[04:13:12] <Riemann> Weeeee
[04:14:45] * ProcyonLotor has joined #tooltime
[04:14:45] * ChanServ promoted ProcyonLotor to operator
[04:15:18] <Riemann> Hill considers entering the portal.
[04:15:34] <ProcyonLotor> It does look inviting.
[04:15:48] <ProcyonLotor> There's a lagoon on the other side!
[04:15:58] <ProcyonLotor> It might have dolphins.
[04:16:12] <ProcyonLotor> Hill likes dolphins, doesn't he?
[04:16:18] <Riemann> Shrugging, he enters, unfortunately knocking it over, rapidly changes destinations as he teleports through
[04:16:26] <Riemann> And who doesn't like dolphins?
[04:16:36] <ProcyonLotor> It changes to a mountain valley!
[04:17:05] <ProcyonLotor> But the more important thing is it rends Hill's corporeal form asunder.
[04:17:09] <ProcyonLotor> Ooops.
[04:17:13] <Riemann> "oh shi-"
[04:17:32] <Riemann> And then, no more words.
[04:17:36] <ProcyonLotor> Hill, you're somewhere v
[04:17:43] <ProcyonLotor> But you're not.
[04:17:46] <ProcyonLotor> Are you?
[04:17:50] <Riemann> Hill looks about at the nothingness
[04:17:54] <Riemann> Percep?
[04:18:05] <ProcyonLotor> No dolphins. Shit.
[04:18:08] <ProcyonLotor> Sure.
[04:18:20] <Riemann> 4df+4 "Dolphins!?"
[04:18:20] <Glacon> Riemann: "Dolphins!?": 7 (4df+4=3+, 3+, 3+, 0)
[04:18:29] <ProcyonLotor> Nope!
[04:18:35] <Riemann> "Well.
[04:18:36] <Riemann> "*
[04:18:42] <Riemann> "Where the hell am I?"
[04:18:42] <ProcyonLotor> But you begin to intuit that
[04:18:46] <ProcyonLotor> Oh shit
[04:18:51] <ProcyonLotor> Science.
[04:19:02] <Riemann> 4df+10 Add three if this is anomalous
[04:19:03] <Glacon> Riemann: Add three if this is anomalous: 8 (4df+10=0, 4-, 4-, 0)
[04:20:00] <ProcyonLotor> Hot damn this is anomalous.
[04:20:12] <ProcyonLotor> Hill was two places at once.
[04:20:26] <ProcyonLotor> Something cannot be two places at once.
[04:20:29] <Riemann> "Owowowowow damnit"
[04:20:34] <ProcyonLotor> Ergo, Hill cannot be.
[04:20:44] <Riemann> Hill tries his best not to think that
[04:20:47] <ProcyonLotor> You're not sure how you feel about that.
[04:21:18] <ProcyonLotor> But hell
[04:21:52] <ProcyonLotor> Impossible, like nudity laws and guardrails, have never stopped Hill.
[04:22:06] <Riemann> "So…" Hill says to nobody. "Where do I go from here?"
[04:22:21] <Riemann> Hill fondly smiles at that day, with the handrails and nudity laws.
[04:22:50] <Riemann> He tries walking.
[04:22:55] <Riemann> Moving, at all, really.
[04:23:22] <ProcyonLotor> You honestly can't tell if you're moving.
[04:23:35] <Riemann> What's the landscape like?
[04:24:13] <ProcyonLotor> You ever wondered what a vaccuum looked like?
[04:24:21] <Riemann> All the time
[04:24:21] <ProcyonLotor> A lot like that.
[04:24:29] * Xiao has joined #tooltime
[04:24:36] <ProcyonLotor> Maybe if you tried to remember…
[04:24:53] <Riemann> Hill does indeed try to remember! He thinks on his Lab
[04:25:04] <Riemann> Scratch that
[04:25:05] <ProcyonLotor> And there it is. Kind of!
[04:25:15] <Riemann> Scratch that scratch
[04:25:18] <ProcyonLotor> And then it isn't
[04:25:23] <Riemann> Hill looks about his La-
[04:25:26] <ProcyonLotor> And then it is
[04:25:29] <ProcyonLotor> Rad.
[04:25:29] <Riemann> "Damnit."
[04:25:39] <Riemann> "I seem to be oscillating."
[04:26:03] <Riemann> He concentrates on Serge.
[04:26:11] <Riemann> Calling out to him with his mind.
[04:26:11] <ProcyonLotor> One could say Hill is on his period.
[04:26:22] <ProcyonLotor> You can sense Serge.
