logs:Somebody's Watching Me

(03:13:59 PM) Bunton: Is anyone else in the cafeteria besides Pauline?
(03:15:10 PM) Wixelt: No
(03:15:24 PM) padri: She's so alone.
(03:15:29 PM) Bunton: So alone.
(03:15:37 PM) Bunton: ;~;
(03:15:40 PM) Wixelt: Pretty Much
(03:15:46 PM) padri: Poor Pauline.
(03:16:02 PM) lurkd: Ivan passes by the living quarters and stops for a bit before entering his own room.
(03:16:02 PM) ProcyonLotor: Pauline, you get a feeling you're not quite alone.
(03:16:05 PM) ProcyonLotor: Roll Perc.
(03:16:19 PM) rumetzen [tihS.weN.tahT.otnI.werG.I.lliT.diK.weN.ehT.eB.oT|desU#tihS.weN.tahT.otnI.werG.I.lliT.diK.weN.ehT.eB.oT|desU] entered the room.
(03:16:55 PM) Bunton: 4df+3 Yay friends!
(03:16:55 PM) lurkd: Ivan shuffles through his crowded belongings. He moves the collected reliquaries, scrolls, and idols out of the way.
(03:16:56 PM) Glacon: Bunton: Yay friends!: 3 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, +)
(03:17:18 PM) padri: Katie is getting bored of Monopoly.
(03:17:36 PM) Wixelt: Wilson heads over to the common room.
(03:17:41 PM) ProcyonLotor: Something behind you. You get a sudden urge to look at the closed door to the cafeteria.
(03:18:15 PM) Bunton: Is she sure something is behind her, or is it just a vague feeling?
(03:18:37 PM) lurkd: He finds it! Ivan pockets the item and steps back into the hall.
(03:18:59 PM) ProcyonLotor: She's pretty sure. Pauline cannot quite place where the feeling, though.
(03:19:07 PM) Bunton: Is the door behind her?
(03:19:11 PM) padri: Katie opens the door and runs out into the hall.
(03:19:54 PM) ProcyonLotor: It is. She was sitting with her back to it.
(03:20:05 PM) Wixelt: Wilson sees Katie run past as he enters the common room.
(03:20:10 PM) Bunton: Pauline turns around.
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(03:20:39 PM) lurkd: Ivan is there. "Miss Katie."
(03:20:51 PM) padri: Laura follows her out. Katie: "Doc! Do you like my picture?"
(03:21:01 PM) ProcyonLotor: A glimpse of movement behind the door! It looked like a face, but it was gone too fast. You're absolutely certain something there was something there, however.
(03:21:18 PM) Bunton: Pauline gets up.
(03:21:20 PM) Bunton: "Hello?"
(03:21:38 PM) lurkd: "I did. I will keep the illustration… I have something for you as well."
(03:21:48 PM) lurkd: He reaches into his overcoat.
(03:21:51 PM) padri: Katie: "A present?"
(03:22:03 PM) lurkd: "A tool."
(03:22:29 PM) lurkd: He gives it to her. http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/4678/nazarboncugu6.jpg
(03:22:39 PM) ProcyonLotor: Suddenly, you know what you saw. It was human, sort of. Naked, but without a real gender, and a horrifyingly …wrong face. You don't know how you know this from just seeing a bit of it from behind a door, but the image is burned like a sigil into your mind.
(03:22:45 PM) padri: Laura frowns a little bit, more in curiosity than displeasure. Katie examines it.
(03:22:55 PM) Wixelt: Wilson decides to go and check on the cafeteria. No idea why.
(03:23:12 PM) Wixelt: He quickly decides against it though.
(03:23:17 PM) Bunton: Pailine searches frantically for her gun.
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(03:23:39 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi wanders around the halls.
(03:23:49 PM) choose_one [ten.tsacmoc.ag.1dsh.D03F7014-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsacmoc.ag.1dsh.D03F7014-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(03:23:49 PM) Wixelt: Again, he has no idea why. He decides to go and see what Luvi's up to.
(03:24:11 PM) choose_one is now known as padri
(03:24:13 PM) ProcyonLotor: Luvi, you try to open a door to another hallway.
(03:24:16 PM) ProcyonLotor: Roll mdef.
(03:24:26 PM) padri: Katie: What is it?
(03:24:30 PM) Bunton: Pauline breathes quickly, and clutches her gun without moving.
(03:24:31 PM) padri: *""
(03:24:39 PM) Bunton: She continues to stare at the door.
(03:24:40 PM) ZombieRaptor: 4df+3 I willslap you silly if it's stupid
(03:24:41 PM) Glacon: ZombieRaptor: I willslap you silly if it's stupid: 1 (4df+3=-, -, -, +)
(03:25:25 PM) ProcyonLotor: As your hand touches the handle, a bolt of panic rips through you. You fall to the ground, which is weird, because it's a goddamn miracle you're walking anyway.
(03:25:50 PM) ZombieRaptor: "Fuck!"
(03:25:53 PM) ProcyonLotor: Luvi has the same image stuck in his mind as Pauline.
(03:26:01 PM) lurkd: He adjusts his glasses. "It's from Tengri, who lived in central asia long ago. It's an protection amulet to ward off gho- *ahem* bad things."
(03:26:23 PM) ProcyonLotor: Wilson comes across Luvi.
(03:26:24 PM) Wixelt: Approaching Luvi, Wilson is worried by his sudden movement "Are you ok?"
(03:26:30 PM) padri: Katie: "I'll put it on a necklace." She bounds back into her room.
(03:26:49 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi whips out his pistol, aiming it down the hallway before he realizes nothing is there.
(03:26:59 PM) ZombieRaptor: "Fuck, I saw something"
(03:27:08 PM) lurkd: He looks at Laura. "I hope you approve."
(03:27:12 PM) Bunton: Pauline slowly approaches the door, shaking, pistol in front of her.
(03:27:28 PM) ProcyonLotor: Pauline really doesn't want to touch it. Roll mdef.
(03:27:36 PM) Wixelt: "There's nothing there"
(03:27:39 PM) Bunton: She really doesn't, but she has to know.
(03:27:45 PM) padri: Laura nods. "Anything to make her feel safe and wanted is good now."
(03:27:47 PM) Bunton: 4d+5
(03:27:50 PM) ZombieRaptor: "Ack, I need a coke." Luvi gets to his feet, and walks to the cafeteria, still unwilling to holster his pistol.
