[17:00:24] <lurkd> Ivan looks confused.
[17:00:39] <lurkd> He passes by Laura's door and considers knocking.
[17:00:52] <padri> She sees Katie still sleeping and frowns. She goes over and shakes the girl. "Wake up, bug-a-boo. It's noon."
[17:01:00] <Proto_Lost_Deux> He passes him and just rolls his eyes. "You better do a good job with Katie Ivan, because hell if I'm going to watch Luvi ruin that kid."
[17:01:11] <lurkd> "Me?"
[17:01:18] <padri> "C'mon, Katie. Wake up."
[17:01:33] <lurkd> "I'm not getting involved with… whatever this is."
[17:02:11] <padri> Katie doesn't.
[17:02:15] <Proto_Lost_Deux> He stops and turns to Ivan, looking around the empty hallway. "Do you see any other Ivans? I want you to get involved. I want you to fucking care for that kid like your own flesh and blood you hear me? I don't trust that Kraut to keep it together, so you'll have to."
[17:02:36] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt wanders down the dorms hall.
[17:03:39] <lurkd> "……"
[17:03:47] <lurkd> Ivan for once does not know what to say.
[17:03:54] <Proto_Lost_Deux> He goes on his way, still pissed as shit.
[17:03:59] <lurkd> *sigh*
[17:04:28] <padri> Laura throws open the door. "Ivan!"
[17:05:04] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt pauses halfway into his own room.
[17:05:33] <lurkd> "Hm!?" He's startled a bit.
[17:05:41] <lurkd> "Yes?"
[17:06:25] <padri> Laura looks panicked. "Katie won't wake. I need to get her to medical."
[17:06:40] <lurkd> "……."
[17:06:48] <lurkd> Ivan rushes in and looks at Katie.
[17:07:03] <padri> Katie is sleeping peacefully.
[17:07:17] <lurkd> 4df+6 SCIENCE to try and determine some vitals
[17:07:18] <Glacon> lurkd: SCIENCE to try and determine some vitals: 7 (4df+6=#4-#, 0, #3+#, #3+#)
[17:07:33] <padri> She's just fine, Ivan. She's just asleep.
[17:07:34] <lurkd> "Miss Katie?"
[17:07:43] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt wonders if he should get involved. He decides yes. He goes over to Laura's door and knocks. "Is something wrong?"
[17:07:57] <lurkd> He tries to nudge her.
[17:08:15] <lurkd> "Katie!?"
[17:08:28] <padri> "She won't wake …" Katie sleeps on.
[17:09:00] <lurkd> "She's comatose." Ivan picks her up. "Let's hurry." He speaks in his monotone business voice.
[17:09:10] <ShotgunFiendM> "We should get her to Medical." He remains calm.
[17:09:13] <lurkd> And hustles to medical.
[17:09:28] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt goes with.
[17:09:45] <padri> Laura comes too.
[17:10:00] <lurkd> Ivan SWAT team kicks the doors open to medical, Katie in arms. "We have an emergency."
[17:10:09] <Proto_Lost_Deux> Fran's in there, reading a novel quietly. It's so peaceful, itd be a shame to- Aw shit. "Wh-wha?"
[17:10:22] <Tesla|League> Serge is awake and fairly lucid. "What…?"
[17:10:22] <lurkd> "Triage, now."
[17:10:42] <Proto_Lost_Deux> She spots the comatose girl in his arms and quickly slips into MEDICAL MODE. "…Vitals"
[17:10:46] <Proto_Lost_Deux> *?"
[17:10:49] <ShotgunFiendM> "Katie is comatose." That explains everything.
[17:11:01] <padri> Laura is fussing.
[17:11:03] <lurkd> Ivan puts her down on a bed.
[17:11:11] <padri> Laura sits with her.
[17:11:23] <lurkd> "Someone check her blood pressure, we need vitals."
[17:11:41] <Proto_Lost_Deux> She moves to Katie's side, slapping on a pressure cuff to check.
[17:11:46] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt stands back. He's not a doctor and doesn't need to be in the way.
[17:11:46] <lurkd> Ivan opens her eyelids and looks at the pupils.
[17:12:03] <padri> Katie's blood pressure is fairly normal for a sleeping girl.
[17:12:22] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "…blood pressure normal for resting state…pupil dilation?"
