Prelude: Grassroots Campaign

Previously, MTF three Psi-7 members (Katie, Natalya and Jacob) were contacted by Agent Barnes of the who-knows-what to take care of a terrorist cell named Grassroots, which has been gearing up to overthrow the US government for as-yet unknown reasons. They are being deployed to recon and potentially disrupt the growth of a stockpile of anomalous tech in Pennsylvania.

<ihp> "So. Grassroots. That… is nowhere near the dumbest name for a Group opposed to the Foundation that I've heard."
<ihp> "That would be the Chaos Insur-" Jacob blinks as he realizes that Katie's here with him, and stops talking, instead taking a sip of his water bottle.
<padri> "It's okay. You can say it. I know what happens."
<Daedalus> "Some would think that the Foundation is a silly name." She says as she reloads all of her weapons.
<TeslaTornado> Eventually, the truck parts off a country road and drives into a stand of woods, inside which, at the end of a rutted logging trail, is a small set of tents and tables, operating under low light conditions. Although it's obviously bustling with activity, it's surprising in the respect that all of the activity takes place in near complete silence. The truck stops a few yards away, and the back doors are opened for you by
<TeslaTornado> several men dressed in navy blue fatigues, carrying military grade weapons.
<padri> "It doesn't matter what name they have. It's the organization behind it that's dangerous."
<ihp> Jacob is about to respond, when he sees the people at the back of the truck. "This is our stop,t hen."
<padri> Katie hops out.
<TeslaTornado> The stiffs look you all over, then wave you towards the tents.
<padri> Back to business face.
<padri> She follows.
<ihp> Jacob gets out after Katie, stretching and rolling his neck as he takes up a briefcase.
<Daedalus> Natalya steps off the truck, a half-grin still hanging onto her face and goes to the tent.

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<TeslaTornado> the main tent is half-dug into the ground and lit by a sole gas lamp, which hisses quietly. Inside the tent is a guy who might be familiar to Jacob. To the others, he's a rough-and-ready military sort, his hair cropped near his scalp, his build roughly between "mack truck" and "concrete outhouse". He's dressed in the same navy fatigues as the others, with a small insignia pinned to the collar of the jacket. He looks up
<TeslaTornado> at you and grins. "Ah, there're the conquering heroes," he comments, in a rough voice.
<ihp> He keeps rolling his shoulders as he walks up to the tent. "…do I know you?"
<TeslaTornado> "You might. Were you on the boat op? Or the Berlin op?"
<ihp> (That was Susan)
<TeslaTornado> "No, you weren't. Hm. Didn't think so. So a bunch of new faces. That's good." The man extends a hand to all of you individually. "I'm called Noble. I'll be your handler for this mission."
<padri> Katie nods, shaking the proffered hand.
<ihp> Jacob shakes the hand as well. "…so. Anomalous terrorist organization number… what, number five, at least."
<Daedalus> "A military man then? You are very well built." She smiles and shakes his hand, "Where do you need us, sir?"
<TeslaTornado> He winks at you after that comment, Natalya. "Save that for after the mission, Agent." He points to a topographical map similar to the one in your dossiers. Then he marks a location on each individual one, representing the camp.
<padri> Her opinion of him lowers slightly.
<TeslaTornado> "You're here right now. The farm in question is downhill about half a klick. We've been observing it for about a week now. Same faces every day, all Grassroots."
<TeslaTornado> "Moving really heavy shit into this farmhouse—" he points at one of the structures on the aerial reconnaissance photo - "and this barn." He indicates the other.
<padri> "Gotten any clear views of this 'heavy shit?'"
<ihp> Jacob looks over the map. "Some kind of machine? Vehicles?"
<TeslaTornado> "There are at least eight people on site at any time, more on drop days. We don't know what's in those crates, but at least five have been shipped in so far, all large."
<TeslaTornado> "We assume they're either anomalous items or military grade equipment, or something for assembling a base."
<padri> "All three sound worth sabotaging, yes?"
<TeslaTornado> Noble nods at Katie. "Either sabotaging or recapturing. We have confirmed that a delivery is currently being unloaded; you can recapture the truck and load gear onto it. All the heavy lifting equipment is down there."
<Daedalus> "Are we authorized to use lethal force, sir?"
<TeslaTornado> "If necessary. We'd prefer warm bodies for interrogation."
<ihp> "…you said /re/capturing. Not capturing."
<ihp> "What do they have that we used to?"
<TeslaTornado> Noble looks at Jacob. "We're assuming the truck was stolen, or repurposed."
<TeslaTornado> "Not from any of us."
