14:04 <Nanoro> There is some swearing to be heard from Maxwell's quarters.
14:04 <Wixelt> Wilson reads the paper in the commons
14:05 <Nanoro> He comes out of his room, looking disgruntled.
14:06 <Nanoro> He… Is not wearing any pants, and is covering his underpants with a jacket.
14:07 <Prior> Lacey is lying in commons, asleep and functionally dead to the world.
14:07 <Nanoro> "Oi! Who stole all me trousers?!"
14:08 <Wixelt> Down the hall in the commons, Wilson looks up at the sound of Maxwell yelling in the distance.
14:08 <Wixelt> "Hmm?"
14:08 <Nanoro> He looks around the halls for the culprit.
14:08 <Nanoro> Maxwell is a bit loud, she might wake up.
14:08 <Nanoro> Maxwell tramples his way towards the Commons.
14:08 <Prior> "Whuh?" Lacey sits up. "Who's shouting…"
14:08 <Wixelt> "Evening Maxw- uh… something wrong?"
14:08 <Nanoro> "… Avert me eyes fer five goddamn minutes…"
14:09 <Nanoro> "Ye bet yer pants somethin's wrong!" Maxwell fumes. "Someone stole all me trousers!"
14:09 <Prior> Lacey stifles a giggle at Maxwell in his underpants. Not very well, but she tries.
14:09 <Nanoro> "Nothin' but a bunch o' scraps left of 'em!"
14:10 <Nanoro> Maxwell gives her an angry glance.
14:11 <Prior> She looks at her feet, sheepishly. "Who would… why would someone steal them?"
14:11 <Nanoro> "Gotta go over to supplies and get me new ones…!" He stomps off down the hall, still cursing. "… What a blasted day this turned out to be… An omen, this bloody is!"
14:11 <Nanoro> He was too disgruntled to pay much mind to Lacey's comment.
14:12 <Nanoro> You hear someone else complaining audibly down the hall.
14:13 <Nanoro> From what scraps you hear, they have lost all their socks.
14:13 <Nanoro> And more remarkably, only the left ones.
14:14 <Nanoro> Another disembodied voice echoes to commons, complaining about their lack of shirts.
14:14 <Wixelt> Wilson, who was in slight shock for a moment, blinks a few times.
14:14 <Nanoro> This is odd. Something must be up.
14:15 <Wixelt> "Hmmm…."
14:15 <Wixelt> Wilson gets up a for a moment.
14:15 <Wixelt> He goes to investigate the disappearances.
14:16 <Prior> "Maybe the sock monsters have expanded their prey…" Lacy follows him.
14:16 <Wixelt> Wilson shrugs
14:16 <Wixelt> "Who knows, but it's definitely not a coincidence."
14:17 <Prior> "Maybe we're being infested by giant moths this time. Y'know, like the skeeters."
14:17 <Nanoro> Wilson, here and there you see people missing some various clothing, as well as hear some accusations and arguments concerning them.
14:17 <Wixelt> Wilson goes to his room and checks his clothing.
14:18 <Nanoro> Wilson, your door is locked.
14:18 <Nanoro> From the inside.
14:18 <Prior> "Or maybe it's all just a big prank." Lacey waits outside the room. Her clothes are, like everything else she owns, kept in an airtight room surrounded by a faraday cage.
14:18 <Wixelt> "Crap."
14:18 <Wixelt> Wilson takes out his spare key.
14:19 <Wixelt> He unlocks the door.
14:19 <Nanoro> When you push it into the lock, you feel something push /back/.
14:19 <Nanoro> Whatever it is, it is hard and pointy.
14:20 <Nanoro> Do you want to listen through the door?
14:20 <Wixelt> Wilson pushes harder.
14:20 <Wixelt> He also listens
14:20 <Nanoro> Perception, if you would.
14:20 <Wixelt> 4df+6
14:20 <Glacon> Wixelt: 4 (4df+6=-, -, 0, 0)
14:22 <Nanoro> These doors were never meant to be soundproof. You hear rustling, as if someone - or rather, several someones - were moving inside of the room. You also make out some whispers in a panicked tone, one right behind the door and a few others further inside.
14:22 <Nanoro> Some sounds of cloth tearing and… Scissors? Are also prevalent.
14:23 <Prior> "So… it's locked? Maybe the people pulling the prank are in there now."
14:23 <Wixelt> "Crap crap crap…"
14:24 <Nanoro> Then, whatever was in the lock is pulled out, and the rustling noises cease.
14:25 <Nanoro> Several sharp hushes can be heard, and then it is silent.
14:25 <Wixelt> Wilson slams the door open.
14:26 <Nanoro> The room is empty, save for his closet; it is wide open, and scraps of shirt cloth are lying on the floor in front of it.
