Quest - Moolinok Massacre!

[2014-05-02 20:38:10] <Nemi> So off she goes! She gets a nice pair of boots and her coat, and trudges on through the lightning storm outside.
[2014-05-02 20:38:27] <Wogglebug> Roll agility.
[2014-05-02 20:40:12] <Nemi> 4df+4 flat
[2014-05-02 20:40:13] <Glacon> Nemi: flat: 1 (4df+4=4-, 0, 4-, 4-)
[2014-05-02 20:41:40] <Wogglebug> You somehow don't get struck by lightning! Lucky duck!
[2014-05-02 20:42:11] <Nemi> Amazing! She'd probably ascend into lightning revenant form immediately if that happened.
[2014-05-02 20:42:25] <Nemi> She tromps through the rain and lightning. She loves this kind of weather.
[2014-05-02 20:45:25] <Wogglebug> The cave approaches. it's unseasonably cvold looking. There's frost around the rim of it.
[2014-05-02 20:46:35] <Nemi> Lis is glad she brought her thick coat and reindeer scarf! She enters.
[2014-05-02 20:47:55] <Wogglebug> The cave is cold, and winds and turns and twists and bobs. It's pitch black.
[2014-05-02 20:50:05] <Nemi> Lis is also glad she always has her flashlight on hand. She shines her way, eyes big.
[2014-05-02 20:50:07] <Wogglebug> Eventually it opens up to at the base of a sheer, frozen cliff. It's dayish. Maybe. It's hard to tell - awfully overcast here.
[2014-05-02 20:50:32] <Wogglebug> You can consult if you want to.
[2014-05-02 20:50:52] <Wogglebug> There's a path leading upwards, to the west, which from here is on the right.
[2014-05-02 20:52:07] <Nemi> Lis vaaaaguely remembers where to go from here. She heads up the path.
[2014-05-02 20:52:38] <Wogglebug> Eventually, it splits slightly. There's a ricketyish path into the cliff off in a little side bit, or the main path up the cliff, which heads straight on, west.
[2014-05-02 20:54:59] <Nemi> Hm! A mystery! Lis likes mysteries. She opts to try the side path this time!
[2014-05-02 20:55:40] <Wogglebug> Yay taking the same path as before! it leads up towards a road.
[2014-05-02 20:55:55] <Wogglebug> The road is at the top of the cliff, and runs east to west.
[2014-05-02 20:56:23] <Wogglebug> There's a small bench near the stairway down towards the cliff path.
[2014-05-02 20:58:28] <Nemi> Lis pauses a moment to sit on the bench to get her breath. So much walking! She does so much sleeping that she might be getting out of shape.
[2014-05-02 20:59:33] <Wogglebug> Lis should take, like, some sort of exercise regiment.
[2014-05-02 21:02:27] <Nemi> She should. After a few minutes, Lis gets up and starts the long walk to Banganash town.
[2014-05-02 21:02:39] <Wogglebug> The walk is long, and boring.
[2014-05-02 21:02:55] <Wogglebug> Eventually she reaches the outskirts, and after that, the main gates.
[2014-05-02 21:03:08] <Wogglebug> They are opened wide, the guards inspecting carts minimally.
[2014-05-02 21:04:03] <Nemi> Lis strolls right into town! Hooray.
[2014-05-02 21:04:21] <Wogglebug> The town is large and busy, as it always is.
[2014-05-02 21:04:32] <Wogglebug> There is much activity in the square in whcih she finds herself.
[2014-05-02 21:04:39] <Wogglebug> People selling, and buying, and shilling.
[2014-05-02 21:04:47] <Wogglebug> Fountains and street theater and all that.
[2014-05-02 21:04:51] <Wogglebug> Lovely place.
[2014-05-02 21:05:28] <Nemi> Lis has no money and no particular skills and knowledges, and is barely armed. She decides to attend a street theater performance. At least this place is more entertaining than the Site.
[2014-05-02 21:06:54] <Wogglebug> There's a man juggling shiny, glowing balls. He's dressed in what looks like a cross between the armor of a futuristic paladin and the court jester of a recently deposed king. As the myriad (very, very myriad) balls flick through the air over hsi head, some flicker in and out of existence, popping in and out here or there. He doesn't miss a beat.
[2014-05-02 21:07:58] <Nemi> Now THAT is interesting. Lis ponders what sort of anomalous qualities might be behind such a thing, while she watches, wowed by the man's prowess!
[2014-05-02 21:09:00] <Wogglebug> Does Lis know anything of 29th century quantum theory, 13th century magic, and force-of-will time travel?
[2014-05-02 21:10:02] <Wogglebug> BY THE WAY IF ANYONE NEEDS IC3 LET ME KNOW
[2014-05-02 21:10:23] <Nemi> She does not!
[2014-05-02 21:10:38] <Nemi> LIs has no clue. She thinks this is super keen though!
[2014-05-02 21:10:40] <Wogglebug> Then she'll probably be pondering that bit of event for quite a while.
[2014-05-02 21:10:52] <Nemi> Yes!
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[2014-05-02 21:12:18] <Nemi> After that, Lis wanders the markets, looking at all the neat things for sale that she has no way of affording. Lis, always directionless without a clear objective before her, has no idea what she's looking for but supposes she'll find it eventually.
[2014-05-02 21:12:40] <Wogglebug> Lis eventually wanders into the commercial district! What fun!
[2014-05-02 21:12:46] <Wogglebug> Well, the nicer commercial district.
[2014-05-02 21:12:53] <Wogglebug> Less tanning vats.
[2014-05-02 21:13:43] <Wogglebug> There are many shops about the place.
[2014-05-02 21:13:51] <Wogglebug> Selling all sorts of different things.
[2014-05-02 21:14:27] <Nemi> What kind of different things? Lis likes neat things!
[2014-05-02 21:15:03] <Wogglebug> There's one with glittery bauble, and one with high-end chainmail, and one with low-end chainmail, and one selling perfumes, and one selling knives and only knives, and one selling general goods, and one selling pets, and one selling what once might have been called pets, before they were skined, and, and, and ad infinium.
[2014-05-02 21:22:24] <Nemi> Wow! This is a little overwhelming for little ol' Lis. She gawks and wonders over all the stuff available for a good while before she realizes that it's Late o'Clock and she has no idea what to do now.
