Sharp Tops

<Nanoro> Violent coughing can be heard from Maxwell's room.
<Wixelt> The radio flickers with static
<Wixelt> '…dooomed…'
<Nanoro> Some muffled swears can be heard.
<Recursive> Wiley frowns at the radio. "Don't you have anything better to do?"
<Recursive> Wiley looks back into the hallway, hearing the muffled noises.
<Wixelt> '…Besides plot against you, no…'
<Nanoro> Maxwell erupts through the door, cpughing and hacking; a thick haze surrounds him, and he is holding a cigar in his hand. He gasps for air.
<Recursive> "Well, how about we find something better to do, eh? I heard the olympics are on."
<Nanoro> "-dy hell, they tryin' to poison me?!"
<Nanoro> He glances at the cigar venomously.
<Recursive> Somewhere, Q's conspiracy intensifies.
<Nanoro> As the thick smoke flows towards the commons, you can smell a thick, pungent and musky scent.
<Nanoro> Unusually, there isn't a hint of berry in it.
<Recursive> Wiley looks around for the source, and coughs. "Do you bloody mind?"
<Nanoro> "This ain't what I bloody ordered!" Maxwell roars from the door.
<Recursive> Wiley rolls his eyes.
<Wixelt> '…I don't know why I even bother taunting you people…'
<Recursive> "There there, buddy. Let it out."
<Nanoro> Maxwell storms back into his room, then returns with a cigar box that he is carefully inspecting. He tramples his way to the commons, where he stumps the cigar in the nearest ashtray and leaves it there.
<Recursive> Wiley sneezes at the stench, and gives a cross between a fan and a wave at Maxwell.
<Nanoro> "-… bastards cannoe-… one flippin' mail order correctly-…"
<Wixelt> '…I'm going to go and think of new and inventive ways to kill you all. Adios…'
<Wixelt> The radio crackles and returns to an actual station.

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<Nanoro> He sits down and frantically inspects the box.
<Recursive> "See you then."

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<Nanoro> Maxwell looks up from his task. ".. See whonow?"
<Recursive> "Oh, just talking to the radio." Wiley grins slyly.
<Nanoro> Maxwell frowns at him in confusion.
<Nanoro> ".. Ye oughta get yer 'ead checked, lad." He continues his frantic search.
<Recursive> Wiley snickers.
<Wixelt> The radio crackles.
<Nanoro> ".. Ach, blast it!" Maxwell hits the box. "The address' been ripped off! Just me bloody luck!"
<Wixelt> '…dooomed…'
<Nanoro> Maxwell gives the device an evil eye.
<Recursive> "What are you even trying to do? I'm sure we've got shipment lists in the offices somewhere."
<Nanoro> "That thing doin' it again?" he asks Wiley.
<Recursive> "You're back already?" Wiley addresses the radio.
<Wixelt> '…Eh, I was told to run interference…'
<Nanoro> ".. Ye heard it too before?"
<Recursive> "What talking radio did you think I was talking about?"
<Nanoro> "Well, weren't sure if it were talkin' the couple times before, thought it was some kinda book readin' or such. Or, ye know. Religious things."
<Nanoro> "Or news, they like to go on 'bout doom, right?"
<Recursive> "I can understand."
<Wixelt> '…dooomed…'
<Wixelt> '…Well, that should be enough time…'
<Recursive> Wiley ignores the radio, sipping his tea nonchalantly.
<Nanoro> ".. Oh, quiet, ye. Now that I know yer but a wee talkin' radio, even the coffee machine back there is more terrifyin'." He points his thumb over his shoulder, towards the coffee room.
<Wixelt> Roll perception.
<Wixelt> '…You think i'm a radio…'
<Nanoro> "Admittedly though, that bloody things is demonic."
<Wixelt> It laughs.
<Nanoro> *thing
<Wixelt> '…This is but a medium for me…'
<Recursive> 4df+9 muh senseors
<Glacon> Recursive: muh senseors: 9 (4df+9=0, -, 0, +)
<Nanoro> ((uh, shit. hold up, gotta pull up the sheet and stuff))
<Recursive> Wiley is slightly more chalant.
<Nanoro> 4df+4 durrr cigars
<Glacon> Nanoro: durrr cigars: 2 (4df+4=-, -, -, +)
<Wixelt> Maxwell, you notice nothing.
<Wixelt> Wiley, you can very clearly hear the sound of distant gunfire and guards shouting.
<Wixelt> '…Yeah, they should be about done by now…'
<Nanoro> He is too busy with his cigar box.
<Wixelt> Then, it suddenly stops.
<Recursive> So he does. "The GOC lost their minds again?" He goes to walk towards the noise. Or where it came from.
<Wixelt> It was coming from somewhere near the labs.
<Recursive> Wiley runs that way.
<Nanoro> Maxwell is busy inspecting the box for any clues of where to send the box back to and demand a refund from.