14:26 <Wixelt> "…"
14:26 <Prior> "The… Heck?"
14:27 <Nanoro> Looks like they didn't expect Wilson to appear, as a few shirts are left undamaged, and a few half-destroyed.
14:30 <Wixelt> "I was about to buy some new shirts anyway…"
14:31 <Prior> Lacey gets out her radio. «5080 to 19, requesting a containment check on all items capable of personal teleportation or cloaking, as well as the status of the Skeeter queen, over.»
14:31 <Wixelt> Wilson goes over to the closet.
14:32 <Nanoro> «19 here, uhh… Skeeter still asleep, no breaches have been called out. There a problem?»
14:32 <Nanoro> There are cloth scraps all over. They look… Odd.
14:33 <Wixelt> How so?
14:33 <Prior> «someone or thing is entering quarters and destroying items of clothing. They can leave a locked roomwithout being observed. Over.»
14:34 <Nanoro> The edges seem very cleanly cut, and all in a similar, uniform pattern. Kind of a zig-zaggy one.
14:34 <Nanoro> As if someone had taken a pair of children's wavy scissors and gone wild.
14:35 <Nanoro> «Alright, been hearing reports of missing clothing all morning, that might explain it. We'll look into it, 19 out.»
14:36 <Nanoro> Upon a closer inspection, the culprit must've used /several/ scissors - you can make out at least five patterns, all different .
14:36 <Wixelt> Wilson observes them for a moment, before sticking his head into the closet.
14:37 <Nanoro> The shirts are torn, but everything else seems largely intact.
14:39 <Wixelt> Wilson frowns.
14:39 <Wixelt> "Hmm…"
14:40 <Prior> "So someone's breakin into room, going nuts with the crazy scissors from arts and crafts and running away.." She frowns. "That's weird by /our/ standards."
14:42 <Wixelt> "Indeed"
14:42 <Nanoro> Ever since you entered, you've both had a feeling of being watched.
14:43 <Nanoro> You're both still rather certain you're the only ones there.
14:44 <Prior> (Roll Per? or is it too weird for that?)
14:45 <Nanoro> … Or /are/ you? Perception.
14:46 <Wixelt> 4df+12 Awareness!
14:46 <Glacon> Wixelt: Awareness!: 10 (4df+12=0, 0, -, -)
14:46 <Prior> 4df+4 Superfluous!
14:46 <Glacon> Prior: Superfluous!: 3 (4df+4=+, -, 0, -)
14:46 <Nanoro> Perception, yes
14:47 <Nanoro> Wilson, you could swear there is something crawling on one of the shirts.
14:47 <Wixelt> Wilson looks at it.
14:47 <Nanoro> Something tiny, not even the size of an ant.
14:47 <Nanoro> Whatever it is, it looks up at you briefly and crawls faster.
14:48 <Wixelt> Wilson swings downwards and attempts to scoop up the piece of cloth it's on.
14:48 <Nanoro> You succeed; you feel it squirm fruitlessly in your fist.
14:49 <Prior> "You caught something?"
14:50 <Nanoro> The tiny critter squirms a bit more intensely.
14:51 <Nanoro> And then: suddenly, out of your fist erupts an ugly thing with a large, beak-like nose, bulbous eyes and long leathery ears!
14:52 <Nanoro> It screams and tries to get out of your grip!
14:52 <Wixelt> "I believe s- Gwah?!"
14:52 <Nanoro> 4df+5 Squirmsquirm
14:52 <Glacon> Nanoro: Squirmsquirm: 3 (4df+5=0, -, 0, -)
14:52 <Wixelt> Wilson grips it even tighter
14:52 <Nanoro> Strength plox
14:52 <Wixelt> 4df+2
14:52 <Glacon> Wixelt: 4 (4df+2=+, -, +, +)
14:53 <Prior> Lacey jumps a little. "The heck is that?"
14:53 <Nanoro> It is about the size of an American football, so you require two hands for the task: somehow you manage a hold on the screeching little thing.
14:54 <Wixelt> Wilson frowns at it.
14:56 <Nanoro> It is like a stringy, miniature human with an oversized head, a sharp chin, large nose and leathery ears. Its eyes glint madly of fear as it screams.
14:56 <Nanoro> You imnediately spot its teeth: they are a solid, uniform metal piece with a zig-zag pattern on the edge!
14:56 <Wixelt> "Ugly little thing isn't it?"
14:56 <Nanoro> … Soon, its squirming slows down and it… Begins to sob.
14:57 <Nanoro> "… Puh- puhleeze, boss… *sob* Nuht- nuht the bucket… *hic*"
14:57 <Prior> "Can… can you speak to us?"
