Operation: Bugger Ewe

<Wixelt> Wilson strolls into the breifing room
<Optimal> Frederick arrives with his dragonhead cane.
<Nemi> Lis walks into the briefing room! She is wearing long sleeves, a scarf and a coat, in spite of it being the heat of summer.
<Nemi> Her eyes are faintly luminous blue, as usual.
<gumbal1> Agent Aruba is there, along with a skinny man in generic American military dress.
<ihp> Susan raises an eyebrow at Lis, and sits at a table.
<Wixelt> Wilson glances at Aruba ~Who's this then?~
<Optimal> Frederick takes a seat and listens.
<gumbal1> "Greetings." Agent Aruba passes out files. "You'll be going to a mansion in New York to meet with Seelie Court representatives."
<ihp> Susan blinks. "Come again?"
<ihp> Susan looks at her file.
<Wixelt> "…Excuse me?"
<Wixelt> Wilson glances at his own file
<Optimal> "Seelie Court…"
<gumbal1> The file details a map in the city where the mansion is located, along with a few pointers on where you're supposed to go.
<Wixelt> "…Seelie Court? What is that, some sort of cult?"
<gumbal1> "The Seelie Court is one of the two main courts of the Fae."
<Wixelt> "Fae… Like, fairies?" Wilson frowns
<ihp> "…you're /fucking/ kidding."

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<gumbal1> "Yes, faeries. The representatives have some information regarding E-008, otherwise known as the Unseelie Queen."
<gumbal1> "I am not kidding."
<ihp> "What, are we going to talk to leprechauns? Meet up with red caps? Have tea with a god-damn pixie?!"
<Wixelt> Wilson's frown deepens. He recognises the name.
<gumbal1> "Changelings, actually."
<Nemi> Lis reads her files, humming contentedly to herself.
<Wixelt> He doesn't know much about the 'queen', or anything related to her though.

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<Optimal> "Am I the only one that wouldn't mind talking to faeries as a field operation?"
<ihp> Susan laughs. "I'm sorry, but… fairies. /Fairies/." Really, Susan? You've been back in time to Nazi Germany and saw a pyrokinetic blow up a library to gain knowledge, and fairies is where you draw the line?
<gumbal1> "It is kind of funny, don't you think?" says the skinny man. Aruba keeps straightfacing.
<ihp> Susan looks at the skinny man. "I'm sorry, but… who're you?"

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<Wixelt> "First thing after this, i'm looking up past reports on this stuff."
<gumbal1> "General Green. I'm head of a project intended to create anti-unseelie weaponry."
<Nemi> That gets Lis's interest. She silences and perks to peer at Green.
<gumbal1> Wilson, the report states that the Foundation has generally had bad blood with the Unseelie Queen ever since they almost killed her during a contianment run.
<ihp> Susan looks at the file more closely. "Right… hrm."
<Wixelt> (Was that the one with the boat?)
<gumbal1> (No. That one isn't listed for some reason.)
<Wixelt> (Ah. Ok)
<gumbal1> "You'll have more time to talk with Green as his project continues. Any more questions?"
<ihp> "…right. Changelings. As in, people who have been replaced by fairies? What are their names?"
<gumbal1> "You should ask around for a Sven."
<gumbal1> "He's the one you want to talk to."
<Optimal> "Yes, please explain what they look like as well, so I'm not surprised."
<gumbal1> "They look like humans initially, but should eventually appear as rotting wood humanoid figures once you're out of sight of anyyone not involved in the operation."
<gumbal1> Any more questions?"
<ihp> "…right. Going to a mansion to talk to fairies." Susan stands up. "…I miss when intelligence work was simple."
<Wixelt> Wilson raises his hand "What are we being sent to discuss?"
<Nemi> "Well," Lis muses to herself. "This should be exciting."
<gumbal1> "Information on the Unseelie Court."
<Wixelt> "Information gathering. I should be of more use than usual then"
<Optimal> "No more questions from me."
<gumbal1> "If you have no more questions. please proceed to the motor pool."
<ihp> Susan sighs, and heads out to the motor pool. "Let's go."

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<ihp> Susan keeps reading her file. If they've met these things before, there must be further research on it. They wouldn't send them in /blind/, right>
<ihp> ?
<Nemi> Lis rises and doops off to the motorpool, reading more form the file on the way.
<gumbal1> The Foundation's apparently been conducting talks with other factions for a while now, and Sven appears to have asked that Psi-7 come over personally this time.
<MrXeZe> Karsten was here the entire time…of course.
<Optimal> Frederick proceeds to the motor pool.
<Wixelt> Wilson stands and heads down to the motor pool
<MrXeZe> He heads to the motor pool.
<ihp> Susan frowns, and shakes her head, getting in the car. In the driver's seat, if she can.
<gumbal1> There's a truck waiting at the motor pool.
<ihp> Anyone who's ever driven with Susan ever knows that this is a worse idea than mixing water and sodium.
<Wixelt> Wilson takes the front passenger seat
<MrXeZe> "Well, we should waste no time then." Karsten takes a passenger seat.
<Wixelt> Wilson glances nervously at Susan "Maybe you should let someone else drive for a change"
<ihp> Susan tilts her head. "Why?"
<Optimal> Frederick slips in the back and talks to anyone back there as well. "Oh man, I haven't been on a field operation in /ages/."
<ihp> She accidentally steps on the gas pedal while the car is in park, making the engine rev. "Whoops."
<Wixelt> "Uh… no reason, just might be a nice change of pace"
<MrXeZe> Frederick: "Well, this will be my second one."
<Optimal> Fred nods to Karsten. "Mmm. I think I've been on… four I believe? This'll be the fifth."
<Nemi> Lis climbs into the back and decides to nap, hugging her folder to her chest.
<Nemi> Lis is tiny and takes up very little space.
<ihp> Susan frowns. "You think I'm a bad driver, aren't you? Just because I'm a woman, that makes me a bad driver?" She puts the car into drive, and pulls out of the gate to the site. And then, Susan becomes much like a certain blue hedgehog that will be invented in about 40 years and tries to make the car go close to the speed of sound.
<MrXeZe> "Ehm, Susan, was it? Perhaps you could stand to slow down…just a bit?"
<Wixelt> "That not what I-" Wilson yelps in surprise as the car speeds off
<Wixelt> He shakes his head "You know what, just forget it"
<ihp> Susan is floatin' around at the speed of sound. Well, not quite, but you get the point. She's gotta go fast.
<ihp> There's a reason Susan flunked her driving test. I wonder what that is.
<gumbal1> Susan's driving makes the escape to the city quick/
<Wixelt> ~Well, at least she's fast~
<gumbal1> You rather quickly get to New York City. The map leads you to a rich district in Manhatten.
<Wixelt> Wilson looks out of the window of the car "Why is it always New Tork?"
<Wixelt> *York
<ihp> Susan wonders why Manhattan is misspelled on the map.
<Nemi> Lis is entirely unaware of the adventure being asleep the whole time. What a lazybones.
<ihp> She also slows down considerably once she gets into the city. She doesn't want to hit any pedestrians after all.
<gumbal1> You eventually get to the mansion. It's painted white, and a bit larger than the others around it. Outside are two young men struggling to with a large painting. The smaller one drops it and clutches his right arm.
<gumbal1> Susan, the map looks rather low quality in general.
<ihp> ~Bloody budget cuts~
<Wixelt> Wilson steps out of the truck once it stops, and looks up at the mansion in awe
<ihp> Susan pulls up to the mansion, looking around. "Right. Fairies."
<Optimal> Fred slowly gets out of the truck.
<Wixelt> "I wonder how much paint they had to get to cover all of that."
<MrXeZe> Karsten gets out of the truck. "An entire society of these…fairies, living right under our noses? Facsinating!"
<gumbal1> Pause for description.
<Nemi> Lis is still sleepin'.
<MrXeZe> Karsten bangs his fist on the side of the truck in an attempt to wake Lis up.
