One Last Punch For The Road


[2015-09-26 01:21:08] <Talonair> Rebecca reports!
[2015-09-26 01:21:51] <KadeLeMuse> Marion reports with their Ecology Kit!
[2015-09-26 01:22:04] <Roget|GMs> There's a hook-handed eyepatch-sporting man standing in front of a chalkboard in the middle of the motor pool. On the chalkboard, the word 'SHAKR' is written. He's dressed like an old sea captain.
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[2015-09-26 01:23:14] <Roget|GMs> "Yarrrr."
[2015-09-26 01:23:35] <Talonair> "…. What?"
[2015-09-26 01:23:38] <TheGameFreak> Martin walks into the motor pool.
[2015-09-26 01:23:50] <TheGameFreak> "Uhh…"
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[2015-09-26 01:24:06] <Roget|GMs> "Is this the whole lot we've got going here?" he says, scratching his head with his claw.
[2015-09-26 01:24:20] <Nanoro> Max arrives, wiping his nose into a handkerchief.
[2015-09-26 01:24:22] <KadeLeMuse> Marion blinks, confused, and glances at Rebecca and Martin. "..
[2015-09-26 01:24:48] <KadeLeMuse> "…I think so, sir?"
[2015-09-26 01:25:10] <KadeLeMuse> They smile and wave at Maxwell!
[2015-09-26 01:25:21] <Talonair> Rebecca /stares/
[2015-09-26 01:25:25] <Nanoro> Max returns the gesture with a sniff!
[2015-09-26 01:25:29] <Roget|GMs> "Yarrgh. I've got a mission briefin' here for ya." he tosses some dossiers down on a table. "They detail the museum yer goin' to be checkin out."
[2015-09-26 01:25:50] <Nanoro> Max heads over to see what the hubbub's all about.
[2015-09-26 01:26:42] <Talonair> Rebecca takes one carefully
[2015-09-26 01:26:50] <TheGameFreak> Martin carefully picks up the dossier on the table while staring at the man.
[2015-09-26 01:27:04] <Roget|GMs> The dossier has some pictures of an abandoned naval history museum, and some suspicious characters loading boxes labeled "T.S.P 6000" into it.
[2015-09-26 01:28:19] <TheGameFreak> "Oh." Now Martin understood what all this was about.
[2015-09-26 01:28:21] <Nanoro> Max leafs it through.
[2015-09-26 01:28:31] <KadeLeMuse> Marion flips through theirs, curious.
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[2015-09-26 01:29:48] <Roget|GMs> Apparently, these suspicious characters have been doing some sort of shennanigans of the foundations interest, and now you gotta go check it out.
[2015-09-26 01:30:03] <Talonair> "T.S.P 6000?"
[2015-09-26 01:30:34] <Roget|GMs> "We aren't clear on what 'tis, but we believe it is a naval weapon of some consideratin'."
[2015-09-26 01:31:06] <TheGameFreak> Martin flips through it. "So, you don't know what it does or how it works?"
[2015-09-26 01:31:23] <KadeLeMuse> Marion nods. "So, investigation then item recovery if it seems necessary?"
[2015-09-26 01:31:50] <Roget|GMs> "This one's got the right idea." he points his hook at Marion.
[2015-09-26 01:32:28] <Talonair> She nods. "Simple enough."
[2015-09-26 01:32:49] <Nanoro> Max mutters to himself. "… Shouldn't be tough. What's the catch?"
[2015-09-26 01:33:05] <KadeLeMuse> Marion blinks and jumps a little at that. ~I didn't expect him to actually point me out!~
[2015-09-26 01:33:22] <Roget|GMs> "Unknown enemy capabilities. Unknown anythin'. They could be packin. Be on guard, yah."
[2015-09-26 01:33:36] <Nanoro> Max sighs. "I'll grab me Betsy, then."
[2015-09-26 01:33:58] <TheGameFreak> "Hm." Martin nods.