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<Nanoro> He raises his head as Wiley sprints off. ".. O-oi! Where're ye off to now?!"
<Recursive> "Mhm Werm permem!" Is the distant reply.
<Nanoro> Maxwell staggers up, placing the box down on the table and hurries after.

<Wixelt> 4df+6
<Glacon> Wixelt: 6 (4df+6=-, -, +, +)
<Wixelt> Nothing of interest occurs/
<Wixelt> *.
<Recursive> Wiley peeks around the labs.

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<Wixelt> There's blood all over the place.
<Wixelt> And the bodies…
<Wixelt> Roll perception.
<weitoobusy> Ethan is currently working in the medical wing
<Recursive> 4df+9 ~Yeh, this ain't good.~
<Glacon> Recursive: ~Yeh, this ain't good.~: 10 (4df+9=+, 0, +, -)
<Nanoro> Maxwell arrives to the scene a moment after.
<Wixelt> All of the bodies… have no heads.
<Wixelt> They've been cut clean off.

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<Recursive> ~I needed a percep roll to see whether or not heads were cut off?~ Wiley checks for immediate causes.
<Nanoro> "… Sweet mother of-…" Maxwell looks around in slight shock.

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<weitoobusy> 4df+10 Ethan tends to some injured people
<Glacon> weitoobusy: Ethan tends to some injured people: 10 (4df+10=+, 0, 0, -)
<weitoobusy> Injured people are becoming less so
<weitoobusy> He has no idea what's going on elsewhere in site 19, as he's busy in the medical wing.

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<Wixelt> Wiley and Maxwell, you may hear a whimpering
<Nanoro> "The hell happened here?" Maxwell grabs the handle of his blackjack firmly.
<Recursive> Wiley does, and jogs over to where it's coming from.
<Nanoro> ".. Oi!" Maxwell points at the direction of said whimpering.
<Nanoro> He follows.
<Wixelt> It's coming from a door marked as 'Lab 2'
<Recursive> Wiley checks the door, and if it is unlocked, he opens it carefully. "Hello?"
<Nanoro> Maxwell peeks in from behind him.
<Wixelt> It opens with ease.
<Nanoro> "Should I fetch a shotgun?"
<Wixelt> On the other side of the door, you find Wilson, cowering behind a table.
<Nanoro> "..! Wilson!" Maxwell hurries over, pushing Wiley aside.
<Recursive> "No, you trigger happy maniac. Wilson, are you alright?" Wiley walks over.
<Wixelt> Wilson just whimpers.
<Wixelt> He looks petrified.
<weitoobusy> 4df+10 Ethan continues tending to injured people.
<Glacon> weitoobusy: Ethan continues tending to injured people.: 9 (4df+10=0, -, -, +)
<Recursive> Wiley looks at his clothing and stuff, to look for signs of injury. "Can you hear me?"
<Nanoro> "Cmon, laddie, snap out of it!" Maxwell grabs him by the shoulders and shakes him a bit.
<Wixelt> Wilson is physically fine, he just looks like he watched a bunch of people get decapitated.
<Recursive> "Ah, Max… maybe not the best idea to manhandle a frightened possibly injured man?"
<Recursive> "We should get him to medical.
<Recursive> "
<Nanoro> "… Nay, he's fine… In a shock though." He carefully helps Wilson stand.
<Wixelt> As you shake him, he blinks a couple of times.
<Nanoro> "Aye, that might be best."
<Wixelt> "Oh god, oh god, oh god…"
<Nanoro> ".. Laddie, take it easy. Maxwell here."
<Recursive> Wiley tries to haul him to a standing position. "Are you okay?"
<Wixelt> "Oh god…" he stares at the two of them, "I'm alright, oh god i'm alright."
<Wixelt> He slowly staggers to a stand.
<Recursive> "We're going to get you to medical, it's going to be alright."
<Nanoro> "Alright, take a deep breath. The hell happened in 'ere?"
<Wixelt> "Okay, okay…" Wilson begins to calm slightly, "But, those men…"
<Recursive> "Yeah, we saw. What did this to them?"
<Wixelt> "The card people…"
<Wixelt> Wilson shivers visibly.
<Wixelt> "The bad ones…"
<Recursive> "T- Card pe- Here? Did you see where they went?"
<Wixelt> Wilson shakes his head.

