6:36:37 PM <Wixelt> Wilson continues to science.
6:36:39 PM <Wixelt> 4df+6
6:36:40 PM <Glacon> Wixelt: 8 (4df+6=+, -, +, +)
6:36:55 PM <Wixelt> Nothing of interest occurs.
6:39:34 PM <Prior> Suddenly, owls.
6:39:56 PM <Prior> They're bursting out of the beakers across the room.
6:40:04 PM <Prior> Wilson, roll your save vs owls.
6:41:45 PM <Prior> OWLS WILSON.
6:43:32 PM <Wixelt> …
6:46:46 PM <Wixelt> (…Save?)
6:47:52 PM <Prior> …just roll Pdef, GAWD!
6:48:21 PM <Wixelt> 4df+2
6:48:22 PM <Glacon> Wixelt: 2 (4df+2=+, 0, 0, -)
6:48:25 PM <Wixelt> "Gah!"
6:49:00 PM <Prior> They're starting to fill up the room in a solid mass of confused birds. Holy crap the owls are fuckig everywhere.
6:49:08 PM <Prior> There's one in your pocket.
6:50:05 PM <Wixelt> "Wha-"
6:50:38 PM <Prior> "HOOT HOOT!" There are hundreds now. They're pooping on everything.
6:51:17 PM <Wixelt> Wilson tries to move to the door.
6:51:35 PM <Prior> Roll strength to pass through the mass of owls.
6:52:33 PM <Wixelt> 4df+2
6:52:33 PM <Glacon> Wixelt: 4 (4df+2=-, +, +, +)
6:53:46 PM <Prior> Wilson surges through the avian pile with his MANLY STRENGTH
6:54:54 PM <Wixelt> Wilson bursts out into the corridor.
6:55:36 PM <Prior> the owls flow out after you, hooting and squawking in a tide of feathers and owl crp.
6:55:41 PM <Prior> *crap
6:56:56 PM <Wixelt> Wilson drops to the floor and covers his head.
6:57:17 PM <Prior> The PA system bursts into life. «The owlening has come! All personnel report to their owl refuge rooms!»
6:57:41 PM <Prior> Wlson, perception.
7:01:10 PM <Wixelt> 4df+6
7:01:10 PM <Glacon> Wixelt: 3 (4df+6=-, -, -, 0)
7:01:23 PM <Wixelt> DAMNIT GLACON
7:01:48 PM <Prior> There's a creaking sound above you, like metal under strain.
7:02:12 PM <Wixelt> Wilson glances upwards worriedly.
7:03:13 PM <Prior> The air vent above you is bulging beneath a pressure behind it. You can proably guess the cause.
7:06:12 PM <Wixelt> Wilson dashes to his feet and makes a run for it.
7:07:29 PM <Prior> Just in time, too. The grate explodes open in a surge of owls that flow like flapping water. Agility to stay on your feet in this horrifying tide.
7:12:11 PM <Wixelt> 4df+3 NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE
7:12:11 PM <Glacon> Wixelt: NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE: 1 (4df+3=-, -, 0, 0)
7:12:35 PM <Wixelt> (Glacon, you absolute…)
7:14:16 PM <Prior> You fall and are swept down the hallway in a flow of wings and beaks. A the next intersection you see a door you've never noticed before. It's sign reads "100% safe owl refuge."
7:14:31 PM <Prior> *its
7:20:25 PM <Wixelt> Wilson, knowing better than to trust something that just appeared, ignores it.
7:21:32 PM <Prior> you flow past the door. At the intersection after that there is another one which reads. "Come on Wilson you tit, you have stuff to do."
7:22:04 PM <Wixelt> Wilson stares at it for a second, but chooses to not to use the door.
7:24:05 PM <Prior> Yet another door. "Come on Doctor, the coffee's getting cold. How deep can a man sleep anyway?"
7:25:14 PM <Wixelt> Wilson's eyes widen.
7:25:24 PM <Wixelt> 4df+3 REM Echo: Time to wake ip!
7:25:24 PM <Glacon> Wixelt: REM Echo: Time to wake ip!: 6 (4df+3=0, +, +, +)
7:25:25 PM <Wixelt> *up
7:26:59 PM <Prior> Wilson, you're sitting in a chair in your lab. Some kindly old woman is pushing a try full of coffee and bagels out of the room.
7:27:36 PM <Wixelt> "Uh… thank you."
7:28:27 PM <Prior> "Oh, you're awake." She waves as she leaves. "Have a nice dinner, doctor."
7:28:47 PM <Prior> There's a book on owls open in front of you on the table.
7:28:54 PM <Wixelt> Wilson waves.
7:29:04 PM <Wixelt> He then looks down at the book and frowns.
7:29:09 PM <Wixelt> "Hang on…"
7:29:28 PM <Wixelt> 4df+3 REM Echo: Spotcheck.
7:29:28 PM <Glacon> Wixelt: REM Echo: Spotcheck.: 1 (4df+3=-, +, -, -)
7:29:29 PM <Prior> "Yes?"
7:29:47 PM <Wixelt> "No, sorry, I was talking to myself."
7:30:12 PM <Prior> "Who does that, doctor Wilson? Whooooooo?"
7:30:31 PM <Wixelt> Wilson frowns heavily.
7:30:39 PM <Prior> Owls burst out of the beakers again. The old woman dissolves into a pile of the blasted things.
7:31:54 PM <Wixelt> Wilson covers his face.
7:32:14 PM <Wixelt> 4df+3 REM Echo: wake up, Wake Up, WAKE UP!!!
