Psych Ward

04:48:42: <Roget> Franklin arrives in the motor pool. He's got outdoor work-clothes on, looks like an Italian military uniform.
04:48:50: <Roget> Probably from all that time he spent in the Italian military.
04:50:15: <Balthazaar> This man in 50's military garb is there. "Alright ladies, listen up. My name is Sgt John Collier, and I've been assigned to handle matters involving Brookhaven Hospital. This structure stands on our grounds a short way to the southeast. Now. I need /you/ to get in there, find what's…
04:50:19: <Balthazaar> …making it act up again, and shut it the fuck down. Got it?"
04:51:14: <Roget> "What sort of resources are we being allocated, if any?"
04:51:29: <Teslatornado> Harris looks at Collier, with a semi-vacant smile on his face. "… What?"
04:54:17: <Balthazaar> "Following the impregnation of agent Levine by a hospital entity, you will be equipped with standard issue hazmat suits. You will be using your standard arms."
04:54:19: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> ".. We gots any better info than it just acting up?"
04:54:52: <Teskin> Branko jogs into the room. "Sorry I'm late."
04:55:37: <Teslatornado> Harris looks even more confused by this. His smile falters slightly. "Impregnatin'?"
04:56:48: <Balthazaar> "Well, there's been nurses with no faces coming out, dragging people back inside for one. Beyond that, we do not know. No one who' gone in has come out."
04:57:03: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Jay looks around. "But we're all boys, howkin it impregnate us?"
04:57:04: <Balthazaar> "The hazmat suits are over there. Get dressed and get in the car."
04:57:32: <Teslatornado> Harris blinks at Collier. Looks at the hazmat suits, then back at Collier. "Uh. Question."
04:57:41: <Roget> "…. Impregnation?"
04:57:58: <Teskin> Branko unhooks his gunbelt and walks over to the suits. "Da. Some type of goo."
04:58:04: <Teskin> "Do not let it touch open skin."
04:59:00: <Roget> "… Duly noted."
04:59:37: <Teslatornado> "… That answers my question." Harris walks to the hazmat suit and gathers it up, trying to puzzle out how to put it on.
04:59:44: <Roget> "What's the mobility like in these suits? Limited, I presume?"
04:59:46: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Jay goes :I and goes to put on a hazmat suit, slipping his rifle off from his shoulder to do so
04:59:59: <Teskin> Branko shakes his head. "Not too horrible."
05:00:21: <Roget> He too walks over to the suit, and then looks at his military uniform. "I'm already wearing this garb, it's going to be like wearing two onesies over each other, and one of the onesies is covered in bits of metal."
05:00:31: <Teskin> He quickly zips himself into the suit, walking to each team member, checking to make sure they're all sealed up.
05:00:47: <Roget> ~Hope it doesn't tear…~ Franklin struggles for a few minutes, and finally zips himself up. He heads to the car at an awkward pace.
05:00:51: <Teslatornado> Harris has figured out the boots, at least.
05:01:05: <Teskin> Branko looks at Harris. "Need help?"
05:01:42: <Roget> Franklin sits in the car, his voice muffled under the gear. "It's too bloody hot in this suit."
05:02:14: <Teslatornado> "Uh… Yup." Harris sighs, confounded by the hazmat suit.
05:02:31: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Jay wobbles over towards the jeep. "What!?" He tries to look over at franklin, having to turn his whole body to do so.
05:02:42: <Balthazaar> "Feel free to not wear it, but don't be surprised if you end up with something inside you."
05:02:49: <Teskin> Branko grabs the suit, holding it open for Harris. "Step in."
05:03:02: <Teslatornado> Harris has, conveniently, already stepped into the suit.
05:03:27: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "ITS NOT THAT HOT." Jay awkwardly gets into the jeep.
05:03:45: <Teskin> Branko helps Harris into the rest of the suit. "Things are complicated, da?"
05:03:57: <Balthazaar> "The suits are equipped with radios so you can communicate with each other."
05:04:03: <Teslatornado> Harris looks at Branko and nods. "Ayuh."
05:04:24: <Roget> "How do they work?" Franklin looks around on the suit for a button or somesuch thing.
05:04:29: <Teskin> Branko claps Harris on the shoulder and walks to the car.
05:04:44: <Balthazaar> There's a button
05:04:53: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "BAD CHOICE OF WEAR…oh" Jay gets the radio a functioning
05:05:26: <Teslatornado> Harris, who is not as big as Branko, wobbles noticeably when clapped. He regains his balance and carefully pushes the button on his hazmat suit as he climbs into the jeep. "Uh… Y'all're hearin' me alright, yeah?"
05:06:21: <Roget> Franklin pushes the button «Testing, testing, unique new york, the arsonist has oddly shaped feet, mic test, whatever.»
05:06:50: <Teslatornado> «Wot?» Harris scratches the side of his hazmat-suit-head.
05:06:54: <Balthazaar> "You only need to push it once, then your comms are open." The car takes off once everyones in, dropping them outside Brookhaven Hospital. A large brown building with cyclone fencing surrounding it
05:07:19: <Roget> «It's a mic test, son.»
05:07:32: <Teskin> Branko shudders a little looking at the building. "Third time here."
05:08:37: <Balthazaar> The car stops. "Get in, get out, try not to die. You know the drill, Branko."
05:08:58: <Teskin> He nods. "Da."
05:09:07: <Teskin> "Do we have flamethrowers this time?"
05:09:17: <Teslatornado> «Which onna y'all is Branko?»
05:09:44: <Teskin> Branko raises his hand. "Me."
05:09:57: <Teslatornado> «Ohh, the big scary-lookin' Commie fucker.» Harris waves his own hand.
05:10:16: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> (Paste?)
05:10:31: <Teslatornado> 00:08 Balthazaar The car stops. "Get in, get out, try not to die. You know the drill, Branko."
05:10:37: <Teslatornado> 00:08 TesKin He nods. "Da."
05:10:46: <Teslatornado> 00:08 TesKin "Do we have flamethrowers this time?"
05:10:49: <Roget> «Gentlemen, in the interest of full disclosure, I'm a budget analyst for the Foundation and I've never been on a mission before.»
05:10:53: <Balthazaar> "No, given that the last time we gave you flamethrowers you destroyed what we determined was the only yhing that could save agent Bailey from what happened to her, you will not be given flamethrowers."
05:10:53: <Teslatornado> 00:09 TeslaTornado «Which onna y'all is Branko?»
05:11:05: <Teslatornado> «Who's agent Bailey?»
05:11:13: <Teslatornado> «And why're we gettin' flamethrowers?»
05:11:37: <Teskin> Branko sighs. "Yebat."
05:11:43: <Roget> «That's bloody irrelevant if they're effective against the enemy.»
05:11:46: <Roget> Franklin sounds annoyed
05:11:50: <Teskin> "Agent Bailey was one of the first infected."
05:12:12: <Balthazaar> "Now, if you wouldn't mind? I have next of kin to notify."