<ihp> "Hmmm."
<padri> I want to roll sense motive. Perception?
<TeslaTornado> Perception and any applicable specials.
<ihp> 4df+4 add +3 if you feel that scent is applicable to scents- I mean sense motive.
<Glacon> ihp: add +3 if you feel that scent is applicable to scents- I mean sense motive.: 4 (4df+4=0, +, -, 0)
<Daedalus> 4df+8 Natalya looks over the map for any good sniping positions.
<Glacon> Daedalus: Natalya looks over the map for any good sniping positions.: 9 (4df+8=0, +, 0, 0)
<padri> 4df+5 +5 if criminal inclinations would help sense a lie, in your opinion
<Glacon> padri: +5 if criminal inclinations would help sense a lie, in your opinion: 4 (4df+5=0, 0, -, 0)
<TeslaTornado> Jacob, Katie, he's telling the truth.
<TeslaTornado> Jacob, you don't smell anything off about him.
<ihp> Jacob nods and looks at the map. "Hmm."
<TeslaTornado> Katie, you can tell that there's something potentially off about the situation, but it's the kind of off that seems like Noble's organization is exploiting an opportunity of some sort, instead of recouping losses.
<ihp> (You mean Natalya?)
<TeslaTornado> Natalya, there's a low rise north of the farm that you can see on the map, which puts almost the entire barn in defilade.
<padri> "What is it that's new?"
<TeslaTornado> Noble smiles. "Perceptive. It could be just about anything. Grassroots has several anomalous items we've been keeping our eyes on for a while, but hadn't been able to move on before they were snatched up."
<Daedalus> "Хорошо." Natalya says as she marks the location on her own map.
<TeslaTornado> (Enfilade* sorry, daedalus)
<TeslaTornado> "Seeing some of 'em crop up in the same place… Hell of an opportunity, isn't it? In addition to taking the piss out of a domestic terrorist organisation."
<padri> Katie speaks russian. What does that mean?
<padri> She nods. He's with the US government, right? Not the foundation?
<TeslaTornado> Noble, like Barnes, is with… Something. Which is connected with the US government. Somehow.
<Daedalus> It means 'Good.'
<padri> "And who will these recovered anomalies go to?
<TeslaTornado> You know he's on your side, though.
<padri> "
<TeslaTornado> "We're going to divvy them up between our organization and yours. Gesture of good faith." He smiles in what you imagine is probably a charitable way. Or supposed to be.
<padri> "Who picks which go where?" She's a little skeptical of other organizations.
<TeslaTornado> "It's a board thing. Your bigwigs and ours will take a look at the pile after the fact."
<padri> She nods. "Alright."
<Daedalus> Nat looks up at Noble, "So when do we start?"
<TeslaTornado> Noble points at the radios in a nearby crate. "Now."
<ihp> Jacob picks up one of the radios. "…are they using radio communication themselves?"
<TeslaTornado> "Not yet."
<TeslaTornado> "Haven't gotten that far, that we know of."
<Daedalus> She picks one up and clips it to her belt, "Who do we contact?"
<padri> "Then we should keep communication to a minimum. We don't want to be overheard."
<padri> She takes one, too.
<TeslaTornado> "Me, once we've finished. They're all pre-tuned to my frequency."
<TeslaTornado> "Call me once you've finished."
<Daedalus> Nat smiles at Noble, "I'll be sure to." she says as she exits the tent.
<ihp> Jacob frowns. "Dang. I was hoping I could overhear their chatter on this thing…"
<ihp> He sighs, pocketing the radio as he exits the tent.
<padri> Katie leaves with them, hiding her radio.
<TeslaTornado> The three of you depart, presumably to go to the op site
<TeslaTornado> And Natalia to her hill.
<padri> Katie does, indeed, go to the site. There a sneaky way to get there?
<TeslaTornado> There is, if you roll stealth.
<TeslaTornado> Aplicable to everyone else.
<Daedalus> "I will head to vantage point. I'll keep overwatch, so I'll inform you if you get out of sight. Good luck." natalya says as she heads to the hill.
<ihp> 4df+0 Jacob has no stealth. At all. :x
<Glacon> ihp: Jacob has no stealth. At all. :x: -1 (4df+0=-, -, 0, +)
<ihp> Yup. We screwed.
<Daedalus> 4df+3
<Glacon> Daedalus: 3 (4df+3=-, +, -, +)
<padri> Aparently I didn't give Katie stealth. Can I roll crooks to decide the most likely way to get herself in without getting killed or killing everyone?
