Reverse Kidnapping

Nov 23 19:09:39 <Bunton> Anthony arrives!
Nov 23 19:09:45 <WetBeard> Pierre is right behind!
Nov 23 19:09:48 <TeslaTornado> Kevin slinks into where-ever the briefing is being held, wearing his sword and his pistols.
Nov 23 19:09:54 <gumbal1> Danielle heads to the thing. She has stitches on her face and is noticable spaced out.
Nov 23 19:10:10 <Bunton> Ant looks at Danielle. "You sure you're alright doll?"
Nov 23 19:10:19 <gumbal1> "I am fine."
Nov 23 19:10:35 <Soulless> There is a single folder and a vehicle for them there.
Nov 23 19:10:44 <GraemeCracker> Enter Lloyd, old guy. He looks around, lugging his tools behind him.
Nov 23 19:10:48 <Soulless> The folder is neat and on a table by the vehicle.
Nov 23 19:10:53 <TeslaTornado> "She's trying to figure out the proper morphine dosage for a major head injury," Kevin grunts out, snagging the folder.
Nov 23 19:11:18 <WetBeard> Pierre looks at Kevin expectantly.
Nov 23 19:11:21 <GraemeCracker> "…Where's the guy that tells us what to do?"
Nov 23 19:11:29 <gumbal1> "That is true, although I believe I have finally found it."
Nov 23 19:11:41 <Bunton> "What's going on here, anyway?"
Nov 23 19:11:42 <TeslaTornado> "We're not being briefed this time, it would seem." Kevin reads le folder.
Nov 23 19:11:43 <Soulless> Kevin, the folder is pretty… thin?
Nov 23 19:11:56 <Soulless> It's just a map and a letter written in neat blue ink.
Nov 23 19:12:22 <TeslaTornado> Kevin squints at the blue ink. He remembers the last time he got any directions written in neat blue ink.
Nov 23 19:12:38 <Soulless> The letter informs Kevin of an anonymous tip in which there is an anomalous sapient humanoid that has reached out to the local police force for voluntary containment.
Nov 23 19:13:12 <TeslaTornado> "… Hm. Curious." Kevin turns, addresses the group. "We have a sapient humanoid anomaly seeking asylum."
Nov 23 19:13:22 <gumbal1> "Which asylum?"
Nov 23 19:13:33 <GraemeCracker> "Oh…" Lloyd hums, cracking his back. "So we gonna go get 'im, then?"
Nov 23 19:13:35 <TeslaTornado> Kevin death-stares.
Nov 23 19:13:47 <gumbal1> "What?"
Nov 23 19:13:49 <Soulless> It informs that the mission is, as its words say, "a simple retrieval of a boy that is going through its kind of puberty"
Nov 23 19:13:59 <WetBeard> Pierre crosses his arm "Never heard that happen before…"
Nov 23 19:14:26 <GraemeCracker> "Usually they's hiding from us."
Nov 23 19:14:27 <TeslaTornado> "Because it hasn't." Kevin passes the briefing folder around.
Nov 23 19:14:53 * Dillinger (ude.nogerou.7A4510D-CRInys|tibbiM#ude.nogerou.7A4510D-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined
Nov 23 19:14:55 <Soulless> The map has directions to a library.
Nov 23 19:15:02 <WetBeard> Pierre is first to take the folder, he looks on the other side of the picture.
Nov 23 19:15:05 <TeslaTornado> "If this is true, this will be the first case of an entity approaching us, instead of the opposite." Kevin checks his pistols.
Nov 23 19:15:10 * Loiterer (ten.mnigriv.elbac.39EE3BFF-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.mnigriv.elbac.39EE3BFF-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined
Nov 23 19:15:19 <Bunton> "Seems pretty straightforward, then."
Nov 23 19:15:20 <gumbal1> "Generally, they try killing people first."
Nov 23 19:15:21 <Bunton> "What's his name?"
Nov 23 19:15:39 <Soulless> The library is in a small town, the kind of town that has seen a major population downturn as most of its members head to the city.
Nov 23 19:16:18 <Soulless> No name has been given. Just the anonymous tip.
Nov 23 19:16:23 <TeslaTornado> "I don't believe it mentioned a name. It simply said 'a boy that is going through its kind of puberty'. Suggesting a species other than Homo sapiens."
Nov 23 19:16:46 <Bunton> "Uh-huh."
Nov 23 19:16:55 <GraemeCracker> "…What, it lay eggs or grow a third ball or somepin?"
Nov 23 19:16:58 <WetBeard> Pierre simply frowns "I'm not usually a cynic but this seems off"
Nov 23 19:17:14 <Soulless> The vehicle awaits going!
Nov 23 19:17:35 <Bunton> What sort of vehicle is it?"
Nov 23 19:17:44 <TeslaTornado> "Potentially, Agent." Kevin looks at Lloyd.
Nov 23 19:17:50 <gumbal1> Danielle climbs into the vehicle.
Nov 23 19:18:11 <Soulless> A van, the kind that looks like someone's moving equipment or something. Plenty of room for everyone.
Nov 23 19:18:17 <GraemeCracker> "Oh, neat. Like one of them space alien movies, then."
Nov 23 19:18:31 <WetBeard> Pierre climbs in and takes his seat
Nov 23 19:18:33 <Bunton> Anthony climbs in.
Nov 23 19:18:38 <TeslaTornado> "Nothing of the sort, agent." Kevin takes the driver's seat.
Nov 23 19:18:39 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd too gets into the vehicle.
Nov 23 19:18:39 <Bunton> Is there anyone here he hasn't met?
Nov 23 19:18:59 <GraemeCracker> "How do you mean, mister?"
Nov 23 19:19:13 <Soulless> Whenever Kevin is ready, he can drive on off. Vroom Vroom.
Nov 23 19:19:24 <WetBeard> Pierre is a stranger to everyone in the van.
Nov 23 19:19:27 <TeslaTornado> "People don't die in the movies." Kevin starts the van and drives away.
Nov 23 19:19:33 <gumbal1> Danielle stares out the window.
Nov 23 19:19:43 <Bunton> Anthony extends a hand to Pierre. "The name's Anthony, pleased to meet you."
Nov 23 19:19:59 <Bunton>
Nov 23 19:20:01 <GraemeCracker> "Sure they do. Folks die in all sortsa movies."
Nov 23 19:20:03 <TeslaTornado> Kevin is a stranger to humanity.
Nov 23 19:20:13 <Soulless> The drive is rough.
Nov 23 19:20:18 <WetBeard> Pierre looks at him with a small, and shakes his hand "Pierre! Pierre Allard, greetings"
Nov 23 19:20:26 <Soulless> Kevin almost misses a few obscure, hard-to-see roads.
Nov 23 19:20:26 <gumbal1> Danielle fails to notice the rough road.
Nov 23 19:20:43 <gumbal1> She stares out the window the entire ride.
Nov 23 19:20:46 <GraemeCracker> "Just like they die in plays 'n the like. Ya just don't see 'em."
Nov 23 19:20:58 <Soulless> At some point, all the roads are surrounded by forest.
Nov 23 19:21:08 <Soulless> Then farmland. Then more forest.
Nov 23 19:21:25 <WetBeard> Pierre took to enjoying the landscape.
Nov 23 19:21:49 <TeslaTornado> Kevin drives.
Nov 23 19:21:51 <Soulless> After a few hours, the team arrives at a small town surrounded by farmland and forest. Much of the farmland looks unkept.
Nov 23 19:22:31 <Soulless> The church is easily the largest building to be seen. The library hasn't been open in years, it looks like.
Nov 23 19:22:50 <TeslaTornado> "Never recovered after the Depression, it would seem." Kevin looks for an inconspicuous place to park the van.
Nov 23 19:23:01 * ProcyonFood is now known as ProcyonLotor
Nov 23 19:23:18 <GraemeCracker> "Ain't much did in these parts."
Nov 23 19:23:28 <WetBeard> Pierre yawns a little.
Nov 23 19:23:41 <Soulless> Kevin finds an empty parking spot at a now-defunct farm equipment store.
Nov 23 19:23:50 <Soulless> It's a block away from the library.
Nov 23 19:24:10 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd drums lightly on his knees, trying to wake his legs up after the trip.
Nov 23 19:24:16 <TeslaTornado> "Unfortunate." Kevin parks the van and arranges his weapons more inconspicuously, draping his overcoat over his shoulders again.
Nov 23 19:24:26 <Bunton> Anthony looks for people
Nov 23 19:24:36 <Soulless> It's late. Real late. No one's out at this time of night.
Nov 23 19:24:41 <WetBeard> Pierre checks his pistol, nice, loaded, and ready.
Nov 23 19:24:58 <GraemeCracker> "Yer tellin' me. Things used to be real nice before the banks fell apart." Lloyd hops out of the car.
Nov 23 19:25:13 <TeslaTornado> Kevin looks around. "Right, I'm going to assume no-one brought along a flashlight." As he gets out of the truck.
Nov 23 19:25:21 <gumbal1> Danielle gets out of the car a little later than the others.
Nov 23 19:25:25 <Bunton> "You're tellin' me. I used to own a little shop."
Nov 23 19:25:28 <Bunton> "So where's this police station?"
Nov 23 19:25:31 <GraemeCracker> "Hang on, got one in my box."
Nov 23 19:25:32 <WetBeard> Pierre climbs out of the van and takes a deep breath.
Nov 23 19:25:53 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd digs around a little before revealing a flashlight, clicking it on.
Nov 23 19:26:23 <Soulless> There is a single police car in front of a building. Safe to say it might be the police building.
Nov 23 19:26:27 <TeslaTornado> Kevin nods to Lloyd appreciatively. "The map in the file said we were to check the library. Presumably the entity wouldn't be at the police station."
Nov 23 19:26:39 <Bunton> "Didn't he turn himself in?"
Nov 23 19:27:03 <TeslaTornado> "Fair point. We can split up, if necessary, but I wouldn't suggest that."
Nov 23 19:27:10 <TeslaTornado> "Police station or library?"
Nov 23 19:27:13 <WetBeard> "Aren't people going to freak out if things turn for the worst?"
Nov 23 19:27:24 <Bunton> "Probably quicker to check the police station first."
Nov 23 19:27:27 <gumbal1> "Station. Psi-7 is too loud for libraries."
Nov 23 19:27:44 <TeslaTornado> "… Point, agent Levine."
Nov 23 19:27:51 <TeslaTornado> Kevin stalks toward the police station.
Nov 23 19:27:51 <Soulless> Everyone roll me academics.
Nov 23 19:28:00 <GraemeCracker> "Just means we gotta make sure things don't go for the worst." Lloyd nods, following the group.
Nov 23 19:28:09 <GraemeCracker> 4df+1 smrt
Nov 23 19:28:10 <Glacon> GraemeCracker: smrt: -1 (4df+1=-, -, -, +)
Nov 23 19:28:14 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Academics) Add +4 if occult knowledge would help here
Nov 23 19:28:15 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Academics) Add +4 if occult knowledge would help here: 5 (4df+4=-, +, +, 0)
Nov 23 19:28:17 <gumbal1> 4df+4-2 Danielle's head hurts from the medication.
Nov 23 19:28:18 <Glacon> gumbal1: Danielle's head hurts from the medication.: 3 (4df+4-2=+, 0, 0, 0)
Nov 23 19:28:19 <Bunton> Don't have it.
Nov 23 19:28:21 <WetBeard> Pierre Academics: 4df+9
Nov 23 19:28:45 <WetBeard> *Cough* 4df+9
Nov 23 19:28:52 <TeslaTornado> 4df+9
Nov 23 19:28:52 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: 8 (4df+9=0, -, 0, 0)
Nov 23 19:28:55 <Bunton> You have to put it first.
Nov 23 19:29:07 <Bunton> The text needs to come after the roll.
Nov 23 19:30:00 <Soulless> Pierre, you happen to rmember that a police report on anything like anomalousness would be the talk of every radio, newspaper, and general talk.
Nov 23 19:30:16 <Soulless> But oddlyenough, you've never heard anything like that.
Nov 23 19:30:28 <Bunton> What does Lloyd get for a negative roll?
Nov 23 19:30:38 <Soulless> Either the police never wrote a report, or something's up.
Nov 23 19:30:56 <WetBeard> Right, Pierre blinks "We should check the newspaper or a radio, something like this would be the talk of the town"
Nov 23 19:31:00 <Soulless> No punishment for negative rolls.
Nov 23 19:31:02 <GraemeCracker> He gets to think about bread.
Nov 23 19:31:04 <Bunton> Aw.
Nov 23 19:31:17 <Soulless> Not yet, anyways.
Nov 23 19:31:17 <TeslaTornado> Kevin goes and finds a newspaper box.
Nov 23 19:31:40 <Soulless> Kevin there are no newspaper boxes. You find literally yesterday's newspaper on someone's porch.
Nov 23 19:31:48 <Soulless> Nothing mentioned about anything of importance.
Nov 23 19:31:58 <Bunton> "Maybe they kept it under-wraps."
Nov 23 19:32:02 * TeslaTornado is now known as KevinW
Nov 23 19:32:12 <gumbal1> Danielle sits around. No point in going anywhere when you're dizzy and alone.
Nov 23 19:32:13 <Bunton> "We don't know what he does. Could be they rationalised it as something normal."
Nov 23 19:32:18 <Soulless> Anyone who heads to the police store may note that there's seemingly no activity there.
Nov 23 19:32:20 <GraemeCracker> "Naw, even if they did somebody would blab to somebody.