05:12:29: <Teskin> Branko steps out of the car, loading his Colt.
05:12:38: <Teslatornado> «Infected with whot though?» Harris climbs out of the jeep. He has no gun. No knife. No visible weapons.
05:12:43: <Teslatornado> He's just… Kinda standin' there.
05:12:48: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> «I'd rather not carry bout a flamethrower, they're walking bombs»
05:12:57: <Roget> Franklin stumbles out of the car, and steadys himself. «Before we go on, I'm going to do a bit of a walkabout to get a feel for this suit.»
05:13:09: <Roget> He begins walking in a large circle, taking large steps to get a feel for the suit.
05:13:41: <Teskin> 4df+9 (Engineering + Combat Engineer) Anything different about Brookhaven?
05:13:42: <Glacon> TesKin: (Engineering + Combat Engineer) Anything different about Brookhaven?: 7 (4df+9=0, 4-, 4-, 0)
05:13:54: <Teslatornado> Harris just continues standing between Branko and the Jeep, looking a bit lost. Or as lost as possible as a man can look when you can't see his face.
05:14:22: <Balthazaar> Looks the same as ever
05:14:26: <Roget> «Does everyone know who everyone else is here?»
05:14:42: <Teslatornado> «Naw, not at all.»
05:14:51: <Balthazaar> A guard gives Harris a pistol. "For if you can't get out."
05:15:23: <Roget> «Well, fuck me, then.»
05:15:38: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> «You're Franky aren't ye?»
05:15:45: <Teslatornado> Harris looks at the pistol like it's a small child. A small, deadly, metal child. He holds it clumsily in his gloved hands, figuring out how the thing works. It may as well be a particle accelerator to him.
05:16:17: <Teskin> Branko sighs, walking to the gate. "I'm assuming none of you have been here before?"
05:16:39: <Teslatornado> «I've only been here for ten minutes.»
05:16:45: <Roget> «Franklin Taylor. Budget specialist. I've not been here, but I saw action in the war.»
05:16:48: <Balthazaar> The door hangs open a bit. A flickering light inside
05:16:59: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> «Which one?»
05:17:09: <Teslatornado> «Harris Southey. I flew an airplane.» Harris cautiously follows Branko.
05:17:17: <Teskin> «This is nothing compared to war Franklin. This is hell on earth.»
05:17:22: <Teslatornado> He holds the gun loosely in his left hand, letting it slap against his thigh.
05:17:23: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Jay takes rifle into hands, the rifle looking odd in the hands of the bulky hazmat suit
05:17:31: <Roget> «I was in Stalingrad, friend. I think I can handle it.»
05:17:36: <Teskin> He pushes open the door, drawing his revolver.
05:17:48: <Teskin> «As was I.»
05:17:52: <Roget> Franklin sees everyone else taking out their weapons and decides to draw his as well.
05:18:08: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Jay follows in behind Harris.
05:18:09: <Roget> «Bolsheviks, or Fascists?»
05:18:12: <Teslatornado> «Where?» Harris sliiiiides through the front door of the hospital, not even bothering to raise his gun.
05:18:18: <Roget> Franklin takes the rear.
05:18:24: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> «Anywho, I'm Jay Sullivan, served in the Korean War»
05:18:57: <Roget> «I'm sure we'll all get to know each other very well, if we survive.»
05:19:02: <Teskin> «Bolshevik.»
05:19:31: <Teskin> Branko steps into the firmilar darkness of Brookhaven.
05:19:47: <Balthazaar> Inside is a derelict reception area, a debris and blood are everywhere. There's a bright red spiral staircase going up in the middle of the room
05:20:05: <Roget> «I might've shot at you, then, comrade. But let's save this for later.»
05:20:12: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> «Where are we headed?» Jay turns his entire body, looking about.»
05:20:16: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> -»
05:20:35: <Roget> «Just play follow the leader.»
05:20:35: <Teslatornado> «Gehsundheit.» Harris looks at the staircase, glancing around casually. «Somebody f'rgot to pay their cleanin' lady.»
05:20:57: <Teskin> Branko points to the staircase. «There. Stay close to me.»
05:21:15: <Teslatornado> «M'kay then.» Harris walks toward the staircase.
05:21:24: <Balthazaar> There's the sound of heavy, grinding machinery and strong wind up there
05:22:06: <Roget> «Sounds like we've got company.»
05:22:06: <Teskin> The same as the last times Branko was here?
05:22:45: <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (ENG + NDIG) Harris listens to the machinery. ~Aww, mama, what've we got goin' on in here…~: 5 (4df+6=0, 3+, 4-, 4-)
05:22:45: <Teslatornado> 4df+6 (ENG + NDIG) Harris listens to the machinery. ~Aww, mama, what've we got goin' on in here…~
05:23:11: <Balthazaar> The same
05:23:40: <Teskin> «The sounds are always here. Just keep moving.»
05:23:45: <Balthazaar> Harris, sounds like a badly fucked wind turbine, or maybe a broken industrial drill
05:24:18: <Roget> «Does it do anything?»
05:24:21: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> «What're we even looking for exactly? The guy wasn't very specific»
05:24:49: <Teskin> «Not usually.» Branko walks up the stairs.
05:25:27: <Roget> Franklin sticks to Branko. «You seem to know what you're doing, Mister… Brenko, was it?»
05:25:30: <Teslatornado> «Some kinda drill, 'r turbine, 'r somethin' goin' all kindsa wrong up there.» Harris continues walking after Branko.
05:25:46: <Teskin> «Branko.»
05:26:06: <Balthazaar> Up the top of the stairs is a long, dark hallway. There's water dripping like raine from the ceiling, and at least a dozen hanged people in the hallway. Some have their eyes gouged out.
05:26:19: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Jay winces. «Heck..»
05:26:24: <Teskin> Branko checks the bodies. Any of them missing bones?
05:26:37: <Roget> Franklin gags.
05:26:50: <Balthazaar> Nope
05:26:58: <Teslatornado> Harris jumps and nearly falls back down the stairs. «Jesus god in heaven
05:27:16: <Roget> «Is this… to be expected?»
05:27:33: <Teskin> Branko moves on. «Da. This place is hell. Keep moving.»
05:27:43: <Balthazaar> There are dead people sitting on the ground too, guns in hand and holes in their heads
05:27:50: <Balthazaar> Perception
05:27:58: <Roget> «Right, right.» Franklin walks on, behind Branko.
05:28:07: <Glacon> TesKin: (PERC) Not again.: 4 (4df+3=3+, 4-, 0, 3+)
05:28:07: <Teskin> 4df+3 (PERC) Not again.
05:28:09: <Teslatornado> 4df+4 (Perception) Harris The Hawk
05:28:10: <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Perception) Harris The Hawk: 4 (4df+4=4-, 3+, 0, 0)
05:28:42: <Roget> 4df+7 tagging Who's going to pay for that?