<Optimal> Fred watches the guys carry the painting.
<gumbal1> The painting appears to be of an aged man with reptilian features, holding a chalice in his right hand. Wixelt, through the power of hidden percep rolls, in addition to a crit success, you identify the painting as Sir Michael Cavendish in the Guise of the King of Serpents, a painting thought to hold occult significane. You also notice that the surface seems th shimmer ever so slightly.
<gumbal1> The man holding his arm curses. "Fuck, my arm's shot."
<Wixelt> (So, you're doing preemptive perc rols?)
<ihp> Susan doesn't notice the painting, just heading up to the house.
<gumbal1> The other man looks to the others. "Oh, thank goodness you're here!"
<Wixelt> Wilson looks at the painting, scanning over "Occult. Hmm…"
<Wixelt> *over it
<Nemi> She shakes her head and blinks. Wuah. Lis wobbles, stretches, yawns a bit, and climbs out of the truck.
<MrXeZe> "What a strange piece of art work…."
<gumbal1> Susan reaches the door. It's large and made of wood, with a brass knocker on the front of the left door.
<Nemi> She blinks at the fading light of evening and finds the painting fascinating to look at. Even still, she bumbles after Susan.
<ihp> Susan goes up to the door, and knocks the knocker.
<gumbal1> "Yeah, it is, isn't it?"
<gumbal1> "Listen, we kind of need your help."
<Wixelt> "It has occult relevance if i'm not mistaken"
<Nemi> "Oh! Yeah, what do you need?" Lis swivels in their direction, smiling blankly.
<Wixelt> Wilson approaches from where he was standing
<gumbal1> Susan, it takes a while to answer, but a tall bald man eventually answers.
<MrXeZe> Karsten looks in the direction of the voice.
<gumbal1> Big transport guy: My buddy here just shot his arm. We kinda need help getting the painting in for the owner."
<ihp> Susan clears her throat. "I'm looking for Sven?"
<gumbal1> The man nods, then looks out to the others. "ARe they with you?"
<gumbal1> Lis, the painting seems to shimmer.
<Nemi> "Why is ist shimmering?" she wonders aloud, then looks to her teammates. Who include people far more capable at hauling stuff than her tiny frail self.
<MrXeZe> Karsten begrudgingly offers to help. "Alright, move over, let me take the other side."
<gumbal1> "Uh…the boss just asked us to get it in. We don't know what it is, but the guy who owns this place wanted it."
<gumbal1> "Great!" The man gets to one side of the painting. "We lift on three, okay?"
<gumbal1> "1."
<gumbal1> "2."
<gumbal1> "3!"
<gumbal1> The man lifts.
<MrXeZe> Karsten attempts to lift the painting.
<gumbal1> Bald man: "I see you've brought gifts."
<MrXeZe> Or rather, he successfully lifts it, I guess.
<Wixelt> ~…We have?~
<gumbal1> It's heavy, but nothing requiring a strength roll.
<Wixelt> Wilson frowns internally
<gumbal1> Karsten, percep.
<Glacon> MrXeZe: It BEGIIIIIIIINS: 6 (4df+6=+, 0, 0, -)
<Optimal> Frederick hangs in the background and waits for others to do the talking, until he is needed to do some talking.
<gumbal1> The man giggles a bit as you and him take the painting in.
<ihp> Susan nods at the bald man eventually. "They are."
<gumbal1> The bald man calls for them. "Come in!"
<MrXeZe> Karsten is a little weirded out by a grown man giggling like that…
<ihp> Susan enters the house, looking around. She imagines it must be quite opulent.
<Nemi> Lis finally shakes her fascination off and settles in beside Susan. She looks a little bit woozy, probably from just waking up, but otherwise appears to be in as good as mood as she usually is. Even with a full coat and scarf and gloves in the summer heat she seems to be comfortable and cool.
<Nemi> She follows Susan inside!
<Wixelt> Wilson follows behind Susan.
<Wixelt> He looks around, taking in the appearance of the building
<Nemi> Lis' eyes glow softly, any sublety to the luminescence longsince gone.
<gumbal1> It is quite. The foyer looks rather empty, but there are a few paintings up. The marbe walls look immaculate.
<gumbal1> None of the paintings seem to shimmer for Wilson or Lis.
<gumbal1> Except the one Karsten and the man are carrying in.
<MrXeZe> "Quite a home." Karsten says to no one in particular.
<Nemi> "What a lovely collection," Lis says, with her usual cheerfulness.
<Wixelt> Wilson makes an impressive whistling sound at the paintings that are there
<gumbal1> "Come in, come in. You boys can leave it in the master's study. He should be there right now."
<ihp> Susan whistles softly. "Nice." She's ogling everything. She's never been in anything above a lower-middle class setting, unless you count Cornell.
<Optimal> Frederick follows in behind. "I can't remember the last time I was in a place as fancy as this."
<MrXeZe> Karsten presumably carries it to the place described, and leaves it there.
<gumbal1> The bald man leads them through the mansion. Inside are various fragile figurines, several wood carvings, a few clay statues, but suprisingly little furniture.
<gumbal1> Where there is, it's mostly just leather sofas you might find in any other dwelling.
<gumbal1> They finally get to the study. The bald man knocks on the door. "The visitors have arrived."
<gumbal1> "Come in, come in!" A voice from the other side beckons. The door opens, revealing a rather modest office, with the exception that the lamp in the corner appears to use a floating ball of light in lieu of a bulb.
<Nemi> Lis follows along, beaming at the design. That there's no real furnishings is not lost on her, however. She has her suspicions that this place is not really meant for habitation, and more for showing off.
<MrXeZe> Karsten walks into the room. He notices the strange lamp, but remains silent.
<Optimal> Fred follows inside as well. ~Everyone is so nice here.~
<ihp> Susan raises an eyebrow at the orb as she enters, sighing internally. ~I hate magic.~
<gumbal1> "Put it in the corner." The man inside looks like a rather generic brunette, with a midwestern accent.
<Wixelt> As Wilson walks in, he notices he strange lamp.
<Wixelt> "Some of this stuff is truly amazing"
<gumbal1> The other man helps carry the painting in.
<MrXeZe> Karsten and the man (I presume) put the paiting in the corner.
<gumbal1> "Now, is everyone here that I asked for." His face darkens. "Or has anyone followed you in?"
<Nemi> "No-one's followed us, as far as I know!" She looks around to double-check.
<MrXeZe> "I don't believe so…"
<Nemi> "Barring that fellow," she peers at the deliveryman. "But since you called him, I suppose.."
<gumbal1> The man who carried the painting in bids adiu and exits.
<ihp> ~Why do I have a feeling this is going to go further south than Antarctica?~
<gumbal1> The man chuckles. "Probably a gift from the Children of the Yellow Duke."
<gumbal1> "Now, let's get down to business."
<Optimal> "I am definitely part of the crew."
<Nemi> "So! Let's get down to business!" [To defeat the Huns]
<Wixelt> Wilson turns his attention from the map, back to the man
<Wixelt> *lamp
<gumbal1> The man snaps, instanteaneously transforming into what looks to be a hollow tree trunk-looking humanoid with a badly carved face. A glow seems to emanate from his chest.
<MrXeZe> Karsten is noticably shocked by the transformation.
<ihp> Susan flinches, staring at the man softly.
<Optimal> "Glad I asked earlier…"
<Wixelt> Wilson flinches a little in surprise, but not as much as he would have done had they not been told about this prior.
<MrXeZe> "My God….this is amazing and terrifying at the same time."
<Nemi> Lis doesn't flinch, nor does she seem surprised in the least. "Interesting look! I like it!"
<gumbal1> "I have recently come into possession of an…asset, if you could call it that."
<Nemi> "Do tell!"
<gumbal1> "I'll make this simple: The Seelie Court has captured a Cardinal Dreadlord of the Children of the Unseelie Queen."
<Nemi> "… Oh -ho-. That is.. certainly news."
<gumbal1> "Unfortunately, it would be a violation of Fae international law to interrogate it."