[2014-05-02 21:23:07] <Wogglebug> Could find a sleezy motel full of fun and adventure.
[2014-05-02 21:26:25] <Nemi> But Lis has no money.
[2014-05-02 21:26:49] <Wogglebug> That would be an issue.
[2014-05-02 21:27:01] <Wogglebug> Could stow away on a ship and fly away.
[2014-05-02 21:28:05] <Nemi> That is possible. Lis shall think about it.
[2014-05-02 21:28:16] <Nemi> Or, she can try to figure out a way to earn money. Let's see if there's a public message (quest) board.
[2014-05-02 21:28:41] <Wogglebug> Well. There isn't a quest board. That would be silly. This isn't some sort of game.
[2014-05-02 21:28:56] <Wogglebug> There is a town center filled with guilds and businesses and firms and such.
[2014-05-02 21:29:00] <Wogglebug> Might find something fun there.
[2014-05-02 21:29:28] <Nemi> She looks there!
[2014-05-02 21:29:32] <Wogglebug> Like guarding a dwarf minecart. Or clearing out a particularly haunted basement. Or waking up some drunk trolls.
[2014-05-02 21:29:38] <Wogglebug> There are many buildings.
[2014-05-02 21:29:57] <Wogglebug> There's a guild for just about every profession, excluding the illegal ones, because I'm not a plagiarist.
[2014-05-02 21:30:14] <Wogglebug> There are also several near-guilds for various non-professional groups.
[2014-05-02 21:30:24] <Nemi> Lis doesn't even know where to start. Aaaa.
[2014-05-02 21:30:24] <Wogglebug> Dwarfs, trolls, wolfmen, etc.
[2014-05-02 21:30:42] <Wogglebug> There's a constibulary, and an Emperial Military public office.
[2014-05-02 21:31:22] <Wogglebug> A 'So You Want To Wizard' building, which is actually a small curry shop.
[2014-05-02 21:31:49] <Wogglebug> What sort of building does she look for?
[2014-05-02 21:31:56] <Wogglebug> Some feature, or theme, or attribute.
[2014-05-02 21:32:05] <Nemi> For lack of better ideas, she decides to visit the "So You Want To Wizard" building. Least of all because the curry smells nice, even if she can't eat it.
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[2014-05-02 21:32:18] <Wogglebug> It's a small curry shop.
[2014-05-02 21:32:28] <Wogglebug> There's a very large, glowing side behind the front counter.
[2014-05-02 21:32:32] <Wogglebug> It reads.
[2014-05-02 21:32:42] <Wogglebug> "TO (sic) BAD"
[2014-05-02 21:32:50] <Nemi> Dang.
[2014-05-02 21:33:00] <Wogglebug> Including the (sic) notation, which is odd.
[2014-05-02 21:33:30] <Nemi> Lis peers around this way and that, then realizes how foolish it was for her to visit this strange city with no money and even less of an idea of what she wanted to do there.
[2014-05-02 21:34:25] <Wogglebug> She could ask someone wandering in the streets for help seeking work, and let the GM pick a quest for her.
[2014-05-02 21:35:12] <Nemi> That works. Lis decides to head outside and ask a passerby, "Hi, I'm Lis and I'm new in town. Where's a place I could find work?"
[2014-05-02 21:36:26] <Wogglebug> A man, small and bald and extremely confused by the fact that he suddenly went from a wedding in Paris in 1897 to a strange city he knows nothing of, is compelled by merciless abandon to point silently at a large, heavy building, shivering all the while.
[2014-05-02 21:36:36] <Wogglebug> He stumbles off, and returns to the punchbowl shortly after.
[2014-05-02 21:36:38] <Nemi> "Thank you!"
[2014-05-02 21:36:47] <Nemi> Lis doops over to the Large, Heavy Building of Omens.
[2014-05-02 21:36:55] <Wogglebug> The building he pointed at is, very large and heavy and dark, made of stone and iron.
[2014-05-02 21:37:12] <Wogglebug> There's a very dark wood paneling, which is nice.
[2014-05-02 21:37:23] <Wogglebug> Up close, the stone work is extremely elaborate.
[2014-05-02 21:37:24] <Nemi> Lis can't help but approve. Ominous!
[2014-05-02 21:37:27] <Wogglebug> S'quite nice.
[2014-05-02 21:37:39] <Wogglebug> There's a sign on the door. It's not in English.
[2014-05-02 21:37:51] <Wogglebug> The writing looks Nordic.
[2014-05-02 21:38:11] <Wogglebug> With a smaller text below the main print in vaguely cyrillic letters.
[2014-05-02 21:38:31] <Nemi> Lis knows Norwegian!
[2014-05-02 21:38:35] <Nemi> What with, you know, being Norwegian.
[2014-05-02 21:38:44] <Wogglebug> Oh. Weerll then.
[2014-05-02 21:38:45] <Nemi> Technically she knows Bokmal, the language of her region.
[2014-05-02 21:39:16] <Wogglebug> It's similar to an archaic phrase meaning, basically 'Place Where Dwarfs Drink Grog'
[2014-05-02 21:39:48] <Nemi> Lis is amused. Drinks for the svartalfar.
[2014-05-02 21:39:51] <Nemi> She heads inside!
[2014-05-02 21:41:10] <Wogglebug> Inside, the building is very subdued and darkly lit. There's a main entry lobby area. It's similar in construction to the outside of the building. The floors are of stone. Dark wood beams support and arched roof. Torches burn in small alcoves in the stone and wood and iron walls.
[2014-05-02 21:41:29] <Nemi> How very Wolfenstein. Lis explores!
[2014-05-02 21:41:52] <Wogglebug> Well, there's a desk, which is unoccupied, and a large door off behind it.
[2014-05-02 21:42:02] <Wogglebug> There's a small door off to one end of the room.
[2014-05-02 21:42:20] <Wogglebug> No chairs. Odd, for a waiting room.
[2014-05-02 21:46:19] <Nemi> Lis approaches the desk and looks for a bell or similar.
[2014-05-02 21:47:03] <Wogglebug> Nope. Nothing on the desk. There is that door though.
[2014-05-02 21:47:25] <Nemi> Lis approaches the door and tries knocking without breaking her knuckles!
[2014-05-02 21:47:34] <Wogglebug> She knocks. it goes well.
