Psi-7 Goes Poaching

<Nemi> Lisabet Tande arrives. Black wooly coat, red scarf, despite the slightly increasing temperatures. She looks completely unbothered by it.
<ihp> Jacob arrives, briefcase in hand, shaving cuts on his face.
<RogetHockey> Shawn ambles over, hands in his pockets and wearing what some might consider military-ish apparel.
<gumbal1> General Green is present, smiling as usual. Along with him is an excited young woman anyone who frequents the computer labs might recognize as Pearl Green. Along with them is a large object covered in a sheet.
<RogetHockey> If you squint though it kind of just looks like he's wearing bulky trousers and a lumpy sweater, with a black beanie hat
Apr 24 19:32:26 <gumbal1> "Is this everyone?"
Apr 24 19:32:33 <ihp> Jacob sighs, adjusting his tie and setting his briefcase on the ground."…I suppose. What is this about?"
Apr 24 19:32:48 <RogetHockey> "I'm here, eh." says Shawn, to nobody in particular
Apr 24 19:33:35 <gumbal1> Pearl speaks up. "Well, after that one mission involving Coxwell, we've thought about getting into armored vehicles."
Apr 24 19:34:14 <RogetHockey> Shawn nods sagely.
Apr 24 19:34:45 <ihp> Jacob raises a brow. "…what mission? I've been away for the past several months."
Apr 24 19:35:52 <gumbal1> "Using schematics stol-obtained from that building Psi-7 found E-76, or the 'Yellow Duke' as they call themselves, we've been able to create a prototype for a special type of armored vehicle."
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Apr 24 19:36:23 <gumbal1> "It was a few months ago. Coxwell, along with their men, attacked a forest village."
Apr 24 19:36:42 <gumbal1> "I, er, think. I'm not exactly cleared to read all of it yet."
Apr 24 19:37:06 <Nemi> "The fae village, correct? I think I remember that. Aside from his cackling random attacks on seemingly-random targets, what else is new?"
Apr 24 19:37:13 <ihp> "…let me get this straight. We're getting tanks powered by fae technology." Jacob goes into his briefcase, and pulls out a journal with a five-fingered hand drawn on the cover, and the number "1" on the front.
Apr 24 19:37:19 <ihp> What would be in his research about the Yellow Duke?
Apr 24 19:37:26 <RogetHockey> "That sounds nifty, eh?"
Apr 24 19:37:30 * Nanoro (moc.duolccri.egdirbxu.74C9FCA8-CRInys|32918diu#moc.duolccri.egdirbxu.74C9FCA8-CRInys|32918diu) has joined #homeimprovement
Apr 24 19:38:08 <gumbal1> "No, we're getting anti-fae technology. Behold!" She rips off the sheet with a grin, revealing a full-fledged tank underneath.
Apr 24 19:38:43 <Nemi> Lis quirks her lip, folds her arms across her chest, makes a 'huh' sort of sound. ".. Do you remember what happened the last time Psi-7 operatives used a tank?"
Apr 24 19:39:12 <gumbal1> "We've heard. Somehow, you all survived a tank explosion!"
Apr 24 19:39:29 <RogetHockey> Shawn looks over the tank. "So, uh… do we get t'shoot it?
Apr 24 19:39:31 <RogetHockey> "
Apr 24 19:39:34 <ihp> Jacob whistles at the tank. "…that looks amazing."
Apr 24 19:39:50 <gumbal1> "Don't worry, I've worked with the engineers to make it extremely user-friendly! You'll be taking it on it's official test run!"
Apr 24 19:40:47 * TesKin (~moc.rr.ser.ynts.0E9906B9-CRInys|ooregdiD#moc.rr.ser.ynts.0E9906B9-CRInys|ooregdiD) has joined #homeimprovement
Apr 24 19:41:26 <TesKin> Maccabee hobbles into Motor Pool.
Apr 24 19:41:28 <ihp> "…do we have any fairies to actually fire it at?"
Apr 24 19:41:54 <RogetHockey> "Maybe we can shoot it at other things…"
Apr 24 19:42:06 <Nemi> Lisabet just folds her arms, looking thoroughly bemused.
Apr 24 19:42:16 <gumbal1> General Green clears his throat. "We've called in some, er, favors. You'll be testing this thing against Thresher Demons. Normally, one of those'd kill you, but you'll be in a tank, so they should deal too much trouble."
Apr 24 19:42:28 <TesKin> "Wait what."
Apr 24 19:42:49 <gumbal1> Mac, there's a fully fledged tank in the motor pool.
Apr 24 19:42:52 <RogetHockey> "Sounds like they'd be tasty in a fight, eh?"
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Apr 24 19:44:03 <TesKin2> "I'm getting too old for this shit."
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Apr 24 19:45:14 <gumbal1> "Hop on in if you feel up to it. Like Pearl said, this thing's incredibly user friendly."
Apr 24 19:45:57 <TesKin> Mac hobbles over to the tank and attempts to climb into it.
Apr 24 19:46:00 <ihp> Jacob frowns. "I don't know how to work a tank. I'll… stay out here."
Apr 24 19:46:42 <gumbal1> The hatch opens easily enough.
Apr 24 19:46:51 <TesKin> 1d6
Apr 24 19:46:53 <ihp> Jacob sits on the hood of one of the cars in the motor pool, consulting his journal.
Apr 24 19:47:02 <gumbal1> "Sure about that? Thresher Demons tend to get rather…violent."
Apr 24 19:47:26 <TesKin> Maccabee kind of slides down the side of the tank, looking frustrated. "Damn thing."
Apr 24 19:47:37 <Nemi> "What I remember about tanks is that they don't like burning kerosene poured into their exhaust vents." Lis quirks a lip, grins, and wanders on over to pull herself up and in. She'll offer a hand up to Maccabee as well.
Apr 24 19:48:15 <TesKin> Maccabee accpects the hand.
Apr 24 19:48:47 <RogetHockey> Shawn scrambles up, over, and into the tank.
Apr 24 19:49:18 <ihp> Jacob looks at Pearl, then through his journal. "What's a Thresher demon? It's not in my notes."
Apr 24 19:51:00 <gumbal1> The inside of the tank is about as big as any other tank. There's spots for a navigator, a main gunner, and an auxiliary gunner. There also appears to be switches marked in violet as "fae suppresors".
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Apr 24 19:52:09 <gumbal1> "Big things that serve the Yellow Duke. They carry giant wheat sythes and tend not to stay in one spot for very long."
Apr 24 19:52:25 <Nemi> So, not very big at all. Cramped, prone to being extremely hot being right next to the engine.. Lisabet will climb on down into the driver's seat, flexing her fingers as she does. "I think it'd be best to keep me well away from any ammunition that might, er, react."
Apr 24 19:53:32 <ihp> Jacob whistles, noting this down. "…right, well. Suppose I probably should learn how to operate it." He turns the journal to a new page, and climbs in the tank, starting to draw the interior.
Apr 24 19:53:52 <RogetHockey> Shawn climbs into the main gunner seat. "I got it covered."
Apr 24 19:54:06 <RogetHockey> He grins as he checks the firing mechanism out
Apr 24 19:54:13 <gumbal1> The radio turns on. [[Alright, whenever you're ready, go to the forest lake. The big one.]]
Apr 24 19:54:30 <TesKin> Maccabee takes the navagitor stop. He can't really do much else.
