Read, Read, Deed, Dead

“My god. That’s… that’s beautiful.”

“It’s incredible, is what it is. Impossible, even. They all burned in Alexandria, it’s said.”

“Then how, pray tell, am I holding it? Ancient Greek, printed on the flesh of a plant that went extinct before Shakespeare was a glimmer in his grandmother’s eye… this is the real thing. The Gospel of Eve.”

“How much did this cost you, Dr. Schmidt?”

“They practically threw it at me! There’s some old superstition surrounding it; people who touch it die within a week. They actually handed it to me using tongs.”

“There’s one problem, sir: someone’s defaced it. Look, up at the top-right.”

“That’s not defacement, it’s a… for lack of a better term, a stamp. It just says it’s property of the Library. But that just proves it! This is the real thing! I— *HACK! HACK COUGH HACK!*”

“Dr. Schmidt?”

“I’m fine, Hayward. Just been hanging around these dusty tomes and scrolls for too long. Get this into somewhere poorly lit, and away from me, before I ruin it with my spit.”

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