40:43pm] GraemeCracker That's pretty hardcore for an old man.
[Saturday 20:40:44pm] TeslaTornado Serge turns, aims, fires, and continues running in one motion.
[Saturday 20:40:45pm] Wogglebug The shift slightly.
[Saturday 20:40:49pm] Wogglebug And half the hill comes down.
[Saturday 20:40:57pm] Wogglebug Branko, roll agility to not be crushed.
[Saturday 20:41:01pm] TesKin 4df+3
[Saturday 20:41:03pm] Glacon TesKin: 1 (4df+3=0, -, -, 0)
[Saturday 20:41:08pm] Wogglebug You are crushed.
[Saturday 20:41:12pm] TesKin Yep. Dead?
[Saturday 20:41:19pm] Wogglebug Roll pdef.
[Saturday 20:41:31pm] Wogglebug Also, nah, not dead.
[Saturday 20:41:34pm] TesKin 4df+5 (PDef)
[Saturday 20:41:34pm] Glacon TesKin: (PDef): 5 (4df+5=0, 0, +, -)
[Saturday 20:41:36pm] Wogglebug Nobody dies that easily.
[Saturday 20:41:48pm] TesKin Espically not a large angry Russian man.
[Saturday 20:42:19pm] Wogglebug Owing to being larger than most rocks, Branko takes only one damage. I am disappointed he did not try to intimidate gravity.
[Saturday 20:42:36pm] Wogglebug 4df+10
[Saturday 20:42:37pm] Glacon Wogglebug: 7 (4df+10=-, -, 0, -)
[Saturday 20:42:48pm] Wogglebug The Mammoth actually does surprisingly poorly against the rocks.
[Saturday 20:42:58pm] Wogglebug It'l take a few minutes to extricate itself.
[Saturday 20:42:58pm] TesKin He did that once. Branko keeps on running slowly, limping slightly.
[Saturday 20:43:09pm] Wogglebug Lloyd and Billy have reached the cave.
[Saturday 20:43:16pm] TeslaTornado Serge goes back to help Branko.
[Saturday 20:43:19pm] Wogglebug It's is a cave. It is dark, and large.
[Saturday 20:43:30pm] Wogglebug Thank god for all those torches.
[Saturday 20:43:46pm] TesKin Branko is helped!
[Saturday 20:43:55pm] Daedalus Billy heaves in large breaths of air, laughing. "Goddamn… We really fuckin' made it." He looks up, "Headcount?"
[Saturday 20:44:07pm] Wogglebug Branko, Serge, and Maria eventually reunite with Billy and Lloyd at the cave.
[Saturday 20:44:15pm] Wogglebug Branko is now very dusty.
[Saturday 20:44:29pm] Daedalus "Everyone sixes an' sevens then?"
[Saturday 20:44:29pm] Wogglebug In the distance, the mammoth trumpets in confusion.
[Saturday 20:44:43pm] TesKin Branko pants. "Da."
[Saturday 20:44:48pm] TeslaTornado Serge blinks and pants. He slows to a jog, then to a standstill, and leans forward, hands on his thighs.
[Saturday 20:44:49pm] Wogglebug Maria, you can see that Branko has been injured slightly.
[Saturday 20:44:57pm] Wogglebug He seems to have some sort of injury thing.
[Saturday 20:44:59pm] TeslaTornado "I… Do not like… Those things."
[Saturday 20:45:02pm] Wogglebug With the leg.
[Saturday 20:45:04pm] Wogglebug Or something.
[Saturday 20:45:14pm] GraemeCracker "Sixes and whats?"
[Saturday 20:45:15pm] Wogglebug You would have to roll to be sure.
[Saturday 20:45:23pm] Scantron Maria goes over to Branco! "Leg injury?"
[Saturday 20:45:36pm] Scantron 4df+4+5 Diagnostics!
[Saturday 20:45:37pm] Daedalus Billy looks around the cave, "Ya know… sixes an'- eh, nevermind."
[Saturday 20:45:38pm] Glacon Scantron: Diagnostics!: 11 (4df+4+5=+, 0, +, 0)
[Saturday 20:46:03pm] TesKin Branko shrugs and grunts slightly. "Could have been worse. I can walk."
[Saturday 20:46:09pm] GraemeCracker "Like 'seven ate nine'?"
[Saturday 20:46:18pm] Wogglebug He fucked up his knee a bit, the joints been overextended and he has a laceration along the posterior-lateral portion of his right calf.
[Saturday 20:46:28pm] Wogglebug You patch him up quickly and easily.
[Saturday 20:46:36pm] Daedalus "Somethin' like that." Billy reloads his weapon.
[Saturday 20:46:40pm] Wogglebug Branko won't take damage unless that area is harmed later on.
[Saturday 20:47:17pm] TesKin Branko tests his leg. "Spasibo."
[Saturday 20:47:28pm] Wogglebug Which is to say, he has a temporary hitpoint.
[Saturday 20:47:31pm] Scantron "At least I'm useful."
[Saturday 20:47:32pm] Wogglebug Putting him at 7.
[Saturday 20:47:41pm] Wogglebug You are all now in a cave.
[Saturday 20:47:47pm] Daedalus "Everyone reload an' collect themselves, right? Serge, where are we?"
[Saturday 20:47:53pm] Wogglebug There is a mammoth outside, about to crash into the front of it.
[Saturday 20:48:00pm] Wogglebug You should really pay better atention.
[Saturday 20:48:12pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd clicks on his flashlight, peering around. "I dunno, let's see…"
[Saturday 20:48:15pm] Wogglebug *KABLOOIE*
[Saturday 20:48:31pm] Wogglebug The mammoth rams the front of the cave, forgetting that it is in fact taller than the cave opening.
[Saturday 20:48:50pm] TeslaTornado 4df+10 Serge hurriedly consults the map.
[Saturday 20:48:51pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: Serge hurriedly consults the map.: 11 (4df+10=0, +, 0, 0)
[Saturday 20:48:54pm] Wogglebug It blocks the entrance entirely, partially with what looks to be its own leg, and partially with several tons of rock.
[Saturday 20:49:11pm] Daedalus "Ah, /shitshitshitSHIT/!" Billy raises his rifle at it.
[Saturday 20:49:19pm] Wogglebug The looks to be the right cave, Serge. You just need to make it through, and you'll be on the Upper Plains.
[Saturday 20:49:26pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd jumps, staring at the now-decimated entranceway. "…What the /fuck/, Mammoth?"
[Saturday 20:49:36pm] TesKin "We should leave. Soon."
[Saturday 20:49:42pm] Wogglebug Man mammoth sure is dumb.
[Saturday 20:49:48pm] Wogglebug Thank god you guys have torches.
[Saturday 20:49:54pm] TeslaTornado Serge looks back at the mammoth again. "We need to keep going through this cave. Torches, everyone."
[Saturday 20:50:05pm] TeslaTornado He strikes one of his own torches and heads out!
[Saturday 20:50:15pm] TesKin Branko takes a torch and strikes it, following after Serge.
[Saturday 20:50:33pm] Wogglebug You follow a long, narrow cave tunnel thing for a while. It's very dark, and the rock is very cold.
[Saturday 20:50:38pm] Daedalus Billy follows behind Branko.
[Saturday 20:50:55pm] Wogglebug A bit warmer than outside though, which is both weird and nice at the same time.
[Saturday 20:51:01pm] Scantron Maria follows Billy.
[Saturday 20:51:05pm] Scantron "Why's it warmer?"
[Saturday 20:51:23pm] Wogglebug ohgodcavesaresupposedtobecold
[Saturday 20:51:33pm] Wogglebug goodthingthat'snotapartofthisrun
[Saturday 20:51:40pm] Wogglebug you'dgetcurbstompedbythatplotpoint
[Saturday 20:51:40pm] TeslaTornado "Caves can trap warm air." Serge shrugs.
[Saturday 20:51:46pm] Daedalus "Fuck if I know. Maybe they actually pay their heatin' bills on time?" He chuckles.
[Saturday 20:52:15pm] -->| Soulless (||erD) has joined #homeimprovement
[Saturday 20:52:26pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd picks it up in the rear, trudging along. "Maybe they got hot springs."
[Saturday 20:52:30pm] TesKin "Maybe the rocks hold heat from warmer days? I do not know."
[Saturday 20:52:52pm] Wogglebug After a while, the cave split. Not in a you-reach-a-forn-in-the-road type way, but rather that you could either get around this boulder by going above it and into a small cavern, or below and to the side of it, through a small tunnel-like thing.
[Saturday 20:52:54pm] Wogglebug *splits
[Saturday 20:53:09pm] Daedalus "Eh, we're supposed ta be goin' up, right?"
[Saturday 20:53:27pm] Wogglebug Roll perception.
[Saturday 20:53:29pm] GraemeCracker "Sure. But what if it don't lead up?"
[Saturday 20:53:34pm] TeslaTornado Serge 'hm's and holds his torch to each passage in turn.
[Saturday 20:53:35pm] Wogglebug Everyone, that is.
[Saturday 20:53:37pm] TeslaTornado 4df+4 (Perception)
[Saturday 20:53:38pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Perception): 4 (4df+4=-, +, 0, 0)
[Saturday 20:53:39pm] GraemeCracker 4df+4 muhbran
[Saturday 20:53:40pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: muhbran: 5 (4df+4=0, +, +, -)
[Saturday 20:53:46pm] Daedalus 4df+9 (Perc)
[Saturday 20:53:46pm] Wogglebug Serge, roll survival.
[Saturday 20:53:46pm] Glacon Daedalus: (Perc): 8 (4df+9=0, 0, 0, -)
[Saturday 20:54:10pm] TeslaTornado 4df+10
[Saturday 20:54:11pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: 12 (4df+10=+, 0, 0, +)
[Saturday 20:54:17pm] Scantron 4df+6
[Saturday 20:54:18pm] Glacon Scantron: 4 (4df+6=0, -, -, 0)
[Saturday 20:54:21pm] TesKin 4df+3 (perc)
[Saturday 20:54:21pm] Glacon TesKin: (perc): 3 (4df+3=-, +, 0, 0)
[Saturday 20:54:53pm] Wogglebug You can all tell that the lower cave is colder. Serge reasons that that one is more likely to lead outside, where it is cold.
[Saturday 20:55:28pm] TeslaTornado "The lower cave." Serge gestures, and squeeeeeezes in.
[Saturday 20:55:38pm] Wogglebug Man, no explanation? How rude.
[Saturday 20:55:40pm] TeslaTornado As he is short, it is slightly easier in that respect. But as he is bulky, it is slightly harder.
[Saturday 20:55:58pm] TesKin Branko follows, attempting to squeeeeeze his massive form into the tiny hole.
[Saturday 20:56:00pm] Wogglebug Roll agility.
[Saturday 20:56:05pm] Wogglebug Serge, that is.
[Saturday 20:56:06pm] GraemeCracker "Why?"
[Saturday 20:56:14pm] Daedalus Billy shrugs and follows Serge.
[Saturday 20:56:15pm] TeslaTornado 4df+3 SUCK IN THAT GUT
[Saturday 20:56:16pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: SUCK IN THAT GUT: 0 (4df+3=-, -, -, 0)
[Saturday 20:56:19pm] Wogglebug You get stuck,.
[Saturday 20:56:19pm] TeslaTornado WOW
[Saturday 20:56:21pm] Wogglebug Hah.
[Saturday 20:56:25pm] Wogglebug Hahahahahahaha.
[Saturday 20:56:28pm] TeslaTornado "HRF"
[Saturday 20:56:29pm] Wogglebug You are now stuck.
[Saturday 20:56:40pm] TeslaTornado 4df+5 (STR) Serge attempts to un-stuck himself.
[Saturday 20:56:41pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (STR) Serge attempts to un-stuck himself.: 3 (4df+5=0, -, -, 0)
[Saturday 20:56:49pm] Daedalus "C'mon, Frenchie. We ain't got all day."
[Saturday 20:56:57pm] Wogglebug You shimmy your way through and into the passage, barely.
[Saturday 20:57:04pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd stands at the entrance. "Seriously, why?"
[Saturday 20:57:11pm] TeslaTornado "The cave is narrow here. Be careful."
[Saturday 20:57:20pm] TeslaTornado "And it is colder, and it is cold outside, and it just makes sense, Lloyd!"
[Saturday 20:57:29pm] Wogglebug If your chararacter is large, roll agility to get through,
[Saturday 20:58:07pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd's lanky, but not wide. He crawls through the hole no problem.
[Saturday 20:58:22pm] TesKin 4df+3 (AGI) Branko's a big mofo. Hopefully he doesn't get stuck.
[Saturday 20:58:22pm] Glacon TesKin: (AGI) Branko's a big mofo. Hopefully he doesn't get stuck.: 0 (4df+3=-, 0, -, -)
[Saturday 20:58:26pm] TesKin Really?!?
[Saturday 20:58:45pm] Wogglebug He gets stuck.
[Saturday 20:58:52pm] GraemeCracker "Ahright. Ain't really lookin' forward to freezin' though."
[Saturday 20:58:53pm] Wogglebug Surprise surprise.
[Saturday 20:59:09pm] TesKin 4df+6 (STR) GET UR ASS OUTTA THAT TUNNLE!
[Saturday 20:59:10pm] Glacon TesKin: (STR) GET UR ASS OUTTA THAT TUNNLE!: 8 (4df+6=+, -, +, +)
[Saturday 20:59:23pm] Scantron Maria is not large by any stretch, but she was planning on going in after Branko.
[Saturday 20:59:34pm] Daedalus Billy lets ladies go first.
[Saturday 20:59:54pm] Wogglebug You rocket into the tunnel.
[Saturday 20:59:58pm] Wogglebug And directly into a wall.
[Saturday 20:59:59pm] Wogglebug Ow.
[Saturday 21:00:07pm] Wogglebug IN any case, you are now in the tunnel.
[Saturday 21:00:24pm] Wogglebug 1d3
[Saturday 21:00:25pm] Glacon Wogglebug: 2 (1d3=2)
[Saturday 21:00:26pm] TeslaTornado Serge blinks, as a WILD BRANKO APPEARS in the adjoining chamber.
[Saturday 21:00:32pm] Wogglebug You are accosted by a grue.
[Saturday 21:00:35pm] Wogglebug Nah, JK.
[Saturday 21:00:53pm] Wogglebug But there is a giant monster about ten feet in front of you, blocking one of your two routes.
[Saturday 21:01:09pm] TesKin Branko, after smashing into a wall, looks around. "Shit."
[Saturday 21:01:28pm] TeslaTornado Serge frowns. This has been a bad day.
[Saturday 21:01:28pm] Wogglebug It's large, with eight legs, and made out of solid rocks intermixed with gems of various sorts.
[Saturday 21:01:37pm] GraemeCracker "You alright Brankoooooooohhellothere."
[Saturday 21:01:58pm] Wogglebug It roars. It sounds like a troll's head exploding, which is to say a very loud crack.
[Saturday 21:02:06pm] Wogglebug It charges.
[Saturday 21:02:09pm] Wogglebug 4df+2
[Saturday 21:02:10pm] Glacon Wogglebug: 2 (4df+2=+, -, -, +)
[Saturday 21:02:11pm] Wogglebug Slowly.
[Saturday 21:02:30pm] GraemeCracker 4df+4 lloyd looks for other ways out.
[Saturday 21:02:31pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: lloyd looks for other ways out.: 3 (4df+4=0, -, 0, 0)
[Saturday 21:02:44pm] Wogglebug The tunnel also leads off in that other direction.
[Saturday 21:02:48pm] Wogglebug You could go that way.
[Saturday 21:02:51pm] Wogglebug Or towards the monster.
[Saturday 21:03:11pm] Scantron Maria heads back the way she came!
[Saturday 21:03:22pm] Wogglebug Maria flees!
[Saturday 21:03:27pm] TeslaTornado Serge is averse to running towards the monster.
[Saturday 21:03:31pm] TeslaTornado 4df+10 But which tunnel is colder
[Saturday 21:03:32pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: But which tunnel is colder: 9 (4df+10=+, 0, -, -)
[Saturday 21:03:42pm] Wogglebug It's all equally cold, Serge.
[Saturday 21:03:46pm] GraemeCracker 4df+5 Lloyd takes a potshot at the monster as he considers his options.
[Saturday 21:03:46pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: Lloyd takes a potshot at the monster as he considers his options.: 6 (4df+5=+, +, 0, -)
[Saturday 21:03:49pm] Wogglebug The slow monster is advancing!
[Saturday 21:03:54pm] Wogglebug 4df+12
[Saturday 21:03:54pm] Glacon Wogglebug: 13 (4df+12=+, 0, +, -)
[Saturday 21:04:06pm] Wogglebug You hit a rick, and the bullet ricochets around the tunnel.
[Saturday 21:04:11pm] Wogglebug The rock you hit was the monster
[Saturday 21:04:26pm] Daedalus Billy follows behind Maria.
[Saturday 21:04:31pm] TesKin Branko drops to the floor. "Don't fucking shoot in a cave!"
[Saturday 21:04:46pm] Wogglebug You could just run away, you know.
[Saturday 21:04:49pm] TeslaTornado Serge flinches at the ricochet. He heads for the tunnel the monster wasn't guarding!
[Saturday 21:04:54pm] TeslaTornado "Everyone come with me!"
[Saturday 21:04:55pm] GraemeCracker That's one option down. Lloyd aims to run the /fuck/ away from it. "Aw, don't get yer knickers in a twist!"
[Saturday 21:05:05pm] Wogglebug Segre runs away!
[Saturday 21:05:07pm] TesKin Branko follows Serge!
[Saturday 21:05:19pm] Wogglebug Billy and Maria, in the meantime, are in the main tunnel.
[Saturday 21:05:32pm] Wogglebug Do they explore the upper, warmer route?
[Saturday 21:05:49pm] Scantron Maria follows Serge!
[Saturday 21:05:59pm] TesKin (Maria fled i thought?)
[Saturday 21:06:03pm] Wogglebug Maria follows serge!
[Saturday 21:06:07pm] Wogglebug Everyone heads down the tunnel!
[Saturday 21:06:15pm] Wogglebug They run and run.
[Saturday 21:06:28pm] Wogglebug It's like the boulder scene from Indiana Jones, except the boulder hates you.
[Saturday 21:07:18pm] TesKin Branko does not like boulders. They like to crush him. He keeps on following Serge.
[Saturday 21:07:29pm] Wogglebug EVentually the tunnel opens up into a wide cavern. It's roughly sphericalish, with a wide, deep pit in the middle. Above the pit is a massive hanging section of some sort of gem.
[Saturday 21:07:53pm] Wogglebug The tunnel seems to be a dead end.
[Saturday 21:07:58pm] Wogglebug IN the cavern.
[Saturday 21:08:13pm] Wogglebug Whatever will you do?
[Saturday 21:08:32pm] TeslaTornado 4df+4 (Perception) Unfuck my bad decision by looking for another way out!
[Saturday 21:08:32pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Perception) Unfuck my bad decision by looking for another way out!: 8 (4df+4=+, +, +, +)
[Saturday 21:08:38pm] TeslaTornado HELL YEAH!