Nov 23 19:32:21 <GraemeCracker> "
Nov 23 19:32:30 * KevinW is now known as TeslaTornado
Nov 23 19:32:33 <Bunton> The police store?
Nov 23 19:32:38 <Soulless> Err, the police building, sorry.
Nov 23 19:32:50 <Soulless> Anyone who heads to the plice building notices seemingly no activity. No lights, nothing.
Nov 23 19:32:56 <WetBeard> Pierre shakes his head "This is off, no one for miles and no talk or news paper, something is going on here I would prepare for the worst"
Nov 23 19:33:10 <TeslaTornado> "Right. Potentially a reality-bender then."
Nov 23 19:33:15 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd frowns, looking in the direction of the library. How's the activity there?
Nov 23 19:33:25 <Bunton> Anthony tries to open the door of the police station.
Nov 23 19:33:37 <Soulless> The library's windows are all boarded up. If there's anuthing there, it can't be seen from the outside.
Nov 23 19:33:45 <gumbal1> "Maybe the town is scared and decided to stay home."
Nov 23 19:33:53 <Bunton> After the mysterious being that runs existence has time to describe the Library.
Nov 23 19:34:00 <Soulless> Anthony opens the door fine. There's no one home.
Nov 23 19:34:16 <Bunton> He pokes his head inside. Does it look trashed?
Nov 23 19:34:33 <Soulless> There are some papers scattered about, but it can easily just be sloppy policemen. Nothing looks trashed.
Nov 23 19:34:34 <GraemeCracker> "…You'd think there'd be somebody, wouldn't ya?"
Nov 23 19:35:15 <TeslaTornado> "You'd be surprised how efficiently anomalies can clear out population centers, agent," Kevin deadpans. "Keep your head on a swivel."
Nov 23 19:35:15 <Bunton> He closes the door again and heads back to the group.
Nov 23 19:35:32 <WetBeard> "Well I say our only option left is to see who has called us here for asylum" Pierre points to the Library.
Nov 23 19:36:04 <Bunton> "This isn't right. Who tipped us off?"
Nov 23 19:36:20 <Bunton> "How do they know he's in the library?"
Nov 23 19:36:27 <WetBeard> "Anonymous, should've known better" Pierre frowns.
Nov 23 19:36:36 <TeslaTornado> "I have an inkling of who tipped us off," Kevin grunts. "But that's neither here nor there."
Nov 23 19:36:52 <Bunton> "What if it was the kid? This could be a trap."
Nov 23 19:36:55 <TeslaTornado> "Our line of work doesn't lend itself well to faces and names, agent," He appends.
Nov 23 19:37:15 <Bunton> Who was he referring to as "agent"?
Nov 23 19:37:22 <GraemeCracker> "Trap or not, we're already here ain't we? Might as well handle it."
Nov 23 19:37:50 <WetBeard> "Besides since when does The Foundation 'lose'?" Pierre chuckled lightly.
Nov 23 19:37:58 <gumbal1> "What would something like them want from the library?"
Nov 23 19:37:58 <Bunton> "Don't be all mysterious, Kevin. The more we know the better."
Nov 23 19:38:12 <TeslaTornado> Kevin looks at Anthony. "Do I know you?"
Nov 23 19:38:20 <Soulless> Anyone heading to the Library?
Nov 23 19:38:27 <TeslaTornado> Kevin is.
Nov 23 19:38:31 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd's started walking there.
Nov 23 19:38:31 <Bunton> "Names get around. I'm Anthony, by the way."
Nov 23 19:38:31 <WetBeard> Pierre heads to the library, no time to lose.
Nov 23 19:38:46 <gumbal1> Daniellle folows them.
Nov 23 19:39:00 <Soulless> The library has two floors that are visible, but a basement might be there too.
Nov 23 19:39:02 <Bunton> Anthony follows too.
Nov 23 19:39:16 <WetBeard> Pierre looks back at Danielle, he remembers her from the mission where he shot himself, that hurt.
Nov 23 19:39:21 <Soulless> Everythings boarded up. There's only a carved "library" label on the builinding to call it a library.
Nov 23 19:39:33 <TeslaTornado> Kevin checks the perimeter for a fire exit or basement access.
Nov 23 19:39:40 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Perception)
Nov 23 19:39:40 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Perception): 2 (4df+4=-, +, -, -)
Nov 23 19:39:44 <gumbal1> "It looks closed. Mybe we should wait a few hours."
Nov 23 19:40:05 <GraemeCracker> "Naw, ain't like the librarian's gonna come by any time soon."
Nov 23 19:40:11 <Soulless> No fire exits, but Kevin finds a basement access, unfortunately its metal doors have been… welded shut.
Nov 23 19:40:26 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd tries the boards to see if he can pry at them.
Nov 23 19:40:27 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Wards) Kevin also feels for latent thaumaturgical energy, because sometimes that helps.
Nov 23 19:40:28 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Wards) Kevin also feels for latent thaumaturgical energy, because sometimes that helps.: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, -)
Nov 23 19:40:37 <Soulless> Kevin feels… feels…
Nov 23 19:40:40 <Soulless> Roll me MDEF
Nov 23 19:41:06 <Soulless> Kevin also may notice the welded door has dents from within.
Nov 23 19:41:12 <TeslaTornado> 4df+8 (MDEF + Ice King) I laugh at your mental attacks (Add +4 if the attack is magic-based)
Nov 23 19:41:12 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (MDEF + Ice King) I laugh at your mental attacks (Add +4 if the attack is magic-based): 10 (4df+8=+, 0, 0, +)
Nov 23 19:42:10 <Soulless> Kevin feels something lapping at his sanity, a wet dog welcoming him home, but the tongue is wrong and the spit is a touch too slimy for saliva.
Nov 23 19:42:52 <TeslaTornado> Kevin finds this mildly irksome. He calls out to the team: "Potential psychological hazards ahead. Be on your guard."
Nov 23 19:43:07 <Soulless> Llord can pry some boards!
Nov 23 19:43:14 <Soulless> Does he?
Nov 23 19:43:19 <GraemeCracker> "I'll try to keep the voices outta my brain."
Nov 23 19:43:37 <GraemeCracker> 4df+4 he tries
Nov 23 19:43:37 <Glacon> GraemeCracker: he tries: 5 (4df+4=+, -, +, 0)
Nov 23 19:43:52 <WetBeard> Pierre closes his eyes a bit, assessing the situation.
Nov 23 19:44:04 <gumbal1> "That's called your conscience."
Nov 23 19:44:06 <TeslaTornado> "See that you do, I'd hate to have to execute another task force member." Kevin continues walking around the perimeter of the library, searching for alternate entrances. Observers may note him… Glowing, a tiny bit.
Nov 23 19:44:08 <Soulless> The… wood is oddly wet… rotten, almost.
Nov 23 19:44:17 * Loiterer has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Nov 23 19:44:36 <Soulless> Lloyd parts it easily. It smells of a burntness he can't put a finger to.
Nov 23 19:45:00 <Bunton> Anthony listens at the door to see if he can hear anything inside.
Nov 23 19:45:01 <Soulless> It's boarded from the inside too, though. All he gets to see is more rotting wood.
Nov 23 19:45:06 <Soulless> Anthony, roll perception.
Nov 23 19:45:15 <Bunton> 4df+4
Nov 23 19:45:15 <Glacon> Bunton: 0 (4df+4=-, -, -, -)
Nov 23 19:45:19 <Bunton> Wow.
Nov 23 19:45:20 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd grunts, wiping off his hands. "These boards done been here a while."
Nov 23 19:45:22 <Soulless> Anthony, roll me MDEF.
Nov 23 19:45:36 <Bunton> 4df+6 Oh this isn't going to end well.
Nov 23 19:45:36 <Glacon> Bunton: Oh this isn't going to end well.: 5 (4df+6=0, 0, -, 0)
Nov 23 19:46:09 <gumbal1> Danielle continues staring at the building.
Nov 23 19:46:37 <Soulless> Anthony, your hearing is temporarily shut out as you get the distinct sensation of a dog lapping at your ear, but the tongue is just a little too slender for a dog's, the saliva is a little too thick. You suddenly get the taste of burnt chicken in your mouth.
Nov 23 19:46:57 <Bunton> Anthony jerks away from the door.
Nov 23 19:47:04 <Soulless> Nothing bad happens though, and the sensation is gone in a moment.
Nov 23 19:47:05 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd sighs, going to town on the rest of the rotting wood as he tries to make his way in. "This is some shit, I tell you what."
Nov 23 19:47:07 <Bunton> He makes a face like ew.
Nov 23 19:47:17 <WetBeard> Pierre opens his eyes and touches Anthony "Hey? What just happened?
Nov 23 19:47:17 <Soulless> Lloyd, roll me strength.
Nov 23 19:47:20 <WetBeard> *"
Nov 23 19:47:24 <GraemeCracker> 4df+4 stronk
Nov 23 19:47:25 <Glacon> GraemeCracker: stronk: 7 (4df+4=0, +, +, +)
Nov 23 19:47:37 <Bunton> "Just a weird feeling. Definitely something in there."
Nov 23 19:47:44 <Bunton> "Thanks for checking on me, buddy."
Nov 23 19:47:47 <Soulless> Lloyd cracks a window open!
Nov 23 19:47:49 <Bunton> He pats Pierre's hand.
Nov 23 19:48:01 <WetBeard> "Part of the team," Pierre smiles and lets go.
Nov 23 19:48:10 <Soulless> A gust of stale air floofs onto him.
Nov 23 19:48:26 <GraemeCracker> "Ahright, let's get in this damn thi-" He recoils a bit at the stale air, coughing.
Nov 23 19:48:33 <Bunton> "You alright there friend?" to Lloyd.
Nov 23 19:48:39 <Soulless> The smell of rotten wood and moldy books smacks him like a punch to the gut!
Nov 23 19:48:42 <gumbal1> "Old book smell is powerful."
Nov 23 19:48:48 <TeslaTornado> Kevin rounds the building at this point, standing next to Danielle.
Nov 23 19:49:00 <WetBeard> Pierre straightens up looking at Kevin "Find anything?"
Nov 23 19:49:08 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd holds up a hand, coughing a bit more. "F-foul."
Nov 23 19:49:33 <Soulless> From the inside, voices start to be heard.
Nov 23 19:49:43 <Soulless> They're muffled, but they're there. Chanting.
Nov 23 19:49:47 <TeslaTornado> "Nothing - hold." Kevin goes to the window…
Nov 23 19:49:57 <Soulless> More than one voice, but it can't be discerned how many.
Nov 23 19:50:06 <TeslaTornado> 4df+8 (Academic + Mind Palace) What're they chanting about? Is it occulty stuff?
Nov 23 19:50:06 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Academic + Mind Palace) What're they chanting about? Is it occulty stuff?: 8 (4df+8=0, -, +, 0)
Nov 23 19:50:11 <Bunton> Anthony rubs at his ear worriedly.
Nov 23 19:50:23 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd straightens himself out, looking to the group. "Hear somethin'?"
Nov 23 19:50:24 <Soulless> It's occult-sounding chanting.
Nov 23 19:50:30 <gumbal1> "Oh. Guess it's open."
Nov 23 19:50:30 <Soulless> Can't be for sure what, though.
Nov 23 19:50:37 <WetBeard> Pierre is frowning, unsure of how a reality bender works, if this even is one.
Nov 23 19:50:46 <Soulless> The hole Lloyd made is large enough for people to start climbing through.
Nov 23 19:50:47 <TeslaTornado> "Occultists. Unknown faith system."
Nov 23 19:50:58 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Ungentlemanly) Kevin stealths through the window.
Nov 23 19:50:58 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Ungentlemanly) Kevin stealths through the window.: 5 (4df+4=0, +, +, -)
Nov 23 19:51:10 <gumbal1> "There are a lot of those."
Nov 23 19:51:20 <Soulless> Kevin sneaks through the window like the shadows stealths around the light.
Nov 23 19:51:31 <Soulless> He steps in something spongy, squishy even.
Nov 23 19:51:38 <Soulless> It's too dark to see what, though.
Nov 23 19:51:42 <WetBeard> Pierre waits at the window, waiting for a word from Kevin.
Nov 23 19:51:54 <TeslaTornado> Kevin gives off a veeeery mild glow. He kneels and attempts to inspect the squishy somethin'.
Nov 23 19:51:55 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd starts to clamber through the hole. "Well sure, cults come in all shapes and sizes."
Nov 23 19:51:55 <Bunton> Is it flesh.
Nov 23 19:51:59 <Bunton> It's flesh isn't it.
Nov 23 19:52:01 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Perception) Waaat
Nov 23 19:52:01 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Perception) Waaat: 7 (4df+4=0, +, +, +)
Nov 23 19:52:04 <Soulless> It's flesh.
Nov 23 19:52:11 <Bunton> :D
Nov 23 19:52:18 <Soulless> Kevin gets a handful of half-rotten liver. It's too small to be a human liver.
Nov 23 19:52:35 <Soulless> It's too dark to see exactly, though. Someone's going to need a light.
Nov 23 19:52:45 <Soulless> Lloyd also steps in something squishy!
Nov 23 19:52:47 <TeslaTornado> "Lloyd, I need your torch." Kevin whispers through the window.
Nov 23 19:52:49 <gumbal1> Danielle climbs through.
Nov 23 19:52:55 <Soulless> Danielle steps in squishy!
Nov 23 19:52:57 <Bunton> Anthony looks in through the window.
Nov 23 19:53:02 <WetBeard> Pierre is last to climb in!