7:32:14 PM <Glacon> Wixelt: REM Echo: wake up, Wake Up, WAKE UP!!!: 0 (4df+3=-, -, -, 0)
7:33:02 PM <Prior> You wake up. You're in some kind of in-house seminar. The bearded man running the thing appears to be glaring at you a little.
7:33:26 PM <Prior> "Doctor Wilson, am I boring you?"
7:36:55 PM <Wixelt> "Of course not"
7:37:00 PM <Wixelt> Wilson shakes his head.
7:37:11 PM <Wixelt> "I've had a bad night's sleep is all."
7:37:49 PM <Prior> "Good, good." The man turns back to the board. "If I may get back to the seminar." He clears his throat.
7:38:05 PM <Prior> Wilson you may feel a little… breezy down below.
7:38:14 PM <Wixelt> Wilson glances down.
7:38:19 PM <Wixelt> ~Oh god…~
7:38:27 PM <Prior> You aren't wearing any clothes.
7:38:58 PM <Prior> "So, where were we… ah yes, owls in popular culture, now the owl is a mysterious bird…"
7:39:10 PM <Prior> Nobody seems to have noticed.
7:39:15 PM <Wixelt> ~Yeah…~
7:39:20 PM <Wixelt> 4df+3 REM Echo: wake up, Wake Up, WAKE UP!!!
7:39:20 PM <Glacon> Wixelt: REM Echo: wake up, Wake Up, WAKE UP!!!: 2 (4df+3=+, 0, -, -)
7:40:53 PM <Prior> You open your eyes again. You're in a van. A very handsome blonde man is sat beside you, conversing with an asain-looking gentleman with dark hair.
7:41:41 PM <Prior> "I'm telling you cobb, going this deep will be dangerous." You hear the second man say.
7:42:32 PM <Wixelt> Wilson frowns.
7:42:42 PM <Wixelt> (And so does his player)
7:44:56 PM <Prior> "Don't worry mister saito, we'll be fine as long as the owls stay back."The first man replies. "All we need are some slow-motion sequences and a wierd bit in a hotel with an elevator."
7:45:11 PM <Wixelt> …
7:45:14 PM <Wixelt> 4df+3 REM Echo: wake up, Wake Up, WAKE UP!!!
7:45:14 PM <Glacon> Wixelt: REM Echo: wake up, Wake Up, WAKE UP!!!: 2 (4df+3=+, -, 0, -)
7:46:38 PM <Prior> You wake up again. This time… it's your lab again. Seems pretty normal.
7:47:47 PM <Wixelt> Wilson doesn't trust his surroundings.
7:47:51 PM <Wixelt> He frowns.
7:47:58 PM <Wixelt> 4df+3 REM Echo: Owlcheck.
7:47:58 PM <Glacon> Wixelt: REM Echo: Owlcheck.: 1 (4df+3=-, 0, -, 0)
7:48:35 PM <Wixelt> (Also, the point is, if he gets a response, no matter what response, it will often tell him he's dreaming.)
7:48:47 PM <Wixelt> (He can't do that when he's awake)
7:49:18 PM <Prior> There are no owls… everything seems normal.
7:49:39 PM <Prior> Excpet the blonde man runing down the hall outside, being chased by owls.
7:49:47 PM <Prior> So yeah, apart from that.
7:49:50 PM <Wixelt> "…"
7:50:02 PM <Prior> Also,there's a really loud BWAAAAAAAAAAAM noise.
7:50:02 PM <Wixelt> 4df+3 REM Echo: wake up, Wake Up, WAKE UP!!!
7:50:02 PM <Glacon> Wixelt: REM Echo: wake up, Wake Up, WAKE UP!!!: 3 (4df+3=-, 0, +, 0)
7:50:37 PM <Prior> Wilson wakes up. He's in medical, lying on a bed.
7:51:12 PM <Prior> A nurse is looking at him concerned, and Lacey is sat at his bedside.
7:51:55 PM <WixCubePriest> (Is he awake now?)
7:52:25 PM <cuberiel> (yeah)
7:52:43 PM <WixCubePriest> Wilson glances around frantically now.
7:52:53 PM <WixCubePriest> ~Owls, where are the owls…~
7:53:13 PM <cuberiel> "Are… are you okay doctor Wilson?"
7:53:46 PM <WixCubePriest> "I, I, uh…"
7:53:55 PM <WixCubePriest> Wilson continues to look around warily.
7:54:46 PM <cuberiel> "I was passing your office and you were laying on the floor babbling about owls. I think you cut your head." She points to your forehead. It stings a little.
7:56:18 PM <WixCubePriest> Wilson touches his forehead.
7:58:58 PM <cuberiel> There's a cut. And a lump. Probably hit it pretty hard.
8:00:47 PM <cuberiel> Lacey gives you a hug. "Im just happy you're okay now."
8:01:05 PM <Wixelt> Wilson nods.
8:01:23 PM <Wixelt> "So am I, that was most likely one of the oddest experiences of my life."
8:01:56 PM <cuberiel> "What was?" Aaaaaand release hug.
8:04:30 PM <Wixelt> "Just those dreams"
8:04:34 PM <Wixelt> He shudders a little.
8:05:10 PM <cuberiel> "Can't have been that bad. They were about owls, right? How bad can owls be?"
8:05:23 PM <Wixelt> "You'd be surprised."
8:07:16 PM <prior> "Well, you're okay now. Can he leave, nurse?"
8:07:23 PM <prior> She nods. "Sure."
8:07:37 PM <Wixelt> Wilson slowly lifts himself from his bed.
8:07:51 PM <prior> "Just be careful not to do anything too important or straining for a little while, and drink plenty of fluids."
8:08:09 PM <Wixelt> Wilson nods, understanding.

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