[Saturday 21:09:00pm] TesKin CRIT SUCCESS!
[Saturday 21:09:00pm] Daedalus 4df+9 He looks for a way out as well, probably not as good as Serge.
[Saturday 21:09:00pm] Glacon Daedalus: He looks for a way out as well, probably not as good as Serge.: 9 (4df+9=-, +, -, +)
[Saturday 21:09:12pm] Wogglebug There isn't another way out, for you to see. However, you do notice that the rocks around the gem in the ceiling look very loose. You bet the gem monster couldn't climb out of that pit, either.
[Saturday 21:09:22pm] Wogglebug Put together, that might help a good bit.
[Saturday 21:09:53pm] GraemeCracker "Well, any plans?"
[Saturday 21:09:55pm] TeslaTornado Serge indicates these handy fun facts to the rest of the group.
[Saturday 21:10:08pm] Wogglebug wow. such dialogue. very rp.
[Saturday 21:10:13pm] GraemeCracker "That's a plan."
[Saturday 21:10:20pm] TesKin Branko nods. "Lure it into the pit?"
[Saturday 21:10:34pm] TeslaTornado "The rocks in the ceiling are loose. And that thing does not look like it could climb very well."
[Saturday 21:10:44pm] TeslaTornado "Push it into the hole or shoot the rocks."
[Saturday 21:10:47pm] Wogglebug But who was bait!?!?
[Saturday 21:10:57pm] GraemeCracker "Why not both?"
[Saturday 21:11:07pm] TeslaTornado "I will bait it."
[Saturday 21:11:10pm] Daedalus Billy frowns, "The rock fucker is coming. Why don't we wait for it ta come here, let it fall into the pit, then crush it by shooting the rocks. Luckly, it'll lead outside anyway."
[Saturday 21:11:10pm] TesKin Branko nods. "I will get it's attention."
[Saturday 21:11:17pm] GraemeCracker Push it into the pit, cover it in rocks."
[Saturday 21:11:20pm] Wogglebug The gemerald opens fire. I forgot to mention it can do that. It can do that.
[Saturday 21:11:35pm] GraemeCracker 4df+3 dodge?
[Saturday 21:11:35pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: dodge?: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, -, +)
[Saturday 21:11:36pm] Wogglebug 4df+6 It launches long shards of rock and gen into your midst.
[Saturday 21:11:36pm] Glacon Wogglebug: It launches long shards of rock and gen into your midst.: 5 (4df+6=-, +, 0, -)
[Saturday 21:11:40pm] TeslaTornado "Putain!" Serge dives to the ground.
[Saturday 21:11:47pm] TeslaTornado 4df+3 (AGI) Hit the dirt!
[Saturday 21:11:47pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (AGI) Hit the dirt!: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, +, -)
[Saturday 21:11:52pm] Wogglebug Roll pdef if hit.
[Saturday 21:11:57pm] TesKin Branko follows suit.
[Saturday 21:12:01pm] TesKin 4df+3 (AGI)
[Saturday 21:12:02pm] Glacon TesKin: (AGI): 0 (4df+3=-, -, 0, -)
[Saturday 21:12:07pm] TeslaTornado 4df+4 (PDef)
[Saturday 21:12:07pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (PDef): 1 (4df+4=-, 0, -, -)
[Saturday 21:12:11pm] TesKin 4df+5 (PDef)
[Saturday 21:12:11pm] Glacon TesKin: (PDef): 5 (4df+5=0, -, 0, +)
[Saturday 21:12:20pm] GraemeCracker 4df+4 ow
[Saturday 21:12:21pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: ow: 2 (4df+4=0, -, -, 0)
[Saturday 21:12:46pm] Wogglebug Serge gets hit pretty damn hard. Most everyone does.
[Saturday 21:13:04pm] Daedalus 4df+5
[Saturday 21:13:05pm] Glacon Daedalus: 4 (4df+5=+, -, -, 0)
[Saturday 21:13:19pm] Scantron 4df+4 pdef
[Saturday 21:13:20pm] Glacon Scantron: pdef: 3 (4df+4=-, -, +, 0)
[Saturday 21:13:33pm] Wogglebug The gemerald has staggered itself by launching a portion of its body at you.
[Saturday 21:13:35pm] Scantron 4df+2 agil (sorry i spaced out for a sec)
[Saturday 21:13:37pm] Glacon Scantron: agil (sorry i spaced out for a sec): 3 (4df+2=+, -, 0, +)
[Saturday 21:13:56pm] Wogglebug You have a moment to do something, or to cry a little. Or cry a lot.
[Saturday 21:14:08pm] Wogglebug Maria gets hit as well!
[Saturday 21:14:09pm] TeslaTornado Serge goes to push it into the hole!
[Saturday 21:14:23pm] Daedalus Billy does as well!
[Saturday 21:14:25pm] Wogglebug It weighs ten tons!
[Saturday 21:14:36pm] Wogglebug Strength I guess?
[Saturday 21:14:38pm] TesKin Branko pitches in as well!
[Saturday 21:14:49pm] TeslaTornado 4df+5 (STR) BUFF TUFF MEN
[Saturday 21:14:50pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (STR) BUFF TUFF MEN: 6 (4df+5=+, +, -, 0)
[Saturday 21:14:55pm] TesKin 4df+6 (STR) STRONK RUSSIAN MAN
[Saturday 21:14:55pm] Glacon TesKin: (STR) STRONK RUSSIAN MAN: 5 (4df+6=-, +, -, 0)
[Saturday 21:15:07pm] Scantron 4df+2 Maria helps push it in! (str)
[Saturday 21:15:07pm] Glacon Scantron: Maria helps push it in! (str): 2 (4df+2=+, -, +, -)
[Saturday 21:15:09pm] Daedalus 4df+9
[Saturday 21:15:10pm] Glacon Daedalus: 11 (4df+9=0, +, 0, +)
[Saturday 21:15:13pm] GraemeCracker 4df+3 Lloyd tries to into strong despite being /shot with rocks.
[Saturday 21:15:14pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: Lloyd tries to into strong despite being /shot with rocks.: 2 (4df+3=-, -, 0, +)
[Saturday 21:15:59pm] TeslaTornado "Bordel de merde!"
[Saturday 21:16:26pm] Wogglebug Despite the fact that your combined score could maybe move a ton or so, the power of teamwork and ignoring your injuries prevails! You shift the gem monster enough to get it to roll comically into the hole. Hah. Stupid gem monster.
[Saturday 21:16:55pm] Wogglebug It tumbles into the hole, angrily.
[Saturday 21:16:57pm] TeslaTornado Serge flops to the ground, remembering at this point that he's injured. "Shoot the roooocks!"
[Saturday 21:17:07pm] Wogglebug Do note, it probably can't escape.
[Saturday 21:17:14pm] Wogglebug Shooting the rocks would just ensure this.
[Saturday 21:17:16pm] Wogglebug By killing it.
[Saturday 21:17:26pm] TesKin Branko, despite having rocks in his body, lifts his rifle and aims at the rocks.
[Saturday 21:17:32pm] Daedalus 4df+5 Billy takes aim at the gems hanging over the cave.
[Saturday 21:17:32pm] Glacon Daedalus: Billy takes aim at the gems hanging over the cave.: 5 (4df+5=-, 0, +, 0)
[Saturday 21:17:37pm] TesKin 4df+3 (Ranged)
[Saturday 21:17:38pm] Glacon TesKin: (Ranged): 3 (4df+3=0, +, -, 0)
[Saturday 21:17:59pm] Wogglebug Your combined efforts dislodge the rocks. Which dislodges the gem. Which falls.
[Saturday 21:18:03pm] Wogglebug Onto the monster.
[Saturday 21:18:09pm] Wogglebug 4df+40 Gem smash.
[Saturday 21:18:10pm] Glacon Wogglebug: Gem smash.: 41 (4df+40=+, -, 0, +)
[Saturday 21:18:14pm] Wogglebug 4df+12 Gem die.
[Saturday 21:18:15pm] Glacon Wogglebug: Gem die.: 12 (4df+12=0, +, 0, -)
[Saturday 21:18:24pm] TeslaTornado "Woo!"
[Saturday 21:18:29pm] Wogglebug You kill the gem monster!
[Saturday 21:18:31pm] Wogglebug It detonates!
[Saturday 21:18:34pm] Wogglebug Roll pdef!
[Saturday 21:18:39pm] Scantron 4df+4 onoz
[Saturday 21:18:40pm] Glacon Scantron: onoz: 2 (4df+4=-, -, -, +)
[Saturday 21:18:44pm] TesKin 4df+5 (PDef) NOT AGAIN
[Saturday 21:18:45pm] Glacon TesKin: (PDef) NOT AGAIN: 4 (4df+5=-, 0, 0, 0)
[Saturday 21:18:53pm] GraemeCracker 4df+4"Heh, fuck you monst-"
[Saturday 21:19:00pm] GraemeCracker 4df+4 glacon
[Saturday 21:19:00pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: glacon: 3 (4df+4=-, +, -, 0)
[Saturday 21:19:01pm] TeslaTornado 4df+4 Oh man oh god
[Saturday 21:19:01pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: Oh man oh god: 8 (4df+4=+, +, +, +)
[Saturday 21:19:36pm] Daedalus 4df+5
[Saturday 21:19:37pm] Glacon Daedalus: 5 (4df+5=+, 0, 0, -)
[Saturday 21:20:33pm] Wogglebug The gemerald explodes, which in turn explodes which in turn fill the cavern with shrapnel. It's a properly massive boom, to bot.
[Saturday 21:20:35pm] Wogglebug *boot.
[Saturday 21:20:50pm] Wogglebug Everyone escept Serge takes a point of damage. Serge suplexes a rock instead.
[Saturday 21:21:20pm] Wogglebug Anyone hit by the gemerald's raged attack earlier takes a point of damage from that, as well.
[Saturday 21:21:22pm] TeslaTornado He says something about "buff tough men" as he does this, for reasons even he cannot fathom.
[Saturday 21:21:29pm] GraemeCracker "Ow-God /why/?"
[Saturday 21:21:34pm] Wogglebug After the smoke clears, you are all sad and injured.
[Saturday 21:21:55pm] TeslaTornado 4df+3 (Medical) Serge treats his own injuries.
[Saturday 21:21:55pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Medical) Serge treats his own injuries.: 5 (4df+3=0, +, +, 0)
[Saturday 21:22:17pm] TesKin Branko slides to the floor, holding his stomach. "Well. That went well."
[Saturday 21:22:42pm] Wogglebug Serge patches himself well enough to fight on.
[Saturday 21:22:45pm] Scantron 4df+4 Maria takes care of her own injuries first, before going to the others and helping with theirs.
[Saturday 21:22:45pm] Glacon Scantron: Maria takes care of her own injuries first, before going to the others and helping with theirs.: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, +, -)
[Saturday 21:22:52pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd just sort of groans as he sits up.
[Saturday 21:22:54pm] Wogglebug Anyone who wants to can roll perception on the cavern.
[Saturday 21:23:03pm] TeslaTornado 4df+4 (Perception) Eagle Eyes
[Saturday 21:23:03pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Perception) Eagle Eyes: 6 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, +)
[Saturday 21:23:25pm] Wogglebug Serge notices that the explosion has opened up a sealed passage on the other side of the cavern.
[Saturday 21:23:35pm] Wogglebug Anyone else want to roll perception? There's more.
[Saturday 21:23:52pm] Wogglebug Maria patches everyone up pretty well.
[Saturday 21:24:00pm] Daedalus 4df+9 Looking at the aftermath
[Saturday 21:24:01pm] Glacon Daedalus: Looking at the aftermath: 10 (4df+9=+, 0, +, -)
[Saturday 21:24:05pm] TesKin 4df+3 (Perc)
[Saturday 21:24:05pm] Glacon TesKin: (Perc): 4 (4df+3=0, 0, +, 0)
[Saturday 21:24:14pm] -->| Soulless_ (~moc.rr.ser.olaffub.9612561-CRInys|sselluoS#moc.rr.ser.olaffub.9612561-CRInys|sselluoS) has joined #homeimprovement
[Saturday 21:24:35pm] Wogglebug Billy can see a bunch of gems in the pit that the gemerald exploded in. They look particularly valuable.
[Saturday 21:24:40pm] Scantron 4df+6
[Saturday 21:24:41pm] Glacon Scantron: 6 (4df+6=0, -, 0, +)
[Saturday 21:24:43pm] Scantron (that's perc)
[Saturday 21:24:55pm] Wogglebug Maria also sees the exit.
[Saturday 21:25:11pm] Wogglebug Well, the new one.
[Saturday 21:25:17pm] Wogglebug The old one is in the other direction.
[Saturday 21:25:25pm] Daedalus "There." He points, "An exit."
[Saturday 21:25:39pm] GraemeCracker 4df+4 more eyes
[Saturday 21:25:39pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: more eyes: 7 (4df+4=0, +, +, +)
[Saturday 21:25:55pm] Wogglebug Lloyd sees both the exit and the valuable gems.
[Saturday 21:26:05pm] GraemeCracker Yeh!
[Saturday 21:26:15pm] |<-- Soulless has left (NickServ (GHOST command used by Soulless_))
[Saturday 21:26:16pm] =-= Soulless_ is now known as Soulless
[Saturday 21:26:18pm] TeslaTornado Serge points at the exit. "We can leave this way."
[Saturday 21:26:31pm] Wogglebug The exit seems particularly cold.
[Saturday 21:26:47pm] TesKin Branko nods and stands. "Lets keep going."
[Saturday 21:26:55pm] GraemeCracker "Ahright." He looks over at the gems. "Think we could use these?"
[Saturday 21:27:00pm] Daedalus "C'mon. Lets finish this fuckin' mission. Sooner we do, the sooner I can get back an' have a nice cup a' tea."
[Saturday 21:27:29pm] TeslaTornado Serge looks at Lloyd looking at the gems, then the gems. "I could send some of them to maman," he thinks out loud.
[Saturday 21:27:36pm] Scantron "Could be dangerous."
[Saturday 21:27:51pm] GraemeCracker "It's what I'm sayin', we might need explosives."
[Saturday 21:27:55pm] TesKin Branko looks at the gems. "Lucy may like one." He shrugs and goes to grab some.
[Saturday 21:28:07pm] TesKin "Or that. If they can explode I can use them."
[Saturday 21:28:31pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd crouches down, nodding decidedly. "We'll take some then."
[Saturday 21:28:31pm] Wogglebug They're just gems homes. Gems don't explode. That would be silly.
[Saturday 21:28:42pm] GraemeCracker He picks up a couple of handfuls.
[Saturday 21:28:50pm] Wogglebug They take some gems, and head through the newfound exit!
[Saturday 21:28:54pm] Wogglebug More walking! Yay!
[Saturday 21:28:59pm] Daedalus Billy eyes some one of them, and stuffs one into his pocket before leaving.
[Saturday 21:29:36pm] Wogglebug They walk along the new tunnel. It's somewhat narrow, but it's colder, which is oh wait that's not actually a nice things.
[Saturday 21:29:47pm] TeslaTornado Serge sticks a few of the gems into his haversack and trudges down the tunnel.
[Saturday 21:29:49pm] Wogglebug I guess it just kind of sucks the, huh?
[Saturday 21:30:05pm] Wogglebug In any case, as they walk they go upwards at a gradient.
[Saturday 21:30:08pm] Scantron Maria doesn't take any gems. What would she do with gems?
[Saturday 21:30:38pm] Wogglebug Walking walking walking walking walking.
[Saturday 21:30:52pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd is still convinced they can be used to blow shit up.
[Saturday 21:30:52pm] Wogglebug Billy kicks a pebble at some point, that's very fun.
[Saturday 21:31:00pm] Wogglebug Everyone perception.
[Saturday 21:31:03pm] TesKin Branko is humming a Russian Battle hymn.
[Saturday 21:31:05pm] GraemeCracker 4df+4 eyes
[Saturday 21:31:06pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: eyes: 1 (4df+4=-, -, -, 0)
[Saturday 21:31:07pm] TesKin 4df+3
[Saturday 21:31:07pm] Glacon TesKin: 4 (4df+3=0, -, +, +)
[Saturday 21:31:12pm] Daedalus 4df+9 Battle ready.
[Saturday 21:31:13pm] Glacon Daedalus: Battle ready.: 12 (4df+9=+, +, +, 0)
[Saturday 21:31:15pm] TeslaTornado 4df+4
[Saturday 21:31:16pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: 5 (4df+4=+, +, 0, -)
[Saturday 21:31:23pm] =-= Soulless is now known as Soulless|Wurk
[Saturday 21:31:32pm] Wogglebug Billy, did you just walk by a door? You're pretty sure you just passed a door.
[Saturday 21:32:00pm] Daedalus "Hold up a tick." Billy stops and looks back, "Is that a bloody door?"
[Saturday 21:32:15pm] Wogglebug They investigate!
[Saturday 21:32:17pm] GraemeCracker "Whattaya mean a door? We're in the middle of nowhere."
[Saturday 21:32:22pm] Wogglebug You find a door. That is not to say that you find a simple door, roughly hewn into the rock, its bolts formed with crude hand tools centuries past. Nah. It's a large, grey, steel door with a small pad next to a machine-smithed metal handle. The pad has several characters arranged on it in a circular pattern.
[Saturday 21:32:35pm] Wogglebug You can tell by looking at it that the door must be brand new, but the seems in the rock around the door are so weathered that it might have been there for millenia.
[Saturday 21:32:48pm] TeslaTornado "… That is a door."
[Saturday 21:32:50pm] Wogglebug Weeeeeeeeeird.
[Saturday 21:33:08pm] TesKin "Well? Keep going or check the door?"
[Saturday 21:33:18pm] Scantron "Check the door. Unusual."
[Saturday 21:33:22pm] Daedalus "Anyone know how ta use a door like this?"
[Saturday 21:33:23pm] Wogglebug The door looks locked.
[Saturday 21:33:23pm] GraemeCracker "Might as well."
[Saturday 21:33:39pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd looks at the lock mechanism
[Saturday 21:33:40pm] TeslaTornado Serge holds his torch up to the round-y-pad-y-thing.
[Saturday 21:33:47pm] Wogglebug There isn't one. Just the pad.
[Saturday 21:33:56pm] TeslaTornado And narrowly avoids lighting Lloyd on fire.
[Saturday 21:34:01pm] Wogglebug It looks computer-y. Very slick, like.
[Saturday 21:34:21pm] GraemeCracker "Ah, toasty."
[Saturday 21:34:27pm] Wogglebug The characters on it sort of flow in front of your eyes.
[Saturday 21:34:34pm] Wogglebug Weird little buggers.
[Saturday 21:34:46pm] Scantron Can Maria roll mdef to make them not do that?
[Saturday 21:34:53pm] Wogglebug Yeah.
[Saturday 21:35:01pm] TeslaTornado Serge can't computer, so he's not gonna touch that.
[Saturday 21:35:09pm] Scantron 4df+6+4 Mindfulness specialty, feel free to disregard.
