Psi 7 And The Great Mailman In The Sky

<Bunton> Theo and Adrian have more luck.
<Bunton> They can tell that yes, they are still definitely in rural New York.
<Sax> "We're still in New York."
<Balthazaar> 4df+3 fuck too late
<Glacon> Balthazaar: fuck too late: 1 (4df+3=-, -, 0, 0)
<ihp> "…well shit. Keep driving. Something's wrong."
<Vorcha> "..Desertification..?" He looks at Adrian, it's the only explanation he can think of.
<Sax> "Not nearly this drastic, in such a short period of time."
<Vorcha> "Artificial then?"
<Vorcha> "I don't know what would subject that kind of stress on the area though.."
<TeslaTornado> "Presumably the lab we're heading toward." Kevin conjectures bluntly.
<Balthazaar> It's probably anomalous. Or magic. Or anomalous magic."
<TeslaTornado> Emily, that last comment nets you a Look.
<Sax> Adrian headtilts at Emily.
<Vorcha> He frowns at Kevin. Well half of his mouth does. "I meant what machine would do so.. I do-.." He looks at Emily.
<Vorcha> He is a man of /science/
<ihp> ~I miss having old undercover operations. When the Sahara didn't suddenly move to Albany, my boyfriend was a man who could bench-press a moose, and I didn't have to deal with the fact that magic could suddenly explode in my face at literally any second.~
<ihp> Susan sighs wistfully.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin drives on, constructing a cover story.
<Vorcha> "Emily..Perhaps I should go in with you.. To make sure I cover any possible questions.."
<Bunton> Do you drive into the desert?
<Vorcha> He looks at Susan. "You and I.. Might need to take the lead."
<ihp> "…three at a time would draw suspicion. Assuming anyone is still alive."
<ihp> "We could be heading for a pyramid, for all I know, and need to fight King fucking Nefertiti."
<TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Perception) Looking for a trail.
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Perception) Looking for a trail.: 2 (4df+4=-, -, 0, 0)
<Bunton> Are you driving into the desert?
<Balthazaar> Emily twiddles her thumbs idly, getting into character.
<Vorcha> "..Wasn't Nefertiti a queen..?"
<TeslaTornado> Yeah. Kevin's looking for a trail first.
<Bunton> You don't find one!
<ihp> Susan calms down, breathing in and humming softly.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin skirts the outside edge of the desert, if there's a definite outside edge.
<Bunton> It's just desert for mile around.
<Bunton> There is!
<TeslaTornado> Then Kevin drives the truck around the edge of the desert.
<Vorcha> "..Do you think the cause would be in the center..?"
<Sax> "There is a possibility."
<Bunton> It's not actually that big. You were bordered by hills when you first drove up, so it was deceptively small.
<Bunton> The desert's maybe only half a mile in diameter.
<Bunton> It's a perfect circle.
<Bunton> As your driving, you notice something.
<TeslaTornado> "Perhaps, but driving blindly into a desert with no path, even a small one, is a horrendous idea."
<Bunton> There's a white sort of pyramid in the middle.
<ihp> "…son of a /fucking bitch!/"
<Vorcha> 4df+3 Can Theodore notice any paths if he traces outwards from the pyramid instead of inwards?
<Glacon> Vorcha: Can Theodore notice any paths if he traces outwards from the pyramid instead of inwards?: 5 (4df+3=0, +, +, 0)
<Bunton> There's… footprints, all around.
<TeslaTornado> "Structure."
<Bunton> It's hard to tell from this distance, but they look faint, and not normal.
<Balthazaar> "Oh wow…"
<Bunton> Light, small footprints in the sand.
<Vorcha> "There's certainly a lot of.. odd footprints.."
<Vorcha> "Tiny.."
<TeslaTornado> 4df+8 (Academics + Mind Palace) Let's see if we can compare this to any other similar structures we might have seen
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Academics + Mind Palace) Let's see if we can compare this to any other similar structures we might have seen: 8 (4df+8=0, -, +, 0)
<ihp> "…Winsthrop, if we end up fighting mummies… do I have permission to kill they n[Das Racist!]er who assigned us this mission?"
<TeslaTornado> "No." Kevin says bluntly. "That [REDACTED] is part of our information network, and we rather need all the help we can get."