[2014-05-02 21:47:42] <Wogglebug> Roll perception.
[2014-05-02 21:50:21] <Nemi> 4df+4
[2014-05-02 21:50:22] <Glacon> Nemi: 4 (4df+4=3+, 0, 0, 4-)
[2014-05-02 21:50:42] <Wogglebug> As you knock, you notice a sudden lull in the buzzing roar that had gone unnoticed behind the door.
[2014-05-02 21:51:07] <Wogglebug> It swings open suddenly. Behind it is a dwarf. Nothing fancy. Behind him is something fancy.
[2014-05-02 21:51:22] <Nemi> Lis is about dwarf-height, probably, but much smaller in girth. She peers!
[2014-05-02 21:52:16] <Wogglebug> It's a large hall, cornered by great big columns of ornate wood. There are many doors off to the sides, and in the middle, on a lowered level between the pillars, lies a great table, stuffed to fill with drink and food and dwarfs.
[2014-05-02 21:52:51] <Wogglebug> At the end nearest to you, there are people who are distinctly not dwarfs, opposite of someone who is distinctly the /most/ dwarf.
[2014-05-02 21:53:22] <Wogglebug> There's a guy in large, shiny armor, a guy in large, not shiny armor, and a guy in what looks to be some sort of black suitish robeish thing.
[2014-05-02 21:54:09] <Wogglebug> Everyone in the room is staring at you.
[2014-05-02 21:54:15] <Wogglebug> Surprised.
[2014-05-02 21:54:38] <Wogglebug> "AND HERE IS OUR FOURTH." shouts the man in the shiniest of armor.
[2014-05-02 21:54:50] <Wogglebug> "AS PROMISED. A POWERFUL MAGE"
[2014-05-02 21:55:16] <Wogglebug> "She's a girl! A short girl!" cries one of the unimportant side-of-the-table dwarfs.
[2014-05-02 21:55:20] <Wogglebug> "DOESN'T MATTER."
[2014-05-02 21:55:25] <Wogglebug> "STILL A MAGE."
[2014-05-02 21:55:34] <Wogglebug> "CERTIFIED AND EVERYTHING."
[2014-05-02 21:55:50] <Wogglebug> "ISN'T THAT RIGHT, MY FAIR MAI- I MEAN MAGE."
[2014-05-02 21:56:04] <Wogglebug> The man gives you an extremely pleading look.
[2014-05-02 21:56:19] <Wogglebug> He's adorable. Like a lost, shiny puppy with a greatsword.
[2014-05-02 21:56:28] <Wogglebug> Show could say no to that face.
[2014-05-02 21:56:31] <Wogglebug> *Who
[2014-05-02 21:56:42] <Nemi> "Um. Um." She gives the most bewildered look. "Nnnn I'm Lis."
[2014-05-02 21:58:13] <Wogglebug> The three men whisk out of the room, taking you with them, as the dwarfs stare in confusion.
[2014-05-02 21:58:38] <Wogglebug> They walk quickly out of the building. The man in the suit keeps checking his back.
[2014-05-02 21:58:56] <Wogglebug> The guy in the not shiny armor is propelling you along.
[2014-05-02 21:59:02] <Wogglebug> He looks scruffy.
[2014-05-02 21:59:06] <Wogglebug> But decent enough.
[2014-05-02 21:59:10] <Wogglebug> "Hello, miss."
[2014-05-02 21:59:16] <Wogglebug> "Sorry to be troubling you."
[2014-05-02 21:59:19] <Wogglebug> "But, well, you see."
[2014-05-02 21:59:25] <Wogglebug> "We need someone to be our wizard."
[2014-05-02 21:59:49] <Nemi> Lis is being nudged along! She is as confused as the dwarves. "Um. I'm good at lightning?"
[2014-05-02 21:59:55] <Wogglebug> "Dwarf regulations require all cart guard parties be four men, and our fourth dropped out."
[2014-05-02 21:59:58] <Wogglebug> "OH."
[2014-05-02 22:00:01] <Wogglebug> "Good, good."
[2014-05-02 22:00:09] <Nemi> "Oh! I see."
[2014-05-02 22:00:13] <Wogglebug> "I figured you were just good at baking or somewhat."
[2014-05-02 22:00:27] <Wogglebug> "We'll give you a cut of the loot, errr, payment, of course."
[2014-05-02 22:00:34] <Nemi> "Oh! Sounds good!"
[2014-05-02 22:00:34] <Wogglebug> "Equal shares and all that."
[2014-05-02 22:00:49] <Nemi> Lis coughs softly. "I'm a rotten baker, but I don't eat anything so I'll be easy on um, supplies."
[2014-05-02 22:01:13] <Wogglebug> "Right. So. I'm Brothor. Shiny here is Herapiclutis. We call him Hera. It makes him mad. And the creepy fellow is Don."
[2014-05-02 22:02:09] <Nemi> "Soooo.. Warrior, paladin, thief?" She whispers to Brothor, as if for confirmation.
[2014-05-02 22:02:16] <Wogglebug> "We're headed for the station down on Erem street, going to escort a shipment they have going out. Basic stuff. If you've ever dropped on a train job, it's basically the same thing but darker and smaller."
[2014-05-02 22:02:40] <Nemi> "Ah okay. Sounds easy." Lis HAS done stuff with trains and such.
[2014-05-02 22:02:53] <Wogglebug> He whispers in undertones "more like warrior, incompetent, and midlife-crisis-accountant."
[2014-05-02 22:03:18] <Wogglebug> Bro strides off.
[2014-05-02 22:03:22] <Wogglebug> With you in tail.
[2014-05-02 22:03:32] <Nemi> "Got it," she nods to herself and hurries after! Tiny legs make tiny strides.
[2014-05-02 22:03:47] <Wogglebug> He's got a following-propulsive-wind sort of walk.
[2014-05-02 22:03:53] <Wogglebug> Probably a feat.
[2014-05-02 22:04:01] <Wogglebug> Maybe a class skill? I'd have to check the manual.
[2014-05-02 22:04:14] <Wogglebug> Anyway, they head northeast.
[2014-05-02 22:04:49] <Nemi> Lis is deceptively quick and agile. "Oh, Brothor! Do you have a spare knife or something, in case I run out of lightning? Hopefully I don't NEED to lightning anything but still."