05:28:43: <Glacon> Roget: tagging Who's going to pay for that?: 8 (4df+7=0, 3+, 0, 0)
05:29:12: <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: +3 if visual: 2 (4df+3=0, 3+, 4-, 4-)
05:29:12: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> 4df+3 +3 if visual
05:29:52: <Balthazaar> You all see a clown drop down from a hole in the roof. It giggles and staggers towards you all
05:30:33: <Teskin> 4df+7 (Ranged + CQT) Snipin's a good job mate.
05:30:33: <Glacon> TesKin: (Ranged + CQT) Snipin's a good job mate.: 9 (4df+7=3+, 0, 3+, 0)
05:30:45: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Jay jumps and falls on his ass, no no no. Clowns are scary shit. He shoots. *crackcrack*
05:30:51: <Teslatornado> Harris' neck stiffens. «Where the fuck'd that guy come from?! Ain't no circuses in town!»
05:30:55: <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 6 (4df+6=3+, 4-, 3+, 4-)
05:30:55: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> 4df+6
05:31:07: <Roget> Franklin takes a step back, but doesn't fire. He looks around to make sure there's nothing else going on in the room.
05:31:09: <Balthazaar> 4df+3 pdef
05:31:10: <Glacon> Balthazaar: pdef: 6 (4df+3=3+, 3+, 0, 3+)
05:31:29: <Balthazaar> It is killed
05:31:45: <Teskin> Branko walks over to the corpse and checks it. Anything weird about it?
05:31:53: <Balthazaar> She drops to the ground and convulses before giving off a death rattle and expires
05:31:54: <Roget> «Well, nothing makes sense. Glad that's been established.»
05:32:01: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> «What in the heck place is this??» Jay manages to get back up.
05:32:04: <Balthazaar> Branko, she's got a foundation ID tag
05:32:19: <Teslatornado> Harris looks down at the unfired gun in his hand. «Well that ain't fun at all.»
05:32:31: <Teskin> Branko grabs it, checking the name.
05:32:52: <Balthazaar> Agent Karen Mantooth
05:33:06: <Balthazaar> Member of Colliers team
05:33:20: <Teskin> «Agent Kareb Mantooth. Member of Colliers team. Dermo.»
05:33:46: <Teskin> He stands, looking back to the team. «Keep it tight, fingers on triggers.»
05:33:47: <Balthazaar> The hallway stretches on, a few doors opening as it goes
05:34:06: <Roget> Franklin walks over and looks at the ID. Is it legitimate?
05:34:10: <Teslatornado> «Pardon? You just shot one of our guys?» Harris scampers up next to Branko, still letting his gun dangle loosely at his hip.
05:34:33: <Balthazaar> Frank, it's legit
05:34:51: <Teskin> «Not one of us anymore. We are doing a service killing them.»
05:35:09: <Roget> «Better her than us.»
05:35:36: <Balthazaar> There's a room on the left
05:35:39: <Balthazaar> A padded room
05:35:42: <Teskin> Branko nods, looking into the room.
05:35:53: <Balthazaar> Anyone looking in there, MDEF
05:35:56: <Teslatornado> Harris peeks into the padded room, not sure that he's okay with shooting the people he works for.
05:36:13: <Teslatornado> 4df+3 (MDEF) Add +3 if you'd say this is pretty fucking stressful
05:36:14: <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (MDEF) Add +3 if you'd say this is pretty fucking stressful: 3 (4df+3=0, 3+, 4-, 0)
05:36:18: <Roget> Franklin's still in the hallway. He doesn't want any more surprises than are necessary.
05:36:21: <Teskin> 4df+4 (MDED) Oh man.
05:36:22: <Glacon> TesKin: (MDED) Oh man.: 4 (4df+4=3+, 3+, 4-, 4-)
05:36:40: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Jay is keeping watch outside, eyes on the hallway ahead.
05:39:18: <Balthazaar> Harris, in that room you see yourself, naked and twitching, tubes running out of your body. You're drooling and gasping and trying to get out. "Help… P-please help…"
05:40:08: <Teslatornado> Harris gasps and tries to stagger backward away from the room. He forgets to thumb the button his radio, so his screaming is muffled by the helmet.
05:40:24: <Teskin> Branko grabs Harris, jerking him away from the door, if he can.
05:40:42: <Balthazaar> Branko, You see Lucy in rags in a gutter shooting up with heroin and offering a "Good time" to a sweaty, greasy man.
05:41:09: <Teskin> Branko raises his gun, aiming at the greasy man.
05:41:34: <Roget> Franklin sees his teammates pointing guns in the room. «Do we have a threat entity?»
05:42:38: <Teslatornado> Harris punches the button for the radio with his right hand. «MAN I HAD TUBES IN ME»
05:43:13: <Roget> «That… doesn't make sense. I think we should all back away from the room.»
05:43:22: <Balthazaar> Jay, Franklin… There's some nurses staggering down the hall towards you. They have scalpels and needles in their hands, not faces, and move like puppets on strings
05:43:52: <Balthazaar> four of them, in fact
05:44:07: <Teskin> Branko draws back the hammer on his Colt, still stairing in the room.
05:44:14: <Roget> «Everyone! Get away from the room! The enemy is upon us!» Franklin raises his gun.
05:44:18: <Balthazaar> "Let US hELp yOU…"
05:44:28: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> «What?-Shi!-» Jay raises his rifle, this is not a happy funplace.
05:44:28: <Teslatornado> Harris keeps on scrambling away from the room. When he hears that he attempts to roll over onto his side…
05:44:40: <Roget> Can Franklin roll to intimidate people away from looking in the room?
05:44:47: <Balthazaar> Branko, the fat man gives Lucy a $5 bill, and then they start doing things. She's crying
05:44:51: <Teslatornado> 4df+2 (Ranged) And fires off a few rounds at the nurses.
05:44:51: <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Ranged) And fires off a few rounds at the nurses.: 3 (4df+2=0, 4-, 3+, 3+)
05:44:54: <Balthazaar> He can try
05:45:19: <Teskin> Branko blinks, trying to look towards the bad guys.
05:45:32: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> 4df+6 «Hey! Contacts!!» Jay yells into the microphone. *pewpew*
05:45:32: <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: «Hey! Contacts!!» Jay yells into the microphone. *pewpew*: 8 (4df+6=3+, 0, 3+, 0)
05:45:41: <Glacon> Roget: «ALL OF YOU! BACK AWAY FROM THE DOOR, OR SO HELP ME GOD I SHALL PUT YOU IN THE GROUND MYSELF!»: 3 (4df+4=0, 4-, 3+, 4-)
05:45:44: <Balthazaar> 4df+5 pdef
05:45:44: <Glacon> Balthazaar: pdef: 6 (4df+5=3+, 0, 0, 0)
05:46:23: <Teskin> Branko finally snaps away from the door, looking down the hallway. "Yebat."
05:46:41: <Balthazaar> Jay, you hit one in the head. Her head explodes in a shower of gore and barbed wre. She stumbles forward for about 10 ft before collapsing
05:46:52: <Teskin> 4df+7 (Ranged + CQT) Boom. Headshot.