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<Bunton> That ziggurat looks weird.
<Vorcha> "I don't.. Think we should drive in.. But walk." He mumbles.
<Balthazaar> "He's much nicer than the last N{NOH]er I worked with."
<Vorcha> Theodore is visibly unhappy at all of this [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] cussing
<Vorcha> slash racism
<Vorcha> because I used the wrong word
<Sax> Adrian is also not very pleased.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin looks at the truck, then turns towards the structure. He turns off the engine and pops his door open.
<Sax> Adrian disembarks.
<ihp> Susan sighs, getting out as well and breathing deeply, trying to stay in character.
<Vorcha> Theodore gives Emily and Susan a scolding stare before hopping out
<Vorcha> "Everyone remember who they are?"
<Vorcha> He pats his chest. "Bernhard Amsel.."
<ihp> "Betsy White." Susan is imitating Emily's voice.
<TeslaTornado> "Yes." Kevin straightens his lapels and slouches a bit. He tousles his hair and adopts his generic accent. "Ben Rowan."
<Sax> "Charles Horsburg." Adrian pulls out the country accent.
<Bunton> Perception as you get near the ziggurat.
<ihp> 4df+3 Susan perception.
<Glacon> ihp: Susan perception.: 1 (4df+3=-, -, -, +)
<ihp> :I
<Sax> 4df+4 Base perception
<Glacon> Sax: Base perception: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, -)
<TeslaTornado> 4df+4 Kevin perception.
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: Kevin perception.: 6 (4df+4=+, +, 0, 0)
<Balthazaar> 4df+4
<Glacon> Balthazaar: 5 (4df+4=+, +, -, 0)
<Vorcha> 4df+3 LOOK WITH YOUR SPECIAL EYE THEODORE. The one that isn't mostly blind.
<Glacon> Vorcha: LOOK WITH YOUR SPECIAL EYE THEODORE. The one that isn't mostly blind.: 1 (4df+3=-, -, +, -)
<Bunton> Kevin notices something.
<Bunton> You're being watched.
<Bunton> There's little sandstone depressions in the sand. Eyes are staring out from them.
<Bunton> It's only in the one spot, though.
<TeslaTornado> "Something has eyes on us," Kevin says quietly. He gestures with a tiny motion of the hand toward the mentioned depressions. "Remain calm and don't indicate that we've been spotted."
<TeslaTornado> He keeps his eyes focused on the ziggurat.
<Sax> Adrian pretends he didn't hear anything and continues to act in-character.
<ihp> Susan could go for a ziggurat. A pack fo Camels would be nice.
<Bunton> Do you continue on towards it?
<Vorcha> Theo straightens his labcoat. "Okay who leads?" He looks at the group, talking quietly in his german accent.
<ihp> Susan keeps walking towards it, looking up at the thing.
<Bunton> As you approach, you see what was so weird about it.