Nov 23 19:53:12 <GraemeCracker> "How come you ain't brought a torch?" He curls his brow, pointing the light to the ground.
Nov 23 19:53:12 <gumbal1> Danielle look down. "Oh my. Such dirty floors."
Nov 23 19:53:15 <Soulless> Pierre, roll me agility!
Nov 23 19:53:19 <Bunton> Anthony climbs in before Pierre then I guess!
Nov 23 19:53:22 <GraemeCracker> "Oh…Delicious."
Nov 23 19:53:22 <Soulless> At danielle's voice, the chanting quietens!
Nov 23 19:53:30 <WetBeard> 4df+3 Agility Time!
Nov 23 19:53:30 <Glacon> WetBeard: Agility Time!: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, -, +)
Nov 23 19:53:55 <Soulless> Pierre feels something round snap and fallen under his feet.
Nov 23 19:54:06 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Ungentlemanly) Kevin attempts to disappear
Nov 23 19:54:07 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Ungentlemanly) Kevin attempts to disappear: 3 (4df+4=0, -, +, -)
Nov 23 19:54:15 <Soulless> As Lloyd lights the floor, he sees… intestines.
Nov 23 19:54:22 <gumbal1> Danielle just stands where she is.
Nov 23 19:54:23 <Soulless> Trails and trails of innards.
Nov 23 19:54:34 <WetBeard> He flinches and jumps away from whatever he just landed on "Holy hell!"
Nov 23 19:54:38 <Bunton> Anthony looks super grossed.
Nov 23 19:54:41 <Soulless> Too small to be a human. Animal innards.
Nov 23 19:54:51 <GraemeCracker> "…What is this, a slaughterhouse?"
Nov 23 19:54:54 <Soulless> They've been shaped in peculiar manners,
Nov 23 19:55:10 <GraemeCracker> He points the flashlight towards Pierre. "What?"
Nov 23 19:55:23 <WetBeard> Pierre bends over to pick up what he just landed on, what be it?
Nov 23 19:55:31 <Soulless> Pierre crushed an animal skull.
Nov 23 19:55:35 <Soulless> Possibly a kitten.
Nov 23 19:55:50 <Bunton> "This is fucked up…"
Nov 23 19:55:53 <TeslaTornado> Kevin :|s somewhere in the darkness.
Nov 23 19:56:08 <WetBeard> Pierre frowns ~I don't know who or what you are, but you can't break me easily~
Nov 23 19:56:18 <Bunton> "Where'd Kev go?"
Nov 23 19:56:32 <gumbal1> "Well, this is awkward."
Nov 23 19:56:34 <Bunton> Ant looks around.
Nov 23 19:56:35 <Soulless> The entrails are specifically laid out in peculiar shapes, with the owners of the entrails being left at the side of the shapes. Some shapes take up multiple animals.
Nov 23 19:56:36 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd flicks his flashlight around in search of Kevin.
Nov 23 19:56:54 <Soulless> Birds, cats, dogs, mice…
Nov 23 19:57:05 <Soulless> Lots and lots of gut-symbols all over the floor.
Nov 23 19:57:15 <Soulless> Lloyd, roll perception.
Nov 23 19:57:21 <WetBeard> Pierre drops the skull and looks around, he takes a deep breath… Revolting.
Nov 23 19:57:29 * Dillinger is now known as Dil_gone
Nov 23 19:57:35 <GraemeCracker> 4df+4 "Mr Agent? The guts git ya?"
Nov 23 19:57:35 * Dil_gone has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Nov 23 19:57:35 <Glacon> GraemeCracker: "Mr Agent? The guts git ya?": 1 (4df+4=0, -, -, -)
Nov 23 19:57:42 <TeslaTornado> Kevin is hiding, having noticed the drop in the chanting.
Nov 23 19:57:45 <Soulless> Lloyd does not spot Kevin.
Nov 23 19:57:46 <gumbal1> "Oh my. We must be in the kitchen."
Nov 23 19:57:57 <GraemeCracker> gg lloyd.
Nov 23 19:58:09 <TeslaTornado> 4df+8 (Academics + Mind Palace) From his obscured position, Kevin attempts to discern the nature of the symbols.
Nov 23 19:58:09 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Academics + Mind Palace) From his obscured position, Kevin attempts to discern the nature of the symbols.: 7 (4df+8=-, 0, 0, 0)
Nov 23 19:58:15 <GraemeCracker> "…Huh. Musta fucked off."
Nov 23 19:58:24 <Soulless> Kevin, you have no freaking idea what these symbols mean.
Nov 23 19:58:30 <Bunton> Anthony looks super worried.
Nov 23 19:58:32 <Soulless> They mean /something/ though.
Nov 23 19:58:45 <TeslaTornado> ~Interesting. Symbols I haven't run into yet.~ Kevin takes them down mentally.
Nov 23 19:59:04 <Soulless> A woman's voice echos from the other side of the library.
Nov 23 19:59:08 <Soulless> "Hello?"
Nov 23 19:59:11 <WetBeard> Pierre nostrils flare up a little, his hand creeps to his pistol's handle.
Nov 23 19:59:29 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Perception) Where did that voice come froooom
Nov 23 19:59:29 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Perception) Where did that voice come froooom: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, -, +)
Nov 23 19:59:35 <GraemeCracker> "Hmm?" Lloyd brings his flashlight towards the voice of the woman. "…"
Nov 23 19:59:41 <gumbal1> Danielle's face lights up. "Bonjour! We are visitors! You have a lovely kitchen!"
Nov 23 19:59:56 <Soulless> "Ah, this is no kitchen~"
Nov 23 19:59:59 <Bunton> Anthony looks around. "Oh, hello there!"
Nov 23 20:00:09 <Bunton> 4df+9 First Impression! Come on you charming bastard!
Nov 23 20:00:10 <Glacon> Bunton: First Impression! Come on you charming bastard!: 7 (4df+9=-, 0, 0, -)
Nov 23 20:00:38 <Soulless> Kevin doens't know where speciofically it's from, but a woman steps into Lloyd's flashlight. She's middle aged, covered in animal furs and entrails.
Nov 23 20:00:43 <WetBeard> Pierre's eyes flashed not understanding why everyone is trying to greet the possible reality bender, he tries to fade away from the group, he doesn't plan on dying.
Nov 23 20:00:44 <gumbal1> "It's not?! I was wondering why the meat wasn't in a freezer!"
Nov 23 20:00:55 <gumbal1> "Than you for telling me!"
Nov 23 20:01:08 <Soulless> "Oh, hello… quite a party aren't we?"
Nov 23 20:01:18 <Soulless> She smiles, and she has no teeth.
Nov 23 20:01:23 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd inhales sharply at the sight of a person in guts, before coughing a bit from the smell of innards.
Nov 23 20:01:39 <Bunton> Can Anthony roll to make friends?
Nov 23 20:01:47 <Soulless> Sure!
Nov 23 20:02:05 <Bunton> Oh, I already rolled.
Nov 23 20:02:10 <TeslaTornado> Kevin observes.
Nov 23 20:02:11 <Bunton> So 7 I guess.
Nov 23 20:02:12 <WetBeard> 4df Pierre fades away… Really badly though
Nov 23 20:02:12 <Glacon> WetBeard: Pierre fades away… Really badly though: -1 (4df=0, 0, -, 0)
Nov 23 20:02:17 <gumbal1> Danielle steps up to the woman, smiling. She puts her hand out "Bonjour, young madame. I am Danielle."
Nov 23 20:02:24 <Soulless> "Welcome to our humble abode, the sacred temple of our beloved god-emperor of no name that our voices can speak."
Nov 23 20:02:38 <Soulless> Pierre slips on a rat's corpse and falls on his side, right into all the muck.
Nov 23 20:02:44 <Soulless> She is friendly to Anthony!
Nov 23 20:02:50 <Bunton> "Uh-huh…"
Nov 23 20:02:59 <Soulless> She shakes Danielle's hand, bright smile of no teeth.
Nov 23 20:03:05 <Bunton> "Sure is a lovely place. Why a library?"
Nov 23 20:03:14 <Bunton> He tries not to look unnerved and mortified.
Nov 23 20:03:18 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd frowns, looking around. ~The hell'd she come from?~
Nov 23 20:03:20 <Soulless> "It's not library. It's a temple~"
Nov 23 20:03:31 <Soulless> Lloyd can roll perception ot figure out where she arrived from.
Nov 23 20:03:38 <WetBeard> Pierre falls over making lots of noise, he was never good at hide and seek "Dammit."
Nov 23 20:03:39 <GraemeCracker> 4df+4 whynot
Nov 23 20:03:39 <Glacon> GraemeCracker: whynot: 5 (4df+4=+, -, 0, +)
Nov 23 20:03:41 <Soulless> "It's our temple, for our beloved god-emperor."
Nov 23 20:04:01 <Soulless> Lloyd can tell that there's a stairway downwards where she showed up.
Nov 23 20:04:05 <gumbal1> "It is a nice temple."
Nov 23 20:04:09 <Bunton> "Uh-huh…"
Nov 23 20:04:22 <Soulless> the woman smiles. "We tried very hard for our god-emperor, lord and beloved, to make it just as he desires."
Nov 23 20:04:24 <WetBeard> Pierre looks at the woman, he's already failed, "Did you send us the letter?"
Nov 23 20:04:29 <Soulless> "Letter?"
Nov 23 20:04:32 <Soulless> She tilts her head.
Nov 23 20:04:48 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Ungentlemanly) Kevin continues skulking, attempting to get around fur-lady
Nov 23 20:04:49 <WetBeard> Pierre frowns ~This is /not/ good~
Nov 23 20:04:49 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Ungentlemanly) Kevin continues skulking, attempting to get around fur-lady: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, -)
Nov 23 20:04:54 <Soulless> "No one sends letters here, only prayers to our god-emperor, beloved and loved and sweetly cared for."
Nov 23 20:04:55 <GraemeCracker> He clears his throat. "Well, you see, we're uh…Lookin' fer someone. Needs our help. Wondering if maybe you know anything about it?"
Nov 23 20:05:00 <Soulless> 4df+4 ???
Nov 23 20:05:00 <Glacon> Soulless: ???: 6 (4df+4=+, +, +, -)
Nov 23 20:05:17 <Soulless> She notices Kevin and steps right in front of him, bumping into him. "Oh! Sorry, I didn't see you there!"
Nov 23 20:05:22 <Bunton> "Who is this… uh… god-emperor?"
Nov 23 20:05:37 <Soulless> "No one needs help here. Our lord takes care of all our needs"
Nov 23 20:05:40 <TeslaTornado> Kevin resists the urge to break her neck on instinct.
Nov 23 20:06:00 <Soulless> "It is not who. He is the god-emperor, beloved by all, loved by everything, even our marrow and eyes."
Nov 23 20:06:17 <Soulless> "Come visit tomorrow! It will be our celebration."
Nov 23 20:06:22 <Bunton> Anthony glances at the viscera on the floor.
Nov 23 20:06:25 <Soulless> "Yes, come visit tomorrow."
Nov 23 20:06:29 <WetBeard> "Celebration for what?"
Nov 23 20:06:36 <Soulless> She smiles wide, wide. "Celebration for celebration!"
Nov 23 20:06:48 <GraemeCracker> "Oh, so like Arbor day."
Nov 23 20:06:57 <TeslaTornado> "Right." Kevin looks at the cult-gop on the floor. "So which denomination is your god, then? Chthonic, or just a mind-warper?"
Nov 23 20:06:59 <WetBeard> Pierre frowns deeper, deeper ~No thanks! I'll pass!~
Nov 23 20:07:24 <Soulless> "Or god is our beloved, the one in all our hearts, the one that loves us as we love him…"
Nov 23 20:07:27 <Bunton> "Say, you know… why don't you come out with us first? Show us around town?"
Nov 23 20:07:30 <TeslaTornado> "That tells me nothing."
Nov 23 20:07:32 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd sort of begins sauntering towards the stairway where this nice lady came from.
Nov 23 20:07:32 <Bunton> "Any nice hotels here?"
Nov 23 20:07:42 * DrSavage (||egavaSrD) has joined
Nov 23 20:07:43 <Soulless> "There's nothing out in the town, we've all come to love him."
Nov 23 20:07:49 <gumbal1> "So, uh, what's their name?"
Nov 23 20:08:12 <Bunton> "How many of you are there?"
Nov 23 20:08:14 <TeslaTornado> "Corporeal manifestation or incorporeal?" Kevin folds his hands behind his back.
Nov 23 20:08:21 <Soulless> "His name is unpronounceable by we the pathetic humans."
Nov 23 20:08:25 <Soulless> "But we love him still."
Nov 23 20:08:39 <Soulless> She smiles to Kevin. "Please use smaller words, dear."
Nov 23 20:08:44 <Bunton> "Oh, I wouldn't call you pathetic. You seem very nice to me."
Nov 23 20:08:46 <Soulless> "Anyhow, yes, come tomorrow! Come tomorrow!"
Nov 23 20:08:46 <TeslaTornado> "Does he have a body?"
Nov 23 20:08:47 <WetBeard> "Yes yes, he sounds lovely, may be meet him?"
Nov 23 20:08:52 <Bunton> He tries to smile.
Nov 23 20:08:55 <Soulless> "All the questions will be answered tomorrow, yes!"
Nov 23 20:09:03 <gumbal1> Danielle pouts. "I'm not pathetic."
Nov 23 20:09:05 <Soulless> She tries to push Kevin nicely ou.