[Saturday 21:35:09pm] Glacon Scantron: Mindfulness specialty, feel free to disregard.: 10 (4df+6+4=-, +, -, +)
[Saturday 21:35:26pm] Wogglebug They're just weird, alien-looking characters.
[Saturday 21:35:35pm] Wogglebug That one there is sort of like a K, I guess.
[Saturday 21:35:46pm] Wogglebug Other than that, they're just sort of there.
[Saturday 21:35:49pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd might be able to into engineer the computer.
[Saturday 21:35:56pm] Wogglebug He can try.
[Saturday 21:36:01pm] Daedalus 4df+9 anything like a code lying around?
[Saturday 21:36:02pm] Glacon Daedalus: anything like a code lying around?: 10 (4df+9=+, 0, +, -)
[Saturday 21:36:03pm] GraemeCracker 4df+6 he tries to into engineer the computer.
[Saturday 21:36:03pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: he tries to into engineer the computer.: 5 (4df+6=+, 0, -, -)
[Saturday 21:36:20pm] Wogglebug You can't even find the seems by which to open it.
[Saturday 21:36:27pm] Wogglebug And there's nothing around to indicate its purpose.
[Saturday 21:36:37pm] Scantron "Can't read these."
[Saturday 21:36:39pm] Wogglebug Maybe it's just a door.
[Saturday 21:36:41pm] Wogglebug Who knows.
[Saturday 21:36:58pm] Daedalus Billy raises an eyebrow and tries the door handle.
[Saturday 21:37:07pm] Wogglebug It doesn't move.
[Saturday 21:37:09pm] Wogglebug At all.
[Saturday 21:37:12pm] Wogglebug Not even a tiny fraction.
[Saturday 21:37:16pm] Wogglebug Totally immobile.
[Saturday 21:37:19pm] Daedalus Billy sighs, "Okay, this ain't cherry." He looks at it closly, "Anyone wanna give this thing a go before I smash the shit outta it?"
[Saturday 21:37:32pm] Scantron Maria was a fraction of a second behind Billy in going for the door, but she pulls away. She shakes her head.
[Saturday 21:37:36pm] TeslaTornado 4df+4 (Perception) Serge stares at that door real fuckin' hard-like.
[Saturday 21:37:37pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Perception) Serge stares at that door real fuckin' hard-like.: 3 (4df+4=+, -, 0, -)
[Saturday 21:37:41pm] GraemeCracker "…Break it down, I dunno how this shit works."
[Saturday 21:37:44pm] Wogglebug It's still a door.
[Saturday 21:38:23pm] Wogglebug Maybe it'd be best just to forget this door existed.
[Saturday 21:39:10pm] TeslaTornado Serge files the door away for future reference, and gestures down the tunnel. "Shall we just continue?"
[Saturday 21:39:19pm] TesKin "Da. Let us go."
[Saturday 21:39:28pm] Daedalus Can I roll to smash the door keypad?
[Saturday 21:39:39pm] Wogglebug You can try.
[Saturday 21:40:06pm] Daedalus 4df+9 Smashing.
[Saturday 21:40:06pm] Glacon Daedalus: Smashing.: 10 (4df+9=+, -, 0, +)
[Saturday 21:40:17pm] Wogglebug 4df+10000
[Saturday 21:40:17pm] Glacon Wogglebug: 9998 (4df+10000=+, -, -, -)
[Saturday 21:40:19pm] Wogglebug You lose.
[Saturday 21:40:43pm] TeslaTornado Serge sighs. "Come on, let's go."
[Saturday 21:40:48pm] TeslaTornado "We are running out of torches."
[Saturday 21:40:51pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd walks away from the door, having given up on it. "Fuck it, probably just full of explodin' monsters."
[Saturday 21:40:57pm] Daedalus "Well, I give up. This fuckin' door's locked forever." Billy follows behind them.
[Saturday 21:41:12pm] TesKin Branko follows after!
[Saturday 21:41:25pm] Wogglebug They walk some more!
[Saturday 21:41:34pm] Wogglebug Eventually, light is visible ahead.
[Saturday 21:41:55pm] Wogglebug Probably the end of the cave.
[Saturday 21:41:59pm] Wogglebug Hopefully.
[Saturday 21:42:15pm] TeslaTornado 4df+4 (Perception) If this is a light monster I fucking swear
[Saturday 21:42:16pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Perception) If this is a light monster I fucking swear: 3 (4df+4=0, -, 0, 0)
[Saturday 21:42:27pm] Wogglebug Nah it's just the mouth of the cave.
[Saturday 21:42:30pm] Wogglebug It is pretty dark out.
[Saturday 21:42:40pm] Wogglebug You may want to wait until it's light out to emerge.
[Saturday 21:42:59pm] Wogglebug (The amount of light is given relative to the pitch darkness of the cave.)
[Saturday 21:43:29pm] TesKin Branko looks outside. "Should we camp here?"
[Saturday 21:43:30pm] TeslaTornado "It may be night outside. Would we like to set a camp?" Serge looks ready to drop.
[Saturday 21:44:06pm] TesKin Branko nods. "Da. I will set up fortifications."
[Saturday 21:44:13pm] Wogglebug Branko fortifies!
[Saturday 21:44:21pm] TesKin you want a roll for that woggle?
[Saturday 21:44:33pm] Wogglebug Sure.
[Saturday 21:44:34pm] TeslaTornado Serge conceals!
[Saturday 21:44:36pm] Daedalus "We can continue in the mornin', mates." Billy rolls out his sleeping mat.
[Saturday 21:44:59pm] Scantron "A whole day?"
[Saturday 21:45:00pm] TeslaTornado 4df+10 (Survival + Wilderness) Trying to hide the camp, setting snares, et cetera
[Saturday 21:45:01pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Survival + Wilderness) Trying to hide the camp, setting snares, et cetera: 10 (4df+10=-, -, +, +)
[Saturday 21:45:15pm] TeslaTornado "It may well be night outside, madamoiselle."
[Saturday 21:45:16pm] TesKin 4df+9 (Engineering + Combat Engineering) Doin' fortfication sutff!
[Saturday 21:45:16pm] Glacon TesKin: (Engineering + Combat Engineering) Doin' fortfication sutff!: 11 (4df+9=-, +, +, +)
[Saturday 21:45:22pm] GraemeCracker 4df+6 Lloyd makes more torches
[Saturday 21:45:23pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: Lloyd makes more torches: 6 (4df+6=-, +, +, -)
[Saturday 21:45:24pm] Wogglebug Everything is prepared to a degree of perfection only seen in the manliest of campsites.
[Saturday 21:45:35pm] Wogglebug So many torches, such fortifications.
[Saturday 21:45:39pm] Wogglebug Simply exquisite.
[Saturday 21:45:53pm] Wogglebug Does anyone take watch?
[Saturday 21:45:59pm] TeslaTornado Serge elects to take first watch.
[Saturday 21:46:06pm] Wogglebug Serge takes first watch!
[Saturday 21:46:12pm] TesKin Branko will take seccond!
[Saturday 21:46:17pm] Daedalus Billy'll take third
[Saturday 21:46:24pm] Daedalus if there is one.
[Saturday 21:46:52pm] Wogglebug As Serge takes watch, and everyone sleeps, we take a five minute break, because typing for two hours straight is rough. Makes sure to stretch, or drink some water, or whatever.
[Saturday 21:46:59pm] Wogglebug the run is now paused.
[Saturday 21:47:16pm] TeslaTornado Awesome, I'm gonna go get some OJ.
[Saturday 21:48:25pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd snores during breaktime.
[Saturday 21:48:54pm] TeslaTornado Serge smokes his pipe and plays accordion, very quietly.
[Saturday 21:49:17pm] Scantron Maria is meditating!
[Saturday 21:50:35pm] TesKin Branko cleans his weapon and smokes a cigarette.
[Saturday 21:51:15pm] Wogglebug The run is now unpaused.
[Saturday 21:51:31pm] Wogglebug Roll perception, Serge!
[Saturday 21:51:52pm] TeslaTornado 4df+4 (Perc) Playtime's over
[Saturday 21:51:52pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Perc) Playtime's over: 3 (4df+4=-, +, -, 0)
[Saturday 21:52:01pm] Wogglebug The wind outside howls gently.
[Saturday 21:52:06pm] Wogglebug Everything is peaceful.
[Saturday 21:52:26pm] Wogglebug Your wounds seem to be doing relatively well. You should probably have them checked out back at base, though, once you get there.
[Saturday 21:52:40pm] Wogglebug Billy dreams peacefully of murder.
[Saturday 21:52:43pm] GraemeCracker *snrrrk*
[Saturday 21:52:49pm] Wogglebug Maria dreams about math and shit.
[Saturday 21:52:58pm] Wogglebug Lloyd dreams about running away a lot.
[Saturday 21:53:16pm] TesKin Branko must dream of nothing.
[Saturday 21:53:19pm] Wogglebug Branko dreams about giant fucking cannons on a giant fucking airship lighting the sky on fire.
[Saturday 21:53:20pm] TesKin Or vodka.
[Saturday 21:53:21pm] GraemeCracker Just like real life.
[Saturday 21:53:50pm] Wogglebug After that, the next shift rotates through uneventfully. So uneventfully I don't even want a percep roll.
[Saturday 21:53:59pm] Wogglebug Eventually it is light out, and time to set out.
[Saturday 21:54:16pm] TeslaTornado Serge breaks camp, and prepares a light breakfast.
[Saturday 21:54:30pm] TeslaTornado Sausages, potatoes, bread.
[Saturday 21:54:38pm] Daedalus Billy grabs his rifle and stuff, and adds a bit of scotch to his breakfast.
[Saturday 21:54:44pm] Wogglebug Roll survival to break camp without making much of a mess.
[Saturday 21:54:51pm] Wogglebug How much scotch?
[Saturday 21:55:04pm] Daedalus Like, three swigs of his flask.
[Saturday 21:55:06pm] TeslaTornado 4df+10 (S + WE) Take only photographs, leave only tracks
[Saturday 21:55:06pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (S + WE) Take only photographs, leave only tracks: 9 (4df+10=+, -, 0, -)
[Saturday 21:55:14pm] TesKin Branko shoulders his pack and gets ready for more walking
[Saturday 21:55:24pm] Wogglebug The camp is broken in such a way that they can not be pursued easily.
[Saturday 21:57:01pm] Wogglebug They presumably set out!
[Saturday 21:57:05pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd gets the cramps out of his feet and gets ready to clear out, lighting up a smoke to get the bleariness out
[Saturday 21:57:21pm] GraemeCracker He then follows the group along the ever dreary landscape.
[Saturday 21:57:24pm] Wogglebug You emerge from the mouth of the cave unto a massive expanse of white and… well, more white. Mostly just white. Almost entirely white. Some might say completely white, but that would be discounting some very culturally significant albeit faint shades of grey. The sorts of shades people get into minor arguments about the naming of.
[Saturday 21:57:31pm] Wogglebug In any case, not much going on here. ON closer inspection, the whiteness proves to be largely made of water, in this case a crystalline solid structured referred to as 'snow'. How very novel.
[Saturday 21:57:40pm] Wogglebug The plains before you stretch on and on, near-infinite in their grandeur and complete lack of much anything interesting going on with them. They roll gently, although it's somewhat hard to tell, given that the sky is itself also prone to a certain faintness of color. At least the minor shades there are blueish.
[Saturday 21:57:47pm] Wogglebug One might say robin's egg, while another may not. In any case, there is a ground, which is whitish-greyish, and a sky, which is whitish-bluish, and your goal lies somewhere in between. That'd be the horizon.
[Saturday 21:58:00pm] Wogglebug And off you go!
[Saturday 21:58:08pm] Wogglebug Someone may want to consult the map at some point.
[Saturday 21:58:15pm] TeslaTornado 4df+10 Doin' my job
[Saturday 21:58:15pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: Doin' my job: 11 (4df+10=+, -, 0, +)
[Saturday 21:58:41pm] Wogglebug You've got between ten and fifteen miles to the NorthEast till you reach where the crashsite should be.
[Saturday 21:58:49pm] Scantron Maria squints, not seeing very well through the sun-brightened snowy expanses. "Hard to see."
[Saturday 21:58:56pm] Daedalus Billy groans, "All this fuckin' walkin'…"
[Saturday 21:59:32pm] Wogglebug Anyone who wants to can roll perception at any time, by the way.
[Saturday 21:59:41pm] TeslaTornado "Not far now," Serge comments. "Maybe ten, fifteen miles away."
[Saturday 21:59:46pm] TeslaTornado 4df+4 (Perception)
[Saturday 21:59:47pm] Scantron 4df+6 lol might as well
[Saturday 21:59:47pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Perception): 5 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, +)
[Saturday 21:59:47pm] Glacon Scantron: lol might as well: 7 (4df+6=+, +, -, 0)
[Saturday 21:59:48pm] GraemeCracker 4df+4 I spy with my little eye, grey.
[Saturday 21:59:48pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: I spy with my little eye, grey.: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, 0)
[Saturday 21:59:49pm] Daedalus 4df+9 Special eyes
[Saturday 21:59:49pm] Glacon Daedalus: Special eyes: 10 (4df+9=+, +, -, 0)
[Saturday 22:00:32pm] Wogglebug Billy, you think you see something far off in the distance, but then it's gone.
[Saturday 22:01:02pm] Wogglebug 4df+6
[Saturday 22:01:03pm] Glacon Wogglebug: 10 (4df+6=+, +, +, +)
[Saturday 22:01:11pm] Wogglebug Yup, definitely gone.
[Saturday 22:01:19pm] TeslaTornado It's at this point that Serge has the foresight to throw on his snowshoes.
[Saturday 22:01:27pm] Daedalus "Well, think I'm seeing things." Billy frowns, "Ya don't think maybe somethin's hiding under the snow, do ya?"
[Saturday 22:01:44pm] Wogglebug There's snow under the snow. It might be out to get you.
[Saturday 22:01:48pm] Wogglebug Or not. Who knows.
[Saturday 22:01:52pm] GraemeCracker "…You think that hill over there's more of a slate or an ash?"
[Saturday 22:02:04pm] Wogglebug After a while, you encounter a traveling merchant.
[Saturday 22:02:08pm] Wogglebug WHich is fucking weird.
[Saturday 22:02:12pm] Wogglebug But hey.
[Saturday 22:02:15pm] Wogglebug Fantasy settings, you know?
[Saturday 22:02:36pm] TeslaTornado Serge waves! "Allo, monsieur!"
[Saturday 22:02:52pm] Wogglebug He has a large cart filled with goods which he proffers to you.
[Saturday 22:02:54pm] Wogglebug The cart contains various coats and boots and other articles of clothing, a number of simple melee weapons (swords, hammers, axes, the like), a few decent bows, some food and various farm goods, some rope and other mountaineering supplies, and a package of suspiciously modern-looking flairs.
[Saturday 22:03:04pm] Daedalus Billy is wary of the merchant, "How the fuck did ya get out here?"
[Saturday 22:03:23pm] Wogglebug "I walked."
[Saturday 22:03:29pm] Wogglebug "Do you want to buy anything or not?"
[Saturday 22:03:32pm] TesKin Branko is busy eyeing the swords.
[Saturday 22:03:36pm] TeslaTornado Serge takes up one of the bows and a quiver of arrows, grinning like a child. His haversack is already fairly well-equipped, containing similar gear to what is being sold on the cart.
[Saturday 22:03:46pm] Scantron "Makes sense." Maria looks over the merchant's goods. Can she roll to notice anything special about them?
[Saturday 22:03:46pm] GraemeCracker "…What'll you take for it?"
[Saturday 22:03:47pm] Wogglebug "I've got a lot of ground to cover today. Many adventurers to sell to, you know."
[Saturday 22:03:53pm] TeslaTornado "People like him used to come through my home every few weeks."
[Saturday 22:04:08pm] Wogglebug She can, yeah.
[Saturday 22:04:14pm] Wogglebug "Well, what've you got?
[Saturday 22:04:20pm] TesKin Branko looks for a 2 handed sword. Because reasons.
[Saturday 22:04:28pm] Wogglebug "Trade by barter's the name of the game."
[Saturday 22:04:33pm] Wogglebug There is one, Branko.
[Saturday 22:04:48pm] Daedalus :| "Yea, sure, why not." He looks for some armor and maybe a warhammer.
[Saturday 22:04:59pm] Wogglebug There's some light armor and a warhammer.
[Saturday 22:05:06pm] TesKin Branko takes out the gems he took from the monster. "Will this cover some rope and that big sword?"
[Saturday 22:05:16pm] TeslaTornado "Selling food, fowl, tools. Things people need." Serge offers his backpack, which contains several massive squares of oilcloth and canvas, dozens of feet of rope, matches, a lantern, and various other basic survival supplies.
[Saturday 22:05:20pm] Wogglebug The guy's eyes go wide.
[Saturday 22:05:28pm] Daedalus Billy takes out the gem he had as well.
[Saturday 22:05:47pm] Wogglebug "I'm going to be honest with you, you could probably buy everything on this cart for those gems."
[Saturday 22:06:03pm] Wogglebug "I tell you this because in my line of work lying to your customers results in decapitation."
[Saturday 22:06:06pm] TeslaTornado In addition, Serge's own stock of gemstones perches atop his haversack, bound in a small floral-print handkerchief.
[Saturday 22:06:08pm] Scantron 4df+6 perception
[Saturday 22:06:09pm] Glacon Scantron: perception: 5 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, -)
[Saturday 22:06:18pm] Wogglebug "So if you'd like, give me about four of them, and you can take what you'd like."
[Saturday 22:06:36pm] Daedalus "All-fuckin'-right, first thing that's gone right today." Billy hands over the one he picked up.
[Saturday 22:06:40pm] TesKin Branko nods and hands him 5. Because he's a nice guy, and those fuckers were kinda heavy.
[Saturday 22:06:47pm] Wogglebug That shield there looks like it has some sort of runs on it, Maria. They might be magic.
[Saturday 22:06:52pm] TeslaTornado Serge smiles. "Thank you, monsieur."
[Saturday 22:07:02pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd looks to the group, then back to the man, nodding. "Much obliged, mister."
[Saturday 22:07:08pm] Scantron Maria points to the ruins, and speaks to the merchant. "These words? Meaning?"
[Saturday 22:07:15pm] Wogglebug He shrugs.
[Saturday 22:07:16pm] Scantron runes, w/e
[Saturday 22:07:32pm] Wogglebug "Got it off a guy in Kush'Vital."
[Saturday 22:07:44pm] Wogglebug "Probably does something awful. You know orks."
[Saturday 22:08:04pm] Wogglebug Casual fantasy racism, ho!
[Saturday 22:08:07pm] GraemeCracker He takes a bow and armor and knife and all that good stuff.
[Saturday 22:08:11pm] TesKin xD
[Saturday 22:08:32pm] TeslaTornado He selects a better pair of gloves, a new blanket, two more coils of rope, climbing gear, more matches, a bow and a quiver of arrows, more oilcloth and tent stakes, and a hatchet.