(03:28:10 PM) ProcyonLotor: 4df+5
(03:28:11 PM) Glacon: ProcyonLotor: 4 (4df+5=-, 0, +, -)
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(03:28:41 PM) ProcyonLotor: Pauline forces back her fear, and grips the handle with sweaty palm. She winces and pushes the door open, revealing…
(03:28:46 PM) Wixelt: Wilson follows Luvi
(03:28:56 PM) lurkd: "There's a great deal of misunderstood science in the ancient beliefs."
(03:28:59 PM) ProcyonLotor: A more or less empty hallway. There's a guard in one direction, not doing much. Luvi approaches from another.
(03:29:30 PM) Bunton: "Um…"
(03:29:35 PM) padri: "I suppose so," Laura says.
(03:29:37 PM) Bunton: "D-did you see anything, a moment ago?"
(03:29:57 PM) padri: She glances back into the room to check on Katie.
(03:30:06 PM) Bunton: Pauline is visibly afraid.
(03:30:24 PM) ZombieRaptor: Pauline sees Luvi with his pistol in his hand. "I tried opening a door and saw this fucking naked thing a moment ago" Luvi passes her to grab a drink before returning.
(03:30:35 PM) Wixelt: Wilson approaches Pauline and Luvi, having followed Luvi.
(03:30:47 PM) Bunton: She looks at the gaurd.
(03:31:00 PM) lurkd: "Well… I'm glad it meets the approval of both."
(03:31:16 PM) Bunton: Anything unusual about him?
(03:31:20 PM) lurkd: ~glad? since when did you start using that word?~
(03:31:40 PM) padri: Katie comes back out with the amulet on a chain around her neck. "Look, see?"
(03:32:02 PM) ProcyonLotor: Nope, just a normal dude. You've seen him guarding around, but he seems to blend in with the rest. You think his name's Jim, but that might be someone else. He doesn't seem to be paying you much attention.
(03:32:22 PM) Bunton: She slowly closes the door and backs into the cafeteria.
(03:32:33 PM) ProcyonLotor: The intercom crackles.
(03:32:34 PM) Bunton: "I think I need a drink too."
(03:32:45 PM) Wixelt: "Well that was… strange."
(03:32:48 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi puts a hand on Pauline's shoulder "You alright?"
(03:32:58 PM) padri: Laura reaches out to touch Katie's shoulder, looking up at the intercom.
(03:33:08 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi has since also holstered his pistol
(03:33:12 PM) Bunton: Pauline looks at the intercom.
(03:33:22 PM) Bunton: She hasn't holstered hers.
(03:33:25 PM) Wixelt: Wilson looks at the intercom.
(03:33:42 PM) lurkd: Ivan puts his game face on.
(03:33:43 PM) ProcyonLotor: «ATTENTION SITE 19 PERSONNEL. We believe we have an intruder. We've gotten reports of an unidentified person peeking through doors in the labratories and containment wing. If you spot them, please inform site security. Thank you.»
(03:33:53 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi frowns… "Did you see it too ?"
(03:33:59 PM) Bunton: "…yeah."
(03:34:04 PM) lurkd: Ivan quick draws. *click*
(03:34:08 PM) Bunton: "I think we should find Ivan."
(03:34:21 PM) Wixelt: *Ok, so maybe you weren't seeing things"
(03:34:27 PM) padri: Laura: "Katie, go into the room and lock the door after you." Katie: "What about you, Momma?" Laura: "/Now,/ Katie."
(03:34:31 PM) padri: Katie goes.
(03:34:31 PM) ZombieRaptor: "Fuck, it wasn't my imagination then" Luvi sets down his drink and pulls out his pistol.
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(03:34:58 PM) lurkd: "Is she alright by herself, Mrs. Moodie?"
(03:35:00 PM) Bunton: Pauline goes over and gets a quick drink of water before rejoining them.
(03:35:17 PM) lurkd: Ivan has his gun drawn in front of him.
(03:35:17 PM) padri: Laura nods. "This won't be the first strange thing we've encountered."
(03:35:17 PM) ZombieRaptor: "Ivan is probably in the lab."
(03:35:19 PM) Wixelt: Wilson instictively pulls out his utility knife, though he know it'll be of no use.
(03:35:27 PM) Bunton: "Let's go, then."
(03:35:29 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi starts walking to the lab.
(03:35:34 PM) Bunton: Pauline follows.
(03:35:38 PM) lurkd: "Very well… I'm going to go investigate."
(03:35:45 PM) ZombieRaptor: His gun now out again and pointed in front of him.
(03:35:45 PM) Wixelt: Wilson follows,
(03:35:50 PM) padri: "Where will you start?"
(03:36:18 PM) ProcyonLotor: Everybody heads to the lab.
(03:36:25 PM) lurkd: "The announcement said the laboratories and containment wing. I'll start with the laboratory."
(03:36:34 PM) lurkd: Ivan heads that way.
(03:36:44 PM) padri: Laura follows.
(03:36:54 PM) Wixelt: Wilson follows,
(03:37:02 PM) Wixelt: *follows Luvi
(03:37:18 PM) padri: *follows Ivan.
(03:37:21 PM) lurkd: Ivan approaches the doors to the laboratory cautiously.
(03:37:32 PM) padri: "Shall I get the door for you?"
(03:37:32 PM) lurkd: "…."
(03:37:37 PM) lurkd: "No."
(03:37:52 PM) lurkd: 4df+5 looking at door
(03:37:52 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi sees Ivan ahead of him "Ivan, I saw this fucking naked humanoid thing."
(03:37:52 PM) Glacon: lurkd: looking at door: 6 (4df+5=+, +, -, 0)
(03:38:11 PM) padri: Laura turns to Luvi and blinks.
(03:38:23 PM) ProcyonLotor: Ivan sees nothing. He's a little spooked, but that might be nerves.
(03:38:25 PM) Wixelt: Wilson arrives behind Luvi
(03:38:27 PM) Bunton: "Ivan, do you still you have your equipment?"
(03:38:35 PM) Bunton: Pauline was with the other two.
(03:38:47 PM) thedeadlymoose [ten.srerednaw|sire#ten.srerednaw|sire] entered the room.
(03:38:50 PM) padri: "Your cage," Laura says, realizing what Pauline is suggesting.
(03:38:53 PM) Bunton: Which I didn't need to point out.
