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[Wednesday 19:20:23pm] Optimal Frederick is still in the commons. Assuming there was some sort of call, Fred heads to wherever he needs to be.
[Wednesday 19:20:27pm] lurkd "I do hope this is rather an easy task… and by easy I mean short."
[Wednesday 19:20:43pm] Sax Adrian, feeling like something's about to happen, grabs his satchel and heads to the briefing room.
[Wednesday 19:20:57pm] Roget "Hello! It is literally terrific to see so many new faces on the site lately, don't you all think so?"
[Wednesday 19:20:59pm] DiePotato "Now doctor where the fun in that be." He's still holding the dud pipe bomb
[Wednesday 19:21:05pm] Roget Fulton's as chipper as ever.
[Wednesday 19:21:15pm] Sax Adrian looks around. Who's new?
[Wednesday 19:21:19pm] Scantron "Literally?" Maria is there, and new!
[Wednesday 19:21:25pm] DiePotato *where would
[Wednesday 19:21:27pm] lurkd "Get on with the briefing, Mr. Fuller."
[Wednesday 19:21:28pm] Optimal Frederick nods.
[Wednesday 19:21:32pm] Roget He smiles broadly at everyone in the room. "Literally!"
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[Wednesday 19:21:36pm] lurkd Ivan the patient.
[Wednesday 19:21:48pm] lurkd B(
[Wednesday 19:22:21pm] EnigmaticProdigy OOC: Is this the Run?
[Wednesday 19:22:34pm] EnigmaticProdigy Not many actives
[Wednesday 19:22:41pm] Roget "Well, Ivan, we've received reports of some anomalous shipments from an abandoned factory."
[Wednesday 19:22:53pm] lurkd *sigh*
[Wednesday 19:23:03pm] lurkd "Do you have a manifest of said shipments?"
[Wednesday 19:23:11pm] DiePotato ~Ooh boy~ He thinks placing the dud in his pack
[Wednesday 19:23:45pm] Sax Adrian patiently sits, while writing notes on a FMP.
[Wednesday 19:23:57pm] DiePotato Jed adjusts his scabbard
[Wednesday 19:24:00pm] DiePotato and pack
[Wednesday 19:24:03pm] Roget "I can't show you, but I can tell you that all we could get from it was that the shipment was toys, and the owner was one 'Doctor Wonder-tainment.'"
[Wednesday 19:24:15pm] ->| shellshocked (ten.tsacmoc.nm.1dsh.C2BE58B4-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsacmoc.nm.1dsh.C2BE58B4-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #homeimprovement
[Wednesday 19:24:22pm] Sax "Nothing pathogenic?"
[Wednesday 19:24:32pm] DiePotato ~Wonder if their related to that auction house~
[Wednesday 19:24:32pm] lurkd "What kind of name for a Doctor is that?"
[Wednesday 19:24:45pm] lurkd "Is it a real Doctor?"
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[Wednesday 19:24:50pm] Scantron "Not likely."
[Wednesday 19:24:54pm] Roget "No idea!" Fulton keeps on grinning. "But it's literally great to see your inquisitive mind on point!"
[Wednesday 19:24:55pm] DiePotato "At least he has an actual name"
[Wednesday 19:25:16pm] shellshocked Sofia just listens.
[Wednesday 19:25:25pm] Sax Adrian grimaces, and writes down to bring some gear on-site if necessary.
[Wednesday 19:25:29pm] lurkd "Wondertainment is not a name. It's a moronic moniker."
[Wednesday 19:25:49pm] Roget "Well, it's the only name we've got, buddy."
[Wednesday 19:25:49pm] DiePotato "It's better than saying Dr. Who" (Badum tsss)
[Wednesday 19:25:58pm] Optimal Fred also sighs. "It's obviously a brand name. No one in their right mind would refer to themselves as 'Wondertainment'."
[Wednesday 19:26:10pm] shellshocked "Well maybe they're not in their right mind."
[Wednesday 19:26:37pm] Roget "Maybe! That's for them to know and you to find out!"
[Wednesday 19:26:40pm] Sax "Where is the location of the anomalous shipment?"
[Wednesday 19:26:41pm] Roget he's so happy what the fuck
[Wednesday 19:26:46pm] Roget "Albany."
[Wednesday 19:26:55pm] Scantron "Close. That's good."
[Wednesday 19:27:00pm] shellshocked "Well at least it's not far."
[Wednesday 19:27:04pm] Roget "Yup!"
[Wednesday 19:27:13pm] Sax Adrian writes down a few more notes.
[Wednesday 19:27:37pm] lurkd "Somebody drive."
[Wednesday 19:27:39pm] Roget "Your driver awaits if you're all ready to go!"
[Wednesday 19:27:43pm] lurkd Ivan hops in the back.
[Wednesday 19:27:50pm] Sax "Will radios be provided?"
[Wednesday 19:27:50pm] lurkd "Good."
[Wednesday 19:27:51pm] shellshocked "Does anyone else have any more questions?"
[Wednesday 19:28:15pm] DiePotato "Nope"
[Wednesday 19:28:19pm] Roget "You get one radio!"
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[Wednesday 19:28:29pm] Roget It's over here!" he points to a nearby radio-backpack-thing
[Wednesday 19:28:37pm] Optimal "So I'm guessing we are to simply retrieve these anomalous items?"
[Wednesday 19:28:59pm] Sax "…"
[Wednesday 19:29:03pm] Roget "If you can! Try not to die, that would make me sad!"
[Wednesday 19:29:03pm] shellshocked Sofia lets someone else pick up the radio backpack since she's not good with those things.
[Wednesday 19:29:05pm] Sax Adrian nods. Fucking budget cuts.
[Wednesday 19:29:15pm] Roget "Only kidding, of course! You'll be fine. Probably."
[Wednesday 19:29:19pm] DiePotato Jed doesnt pick it up he has enough stuff
[Wednesday 19:29:20pm] Roget He smiles
[Wednesday 19:29:30pm] lurkd "Stop talking. Let's leave already."
[Wednesday 19:29:34pm] Optimal "… Do we have any idea what exactly we are looking for?"
[Wednesday 19:29:36pm] DiePotato He climbs in the back next to the good Doctor
[Wednesday 19:29:45pm] Sax Does that imply Adrian's the bad Doctor?
[Wednesday 19:29:53pm] Scantron Maria gets in the back as well (if there's not room in the back, she gets in the middle).
[Wednesday 19:30:03pm] DiePotato Havent met you yet soooooo maybe?
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[Wednesday 19:30:19pm] Sax Adrian secures his gear to the side of the vehicle, and hops on.
[Wednesday 19:30:28pm] shellshocked Sofia gets in the front next to the driver if able.
[Wednesday 19:30:36pm] Optimal Fred throws his hands up as if he was saying "Fuck it." He enters the transportation.
[Wednesday 19:30:41pm] DiePotato Jed holds his pack in his lap. Be a shame if we got blown up because of a bad bumo
[Wednesday 19:30:41pm] Roget The driver is a one-eyed guy with a cigar in his teeth. "You lot ready to rumble?"
[Wednesday 19:30:43pm] DiePotato *bump
[Wednesday 19:30:59pm] lurkd "Drive. And no talking."
[Wednesday 19:31:04pm] lurkd "Just go."
[Wednesday 19:31:18pm] shellshocked Sofia nods, gritting her teeth because ew cigars.
[Wednesday 19:31:20pm] Sax To Jed: "Secure that to the side of the vehicle."
[Wednesday 19:31:56pm] Sax "Easier to fix the side of a truck than your lap."
[Wednesday 19:32:05pm] DiePotato "Mmmm If this goes it wont matter where it is" He says myseriously
[Wednesday 19:32:09pm] Optimal Fred places his cane in between his knees. He's a bit irritated at how unprepared he thinks the group is.
[Wednesday 19:32:13pm] Roget "Fine, fellah. No need to be rude."
[Wednesday 19:32:20pm] Roget he outs the car in gear and goes!
[Wednesday 19:32:37pm] DiePotato ~rude… :(~
[Wednesday 19:33:20pm] lurkd "What is this with me being called rude. You are hired to drive. Just. DRIVE. It is literally your only function. You are not even a regular agent. Do you even have a nametag?!?" Ivan's getting pissy.
[Wednesday 19:33:23pm] Sax ~This kid is going to get us killed~
[Wednesday 19:33:35pm] Roget The site melts into the darkness behind them, as they head out into the woods towards Albany.
[Wednesday 19:33:43pm] Roget "Fuck off, you're not my boss."
[Wednesday 19:33:58pm] DrSavage "Ivan, calm yourself."
[Wednesday 19:34:06pm] shellshocked Sofia decides to spend the ride looking at the trees in the woods and trying to identify their species.
[Wednesday 19:34:17pm] DiePotato "Now doctor you no need to be rude" He pulls out the dud and tosses it between his hands for him to see
[Wednesday 19:34:21pm] lurkd Ivan sulks in his seat, but he's silent.
[Wednesday 19:34:27pm] Scantron Maria seems indifferent to Ivan's petulance.
[Wednesday 19:34:31pm] Sax Adrian glares daggers in Jed's direction.
[Wednesday 19:34:32pm] Roget They're going by too fast to tell. This guys going well past the speed limit.
[Wednesday 19:34:32pm] DiePotato (no you)
[Wednesday 19:34:44pm] lurkd "I'm- GAH! ARE YOU MAD!"
[Wednesday 19:34:52pm] DiePotato "Driver you may- HOH SHIT"
[Wednesday 19:34:53pm] lurkd He tosses it back.
[Wednesday 19:35:07pm] Sax "!"[Wednesday 19:35:14pm] DiePotato Jed catches it
[Wednesday 19:35:18pm] DiePotato "Careful doc"
[Wednesday 19:35:30pm] Sax "Kid, are you fuckin' insane?!"
[Wednesday 19:35:46pm] shellshocked "Are you guys going to act like children the whole mission or…?"
