Stealing is Wrong

[20:37] Wogglebug Fred, there's a little store up ahead. Looks relatively green.
[20:38] Optimal Frederick heads towards the store and walks into the entrance.
[20:38] Wogglebug The entrance is locked.
[20:39] Wogglebug It's pretty late at night, and the man who owns the store likes to tuck in early.
[20:39] Optimal He walks into the door, rubbing his head.
[20:39] Wogglebug It's a nice door. Mahogany. Very pretty wood.
[20:39] Optimal "Well, no problem. No eyewitnesses."
[20:40] Wogglebug The store has a glass front, and is mostly of dark wood with green filigree.
[20:40] Wogglebug It's two stories.
[20:40] Wogglebug There are a great many plants inside, with high-label pricetags attached to the bases of most.
[20:40] Optimal Frederick walks to the back, scouting for a possible entrance.
[20:41] Wogglebug Well.
[20:41] Optimal (If there is a back and not part of a chain of stores.)
[20:41] Wogglebug There's an alley to the side, or you could go around the block to get at it fromt he other side.
[20:42] Optimal Let's take the alley.
[20:44] Wogglebug Roll stealth, and agility.
[20:44] Optimal 4df+2 Agility!
[20:44] Glacon Optimal: Agility!: 2 (4df+2=+, -, -, +)
[20:45] Optimal 4df Stealth!
[20:45] Glacon Optimal: Stealth!: 0 (4df=+, -, +, -)
[20:45] Optimal 4df Dammit!
[20:45] Glacon Optimal: Dammit!: -1 (4df=-, +, 0, -)
[20:45] Wogglebug You manage to get through the alley, after some stumbling about. Those darn trashcans. Such a racket.
[20:46] Wogglebug The back of the shop opens into a little closed, fenced garden. Lots of expensive-looking plants are scattered about the places, in various pots and troughs. None of them are labeled.
[20:47] Wogglebug Roll perception.
[20:47] Optimal Frederick looks at the note Hill had given him. None of these plants look like the Jurema. It would most likely be with the expensive set.
[20:48] Optimal 4df+6
[20:48] Glacon Optimal: 9 (4df+6=+, 0, +, +)
[20:48] Wogglebug You notice a light go on in the upstairs of the shop.
[20:49] Optimal "Shit!" Frederick slips behind the corner in the alleyway.
[20:50] Wogglebug Also, to identify the plants, roll Botany, Biology, or a closely related science. If Hill gave a description of the plant, give a +1 modifier per 2 points in Botany, Biology, or a related science.
[20:51] Optimal (Alright. Would just the general "Science" skill be acceptable?
[20:52] Wogglebug (Link the sheet, I'd need to see the description and character background)
[20:52] Optimal
[20:53] Wogglebug Yes, he can use that.
[20:54] Optimal Frederick peeks around the corner to look at the source of the light. What does he see?
[20:54] Wogglebug He can vaguely hear movement within the house. Coming down the stairs, probably.
[20:54] Wogglebug Sounds relatively light.
[20:54] Wogglebug Probably a smaller person.
[20:55] Wogglebug Roll stealth.
[20:55] Optimal 4df Should've invested points in stealth.
[20:55] Glacon Optimal: Should've invested points in stealth.: 1 (4df=-, +, 0, +)
[20:56] Wogglebug What will Frederick do?
[20:56] Optimal Keep hiding in the alleyway, while occasionally looking around the corner to check the situation.
[20:57] Wogglebug Roll perception.
[20:57] Optimal 4df+6
[20:57] Glacon Optimal: 5 (4df+6=0, +, -, -)
[20:57] Wogglebug After about a minute, you can hear soemthing around the corner. Footsteps? Maybe.
[20:58] Optimal Fred slowly looks around the corner.
[20:58] Wogglebug Maybe slow wasn't the best descriptor there. You round the corner to the sight of a shotgun barrel. The longways sort. The sort you tend not to see more than once, if you're particularly unlucky.
[20:59] Wogglebug "What the hell you doin' in y yard, buy?"
[20:59] Wogglebug Oh! Turns out there's a man behind the barrel. He looks well over eighty, shriveled, and astoundingly pissed.
[20:59] Wogglebug *my boy
[20:59] Wogglebug *my, and *boy, rather.
[21:02] Optimal 4df+4 (Persuasion) "Oh, I'm… very sorry to disturb you sir. I was just looking for my dog who I believe ran into your property somewhere. You haven't heard any barking have you?"
[21:02] Glacon Optimal: (Persuasion) "Oh, I'm… very sorry to disturb you sir. I was just looking for my dog who I believe ran into your property somewhere. You haven't heard any barking have you?": 6 (4df+4=+, +, +, -)
[21:02] Wogglebug 4df+6 Homey's pissed, +2 mod.