<TeslaTornado> Yup.
<padri> 4df+5 woo what did she learn from grandpop?
<Glacon> padri: woo what did she learn from grandpop?: 3 (4df+5=-, +, -, -)
<TeslaTornado> Grandpop taught you pretty well. As you approach the base, you manage to plot out a path through the trees that keeps you from getting skylined and spotted by any guards. Jacob, unfortunately, makes a godawful noise as the two of you crash through the underbrush.
<TeslaTornado> Natalya, you use the forest to your advantage and arrive at the hill untouched, giving you an almost perfect view of the farmhouse, barn, and surrounding territory.
<padri> Katie rolls her eyes. "Aren't wolves supposed to be good at this sort of thing?"
<Daedalus> She takes out her rifle and sets up on the hill. She centers on Jacob and Katie then scopes out the area around the farm.
<ihp> "I'm a computer technician, not a black ops agent."
<TeslaTornado> Alright, everybody pause for description.
<TeslaTornado> Paws.
<TeslaTornado> You're all in the middle of a dip between three hills, the only entrance and exit being a curving mountain path of loose stone. The farm itself is in a several acre clearing and consists of three fields to the north, east, and west of the main structures, the south occupied by the road and several smal trees, apparently some form of fruit orchard.
<TeslaTornado> Visible moving around the site are three roving guards with flashlights and what appear to be firearms, although from this distance Jacob and Katie can't tell what kind. Natalya, with her sniper optics and her vantage point, can tell that none of them are uniformed and several of them are carrying military grade firearms, although a few are armed with average civilian equipment.
<Daedalus> "If you find yourself in the orchard, pick some fruits, da?" Natalya whispers over the radio.
<ihp> Jacob frowns. ~I should've just stayed at the site…~
<ihp> He waits for Katie's directions, because unless those turn out to be AI, he's pretty much useless.
<TeslaTornado> A flurry of activity is centered around an unliveried Peterbilt tractor-trailer, where five armed individuals and several unarmed ones are unloading large wooden crates.
<padri> "Radio silence unless you have an emergency, Nat," she says if she can say it unoverheard.
<TeslaTornado> The barn they are moving everything into is well-lit. The house that they are also based in has the lights on.
<TeslaTornado> It's a two-story structure, the interior mostly invisible.
<padri> Can she see a way to either building without crossing the men's path?
<TeslaTornado> Katie, there's a cellar entrance to the house, and maybe a side door to the barn. It's hard to tell.
<padri> She points both out to Jacob. "Which do you want to go for?"
<ihp> Jacob nods silently.
<TeslaTornado> Jacob and Katie are approaching from the east, Natalya overlooking from the north.
<TeslaTornado> Official unpaws.
<Daedalus> Natalya watches the area around the two. She takes outa bit of beef jerky and begins to chew absentmindedly on it as she scans for any trouble.
<TeslaTornado> Which one are Jacob and Katie going for? The house looks like the comparitively less-guarded of the two.
<padri> Have they decided? She breaks her own rule. Radio: "Alright, before we go in, can you see into the barn?"
<Daedalus> "Da. I've got the outside covered."
<ihp> Jacob whispers to Katie, "Ask her if she can see radio receivers on anyone."
<padri> Katie nods and relays the question.
<TeslaTornado> Natalya, that'll be a perception roll.
<Daedalus> 4df+8 looking for it
<Glacon> Daedalus: looking for it: 10 (4df+8=+, -, +, +)
<TeslaTornado> Look at you go. Natalya notices radio receivers on one of the better armed individuals by the truck and on the three roaming guards.
<Daedalus> "Da. Three moving guards and a single man who might be an officer have them."
<TeslaTornado> Katie, your guard is moving past you. Your window to move safely is coming up soon.
<ihp> Jacob looks at Katie, and points to the house. Meanwhile, he toys with his radio, trying to get it to pick up the frequency the Grassroots are using.
<padri> "Radio silence again, then." Whispers. She prays they haven't been overheard. She also prepares to move for the house and gestures such to Jacob.
<TeslaTornado> Jacob, you tuuuuune through the frequencies. Perception to hear transmissions, it's a lot of attention.
<ihp> 4df+4 add +3 if you think being a werewolf would help at all.
<Glacon> ihp: add +3 if you think being a werewolf would help at all.: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, +, 0)
<TeslaTornado> it takes a lot of attention, rather.
<TeslaTornado> Jacob, you catch a snippet of a transmission that sounds like it's coming from one of the guys by the truck. Talking about "The Suit".
<TeslaTornado> Or something.