05:46:53: <Glacon> TesKin: (Ranged + CQT) Boom. Headshot.: 7 (4df+7=4-, 4-, 3+, 3+)
05:46:59: <Roget> 4df+3 bang bang
05:47:00: <Glacon> Roget: bang bang: 1 (4df+3=4-, 0, 4-, 0)
05:47:16: <Balthazaar> Frnk, you hit a light.
05:47:22: <Balthazaar> It's darker now
05:47:28: <Roget> «FUCK»
05:47:54: <Balthazaar> Branko, you down another. But the remaining two are thupon you
05:48:06: <Balthazaar> 4df+5 stab Frank
05:48:07: <Glacon> Balthazaar: stab Frank: 3 (4df+5=0, 4-, 0, 4-)
05:48:19: <Balthazaar> 4df+5 stab Harris
05:48:20: <Glacon> Balthazaar: stab Harris: 4 (4df+5=0, 4-, 4-, 3+)
05:48:25: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Jay wishes he'd brought his bayonet.
05:48:30: <Balthazaar> pdef or agility, you two
05:48:38: <Teskin> Jay doesn't realize Branko is the best bayonet.
05:48:48: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> But it's also a good thing his rifle is short and able to still be fired at this range
05:49:00: <Roget> 4df+3 agility to dodge that bitch
05:49:02: <Glacon> Roget: agility to dodge that bitch: 4 (4df+3=4-, 0, 3+, 3+)
05:49:08: <Roget> (yisss)
05:49:10: <Balthazaar> He dodges
05:49:16: <Balthazaar> successfully
05:49:18: <Teslatornado> 4df+7 (PD + Sit Down, Boy) Harris Southey, Fist Fightin' Champeen
05:49:19: <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (PD + Sit Down, Boy) Harris Southey, Fist Fightin' Champeen: 7 (4df+7=3+, 3+, 4-, 4-)
05:49:39: <Balthazaar> Harris, you cave in the nurses chest
05:49:58: <Teskin> 4df+6 (STR) Branko attempts to chuck the other nurse.
05:49:59: <Glacon> TesKin: (STR) Branko attempts to chuck the other nurse.: 6 (4df+6=3+, 4-, 0, 0)
05:50:13: <Balthazaar> It works
05:50:18: <Teslatornado> Harris just flat-out punches her away. «Sorry ma'am, norm'ly ah don't hit girls!»
05:50:22: <Roget> 4df+3 Franklin takes another shot
05:50:23: <Glacon> Roget: Franklin takes another shot: 3 (4df+3=3+, 4-, 3+, 4-)
05:50:29: <Teskin> 4df+7 (Ranged + CQT) Bang bang!
05:50:30: <Glacon> TesKin: (Ranged + CQT) Bang bang!: 9 (4df+7=0, 3+, 3+, 0)
05:50:58: <Balthazaar> The remaining nurse is blown to bits
05:51:04: <Teslatornado> Harris just takes the time to put some distance between him and where the nurses are.
05:51:15: <Balthazaar> The floor is covered in blood, wite and green fluid
05:51:26: <Balthazaar> The hallway is clear now
05:51:34: <Roget> «I think we won…» Franklin pokes some of the bits with his boot.
05:51:35: <Teskin> «Move.»
05:51:38: <Teskin> Branko walks forward.
05:51:38: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> «Franky, you ok?» Jay can hardly see clearly with the lights blown out.
05:51:51: <Roget> «Roger.» When Branko moves, Franklin follows.
05:52:09: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Jay follows em
05:53:01: <Teslatornado> Harris probably has some of that fluid on his hazmat suit. He stays behind the rest of the group and tries to not fall over again, while he clumsily reloads his handgun.
05:53:48: <Balthazaar> You can all hear whispering coming from the side rooms as you go. "Look at me llok at me look at me…"
05:53:53: <Roget> Franklin has 4 rounds left in his revolver.
05:54:09: <Roget> He decides not to listen. «Don't look at the creepy voices.»
05:54:19: <Teslatornado> «Whut.»
05:54:52: <Roget> «Exactly.»
05:55:02: <Teskin> «Everyone reload, keep your eyes open for more threats.» Branko snaps the cylinder of his Colt open, loading fresh shells into it.
05:55:06: <Balthazaar> There's a door at the end of the hall. It has a sign saying "Treatment"
05:55:28: <Teslatornado> Harris clumsily ejects the magazine from his weapon, and then…
05:55:36: <Teslatornado> «Uh. Guys. I got no bullets.»
05:55:39: <Roget> Franklin follows suit. «Oh, joy, I suppose there'll be wonderful things in there. What were we here for, again?»
05:55:49: <Roget> Franklin stops in his tracks. «You're shitting me.»
05:55:57: <Teskin> Branko hands Harris his full revolver and some rounds.
05:56:05: <Teskin> He does have MASSIVE SWORD.
05:56:30: <Roget> Franklin shakes his head, and takes position by the door.
05:57:30: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Jay takes the other side of the door, taking the handle.. «Y'all ready?»
05:57:34: <Teskin> Branko stands in front of the door, ready to kick it in.
05:57:46: <Teskin> (Oop, redact.)
05:57:47: <Roget> «Ready as I'll ever be.»
05:57:57: <Teskin> He stands behind Franklin. «On 3.»
05:58:00: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Jay tries the handle.
05:58:04: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> On 3
05:59:18: <Teslatornado> On three, Harris stands behind the others, just watching with his empty gun.
05:59:47: <Roget> Doesn't Harris have Brankos gun?
06:00:05: <Teslatornado> (Harris got the Sergeant's gun and no others iirc)
06:00:23: <Balthazaar> Inside is a dark room with four heavy chairs with leather straps on them and helmet pieces above them on cords
06:00:38: <Roget> (> Branko hands Harris his full revolver and some rounds.)
06:00:50: <Roget> «Nothing about this room looks appealing.»
06:02:09: <Teskin> Branko nods, drawing his sword and stepping in the room.
06:02:19: <Roget> Franklin steps in behind him.
06:02:23: <Balthazaar> The floor is flooded with a water. it has a green tinge to it
06:02:40: <Roget> «Don't slip, kids.»
06:02:48: <Teskin> «Do not sit in the chairs either.»
06:03:02: <Roget> «I would hope that could go without saying.»
06:03:55: <Teskin> Branko surveys the room, looking for critters.
06:04:41: <Teslatornado> «Naw, I was just thinkin' of gettin' a perm, sir.» Harris stands behind the group, now holding the revolver.
06:04:46: <Balthazaar> There seems to be nothing
06:05:12: <Roget> «I think this room's clear. Let's move on.»
06:05:20: <Roget> Franklin turns to leave
06:05:26: <Teskin> Branko follows suit.
06:07:14: <Roget> Franklin looks both ways in the hall.
06:08:25: <Teslatornado> Harris remains outside the room.
06:09:09: <Balthazaar> At least two dozen nurses are pouring out of the side rooms, heading for you. "
06:09:22: <Balthazaar> "FACE you FEars…"
06:09:55: <Teskin> Branko just looks at his sword, then at the nurses, then back at his sword.