[2014-05-02 22:05:28] <Wogglebug> The man in the suit hands you a small knife. "I'll need that back, afterwards, of course." He smiles, awkwardly. He /does/ look like the sort to sit in a room filled with books of numbers.
[2014-05-02 22:05:51] <Nemi> "Okay! Thanks!"
[2014-05-02 22:05:56] <Nemi> She stuffs it in her coat pocket.
[2014-05-02 22:06:09] <Wogglebug> "SO, friend, where are YOU from?" asks Hera, loudly.
[2014-05-02 22:06:28] <Wogglebug> The streets get more industrial as they go.
[2014-05-02 22:06:44] <Wogglebug> You can smell a tannery somewhere far off.
[2014-05-02 22:07:01] <Nemi> Lis looks like Lis. Kinda spooky, huge eyes. "I'm from [incomprehensible Norwegian], Vermork. Tiny town. Lotsa people there got irradiated though."
[2014-05-02 22:07:22] <Nemi> She smiles and shrugs. "It's not contagious." Tannery. Distinct smell. Yeeeep.
[2014-05-02 22:07:27] <Nemi> "Sooo what're we moving or guarding or..?"
[2014-05-02 22:07:55] <Wogglebug> "A shipment of some sort, apparently. Relatively high value, thus us."
[2014-05-02 22:08:10] <Wogglebug> The accountant even sounds awkward when providing quest information.
[2014-05-02 22:08:17] <Wogglebug> "Heh,:
[2014-05-02 22:08:28] <Wogglebug> God dammit guy that was way too long a pause.
[2014-05-02 22:08:54] <Wogglebug> "We've been assured it's perfectly legal. Under certain laws."
[2014-05-02 22:09:01] <Wogglebug> "Heh."
[2014-05-02 22:09:09] <Wogglebug> Still too much of a pause.
[2014-05-02 22:09:13] <Nemi> "Uh huh." She snickers.
[2014-05-02 22:09:14] <Wogglebug> Weirdo.
[2014-05-02 22:09:19] <Nemi> Accountants.
[2014-05-02 22:09:23] <Wogglebug> Word.
[2014-05-02 22:10:06] <Nemi> Yeah but -fantasy accountants-.
[2014-05-02 22:10:08] <Nemi> Come on.
[2014-05-02 22:10:11] <Wogglebug> wORD.
[2014-05-02 22:10:13] <Wogglebug> Woops.
[2014-05-02 22:10:18] <Wogglebug> I meant to say. Word.
[2014-05-02 22:10:46] <Nemi> "Soooo a shipment for the dwarves that needs.. the best guards one can get." She says completely earnestly! So earnest that Bro might catch that she's being drippingly sarcastic.
[2014-05-02 22:11:15] <Wogglebug> He snurfs, which is how a professional warrior laughs.
[2014-05-02 22:12:00] <Wogglebug> They begin to approach a large, stone arched building.
[2014-05-02 22:12:05] <Wogglebug> Like a subway station, sort of.
[2014-05-02 22:13:42] <Wogglebug> "This is is the Place." Says Bro, indicating that the quest marker is somewhere ahead.
[2014-05-02 22:13:59] <Wogglebug> He leads the party down the massive stone steps of the station, and into the gloomy depths below.
[2014-05-02 22:14:42] <Wogglebug> It's actually pretty busy in the gloomy depths, turns out.
[2014-05-02 22:15:05] <Wogglebug> People are loading and unloading large tracks that stretch every which way on multiple levels.
[2014-05-02 22:15:14] <Wogglebug> There are trains and large carts and such.
[2014-05-02 22:15:24] <Wogglebug> There's also a lot of things that aren't humans.
[2014-05-02 22:15:54] <Wogglebug> Golems and trolls and dwarfs and jelly blobs and ice trolls oh my.
[2014-05-02 22:16:41] <Wogglebug> A dwarf waves them down. Hera hands him a peace of paper. Somewhere in the vastness of causality, there's a slight ding.
[2014-05-02 22:17:03] <Nemi> Jelly blobs..! Weird.
[2014-05-02 22:17:14] <Wogglebug> The dwarf leads them away from the chaos of the station, through a series of doors and hallways and blastdoors and blasthallways.
[2014-05-02 22:17:15] <Nemi> Lis gapes at all of the Everything around her. This is so WEIRD. Yet so COOOL.
[2014-05-02 22:17:25] <Wogglebug> Back to a private track.
[2014-05-02 22:17:46] <Wogglebug> It's secluded. There are a dozen armored, armed dwarfs about the place.
[2014-05-02 22:17:49] <Nemi> Lis sticks close to Bro. She feels like he's probably competent. And she likes him!
[2014-05-02 22:18:00] <Wogglebug> It's a small, cylindrical room.
[2014-05-02 22:18:10] <Wogglebug> In the center is a train of cars on a track.
[2014-05-02 22:18:29] <Wogglebug> At the front is something that looks a bit like a cross between a wheel and a floating island.
[2014-05-02 22:18:35] <Wogglebug> It's steaming slightly.
[2014-05-02 22:19:36] <Wogglebug> "We ready to go?" Asks Bro.
[2014-05-02 22:19:49] <Nemi> ".. Yeah." She peers at the strange thing in front. What the heck is it?
[2014-05-02 22:19:58] <Wogglebug> One of the heavier dwarfs nods, and points up to a platform above a cart.
[2014-05-02 22:20:05] <Wogglebug> A guard cart.
[2014-05-02 22:20:11] <Wogglebug> Which the dwarfs are entering.
[2014-05-02 22:21:02] <Wogglebug> Well, it could be a mutated, magically infused relative of an certain hard-shell marine organism designed to provide easy power to a train.
[2014-05-02 22:21:09] <Wogglebug> But that'd just be a guess.
[2014-05-02 22:21:43] <Wogglebug> "We go on top. It's a dwarf thing. Best not to question it." Says Bro.
[2014-05-02 22:21:53] <Wogglebug> He climbs up, and is followed by the others.
[2014-05-02 22:22:01] <Wogglebug> There are 8 cars. This is the third.
[2014-05-02 22:22:05] =-= ProcyonLotor is now known as ProcyonGone
[2014-05-02 22:22:38] <Wogglebug> The back ones have heavy, solid covers over barreled cars.