Nov 23 20:09:06 <Soulless> *out
Nov 23 20:09:24 <TeslaTornado> 4df+12 (Intimidate + Terrorize + Ice King) Kevin invades her personal space. "You'll answer our questions now, or I'm going to add your guts to the collection on the floor."
Nov 23 20:09:25 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Intimidate + Terrorize + Ice King) Kevin invades her personal space. "You'll answer our questions now, or I'm going to add your guts to the collection on the floor.": 16 (4df+12=+, +, +, +)
Nov 23 20:09:37 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd then starts to try and casually go down the stairs while Kevin does his mind torture.
Nov 23 20:09:37 <Bunton> OH SHIT SON
Nov 23 20:09:55 <Soulless> She shrieks outloud, like the sound of dying, like a banshee.
Nov 23 20:09:59 <TeslaTornado> The glow from his ward-tattoos literally makes him look like a demon.
Nov 23 20:10:01 <Soulless> Then she faints.
Nov 23 20:10:13 <WetBeard> "This is not good"
Nov 23 20:10:19 <Bunton> Anthony seems to be in a bit of a daze.
Nov 23 20:10:26 <WetBeard> "That god emperor thing is probably going to be pissed"
Nov 23 20:10:27 <Soulless> There is plenty more noise downstairs now.
Nov 23 20:10:28 <Bunton> He shakes himself out of it.
Nov 23 20:10:29 <gumbal1> Danielle jumps.
Nov 23 20:10:31 <TeslaTornado> Kevin looks at the fainted woman on the floor.
Nov 23 20:10:40 <gumbal1> "Well."
Nov 23 20:10:45 <TeslaTornado> 4df+3 (Melee) And kicks her. "Wake up."
Nov 23 20:10:45 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Melee) And kicks her. "Wake up.": 2 (4df+3=0, -, 0, 0)
Nov 23 20:10:52 <Soulless> People discussing what to do in hushed tones. Lloyd moves to the stairwell easily. It'
Nov 23 20:10:58 <Soulless> It's even more covered in bodies.
Nov 23 20:11:02 <WetBeard> Pierre pulls his pistol out, he's prepared for what might come.
Nov 23 20:11:26 <Soulless> Someone downstairs is shouting. Everyone roll percep.
Nov 23 20:11:28 <TeslaTornado> "Nobody shoot unless they shoot first. We don't know the nature of this entity they're contacting or if it feeds on life energy."
Nov 23 20:11:35 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Percep) Secret agent eyes
Nov 23 20:11:36 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Percep) Secret agent eyes: 2 (4df+4=0, 0, -, -)
Nov 23 20:11:38 <Bunton> 4df+4
Nov 23 20:11:38 <Glacon> Bunton: 5 (4df+4=+, +, -, 0)
Nov 23 20:11:40 <Soulless> The woman doesn't wake back up.
Nov 23 20:11:40 <GraemeCracker> "Jesus, what is with all the dang corpses…" He stops on the steps.
Nov 23 20:11:45 <WetBeard> 4df+3 Perception!
Nov 23 20:11:46 <GraemeCracker> 4df+4 ayy
Nov 23 20:11:46 <Glacon> WetBeard: Perception!: 1 (4df+3=-, -, +, -)
Nov 23 20:11:46 <Glacon> GraemeCracker: ayy: 3 (4df+4=+, -, -, 0)
Nov 23 20:12:14 <Bunton> OH YEAH MOTHERTRUCKERS
Nov 23 20:12:21 <Bunton> Actually, that probably isn't enough.
Nov 23 20:12:24 <Soulless> Athony hears a muffled 'hello' then 'help'.
Nov 23 20:12:25 <gumbal1> 4df+4 wha
Nov 23 20:12:25 <Glacon> gumbal1: wha: 7 (4df+4=+, +, +, 0)
Nov 23 20:12:43 <Soulless> Danielle clearly hears someone saying 'hello! hey! help! down here!'
Nov 23 20:13:02 <Soulless> Everyone else just hears muffled shouting, then commotion.
Nov 23 20:13:02 <gumbal1> "Oh my, they need help!"
Nov 23 20:13:13 <gumbal1> Danielle rushes to find a staircase to descend.
Nov 23 20:13:25 <Bunton> "Hey, wait up!"
Nov 23 20:13:28 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd continues slowly moving down the stair case, bothered by the muffles.
Nov 23 20:13:32 <Bunton> Anthony runs after her.
Nov 23 20:13:36 <GraemeCracker> "Well /hurry up/
Nov 23 20:13:38 <GraemeCracker> "
Nov 23 20:13:40 <Soulless> Three more men, young farmhands, meet Lloyd and then Danielle.
Nov 23 20:13:40 <TeslaTornado> 4df+12 (Intim + Terr + IK) Kevin shouts down the stairwell: "I WILL DESTROY YOU IF YOU DO NOT STAND DOWN."
Nov 23 20:13:41 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Intim + Terr + IK) Kevin shouts down the stairwell: "I WILL DESTROY YOU IF YOU DO NOT STAND DOWN.": 12 (4df+12=+, +, -, -)
Nov 23 20:13:42 <WetBeard> Pierre tilts his head, then his jaw drops "Danielle! Where are- Mein gott!"
Nov 23 20:13:51 <GraemeCracker> "Quit yellin!"
Nov 23 20:13:52 <TeslaTornado> Then follows them down.
Nov 23 20:13:53 <Soulless> The commotion silences.
Nov 23 20:13:54 <Bunton> And also Anthony?
Nov 23 20:14:11 <Soulless> Then the three farmhands drop their shovels as weapons.
Nov 23 20:14:21 <WetBeard> Pierre moves a bit "Dammit dammit dammit" He goes down with Kevin
Nov 23 20:14:22 <Soulless> "Look, what do you want?" One of them says.
Nov 23 20:14:26 <Soulless> (And also Anthony yes)
Nov 23 20:14:35 <Soulless> "Go home. Leave us in peace."
Nov 23 20:14:49 <Bunton> 4df+9 (First Impression) "Hey, hey pal, it's okay. We're friends."
Nov 23 20:14:50 <Glacon> Bunton: (First Impression) "Hey, hey pal, it's okay. We're friends.": 9 (4df+9=-, +, +, -)
Nov 23 20:14:52 <GraemeCracker> "Well, we will. Just lookin' for someone."
Nov 23 20:15:09 <gumbal1> "We need to find someone, yes."
Nov 23 20:15:21 <GraemeCracker> "Then you can go back to coverin' the floor in blood and all that."
Nov 23 20:15:27 <TeslaTornado> Kevin looms in the background, scowling and glowing slightly.
Nov 23 20:15:43 <Soulless> The farmhands are similarly covered in animal gore. They have healed-over scars over their chest and thighs, with the same symbols as the animal guts.
Nov 23 20:15:51 <Soulless> "Friends of ours?"
Nov 23 20:15:53 <WetBeard> Pierre is in Kevin's background, frowning.
Nov 23 20:16:06 <Soulless> "Who are you looking for? Everyone's here because we love our god-emperor together."
Nov 23 20:16:22 <Soulless> The farmhands are scared of Kevin.
Nov 23 20:16:25 <TeslaTornado> "Presumably, if you have any humanoid, non-baseline lifeforms down here."
Nov 23 20:16:34 <TeslaTornado> "Because we were called here looking for one of them."
Nov 23 20:16:34 <Bunton> "Don't mind Kev, he's just a big softie really."
Nov 23 20:16:44 <Soulless> They are comforted by Anthony.
Nov 23 20:16:45 <GraemeCracker> "We're lookin' for somebody that ain't exactly like us, is what he's sayin'."
Nov 23 20:16:46 <Soulless> Yey!
Nov 23 20:16:49 <Bunton> "Who down there can we talk to?"
Nov 23 20:16:51 <WetBeard> Pierre puts his pistol away.
Nov 23 20:17:11 <Soulless> "Oh! So you're pilgrims!"
Nov 23 20:17:22 <Soulless> "Pilgrims to see our god-emperor! Our first pilgrims!"
Nov 23 20:17:24 <gumbal1> "Not really."
Nov 23 20:17:32 <TeslaTornado> "No."
Nov 23 20:17:41 <Soulless> "Why, then are you here seeking him?"
Nov 23 20:17:43 <WetBeard> "I'd prefer not to be"
Nov 23 20:17:43 <gumbal1> "To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what you're talking about."
Nov 23 20:17:51 <GraemeCracker> "…Maybe. Does that mean we can see our friend?"
Nov 23 20:17:58 <Bunton> "We just need to find out more, is all."
Nov 23 20:18:03 <Bunton> "Come on bud, give us the tour."
Nov 23 20:18:05 <Bunton> 4df+6
Nov 23 20:18:05 <Glacon> Bunton: 6 (4df+6=+, -, 0, 0)
Nov 23 20:18:15 <Soulless> The three discuss with themselves.
Nov 23 20:18:25 <Bunton> That was persuasion.
Nov 23 20:18:39 <Soulless> One of them, a shaggy-headed man with cat-skull necklace, speaks.
Nov 23 20:18:47 <Soulless> "Well… okay. A quick tour of our temple."
Nov 23 20:19:09 <Bunton> "Swell!"
Nov 23 20:19:09 <Soulless> "10 minutes. Then out. We're preparing for our festival, so things are busy."
Nov 23 20:19:13 <WetBeard> Pierre frowns, muttering to himself "I'd… Prefer not.
Nov 23 20:19:42 <gumbal1> "Okay."
Nov 23 20:19:47 <Soulless> "If you're not pilgrims, them I'm afraid you can't come see our god-emperor, so beloved is he that he greets the sunlight like the morning greets the day."
Nov 23 20:20:00 <Soulless> "But I can show you where we sleep and eat and worship. Come along."
Nov 23 20:20:27 <TeslaTornado> Kevin skulks after the group.
Nov 23 20:20:39 <WetBeard> Pierre looks at Kevin and follows "Think we should go give this god-emperor a check?"
Nov 23 20:20:50 <Bunton> Anthony follows them.
Nov 23 20:20:57 <Soulless> Anthony leads them in. The walls of the basement are filled with paintings in blood and organs.
Nov 23 20:21:01 <Soulless> err wait
Nov 23 20:21:09 <gumbal1> Danielle follows.
Nov 23 20:21:23 <Soulless> The cat-skull guy leads them in. "I'm anthony, by the way."
Nov 23 20:21:25 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd wishes he could clean his boots.
Nov 23 20:21:36 <Soulless> "Well, I relinquished that name. I'm Sk'kraklor, now."
Nov 23 20:21:37 <Bunton> "Sorry about Kev there. He can get a bit angry sometimes."
Nov 23 20:21:44 <Bunton> "Nicest guy in the world, really."
Nov 23 20:21:52 <Bunton> 4df+4 bluff
Nov 23 20:21:52 <Glacon> Bunton: bluff: 5 (4df+4=-, +, 0, +)
Nov 23 20:21:54 <Soulless> "It's okay. Our god-emperor could soothe his anger tomorrow if he likes."
Nov 23 20:21:57 <TeslaTornado> "Hospitality dictates we don't betray the worshippers' trust."
Nov 23 20:22:23 <Bunton> "Hey pal, a question if you don't mind…"
Nov 23 20:22:27 <TeslaTornado> 4df+7 (Terrorize + Ice King) Kevin just existing
Nov 23 20:22:28 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Terrorize + Ice King) Kevin just existing: 7 (4df+7=0, 0, 0, 0)
Nov 23 20:22:36 <Bunton> Anthony's face goes ew at all the gore.
Nov 23 20:22:44 <WetBeard> Pierre continues to follow, hands behind his back, talking so only Kevin could hear "Possible reality bender then?"
Nov 23 20:22:52 <GraemeCracker> ~Yellin' ain't real hospitable.~
Nov 23 20:22:52 <Soulless> Sk'kraklor leads them down a dug-out tunnel. "Sure!" His voice shakes because Kevin is scary. The walls are covered in paintings of… things. Possibly gutted kittens and puppies.
Nov 23 20:23:02 <Bunton> "Why all the, uh… blood and stuff?"
Nov 23 20:23:16 <Soulless> "Because! It's holy, because it's holy, we know it is. We feel it in our marrows."
Nov 23 20:23:20 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Perception) Kevin keeps his eyes out and his ears open.
Nov 23 20:23:21 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Perception) Kevin keeps his eyes out and his ears open.: 3 (4df+4=-, +, 0, -)
Nov 23 20:23:28 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Wards) And feels for magical disturbances.
Nov 23 20:23:29 <gumbal1> Danielle marvels at the paintings. "Very modernist. Who made them?"
Nov 23 20:23:29 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Wards) And feels for magical disturbances.: 5 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, +)
Nov 23 20:24:13 <Soulless> Kevin sees a corpse in one of the dug-out rooms. It's a young man, butchered up. His skeleton has been not-so-carefully removed from the body, and the bones have been cracked and the marrow scraped out.
Nov 23 20:24:19 <Bunton> "See, we heard a rumour a little while back… some guy turned himself into the police here."
Nov 23 20:24:27 <Bunton> "Some strange guy."
Nov 23 20:24:36 <TeslaTornado> 4df+12 (Intim + Terr + IK) To the farmhands: "Stop."
Nov 23 20:24:36 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Intim + Terr + IK) To the farmhands: "Stop.": 15 (4df+12=+, 0, +, +)
Nov 23 20:24:38 <Bunton> "You wouldn't know anything about that, would- JESUS!"