06:10:01: <Teskin> «Fight, or sit?»
06:10:18: <Roget> Franklin goes back in the room. He turns to the door, takes a knee, and pulls out his gun. «Branko! Get back in here if you wish to live!»
06:10:30: <Teskin> Branko's in the room.
06:10:36: <Roget> Is everyone in the room?
06:11:57: <Teslatornado> Harris turns around. Sees the nurses.
06:12:07: <Teslatornado> «OH FUCK ME THAT'S A LOTTA NURSES»
06:12:33: <Roget> «Then get in here so we can fortify the bloody door!»
06:12:55: <Roget> «If you're not in here before the nurses, you're going to die.»
06:13:00: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Jay doesn't fire in an attempt to not accidently take Harris's head off
06:13:20: <Balthazaar> Behind the nurses is a tall figure, at least 10 ft tall with huge, spindly hands and spider legs growing from his back. It wears a lab coat
06:13:22: <Teslatornado> Harris slips into the room when he sees the nurses.
06:13:41: <Roget> As soon as Harris is in, Franklin grabs a chair and blocks the door with it. «Does anyone have a way to barricade the door?»
06:14:00: <Roget> «Something to affix pieces of the chairs to the wall, as boards?»
06:14:12: <Teskin> 4df+9 (Engineering + Combat Engineering) Branko goes to work!
06:14:13: <Glacon> TesKin: (Engineering + Combat Engineering) Branko goes to work!: 9 (4df+9=3+, 4-, 0, 0)
06:14:44: <Teslatornado> Harris spots the big thing. «Jesus FUCKIN' christ he's a big scary motherfucker. Brother, what're you doin' still out there, we cain't fight them!»
06:14:57: <Roget> Is someone still out there?
06:15:02: <Balthazaar> There's a solid metalic click as the door shuts
06:15:09: <Balthazaar> Like a massive bolt just locked in the door
06:15:26: <Teskin> «Welp.»
06:15:50: <Balthazaar> Outside, all you can hear is the tortured voices of the nurses chanting "Face your fears." Over and over again
06:16:00: <Roget> «Branko, can you barricade us inside?»
06:16:42: <Teskin> He nods, setting to work doing fortification stuff.
06:16:50: <Teskin> 4df+9 (Engineering + Combat Engineer)
06:16:51: <Glacon> TesKin: (Engineering + Combat Engineer): 10 (4df+9=0, 0, 0, 3+)
06:17:06: <Roget> «You are a blessing, sir.»
06:17:24: <Teslatornado> Harris slumps against the wall next to the door and does a headcount.
06:17:57: <Balthazaar> The door is fortified, nothing is getting in there now
06:18:10: <Balthazaar> It's just you and the chair now
06:18:13: <Roget> Franklin takes the time to inspect the room, looking for anything of use.
06:18:28: <Balthazaar> *chairs
06:18:47: <Roget> «Don't sit in the chairs, whatever you do.»
06:19:05: <Teskin> «It is either that, or fight those things.»
06:19:06: <Teslatornado> Harris is slumped against the wall, next to the door. He gets up and looks the chairs over, making sure not to sit in it.
06:19:19: <Glacon> teslatornado: (ENG + NDIG) He tries to discern what these things might do.: 7 (4df+6=4-, 3+, 3+, 0)
06:19:19: <Teslatornado> 4df+6 (ENG + NDIG) He tries to discern what these things might do.
06:19:36: <Roget> «What do you mean? What would sitting in those things do?»
06:20:11: <Balthazaar> "SIT IN THE CHAIRS" A deep voice with an English accent demands from /just/ outside the doors. "IT IS THE ONLY WAY YOU WILL RECOVER. IT IS INEVITABLE."
06:20:35: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> «Aw heck no»
06:20:45: <Balthazaar> Branko, it appears those straps will hold you to the chairs while those helmets will do… something…
06:20:47: <Teslatornado> «Recover fro—» Harris unkeys his radio. "RECOVER FROM WHAT?"
06:20:53: <Teslatornado> "I AIN'T BEEN SICK SINCE I WAS LITTLE."
06:21:35: <Roget> «I really, really do not want to sit in the goddamn chairs. No good will come of it.»
06:21:46: <Teskin> «We will go one at a time then.??
06:21:48: <Teskin> »*
06:22:03: <Roget> «… Is it really the only option?»
06:22:11: <Roget> Franklin sounds exasperated.
06:22:14: <Teslatornado> «Dun't seem like we got much of a choice, unless y'all happen to have a jackhammer on ya. Or an army.»
06:22:20: <Teskin> Branko walks to the chair, leaning his sword against it. «Unless you have blasting charges.»
06:22:25: <Teslatornado> Harris looks for a way to look through the door.
06:22:31: <Roget> «We can't call for backup?»
06:22:41: <Teslatornado> «Do we even have backup?»
06:22:58: <Roget> «I would think the GOC might have backup.»
06:22:59: <Teslatornado> «I ain't even been in this Foundation f'r an hour, I'unno what the hell's goin' on.»
06:23:11: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> «Can't we boost these radios at all possibly?»
06:23:30: <Teskin> Branko just looks at the team. «Backup would get slaughtered.»
06:23:34: <Roget> «… an hour?»
06:23:39: <Teskin> «We should just sit and get it over with.»
06:24:11: <Roget> «Wait, are we going to just brush over the fact that he's been with the organisation for a /goddamned hour/?»
06:24:29: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> «We're gonna get slaughtered if we sit in them chairs»
06:24:39: <Teslatornado> Harris watches the banter go back and forth.
06:24:54: <Teslatornado> ~What in the Sam Hell have I gone and got myself into.~
06:25:27: <Roget> «I really just don't trust them in the slightest.»
06:25:38: <Roget> «I think we'll die if we sit.»
06:25:44: <Teskin> Branko sits. Ain't nobody got time fo' dat.
06:25:54: <Teskin> «Then I die so you live.»
06:26:13: <Roget> «Godspeed, sir. May the lord have mercy on your soul.»
06:26:18: <Balthazaar> Branko, the straps gently wrap around your wrists and ankles.
06:26:23: <Balthazaar> The helmet drops onto your head
06:26:31: <Teslatornado> «Dumb fuckin' Commie. If you start twitchin' I'mma cut you outta that thang.»
06:26:48: <Roget> «Don't fucking touch him.»
06:26:52: <Balthazaar> Mdef to resist treatment.
06:26:59: <Teskin> 4df+4 (MDef)
06:27:00: <Glacon> TesKin: (MDef): 4 (4df+4=4-, 0, 0, 3+)
06:27:38: <Balthazaar> Branko, you wake up from your nightmare. You were in the hospital, in a chair. Thank god that's over
06:28:04: <Teskin> 4df+6 (STR) Hulk outta that chair!