<MrXeZe> "Well…that it is. What it means, however, is lost, entirely, to me"
<gumbal1> "This is where the Foundation comes in."
<Nemi> Lis clasps her hands. "Which is why you sent for us."
<Wixelt> "You want us to interrogate it for you"
<MrXeZe> "Ehm, I'm not sure that's the reason."
<gumbal1> "Cardinal Dreadlords are high up on the cult food chain. However, I don't want to just give it away to a lackluster organization."
<ihp> "…let me guess. You want us to prove ourselves to you?"
<gumbal1> "Which is why I've organized a test: Get New York politician Thomas Ramsey out of the picture."
<Nemi> "If I may, what's your interest in Ramsey?"
<gumbal1> "He's a moderate Republican who believes the education system need reform first and foremost."
<gumbal1> "He's also tied with the Unseelie Court."
<MrXeZe> "That….does not sound very bad."
<Optimal> Frederick perks up at the mention of political science.
<MrXeZe> "Oh…"
<gumbal1> "Ever wonder why they have those weird laws on the books?"
<ihp> "…you expect us to assassinate a prominent politician?"
<Nemi> "Aaah. Hm."
<gumbal1> "It's specifically to criminalize anomalies most people wouldn't even know existed."
<MrXeZe> "What exactly has he done to you?"
<Nemi> Lis taps at her chin. She looks terribly thoughtful.
<gumbal1> "Been on the wrong team."
<gumbal1> "You can do it however you like: murder, kidnapping, tranasportation to an alternate dimension."
<Optimal> "Please. I don't think they'd send us to /kill/ someone, if they knew what we were about."
<ihp> "I ask again. You expect us. To /assassinate/. A prominent politician." She blinks, and grins.
<ihp> "Or… maybe we won't have to."
<Wixelt> Wilson looks a little ill at the thought of having to kill someone
<MrXeZe> Karsten looks to the others. "I suggest the route where we don't kill anyone."
<Nemi> "We won't? What's -your- game, Susan?"
<gumbal1> "I will warn you: Thomas Ramsey is…different from most humans."
<ihp> Susan griiiiiiins. "We have to remove him from office, yes, but… we don't have to do it with a knife. The pen is mightier than the sword, and a camera is mightier than a pen."
<Wixelt> Wilson breathes a sigh of relief "Og, thank God"
<Optimal> "Karsten has the right idea. We are not a hit squad."
<Wixelt> *Oh
<gumbal1> "The best anololgy is…have any of you ever heard of Saint Jacob?"
<MrXeZe> "Well…yes. I think most people here have."
<ihp> Susan blinks. "…there's a Jacob that works at Site 19. He's a bloody werewolf, from what I've read."
<gumbal1> "Thomas Ramsey is a weresheep."
<ihp> Susan blinks. "…literally or figuratively?"
<Optimal> "Right. Danger in a friendly form."
<gumbal1> "Literally."
<Optimal> "… or literally as well…"
<ihp> Susan blinks. Blink blink. And then a grin.
<MrXeZe> "Well….that sounds…unorthodox." Karsten pauses. "Then again, so is everything we do…"
<ihp> "Well then. I have an idea. All we'll need is another sheep, a camera, and a friend in the New York Times."
<gumbal1> "We suggest you sneak up on him. Be warned that his connections may make his domacile treacherous."
<ihp> "Why kill someone when you can utterly destroy their reputation?"
<Optimal> Fred looks at Susan. "Friend in the New York Times you said?"
<MrXeZe> Karsten looks at Susan. "….what?"
<Optimal> "You have a media censor on your team that knows the New York Times very well."
<ihp> Susan suppresses a cackle. "I was /trained/ for this kind of thing. I know every blackmail trick in the book. One of the easiest is sexual blackmail."
<ihp> "Tell me, is Ramsey married?"
<Wixelt> Wilson has been awfully quet, like he's thinking ways to completely discredit/non-violently disable this man
<Wixelt> *quiet
<gumbal1> "Ramsey keeps sheep in his home as a sort of red herring. You can steal from him. As for the camera and friend," Scen rummages through his desk before taking out a camera. "I've got you covered."
<gumbal1> "He is."
Aug 09 19:38:40 <ihp> Susan grins gleefully. "Well then. Here's my plan. We take the sheep and Ramsey, knock the latter unconscious, and then pose him in a rather… untoward situation for a New York Politician. Let the news media do the rest."
Aug 09 19:38:44 <MrXeZe> "Hm, so we do….whatever Susan plans to do, and then we take him back for containment, yes?"
Aug 09 19:38:59 <MrXeZe> "We'll figure out what we should do from there…"
Aug 09 19:39:07 <Wixelt> "That might just work"
Aug 09 19:39:18 <Wixelt> Wilson nods, though he seems a little unsure
Aug 09 19:39:23 <Optimal> Frederick chuckles.
Aug 09 19:39:31 <gumbal1> He hands the camera to Susan.
Aug 09 19:39:36 <Nemi> Lis rubs at her nose. "A weresheep. How does one even -contract- that."
Aug 09 19:39:46 <MrXeZe> "Hm…."
Aug 09 19:39:50 <gumbal1> "We believe there's a population in Wales.
Aug 09 19:39:52 <gumbal1> "
Aug 09 19:39:58 <ihp> "Backup plan: get him into a bar with someone pretty- say, myself or Lis- knock him out, and then photograph pictures of him and send him to his wife." She takes the camera and grins. "Oh, how I /missed/ this." Somewhere, Danielle calls her a hypocrite.
Aug 09 19:40:08 <MrXeZe> "Ehm, Scen, was it? Tell me, will he still be a threat if he can't remember who he is?"
Aug 09 19:40:25 <Optimal> Frederick pipes up to Sven. "Would you mind if we brought him in for containment?"
Aug 09 19:40:25 <ihp> She then realizes something. "…can… whatever-an-thropy be transmitted sexually?"
Aug 09 19:40:47 <gumbal1> "If he turns to his sheep form, yes."
Aug 09 19:40:57 <gumbal1> "Yes, unfortunately."
Aug 09 19:41:10 <ihp> Susan stares, and cackles. "Maybe Mr. Ramsey is up to his old habits…"
Aug 09 19:41:11 <Nemi> "I'm pretty? I'm also probably someone you don't want publically viewable, tho'."
Aug 09 19:41:32 <Wixelt> Wilson frowns loudly and distastefully at the last comment
Aug 09 19:41:43 <MrXeZe> Karsten looks towards the others. "Well, that eliminates the possibility of the amnesiac sand….and any chance of this many being out in public again."
Aug 09 19:41:50 <ihp> "If that's the case… well, we may not even /need/ to knock him unconscious."
Aug 09 19:41:53 <MrXeZe> 'man being out in public'
Aug 09 19:41:55 <Wixelt> "That… was a mental image I didn't really want"
Aug 09 19:42:19 <Optimal> "I'm sorry. Is that a 'yes you do mind', or 'yes you can take him'? Clarification is key here."
Aug 09 19:42:40 <MrXeZe> "Aliright, NO ONE is having sex with weresheep to complete this assignment."
Aug 09 19:42:51 <Nemi> "Thaaank you."
Aug 09 19:42:57 <gumbal1> "Ramsey should be at his house right now." Sven hands a map with directions to Susan.
Aug 09 19:43:15 <ihp> "…I didn't say you had to have /sex/ with him. Just pose with him in a weird manner."
Aug 09 19:43:55 <Wixelt> "Well, technically, you also have to make sure he doesn't bite you"
Aug 09 19:44:28 <ihp> Susan looks at the directions. "…come on. Let's see if we can get to him. I'd need some more info on him, first… do you have the latest few issues of the New York Times?"
Aug 09 19:45:09 <gumbal1> Sven nods, rummages through a stack of newspapers, and hands a few to Susan.
Aug 09 19:45:30 <MrXeZe> "Wait….what is the media going to do to help us, exactly? Other than ruin his political career that is?"