[21:02] Glacon Wogglebug: Homey's pissed, +2 mod.: 6 (4df+6=-, +, 0, 0)
[21:03] Wogglebug "NO, I haven't heard any barking, save the dribble sllippin' out your mug. Now get the fuck off of my property, ya damned vagrant, fore I make sure you get offer it."
[21:04] Wogglebug A voice calls down form the adjoining building "Everything alright, Mr. Jim?"
[21:05] Optimal Frederick makes a slow nod. "Yessir. Sorry. If you ever do happen to see a dog, please post a found sign on the local market board if you will, thank you." Frederick gets the fuck out of there.
[21:05] Wogglebug The old man spits, and says "Just another of them wandrers, come to fuck with the crops."
[21:05] Wogglebug The man watches Fred down the sights of the gun as he goes.
[21:06] Optimal ~Not very hospitable people around these parts.~
[21:06] Wogglebug Somewhere deep inside you, Frederick, you know that breaking into an old man's shop is wrong, and that society knows it too.
[21:08] Optimal Of course Frederick knows this, but he reassures himself that he has lived this lifestyle for most of his life, and there ain't no changing it.
[21:08] Optimal Frederick goes to the residential area.
[21:09] Optimal He scans houses in search for a dog.
[21:09] Wogglebug It takes you a bit, but eventually you arrive near a great deal of very quaint, suburban houses.
[21:09] Wogglebug A bit monotonous, but well put together, and comfortable looking. Real American Dream stuff, this is.
[21:10] Optimal He stares at the white picket fences. A life he could've had.
[21:10] Wogglebug They are very nice, aren't they?
[21:12] Wogglebug What does Fred do?
[21:13] Optimal He scans yards for doghouses. Preferably a passive one.
[21:13] Wogglebug Roll perception.
[21:13] Optimal 4df+6
[21:13] Glacon Optimal: 4 (4df+6=-, -, -, +)
[21:13] Wogglebug There's a nice little one, third house on the left.
[21:14] Optimal He walks to the fence. "Hello? Is anyone in there?"
[21:14] Wogglebug Got to #tooltime
[21:14] Optimal (I'm gonna regret this. XD)
[21:15] Wogglebug No real response.
[21:16] Optimal Frederick peeks his head in the hole. "Hello?"
[21:16] Wogglebug Roll pdef.
[21:17] Wogglebug 4df+4 Fuck you why is there a giant in my home what the fuck is going on oh god oh god /bite it/
[21:17] Optimal 4df+3 Oh no…
[21:17] Glacon Optimal: Oh no…: 2 (4df+3=0, +, -, -)
[21:17] Glacon Wogglebug: Fuck you why is there a giant in my home what the fuck is going on oh god oh god /bite it/: 5 (4df+4=+, +, -, 0)
[21:17] Wogglebug A dog of medium size bites your face very, very hard.
[21:17] Wogglebug It shakes you for a bit, then relaeases.
[21:17] Wogglebug It begins barking up a storm.
[21:18] Wogglebug 4f+5 Barking skill
[21:18] Optimal "Dammit! Be quiet!"
[21:18] Wogglebug 4df+4 e just want to watch TV, leave us alone.
[21:18] Glacon Wogglebug: e just want to watch TV, leave us alone.: 4 (4df+4=0, +, -, 0)
[21:18] Wogglebug 4df+5
[21:18] Optimal (Yep. I'm full of bad ideas.)
[21:18] Glacon Wogglebug: 9 (4df+5=+, +, +, +)
[21:18] Optimal (DAMN YOU GLACON.)
[21:18] Wogglebug The beast roars at extreme volume, waking the entire neighborhood. You can hear people moving about everywhere, lights coming on quickly and with vigor.
[21:19] Optimal "Shit shit shit shit shit!!!"
[21:19] Wogglebug (You took a point of damage, btw, your face is covered in blood. -1 to visual perception till it's wiped up)
[21:19] Optimal Frederick guns it down the sidewalk face bleeding like he was in the war.
[21:20] Wogglebug He can hear shouts from behind him as he runs.
[21:20] Wogglebug Someone's definitely calling the cops. 100% chance.
[21:20] Optimal 4df+3 Calm Under Pressure (Special Skill)
[21:20] Glacon Optimal: Calm Under Pressure (Special Skill): 1 (4df+3=0, -, 0, -)
[21:21] Optimal (facepalming so hard)
[21:21] Optimal ~Not like this hasn't happened before…~
[21:21] Wogglebug Well, you're certainly panicking.
[21:22] Optimal Frederick tries to find a dark place to hide.
