Pretty In Pink

[2015-05-05 18:38:06] <Complete_Zero> Ade, you still there?
[2015-05-05 18:38:07] <Roget> Franklin is still glowering in the commons
[2015-05-05 18:38:12] <Roget> he looks pretty annoyed
[2015-05-05 18:38:26] <ZombieMesh> "He's probably not in his room."
[2015-05-05 18:38:27] <TeslaTornado> "Jack."
[2015-05-05 18:39:23] <Complete_Zero> He looks at Maddie and nods at the door rather jokingly.
[2015-05-05 18:39:59] <ZombieMesh> Maddie puffs her cheeks out. "Well! Nobody told me he recovered."
[2015-05-05 18:40:06] <ZombieMesh> Maddie storms off to the common room.
[2015-05-05 18:40:33] <Complete_Zero> "Care to talk?"
[2015-05-05 18:41:02] <ZombieMesh> Maddie peeks into the common room, noticing an agitated Franklin.
[2015-05-05 18:41:05] <TeslaTornado> "I haven't recovered, young madame."
[2015-05-05 18:41:05] <ZombieMesh> "Hellloooo."
[2015-05-05 18:41:16] <TeslaTornado> "And it depends on what you want to talk about, Jack."
[2015-05-05 18:42:02] <Complete_Zero> "I wanted to ask about you."
[2015-05-05 18:42:44] <Complete_Zero> "First of all, are you alright in there?"
[2015-05-05 18:43:23] <TeslaTornado> "Yes, quite alright."
[2015-05-05 18:43:29] <Roget> "Hm. Hi."
[2015-05-05 18:43:40] <ZombieMesh> "Whatcha doin?"
[2015-05-05 18:43:53] <Roget> "I'm not working."
[2015-05-05 18:44:24] <ZombieMesh> "Always good to take a break."
[2015-05-05 18:45:27] <Roget> "You don't understand. I'm ceasing all of my budget and accounting work until the GOC are gone. They've thrown away my plans for the last time."
[2015-05-05 18:45:45] <Roget> He folds his arms. "I'm tired of being overruled and trodden on."
[2015-05-05 18:45:45] <ZombieMesh> "Oh, going on strike?"
[2015-05-05 18:46:06] <ZombieMesh> "Yeah! Fight the man!" Maddie beams brightly.
[2015-05-05 18:46:30] <Complete_Zero> "Secondly, I wanted to talk about you and the Foundation… are you not doing anything to aid it?"
[2015-05-05 18:46:51] <Roget> "Not even that, just witholding my services until our own people have power. They ignore all of my roadmaps to financial solvency, and just inject their own money in whenever there's a budget defecit."
[2015-05-05 18:47:37] <ZombieMesh> Maddie's rebel is showing. She can't hear Franklin over the sound of breaking rules.
[2015-05-05 18:48:58] <TeslaTornado> "You have my position hilariously wrong."
[2015-05-05 18:49:08] <TeslaTornado> "My business arrangements are all in favor of this organization."
[2015-05-05 18:49:23] <Complete_Zero> "You see, that's why I asked."
[2015-05-05 18:49:55] <Complete_Zero> "Here's the thing… I want to help."
[2015-05-05 18:50:44] <TeslaTornado> There's a scoffing noise from behind the door."
[2015-05-05 18:50:51] <TeslaTornado> (strike the quotations)
[2015-05-05 18:52:17] <Complete_Zero> "I know it doesn't sound like much… but I'm willing to help in any way… /any/ way… as long as it's for the Foundation."
[2015-05-05 18:52:38] <TeslaTornado> "I'll keep that in mind, if I can think of a use for you, Jack."
[2015-05-05 18:52:43] <Nemi> There's a set of clicking, sharp footsteps coming from behind Jack.
[2015-05-05 18:52:54] <Complete_Zero> Jack looks around.
[2015-05-05 18:53:34] <TeslaTornado> "Ah, hello, miss Voss."
[2015-05-05 18:54:13] <Roget> Franklin frowns as a GOC patrol marches by the commons. "Fascists."