<ihp> Jacob attempts to set it to that frequency, looking at Katie for the signal to move. This will be useful if they need to hear whether or not they've been spotted.
<padri> Katie turns her radio on permanent so Nat can hear everything that's going on and to prevent unwanted transmissions.
<TeslaTornado> Katie, the window is open. The guard is past you so now is as good a time to move as you're going to get.
<padri> She gives the signal and moves!
<ihp> Jacob moves after Katie.
<TeslaTornado> Roll AGI to clear the field before the next guard reaches you.
<ihp> ~With Cat-Like Tread, Upon Our Prey We Steal, In Silence Dread, Our Cautious Way We Feel, No Sound At All, We Never Speak A Word, A Fly's Foot-Fall would be distinctly heard…~
<ihp> 4df+3 This is gonna suck.
<Glacon> ihp: This is gonna suck.: 1 (4df+3=-, 0, -, 0)
<ihp> YUP
<padri> 4df+4
<Glacon> padri: 4 (4df+4=+, -, -, +)
<TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Guards PER) A ROLLICKING BAND OF PIRATES WE
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Guards PER) A ROLLICKING BAND OF PIRATES WE: 2 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, -)
<ihp> :C
<TeslaTornado> Katie, you clear the field in due time.
<TeslaTornado> Jacob, you are just about to clear it when you hear a noise on your left. It sounds like the other guard rounding the farmhouse and approaching your position, and it sounds like he's moving quickly.
<padri> Katie assumes a werewolf can extricate himself - meanwhile providing ample distraction for her. And if not, she'll add recon of Jacob to her list of objectives. Either way, she leaves him.
<TeslaTornado> Natalya, you have LOS on this guard.
<TeslaTornado> He's making a beeline for Jacob, but hasn't noticed Katie.
<TeslaTornado> Your radio hasn't lit up yet, Jacob.
<padri> Besides, not getting captured herself is a priority.
<Daedalus> Natalya centers the gun on the guard and waits for a signal or something from Jacob.
<ihp> ~ShitShitShit~ Jacob reaches into his briefcase and tries to take out a molotov- not lighting it- and smash the guard over the head with it when they come over the corner.
<ihp> It should be like hitting someone on the head with a normal beer bottle, right?
<TeslaTornado> Jacob, that'll be Melee + Improvised to smash the fucker with the bottle.
<ihp> 4df+7 Improvise+Melee
<Glacon> ihp: Improvise+Melee: 5 (4df+7=0, 0, -, -)
<ihp> :|
<TeslaTornado> 4df+2 (PDEF) wha
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: (PDEF) wha: 3 (4df+2=+, 0, +, -)
<TeslaTornado> You catch him in the face with the bottle and break his nose. He is sent tumbling to the ground. He's conscious, but barely. He scrabbles for his radio.
<TeslaTornado> In his stunned state, you have a few extra seconds.
<ihp> 4df+3 Jacob tries to kick the radio away (melee)
<Glacon> ihp: Jacob tries to kick the radio away (melee): 2 (4df+3=-, 0, +, -)
<padri> Katie gets as far away from Jacob as possible.
<TeslaTornado> 4df+2 (AGI) FUMBLE RADIO INTO HAND
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: (AGI) FUMBLE RADIO INTO HAND: 1 (4df+2=+, -, 0, -)
<padri> This looks to be a very good distraction.
<Daedalus> "Should I shoot him?" Natalya asks Jacob over the radio.
<TeslaTornado> You punt that radio like a college quarterback looking for a first draft pick.
<ihp> 4df+3 and then… I bequeath a boot to the head. (Melee)
<Glacon> ihp: and then… I bequeath a boot to the head. (Melee): 2 (4df+3=0, 0, -, 0)
<TeslaTornado> 4df+2 Noouuuu
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: Noouuuu: 2 (4df+2=0, +, -, 0)
<TeslaTornado> You scuff the side of his head with your boot, jarring him but not rendering him unconscious. He attempts to get to his feet and tackle you.
<TeslaTornado> Katie, they're pretty goddamn distracted right now. There's a clear approach to the farmhouse's cellar entrance and you can see a ladder leading up to the loft of the barn.
<ihp> 4df+7 Jacob tries to conk him with his briefcase.
<Glacon> ihp: Jacob tries to conk him with his briefcase.: 10 (4df+7=+, +, +, 0)
<TeslaTornado> He is conked, and knocked the fuck out.
<TeslaTornado> You may have actually fractured his skull a tiny bit. Either way, he's going nowhere right now.