Apr 24 19:56:02 <Nemi> "[[ On it.]]" She peers out the viewport. Driver's viewport as tiny as expected? If so, she'll be relying on Mac to point the tank where it needs to go. Either way, she'll fire up the engines and get underway.
Apr 24 19:56:07 <gumbal1> A few other switches are present as well, colored in orange, blue, and brown.
Apr 24 19:57:10 <TesKin> Maccabee points out various hazards in the path.
Apr 24 19:57:56 <ihp> Jacob just looks over the contents of the tank, drawing out as best he acn.
Apr 24 19:57:58 <gumbal1> The tank goes on it's way to the forest! It's such a beautiful day today! The afternoon sun is shining, deer are all around, ravens fighter over food.
Apr 24 19:58:28 <Nemi> Lisabet can only see roughly a keyhole's view of the outside. How lovely.
Apr 24 19:58:51 <ihp> 4df+9 (Engineering + electrician) Jacob attempts to map out the electrical system of the tank.
Apr 24 19:58:51 <Glacon> ihp: (Engineering + electrician) Jacob attempts to map out the electrical system of the tank.: 9 (4df+9=-, +, -, +)
Apr 24 20:00:06 <RogetHockey> Shawn just bounces in his seat, waiting for a chance to make things go boom.
Apr 24 20:00:14 <gumbal1> The tank, along with its main features, comes equipped with fae suppression kits similar to Jacob's own. There's also some cans of paint remover, bottles of salt water, copper daggers, and a contianer marked as "chlorine triflouride", with a "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL AN EMERGENCY" stamped on them.
Apr 24 20:00:51 <Nemi> Rumblerumblerumble. "This is pretty intuitive. Wish I could see better, though.. I guess that's the lot of the tank driver." She's totally unbothered hanging out right next to the engine. Hooray!
Apr 24 20:01:00 <ihp> 4df+5 Chlorine Triflouride? What's that (Science)
Apr 24 20:01:00 <Glacon> ihp: Chlorine Triflouride? What's that (Science): 8 (4df+5=+, +, 0, +)
Apr 24 20:01:19 <gumbal1> Through mapping the electrical system, Jacob figures out that basics of the tank, and can now access the tanks's energy shots.
Apr 24 20:02:11 <gumbal1> Jacob might not want to let the contianer heat up. The ruins engraved in it are probably the only thing keeping the contentsfrom violently exploding and burning the tank to the ground.
Apr 24 20:03:29 <gumbal1> They eventually make it to the lake. Several tall and bulky humanoids wearing ragged red cloaks and holding ridiculously large wheat scythes wait.
Apr 24 20:03:39 <ihp> Jacob finishes drawing all this in its journal.
Apr 24 20:03:52 <ihp> "…I assume that's our target practice?"
Apr 24 20:04:03 <gumbal1> [[Now, the Thresher Demons won't engage you until you engage them.]]
Apr 24 20:04:25 <gumbal1> [[I'd recommend starting with the tank's standard artillery.]]
Apr 24 20:05:30 <ihp> Jacob looks at Lis. "…I assume you know more about this than I do."
Apr 24 20:06:04 <Nemi> "Jacob, Jacob. I can't see shit. Mac! What're we looking at ahead?"
Apr 24 20:06:14 <gumbal1> [[After you fire, I suggest you move away quickly. Thresher Demons are feared even by some archdemons.]]
Apr 24 20:06:24 <TesKin> "Uh. Big guys in red!"
Apr 24 20:06:30 <TesKin> "Biigg scythes!"
Apr 24 20:08:11 <Nemi> "Sounds like our target. Gunner! This is a live test, we need to see how these guns work! I'll ready us to accelerate out on first shot!"
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Apr 24 20:11:10 <RogetHockey> "So does that mean I can shoot now?" Shawn asks, his hands hovering over the firing mechanism
Apr 24 20:11:28 <TesKin> "Miss Tande?"
Apr 24 20:11:50 <TesKin> "Whenever you're ready."
Apr 24 20:12:47 <Nemi> "I really shouldn't be the tank commander given that I can't see more than a pinhole in front of us. Maccabee, you're up top, you call it in."
Apr 24 20:14:55 <RogetHockey> Shawn's hands are hovering millimeters away from the controls
Apr 24 20:15:03 <TesKin> "Hoo boy. Fire."
Apr 24 20:16:06 <RogetHockey> Shawn FIRES!!!!!!!!!
Apr 24 20:16:41 <gumbal1> Roll ranged with a +4 bonus.
Apr 24 20:18:16 <RogetHockey> 4df+7
Apr 24 20:18:16 <Glacon> RogetHockey: 5 (4df+7=-, -, -, +)
Apr 24 20:20:25 <gumbal1> The standard artillery round shreds through the Thresher Demon's cloak and skin. The get knocked violently over, and a pool of black ichor begins forming on the ground. The cloak covers the wound, although from the amount of ichor, it looks significant.
Apr 24 20:20:41 <TesKin> "Solid hit!"
Apr 24 20:20:52 <gumbal1> The others swiftly head for the tank.
Apr 24 20:21:06 <RogetHockey> Shawn pumps his fist. "YEAH!"
Apr 24 20:21:24 <TesKin> "We should probably get moving! The rest look angry as hell!"
Apr 24 20:21:28 <RogetHockey> He looks to Mac. "Did it look cool, eh?"
Apr 24 20:21:41 <RogetHockey> (assuming the gunner doesn't have a visor to see outside)
Apr 24 20:21:52 <TesKin> "'Bout as cool as a high powered tank shell hitting something can."
Apr 24 20:23:00 <Nemi> Lisabet guns the engine to give them some distance. "Keep firing! Aux gunner, give them something to think about while the main gun reloads!"
Apr 24 20:23:03 <RogetHockey> Shawn grin grows exponentially broader. "That's wild."
Apr 24 20:23:27 <RogetHockey> Shawn quickly scrambles back to paying attention to what he's supposed to be doing, and begins loading a new shell.
Apr 24 20:23:36 <gumbal1> [[Good work. Little known fact, Thresher Demons and Cloth Dolls come from the same primordial oozes. Now, pull the violet switch marked "ANTI-DOLL", and you can see what happens to demons "related" to cloth dolls.]]
Apr 24 20:23:44 <RogetHockey> *tank-reloadingsounds*
Apr 24 20:24:43 <TesKin> Assuming he can, Mac flips the violet switch marked "ANTI-DOLL".
Apr 24 20:25:02 <gumbal1> The switch is flipped!
Apr 24 20:25:48 <RogetHockey> In the somewhat average time it takes to reload a tank, Shawn re-loads the tank.
Apr 24 20:25:57 <gumbal1> The tank begins emitting a humming sound. Not too long after, the Thresher demons slow down, and begin making odd vocalizations.
Apr 24 20:26:17 <gumbal1> …then the humming stops.
Apr 24 20:26:35 <ihp> Jacob frowns. "…what was that?"
Apr 24 20:26:38 <TesKin> "Thhaatt doesn't sound good."
Apr 24 20:27:07 <RogetHockey> "Don't worry, eh. Worst comes to worst, I can fight them."
Apr 24 20:27:08 <gumbal1> [[Works like a ch-*BZZRT* program-*BZZRT*-ey, are you hav-*BZZRRRRT*]]
Apr 24 20:27:12 <RogetHockey> Shawn rolls up his sleeves
Apr 24 20:27:37 <ihp> Jacob takes up the radio. "19, Come in. 19?"