[21:22] Wogglebug Roll perception with a -1.
[21:22] Optimal Bushes, buildings, anything.
[21:22] Optimal 4df+6 -1 mod
[21:22] Glacon Optimal: -1 mod: 8 (4df+6=0, +, +, 0)
[21:23] Optimal (7)
[21:23] Wogglebug There's a nice clump of very dark bushes up ahead!
[21:24] Optimal ~Shit. This will have to do.~ Frederick dives into the dense bush to evade the piggys.
[21:25] Wogglebug Roll stealth.
[21:25] Optimal 4df
[21:25] Glacon Optimal: -4 (4df=-, -, -, -)
[21:25] Wogglebug You miss the bushes, and land under a light post, somehow.
[21:25] Optimal (Fuck you Glacon. I hope you burn.)
[21:25] Wogglebug Everyone can see you. /Everyone/
[21:26] Optimal ~JESUS CHRIST!~
[21:26] Wogglebug You hear sirens in the distance. Upper middle class suburbs int he fifties get damn good response times.
[21:26] Optimal Frederick keeps sprinting! He hasn't ever had this luck! Of course, he's never stole here either.
[21:27] Wogglebug Maybe there's some sort of anomaly on the town, keeping a peaceful status quo.
[21:27] Wogglebug Or maybe Fred's just a poor thief with no points in stealth.
[21:29] Optimal He's a magician. He's very good at distraction, not midnight thievery.
[21:29] Wogglebug Just sayin', all the other magicians seem to have /no/ trouble with the sneakthiefery.
[21:30] Wogglebug Well, the cops are coming.
[21:31] Wogglebug Roll agility to flee in full sight.
[21:31] Optimal Either way, this was a bad idea. Frederick runs like the dickens down the sidewalk.
[21:31] Optimal 4df+2
[21:31] Glacon Optimal: 4 (4df+2=+, 0, +, 0)
[21:31] Wogglebug Well, you keep running.
[21:31] Wogglebug Which way does he head.
[21:32] Optimal Away from the flashing lights and yelling!!! ANYWHERE AWAY FROM HERE!
[21:32] Wogglebug You head North.
[21:32] Wogglebug Towards the site. That's something, at least.
[21:33] Wogglebug Does he run until he loses the cops?
[21:34] Optimal Frederick tries to find an abandoned building to duck into. The cops will likely be swarming the area, so hiding it out might not be so bad.
[21:35] Wogglebug Turns out suburbia lacks abandoned buildings, for the most part. Eventually, though, Fred reaches a less populated area. Still nice, but the houses are much farther apart. Looks to be shifting more towards farms. There's some bushes and trees and such along the side of the road. Could hide there.
[21:36] Optimal Bad experience with bushes. Let's try climbing a tree.
[21:36] Wogglebug Roll agility.
[21:36] Optimal 4df+2
[21:36] Glacon Optimal: 2 (4df+2=+, -, +, -)
[21:36] Wogglebug You manage to get up into the tree.
[21:36] Wogglebug Roll stealth with a +2 conditional.
[21:37] Optimal (At least it's not a quad negative)
[21:37] Optimal 4df+2
[21:37] Glacon Optimal: 2 (4df+2=-, 0, +, 0)
[21:37] Wogglebug 4df+2 It's night and we're driving, what is sight.
[21:37] Glacon Wogglebug: It's night and we're driving, what is sight.: 3 (4df+2=+, 0, +, -)
[21:37] Wogglebug Welp. The cops spot you. In the tree. Somehow.
[21:37] Wogglebug They get out of the cars, and head towards you.
[21:37] Optimal ~I wish I had my bowtie right about now…~
[21:38] Optimal Frederick frantically looks around for an apple to throw at the cops.
[21:38] Wogglebug There's no apples.
[21:38] Wogglebug Better run, boyo.
[21:39] Optimal Well then I'm out of ideas.
[21:40] Wogglebug /Retter rub, boyo/
[21:40] Wogglebug *run
[21:40] Optimal Frederick tries to jump out of the tree.
[21:40] Wogglebug Roll agility.
[21:41] Optimal 4df+2 Suppose I'll break my leg too.
[21:41] Glacon Optimal: Suppose I'll break my leg too.: 1 (4df+2=+, -, -, 0)
[21:41] Wogglebug You fall. Your ankle feels sprained.
[21:41] Wogglebug The cops are 20 feet away, coming closer.
[21:42] Optimal !!!! You can't run with sprained ankles can you?
[21:42] Wogglebug You can try, certainly.
[21:42] Wogglebug And it's not /definitely/ sprained.
[21:42] Optimal Without looking like a baby deer out of the womb.