<padri> ~House or barn, house or barn…~ She peeks back at Jacob and sees that he isn't going to be a good enough distraction. She goes for the house.
<TeslaTornado> Natalya, the other guards remain unperturbed.
<padri> She'd rather be more prepared when she tackles the barn.
<ihp> Jacob pants, and tries to drag him out of sight. Into some bushes or something.
<Daedalus> "Good job, computer man." natalya whispers to herself.
<TeslaTornado> Jacob, strength for dragging quickly.
<ihp> 4df+2 :I
<Glacon> ihp: :I: 2 (4df+2=-, -, +, +)
<TeslaTornado> 4df This guard is built like a sack of hammers
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: This guard is built like a sack of hammers: -2 (4df=0, -, -, 0)
<ihp> pffffft
<TeslaTornado> You haul /ass/ across that field. The guard is secreted away in scrub growth and no-one is any the wiser.
<ihp> Jacob then tries to haul ass to get to Katie.
<TeslaTornado> Jacob, Katie, you both enter the house just as the guard rounds the corner. The storm doors covering the basement creak a bit, but not too loudly.
<padri> Katie winces, drawing her gun and listening to see if the guard will approach the door.
<TeslaTornado> Nope.
<TeslaTornado> You hear him walk by, and Natalya can visually confirm that he's past the house.
<padri> She nods and motions farther in to Jacob.
<ihp> Jacob stays silent, going father in after Katie.
<TeslaTornado> The basement is empty, and appears to have been rapidly converted into a combination barracks and storage area for provisions.
<TeslaTornado> Prison cots and boxes of ammunition and C-rations.
<padri> Anything unusual stored here?
<TeslaTornado> Not unless you count dirty underwear and personal effects as unusual.
<ihp> Jacob frowns softly, and mouths, "Now what?"
<padri> Katie does not. "We head up. I wonder how many of them there are. Want to try disguising as one of them?"
<ihp> "…there are eight of them. I think they would notice if a ninth joined suddenly."
<Daedalus> Natalya, meanwhile, looks over the loading area and the barn.
<padri> "Then we go up guns out. Clear the rooms. You know how to clear a room?"
<padri> Natalya can hear everything Katie and Jacob say, fyi.
<ihp> "…I do, but I'm not good with guns. I can throw things. That's it."
<Daedalus> Nat chuckles at that statement
<ihp> Jacob takes out his crossbow quiver, taking some bolts out of it. "Oddly enough, I'm better throwing these than I am using them properly. It's like darts. But a lot more lethal."
<padri> Katie thinks about it. "Alright. We'll have to make do. Find anyone, grab 'em. Let's go."
<ihp> Jacob takes the bolts in each hand, looking at Katie. "Lead the way, Katie."
<padri> She does, gun out.
<TeslaTornado> The door upwards is a simple wood door, outward opening. You don't hear voices on the far side.
<Daedalus> Natalya looks at the house and looks through the windows tho see if she can get the drop on anyone from here.
<ihp> 4df+7 Jacob sniffs for people in the house. (Perception+werewolf weirdness)
<Glacon> ihp: Jacob sniffs for people in the house. (Perception+werewolf weirdness): 9 (4df+7=+, 0, 0, +)
<padri> She waits for Jacob's signal.
<TeslaTornado> Jacob, you smell the people outside by the truck and nobody else.
<ihp> "…house is clear. Only people are by the truck."
<padri> Katie sighs. She was hoping for info. Still, there might be some papers or something … "Alright." She opens the door, but doesn't put the gun away.
<Daedalus> Natalya grins and turns her attention back to the truck, "I have a plan, if you would listen to it." She says over the radio.
<TeslaTornado> The door opens into a kitchen area, widened for multiple occupants. Nobody there. The next room opens into a dining hall, which looks to have been converted into a sort of planning room.
<TeslaTornado> It is the opposite side of the house from the truck.
<padri> Katie nods, even though Nat can't see. "Shoot."
<ihp> "But don't actually shoot."
<padri> She goes over the papers in the dining room.
<TeslaTornado> Jacob, you're still tuned to the Grassroots frequency.
<ihp> Oh shit.
<ihp> redact
<Daedalus> "Ah, but that is the plan, I distract, and you sneak around and flank. It will be hard to shoot me from up here, and you can sneak in to see what they're planning."
<padri> "I like that plan. How big of a distraction do you think you can create?"
<padri> Does Katie find anything in the papers?
<TeslaTornado> Katie, the papers are shipping manifests, but not the kind you'd expect. They look… Encrypted, somehow.

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<TeslaTornado> If you brought these to a codebreaker they could have a /lot/ of useful data.