Apr 24 20:27:38 <gumbal1> Pause for description.
Apr 24 20:30:55 <gumbal1> The tank stops suddenly, and the radio turns to static. A red light lights up inside the tank. Lis, the view outside the viewport changes near instantly. The Thresher Demons disappear, and it becomes far darker.Thelake appears to be replaced by a much larger, much darker one. Any vegetation visible is dark blue in coloration.
Apr 24 20:31:35 <gumbal1> Reflected on the surface of the lake is a small cresent moon.
Apr 24 20:31:37 <gumbal1> Unpause.
Apr 24 20:31:54 <Nemi> "Maccabee, what's the visual? I'm seeing.. the demons are gone, looks almost like night-time out there."
Apr 24 20:32:31 <gumbal1> Maccabee sees the same things Lis is seeing.
Apr 24 20:33:30 <ihp> Jacob frowns, and looks for a port to look out of.
Apr 24 20:34:17 <TesKin> "I can't see shit."
Apr 24 20:34:27 <Nemi> Lis messes with the controls. Let's see.. Electronics failure, gotta make sure everything else on-board remains functional..:"
Apr 24 20:35:15 <gumbal1> If Jacob takes a pot on Mac and Lis' side, he'll see the same thing. On the opposite side, and he'll see very tall and very dense trees.
Apr 24 20:35:47 <ihp> "…okay, we're in a blue forest." Jacob frowns. "I don't suppose this thing came with an operator's manual?"
Apr 24 20:35:54 <ihp> 4df+4 Jacob searches around the tank for something like that.
Apr 24 20:35:55 <Glacon> ihp: Jacob searches around the tank for something like that.: 3 (4df+4=0, -, 0, 0)
Apr 24 20:36:06 <gumbal1> Jacob finds an operators manual.
Apr 24 20:36:19 <ihp> Jacob reads through it. "Let's see… Anti-Doll, Anti-Doll… what did that do?"
Apr 24 20:36:24 <gumbal1> Lis, everything else seems to function.
Apr 24 20:36:50 <gumbal1> Should disrupt disguise abilities of cloth dolls.
Apr 24 20:37:24 <gumbal1> Says nothing about transportation through time/space/dimensions.
Apr 24 20:38:22 <Nemi> "Looks like we're still functional."
Apr 24 20:38:32 <gumbal1> Something emerges from the trees. 2 meters tall, grey-skinned, three red eyes, wearing a white cloack and carrying a basket of odd-looking plants.
Apr 24 20:38:48 <gumbal1> It stops when it spots the tank, tilting its head.
Apr 24 20:38:54 <ihp> Jacob rubs his face and looks in his journal. "Let's see… Cloth Dolls are capable of disguising themselves as humans, but their true form is revealed when you look out of the corner of your eye, or through other indirect means."
Apr 24 20:39:14 <RogetHockey> "Does the cannon still work?"
Apr 24 20:39:14 <ihp> Jacob looks out the viewports and frowns. "Oh poop."
Apr 24 20:39:33 <Nemi> "Hold fire until we know its intent."
Apr 24 20:39:39 <ihp> "…don't shoot at it. We don't know what will work on it, and I'm not willing to make this a science experiment."
Apr 24 20:39:43 <ihp> "Also what she said."
Apr 24 20:40:03 <gumbal1> The thing approaches the tank, knocking on it a few times. It then proceeds to try to climb it.
Apr 24 20:40:12 <gumbal1> Jacob, there are two other sections of interest.
Apr 24 20:40:19 <RogetHockey> "Aw." Shawn says it quietly.
Apr 24 20:40:34 <Nemi> Lis will … well, try to put the tank in reverse, slowly, when the thingymajig tries climbing aboard.
Apr 24 20:40:46 <gumbal1> One, about a supposed planned feature to "go in and out of the Shade". Another stating that the tank is currently in early beta testing.
Apr 24 20:41:04 <gumbal1> The thing falls off and backs away.
Apr 24 20:41:43 <gumbal1> They begin making noises that sound somewhat like gutteral speech in a foreign language.
Apr 24 20:42:42 <ihp> Jacob frowns. "…fuck me. We activated a feature we weren't supposed to. Something about going into Shade, capital S." He shakes his head. "You know, you think they would tell us these things ahead of time."
Apr 24 20:42:42 <Nemi> "Jacob, you're as close to a fae expert as we've got.. Any idea what it's saying?"
Apr 24 20:42:55 <ihp> "…uh, one moment." He flips through his journal. Academics to translate?
Apr 24 20:43:01 <ihp> "Might be French?"
Apr 24 20:43:07 <gumbal1> Sure.
Apr 24 20:43:10 <ihp> "The Fae seem to communicate in French a lot."
Apr 24 20:43:12 <ihp> 4df+4
Apr 24 20:43:12 <Glacon> ihp: 2 (4df+4=0, -, 0, -)
Apr 24 20:43:26 <ihp> "Where's Levine when you need her?"
Apr 24 20:44:37 <gumbal1> Doesn't seem to be Fae, although there are certain words that you recognize, mostly those referring to metal and metallic objects. "Mechatron" comes up frequently.
Apr 24 20:44:38 * Soulless (esaelp.ylno.sreffo.suoires.knuh.hctirdle.gnikees.uhluht|c.elgnis#esaelp.ylno.sreffo.suoires.knuh.hctirdle.gnikees.uhluht|c.elgnis) has joined #homeimprovement
Apr 24 20:45:25 <gumbal1> Grammar rules seem to be somewhat consistent with Fae, although not completely.
Apr 24 20:45:37 <RogetHockey> Shawn drums his fingers on the firing mechanism, a little anxious. Tank's not working :(.
Apr 24 20:46:20 <Nemi> "Shade, huh. So my jokes about getting banished to the shadow realm were true." Lis slumps her head, which clongs against the low roof of the driver's compartment.
Apr 24 20:46:43 <RogetHockey> "You alright there, miss?"
Apr 24 20:47:00 <gumbal1> The thing stops and blinks. They then begin speaking in what sounds like Japanese.
Apr 24 20:47:30 <TesKin> "Uh?"
Apr 24 20:47:36 <ihp> Jacob frowns. "Shit… Japanese, Japanese…"
Apr 24 20:47:49 <ihp> 4df+4 Jacob thinks he wrote somethign down about this during the whole business with Benzaiten.
Apr 24 20:47:49 <Glacon> ihp: Jacob thinks he wrote somethign down about this during the whole business with Benzaiten.: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, -, +)
Apr 24 20:48:35 <gumbal1> Benzaiten isn't mention once. Mechatron is, along with "Ningen".
Apr 24 20:49:13 <RogetHockey> "Sounds like they're from Alberta. Or Saskatchawan. Or BC."
Apr 24 20:49:41 <ihp> "Ningen, Ningen… what the hell is that?"
Apr 24 20:49:48 <ihp> "Mechatron, Ningen…"
Apr 24 20:49:53 <ihp> "My notes are woefully incomplete."
Apr 24 20:50:20 <Nemi> "I'm fine," Lis says after a brief delay.
Apr 24 20:50:33 <ihp> Jacob knocks on the compartment. That seemed to get it to speak differently last time.