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[2015-09-26 01:34:54] <Talonair> She nods. "Got it."
[2015-09-26 01:35:15] <KadeLeMuse> Marion nods too.
[2015-09-26 01:35:34] <Roget|GMs> He salutes them with his hook hand. A jalopy pulls up, puffing. "Here's yer taxi. Godspeed."
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[2015-09-26 01:38:04] <KadeLeMuse> Marion nods at the hook hand guy then hops in the jalopy, still incredibly confused.
[2015-09-26 01:38:53] <Roget|GMs> There's a guy with two hook hands at the wheel. " 'allo love." he says, with a smoker's voice.
[2015-09-26 01:39:12] <Nanoro> Max vanishes for a bit, returning shortly with his weapon.
[2015-09-26 01:39:42] <Nanoro> He climbs into the jalopy, sneezing as he does.
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[2015-09-26 01:39:50] <Talonair> "…" Rebecca climbs in, checking her weaponry
[2015-09-26 01:40:09] <TheGameFreak> Martin climbs in last.
[2015-09-26 01:40:34] <TheGameFreak> He checks his wrench, then notices another man, this time with two hook hands.
[2015-09-26 01:40:44] <KadeLeMuse> Marion blinks at double hook hands driver. "….Hello. May I ask you something that might make you uncomfortable?"
[2015-09-26 01:40:51] <KadeLeMuse> MARION NO
[2015-09-26 01:41:26] <Roget|GMs> As soon as everyone's inside, the guy steps on it, driving down a dirt road towards the city of Albany. "Ay, but so, before ya ask, ya know, things ain't so good for me, y'know? I got stump itch, I got debts, I lost a lotta money on the Rangers. I might be grumpus. But yaknow, I can't complain."
[2015-09-26 01:42:37] <Nanoro> Max scratches his beard. "Knew a lad once that had neither of his feet. Complained 'bout the stumps itchin' like hell too."
[2015-09-26 01:42:48] <Roget|GMs> "Stump itch is a hell of a thing."
[2015-09-26 01:43:20] <TheGameFreak> Martin stays quiet as they ride off into Albany.
[2015-09-26 01:43:27] <TheGameFreak> Like a mouse.
[2015-09-26 01:43:52] <Talonair> Rebecca blinks, not at all sure what to make of all this
[2015-09-26 01:44:04] <KadeLeMuse> Marion nods, and smiles gently. "Nevermind, then. You're dealing with enough, you don't need me pestering you."
[2015-09-26 01:45:26] <Nanoro> Max just sits there, waiting for the ride to get them there. Job's a job, even if you've got a flu.
[2015-09-26 01:45:44] <Nanoro> Just hope he doesn't get a fever on the way. Just got rid of it.
[2015-09-26 01:46:44] <KadeLeMuse> Marion looks at Max worriedly. "Maxwell, are you alright? You're not looking the best."
[2015-09-26 01:47:28] <Nanoro> Max sniffs. "Aye, maybe a wee bit under the weather an' such." He smiles. "Don't ye worry 'bout this big ol' lug, I'll manage one mission."
[2015-09-26 01:47:28] <Roget|GMs> The guy swerves around the road, with no regard for lanes, obstacles, squirrels, or decency. Finally, in the outskirts of town, he pulls up to a rotten-looking old building from the dossier. It says "A NY NAVAL MUS UM"
[2015-09-26 01:47:59] <Talonair> Rebecca gets out hastily, pulling her jacket tighter around her
[2015-09-26 01:48:21] <Nanoro> Max clambers down, checking that the gunpowder in his flask is dry.
[2015-09-26 01:49:54] <TheGameFreak> Martin steps out, staring at the building.
[2015-09-26 01:50:24] <KadeLeMuse> Marion gets out, smiles at double hook hands, then turns to Max worriedly again. "You sure? You can rest for most of it. Don't overexert yourself."