Nov 23 20:24:48 <Bunton> Anthony freaks the fuck out when he sees the skeleton.
Nov 23 20:24:56 <Soulless> Sk'kraklor shakes his head. "Well our god-emperor once called the pol- ah!" He cowers at Kevin's command.
Nov 23 20:24:59 * DrSavage (||egavaSrD) has left
Nov 23 20:25:03 <Soulless> Only Kevin spots the skeleton.
Nov 23 20:25:08 <Bunton> Oh.
Nov 23 20:25:09 <Bunton> Er.
Nov 23 20:25:11 <Bunton> Redact.
Nov 23 20:25:21 <Bunton> "You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?"
Nov 23 20:25:22 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd frowns. "What, you tired of the tour?"
Nov 23 20:25:24 <WetBeard> Pierre looks at Kevin with a raise eye brow.
Nov 23 20:25:41 <Soulless> "Oh! We feed our god-emperor that, the sacred marrow, so he may better hear us."
Nov 23 20:26:08 <Soulless> Kevin's wards pick up some magic down the way.
Nov 23 20:26:08 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd backs up a bit, looking into the room. "…Oh. Dandy."
Nov 23 20:26:30 <gumbal1> "Huh. Is marrow expensive around here? I hear Albany's a good place to raise a pet these days."
Nov 23 20:26:46 <TeslaTornado> Kevin steps through the rest of the MTF members and up to the cultists. "Magic around here," He grumbles, pointing in the direction of the magic he felt. "Where's it coming from?"
Nov 23 20:26:47 <GraemeCracker> "Does…He have a calcium deficiency?"
Nov 23 20:27:03 <Soulless> "A-a-anyways… this hallway here is where we sleep, together." He interrupts Kevin and steps in front of the pointing.
Nov 23 20:27:12 <Soulless> Sk'kraklor points to another hallway altogether.
Nov 23 20:27:32 <Soulless> The hallway is lined with furs from all sorts of animals. The skinned corpses are in a pile at the end of the hallway.
Nov 23 20:27:45 <WetBeard> Pierre looks around with a deep breath… Still revolting.
Nov 23 20:27:58 <Soulless> "We sleep here, together, as children from the womb. As life greets the stillborn, so we greet the sleep."
Nov 23 20:28:02 <TeslaTornado> 4df+12 (You know) "No. There."
Nov 23 20:28:03 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (You know) "No. There.": 12 (4df+12=+, 0, 0, -)
Nov 23 20:28:18 <Soulless> Anthony cowers.
Nov 23 20:28:19 <Bunton> "Yeah, s-so…"
Nov 23 20:28:27 <Bunton> He does?
Nov 23 20:28:35 <Soulless> god dammit
Nov 23 20:28:39 <Soulless> Sk'kraklor cowers.
Nov 23 20:28:44 <TeslaTornado> (The cultist and Anthony are the same name)
Nov 23 20:28:47 <Soulless> "B-b-but… well…"
Nov 23 20:28:53 <Soulless> "I'm s-s-sorry…"
Nov 23 20:29:16 <Soulless> "I c-c-can't let you g-g-g-go there. Our h-h-highest pr-priests are tending to o-our… well… em-emperor.. god… thing…"
Nov 23 20:29:17 <WetBeard> Pierre chuckles a little, the extreme fear of Kevin is funny to him.
Nov 23 20:29:26 <TeslaTornado> Kevin glowers, looming over the farmhand. "If you don't tell me what's kept down that hallway you'll be entering communion with your god in the same way that the one in the alcove has."
Nov 23 20:29:45 <Soulless> "Our god! And his priests! Oh god, please don't hurt me."
Nov 23 20:29:47 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Perception) Listening for calls for help
Nov 23 20:29:48 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Perception) Listening for calls for help: 0 (4df+4=-, -, -, -)
Nov 23 20:30:03 <Bunton> Anthony puts a hand on Kevin and the cultist's shoulders.
Nov 23 20:30:07 <Soulless> Kevin hears instead Sk'kraklor cowering like an idiot.
Nov 23 20:30:19 <Soulless> From the hallway, agreat chanting starts to arise.
Nov 23 20:30:26 <Soulless> Men and women's voices, singing together.
Nov 23 20:30:26 <TeslaTornado> Kevin goes that way.
Nov 23 20:30:35 <Bunton> Or not.
Nov 23 20:30:37 <Soulless> Sk'kraklor steps in front of Kevin again.
Nov 23 20:30:37 <Bunton> Nevermind.
Nov 23 20:30:42 <gumbal1> "Huh. Looks like they're doing something." Follows Kevin.
Nov 23 20:30:44 <WetBeard> Pierre decides to follow?
Nov 23 20:30:54 <TeslaTornado> 4df+12 (Intim + Ice King + Terrorize) "Don't try to stop me if you value your life."
Nov 23 20:30:55 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Intim + Ice King + Terrorize) "Don't try to stop me if you value your life.": 13 (4df+12=+, 0, 0, 0)
Nov 23 20:31:07 <Soulless> Roll MDEF, everyone.
Nov 23 20:31:21 <WetBeard> 4df+5 MDEF
Nov 23 20:31:21 <Glacon> WetBeard: MDEF: 4 (4df+5=0, 0, -, 0)
Nov 23 20:31:35 <TeslaTornado> 4df+8 (MDEF + Ice King) (Add +4 if the source is magical) "A great many people are going to die tonight if they try and stop me."
Nov 23 20:31:36 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (MDEF + Ice King) (Add +4 if the source is magical) "A great many people are going to die tonight if they try and stop me.": 6 (4df+8=-, -, +, -)
Nov 23 20:31:40 <gumbal1> 4df+4 Danielle is not in her best state of mind
Nov 23 20:31:41 <Glacon> gumbal1: Danielle is not in her best state of mind: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, 0)
Nov 23 20:31:42 <Bunton> 4df+4
Nov 23 20:31:42 <Glacon> Bunton: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, 0)
Nov 23 20:31:53 <GraemeCracker> 4df+3 brains
Nov 23 20:31:54 <Glacon> GraemeCracker: brains: 2 (4df+3=-, -, +, 0)
Nov 23 20:32:22 <Soulless> Lloyd.
Nov 23 20:32:28 <Soulless> You get what is going on.
Nov 23 20:32:49 <Soulless> Suddenly your heart swells with intense, intense love for some great, powerful being.
Nov 23 20:32:57 <Soulless> And you have to stop Kevin. He'll ruin everything.
Nov 23 20:33:26 <Soulless> He'll ruin this new love you found.
Nov 23 20:34:25 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd huffs, patting Kevin on the shoulder. "C'mon, let the God be. He's just tryin' to make people happy."
Nov 23 20:34:25 <Soulless> Pierre also begins to get an inkling that whatever Kevin's heading towards, he shouldn't head there. Pierre gets the taste of burning meat in his throat, thick, but it's sweet and pleasant, too.
Nov 23 20:34:55 <TeslaTornado> 4df+7 (Melee + Ungentlemanly) Kevin punches Lloyd in the throat.
Nov 23 20:34:56 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Melee + Ungentlemanly) Kevin punches Lloyd in the throat.: 7 (4df+7=-, +, +, -)
Nov 23 20:35:12 <TeslaTornado> "Comply, agent."
Nov 23 20:35:13 <Soulless> Danielle, Anthony and Kevin feel slicked up on the wrong side of their skin, like something is chewing at their joints.
Nov 23 20:35:16 <GraemeCracker> 4df+4 that wasn't nice.
Nov 23 20:35:16 <Glacon> GraemeCracker: that wasn't nice.: 6 (4df+4=+, +, +, -)
Nov 23 20:35:18 <WetBeard> Pierre smiles a little… It's.. Grossly pleasing "Kevin… Maybe…."
Nov 23 20:35:47 <Bunton> Anthony looks to be on the breaking point.
Nov 23 20:35:50 <gumbal1> Danielle scratches her elbow. "i'm tired. I want to go home."
Nov 23 20:35:59 <Soulless> Yes, home sounds lovely.
Nov 23 20:36:01 * Dillinger (||tibbiM) has joined
Nov 23 20:36:51 <Soulless> Someone in the chanting is shouting something diffirently, and to Lloyd and Pierre, that voice sounds like an angel, a horrible, beloved angel, a voice like honey-slime.
Nov 23 20:36:59 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd growls, taking a step back. "…So it's gon' be like that, is it?"
Nov 23 20:37:19 <WetBeard> Pierre is shuffling a bit "Lloyd's…. Right…! They're happy.. Hell! I'm happy, leave it be Kev.
Nov 23 20:37:20 <WetBeard> "
Nov 23 20:37:35 <Bunton> 4df+6 Persuasion to Lloyd: "Bud, what's gotten into you? Calm down!"
Nov 23 20:37:36 <Glacon> Bunton: Persuasion to Lloyd: "Bud, what's gotten into you? Calm down!": 7 (4df+6=-, 0, +, +)
Nov 23 20:38:25 <GraemeCracker> 4df+3 mindstronk
Nov 23 20:38:26 <Glacon> GraemeCracker: mindstronk: 4 (4df+3=0, +, -, +)
Nov 23 20:39:04 <Soulless> It works fine. Lloyd feels like calming down, even though Kevin punched him. Ruuud.
Nov 23 20:39:06 <Soulless> *ruuuude
Nov 23 20:39:09 <WetBeard> Pierre sorta walks to the source of the chanting… It's nice… And pleasant…
Nov 23 20:39:20 <Bunton> Ant runs to Pierre!
Nov 23 20:39:32 <WetBeard> Pierre's sure this god thing is a nice god…
Nov 23 20:39:36 <GraemeCracker> "…I got half a mind to give ya a smack."
Nov 23 20:39:41 <GraemeCracker> "But I ain't."
Nov 23 20:39:41 <Bunton> 4df+6 "Slow down there, bud."
Nov 23 20:39:42 <Glacon> Bunton: "Slow down there, bud.": 7 (4df+6=0, +, 0, 0)
Nov 23 20:40:00 <Bunton> "Remember why we're here, eh?"
Nov 23 20:40:04 <Soulless> 3d5
Nov 23 20:40:04 <Glacon> Soulless: 13 (3d5=5, 5, 3)
Nov 23 20:40:07 <TeslaTornado> Kevin stalks down the hall toward the chanting. He draws his handguns.
Nov 23 20:40:24 <WetBeard> (Soulless decides ja?)
Nov 23 20:40:25 <Soulless> Danielle, Kevin, Anthony, roll agility.
Nov 23 20:40:35 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd begins to walk towards the angelic tones, humming happily.
Nov 23 20:40:42 <Bunton> 4df+4
Nov 23 20:40:43 <Glacon> Bunton: 3 (4df+4=0, -, +, -)
Nov 23 20:40:44 <TeslaTornado> 4df+5 (AGI) SWOOP
Nov 23 20:40:44 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (AGI) SWOOP: 4 (4df+5=+, -, -, 0)
Nov 23 20:40:45 <GraemeCracker> "It don't matter none…"
Nov 23 20:40:46 <gumbal1> 4df+4-1 Danielle is on drugs, which are bad.
Nov 23 20:40:47 <Glacon> gumbal1: Danielle is on drugs, which are bad.: 5 (4df+4-1=0, +, 0, +)
Nov 23 20:40:53 <Soulless> 4df+5 for our lord
Nov 23 20:40:54 <Glacon> Soulless: for our lord: 3 (4df+5=-, -, -, +)
Nov 23 20:40:58 <Soulless> 4df+5 for the love
Nov 23 20:40:59 <Glacon> Soulless: for the love: 3 (4df+5=-, +, -, -)
Nov 23 20:41:04 <Soulless> 4df+5 as the sun greets the morning
Nov 23 20:41:04 <Glacon> Soulless: as the sun greets the morning: 7 (4df+5=0, 0, +, +)
Nov 23 20:41:34 <Soulless> Anthony and KEvin are almost tackled to the floor from a newly courageous Sk'kraklor and his farmhand posse.
Nov 23 20:41:45 <Soulless> Danielle, however, is knocked into the floor.
Nov 23 20:42:02 <WetBeard> Pierre is far too interested in the voice he hears, he continues to go find it!
Nov 23 20:42:08 <TeslaTornado> 4df+7 (Melee + Ungentlemanly) Sk'kraklor will find a heaping helping of boot applied to his throat.
Nov 23 20:42:08 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Melee + Ungentlemanly) Sk'kraklor will find a heaping helping of boot applied to his throat.: 6 (4df+7=0, +, -, -)
Nov 23 20:42:14 <Soulless> Pierre and Lloyd, head to #tooltime
Nov 23 20:42:20 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd continues walking towards the chanting, trying to join in though he doesn't know the words.
Nov 23 20:42:22 <Bunton> 4df+4 Intimidate: "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING THERE, BUD?"
Nov 23 20:42:23 <Glacon> Bunton: Intimidate: "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING THERE, BUD?": 4 (4df+4=0, +, 0, -)
Nov 23 20:42:43 <gumbal1> Danielle tries to get up.
Nov 23 20:43:07 <Soulless> Sk'kraklor is booted in the throat. Danielle, roll str! Anthony is met with a wispy 17 year old, shaking and crying.
Nov 23 20:43:20 <Soulless> "We have to protect, we-we, we l-love, we have to k-keep him here, we l-love him…"
Nov 23 20:43:32 <gumbal1> 4df+2 Strength of a woman who can put a raccoon on a leash.