[04:26:22] <Riemann> They could, indeed
[04:26:33] <Riemann> Hill concentrates.
[04:26:42] <Riemann> 4df+8 Mental Concentration!
[04:26:43] <Glacon> Riemann: Mental Concentration!: 6 (4df+8=0, 0, 4-, 4-)
[04:26:55] <ProcyonLotor> It's hard.
[04:27:08] <ProcyonLotor> Your mind is fuzzy.
[04:27:16] <ProcyonLotor> But you find him nonetheless.
[04:27:20] <ProcyonLotor> To Serge.
[04:27:25] <Riemann> "Serge! Heyo!"
[04:28:06] <ProcyonLotor> He falls into IC2
[04:28:12] <Riemann> weeee
[04:28:16] <Riemann> eeeeee
[04:28:19] <ProcyonLotor> Serge. Perc.
[04:28:31] <TeslaTornado> 4df+9 (Perc + Wilderness Expert)
[04:28:32] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Perc + Wilderness Expert): 9 (4df+9=3+, 0, 4-, 0)
[04:28:45] <ProcyonLotor> The hell is Hill doing out here?
[04:28:56] <Riemann> He's waving, and shouting something, that's what!
[04:29:02] <ProcyonLotor> And why's he all crinkly at the edges?
[04:29:25] <TeslaTornado> "/Hill/?!"
[04:29:47] <Riemann> Can Hill shout to Serge?
[04:30:00] <ProcyonLotor> He can!
[04:30:18] <Riemann> "Heyo! Hello! You should get someone!"
[04:30:41] <TeslaTornado> Serge shouts back. "Did you want to come along?"
[04:30:44] <Riemann> Then he seems to think better. "OoOooOOOooo I'm a ghoooooOooOOOOoost!"
[04:30:58] <TeslaTornado> Serge laughs.
[04:31:00] <ProcyonLotor> Oh jesus christ. He kind od is.
[04:31:01] <Balthazaar> Emily stands with Serge. "What's happening?"
[04:31:06] <ProcyonLotor> Not spooky though.
[04:31:13] <TeslaTornado> "I have /no/ /idea/."
[04:31:16] <ProcyonLotor> Serge could probably take him.
[04:31:35] <TeslaTornado> Serge goes towards Crinkly!Hill.
[04:32:06] <Riemann> Hill has flipped his coat over into a facsimile of a ghost
[04:32:12] <Riemann> And is making noises
[04:32:37] <Balthazaar> Emily goes with him
[04:32:43] <Balthazaar> "Mr. Hill?"
[04:33:12] <TeslaTornado> "Hill, cut that out!" Serge laughs again, waving for Emily to come on. "Come on! /Allons-y/, monsieur Hill! We have a stag to hunt!"
[04:33:13] <Riemann> "That's Dr. Hill!" He shouts. "And I seem to have, uh, slipped?"
[04:33:25] <ProcyonLotor> Only slightly more spooky.
[04:33:39] <ProcyonLotor> Slip might be a good word.
[04:33:49] <ProcyonLotor> Or leaked. Or soaked through?
[04:33:57] <ProcyonLotor> Eh. Semantics.
[04:34:00] <Balthazaar> Emily goes with Serge, laughing
[04:34:12] <Riemann> Hill frowns. He really needed the help.
[04:34:31] <TeslaTornado> Serge is by Hill right now. "What's going on? You're all crinkly."
[04:34:37] <ProcyonLotor> To Tooltime!
[04:34:41] <Riemann> weeeeee
[04:34:45] <ProcyonLotor> Hill fades and is gone.
[04:31:19] * TeslaTornado has joined #tooltime
[04:32:39] <ProcyonLotor> «Attention Security! We have an electrical fire in Lab 6 and personnel unaccounted for.»
[04:34:44] <Riemann> eeeeee
[04:35:04] <TeslaTornado> Serge is still standing by where Hill was.
[04:35:11] <Riemann> Hill is no longer.
[04:35:18] <ProcyonLotor> It's containment. You've never been this far in before, Hill.
[04:35:22] * Balthazaar has joined #tooltime
[04:35:37] <Riemann> "Uh oh"
[04:36:05] <ProcyonLotor> There's a glass case, which you can't see in the low light.
[04:36:21] <ProcyonLotor> And black gunk dripping from the walls.
[04:36:26] <Riemann> Hill bumps into it.
[04:36:28] <ProcyonLotor> A voice in your mind.
[04:36:36] <Riemann> Hopefully avoiding the gunk
[04:36:37] <ProcyonLotor> "Woof woof."