<ihp> Jacob looks at the papers. Question: would encryption fall under computer science? Basic stuff like certain Enigma codes may have been taught at MIT.
<Daedalus> "Pretty big." She says with a smile, "Just give the word."
<padri> "We've got something in the house. Once we're ready to leave, we'll take what you can give us and rush the barn."

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<ihp> I'm taking Tesla's silence as a "No".
<TeslaTornado> Oh, sorry.
<TeslaTornado> This is more a verbal cipher. Grassroots doesn't look like it knows too much about computers.
<padri> When Jacob doesn't seem to be able to make anything of it, Katie starts gathering them up.
<TeslaTornado> The files are gathered.
<Daedalus> Nat focuses her rifle on the nearest guard, "On your mark, Kate."
<padri> "Ready, Jacob?"
<ihp> Jacob frowns, listening on his radio for chatter. He gives a thumbs-up.

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<padri> Katie nods. "Let's get ourselves up the ladder. Then it's your turn, Nat. We gotta make the most of this."
<padri> She heads back to the cellar to climb up and see if they can get up the ladder.
<Daedalus> She feels her pockets for her grenades, "Do not worry, this is not my first, how you say, 'rodeo'."
<ihp> Jacob follows after Katie, keeping his radio tuned to the right frequency.
<padri> Anybody outside? Or can they run for the ladder?
<ihp> 4df+7 Jacob sniffs for anyone outside.
<Glacon> ihp: Jacob sniffs for anyone outside.: 7 (4df+7=0, +, -, 0)
<TeslaTornado> The five armed guards are there, but their attention is still occupied by the unloading process.
<TeslaTornado> Jacob, you smell about eight warm bodies out there.
<TeslaTornado> Five of them have hints of gunpowder and oil.
<padri> "I'm going first. If you get caught, help with the distraction."
<ihp> Jacob mimes this by holding up 8 fingers, then five, then making a finger gun with his hand. He then mimes howling, questioningly.
<ihp> He makes no noise, throughout the whole thing.
<padri> She nods, then opens the door to run across to the ladder. Agi?
<TeslaTornado> AGI.
<padri> 4df+4 c'mon, glacon. i'll totally be your bitch.
<Glacon> padri: c'mon, glacon. i'll totally be your bitch.: 5 (4df+4=-, 0, +, +)
<TeslaTornado> You zip across the field before anyone notices you, and arrive at the ladder.
<ihp> 4df+3 Jacob tries to zip after her. This is gonna suck.
<Glacon> ihp: Jacob tries to zip after her. This is gonna suck.: 3 (4df+3=+, 0, -, 0)
<ihp> Yup.
<TeslaTornado> Jacob, you flail across the gap and /just/ barely make it unnoticed.
<Daedalus> Natalya chuckles at the flailing.
<padri> Katie nods, pleased, and starts climbing the ladder. Once she gets near the top, she gives the signal to Nat. "Gogogo."
<TeslaTornado> Katie climbs the ladder. Presumably, Jacob does as well.
<ihp> Jacob does.
<Daedalus> 4df+11 Natalya lines up her shot and utters "[Bang]." in russian as she fires at the first guard.
<Glacon> Daedalus: Natalya lines up her shot and utters "[Bang]." in russian as she fires at the first guard.: 12 (4df+11=0, +, +, -)
<TeslaTornado> 4df+3 Not wearing armor
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: Not wearing armor: 2 (4df+3=0, 0, 0, -)
<TeslaTornado> The round takes half of his goddamn face off. He falls. He's very, very dead.
<TeslaTornado> However.
<TeslaTornado> There is a complication.
<TeslaTornado> Pause.
<TeslaTornado> The shot echoes across the valley and rebounds off the far hills, shattering the otherwise dull silence of the night.
<TeslaTornado> The radio chatter through Jacob's receiver ceases entirely, then: "What was that."
<TeslaTornado> "That sounded like a gunshot."
<TeslaTornado> "Shit."
<ihp> Jacob looks at Katie, mouthing, "What should I say?"
<TeslaTornado> "Roamers, report in."
<padri> Finger to lips.
<TeslaTornado> «Three, reporting.»
<TeslaTornado> "One, Two?"
<TeslaTornado> Silence.
<TeslaTornado> "One, Two, report positions."
<TeslaTornado> Silence.
<TeslaTornado> "… Fuck, we're under attack! Position compromised!"
<TeslaTornado> There is the thump of a flare being shot into the sky and the lines go wild.