[Wednesday 19:35:48pm] Sax ~We are so going to get blown to bits~
[Wednesday 19:35:51pm] Optimal Frederick facepalms. We are WAY under-prepared.
[Wednesday 19:35:54pm] DiePotato "Not usually" he says staring out into the distance
[Wednesday 19:35:54pm] lurkd "Some explosives are sensitive you know."
[Wednesday 19:36:09pm] Sax "Kid, don't get us killed."
[Wednesday 19:36:16pm] Sax "I would love to bring everyone back."
[Wednesday 19:36:17pm] Optimal Frederick doubts that these folks even read the handbook.
[Wednesday 19:36:26pm] Sax Adrian's tone is much more dark than usual.
[Wednesday 19:36:27pm] lurkd There's a handbook?
[Wednesday 19:36:28pm] Roget They go around a corner like *skrrrrrrrrrrrt* and shoot off down a windy back road. "Hold on to yer seats, kids, takin' a shortcut."
[Wednesday 19:36:30pm] DiePotato "Don't worry. As long as the driver doesnt kill us we'll be fine"
[Wednesday 19:36:37pm] DiePotato ~SHIT~
[Wednesday 19:36:49pm] DiePotato Jed hugs his bag
[Wednesday 19:36:49pm] Sax "I trust the driver."
[Wednesday 19:36:52pm] lurkd "I'm going to report you."
[Wednesday 19:36:53pm] Sax ~And not you~
[Wednesday 19:36:53pm] shellshocked Sofia looks nervous. She literally holds onto her seat.
[Wednesday 19:37:09pm] Optimal "Whatever happened to no talking?"
[Wednesday 19:37:39pm] Scantron "Talking is fine." Maria is thrown against whoever's next to her, as she doesn't bother to hold onto anything.
[Wednesday 19:37:44pm] DiePotato "Now doctor whyever so" Tossing the dud out of the truck
[Wednesday 19:37:51pm] Roget The driver finishes his cigar, tosses the butt into the backseat, and immediately lights a new one. "Everyone alright?"
[Wednesday 19:37:56pm] lurkd B|
[Wednesday 19:37:56pm] DiePotato Still clutching bag like death
[Wednesday 19:37:59pm] Sax "We're good - keep going."
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[Wednesday 19:38:11pm] Sax Adrian's strapped down comfortably.
[Wednesday 19:38:24pm] Roget "Swell. We're gettin' close."
[Wednesday 19:38:25pm] Optimal Fred gives a wave of approval.
[Wednesday 19:38:31pm] shellshocked "Everyone is fine."
[Wednesday 19:38:41pm] DiePotato "I'm good!" He yells
[Wednesday 19:38:43pm] shellshocked ~it's not the car ride that's going to kill us~
[Wednesday 19:38:45pm] DrSavage "Hmmmm."
[Wednesday 19:39:08pm] Roget "terrific, glad yer all still with us."
[Wednesday 19:39:20pm] Roget He takes another sharp turn. "Almost there, kids."
[Wednesday 19:39:45pm] Scantron Maria again fails to brace herself.
[Wednesday 19:40:07pm] shellshocked "Is this shortcut necessary?" Sofia feels slightly queasy.
[Wednesday 19:40:16pm] ->| Fiend|Sleeps (moc.duolccri.gnilae.38478F97-CRInys|19282diu#moc.duolccri.gnilae.38478F97-CRInys|19282diu) has joined #homeimprovement
[Wednesday 19:40:37pm] DiePotato Jed is still exceptionally worried about his bag. His sword is clanging aagainst the bed of the truck
[Wednesday 19:40:58pm] Roget "Unless you wanna be in the car for fifteen times as long, sure."
[Wednesday 19:41:07pm] Roget He laughs
[Wednesday 19:41:13pm] lurkd Ivan groans.
[Wednesday 19:41:14pm] Sax Adrian's quiet.
[Wednesday 19:41:15pm] shellshocked She sighs and continues holding on for dear life.
[Wednesday 19:41:30pm] DiePotato Jed is having a tid bit of fun
[Wednesday 19:41:39pm] DiePotato While trying to keep everyone alive
[Wednesday 19:41:40pm] lurkd "I'm haunting you if you wind up killing me."
[Wednesday 19:41:42pm] Sax He finished preparing, having a M3 SMG prepared.
[Wednesday 19:41:51pm] DiePotato "Same to you."
[Wednesday 19:42:04pm] Roget "We're about there… get ready."
[Wednesday 19:42:17pm] lurkd Ivan has his trusty Smith & Wesson Model 3 Revolver. An odd choice, but reliable.
[Wednesday 19:42:22pm] DiePotato "I can already tell we're going to get around wonderfully doctor"
[Wednesday 19:42:27pm] DiePotato *along
[Wednesday 19:42:31pm] lurkd He loads it and puts it back in the holster.
[Wednesday 19:42:33pm] Roget You all can see a large, square building at the end of the winding road you're currently travelling on. It looks to have some lights on inside…
[Wednesday 19:42:42pm] shellshocked Sofia doesn't have any weapons. She'll probably have to improvise.
[Wednesday 19:42:51pm] Sax Sofia, you feel a tap on your shoulder.
[Wednesday 19:42:51pm] DiePotato Jed checks his pack for all his stuffs
[Wednesday 19:42:52pm] lurkd He also pulls out this bad boy: http://media.liveauctiongroup.net/i/9633/10494890_1.jpg?v=8CDC8BE1FF884B0
[Wednesday 19:43:09pm] shellshocked Sofia turns towards the tapping person.
[Wednesday 19:43:12pm] lurkd And loads a hefty looking pringles can of a cartridge into it.
[Wednesday 19:43:16pm] lurkd *FOOMP*
[Wednesday 19:43:21pm] Optimal Frederick twirls his cane in hand. http://scpsandbox2.wdfiles.com/local--files/optimal/Frederick%27s%20Cane.JPG
[Wednesday 19:43:23pm] Sax It's Adrian. "Miss, do you have a weapon?"
[Wednesday 19:43:24pm] DiePotato Jed stares at the odd weapon
[Wednesday 19:43:44pm] Sax To Ivan: "You brought out that bad boy and didn't bother to share?"
[Wednesday 19:43:57pm] DiePotato "What is that odd contraption doctor?"
[Wednesday 19:44:15pm] shellshocked She shakes her head. "I'm not much more than a scientist I'm afraid. I wasn't prepared to come here."
[Wednesday 19:44:33pm] Sax "Then stay behind me." He holds out his Singer, handle first, to her.
[Wednesday 19:45:11pm] Roget They come to a screeching halt outside the building. "You don't have t'go home, but you can't stay here!"
[Wednesday 19:45:18pm] DiePotato Jed looks at her "I'd lend you one of these" He says opening his bag o' bombs "But you probably dont know bombs…"
[Wednesday 19:45:27pm] Sax To Jed: "No."
[Wednesday 19:45:29pm] Scantron Maria gets out of the car!
[Wednesday 19:45:37pm] shellshocked She nods and takes it, careful not to have her finger on the trigger, waiting for the others to get out. "No explosives."
[Wednesday 19:45:57pm] Sax Adrian undoes his gear.
[Wednesday 19:46:02pm] DiePotato "Fine" Jed hops out and puts on his pack adjusting his blade
[Wednesday 19:46:08pm] Sax It's quite clear he's a medic.
[Wednesday 19:46:45pm] DrSavage Randall steps out. "No weapons unless needed."
[Wednesday 19:47:00pm] lurkd To Adrian: "Only I'm trained to use this."
[Wednesday 19:47:08pm] Roget The building stands there in front of them, about three stories high, with some lights on the top floor shining out the windows. There are two doors, and a beat-down chainlink fence around the building.
[Wednesday 19:47:27pm] DiePotato (Are we outside the fence?)
[Wednesday 19:47:28pm] shellshocked Sofia hops out of the car. "So what's the plan?"
[Wednesday 19:47:42pm] lurkd "We visit the top floor."
[Wednesday 19:47:45pm] Roget Yes
[Wednesday 19:47:47pm] lurkd Ivan steps out.
[Wednesday 19:47:57pm] Scantron "Why?"
[Wednesday 19:48:00pm] lurkd And walks over to the front door.
[Wednesday 19:48:12pm] lurkd "Obviously, that's where the activity is."
[Wednesday 19:48:12pm] DiePotato "Seems like a good plan" He says to Ivan "What about the other floors?"
[Wednesday 19:48:19pm] Roget It's unlocked.
[Wednesday 19:48:20pm] lurkd He points at the lighted windows.
[Wednesday 19:48:22pm] Roget And ajar
[Wednesday 19:48:31pm] Sax "We'll clear floors as needed."
[Wednesday 19:48:34pm] DiePotato "The hell" Jed says seeing the door
[Wednesday 19:48:37pm] lurkd "What about the other floors?"
[Wednesday 19:48:48pm] lurkd Ivan opens the doors.
[Wednesday 19:48:48pm] shellshocked Sofia doesn't think bursting in and being so loud is such a good idea.
[Wednesday 19:48:51pm] lurkd *CREAK*
[Wednesday 19:49:01pm] DiePotato Jed follows close behind
[Wednesday 19:49:26pm] Roget Suddenly, the lights flash on. Pause for description.
[Wednesday 19:49:33pm] shellshocked Sofia does not enter yet in case the anomaly has a ranged effect, waiting to see if anything happens.
[Wednesday 19:51:08pm] Roget The floor is completely bare, apart from a machine in the center of the room. It's a big red box, with horns, an accordion, a tambourine, and some speakers. It bursts into song. "Hello! Hello! My friendly friends to go! Welcome to the Wonder-tain-ment toy store galoooooooooore!" while playing a loud carnival tune.
[Wednesday 19:51:32pm] Roget Following that the machine deactivates and the lights turn off.