Apr 24 20:50:40 <gumbal1> Eventually they just default to using greetings from common languages and rather uncommon ones.
Apr 24 20:51:04 <ihp> Jacob looks at the being. "Do you speak English? Parlez-vous anglais?"
Apr 24 20:51:23 <gumbal1> The thing blinks.
Apr 24 20:51:37 <gumbal1> "I know some english, yes."
Apr 24 20:52:55 <gumbal1> "Odd metal thing, what are you?"
Apr 24 20:52:55 <ihp> "…where are we? Who are you?"
Apr 24 20:53:17 <ihp> "…the odd metal thing isn't talking. I am a human being, inside the metal thing."
Apr 24 20:53:33 <gumbal1> "You are in Spine's domain." The thing blinks, then gasps.
Apr 24 20:53:46 <gumbal1> "A servant of Ningen?"
Apr 24 20:54:17 <Nemi> "What's Ningen?"
Apr 24 20:54:50 <gumbal1> "The White Drifter. I thought humans worshipped them."
Apr 24 20:55:51 <ihp> "…white drift…"
Apr 24 20:55:58 <ihp> 4df+4 What could they mean? (Academics)
Apr 24 20:55:58 <Glacon> ihp: What could they mean? (Academics): 1 (4df+4=-, 0, -, -)
Apr 24 20:56:00 <ihp> :|
Apr 24 20:56:04 <gumbal1> "If so, come, human in Mechatron's trappings. We've much to discuss."
Apr 24 20:56:41 <Nemi> Lisabet has no clue. "What's it saying now?" She checks the fueling and other essentials on the tank. Heavens know how inefficiently these things run.
Apr 24 20:56:44 <gumbal1> Jacob vaguely recalls reports of giant white aquatic beings, although he isn't sure from where, and it might just be from a whale documentary or something.
Apr 24 20:57:20 <ihp> Jacob frowns. "…all right. Will we be unharmed if we come with you?"
Apr 24 20:58:12 <gumbal1> "We would never harm a fellow Asar of Ningen."
Apr 24 20:58:20 <RogetHockey> "Nifty."
Apr 24 20:58:53 <ihp> "…all right." Jacob looks at Lis. "Can this tank move? Or will we have to walk?"
Apr 24 20:59:35 <gumbal1> The trees look real dense.
Apr 24 20:59:39 <Nemi> "Systems are go, not sure how long it'll be working."
Apr 24 20:59:48 <Nemi> "And if we're going through the woods, this thing isn't fitting."
Apr 24 21:00:36 <ihp> "…fair point." Jacob frowns. "We're coming out of the tank."
Apr 24 21:01:13 <ihp> Jacob has been drawing the being in his journal this whole time.
Apr 24 21:01:50 <ihp> He labels it as Unclassed Anomalous Entity-Shade-001 (Welcoming Committee, AKA__) He leaves the rest blank.
Apr 24 21:03:12 * TheGameFreak (ten.tsacmoc.lf.1dsh.6AB0C9CF-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsacmoc.lf.1dsh.6AB0C9CF-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #homeimprovement
Apr 24 21:03:28 <Nemi> "If the General complains about us losing the tank, I'm going to tell him he can go look for it in the Shadow Realm if he wants it so bad." Lisabet mutters to herself.
Apr 24 21:03:56 <ihp> Jacob nods. "That's fair." He goes up to the hatch and opens it, journal in hand. "Uh… what is your name?"
Apr 24 21:04:47 <gumbal1> The thing stares wide-eyed at Jacob. "Err, Valys."
Apr 24 21:05:19 <ihp> Jacob notes this down. "Valys." He steps off of the tank. "…I am Jacob."
Apr 24 21:05:26 <gumbal1> "F-f-forgive me. This is my first time seeing a human. I didn't expect them to look so…glorious."
Apr 24 21:05:51 <gumbal1> Their skin turns somewhat darker.
Apr 24 21:06:07 <Nemi> Lisabet clambers on out of the driver's compartment and takes a moment to straighten her scarf from where she stands atop the tank. She looks weird. Snow-white skin, sleek black hair, vague Avian look, faintly luminous blue eyes. Yep. "Lisabet. Pleasure."
Apr 24 21:06:38 <gumbal1> "W-well, let's go." Valys heads into the woods.
Apr 24 21:07:05 <ihp> Jacob clambers after Valys, sketching the area around them.
Apr 24 21:07:16 <RogetHockey> Shawn, sadly climbs out of the tank, giving one long wistful look to the gun mechanism before he climbs out of the hatch.
Apr 24 21:07:52 * TheGameFreak (ten.tsacmoc.lf.1dsh.6AB0C9CF-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsacmoc.lf.1dsh.6AB0C9CF-CRInys|tibbiM) has left #homeimprovement
Apr 24 21:08:39 <Nemi> Lis follows, moving warily!
Apr 24 21:08:56 <gumbal1> The trees around them are incredibly thick. At their feet are blue and grey flower-like plants glistening with dew. Occasionally a tar lake is visible, with giant fat black lizards lounging around inside them.
Apr 24 21:09:16 <TesKin> Mac hobbles out of the tank, falling to the ground, and follows after the group.
Apr 24 21:09:35 <ihp> Jacob notes all these down, grinning. "This is amazing. An entirely different dimension! I wonder if the inhabitants are friendly; this one seems to be."
Apr 24 21:10:01 <gumbal1> Rarely, another of the things can be seen, picking rare plants. Some stop to look at the team.
Apr 24 21:11:30 <ihp> Jacob notes them down as "Unclassed Anomalous Species-Shade-001". "What is your species called, Valys?"
Apr 24 21:11:31 <RogetHockey> Shawn is still ready for action. His sleeves are still rolled up.
Apr 24 21:11:45 <gumbal1> Further in, wire-like structures can be seen zig-zagging through the forest canopy. Giant insect-like things crawl about them.
Apr 24 21:12:11 <RogetHockey> Shawn points and whispers to Jacob. "What are those?"
Apr 24 21:12:35 <ihp> "I don't know. I'm not a zoologist, but right now, I wish I was."
Apr 24 21:12:55 <gumbal1> "W-we are the Acolytes. We technically serve the Blubbery Monarch Hgan, although our true loyalty lies with Ningen, the White Drifter of your world."
Apr 24 21:13:59 <ihp> Jacob notes all this down. "Is the Blubbery Monarch… red, by any chance?"
Apr 24 21:14:10 <RogetHockey> Shawn marvels at the weird shit
Apr 24 21:14:10 <gumbal1> "Yes."
Apr 24 21:14:51 <gumbal1> Eventually, they come across a series of tents and ramshackle buildings in a circular clearing.
Apr 24 21:15:09 <gumbal1> Other Acolytes wander around, talking with others or mixing plants.
Apr 24 21:15:13 <ihp> Jacob grins. "Tell me about Ningen."
Apr 24 21:15:27 <TesKin> Maccabee just looks at all the weird shit
Apr 24 21:17:17 <gumbal1> "The White Drifter lives in the Mist, where you supposedly come from. They are sibling to the Brown Walker and the Blue Flyer."
Apr 24 21:17:35 <gumbal1> "We wish to bring them into our world, as they wish."
Apr 24 21:18:14 <ihp> "…I only know of seven colored… nobles, I suppose they would be called. I was not aware that Brown and White were among them."
Apr 24 21:18:52 <RogetHockey> Are there any visible entities in or around the shantytown?