06:28:04: <Glacon> TesKin: (STR) Hulk outta that chair!: 7 (4df+6=3+, 0, 4-, 3+)
06:28:40: <Balthazaar> 4df+8 restraints
06:28:41: <Glacon> Balthazaar: restraints: 11 (4df+8=3+, 3+, 0, 3+)
06:28:53: <Balthazaar> You're held
06:29:10: <Teskin> Branko struggles "Fucking thing! GET ME OUT!"
06:29:12: <Teslatornado> Harris watches Branko cautiously.
06:29:13: <Balthazaar> In your room, Lucy is playing on the floor.
06:29:30: <Balthazaar> You see yourself walk into the room
06:29:41: <Balthazaar> Reach down and grab Lucy
06:30:02: <Balthazaar> The Branko smiles gently at Lucy.
06:30:14: <Balthazaar> Then leans down and bites her throat
06:30:26: <Balthazaar> He Rips out the flesh, as the girl screams
06:30:40: <Balthazaar> And drops on the floor as she slowly bleeds out
06:30:43: <Teskin> Branko struggles more. "FUCK YOU! FUCK ALL THIS!"
06:31:06: <Balthazaar> The chair releases you, Branko
06:31:23: <Teskin> He slumps to the floor, crawling to a corner.
06:31:24: <Balthazaar> Just after Lucy dies
06:31:51: <Roget> Franklin helps Branko to his feet. «Speak to me, soldier. Tell me what your name is.»
06:32:07: <Teslatornado> Harris looks to Branko. Then he looks at the rest of the group, and raises his free hand to the head of his hazmat suit, just about where his nose is. «Not it.»
06:32:22: <Teskin> Branko's quiet. He's not talking.
06:32:49: <Roget> «Coward.» Franklin sucks in a breath, and checks Branko's pulse.
06:33:08: <Teskin> It's there. Slightly elevated.
06:33:29: <Teskin> "Let me out. I will kill ALL of those things."
06:33:37: <Tesla> 01:31 teslatornado Harris looks to Branko. Then he looks at the rest of the group, and raises his free hand to the head of his hazmat suit, just about where his nose is. «Not it.»
06:33:57: <Roget> Roget «Coward.» Franklin sucks in a breath, and checks Branko's pulse. 01:32 Balthazaar "DO YOU SEE BRANKO. DO YOU SEE NOW THAT HER DEATH IS INEVITABLE. THAT YOU CANNOT BE THERE TO SAVE HER ALL THE TIME. YOU HAVE PASSED THROUGH AND LIVED." 01:32 *** teslatornado quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client) 01:32 TesKin It's there. Slightly elevated.
06:34:06: <Roget> 01:33 TesKin "Let me out. I will kill ALL of those things."
06:34:13: <Roget> «In due time.»
06:34:22: <Teskin> "Now."
06:34:37: <Roget> Franklin stands up. «Let me go through it, so that I may assist you.»
06:34:48: <Teslatornado> «I cain't here what he's sayin' but he sounds mad.» Harris grips his revolver, pacing the room.
06:35:11: <Teskin> Branko shakes his head. «Stay. I need to do this alone.»
06:35:28: <Teslatornado> «Hey big fella, you're gon' die if you do that.»
06:35:41: <Teskin> Branko looks at Harris. «I know.»
06:35:48: <Roget> «Please. If I'm going to die in combat, I'd rather be with you than any of the others here.»
06:35:49: <Teslatornado> «Like there ain't no goin' 'round that one. Y'all're dead if you go out there. An' the rest o' us too, prob'ly.»
06:36:08: <Roget> Franklin sits in the chair. « Who wants to live forever?»
06:36:10: <Teslatornado> «Seein' as we ain't gonna be able to shut the door 'gainst the crowd o' unspeakable shamblin' horrors an' what not outside.»
06:36:39: <Teskin> Branko just stands by the door. "You are NOTHING!"
06:36:51: <Roget> Franklin's in the chair now, mentally preparing himself for the worst.
06:36:55: <Balthazaar> Franklin, you're strapped in and the visions begin
06:37:04: <Balthazaar> mdef to resist
06:37:23: <Roget> 4df+4 Brain drain
06:37:24: <Glacon> Roget: Brain drain: 2 (4df+4=4-, 0, 0, 4-)
06:37:34: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Jay paces the room, a mixture of horrified and nervous
06:37:56: <Balthazaar> Franklin, you're in a train, packed in with dozens of frightened people
06:38:03: <Teslatornado> Harris toys with Branko's revolver, popping the cylinder, spinning it, flicking it shut. Popping the cylinder, spinning it, flicking it shut.
06:38:20: <Roget> «oh god.»
06:38:32: <Balthazaar> The doors slide open, and men shout at you to march out
06:38:36: <Teskin> Branko just taps his sword on the door, waiting to be let loose.
06:39:11: <Roget> Franklin marches with them, his head bowed.
06:39:17: <Balthazaar> Outside is the ruins of Berlin, walled into a concentrations camp, with an enormous glass gas chamber in the middle, next to a huge crematorium
06:40:10: <Balthazaar> The Russian soldiers shoot those Germans and Italians with you that run
06:40:23: <Balthazaar> It's so hard to move
06:40:37: <Balthazaar> You're so thin and weak
06:40:41: <Roget> Franklin struggles to move, to get away. In the chair, he is weeping.
06:41:51: <Balthazaar> You're hearded into the chamber
06:41:58: <Balthazaar> The doors seal
06:42:09: <Roget> «Nononononononononononononononononono I'M SORRY!»
06:42:18: <Balthazaar> Everyone around you is sobbing. The Russians outside cheer as the gas falls
06:42:35: <Balthazaar> It's agony. Like fire in your lungs
06:42:40: <Balthazaar> Thechildren fall first
06:42:52: <Teslatornado> «Mister?!» Harris moves over and starts trying to release Franklin's restraints.
06:42:53: <Balthazaar> Eventually you fall, nearly dead
06:43:16: <Balthazaar> Until a few soldiers grab you and hurl you into the fire
06:43:31: <Roget> Franklin screams.
06:43:35: <Balthazaar> The agony lasts for what seems like forever, until you wake up in the chair
06:43:44: <Balthazaar> Restrainsts undone
06:43:55: <Balthazaar> Yours and Brankos chairs fall apart
06:44:04: <Teslatornado> Harris watches him get up. «Uh. Guess it's my turn now, innit.»
06:44:28: <Teskin> Branko keeps on tapping away on the door.
06:44:49: <Roget> Franklin collapses on the floor, and he's a bit of a mess
06:44:56: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Jay looks to Harris, then goes and sits down before he can give it a second thought, eyes closed and grimacing as he sits.
06:45:03: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> There's no other way out
06:45:27: <Teslatornado> «Orrrrr not.» Harris gets Franklin's shoulder, and pulls him to his feet. «C'mon, big guy, up an' at 'em.»
06:46:21: <Balthazaar> Jay, the straps and helmet come upon you
06:46:25: <Roget> Franklin sits up, and empties his revolver into the wall.