[04:36:49] <ProcyonLotor> And you're gone somewhere else.
[04:36:56] * padri has joined #tooltime
[04:37:08] <Riemann> "Wait, woof wha-"
[04:37:27] * Balthazaar has left #tooltime ()
[04:37:39] <ProcyonLotor> You're back in your lab.
[04:37:44] <ProcyonLotor> It is on fire.
[04:37:50] <ProcyonLotor> Moreso than usual.
[04:38:05] <Riemann> Hill rushes over to where the fire extinguisher /should/ be
[04:38:09] <ProcyonLotor> This fact does not concern you as much as it should.
[04:38:19] <Riemann> "Huh. Weird."
[04:38:26] <ProcyonLotor> Hill replaced that shit with candy months ago.
[04:38:41] <Riemann> He eats some candy! Tasty.
[04:38:55] <ProcyonLotor> It goes… somewhere else.
[04:38:59] <ProcyonLotor> Still tasty
[04:39:14] <Riemann> "What on earth have I gotten myself into…"
[04:39:17] <ProcyonLotor> But like Existential-Horror-Orange flavor
[04:39:17] <Riemann> "Wait.
[04:39:19] <Riemann> "*
[04:39:32] <ProcyonLotor> That is Hill's least favorite flavor.
[04:39:37] <ProcyonLotor> Besides grape.
[04:39:42] <Riemann> Hill loves oranges damnit
[04:40:03] <ProcyonLotor> These are no normal oranges.
[04:40:24] <Riemann> "This probably isn't earth, is it?"
[04:40:33] <ProcyonLotor> This is the kind of orange flavor that makes you question whether you exist.
[04:40:43] <ProcyonLotor> The answer to that question:
[04:40:47] <Riemann> Hill, again, tries his best not to think that.
[04:40:50] <ProcyonLotor> Maybe? Sort of?
[04:41:09] <Riemann> He focuses on the commons.
[04:41:16] <Riemann> And his swanky couch!
[04:41:32] <ProcyonLotor> To IC1
[04:41:39] <Riemann> weeeee
[04:41:42] <Riemann> eeee
[04:41:44] * ProcyonLotor has joined #origins-ic
[04:41:44] * ChanServ promoted ProcyonLotor to operator
[04:41:56] <ProcyonLotor> It's a Hill.
[04:42:02] * padri has joined #origins-ic
[04:42:04] <Riemann> Hill is in the commons!
[04:42:04] <ProcyonLotor> But isn't it always?
[04:42:11] <Riemann> He never entered, really
[04:42:24] <Proto_Lost> He blinks, focusing on him. "…Hill? When the fuck did you get here?"
[04:42:45] <ProcyonLotor> Good question
[04:42:45] <TeslaTornado> Kevin turns around and looks at Hill. "Hillbert?"
[04:42:52] <ProcyonLotor> Not an easy answer.
[04:42:55] <Nemi> Lis is still sleeping in her room, entirely unaware of the weirdness.
[04:43:06] <Riemann> "Hello!" He says cheerily. It's good to see people.
[04:43:21] <Riemann> He literally just, is now there.
[04:43:33] * Devereauxway is now known as Devereaux
[04:43:35] <ZombieRaptor> Jack looks over. ~Where did he come from?~
[04:43:45] <Proto_Lost> "Fuck me, I didn't even hear you come in."
[04:43:45] <ShotgunFiend> What maybe be equally as odd, but somewhat less noticeable is the fact that Kristie seems to have disappeared. Huh.
[04:43:47] <ProcyonLotor> It's kind of a cool trick.
[04:44:09] <Riemann> "I don't think I came in, in the classical sense."
[04:44:13] <ProcyonLotor> Shame he had to die for it to work.
[04:44:20] <Riemann> "Not through the door, at least." He frowns.
[04:45:21] <Proto_Lost> "And what, you just busted in right through the wall?"
[04:45:21] <ProcyonLotor> He frowns loudly.
[04:45:46] <TeslaTornado> "Harley, we're thirty feet underground."
[04:45:48] <Riemann> "In the metaphysical sense? On another note, please don't blink."
[04:46:08] <ZombieRaptor> Jack blinks, damnit Jack.
[04:46:28] <Proto_Lost> "Exactly."
[04:46:31] <ProcyonLotor> He's still there.
[04:46:35] <padri> All of Zombie's characters blink.
[04:46:37] <ProcyonLotor> Sort of.
[04:46:48] <ProcyonLotor> To the degree he's here at all.
[04:46:53] <Riemann> "I'm pretty sure your observation is helping me."