Apr 24 21:19:26 <gumbal1> Yeah. Similar-looking to this one.
Apr 24 21:20:17 <gumbal1> "They are different from the children of Lucra."
Apr 24 21:20:23 <RogetHockey> Shawn sizes them up and wonders if how many he could take down hand-to-hand.
Apr 24 21:20:37 <gumbal1> Like, 2. They're tall but spindly.
Apr 24 21:20:57 <RogetHockey> Shawn concludes probably all of them. He smiles,
Apr 24 21:20:59 <RogetHockey> *.
Apr 24 21:21:45 <ihp> "…very well." He notes down "Lucra?" "I apologize; my research seems to be out of date."
Apr 24 21:22:09 <gumbal1> "The former God of Light, murdered by the Old Green One."
Apr 24 21:22:35 <gumbal1> "Anyways, why are you in the Shade. I did not know humans could travel here."
Apr 24 21:22:40 <TesKin> "Old Green one?"
Apr 24 21:23:20 <gumbal1> "The Father of All the Sea, the Slime Lord, the Scourge, they go by many names."
Apr 24 21:23:47 <ihp> "…we arrived her by accident. We were attempting to test out weaponry in order to… combat the Violet Queen."
Apr 24 21:23:47 <gumbal1> "If you see living green slime, or faceless green monsters, that's likely them."
Apr 24 21:24:09 <gumbal1> "…Oh!"
Apr 24 21:24:30 <Nemi> "Faceless green monsters. That's familiar."
Apr 24 21:24:56 <gumbal1> "A noble purpose, truly, but I doubt any mere weapon could slay the Unseelie Queen."
Apr 24 21:25:06 <RogetHockey> "I bet I could take her."
Apr 24 21:25:47 <ihp> "…it's not a mere weapon. We've had assistance in constructing it from some of the other nobles."
Apr 24 21:26:33 <gumbal1> "Hm. That would explain the lack of activity recently, if they've moved their plotting to the Mist."
Apr 24 21:27:12 <ihp> "Unfortunately, we are now stuck here in the shade… is there a way back to humanity?"
Apr 24 21:27:28 <gumbal1> "Either way, if it sent you here by mistake, I doubt it is ready to be used against Queen Lror."
Apr 24 21:27:33 <gumbal1> "Well…"
Apr 24 21:28:16 <gumbal1> "I suppose there are ways."
Apr 24 21:28:44 <gumbal1> "Shadelurker lurks in these woods, and can pull entities in and out of the Shade and Mist."
Apr 24 21:29:02 <gumbal1> "Mistlurker is supposedly trapped in the mist equivalent, but posseses the same powers."
Apr 24 21:29:30 <gumbal1> "How you would get either to cooperate eludes me, but I know of several entities who may assist."
Apr 24 21:30:15 <ihp> Jacob stretches. "I can be persuasive. What do I need to do?"
Apr 24 21:30:17 <gumbal1> "The Spine, Archdemon to the Lesser Green One, lurks in the great lake I found you at. Many fear them, so you may be able to convince them to extort either lurker for transport."
Apr 24 21:31:15 <gumbal1> "A construct nearby may be able to send a signal to either archdemon, allowing you to lure them to you to potentially kill and harness the power of, although they're aligned with the Unseelie Queen."
Apr 24 21:31:40 <ihp> "…right. Hrm." He thinks.
Apr 24 21:31:51 <gumbal1> "Finally, we've been working on a ritual that would summon Ningen to our world. Perhaps you could use that to get back into the Mist."
Apr 24 21:33:11 <TesKin> "Huh. Ritual you say?"
Apr 24 21:33:19 <TesKin> "What do we gotta do?"
Apr 24 21:33:31 <ihp> "…Miss Tande?"
Apr 24 21:34:01 <ihp> "It just occurred to me that if there is a function to get into Shade, there must also be a function to get out of it." He looks through the operator's manual, which he brought with him.
Apr 24 21:34:07 * Sax (edis.ruoy|syawla#edis.ruoy|syawla) has joined #homeimprovement
Apr 24 21:34:13 <gumbal1> "Well, we're almost ready to perform it. All we need is the skin of what you humans call a Tar Baby."
Apr 24 21:34:30 <gumbal1> "They're those giant lizards you may have seen."
Apr 24 21:34:39 <TesKin> "So we gotta go kill 'em?
Apr 24 21:34:40 <TesKin> "*
Apr 24 21:35:30 <gumbal1> "I believe so. Although it may just be easier to take your chances with the Spine or the construct. Tar Babies are notoriously tough."
Apr 24 21:36:01 <RogetHockey> "Do they respond well to being punched mercilessly?"
Apr 24 21:36:09 <ihp> "…any particular weaknesses?"
Apr 24 21:36:17 <gumbal1> "Fire."
Apr 24 21:36:33 <gumbal1> "But that's burn the skin. Best you flip them over and attack the underbellies."
Apr 24 21:36:45 <RogetHockey> Shawn grins at that
Apr 24 21:36:50 <RogetHockey> "That can be arranged."
Apr 24 21:37:10 <TesKin> "I'm not really the best for killing."
Apr 24 21:37:18 <TesKin> "'S not what I believe in."
Apr 24 21:37:25 <ihp> Jacob frowns at Shaw. "…I'd really rather not get the taste of tar in my teeth."
Apr 24 21:37:57 <RogetHockey> "You can watch me kill it."
Apr 24 21:39:00 <ihp> "…I'd rather not watch a team member die, even if I barely know them." He adjusts his tie.
Apr 24 21:39:26 <RogetHockey> "You think so little of me. Miss Lis can tell you I'm more than capable of handling myself."
Apr 24 21:40:15 <RogetHockey> Shawn flexes
Apr 24 21:40:34 <TesKin> Mac just watches. "You dumbass, this isn't some guy in a bar."
Apr 24 21:40:36 <gumbal1> "Alright. Be safe."
Apr 24 21:41:27 <RogetHockey> "I'm not some barfly, eh." Shawn huffs
Apr 24 21:42:20 <TesKin> "I doubt you could kill one of those Tar thingys alone."
Apr 24 21:42:55 <RogetHockey> "I killed an Ent by myself."
Apr 24 21:43:06 <RogetHockey> "I broke it in half with my bare hands."
Apr 24 21:43:49 <TesKin> "Whatever. But when Godzilla comes knockin' I'm not gonna save your dumb ass."
Apr 24 21:43:57 <ihp> Jacob sighs. "…so. Tar Baby." He frowns. "What's "Godzilla"?"
Apr 24 21:44:06 <RogetHockey> Shawn shrugs
Apr 24 21:44:21 <TesKin> "I 'unno, some big lizard in one 'a those new motion pictures."
Apr 24 21:44:39 <RogetHockey> "Where do we go to find a tar baby?"
Apr 24 21:44:51 <ihp> "Up a tree, I assume."
Apr 24 21:44:55 <TesKin> "didn't we see some on the way here?"
Apr 24 21:45:22 <gumbal1> "Anywhere in the forest. Tar pits are common here. Try to find one with only one. Tar Babies get rather…vicious."
Apr 24 21:45:41 <TesKin> "That doesn't sound fun."
Apr 24 21:46:06 <RogetHockey> "Where are they?"
Apr 24 21:46:16 <RogetHockey> "Any that're close?"