Aug 09 19:45:32 <ihp> Susan looks through them for information on Ramsey. Campaign details, friends, names of loved ones, et.
Aug 09 19:45:34 <ihp> etc*
Aug 09 19:45:43 <Nemi> "I'm not sure that I'd even be vulnerable, though, given that I'm, er, not alive."
Aug 09 19:45:45 <Nemi> Lis muses over this.
Aug 09 19:45:55 <Nemi> She peers over Susan's shoulder to help survey the papers.
Aug 09 19:46:06 <gumbal1> There's a few stories about Ramsey, including donations to a zoo and his response to losing the run for governor.
Aug 09 19:46:13 <gumbal1> Nothing too interesting.
Aug 09 19:46:52 <Nemi> "Of course he's donating to a zoo. I wonder if he's donated to the Catskill Game Farm. They have sheep aplenty there." She coughs.
Aug 09 19:47:13 <ihp> "Isn't that enough? If we get him out of office due to scandal, especially a sex scandal…" She snickers. "Hoover is still /incredibly/ distrusted by the President because Eisenhower thinks he's a queer."
Aug 09 19:48:14 <Nemi> "Point!"
Aug 09 19:48:53 <MrXeZe> "There's still the matter of restraining and detaining him…"
Aug 09 19:48:58 <Wixelt> All of this political babble goes right over Wilson's head. He's a man of science.
Aug 09 19:49:07 <ihp> "I'm fairly sure zoophilia is a crime in New York. He could be arrested for that."
Aug 09 19:49:19 <MrXeZe> "Ah…well, that's…better."
Aug 09 19:49:21 <gumbal1> "If you can get him out of the political game, that'd be enough."
Aug 09 19:49:21 <ihp> "If not, there's always animal cruelty to fall back on."
Aug 09 19:49:35 <Nemi> "Failing that, there's still the bit where there'd be photos of him buggering a sheep.."
Aug 09 19:49:51 <ihp> Susan snickers, looking at the map. "Right. Shall we head out?"
Aug 09 19:50:01 <Nemi> "Yes'm!"
Aug 09 19:50:01 <Optimal> "I believe that we should take him. The… man is anomalous. We can't let him wander with the rest of humanity."
Aug 09 19:50:11 <MrXeZe> "The Foundation will provide a cover story, perhaps "Suicide in Prison" will do nicely?"
Aug 09 19:50:29 <Nemi> "Well, sure. We have censors and PR people to handle the fallout." She looks signfiicantly at Fred.
Aug 09 19:50:51 <Optimal> "That is indeed what I'm not being paid for!" Fred smiles.
Aug 09 19:51:21 <ihp> Susan nods at Sven. "We'll be back within the day. Hopefully." She grins as she heads out. "Now, there's the matter of getting into his house and getting photographs. Any of you have access to chloroform?"
Aug 09 19:51:22 <MrXeZe> "Well, alright then. I hope this works out for the best."
Aug 09 19:51:28 * Wogglebug has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 31.0/20140716183446])
Aug 09 19:51:40 <Wixelt> Wilson thinks for a moment "Could we possibly knock him out with a drug, as opposed to brute force?"
Aug 09 19:52:07 <MrXeZe> Karsten considers asking Sven a question about his biological make-up…but opts out of it, and procedes to follow Susan."
Aug 09 19:52:14 <MrXeZe> (no quotes)
Aug 09 19:52:19 <ihp> "That is why I am suggesting Chloroform." She puts the camera in her purse. "A bruise would be obvious both on film and once he recovers."
Aug 09 19:52:29 <Optimal> "I am actually possession of such a drug." Fred looks down at his cane.
Aug 09 19:52:33 <ihp> "Failing that, morphine will knock him out, or a sufficient amount of alcohol."
Aug 09 19:52:37 <Optimal> *in possession
Aug 09 19:52:40 <ihp> Susan blinks at Fred. "You are?"
Aug 09 19:53:31 <Optimal> "Months ago, I had one of our scientists load knock-out pellets in my cane for such a dangerous occasion."
Aug 09 19:54:25 <ihp> Susan blinks. "Well. That's… convenient! Right. Operation: Bugger Ewe is go!" She heads out to the car. "…Miss Tande, would you mind driving while I navigate?"
Aug 09 19:54:27 <Optimal> "The gas dispenses out of the dragon's mouth when enough force is applied to the butt of the cane. I'm not sure if a gas is what you're looking for, but it is there."
Aug 09 19:55:57 <MrXeZe> Karsten looks down at the floor. "He gets a cane full of knock-out gas, I can't even get access to the containment wing." Karsten heads to the car, as well.
Aug 09 19:56:12 <Wixelt> Wilson follows behind "This either going to go extremely well or very badly"
Aug 09 19:56:17 <Wixelt> *This is
Aug 09 19:57:12 <Nemi> "Sure!"
Aug 09 19:57:19 <Optimal> Frederick follows and addresses Karsten. "All in good time friend." He smiles.
Aug 09 19:57:22 <MrXeZe> Karsten looks back at Wilson. "Well, this is my first time attempting to frame a man, having relations with a sheep…thankfully, so I'm not sure how it will go."
Aug 09 19:57:26 <Nemi> "I.. might need big shoes to hit the pedals, though."
Aug 09 19:57:48 <ihp> Susan frowns. "All right. You." She points at Frederick. "Drive, please?"
Aug 09 19:58:22 <Nemi> * Well, that explains why Lis never drives in Foundation service.
Aug 09 19:58:39 <Wixelt> Wilson loads himself into the back of the vehicle
Aug 09 19:58:59 <Wixelt> "Trust me, it's not just a first for you"
Aug 09 19:59:02 <MrXeZe> Karsten looks up. "I'm not sure how I feel about this. We do not even know what this man…ehm, weresheep, has done."
Aug 09 19:59:03 <Optimal> "Me?"
Aug 09 19:59:09 <Optimal> "… I don't know how to."
Aug 09 19:59:17 <Optimal> "I never owned a car."
Aug 09 19:59:22 <MrXeZe> Karsten gets into the back seat of the truck.
Aug 09 19:59:40 <ihp> Susan frowns. "Well, someone drive. I need to navigate."
Aug 09 19:59:53 <Nemi> Lis climbs into the back, snagging a window seat, and curls up.
Aug 09 19:59:53 <ihp> "I can't read the map and drive at the same time! It wouldn't be safe!"
Aug 09 20:00:28 <ihp> Susan huffs, and climbs into the driver's seat, placing the map on the front passenger's seat. "Fine. But one comment about my driving skills and stereotypes, and I will drive this into a river."
Aug 09 20:00:34 <Optimal> Fred looks around in the back with the others.
Aug 09 20:01:00 <Optimal> "I'm sorry! I've been homeless all my life!!!"
Aug 09 20:01:05 <Wixelt> "Fine". I'll drive if you really need someone"
Aug 09 20:01:19 <ihp> Susan smiles, and climbs back into the passenger's seat.
Aug 09 20:01:42 <Wixelt> Wilson takes the driver's seat
Aug 09 20:02:43 <Wixelt> He straps himself in, and starts the engine
Aug 09 20:03:53 <gumbal1> The drive there is short, just into a middle-class neighborhood. They eventually get to Ramsey's house, which is rather modest for a politician.
Aug 09 20:04:07 <ihp> Susan frowns as she looks at the camera. "Oh, bugger. I just realized we actually need to /develop/ this. And I highly doubt anyone in town wouldn't call the cops after seeing the material on this."
Aug 09 20:04:48 <Wixelt> It's fairly clear during the drive that, although Wilson's driving isn't bad, it's probably been a while since he was last behind the wheel
Aug 09 20:05:21 <ihp> Probably better than Susan's psycho-super-sonic driving.
Aug 09 20:05:26 <Nemi> "We have a darkroom at the base," Lis points out. "PR's thing."
Aug 09 20:05:53 <Wixelt> "In that case, we'd better make these pictures count"
Aug 09 20:06:35 <Wixelt> Wilson frowns immediately after saying this, given that they're taking pictures that will frame someone for having sexual relations with a sheep.