<TeslaTornado> Natalya, you see the flare arcing away from the center of the site, then…
<padri> Katie hopes they head out to see what's going on.
<TeslaTornado> One, two, three, four more flares in the woods on the opposite side of the camp.
<TeslaTornado> Jacob, your radio is chattering off the goddamn hook right now.
<ihp> Jacob looks at his radio, thinking of any way he could disrupt the frequency. Cut everyone off from everyone else.
<TeslaTornado> Katie, Natalya, Noble chimes in. "What the fuck is going on out there?! The sky's fucking covered in flares!"
<Daedalus> 4df+9 "[Fuck]!" Natalya says lobs a grenade down the hill. (Strength+Ranged)
<Glacon> Daedalus: "[Fuck]!" Natalya says lobs a grenade down the hill. (Strength+Ranged): 9 (4df+9=0, 0, -, +)
<Daedalus> as she*
<TeslaTornado> Jacob, not without your own transmitter.
<padri> Katie doesn't answer. She's busy concentrating. She /cannot/ miss her opportunity.
<ihp> Could Jacob at least give everyone feedback using the radio?
<TeslaTornado> Katie, the guards are dispersing, some of them towards the barn.
<TeslaTornado> Jacob, you could.
<padri> ~Fuck!~ "Jacob, I need a distraction /inside/ the barn."
<padri> "Can you go around front?"
<TeslaTornado> Natalya, the grenade hurtles through the air and bounces a few times, before landing near the house. A guard coming around the side of the building, towards the front of the barn, is caught in the blast.
<ihp> 4df+9 (Engineering+electrician) Jacob tries to do that, then. He tries to set up the radio so it can give a one-time painful burst of feedback.
<Glacon> ihp: (Engineering+electrician) Jacob tries to do that, then. He tries to set up the radio so it can give a one-time painful burst of feedback.: 11 (4df+9=+, +, -, +)
<TeslaTornado> He is peppered with shrapnel and hurls himself to the ground, his groans audible from the distance.
<TeslaTornado> Jacob, holy shit that's some feedback. You can even hear it in the guards' radios outside.
<ihp> "Go. Now."
<TeslaTornado> The guard near the barn, the one that wasn't blasted by the grenade, staggers.
<padri> She nods, heading up the ladder.
<padri> She ducks into the loft.
<TeslaTornado> Katie.
<TeslaTornado> There are a /lot/ of crates in here.

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<TeslaTornado> You'd guess several truckloads, at least.
<TeslaTornado> Most of them too heavy to move.
<Daedalus> 4df+11 taking more shots at the guards.
<Glacon> Daedalus: taking more shots at the guards.: 13 (4df+11=+, -, +, +)

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<padri> Then it's time to triage. Anything that looks easily movable/highly dangerous gets first priority. Anything /both/ is an urgency.
<TeslaTornado> Natalya, you kill the staggered guard in front of the barn, clearing a path for Katie.
<TeslaTornado> Katie, there's a few that look doable. Maybe five or six. And a handcart nearby to load them on to.
<padri> And a truck to steal to cart them off with?
<TeslaTornado> The truck out front.
<ihp> Jacob scrambles up the ladder after Katie, looking at the crates. "Holy /shit/."
<padri> Any people inside?
<TeslaTornado> Nope, not now. The rest of the guards are going to ground behind the truck, trying to get a line on Natalya.
<TeslaTornado> They seem to be bounding cover-to-cover, trying to get to the farmhouse.
<ihp> Jacob scrambles back down the ladder. He sighs, looking at his hand. ~Should I?~
<padri> Katie points to the crates that she's given first priority. "Those first."
<ihp> Redact last thing.
<ihp> Jacob nods, trying to load the crates onto the cart. "The codeword if you need… the other part of me… is 'London'. Understood?"
<TeslaTornado> (:|)
<ihp> (:3)
<TeslaTornado> The crates await.
<TeslaTornado> Natalya, you're taking some fire, but it's mostly inaccurate.

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<padri> She nods. "Got it. Nat, your only targets are the terrorists. Understood? Your /only/ targets."
<padri> She moves towards the crates.
<TeslaTornado> A few rounds stray close to your position.
<ihp> Jacob tries to load some of the smaller crates.
<TeslaTornado> Roll PDef, Natalya.
<TeslaTornado> Jacob, you load the smaller crates.
<padri> So does Katie.
<Daedalus> "Er- yes, I understand." she says as she lines up another shot.
<TeslaTornado> Between you and Katie, the six crates are loaded onto the handcart.