[2014-05-02 22:23:00] <Wogglebug> The ones ahead look like… well, sort of like moving vaults.
[2014-05-02 22:23:38] <Nemi> "Okay…"
[2014-05-02 22:23:53] <Nemi> Lis follows Bro up!
[2014-05-02 22:24:09] <Wogglebug> It's nice enough. There's a railing, and a windbreak.
[2014-05-02 22:24:51] <Wogglebug> The thing up front makes a disturbing burbling sounds and steams heavily.
[2014-05-02 22:25:05] <Wogglebug> It jerks forward, pulling the cars rapidly to speed.
[2014-05-02 22:25:09] <Wogglebug> And they're off!
[2014-05-02 22:25:26] <Wogglebug> The cars shake a bit, but much less than one might expect.
[2014-05-02 22:25:40] <Wogglebug> Once they leave the lightness of the station, it's very dark.
[2014-05-02 22:25:46] <Wogglebug> The only light comes from the cars.
[2014-05-02 22:26:06] <Nemi> Lis opts to sit and brace herself against the railing. "What is that thing pulling the train?" she asks, of Bro. Hera and the accountant are meh to her.
[2014-05-02 22:26:27] <Wogglebug> Bro is watching the inkiness of the tunnel with natural, healthy suspicion.
[2014-05-02 22:26:38] <Wogglebug> The accountant is watching the rear. Hera is shining his sword.
[2014-05-02 22:26:48] <Wogglebug> "I'm not sure to be honest."
[2014-05-02 22:27:07] <Wogglebug> "The dwarfs use them, and won't let anyone else get their hands on them. Not even the imperials have them."
[2014-05-02 22:27:38] <Wogglebug> "S'rumored they're the product of some mad alchemist. Not entirely sure how that works, but" he shrugs.
[2014-05-02 22:28:33] <Wogglebug> The train trundles.
[2014-05-02 22:29:46] <Nemi> Lis nods. "Weird." She watches their flanks and a bit ahead.
[2014-05-02 22:30:21] <Wogglebug> Roll perception.
[2014-05-02 22:31:20] =-= GraemeCracker is now known as Graemeats
[2014-05-02 22:34:27] <Nemi> 4df+4
[2014-05-02 22:34:28] <Glacon> Nemi: 5 (4df+4=0, 3+, 3+, 4-)
[2014-05-02 22:34:42] <Wogglebug> What was that noise? And what was that vibration? What the hell?
[2014-05-02 22:34:50] <Wogglebug> It sounded sort of like a growl. Or fire.
[2014-05-02 22:34:53] <Wogglebug> Or both.
[2014-05-02 22:35:00] <Wogglebug> Bro tenses.
[2014-05-02 22:35:12] <Wogglebug> So does Hera. He stops shining his sword.
[2014-05-02 22:35:19] <Wogglebug> The accountant looks about anxiously.
[2014-05-02 22:36:20] <Wogglebug> Down below, the shifting of weaponry is heard.
[2014-05-02 22:36:47] <Wogglebug> Bro speaks quietly. "How good are you with lightning?"
[2014-05-02 22:38:08] <Wogglebug> A deep rumble shakes the walls as they speed by.
[2014-05-02 22:38:17] <Nemi> "Depends on how charged up I am," Lis says. "I just came from a thunderstorm. And I heard it too.."
[2014-05-02 22:38:29] <Wogglebug> Bro's teeth are clenched.
[2014-05-02 22:38:50] <Wogglebug> Somewhere way back behind, a huge wrenching sound is followed by a crash.
[2014-05-02 22:38:56] <Wogglebug> Nowhere near the cars.
[2014-05-02 22:40:04] <Wogglebug> Hera hmmmms loudly.
[2014-05-02 22:42:14] <Nemi> Lis holds her breath. She's run into worse as part o the Foundation!
[2014-05-02 22:42:15] <Nemi> She can take it.
[2014-05-02 22:42:49] <Wogglebug> 1d3 Random Monster spawn! Because 3 is worse than anything she's run into with the foundation!
[2014-05-02 22:42:50] <Glacon> Wogglebug: Random Monster spawn! Because 3 is worse than anything she's run into with the foundation!: 1 (1d3=1)
[2014-05-02 22:42:56] <Wogglebug> Lucky ducky.
[2014-05-02 22:43:12] <Wogglebug> Perception.
[2014-05-02 22:44:40] <Nemi> 4df+4
[2014-05-02 22:44:41] <Glacon> Nemi: 1 (4df+4=0, 4-, 4-, 4-)
[2014-05-02 22:44:49] <Wogglebug> Hmm. nothing suspicious around here…..
[2014-05-02 22:44:52] <Wogglebug> Roll agility.
[2014-05-02 22:49:43] <Nemi> 4df+4
[2014-05-02 22:49:44] <Glacon> Nemi: 2 (4df+4=4-, 0, 0, 4-)
[2014-05-02 22:50:09] <Wogglebug> Some rubble hits you as a massive, serpentine form takes out the front of the train.
[2014-05-02 22:50:25] <Wogglebug> The entirety of the tunnel is shaking death.
[2014-05-02 22:50:49] <Wogglebug> The train skids and slides, squealing and shrieking.
[2014-05-02 22:51:07] <Nemi> "Gyah! What!"
[2014-05-02 22:51:13] <Nemi> Lis clings to the railing for dear life!
[2014-05-02 22:51:36] <Wogglebug> The propulsion's gone, and the train is slowing down, the weird floating rock and gone and the front car on its side, acting as a brake for the entire train.
[2014-05-02 22:52:22] <Wogglebug> Hera rolls off the side of the car, agilly. He lands on a runner below.
[2014-05-02 22:52:29] <Wogglebug> The accountant has disappeared.
[2014-05-02 22:53:02] <Wogglebug> Bro is crouched, nearby, sword drawn, watching the dark as the train slows haltingly.
[2014-05-02 22:53:35] <Nemi> "What was THAT?"
[2014-05-02 22:53:54] <Wogglebug> "No idea. Get ready for the ambush, though."
[2014-05-02 22:54:03] <Nemi> Lis isn't quite in a panic state, but jeez!
[2014-05-02 22:54:06] <Nemi> "Right!"
[2014-05-02 22:54:30] <Wogglebug> The train comes to a final, screeching halt.