[2015-09-26 01:51:02] <Nanoro> Max shrugs it off. "I'll be fine, I said." He loads Betsy up already.
[2015-09-26 01:51:22] <Roget|GMs> The air is damp, and humid. The museum looks creaky and old. It's a three story nondescript building, with all its windows broken and some sagging, almost collapsed walls. The doors are padlocked shut, but someone's cut the chain and it dangles in the wind. The parking lot around it is completely empty and overgrown with grass and weeds, some of which are gro
[2015-09-26 01:51:25] <Roget|GMs> wing on the building.
[2015-09-26 01:51:58] <Roget|GMs> You can see the door and a few windows on the ground but there could be more around the building. Climbing seems sketchy.
[2015-09-26 01:52:15] <Talonair> "Right, what part of the museum did that picture come from?"
[2015-09-26 01:52:49] <Nanoro> Max looks around at the building. Can he determine /how/ badly damaged it is?
[2015-09-26 01:53:15] <Roget|GMs> It's been abandoned for at least a few years. The only damage has come from mother nature.
[2015-09-26 01:53:33] <Nanoro> So nothing structure-wise?
[2015-09-26 01:53:48] <KadeLeMuse> Marion looks over the picture then the building to try to be able to tell.
[2015-09-26 01:56:07] <Roget|GMs> Roll for a more specific evaluation
[2015-09-26 01:56:43] <Roget|GMs> Marion, the picture looks to be completely out of date. It might not even be a real photograph, more a proof-of-concept drawing from when it was being built. The pictures of the suspicious characters are not at an obvious angle.
[2015-09-26 01:57:20] <Nanoro> Perc or eng?
[2015-09-26 01:57:39] <Roget|GMs> eng
[2015-09-26 01:58:10] <KadeLeMuse> They frown gently. "The images given aren't very helpful, sadly." They sigh.
[2015-09-26 01:58:14] <TheGameFreak> 4df+6 Engineering Does the building look like it could collapse?
[2015-09-26 01:58:14] <Glacon> TheGameFreak: Engineering Does the building look like it could collapse?: 10 (4df+6=3+, 3+, 3+, 3+)
[2015-09-26 01:58:18] <Nanoro> 4df+7 (Eng + Spot the Cracks) ~Lessee here, this thing gonna fall on us or what…~
[2015-09-26 01:58:18] <Glacon> Nanoro: (Eng + Spot the Cracks) ~Lessee here, this thing gonna fall on us or what…~: 8 (4df+7=3+, 0, 0, 0)
[2015-09-26 01:59:50] <Roget|GMs> Martin, the building looks like it'll stand, as long as you aren't going around knocking down walls. Maxwell, you see the moss and vines has begun growing into the cracks and gouges in the walls, which could indicate some instability, but you should be safe walking around.
[2015-09-26 02:00:16] <Nanoro> Max hrumphs. Should be safe enough.
[2015-09-26 02:00:33] <Roget|GMs> In addition, Martin, you see that there are some windows that appear to have been cut out of the walls on the top floor, not syncing up with the rest of the buildings layout.
[2015-09-26 02:00:42] <Roget|GMs> they look newer and suspicious
[2015-09-26 02:00:58] <KadeLeMuse> Marion looks at Max and Martin. "How does it look?"
[2015-09-26 02:01:05] <Talonair> Rebecca waits
[2015-09-26 02:01:32] <TheGameFreak> "It looks safe." He squints. "But some of the windows look odd."
[2015-09-26 02:01:36] <Nanoro> "Don't s'pose it'll fall on us anytime soon", Max says, sniffing. "Just as long as none of us knock down any walls."
[2015-09-26 02:01:54] <Talonair> "Odd? How?"
[2015-09-26 02:02:21] <TheGameFreak> "They look brand new, unlike the others/"
[2015-09-26 02:02:25] <Nanoro> Max blinks, looking up at the windows now that they've been pointed out.