[Saturday 22:08:49pm] Daedalus Billy buys the strongest armor he can. Is there a two handed axe in the cart?
[Saturday 22:08:52pm] TeslaTornado And a fanciful knit hat.
[Saturday 22:08:52pm] TesKin Branko grabs the 2 hander and a scabbard for it. he also takes a fuzzy hat and some gloves.
[Saturday 22:09:03pm] GraemeCracker "Feel like ah'm going back into the dark age."
[Saturday 22:09:40pm] TeslaTornado Does the merchant have sunglasses or anything like them, to reduce the glare from the snow?
[Saturday 22:09:55pm] Scantron Maria buys nothing! She's well-equipped by her own standards, and none of this gear is of other interest to her.
[Saturday 22:09:56pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd makes use out of a furry looking cloak, draping it around him to take some of the cold off. "Now this oughta do it."
[Saturday 22:10:10pm] Wogglebug Bows are not standard ranged weapons, and are rolled at rng-2 unless the character has a valid subskill. Certain academic skills may cover it, such as martial history.
[Saturday 22:10:22pm] Daedalus Billy picks up the shield as well, if no one else will. He also takes a good axe if there is one.
[Saturday 22:10:27pm] GraemeCracker Maria don't know how to rock that medieval fashion.
[Saturday 22:10:38pm] TeslaTornado (Suddenly I'm glad I included the phrase "skilled marksman with a recurve bow" at character creation)
[Saturday 22:10:43pm] Wogglebug They all get what they can and go on their way.
[Saturday 22:10:49pm] TesKin (Convient.)
[Saturday 22:11:06pm] GraemeCracker (Well shit.)
[Saturday 22:11:26pm] Wogglebug They walk for a very long time.
[Saturday 22:11:48pm] Wogglebug After a while, the clouds in the sky start to look unpleasant.
[Saturday 22:11:52pm] Wogglebug Very unpleasant.
[Saturday 22:12:00pm] Wogglebug Roll survival.
[Saturday 22:12:12pm] GraemeCracker 4df+0 wahey
[Saturday 22:12:13pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: wahey: 3 (4df+0=0, +, +, +)
[Saturday 22:12:17pm] Daedalus 4df "Well shit, looks like rain."
[Saturday 22:12:18pm] Glacon Daedalus: "Well shit, looks like rain.": 3 (4df=+, +, 0, +)
[Saturday 22:12:27pm] TeslaTornado 4df+10 HAHAH.
[Saturday 22:12:27pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: HAHAH.: 13 (4df+10=+, +, 0, +)
[Saturday 22:12:29pm] TesKin 4df+3 Mean clouds go away!
[Saturday 22:12:29pm] Glacon TesKin: Mean clouds go away!: 6 (4df+3=+, +, +, 0)
[Saturday 22:13:05pm] Wogglebug A blizzard will be on you in less than a half an hour, Serge. You should seek cover, or dig a foxhole.
[Saturday 22:13:19pm] Wogglebug Branko can tell a blizzard is forming, and they should hide.
[Saturday 22:13:32pm] TeslaTornado "We should dig in. Now."
[Saturday 22:13:35pm] Wogglebug Billy and Lloyd can tell it's going to snow very heavily.
[Saturday 22:13:48pm] TeslaTornado "There is going to be a snowstorm."
[Saturday 22:13:51pm] TeslaTornado 4df+4 (Perception) Shelterrrrrr
[Saturday 22:13:52pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Perception) Shelterrrrrr: 2 (4df+4=0, -, 0, -)
[Saturday 22:13:57pm] TesKin Branko nods. He whips out his trusty E-Tool and starts a-diggin.
[Saturday 22:14:14pm] Wogglebug There's nowhere around to hide.
[Saturday 22:14:18pm] TesKin 4df+9 (Engineering + Combat Engineer) FOXHOLES FOR ONE AND ALL!
[Saturday 22:14:18pm] Glacon TesKin: (Engineering + Combat Engineer) FOXHOLES FOR ONE AND ALL!: 8 (4df+9=0, +, -, -)
[Saturday 22:14:19pm] Wogglebug Best you can do is dig.
[Saturday 22:14:24pm] Wogglebug FOXHOLES FOR EVERYONE.
[Saturday 22:14:31pm] TesKin Branko is a digging machine!
[Saturday 22:14:35pm] Wogglebug /YOU GET A FOXHOLE/
[Saturday 22:14:36pm] Scantron Maria helps dig where people tell her to dig!
[Saturday 22:14:37pm] GraemeCracker 4df+6 Lloyd tries to reinforce the foxholes and make them less of a shit
[Saturday 22:14:38pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: Lloyd tries to reinforce the foxholes and make them less of a shit: 7 (4df+6=0, +, +, -)
[Saturday 22:14:45pm] Wogglebug /YOU GET A FOXHOLE/
[Saturday 22:14:50pm] Daedalus Billy holds his shield over the hole to prvent snow from coming in.
[Saturday 22:14:56pm] Wogglebug /EVERYONE GETS A FOXHOLE/
[Saturday 22:14:58pm] TeslaTornado 4df+10 (Survival) Diggin' a great foxhole
[Saturday 22:14:59pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Survival) Diggin' a great foxhole: 12 (4df+10=+, -, +, +)
[Saturday 22:15:05pm] TeslaTornado In addition to building up the rest of his shelter
[Saturday 22:15:07pm] Wogglebug Somewhere not very far away, a fox feels very put out.
[Saturday 22:15:23pm] Wogglebug The foxholes are very well done, and provide excellent shelter.
[Saturday 22:15:38pm] Wogglebug Some say that when men are lost in the wilderness, nature can conspire against them to bring about their misfortune. Others say, what the fuck did you expect, traipsing around in the arctic like you owned the place, some sort of heated chocolate dish? In any case, chocolate isn't white, burningly cold, or headed at you in a wall moving forty miles an hour.
[Saturday 22:15:58pm] Wogglebug You might want to hide, blizzards to damage against pdef. You can't even dodge! What kind of bullshit is that!
[Saturday 22:16:28pm] TesKin Branko is grinning if anyone can see him. He burrows down into his foxhole, rememebering the tough ass Russian winters he's weathered.
[Saturday 22:16:45pm] Wogglebug As they nestle into their holes, the blizzard roars over top of them.
[Saturday 22:16:51pm] Wogglebug It goes on and on and on.
[Saturday 22:17:14pm] Wogglebug Eventually though, the storm abates.
[Saturday 22:17:34pm] Wogglebug Everyone digs their way out to an even whiter and snowier tundra.
[Saturday 22:17:41pm] Wogglebug Roll perception, as you exit.
[Saturday 22:17:59pm] TesKin 4df+3
[Saturday 22:18:12pm] Daedalus 4df+9 He takes another swig of scotch as he exits
[Saturday 22:18:12pm] Glacon Daedalus: He takes another swig of scotch as he exits: 8 (4df+9=0, -, -, +)
[Saturday 22:18:14pm] GraemeCracker 4df+4 it's whiter than a tupperware convention out there
[Saturday 22:18:14pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: it's whiter than a tupperware convention out there: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, 0)
[Saturday 22:18:45pm] TesKin Woggle Tesla's internet is being stupid, can we pause?
[Saturday 22:18:52pm] Wogglebug In the distance, Billy can see the hulk of a crashed boat. Which is weird. Everyone else sees a brown shape.
[Saturday 22:18:57pm] Wogglebug Yeah sure, I guess.
[Saturday 22:19:01pm] Wogglebug Orrrrr
[Saturday 22:19:01pm] TesKin Thanks.
[Saturday 22:19:06pm] Wogglebug We could just say he's there.
[Saturday 22:19:10pm] Wogglebug I mean.
[Saturday 22:19:12pm] Wogglebug Either works.
[Saturday 22:19:16pm] Wogglebug so much more run
[Saturday 22:19:19pm] Wogglebug planned too much
[Saturday 22:19:36pm] Wogglebug Run is pause.
[Saturday 22:20:27pm] |<-- TeslaTornado has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[Saturday 22:21:33pm] -->| TeslaTornado (ten.moceletwt.citats.9C48FC8D-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.moceletwt.citats.9C48FC8D-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #homeimprovement
[Saturday 22:22:00pm] Wogglebug There is a ship in the distance!
[Saturday 22:22:07pm] Wogglebug On the ground.
[Saturday 22:22:09pm] Wogglebug Broke in half.
[Saturday 22:22:18pm] Wogglebug That's probably the target, yessirree.
[Saturday 22:22:27pm] TeslaTornado (Who saw that?)
[Saturday 22:22:31pm] GraemeCracker "…What's with the blob?"
[Saturday 22:22:47pm] Wogglebug Billy did.
[Saturday 22:23:11pm] Daedalus Billy points in that direction, "Oi! Ship off the bow!" He points into the distance.
[Saturday 22:23:32pm] Wogglebug Damn, Billy is bad at boats.
[Saturday 22:23:40pm] Scantron "What bow?" Maria looks!
[Saturday 22:23:41pm] Wogglebug He didn't even saw starboard.
[Saturday 22:23:44pm] Wogglebug The fuck Billy.
[Saturday 22:23:53pm] GraemeCracker "That's a ship?"
[Saturday 22:23:59pm] Wogglebug There is a ship there. It is large and wooden and crashed into the ground.
[Saturday 22:24:26pm] TesKin "Well, let's get going then."
[Saturday 22:24:33pm] Wogglebug They approach the ship.
[Saturday 22:24:40pm] TeslaTornado Serge shakes the snow from atop his oilcloth and heads to the ship!
[Saturday 22:24:43pm] Wogglebug As they near, they can see smoke coming from it.
[Saturday 22:24:44pm] GraemeCracker "…S'pose we oughta take a look." Lloyd hops out of his rabbit hole, following Branko.
[Saturday 22:24:49pm] Daedalus Billy heads off in that direction.
[Saturday 22:25:02pm] Daedalus "She's on fire."
[Saturday 22:25:04pm] TesKin Branko follows after Serge!
[Saturday 22:25:05pm] Wogglebug Specifically, coming from a campfire near a large portion of deck.
[Saturday 22:25:22pm] Wogglebug There's a man sitting near the campfire, cross-legged. He's staring at you.
[Saturday 22:25:27pm] Wogglebug He looks old, and sick.
[Saturday 22:25:32pm] Wogglebug There's a wound on his stomach.
[Saturday 22:25:58pm] TesKin Branko walks to him slowly. "Hello?"
[Saturday 22:26:01pm] TeslaTornado Serge sees this, and gets his hustle on.
[Saturday 22:26:08pm] TeslaTornado Yeah /snowshoes/.
[Saturday 22:26:15pm] Wogglebug His skin is a light brownish, and his features are sharp. His hair is grey, and heavy.
[Saturday 22:26:23pm] GraemeCracker Wow, he got rekt. "What happened to you, mister?"
[Saturday 22:26:42pm] Wogglebug He reaches out to your mind. Roll mdef if that's howyour character reacts to such things.
[Saturday 22:27:12pm] TeslaTornado 4df+6 (MDef + Psychic) Serge knows how this works! HE BUILDS THAT WALL.
[Saturday 22:27:12pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (MDef + Psychic) Serge knows how this works! HE BUILDS THAT WALL.: 7 (4df+6=+, +, -, 0)
[Saturday 22:27:15pm] TesKin 4df+4 WHATDAFUQ?
[Saturday 22:27:16pm] Glacon TesKin: WHATDAFUQ?: 4 (4df+4=0, -, +, 0)
[Saturday 22:27:29pm] Scantron Maria crouches down and looks at the wound. Can she roll medical (with a diagnostics bonus) to see what the deal with that is?
[Saturday 22:27:36pm] GraemeCracker 4df+3 brains.
[Saturday 22:27:37pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: brains.: 5 (4df+3=0, +, +, 0)
[Saturday 22:27:38pm] Daedalus 4df+3 not a smart man
[Saturday 22:27:39pm] Glacon Daedalus: not a smart man: 2 (4df+3=-, +, -, 0)
[Saturday 22:27:58pm] Scantron 4df+10 well since we're all doing it, mdef + mindfulness
[Saturday 22:27:58pm] Glacon Scantron: well since we're all doing it, mdef + mindfulness: 10 (4df+10=+, -, +, -)
[Saturday 22:28:14pm] TeslaTornado Actually, redact.
[Saturday 22:28:20pm] TeslaTornado Serge's brain is literally a blank slate.
[Saturday 22:28:49pm] Wogglebug He tells you in no words at all, but a lot of directly transmitted information, that he is a messenger (well, he gives his name as 'the messenger', which is weird) traveling from the city of Herak to the ity of Banganash, seeking aid for his home against an imperial plot to destroy the Dervaani civilization. Apparently, his ship was attacked by an imperial
[Saturday 22:28:58pm] Wogglebug dragon corps, and was crashed.
[Saturday 22:28:59pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd thinks about important, academic things such as truck and how it make go.
[Saturday 22:29:20pm] Wogglebug He seeks your aid in reaching his home, so that he can have another messenger sent to request aid. Apparently it was he who brought you here.
[Saturday 22:29:31pm] Wogglebug This only goes through to those who rolled under 6.
[Saturday 22:29:43pm] TeslaTornado Serge… Is confused, but he understands.
[Saturday 22:29:49pm] Wogglebug No.
[Saturday 22:29:55pm] Wogglebug Serge doesn't receive the message.
[Saturday 22:30:10pm] TesKin Branko has no clue what the fuck happened, but he nods.
[Saturday 22:30:13pm] GraemeCracker "…Buddy here needs our help."
[Saturday 22:30:18pm] Wogglebug It's feels like a pebble being thrown at his mental wall.
[Saturday 22:30:19pm] TeslaTornado Serge stands there looking like a dumbass then.
[Saturday 22:30:22pm] Scantron "He tried to get in."
[Saturday 22:30:28pm] Scantron She touches her forehead.
[Saturday 22:30:35pm] Daedalus "Well, I ain't got a phone on me, mate. There ain't a pole for about a hundred fuckin' miles. How're we gonna call for help?"
[Saturday 22:30:38pm] TeslaTornado "Oh! He is a… One of the…" He taps his temples with two fingers. "Like me."
[Saturday 22:30:49pm] Wogglebug "Not like you."
[Saturday 22:30:56pm] Wogglebug Oh turns out he can talk
[Saturday 22:31:02pm] Scantron Maria looks at Serge blankly.
[Saturday 22:31:07pm] Wogglebug He sounds like someone who doesn't talk much. Or speak English very well.
[Saturday 22:31:20pm] TesKin "I think he needs to get to Banganash?"
[Saturday 22:31:27pm] TeslaTornado 4df+3 (Psychic) Serge psychics at Maria, very gently. Like someone gently tapping on her mind.
[Saturday 22:31:27pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Psychic) Serge psychics at Maria, very gently. Like someone gently tapping on her mind.: 2 (4df+3=+, -, 0, -)
[Saturday 22:31:34pm] Wogglebug "No."
[Saturday 22:31:37pm] Wogglebug "Herak."
[Saturday 22:31:49pm] TeslaTornado 4df+10 While checking his map
[Saturday 22:31:50pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: While checking his map: 11 (4df+10=+, 0, +, -)
[Saturday 22:31:52pm] Wogglebug He gestures Northward.
[Saturday 22:32:00pm] Wogglebug The map ends about here.
[Saturday 22:32:10pm] GraemeCracker "Er…If you can lead us there, we'd be happy to help."
[Saturday 22:32:16pm] TeslaTornado "Did anyone get maps from the merchant…?"
[Saturday 22:32:25pm] Wogglebug If anyone is paying attention to the surroundings, roll perception.
[Saturday 22:32:30pm] Wogglebug Nobody got maps.
[Saturday 22:32:33pm] TeslaTornado Serge had his face buried in map.
[Saturday 22:32:34pm] Wogglebug There are no maps here.
[Saturday 22:32:48pm] GraemeCracker 4df+4 lookies
[Saturday 22:32:48pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: lookies: 3 (4df+4=-, -, 0, +)
[Saturday 22:32:52pm] Wogglebug The man stands, wincing at his wounds.
[Saturday 22:32:57pm] Daedalus 4df+9 looking for a call box
[Saturday 22:32:57pm] Glacon Daedalus: looking for a call box: 8 (4df+9=0, -, +, -)
[Saturday 22:33:03pm] TesKin Branko goes to him, offering to help.
[Saturday 22:33:04pm] Wogglebug 4df+6
[Saturday 22:33:05pm] Glacon Wogglebug: 7 (4df+6=0, +, 0, 0)
[Saturday 22:33:17pm] Wogglebug There's someone watching you from very far away, Billy.
[Saturday 22:33:21pm] Scantron Maria is distracted by the wounds!
[Saturday 22:33:24pm] Wogglebug He accepts the help.
[Saturday 22:33:35pm] Daedalus "Well, shit. Somethin's watchin' us." He points at it.
[Saturday 22:33:46pm] Wogglebug Maria, roll medical to medical the wounds. They look like some bad lacerations, from wood.
[Saturday 22:33:55pm] Wogglebug The figure disappears.
[Saturday 22:34:41pm] Wogglebug The man reaches out towards a banister, still attached to the deck of the ship.
[Saturday 22:34:54pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd frowns in the distance before turning back to the man. "Wait, why not just bring ya to Banganash so you can get yer message through?"
[Saturday 22:35:09pm] Wogglebug He murmurs a word, and rips the wood out of the hull.
[Saturday 22:35:16pm] Wogglebug He uses it as a walking stick.
[Saturday 22:35:22pm] Daedalus "I knew I wasn't fuckin' seeing things." He takes out his axe and shield, "Everyone be ready."
[Saturday 22:35:28pm] Scantron 4df+4 Medical!
[Saturday 22:35:28pm] Glacon Scantron: Medical!: 6 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, +)
[Saturday 22:35:50pm] Wogglebug He sends Lloyd a mental image of fire and steel and all sorts of terrible things.
[Saturday 22:35:51pm] TeslaTornado Serge grunts.
[Saturday 22:35:57pm] Wogglebug "Danger, in Banganash."
[Saturday 22:35:58pm] TeslaTornado He nocks an arrow.
[Saturday 22:36:08pm] Wogglebug Maria helps to close his wounds!
[Saturday 22:36:16pm] Wogglebug Roll perception, Serge.
[Saturday 22:36:24pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd pulls out his rifle, wincing at the image. "…So, no then?"
[Saturday 22:36:37pm] Wogglebug The man nods, and begins walking North.
[Saturday 22:36:50pm] TeslaTornado 4df+4 huh
[Saturday 22:36:51pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: huh: 4 (4df+4=-, +, 0, 0)
[Saturday 22:36:52pm] Wogglebug You notice he is wearing only a very light tunic.
[Saturday 22:36:59pm] Wogglebug He doesn't seem especially bothered by the cold.
[Saturday 22:37:10pm] Wogglebug 4df+6
[Saturday 22:37:10pm] Glacon Wogglebug: 6 (4df+6=0, -, +, 0)
[Saturday 22:37:18pm] Wogglebug You see nothing. Maybe Billy was mistaken.
[Saturday 22:37:23pm] GraemeCracker "…You want a cloak, mister? I already got me a jacket."