[2014-05-02 22:54:43] <Wogglebug> The tunnel is silent.
[2014-05-02 22:54:50] <Wogglebug> The dark all around is quiet.
[2014-05-02 22:54:59] <Wogglebug> A drip can be heard far, far away.
[2014-05-02 22:55:27] <Wogglebug> Roll perception.
[2014-05-02 22:56:10] <Wogglebug> The dwarfs have all clambered out of the cartbelow.
[2014-05-02 22:56:38] <Wogglebug> They're heavily armed, in that they're armed at all (they're dwarfs), and forming a perimeter.
[2014-05-02 22:56:55] <Nemi> 4df+4
[2014-05-02 22:56:56] <Glacon> Nemi: 6 (4df+4=3+, 4-, 3+, 3+)
[2014-05-02 22:57:06] <Nemi> Lis remains in her nice vantage point, watchful!
[2014-05-02 22:58:00] <Wogglebug> Below, to the right, the ground shifts. And to the left. Also at your 6. And your 11. All around. It shifts, like a mole burrowing from soil, but solid rock.
[2014-05-02 23:01:04] <Nemi> Lis points out the sites of greatest movement! "Movement all around! Six, eleven, three!"
[2014-05-02 23:03:29] <Wogglebot> Goblioids burst from all of them. Do mind, they are most certainly not goblins. Bro cleaves one that has leaped the twenty feet from its hole to the top of the car in less than a second. Like I said. Not goblins.
[2014-05-02 23:03:49] <Wogglebot> They're large, larger than Lis, and heavily built, with beady eyes and large, clawed hands.
[2014-05-02 23:03:59] <Wogglebot> Vcious teeth, rotten breathe, the works.
[2014-05-02 23:04:21] <Wogglebot> They shout, loudly, as one. Something between a suicidal blender and a kamikaze pilot.
[2014-05-02 23:04:26] <Wogglebot> They rush the dwarfs, and the cars.
[2014-05-02 23:04:33] <Wogglebot> They're all over, swarming the place.
[2014-05-02 23:04:53] <Wogglebot> They're climbing onto the rear cars especially, hacking away with their claws at the heavy metal.
[2014-05-02 23:05:05] <Wogglebot> What will you do, noble wizard?
[2014-05-02 23:06:39] <Nemi> Good grief. Goblinoid things, clinging to metallic stuff! And they're superhuman!
[2014-05-02 23:07:13] <Nemi> Lis has an idea. Thinking quick, she draws as much electricity as she can and tries to discharge it as a bolt to the rear cars. Metal is very conductive, and she's effectively unleashing a lightning bolt. Hopefully. She might pass out from it, too.
[2014-05-02 23:07:44] <Wogglebot> Roll anomalous. mind that this region gives you a +1
[2014-05-02 23:07:55] =-= Graemeats is now known as GraemeCracker
[2014-05-02 23:11:17] <Nemi> 4df+5 ere we go
[2014-05-02 23:11:19] <Glacon> Nemi: ere we go: 4 (4df+5=4-, 4-, 0, 3+)
[2014-05-02 23:11:46] <Wogglebot> Pretty good lightning bolt. Lots of storming earlier.
[2014-05-02 23:12:02] <Wogglebot> You light up the sky, which is to say, the everything.
[2014-05-02 23:12:52] <Wogglebot> A massive arc travels into the wagons, electrifying just about everything. Most of the goblinoids are tossed from the carts, many heavily fried.
[2014-05-02 23:13:09] <Wogglebot> Bro rushes the carts after the bolt, attacking the remaining.
[2014-05-02 23:13:37] <Wogglebot> Hera is down below, fighting alongside the dwarfs.
[2014-05-02 23:13:51] <Wogglebot> There are goblinoids fighting dwarfs all around.
[2014-05-02 23:14:26] <Nemi> Lis fistpumps, and leans over the railing to see how the fight is going. She lets out a heavy exhalation; that took a lot out of her, but DAMN was it satisfying seeing it WORK. She whispers to herself, "Hope that did it.. 's all I've got."
[2014-05-02 23:14:41] <Wogglebot> Roll agility.
[2014-05-02 23:18:10] <Nemi> 4d+4
[2014-05-02 23:18:11] <Nemi> 4df+4
[2014-05-02 23:18:13] <Glacon> Nemi: 4 (4df+4=3+, 4-, 0, 0)
[2014-05-02 23:18:41] <Wogglebot> You barely dodge a greatax as it comes crashing into the railing of the cart, crushing down from behind you.
[2014-05-02 23:18:50] <Wogglebot> On the other end of it is a very large, engry dude.
[2014-05-02 23:18:59] <Wogglebot> He pulls back for another swing….
[2014-05-02 23:19:10] <Wogglebot> And goes limp as a large knife appears in his throat.
[2014-05-02 23:19:27] <Wogglebot> The thing drops and reveals Don the accountatn.
[2014-05-02 23:19:36] <Wogglebot> He nods and jumps over the railing, off to assist Hera.
[2014-05-02 23:19:51] <Wogglebot> From the rear of the train Bro cries out for aid. He's being swarmed.
[2014-05-02 23:20:50] <Nemi> Lis geeps in surprise as the axe comes down, but Don's sudden save makes her nearly collapse in relief. So THAT's where he went. "I guess.. he pushes very sharp pencils," Lis muses, and turns to see Bro's trouble. Damnit! There's only so much she can do, but.. She'll try one more lightning bolt. "BRO! GET DOWN!"
[2014-05-02 23:21:12] <Wogglebot> He drops. You can't tell whether he meant to or not.
[2014-05-02 23:21:16] <Nemi> Calling upon the last reserves of energy she's got, she brings her hands together, willing the charge from her body into a massive crackling arc!
[2014-05-02 23:21:23] <Wogglebot> Roll!
[2014-05-02 23:21:23] <Nemi> KRRAAAAKOOOOOM.
[2014-05-02 23:21:27] <Nemi> 4df+5
[2014-05-02 23:21:28] <Glacon> Nemi: 8 (4df+5=3+, 0, 3+, 3+)
[2014-05-02 23:21:31] <Wogglebot> KRAKOOOOOOM
[2014-05-02 23:21:57] <Nemi> That's some seriously blinding ear-splitting massive lightning, damn.