[2015-09-26 02:02:51] <KadeLeMuse> "Huh. Something to definitely check out, then."
[2015-09-26 02:03:16] <Talonair> "Want me to climb up there?"
[2015-09-26 02:03:48] <Nanoro> "Careful if ye do."
[2015-09-26 02:03:59] <TheGameFreak> Martin nods.
[2015-09-26 02:04:22] <KadeLeMuse> Marion watches quietly for now.
[2015-09-26 02:04:40] <Roget|GMs> Strength check to get a grip and pull yerself up, then agility to climb up to the windows, they're fairly high up there.
[2015-09-26 02:05:04] <Talonair> 4df+6 (STR+Criminal activity) STRONK
[2015-09-26 02:05:06] <Glacon> Talonair: (STR+Criminal activity) STRONK: 7 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, 3+)
[2015-09-26 02:05:19] <Talonair> 4df+7 (AGI+Criminal activity) CLIMB
[2015-09-26 02:05:19] <Glacon> Talonair: (AGI+Criminal activity) CLIMB: 7 (4df+7=4-, 0, 3+, 0)
[2015-09-26 02:05:46] <KadeLeMuse> "Be careful, Rebecca!"
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[2015-09-26 02:06:24] <Roget|GMs> You grab ahold the crumbling concrete and climb up, using the vines and plant growth as footholds. Looking in the windows, you see wooden crates, stacked up along the walls, and what looks like a bulkhead steel door. There's a table with some papers on it in the center of the room.
[2015-09-26 02:06:46] <Nanoro> Max lumbers underneath Becca, ready to catch if she falls or needs to come down quick.
[2015-09-26 02:07:05] <Talonair> She peers inside the room. Anyone there?
[2015-09-26 02:07:48] <Roget|GMs> Nobody's inside.
[2015-09-26 02:08:46] <Talonair> She climbs in
[2015-09-26 02:08:53] <Nanoro> "What're ye seein'?"
[2015-09-26 02:09:17] <TheGameFreak> Martin bits his lip as he watches Rebecca climb.
[2015-09-26 02:09:28] <Roget|GMs> As you climb in, three metal bars punch out of the top of the concrete window frame, trapping you inside!
[2015-09-26 02:09:31] <Roget|GMs> Oh my!
[2015-09-26 02:10:01] <KadeLeMuse> Marion jumps a little."You okay in there?"
[2015-09-26 02:10:03] <Talonair> "…" She draws her uzis and fixes her bayonets
[2015-09-26 02:10:12] <Roget|GMs> You've stepped on a pressure plate!
[2015-09-26 02:10:25] <Nanoro> Max raises his brows and keeps peering up. "Lass? ye alrite in there?"
[2015-09-26 02:10:29] <Roget|GMs> There's no activity in the room. If somebody is around, they're in no hurry.
[2015-09-26 02:10:29] <Nanoro> *Ye
[2015-09-26 02:10:47] <Talonair> She takes her foot off the plate, then pokes her head out the window if there's room
[2015-09-26 02:11:15] <TheGameFreak> Martin jumps, startled.
[2015-09-26 02:11:36] <TheGameFreak> "What happened?"
[2015-09-26 02:12:10] <Nanoro> "Dunno, cannoe see up there proper."
[2015-09-26 02:12:24] <Roget|GMs> There's about six inches of space between each bar, not enough to squeeze through. The concrete around it looks reinforced, and not as crumbly as the outer walls.
[2015-09-26 02:13:08] <Talonair> She sticks a hand out the window and waves to them then.
[2015-09-26 02:13:10] <KadeLeMuse> "Rebecca, you alright?" Marion frowns. ~A trap like that…~
[2015-09-26 02:14:13] <Nanoro> Max frowns. "… Think she can handle 'erself. We should head in after her."
[2015-09-26 02:14:38] <Roget|GMs> Rebecca, head to #tooltime to further feel out your situation
[2015-09-26 02:15:28] <Nanoro> Max looks to the front door.