(03:38:58 PM) Bunton: "And the flare."
(03:39:02 PM) padri: *or assuming she does, whichever.
(03:39:28 PM) lurkd: Ivan nods and enters the lab.
(03:39:53 PM) Bunton: Pauline follows behind.
(03:40:06 PM) lurkd: He starts gathering some of his equipment from the table. "Anything else I need to know about this entity?"
(03:40:23 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi follows Ivan closely into the lab
(03:40:31 PM) Bunton: "I saw it in the cafeteria."
(03:40:47 PM) Bunton: "So it's not just in the containment wing and the labs."
(03:40:49 PM) ZombieRaptor: "I saw it in the halls.."
(03:40:51 PM) Wixelt: "So we're assuming this thing is Intangant now?" Wilson follows Ivan in.
(03:40:51 PM) lurkd: "Doing what exactly?"
(03:40:59 PM) lurkd: "We don't know that."
(03:41:10 PM) padri: Laura follows, too. "Will you need help setting it up?"
(03:41:10 PM) Bunton: "Just… looking."
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(03:41:18 PM) Wixelt: "Shit"
(03:41:20 PM) Bunton: "Then it disappeared."
(03:41:31 PM) lurkd: "How did it vanish?"
(03:41:40 PM) padri: "We need to catch it in a doorway, then."
(03:41:43 PM) lurkd: "No traces or smells?"
(03:41:58 PM) Bunton: "It… went out of sight of the door, and when I checked, it wasn't there."
(03:42:05 PM) ProcyonLotor: Anybody facing the door?
(03:42:11 PM) Wixelt: "Half of us didn't see it at all"
(03:42:11 PM) lurkd: Ivan is.
(03:42:13 PM) padri: Laura isn't.
(03:42:15 PM) ProcyonLotor: Mdef.
(03:42:15 PM) Bunton: Pauline is.
(03:42:18 PM) Wixelt: Wilson is.
(03:42:24 PM) lurkd: 4df+6 mdef
(03:42:24 PM) Bunton: 4df+5
(03:42:24 PM) Glacon: lurkd: mdef: 4 (4df+6=-, -, +, -)
(03:42:25 PM) Glacon: Bunton: 3 (4df+5=-, +, -, -)
(03:42:42 PM) ProcyonLotor: 4df+6 2spoopy
(03:42:42 PM) Glacon: ProcyonLotor: 2spoopy: 8 (4df+6=-, +, +, +)
(03:42:48 PM) Wixelt: 4df+6 Mdef
(03:42:48 PM) Glacon: Wixelt: Mdef: 4 (4df+6=-, +, -, -)
(03:43:26 PM) ProcyonLotor: Pauline screams incoherently. Ivan wrenches his eyes shut, and Wixelt begins to panic.
(03:43:30 PM) ProcyonLotor: *Wilson
(03:43:43 PM) ProcyonLotor: Ivan and Wilson now know exactly what the entity looks like as well.
(03:43:48 PM) padri: Laura whirls around as quickly as she can to find out what's going on.
(03:43:49 PM) Wixelt: "Holy…"
(03:43:53 PM) ZombieRaptor left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
(03:43:53 PM) Bunton: Pauline is on the floor.
(03:43:56 PM) lurkd: "Everyone stay still."
(03:44:01 PM) Bunton: Is she together enough to open fire?
(03:44:31 PM) padri: There's a crowd of people there. Can she get a clear shot?
(03:44:41 PM) ProcyonLotor: She could try, but her hands shaky. There's no one in the way though, they've all cleared out.
(03:45:04 PM) Bunton: 4df+2 Well if no-one's in the way!
(03:45:05 PM) Glacon: Bunton: Well if no-one's in the way!: 1 (4df+2=0, -, 0, 0)
(03:45:12 PM) lurkd: "…."
(03:45:15 PM) padri: I assume Laura sees nothing, so she is very confused.
(03:45:42 PM) ProcyonLotor: The shots go wide, but a few hit the doors, and go through. There's no cries of pain from the other side, but a few shouts of shock from nearby rooms at the noise.
(03:45:57 PM) Bunton: Pauline is hyperventilating.
(03:46:11 PM) Bunton: She's still clutching her revolver for dear life.
(03:46:11 PM) padri: Laura goes over to the door and examines the doorway. Anything odd about it?
(03:46:12 PM) lurkd: "Hold fire."
(03:46:27 PM) Bunton: She's pointing it to the side, though.
(03:46:30 PM) Wixelt: Can Wilson calm himself down?
(03:46:49 PM) lurkd: Ivan approaches the door slowly.
(03:46:56 PM) ZombieRaptor [~ten.sndscps.sloop.6B95A708-CRInys|paReibmoZ#ten.sndscps.sloop.6B95A708-CRInys|paReibmoZ] entered the room.
(03:47:07 PM) ProcyonLotor: Wilson slowly calms himself down. Laura notices nothing unusual about the door, other than a few bullet holes and the fact she really doesn't want to touch it.
(03:47:35 PM) ProcyonLotor: Ivan, mdef
(03:47:37 PM) Bunton: "I… w-wh-what -iis it?"
(03:47:39 PM) padri: Laura holds her hands out in front of her, both wanting to and not to reach out and touch the door.
(03:47:42 PM) lurkd: 4df+6
(03:47:42 PM) Glacon: lurkd: 6 (4df+6=0, 0, +, -)
(03:47:45 PM) Bunton: *i-is
(03:48:10 PM) lurkd: He puts his gun away.
(03:48:12 PM) padri: She needs to find this thing to keep Katie safe, so she does.
(03:48:20 PM) ProcyonLotor: Ivan and Laura both manage to bite down their fear, putting their hands onto the door.
(03:48:31 PM) Bunton: Pauline just stares.
(03:48:40 PM) ProcyonLotor: Every single nerve in Ivan's body is telling him not to do this, but he pushes the door open.
(03:48:46 PM) Wixelt: Wilson breathes slowly.
(03:48:47 PM) ZombieRaptor: (Sorry had to get a tuxedo and suit on)
(03:48:54 PM) padri: She checks the doorframe.
(03:48:57 PM) ProcyonLotor: There's nothing there, but a few bullet holes in the far wall. Those came from Pauline.
(03:49:07 PM) Bunton: "S-sorry."
(03:49:13 PM) Bunton: She tries to calm herself down and get up.
(03:49:16 PM) lurkd: Ivan breathes a sigh of relief.