[17:12:30] <lurkd> Anything going on with her eyes?
[17:12:32] <padri> Normal for resting state also.
[17:12:41] <lurkd> Any REM?
[17:12:47] <padri> Plenty.
[17:12:56] <lurkd> "She's… she's dreaming."
[17:13:07] <lurkd> "That means there's still brain activity."
[17:13:14] <padri> Laura: "But why won't she wake?"
[17:13:28] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "…Dreaming? Do you think an amphetamine would wake her?"
[17:13:45] <lurkd> "Who's the on call doctor? Summon him. Now."
[17:14:10] <padri> Fran, you're the on-call doctor.
[17:14:32] <lurkd> "You could try adrenaline as well."
[17:15:06] <Proto_Lost_Deux> She feels the nerves rise up in her again, but a child's life might be on the line. This was no time to be nervous. "That would be me." She says sternly, moving to the cabinets to search for some adrenaline, as well as safe amphetamines.
[17:15:08] <lurkd> "Ms. Moodie, is Miss Katie allergic to any medications?"
[17:15:24] <lurkd> Ivan removes his overcoat.
[17:15:25] <padri> She shakes her head. "None that I know of."
[17:15:53] <lurkd> He opens her mouth.
[17:16:08] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "Has she had any other medication prior to today?" She nabs a few syringes, carefully checking the labels before heading over.
[17:16:08] <lurkd> "I'm not sure what to make of this just yet."
[17:16:53] <padri> She shakes her head. "She's on no prescriptions."
[17:17:45] <Proto_Lost_Deux> Fran nods, running the numbers in her head to make sure she doesn't overdose the girl.
[17:17:57] <Tesla|League> Serge quietly drifts over from his bed.
[17:18:32] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "This is the Foundation, Dr. Zakharov. Best to expect the bizaare."
[17:18:58] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt meanwhile is standing guard, looking stern and fingering the butt of his gun.
[17:19:24] <Proto_Lost_Deux> She sticks in a shot of adrenaline into her arm, after pinching and finding a suitable nerve. "…This should do the trick."
[17:19:45] <padri> Nothing.
[17:19:51] <lurkd> Ivan puts holds Katie's hand.
[17:20:08] <padri> Anybody check Katie's heart rate?
[17:20:28] <lurkd> "Check her heartbeat."
[17:20:36] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "…I don't…I don't understand, should I up the dosage?" She says, looking her over before taking the nearest stethoscope to detect any change in heart rate.
[17:21:21] <padri> Fran, that's a worryingly fast heart rate. I wouldn't try again if I were you.
[17:21:51] <lurkd> "What is it?"
[17:22:18] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "…Heart rate's already above-average…b-but she's still asleep…still dreaming..I don't…that was supposed to work." Her brow knots up with worry, her nerves slowly getting the best of her calm demeanor.
[17:22:33] <padri> Laura: "Supposed to isn't good enough!"
[17:22:47] <lurkd> "Do we have smelling salts?" Ivan is sounding desperate.
[17:23:18] <Tesla|League> Serge puts a hand on Fran's shoulder.
[17:23:27] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "M-Ms. Moodie please! I am t-trying to work!" She dabs her forehead with a blue kerchief before looking at Ivan. "…w-we can try that."
[17:23:49] <lurkd> "Do it then."
[17:24:27] <Proto_Lost_Deux> She regains her composure, taking to the cabinets once more to search.
[17:24:45] <Proto_Lost_Deux> She barely registers Serge's hand on her shoulder, but it was comforting.
[17:24:54] <padri> "Maybe it's something anomalous. I should go check our room."
[17:24:56] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt speaks up from the door. "Guys, what about that qalupalik thing that was in the forest…?"
[17:25:12] <ShotgunFiendM> "Didn't it have something to do with children
[17:25:15] <ShotgunFiendM> ?"
[17:25:16] <padri> Laura looks at him balefully.
[17:25:23] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "…The what?"
[17:25:23] <lurkd> Ivan heads with Laura. "I'm coming with you."
[17:25:40] <padri> "Ivan, I need someone here with Katie. I trust you."
[17:25:49] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "I'll stay…m-monitor any changes." She says resolutely. "…Ivan, you go."
[17:25:59] <lurkd> He stops. "Alright… let me know if there is anything."