[Wednesday 19:51:35pm] DiePotato "The hell" Jed says walking in
[Wednesday 19:51:37pm] Roget /unpause
[Wednesday 19:51:44pm] DiePotato (my bad)
[Wednesday 19:51:51pm] Roget (it's cool)
[Wednesday 19:52:13pm] Scantron Maria is unimpressed as she walks in.
[Wednesday 19:52:33pm] DiePotato "Not much of a toy store" Looking at the baron room
[Wednesday 19:52:36pm] shellshocked Sofia, seeing no immediate danger, slowly steps into the front room.
[Wednesday 19:52:37pm] EnigmaticProdigy (Are these OOC breaks? I'm guessing yes.)
[Wednesday 19:52:38pm] DiePotato *barren
[Wednesday 19:52:52pm] Roget (keep it in the ooc room if yer not in the run)
[Wednesday 19:53:14pm] lurkd "Ugh, can we turn /that/ off?"
[Wednesday 19:53:21pm] Scantron Maria looks for the stairs going up!
[Wednesday 19:53:25pm] lurkd Ivan enters.
[Wednesday 19:53:29pm] Roget They're on the other side of the room!
[Wednesday 19:53:53pm] Sax Adrian's embedded within the center of the group. Medics be squishy, yo
[Wednesday 19:54:04pm] shellshocked "So Wondertainment is a brand name then," she mutters.
[Wednesday 19:54:11pm] DiePotato Jed looks at the box
[Wednesday 19:54:12pm] lurkd Ivan pulls out his EMF reader and turns it on, seeing if he can get a signal.
[Wednesday 19:54:16pm] DiePotato "How is this powered?"
[Wednesday 19:54:21pm] Scantron Maria gestures to those stairs. "Over there."
[Wednesday 19:54:25pm] lurkd 4df+13 ghost finder 3000 (perc)
[Wednesday 19:54:26pm] Glacon lurkd: ghost finder 3000 (perc): 15 (4df+13=+, 0, 0, +)
[Wednesday 19:54:27pm] Optimal "You have to hand it to them. Wondertainment is a really great greeter."
[Wednesday 19:54:32pm] Optimal Fred walks with the rest.
[Wednesday 19:54:41pm] DiePotato Jed jogs to catch up
[Wednesday 19:54:46pm] Roget A microphone crackles on somewhere. «Attention customers! Wondertainment-Mania is not open to the public, and as such Dr. Wondertainment and the associated entities are not responsible for death, injury, romantic entanglement, extradimensional travel, phobias, late fees, or explosive craters caused by interaction with Wondertainment products!»
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[Wednesday 19:54:54pm] Sax "…"
[Wednesday 19:55:00pm] DiePotato "The hell…"
[Wednesday 19:55:02pm] Sax "… like that's going to help me sleep easier."
[Wednesday 19:55:10pm] Sax "Zahkarov, getting any readings?"
[Wednesday 19:55:20pm] Roget «By remaining in the building for the next three seconds you agree to the Wondertainment terms and conditions and absolve Dr. Wondertainment of any responsibility for your well-being!»
[Wednesday 19:55:21pm] Optimal "Well at least they warned us."
[Wednesday 19:55:26pm] Roget Ivan, no ghosts.
[Wednesday 19:55:28pm] Roget not even one
[Wednesday 19:55:31pm] DiePotato "Uhh"
[Wednesday 19:55:35pm] Optimal Fred looks around.
[Wednesday 19:55:41pm] DiePotato "Not much of a warning"
[Wednesday 19:55:44pm] Roget There's nothing around, Fred.
[Wednesday 19:56:00pm] shellshocked "Well we're here now we might as well see what else is here," Sofia says following Maria towards the stairs.
[Wednesday 19:56:04pm] Optimal "Still a warning. We don't get those often."
[Wednesday 19:56:23pm] Sax ~How do I help someone who's been dimensionally pulled apart?~
[Wednesday 19:56:24pm] lurkd "Nothing really. No spectral entities."
[Wednesday 19:56:28pm] Scantron Maria is heading to those stairs! She steers clear of the center of the room.
[Wednesday 19:56:29pm] DiePotato "I wouldn't imagine so" following the women upstairs
[Wednesday 19:56:34pm] lurkd "That means conventional firearms are effective."
[Wednesday 19:56:35pm] Sax "Well, at least we can rule that out for now."
[Wednesday 19:56:38pm] Roget The second floor is totally dark.
[Wednesday 19:56:43pm] Roget Maybe look for a switch?
[Wednesday 19:56:44pm] Sax Adrian smirks at that.
[Wednesday 19:56:49pm] DiePotato Jed pulls out a flashlight
[Wednesday 19:56:49pm] Scantron Maria looks for a switch.
[Wednesday 19:56:52pm] Sax 4df+7 Scouting for danger and switches
[Wednesday 19:56:52pm] Glacon Sax: Scouting for danger and switches: 11 (4df+7=+, +, +, +)
[Wednesday 19:56:57pm] lurkd Ivan has a flashlight too.
[Wednesday 19:57:01pm] lurkd *click*
[Wednesday 19:57:05pm] Roget Adrian, you see a switch on the wall.
[Wednesday 19:57:11pm] Roget Ivan, the room is full of boxes!
[Wednesday 19:57:15pm] Roget Shipping crates.
[Wednesday 19:57:30pm] DrSavage Randall dons his pendant, the sword and robes appearing on him.
[Wednesday 19:57:30pm] shellshocked Sofia follows Maria to the second floor and helps look for switches.
[Wednesday 19:57:43pm] lurkd "Someone open a box."
[Wednesday 19:57:43pm] Sax Adrian heads towards it, and slowly activates the switch with his weapon.
[Wednesday 19:57:43pm] DiePotato Jed clicks the thing on and seees
[Wednesday 19:57:46pm] Optimal "Hmph."
[Wednesday 19:57:47pm] DiePotato (rip)
[Wednesday 19:57:53pm] Optimal "And do what Ivan?"
[Wednesday 19:58:04pm] Roget The switch explodes with a hail of sparks. Nothing turns on, and Adrian is fine, if a bit spooked.
[Wednesday 19:58:12pm] lurkd "…………………….see whats in the boxes?"
[Wednesday 19:58:23pm] DiePotato Are they just wood crates?
[Wednesday 19:58:24pm] Sax Adrian jumps back! "FUCK!"
[Wednesday 19:58:45pm] lurkd Ivan turns to Adrian.
[Wednesday 19:58:47pm] lurkd >.>
[Wednesday 19:58:52pm] DiePotato "Shit"
[Wednesday 19:58:53pm] Optimal "There are a lot of boxes in here, and we have no clue as to what is inside any of the,/"
[Wednesday 19:58:58pm] Optimal *them.
[Wednesday 19:59:09pm] DiePotato He reaches back to his pack "Hope there arent anymore sparks"
[Wednesday 19:59:11pm] Optimal "I suggest we steer clear."
[Wednesday 19:59:12pm] lurkd "That's why we…… open one."
[Wednesday 19:59:19pm] lurkd *sigh*
[Wednesday 19:59:22pm] Sax He dusts off his shoulders. Electrocution isn't a good way to go."
[Wednesday 19:59:22pm] Roget One of the boxes falls down, and cracks into pieces. Inside, you can all see a wooden toy microwave colored pink, purple, and yellow. There's a scrap of paper with it.
[Wednesday 19:59:27pm] Optimal Fred motions. "Be my guest."
[Wednesday 19:59:35pm] DiePotato "Well there"
[Wednesday 19:59:41pm] DiePotato He points at the box
[Wednesday 19:59:41pm] Scantron "How do we transport these?"
[Wednesday 19:59:42pm] Sax He simply sits down on whatever he can find, and watches the others work.
[Wednesday 19:59:46pm] DiePotato that has fallen
[Wednesday 20:00:01pm] lurkd Ivan picks up the convenient piece of paper.
[Wednesday 20:00:15pm] DiePotato "What's it say Doctor?"
[Wednesday 20:00:20pm] shellshocked Sofia squints in the darkness.
[Wednesday 20:00:20pm] Roget Ivan, it says Note: "Do not consume Dr. Wondertainment's Super Special Putty-Mix™ before cooking."
[Wednesday 20:00:33pm] Roget Sofia, you see tons of boxes just all over the place
[Wednesday 20:00:39pm] Roget Just everywhere tons of boxes
[Wednesday 20:01:04pm] DiePotato Jed looks around for the next stairwell
[Wednesday 20:01:06pm] Scantron Maria looks around for the set of stairs that goes to the third floor.
[Wednesday 20:01:07pm] shellshocked Sofia opens another of the boxes, wondering if they're all toy microwaves or different.
[Wednesday 20:01:20pm] Sax Adrian's carrying the radio as well.
[Wednesday 20:01:23pm] Optimal Fred searches for the next stairwell as well.
[Wednesday 20:01:30pm] Roget Jed, perc
[Wednesday 20:01:41pm] DiePotato 4df+4
[Wednesday 20:01:42pm] Glacon DiePotato: 3 (4df+4=+, 0, -, -)
[Wednesday 20:01:42pm] Sax So he's sitting down with the clunky thing.
[Wednesday 20:01:43pm] Roget MAria, perc
[Wednesday 20:01:43pm] Scantron 4df+6 don't see why this wouldn't apply to maria as well
[Wednesday 20:01:44pm] Glacon Scantron: don't see why this wouldn't apply to maria as well: 7 (4df+6=+, 0, +, -)
[Wednesday 20:02:10pm] Roget Sofia, it's a toy robot. Looks like this: http://scp-wiki.wdfiles.com/local--files/scp-1508/robud.JPG
[Wednesday 20:02:19pm] Roget MAria, you see the next stairwell just ahead.
[Wednesday 20:02:26pm] Roget Behind some crates
[Wednesday 20:02:32pm] Scantron Maria points at it. "Stairs over there."
[Wednesday 20:02:33pm] shellshocked "There are different things in all of these boxes," she tells the others.
[Wednesday 20:02:46pm] DiePotato "Where is that damn stairwell" Still looking around
[Wednesday 20:02:49pm] Scantron "We only checked two."