06:46:41: <Balthazaar> mdef to resist
06:46:45: <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: ~ohgodohgod~: 5 (4df+3=3+, 4-, 3+, 3+)
06:46:46: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> 4df+3 ~ohgodohgod~
06:47:18: <Balthazaar> Jay, the vision takes a moment to come into your mind, like it was very close to failing
06:47:22: <Roget> he's still a little weepy
06:47:27: <Teslatornado> Harris jumps back as the weapon goes off. «JEE-SUS FUCK!»
06:48:49: <Roget> Franklin turns to him, and drops his revolver. «I'm sorry… I didn't mean to do it… I'm a bad person…»
06:49:16: <Teskin> Tap tap tap. Branko keeps tapping, glaring at the demons plaguing his mind.
06:49:20: <Teslatornado> Harris blinks. He gives Franklin an odd look, then claps him gently on the shoulder. «Naw, naw. Y'all ain't bad. I didn't say that.»
06:49:40: <Balthazaar> Jay, you're tied to a bamboo wall, up to your chest in the water. You can see up to a patch of ground. There's a pile of dead US soldiers to the left, and a chair in front of you
06:49:53: <Teslatornado> «Just gave me a mighty start. AN' if we gotta fight our way outta this… Wherever this is…» Harris gestures around himself vaguely. «That's six less bullets we got to do it, y'know?»
06:50:51: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Jay struggles and thrashes wildly with a hoarse yell. "No!" The water splashes everywhere at his flailing.
06:50:52: <Balthazaar> In the chair is your sister Mary, tied, beaten and naked. There's a North Korean soldier standing there. "I will ask again. Left or right?"
06:51:02: <Roget> «I'm sorry… they took the children first…»
06:51:57: <Teslatornado> «Where d'you mean?» Harris tilts his head, confused.
06:52:32: <Roget> «… they… it was all burning… just killing, and it doesn't make sense anymore… why did we do it?»
06:52:57: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Don't touch her you fucking gook!" Jay snarls. He pulls his body away from the bamboo wall, straining against his binding.
06:53:46: <Teslatornado> «Shit, y'all were in onna them camps, weren't you?» Harris' face, under the mask, falls. «… Shit, man, I'unno what ta say to that.»
06:53:59: <Balthazaar> The man laughs. "Wrong again!" He takes a car battery with some leads. He presses the leads to her temples. Mary screams in agony, sobbing
06:54:18: <Roget> «No, no…» franklin seems to have composed himself a bit. «I was an Axis soldier, for the Italians.»
06:54:37: <Roget> «I fought so that the Germans could murder with impunity.»
06:54:46: <Teskin> Branko taps away. «Fucking pig.»
06:54:54: <Balthazaar> The man laughs. "You know, the whole garrison had her last night. She screamed so much…" Mary looks at Jay. "K-kill me… Please…"
06:54:55: <Teskin> «No ammount of regret or mercy will change what you did.»
06:55:00: <Teslatornado> Harris blinks. «Shit, you were? You…» He tilts his head, letting out a sigh. «Th' fuck? Why?»
06:55:25: <Roget> «I was fighting for my country. Italy.»
06:55:54: <Roget> «I did not know they were slaughtering children… I never wanted to fight for fascism. Only for Italy.»
06:56:05: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Jay sobs, hanging limply against the ungiving bindings, helpless to help her.
06:56:49: <Balthazaar> "Look at her, American."
06:57:12: <Teslatornado> Harris shakes his head. «Shit, man. I… Shit, an' you didn't know
06:58:00: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Jay slowly raises his head back up
06:58:11: <Roget> «I only knew that I was fighting for Italy. Before then, I had served in Abyssinia, and Albania.»
06:58:27: <Roget> «They were nothing like Stalingrad.»
06:59:19: <Teslatornado> «An' they didn't say…» Harris hangs his head. «Aw, bud. Aw, man. I'm so sorry.»
06:59:24: <Balthazaar> Jay, you see the man behead MAry, She screams, and then it cuts off. He throws her head into the water in front of you, were it bobs beside your other sisters head
06:59:35: <Teskin> Branko keeps tapping. «I cannot forgive you for what you did. But if we get out of here, I will buy you all a drink.»
06:59:47: <Balthazaar> You have a moment to look at them before waking up and being released from the chair
07:00:37: <Roget> Franklin stands up, and reloads. «I don't expect you to. But for what it's worth, I did not murder civilians. I never shot first.»
07:00:37: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Jay just screams bloody murder, he falls out of the chair, fainting, the scream ceasing.
07:00:55: <Roget> Franklin helps him to his feet. «It's over now. It was an illusion.»
07:01:17: <Balthazaar> There's one chair left
07:01:41: <Teslatornado> Harris looks to the final chair. Silently he's glad he's not a war veteran or a Nazi.
07:01:48: <Teslatornado> «See y'all on the other side, then.»
07:01:53: <Teskin> Branko looks at Harris, nodding.
07:01:55: <Teslatornado> He steps right up and takes a seat.
07:02:14: <Balthazaar> He is strapped in and can roll mdef to resist
07:02:15: <Teslatornado> Lets out a slow sigh, and drums his fingers on the handrest of the chair.
07:04:09: <Balthazaar> MDEF?
07:04:41: <Teskin> Tes?
07:04:46: <Teslatornado> 4df+6 (MDEF + Cool Head) I'd say walking into this would be pretty stressful
07:04:47: <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (MDEF + Cool Head) I'd say walking into this would be pretty stressful: 5 (4df+6=0, 4-, 3+, 4-)
07:05:13: <Balthazaar> The vision falthers for a moment
07:05:44: <Balthazaar> Before you see yourself in a room covered in spider
07:05:50: <Balthazaar> s
07:06:03: <Balthazaar> They rush at you and start eating you alive.
07:06:29: <Teslatornado> Harris grimaces, but is otherwise unfazed.
07:06:39: <Teslatornado> «That's a mite uncomfortable.»
07:06:40: <Balthazaar> They're on your face and in your hair
07:06:48: <Balthazaar> The vision falters again
07:07:02: <Balthazaar> And now you're in a plane, plummeting to the sea
07:07:08: <Teslatornado> He spits and shuffles his shoulders a couple times, trying to shake off the imaginary spiders and —
07:07:13: <Teslatornado> «Aw hell
07:07:18: <Balthazaar> The engine is dead, and there's no land in sight
07:07:44: <Balthazaar> You hit the water, and the cockpit starts filling with water
07:07:44: <Teslatornado> 4df+6 (ENG + NDIG) Harris checks the state of his control surfaces and attempts to guide the plane in for a soft water landing.
07:07:45: <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (ENG + NDIG) Harris checks the state of his control surfaces and attempts to guide the plane in for a soft water landing.: 6 (4df+6=3+, 3+, 4-, 4-)
07:08:13: <Balthazaar> It succeeds,
07:08:26: <Teslatornado> Harris' eyes widen as the water gushes through the shattered windscreen. He sucks in a last lungful of air and looks toward the shattered windscreen, then attempts to slip through it.