[2015-09-26 02:16:23] <Roget|GMs> It's open. The chain and padlock have been cut before you got there. The chains swing in the wind.
[2015-09-26 02:16:43] <KadeLeMuse> They nod and head to the front door as well, but look for traps. "Though, it seems like that traps was made as if this group wanted to trap a person /inside/."
[2015-09-26 02:17:30] <TheGameFreak> Martin nods and follows after Marion. "I have a bad feeling about this.:
[2015-09-26 02:17:33] <TheGameFreak> *"
[2015-09-26 02:17:36] <Nanoro> Max heads towards the door. "Mrh. That don't bode well. We ought to get to her as soon as we can, don't suppose this place is safe to be alone in."
[2015-09-26 02:18:24] <KadeLeMuse> "That's what I'm thinking, too."
[2015-09-26 02:18:56] <Roget|GMs> The doors await the party opening them.
[2015-09-26 02:19:01] <Nanoro> "What're we waitin' fer then." Max pushes the door open warily.
[2015-09-26 02:19:05] <Nanoro> *doors
[2015-09-26 02:19:15] <Nanoro> "Cover me an' keep an eye out."
[2015-09-26 02:20:03] <KadeLeMuse> Marion nods and keeps an eye out for Max!
[2015-09-26 02:20:06] <Roget|GMs> Max, do you step inside?
[2015-09-26 02:20:23] <Nanoro> He will at least open the doors and look inside, not step quite yet.
[2015-09-26 02:20:32] <Roget|GMs> Perc!
[2015-09-26 02:20:48] ← hihahaba left (||tibbiM)
[2015-09-26 02:20:50] <Nanoro> 4df+4 MAXVISION ACTIVATE
[2015-09-26 02:20:51] <Glacon> Nanoro: MAXVISION ACTIVATE: 4 (4df+4=4-, 0, 0, 3+)
[2015-09-26 02:21:09] <KadeLeMuse> 4df+6 (PERC, +4 if environmental)Keeping an eye out for Max!
[2015-09-26 02:21:09] <Glacon> KadeLeMuse: (PERC, +4 if environmental)Keeping an eye out for Max!: 5 (4df+6=0, 4-, 0, 0)
[2015-09-26 02:21:12] <TheGameFreak> 4df+6 Martin sees a thing!
[2015-09-26 02:21:12] <Glacon> TheGameFreak: Martin sees a thing!: 7 (4df+6=3+, 4-, 3+, 0)
[2015-09-26 02:22:04] <Roget|GMs> Max, you don't see anything. Marion and Martin, you both see a tripwire at the entrance.
[2015-09-26 02:22:25] <KadeLeMuse> "Tripwire!"
[2015-09-26 02:22:35] <KadeLeMuse> What height?
[2015-09-26 02:22:50] <Nanoro> Max is all fluey, of course he doesn't see the tripwire. His eyes are practically the size of onions. :V
[2015-09-26 02:23:16] <TheGameFreak> "Look out!"
[2015-09-26 02:23:20] <Roget|GMs> Ankle height.
[2015-09-26 02:23:26] <Nanoro> He was /just/ about to step inside when he hears Marion and stops in his tracks, backing up.
[2015-09-26 02:23:37] <TheGameFreak> Martin jumps over the wire.
[2015-09-26 02:23:42] <Nanoro> He looks back, then down at the wire.
[2015-09-26 02:24:03] <Nanoro> "… Good call. Almost stepped on that." He carefully treads over it.
[2015-09-26 02:24:34] <Roget|GMs> It looks to be connected to a weight positioned to drop on the enterer's head.
[2015-09-26 02:24:36] <KadeLeMuse> "It's not too high, thankfully."Marion steps over the wire too, then nods and continues to keep an eye out.
[2015-09-26 02:25:14] <TheGameFreak> Martin looks up at the weight, then sighs in relief. That could've ended with a concussion.