[Wednesday 20:02:57pm] DiePotato "Oh well"
[Wednesday 20:03:14pm] shellshocked She follows the sound of Maria's voice because it's quite dark besides the flashlight.
[Wednesday 20:03:19pm] Roget The robot grabs onto Sofia's shoulder, and starts brushing dust of her arms
[Wednesday 20:03:29pm] Optimal Fred takes to the stairs.
[Wednesday 20:03:46pm] shellshocked Sofia stifles a small yelp. "What?"
[Wednesday 20:03:50pm] DiePotato "What the hell" Staring at the roboot
[Wednesday 20:04:02pm] DrSavage "Do not engage with hostility."
[Wednesday 20:04:19pm] Roget It's now moved onto fixing creases in her shirt.
[Wednesday 20:04:20pm] lurkd "These are not toys for children."
[Wednesday 20:04:30pm] DiePotato "I'd set that down"
[Wednesday 20:04:31pm] Optimal Frederick looks at Sofia, with the roboot on her back.
[Wednesday 20:04:35pm] shellshocked "Um, hello," she says to the robot. "Thank you."
[Wednesday 20:04:39pm] Sax "Appears to be a utility device."
[Wednesday 20:04:49pm] Sax "I know some people in engineering who would love to see this."
[Wednesday 20:04:57pm] lurkd "We need to get to the top floor. The more time we spend in here the worse off we are."
[Wednesday 20:05:07pm] Roget The robot nods at Sofia
[Wednesday 20:05:09pm] DiePotato "Agreed"
[Wednesday 20:05:24pm] Scantron Maria nods, then starts heading over to the aforementioned stairwell.
[Wednesday 20:05:27pm] shellshocked Sofia tries to gently pick the robot up and put it back in it's box.
[Wednesday 20:05:30pm] lurkd 4df+3 (engineering) how does it work?
[Wednesday 20:05:31pm] Glacon lurkd: (engineering) how does it work?: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, -, +)
[Wednesday 20:05:33pm] DiePotato Jed heads towards the stairs maria pointed at
[Wednesday 20:05:42pm] Sax Adrian follows behind Jed.
[Wednesday 20:05:44pm] Roget The robot goes back in.
[Wednesday 20:05:59pm] Roget Ivan, it's completely hollow and made of tin, there's no reason for it to be moving like it does.
[Wednesday 20:06:29pm] shellshocked Sofia shivers a little and follows the others to the stairs. Although she does kind of like the robot, she has no idea if it does bad things too.
[Wednesday 20:06:30pm] lurkd "Anomalous toys. Let's move up."
[Wednesday 20:06:51pm] Roget The stairs are lit, somewhat, and you all can hear movement from out of sight
[Wednesday 20:07:00pm] DiePotato Jed stows his light
[Wednesday 20:07:11pm] DiePotato "Keep quiet he whispers"
[Wednesday 20:07:32pm] Sax Adrian gets back down the stairs.
[Wednesday 20:07:36pm] lurkd Ivan readies his revolver.
[Wednesday 20:07:44pm] Scantron Can Maria roll perception to get a better idea of what's happening out of sight?
[Wednesday 20:07:46pm] Sax If things get hairy, he'd rather be on semisolid floor than stair.
[Wednesday 20:07:47pm] lurkd *click*
[Wednesday 20:07:49pm] DiePotato Jed quietly draws his Jian
[Wednesday 20:07:59pm] Sax Adrian looks to Jed. ~Seriously?~
[Wednesday 20:08:08pm] DiePotato *hisss*
[Wednesday 20:08:12pm] shellshocked Sofia still has a gun but isn't readying it because what if it's friendly?
[Wednesday 20:08:18pm] Roget Maria can, if she wishes to.
[Wednesday 20:08:24pm] Scantron 4df+6 wat is hapen?
[Wednesday 20:08:25pm] Glacon Scantron: wat is hapen?: 4 (4df+6=-, 0, -, 0)
[Wednesday 20:08:41pm] Roget Whatever's up there isn't big
[Wednesday 20:08:54pm] Sax 4df+7 Elaborate?
[Wednesday 20:08:54pm] Glacon Sax: Elaborate?: 8 (4df+7=+, -, +, 0)
[Wednesday 20:08:58pm] Optimal Frederick just climbs the stairs, and doesn't afraid of anything.
[Wednesday 20:09:06pm] Scantron "It's not big."
[Wednesday 20:09:18pm] Scantron She whispers this.
[Wednesday 20:09:22pm] lurkd (anyone have some stealth?)
[Wednesday 20:09:22pm] DrSavage "I mean it. Do not engage with hostility unless we have no choice. Anomalies are not inherently a problem."
[Wednesday 20:09:23pm] Roget Frederick, you can see some boxes and furniture… and a toy robot in the middle of the room.
[Wednesday 20:09:31pm] Roget Adrian, it's probably not hostile
[Wednesday 20:09:44pm] shellshocked Sofia rolls her eyes and follows the others onto the third floor and off the stairs.
[Wednesday 20:09:47pm] Roget "GREETINGS, ROBO-PAL."
[Wednesday 20:10:00pm] Optimal "… Hello there."
[Wednesday 20:10:00pm] DiePotato Jed climbs the stairs all the way
[Wednesday 20:10:23pm] shellshocked "Hello. Who might you be?"
[Wednesday 20:10:26pm] Optimal Frederick poses himself so he does not look like a threat.
[Wednesday 20:10:46pm] Sax Adrian remains somewhere behind them, safe.
[Wednesday 20:10:48pm] DiePotato Jed stares at it incredulously
[Wednesday 20:10:51pm] Optimal He sets his cane to his side
[Wednesday 20:11:09pm] Roget *""
[Wednesday 20:11:31pm] Roget The robot clicks, and then stops talking.
[Wednesday 20:11:40pm] Roget "GREETINGS, ROBO-PAL."
[Wednesday 20:12:09pm] Optimal "I guess we're adhered to the terms then."
[Wednesday 20:12:21pm] Sax "At least it warned us."
[Wednesday 20:12:25pm] Scantron Maria heads into the room. Is the furniture organized around some sort of desk or other place where one would store things?
[Wednesday 20:12:28pm] Sax Adrian comes out and ascends.
[Wednesday 20:12:30pm] DiePotato Can Jed roll percep for the room"
[Wednesday 20:12:33pm] DiePotato ?
[Wednesday 20:12:41pm] Roget Maria, there's just tables and chairs.
[Wednesday 20:12:46pm] Roget Jed can
[Wednesday 20:12:49pm] shellshocked Sofia's looking around for possible instructions 4df+3
[Wednesday 20:12:56pm] DiePotato what shall i see 4df+4
[Wednesday 20:13:00pm] shellshocked 4df+3
[Wednesday 20:13:00pm] Glacon shellshocked: 6 (4df+3=+, +, 0, +)
[Wednesday 20:13:03pm] Roget put the roll first[Wednesday 20:13:06pm] Roget before the text
[Wednesday 20:13:13pm] DiePotato 4df+4 rip
[Wednesday 20:13:13pm] Glacon DiePotato: rip: 1 (4df+4=-, 0, -, -)
[Wednesday 20:13:18pm] DiePotato (rip)
[Wednesday 20:13:33pm] Roget You don't see anything that interesting.
[Wednesday 20:13:39pm] Roget Sofia, you look thoroughly, but no instructions
[Wednesday 20:13:48pm] Scantron No desks?
[Wednesday 20:13:51pm] lurkd "Are we done here? This is not our task."
[Wednesday 20:13:53pm] Roget "ROBO DUDE IS FEELING NEGLECTED, ROBO-PALS."
[Wednesday 20:14:01pm] Roget nope, not even one desks
[Wednesday 20:14:06pm] shellshocked "Well no instructions. What do we do? I don't want it to become hostile."
[Wednesday 20:14:07pm] DiePotato "That thing is creeping me out"
[Wednesday 20:14:11pm] lurkd "And keep that thing quiet."
[Wednesday 20:14:23pm] Optimal "I'm sorry Robo-dude. I do not wish to neglect you."
[Wednesday 20:14:27pm] Roget "DO NOT SASS ROBO-DUDE."
[Wednesday 20:14:42pm] DiePotato "It's got an attitude"
[Wednesday 20:14:42pm] shellshocked "Robo-Dude what is your function?"
[Wednesday 20:14:43pm] lurkd "Be. Quiet! You automaton."
[Wednesday 20:14:53pm] Optimal Fred tries to reason, because of the potential danger it just said it is capable of.
[Wednesday 20:15:00pm] Scantron Maria heads over to Robo-Dude. She looks for something that looks like an off switch.
[Wednesday 20:15:10pm] Optimal "Ivan."
[Wednesday 20:15:21pm] lurkd "What."
[Wednesday 20:15:22pm] DiePotato "Can we step away from the damn thing"
[Wednesday 20:15:34pm] Optimal "It's best not to sass the potential threat."
[Wednesday 20:15:35pm] Roget Robo-Dude begins dancing
[Wednesday 20:15:46pm] DiePotato "Wait power punch
[Wednesday 20:15:47pm] DiePotato "
[Wednesday 20:15:57pm] Sax "Find a way to secure it, and bring it back with us."
[Wednesday 20:15:59pm] lurkd Ivan points at the dancing robot. "A threat?"
[Wednesday 20:16:01pm] Roget Robo-Dude does some sick dance moves.
[Wednesday 20:16:04pm] Optimal Fred is amused by the dancing.
[Wednesday 20:16:09pm] lurkd "Really?"
[Wednesday 20:16:09pm] Roget Killer moves yo
[Wednesday 20:16:17pm] DiePotato "It knows how to groove I'll give it that"
[Wednesday 20:16:21pm] Roget He kicks his feet to and fro, does some spins, and moves with his inaudible groove
[Wednesday 20:16:23pm] Optimal "It also said robo-punch."
[Wednesday 20:16:29pm] shellshocked "Robo-Dude do you have an off function?"