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<Bunton> It's made of papier mache.
<Balthazaar> Research assistant Lana Dugan walks with Susan
<ihp> ~…yup. I'm killing a n[DAS SO RACIST]er tonight.~
<Vorcha> Theodore taps it curiously.
<Bunton> It's made of… envelopes and letters.
<Sax> Adrian stares dumbfounded at the entire thing.
<Sax> "And I thought I've done dumb in my undergrad years…"
<TeslaTornado> Benjamin Rowan notes this and locks it up in his mental palace. "That's abnormal," he says in rather nebbish tones.
<Bunton> It's this great big huge structure made of envelopes and letters pasted together, with an entrance at the side.
<Vorcha> He tries to peel a letter from the structure
<Bunton> It's pasted together pretty solidly, but you can juuust about pull back a loose page.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin swats at Theo's hand. "Stop that."
<Bunton> It's a gas bill dated a month ago.
<ihp> Susan just stays silent, fuming slightly. Once, just /once/, she'd like an intelligence-gathering mission that didn't involve anomalies.
<Vorcha> "A month ago.." He mumbles, not acknowledging Kevin.
<TeslaTornado> Susan joined the wrong god damn Foundation, then.
<Sax> Adrian pulls out a torch from his satchel, in case the interior is dark.
<ihp> Susan looks to the entrance. "I think we should all go in now."
<TeslaTornado> Kevin makes a mental note to shoot Theo for incompetence after he returns from the mission, then moves towards the door, adjusting the lapels of his coat.
<Vorcha> Theodore takes the penlight out of his coat pocket
<Bunton> The interior's a sharp declining staircase into darkness.
<Balthazaar> Emily nods. "That seems like a good course of action." She's imitating Susan.
<Bunton> All made of pasted together paper.
<Sax> Adrian is shining a light down the way, trying to see the bottom.
<ihp> ~So much for a cover identity.~ Susan looks at Theodore. "Lead the way, doc."
<Bunton> It goes down a good bit.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin looks at the dates on the envelopes and letters, writing them in a notebook, because he's Kevin Goddamn Winsthrop and he's never not carrying a notebook.
<Bunton> You can see that mounted on the walls are statues of humanoid figures.
<Vorcha> Theodore nods at Susan and takes the lead, standing behind Adrian and also flashing his light down.
<Sax> ~How did I end up leading the file?~
<Balthazaar> Emily goes with them
<Sax> ~Aren't medics supposed to be in the back?~
<Sax> He continues shining his light around as he proceeds down, checking the area for anything of interest or for danger.
<Vorcha> Theo has passed up Adrian only slightly.
<ihp> 4df+8 Susan goes down last, trying to blend into the shadows as she does so. (Sneak+Op Sec skill)
<Glacon> ihp: Susan goes down last, trying to blend into the shadows as she does so. (Sneak+Op Sec skill): 7 (4df+8=-, -, +, 0)
<Vorcha> But is clearly in the lead for now
<TeslaTornado> Kevin takes second place in the file, hands in his jacket pockets, wrapped around the handle of his pistol.
<TeslaTornado> 4df+5 (Ungentlemanly Warfare) Let's do this subtly
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Ungentlemanly Warfare) Let's do this subtly: 6 (4df+5=+, 0, +, -)
<Vorcha> 4df+7 (The mouse)
<Glacon> Vorcha: (The mouse): 8 (4df+7=+, -, +, 0)
<Sax> Adrian's a doctor. What stealth?
<Bunton> As you go down you can see the statues are all of humanoid figures with satchels holding newspapers.