[Saturday 22:37:23pm] TesKin Branko follows after The Messenger.
[Saturday 22:37:28pm] Wogglebug He shakes his head.
[Saturday 22:37:30pm] TeslaTornado Serge grunts, and shrugs.
[Saturday 22:37:39pm] TeslaTornado He leaves the arrow nocked, but relaxes a bit.
[Saturday 22:37:43pm] Wogglebug "I am warmed by the ghosts."
[Saturday 22:37:48pm] Wogglebug He walks, cryptically.
[Saturday 22:37:56pm] Wogglebug He's a really cryptic motherfucker, on the whole.
[Saturday 22:38:04pm] Scantron Maria follows as well. To Serge, "What did he say?"
[Saturday 22:38:21pm] GraemeCracker "Ain't…ghosts cold?"
[Saturday 22:38:46pm] Wogglebug Either he can't hear you or he ignores you.
[Saturday 22:38:50pm] Daedalus "C'mon, the sooner we get offa this wreck, the better. Where are we goin'?"
[Saturday 22:38:53pm] Wogglebug He walks. You might want to follow him.
[Saturday 22:39:08pm] Daedalus Billy follows close behind.
[Saturday 22:39:18pm] GraemeCracker 4df+4 Lloyd takes one more quick look at the ship before following along
[Saturday 22:39:18pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: Lloyd takes one more quick look at the ship before following along: 3 (4df+4=0, -, +, -)
[Saturday 22:39:38pm] Wogglebug Nothing.
[Saturday 22:39:46pm] Wogglebug You all walk and walk and walk.
[Saturday 22:39:53pm] Wogglebug At some point you eat something, presumably.
[Saturday 22:39:58pm] Wogglebug And then walk some more.
[Saturday 22:40:13pm] Wogglebug The man doesn't say much, just sort of walks.
[Saturday 22:40:27pm] Wogglebug He seems to be doing better now, for some reason.
[Saturday 22:40:30pm] Daedalus "All this fucking walking…" Billy groans.
[Saturday 22:40:37pm] TesKin Branko keeps on following.
[Saturday 22:40:40pm] TeslaTornado Serge is pretty stoic and quiet as well. He walks, occasionally breathing into his hands.
[Saturday 22:40:49pm] GraemeCracker "Who wants to play 20 questions?"
[Saturday 22:40:50pm] Wogglebug In the distance, you see shapes. Shapes that aren't flat.
[Saturday 22:41:04pm] TesKin Branko squints at the shapes.
[Saturday 22:41:11pm] Wogglebug After much walking, and walking, and walking, you finally arrive at something that isn't flat. You've reached the mountains of Herak, a natural barrier for any would-be trespasssers/nosey neighbors/you seeking to reach the city. They reach on and on in every direction that isn't directly behind you, including down, which you might want to watch out for.
[Saturday 22:41:29pm] Wogglebug There are high, frosted peaks, and low, frosted valleys. There a trees (largely dead), grasses (largely dead), bushes (largely dead), animals (largely frozen to death), and all manner of other things grasping onto the thin straws that they call life. As you set upon the "trail" (more of a place where walking won't kill you) you are faces with a choice:
[Saturday 22:41:38pm] Wogglebug to go down into the valleys between the mountains, facing whatever clings to life in the slight respites from the wind, or to go up and up and up to along the mountain slopes, trialing against the wrath of nature. Either choice could meet you with danger.
[Saturday 22:42:00pm] Wogglebug The man grunts, waiting. He wants you to decide, for some reason.
[Saturday 22:42:25pm] TeslaTornado "We should go upward. Nothing will follow us and we will not have to deal with animals as much."
[Saturday 22:42:28pm] Daedalus "I'd say we take the high ground."
[Saturday 22:42:29pm] TesKin Branko looks to Serge. His knowledge isn't that good on woodland survival.
[Saturday 22:42:42pm] TesKin He nods. "If you think it is best."
[Saturday 22:42:49pm] TeslaTornado "The air will be thinner and it will be colder, so be prepared for a hard journey."
[Saturday 22:43:01pm] GraemeCracker "…What about falling?"
[Saturday 22:43:13pm] Wogglebug "If you fall, do not land."
[Saturday 22:43:26pm] Wogglebug The man heads for the upper 'path'.
[Saturday 22:43:28pm] TeslaTornado Serge smiles. For some reason, he likes this guy.
[Saturday 22:43:48pm] TeslaTornado He follows the Messenger, after shifting his ropes and climbing gear to a readily accessible position in his pack.
[Saturday 22:43:52pm] Daedalus Billy shakes his head, "Now, that did't make any fuckin' sense."
[Saturday 22:44:04pm] Daedalus He follows Serge
[Saturday 22:44:08pm] GraemeCracker "Right, just lemme get mah wings." Lloyd follows on, chuckling and shaking his head. He wants to rest.
[Saturday 22:44:11pm] TesKin Branko tightens the straps on his scabbard and backpack. He takes the rope and attatches it to his belt and follows after Serge.
[Saturday 22:44:48pm] Wogglebug They follow the upper path. It's the normal periling sort of journey, in which many narrow ledges are traversed in entirely unnecessary ways.
[Saturday 22:44:56pm] Wogglebug Roll perception.
[Saturday 22:44:59pm] GraemeCracker 4df+4
[Saturday 22:45:00pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: 0 (4df+4=-, -, -, -)
[Saturday 22:45:03pm] GraemeCracker Ahright.
[Saturday 22:45:04pm] Wogglebug 4df+6
[Saturday 22:45:05pm] Glacon Wogglebug: 5 (4df+6=-, -, 0, +)
[Saturday 22:45:09pm] Daedalus 4df+9
[Saturday 22:45:09pm] Glacon Daedalus: 11 (4df+9=0, +, 0, +)
[Saturday 22:45:30pm] Scantron 4df+6
[Saturday 22:45:31pm] Glacon Scantron: 8 (4df+6=-, +, +, +)
[Saturday 22:45:33pm] TesKin 4df+3
[Saturday 22:45:34pm] Glacon TesKin: 2 (4df+3=0, +, -, -)
[Saturday 22:45:38pm] TeslaTornado 4df+4
[Saturday 22:45:39pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: 2 (4df+4=-, +, -, -)
[Saturday 22:46:14pm] Wogglebug Billy, there are two men about one hundred meters behind you, following you discreetly. They're dressed in heavy, white cloaks. They look armed to the teeth. Maria sees them as well.
[Saturday 22:46:57pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd hums 'she'll be coming 'round the mountain' as he climbs.
[Saturday 22:47:03pm] Daedalus "Alright. Nobody look, but we're bein' tailed."
[Saturday 22:47:12pm] Wogglebug "Yes."
[Saturday 22:47:35pm] Wogglebug "They are assassins, working for the empire."
[Saturday 22:47:41pm] GraemeCracker The humming stops. "Think we can take 'em?"
[Saturday 22:47:50pm] TesKin "Not here."
[Saturday 22:48:03pm] Wogglebug "They are here for you."
[Saturday 22:48:04pm] TeslaTornado "The pass is too unstable."
[Saturday 22:48:06pm] Wogglebug "Not for me."
[Saturday 22:48:11pm] Wogglebug "Strange, yes?"
[Saturday 22:48:21pm] GraemeCracker "What'd they want with us?"
[Saturday 22:48:23pm] TeslaTornado Serge shrugs. "We have seen stranger."
[Saturday 22:48:27pm] TesKin Branko keeps walking. "Da."
[Saturday 22:48:36pm] Daedalus "So what do we do? Huh, we wait ta get the drop on em?"
[Saturday 22:48:53pm] Scantron "Can they hear us?"
[Saturday 22:48:57pm] Wogglebug The messenger leads them up a slight rise, Eventually, they are on a large, flat area of rock.
[Saturday 22:48:57pm] GraemeCracker "Could set up a boobytrap…"
[Saturday 22:49:03pm] TesKin "We keep walking."
[Saturday 22:49:25pm] TeslaTornado "Maybe." Serge sniffs, wipes his runny nose with the back of his glove. "I would not be surprised."
[Saturday 22:49:44pm] GraemeCracker 4df+4 anything to set up?
[Saturday 22:49:45pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: anything to set up?: 4 (4df+4=-, +, +, -)
[Saturday 22:49:49pm] TesKin Branko shrugs. "If we must fight this is a good area."
[Saturday 22:49:59pm] Wogglebug You could set up an ambush with the snow here.
[Saturday 22:50:34pm] TeslaTornado "We can set foxholes in the snow, and burst up."
[Saturday 22:50:38pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd nods over to the snowbank. "How 'bout that?"
[Saturday 22:50:56pm] GraemeCracker "We'd be able to get a drop on 'em."
[Saturday 22:50:57pm] TesKin Branko checks his E-Tool.
[Saturday 22:51:06pm] TesKin "If I can dig them fast enough."
[Saturday 22:51:13pm] TesKin "It may just work."
[Saturday 22:51:17pm] Wogglebug You have about three minutes.
[Saturday 22:51:24pm] Wogglebug Better get digging,
[Saturday 22:51:39pm] Scantron Maria helps dig!
[Saturday 22:51:39pm] GraemeCracker "Well, don't everyone pitch in all at once now." Lloyd gets a digging with Branko.
[Saturday 22:51:39pm] TeslaTornado 4df+10 (Survival + WE) Diggy diggy hole
[Saturday 22:51:40pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Survival + WE) Diggy diggy hole: 8 (4df+10=-, -, -, +)
[Saturday 22:51:43pm] Daedalus "I'll stand up here, get their attention. Soon as they get close enough, spring on em."
[Saturday 22:52:03pm] TesKin 4df+9 (Engineering + CE) FOXHOLE 2 RETURN OF THE FOXHOLE
[Saturday 22:52:03pm] Glacon TesKin: (Engineering + CE) FOXHOLE 2 RETURN OF THE FOXHOLE: 8 (4df+9=-, 0, -, +)
[Saturday 22:52:20pm] GraemeCracker 4df+6 /dig boy/
[Saturday 22:52:20pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: /dig boy/: 8 (4df+6=0, +, +, 0)
[Saturday 22:52:32pm] Wogglebug Serge digs himself a nice hole to hide in. As do Lloyd and Branko.
[Saturday 22:53:08pm] Wogglebug Maria is concealed.
[Saturday 22:53:17pm] Wogglebug The messenger has disappeared into a rockface.
[Saturday 22:53:24pm] Wogglebug The assassins round the corner.
[Saturday 22:53:40pm] Wogglebug "Jambo, there's an ambush ahead."
[Saturday 22:53:41pm] GraemeCracker Time2shine, Billy.
[Saturday 22:53:43pm] Daedalus Billy stands about, by himself, pretending to take a piss on the rock.
[Saturday 22:53:46pm] Wogglebug "I know Dendrik."
[Saturday 22:53:53pm] Wogglebug "Don't worry."
[Saturday 22:54:00pm] TeslaTornado Serge :|s.
[Saturday 22:54:01pm] Wogglebug "We had to kill them eventually, anyway."
[Saturday 22:54:13pm] Wogglebug Before you are two very large men.
[Saturday 22:54:15pm] TeslaTornado ~We should just hide and let them pass~
[Saturday 22:54:23pm] Wogglebug One is large because he is fat, and the other is large because he is tall.
[Saturday 22:54:24pm] GraemeCracker ~…Well. Fuck.~
[Saturday 22:54:36pm] Wogglebug The fat one has a large hammer, and the tall one a rapier of some sort.
[Saturday 22:54:41pm] Wogglebug They look very mean.
[Saturday 22:54:59pm] Daedalus Then he decides to take a piss on the rock anyway, "Will ya hold on for just one second." He waves his hand behind him.
[Saturday 22:55:20pm] Wogglebug "Hmm."
[Saturday 22:55:23pm] Wogglebug "Nah."
[Saturday 22:55:26pm] Scantron Maria remains concealed, and silent.
[Saturday 22:55:28pm] Wogglebug The fat one charges you, Billy.
[Saturday 22:55:53pm] Wogglebug 4df+7 Hammer attack.
[Saturday 22:55:53pm] Glacon Wogglebug: Hammer attack.: 6 (4df+7=0, 0, -, 0)
[Saturday 22:56:13pm] GraemeCracker 4df+4Lloyd hucks a gem at the tall one.
[Saturday 22:56:19pm] GraemeCracker 4df+4
[Saturday 22:56:36pm] -->| thespookymoose (||alliztahc) has joined #homeimprovement
[Saturday 22:56:44pm] GraemeCracker …
[Saturday 22:56:58pm] Wogglebug He dodges it, deftly. It flies off the cliff. You notice that the tall one's eyes are completely grey.
[Saturday 22:57:06pm] Daedalus 4df+5 (Pdef) Billy grabs his shield (Does it provide any bonuses?)
[Saturday 22:57:07pm] Glacon Daedalus: (Pdef) Billy grabs his shield (Does it provide any bonuses?): 8 (4df+5=+, +, +, 0)
[Saturday 22:57:19pm] Wogglebug Billy blocks with his shield.
[Saturday 22:57:21pm] Wogglebug A rune breaks
[Saturday 22:57:27pm] Wogglebug The hammer reerses direction.
[Saturday 22:57:37pm] Wogglebug And the fat guy goes flying backwards, gripping onto it.
[Saturday 22:58:00pm] Wogglebug He lands on his ass, confused.
[Saturday 22:58:10pm] Daedalus 4df+9 attack with an axe
[Saturday 22:58:10pm] Glacon Daedalus: attack with an axe: 10 (4df+9=+, 0, 0, 0)
[Saturday 22:58:13pm] Wogglebug The tall one leaps over him and goes for Billy.
[Saturday 22:58:33pm] GraemeCracker 4df+5 "Fuck, they don't explode" Lloyd pulls out his rifle, taking a shot at the one now going for Billy.
[Saturday 22:58:33pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: "Fuck, they don't explode" Lloyd pulls out his rifle, taking a shot at the one now going for Billy.: 2 (4df+5=-, -, 0, -)
[Saturday 22:58:44pm] Wogglebug 4df+8
[Saturday 22:58:44pm] Glacon Wogglebug: 7 (4df+8=-, 0, 0, 0)
[Saturday 22:58:54pm] Wogglebug You put a deep cut into the fat one's leg.
[Saturday 22:59:00pm] Wogglebug 4df+7 Sword attack.
[Saturday 22:59:00pm] Glacon Wogglebug: Sword attack.: 7 (4df+7=-, +, -, +)
[Saturday 22:59:07pm] Wogglebug Your shot goes wide, Lloyd.
[Saturday 22:59:11pm] TeslaTornado 4df+9 (ranged + VLR) Serge leans out of his foxhole and fires an arrow at the tall one.
[Saturday 22:59:12pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (ranged + VLR) Serge leans out of his foxhole and fires an arrow at the tall one.: 11 (4df+9=+, -, +, +)
[Saturday 22:59:14pm] GraemeCracker gg, farmer.
[Saturday 22:59:14pm] =-= thespookymoose is now known as thedeadlymoose
[Saturday 22:59:31pm] Wogglebug 4df+6
[Saturday 22:59:32pm] Glacon Wogglebug: 7 (4df+6=+, 0, +, -)
[Saturday 22:59:48pm] Wogglebug Just before the sword reaches Billy, an arrow goes through the man's shoulder.
[Saturday 23:00:03pm] Wogglebug He recoils and rolls to the side, grasping his arm.
[Saturday 23:00:16pm] =-= thedeadlymoose is now known as Guest56239
[Saturday 23:00:19pm] Wogglebug The fat one is up again, and he looks /pissed/.
[Saturday 23:00:24pm] Wogglebug He rushes at Lloyd, now.
[Saturday 23:00:37pm] Wogglebug 4df+7 Hulk smash.
[Saturday 23:00:37pm] Glacon Wogglebug: Hulk smash.: 8 (4df+7=+, +, 0, -)
[Saturday 23:00:39pm] TesKin Branko comes out of his fox hole, drawing his sword and charging the fat one.
[Saturday 23:00:43pm] Daedalus "Thanks mate." Billy grins and looks at the fat one. Can he roll intimidate?
[Saturday 23:00:56pm] Wogglebug It wouldn't do much, but he could try.
[Saturday 23:01:03pm] Wogglebug They're assassins. I mean, ya know.
[Saturday 23:01:06pm] GraemeCracker 4df+7 Agil+booteggin'it
[Saturday 23:01:06pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: Agil+booteggin'it: 7 (4df+7=0, 0, +, -)
[Saturday 23:01:06pm] Wogglebug They don't really give a shit.
[Saturday 23:01:19pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd does his best do dodge!
[Saturday 23:01:22pm] Wogglebug He clips you foot. It hurts, but you make it away.
[Saturday 23:01:33pm] TesKin 4df+7 (Melee + CQT) Branko swings his sword at the fat man.
[Saturday 23:01:33pm] Glacon TesKin: (Melee + CQT) Branko swings his sword at the fat man.: 7 (4df+7=+, 0, 0, -)
[Saturday 23:01:47pm] Wogglebug 4df+8 Goddamn but there are a lot of you shits.
[Saturday 23:01:48pm] Glacon Wogglebug: Goddamn but there are a lot of you shits.: 7 (4df+8=-, -, 0, +)
[Saturday 23:01:53pm] TeslaTornado 4df+9 (Ranged + VLR) Another arrow for you, tall man!
[Saturday 23:01:53pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Ranged + VLR) Another arrow for you, tall man!: 10 (4df+9=0, 0, 0, +)
[Saturday 23:01:57pm] Wogglebug He blocks offhand with his hammer.
[Saturday 23:01:58pm] =-= Guest56239 is now known as thedeadlymoose
[Saturday 23:02:04pm] GraemeCracker 4df+5 Lloyd inhales sharply, turning to take a shot at the guy who cracked his ankle.
[Saturday 23:02:04pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: Lloyd inhales sharply, turning to take a shot at the guy who cracked his ankle.: 3 (4df+5=0, 0, -, -)
[Saturday 23:02:07pm] Wogglebug 4df+8
[Saturday 23:02:07pm] Glacon Wogglebug: 7 (4df+8=+, 0, -, -)
[Saturday 23:02:16pm] Wogglebug The arrow goes through his other shoulder!
[Saturday 23:02:21pm] Wogglebug He's about out of the fight.
[Saturday 23:02:32pm] Wogglebug The fat one sees this, and looks very upset.
[Saturday 23:02:33pm] <--| thedeadlymoose has left #homeimprovement
[Saturday 23:02:47pm] Wogglebug He throws his hammer at Serge.
[Saturday 23:02:57pm] Daedalus 4df+9 Billy goes for the other leg of the fat one.
[Saturday 23:02:58pm] Glacon Daedalus: Billy goes for the other leg of the fat one.: 9 (4df+9=+, -, +, -)
[Saturday 23:03:01pm] TeslaTornado 4df+3 (AGI) Oh man oh god
[Saturday 23:03:01pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (AGI) Oh man oh god: 2 (4df+3=+, 0, -, -)
[Saturday 23:03:02pm] Wogglebug 4df+5
[Saturday 23:03:02pm] Glacon Wogglebug: 6 (4df+5=0, +, 0, 0)
[Saturday 23:03:13pm] Wogglebug The hammer breaks your arm.