[2015-09-26 02:25:21] <Nanoro> Max looks around the whatever space they are currently in.
[2015-09-26 02:26:57] <Roget|GMs> It looks to be an entrance chamber, but its completely trashed. The floors are ripped up, the wallpaper is all peeled off, and all the furniture is smashed. There are two halls leading out, one labeled "N VAL HI Y" and the other "N XT FL "
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[2015-09-26 02:27:53] <Nanoro> Max sighs. "Hell, this place's a mess. Wonder which way's up."
[2015-09-26 02:28:26] <KadeLeMuse> Marion looks to see if there's any signs of one hall having more tread patterns/traps then another.
[2015-09-26 02:28:51] <Roget|GMs> Everythign looks equally terrible.
[2015-09-26 02:29:10] <Nanoro> Max glances back at the tripwire. Anything it could've connected to?
[2015-09-26 02:29:52] <Roget|GMs> The weight.
[2015-09-26 02:30:00] <Roget|GMs> It's not connected to anything else.
[2015-09-26 02:30:04] <Nanoro> … The weight.
[2015-09-26 02:30:14] <Nanoro> He follows the wire with his eyes.
[2015-09-26 02:30:46] <Roget|GMs> the wire loops around the weight, which would fall if the wire were loosened by someone stepping on it and breaking it. Very simple.
[2015-09-26 02:30:57] <TheGameFreak> Martin looks around, surveying the damage.
[2015-09-26 02:31:16] <Nanoro> "… Hrm. That coulda ended badly." He points at the dangling weight, showing it to the others."
[2015-09-26 02:31:19] <KadeLeMuse> Any nice pieces of ripped up furniture that could be slid along a hallway's floor?
[2015-09-26 02:31:19] <Nanoro> * -"
[2015-09-26 02:31:35] <TheGameFreak> "Let's see where the stairs are."
[2015-09-26 02:31:58] <Roget|GMs> Nothign, its all in ruins Marion.
[2015-09-26 02:32:09] <Nanoro> Max looks back at Martin. "… Aye. Gotta get to Becca."
[2015-09-26 02:33:51] <KadeLeMuse> Marion nods at Max, wincing a little at the thought. "I noticed." They look around again. Any signs for stairs or anything else at all that could point our clueless heroes in the right direction?
[2015-09-26 02:34:33] <Roget|GMs> There are two halls you all could check!
[2015-09-26 02:35:23] <Nanoro> "Which one do we go to first? No point in splittin' up."
[2015-09-26 02:37:02] <KadeLeMuse> They nod. "I'm thinking the 'N XT FL ' one. Probably reds 'next floor.'"
[2015-09-26 02:37:09] <KadeLeMuse> *reads
[2015-09-26 02:38:22] → DiePotato joined (yrf.reidlos.retat.reknit|54407diu#yrf.reidlos.retat.reknit|54407diu)
[2015-09-26 02:38:33] <Nanoro> Max nods. "That way then." He heads towards the hall, still wary of traps!
[2015-09-26 02:38:50] <TheGameFreak> Martin nods, then follows after Maxwell.
[2015-09-26 02:39:14] <KadeLeMuse> Marion follows, eyes peeled for traps!
[2015-09-26 02:41:01] <Roget|GMs> There's a staircase leading up!
[2015-09-26 02:41:53] <Nanoro> Will it hold a man of Max's size?
[2015-09-26 02:42:21] <Roget|GMs> Yeah, it's concrete. Looks stable enough.
[2015-09-26 02:42:29] <Roget|GMs> The walls and floors are just as trashed looking though
[2015-09-26 02:43:03] <Nanoro> Good. Can't be too careful, that's what he's learned.
[2015-09-26 02:43:08] <Nanoro> Max climbs the stairs!
[2015-09-26 02:44:04] <KadeLeMuse> Marion frowns and follows Max. "It's sad this place was ruined this way, honestly. It probably looked very nice when it was open."