<Bunton> There's a left and right turning.
<Bunton> The papers on the right passage are all slightly melty.
<ihp> Susan mouths, "Let's not go down that way."
<Sax> Adrian nods.
<Vorcha> Theodore flashes his penlight down the right passage way
<Sax> Drowning in molten paper is not how he wants to die.
<Bunton> You hear scuttling from the melty passage.
<Bunton> The other one is more stairs into darkness.
<Vorcha> He prods the paper with his GLOVED HANDS. Is it actually melty or like how paper gets when it's moist
<Sax> Adrian pulls out his Singer.
<Vorcha> "Gun done." He frown.
<Vorcha> Down.
<Vorcha> *
<Bunton> It's like how paper gets when it's moiset.
<Bunton> *moist
<TeslaTornado> Kevin doesn't have his gun out. His hand is still in his pocket.
<ihp> Susan doesn't have a gun. Just a knife, and shadows.
<Sax> He holsters the Singer underneath his blazer, in case he really needs it.
<Balthazaar> Emily has her hand in her purse, hand on her gun
<Vorcha> He frowns. "..Moist..? Was it humid out..?" He looks at the group. "..Do you think this might be absorbing the moisture from the area..?" He's talking quietly.
<Bunton> The scuttling's getting nearer.
<Sax> Adrian shines a light into the right hallway.
<Vorcha> "Keep your weapons holstered.. But convenient." He's already shining his light down too. "Don't.. Unnecessarily blow the cover."
<Bunton> This thing is on the ceiling.
<Sax> ~Oh Jesus~
<Vorcha> …Theodore feels his calling
<Bunton> On the floor are two huge letters carved in the paper.
<Bunton> "HI"
<ihp> ~At least it's not buzzing…~ Susan would freak if it were some kind of wasp.
<Vorcha> 4df+11 (Bio educated) THEO KNOWS BUG STUFF. He observers every detail of it, taking a step towards it
<Glacon> Vorcha: (Bio educated) THEO KNOWS BUG STUFF. He observers every detail of it, taking a step towards it: 9 (4df+11=-, -, +, -)
<TeslaTornado> Kevin sighs loudly as Theo talks about breaking cover out loud.
<Bunton> It's not any normal kind of insect, but it seems… docile. Inquisitive, even.
<TeslaTornado> He watches the bug very calmly, hands in pockets.
<Bunton> It tilts its head at Theo.
<ihp> "…what is he doing?" Susan says under her breath.
<Vorcha> Theo was talking quietly as he had been doing so he ignores the sigh of Jackass. "..There were other eyes outside.. Is this a communal hive?"
<Balthazaar> Emily eyes it with cold, clinical interest. "Hmmm…"
<TeslaTornado> Kevin shrugs. "If it goes to bite, shoot it, then shoot him."
<Sax> Adrian is also eyeing it, but he is clearly not at ease.
<Sax> He smirks at the last part.
<ihp> ~Imagine that. Gun-happy Psi-7 not shooting for once.~
<Bunton> It slowly extends a foreleg towards Theo.
<Vorcha> The assumes that it's a curious greeting gesture and extends his arm in turn.
<Sax> ~What are you doing?!~
<Sax> Adrian's baffled.
<Bunton> "Hello."
<TeslaTornado> Kevin takes two cautious steps back.
<Bunton> It says.
<Vorcha> "Hello."
<Vorcha> Theodore is acting like this is no big thing.
<TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Wards) Kevin tests the thing for magical energy from a distance.
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Wards) Kevin tests the thing for magical energy from a distance.: 2 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, -)
<ihp> "…talking arthropods. Huh." Susan stays in the shadows, frowning. This can't be Prometheus, can it?
<Bunton> Nope!
<Vorcha> Kevin is a+