[Saturday 23:03:16pm] Wogglebug Err
[Saturday 23:03:20pm] Wogglebug Roll pdef, I mean.
[Saturday 23:03:27pm] Wogglebug thought that was pdef
[Saturday 23:03:30pm] TeslaTornado 4df+4 (PDef)
[Saturday 23:03:30pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (PDef): 6 (4df+4=+, +, -, +)
[Saturday 23:03:40pm] Wogglebug Your arm breaks the hammer!
[Saturday 23:03:44pm] Wogglebug Yeah!
[Saturday 23:03:46pm] Wogglebug Kick ass!
[Saturday 23:03:52pm] TeslaTornado (*snort*)
[Saturday 23:04:02pm] TesKin Fuck that hammer!
[Saturday 23:04:08pm] Wogglebug 4df+8
[Saturday 23:04:09pm] Glacon Wogglebug: 9 (4df+8=-, +, 0, +)
[Saturday 23:04:15pm] TeslaTornado Serge boggles at the fact that he just stiffarmed through a fucking war hammer.
[Saturday 23:04:24pm] Wogglebug The fat one blocks Billy's blow with his hands. It's pretty damn cool.
[Saturday 23:04:38pm] Wogglebug He retreats over to his partner, near the edge of the cliff.
[Saturday 23:04:43pm] Wogglebug He lifts him up.
[Saturday 23:04:47pm] Wogglebug "Alright, alright."
[Saturday 23:04:52pm] Wogglebug "Calm down now."
[Saturday 23:04:59pm] Wogglebug "Maybe we don't kill yeh, ehh?"
[Saturday 23:05:09pm] TesKin Branko growls. He walks towards the men. "Or you jump."
[Saturday 23:05:11pm] TeslaTornado Serge lowers his bow.
[Saturday 23:05:17pm] TeslaTornado "Okay! Everyone, down!"
[Saturday 23:05:24pm] Wogglebug He laughs, looking nervous. "Or that, or that."
[Saturday 23:05:27pm] =-= Soulless|Wurk is now known as Soulless
[Saturday 23:05:29pm] Wogglebug "You never know, you never know."
[Saturday 23:05:30pm] TeslaTornado "You two! If you have any other weapons, drop them!"
[Saturday 23:05:40pm] Daedalus "Give me one good reason." Billy growls.
[Saturday 23:05:49pm] Wogglebug "Alright, alright." The fat one looks suspiciously.
[Saturday 23:05:54pm] Wogglebug The tall one drops his sword.
[Saturday 23:05:57pm] Wogglebug He looks fucked up.
[Saturday 23:06:02pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd sits up, reloading his rifle. "Hey now, ain't nobody dead."
[Saturday 23:06:10pm] Wogglebug His arm flickers forward, and they both jump off the cliff.
[Saturday 23:06:15pm] Wogglebug Perception.
[Saturday 23:06:15pm] TesKin "/All/ of your weapons. Or I kill you both on the spot."
[Saturday 23:06:20pm] TesKin 4df+3
[Saturday 23:06:20pm] Glacon TesKin: 3 (4df+3=0, 0, +, -)
[Saturday 23:06:22pm] GraemeCracker "/Well/"
[Saturday 23:06:23pm] TeslaTornado "Okay, now we can just d--wat"
[Saturday 23:06:27pm] TeslaTornado 4df+4 (Perception)
[Saturday 23:06:28pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Perception): 7 (4df+4=0, +, +, +)
[Saturday 23:06:29pm] Scantron 4df+6
[Saturday 23:06:30pm] Glacon Scantron: 8 (4df+6=+, +, -, +)
[Saturday 23:06:36pm] Daedalus 4df+9 "Well, fuck."
[Saturday 23:06:37pm] Glacon Daedalus: "Well, fuck.": 11 (4df+9=+, +, 0, 0)
[Saturday 23:06:39pm] TesKin FUCKIN' A TES.
[Saturday 23:06:50pm] Wogglebug There's small, grenade-looking object flying towards the cliff face above you.
[Saturday 23:06:59pm] Wogglebug That might not go over well.
[Saturday 23:07:31pm] Wogglebug It detonates.
[Saturday 23:07:36pm] TeslaTornado "Oh merde I shouldn't have told them to drop their weapons." Serge calls out. "GRENADE-"
[Saturday 23:07:39pm] GraemeCracker 4df+3 "git to cover!"
[Saturday 23:07:39pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: "git to cover!": 4 (4df+3=+, +, -, 0)
[Saturday 23:07:41pm] Wogglebug You all feel a tug, and suddenly everything is dark anf loud.
[Saturday 23:07:49pm] Wogglebug Like, realllllllly dark.
[Saturday 23:07:55pm] Wogglebug Darker than being unconscious, darker?
[Saturday 23:07:58pm] Wogglebug Are you dead?
[Saturday 23:08:02pm] Wogglebug What's going on?
[Saturday 23:08:16pm] TesKin Branko reaches up to attempt to tear off whatever is covering his face.
[Saturday 23:08:17pm] Wogglebug Your eyes fuzz a bit. In front of you you see what looks like rocks.
[Saturday 23:08:20pm] Daedalus "GRAAAGH." Baiily says simply.
[Saturday 23:08:21pm] Wogglebug Except, the inside of rocks.
[Saturday 23:08:23pm] TesKin If there is anything there.
[Saturday 23:08:25pm] Wogglebug Sort of, anti-rocks.
[Saturday 23:08:46pm] Wogglebug Why are you seeing the opposite of rocks?
[Saturday 23:08:57pm] TeslaTornado 4df+3 (Psychic Detection) Serge closes his eyes and attempts to use his brain powers to see.
[Saturday 23:08:58pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Psychic Detection) Serge closes his eyes and attempts to use his brain powers to see.: 2 (4df+3=+, 0, -, -)
[Saturday 23:09:12pm] Scantron Maria tries to take a step back and examine what's going on in her head. Can she try to figure out if the problem's in her head or if it's something outside of her?
[Saturday 23:09:16pm] Wogglebug There is another tug, and you're all standing on top of a pile of rubble where you were standing previously.
[Saturday 23:09:17pm] Daedalus Billy's mind cannot comprehend not rocks.
[Saturday 23:09:40pm] Wogglebug The messenger is in front of you, sprawled on a boulder. He looks tired.
[Saturday 23:09:44pm] TesKin Branko has no idea what the fuck just happened.
[Saturday 23:09:49pm] Scantron "What happened?"
[Saturday 23:09:53pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd "hrms", looking around. "…We ghosts now, too?"
[Saturday 23:09:56pm] Daedalus Billy shakes his head, "Damn. What in the bloody fuck was that?"
[Saturday 23:09:58pm] Wogglebug "No."
[Saturday 23:10:00pm] Wogglebug "Alive."
[Saturday 23:10:01pm] TeslaTornado Serge looks at the Messenger. "… Did you do that?"
[Saturday 23:10:07pm] Wogglebug "Walking through stone."
[Saturday 23:10:07pm] TeslaTornado "Or your ghosts?"
[Saturday 23:10:10pm] Wogglebug "Oldest trick."
[Saturday 23:10:12pm] Wogglebug "Book."
[Saturday 23:10:18pm] Wogglebug He passes out.
[Saturday 23:10:27pm] TesKin Branko rushes forward to catch him.
[Saturday 23:10:31pm] GraemeCracker "…Don't think I never learned that tric-oh shit."
[Saturday 23:10:32pm] Daedalus Billy takes this moment to tuck his penis away, as he did not get a chance to do so earlier what with the fat man attacking him.
[Saturday 23:10:38pm] TeslaTornado Serge blinks. ~I like this book.~
[Saturday 23:11:00pm] Wogglebug Billy's lucky he doesn't have frostbite.
[Saturday 23:11:11pm] Wogglebug In the distance, you see a dragon flying away from you quickly.
[Saturday 23:11:37pm] TesKin watdafuq
[Saturday 23:11:47pm] TesKin Branko looks at the dragon, confused.
[Saturday 23:11:49pm] TeslaTornado Serge looks at the dragon, not sure if he knows what that is.
[Saturday 23:11:58pm] Wogglebug It's definitely a dragon.
[Saturday 23:12:07pm] Wogglebug And those two assholes are definitely riding it.
[Saturday 23:12:07pm] TeslaTornado 4df+10 Where's that trail, again…?
[Saturday 23:12:07pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: Where's that trail, again…?: 8 (4df+10=0, -, -, 0)
[Saturday 23:12:12pm] Wogglebug And the fat one is definitely mooning you.
[Saturday 23:12:25pm] GraemeCracker "…Why do they get the cool dragons and fuckin' exploding gems?"
[Saturday 23:12:39pm] Daedalus Billy flips the bird at the fat guy.
[Saturday 23:12:43pm] GraemeCracker "We're the ones keepin' the damn world in check."
[Saturday 23:12:55pm] Wogglebug The trail is visible, Serge. You can probably figure your way towards the city.
[Saturday 23:13:03pm] TeslaTornado 4df+3 (Psychic) Serge psychics at the guy: I DO NOT LIKE YOU
[Saturday 23:13:03pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Psychic) Serge psychics at the guy: I DO NOT LIKE YOU: 2 (4df+3=+, 0, -, -)
[Saturday 23:13:10pm] Wogglebug It fails.
[Saturday 23:13:16pm] TeslaTornado It's…
[Saturday 23:13:19pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd grumbles, patting the rock dust off his pants and turning his attention to the old man.
[Saturday 23:13:22pm] TeslaTornado The thought that counts.
[Saturday 23:13:27pm] Daedalus :|
[Saturday 23:13:51pm] Wogglebug After a bit more grumbling, they advance on the trail. Someone presumably carries the messenger.
[Saturday 23:13:52pm] Daedalus Billy coughs, "We should keep goin'." He says, recouping himself.
[Saturday 23:13:57pm] TesKin Branko is holding The Messenger like a baby.
[Saturday 23:14:01pm] TesKin He walks on after Serge.
[Saturday 23:14:04pm] TeslaTornado Serge guides everyone back onto the trail.
[Saturday 23:14:07pm] Wogglebug They walk and walk and walk and take a five minute break.
[Saturday 23:14:07pm] Scantron Maria looks directly at the camera, then follows along.
[Saturday 23:14:12pm] Wogglebug Run is paused.
[Saturday 23:14:36pm] Daedalus Billy takes this time to clean his weapons.
[Saturday 23:15:03pm] TeslaTornado Serge takes this time to make the group a light lunch, which is also sausages, potatoes, and bread, with black coffee on a percolator.
[Saturday 23:15:10pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd tries to make bombs out of the stuff they have.
[Saturday 23:15:15pm] TeslaTornado He plays his accordion a bit.
[Saturday 23:16:06pm] TesKin Branko smokes a cigarette and adjusts the various straps and buckles on his person.
[Saturday 23:18:43pm] Wogglebug 1d4
[Saturday 23:18:44pm] Glacon Wogglebug: 3 (1d4=3)
[Saturday 23:18:54pm] Wogglebug Y'all fucked.
[Saturday 23:18:56pm] Wogglebug Run is unpaused.
[Saturday 23:19:02pm] Wogglebug They proceed along the trail.
[Saturday 23:19:40pm] Daedalus Billy goes with a spring in his step.
[Saturday 23:19:49pm] TeslaTornado Serge keeps on truckin'.
[Saturday 23:19:52pm] Wogglebug So, how much damage has everyone taken?
[Saturday 23:19:55pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd grumbles.
[Saturday 23:20:05pm] GraemeCracker Like, 2.
[Saturday 23:20:07pm] TesKin Branko has taken… 2.
[Saturday 23:20:13pm] Daedalus Billy has no damage taken.
[Saturday 23:20:20pm] TeslaTornado Serge haaaaas 1 damage.
[Saturday 23:20:26pm] Wogglebug Yes he has. Form the explosion.
[Saturday 23:20:29pm] Wogglebug So 1.
[Saturday 23:20:31pm] TesKin Plus Branko has that hitspot on his leg from the boulders.
[Saturday 23:20:37pm] Daedalus Alright, 1 then.
[Saturday 23:20:42pm] TesKin so 3 actually.
[Saturday 23:20:43pm] Wogglebug And Maria has one.
[Saturday 23:20:44pm] Wogglebug Right.
[Saturday 23:20:52pm] Wogglebug So everyone's about to have a lot more than that.
[Saturday 23:21:02pm] GraemeCracker ohgood.jpg
[Saturday 23:21:14pm] Wogglebug You walk up and up and up and up along the trail until you reach some sort of bowl shape.
[Saturday 23:21:34pm] GraemeCracker "…Hey, any of you write yer wills by any chance?"
[Saturday 23:21:35pm] TeslaTornado Serge pouts at the bowl. It doesn't bode well.
[Saturday 23:21:41pm] Daedalus "This'd be a cherry place ta have a nice bit of cereal."
[Saturday 23:21:45pm] Wogglebug Some of you might recognize it as a medium-sized caldera.
[Saturday 23:21:46pm] Scantron "No reason to."
[Saturday 23:21:51pm] Wogglebug It's covered in snow.
[Saturday 23:21:52pm] TeslaTornado "Oooui, everything I have goes to maman, why…?"
[Saturday 23:21:55pm] Wogglebug Lots of snow.
[Saturday 23:22:02pm] Wogglebug Also a bear.
[Saturday 23:22:04pm] GraemeCracker "Just a passin' thought."
[Saturday 23:22:12pm] Wogglebug Except, that bear is suspiciously large.
[Saturday 23:22:15pm] Wogglebug And white.
[Saturday 23:22:17pm] TeslaTornado "… Oooooh, this is what happens when, ah… Allo, monsieur bear."
[Saturday 23:22:19pm] Wogglebug And humanoid.
[Saturday 23:22:19pm] GraemeCracker "…Also, that."
[Saturday 23:22:26pm] Wogglebug And charging at you.
[Saturday 23:22:42pm] Daedalus "Well… there's a bea- ah, /shit/."
[Saturday 23:22:43pm] TeslaTornado Serge backs up the trail.
[Saturday 23:22:53pm] Daedalus Billy readies his axe.
[Saturday 23:23:00pm] Daedalus And raises his shield.
[Saturday 23:23:01pm] TesKin Branko backs up as well. His hands are full of The Messenger. Damn.
[Saturday 23:23:06pm] GraemeCracker 4df+5 Lloyd raises his rifle, hoping for this thing to finally hit something.
[Saturday 23:23:06pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: Lloyd raises his rifle, hoping for this thing to finally hit something.: 6 (4df+5=0, 0, +, 0)
[Saturday 23:23:15pm] Wogglebug 4df+10 Psi-7 V. Maddened Werebear, BEGIN!
[Saturday 23:23:28pm] Wogglebug 4df+10 Psi-7 V. Maddened Werebear, BEGIN!
[Saturday 23:23:28pm] Glacon Wogglebug: Psi-7 V. Maddened Werebear, BEGIN!: 9 (4df+10=0, 0, -, 0)
[Saturday 23:23:41pm] Wogglebug Your shots sink into it, but do little.
[Saturday 23:24:08pm] Wogglebug It crashes into the party.
[Saturday 23:24:16pm] Wogglebug You may wish to dodge away.
[Saturday 23:24:22pm] Wogglebug The messenger sinks into the ground.
[Saturday 23:24:24pm] GraemeCracker 4df+3 /leeeegs/
[Saturday 23:24:24pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: /leeeegs/: 2 (4df+3=+, -, -, 0)
[Saturday 23:24:25pm] Scantron 4df+2 Agilitations!
[Saturday 23:24:26pm] Glacon Scantron: Agilitations!: 3 (4df+2=0, 0, 0, +)
[Saturday 23:24:34pm] TeslaTornado 4df+3 (AGI) MEATY MEATY MAN
[Saturday 23:24:34pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (AGI) MEATY MEATY MAN: 3 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, +)
[Saturday 23:24:44pm] TesKin 4df+3 (AGI) DODGE!
[Saturday 23:24:45pm] Glacon TesKin: (AGI) DODGE!: 1 (4df+3=-, -, +, -)
[Saturday 23:24:49pm] TesKin Shit…
[Saturday 23:25:14pm] Daedalus 4df+3 dodge!
[Saturday 23:25:15pm] Glacon Daedalus: dodge!: 3 (4df+3=-, +, -, +)
[Saturday 23:25:44pm] Wogglebug Y'all get fucked up. And by fucked up I mean you all take a point of damage and are scattered around the caldera.
[Saturday 23:26:04pm] Wogglebug The werebear roars in the center fo the caldera.
[Saturday 23:26:07pm] TeslaTornado Serge flails and rolls and grumbles in pain, because werebears suck.
[Saturday 23:26:12pm] Wogglebug At least now he can't hit you all at once.
[Saturday 23:26:37pm] TesKin Branko rolls up into a crouch, holding his wounds. He draws his sword and gets ready to do the fighty thing.
[Saturday 23:26:55pm] Scantron Maria doesn't move. Maybe that way, it won't see her!
[Saturday 23:26:59pm] Wogglebug It reaches into the snow, and pulls out a magnificent greataxe. A 6-foot greataxe.
[Saturday 23:27:03pm] Daedalus 4df+9 Billy charges the bear and shouts, "FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY!!"
[Saturday 23:27:03pm] Glacon Daedalus: Billy charges the bear and shouts, "FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY!!": 8 (4df+9=0, 0, 0, -)
[Saturday 23:27:09pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd groans, pushing himself back up with a huff. "Fine, fuck you too then."
[Saturday 23:27:15pm] Wogglebug 4df+10 deft parry
[Saturday 23:27:16pm] Glacon Wogglebug: deft parry: 11 (4df+10=-, +, +, 0)
[Saturday 23:27:20pm] Wogglebug The bear blocks you!
[Saturday 23:27:26pm] Wogglebug It punches!
[Saturday 23:27:27pm] TeslaTornado Serge was about to get up before he saw that axe.
[Saturday 23:27:33pm] TeslaTornado And then he just sat down again.
[Saturday 23:27:33pm] Wogglebug 4df+8
[Saturday 23:27:33pm] Glacon Wogglebug: 10 (4df+8=0, 0, +, +)
[Saturday 23:27:56pm] Wogglebug You're sent flying back into the snow, but your landing is cushioned by Serge's body!
[Saturday 23:28:02pm] Wogglebug It roars.
[Saturday 23:28:12pm] Daedalus "SOMEONE FUCKING ATTACK IT WHILE IT'S FUCKING BUSY!" he shouts, after he lands.
[Saturday 23:28:19pm] TeslaTornado 4df+9 (Ranged + VLR) Serge attempts to rearrange himself after being hit by a wild billy, and shoots it with the rifle!
[Saturday 23:28:20pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Ranged + VLR) Serge attempts to rearrange himself after being hit by a wild billy, and shoots it with the rifle!: 7 (4df+9=-, -, +, -)
[Saturday 23:28:27pm] GraemeCracker 4df+5 more shoot!