Nov 23 20:43:33 <Glacon> gumbal1: Strength of a woman who can put a raccoon on a leash.: 3 (4df+2=0, +, +, -)
Nov 23 20:43:58 <Bunton> 4df+6 "It's alright, I get you. We ain't got to hurt nobody."
Nov 23 20:43:59 <Glacon> Bunton: "It's alright, I get you. We ain't got to hurt nobody.": 5 (4df+6=0, +, -, -)
Nov 23 20:44:20 <gumbal1> "That was rude."
Nov 23 20:44:20 <TeslaTornado> 4df+12 (Intim + Terr + IK) "And are you willing to die to do that, son?"
Nov 23 20:44:20 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Intim + Terr + IK) "And are you willing to die to do that, son?": 13 (4df+12=0, +, +, -)
Nov 23 20:46:02 <Soulless> Sk'kraklor sobs. "Yes, we must, we must!"
Nov 23 20:46:21 <Soulless> Anthony, friendship aint' gonna help much now, the guys are hysterical.
Nov 23 20:46:25 <Soulless> 4df+4
Nov 23 20:46:25 <Glacon> Soulless: 3 (4df+4=-, +, -, 0)
Nov 23 20:46:34 <Soulless> Danielle barely gets the guy off her.
Nov 23 20:46:37 <Bunton> Okay.
Nov 23 20:46:41 <Bunton> Time for the big guns.
Nov 23 20:46:47 <gumbal1> "Please do not do that again."
Nov 23 20:47:11 <Bunton> 4df+12 Let's make a sale.
Nov 23 20:47:12 <Glacon> Bunton: Let's make a sale.: 13 (4df+12=+, 0, 0, 0)
Nov 23 20:47:22 <Bunton> "Friend, you used to be a Christain I'll bet. What happened there?"
Nov 23 20:47:57 <Bunton> "Ain't there better gods than this one that has you killin' kittens and that?"
Nov 23 20:47:57 <TeslaTornado> Kevin walks down the hallway.
Nov 23 20:48:22 <Soulless> "We love him. We love him because we must."
Nov 23 20:48:24 <Soulless> Kevin, roll agi.
Nov 23 20:48:30 <TeslaTornado> 4df+5 (AGI) What now
Nov 23 20:48:31 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (AGI) What now: 6 (4df+5=+, 0, -, +)
Nov 23 20:48:32 <Soulless> Danielle too.
Nov 23 20:48:49 <Soulless> Kevin, Sk'kraklor tackles you, then just clings to you, trying to stop you.
Nov 23 20:48:50 <gumbal1> 4df+4-1 drugs r bad mkay
Nov 23 20:48:51 <Glacon> gumbal1: drugs r bad mkay: 5 (4df+4-1=-, +, +, +)
Nov 23 20:48:51 <Bunton> "Why do you must? You got other choices."
Nov 23 20:48:55 <Soulless> Danielle dodges.
Nov 23 20:49:03 <Soulless> "Because he's the best. We love him. We love him."
Nov 23 20:49:04 <Bunton> "Hey!"
Nov 23 20:49:11 <gumbal1> "Please stop. I don't like this game."
Nov 23 20:49:22 <TeslaTornado> 4df+7 (Melee + Ungentlemanly) Kevin grabs a fistful of Sk'kraklor's testicles and tears.
Nov 23 20:49:23 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Melee + Ungentlemanly) Kevin grabs a fistful of Sk'kraklor's testicles and tears.: 6 (4df+7=-, 0, 0, 0)
Nov 23 20:49:43 <Bunton> Anthony runs his hands through his hair.
Nov 23 20:50:00 <Bunton> "/Christ almighty."
Nov 23 20:51:07 <Soulless> Sk'kraklor screams as Kevin rips out the testies.
Nov 23 20:51:13 <Soulless> GJ.
Nov 23 20:51:33 <gumbal1> Danielle gags.
Nov 23 20:51:37 <TeslaTornado> Kevin kicks Sk'kraklor off him.
Nov 23 20:51:49 <TeslaTornado> 4df+12 (Intim + Terrorize + IK) "ARE YOU DONE NOW."
Nov 23 20:51:49 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Intim + Terrorize + IK) "ARE YOU DONE NOW.": 14 (4df+12=+, 0, +, 0)
Nov 23 20:52:49 <Soulless> Sk'kraklor lets go and is screaming and clutching his no-longer-existent balls and good job.
Nov 23 20:52:53 <Soulless> He's not gonna bug you now.
Nov 23 20:52:56 <Soulless> The other two have run off.
Nov 23 20:53:03 <Soulless> They like their balls.
Nov 23 20:53:13 <gumbal1> "Oh. Oh god. Oh god."
Nov 23 20:53:19 <gumbal1> "You just did that."
Nov 23 20:53:30 <Bunton> Anthony is speechless.
Nov 23 20:53:46 <TeslaTornado> Kevin looks to Danielle. "Have a medical team ready for him."
Nov 23 20:53:48 <Bunton> He does not look like he's got a good grip on his sanity.
Nov 23 20:54:31 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Ungentlemanly) He does his best to apply limited medical treatment to Sk'kraklor's nether regions and then ollies outie.
Nov 23 20:54:31 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Ungentlemanly) He does his best to apply limited medical treatment to Sk'kraklor's nether regions and then ollies outie.: 3 (4df+4=+, -, 0, -)
Nov 23 20:55:19 <Soulless> Kevin applies his limited treatment, but Sk'kraklor is going to be sad forever.
Nov 23 20:55:30 <TeslaTornado> Sex is overrated anyhow.
Nov 23 20:55:33 <Soulless> The hallway briefly, there is someone shouting. "HEY! CAN YOU HEAR ME OUT THERE!"
Nov 23 20:55:39 <TeslaTornado> Kevin stalks off down the tunnel.
Nov 23 20:55:45 <Soulless> Along with the clang clang of something hitting metal
Nov 23 20:55:47 <TeslaTornado> 4df+12 (Intim + Terr + IK) "I AM COMING."
Nov 23 20:55:47 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Intim + Terr + IK) "I AM COMING.": 13 (4df+12=0, +, 0, 0)
Nov 23 20:55:54 <gumbal1> Danielle follows, somewhat further behind than normal.
Nov 23 20:55:58 <Soulless> Anyone heading down heads to #tooltime.
Nov 23 20:59:34 <Bunton> Anthony gets the fuck out of there.
Nov 23 21:00:06 <Soulless> Anthony can skitter back out of the library and out into the street.
Nov 23 21:00:28 <Bunton> He does!
Nov 23 21:01:59 <Soulless> Anthony meets up with a certain someone.
Nov 23 21:02:14 <Soulless> He's a man in a coat, he's smoking out on the street, a young man. Mid-20's.
Nov 23 21:02:21 <Bunton> He stares.
Nov 23 21:02:41 <Bunton> Then he breathes deeply and screws his head back on tight.
Nov 23 21:02:47 <Soulless> The man looks to Anthony.
Nov 23 21:02:55 <Soulless> He has a very soft, kind, even pitying gaze to him.
Nov 23 21:03:07 <Soulless> "Its nuts down there, isn't it…"
Nov 23 21:03:25 <Bunton> "Yeah, it is."
Nov 23 21:04:00 <Bunton> "Weird thing is no-one's trying to kill anyone else except them what's on my side."
Nov 23 21:04:05 <Bunton> "Guessing you know somethin' about this?"
Nov 23 21:05:00 <Soulless> "I might."
Nov 23 21:05:09 <Soulless> "I might know something about lots of things."
Nov 23 21:05:25 <Bunton> "I ain't in no mood for mysterious bullshit, mister."
Nov 23 21:05:29 <Bunton> "Spill."
Nov 23 21:06:47 <Soulless> "How rude."
Nov 23 21:07:00 <Soulless> He puffs his cigarette. "Aren't you supposed to be the social one in this?"
Nov 23 21:07:15 <Bunton> He sighs. "Sorry, been a rough evening."
Nov 23 21:07:38 <Bunton> "Should probably be unnerved that you seem to know all about us, but that ain't even the weirdest thing that's happened."
Nov 23 21:07:49 <Bunton> "I'm guessing you're our anonymous tipper?"
Nov 23 21:08:59 <Soulless> "Someting like that."
Nov 23 21:09:17 <Soulless> "Come, calm down."
Nov 23 21:10:20 <Bunton> Anthony sits down on any convenient surface and rubs his temples.
Nov 23 21:10:39 <Bunton> 4df+9 "So bud, what do you know?"
Nov 23 21:10:40 <Glacon> Bunton: "So bud, what do you know?": 6 (4df+9=-, -, 0, -)
Nov 23 21:10:53 <Bunton> "If you don't mind my asking."
Nov 23 21:11:35 <Soulless> "I might know a lot."
Nov 23 21:11:41 <Soulless> "I know your friends are in trouble."
Nov 23 21:11:50 <Soulless> "I know you probably left them."
Nov 23 21:11:50 <Bunton> "Uh-huh."
Nov 23 21:11:57 <Bunton> "Uh-huh."
Nov 23 21:12:18 <Soulless> "But what else, well, that'd spoil the storyline."
Nov 23 21:12:49 <Bunton> "What's your name, bud?"
Nov 23 21:13:48 <Soulless> "Bud, if you're calling me."
Nov 23 21:14:27 <Soulless> "Tell me, what's stopping you from heading back there?"
Nov 23 21:14:39 <Bunton> Anthony tries to size him up.
Nov 23 21:17:16 <Soulless> Anthony sizes him up. He just passively watches him, smoking.
Nov 23 21:17:25 <Soulless> The smoke is sweet, sweeter than tabacco should be.
Nov 23 21:17:56 * ProcyonLotor is now known as ProcyonGone
Nov 23 21:18:32 <Bunton> "Who are you?"
Nov 23 21:19:59 <Soulless> "Hm?"
Nov 23 21:20:12 <Soulless> "A better question is, what are you?"
Nov 23 21:20:29 <Soulless> "A person, right? Someone to which who applies… But is that right?"
Nov 23 21:22:01 <Bunton> "I'm just me, I guess."
Nov 23 21:22:47 <Soulless> "But why are you here?"
Nov 23 21:23:39 <Bunton> "Getting paid to be here. What about you?"
Nov 23 21:24:51 <Soulless> "To keep you company while your friends are out."
Nov 23 21:25:17 <Bunton> "What are you going to do when you come back?"
Nov 23 21:25:18 <Bunton> ERRR
Nov 23 21:25:24 <Bunton> *when they come back
Nov 23 21:25:58 <WetBeard> Pierre continues to whimper.
Nov 23 21:25:58 <Soulless> "The better question is, what am I going to be?"
Nov 23 21:25:59 <TeslaTornado> Kevin walks down the steps of the Library.
Nov 23 21:26:12 <gumbal1> Danielle follows, covered in blood, still spaced out.
Nov 23 21:26:14 <TeslaTornado> Does he notice the Dude?
Nov 23 21:26:27 <Soulless> The stranger smiles. Kevin gets a glimpse at a familiar stranger, but in a blink, the stranger is gone.
Nov 23 21:26:37 <Soulless> To Anthony, he's gone, too.
Nov 23 21:26:41 <TeslaTornado> "You fu-"
Nov 23 21:26:42 <Soulless> As if he was never there.
Nov 23 21:26:42 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd groans, trying to straighten himself out. "…Wait, why are we covered in blood? Where's the tourguides?"
Nov 23 21:26:44 <WetBeard> Pierre looks down "D-Danielle…?"
Nov 23 21:26:46 <TeslaTornado> "… Goddammit."
Nov 23 21:26:57 <Bunton> Anthony stands up and runs his hand through his hair.
Nov 23 21:26:58 <gumbal1> "Oui?"
Nov 23 21:27:02 <Bunton> He looks proper traumatised.
Nov 23 21:27:08 <WetBeard> "S-sorry"
Nov 23 21:27:13 <Soulless> The entity puts Lloyd and Pierre down.
Nov 23 21:27:17 <gumbal1> "For what?"
Nov 23 21:27:32 <TeslaTornado> Kevin looks at Anthony, recognizes the look immediately. "We'll have you sent to trauma counseling when the mission is over. First run, I'm assuming?"
Nov 23 21:27:36 <GraemeCracker> "…And who're you?" He looks to the entity?
Nov 23 21:27:45 <WetBeard> Pierre collapses on his knees "For being a horrible team mate… I should've done better…"
Nov 23 21:27:47 <Bunton> "Uh… yeah."
Nov 23 21:28:01 <Soulless> "My name will mess up your mind. But you can call me Jane Doe. That's the name you use for nameless people, right?"
Nov 23 21:28:01 <gumbal1> "I still don't get it."
Nov 23 21:28:19 <TeslaTornado> Kevin nods. "They get easier to cope with."
Nov 23 21:28:21 <Soulless> "Can we head out before the cultists notice I'm gone?"
Nov 23 21:28:28 <Soulless> "Where are we going, by the way?"
Nov 23 21:28:41 <TeslaTornado> "Come on. We're taking you to a secure location." Kevin leads the way to the van.
Nov 23 21:28:44 <WetBeard> Pierre smiles lightly "I'm also sorry because I seriously need a rag… Can you" Pierre did a motion "Tear one out or something?"
Nov 23 21:28:54 <Bunton> Anthony gets in the van silently and sits down.
Nov 23 21:28:58 <GraemeCracker> "…Oh, you're the…The God thing they were talkin' about." He frowns, turning to the group. "Wait, why's he helping us?"
Nov 23 21:29:15 <GraemeCracker> "…And why's my throat sore?"