[2014-05-02 23:22:17] <Wogglebot> A massive blast of blinding lightning appears, bright as hell and twice as hot. You pass out before you hear the thunder crack.
[2014-05-02 23:23:12] <Wogglebot> It's dark, when you're unconscious.
[2014-05-02 23:23:15] <Wogglebot> Very dark.
[2014-05-02 23:23:19] <Wogglebot> But warm, weirdly.
[2014-05-02 23:23:23] <Wogglebot> Very warm.
[2014-05-02 23:23:31] <Wogglebot> You feel like there's some sort of warm light below.
[2014-05-02 23:23:35] <Wogglebot> Far below.
[2014-05-02 23:23:37] <Wogglebot> You wake up.
[2014-05-02 23:24:05] <Wogglebot> You're on the train, inside the guard cart with the dwarfs. They're slightly less in number.
[2014-05-02 23:24:09] <Wogglebot> One or two.
[2014-05-02 23:24:36] <Nemi> Lis kinda figured that she'd have passed out from that expenditure of energy. And she feels like garbage, even as she groggily regains consciousness. She looks blearily for her fellow guards, and murmurs aloud, "Did we win..?"
[2014-05-02 23:24:43] <Wogglebot> One of the dwarfs, not the largest of the bunch, is kneeling over you.
[2014-05-02 23:25:04] <Wogglebot> "Aye, we won. Lost one, though."
[2014-05-02 23:25:08] <Wogglebot> "Plus the drive."
[2014-05-02 23:25:17] <Wogglebot> One of the other dwarfs gives him a dirty look at that.
[2014-05-02 23:25:26] <Nemi> ".. eufg. Who.. who'd we lose?"
[2014-05-02 23:25:50] <Wogglebot> "Hammerthroat. Good dwarf."
[2014-05-02 23:26:14] <Wogglebot> "You rest. We'll be at central soon enough."
[2014-05-02 23:26:48] <Nemi> Lis nods.. and remains resting. ".. what were those?"
[2014-05-02 23:27:04] <Wogglebot> He makes a grunting noise.
[2014-05-02 23:27:47] <Wogglebot> (One sec)
[2014-05-02 23:28:43] <Wogglebot> "They're called Moolinok. A type of Goblin, Very fierce. They usually aren't seen this far North."
[2014-05-02 23:30:04] <Wogglebot> "We're not sure what they blew the drive with, though. Some of the men thinks it was a wyrm. I doubt it. Probably a concealed charge."
[2014-05-02 23:30:38] <Wogglebot> "I'm Grendok Ironfounderson, by the way."
[2014-05-02 23:32:12] <Wogglebot> The train trundles.
[2014-05-02 23:32:35] <Nemi> "Lisa.. Lisabet Tande. I saw it.. Looked like some kind of worm.. beast thing." She exhales, slowly.
[2014-05-02 23:33:00] <Wogglebot> He nods, slowly. "People see strange things, in the dark. You rest."
[2014-05-02 23:33:10] <Nemi> She nods and quiets.
[2014-05-02 23:33:13] <Wogglebot> (JUMP CUT)
[2014-05-02 23:33:41] <Wogglebot> The train pulls into the station, after a while. A different station. Slightly smaller, but better built, and clearly so.
[2014-05-02 23:33:58] <Wogglebot> Even in this tiny private tunnel, the stonework is astoundingly beautiful.
[2014-05-02 23:34:24] <Wogglebot> As they unload the guards and such, Lis can see a corpse being dragged from the top of the cart by a dwarf.
[2014-05-02 23:34:26] <Nemi> Lis, if she can see it, would probably be peering in admiration. She always had a fondness for stonework; part of why she was more impressed by the dwarf hold rather than found it menacing.
[2014-05-02 23:34:37] <Nemi> That worries her, her smile fading. She looks toward the body!
[2014-05-02 23:34:57] <Wogglebot> It's a dwarf. Probably Hammerthroat.
[2014-05-02 23:35:41] <Wogglebot> There are many dwarfs about now. Many guards, and others. Fancy looking dwarfs, with lots of gold and such.
[2014-05-02 23:35:44] <Nemi> That earns a moment of musing. At least they caused disproportionate casualties amongst the goblinoids. She wonders how much her lightning blast acctually did.
[2014-05-02 23:36:16] <Wogglebot> One of them is talking quietly with Hera. Bro has just injected himself into the conversation, thank god.
[2014-05-02 23:37:14] <Wogglebot> Money is changing hands.
[2014-05-02 23:37:28] <Nemi> After a moment or two, Lis bobbles over to Bro, a little unsteady.
[2014-05-02 23:37:35] <Wogglebot> The dwarfs are starting to unload the massive cars, taking them off on side tracks.
[2014-05-02 23:38:12] <Wogglebot> The dwarf he was talking to has left, off to yell at some workers
[2014-05-02 23:38:29] <Wogglebot> Him and Hera are standing there, speaking quietly.
[2014-05-02 23:39:19] <Nemi> Lis blunders up to Bro! She looks sleepless. Moreso than usual, anyway. Which happens when she's low on charge, especially after THAT display.
[2014-05-02 23:39:25] <Wogglebot> "Ahh, hello MIGHTY WIZARD."
[2014-05-02 23:39:32] <Wogglebot> That would be Hera.
[2014-05-02 23:39:44] <Wogglebot> "WE have for YOU your PAYMENT."
[2014-05-02 23:40:05] <Wogglebot> Bro sighs.
[2014-05-02 23:40:09] <Wogglebot> "Yes. Payment."
[2014-05-02 23:40:20] <Wogglebot> He hands her a sack of cash money. It's coins, actually.
[2014-05-02 23:41:20] <Nemi> Lis winces at the shouting. "I didn't deafen you, did I..? Um. Thank you!" She takes the DOSH.
[2014-05-02 23:41:27] <Wogglebot> "We need to get going. They want help clearing out the tunnel. You should rest. There are sleeping cars back to the city, and I'm sure they have a boarding hall here."
[2014-05-02 23:41:49] <Wogglebot> "Shit. Stupid accountant."
[2014-05-02 23:41:56] <Wogglebot> He runs off to keep Don from getting killed.
[2014-05-02 23:42:01] <Wogglebot> Hera follows him off.
[2014-05-02 23:42:08] <Wogglebot> You're stood there, dwarfs all about.