[17:26:02] <Bunton> Tim is heading back to the chapel.
[17:26:34] <padri> Laura nods. She heads off back to their room.
[17:26:38] <Bunton> Does he run into Laura and Ivan?
[17:26:55] <Proto_Lost_Deux> Just Laura it seems.
[17:27:02] <Tesla|League> "I will stay as well." Serge says.
[17:27:20] <Wogglebug> Abe is in the gym, punching a bag.
[17:27:22] <Proto_Lost_Deux> She smiles a bit at Serge, mouthing a quiet "thank you" to him.
[17:27:23] <padri> Laura has no time to stop for Tim.
[17:27:27] <lurkd> Ivan is staying Katie as per Laura's orders.
[17:27:33] <Bunton> Tim passes her by.
[17:27:35] <Tesla|League> Kevin is in his room. He's still researching.
[17:27:35] <Bunton> He stops.
[17:27:41] <Bunton> "L-laura? W-whatever is the matter?"
[17:27:41] <padri> She's running from Medical.
[17:27:47] <padri> That's fairly clear.
[17:28:03] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt is still in medical. He stands guard at the door.
[17:28:05] <Proto_Lost_Deux> Fran manages to find some smelling salts, and quickly brings it to Katie, hoping the strong smell would wake her.
[17:28:13] <padri> Nope.
[17:28:25] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "I-it's not working!"
[17:28:26] <Bunton> Tim frowns, then heads to medical.
[17:29:02] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt is standing outside the door, holding his rifle.
[17:29:17] <Tesla|League> Serge: "We will keep trying. We will find something."
[17:29:20] <Bunton> Tim walks up. "Wh-what's going on?"
[17:29:35] <Tesla|League> As resolute as ever, despite having gone insane and being locked to a stretcher
[17:29:50] <ShotgunFiendM> "Katie is comatose and medicines and adrenaline won't wake her."
[17:30:09] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt is flat faced.
[17:30:09] <Bunton> Tim looks aghast. "May I come in?"
[17:30:10] * padri is now known as padri|away
[17:30:17] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "I've tried everything..and I don't dare try and give her anything stronger without hurting her."
[17:30:34] <ShotgunFiendM> "I believe so, Father." He opens the door for him.
[17:30:40] <Tesla|League> Beat. "Then we will wait. She is still alive, yes?"
[17:30:50] * Tesla|League is now known as TeslaTornado
[17:31:13] <Bunton> Tim walks in, walking up to Katie.
[17:31:22] <lurkd> Ivan stands there watching her.
[17:31:26] <Bunton> "Oh my. O-oh, my."
[17:31:58] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "…S-she is…I'm just…th-those were s-supposed to work." She drops in a chair, her hands shaking as she placed the other needles on a nearby table.
[17:32:19] <Bunton> Tim takes a chair and moves it by Katie's bed.
[17:32:42] <Bunton> He clasps his hands together, closes his eyes and mutters under his breath.
[17:32:55] <lurkd> Ivan looks at everyone in the room as he holds her Katie's hand.
[17:32:57] <lurkd> B|
[17:33:19] <ShotgunFiendM> Good thing Matt isn't inside the room.
[17:33:20] <Proto_Lost_Deux> Fran simply follows Tim's lead, and does the same.
[17:34:12] <Wixelt> Wilson is in his lab, tinkering with some science
[17:34:45] <TeslaTornado> Serge stands at the bedside, twiddling his thumbs. His guns were put in lockup when he was restrained in medical, otherwise he'd be cleaning them.
[17:35:50] <gumbal1> Harlan is too busy with other shit in medical to notice Katie
[17:37:30] <Bunton> "…this favour, we beg of you through your love for all children and mothers."
[17:37:58] <Bunton> "Saint Gerard, who, like the saviour…"
[17:37:59] <Proto_Lost_Deux> She prays her own little prayer for both Moodies.
[17:38:02] <Bunton> He sounds worried.
[17:38:16] <TeslaTornado> Serge looks worried as well.
[17:38:52] <Wixelt> Wilson glances up from his work.
[17:39:15] <Wixelt> He doesn't know why,but something about the site suddenly feels more religious
[17:39:32] <Bunton> Tim is muttering under his breath.