(03:49:25 PM) ProcyonLotor: Down the hallway, a shitton of guards are running.
(03:49:27 PM) ProcyonLotor: Towards you.
(03:49:54 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi is there, and was the entire time…
(03:49:59 PM) padri: Laura is startled by this and steps away from them, a little frightened.
(03:50:10 PM) Wixelt: Wilson holds his ground.
(03:50:13 PM) ZombieRaptor: Luvi raises his pistol.
(03:51:08 PM) ProcyonLotor: One of the guards- the leader, you suppose- stops. "Where did those shots come from? Are you alright?"
(03:51:21 PM) lurkd: "We're fine."
(03:51:31 PM) padri: "Are you? What happened to you?"
(03:51:46 PM) Bunton: Pauline collects herself.
(03:51:56 PM) Wixelt: "What… was that thing?"
(03:52:13 PM) ProcyonLotor: "We don't know. We assumed it was what fired the shots, so they sent us out here."
(03:52:14 PM) lurkd: "It's fine…"
(03:52:28 PM) Wixelt: Wilson is still clutching his Utility Knife.
(03:52:34 PM) lurkd: "We came in contact with the anomaly."
(03:52:48 PM) lurkd: "But it appears to be merely observing."
(03:52:52 PM) padri: "The gun was Pauline," Laura says.
(03:52:53 PM) Bunton: "I-I'm the one who shot at it."
(03:53:17 PM) Bunton: She still looks a bit shaken.
(03:53:33 PM) Wixelt: Wilson slowly puts his knife away.
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(03:54:04 PM) ProcyonLotor: The guard thinks for a minute. "While we don't want people firing off guns around here, I suppose it's understandable here, we won't punish you. But call security next time. You're not the only one dealing with it, you know."
(03:54:05 PM) lurkd: "This is entity is more of an illusion."
(03:54:08 PM) Jabonicus [ten.tsacmoc.lf.1dsh.A9973941-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsacmoc.lf.1dsh.A9973941-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(03:54:18 PM) lurkd: Ivan nods.
(03:54:25 PM) Bunton: "I-I panicked, sorry."
(03:54:26 PM) padri: So does Laura.
(03:54:30 PM) ProcyonLotor: He pauses for a minute. "It hasn't hurt anybody yet, so at least there's that. Not even sure it wants to."
(03:54:35 PM) Bunton: Pauline holsters her gun.
(03:55:06 PM) padri: "What does it want?"
(03:55:30 PM) Wixelt: "Maybe it's taunting us"
(03:55:37 PM) lurkd: "To observe it seems."
(03:55:38 PM) ProcyonLotor: Guard shrugs. He clearly has other places to be.
(03:55:46 PM) ProcyonLotor: He nods, and takes his team away.
(03:55:52 PM) lurkd: "I think we are fine."
(03:56:30 PM) lurkd: "Not even sure its an intangant."
(03:56:55 PM) Wixelt: "The net might still work" Wilson suggests.
(03:57:22 PM) Wixelt: "If we hung it outside a door and waited"
(03:57:49 PM) padri: "It's worth a try. I'm sure I don't like the idea of being watched by … something."
(03:57:53 PM) Bunton: "What happens if you have people standing on both sides of a door?"
(03:58:15 PM) Wixelt: "…"
(03:58:16 PM) Bananaman [~ten.tsacmoc.lf.1dsh.0DA4983F-CRInys|yagoR#ten.tsacmoc.lf.1dsh.0DA4983F-CRInys|yagoR] entered the room.
(03:58:16 PM) mode (+qo Bananaman Bananaman) by ChanServ
(03:58:45 PM) ProcyonLotor: «False alarm. We are downgrading to yellow alert. All sightings of entity should be reported to security, but we do not believe there is any risk to personnel.»
(03:58:52 PM) padri: "But which door?"
(03:59:22 PM) Bunton: Pauline thinks.
(03:59:28 PM) Bunton: "How many personnel do we have on site?"
(03:59:34 PM) Wixelt: "This one?" Wilson gestures to the one they saw the entity through before.
(03:59:54 PM) ProcyonLotor: You think there's around 300, give or take.
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(04:00:29 PM) Bunton: "If we get everyone, we can probably cover most entrances and exits in one area… see if it… appears."
(04:00:57 PM) padri: Laura nods. "If we can arrange it, it's worth a try."
(04:01:01 PM) Wixelt: (Who has the best persuation skills)
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(04:03:15 PM) Bunton: "We'd need to get on the intercom…"
(04:03:21 PM) Bunton: "Should we talk to the admin?"
(04:03:32 PM) padri: Laura nods. "They are the ones in charge."
(04:03:46 PM) Wixelt: "I think that's probably the best way to go about it"
(04:03:47 PM) Wogglebug [ainavlyselggoW.ellivselggoW.grebelggoW|gubelggoW#ainavlyselggoW.ellivselggoW.grebelggoW|gubelggoW] entered the room.
(04:03:47 PM) mode (+h Wogglebug) by ChanServ
(04:04:18 PM) ProcyonLotor: You can contact administrative through the intercom.
(04:04:52 PM) padri: "Would you like to, Pauline? Since it was your idea."
(04:05:11 PM) Bunton: "Er… sure?"
(04:05:15 PM) Bunton: Where's the nearest intercom?
(04:05:26 PM) ProcyonLotor: On the wall in the room you're currently in.
(04:05:32 PM) Bunton: Pauline goes over to that, then!
(04:05:47 PM) Bunton: She presses the button.
(04:05:58 PM) ProcyonLotor: It beeps!
(04:06:06 PM) ProcyonLotor: Invitingly!
(04:06:09 PM) Bunton: "Excuse me? Um… administrator?"
(04:06:40 PM) ProcyonLotor: «The Administrator is not currently in the facility. This is Michael Fulton.»
(04:06:49 PM) Wogglebug: Abe is in the woods, building a fort from sticks.
(04:06:56 PM) Bunton: "Oh… well, we'd like to propose a…"
(04:07:02 PM) Bunton: She searches for the right words.
(04:07:18 PM) ProcyonLotor: «Hm..?»
(04:07:24 PM) Wixelt: "Search?"
(04:07:28 PM) Bunton: "…method of catching our intruder."
(04:07:31 PM) Bunton: "Search, yes."
(04:07:50 PM) ProcyonLotor: «We've got people on it. What's your idea?»