[2015-05-05 18:54:33] <Nemi> It's Voss, strolling up easily. Even that casual walk looks unsettlingly pantherish. She has a tome under one arm. And standing Jack can realize just how tall she is— well over six feet and absurdly statuesque. Which she is naturally exaggerating even more with the insufficiently-buttoned wine-red blouse and fitted black trousers tucked into boots. Something always still seems vaguely off.
[2015-05-05 18:54:38] <Nemi> "Shadowman. Jack. Hello."
[2015-05-05 18:55:03] <Complete_Zero> "Hello, Voss."
[2015-05-05 18:55:32] <Roget> "They're all fascist thugs."
[2015-05-05 18:56:16] <ZombieMesh> Maddie glares at the GOC. SHE WANTS TO WRESTLE THEM METAPHORICALLY THROUGH REBELLION!
[2015-05-05 18:56:49] <Roget> They stomp by without giving Maddie or Franklin a second glance.
[2015-05-05 18:56:56] <Nemi> "I don't usually see people outside his door unless they have a reason. Something intrigue you?" A wry smile.
[2015-05-05 18:56:59] <ZombieMesh> Madde knocks over the radio.
[2015-05-05 18:57:02] <ZombieMesh> Rebellion.
[2015-05-05 18:57:28] <Nemi> Maddie's not a part of this SYSTEM.
[2015-05-05 18:57:32] <Roget> "…" Franklin looks at her. "Why did you do that?"
[2015-05-05 18:57:35] <TeslaTornado> "He was offering his services to our little business venture."
[2015-05-05 18:57:50] <Complete_Zero> "I want to help the Foundation." He get's an idea. "Ade, I could help in many ways… particularly in obtaining documents that don't exactly belong to us."
[2015-05-05 18:57:56] <ZombieMesh> "IM SO PUMPED RIGHT NOW!"
[2015-05-05 18:58:02] <Nemi> "Oh ho? And what can this .. redistribution specialist offer— Hmm.."
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[2015-05-05 18:58:09] <Roget> "… Calm down. I like listening to the radio."
[2015-05-05 18:58:14] <Roget> Franklin goes to check on the radio.
[2015-05-05 18:58:48] * ihpfinalstime is now known as ihp
[2015-05-05 18:58:50] <ZombieMesh> "We should prank those guards!"
[2015-05-05 18:58:50] <Complete_Zero> "I could obtain some.. useful information on the Coalition, if you'd like."
[2015-05-05 18:59:05] <Roget> "… Prank?"
[2015-05-05 18:59:28] <Roget> Franklin is not familiar with 'pranks'
[2015-05-05 18:59:30] <Nemi> "I'm sure you can. I'm sure you can also talk louder into their surveillance bugs."
[2015-05-05 18:59:45] <ZombieMesh> "Yeah! Mess with them! You know how to prank, don't you? Can be little stuff like replacing their sugar with salt or putting DANGEROUS SNAKES IN THEIR SHOES."
[2015-05-05 18:59:51] <TeslaTornado> "With their patrols directly behind you," Ade adds.
[2015-05-05 19:00:05] <TeslaTornado> "In a base that's owned by them."
[2015-05-05 19:00:34] <TeslaTornado> "Voss, there's a word for that, it's dangling from the tip of my tongue, but won't let go…"
[2015-05-05 19:00:42] <Complete_Zero> ~Fuck, what the hell am I thinking.~
[2015-05-05 19:00:47] <TeslaTornado> "Starts with an S… Damnation and torpor, what is it?"
[2015-05-05 19:01:17] <Roget> "Well, we used to do something in Stalingrad, where we set up tripmines where we knew Ivan was using the loo… they never found it as funny as we did."
[2015-05-05 19:01:47] <ZombieMesh> "Maybe not something as destructive as that, but sorta."
[2015-05-05 19:02:14] <Complete_Zero> "Yes, we've established that I'm incompetent, but my offer stands, I'm willing to help the GOC, if need be."
[2015-05-05 19:02:14] <Roget> "Did you have anything in mind?"
[2015-05-05 19:02:32] <Nemi> "Hm.. Ends with a d, doesn't it?"
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[2015-05-05 19:02:57] <ZombieMesh> "I don't know much about them. Do you? It's best to hit them close to home rather than random mayhem."