[21:42] Wogglebug Could be twisted.
[21:42] Wogglebug Adrenaline would certainly help, for a bit.
[21:43] Wogglebug Not immediately debilitating. Just painful.
[21:43] Optimal Frederick tries to push off of the ground and run for the field.
[21:43] Wogglebug Fred sure is lucky that there happened to be a field behind that treeline, or else he'd be running through the forest at night with 1 agility.
[21:44] Wogglebug It's a nice, open field. Looks like there are some crop rows here and there.
[21:44] Optimal I thought I was in a farm area?
[21:44] Wogglebug There's even a weathered little horse off 50 meters or so.
[21:44] Wogglebug There's a farmhouse far int he distance, as well.
[21:44] Optimal You're a beautiful person.
[21:45] Wogglebug (shh)
[21:45] Wogglebug (no talks now, only RPs)
[21:45] Optimal Frederick tries to lose the cops in the field as he tries to make his way to the horse.
[21:45] Wogglebug Well, he can't exactly lose them in the field.
[21:45] Wogglebug Luckily, they're both quite slow, so they don't gain /too/ much.
[21:46] Wogglebug After a painful minute or so of hobbling, he makes it to the horse.
[21:46] Wogglebug It looks relatively sturdy.
[21:46] Wogglebug Compared to Fred, anyway.
[21:46] Wogglebug Then again, so does a duck.
[21:47] Optimal Panting heavily, he tries to console the horse. "It's okay… everything is fine… we're just going to go on a stroll."
Wogglebug The horse stirs at you, horsily.
[21:48] Wogglebug *stares
[21:48] Optimal "Shh…" Frederick tries to mount the horse.
[21:49] Wogglebug Does he have any horse experience?
[21:49] Optimal …No.
[21:49] Wogglebug Welp.
[21:49] Wogglebug Good luck.
[21:49] Optimal D:
[21:49] Wogglebug By the time he manages to shimmy onto the horses back, the cops are getting very, very close.
[21:49] Wogglebug *horse's
[21:50] Optimal Frederick slaps the horses backside, trying to get him to go. He searches for reins.
[21:51] Wogglebug The horse goes. Pray hang on to the horse, little chap, it thinks. The horse is both senile and British. Very fast though. And unbridled.
[21:52] Wogglebug Roll strength to hang on.
[21:52] Optimal 4df+1 Frederick hangs on for dear life.
[21:53] Glacon Optimal: 1 (4df+1=+, -, -, +)
[21:53] Wogglebug 4df+6 Master horse.
[21:53] Glacon Wogglebug: Master horse.: 5 (4df+6=-, -, +, 0)
[21:53] Optimal He tries to steer the horse away from the road.
[21:53] Wogglebug Little does Fred know, he has discovered the Master Horse, and is kept on by sheer horsely will alone.
[21:54] Wogglebug The horse heads North.
[21:54] Wogglebug You have no control over it Fred.
[21:54] Wogglebug Because when a mortal meddles in the workings of the Master Horse, it is the Master Horse who has true control.
[21:54] Wogglebug Also you're bad at horses.
[21:54] Wogglebug That might be a factor.
[21:55] Optimal Frederick hangs tight to the master horse for dear life, his face bloodied by his own decisions. Only fate decides the outcome now.
[21:55] Wogglebug The police fire some pot shots at the horse, but they go wide.
[21:55] Wogglebug Because reasons.
[21:55] Optimal (I actually wouldn't have minded if the cops got him.)
[21:55] Wogglebug *GALLOPING NOISES*
[21:56] Wogglebug Does Fred do anything as the horse runs?
[21:57] Optimal Except for hold on and pray not to get shot in the ass? Frederick can't think of anything he can do.
[21:57] Wogglebug Eventually.
[21:57] Optimal (Ass shot would give him street cred though.)
[21:57] Wogglebug And by eventually I mean a looong time later, when Fred is about dead from horsexaustion and hypothermia.
[21:58] Wogglebug The horse ditches Fred unceremonious on the road.
[21:58] Wogglebug There are thick trees on either side, but it looks like the road to the site.
[21:58] Wogglebug Let's hope you can make it back before frostbite sets in.
[21:58] Optimal Frederick falls limp on the road, barely able to move.
[21:59] Wogglebug You're lucky it's been unseasonably warn, as of late.
[21:59] Optimal He tries to pull himself up, and he limps to the site. There's blood all over him.
[22:00] Optimal He's been bleeding on himself, and the fall didn't exactly help either.
[22:00] Wogglebug Eventually, and by eventually I mean let's be honest here, you probably would have died if time wasn't magic, he arrives back at the site. Return to #origins-ic

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