(04:08:30 PM) padri: "Be confident," Laura whispers.
(04:08:51 PM) Bunton: "I'm sure you do, and I'm sure they're doing a great job, but if you could get everyone on the site to form into pairs, and stand on either side of the door in one area, we might be able to trap, or at least identify it."
(04:09:03 PM) Bunton: Pauline is already regaining her usual confidence, she was just a little shocked.
(04:09:46 PM) choobakka [~ten.tsacmoc.nm.1dsh.829D43A8-CRInys|niffirG#ten.tsacmoc.nm.1dsh.829D43A8-CRInys|niffirG] entered the room.
(04:09:51 PM) choobakka left the room (quit: Quit: choobakka).
(04:09:51 PM) lurkd [PI.D70B510C.CD527FFC.32191DB2|tibbiM#PI.D70B510C.CD527FFC.32191DB2|tibbiM] entered the room.
(04:10:13 PM) ProcyonLotor: «Hmm. Well, it's a good idea, but a lot of people's work here can't exactly be interrupted, you see? However, I'll try to rustle up as many people as I can. Where are you thinking?»
(04:10:40 PM) Bunton: "It seems to be focusing on the laboratory area, so if we could get anyone who's free in there for about fifteen minutes."
(04:11:35 PM) Bunton: "Or longer, if you can."
(04:11:59 PM) lurkd: Ivan scans the doorway with his EMF detector.
(04:12:02 PM) Wixelt: Wilson gets out his calculator and starts crunching numbers.
(04:12:05 PM) lurkd: 4df+11 ghost science
(04:12:05 PM) Glacon: lurkd: ghost science: 11 (4df+11=-, 0, 0, +)
(04:12:18 PM) GottaGoFeast [PI.CD122EFC.C5EE15A1.2DA4A9F8|tibbiM#PI.CD122EFC.C5EE15A1.2DA4A9F8|tibbiM] entered the room.
(04:12:20 PM) ProcyonLotor: «Will do.» A beep.
(04:12:28 PM) ProcyonLotor: Followed by another beep for the main channel.
(04:12:51 PM) Bunton: Pauline goes to her desk.
(04:12:54 PM) ProcyonLotor: «Attention: All free personnel: please report to the laboratory wing.»
(04:12:57 PM) Bunton: Or if it's not her lab, someone else's desk.
(04:13:15 PM) ProcyonLotor: Ivan succeeds in his ghost science!
(04:13:37 PM) lurkd: What did he find
(04:14:02 PM) ProcyonLotor: It sure is a spectre!
(04:14:06 PM) ProcyonLotor: And it haunts doors!
(04:14:34 PM) lurkd: "Alright… I think we are dealing with a Class-2 manifestation."
(04:14:56 PM) Wixelt: "Class-2?"
(04:15:33 PM) padri: Laura blinks at him. "Does that mean we can catch it with your machine?"
(04:15:41 PM) ProcyonLotor: A ragtag group of people slowly trot into the labs.
(04:15:45 PM) Bunton: Pauline suddenly looks excited.
(04:15:52 PM) lurkd: "Possibly."
(04:15:56 PM) ProcyonLotor: There's maybe 50, not a lot, but hopefully enough.
(04:15:58 PM) Bunton: "Good! If we can trap it, we can learn what it is!"
(04:16:15 PM) lurkd: "I need to have a working prototype."
(04:16:22 PM) lurkd: "….firstly."
(04:16:29 PM) padri: "So if we can find it with Pauline's idea, you can use your machine and catch it? Do you need help assembling it?"
(04:16:57 PM) Bunton: "Hm, I'll handle the people."
(04:17:15 PM) Bunton: Pauline is unusually chipper considering she went gun-mad a few moments ago.
(04:17:36 PM) Bunton: She heads into the hall. "Excuse me?"
(04:18:13 PM) Wixelt: Wilson follows Pauline out.
(04:18:43 PM) Bunton: "Yes, hello, over here."
(04:18:49 PM) lurkd: "I suppose I can lay it out behind a doorway. Then try and trap it that way.
(04:19:11 PM) padri: Laura nods. "I'll help, if you need assistance."
(04:19:20 PM) ProcyonLotor: The people are getting restless. They don't know what you want.
(04:19:30 PM) lurkd: Ivan lays out the faraday net. "Grab the other end and wheel the transformer closer."
(04:20:20 PM) Bunton: "Yes, alright, if I could just have your attention for a second, we have a plan to… trap this entity."
(04:20:47 PM) padri: Laura does.
(04:21:13 PM) Bunton: "We need everyone to break up into pairs, find a door, and stand on either side of it."
(04:21:17 PM) lurkd: Ivan puts the net right behind the doorway and strings the ends so that when he pulls from the other side, the net closes.
(04:22:23 PM) padri: "So how do we get the … ghost," again the word sounds unwanted "into this specific doorway?"
(04:22:48 PM) lurkd: "Thank you… plug that cable into the transformer and set it to 50 hertz."
(04:23:22 PM) Bunton: "So if you could just all find a partner and a door, please."
(04:23:28 PM) lurkd: "Well… it observes humans. If we get enough of us in here, it should draw its attention."
(04:23:29 PM) padri: Laura nods, doing as asked.
(04:23:32 PM) ProcyonLotor: Some of the folks look at Ivan like he's nuts. He is nuts, but he might be on to something.
(04:24:05 PM) padri: "Pauline?" she calls out. "We may have another idea for all the people."
(04:24:20 PM) Bunton: "Oh, right. One second."
(04:24:23 PM) Bunton: She goes over to Laura.
(04:24:44 PM) Bunton: "Yes?"
(04:26:13 PM) lurkd: The net whines with electricity as the juice flows through it, making the surrounding area all staticy.
(04:26:13 PM) Wixelt: Wilson follows.
(04:26:13 PM) lurkd: "Nobody touch the net."
(04:26:13 PM) padri: "Ivan thinks he can trap the thing with this." She waves her hand at the net. "And maybe if we make this room fun to observe…"
(04:26:13 PM) Wixelt: "Wasn't planning on it"
(04:26:13 PM) lurkd: Ivan puts on huge industrial rubber gloves and takes up the slack in the net trap.
(04:26:13 PM) padri: "Well, maybe it would come to this door."
(04:26:13 PM) Bunton: "With people?"
(04:26:13 PM) padri: She nods.