[2015-05-05 19:02:59] <TeslaTornado> "No, ends with an E."
[2015-05-05 19:03:19] <Complete_Zero> "Hmkay, you got the message, I got your message, I'm done here."
[2015-05-05 19:03:42] <Nemi> Voss can't help but look amused. "I do appreciate your enthusiasm, but I feel like there's a fundamental misunderstanding here."
[2015-05-05 19:03:43] <Complete_Zero> He walks away, mumbling under his breath. "Don't need that shit."
[2015-05-05 19:03:56] <Roget> "They lurk in the administrative offices, and they see us as a babysitting job rather than a partner they're supposedly helping in a time of need. Their soldiers are assholes."
[2015-05-05 19:04:12] <TeslaTornado> If Ade had shoulders, he would shrug.
[2015-05-05 19:05:03] <Complete_Zero> (His offer stands, do with him what you will.)
[2015-05-05 19:05:14] <Complete_Zero> Jack enters the commons.
[2015-05-05 19:05:25] <Nemi> Voss leans against the door, lip quirked. "Might have potential. Might. Lack of patience and the inability to accept that you misinterpreted something are things he can work on."
[2015-05-05 19:05:35] <TeslaTornado> "Of course."
[2015-05-05 19:05:40] <TeslaTornado> "Along with his issue with discretion."
[2015-05-05 19:05:52] <TeslaTornado> "I've seen him in the field, he's… Pliable."
[2015-05-05 19:06:06] <TeslaTornado> "Groom him correctly and he'll be a fine specimen, like any showdog."
[2015-05-05 19:06:27] <Nemi> "Oh? Good. Get them when they're young and we might make a proper team of this task force yet."
[2015-05-05 19:06:37] <Complete_Zero> (HAhaha, just wow)
[2015-05-05 19:06:38] <ZombieMesh> "Hmm, any idea? "
[2015-05-05 19:06:57] <TeslaTornado> "That's what I hope for."
[2015-05-05 19:07:11] <Complete_Zero> "Hello, Madeline, Hello Franklin."
[2015-05-05 19:07:27] <ZombieMesh> Maddie looks up, eyes beaming with the fire of a thousand civil wars.
[2015-05-05 19:07:54] <Complete_Zero> "Well, you look quite… determined?"
[2015-05-05 19:07:55] <Nemi> "Incidentally. How goes the-" There's a moment's hesitation, not enough to allow for an interruption but enough to show that Voss is /thinking/. ".. Recuperation?"
[2015-05-05 19:08:17] <ZombieMesh> "WERE GUNNA PRANK THE GOC!"
[2015-05-05 19:08:23] <TeslaTornado> "Swimmingly, of course."
[2015-05-05 19:08:32] <TeslaTornado> "I expect to be back on my feet within the next two days."
[2015-05-05 19:08:35] <Complete_Zero> "Ho! What?"
[2015-05-05 19:08:36] <TeslaTornado> "And I believe I've made a…"
[2015-05-05 19:08:45] <TeslaTornado> There's a slight grunt with a questioning tone.
[2015-05-05 19:08:53] <Roget> "… I hadn't decided anything."
[2015-05-05 19:09:16] <TeslaTornado> "… Nurse Raverat spends a considerable amount of time in my presence taking notes and making sketches, and I find her presence agreeable."
[2015-05-05 19:09:28] <ZombieMesh> "Hmmhmm, what do soldiers hate…"
[2015-05-05 19:09:43] <ZombieMesh> "We could stain their uniforms. MAKE THEIR UNIFORMS PINK!"
[2015-05-05 19:10:25] <ZombieMesh> Maddie burns brighter than the very sun itself.
[2015-05-05 19:10:34] <Roget> "Do you have dye?"
[2015-05-05 19:10:38] <Complete_Zero> "Prank… the GOC…. As fun as that sounds…" He whispers, "I'd rather cut their leash."
[2015-05-05 19:10:48] <Nemi> "Ah. A friend. I always thought you needed to get one now and then. Keeps you grounded. Might help you with the reconstruction, too." Voss leans back against the doorframe and folds one arm across her chest, the other still keeping her book under-arm. "And from the tone of your voice you don't just tolerate her. You find her /interesting/, don't you?"