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<Nanoro> ".. /They/ did this..?"
<Nanoro> ".. Bloody hell… Here I thought the wee lass was nice and all."
<Wixelt> "No… the black cards…"
<Recursive> "Can you get him to medical? I'm going to go find them before they cause more damage." Wiley runs off.
<Nanoro> ".. There are bad ones?" Maxwell arcs an eyebrow.
<Nanoro> "Bloody hell, what've I been missin'?"
<Wixelt> A slight whistling sound fills the air.

<Nanoro> "Aye!" Maxwell steadies Wilson and starts helping him over to Medical.
<Wixelt> Roll perception.

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<Wixelt> "The red ones… are good…"
<Nanoro> 4df+4
<Glacon> Nanoro: 4 (4df+4=0, -, 0, +)
<Nanoro> "Aye, ye can tell me all 'bout it once yer in Medical, aite? Now come along."
<Wixelt> In any other circumstance, you wouldn't notice this, but there appears to be a small fast object heading directly for you.
<Recursive> Wiley looks around for the whistling sound.
<Recursive> ~Oh cra-~ Wiley ducks
<Wixelt> It's coming from back where Maxwell is.
<Nanoro> "..!"
<Wixelt> It misses both of you and embeds itself in a wall.
<Nanoro> Maxwell ducks, pulling Wilson down as well.
<Recursive> Wiley gets up gently, and goes to investigate.
<Wixelt> On closer inspection Wiley, the object in the wall appears to be a card.
<Nanoro> Maxwell looks up from the floor at the spot of collision.
<Recursive> Wiley picks it out. He's familiar with throwing card weapons.
<Wixelt> It's an Ace of Spades.
<Recursive> "This guy again? Bugger."
<Wixelt> No, the other guy was the 2 of Spades.
<Nanoro> Maxwell helps Wilson back up again. "Everythin' alrite back there?!" he shouts at Wiley.
<Wixelt> Wilson grunts slightly
<Recursive> Wiley redacts that. "An ace? Bloody hell."
<Recursive> Wiley looks over his shoulder. "Yeh, I'm fine."
<Wixelt> Wilson stares at the cards, then at Wiley.
<Wixelt> "You've read the reports… haven't you…?"
<Recursive> He takes the card, and pockets it with the rest he got from 2 of Spades.
<Wixelt> He's still somewhat pale.
<Nanoro> "Aite, we're headin' off then!"
<Recursive> Wiley nods, and goes in the direction the card was thrown.
<Nanoro> Maxwell just recalls something. ".. Oi, lad… Ye were on 'bout the cards, weren't you?" he asks Wilson.
<Wixelt> Wilson nods.
<Wixelt> "Thart's a black card…"
<Wixelt> "The bad guys…"
<Wixelt> "The reds are good…"
<Nanoro> He rustles his pockets for a while, then pulls out what seems to be a familiar trading card. It is number 666, the Evil Coffee Machine.
<Nanoro> ".. Don't reckon this got anythin' to do with it then."
<Wixelt> "I think there's a link…"
<Wixelt> "Haven't read the whole report though…"
<Recursive> "Four types of card. Spade, diamond, heart, club. And maybe the jokers?"
<Nanoro> "Its just that… They told the lass to stop makin' these, aye?"
<Wixelt> Wilson gives a weak shrug.
<Nanoro> "Well… This appeared in me pocket but a week ago."
<Wixelt> "I read the report… or at least enough of it…"
<Recursive> Wiley frowns to himself. "I should go look for the source." He runs off.
<Wixelt> "No-one ever told her to stop."

<Nanoro> ".. Hurm. Aite."
<Wixelt> "Regardless… I think the reds we have are the good guys…"
<Nanoro> "Mrh." Maxwell half carries Wixelt onwards.
<Nanoro> *Wilson
<Nanoro> derp
<Wixelt> (Wixelt looks confused)

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