(04:26:13 PM) Bunton: "Well, it's worth a shot… even if it doesn't work, we'd still know more about it…"
(04:26:13 PM) Bunton: "Gives us redundancy."
(04:26:21 PM) Wixelt: "Need any help with that?" Wilson asks Ivan
(04:26:21 PM) Bunton: She talks about redundancy like a 5-year-old-girl talking about unicorns.
(04:26:58 PM) ProcyonLotor: It's kind of adorable. You can tell that Pauline loves redundancy.
(04:27:19 PM) lurkd: *crackle*
(04:27:19 PM) lurkd: "Mrs. Moodie… reduce to 40 hertz."
(04:27:28 PM) Bunton: "I'll just tell everyone…"
(04:27:39 PM) Bunton: She does a tiny little skip as she goes back to the door.
(04:27:40 PM) ProcyonLotor: Everybody beings pairing off. It's kind of awkward.
(04:27:43 PM) padri: Laura rushes back to the hertz machine and reduces it.
(04:27:57 PM) lurkd: "Yes… I'll need help to pull the net up when the entity is in position."
(04:28:03 PM) lurkd: "Put on gloves."
(04:28:06 PM) Bunton: "Change of plans everyone! If you could just come into this room… Ivan, could you disable that machine for now?"
(04:28:22 PM) Wixelt: Wilson puts on some gloves.
(04:28:28 PM) lurkd: He nods. "Mrs. Moodie, turn it off please."
(04:28:52 PM) ProcyonLotor: Folks grumble, but follow your directions. It's pretty crowded, once they all get in.
(04:29:09 PM) padri: Laura did and stuff.
(04:29:51 PM) Bunton: Is everyone now in the room?
(04:30:31 PM) ProcyonLotor: Yes. There is so much jostling and being pressed up against each other. It's like a Paris nightclub.
(04:30:43 PM) lurkd: "Alright Mrs. Moodie. 40 Hertz please."
(04:31:12 PM) Bunton: "Thank you, everyone!"
(04:31:18 PM) padri: She nods, turning it back up.
(04:32:07 PM) Wixelt: Wilson looks around the room. Wow that's alot of people.
(04:32:21 PM) lurkd: "Alright, I think we now have to all look away and then look back at the door for it to appear."
(04:32:41 PM) Wixelt: "Should we prepare the net?"
(04:32:46 PM) ProcyonLotor: You should!
(04:32:54 PM) padri: "It's ready."
(04:33:24 PM) Bunton: "If everyone could look at the opposite wall"
(04:33:25 PM) Bunton: *!
(04:33:27 PM) lurkd: "Yes alright. Trap is prepped. Everyone please look away from the door." Ivan averts eyes.
(04:33:31 PM) Bunton: Pauline is loving being in charge.
(04:34:11 PM) ProcyonLotor: Everyone looks
(04:34:15 PM) ProcyonLotor: It's a goddamn boring wall.
(04:34:17 PM) ihp [~moc.rr.ser.oen.4467D5B7-CRInys|alliztahc#moc.rr.ser.oen.4467D5B7-CRInys|alliztahc] entered the room.
(04:34:21 PM) lurkd: "Miss Wisniewski, give us a countdown to look back at the door."
(04:34:26 PM) ProcyonLotor: Not even any motivational posters or anything.
(04:34:46 PM) ProcyonLotor: I mean, sure, they're kind of cliche, but a little kitten and a "hang in there!" would be appreciated.
(04:35:01 PM) Wixelt: Wilson thinks the wall is intrigueing
(04:35:13 PM) Bunton: "Alright…"
(04:35:17 PM) lurkd: (there should be a picture of tesla somewhere)
(04:35:19 PM) ProcyonLotor: Wilson is a broken human being.
(04:35:24 PM) Wixelt: The craftsmanship that must've gone into it…
(04:35:26 PM) Bunton: Pauline looks at her watch and waits for ten seconds to pass.
(04:35:26 PM) padri: Laura's got lots of heads to look at.
(04:35:36 PM) Wixelt: It's been a long day
(04:35:40 PM) ProcyonLotor: They're some pretty nice heads.
(04:35:47 PM) ProcyonLotor: Definitely in Laura's top 5.
(04:35:51 PM) ProcyonLotor: 8…
(04:35:53 PM) ProcyonLotor: 9…
(04:35:55 PM) ProcyonLotor: 10…
(04:35:58 PM) padri: It's all the backs of the heads.
(04:36:05 PM) Bunton: "Alright, if everyone could turn around now!"
(04:36:11 PM) lurkd: Ivan looks.
(04:36:12 PM) ProcyonLotor: Everybody turns around.
(04:36:15 PM) padri: Laura looks.
(04:36:17 PM) ProcyonLotor: MDEF, CABRONES
(04:36:24 PM) Wixelt: 4df+6
(04:36:25 PM) Glacon: Wixelt: 6 (4df+6=-, 0, +, 0)
(04:36:25 PM) padri: 4df+5
(04:36:26 PM) lurkd: 4df+6
(04:36:26 PM) Glacon: padri: 6 (4df+5=0, +, 0, 0)
(04:36:26 PM) Glacon: lurkd: 5 (4df+6=-, +, 0, -)
(04:36:31 PM) Bunton: 4df+5
(04:36:31 PM) Glacon: Bunton: 4 (4df+5=-, 0, -, +)
(04:37:04 PM) ProcyonLotor: 4df+6 2spoopy4me
(04:37:05 PM) Glacon: ProcyonLotor: 2spoopy4me: 7 (4df+6=-, 0, +, +)
(04:37:22 PM) Bunton: Pauline screams.
(04:37:30 PM) ProcyonLotor: As the panic rises in your throat, you all have a niggling thought in the back of your mind
(04:37:34 PM) padri: Laura falls to her knees.
(04:37:42 PM) ProcyonLotor: Packing 50 people into a small room and scaring them shitless was a terrible idea
(04:38:04 PM) Wixelt: Wilson doesn't move, but is screaming on the inside.
(04:38:07 PM) Bunton: We got caught up in the moment!
(04:38:09 PM) lurkd: "P-pull!"
(04:38:20 PM) lurkd: Ivan pulls on net!
(04:38:22 PM) Wixelt: Wilson pulls
(04:38:25 PM) ProcyonLotor: It falls
(04:38:28 PM) ProcyonLotor: buuuut
(04:38:32 PM) ProcyonLotor: There's screaming and flailing.