[Wednesday 20:16:35pm] lurkd "This is some beatnik novelty."
[Wednesday 20:16:35pm] DiePotato Jed sits down in one of the chairs
[Wednesday 20:17:17pm] DiePotato "Defensive action?"
[Wednesday 20:17:25pm] Sax "~!"
[Wednesday 20:17:26pm] Scantron "Please don't."
[Wednesday 20:17:33pm] Optimal Frederick waits to observe defensive action.
[Wednesday 20:17:34pm] shellshocked Sofia ducks behind a chair just in case.
[Wednesday 20:17:38pm] DrSavage "Everyone be calm."
[Wednesday 20:17:38pm] Sax Adrian instinctively drops.
[Wednesday 20:17:38pm] DiePotato "Oh shit"
[Wednesday 20:17:46pm] lurkd Ivan looks unmoved.
[Wednesday 20:17:48pm] Scantron Maria takes a few steps back.
[Wednesday 20:17:51pm] Optimal Fred's calm as shit.
[Wednesday 20:17:54pm] DrSavage "Robo-dude. Please dance for us."
[Wednesday 20:17:55pm] Roget "DEMONSTRATING HYDROGEN CANNON."
[Wednesday 20:17:58pm] DiePotato Jed dives behind table
[Wednesday 20:18:08pm] Optimal "…"
[Wednesday 20:18:13pm] Roget Robo-Dude shoots a jet of water out of it's chest at Ivan's face.
[Wednesday 20:18:17pm] Optimal "I love you Robo-Dude."
[Wednesday 20:18:22pm] DiePotato Jed peers over table
[Wednesday 20:18:27pm] DiePotato "The hell"
[Wednesday 20:18:31pm] lurkd *GARBLEGLOB*
[Wednesday 20:18:31pm] Sax "… you just got pissed on by a toy."
[Wednesday 20:18:50pm] lurkd Ivan coughs at the wetness.
[Wednesday 20:18:51pm] Sax Adrian's worry changes to that of snickering.
[Wednesday 20:19:00pm] =-= Roget is now known as RogGMS
[Wednesday 20:19:01pm] Optimal Fred smirks a bit.
[Wednesday 20:19:02pm] lurkd "………………………………………………………………………………………………………not amused."
[Wednesday 20:19:04pm] DiePotato "Bit wet there Doctor" Jed chuckles
[Wednesday 20:19:05pm] lurkd B<
[Wednesday 20:19:07pm] shellshocked "If we leave will it follow us or can we come back for it later," Sofia whispers.
[Wednesday 20:19:21pm] Sax How many more floors until te top level?
[Wednesday 20:19:24pm] lurkd "That's final. I'll just wait in the car."
[Wednesday 20:19:28pm] lurkd Ivan storms out.
[Wednesday 20:19:35pm] lurkd With wet footsteps.
[Wednesday 20:19:41pm] DiePotato Jed's still checkling
[Wednesday 20:19:44pm] Sax "?!"
[Wednesday 20:19:47pm] DiePotato "OH SHIT"
[Wednesday 20:19:51pm] shellshocked Sofia hits the ground behind the chair.
[Wednesday 20:19:57pm] Optimal Fred still stands. Can't be that bad.
[Wednesday 20:20:00pm] Sax Adrian don't have time to react, too busy laughing at Ivan's misfortune.
[Wednesday 20:20:01pm] DiePotato Jed ducks
[Wednesday 20:20:12pm] lurkd Ivan walks outside and sits in the back seat being all wet.
[Wednesday 20:20:17pm] RogGMS The chest pops open, and an enormous jet of flame bursts out, igniting the floor all around it. Roll agility to not be knocked down by the heat wave, if you're still standing.
[Wednesday 20:20:23pm] RogGMS *FWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH*
[Wednesday 20:20:32pm] DiePotato "OH FUCK"
[Wednesday 20:20:36pm] Scantron 4df+2 u w0t?
[Wednesday 20:20:37pm] Glacon Scantron: u w0t?: 2 (4df+2=+, +, -, -)
[Wednesday 20:20:39pm] Sax 4df+6 Adrian's survived shelling (DKH + Agi)
[Wednesday 20:20:40pm] Glacon Sax: Adrian's survived shelling (DKH + Agi): 6 (4df+6=0, -, +, 0)
[Wednesday 20:20:46pm] Optimal 4df+3 Fred Agility!
[Wednesday 20:20:46pm] Glacon Optimal: Fred Agility!: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, 0)
[Wednesday 20:20:49pm] DiePotato Jed tries to cover his pack with his body
[Wednesday 20:21:10pm] RogGMS Maria, pdef
[Wednesday 20:21:21pm] shellshocked Sofia was already on the ground so, not a problem
[Wednesday 20:21:46pm] Scantron 4df+4
[Wednesday 20:21:47pm] Glacon Scantron: 7 (4df+4=+, +, +, 0)
[Wednesday 20:21:48pm] DrSavage 4df+6
[Wednesday 20:21:48pm] Glacon DrSavage: 8 (4df+6=+, 0, 0, +)
[Wednesday 20:21:49pm] lurkd Ivan in the car: http://i.imgur.com/EilY4jF.gif
[Wednesday 20:21:55pm] RogGMS 4df+4
[Wednesday 20:21:55pm] Glacon RogGMS: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, 0)
[Wednesday 20:22:06pm] DiePotato Jed's on the ground too
[Wednesday 20:22:12pm] RogGMS You're fine but it's fuckin hot!
[Wednesday 20:22:30pm] DiePotato "Stop that thing!"
[Wednesday 20:22:54pm] Optimal "Robo-dude! Use Hydrogen canon!"
[Wednesday 20:23:02pm] Optimal "On the fire!"
[Wednesday 20:23:11pm] Optimal *cannon
[Wednesday 20:23:12pm] shellshocked "Let's get off of this floor guys." Is there another floor or is this the top one?
[Wednesday 20:23:17pm] RogGMS "DO NOT PUT YOURSELF ABOVE ROBO-DUDE."
[Wednesday 20:23:19pm] RogGMS this is the top one
[Wednesday 20:23:31pm] DiePotato "Fuckin sassy robot"
[Wednesday 20:23:51pm] shellshocked "Do not sass the robot. Robo-dude do you have robo-singing?"
[Wednesday 20:24:03pm] DiePotato Is the place still on fire?
[Wednesday 20:24:32pm] Scantron Maria gets up. Is it safe to go to the door?
[Wednesday 20:24:44pm] RogGMS "NEGATIVE, ROBO-PAL."
[Wednesday 20:24:52pm] RogGMS Nope, it's charred and smoking though.
[Wednesday 20:24:54pm] RogGMS Maria, perception
[Wednesday 20:24:56pm] Optimal "Robo-dude, could you so kindly put out the fire?"
[Wednesday 20:25:00pm] Scantron 4df+6 u w0t
[Wednesday 20:25:01pm] Glacon Scantron: u w0t: 7 (4df+6=+, 0, -, +)
[Wednesday 20:25:02pm] Optimal redact
[Wednesday 20:25:05pm] DiePotato Jed gets up and puts his pack back on
[Wednesday 20:25:18pm] RogGMS There's four more robots coming up the stairs.
[Wednesday 20:25:29pm] shellshocked Sofia gets off of the ground.
[Wednesday 20:25:38pm] Scantron "More robots coming." (I assume that was meant for Maria)
[Wednesday 20:25:42pm] DiePotato "Christ we need to contain them or destroy them"
[Wednesday 20:25:42pm] Optimal Fred turns at the sound of marching metal feet.
[Wednesday 20:25:56pm] DiePotato Jed notices Fred turn "What?"
[Wednesday 20:26:07pm] Optimal "Contain Jed. That's why we're here."
[Wednesday 20:26:09pm] |<- lurkd has left irc.synirc.net (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[Wednesday 20:26:31pm] DiePotato "That's secondary if we can't survive long enough to contain them
[Wednesday 20:26:34pm] Optimal "Wha- What?"
[Wednesday 20:26:39pm] DiePotato "What"
[Wednesday 20:26:39pm] shellshocked "Someone get Ivan back here so we can leave as a group!"
[Wednesday 20:27:11pm] DiePotato "CHALLENGE!"
[Wednesday 20:27:21pm] Scantron "Challenge." She's a second behind DiePotato's character.
[Wednesday 20:27:21pm] DiePotato "We'll take the challenge!"
[Wednesday 20:27:23pm] Optimal "Yes, challenge."
[Wednesday 20:27:25pm] shellshocked "Yes challenge sounds good."
[Wednesday 20:27:31pm] DrSavage "Challenge."
[Wednesday 20:27:37pm] Sax "Challenge."
[Wednesday 20:27:46pm] Sax Adrian has a bad feeling…
[Wednesday 20:27:48pm] DiePotato "…"
[Wednesday 20:27:53pm] Sax … which is confirmed to be true!
[Wednesday 20:27:53pm] DiePotato "What"
[Wednesday 20:27:55pm] Optimal "…"
[Wednesday 20:27:57pm] DiePotato "The fuck"
[Wednesday 20:28:09pm] Scantron "Rules?"
[Wednesday 20:28:13pm] shellshocked "Well we can't exactly deny the challenge."
[Wednesday 20:28:52pm] DiePotato "Can we get a second to organize?"
[Wednesday 20:28:56pm] Optimal "Um…" Fred whispers to the group. "I'm not the best dancer…"
[Wednesday 20:29:03pm] RogGMS "NO." they pause. "YES."
[Wednesday 20:29:10pm] shellshocked "I know the can can that's about it."
[Wednesday 20:29:14pm] Optimal "Actually, I've never danced before."
[Wednesday 20:29:18pm] Sax "I cannot dance."
[Wednesday 20:29:21pm] DiePotato "Guys huddle up"
[Wednesday 20:29:23pm] Sax "Except formally."
[Wednesday 20:29:34pm] DrSavage Randall looks to the group. "I will dance."
[Wednesday 20:29:37pm] Optimal Fred huddles.