Apr 24 21:46:53 <gumbal1> "I believe Als found one around…" they point in a direction. "…that way."
Apr 24 21:47:13 <TesKin> "Well. Let's get this over with. Times 'a wastein'."
Apr 24 21:47:30 <RogetHockey> Shawn heads off in that direction. "Took the words right out of my mouth, eh."
Apr 24 21:48:49 <RogetHockey> Perc to see it?
Apr 24 21:49:14 <gumbal1> The way there is pleasent, as usual. At one point, a pastel-colored deer rushes by.
Apr 24 21:49:26 <gumbal1> Sure.
Apr 24 21:50:16 <RogetHockey> 4df+5
Apr 24 21:50:17 <Glacon> RogetHockey: 9 (4df+5=+, +, +, +)
Apr 24 21:51:10 <gumbal1> Yep, you find it. This lazy bastard is just lounging about on its back, unafraid of the world. You even find a good hiding play to sneak up on it.
Apr 24 21:51:46 <gumbal1> *place
Apr 24 21:52:14 <ihp> Jacob, for his part, is looking through the operator's manual, trying to find a "Return to Mist" function.
Apr 24 21:52:38 <RogetHockey> Shawn creeps up in the hiding place. What to roll to attack it at this opportune moment?
Apr 24 21:52:40 <TesKin> Mac draws his Walker. "I can wing it before you rush in."
Apr 24 21:52:47 <gumbal1> Yeah, that remains to be implimented, apparently. As does the "go the Shade" command, allegedly.Apr 24 21:53:19 <ihp> Jacob frowns. ~Allegedly.~
Apr 24 21:53:29 <RogetHockey> "Nah, that'll just alert it, eh. I can handle this." Shawn readies himself for battle.
Apr 24 21:53:34 <ihp> "We can't just leave the tank here."
Apr 24 21:53:54 <TesKin> Mac frowns. "I mean shoot it in the leg so it /wont/ roll over and eat your face off."
Apr 24 21:53:58 <ihp> Jacob sighs, and draws… a pair of garden shears? He breaks them so that one half is in each hand, like a pair of weird-ass daggers.
Apr 24 21:54:32 <TesKin> Mac just hangs in the hiding spot. He's basically a glass cannon.
Apr 24 21:55:43 <RogetHockey> (what should Shawn roll for surprise grapple hugs)
Apr 24 21:56:03 <gumbal1> The Tar Baby continues lounging around like the lazy little shit they are.
Apr 24 21:56:51 <gumbal1> (The Tar Baby looks to be about the size of a car. Good luck grappling that.)
Apr 24 21:57:04 <gumbal1> (Strenght+Sneak, though)
Apr 24 21:57:40 <RogetHockey> 4df+6 Attack! Attack! Attack!
Apr 24 21:57:41 <Glacon> RogetHockey: Attack! Attack! Attack!: 6 (4df+6=-, +, +, -)
Apr 24 21:57:58 <RogetHockey> Shawn leaps out at the tar baby with a fierce battle cry
Apr 24 21:58:10 <gumbal1> Which part does he target?
Apr 24 21:58:24 <TesKin> Mac just plops on the ground, adjusting his big straw hat to keep the sun out of his eyes.
Apr 24 21:58:39 <gumbal1> There is no sun, only a small crescent moon.
Apr 24 21:59:05 <RogetHockey> The stomach, where they said it was weak.
Apr 24 21:59:13 <gumbal1> 4df+0
Apr 24 21:59:14 <Glacon> gumbal1: 0 (4df+0=0, +, 0, -)
Apr 24 21:59:46 <Nemi> Lisabet was there the whole time. She's watching .
Apr 24 21:59:51 <TesKin> (Whoop Redadct that then.)
Apr 24 22:00:09 <gumbal1> The tar baby shrieks, sounding lie a human infant with 8 times the volume. They quickly roll over and begin exuding tar from their skin.
Apr 24 22:00:44 <gumbal1> 4df+5 (MELEE) They charge at Shawn.
Apr 24 22:00:45 <Glacon> gumbal1: (MELEE) They charge at Shawn.: 3 (4df+5=-, 0, 0, -)
Apr 24 22:01:29 <RogetHockey> Can Shawn attempt to defend himself by punching it in the face as it gets close in its charge?
Apr 24 22:01:55 <gumbal1> The face isn't visible under all that tar, but they can try.
Apr 24 22:02:21 <RogetHockey> 4df+12 tagging now you're playing with power, Shawn leans back and swings to meet the tar baby head on with all of his might
Apr 24 22:02:22 <Glacon> RogetHockey: tagging now you're playing with power, Shawn leans back and swings to meet the tar baby head on with all of his might: 13 (4df+12=0, +, 0, 0)
Apr 24 22:02:52 <gumbal1> 4df+10 (Tarmor) Man, this tar is thick!
Apr 24 22:02:53 <Glacon> gumbal1: (Tarmor) Man, this tar is thick!: 11 (4df+10=0, +, +, -)
Apr 24 22:03:35 <gumbal1> You manage to strike them so hard you break through the tar with your fist! This was an excellent idea…
Apr 24 22:04:04 <gumbal1> …except now you're stuck and you still get hit with the charge attack. Roll Pdef.
Apr 24 22:04:29 <ihp> 4df+5 Probably won't do much, but what's a compound that can dissolve tar?
Apr 24 22:04:29 <Glacon> ihp: Probably won't do much, but what's a compound that can dissolve tar?: 4 (4df+5=+, 0, -, -)
Apr 24 22:04:43 <RogetHockey> isn't Shawn's roll higher? He was punching it to stop the charge dead flat in its tracks
Apr 24 22:05:22 <gumbal1> True. He still gets hit, but takes no damage. Still has a hand stuck in tar.
Apr 24 22:05:46 <gumbal1> Ihp, fire would help, but they said they didn't want this one burned.
Apr 24 22:05:54 <RogetHockey> Can Shawn roll to intimidate the tar baby?
Apr 24 22:05:58 <gumbal1> Sure.
Apr 24 22:06:20 <gumbal1> The tar baby sticks its head out of the tar.
Apr 24 22:06:33 * Nemi has quit (Quit: )
Apr 24 22:06:55 <RogetHockey> 4df+3 Shawn yells "I'M NOT STUCK TO YOU, BOYO. /YOU/ ARE STUCK TO /ME!/"
Apr 24 22:06:55 <Glacon> RogetHockey: Shawn yells "I'M NOT STUCK TO YOU, BOYO. /YOU/ ARE STUCK TO /ME!/": 3 (4df+3=0, 0, +, -)
Apr 24 22:06:59 <gumbal1> Its yellow eyes dart to Mac.
Apr 24 22:07:12 <gumbal1> 4df+4 Dreadful beast
Apr 24 22:07:13 <Glacon> gumbal1: Dreadful beast: 1 (4df+4=-, -, 0, -)
Apr 24 22:07:24 <gumbal1> It darts its head back into the tar.
Apr 24 22:07:51 <RogetHockey> Can he roll melee to follow up with a swift punch to the gut?
Apr 24 22:08:18 <gumbal1> He is not in the correct position to perform an attack to the gut.
Apr 24 22:08:31 <RogetHockey> Can he roll strength to yank himself out of the tar?
Apr 24 22:08:57 <gumbal1> Sure.