<Daedalus> 4df+8
<Daedalus> 4df+8
<Glacon> Daedalus: 10 (4df+8=+, -, +, +)
<padri> The cart is pushed towards the opening. Can Katie see what's going on?
<TeslaTornado> 4df+6 Guards are starting to entrench their position
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: Guards are starting to entrench their position: 9 (4df+6=+, +, 0, +)
<TeslaTornado> You wing one of the guards, knocking him to the ground. The rounds don't make contact.
<TeslaTornado> Katie, you can see the guards. They don't notice you, focusing on Natalya. They're moving towards the house, and cover. The unarmed ones have scattered.
<Daedalus> Wait, I rolled pdef
<TeslaTornado> (I counted it as a blanket roll, just go with it :P)
<Daedalus> (Okay :P)
<padri> "Nat, you have to let them get away from the truck so we can get to it."
<TeslaTornado> Katie, they're all moving away from the truck. Whether intentional or not, there is an opening.
<Daedalus> "Understood." She stops firing and begins to slowly shift her position.
<TeslaTornado> Noble is cursing you out over the radio, and Jacob's radio, now that the static burst has faded, is going nuts with outside transmissions, apparently the source of those flares.
<padri> She gestures to Jacob and pulls the cart. She doesn't give a fuck about Noble. He's not foundation.
<TeslaTornado> Natalya, you shift your position. Luckily you haven't been totally skylined, and you can fire and move pretty effectively.
<ihp> Jacob looks at Katie, then at his hands, picking at the skin on them. "Say the word, and I'll do it."
<Daedalus> 4df+11 directing fire to dissuade people from hiding behind the truck.
<Glacon> Daedalus: directing fire to dissuade people from hiding behind the truck.: 11 (4df+11=+, 0, 0, -)
<padri> "You'll take passenger. If they follow us, go for them."
<TeslaTornado> Katie successfully moves the cart to the back of the truck, which is still half-full of gear. You notice a conspicuously gargantuan crate in the very back.
<padri> Katie focuses on loading it with the crates.
<TeslaTornado> Natalya, your fire is effective. Every time a face pops up in the farmhouse, it's either blasted away, or suppressed.
<ihp> Jacob nods, going up to the truck and getting in the passenger side. "Wait. He said he wanted a warm body. I hid a prisoner in the shrubs."
<TeslaTornado> However, you can see, from the west side of the farm, on the opposite side, a group of about twenty men approaching from the treeline.
<ihp> "Well, 'prisoner'. I knocked him out."
<TeslaTornado> Katie could notice, if she looked, and Jacob can definitely smell them.
<ihp> Jacob growls. "We got more company. Twenty of them. Shit."
<padri> Katie's too busy with the crates. But when Jacob speaks … "Go for it, Wexley. I'll get the truck out and call Noble for assistance extricating yourself and Nat."
<ihp> "I'll meet you back at camp. Hopefully." Jacob gets out of the car, and bites down on his hand, ripping the skin off of it. The typical transformation ensues.
<TeslaTornado> Jacob wolfs the fuck out.
<TeslaTornado> Katie, the crates are loaded. Noble starts calling orders, and…
<padri> Katie climbs in and vrooms out of there at full speed.
<TeslaTornado> A fucking /mortar/ thumps in the woods, near the general area of Noble's camp.
<ihp> Jacob the wolf then attempts to be a Big B.A. Wolf and howl at the moon as Katie begins to drive off.
<TeslaTornado> The explosion lands in the west field as Katie rolls out. Luckily, Foundation MTF training includes a brief segment on how to operate a double clutch, and she manages to not stall on the way out!
<Daedalus> Natalya, shocked and amazed, looks out at Jacob.
<TeslaTornado> Between the howling, the mortars, and the timely intervention of Noble's team, the area is secured.
<ihp> Jacob attempts to round up as many of the Grassroots as possible.
<TeslaTornado> To summarize events:
<TeslaTornado> Noble, while angry that the situation wasn't handled stealthily, respects that the area was secured.
<TeslaTornado> Several hostages are taken and divvied up between Noble's team and the Foundation.
<TeslaTornado> The crates in the barn are taken into Noble's organization's custody pending the meeting, and he cedes control of the anomalies in the Peterbilt to the foundation.
<padri> … Totally not a fair trade.
<TeslaTornado> Them's the breaks.
<TeslaTornado> The MTF arrives back at Site 19 with the truck, and #origins-ic
<ihp> Jacob would object to this, but he's naked, probably trying to find other clothing. Also, his ears are more pointed than before.
<TeslaTornado> Jacob finds a pair of denim overalls.
<TeslaTornado> And nothing else.

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