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<Bunton> The thing continues to watch Theo.
<Balthazaar> Emily looks up at the nasty bug. This is worse than the crawdads
<Vorcha> "There were others here.." He comments. "Are you an envoy.. Or merely just curious?"
<Bunton> "'Course I'm curious. You're all funny-lookin'."
<Bunton> "Wait until I tell my pa about this!"

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<Balthazaar> Emily approaches slowly, her characters curiosity coming through
<Bunton> "Hey, have you seen my frisbee?"
<Vorcha> He chuckles. Then his face straightens again. "..Are the others violent? Would they object to us meeting them?"
<Vorcha> He shakes his head. "I have not."
<Bunton> "Aw shucks."
<Bunton> "What others? Us folk or them folk?"
<Vorcha> "Your folk.." He raises an eyebrow. "Who are the others?"
<TeslaTornado> Kevin stands back. His natural wariness wins the day, always. Something about death.
<Sax> Adrian also stands back.
<Bunton> "They're funny lookin', like you. Down that there corridor."
<Sax> If shit goes really wrong, he would rather be fixing their mistakes.
<Bunton> It points with another foreleg at the left passageway.
<Vorcha> "Are they wearing coats like I am?"
<ihp> Susan looks down there. "…hmm."
<Bunton> "One of 'em is. Think his name's Jim or summit."
<Bunton> "Can I hug you?"
<Vorcha> "You may.." He nods. "Not hard though.. I don't have an exoskeleton."
<TeslaTornado> Well, stealth is broken. Kevin doesn't move, regardless.
<Bunton> It drops down on Theo.
<Bunton> *BLARG*
<Vorcha> Theo is blarged upon. I'm assuming I don't need to defend since it's not /trying/ to hurt him?
<Sax> ~Note to self: quarantine him after this is over~
<Bunton> It crawls all around him.
<TeslaTornado> ~Note to Self: Use the gasoline from the truck to burn him alive~
<Bunton> Then it climbs back up on the wall.
<Vorcha> Theo straightens out his labcoat.
<Bunton> Roll mental defense Theo.
<Balthazaar> Emily watches on like :|
<Vorcha> 4df+4 oh god dammit Bunton you play with my heart
<Glacon> Vorcha: oh god dammit Bunton you play with my heart: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, +, 0)
<Balthazaar> She goes and stands next to Susan.
<Bunton> Part of your brain is like "EW EW EW THERE WAS A BUG ON YOU."
<ihp> Susan looks at Emily. "…I'll see about getting him counseling."
<Vorcha> Bunton Theo is an entomologist he would never feel that
<TeslaTornado> "I'll see about having him burned."
<Vorcha> He is literally a bug scientist
<ihp> ~Clearly he has some kind of insect-based paraphilia.~
<Bunton> It's the human part of your brain.
<Bunton> "What is it you folk're wanting anyway?"
<Sax> "He is getting quarantined after this is all over."
<Sax> Adrian is NOT amused.
<Vorcha> He clears his throat, calming down the minority of his mind that is /wrong/. "We were hear to meet up with the other folk."
<Balthazaar> Emily nods and looks to Susan like 'Should I still be in character?'
<TeslaTornado> Kevin gestures towards Theo. "Him, quarantined."
<TeslaTornado> "Or dead. Either suits our interests after that display."
<Bunton> "Oh. Okay."
<Bunton> "Pa says I'm not to mix with your kind."
<ihp> Susan nods at Emily. "…I'll go first."
<Bunton> "He says you should all be strung up."
<Vorcha> "Well that answers a previous question.." He frowns. "You said the others were down the left yes?"
<Bunton> "Ayup."
<TeslaTornado> ~Euclid-class anomaly, localized.~
<Bunton> "I'm bored now, so I'm going to go."
<Bunton> "Hey, I have a question."
<ihp> "…thank you for the information."
<Balthazaar> Emily nods. "I'll cover you." She's still speaking in a doctor voice
<TeslaTornado> Kevin squints at the thing. "Go on."
<Vorcha> "I'll keep an eye out for your frisby." It's hard to tell if he's serious
<Vorcha> "..Yes?"
<Bunton> "How come there's only 5 of yous?"
<Bunton> "Where's the other 5 billion?"
<Vorcha> "..We don't all live together."
<Bunton> "Oh. That's weird."
<Vorcha> "..There also isn't than many of us."
<Bunton> The thing turns around and very quickly crawls away.
<ihp> "…right. Down we go."
<Vorcha> He then leads the others down the left hall. After all he's more likely to die that way or something so Kevin won't object.
<Balthazaar> Emily nods.
<TeslaTornado> ~Wonderful, we're walking into certain death.~
<TeslaTornado> Kevin notes the dates on the papers this deep underground.
<TeslaTornado> Are they earlier than the ones at surface level?
<Bunton> They're all more and more and recent.
<Bunton> 12 days ago…
<Bunton> 11 days ago…
<Vorcha> He looks at Susan and whispers. "If only one of them.. Is in a coat.. That doesn't bode well for this being primarily a research excursion."
<Balthazaar> Emily starts toward the tunnel on the left, taking point
<Bunton> You see another of those little depressions, in the wall this time.
<Bunton> It's like a rip in the wall.
<ihp> "…what were they even working on that this happened?" Susan steps away from Theo slightly. Bug gunk.
<Bunton> Something's moving behind it.

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<Bunton> Theo is all sorts of covered in bug gunk.
<Sax> How is the smell?
<ihp> Susan silently mimes to the wall.