[2015-05-05 19:10:52] <ZombieMesh> "I have photo dye!"
[2015-05-05 19:11:01] <ZombieMesh> "That stuff stains super bad!"
[2015-05-05 19:11:08] <Complete_Zero> "Regardless, tell me how that goes. I have things to do."
[2015-05-05 19:11:13] <TeslaTornado> "I thought we were friends, Voss." Ade sounds mock-hurt.
[2015-05-05 19:11:17] <ZombieMesh> "Party pooper, chicken!"
[2015-05-05 19:11:29] <Recursive> A blubbering Englishman speeds through commons with a plate of food.
[2015-05-05 19:11:33] <TeslaTornado> "But yes, I find her quite interesting."
[2015-05-05 19:11:35] <Nemi> She rolls her eyes. "/Other/ friends."
[2015-05-05 19:11:56] <Nemi> It's more for effect than anything, she knows Ade can't see it, being the other side of the door. That was not a typo.
[2015-05-05 19:11:58] <ZombieMesh> Maddie beams at Franklin. "Where do they do their laundry?!"
[2015-05-05 19:12:00] <Complete_Zero> Jack leaves the room, looking as if he would be quite busy.
[2015-05-05 19:12:09] * GMKin is now known as TesKin
[2015-05-05 19:12:25] <Nemi> "What about her's so interesting? The fact that she apparently can look at you without screaming and running away as quickly as possible?"
[2015-05-05 19:12:35] <TeslaTornado> "Well, that's the primary one."
[2015-05-05 19:12:36] <Roget> "The same place everyone else does their laundry. We've only got the one."
[2015-05-05 19:12:46] <TeslaTornado> "She doesn't ask stupid questions. Follows orders."
[2015-05-05 19:12:54] <TeslaTornado> "But she's clever. More than she gives herself credit for."
[2015-05-05 19:13:17] <Nemi> "Ooo. All positive traits. Might be I can meet her sometime."
[2015-05-05 19:13:26] <ZombieMesh> "That's not good enough. We only want to stain THEIR clothes. Do we have a laundry schedule?"
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[2015-05-05 19:13:50] <Roget> A slow smile crosses Franklin's face. "I have all the schedules."
[2015-05-05 19:14:08] <Roget> He opens his binder, thumbs through it, and pulls out an incredibly dense spreadsheet. "All of the schedules."
[2015-05-05 19:14:13] <ZombieMesh> Maddie has reached maximum velocity.
[2015-05-05 19:14:13] <TeslaTornado> "Perhaps. I would like to introduce the few of you whom I believe are the grandest prospects."
[2015-05-05 19:14:26] <TeslaTornado> "You've already met agent Moodie and the young madame, the camera girl, I believe."
[2015-05-05 19:14:28] <Roget> He slams the stack on the table.
[2015-05-05 19:14:59] <ZombieMesh> "Franklin I love you find me the GOC soldier laundry schedule yes this is good GREAT."
[2015-05-05 19:15:06] <Nemi> "You know how to reach me if we're to do that. And, heh. Cameras.."
[2015-05-05 19:15:17] <TeslaTornado> Voss can feel the grin.
[2015-05-05 19:16:17] <Roget> Franklin thumbs through the documents, and hands her a piece of paper. It looks like the GOC do their laundry at 830~
[2015-05-05 19:16:33] <Nemi> "I still have that Pocket Ensign. Good to have insurance. And no, I'm not saying where." Her grin is almost palpable to the shadow entity on the other side of the door.
[2015-05-05 19:16:48] <ZombieMesh> Maddie snatches the paper, reading over it. 8:30 pm?
[2015-05-05 19:16:50] <TeslaTornado> "You act like I'd want that broken piece of garbage."
[2015-05-05 19:17:29] <Nemi> Voss pauses a moment. "Point. It takes some finesse to shoot properly. Ah, well. If this nurse is alright with you, might be I can finally get over my distaste for medical services."
[2015-05-05 19:17:31] <Roget> yup
[2015-05-05 19:17:49] <TeslaTornado> "I should hope so."