Nov 23 21:29:24 <Soulless> "Ah, right, you were shot. Give me a second." The creature tears off some of his shirt plainclothed shirt and gives it to Pierre.
Nov 23 21:29:34 <gumbal1> Danielle nods, removing some paper from her pack and handing it to Pierre. "This should do."
Nov 23 21:29:45 <Soulless> redact my thing
Nov 23 21:29:56 <TeslaTornado> "He was having an adverse psychological effect on the people around him that you and the Frenchman were unable to resist."
Nov 23 21:29:59 <WetBeard> Pierre suddenly stops and looks at 'the thing' as he uses the paper to tend to himself "How did you know about the existence of the Foundation?"
Nov 23 21:30:09 <Soulless> It follows Kevin, giving people tenta-hugs along the way. "What's the Foundation?"
Nov 23 21:30:15 <GraemeCracker> "Oh. Mind shit."
Nov 23 21:30:20 <TeslaTornado> As he secures Jane Doe in the truck, he turns to Pierre. "He didn't."
Nov 23 21:30:23 <Soulless> "I was just trying to call the police, but the plice put in the truck too."
Nov 23 21:30:32 <Soulless> *but the police got in the cult too
Nov 23 21:30:41 <WetBeard> "Who… The tip..?"
Nov 23 21:30:48 <Soulless> "It's not my fault. I'm 150. It's that time, you know?"
Nov 23 21:30:55 <TeslaTornado> "That's… Difficult to explain."
Nov 23 21:31:13 <Soulless> For what it's worth, Jane Doe gives nice hugs as it crawls up into the van.
Nov 23 21:31:17 <WetBeard> Pierre frowned as he loaded up in the Van "Tell that to Fulton"
Nov 23 21:31:33 <Soulless> "Who's Fulton?"
Nov 23 21:31:49 <TeslaTornado> "There is an entity who is currently coordinating with our Foundation, feeding us anomalous entities and artifacts."
Nov 23 21:32:23 <WetBeard> Pierre looked at Kevin, it was one of /those/ looks "You don't plan on telling us do you."
Nov 23 21:32:24 <gumbal1> "Which entity?"
Nov 23 21:32:44 <gumbal1> "We have several of those, don't we?"
Nov 23 21:32:51 <TeslaTornado> "It's difficult to explain because I don't know what to call it."
Nov 23 21:32:53 <gumbal1> Danielle clutches her head.
Nov 23 21:32:54 <Soulless> As everyone loads up, Kevin drives them home.
Nov 23 21:32:59 <TeslaTornado> "I don't know what it is, I don't know who it works for."
Nov 23 21:33:08 <Soulless> Everyone gets periodic mind dog-licks along the way.
Nov 23 21:33:11 <TeslaTornado> "All I know is it gives us tips in the form of blue notes."
Nov 23 21:33:25 <WetBeard> Pierre looked at the roof the whole time, then Danielle "Er… Sorry I forgot, thanks for the paper"
Nov 23 21:34:10 <TeslaTornado> Kevin drives.
Nov 23 21:34:21 <Bunton> Anthony just fades into the background and slips out at the first oppurtunity.
Nov 23 21:34:33 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd stares blankly down the road, notably more confused than when they first arrived.
Nov 23 21:35:41 <Soulless> Everyone heads back to the site.
Nov 23 21:35:52 <WetBeard> Pierre looked at 'the thing' he's losing it a little "Why…."
Nov 23 21:36:23 <WetBeard> Pierre heads straight for medical!

In Tooltime:
Nov 23 20:42:18 * WetBeard (||tibbiM) has joined
Nov 23 20:42:27 <WetBeard> Pierre continues!
Nov 23 20:42:32 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd continues walking towards the chanting, trying to join in though he doesn't know the words.
Nov 23 20:43:09 <WetBeard> "G-god… Emperor… Is.. That you..?" Pierre is full of the love!
Nov 23 20:43:37 * TeslaTornado (nosnhoJ.giB.yM|alseT#nosnhoJ.giB.yM|alseT) has joined
Nov 23 20:43:37 * ChanServ gives channel half-operator status to TeslaTornado
Nov 23 20:44:03 <Soulless> Pierre and Lloyd met up in a large hollowed out chamber, the walls of which are lined with symbols you understand now. They're speeches, symbols, ways to keep th god here where he is protected and safe.
Nov 23 20:44:38 <Soulless> The chamber is filled with people, singing and writhing together in a mass of blood, blood like the child, and you are children to the god-emperor.
Nov 23 20:44:38 <GraemeCracker> "It's…Beautiful, don't ya think?"
Nov 23 20:44:53 <WetBeard> Pierre is put off for a second, why trap something he loves so dearly..? To keep it safe of course! "Y-yea… Lovely…"
Nov 23 20:45:21 <Soulless> The god-empror, a holy collar around his throat, is tall and thin, his back an anemone of tendrils. His skin is dark and like velvet.
Nov 23 20:45:37 <Soulless> He is sitting in a cage, but the cage protects him and he has his holy hands on his face.
Nov 23 20:46:02 <WetBeard> Pierre keeps moving smiling "G-god-emperor..! How I've longed to see you!"
Nov 23 20:46:52 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd wanders into the mass of blood, a wide grin across his face.
Nov 23 20:47:09 <GraemeCracker> He has truly seen the way, it all makes sense now.
Nov 23 20:47:22 <Soulless> The god-emperor looks to Pierre, his eyes golden orbs of fire and love, and his mouth filled with sharp, even adorable rows of shark teeth. "Oh my god, more people?"
Nov 23 20:47:49 <Soulless> The god-emperor speaks with the voice of a young man, perhaps a boy, but all the age of a glorious elder beast, surely.
Nov 23 20:47:58 <Soulless> "You gotta be shitting me…"
Nov 23 20:48:13 <GraemeCracker> "…Wh-whatever do you mean, dear God?"
Nov 23 20:48:15 <WetBeard> "Y-yes! More who know your love…!" Pierre collapses on his knees in the blood
Nov 23 20:48:37 <GraemeCracker> "Ain't you…Happy to see us?"
Nov 23 20:49:26 <Soulless> He may not sound happy, but he surely his, his voice is like a cheese grater to the brain. In a good way.
Nov 23 20:50:18 <WetBeard> "Y-you forgive me for my previous blindness for you love me!" Pierre's ready to spill blood.
Nov 23 20:50:32 <Soulless> "Look, I haven't had a decent meal in like, a week or something, and everyone keeps feeding me some poor dead guy or something, and I tried to call the police and now the police is in this…" He waves to the crowd. "…some kinda freaky blood orgy or something."
Nov 23 20:50:38 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd shakes his head. "How silly of me, course you are!"
Nov 23 20:51:17 <WetBeard> "But yet you love it like us so! Feast on us if you so please!"
Nov 23 20:51:57 <GraemeCracker> He clears his throat, smiling. "Ah'm Lloyd, this here's Pierre. There are others down yonder that'd love to join us, I'm sure."
Nov 23 20:52:11 <GraemeCracker> "They just…Ain't seen the light like we have."
Nov 23 20:52:15 <Soulless> "Oh my gooooooooooooooood…." He puts his glorious hands on his face, like a facepalm, but surely it canot be, because he loves you and loves your flesh and loves your blood, as the mother loves the afterbirth of the baby, as the mother eats her afterbirth, so must he eat you.
Nov 23 20:53:05 <WetBeard> Pierre nods in understandment "It is alright Lloyd.. He forgives them for he loves them"
Nov 23 20:53:55 <GraemeCracker> "Of course He does. Ain't that right, oh Nameless One?"
Nov 23 20:54:28 <Soulless> "Look I… I need a moment to like… idunno, whatever. You can go join the party or whatever."
Nov 23 20:54:53 <Soulless> He gets up, and his chains clink, and he slams against the cage walls in some lovely beloved sound. "HEY! CAN YOU HEAR ME OUT THERE!"
Nov 23 20:55:06 <GraemeCracker> He sits amongst the filth, grinning. "How do you mean, Lord? Do you have no teachings for us today?"
Nov 23 20:55:22 <WetBeard> "Surely he does!"
Nov 23 20:56:37 <WetBeard> Pierre is praying loudly, almost trying to /touch/ the lovely god-emperor
Nov 23 20:56:47 <TeslaTornado> Kevin stomps into the room.
Nov 23 20:56:58 <Soulless> "I mean, no, because, oh my god. If I say anything you people are gonna think it's holy anyways." Surely, he says everything holy, and even speaking that things are holy is holy, and that is the lesson, possubly.
Nov 23 20:57:01 <gumbal1> Danielle follows behind.
Nov 23 20:57:06 <WetBeard> Pierre is /covered/ with blood.
Nov 23 20:57:07 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd worships on a lesser level, taking to simply sitting and listening intently to the God
Nov 23 20:57:19 <Soulless> Pierre touches the thing's hand and it's soft andwarm and evetything he ever dreamed it to be.
Nov 23 20:57:33 <GraemeCracker> "Yes Lord, everything you say is truth!"
Nov 23 20:57:40 <WetBeard> Pierre smiles and cries a little "Truly perfect"
Nov 23 20:57:49 <Soulless> The thing gets back, and rubs its hand on its pant. "Oh my god, did you bleed on me, hjesus christ I need a shower."
Nov 23 20:58:02 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd turns at the sound of others entering. "Oh, here's our dear friends now! More followers to your teachings!"
Nov 23 20:58:03 <TeslaTornado> Can Kevin see Pierre?
Nov 23 20:58:14 <Soulless> Kevin can see Pierre and Lloyd, and the entity in the cage.
Nov 23 20:58:39 <WetBeard> Pierre points to Kevin "See?! We brought more of your lovers for we love you!"
Nov 23 20:58:46 <TeslaTornado> Kevin looks at Pierre and Lloyd.
Nov 23 20:58:49 <TeslaTornado> Looks at the entity.
Nov 23 20:58:51 <Soulless> The entity is tall and thin, with an anemone of tendrils off its back. Its covered in dark, velvet-like skin, has golden eyes, a shaggy bed of hair, and shark teeth.
Nov 23 20:58:55 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd is literally ass deep in blood.
Nov 23 20:58:58 <TeslaTornado> Looks at Pierre and Lloyd again.
Nov 23 20:59:02 <TeslaTornado> "… Pathetic."
Nov 23 20:59:04 <Soulless> It looks mostly like a young adult dude, tough.
Nov 23 20:59:11 <WetBeard> Question.
Nov 23 20:59:25 <WetBeard> Would Pierre attack Kevin if he knew about the not loving thing?
Nov 23 20:59:30 <TeslaTornado> (Put it in the OOC)
Nov 23 20:59:40 <WetBeard> (Dammit you're right, sorry)
Nov 23 20:59:43 <Soulless> Actually, I was just about to get to it. Pierre, Lloyd, Kevin just called you pathetic!
Nov 23 20:59:48 <Soulless> For loving your lovely lord!
Nov 23 20:59:51 <Soulless> What blasphemy!
Nov 23 21:00:37 <Soulless> Several other people get up from the mass of flesh and blood, freshly injuried with holy markings in preparation for the celebrations tomorrow. They're equally incensed.
Nov 23 21:00:38 <gumbal1> Danielle blinks.
Nov 23 21:00:39 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd scowls, taking a stand. "Dear boy, you know not what you say! Insulting the faith like that…Heresy ain't taken kindly here."
Nov 23 21:00:41 <TeslaTornado> "I'm assuming you're the one who sent for us," Kevin deadpans at the entity. "I apologise for the condition of my teammates."
Nov 23 21:00:41 <WetBeard> Pierre scowls "H-How.. Dare you!" Pierre pulls his pistol out "You must be condemned! Surely if thy Nameless One feasts on you.. That shall be good enough!"
Nov 23 21:00:55 <gumbal1> "I've…seen worse god-emperors."
Nov 23 21:01:07 <TeslaTornado> 4df+8 (Ranged + Ungentlemanly) Kevin shoots Pierre in the shoulder.
Nov 23 21:01:08 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Ranged + Ungentlemanly) Kevin shoots Pierre in the shoulder.: 10 (4df+8=0, +, 0, +)
Nov 23 21:01:25 <gumbal1> Danielle jumps at the shot.
Nov 23 21:01:31 <GraemeCracker> 4df+5 Lloyd shoots at Kevin.
Nov 23 21:01:31 <Glacon> GraemeCracker: Lloyd shoots at Kevin.: 7 (4df+5=-, +, +, +)
Nov 23 21:01:38 <Soulless> The god-emperor waves to Kevin. "Oh thank heavens. Can you get me out of here? Look, I didn't ask for this…"
Nov 23 21:01:44 <gumbal1> Danielle ducks into a corner.
Nov 23 21:02:31 <WetBeard> 4df+5 Pierre receives said bullet.
Nov 23 21:02:32 <Glacon> WetBeard: Pierre receives said bullet.: 4 (4df+5=+, -, -, 0)
Nov 23 21:03:22 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (PDEF) Kevin, not really being in a position to dodge, takes it like a champ
Nov 23 21:03:22 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (PDEF) Kevin, not really being in a position to dodge, takes it like a champ: 7 (4df+4=+, +, 0, +)
Nov 23 21:04:13 <Soulless> Kevin takes 0 damage. Pierre takes 2 damage.
Nov 23 21:04:42 <Soulless> "Hey! Stop shooting at whats-his-face!" Pierre, Lloyd, MDEF.
Nov 23 21:04:46 <Soulless> Danielle, MDEF too.