[17:39:39] <Wixelt> He shrugs the feeling off and returns to his work
[17:39:55] <lurkd> Ivan mutters what sounds like an old norse incantation.
[17:41:27] <TeslaTornado> Serge is made slightly uncomfortable by all this religion floating around medical.
[17:42:08] <Proto_Lost_Deux> When it comes to Katie, all bets are off
[17:42:38] <ShotgunFiendM> Serge could stand outside with Matt
[17:43:12] <TeslaTornado> Serge shuffles away from Katie's bedside and stands by the door, hesitant to leave Medical.
[17:43:49] <gumbal1> Harlan notices the people huddled around the bed, and walks over to it.
[17:44:11] <lurkd> "Mr. Cohen…. she's comatose."
[17:44:49] <gumbal1> "Comatose? Did something happen to…" he looks at the patient. "…Katie?"
[17:44:54] <Bunton> Tim doesn't stop praying.
[17:45:06] <lurkd> "We are not sure."
[17:45:33] <lurkd> "She has REM activity." He lifts open an eyelid so he can see.
[17:45:35] <Proto_Lost_Deux> Neither does Fran, because right now she's caught between a rock and a hard place.
[17:48:37] <Wogglebug> Abe is in the woods, looking for spiders.
[17:49:42] <gumbal1> "Has anything strange happened that might account for this?"
[17:52:37] <TeslaTornado> Kevin's got his feet up on his desk and is idly scribbling in his journal.
[17:52:54] <TeslaTornado> Parliament? Check. Dog? Check. Smooth jazz? Check. Today is a good day.
[17:53:58] <lurkd> "Nothing that we know of yet. Ms. Moodie is investigating her bedroom."
[17:54:14] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt paces back and forth outside of medical. He killed that thing, didn't he? That can't possibly be what's causing this…
[17:54:36] <Wixelt> Wilson sticks two wires together
[17:54:41] <Bunton> "hear us on behalf of Thy sick servant, Katie…"
[17:55:05] <TeslaTornado> Serge stands on the precipice. "Monsieur, are you okay? You look troubled."
[17:56:09] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt stops and looks at Serge. "What? Yeah yeah, fine. Just disturbed by all this."
[17:56:48] * padri|away is now known as padri
[17:57:02] <Proto_Lost_Deux> Harley looks tired, but definitely happy to see her. "Hey there Lis, heard about the run…you feeling alright?"
[17:57:06] <gumbal1> Harlan looks at the praying man, and walks out of medical.
[17:57:57] <TeslaTornado> Serge nods slowly.
[17:58:45] <gumbal1> He returns witha book of psalms, both in Hebrew and English.
[17:58:46] <lurkd> Ivan is still holding her hand.
[17:59:24] <lurkd> Ivan mutters strange incantations from occultists texts he's memorized.
[17:59:36] <gumbal1> He gives it to the praying man. "Need a bit of help?"
[18:00:26] <Wixelt> Wilson does calculations
[18:00:46] <Bunton> Tim looks up.
[18:00:50] <Bunton> He's clearly a Catholic priest.
[18:01:03] <Bunton> "N-no, thank you, that's not neccessary."
[18:01:09] <Bunton> "W-would you like to pray with us?"
[18:03:24] <lurkd> "….kurere sykdom kvitt den onde bringe barnet tilbake forvise sp√łkelset…."
[18:03:53] <Nemi> "Yeah.. Little more excitement than I'm used to." She laughs.
[18:04:11] <Bunton> Does Harlan respond?
[18:04:12] <gumbal1> "Alright." Harlan flips to the appropriate page and begins reciting.
[18:04:19] <Bunton> Yay!
[18:04:50] <Bunton> Tim recloses his eyes and goes back to praying.
[18:05:46] <Bunton> "W-watch, O Lord, w-with those who wake, or watch, or weep tonight…"
[18:06:37] <lurkd> "…slipp taket eller jeg skal rense deg tilbake til avgrunnen…."
[18:07:02] <Wixelt> Wilson heads out of his lab
[18:07:27] <Wixelt> He passes medical and sees all the people standing around a bed
[18:07:58] <Bunton> Well, I think they're mainly sitting.
[18:11:49] <padri> Laura and the Administrator walk into Medical!
[18:11:56] <lurkd> Ivan looks up.