14:57 <Nanoro> "We is sorreh, we don't do it again, boss…"
14:58 <Wixelt> Wilson frowns at it.
14:58 <Nanoro> Its eyes are red and swollen from the tears, making it look even more pitiful than before.
14:59 <Wixelt> "Good, don't do it again."
14:59 <Nanoro> It nods at Lacey, still sobbing.
14:59 <Prior> "It's… it's a goblin. A clothes-eating goblin. Since when was /that/ a thing?"
14:59 <Nanoro> t hangs its limbs limply in Wilson's grasp.
14:59 <Prior> "It's okay little one, we won't hurt you"
14:59 <Nanoro> "We… W-we is sorry…" it cries.
15:00 <Nanoro> You get the feeling that things are watching you fearfully.
15:00 <Prior> She turns to whisper to Wilson. "We need to get this guy contained. He and his friends are definitely a full-on scip. He'll be fed and warm and kept safe. Best thing for him."
15:01 <Nanoro> "We di'un wanna, boss… But the young-uns hungry…"
15:01 <Nanoro> It looks past Wilson. "Fellas, we's caughts."
15:02 <Nanoro> You hear odd, as if reverse, noises.
15:02 <Nanoro> Behind you, an assortment of four similar creatures look at you. One is smaller, seemingly an infant, and two seem female.
15:03 <Nanoro> All are wearing nothing but scraps of cloth and looks equally as miserable as the first.
15:03 <Prior> "It… he has a family." She sighs and crouches down in front of them. "I bet you're all hungry, right?"
15:03 <Nanoro> "Puhleeze, boss…" The first one pleads. "Spare the young'un from the bucket…"
15:04 <Nanoro> Lacey, the creatures shrink away from you.
15:04 <Nanoro> One of the females, seemingly the infant's mother, speaks. "… -s'posed to talk to bosses…"
15:05 <Prior> "t's alright. You can talk to me. I'm not a boss. Not really."
15:05 <Wixelt> Wilson continuous to hold the creature cautiously. He lets Lacey do the talking.
15:07 <Nanoro> The other male, scarred heavily from its face, steps forth at her with a very, very fearful frown. "Y-y-yousa better lets us go, m-ma'am, we knows ma-… Magicks…" Its voice cracks near the end of its obvious bluff.
15:08 <Nanoro> It points its clawed hand at her semi-threateningly.
15:09 <Nanoro> *finger
15:09 <Prior> "Lots of folks around here know magics." She reaches into a pocket and removes a clean handkerchief. "Here. Have this. I know how you feel."
15:10 <Nanoro> They all look at the handkerchief in sudden surprise, sans the one being held by Wilson as it is still sobbing and submissing to its fate.
15:11 <Nanoro> They all glance at each other and withdraw into a ring, whispering together with their heads held down for a moment.
15:12 <Nanoro> You cannot tell what language they are speaking, but you can guess that they are having a debate owhether or not they should accept the gift.
15:12 <Prior> Lacey stays kneeling, smiling.
15:13 <Nanoro> Shortly, the scarred one steps forth. "We is… We is accept gift from ladyboss. But wants ladyboss to taste first cuz might be poison." It looks at her sternly.
15:15 <Prior> She tears off a piece from the corner with her teeth and chews it with every sign of enthusiasim. "No poithon, thee?" She swallows her piece and offers it again.
15:16 <Nanoro> The goblin tentatively reaches and quickly grabs the handkerchief, accompanied by squeals of joy from the rest of them as it brings them the spoils.
15:17 <Wixelt> Wilson frowns at Lacey.
15:17 <Nanoro> You see as they use their teeth like scissors to cut it into pieces roughly the same size and dispense them.
15:18 <Nanoro> "Oi, what 'bouts me?!" the other male shrieks. The scarred male frowns.
15:18 <Nanoro> "Yousa gots us caught, yous gettin' none!"
15:18 <Nanoro> The first one resumes crying.
15:18 <Prior> "Y'know, being caught could be the best thing that's ever happeed to you."
15:22 <Nanoro> Now it seems they trust Lacey at least a tiny bit more. Maybe they could answer some questions.
15:22 <Nanoro> ".. Whatchus meen?" asks the scarred male.
15:24 <Wixelt> Wilson slowly but cautiously lowers the one he's holding to the floor.
15:24 <Wixelt> He doesn't let go yet.
15:24 <Nanoro> "Yousas just gonna give us the bucket anywayses!" wails the other male.
15:25 <Prior> "I used to be where you are now. I was small, I was araid, and I was hungry. Nasty people did nasty things to me, and every day was a hardship. Then the folks here found me."
15:25 <Nanoro> The others shrink away at the mention of a bucket.