07:08:41: <Balthazaar> You get through
07:08:56: <Balthazaar> Finding yourself in a rough, freezing ocean
07:08:58: <Balthazaar> For days on end
07:09:01: <Roget> Franklin goes to the door, and checks his gun. He looks to Branko. «These beasts, how strong are they?»
07:09:07: <Teslatornado> Harris swims upward. Depending on how much of the surface of the plane is still above water, he tries to climb onto it and stay perched up there.
07:09:13: <Teslatornado> Outwardly, you can all hear Harris… Laughing?
07:09:25: <Balthazaar> Until finally there is a fin breaching the water, coming for you
07:09:32: <Teskin> Branko shrugs. «The nurses are not strong, but that beast… I do not know.»
07:09:33: <Balthazaar> It ends with a disgusted grunt
07:09:43: <Balthazaar> And the chair releases you
07:10:11: <Teslatornado> Harris laughs even harder at the shark until the chair releases him. He half-jumps to his feet, shaking with laughter.
07:10:18: <Teslatornado> «Holy sheeit that was fun.»
07:10:37: <Teslatornado> «Ahahahahaaa, I need to get me onna them things.»
07:10:39: <Balthazaar> The door opens outwards
07:10:53: <Teskin> Branko charges out, sword ready to kill stuff.
07:10:55: <Balthazaar> The nurses line the floor, dead
07:11:01: <Balthazaar> The thing in the lab coat looks /pissed/
07:11:17: <Balthazaar> Bu also significantly weaker
07:11:20: <Teslatornado> Harris looks at the pile of dead nurses, confused. «Well that ain't normal. Not that I'm 'bout ta complain.»
07:11:27: <Roget> «What is it?»
07:11:27: <Teskin> Branko grins at him, crazed laughter coming from the raido.
07:11:46: <Roget> Franklin fires his revolver into its chest
07:11:51: <Glacon> Roget: blam blam blam: 4 (4df+3=0, 3+, 3+, 4-)
07:11:51: <Roget> 4df+3 blam blam blam
07:11:54: <Teskin> He charges. 4df+7 (Melee + CQT)
07:11:54: <Roget> he empties it
07:12:05: <Teskin> 4df+7 (Melee + CQT)
07:12:05: <Teslatornado> Harris watches, still laughing.
07:12:05: <Glacon> TesKin: (Melee + CQT): 5 (4df+7=4-, 4-, 3+, 4-)
07:12:10: <Balthazaar> 4df+2
07:12:11: <Glacon> Balthazaar: 0 (4df+2=4-, 3+, 4-, 4-)
07:12:16: <Teslatornado> «Aww naw, I wanted to hear what he had to say.»
07:12:58: <Balthazaar> Branko, your sword splits the things chest open, and Franks bullets riddle its form
07:12:59: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Jay starts to rouse, he pulls himself over to one of the walls, putting his back against it and pulling his legs up to his chest.
07:13:06: <Teskin> Branko keeps on hacking.
07:13:14: <Teskin> 4df+7 (Melee + CQT)
07:13:16: <Glacon> TesKin: (Melee + CQT): 6 (4df+7=4-, 0, 4-, 3+)
07:13:17: <Balthazaar> It groans and fallsclawing at Branko
07:13:25: <Teslatornado> Harris just walks right on past the melee.
07:13:35: <Teslatornado> Being sure to pass behind Franklin.
07:13:38: <Balthazaar> It breaches his suit, but expires pretty much right after
07:13:48: <Roget> 4df+3 shoot it again
07:13:48: <Glacon> Roget: shoot it again: 3 (4df+3=4-, 0, 0, 3+)
07:13:50: <Teskin> Branko staggers back. "Fuck."
07:13:58: <Roget> Franklin empties another six rounds into it.
07:14:32: <Teslatornado> Harris walks toward the exit.
07:15:49: <Balthazaar> The hanging bodies remain, and the clown woman, Agent Mantooth, lays in a pool of her blood at the top of the stairs
07:16:06: <Balthazaar> Harris, the door's open
07:16:15: <Teslatornado> Harris looks down at agent Mantooth as he passes, briefly crossing himself on the way out.
07:17:03: <Teskin> Branko attempts to fix the breach in his suit.
07:17:09: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Jay slowly picks himself up, grabbing his rifle by the sling and ambling out of the chair room, after his comrades.
07:18:39: <Roget> Franklin sticks by Branko.
07:18:57: <Teslatornado> Harris whistles while he walks, twirling Branko's (still loaded) revolver.
07:19:18: <Teskin> Branko walks after Harris, snatching his Colt.
07:19:35: <Teskin> Harris, if you had looked at it, there were trench style carvings on the grips and the barrel.
07:19:52: <Roget> Franklin heads out, keeping his own revolver drawn.
07:20:01: <Balthazaar> Outside, Sgt Collier stands with his fireteam
07:20:04: <Roget> He reloads as he walks.
07:20:18: <Balthazaar> "Agents! Mission a success, then?"
07:20:30: <Teskin> Branko nods. "My suit was breached."
07:20:45: <Teskin> He shows Collier the tear.
07:21:04: <Teslatornado> Harris most certainly did fucking not look at it. He slips the head off the hazmat suit and sucks a breath of fresh winter air in. "Ayuh. Big scary dude, had some chairs, got mad when I didn't get scared."
07:21:08: <Teslatornado> "He's dead now."
07:21:24: <Balthazaar> "Honestly, I think you're okay. This places shit comes into effect quick. you'd be fucked up by now if anything happened to you
07:21:43: <Roget> Franklin takes off the hazmat suit as soon as he gets outside. He's drenched in sweat. "Fuck me. That was the third or fourth worst thing I've ever had to do in my life."
07:21:44: <Balthazaar> "You've done well. Were our people in there?"
07:21:51: <Roget> "Dead."
07:21:54: <Teslatornado> "Uh." Harris looks sheepish.
07:22:05: <Teslatornado> "… Yeah, there're pieces of 'em everywhere. One of 'em was dressed like a clown."
07:22:13: <Teslatornado> "The big fucker shot 'em a lot."
07:22:16: <Teslatornado> "They're pretty dead."
07:22:17: <Teskin> Branko takes the mask off. "Da. They did not make it." He hands Collier Mantooth's card.
07:22:31: <Roget> Franklin wipes his brow.
07:22:37: <Balthazaar> "Do you know who it was dressed as a clown?" The Sgt looks very worried
07:22:39: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Jay is the last one out, walking past the Sargent and his fire team without a word to whatever ride is getting them the hell out of there.
07:22:47: <Teslatornado> "Mantoots, 'r somethin'."
07:23:01: <Roget> Franklin follows Jay. He's planning on going home and crying for a few days.
07:23:04: <Balthazaar> "… I see… Thank you agents.
07:23:08: <Balthazaar> "
07:23:20: <Balthazaar> A guy drives them home to IC
07:23:31: <Teslatornado> Harris looks at Collier with concern, then rides the jeep back to IC.
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