Apr 24 22:09:06 <RogetHockey> 4df+6 yankarrific
Apr 24 22:09:06 <Glacon> RogetHockey: yankarrific: 7 (4df+6=-, 0, +, +)
Apr 24 22:09:15 <gumbal1> 4df+6 (Tar)
Apr 24 22:09:16 <Glacon> gumbal1: (Tar): 6 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, 0)
Apr 24 22:09:29 <gumbal1> Shawn succesfully yanks his fist out.
Apr 24 22:09:37 <RogetHockey> Can he now move to gut punch position?
Apr 24 22:10:13 <gumbal1> Tar baby's gut is facing the ground at the moment.
Apr 24 22:10:31 <RogetHockey> Can he roll melee to attempt to pull out its spine from its back?
Apr 24 22:10:43 <gumbal1> 4df+5 (Melee) Perhaps if he could get the tar baby to charge into something…
Apr 24 22:10:43 <Glacon> gumbal1: (Melee) Perhaps if he could get the tar baby to charge into something…: 6 (4df+5=-, +, +, 0)
Apr 24 22:10:59 <ihp> 4df+5+4 Jacob looks over his inventory, which includes molotov cocktails, magnesium, white sage, sugar and salt. Anything that can be used to get rid of tar? (Science+Improvise)
Apr 24 22:10:59 <Glacon> ihp: Jacob looks over his inventory, which includes molotov cocktails, magnesium, white sage, sugar and salt. Anything that can be used to get rid of tar? (Science+Improvise): 8 (4df+5+4=-, 0, 0, 0)
Apr 24 22:11:12 <ihp> without burning it, preferably.
Apr 24 22:11:14 <RogetHockey> 4df+6 pdef
Apr 24 22:11:15 <Glacon> RogetHockey: pdef: 7 (4df+6=0, +, +, -)
Apr 24 22:11:24 <gumbal1> Gasoline, maybe.
Apr 24 22:11:58 <ihp> Jacob picks up a molotov, and doesn't light it, throwing it at the monster. "Lack of fire in the hole!"
Apr 24 22:12:06 <gumbal1> Shawn weathers the charge succesfully. The tar baby moves back and sticks its head out.
Apr 24 22:12:09 <ihp> 4df+2+4+4 (thrown+improvise)
Apr 24 22:12:09 <Glacon> ihp: (thrown+improvise): 9 (4df+2+4+4=0, -, -, +)
Apr 24 22:12:29 <RogetHockey> does shawn need to roll to not get hit by a splash of gasoline
Apr 24 22:12:40 <gumbal1> 4df+3 slow bastard
Apr 24 22:12:40 <Glacon> gumbal1: slow bastard: 5 (4df+3=+, +, 0, 0)
Apr 24 22:13:15 <TesKin> 4df+9 (Ranged + I'm No Killer) Mac tries to leg shot the great beast.
Apr 24 22:13:15 <Glacon> TesKin: (Ranged + I'm No Killer) Mac tries to leg shot the great beast.: 8 (4df+9=0, +, -, -)
Apr 24 22:13:20 <gumbal1> The tar baby is hit with the gasoline. The tar from its neck to part of its back begins slowly sloughing off.
Apr 24 22:13:48 <RogetHockey> (would it be possible for Shawn to punch into that section to punch into its back)
Apr 24 22:13:49 <gumbal1> 4df+10 (Tarmor) The tar on the leg, however, doesn't.
Apr 24 22:13:50 <Glacon> gumbal1: (Tarmor) The tar on the leg, however, doesn't.: 10 (4df+10=-, +, +, -)
Apr 24 22:13:57 <gumbal1> (yee)
Apr 24 22:14:09 <RogetHockey> "AY! DON'T FIRE! I'M RIGHT HERE, EH!"
Apr 24 22:14:14 <gumbal1> The bullet sinks into the tar.
Apr 24 22:14:31 <TesKin> "I won't hit you!"
Apr 24 22:14:36 <TesKin> "But that's all I got!"
Apr 24 22:14:47 <RogetHockey> 4df+12 tagging power play, Shawn delivers a hard blow with all of his might into the creature's back, with merciless force
Apr 24 22:14:47 <Glacon> RogetHockey: tagging power play, Shawn delivers a hard blow with all of his might into the creature's back, with merciless force: 11 (4df+12=0, -, +, -)
Apr 24 22:15:00 <gumbal1> 4df+4 (I was born with thick skin)
Apr 24 22:15:01 <Glacon> gumbal1: (I was born with thick skin): 6 (4df+4=0, +, +, 0)
Apr 24 22:16:13 <gumbal1> The punch clearly cracks something, and the tar baby screams again. They begin coughing up yellowish blood.
Apr 24 22:16:41 <RogetHockey> strength to attempt tearing out its spine?
Apr 24 22:16:45 <TesKin> Mac frowns a little.
Apr 24 22:16:47 <gumbal1> Go ahead.
Apr 24 22:16:56 <ihp> Jacob winces at the sound. "…christ, that sounds like a kid…"
Apr 24 22:17:14 <RogetHockey> 4df+12 tagging power play for the last tag of the night, Shawn does full mortal kombat.
Apr 24 22:17:14 <Glacon> RogetHockey: tagging power play for the last tag of the night, Shawn does full mortal kombat.: 12 (4df+12=0, -, +, 0)
Apr 24 22:17:20 <gumbal1> 4df+4
Apr 24 22:17:21 <Glacon> gumbal1: 7 (4df+4=+, +, +, 0)
Apr 24 22:17:53 <gumbal1> You rip out a gob of flesh and meat, but the spine seems to have eluded you.
Apr 24 22:18:19 <gumbal1> 4df+5 (Melee) The tar baby attempts one last bite.
Apr 24 22:18:20 <Glacon> gumbal1: (Melee) The tar baby attempts one last bite.: 6 (4df+5=+, +, -, 0)
Apr 24 22:18:44 <RogetHockey> 4df+6 pdef
Apr 24 22:18:44 <Glacon> RogetHockey: pdef: 6 (4df+6=-, -, +, +)
Apr 24 22:18:54 <gumbal1> The bite is innefectual.
Apr 24 22:19:27 <RogetHockey> 4df+6 getting tired, Shawn tried to end it by punching it to death(melee)
Apr 24 22:19:28 <Glacon> RogetHockey: getting tired, Shawn tried to end it by punching it to death(melee): 7 (4df+6=+, -, +, 0)
Apr 24 22:20:14 <gumbal1> With one final scream, the tar baby's face is smashed right in. The breaking of bones sounds almost as loud as their death throes.
Apr 24 22:20:33 <TesKin> "Well that was… Brtual. Let's get this taken care of."
Apr 24 22:20:48 <RogetHockey> Shawn sits on the great beast, and wipes the goo off his fists. "Sometimes you have to play a brutal game to win. Good teamwork."
Apr 24 22:20:51 <RogetHockey> he tries to catch his breath
Apr 24 22:21:13 <TesKin> "I don't kill."
Apr 24 22:21:16 <TesKin> "But good job."
Apr 24 22:21:27 <RogetHockey> "Well, to each his own."
Apr 24 22:21:34 <ihp> Jacob cringes at the sound. "…just take the damn body back to the village….
Apr 24 22:21:52 <RogetHockey> Can Shawn pick it up?
Apr 24 22:22:05 <gumbal1> Yeah, this thing is far too big to be moved manually.
Apr 24 22:22:22 <gumbal1> You hear a rustling from the bushes.