Aug 09 20:06:41 <MrXeZe> "We probably should have brought more film…."
Aug 09 20:07:00 <ihp> Susan nods. "I just wish we could get them developed sooner than that."
Aug 09 20:07:06 <gumbal1> The house beckons.
Aug 09 20:07:33 <ihp> Susan grins. Does the house have a garden, sheep pen, etc?
Aug 09 20:07:45 <MrXeZe> Karsten holds his head in his hand. "I can't believe we are actually going through with this."
Aug 09 20:08:24 <ihp> "For me, we used to call this a "Wednesday"."
Aug 09 20:08:24 <gumbal1> It has a garden. The bahing of sheeps seems to be in the back yard, from the sound of it,
Aug 09 20:08:26 <MrXeZe> "It's like the plot of a Honeymooner's episode, if the writers were freebasing heroine."
Aug 09 20:08:41 <Nemi> Lis ponders. Is it dark out yet? It's about nine PM EST.
Aug 09 20:08:47 <gumbal1> Yes.
Aug 09 20:09:04 <gumbal1> A few lights are on in the house, however.
Aug 09 20:09:05 <MrXeZe> "Something just occured to me….I know he is a were-sheep, but why does he need more sheep other than himself?"
Aug 09 20:09:18 <MrXeZe> "Are were-sheep cannabilistic?"
Aug 09 20:09:18 <Optimal> "I have my cane at the ready whenever anyone needs it."
Aug 09 20:09:31 <ihp> Susan takes the camera, and looks at Fred. "Give me your cane. I'm a more competent stealth operative than you."
Aug 09 20:09:50 <Nemi> "Sven said that it was to deflect suspicion. Who'd react to seeing a sheep around when there's other sheep?"
Aug 09 20:09:52 <Optimal> "That is true." Fred hands Susan the cane.
Aug 09 20:09:55 <Nemi> "It's weird enough to have sheep in Manhattan, though."
Aug 09 20:10:20 <ihp> Susan makes a makeshift harness with her purse to strap the cane to her back. "Miss Tande, with me, in case we need a backup plan."
Aug 09 20:10:28 <Wixelt> "Well, maybe people just think he's quirky"
Aug 09 20:10:38 <Optimal> "You activate the internal mechanism by slamming the butt of the cane on the ground."
Aug 09 20:10:39 <MrXeZe> "Hm…that makes it sound like he cannot control his transformations."
Aug 09 20:10:42 <Optimal> "Remember that."
Aug 09 20:11:02 <MrXeZe> "If that is the case, then he should not be able to force a transformation when we restrain him…this is good."
Aug 09 20:11:22 <Optimal> "Good luck to the both of you." Fred nods to Susan and Lis.
Aug 09 20:11:24 <Nemi> Lis thumbs up to Susan and hops out of the truck, surveying the house and its surroundings.
Aug 09 20:11:28 <ihp> 4df+8 Susan is a shadow. And you can't catch a shadow. (Sneak)
Aug 09 20:11:28 <Glacon> ihp: Susan is a shadow. And you can't catch a shadow. (Sneak): 12 (4df+8=+, +, +, +)
Aug 09 20:11:35 <ihp> …well. I guess she really is a shadow.
Aug 09 20:11:43 <gumbal1> Where is she sneaking?
Aug 09 20:11:56 <ihp> Susan is attempting to sneak to where she hears the sheep.
Aug 09 20:12:03 <MrXeZe> "I hope to God this works…." Karsten says to whoever is left in the truck.
Aug 09 20:12:10 <Wixelt> "So, what do the rest of us do?"
Aug 09 20:12:12 <Nemi> 4df+7 Lis is sneaksly too!
Aug 09 20:12:12 <Glacon> Nemi: Lis is sneaksly too!: 8 (4df+7=+, 0, +, -)
Aug 09 20:12:20 <gumbal1> Susan sneaks into the back yard with impeccable grace. The sheeps don't even notice her.
Aug 09 20:12:37 <MrXeZe> "Hm, perhaps we should be ready for the man, if he attempts escape?"
Aug 09 20:12:39 <gumbal1> Lis sneaks as well, but the sheep stare at her.
Aug 09 20:12:41 <ihp> Susan looks at what the sheep are doing. Any humans out there?
Aug 09 20:13:05 <gumbal1> No.
Aug 09 20:13:18 <gumbal1> There are windows to the back of the house, however.
Aug 09 20:13:26 <Wixelt> Wilson nods, though he is unsure what he could do in that situation.
Aug 09 20:13:37 <ihp> Susan tries to sneak to the windows, riding on that stupidly good sneak roll.
Aug 09 20:13:39 <Wixelt> (Do we split into 2 rooms now?)
Aug 09 20:13:40 <Optimal> Fred is still in the truck.
Aug 09 20:13:42 <MrXeZe> "We should hide to the side of the entrance, to make sure he cannot escape, if things go wrong in there…."
Aug 09 20:14:10 <Wixelt> Wilson nods
Aug 09 20:14:13 <MrXeZe> Karsten gets out of the truck and proceeds to do just that.
Aug 09 20:14:20 <Nemi> Lis creeps along after Susan. Lis isn't surprised she's noticed; in the dark, the Lichtenburg figures running up her cheeks pulse with a faint blue glow, and her eyes are almost intensely luminous.
Aug 09 20:14:24 <MrXeZe> He motions for the others to do the same.
Aug 09 20:14:25 <Nemi> This is why she wore the coat and scarf and gloves.
Aug 09 20:14:25 <Wixelt> Wilson hops out and follows him.
Aug 09 20:14:58 <gumbal1> Inside one window, which leads to the living room, Thomas appears to be sipping tea, with a German Shepherd at his side. Inside another, to the kitchen, a woman appears to be packing lunch for the next day.
Aug 09 20:15:14 <gumbal1> Wilson, sneak.'
Aug 09 20:15:34 <Wixelt> (Wilson has no sneak)
Aug 09 20:15:37 <MrXeZe> Oh..yes.
Aug 09 20:15:53 <gumbal1> Then it was a bad idea to follow them, wasn't it?
Aug 09 20:15:55 <ihp> Susan raises an eyebrow at Thomas, frowning at the shepherd. She'll smell him in an instant. Damn. She needs to improvise.
Aug 09 20:16:05 <Wixelt> He didn't exactly have a choice
Aug 09 20:16:06 <Nemi> Lis pulls her scarf up to tie it up and around her face, subduing the glow as best she can.
Aug 09 20:16:12 <gumbal1> redact
Aug 09 20:16:19 * Wogglebug (ainavlyselggoW.ellivselggoW.grebelggoW|gubelggoW#ainavlyselggoW.ellivselggoW.grebelggoW|gubelggoW) has joined #homeimprovement
Aug 09 20:16:19 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Wogglebug
Aug 09 20:16:24 <gumbal1> Apaprently Wilson didn't go into the yard
Aug 09 20:16:29 <gumbal1> So no sneak is needed.
Aug 09 20:16:42 <gumbal1> Sorry.
Aug 09 20:16:54 <Wixelt> (Mhm, he's up front with Karsten and Fred)
Aug 09 20:17:06 <ihp> Susan frowns as she looks through the window. Hrm. What to do? If he's a weresheep… what could she roll to imitate a bleating ewe? Bluff?
Aug 09 20:17:10 <Optimal> (The gentleman spot.)
Aug 09 20:17:18 <gumbal1> Bluff, yes.
Aug 09 20:17:24 <MrXeZe> Karsten takes up a position to the side of the entrance, ready to ambush the….sheep, if it attempts escape.
Aug 09 20:17:40 <ihp> 4df+4+1+4 (Adding impersonate sub-skill and Psych You Out)
Aug 09 20:17:40 <Glacon> ihp: (Adding impersonate sub-skill and Psych You Out): 9 (4df+4+1+4=+, -, -, +)
Aug 09 20:17:45 <gumbal1> Also in the living room is a rather sleepy sheep, resting on the couch.