[Wednesday 20:29:43pm] shellshocked "Well they said dance they didn't say what kind of dance right?"
[Wednesday 20:29:56pm] DiePotato "Yeah but still"
[Wednesday 20:30:04pm] DiePotato "What if you /cant/ dance"
[Wednesday 20:30:08pm] Sax To Randall: "Don't get burnt."
[Wednesday 20:30:16pm] Sax Adrian's content with letting Randall dance.
[Wednesday 20:30:17pm] Scantron "I can't dance."
[Wednesday 20:30:31pm] shellshocked "I can barely dance so go for it."
[Wednesday 20:30:41pm] DiePotato Jed whispers "Why dont we just blow them sky high and be done?"
[Wednesday 20:30:55pm] RogGMS "DO NOT INTIMIDATE ROBO-DUDES."
[Wednesday 20:31:01pm] shellshocked "If this fails we'll consider that option Jed."
[Wednesday 20:31:06pm] Optimal Fred glances at Randall, ignoring Jed.
[Wednesday 20:31:07pm] DiePotato "Sorry!"
[Wednesday 20:31:21pm] RogGMS "APOLOGY ACCEPTED, ROBO PAL."
[Wednesday 20:32:10pm] DiePotato "What dance does everyone know if any?"
[Wednesday 20:32:19pm] Optimal "Nada."
[Wednesday 20:32:36pm] Scantron "None."
[Wednesday 20:32:42pm] RogGMS "HURRY, ROBO-PALS."
[Wednesday 20:32:44pm] shellshocked "Like I said just the can can but that's mostly from watching television."
[Wednesday 20:32:46pm] Optimal "I lived on the streets most of my life. Never had an opportunity to dance."
[Wednesday 20:33:13pm] Sax "Formal dancing."
[Wednesday 20:33:15pm] DrSavage Randall steps forward. "I will dance, robo-dudes."
[Wednesday 20:33:31pm] RogGMS "YOU ALONE?"
[Wednesday 20:33:36pm] Optimal Frederick claps for Randall.
[Wednesday 20:34:05pm] shellshocked Sofia whispers to Adrian. "Perhaps if Randall keeps them distracted we can slip past them down the stairs."
[Wednesday 20:34:26pm] DiePotato Are they at the top of the stairwell roget or in the room?
[Wednesday 20:34:40pm] RogGMS They're all in front of the stairs
[Wednesday 20:34:40pm] Optimal "Oh lord…"
[Wednesday 20:34:43pm] ->| Daedalus (~moc.rr.ser.lacos.E7528495-CRInys|enahtanoj#moc.rr.ser.lacos.E7528495-CRInys|enahtanoj) has joined #homeimprovement
[Wednesday 20:34:54pm] Optimal "Someone should help him out."
[Wednesday 20:35:13pm] |<- Lumberjack has left irc.synirc.net (Ping timeout: 186 seconds)
[Wednesday 20:35:33pm] DiePotato "I'll… try…"
[Wednesday 20:35:41pm] DiePotato Jed walks next to Randall
[Wednesday 20:36:03pm] DiePotato "What dance are we attempting Randall?"
[Wednesday 20:36:06pm] shellshocked "Um, Robo-Dudes, we're not the ones who left and broke the rules. That was Ivan not us. Could we perhaps be allowed to leave?"
[Wednesday 20:36:10pm] === The nickname “lumberjack” does not exist.
[Wednesday 20:36:14pm] shellshocked 4df+6 persuasion check on robots?
[Wednesday 20:36:14pm] Glacon shellshocked: persuasion check on robots?: 6 (4df+6=+, -, +, -)
[Wednesday 20:36:59pm] shellshocked Sofia thinks it was worth the shot.
[Wednesday 20:37:10pm] Optimal "Well… we have that."
[Wednesday 20:37:11pm] Scantron "If we accept, we can go?"
[Wednesday 20:37:16pm] RogGMS Robots are immune to charm
[Wednesday 20:37:20pm] RogGMS "IF YOU WIN."
[Wednesday 20:37:30pm] Scantron Maria curses internally.
[Wednesday 20:37:35pm] DiePotato "Mmm… No thanks Robo-dudes." He turns back to Randall do you want to try to duo dance?"
[Wednesday 20:37:50pm] DiePotato *"Do you
[Wednesday 20:37:59pm] Sax How many Robo-Dudes are present?
[Wednesday 20:38:30pm] RogGMS 4
[Wednesday 20:39:01pm] DrSavage "What sort of dance is it? What are the terms?"
[Wednesday 20:39:14pm] |<- EnigmaticProdigy has left irc.synirc.net (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[Wednesday 20:39:15pm] shellshocked "They already explained that we just have to dance better than them."
[Wednesday 20:39:16pm] ->| lumberjack (os.pcs.sgol|sgoLweiV#os.pcs.sgol|sgoLweiV) has joined #homeimprovement
[Wednesday 20:40:02pm] DiePotato "May we ask what kind of dance you four will be attempting?"
[Wednesday 20:42:09pm] DiePotato Jed whispers back "What do we do guys"
[Wednesday 20:42:10pm] shellshocked "Well go for it you two. All of our lives are on the line."
[Wednesday 20:42:33pm] Sax "Don't fuck up."
[Wednesday 20:42:41pm] DiePotato Jed just has a face of the hell kind of job is this
[Wednesday 20:42:45pm] Sax Adrian's scouting for backup methods.
[Wednesday 20:42:51pm] DrSavage "We will be dancing in our own style."
[Wednesday 20:43:24pm] DiePotato "Which is…?"
[Wednesday 20:43:37pm] DiePotato ~please dont say improvising~
[Wednesday 20:43:53pm] DrSavage Randall's tentacles emerge, twirling about delicately. "Clymer style."
[Wednesday 20:44:06pm] DiePotato ~…fuck~
[Wednesday 20:44:18pm] shellshocked 4df+3 Sofia looks around for those windows because maybe the fall isn't that bad.
[Wednesday 20:44:19pm] Glacon shellshocked: Sofia looks around for those windows because maybe the fall isn't that bad.: 5 (4df+3=0, +, 0, +)
[Wednesday 20:44:19pm] Sax Adrian smirks. "this will be fun to watch."
[Wednesday 20:44:57pm] DiePotato "So uh how we doing this? Want me to hold your…" He glances "Tentacle?"
[Wednesday 20:45:03pm] RogGMS The windows are covered in bars.
[Wednesday 20:45:31pm] shellshocked Sofia looks disheartened.
[Wednesday 20:46:23pm] DiePotato Jed is just watching the robots in all their glory
[Wednesday 20:46:46pm] DiePotato With a look of why me on his face
[Wednesday 20:47:19pm] RogGMS The robots rhythmically circle each other, making musical electronic noises from within their cases. They stack on top of each other, sway a bit, hop off, and top it off with a spinning, kicking peasant dance that has the name escaping me now
[Wednesday 20:47:22pm] Optimal Frederick goes to sit in the furniture and settles for a good show.
[Wednesday 20:47:29pm] RogGMS The one with the arms crossed and the kicking
[Wednesday 20:47:35pm] RogGMS "ROBO DANCE COMPLETED."
[Wednesday 20:47:56pm] DiePotato Jed claps
[Wednesday 20:48:04pm] DiePotato ~Were so dead~
[Wednesday 20:48:16pm] Optimal "Go Robo-Dudes!"
[Wednesday 20:48:20pm] RogGMS "BEGIN DANCE, ROBO PALS."
[Wednesday 20:48:21pm] Sax ~Lamesauce~
[Wednesday 20:48:30pm] Sax ~I dance better drunk~
[Wednesday 20:48:56pm] DiePotato "Your lead Randall"
[Wednesday 20:48:58pm] shellshocked Sofia sits in one of the chairs.
[Wednesday 20:49:08pm] DrSavage "Follow my lead." Randall extends the tentacles as one would an arm.
[Wednesday 20:49:28pm] DiePotato "…Fine" Grasping it and grimacing mildly
[Wednesday 20:49:45pm] Scantron Maria is standing off to the side.
[Wednesday 20:50:03pm] DiePotato Jed quickly takes off his pack and sets it to the side
[Wednesday 20:50:18pm] DiePotato reassuming the previos stance with Randall
[Wednesday 20:50:22pm] DiePotato *previous
[Wednesday 20:51:18pm] RogGMS The Robo Dudes watch
[Wednesday 20:51:23pm] DrSavage Randall wraps them around his arm a bit and begins twirling and dancing the /foxtrot/ with him.
[Wednesday 20:51:40pm] DrSavage Using his tentacles in place of arms.
[Wednesday 20:51:52pm] DiePotato Jed follows his lead as well as he can
[Wednesday 20:52:12pm] DrSavage Randall whispers. "We will do the Charleston as the finale…."
[Wednesday 20:52:20pm] RogGMS The robots play "Putting on the ritz" sans vocals, as accompanyment
[Wednesday 20:52:41pm] DiePotato "Like I know what the hell that is" gritting his teeth trying to follow
[Wednesday 20:53:10pm] shellshocked Sofia bops her head to the catchy beat.
[Wednesday 20:53:32pm] DiePotato Jed's working up a sweat trying to keep up
[Wednesday 20:55:02pm] Optimal Fred smiles in their struggles.
[Wednesday 20:55:25pm] Scantron Maria seems indifferent, but she does pay attention.
[Wednesday 20:55:36pm] DiePotato ~Strangest. First mission. Ever.~
[Wednesday 20:57:28pm] RogGMS Presuming the dance is done, the four Robo-Dudes assemble in front of you. "ROBO DUDE HAS DECLARED A WINNER."
[Wednesday 20:57:40pm] DiePotato Jed is panting
[Wednesday 20:57:49pm] DiePotato And looks like he's about to keel over
[Wednesday 20:57:54pm] Sax Adrian claps.
[Wednesday 20:57:55pm] RogGMS They shoot confetti
[Wednesday 20:58:02pm] Scantron "We can leave?"
