Shadows Inbound

21:16 Jabonicus Carver is asleep in his room. He seems to be fidgeting though.
21:16 Wixelt What is he dreaming of.
21:16 Wixelt *?
21:17 Jabonicus Carver sees himself in a Japanese internment camp. He has all his scars, but he looks dangerously thin.
21:18 Wixelt Roll perception.
21:18 Jabonicus 4df+3 (perception)
21:18 Glacon Jabonicus: (perception): 4 (4df+3=+, -, 0, +)
21:19 Wixelt You feel like you are being watched by something that just feels… wrong.
21:20 Jabonicus Carver feels used to being watched by the guards, but he can tell this is different. He keeps his head down, glancing up every now and then at other prisoners, some he knew from when he was actually there, and some he can't recall.
21:22 Wixelt Carver, you may notice that a few of the prisoners who were there a few minutes before have mysteriously vanished.
21:24 Jabonicus That's… Odd. Was there a work order? He didn't remember one. He looked around briefly. Where could they have gone?
21:25 Wixelt There's nowhere apparent.
21:26 Jabonicus Are there still people left around?
21:27 Wixelt Yes, but a good number less than before.
21:28 Jabonicus Carver frowns, people don't just disappear. No one told them to go anywhere. Carver glanced up at the guards, careful to not directly look them in the eye, to see if they were reacting to it.
21:30 Wixelt They aren't.
21:30 Wixelt Wait.
21:30 Wixelt Roll perception
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21:30 Jabonicus 4df+3
21:30 Glacon Jabonicus: 5 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, +)
21:31 Wixelt At least 2 of the guards are gone as well.
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21:33 Jabonicus That is /very/ odd. Where would they go? Did the guards take people somewhere? Carver knew it was best not to talk though.
21:34 Wixelt You also notice something dark and shadowy out of the corner of your eyes.
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21:35 Jabonicus Carver turns to it, with the feeling that something is /wrong/ .
21:35 Wixelt Whatever it was, it's suddenly gone when you look at it.
21:36 Wixelt There was definitely something there though.
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21:37 Jabonicus Carver blinks a few times, trying to believe that it was his imagination. He knows it wasn't though. He /has/ to tell somebody, but the guards would catch him if he did. No one else was in the areas where they wouldn't see him talking, and the remaining guards seemed unfazed.
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21:38 Wixelt Roll perception.
21:39 Jabonicus 4df+3 (perception)
21:39 Glacon Jabonicus: (perception): 3 (4df+3=-, -, +, +)
21:42 Wixelt Nothing else bad seems to have happened. Yeah, definitely
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21:43 Jabonicus Carver tries to calm his nerves. Hopefully that was the end of it.
21:44 Wixelt Carver, you may hear the sound of something crumbling.
21:46 Jabonicus Carver turns to the sound. One of the buildings could be falling, but was anyone else reacting to it?
21:47 Wixelt One of the buildings is quite literally crumbling into dust.
21:47 Wixelt No-one is reacting to it.
21:48 Jabonicus Carver looks around, trying to figure out why no one is reacting to it, before slowly walking towards the fallen building.
21:49 Wixelt Once the dust clears, the area where the building was is completely bare, as if there was no building there to begin with.
21:49 Wixelt There's no people (assuming there were people inside the building) there either.
21:50 Jabonicus That's… Quite impossible. Carver stops, something is wrong here. Something is dreadfully wrong.
21:51 Wixelt Roll perception.
21:51 Jabonicus 4df+3
21:51 Glacon Jabonicus: 4 (4df+3=+, +, -, 0)
21:52 Wixelt You hear even more crumbling
21:52 Jabonicus Carver turns to the new sound. Another building crumbling?
21:52 Wixelt Many buildings in fact.
21:53 Wixelt A large portion of the camp has now been reduced to almost nothing, as has it's population.
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21:53 Wixelt Those that remain still haven't reacted.
21:54 Jabonicus This isn't right. This can't be right. Carver begins looking around wildly, ignoring his senses telling him that he needs to avoid the attention of the guards. Something is /dreadfully/ wrong.
21:55 Wixelt All of the guards are basically gone at this point anyway.
21:55 Wixelt Roll perception.
21:56 Jabonicus 4df+3
21:56 Glacon Jabonicus: 4 (4df+3=0, 0, +, 0)
21:56 Wixelt Since there's alot less to see now, you notice this immediately
21:56 Wixelt Several metres away from you, there is a figure who appears to be made of shadows.
21:57 Jabonicus Carver freezes. "What the…" He finally speaks, his voice raspy.
21:58 Wixelt It begins to move towards you.
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21:58 Wixelt The remaining population suddenly flickers out of existence, along with most of the remaining structures.
22:00 Jabonicus Carver doesn't move. If he ran, his strength would fail him. If he fought, his attacks would be non-existent. "…What do you want?"
22:01 Wixelt It makes no sound, and simply continues moving towards you
22:01 Wixelt It begins to reach forwards with one arm at the same time.
22:02 Jabonicus Carver still doesn't move. "What do you want?" Carver repeats, louder this time.
22:03 Wixelt It stops moving about a few metres from you, with it's arm still outstretched.
22:04 Jabonicus Carver stares at it, as the thin, weak man he was. He repeats, one last time, softer than before. "What do you want?"
22:05 Wixelt It still says nothing.
22:05 Wixelt It's arm suddenly begins to physically extend towards.
22:06 Jabonicus Carver doesn't move, his eyes fixed on the arm moving towards him. He tries not to flinch, but he has no clue what it's going to do.
22:07 Wixelt It stops just inches from your face.
22:08 Jabonicus Carver slowly reaches up towards the hand, shaking slightly.
22:08 Wixelt Roll Mental Defense
22:09 Jabonicus 4df+2
22:09 Glacon Jabonicus: 2 (4df+2=-, +, 0, 0)
22:10 Wixelt A splitting pain fills your head as it is filled with mental activity.
22:10 Wixelt You feel like every nerve in your body is on fire.
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22:14 Jabonicus Carver collapses, clutching his head.
22:14 Wixelt One by one, a sequence of numbers is embedded into your memory
22:15 Wixelt '23 46 93 71 27 36 8 54'
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22:34 Jabonicus Carver would try to figure out what the numbers meant, if his head wasn't splitting with pain.
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22:37 Wixelt Then you wake up.
22:38 Jabonicus Carver wakes up sweating, but that isn't abnormal for him. Carver recalls the numbers, and briefly tries to think of what they could be, before shaking his head groggily.
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22:41 Wixelt The numbers are ingrained deep into your memory, you probably won't forget them easily.

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