[Saturday 23:28:28pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: more shoot!: 5 (4df+5=0, 0, -, +)
[Saturday 23:28:33pm] Wogglebug 4df+10
[Saturday 23:28:34pm] Glacon Wogglebug: 10 (4df+10=0, -, +, 0)
[Saturday 23:28:46pm] Wogglebug It soaks up the bullets, but they seem to be hurting it, at least.
[Saturday 23:29:02pm] Wogglebug Everyone perception.
[Saturday 23:29:07pm] TeslaTornado 4df+4 Fuuuuuuu
[Saturday 23:29:08pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: Fuuuuuuu: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, -, +)
[Saturday 23:29:09pm] GraemeCracker 4df+4
[Saturday 23:29:09pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: 2 (4df+4=0, 0, -, -)
[Saturday 23:29:10pm] Daedalus 4df+9 special eyes
[Saturday 23:29:11pm] Glacon Daedalus: special eyes: 9 (4df+9=+, 0, 0, -)
[Saturday 23:29:13pm] Wogglebug You can roll survival if you want, as well.
[Saturday 23:29:19pm] TeslaTornado 4df+10 YISSSSS
[Saturday 23:29:19pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: YISSSSS: 10 (4df+10=-, +, 0, 0)
[Saturday 23:29:24pm] TesKin 4df+3 (Perc)
[Saturday 23:29:25pm] Glacon TesKin: (Perc): 3 (4df+3=-, 0, +, 0)
[Saturday 23:29:39pm] Scantron 4df+6
[Saturday 23:29:39pm] Glacon Scantron: 9 (4df+6=0, +, +, +)
[Saturday 23:29:43pm] Scantron (that's perception)
[Saturday 23:29:44pm] Wogglebug Rolls above 6 tell you the bear is likely going to charge towards Lloyd next. Body language is weird.
[Saturday 23:29:59pm] TeslaTornado "Lloyd! Move!" Serge shouts, attempting to reload quickly.
[Saturday 23:30:11pm] Scantron Maria opens her mouth to call out, then closes it.
[Saturday 23:30:35pm] Daedalus Billy waits for the beast to begin charging.
[Saturday 23:30:41pm] GraemeCracker 4df+3 Lloyd moves reflexively. "W-why?"
[Saturday 23:30:42pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: Lloyd moves reflexively. "W-why?": 1 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, -)
[Saturday 23:30:44pm] TesKin Branko is waiting for his perfect moment to strike.
[Saturday 23:30:58pm] Wogglebug Lloyd runs away as he bear runs blindly at him!
[Saturday 23:31:03pm] Wogglebug It misses, attacking the snow.
[Saturday 23:31:09pm] Wogglebug The snow /is/ pretty deep.
[Saturday 23:31:24pm] TesKin Branko jumps the bear, swing his bigass two hander at its neck.
[Saturday 23:31:26pm] Daedalus 4df+9 Billy attacks again, hopefully not alone.
[Saturday 23:31:26pm] Glacon Daedalus: Billy attacks again, hopefully not alone.: 9 (4df+9=0, +, -, 0)
[Saturday 23:31:40pm] TesKin 4df+7 (Melee + CQT)
[Saturday 23:31:40pm] Glacon TesKin: (Melee + CQT): 8 (4df+7=0, 0, +, 0)
[Saturday 23:31:51pm] Wogglebug 4df+8 Snuck upon!
[Saturday 23:31:52pm] Glacon Wogglebug: Snuck upon!: 9 (4df+8=+, 0, 0, 0)
[Saturday 23:32:03pm] GraemeCracker 4df+4 Lloyd loads back up, taking a shot at the bear.
[Saturday 23:32:03pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: Lloyd loads back up, taking a shot at the bear.: 0 (4df+4=-, -, -, -)
[Saturday 23:32:07pm] Wogglebug Your blows dig in, but they don't seem to bother him that much.
[Saturday 23:32:23pm] Wogglebug Lloyd, you shoot your shoes off.
[Saturday 23:32:32pm] Wogglebug The werebear shakes, and send you flying.
[Saturday 23:32:34pm] GraemeCracker D-didn't need them anyway.
[Saturday 23:33:07pm] Wogglebug The messenger rises out of the ground on the far site of the caldera, holding onto his head.
[Saturday 23:33:11pm] TesKin Branko tries to keep hold of his sword when he's thrown!
[Saturday 23:33:17pm] Wogglebug The bear turns, sees him, and charges.
[Saturday 23:33:29pm] Wogglebug You keep your sword.
[Saturday 23:33:32pm] TeslaTornado 4df+9 (Ranged + VLR) Serge shoots the bear again!
[Saturday 23:33:33pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Ranged + VLR) Serge shoots the bear again!: 7 (4df+9=0, -, -, 0)
[Saturday 23:33:39pm] Wogglebug 4df+8 Distracted bearing.
[Saturday 23:33:40pm] Glacon Wogglebug: Distracted bearing.: 5 (4df+8=-, -, 0, -)
[Saturday 23:33:40pm] GraemeCracker He curses at his pisspoor aim, reloading as his feet shrivel in the cold.
[Saturday 23:33:47pm] Wogglebug You fuck up the bears face!
[Saturday 23:33:54pm] TesKin Branko rushes the bear again!
[Saturday 23:33:57pm] Wogglebug He takes a shot int he side fo the face, and stumbles.
[Saturday 23:34:12pm] Wogglebug It turns, and charges Serge, axe brandished.
[Saturday 23:34:13pm] TesKin 4df+7 (Melee + CQT) He tries for another decipation attack!
[Saturday 23:34:13pm] Glacon TesKin: (Melee + CQT) He tries for another decipation attack!: 9 (4df+7=0, 0, +, +)
[Saturday 23:34:20pm] Wogglebug 4df+8 Beeeeeeaaaar.
[Saturday 23:34:21pm] Glacon Wogglebug: Beeeeeeaaaar.: 7 (4df+8=-, -, 0, +)
[Saturday 23:34:24pm] TeslaTornado 4df+3 (AGI) Serge tries to giddafuck out the way.
[Saturday 23:34:24pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (AGI) Serge tries to giddafuck out the way.: 3 (4df+3=+, -, 0, 0)
[Saturday 23:34:27pm] Daedalus 4df+9 Billy takes this chance to strike. Axe Technique Number 12!
[Saturday 23:34:27pm] Glacon Daedalus: Billy takes this chance to strike. Axe Technique Number 12!: 11 (4df+9=+, -, +, +)
[Saturday 23:34:36pm] Wogglebug You chop into the bears neck, and get stuck there.
[Saturday 23:34:44pm] Wogglebug 4df+7 BEEEAAAAR
[Saturday 23:34:45pm] Glacon Wogglebug: BEEEAAAAR: 7 (4df+7=0, 0, +, -)
[Saturday 23:34:57pm] Wogglebug Billy comes into the other side fo the bear's neck, digging in as well.
[Saturday 23:35:09pm] Wogglebug The thing is still charging towards Serge!
[Saturday 23:35:17pm] Wogglebug Shit bear, you crazy!
[Saturday 23:35:18pm] TeslaTornado Serge is still GTFO-ing
[Saturday 23:35:21pm] TesKin Branko goes for the eyes eith his fist!
[Saturday 23:35:33pm] Daedalus "Shitshitshitshit!" Billy curses himself for not using technique number 35 instead!
[Saturday 23:35:35pm] TesKin 4df+7 (Melee + CQT) EYE PUNCH!
[Saturday 23:35:36pm] Glacon TesKin: (Melee + CQT) EYE PUNCH!: 7 (4df+7=+, -, -, +)
[Saturday 23:35:40pm] Wogglebug 4df+6 bear/
[Saturday 23:35:41pm] Glacon Wogglebug: bear/: 7 (4df+6=-, +, +, 0)
[Saturday 23:36:00pm] Wogglebug The bear parries your fist with its eyelashes, and continues charging.
[Saturday 23:36:04pm] Wogglebug It rolls.
[Saturday 23:36:20pm] Wogglebug Roll pdef, hangers-on.
[Saturday 23:36:37pm] TesKin 4df+5 Hopefully the snow is soft!
[Saturday 23:36:38pm] Glacon TesKin: Hopefully the snow is soft!: 7 (4df+5=+, -, +, +)
[Saturday 23:37:10pm] Daedalus 4df+5 Titanium grip.
[Saturday 23:37:11pm] Glacon Daedalus: Titanium grip.: 6 (4df+5=0, 0, +, 0)
[Saturday 23:37:11pm] Wogglebug Billy?
[Saturday 23:37:15pm] Wogglebug 4df+10 Heavy as fuck.
[Saturday 23:37:16pm] Glacon Wogglebug: Heavy as fuck.: 10 (4df+10=-, +, -, +)
[Saturday 23:37:31pm] Wogglebug You are both flattened and take one damage. Branko will have toruble getting up.
[Saturday 23:37:39pm] GraemeCracker 4df+5 Lloyd aims once more, thinking perhaps he should take a couple of shooting classes if they make it back to Site alive.
[Saturday 23:37:39pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: Lloyd aims once more, thinking perhaps he should take a couple of shooting classes if they make it back to Site alive.: 5 (4df+5=0, 0, 0, 0)
[Saturday 23:37:44pm] Wogglebug 4df+5
[Saturday 23:37:45pm] Glacon Wogglebug: 3 (4df+5=-, 0, -, 0)
[Saturday 23:37:52pm] Wogglebug The bullet leaves Lloyd's gun.
[Saturday 23:37:55pm] Wogglebug Travels through the air.
[Saturday 23:38:01pm] Wogglebug Hit's the bear.
[Saturday 23:38:10pm] Wogglebug And pierces that big ugly fucker's heart!
[Saturday 23:38:23pm] Wogglebug It drops like a bag of rocks.
[Saturday 23:38:32pm] Wogglebug The axe lands between Branko's legs.
[Saturday 23:38:50pm] Wogglebug Everyone is heavily wounded.
[Saturday 23:38:52pm] TeslaTornado Serge stops running at that point and turns.
[Saturday 23:38:54pm] Daedalus Billy props himself up on his own axe. He grabs his shield as well, and looks over the Bear.
[Saturday 23:39:04pm] TeslaTornado He stumbles over to the bear as well.
[Saturday 23:39:05pm] Scantron Maria lifts her head up once the commotion stops.
[Saturday 23:39:06pm] TesKin Branko is struggling to get up. He can't manage it right now.
[Saturday 23:39:28pm] Wogglebug The bear is dead.
[Saturday 23:39:44pm] Daedalus "FUUCCKKK YEEAAAAAAAA!!!" He raises his axe in the air.
[Saturday 23:39:47pm] TeslaTornado Serge just kind of looks at the bear for a while, a mix of things on his face.
[Saturday 23:39:53pm] TeslaTornado "Billy, have some respect."
[Saturday 23:39:55pm] TeslaTornado "Please."
[Saturday 23:40:00pm] TesKin Branko groans. "Someone bring my sword over here."
[Saturday 23:40:07pm] Wogglebug The messenger stumbles over to the lot of you.
[Saturday 23:40:10pm] Scantron She gets up to her feet and surveys the wounded. She does some quick triage, then starts fixing people up.
[Saturday 23:40:17pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd laughs tiredly as he forces himself off the ground and looks around for his shoes. "I'm gonna make a coat out of it."
[Saturday 23:40:19pm] TesKin "Also-" Grunt "I want that axe."
[Saturday 23:40:25pm] Wogglebug Roll some medical, Maria.
[Saturday 23:40:27pm] Daedalus He heaves in some air, "Are ya kiddin' me?" He laughs, "We won. We fuckin' won…" He heaves in more air, "Wooooo!"
[Saturday 23:40:50pm] GraemeCracker "Billy! We're makin' a hat out of it's hide!"
[Saturday 23:41:10pm] TeslaTornado Serge frowns loudly at the two of you.
[Saturday 23:41:20pm] Wogglebug "We should go."
[Saturday 23:41:27pm] Daedalus "You're damn right we're makin' a fuckin' hat! An' we're makin' a coat, and a rug, and a fuckin' pair of underwear." He laughs.
[Saturday 23:41:28pm] Wogglebug The messenger looks worried.
[Saturday 23:41:37pm] TeslaTornado Serge looks at the Messenger and at the party. "Come on."
[Saturday 23:41:39pm] TeslaTornado "You heard him."
[Saturday 23:41:55pm] TesKin Branko is still laying on the ground. He's having troubble standing.
[Saturday 23:42:03pm] TeslaTornado "Billy, please help Branko."
[Saturday 23:42:07pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd gets his shoes on, sighing. "Aw, we hear ya. Just let us get our dang bearings."
[Saturday 23:42:12pm] Wogglebug Maria presumably medical'ed people to physical capability.
[Saturday 23:42:18pm] TeslaTornado 4df+10 Gettin' our dang bearings
[Saturday 23:42:18pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: Gettin' our dang bearings: 10 (4df+10=-, 0, 0, +)
[Saturday 23:42:24pm] Wogglebug That way!
[Saturday 23:42:38pm] Daedalus Billy goes over to him, "C'mon mate." He also grabs the fuckhuge axe and hands it Branko, who can presumably use it as a staff.
[Saturday 23:42:39pm] Wogglebug About 20 miles now. You can make it by nightfall if you rush.
[Saturday 23:43:00pm] TeslaTornado "If we push, we can arrive by night."
[Saturday 23:43:17pm] TeslaTornado Serge looks to the Messenger for advice.
[Saturday 23:43:19pm] TesKin Branko takes the axe, which is as tall as he is, grabs his sword and stuff it back in its scabbard and hobbles off after Serge after nodding at Billy.
[Saturday 23:43:23pm] Wogglebug He's already over the rise.
[Saturday 23:43:35pm] TeslaTornado In which case, Serge hauls off after him.
[Saturday 23:43:50pm] Wogglebug They walk, and walk, and walk, and walk.
[Saturday 23:43:56pm] Wogglebug It's been a very long day.
[Saturday 23:43:58pm] Daedalus Billy takes one tooth from the werebear and sticks it in his satchel before following behind them, "When we get back, first round's on me.
[Saturday 23:43:59pm] Daedalus "
[Saturday 23:44:04pm] =-= Sax is now known as ShoweringSax
[Saturday 23:44:08pm] Wogglebug Eventually, they can see a break in the hills and mountains.
[Saturday 23:44:33pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd follows along, donning his new bear hat.
[Saturday 23:45:18pm] TesKin Branko hobbles along, being suprisingly quiet despite his growing list of injuries.
[Saturday 23:45:39pm] Daedalus Billy, meanwhile, is making a necklace out of his new werebear tooth.
[Saturday 23:45:56pm] TeslaTornado Serge trudges along, stoic and dour after the killing of the bear, doing his best to keep pace with the Messenger.
[Saturday 23:46:14pm] GraemeCracker "So, we almost there?"
[Saturday 23:48:41pm] Wogglebug They're almost there.
[Saturday 23:49:23pm] TesKin Branko gimps along, gripping tight to his axe. "Lloyd did you take more fur from that bear?"
[Saturday 23:49:37pm] Wogglebug Up ahead, in the setting sun, you can see a wide, frozen river. Across it you can just barely make out a large, greyish blob that might be a city.
[Saturday 23:49:45pm] GraemeCracker "Mhmm. Gon' use some of it to fix my shoes in a bit. Want some?"
[Saturday 23:50:09pm] TesKin Branko nods. "For Lucy."
[Saturday 23:50:18pm] Daedalus "Well, I don't know about you, mates, but I've had fun." Billy looks across the river, "An' we're almost fuckin' there." He grins.
[Saturday 23:50:34pm] TeslaTornado Serge just keeps on walking.
[Saturday 23:50:36pm] Wogglebug A mist is rolling in.
[Saturday 23:50:50pm] GraemeCracker "Coulda gone without the ambush an' attacks, but that's life ain't it?" He digs through his bag, pulling out a small pack of fur.
[Saturday 23:50:54pm] Wogglebug The messenger stops. "Be careful where you step. The ice is thin.
[Saturday 23:51:00pm] GraemeCracker He tosses it to Branko. "Here, take what you like."
[Saturday 23:51:05pm] Scantron "It is now, I guess."
[Saturday 23:51:23pm] Wogglebug He leads the way over the ice slowly.
[Saturday 23:51:32pm] TeslaTornado "Oui." Serge follows, very carefully.
[Saturday 23:51:33pm] TesKin Branko catches the fur. "Worry about it after we cross this." He looks beaten down and tired, but he follows after The Messenger.
[Saturday 23:51:47pm] Daedalus "Alright then. One atta time. Spread your weight an' such."
[Saturday 23:52:09pm] Wogglebug They cross the river as the sun sets. The mist sets in about them, and visibility is low. The ice is cold and slippery below them.
[Saturday 23:52:16pm] Wogglebug Perception.
[Saturday 23:52:20pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd nods, scooching along the ic
[Saturday 23:52:21pm] GraemeCracker e
[Saturday 23:52:24pm] TeslaTornado 4df+4 (Perception)
[Saturday 23:52:24pm] GraemeCracker 4df+4
[Saturday 23:52:25pm] Glacon TeslaTornado: (Perception): 4 (4df+4=-, -, +, +)
[Saturday 23:52:25pm] Glacon GraemeCracker: 1 (4df+4=-, -, -, 0)
[Saturday 23:52:31pm] Daedalus 4df+9 Magic eyes
[Saturday 23:52:32pm] Glacon Daedalus: Magic eyes: 8 (4df+9=-, -, +, 0)
[Saturday 23:52:37pm] TesKin 4df+3 (perc)
[Saturday 23:52:37pm] Glacon TesKin: (perc): 1 (4df+3=-, -, +, -)
[Saturday 23:52:52pm] Wogglebug Billy, a shape just passed below you, under the ice. A large one,
[Saturday 23:52:53pm] Scantron 4df+6
[Saturday 23:52:54pm] Glacon Scantron: 5 (4df+6=+, -, 0, -)
[Saturday 23:53:01pm] Wogglebug Maria sees it too.
[Saturday 23:53:44pm] Daedalus "Ah, not this shit again…. There's somethin' below us. Somethin' big. Tread lightly."
[Saturday 23:53:54pm] Wogglebug The messenger nods, quietly.
[Saturday 23:54:14pm] TeslaTornado Serge softens his tread as well.
[Saturday 23:54:31pm] TesKin Branko shuffles along, not using his axe as a walking stick.
[Saturday 23:54:36pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd gulps, trying to quieting his scooting.
[Saturday 23:54:38pm] TesKin Hes moving alot slower now.
[Saturday 23:54:45pm] Wogglebug The messenger stops suddenly.
[Saturday 23:54:57pm] TeslaTornado Serge stops, a couple yards behind him.
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[Saturday 23:55:01pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd stops in turn. "…What?"
[Saturday 23:55:09pm] |<-- Optimal has left (Ping timeout: 187 seconds)
[Saturday 23:55:14pm] Daedalus Billy stops as well, cautious.
[Saturday 23:55:17pm] =-= AcidVulture is now known as Optimal
[Saturday 23:55:19pm] TesKin Branko stops as well.