[2014-05-02 23:42:12] <Wogglebot> Roll perception.
[2014-05-02 23:42:16] <Nemi> 4df+4
[2014-05-02 23:42:16] <Glacon> Nemi: 4 (4df+4=4-, 3+, 0, 0)
[2014-05-02 23:42:25] <Wogglebot> What's that, over there, by the track?
[2014-05-02 23:42:37] <Nemi> Lis isn't sure! What IS it?
[2014-05-02 23:42:55] <Wogglebot> It's a small, glowy, yellowish crystal rod.
[2014-05-02 23:43:08] <Wogglebot> Maybe it fell off one of the cars. Who knows.
[2014-05-02 23:43:26] <Nemi> Lis approaches the mysterious object and looks around, before inspecting it more carefully.
[2014-05-02 23:43:38] <Wogglebot> Yup. It's a rod. Very glowy. Very pretty.
[2014-05-02 23:43:45] <Wogglebot> Octagonal.
[2014-05-02 23:44:50] <Wogglebot> About a foot long.
[2014-05-02 23:45:55] <Nemi> Weeeird. She picks it up!
[2014-05-02 23:46:01] <Wogglebot> It's very glowy.
[2014-05-02 23:46:27] <Wogglebot> The dwarfs would probably want it back. Or….. well, she doesn't /know/ it's theirs, technically.
[2014-05-02 23:46:59] <Nemi> For lack of a better idea, she puts it in her coat, for the moment. Then, she gets clear of the tracks and looks around for someone who looks official, like a quartermastery type or a cargo supervisor.
[2014-05-02 23:47:25] <Wogglebot> Ironfounderson is over, arguing with a fancy dwarf.
[2014-05-02 23:47:29] <Wogglebot> *over there
[2014-05-02 23:48:11] <Wogglebot> The exit stairs are clear.
[2014-05-02 23:49:57] <Nemi> Lis approaches Ironfounderson! "Excuse me?"
[2014-05-02 23:50:29] <Wogglebot> He looks at her. "Yes, miss Tande?" He looks a lot less angry than he did a second ago.
[2014-05-02 23:51:15] <Nemi> She retrieves the weird rod. "I found this on the tracks.."
[2014-05-02 23:52:46] <Wogglebot> He reaches for it, gingerly "Oh, I.." "GIVE me that." The fancy dwarf snatches it from her hands.
[2014-05-02 23:53:01] <Wogglebot> He glares at Ironfounderson "Get her out of here."
[2014-05-02 23:53:44] <Wogglebot> Ironfounderson ushers Lis towards the exit.
[2014-05-02 23:54:41] <Nemi> Lis looks completely lost. "What? What did.."
[2014-05-02 23:54:52] <Nemi> She doesn't resist, of course, having approximately no physical strength and being completely zonked out in sleepiness.
[2014-05-02 23:55:02] <Wogglebot> "It's nothing. Come along."
[2014-05-02 23:55:21] <Wogglebot> He leads her up the stairs, and through some tunnels, and some more tunnels, and some more tunnels, and some more tunnels.
[2014-05-02 23:56:25] <Wogglebot> They eventually arrive in, well.
[2014-05-02 23:56:32] <Nemi> Lis is -terribly- confused, but goes along anyway!
[2014-05-02 23:57:54] <Wogglebot> It's a large, cavernous place. Filled with tracks and tracks and tracks of all shapes and sizes, leading absolutely everywhere, down up left right the whole shebang.
[2014-05-02 23:58:15] <Wogglebot> There are lights high above. The architecture of the place is beautiful.
[2014-05-02 23:58:20] <Wogglebot> Dwarfs are everywhere.
[2014-05-02 23:58:26] <Wogglebot> Lots of trolls too.
[2014-05-02 23:59:28] <Nemi> "This.. this place is amazing," Lis manages, hoping to change the subject from her apparently doing something terrible without realizing it.
[2014-05-03 00:00:14] <Wogglebot> He nods.
[2014-05-03 00:01:09] <Wogglebot> Eventually, he gets her ona train heading back to Banganash.
[2014-05-03 00:01:35] <Wogglebot> He waves from the platform as it departs. The car is comfortable. A good place to sleep.
[2014-05-03 00:01:46] <Wogglebot> Presumably she makes it back to Banganash.
[2014-05-03 00:02:38] <Nemi> Lis will sleep on the way. She needs it. Gotta regain some charge.
[2014-05-03 00:02:43] <Nemi> One hopes she makes it back to Banganash.
[2014-05-03 00:03:09] <Wogglebot> She does! It's the same station as before. Large and busy and varied.
[2014-05-03 00:06:17] <Nemi> Lis has.. a bag of something! She looks to find a nice quiet place, for once, to count out what she's got.
[2014-05-03 00:06:59] <Wogglebot> She finds such a place! It's a small alcove.
[2014-05-03 00:07:04] <Wogglebot> The bag is full of coins.
[2014-05-03 00:07:07] <Wogglebot> One sec.
[2014-05-03 00:09:15] <Wogglebot> It's about 5000 of their currency.
[2014-05-03 00:09:21] <Wogglebot> Reserve exchange coins.
[2014-05-03 00:09:26] <Nemi> Interesting!
[2014-05-03 00:09:42] <Wogglebot> A nice fur scarf costs about 40
[2014-05-03 00:09:43] <Wogglebot> So
[2014-05-03 00:10:02] <Nemi> Lis ponders what wonders she can do with that! She'll figure that out another day, though, because she's exhausted. She stuffs it carefully in her coat, and finds a nice inn to stay the night, feeling far too tired to stroll merrily back to the site.
[2014-05-03 00:10:47] <Wogglebot> You head West, and find a nice little inn to stay in! It's not too expensive, either.
[2014-05-03 00:10:59] <Nemi> Perfect!
[2014-05-03 00:11:20] <Wogglebot> The cheery woman in charge gets you a room and some supper.
[2014-05-03 00:11:26] <Wogglebot> Very wholesome stuff.
[2014-05-03 00:11:44] <Wogglebot> Snooze snooze snooze snooze.
[2014-05-03 00:11:50] <Nemi> Lis is pleased! Except that she declines the food if it's included, citing tummy trouble. Baw baw.
[2014-05-03 00:12:30] <Nemi> But now.. rest!

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