[Wednesday 20:58:28pm] DiePotato "…What…"
[Wednesday 20:58:43pm] shellshocked "Uhhhh…." Sofia squeaks and starts down the stairs, booking it down to the second floor.
[Wednesday 20:58:50pm] RogGMS "TEN….. NINE…. EIGHT…"
[Wednesday 20:59:05pm] DiePotato Jed grabs Randall and pulls him downstairs with him
[Wednesday 20:59:23pm] DiePotato "SHITSHITSHIT"
[Wednesday 20:59:27pm] ->| Soulless (sdnal.rednik.ni.nem.dniK.fo.gnim|erD#sdnal.rednik.ni.nem.dniK.fo.gnim|erD) has joined #homeimprovement
[Wednesday 20:59:29pm] Scantron Maria runs!
[Wednesday 20:59:32pm] DiePotato Not before grabbing his pack
[Wednesday 20:59:33pm] RogGMS Everyone! Agility!
[Wednesday 20:59:40pm] Scantron 4df+2 u w0t
[Wednesday 20:59:41pm] Glacon Scantron: u w0t: 3 (4df+2=0, 0, 0, +)
[Wednesday 20:59:50pm] DiePotato 4df+6 tagging skill
[Wednesday 20:59:50pm] Glacon DiePotato: tagging skill: 8 (4df+6=0, +, +, 0)
[Wednesday 21:00:09pm] =-= ProcyonFood is now known as ProcyonLotor
[Wednesday 21:00:11pm] DiePotato (I think drsavage is afk)
[Wednesday 21:00:20pm] shellshocked 4df+2 not agile at allll
[Wednesday 21:00:20pm] Glacon shellshocked: not agile at allll: 6 (4df+2=+, +, +, +)
[Wednesday 21:01:01pm] DrSavage 4df+6 Grumpy
[Wednesday 21:01:02pm] Glacon DrSavage: Grumpy: 6 (4df+6=+, -, -, +)
[Wednesday 21:02:02pm] Optimal 4df+3 Agility!
[Wednesday 21:02:02pm] Glacon Optimal: Agility!: 5 (4df+3=-, +, +, +)
[Wednesday 21:02:17pm] RogGMS Sax: rooooooooooll
[Wednesday 21:02:25pm] Sax 4df+6 Oh shit
[Wednesday 21:02:25pm] Glacon Sax: Oh shit: 4 (4df+6=-, +, -, -)
[Wednesday 21:02:41pm] RogGMS Fred, Adrian and Maria, roll pdef to not die
[Wednesday 21:02:56pm] Scantron 4df+4 oh no
[Wednesday 21:02:57pm] Glacon Scantron: oh no: 3 (4df+4=-, -, +, 0)
[Wednesday 21:02:59pm] Optimal 4df+3 Motherfucker.
[Wednesday 21:02:59pm] Glacon Optimal: Motherfucker.: 3 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, +)
[Wednesday 21:03:27pm] Sax 4df+4 DKH, this is oddly familiar
[Wednesday 21:03:27pm] Glacon Sax: DKH, this is oddly familiar: 5 (4df+4=+, -, 0, +)
[Wednesday 21:04:22pm] RogGMS 4df+4 An explosion rips through the top floor, blasting a wave of blisteringly hot air and pressure throughout the building. Everyone makes it out of the blast radius except for Adrian, Maria, and Fred, who are closest as the fire and damage blows the building apart.
[Wednesday 21:04:22pm] Glacon RogGMS: An explosion rips through the top floor, blasting a wave of blisteringly hot air and pressure throughout the building. Everyone makes it out of the blast radius except for Adrian, Maria, and Fred, who are closest as the fire and damage blows the building apart.: 6 (4df+4=+, +, -, +)
[Wednesday 21:04:51pm] RogGMS 1 damage to Adrian, 2 to Fred and Maria from burns and ringing ears.
[Wednesday 21:04:59pm] DiePotato "NOOO" Jed yells as he sees his teammates ingulfed in flame
[Wednesday 21:05:06pm] ->| TeslaTornado (nosnhoJ.giB.yM|alseT#nosnhoJ.giB.yM|alseT) has joined #homeimprovement
[Wednesday 21:05:06pm] =-= Mode #homeimprovement +h TeslaTornado by ChanServ
[Wednesday 21:05:08pm] Sax Adrian's most likely thrown.
[Wednesday 21:05:18pm] RogGMS Probs
[Wednesday 21:05:23pm] RogGMS It was a big explosion
[Wednesday 21:05:33pm] Scantron Maria is almost definitely thrown. Would they be at the bottom of the stairs now?
[Wednesday 21:05:43pm] shellshocked Sofia coughs from the smoke and gets down the rest of the stairs to the safety of the second floor.
[Wednesday 21:05:54pm] Optimal Frederick was only fast enough to lift himself from his chair before he is blasted off his feet in a fiery shockwave.
[Wednesday 21:06:15pm] DiePotato Jed checks his pack for embers
[Wednesday 21:06:17pm] RogGMS Yes they would be
[Wednesday 21:06:23pm] DiePotato ~plsplsplspls~
[Wednesday 21:06:36pm] RogGMS The whole building is on fire now!
[Wednesday 21:06:46pm] Sax Adrian pulls himself back up. He knows he's injured, but he can still move!
[Wednesday 21:06:49pm] DrSavage Randall walks calmly away from it, furious.
[Wednesday 21:06:51pm] Optimal Frederick lands hard onto the second floor. His face is charred.
[Wednesday 21:06:58pm] DiePotato He looks up at flames "SHIT"
[Wednesday 21:07:02pm] Optimal And is suit is still burning a bit.
[Wednesday 21:07:06pm] Scantron Maria slowly gets up to her feet, staggering a bit. Little indication that she's aware of her burns, or the flames. "Too loud."
[Wednesday 21:07:07pm] RogGMS «Dr. Wondertainment recommends the immediate evacuation of the building to Earth, or your nearest extradimensional equivalent. There are no refunds!»
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[Wednesday 21:07:15pm] =-= Mode #homeimprovement +o Nemi by ChanServ
[Wednesday 21:07:23pm] shellshocked "We might as well get some of these out of the building while we can," she said, picking up a box and running towards the first floor.
[Wednesday 21:07:32pm] Sax Adrian rushes to get Fred and Maria out.
[Wednesday 21:07:38pm] DiePotato Jed goes over and helps adrian
[Wednesday 21:07:42pm] Sax Medic mindset kicking in.
[Wednesday 21:07:48pm] Scantron She stumbles forward, shaking her head a bit. She neither resists nor assists Adrian.
[Wednesday 21:07:48pm] RogGMS Part of the roof of the second floor collapses. The room gets about 40% hotter
[Wednesday 21:07:49pm] Optimal Frederick struggles to stand, but is helped up by Adrian.
[Wednesday 21:08:03pm] RogGMS It is now gone from "unbearably hot" to "satan's ballsack"
[Wednesday 21:08:07pm] RogGMS *has now
[Wednesday 21:08:14pm] shellshocked Sofia curses and with a box in her arms, scrambles down the stairs to the first floor.
[Wednesday 21:08:26pm] DiePotato Can Jed roll strength to pick up Fred and carry him our?
[Wednesday 21:08:31pm] RogGMS Sure
[Wednesday 21:08:42pm] Scantron "Quiet down." She rubs at her ears.
[Wednesday 21:08:44pm] DiePotato 4df+4 C'mon
[Wednesday 21:08:46pm] Glacon DiePotato: C'mon: 5 (4df+4=0, +, -, +)
[Wednesday 21:09:09pm] RogGMS You got him scooped up and outta there! At least, outta there when you leave
[Wednesday 21:09:18pm] Sax 4df+12 Firefighter carry for Maria!
[Wednesday 21:09:19pm] Glacon Sax: Firefighter carry for Maria!: 12 (4df+12=-, +, 0, 0)
[Wednesday 21:09:33pm] RogGMS Adrian picks her up like it's not even a big deal or nuffin'
[Wednesday 21:09:56pm] Optimal Fred yelps from the help, but doesn't resist. These new burns hurt.
[Wednesday 21:09:57pm] Sax Now he can haul ass!
[Wednesday 21:10:06pm] DiePotato "C'mon Fred hang in there" Jed says trying to reassure him
[Wednesday 21:10:09pm] Scantron That's 'cause she really isn't. Maria doesn't appear to notice, instead electing to close her eyes and mutter to herself.
[Wednesday 21:10:25pm] shellshocked Sofia, too weak to try and carry anyone out, settles for the box and runs out of the building.
[Wednesday 21:10:45pm] RogGMS Sofia makes it out first! At least if you don't count Ivan.
[Wednesday 21:11:18pm] DiePotato Agi to cheese it out the exit?
[Wednesday 21:11:18pm] shellshocked ~fuck you this is all your fault Ivan~
[Wednesday 21:11:26pm] Sax Adrian's strong enough to carry Maria and continue moving at fast speed.
[Wednesday 21:11:29pm] RogGMS Sure
[Wednesday 21:11:36pm] RogGMS Agility rolls for everyone but Sofia!
[Wednesday 21:11:49pm] DiePotato 4df+6 taggin IGB
[Wednesday 21:11:50pm] Glacon DiePotato: taggin IGB: 8 (4df+6=+, +, +, -)
[Wednesday 21:11:59pm] shellshocked Sofia puts the box in the car and glares daggers at Ivan.
[Wednesday 21:12:12pm] Sax 4df+8 DKH, Farmboy, Agi, -1 for injury
[Wednesday 21:12:12pm] Glacon Sax: DKH, Farmboy, Agi, -1 for injury: 8 (4df+8=+, -, 0, 0)
[Wednesday 21:12:18pm] RogGMS Ivan's looking too grumpy to notice, most likely
[Wednesday 21:12:21pm] DrSavage 4df+6 Grumpier.