Aug 09 20:17:56 <Wixelt> Wilson crouches at the other side of the door
Aug 09 20:17:56 <Optimal> Frederick lines up behind Karsten.
Aug 09 20:18:38 <gumbal1> Thomas looks up from his tea, then gets up from his seat. He makes his way to the back yard.
Aug 09 20:18:58 <ihp> Susan grins, following Thomas's path to the backyard.
Aug 09 20:19:12 <Nemi> Lis tries to get out of line of sight since… yeah. She doesn't wanna be like HELLO LOOK AT THE PRETTY BLUE LIGHTS. So she uses Susan as a referene point for where to go and creeps along.
Aug 09 20:19:34 <MrXeZe> Karsten waits with great strongth!
Aug 09 20:19:53 <gumbal1> Thomas emerges and looks to the pen. He exammines to ewes for any signs that something happened to them.
Aug 09 20:20:17 <ihp> Susan creeps up behind him, and SLAMS the cane onto the ground, hopefully releasing the knockout gas. What does she roll for that?
Aug 09 20:20:18 <gumbal1> 4df+5 And he wonders why they're looking there…
Aug 09 20:20:19 <Glacon> gumbal1: And he wonders why they're looking there…: 3 (4df+5=0, -, 0, -)
Aug 09 20:20:32 <gumbal1> Thomas shrugs, sitll checking them.
Aug 09 20:22:18 <gumbal1> 4df+3
Aug 09 20:22:19 <Glacon> gumbal1: 3 (4df+3=-, +, 0, 0)
Aug 09 20:22:44 <gumbal1> Thomas coughs at the gas. then falls over, unconcious.
Aug 09 20:23:47 <Wixelt> Can Wilson roll perc to hear him falling over from the from of the house?
Aug 09 20:23:54 <gumbal1> Yes.
Aug 09 20:24:00 <ihp> Susan grins. She can't believe that /worked!/ She immediately starts disrobing the poor man, all the way down to the boxers. She then looks at the sheep, hoping they'll cooperate.
Aug 09 20:24:02 <Wixelt> 4df+12 Perc God!
Aug 09 20:24:03 <Glacon> Wixelt: Perc God!: 11 (4df+12=0, 0, -, 0)
Aug 09 20:24:07 <ihp> She waves Lis over to help her.
Aug 09 20:24:35 <Nemi> Lis hurries over! She's not physically strong but she can help out with holding things.
Aug 09 20:24:40 <Optimal> (Turn on the sexy music, it's going doooooowwn.)
Aug 09 20:25:00 <gumbal1> He hears him fall.
Aug 09 20:25:15 <Wixelt> Wilson blinks "Did you two hear that?"
Aug 09 20:25:18 <ihp> Susan tries to position the man in a… compromising position with one of his ewes.
Aug 09 20:25:25 <gumbal1> The sheep startle and bah all over the place. You should probably calm them down.
Aug 09 20:25:31 <MrXeZe> "Hm…no. What did it sound like?"
Aug 09 20:25:46 <Wixelt> "It sounded like someone falling over"
Aug 09 20:25:47 <Optimal> "I did indeed Wilson."
Aug 09 20:25:49 <ihp> Susan blinks. She doesn't know hoooow. Erm. Think think think. Oh, knockout gas cane. Duh.
Aug 09 20:25:59 <Wixelt> "I think they got him"
Aug 09 20:26:01 <ihp> She slams it a couple of more times, assuming there are multiple charges, trying to knock a few out to calm them.
Aug 09 20:26:23 <Optimal> (There are indeed multiple charges.)
Aug 09 20:26:36 <MrXeZe> Karsten whispers. "Should we just wait for them to finish?"
Aug 09 20:26:44 <MrXeZe> "There could be other people in the house."
Aug 09 20:26:49 <gumbal1> 4df+4 sheep strength
Aug 09 20:26:49 <Nemi> Lis doesn't even bother holding her breath. Thanks, being dead. She'll maneuver a sleepy sheep over to help put Thomas in a terrible position.
Aug 09 20:26:50 <Glacon> gumbal1: sheep strength: 3 (4df+4=-, +, -, 0)
Aug 09 20:26:58 <gumbal1> The sheep fall over, too.
Aug 09 20:27:01 <Wixelt> "We should wait"
Aug 09 20:27:01 <Optimal> "Which is exactly why we should wait Karsten."
Aug 09 20:27:16 <Wixelt> "Too many people would attract attention"
Aug 09 20:27:23 <ihp> Susan grins, looking at Lis as she tries to position the sheep and the man in a good position. Good for picture-taking, but bad for him.
Aug 09 20:27:30 <Wixelt> "If they need assistance, they'll come and ask for it"
Aug 09 20:27:30 <Optimal> Fred points at Wilson. "He's got the idea."
Aug 09 20:27:33 <MrXeZe> "Agreed."
Aug 09 20:27:46 <gumbal1> You horrible people succeed in the horrible thing you did.
Aug 09 20:28:22 <ihp> "Tande," she whispers. "This picture needs to be candid, from a distance. Like some investigative snoop was taking it. The dark will hide the details." She tries to prop the rest of the sheep up, some of them close to him, trying to make them look awake.
Aug 09 20:30:05 <Nemi> "You got it."
Aug 09 20:30:59 <ihp> Susan creeps away from the posing, and gets away from it, taking the camera out and handing it to Lis. "Let's do this." She sneaks to what she thinks is a good distance, hoping Lis will follow her.
Aug 09 20:31:26 <MrXeZe> Karsten waits…once again, with great STRONGTH!
Aug 09 20:33:26 <Nemi> Lis follows along as bid!
Aug 09 20:34:25 <ihp> Susan shows Lis how to pose a camera for the maximum amount of blackmailness. Show the face, but make it a little ambiguous. Not too much light or shadow. Never use flash unless the subject is unconscious, which this one is. Don't make it look staged, even if it is.
Aug 09 20:36:59 <Nemi> Lis is a rapt learner! Oh, Susan, you terrible influence.
Aug 09 20:37:19 <MrXeZe> Karsten whispers. "What's taking them so long?"
Aug 09 20:37:20 <ihp> Susan snickers, and just waits for Lis to take the picture.
Aug 09 20:37:39 <Wixelt> "Let them take their time"
Aug 09 20:37:52 <Wixelt> "It's probably taking them a while to get a decent shot"
Aug 09 20:39:43 <Optimal> "A decent shot of what?" Fred chuckles.
Aug 09 20:39:50 <Optimal> "A man mounting a sheep?!?!"
Aug 09 20:39:55 <Nemi> Lis takes pictures. Multiples. Gotta make it seem real.
Aug 09 20:40:12 <gumbal1> The pictures are taken.
Aug 09 20:40:25 <Wixelt> "Well, yeah"
Aug 09 20:40:41 <Wixelt> "Regardless of how disgust that may be"
Aug 09 20:40:46 <Wixelt> *disgusting
Aug 09 20:40:58 <Optimal> "Not exactly decent…" Fred continues to chuckle,
Aug 09 20:41:09 <Nemi> "Okay! Done!"
Aug 09 20:41:40 <MrXeZe> "I knew of one man back home that probably would have enjoyed such things." Karsten pauses. "I don't want to elaborate on that here, however."
Aug 09 20:41:40 <ihp> "Let's book it."
Aug 09 20:44:18 <ihp> Susan does so, and books it back to the truck.
Aug 09 20:44:59 <Wixelt> Wiould Wilson see Susan?
Aug 09 20:45:00 <Nemi> Lis books it, camera in tow!
Aug 09 20:45:03 <Wixelt> *Would
Aug 09 20:45:46 <MrXeZe> (If Wilson sees her, I assume we all do)
Aug 09 20:47:44 <Optimal> Frederick spots the the two coming back.
Aug 09 20:47:50 <Wixelt> Wilson does to
Aug 09 20:48:03 <Wixelt> He nods to the others, then jogs back to the truck
Aug 09 20:48:13 <MrXeZe> Karsten follows.