[18:12:07] <Wogglebug> They're flanked by several men in biohazard suits, who rush a gurney into a back room.
[18:12:08] <lurkd> "What was discovered?"
[18:12:14] <padri> Laura clutches a book.
[18:12:17] <lurkd> "…."
[18:12:26] <Wixelt> Wilson looks in, and follows behind in curiosity
[18:12:29] <Wogglebug> The Administrator waves vaguely at everyone. "Everyone needs to leave."
[18:12:32] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt moves the fuck out of the way
[18:12:45] <TeslaTornado> Serge zoops out of Medical as soon as he hears that.
[18:12:55] <lurkd> Ivan holds fast. "Tell me what's going on firstly, sir."
[18:12:58] <Wixelt> ~This can't be good~
[18:13:02] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt sticks with Serge
[18:13:10] <ShotgunFiendM> Its nice to have a buddy
[18:13:14] <gumbal1> Harlan doesn't notice.
[18:13:22] <Proto_Lost_Deux> Fran looks up, before nodding and leaving Medical in a hurry.
[18:13:29] <Wogglebug> "We're not sure yet. And it'll be classified when we do."
[18:13:39] <Wogglebug> "Everyone needs to go. Can't allow it to spread."
[18:14:08] <gumbal1> Harlan, noticing Fran leaving and the Admin's comment, gets up and exits medical.
[18:14:18] <lurkd> "If it's all the same, I'd rather stay."
[18:14:29] <Wixelt> Wilson nods and leaves
[18:14:33] <Proto_Lost_Deux> He holds out a hand to Lis, bowing a bit.
[18:14:37] <Wixelt> But remains by the door
[18:14:39] <padri> Laura shakes her head. "I have things to discuss with the administrator. I'm sorry, Ivan."
[18:14:40] <Nemi> She laughs and closes the door, then takes his hand!
[18:14:59] <Wogglebug> He turns to Ivan. "This matter does not concern you, and your presence is a liability. We ill inform you if you are needed."
[18:15:14] <lurkd> Ivan pauses for a moment, then leaves at Laura's request. "…fine."
[18:15:18] <Bunton> Can we just assume Tim left with everyone else?
[18:15:23] <Wogglebug> Yes.
[18:15:39] <lurkd> Ivan leaves and stands by the entrance to medical.
[18:15:49] <Wogglebug> Everyone is cleared of Medical save Laura, the Administrator, and the men in the bio-hazard suits.
[18:17:20] <Bunton> Tim stands in the hall.
[18:17:27] <Bunton> "Wh-what do you think's going on?"
[18:17:36] <lurkd> Ivan chainsmokes in the hallway.
[18:17:49] <ShotgunFiendM> "No idea."
[18:17:58] <Wixelt> Wilson is in the hall
[18:18:26] <Wixelt> "She's in a coma. Could it be anomalous?"
[18:18:45] <lurkd> "Undetermined as of yet."
[18:19:12] <TeslaTornado> Serge: "Not much else makes sense."
[18:19:16] <Roget> The Admin is in his office, doing admin-y things
[18:19:30] <ShotgunFiendM> "Judging by her nonresponsiveness and the fact that the Admin is here… I'm going to hazard that as a yes."
[18:19:37] <gumbal1> "I have no idea. Probably another ghost."
[18:20:13] <lurkd> "If it is an intangant, I will dissolve it."
[18:20:34] <Proto_Lost_Deux> Fran is fidgeting in the cafeteria, the mere fact that the whole mess necessitated the arrival of the Admin sending her nerves into overdrive.
[18:21:24] <gumbal1> Danielle, meanwhile, is eating in the mess hall.
[18:21:49] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi is smoking outside.
[18:22:08] <Bunton> Tim frets. "I shall pray for her in the chapel."
[18:24:52] <lurkd> Ivan smokes his 3rd cigarette in as many minutes. His mind is racing even though he looks statuesque on the surface.
[18:25:30] <Daedalus> Monday hangs around in his office, doing psychology stuff.
[18:25:48] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt leaves the group outside of medical. He can't provide any useful information and there are already too many people there.
[18:26:16] <Bunton> Tim heads off.
[18:29:01] <padri> «We have a situation in Medical. All available staff should report directly there.» (Go to #homeimprovement )

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