[2015-05-05 19:18:06] <ZombieMesh> "THERES NO TIME TO LOSE!" Maddie speeds off to her room without another word. She searches around for her red dye,
[2015-05-05 19:18:18] <TeslaTornado> "Nurse Raverat is, I daresay, one of the most competent medical professionals I know." And then, sotto voce: "Perhaps even more competent than some doctors here."
[2015-05-05 19:18:52] <Nemi> "I do wish that it was more /consistent/ when taking shots.. Ah, well. If you're speaking highly of her, well. I have to trust that."
[2015-05-05 19:19:16] <TeslaTornado> "You know me, miss Voss."
[2015-05-05 19:19:36] <Roget> Franklin tries to keep up. It's been awhile since he's met anyone here with so much… energy.
[2015-05-05 19:19:40] <ZombieMesh> Maddie grabs the container of red dye, starting her mission as she rushes over to the lunacy area.
[2015-05-05 19:19:44] <ZombieMesh> Luandry*
[2015-05-05 19:20:01] <TeslaTornado> "Oh, could you do me a favor, speaking of?"
[2015-05-05 19:20:07] <Nemi> "Oh?"
[2015-05-05 19:20:52] <Roget> Franklin follows her, keeping an eye on the door to the laundry area. Eyes peeled for the GOC.
[2015-05-05 19:21:03] <TeslaTornado> "The clock on my bureau, the Music of the Spheres."
[2015-05-05 19:21:18] <TeslaTornado> "Could you place that in the ventilation in Nurse Raverat's room at some point tonight?"
[2015-05-05 19:21:31] <TeslaTornado> "I don't believe she's slept since Agent Silvinski's demise."
[2015-05-05 19:22:45] <Nemi> "Of course." She reaches over, opens the door with a soft click, and just as quickly disappears into the dark. A few moments pass and Voss slips on out with similar speed and silence. As the door closes, she nods for the benefit of the shadow being that can't see it. "See you soon." And off Voss goes.
[2015-05-05 19:23:17] <TeslaTornado> "Of course."
[2015-05-05 19:23:45] <ZombieMesh> Maddie goes stealth mode, crouching and keeping herself low to the ground. She flashes random, none sense hand signs at a Franklin.
[2015-05-05 19:24:12] <Roget> Franklin acknowledges with 40's era Italian military hand signals, which might as well be nonsense to Maddie.
[2015-05-05 19:24:49] <ZombieMesh> Maddie makes her way towards the laundry machines, being all stealth and such.
[2015-05-05 19:25:27] * Prior is now known as Priorzzzz
[2015-05-05 19:26:38] <Nemi> In the dormitories, a tall but soft-footed figure quietly pops the lock on one Gwendolyn Raverat's dorm room and slips inside. A few moments pass and the figure slips out, locking the door, and departs with one less objet in-hand.
[2015-05-05 19:26:57] <Soulless> Her bed is a pillow fort. :V
[2015-05-05 19:27:04] <DiePotato> Artyom is changing into his normal gear.
[2015-05-05 19:27:05] <Soulless> Gwen's bed is literally a pillow fort at this point.
[2015-05-05 19:27:06] <DiePotato> In his room
[2015-05-05 19:27:24] <ZombieMesh> She executes an unnecessary roll towards the machine, standing up slightly to reach the opening of it.
[2015-05-05 19:27:24] * Daedalus is now known as Daedalus|BRB
[2015-05-05 19:27:28] <Nemi> Voss is amused by the whimsy and can't begrudge her for finding what comfort she can.
[2015-05-05 19:27:44] <Soulless> D'aw.
[2015-05-05 19:28:30] <TheRaven> Will changes out of his dress uniform, hanging it back up and hoping to not need it again.
[2015-05-05 19:29:03] <DrSavage> Randall enters commons, taking his tie and gloves off, sitting down at the piano.
[2015-05-05 19:29:27] <Roget> A GOC patrol comes to the door. Franklin begins to make small talk to distract them.
[2015-05-05 19:29:55] <Nemi> Voss isn't a /mean/ person. Just very pragmatic. Which makes her taste in fashion questionable.
[2015-05-05 19:29:59] <ZombieMesh> Maddie pours a small amount of dye into the machine, not too much as to make their uniforms red. She closes it and rolls away.

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