Aug 09 20:48:26 <Wixelt> Wilson takes the driver's seat before Susan gets a chance
Aug 09 20:48:37 <ihp> Susan hops into the van, looking gleeful.
Aug 09 20:48:38 <Wixelt> That is, assuming he got there first
Aug 09 20:48:38 <Optimal> Frederick slowly but surely get's in the truck.
Aug 09 20:49:17 <Optimal> "Quick! Does anyone have an address for this place?"
Aug 09 20:49:21 <MrXeZe> Karsten hops in the passenger seat.
Aug 09 20:49:32 <MrXeZe> "So the deed is done, I assume?"
Aug 09 20:49:36 <Wixelt> "Why do we need it?"
Aug 09 20:49:37 <gumbal1> Unless you threw it out, you still have the map.
Aug 09 20:50:08 <Optimal> Fred takes out his notepad and pen. "Please write it down here. After we're gone, I'm sending a task force down here to pick the man up."
Aug 09 20:50:32 <Optimal> "Or at least sending a /request/ to pick him up."
Aug 09 20:50:32 <ihp> Susan looks at the map, and navigates the way back. "This is amazing. I haven't done something like this in /years/."
Aug 09 20:50:44 <MrXeZe> "You would…assumably, have to pick him up at prison then."
Aug 09 20:50:58 <MrXeZe> "As…you know, that's what this entire plan was for in the first place…"
Aug 09 20:51:04 <Wixelt> Wilson takes the pen and pad, and notes down the address from the map, before handing the untensils back to Fred
Aug 09 20:51:23 <Wixelt> He then starts up the engine, and puts the car into gear
Aug 09 20:51:46 <Wixelt> *utensils
Aug 09 20:51:58 <Nemi> Lis hops into the back with the camera and… She passes it up to Susan, then almost instantly falls asleep.
Aug 09 20:52:06 <Optimal> "Thanks you Wilson." He takes the pad back from Wilson and addresses Karsten. "True. We should probably wait until the media is off of the case before we detain him."
Aug 09 20:52:27 <Optimal> "We should still maintain surveillance on him."
Aug 09 20:52:45 <MrXeZe> "Hm…yes."
Aug 09 20:53:12 <Optimal> "Oh wait… that's my job as well."
Aug 09 20:53:43 <MrXeZe> "Now, to figure out what to do with him once we have him…."
Aug 09 20:53:57 <MrXeZe> "He's anomolyous, so I assume we can just detain him, indefinately?"
Aug 09 20:54:12 <Optimal> "Simple. We throw him in a metal box and forget about him."
Aug 09 20:54:30 <gumbal1> They get back to the mansion. It's the same as they left it.
Aug 09 20:55:16 <Wixelt> Wilson parks the truck, then steps out.
Aug 09 20:55:21 <MrXeZe> Karsten gets out of the truck. "Well, we should report the results to the Sven."
Aug 09 20:55:23 <ihp> Susan grins and gets out of the car, running straight to Sven's office. And then she remembers that /Lis/ has the camera. She backpedals once she gets to the door, rousing her. "We're here."
Aug 09 20:55:55 <Wixelt> He takes the keys with him, so he is able to drive on the way back, and avoid susan's rampant… ness…
Aug 09 20:56:42 <Nemi> Lis passed it to Susan before she fell asleep, a bit earlier!
Aug 09 20:56:53 <Nemi> However, that probably changes little, for she'll awaken and accompany Susan on inside.
Aug 09 20:57:14 <ihp> Susan knocks on the knocker again.
Aug 09 20:57:40 <Wixelt> Wilson follows close behind Susan.
Aug 09 20:57:53 <gumbal1> The door is answered, but instead of greeting you, the rather unhappy butler walks past you, carrying the painting from earlier.
Aug 09 20:58:03 <gumbal1> The door is left open.
Aug 09 20:58:18 <Optimal> Frederick is behind everyone else.
Aug 09 20:58:26 <MrXeZe> "He had it carried in, just to have it carried out again?"
Aug 09 20:58:35 <MrXeZe> Karsten follows the group.
Aug 09 20:58:42 <ihp> Susan blinks. "What's going on?"
Aug 09 20:59:34 <MrXeZe> "I suppose we should just head inside?"
Aug 09 20:59:43 <gumbal1> The butler places the painting on top of the truck, then heads back, frowning. "Sven will want to see you. Don't bring anyone else this time."
Aug 09 21:00:49 <Wixelt> "Hmm…"
Aug 09 21:00:51 <ihp> Susan frowns softly. Froooown.
Aug 09 21:00:57 * Wogglebug has quit (Connection reset by peer)
Aug 09 21:01:01 <ihp> She heads inside to Sven's office.
Aug 09 21:01:20 <MrXeZe> Karsten follows.
Aug 09 21:01:27 <Nemi> Lis follows sleepily along with Susan.
Aug 09 21:01:27 <Wixelt> So does Wilson
Aug 09 21:01:37 <gumbal1> Sven sits at his desk, but his office is a wreck. It looks like a giant bull rampaged, or a…
Aug 09 21:01:48 <Optimal> And Fred, even though the butler said don't bring anyone this time.
Aug 09 21:02:16 <gumbal1> "Tell me, have any of you heard of the DEER?" The allcaps pronunciation is evident.
Aug 09 21:02:34 <MrXeZe> "The…..deer?"
Aug 09 21:02:41 <gumbal1> "No, the DEER."
Aug 09 21:02:48 <Optimal> "I have heard of deer, yes."
Aug 09 21:03:09 <MrXeZe> Karsten narrows his eyes. "What is the" 'ahem' "DEER?"
Aug 09 21:03:09 <Wixelt> "Is this some form of cult?"
Aug 09 21:03:18 <gumbal1> "But not the DEER. Well, now's as good a time as any to inform you."
Aug 09 21:03:19 <ihp> "…you're pronouncing it odd. You're saying the DEER instead of "the deer"."
Aug 09 21:03:37 <ihp> "I assume that's significant?"
Aug 09 21:03:38 <gumbal1> "Looking back on it, I don't blame you. How could you have known? Us Seelie are odd like this."
Aug 09 21:04:14 <gumbal1> "That painting you brought? Probably produced by the Children of the Blue Duchess, otherwise known as the Painted Lady."
Aug 09 21:04:33 <Nemi> Lis shoots Susan a nervous look.
Aug 09 21:04:53 <MrXeZe> "Well, to be precise, I was just helping two men who were already here carry it in…I thought they were meant to?"
Aug 09 21:05:07 <ihp> "…we didn't bring it. Some people were delivering it when we-" She blinks, and glares at Karstan. "…did they /look/ like Foundation agents?"
Aug 09 21:05:23 <gumbal1> "The DEER is her archdemon. Have any of you heard that term?"
Aug 09 21:05:35 <MrXeZe> Karsten rubs his chin. "Uh oh…"
Aug 09 21:05:40 <ihp> Susan grabs for Fred's cane. "Give that to me."
Aug 09 21:05:52 <Wixelt> "Archdemon… No, I can't say that I have"
Aug 09 21:06:12 <Optimal> (Susan gave it back? Thought she still had it.)
Aug 09 21:06:15 <Nemi> "Ah, fuckwagons. I -have- heard that."
Aug 09 21:06:18 <ihp> Redact.
Aug 09 21:06:29 <ihp> Susan looks at Fred's cane. "Sir, how much is this worth?"
Aug 09 21:06:36 <ihp> "Is it an heirloom or…?"
Aug 09 21:06:52 <Optimal> "Well… I stole it. Think it was worth 50 bucks."
Aug 09 21:06:58 <gumbal1> "Archdemons are the most powerful allies the Primordial Demons have."
Aug 09 21:07:19 <Optimal> "My heirloom is back at the site."