Nov 23 21:04:52 <GraemeCracker> 4df+3
Nov 23 21:04:56 <WetBeard> 4df+5
Nov 23 21:04:56 <Glacon> WetBeard: 7 (4df+5=+, +, 0, 0)
Nov 23 21:05:01 <GraemeCracker> 4df+3 glacon
Nov 23 21:05:01 <Glacon> GraemeCracker: glacon: 3 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, -)
Nov 23 21:05:10 <gumbal1> 4df+4+4 (DTTE) Danielle is in her HAPPY PLACE(TM).
Nov 23 21:05:10 <Glacon> gumbal1: (DTTE) Danielle is in her HAPPY PLACE(TM).: 8 (4df+4+4=+, +, -, -)
Nov 23 21:05:39 <Soulless> Lloyd firmly doesn't listen to the glorious god-emperor lord, for it is a test to defend him.
Nov 23 21:05:52 <Soulless> Eait
Nov 23 21:05:56 <Soulless> Yeah
Nov 23 21:06:00 <GraemeCracker> "I will protect you from this heretic, Lord!"
Nov 23 21:06:01 <Soulless> Pierre on the other hans begins to snap out of it.
Nov 23 21:06:15 <Soulless> What the fuck is he doing? This thing's stuck in a cage.
Nov 23 21:06:40 <Soulless> Kevin roll agility, Danielle roll agility.
Nov 23 21:07:02 <WetBeard> Pierre shakes his head, he holds his shoulder in pain as he tries to help the thing out "F-fuck… Fuck this hurts… Lemme… Get you out… What ever you are…"
Nov 23 21:07:06 <gumbal1> 4df+4-1+1 ADRENALINE+DRUGS=AVERAGE
Nov 23 21:07:06 <Glacon> gumbal1: ADRENALINE+DRUGS=AVERAGE: 5 (4df+4-1+1=+, 0, +, -)
Nov 23 21:07:13 <TeslaTornado> 4df+5 (AGI) SWOOP II: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO
Nov 23 21:07:14 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (AGI) SWOOP II: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: 4 (4df+5=+, 0, -, -)
Nov 23 21:07:30 <Soulless> 4df+6 mass
Nov 23 21:07:31 <Glacon> Soulless: mass: 7 (4df+6=0, +, +, -)
Nov 23 21:08:06 <Soulless> Kevin and Danielle are swept off their feet as some people from beneath them slip them into the carved out area, trying to drag them into their mass of sweaty bodies.
Nov 23 21:08:29 <Soulless> What will Lloyd do now that Pierre is trying to open the cage?
Nov 23 21:08:40 <Soulless> Pierre, you spot a latch, firmly locked.
Nov 23 21:09:00 <GraemeCracker> 4df+5 Lloyd goes to tackle Pierre, determined on keeping his God lovely and safe.
Nov 23 21:09:01 <Glacon> GraemeCracker: Lloyd goes to tackle Pierre, determined on keeping his God lovely and safe.: 3 (4df+5=0, 0, -, -)
Nov 23 21:09:13 <TeslaTornado> 4df+12 (INTIM + TERR + IK) "None of you are going to survive this night."
Nov 23 21:09:13 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (INTIM + TERR + IK) "None of you are going to survive this night.": 12 (4df+12=+, -, -, +)
Nov 23 21:09:14 <WetBeard> Pierre moves over to it.. "Hell… Uh… Watch out… Guy" He aims his pistol at the latch, not seeing Lloyd.
Nov 23 21:09:41 <Soulless> Fire away , Pierre.
Nov 23 21:09:46 <gumbal1> Danielle flails.
Nov 23 21:09:51 <GraemeCracker> Taaackle
Nov 23 21:10:00 <WetBeard> 4df+7 (Ranged) Hit that Latch… Not God-emperor please.
Nov 23 21:10:00 <Glacon> WetBeard: (Ranged) Hit that Latch… Not God-emperor please.: 4 (4df+7=-, 0, -, -)
Nov 23 21:10:28 <GraemeCracker> "No, don't!"
Nov 23 21:10:46 <Soulless> Being tackled from behind throws Pierre off, and Pierre hits the lock but the lock doesn't break.
Nov 23 21:11:05 <Soulless> Kevin, a few back away from you, but they crowd Danielle.
Nov 23 21:11:15 <Soulless> Danielle, take pdef.
Nov 23 21:11:26 <gumbal1> 4df+4 Danielle cannot feel pain at the moment.
Nov 23 21:11:26 <Glacon> gumbal1: Danielle cannot feel pain at the moment.: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, -, 0)
Nov 23 21:11:37 <WetBeard> 4df+7 (Ranged) Pierre tumbles "Damn you!" He pulls the trigger of the gun straight at Lloyd's gut
Nov 23 21:11:38 <Glacon> WetBeard: (Ranged) Pierre tumbles "Damn you!" He pulls the trigger of the gun straight at Lloyd's gut: 5 (4df+7=-, -, 0, 0)
Nov 23 21:12:26 <TeslaTornado> 4df+7 (Melee + Ungentlemanly) Kevin lays into the guys laying into Danielle with his sword.
Nov 23 21:12:26 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Melee + Ungentlemanly) Kevin lays into the guys laying into Danielle with his sword.: 5 (4df+7=-, -, 0, 0)
Nov 23 21:12:32 <GraemeCracker> 4df+7 bootleggin' it
Nov 23 21:12:33 <Glacon> GraemeCracker: bootleggin' it: 10 (4df+7=+, +, +, 0)
Nov 23 21:13:20 <Soulless> Lloyd dodges being shot, Kevin starts slicing people wide open and other people and covering Danielle in guts. People start reveling in the violence.
Nov 23 21:13:55 <WetBeard> 4df+7 "Dammit Lloyd stand down!!" He pulls the trigger again
Nov 23 21:13:55 <Glacon> WetBeard: "Dammit Lloyd stand down!!" He pulls the trigger again: 6 (4df+7=-, +, -, 0)
Nov 23 21:14:02 <gumbal1> Danielle gags. Blood is not good for being on skin.
Nov 23 21:14:17 <TeslaTornado> 4df+12 (Intim + Terr + IK) "GET OFF MY GODDAMN TEAMMATE."
Nov 23 21:14:18 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Intim + Terr + IK) "GET OFF MY GODDAMN TEAMMATE.": 12 (4df+12=+, 0, -, 0)
Nov 23 21:14:44 <Soulless> Pierre, roll MDEF again.
Nov 23 21:14:58 <WetBeard> 4df+5 (MDEF)
Nov 23 21:14:59 <Glacon> WetBeard: (MDEF): 5 (4df+5=0, 0, +, -)
Nov 23 21:15:04 <Soulless> Pierre begins to get out of it, too.
Nov 23 21:15:06 <GraemeCracker> 4df+7 bootleggin' again. dodging don't stop
Nov 23 21:15:06 <Glacon> GraemeCracker: bootleggin' again. dodging don't stop: 10 (4df+7=0, +, +, +)
Nov 23 21:15:09 <Soulless> What the fuck was he doing.
Nov 23 21:15:15 <Soulless> err eait
Nov 23 21:15:18 <Soulless> Pierre already got out of it.
Nov 23 21:15:41 <Soulless> He starts clearing hishead some more. The latch is almost off.
Nov 23 21:15:45 <Soulless> Lloyd, roll MDEF.
Nov 23 21:15:50 <GraemeCracker> 4df+3 pff
Nov 23 21:15:50 <Glacon> GraemeCracker: pff: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, -, +)
Nov 23 21:15:57 <Soulless> Lloyd, something's off…
Nov 23 21:16:07 <Soulless> Why were you shooting your teammates again?
Nov 23 21:16:12 <Soulless> It's hard to remember.
Nov 23 21:16:23 <Soulless> The taste of burnt honey is overpowering.
Nov 23 21:16:25 <WetBeard> 4df+7 Pierre tries one last time at the latch "You owe me so much right now!"
Nov 23 21:16:26 <Glacon> WetBeard: Pierre tries one last time at the latch "You owe me so much right now!": 5 (4df+7=-, -, -, +)
Nov 23 21:16:35 <Soulless> Pierre manages to get the latch off!
Nov 23 21:16:41 <Soulless> The crowd backs away from danielle.
Nov 23 21:16:52 <GraemeCracker> 4df+4 wrestle with Pierre's gun
Nov 23 21:16:53 <Glacon> GraemeCracker: wrestle with Pierre's gun: 4 (4df+4=+, -, -, +)
Nov 23 21:16:55 <Soulless> The pull the entrails out from the gutted people, cheering and whooping in the blood, calling ita blessing.
Nov 23 21:17:02 <TeslaTornado> Kevin looks at the survivors.
Nov 23 21:17:05 <gumbal1> Danielle slowly gets up.
Nov 23 21:17:07 <WetBeard> Pierre tears the cage open and reaches to take the collar off of the God-emperor
Nov 23 21:17:13 <gumbal1> "…this isn't fun."
Nov 23 21:17:14 <TeslaTornado> "Fucking sick." He offers his blood-slicked hand to Danielle.
Nov 23 21:17:20 <gumbal1> She takes it.
Nov 23 21:17:46 <WetBeard> 4df+2 (Melee) Pierre attempts to kick Lloyd off.
Nov 23 21:17:46 <Glacon> WetBeard: (Melee) Pierre attempts to kick Lloyd off.: 2 (4df+2=+, -, +, -)
Nov 23 21:17:50 <TeslaTornado> "Welcome to the Foundation, agent Levine."
Nov 23 21:17:56 * ProcyonLotor is now known as ProcyonGone
Nov 23 21:18:03 <GraemeCracker> 4df+4 pdef
Nov 23 21:18:04 <Glacon> GraemeCracker: pdef: 4 (4df+4=+, -, -, +)
Nov 23 21:18:11 <Soulless> Lloyd and Pierre wrestle, but Lloyd gets the gun!
Nov 23 21:18:20 <gumbal1> "I've been part of it for what, a year? I can't remember."
Nov 23 21:18:22 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd frowns as he struggles. "…Wh-what's happening."
Nov 23 21:18:23 <TeslaTornado> Kevin goes to unlock the entity the rest of the way.
Nov 23 21:18:33 <TeslaTornado> Get that goddamn collar off him.
Nov 23 21:18:36 <Soulless> Things are beginning to fuzz up harder, and Lloyd, you don't remember why you're fighting.
Nov 23 21:18:53 <WetBeard> Pierre takes Lloyd's confusion to his advantage and /tears/ the collar off.
Nov 23 21:19:15 <Soulless> Stuff gets removed easily enough. Pierre and Kevin get like, 3 tenta-hugs
Nov 23 21:19:32 <Soulless> "Thank god. Can we go now? They'll probably be distracted by the, uh, yeah, as you can see."
Nov 23 21:19:43 <TeslaTornado> Kevin attempts to throat-grab the deity if he's tenta-hugged.
Nov 23 21:19:43 <TeslaTornado> Not a good plan.
Nov 23 21:19:57 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd aims between his teammates, mumbling. "…Why're we fighting each other?"
Nov 23 21:19:58 <WetBeard> Pierre is breathing shallowly… Lots… Lots of blood… His blood… Pierre begins to pass out.
Nov 23 21:20:02 <GraemeCracker> "What'd…You do?"
Nov 23 21:20:53 <WetBeard> Pierre's face is a flushed white as the world begins to mix around him.
Nov 23 21:20:59 <Soulless> The diety is grabbed. It chokes and lets go.
Nov 23 21:21:09 <Soulless> "Ok, ok, I'm sorry. Christ, you're an asshole."
Nov 23 21:21:31 <WetBeard> "Kev… Ll-…. Thing… God anyone help…"
Nov 23 21:21:31 <TeslaTornado> Kevin looks down at Pierre. "Someone get compression on his shoulder before he bleeds out."
Nov 23 21:22:08 <TeslaTornado> To the entity: "Follow me. Levine, you're my number two. Follow me and maintain rear guard."
Nov 23 21:22:28 <gumbal1> Danielle nods and follows Kevin.
Nov 23 21:22:30 <Soulless> The thing steps out and picks up Pierre and Lloyd as easily as if they were kids. "I'll just carry you guys. It's a bit confusing and I think we can explain later."
Nov 23 21:22:39 <Soulless> "Thanks for getting me out, come on."
Nov 23 21:22:57 <TeslaTornado> "Fine." Kevin walks out of the atrium, taking time to check on Other Anthony.
Nov 23 21:23:02 <GraemeCracker> Lloyd murmurs to himself. "…Wait. No. Wh-what happened."
Nov 23 21:23:18 <WetBeard> Pierre clutches his shoulder groaning in pain "Fuck me…" He looks at 'the thing' "Eh… Sorry.. For touching you… That was weird…."
Nov 23 21:23:20 <Soulless> Other Anthony is gonna ok, if hurt.
Nov 23 21:23:22 <TeslaTornado> "You were mind-controlled."
Nov 23 21:23:39 <TeslaTornado> "Presumably an unintentional side-effect of the entity we're containing."
Nov 23 21:23:41 <Soulless> "Naw it's okay. I have that effect on humans. I get the ability to do something about it like, a century or so from now."
Nov 23 21:24:41 <WetBeard> Pierre looks at his hand… He looks like he might just curl up and go asleep forever, he can't think straight and he's covered in the blood of about who knows how many other people.
Nov 23 21:25:29 <TeslaTornado> "You'll have time to explain more in transit." Kevin walks and talks. "We'll need to administer a large-scale does of Class-B amnestics and trauma counseling."
Nov 23 21:25:44 <Soulless> They heads out and into #homeimprovement.

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