Apr 24 22:22:44 <TesKin> Mac turns his gun to the bushes.
Apr 24 22:23:09 <gumbal1> One of the acolytes thought it would be a good hiding place to watch the fight. It was passible.
Apr 24 22:23:25 <TesKin> Mac lowers his gun. "Sorry."
Apr 24 22:23:32 <gumbal1> "Oh. Is it done?" Their skin darkens somewhat.
Apr 24 22:23:49 <TesKin> "I think?"
Apr 24 22:23:50 <RogetHockey> "Took care of the beasty, messy business."
Apr 24 22:25:03 <ihp> Jacob frowns at the darkening skin. "Is… everything all right?"
Apr 24 22:25:19 <gumbal1> The acolyte slides into the pit. They pull out a flaying knife. "This will take a while. You need enough for your metal mount, correct?"
Apr 24 22:25:39 <RogetHockey> Shawn moves out of the way
Apr 24 22:25:55 <TesKin> "Yeah. Thanks."
Apr 24 22:27:36 <gumbal1> The acolyte nods, and begins the flaying process.
Apr 24 22:28:22 <RogetHockey> Shawn cleans himself up a bit. He's still winding down from the adrenaline rush.
Apr 24 22:28:23 <gumbal1> It takes a few hourse, but eventually they end up with a good amount of skin. "This should be enough."
Apr 24 22:28:36 <RogetHockey> "Terrific!"
Apr 24 22:29:10 <gumbal1> "I, er, preprepared a small does of the ritual. Enough to get you and your mount back home. Please don't tell the High Acolyte."
Apr 24 22:29:31 <TesKin> "Mums the word."
Apr 24 22:30:33 <RogetHockey> "I won't snitch, don't worry."
Apr 24 22:31:25 <gumbal1> The acolyte hands Jacob a small vial. "Pour this into the skin and burn it." They look back. "I b-believe I that should be all."
Apr 24 22:32:28 <TesKin> Mac nods. "Thank you. Truly."
Apr 24 22:32:42 <RogetHockey> Shawn slaps the acolyte on the back, fondly. "You're a good man. Thanks, eh."
Apr 24 22:33:18 <gumbal1> "It's n-no problem." Their skin briefly darkens.
Apr 24 22:34:21 <ihp> Jacob nods, and bows to the acolytes. "We thank you for your help."
Apr 24 22:35:59 <RogetHockey> "So, do we just, uh, drape the skin over the tank and go off, or…. something?"
Apr 24 22:36:17 <TesKin> "Pour the stuff on the skin and burn it."
Apr 24 22:36:28 <TesKin> "At least that's what our friend said."
Apr 24 22:36:37 <gumbal1> "I'd take it inside with you. T-this ritual is rather context sensitive."
Apr 24 22:36:57 <RogetHockey> "Oh, I thought he meant that was after… shall we?"
Apr 24 22:37:09 <TesKin> Mac nods. "Again, thank you for all your help."
Apr 24 22:37:14 <TesKin> "Let's head home gents."
Apr 24 22:37:41 <ihp> Jacob frowns at the acolytes. "What's wrong?"
Apr 24 22:38:30 <gumbal1> "I-i-i-uh…" Their skin darkens again. "…have to go."
Apr 24 22:38:44 <gumbal1> The acolyte runs off.
Apr 24 22:39:03 <RogetHockey> "What a delightful fellah."
Apr 24 22:39:09 <TesKin> "Ooookay?"
Apr 24 22:39:16 <TesKin> "Let's get back to the tank."
Apr 24 22:40:18 <RogetHockey> Shawn does that getting back to the tank thing
Apr 24 22:40:32 <ihp> Jacob chuckles. "That was odd." He shakes his head and heads back to the tank.
Apr 24 22:40:53 <TesKin> Mac hobbles after the two.
Apr 24 22:41:08 <gumbal1> The tank is still there, although someone appears to have drawn a two-headed humanoid on the side. There's also a pitch-black rock left on the hatch.
Apr 24 22:41:40 <TesKin> Mac frowns. "That doesn't look good."
Apr 24 22:41:49 <RogetHockey> "… That rock's probably safe to move, right? Maybe?"
Apr 24 22:41:52 <gumbal1> The water is clearer, now. Now there appears to be a giant green maggot with white feelers from its back directly under the surface.
Apr 24 22:42:05 <gumbal1> Like, really giant.
Apr 24 22:42:18 <ihp> Jacob frowns. "…balls." He draws his garden shears again.
Apr 24 22:42:38 <TesKin> "Haul ass into the tank?"
Apr 24 22:42:43 <gumbal1> It isn't doing anything. Just watching.
Apr 24 22:42:49 <gumbal1> With it's giant red eye.
Apr 24 22:42:59 <TesKin> Mac draws the Walker, reloading the one round he fired.
Apr 24 22:43:01 <gumbal1> And the numerous red eyes on its feelers.
Apr 24 22:43:22 <TesKin> "I don't think we can beat that."
Apr 24 22:43:38 <TesKin> Mac hobbles over to the tank and attempts to move the black rock from the hatch.
Apr 24 22:44:00 <gumbal1> It moves okay. Kinda pretty if you hold it right.
Apr 24 22:44:16 <TesKin> How big is it?
Apr 24 22:44:20 <RogetHockey> Shawn follows Mac.
Apr 24 22:44:25 <gumbal1> You could hold it in your hand.
Apr 24 22:44:33 <ihp> :|
Apr 24 22:44:35 <TesKin> Mac pockets it.
Apr 24 22:44:52 <ihp> Jacob gets into the tank as well.
Apr 24 22:45:27 <RogetHockey> Shawn hops back into the gunner seat. "What a day, huh boys?"
Apr 24 22:45:59 <TesKin> Mac mounts up.
Apr 24 22:46:01 <ihp> Jacob takes the hide and pours the liquid on it.
Apr 24 22:46:05 <TesKin> "Intresting."
Apr 24 22:46:06 <ihp> "Open some holes to vent it."
Apr 24 22:46:28 <gumbal1> The hide quickly soaks up the liquid.
Apr 24 22:46:33 <ihp> He takes out a lighter and lights the hide, covering his mouth.
Apr 24 22:46:48 <RogetHockey> Shawn covers his mouth and nose.
Apr 24 22:47:19 <gumbal1> An incredibly fragent scent comes from the hide.
Apr 24 22:47:39 <gumbal1> Other than that, you feel nothing as it burns.
Apr 24 22:47:53 <RogetHockey> Shawn tries not to breathe this
Apr 24 22:48:09 <ihp> ~Oh shit.~
Apr 24 22:48:11 <gumbal1> You feel no different as soon as it stops burning.
Apr 24 22:48:19 <ihp> "…" Jacob looks out of the port holes.
Apr 24 22:48:30 <RogetHockey> "So, what happens now?"
Apr 24 22:48:33 <gumbal1> …but the world certainly seems to have changed.
Apr 24 22:49:13 <gumbal1> You're back in your world. The Thresher Demons from earlier, included the wounded one, seem content to be playing a game of cards amongst themselves.
Apr 24 22:49:24 <TesKin> Mac is back in his regular position. "So let's get out of here."
Apr 24 22:50:17 <gumbal1> The tank is driven back to site. There's been enough testing for one day.
Apr 24 22:50:25 <gumbal1> -END RUN-

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