(04:38:34 PM) ProcyonLotor: Mass chaos
(04:38:42 PM) ProcyonLotor: Ivan takes an elbow to the face.
(04:38:45 PM) Bunton: "Everyone calm the fuck down!"
(04:38:45 PM) ProcyonLotor: Pdef.
(04:38:49 PM) lurkd: *oomf*
(04:38:55 PM) lurkd: 4df+4
(04:38:55 PM) Glacon: lurkd: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, 0)
(04:38:59 PM) Wixelt: 4df+2
(04:39:00 PM) Glacon: Wixelt: 0 (4df+2=+, -, -, -)
(04:39:04 PM) Bunton: 4df+1 persausion
(04:39:05 PM) Glacon: Bunton: persausion: 3 (4df+1=0, 0, +, +)
(04:39:09 PM) padri: Laura may get stepped on, being on the floor.
(04:39:11 PM) ProcyonLotor: He gets knocked to the floor.
(04:39:35 PM) ProcyonLotor: Pauline's shouting is inaudible among the wailing.
(04:39:35 PM) Wixelt: "Ugh"
(04:40:17 PM) lurkd: Ivan tries to fumble to keep his glasses on his face.
(04:40:26 PM) Wixelt: Wilson groans.
(04:40:47 PM) lurkd: He tries to focus to see if he at least caught it.
(04:40:48 PM) padri: Laura covers her head.
(04:41:07 PM) ProcyonLotor: He thinks, he can't be sure.
(04:41:22 PM) ProcyonLotor: Somebody gets slammed into the door, you think.
(04:41:37 PM) lurkd: Ivan goes to push his way through to see! "Please move!"
(04:41:40 PM) Wixelt: It was Wilson
(04:41:41 PM) ProcyonLotor: It's opened, and you have 50 bodies in various states of injury piling out into the halls.
(04:41:56 PM) ProcyonLotor: Wilson, by the grace of god, manages to avoid a trampling.
(04:42:02 PM) lurkd: *oomf*
(04:42:22 PM) Bunting [~moc.sulplartnectb.851-68egnar.096B618D-CRInys|notnuBA#moc.sulplartnectb.851-68egnar.096B618D-CRInys|notnuBA] entered the room.
(04:42:26 PM) padri: Laura moves as close to the wall as she can to keep from being trampled.
(04:42:40 PM) lurkd: Ivan is in the thick of it trying to get to the trap.
(04:42:44 PM) Wixelt: "My head…"
(04:43:44 PM) Bunton left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 184 seconds).
(04:44:01 PM) Bunting is now known as Bunton
(04:44:29 PM) ProcyonLotor: There's only a few folks left in the room now.
(04:44:35 PM) Wixelt: Wilson attempts to pick himself up.
(04:44:42 PM) padri: Laura also stands.
(04:44:46 PM) ProcyonLotor: The present members of Psi-7, and a few people who'd gotten the brunt of the blows.
(04:44:51 PM) ProcyonLotor: They moan, softly.
(04:44:52 PM) Bunton: Pauline sits down against the wall.
(04:44:54 PM) lurkd: Ivan pants but still checks on the trap now holding his face.
(04:44:54 PM) padri: She looks at the net.
(04:45:10 PM) ProcyonLotor: Empty.
(04:45:16 PM) lurkd: *sigh*
(04:45:20 PM) Wixelt: "Shit…"
(04:45:30 PM) Bunton: "I-I…"
(04:45:40 PM) Bunton: "I don't think we'll be able to convince them to try that again."
(04:45:41 PM) padri: She walks over to Ivan. "Are you alright?"
(04:45:45 PM) Wixelt: "Plan B anyone?"
(04:45:47 PM) ProcyonLotor: «Medical to Laboratory Wing, please.»
(04:45:59 PM) lurkd: Ivan goes over to turn it off. "A minor contusion… I'm fine."
(04:46:02 PM) Bunton: "Well, we have a plan B… but it requires more people…"
(04:46:30 PM) lurkd: "The net still needs more work… I wouldn't even call this good enough for a prototype."
(04:46:33 PM) Wixelt: "Was it actually even there to begin with?"
(04:47:07 PM) lurkd: Ivan rubs his face.
(04:47:07 PM) Wixelt: "Or did we all just panic for no reason."
(04:47:18 PM) lurkd: "It was there."
(04:47:25 PM) Bunton: "I saw it."
(04:47:41 PM) Bunton: Pauline covers her face and goes "eeeeugh."
(04:47:43 PM) padri: Laura nods her agreement.
(04:47:52 PM) Bunton: She groans, that's the word I was looking for.
(04:48:03 PM) Wixelt: Wilson slumps down in a nearby office chair.
(04:48:59 PM) lurkd: He gathers up the net and places it on his table. He then lights a cigarette.
(04:49:17 PM) padri: Laura sits again and sighs. "I don't like it being out there."
(04:49:18 PM) lurkd: "Apologies… I feel partially responsible for this."
(04:49:38 PM) ProcyonLotor: «Attention:We've lost contact with the thing since the incident in the Laboratories. Guards are to be doubled, but the alert is being withdrawn.»
(04:49:57 PM) lurkd: "At least it is not hostile."
(04:50:08 PM) Wixelt: "Hopefully…"
(04:50:17 PM) Bunton: "It's not your fault… you seemed to have scared it off, at least…"
(04:50:34 PM) padri: "I sure hope so."
(04:50:47 PM) Bunton: Pauline looks defeated.
(04:50:47 PM) lurkd: "Well, my next solution was going to be the Zakharov device."
(04:50:54 PM) Wixelt: "At least we know it's around now, so it won't be as much of a surprise."
(04:50:56 PM) lurkd: "Perhaps next time."
(04:51:03 PM) padri: "Zakharov device?"
(04:51:05 PM) Bunton: "At least… we know it's attracted to large groups of people."
(04:51:11 PM) ProcyonLotor: The intercom beeps. It's a call from administrative.
(04:51:27 PM) ProcyonLotor: "Hello?"
(04:51:29 PM) Bunton: Pauline gets up and presses the button.
(04:51:36 PM) ProcyonLotor: *«Hello?»
(04:51:40 PM) Bunton: "I would like to state for the record that that was not our original plan."
(04:51:40 PM) lurkd: Ivan pulls out the Zakharov device: http://media.liveauctiongroup.net/i/9633/10494890_1.jpg?v=8CDC8BE1FF884B0
(04:51:54 PM) ProcyonLotor: There's kind of an awkward silence.