[Wednesday 21:12:22pm] Glacon DrSavage: Grumpier.: 8 (4df+6=+, +, +, -)
[Wednesday 21:12:27pm] Scantron Maria's being carried, so I assume she'll take Adrian's?
[Wednesday 21:12:35pm] RogGMS Yiss
[Wednesday 21:12:52pm] RogGMS Do these rolls account for everyone, since peeps be bein' carried?
[Wednesday 21:13:15pm] DiePotato I guess so
[Wednesday 21:13:21pm] RogGMS Swag
[Wednesday 21:13:28pm] Sax Adrian's accounting for Maria on his back, since his str is high enough to not worry.
[Wednesday 21:13:34pm] RogGMS Everyone gets out fine. The building has fires belching out the windows now.
[Wednesday 21:13:47pm] RogGMS «…. Don't…. forget….. to….. smile…..»
[Wednesday 21:14:08pm] Sax Adrian, finally a safe distance away, lays Maria down on the ground.
[Wednesday 21:14:13pm] DiePotato "FUCK YOU WONDERTAINMENT!"
[Wednesday 21:14:20pm] Sax 4df+12 DNH + Medical, how bad are your injuries?
[Wednesday 21:14:21pm] Glacon Sax: DNH + Medical, how bad are your injuries?: 14 (4df+12=0, +, +, 0)
[Wednesday 21:14:28pm] Optimal Frederick is too pained to respond with wit.
[Wednesday 21:14:31pm] DiePotato Jed lays Fred down next to Maria
[Wednesday 21:14:42pm] shellshocked Sofia, out of breath, groans. "I wonder if we'll get fired for getting all the anomalies destroyed."
[Wednesday 21:14:45pm] Optimal Frederick gets laid.
[Wednesday 21:14:45pm] RogGMS Maria has some burns, and possibly shock based on her reactions to the world around her.
[Wednesday 21:15:00pm] Sax Adrian gets on the radio while opening his pack.
[Wednesday 21:15:05pm] RogGMS Frederick has the same, without the shock.
[Wednesday 21:15:16pm] DrSavage "Get in the car. Now."
[Wednesday 21:15:34pm] shellshocked "We need to get back to site 19 and get those burns treated."
[Wednesday 21:15:36pm] Sax «HQ, Coxwell here. Returning from mission, carrying causalties.»
[Wednesday 21:15:47pm] Sax Adrian's starting preliminary care.
[Wednesday 21:15:48pm] Optimal Fred looks around. "…Jed?"
[Wednesday 21:15:52pm] RogGMS «Roger dodger, informing Medical of your imminent arrival.»
[Wednesday 21:16:03pm] Sax "Whoever can, help me load them up!"
[Wednesday 21:16:07pm] DiePotato Jed crouches to his side
[Wednesday 21:16:10pm] Sax Adrian's ignoring his own injuries, whatever they may be.
[Wednesday 21:16:16pm] DiePotato "Yeah Fred?"
[Wednesday 21:16:28pm] shellshocked Sofia gets out of the car and tries to help carry Maria although she's not very strong.
[Wednesday 21:16:32pm] Optimal "I fuckin told you. It always ends in a bang."
[Wednesday 21:16:38pm] Optimal Fred smirks.
[Wednesday 21:16:43pm] Sax Adrian carries Maria and Fred onto the truck.
[Wednesday 21:17:01pm] Sax And secures them on the bed, so that he can attend to them better.
[Wednesday 21:17:03pm] DiePotato Jed grins "Yeah but it wont end with you dead. Let's go!"
[Wednesday 21:17:14pm] DrSavage Randall hefts them into the car. He draws his pistol and fires a round at the building, and picks up the casing.
[Wednesday 21:17:31pm] |<- gumbal1 has left irc.synirc.net (Connection reset by peer)
[Wednesday 21:17:33pm] shellshocked Sofia gets back in the car and holds onto the one box she grabbed. She opens it to see what's inside.
[Wednesday 21:17:35pm] Scantron "Shut up." It's not clear at whom, if anyone, this is directed.
[Wednesday 21:17:38pm] DiePotato Jed triple checks his pack for embers
[Wednesday 21:17:41pm] RogGMS The building fires back, a bullet slamming into the hood and warping it.
[Wednesday 21:17:46pm] RogGMS *CLANG*
[Wednesday 21:17:50pm] DiePotato "HOH SHIT"
[Wednesday 21:17:51pm] Sax Adrian ducks down!
[Wednesday 21:17:51pm] shellshocked Sofia yelps.
[Wednesday 21:18:00pm] DiePotato "The fuck Randall?"
[Wednesday 21:18:04pm] Sax "Driver, HAUL ASS!"
[Wednesday 21:18:05pm] Scantron Maria opens her eyes.
[Wednesday 21:18:10pm] ->| gumbal1 (retal.xobdnas.ym.raelc.lliw.1l|bmug#retal.xobdnas.ym.raelc.lliw.1l|bmug) has joined #homeimprovement
[Wednesday 21:18:11pm] DiePotato Jed hops in
[Wednesday 21:18:15pm] RogGMS The driver peels out. *SKRRRT*
[Wednesday 21:18:32pm] RogGMS Jed's barely in, his ass half is hanging out of the car as it speeds back to site 19
[Wednesday 21:18:36pm] Sax Adrian's attaches an IV to Maria.
[Wednesday 21:18:43pm] DiePotato "AHHH SHIT"
[Wednesday 21:18:51pm] shellshocked Sofia offers Fred some water.
[Wednesday 21:19:06pm] RogGMS "The hell are you doing, son? Get in here!"
[Wednesday 21:19:10pm] RogGMS he yanks Jed in the car
[Wednesday 21:19:13pm] RogGMS "Dumb kids…."
[Wednesday 21:19:17pm] Optimal Frederick reaches weakly up for the water. "Thank you."
[Wednesday 21:19:23pm] DiePotato "Some warning next time would be nice"
[Wednesday 21:19:27pm] DrSavage Randall holsters his pistol. "It only fired back after I did. There's a reason I said no hostility." Randall's eyes are filled with rage, but his voice is neutral as he closes the door to the car.
[Wednesday 21:19:35pm] Optimal He slowly and shakily swigs.
[Wednesday 21:19:54pm] Sax "Easy," Adrian notes as he helps Fred out.
[Wednesday 21:19:57pm] RogGMS "You did a helluva job to that there building, kids."
[Wednesday 21:19:58pm] Sax "Not too much now…"
[Wednesday 21:20:10pm] DiePotato ~oh shit Fred~ Jed turns back. "How'll he be Adrian?"
[Wednesday 21:20:15pm] shellshocked "It wasn't us. It was the robots."
[Wednesday 21:20:30pm] Sax Adrian ignores everyone as he attends to his duty as a medic.
[Wednesday 21:20:31pm] RogGMS "… Okay."
[Wednesday 21:20:48pm] shellshocked Sofia looks to see what's inside the box she managed to save from the flames.
[Wednesday 21:20:52pm] DrSavage "The anomalies self-destructed. Nothing to be done."
[Wednesday 21:21:03pm] Sax You can seem him using shears to gently cut away clothing from Fred and Maria.
[Wednesday 21:21:11pm] Scantron Maria slowly and deliberately sits up, in contrast with her uncertain movements going out of the building. To Adrian, "My injuries?"
[Wednesday 21:21:18pm] DiePotato "Whats in the box Sofia?"
[Wednesday 21:21:24pm] Sax "Burns and shock. Stay lying."
[Wednesday 21:21:38pm] Sax Adrian gently motions for her to lie back down, while taking off his jacket to use as a pillow.
[Wednesday 21:21:39pm] Scantron "Shock's over. It's quiet now." She does lie down, though.
[Wednesday 21:22:14pm] RogGMS It's a piece of paper, Sofia, and it says "Wow! You've just found yourself your very own Little Mister, a limited edition collection from Dr. Wondertainment! Find them all and become Mr. Collector!!"
[Wednesday 21:22:19pm] RogGMS It then lists about 20 names
[Wednesday 21:22:26pm] RogGMS But it's smudged and you can't make them out
[Wednesday 21:22:55pm] shellshocked "Just a piece of paper. Not sure what it's about but perhaps someone could make use of it back at site 19."
[Wednesday 21:23:33pm] DiePotato "It got any info about Wondertainment?"
[Wednesday 21:23:56pm] shellshocked "It says: Wow! You've just found yourself your very own Little Mister, a limited edition collection from Dr. Wondertainment! Find them all and become Mr. Collector!!"
[Wednesday 21:24:14pm] DiePotato "Great… More anomalies."
[Wednesday 21:24:27pm] Optimal Fred lays back and lets the medic do whatever.
[Wednesday 21:24:41pm] Sax Adrian begins to gently cover Maria and Fred's wounds with dressing.
[Wednesday 21:24:46pm] =-= Optimal is now known as Optaway
[Wednesday 21:24:53pm] Sax He's burned himself, but not nearly as badly.
[Wednesday 21:24:56pm] RogGMS You can see the outline of site 19 ahead. That was fast.
[Wednesday 21:25:08pm] shellshocked Sofia sits back and breathes a sigh of relief. At least no one died.
[Wednesday 21:25:12pm] DiePotato "Christ driver how'd we get here so fast?"
[Wednesday 21:26:07pm] DiePotato Jed notices he's sitting on his pack and quickly takes it off and puts it on his lap
[Wednesday 21:26:32pm] RogGMS "Shortcuts, kid."
[Wednesday 21:26:34pm] DiePotato He rifles through it again just in case
[Wednesday 21:26:50pm] Scantron Maria is cooperative with the wounds being dressed.
[Wednesday 21:27:48pm] DiePotato Jed is sitting with his head in his hands thinking of how to make his explosives safer. He cut it way too close
[Wednesday 21:28:23pm] RogGMS They arrive! move to ic1!
[Wednesday 21:28:29pm] RogGMS ~Fin~
[Wednesday 21:28:33pm] shellshocked ~yay~
[Wednesday 21:28:37pm] DiePotato ~woot~

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