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<ihp> Specifically, the rip in it.
<Vorcha> The looks at the rip.
<Bunton> It smells like…
<TeslaTornado> Kevin looks to the rift in the wall from a safe distance.
<Bunton> Rotting paper.
<Bunton> And Venice.
<Vorcha> Theodore is at a distance to the rift that Kevin would most likely call fucknuts stupid. This is what happens when a bug researcher leads instead of a soldier.
<Balthazaar> Emily peers at it with a clinical interest
<Bunton> There are figures moving behind the rip in the wall.

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<Bunton> They seem to be pushing eachother out of the way.
<Bunton> Perception.
<ihp> 4df+3 base perception. Susan stares.
<Glacon> ihp: base perception. Susan stares.: 2 (4df+3=-, +, -, 0)
<Balthazaar> 4df+4
<Glacon> Balthazaar: 5 (4df+4=+, -, +, 0)
<Sax> Adrian pulls out a respirator from his satchel, and puts i on.
<Sax> 4df+7 Tagging DHK, military perception
<Glacon> Sax: Tagging DHK, military perception: 5 (4df+7=-, -, 0, 0)
<Bunton> Emily and Adrian can hear… voices.
<Bunton> "Out of the way, yah bastard!"
<Bunton> "Move your fecking head!"
<Bunton> "I want to see!"
<Vorcha> 4df+6 The Mouse again
<Glacon> Vorcha: The Mouse again: 5 (4df+6=-, 0, -, +)
<Bunton> "Pineapple! Pineapple!"
<Bunton> Also Theo.
<Bunton> "The feck is a pineapple?"
<Bunton> "I don't know!"
<Balthazaar> "Hmm. Interesting. There seems to be voices in there… Arguing about pineapple…"
<Vorcha> He raises an eyebrow. "Are you also.. Ermn.. The.. Natives?" They sound like the other bug child
<Bunton> The voices stop.
<Bunton> "Er… that depends. Who are you?"
<Sax> Adrian is fully prepared to backpedal~
<Vorcha> He gestures at the gunk on him. "A friendly man."
<Bunton> Roll persuasion.
<Vorcha> 4df dammit Theo has nothing social going for him :<
<Glacon> Vorcha: dammit Theo has nothing social going for him :<: -1 (4df=0, 0, 0, -)
<Vorcha> :'c
<Bunton> "Oh feck, you're one of them!"
<ihp> "…we are human."
<Bunton> There's the sounds of tiny feet on paper quickly running away.
<Vorcha> He frowns.

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<Vorcha> He nudges the rift enough to peep through and watch them scamper away.

