Spooky Goings On Around Site 19

22:10 ProcyonLotor Tylers is dawdling around in his room.
22:12 GottaGoFeast Gordon knocks on Tyler's door.
22:12 ProcyonLotor Tyler looks up. "Who is it?"
22:13 GottaGoFeast "This is Gordon. We were going to the shooting range, remember?"
22:14 ProcyonLotor "Oh, yes. I'll be right out."
22:15 ProcyonLotor He gathers his things, and meets Gordon in the hall.
22:15 ProcyonLotor "Thanks again for agreeing to do this. Figure I need some manner of defending myself, if worst comes to worst."
22:16 GottaGoFeast "And I'm glad you accepted."
22:18 ProcyonLotor "So, shall we?"
22:18 GottaGoFeast "Of course."
22:19 ProcyonLotor Tyler follows Gordon down to the shooting range.
22:19 FlameShirt As Tyler and Gordon enter the range…
22:19 FlameShirt They find themselves in outer space.
22:20 FlameShirt There's air but they appear to be standing on nothing.
22:20 GottaGoFeast "WHAT THE FUCK?"
22:21 FlameShirt The door and door frame are still there behind them, but there's no wall beside it.
22:21 ProcyonLotor "This is…"
22:21 FlameShirt Just more space.
22:21 ProcyonLotor "I don't uh, even know what this is."
22:21 ProcyonLotor "Or why I can breathe."
22:21 ProcyonLotor Tyler darts back to the door, and through it.
22:22 GottaGoFeast ~ok Gordon, calm down, breathe in and out~
22:22 GottaGoFeast Gordon darts back through the door
22:23 FlameShirt Gordon, roll perk.
22:23 FlameShirt perc*
22:24 —- gumbal1 is away (Auto away)
22:24 GottaGoFeast 4df+2
22:24 Glacon GottaGoFeast: 3 (4df+2=+, 0, +, -)
22:25 FlameShirt Gordon, you see something darting round the corridor. It's big and tall and running, but that's all you see.
22:25 ProcyonLotor Tyler braces himself against a thankfully-returned wall. "Wh-what the hell just happened?"
22:25 GottaGoFeast Gordon grabs his pistol and loads it.
22:26 GottaGoFeast "Tyler, watch out! I think I saw something!"
22:26 ProcyonLotor He looks up. "Where? Oh god, where?"
22:26 FlameShirt If you looked back into the 'range', you'll see it having returned to normal.
22:27 ProcyonLotor Tyler nervously glances back at the door. "It… looks normal now."
22:28 GottaGoFeast "Thank God."
22:28 GottaGoFeast Gordon looks around.
22:29 GottaGoFeast "Did that thing follow us?"
22:29 * rumetzen joined #origins-ic
22:29 ProcyonLotor "I can't see anything, but it wouldn't hurt to be safe. Do the doors locks?"
22:30 FlameShirt You saw it going around the corner, Gordon.
22:30 GottaGoFeast "I'm going after it. Tyler, you stay here."
22:31 ProcyonLotor Tyler nods.
22:35 GottaGoFeast Gordon goes after the thing he saw.
22:37 FlameShirt Going around the corner, you see a /creature/. It's 3m tall, tripedal, clothed and wearing clothes. There's a mass of tentacles coming from the mid-torso and what looks like three avian heads.
22:37 FlameShirt It's running for a circular portal looking thing, glowing purple-blue/
22:38 GottaGoFeast ~Oh God I know I'm going to regret this so much~
22:39 GottaGoFeast Gordon follows the creature into the portal
22:41 FlameShirt You appear in a small room, fronted by glass. Beyond the glass, there's a bustle of activity. More of the creatures are shuffling around a warehouse/office looking place, manning workstations and moving crates.
22:41 FlameShirt The creature that you follow turns around and stares at you.
22:41 FlameShirt "Return, young one."
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22:42 GottaGoFeast "What? Why? What is this place? What the hell are you?"
22:45 FlameShirt "Your protector." You don't know where this thing is speaking from exactly has it has no obvious mouth. "Leave now."
22:45 FlameShirt as*
22:45 GottaGoFeast "What do you mean mmy protector?"
22:46 FlameShirt "Just… know you are loved." The creature steps towards Gordon.
22:47 GottaGoFeast Gordon steps back. "Hey, don't come any closer, or I'll shoot!"
22:49 FlameShirt Several red orbs appear in the air in front of you at the word "shoot".
22:49 FlameShirt "You are always loved."
22:49 FlameShirt "Please, return to your fellows. There's nothing for you here."
22:50 GottaGoFeast Gordon thinks for a few seconds. "Fine, I will."
22:51 GottaGoFeast Gordon steps back into the portal
22:51 FlameShirt The portal closes as you leave.
22:51 FlameShirt A small bit of paper flits through the air.
22:52 GottaGoFeast Grdon grabs the piece of paper.
22:53 FlameShirt It has the following words printed on it: "Together, we can make this the best of all possible worlds. -Pangloss"

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