Aug 09 21:07:33 <ihp> Susan leans on the cane. "Tell me… idiot. Did they /look/ like Foundation agents? Did they /say/ they were Foundation agents? Did they /act/ like Foundation agents? Or did you assume that they were just Foundation agents because they had a random god-damn painting?"
Aug 09 21:07:35 <MrXeZe> Karsten listens silently.
Aug 09 21:07:38 <Wixelt> "That's… not good"
Aug 09 21:07:44 <gumbal1> "And this one just rampaged my office."
Aug 09 21:08:07 <gumbal1> "Granted, the Seelie Court is on neutral terms with the Children of the Blue Duchess."
Aug 09 21:08:18 <MrXeZe> "No…however, I just assumed they were regular delivery men."
Aug 09 21:08:33 <gumbal1> "But it's troubling that the DEER did what it did now."
Aug 09 21:09:34 <ihp> "Have you heard the expression "assuming makes an ass out of you and me?" Because that's what you did. You just made an ass out of yourself. But you're missing a hole." Susan looks at Fred. "I'll buy you a new cane." She raises the cane like a club. She's just trying to scare the Stupid out of Karsten.
Aug 09 21:09:36 <Nemi> "So, more fae politics rearing its head?"
Aug 09 21:10:34 <MrXeZe> Karsten glares at Susan. "You saw them, and the painting, everyone else saw it. Even Sven saw it, and was clearly expecting the painting. They probably would have brought it even if I didn't help them carry it in."
Aug 09 21:11:07 <Optimal> "Oh Jesus…"
Aug 09 21:11:27 <gumbal1> "Unfortunately, yes." Sven clears his tree throat. "So, how did it go?" Sven ignores the dispute.
Aug 09 21:11:42 <Wixelt> Wilson remains deadly silent, not wanting to get into this
Aug 09 21:12:06 <MrXeZe> Karsten looks towards Sven. "I, ehm, deeply apologize for this. Is there anything we can do to help with the situation as of now?"
Aug 09 21:12:17 <ihp> Susan glares a glare that has made men piss themselves in the past. Granted, those men were dosed with a not-insignificant amount of LSD, but still. She blinks at Sven, and regains composure. She places the camera on the table. "We got…. compromising photographs of him. We need to develop them, and send them to the police, the times, and the pots."
Aug 09 21:12:21 <gumbal1> "Yes. Please take the painting."
Aug 09 21:12:56 <Nemi> "Will do. And, yes." She gestures to the camera. "All ready to completely discredit him."
Aug 09 21:13:26 <gumbal1> Sven examines the camera. "Marvellous. Was he much trouble?"
Aug 09 21:14:14 <ihp> "Some knock-out gas to the face, and he went down. He'll recover. Granted, I don't think his wife will be too happy."
Aug 09 21:15:30 <gumbal1> Sven hands the camera back. "Marvellous. This more than makes up for a ruined office."
Aug 09 21:16:31 <ihp> Susan nods. "We'll have these developed back at the Site, and send them to you to distribute."
Aug 09 21:16:35 <ihp> "Through… discrete channels."
Aug 09 21:17:11 <Nemi> "We have a very good PR department." Lis nods sagely.
Aug 09 21:17:15 * Wogglebug (ainavlyselggoW.ellivselggoW.grebelggoW|gubelggoW#ainavlyselggoW.ellivselggoW.grebelggoW|gubelggoW) has joined #homeimprovement
Aug 09 21:17:16 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Wogglebug
Aug 09 21:17:37 <gumbal1> Sven laughs. "Very well. Off you go."
Aug 09 21:18:24 <ihp> Susan heads out of the mansion, back to the car. She gets into the driver's seat.
Aug 09 21:18:30 <Wixelt> "Ahem"
Aug 09 21:18:38 <Wixelt> Wilson walks out to the car
Aug 09 21:18:43 <Optimal> Fred smiles at Lis's generosity.
Aug 09 21:18:47 <Wixelt> He produces the keys from his pocket
Aug 09 21:18:55 <gumbal1> Susan, as you go to the car, the butler brings out a wiggling burlap sack.
Aug 09 21:19:03 <MrXeZe> Karsten walks to the car…
Aug 09 21:19:24 <ihp> Susan blinks. "What is that?"
Aug 09 21:19:29 <Wixelt> "I'm not letting you drive again. We're not in a hurry this time"
Aug 09 21:19:32 <ihp> She hands the cane back to Fred.
Aug 09 21:19:38 <gumbal1> "The Cardinal Dreadlord."
Aug 09 21:19:52 <ihp> "Oh, right our agreement. Stick him in the bed with the painting."
Aug 09 21:20:01 <Optimal> Straightening his bow tie, Fred gets in the truck and grabs the cane. "Thank you Susan."
Aug 09 21:20:11 <ihp> "It's useful. Who made it?"
Aug 09 21:20:29 <MrXeZe> "The Cardinal Dreadlord is contained within that burlap sack?"
Aug 09 21:20:51 <Optimal> "Do you remember a scientist with the name of Alexandre Hilbert?"
Aug 09 21:20:51 <gumbal1> "There's a bit of iron around his wrist as well."
Aug 09 21:20:53 <MrXeZe> Karsten shakes his head. "Never mind, let's just go."
Aug 09 21:20:59 <Optimal> "We called him Hill."
Aug 09 21:21:19 <Wixelt> Wilson, who is the one with the car keys, draws Susan's attention to this fact.
Aug 09 21:21:58 <Optimal> "He's a good friend of mine. I have no idea what he's doing now."
Aug 09 21:22:06 <ihp> Susan nods. "I've been seeing him a bit. I'll have to see if he can give me something similar."
Aug 09 21:22:12 <ihp> She reluctantly climbs into the driver's seat.
Aug 09 21:23:04 <gumbal1> The sack makes muffled noises.
Aug 09 21:23:10 <Nemi> Lis follows and climbs into the back of the truck! She curls up.
Aug 09 21:23:12 <Wixelt> Wilson sighs, and tosses Susan the keys
Aug 09 21:23:29 <Wixelt> He then gets in at the passenger side.
Aug 09 21:23:36 <Optimal> Fred pays attention to the sack.
Aug 09 21:23:54 <ihp> Susan starts up the car, and… actually drives slowly this time. She doesn't want to damage the merchandise.
Aug 09 21:23:56 <MrXeZe> Karsten gets into the car.
Aug 09 21:24:00 <gumbal1> The sack is loaded in.
Aug 09 21:24:02 <ihp> Or the photographs.
Aug 09 21:24:45 <Nemi> She peers curiously at the sack. Oh, the Dreadlord is going to be entertaining.
Aug 09 21:24:48 <MrXeZe> Karsten holds his head in his hand the entire way.
Aug 09 21:25:02 <Wixelt> Wilson looks at the sack "How in the world is a sack strong enough to hold that guy?!"
Aug 09 21:26:15 <ihp> "…dreadlord, archdemons, DEER… good god this is starting to sound like Tolkien on LSD.'
Aug 09 21:26:32 <Nemi> "You get used to it the more you deal with fae," Lis pipes up, cheerily.
Aug 09 21:26:40 <MrXeZe> "He will not be so happy with making a fool out of me when we get back to base. Hopefully they will let 'me' make the first cut."
Aug 09 21:26:41 <gumbal1> The drive back is uneventful, although there appear to be more deer around than normal.
Aug 09 21:27:25 <gumbal1> You all go back to your respective IC channels.
Aug 09 21:27:30 <Wixelt> Wilson frowns at this "Hmm, strange coincidence…"
Aug 09 21:28:06 <MrXeZe> (Ehm….what about the demon and painting. Don't we need to hand them over for containment?)
Aug 09 21:28:31 <Optimal> Fred climbs out of the truck, happy for their non-media-provoking success.
Aug 09 21:28:55 <Wixelt> Wilson goes off somewhere once they're back at base
Aug 09 21:29:22 <MrXeZe> Karsten climbs out of the truck. Carrying the sack containing DEER straight to the containment wing."
Aug 09 21:29:46 <Nemi> Lis bumbles off, trusting the others to not do anything silly.

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