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<Bunton> You see small, humanoid figures.
<Bunton> Running away.
<ihp> 4df+7 "Wait! Come back!" Susan cries out.
<Glacon> ihp: "Wait! Come back!" Susan cries out.: 7 (4df+7=0, -, +, 0)
<Bunton> One of them stops.
<ihp> (Persuasion +specialty skill Psych you Out)
<Bunton> It looks back at them.
<Bunton> "Who did you say you were again?"
<ihp> 4df+8 (bluff+psych you out) Susan has had her accent up this whole time. "…who did you say /you/ were? We're employees of Prometheus Laboratories."
<Glacon> ihp: (bluff+psych you out) Susan has had her accent up this whole time. "…who did you say /you/ were? We're employees of Prometheus Laboratories.": 8 (4df+8=-, 0, +, 0)
<Bunton> "What's that?"
<ihp> ~Oh shit.~
<ihp> 4df+7 Persuasion again. "Can you come closer? I can't exactly see you." Susan looks at Adrian. "Shine a light on them."
<Glacon> ihp: Persuasion again. "Can you come closer? I can't exactly see you." Susan looks at Adrian. "Shine a light on them.": 4 (4df+7=-, 0, -, -)
<ihp> :I
<ihp> well.
<Bunton> The creature just sort of stands there.
<Bunton> "I'm not too sure about you guys. Who /are/ you?"
<Bunton> "Are you tourists?"
<TeslaTornado> 4df+12 (Intimidiate + Terrorize + Ice King) "Doesn't matter. get over here. NOW."
<Sax> Adrian directs the torch.
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Intimidiate + Terrorize + Ice King) "Doesn't matter. get over here. NOW.": 13 (4df+12=+, 0, -, +)
<Vorcha> Theo scratches his cheek. Not the burnt one. This is going south rapidly.
<Bunton> "Alright, alright, jeez!"
<Bunton> It walks up t o the hole in the wall.
<Bunton> *to
<ihp> Susan tries not to recoil. "…who are you?"
<Bunton> That is what it looks like.
<Bunton> "Oh, my names For Immediate Delivery."
<Bunton> "I'm the tourist industry for… well, the universe I guess!"
<TeslaTornado> "… The universe."
<Vorcha> "Industry..?"
<ihp> "…Uh-Huh." Susan frowns.
<Bunton> "Yup, that's the one."
<Bunton> "Well, it's just me, I'm afraid. There's only been one tourist in all of existence, so it's not a terribly busy industry."
<Balthazaar> Emily leans forward a bit to inspect the creature. "Hmm… What do you do with these tourists, may I ask?"
<Bunton> "Oh, you know, show them around, tell them our history!"
<Vorcha> He raises his eyebrow. "Hrmn.. I guess, I am a tourist.. In a way."
<Bunton> "Then we send them on their way, but since they can't leave, we just show them around again!"
<TeslaTornado> "'Our' history?" Kevin tilts his head. "How do you mean?"
<Bunton> "Wait, really?"
<Bunton> "Are you all tourists?"
<Balthazaar> "That depends, why is it they cannot leave?"
<Bunton> "Well, you can't leave the universe now, can you?"
<TeslaTornado> "You'd be surprised," Kevin mumbles.
<Balthazaar> "Not that we are aware of."
<Vorcha> He raises an eyebrow. "But.. Could we leave the pyramid?"
<Vorcha> "Afterwards, I mean."
<Bunton> "Don't see why not."
<Bunton> "Look, do you want the tour or not?"
<Vorcha> He looks around at the group. "I.. Am kind of interested.."
<Sax> Adrian looks around.
<Sax> He is not getting good jives from this.
<Balthazaar> Emily considers it and looks to Kevin and Susan
<ihp> "…I say we do it."
<Vorcha> He nods in agreement.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin frowns violently.
<TeslaTornado> "We have something lurking here that we've confirmed actively hates the human race."
<TeslaTornado> "And we're going to walk right into it."
<Vorcha> "We haven't though."
<Sax> "I'll pass on this one."
<Vorcha> "One instance of.. Speciesism.. Isn't a valid proof of all. The one we met was fine."
<Sax> "You can go ahead, if you wish, researcher Lawrence."
<Sax> "However, if things go wrong, I will be waiting out here."
<Vorcha> He looks at Susan. "It would seem only we are interested."
<TeslaTornado> Kevin presses his thumbs to his temples. "I'm going to the truck. You have an hour."
<Balthazaar> Emily goes over to Susan. "If you go I'll go too. You might need someone who can shoot with you."
<TeslaTornado> "I won't die for your stupidity."
<Sax> "I am also heading to the vehicle."
<ihp> "All right." Susan nods. "Let's do this."
<Bunton> "Now, wait, wait!"
<Sax> "Please remain safe, agents."
<Bunton> The thing kicks through the wall and hops out in the corridor.
<Vorcha> He looks at FID.
<Bunton> It comes up to about knee-height.
<TeslaTornado> 4df+12 (Intimidate + Command + Ice King) Kevin stuffs a gun into its face at the sudden gesture.
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Intimidate + Command + Ice King) Kevin stuffs a gun into its face at the sudden gesture.: 13 (4df+12=-, 0, +, +)
<Bunton> "What's that?"
<TeslaTornado> Intim + terrorize*
<Vorcha> He glares at Kevin. "In a three to two vote we wanted to go. You are the only instance of outright hostility I have witnessed in this area!"
<Bunton> "Woah!"
<TeslaTornado> "I am looking for the best interests of our organization, if you want to kill yourself down here, by all means do so." Kevin says simply.
<Bunton> "Calm down, for the sake of the Great Mailman in the Sky!"
<TeslaTornado> He turns his head toward the humanoid. "You. Back away slowly, hands above your head. Maintain two paces' distance from my comrades."