[Saturday 23:55:21pm] Daedalus "What is it now?"
[Saturday 23:55:35pm] Wogglebug A huge creature appears from beneath the ice in front of you. Without breaking the ice, which is strange. It's titanic, and serpantine- like a massive albine sea snake, covered in all manner of symbols and strange patterns.
[Saturday 23:55:59pm] TeslaTornado "…ffffffFFFFFFFFFFF…"
[Saturday 23:56:03pm] Wogglebug It moves to attack you, before you can blink.
[Saturday 23:56:03pm] TeslaTornado Serge boggles.
[Saturday 23:56:19pm] Daedalus Billy raises his shield instinctively.
[Saturday 23:56:39pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd wimpers internally.
[Saturday 23:56:40pm] Wogglebug It stops an inch from the messenger, who has not moved, its fangs spread wide.
[Saturday 23:56:40pm] TesKin Branko hobbles in an attempt to do something helpful
[Saturday 23:56:52pm] Wogglebug It looks at him slowly.
[Saturday 23:56:56pm] TeslaTornado Serge continues boggling.
[Saturday 23:56:58pm] Wogglebug And then sinks into the water again,
[Saturday 23:57:18pm] TeslaTornado When it sinks below the waves, he smiles slightly, and starts to laugh.
[Saturday 23:57:38pm] Wogglebug "It guards the river from outsiders. It will not attack us again. Come, we will be expected at the other shore."
[Saturday 23:57:45pm] Daedalus Billy chuckles a little too.
[Saturday 23:57:50pm] TesKin Branko grips his axe and starts forward, following the Messenger.
[Saturday 23:57:51pm] Wogglebug He leads on through the darkness.
[Saturday 23:57:57pm] Daedalus He continues carefully across the river.
[Saturday 23:57:58pm] TesKin He's too broken and tired to laugh.
[Saturday 23:58:03pm] TeslaTornado Serge nods, amazed. He follows the Messenger, a few yards behind again.
[Saturday 23:58:17pm] GraemeCracker Lloyd lightens his deathgrip from his knife, laughing nervously. "O-oh. Guardian. Gotcha."
[Saturday 23:58:18pm] Wogglebug Eventually they reach the other shore of the river, where the mist lifts.
[Saturday 23:58:22pm] Scantron Maria follows as well.
[Saturday 23:58:33pm] Scantron "Could have warned us."
[Saturday 23:58:34pm] Wogglebug There are two much younger men waiting for them there.
[Saturday 23:58:49pm] Wogglebug You can see the city. It's pretty fancy looking, especially in the night.
[Saturday 23:58:55pm] TeslaTornado Serge raises a hand slowly in salutation.
[Saturday 23:59:04pm] Wogglebug The nod at you.
[Saturday 23:59:23pm] TesKin Branko returns the nod. "Hello."
[Saturday 23:59:29pm] Daedalus Billy sheathes his weapons and puts away his shield. He waves at them too, "Ello."
[Saturday 23:59:46pm] Wogglebug The guards lead them towards the city, and through its high stone gates.
[Sunday 00:00:09am] GraemeCracker "Howdy." Lloyd trudges on, praying for fires and warmth.
[Sunday 00:00:16am] TesKin Branko walks along, oggling at the buildings. "It is very beautiful here."
[Sunday 00:00:21am] Wogglebug Herak is a city of stone and ice, and little else. That is not to say that it is boring, or in any way not beautiful, but merely that there is much to be said about what its citizens can do with such few resources. The masonry on every building is exquisite, and sculptures of great beasts and being lines the avenues of the city,
[Sunday 00:00:22am] Wogglebug , composed of ice for which melting is merely a distant, distant fear. The stone of the builings is of various colors and hues, but all is very light and airy, with many of the buildings and streets and features suspended in the ari as though by magic. Because of the magic.
[Sunday 00:00:32am] Daedalus "Hey, you got any taverns in this town? I'm runnin' a bit low on drink."
[Sunday 00:00:33am] Wogglebug Which suspends them in the air. The tallest of the buildings is a massive flying structure in the distant center of the city, covered in terraces and bridges and ice cut as though it were glass.
[Sunday 00:00:45am] Wogglebug Around it lies the city's cultural center, and radiating out from there are various living and working areas, which seem to have little difference in the organization of the city, with most homes being combined with various trade shops. There are butchers and tailors and herbalists and alchemists and smiths and all manner of things, all having in them reflect
[Sunday 00:01:03am] Wogglebug ed the cold, cool flavor of the city. It's worth noting that the people here are not nearly as diverse as they might be in other places, particularly Banganash. Most everyone here is human, generally of a moderate complexion and trending towards darker hair.
[Sunday 00:01:14am] Wogglebug Most of the men and women have some sort of tattoo adornment on their body, with many wearing complicated ritualistic jewelry or clothing. It makes sense, given that the city if of the Dervaani, and as such has one of the highest concentrations of magic users per capita on the planet.
[Sunday 00:01:21am] Wogglebug Magic absolutely suffuses the entire city, with much of what moves in the place being powered by it entirely.
[Sunday 00:01:41am] Daedalus "Nice place ya got here."
[Sunday 00:01:46am] Wogglebug They lead them towards a high, elevated tower in the center of the city.
[Sunday 00:02:06am] TeslaTornado Serge gawps at all of the magnificent floating structures. ~My sister would love it here…~
[Sunday 00:02:42am] Wogglebug There they are met by a woman who looks similarly to the messenger, albeit younger.
[Sunday 00:02:53am] Wogglebug She greets him silently, and turns to the lot of you.
[Sunday 00:03:11am] Scantron Maria's eyes have been darting around, taking in the people and the scenery.
[Sunday 00:03:15am] GraemeCracker ~Please don't talk in riddles…~
[Sunday 00:03:26am] TesKin Branko leans on his axe heavly. He looks at the woman. "Hello."
[Sunday 00:03:29am] TeslaTornado Serge bows slightly at her. Just a small tilt at the waist.
[Sunday 00:03:36am] Wogglebug "Thank you for returning him to us. If you'd like to stay and rest for the night, I can explain any questions you might have come morning."
[Sunday 00:03:42am] Wogglebug Her English is very fluent.
[Sunday 00:04:02am] Daedalus Billy salutes, "Pleasure ta meet ya."
[Sunday 00:04:03am] TeslaTornado "Thank you. Your country is beautiful. The mountains…" Serge falters, at a loss for words.
[Sunday 00:04:17am] GraemeCracker ~Oh, good.~ Lloyd perks up noticeably, nodding.
[Sunday 00:04:19am] TeslaTornado "… I have many questions. Yes. Thank you, so much."
[Sunday 00:04:20am] Daedalus "Bloody dangerous, but yea, I guess it's pretty."
[Sunday 00:04:34am] Wogglebug Several more people appear as if from nowhere, and lead them off to rooms to be fed and medicine'd.
[Sunday 00:05:16am] Daedalus Is there strong drink to be had?
[Sunday 00:05:21am] Wogglebug No.
[Sunday 00:05:24am] Wogglebug None at all.
[Sunday 00:05:27am] Wogglebug It's quite sad.
[Sunday 00:05:45am] TeslaTornado Serge appreciates having a hot meal and a place out of the cold.
[Sunday 00:05:58am] Scantron As does Maria, though she doesn't show it.
[Sunday 00:06:00am] Wogglebug Does anyone do anything besides eat and rest?
[Sunday 00:06:10am] GraemeCracker Lloyd eats heartily, fixes his shoes with bear, and takes to warming by the fire. "Well, ain't we hit the jackpot!"
[Sunday 00:06:27am] TesKin Branko looks for a doll for his daughter!
[Sunday 00:06:31am] TeslaTornado Serge goes and looks at museums and such. He wants to boggle at all of these magnificent floating buildings!
[Sunday 00:06:38am] Wogglebug He finds a doll!
[Sunday 00:06:43am] TesKin Success!
[Sunday 00:06:50am] Wogglebug It's made out of wood and some weird, silvery metal.
[Sunday 00:06:55am] Wogglebug S'very nice.
[Sunday 00:06:57am] GraemeCracker Lloyd tries to find someone to make his rifle better.
[Sunday 00:07:06am] Wogglebug Serge wanders about a bit, presumably.
[Sunday 00:07:07am] TesKin Branko also uses his bear hide to make a poncho type cloak thing.
[Sunday 00:07:12am] TeslaTornado That he does.
[Sunday 00:07:13am] Wogglebug Guy's it's like midnight.
[Sunday 00:07:16am] Wogglebug Nothing's open.
[Sunday 00:07:21am] GraemeCracker Aww
[Sunday 00:07:26am] TesKin werebear*
[Sunday 00:07:39am] Wogglebug In any case, they all sleep eventually.
[Sunday 00:07:40am] TeslaTornado Serge wanders a spell and then returns to his lodgings.
[Sunday 00:07:56am] Wogglebug And, even more eventually, they all wake up.
[Sunday 00:08:08am] =-= ShoweringSax is now known as Sax
[Sunday 00:08:15am] Wogglebug And by eventually I mean sometime around 3pm the next day.
[Sunday 00:08:23am] GraemeCracker Lloyd simply cleans his stuff and does his best to make his joints less stiff. He yawns, gets up, and goes searching for the rest of the group.
[Sunday 00:08:26am] Wogglebug Because adventuring really takes it out of you.
[Sunday 00:08:36am] TeslaTornado It do, that's the truth.
[Sunday 00:08:38am] Daedalus Billy spends his morning cleaning his weapon and draining the last of his scotch.
[Sunday 00:08:50am] TesKin Branko hobbles out feeling much better. He's wearing a werebear cloak. It's quite dashing.
[Sunday 00:08:53am] TeslaTornado Once he's up, Serge spends the morning trying to figure out how the cooks do their cooking and such.
[Sunday 00:09:04am] Wogglebug They're all fed and whatnot, and taken into a large chamber to speak to the woman from the night before.
[Sunday 00:09:32am] Daedalus Billy takes a seat in presumably cleaner clothes than he was wearing before.
[Sunday 00:09:41am] Scantron Maria sorely misses the presence of her alarm clock, but is otherwise satisfied with the accommodations made.
[Sunday 00:09:44am] =-= ShotgunFiend is now known as Sleeper|Fiend
[Sunday 00:10:05am] TeslaTornado Serge takes a seat in his clean, but still ratty clothes, makeshift blanket-poncho and floppy felt hat.
[Sunday 00:10:08am] Daedalus Are they allowed to bring weapons into the chamber?
[Sunday 00:10:21am] Wogglebug No.
[Sunday 00:10:50am] GraemeCracker Lloyd takes a seat, rubbing the back of his neck. He feels like he might just live here were it not for the fact that he worked.
[Sunday 00:11:12am] Wogglebug Apparently, at some point the imperial army (which nominally controls Banganash) discovered that the Dervaani (whose entire civilization is located in the lands North of Banganash) could quite easily block their access to the precious metals in the area. In response to this, they're endeavoring to destroy or otherwise conquer the city of Herak (the South-most
[Sunday 00:11:32am] Wogglebug city of the Dervaani).
[Sunday 00:12:37am] Wogglebug Discovering this, they sent the messenger (a very, very fast traveler) on an airship to inform certain anti-imperialist factions within Banaganash of the intent of the imperial forces to gain full control over the regions mines and other resources.
[Sunday 00:13:01am] Wogglebug However, the messenger was intercepted and shot down by imperial forces. Which is where you all came in.
[Sunday 00:13:09am] Wixelt
[Sunday 00:13:09am] Wogglebug "Do you have any question?"
[Sunday 00:13:13am] Wogglebug *questions
[Sunday 00:13:39am] TeslaTornado Serge raises his hand.
[Sunday 00:13:46am] Wogglebug She nods at him.
[Sunday 00:14:00am] TeslaTornado "I do not mean to sound rude, but… What are we to do about this?"
[Sunday 00:14:07am] TeslaTornado "We are still new in this place."
[Sunday 00:14:20am] Wogglebug "I do not know."
[Sunday 00:14:26am] Wogglebug "That is for you people to decide."
[Sunday 00:14:37am] TeslaTornado Serge nods. "Thank you."
[Sunday 00:14:42am] Wogglebug "The messenger reached out to your people because he knew you could provide aid swiftly."
[Sunday 00:14:47am] Daedalus Billy raises his hand, "I gots a question. Who were those two fuckers who were followin' us?"
[Sunday 00:14:59am] Wogglebug "Assassins, presumably. Likely imperial."
[Sunday 00:15:20am] Wogglebug "I have no idea what they might want with you."
[Sunday 00:15:29am] Daedalus "That's comfortin'."
[Sunday 00:15:38am] TeslaTornado "Maybe they new we would be helping the Messenger?"
[Sunday 00:15:46am] TeslaTornado Serge shrugs.
[Sunday 00:15:49am] TeslaTornado knew*
[Sunday 00:16:02am] Wogglebug "It is possible. Or maybe they just didn't want any foreign interests in the area."
[Sunday 00:16:26am] Daedalus "Also, what was with the bear-thing we fought?"
[Sunday 00:16:49am] TeslaTornado Serge looks disapprovingly at the people wearing bear parts.
[Sunday 00:16:54am] Wogglebug "Some unlucky soul who thought he could handle something he couldn't. I would presume so, at least."
[Sunday 00:17:18am] TesKin "So it was suffering then?"
[Sunday 00:17:25am] Wogglebug "There are many like him in the wilds."
[Sunday 00:17:39am] Wogglebug "They seek the power that lies in this land, and when they find it it breaks them."
[Sunday 00:18:16am] TesKin Branko nods and goes back to listening.
[Sunday 00:18:28am] GraemeCracker Lloyd ignores Serge's stern fatherly disapproval, humming contentedly at his newfound warmth. "So…If you send another messenger, what're the chances this one'll make it if the last one was shot down so quickly?"
[Sunday 00:19:06am] Wogglebug "It is hard to say. The messenger is the fastest of our people, by far, but he is not skilled in combat."
[Sunday 00:19:21am] Wogglebug "Perhaps a warboat would make the journey. Or one that was disguised."
[Sunday 00:19:31am] TesKin "Or you could use us."
[Sunday 00:19:49am] GraemeCracker "That's an option. Hell, we gotta get to Banganash anyway."
[Sunday 00:19:59am] Wogglebug She shrugs. "I suppose it is possible."
[Sunday 00:20:02am] Daedalus "Yea, speakin' a' journeys, How are we supposed ta get home? We walk again?"
[Sunday 00:20:16am] Wogglebug "Hah. No. You would almost certainly die."
[Sunday 00:20:38am] Daedalus Billy frowns at that comment.
[Sunday 00:20:39am] GraemeCracker "Nah, we take those jerkbag assassin's dragon and fly our way home is what we do."
[Sunday 00:20:44am] TesKin "Not dieing is good. How do we get back?"
[Sunday 00:20:44am] TeslaTornado Serge nods. "The journey would be hard to do again."
[Sunday 00:20:54am] TeslaTornado "We avoided much of the path with the messenger's help."
[Sunday 00:20:54am] Wogglebug "We can supply you with a ship. The imperial military will likely not think anything of a band of adventurers traveling through the mountains."
[Sunday 00:21:10am] Wogglebug "You avoided two weeks of the path, with his help."
[Sunday 00:21:21am] Wogglebug "There is a reason he is the messenger."
[Sunday 00:21:28am] TeslaTornado "Oui." Serge is reminded of his Forest adventures.
[Sunday 00:22:22am] Wogglebug "What other questions do you have?"
[Sunday 00:22:24am] Scantron "Do you know about doors in caves?"
[Sunday 00:22:33am] Wogglebug "…"
[Sunday 00:22:36am] Wogglebug "What sort of doors."
[Sunday 00:22:39am] TeslaTornado Serge explains.
[Sunday 00:22:49am] Wogglebug "I see."
[Sunday 00:22:59am] TeslaTornado "Oui, it was… Out of place."
[Sunday 00:23:03am] Wogglebug "It is like, the man you saw."
[Sunday 00:23:06am] Wogglebug "The bear."
[Sunday 00:23:32am] GraemeCracker "It was a bear?"
[Sunday 00:23:34am] TeslaTornado Serge nods. "The reach exceeds the grasp?"
[Sunday 00:23:43am] Wogglebug "No, no."
[Sunday 00:23:57am] Wogglebug "There is something in the wilds that breaks those who seek it."
[Sunday 00:24:06am] Wogglebug "There are old, old stories."
[Sunday 00:24:15am] Wogglebug "Of tunnels, and steel, and screaming."
[Sunday 00:24:15am] TeslaTornado Serge listens intently.
[Sunday 00:24:21am] Wogglebug "Shadows and light and anger."
[Sunday 00:24:29am] Wogglebug "Somethign in the earth, that was there and left."
[Sunday 00:24:38am] Wogglebug "And now all that lies there is its shadow."
[Sunday 00:25:05am] Wogglebug "Like some great dark god, corrupting those who stumble upon its wake."
[Sunday 00:25:17am] Wogglebug "Herak is safe from it, by the river's grace."
[Sunday 00:25:27am] Wogglebug "And Banganash is protected by the sea."
[Sunday 00:25:40am] Wogglebug "But the land in between is itself wild."
[Sunday 00:25:51am] TeslaTornado "Oui."
[Sunday 00:26:21am] Daedalus Billy lets out a long, impressed whistle.
[Sunday 00:26:29am] Wogglebug "Was there anything else you seek to know?"
[Sunday 00:26:45am] Daedalus "Yea, do ya know what the runes on me sheild stand for?"
[Sunday 00:26:54am] Wogglebug She takes a look, and shrugs.
[Sunday 00:27:10am] Wogglebug "They are not Dervaani. They look broken, though."
[Sunday 00:27:26am] Daedalus He frowns, "Thanks anyway, I guess."
[Sunday 00:27:49am] Wogglebug She smiles slightly, and leaves.
[Sunday 00:28:26am] Wogglebug The run ends.
[Sunday 00:28:40am] TesKin Sweet! That was really fun Woggle!
[Sunday 00:28:45am] TeslaTornado Woo!
[Sunday 00:28:50am] Daedalus claps
[Sunday 00:29:09am] Wogglebug They are allowed to stay in the city for a few days to rest, adn are then transported back to Banganash via a very bumpy ship that is riddled with bullets by the end of it.
[Sunday 00:29:37am] TeslaTornado Serge alternately boggles at the passing landscape and locks himself away in his quarters out of fear.
[Sunday 00:29:46am] TeslaTornado Fucking flying machines.
[Sunday 00:29:50am] Wogglebug They have a mesage, to be given to whomever the most anti-imperial faction in Banganash is. That's something they'll have to figure out themselves.
[Sunday 00:30:19am] Wogglebug They also are given a map of the region between Herak and Banganash.
[Sunday 00:30:34am] |<-- Optimal has left (Quit: People don't think Optimal be the way he is, but he do.)
[Sunday 00:30:44am] Wogglebug They traveled about 96% of it in one day, and 4% in two.
[Sunday 00:31:00am] Wogglebug *~Handwavey Magic~*

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