15:26 <Prior> "I've spent most of my life here, and it's been grand in every way. There's food and nice people and things to do. Site 19 can be a great home if you let it be one."
15:26 <Nanoro> The younger of the females looks at Lacey with its large, glossy eyes. "…So… Yousa bosses not give us the bucket?"
15:26 <Nanoro> The seemingly older one hugs the infant.
15:27 <Wixelt> "May I ask what the bucket is?"
15:27 <Prior> "I have to say, I don't even know what the bucket is. I'd never hurt you, if that's what you mean."
15:28 <Nanoro> The others just point to the scarred male.
15:28 <Nanoro> The male looks at the others for a bit, then sighs. "Yousa got any iron?"
15:29 ProcyonGone → @ProcyonLotor
15:29 <Prior> "Not on me, and if it hurts you we will keep it far, /FAR/ away from you."
15:30 <Nanoro> It just nods sadly.
15:30 <Nanoro> The other male has stopped its sobbing. ".. Fellas, whats we do..?"
15:31 <Nanoro> The scarred male looks back. "Thees bosses don't seem bad, Yarn. Maybe we gotsa do as they sez."
15:32 <Nanoro> The younger female looks panicked. "Buh-but Wool-!"
15:33 <Nanoro> "'s aite, Silk. Wesa would be in bucket by now if they was bad."
15:33 <Nanoro> The scarred one looks up at Lacey. "Do whatchu gonna."
15:34 <Prior> Lacey smiles. "Alright. I'm about to take my radio out of my pocet. it's a hamless device, no iron at all."
15:34 <Nanoro> The females look at her nervously. "Aite."
15:35 <Wixelt> Wilson lets go of the one he was holding.
15:35 <Nanoro> It plops to its large, flat feet.
15:36 <Prior> «5080 to 19, we have identified the cause of the destroyed clothing, requesting a containment team to be sent to Doctor Wilson's room and a small humanoid chamber prepped for usage by five individuals. The containment team must not carry any ferrous metals. Over.»
15:36 <Nanoro> They all huddle up into a group and sit down, looking up at you expectantly and still rather afraid.
15:37 <Nanoro> «19 here, team is on its way. Please standby the object while they arrive. Over.»
15:38 <Prior> «wilco.Over.» She beams at the goblin-things. "Welcome to Site 19!"
15:39 <Nanoro> The goblins still look at you. "Wesa been here a while", claims the male apparently called Yarn.
15:40 <Nanoro> "Got lost, never found out", confirms the scarred male, named Wool.
15:41 <Prior> "Yeah, this place can be a maze."
15:41 <Wixelt> Wilson nods in agreement.
15:42 <Nanoro> "Yah, but wesa tiny to hide from bosses", says Yarn.
15:43 <Prior> "i noticed. Thats a pretty amazing skill, never eard of anyone who can reduce their size AND their weight."
15:43 <Nanoro> "Like this." It suddenly disappears from view.
15:44 <Nanoro> Yarn returns to its normal size, a stupid smile on its face. It doesn't fade until Wool bumps it on the shoulder.
15:44 <Nanoro> "Ows."
15:45 <Nanoro> "Quit smielin', ya oaf." Wool looks up at her. "Whas gonna happens to us?"
15:46 <Prior> "Some men are going to come and take you to a safe plce. They'll give you a home and food and you'll never have to hide again."
15:46 <Nanoro> The older female is feeding a scrap from the handkerchief to the infant.
15:48 <Nanoro> Yarn's eyes open wide, and it suddenly raises one bony, clawed hand.
15:48 <Nanoro> "Will we still gets to looks at Telley Vison?"
15:48 <Prior> "I don't see why not. I do."
15:49 <Nanoro> All their eyes seem to brighten up a bit.
15:49 <Nanoro> You hear footsteps froom the hallway.
15:50 <Nanoro> Sounds like the Containment boys are almost here.
15:51 <Wixelt> Wilson looks around.
15:51 <Nanoro> Yup, definately a group of heavily armoured gentlemen coming your way.
15:51 <Prior> ~I hope they got the ferrous memo…~
15:52 <Nanoro> Wool looks up at Lacey once more. ".. Yas promise wesa gonna be alrite..?"
15:53 <Prior> "I will do my best."
15:53 <Nanoro> The containment boys swoop in, and as swiftly as they came, they leave with the goblins bagged.
15:54 <Nanoro> One of them stays behind for a moment. "You both alright, no injuries?"
15:55 <Wixelt> "Not at all."
15:55 <Prior> "We're fine. They're highly compliant and shy. Also, try to treat them right. They may have powerful friends."
15:56 <Nanoro> The containment officer nodss an takes a few notes., then he goes off in is way.

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