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<TeslaTornado> "Two long paces."
<Vorcha> He looks at it. "Don't move. He was proven to not be on the majority side."
<Bunton> "Alright, alright…"

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<ihp> Susan takes a narcotic pen out of her purse, and twirls it in her hand. "Kevin, calm down, please. We'll be fine."
<TeslaTornado> Kevin waits for the thing to take its two paces.
<Bunton> It takes its two paces!
<Vorcha> Theodore follows its two paces.
<Vorcha> He's glaring at Kevin.
<Bunton> "Wait, I'm confused. Are you wanting the tour or not?"
<ihp> Can Susan roll to sneakily inject Kevin with the pen? It's just morphine. "I want the tour. Forgive my friend. He's… paranoid."
<TeslaTornado> Kevin lowers his weapon once the two paces are taken.
<Bunton> I guess? Kevin would roll agility against it, though.
<Sax> Adrian's slowly backing out.
<ihp> Susan frowns as the gun is lowered, and she puts away the pen, stepping towards the thing. "…if there are other humans in here, this may be our best hope of finding them."
<Sax> He's not becoming a part of this impromptu rescue mission.
<Bunton> Anyone who's following Adrian step into #tooltime
<Bunton> "Great!"
<Balthazaar> Emily looks to Susan, is hse still imitating Emilys voice?
<Bunton> "Okay, follow me!"
<TeslaTornado> "If there are other humans down here," Kevin responds, "they're already lost. We're a reconnaissance team, not a goddamn—"
<Bunton> The creature marches off ahead of them.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin just growls into silence and stalks back to the truck.
<Sax> Kevin, you may notice that Adrian's heading back the way they came.
<Vorcha> Theodore follows the creature.
<ihp> She is, and she follows after them.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin is, for once, with Adrian.
<Balthazaar> Emily follows Susan
<Balthazaar> Gun out
<Sax> Kevin, #tooltime
<Bunton> "Come on, come on!"
<Bunton> "Well, long ago, there was a thing out people call… the Thingie."
<Vorcha> When the two groups have both made reasonable distance from each other Theodore stops walks and looks seriously at Susan and Emily.
<Bunton> "The Thingie existed for a really long time, but there weren't any people, because, why would there be?"
<Vorcha> "I'm sorry For Immediate Delivery, I have a quick request for my companions."
<Bunton> "Oh, what is it?
<Bunton> *"
<Vorcha> He looks at Emily and Susan. "When we get back I fully intend to file a report that Kevin needs immediate evaluation. He was hostile, belligerently so, from the get go. To both myself and both peaceful entities we have come across. He has jeopardized our mission greatly, and almost started a lethal firefight and execution when he lost a fair vote. He is not in his right mind and I need to know if you two acknowledge this. It's not safe for him or anyone
<Vorcha> on a mission with him."
<ihp> "…I have done a psychological evaluation of him. He is not of sound mind. He is overly paranoid."

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<Vorcha> He looks at her. "I would say that paranoia has reached such a point that giving him any weaponry is a liability to him, his companions, and our organization."
<Balthazaar> Emily looks at the ground, quiet
<Vorcha> He looks at Emily and frowns. It's not angry. "Emily.. You haven't known me long, but I've told you my past and you told me yours. I have done nothing but tried to help you and our associates. I'm worried about Kevin just as much as I am worried about all of us."

<TeslaTornado> (Bunton'll brb)
<Balthazaar> She nods quietly and wipes her eyes. She misses Kevin her friend

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<Vorcha> (I'll have a pastebin for what he's missing unless anyone else wants to)

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<Bunton> Everyone inside of the ziggurat somehow finds themselves outside very suddenly.
<Bunton> Susan's gone.
<Vorcha> Theodore sighs and rubs his cheek. The makeup's smudged completely now.
<Bunton> Actually, redact.
<Bunton> You all wake up in the van.
<Bunton> Susan and Emily are unconscious.
<Bunton> Hop into #tooltime

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