[04:47:02] <ZombieRaptor> Somewhere, whatever or wherever Luvi is blinks.
[04:47:08] <ProcyonLotor> Maybe just a little over 50%?
[04:47:11] <Nemi> Luvi is an owl now.
[04:47:19] <ZombieRaptor> A beautiful owl?
[04:47:26] <Nemi> An average owl.
[04:48:10] <Riemann> Hill thinks, and concentrates on his Lab again.
[04:48:39] <ZombieRaptor> He flies around wherever he is.
[04:48:52] <ProcyonLotor> To toooooltime
[04:48:57] * padri has quit (Quit: Later loves)
[04:49:06] <Riemann> eeeeee
[04:49:22] <Riemann> Is Hill in his lab?
[04:49:26] <ProcyonLotor> The fire's mostly out.
[04:49:30] <ProcyonLotor> And hey!
[04:49:40] <ProcyonLotor> The portal still works.
[04:49:41] <Riemann> Hey!
[04:49:51] <Riemann> "Well…"
[04:49:57] <Riemann> "Well, well, well…"
[04:49:59] <ProcyonLotor> And is only covered in a small obscene amount of blood.
[04:50:04] <ProcyonLotor> No body though.
[04:50:09] <Riemann> Hill pales.
[04:50:13] <Riemann> He checks for injuries.
[04:50:30] <ProcyonLotor> Hill's still all sort of there.
[04:50:56] <Riemann> He could consider the philisophical implications.
[04:50:59] <Riemann> He could..
[04:51:07] <Riemann> But, he could also not do that,
[04:51:20] <ProcyonLotor> Haunt the fuck out of folks.
[04:51:31] <Riemann> That's what he was planning!
[04:51:43] <Riemann> He grabs a beaker from the nearby table
[04:52:03] <ProcyonLotor> And it's a good plan. He can explore the limits of reality later.
[04:52:15] <Riemann> Now, who to harass?
[04:52:26] <ProcyonLotor> It's repress the knowledge of your death with shenanigans time!
[04:52:33] <Riemann> Yes!
[04:52:47] <Riemann> Hill focuses on his new happy!friend, Naoto
[04:54:12] <ProcyonLotor> Ic3!
[04:54:24] <Riemann> (Stay in here)
[04:54:34] <ProcyonLotor> (Fiiiine)
[04:55:08] <Riemann> Hill taps Naoto on the shoulder
[04:55:18] <ProcyonLotor> Naota is singing nursery rhymes will cutting into a badger!
[04:55:29] <ProcyonLotor> He turns around. Who's there?
[04:55:52] <Riemann> Hill@
[04:55:53] <Riemann> !
[04:56:51] <ProcyonLotor> "Oh hi Mr. Hill!"
[04:57:05] <ProcyonLotor> He's thrilled to see you!
[04:57:05] <Riemann> "Hello! How're you!?"
[04:58:18] <ProcyonLotor> "I'm great! It's wonderful to be here! How about you, friend?"
[04:58:56] <Riemann> "Well…"
[04:58:59] <Riemann> Hill disappears!
[04:59:08] <Riemann> And reappears behind Naoto!
[04:59:13] <Riemann> "I've been better."
[05:00:13] <ProcyonLotor> "Aaaah! You must tell me how you do that! " He claps with glee.
[05:01:33] <Riemann> "Well, I think it involves getting scrambled across spacetime."
[05:01:39] <Riemann> "I think."
[05:01:46] <Riemann> "The details are uncertain."
[05:02:03] <ProcyonLotor> He tilts his head.
[05:03:03] <Riemann> Hill smiles
[05:04:03] <ProcyonLotor> Naota smiles back!
[05:04:24] <Riemann> "Hm… Do I look fuzzy?"
[05:04:36] <Riemann> "Crinkley?"
[05:05:15] <ProcyonLotor> "Fizzly. Like a cola. Or the horizon on a hot day. "
[05:05:50] <Riemann> "Hrm… That may be problematic."
[05:06:23] <ProcyonLotor> He super tilts his head. "Not part of the trick?"
[05:06:37] <Riemann> "Not an intended one…"
[05:06:56] <Riemann> "But I can interact with things."
[05:06:59] <ProcyonLotor> "Oh dearie me."
[05:07:35] <Riemann> "I know, right?"
[05:07:43] <Riemann> "Excuse me for a second."
[05:07:50] <Riemann> Hill blinks over to Lis' room.
[05:08:45] <ProcyonLotor> Naota just stands there. Then he laughs and returns to his work. What a delightful man.

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