(04:52:15 PM) Bunton: Pauline sounds /exhausted/.
(04:52:28 PM) padri: Laura nods and turns back to the intercom, distracted.
(04:52:36 PM) ProcyonLotor: «You seemed to have scared it off at least. Wounds weren't more severe than a few concussions, thankfully. It could have gone a lot worse I suppose. »
(04:52:36 PM) padri: And a little aprehensive.
(04:52:52 PM) lurkd: *sigh*
(04:53:25 PM) Bunton: "Mhm. Is there anything else?"
(04:53:48 PM) Wixelt: Wilson puts his head in his hands. His concussion is really bad.
(04:54:13 PM) TeslaTornado is now known as Tesla|Dinner
(04:54:30 PM) ProcyonLotor: «Nope. Good work.» There's a little bit of humor in Fulton's voice, but you get the feeling he's more lightly amused than angry.
(04:54:46 PM) Bunton left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
(04:55:32 PM) lurkd: Ivan takes a few notes. "Well… at least this experience will be useful for my calculations."
(04:55:34 PM) padri: Laura is relieved. She managed to get out with bruising, a ripped skirt, and no scolding at all. This isn't a bad conclusion.
(04:55:35 PM) Bunton [~moc.sulplartnectb.851-68egnar.096B618D-CRInys|notnuBA#moc.sulplartnectb.851-68egnar.096B618D-CRInys|notnuBA] entered the room.
(04:55:50 PM) lurkd: "Shall we check on Miss Katie?"
(04:55:53 PM) Wixelt: "I need a bagel, maybe a good book… Then I might get over this."
(04:56:12 PM) padri: Launa nods, standing up. "She'll be worried after hearing those announcements."
(04:56:17 PM) Bunton left the room (quit: Quit: Bunton).
(04:57:04 PM) Bunton [~moc.sulplartnectb.851-68egnar.096B618D-CRInys|notnuBA#moc.sulplartnectb.851-68egnar.096B618D-CRInys|notnuBA] entered the room.
(04:57:09 PM) ProcyonLotor: Katie's actually done quite well. She's put a lot of stickers about.
(04:57:13 PM) Wogglebug left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 181 seconds).
(04:57:24 PM) ProcyonLotor: And she's made a drawing. It's of a cute little man.
(04:57:28 PM) ProcyonLotor: Behind a door.
(04:57:47 PM) lurkd: Ivan starts heading that way with Launa, leaving a thick trail of cigarette smoke lingering behind.
(04:57:49 PM) padri: Laura is awfully worried about that one, but she won't let Katie know.
(04:58:21 PM) padri: She knocks on their door. "Katie, honey, it's me. You can open the door now."
(04:58:34 PM) ProcyonLotor: Katie does.
(04:58:42 PM) ProcyonLotor: Oh christ. There are stickers.
(04:58:43 PM) Wixelt: Wilson follows behind Ivan and Laura, but he's going to his qaurters.
(04:58:45 PM) ProcyonLotor: Everywhere
(04:58:47 PM) lurkd: Ivan stand behind Laura.
(04:58:51 PM) Wixelt: *Quarters.
(04:59:45 PM) padri: Laura: "Did you get a little overenthusiastic with the stickers?"
(05:00:09 PM) Bunton: Pauline starts cleaning up her lab.
(05:00:14 PM) Wixelt: Wilson enters his quarters,and immediately drops asleep on the bed
(05:00:18 PM) Wixelt left the room.
(05:00:24 PM) lurkd: Ivan can't help but mentally count all the stickers.
(05:00:29 PM) padri: Katie: "I was worried about you, so I did something else."
(05:01:25 PM) padri: Laura: "I'm alright. It's safe now." Katie hugs her mother.
(05:01:32 PM) Bunton: She sighs, and finds a pad and paper.
(05:01:37 PM) ProcyonLotor: There are exactly 43.76
(05:01:47 PM) padri: She must've torn one.
(05:01:49 PM) ProcyonLotor: .76 because one of them, a rainbow, tore in parts.
(05:01:59 PM) lurkd: Ivan nods.
(05:02:16 PM) lurkd: Still he doublechecks the math just to make sure.
(05:02:26 PM) Bunton: "Luvi, if still want to assist, I'd be extremely grateful if you could clear up my lab."
(05:02:27 PM) lurkd: ( :P )
(05:02:34 PM) Bunton: She chews on the pen.
(05:02:46 PM) ProcyonLotor: On second count, it's probably more of a 43.74, one of the edges is more frayed than you'd first caught.
(05:02:54 PM) Bunton: "My last experiment resulted in some residue that needs to be disposed of."
(05:02:59 PM) lurkd: "Everything has normalized now." Ivan's bruise is probably visible on his face.
(05:03:15 PM) padri: Laura: "We'll be safe here. There are plenty of people here to keep this place safe."
(05:03:23 PM) padri: She hugs her daughter back.
(05:03:36 PM) Bunton: She goes off to slip under Luvis door.
(05:03:59 PM) ProcyonLotor: Katie hugs.
(05:04:00 PM) lurkd: Ivan starts to back away so that mother and daughter can have their moment.
(05:04:03 PM) ProcyonLotor: It's adorable.
(05:04:05 PM) ProcyonLotor: Ivan, mdef.
(05:04:17 PM) lurkd: 4df+6 don't… resist!
(05:04:17 PM) Glacon: lurkd: don't… resist!: 6 (4df+6=+, +, -, -)
(05:04:23 PM) ProcyonLotor: 4df+6 So cute
(05:04:24 PM) Glacon: ProcyonLotor: So cute: 7 (4df+6=+, 0, +, -)
(05:04:36 PM) ProcyonLotor: Ivan cracks the teeniest of grins at the sight.
(05:04:48 PM) Positronium left the room (quit: Quit: Abscond!).
(05:04:54 PM) Bunton left the room (Leaving).
(05:05:01 PM) Bunton [~moc.sulplartnectb.851-68egnar.096B618D-CRInys|notnuBA#moc.sulplartnectb.851-68egnar.096B618D-CRInys|notnuBA] entered the room.
(05:05:32 PM) lurkd: Ivan fake coughs to make it go away.
(05:05:36 PM) lurkd: *cough*
(05:05:45 PM) lurkd: *ahem*
(05:05:58 PM) lurkd: ~am I ill?~

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