[2015-09-26 02:44:58] <Roget|GMs> The ground crunches under your feet. The second floor looks to be blocked off by a steel bulkhead door. It looks new.
[2015-09-26 02:45:17] <TheGameFreak> Martin follows after as well. "Yeah, it probably had a lot of exhibits too."
[2015-09-26 02:45:26] <Nanoro> "Hrm. This don't look like it belongs 'ere."
[2015-09-26 02:46:43] <Nanoro> He tries if it opens.
[2015-09-26 02:47:13] <Roget|GMs> It's jammed. Strength to force it!
[2015-09-26 02:47:59] <Nanoro> 4df+5 STRONK
[2015-09-26 02:48:00] <Glacon> Nanoro: STRONK: 5 (4df+5=4-, 4-, 3+, 3+)
[2015-09-26 02:48:05] <KadeLeMuse> Marion helps!
[2015-09-26 02:48:16] <KadeLeMuse> 4df+4 stronk birb!
[2015-09-26 02:48:17] <Glacon> KadeLeMuse: stronk birb!: 3 (4df+4=0, 3+, 4-, 4-)
[2015-09-26 02:48:52] <Roget|GMs> The door squeals, and the wheel turns. The door slowly swings open.
[2015-09-26 02:49:35] <Nanoro> Max grunts as he pushes the door open, looking inside.
[2015-09-26 02:50:45] <KadeLeMuse> Marion grunts a bit then peeks in besides him!
[2015-09-26 02:51:19] <TheGameFreak> Martin peeks in too, amazed at the former two's strength.
[2015-09-26 02:51:33] <Roget|GMs> This looks to be a completely different area. There's new tile laid down, and it seems to be a large, open space divided up into cubicles. There's a banner hanging from the ceiling with pictures of sharks on it. A chalkboard is smashed on the ground.
[2015-09-26 02:52:02] <Nanoro> Max raises a brow, stepping in. "… Hell. Someun's been redecoratin'."
[2015-09-26 02:52:30] <Roget|GMs> Perc, all!
[2015-09-26 02:52:41] <Nanoro> 4df+4 wha huh
[2015-09-26 02:52:42] <Glacon> Nanoro: wha huh: 3 (4df+4=3+, 4-, 0, 4-)
[2015-09-26 02:52:48] <TheGameFreak> 4df+6 Martin sees a thing! Again!
[2015-09-26 02:52:48] <Glacon> TheGameFreak: Martin sees a thing! Again!: 3 (4df+6=4-, 0, 4-, 4-)
[2015-09-26 02:52:48] <KadeLeMuse> "Looks like. But, who smashed the chalkboard?"
[2015-09-26 02:52:53] <Nanoro> (Max open your fkn eyes)
[2015-09-26 02:53:02] <KadeLeMuse> 4df+6
[2015-09-26 02:53:02] <Glacon> KadeLeMuse: 8 (4df+6=4-, 3+, 3+, 3+)
[2015-09-26 02:53:03] <TheGameFreak> (Aw, Martin. :()
[2015-09-26 02:54:59] <Roget|GMs> Marion, you see some people hiding in a cubicle. Looks like an ambush.
[2015-09-26 02:56:31] → DrSavage_ joined (moc.duolccri.notlrahc.9D03CB8D-CRInys|23598diu#moc.duolccri.notlrahc.9D03CB8D-CRInys|23598diu)
[2015-09-26 02:56:47] <KadeLeMuse> Marion blinks and calls over. "Um, excuse us! We're not here to do harm!"
[2015-09-26 02:57:18] <Roget|GMs> They jump out! "Who dares wins! We do not take commands from agents of sharkiness!"
[2015-09-26 02:57:26] <Nanoro> Max blinks and looks at Marion all "WHAT WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING THIS"-like.
[2015-09-26 02:57:59] <TheGameFreak> Martin blinks too.
[2015-09-26 02:58:04] <TheGameFreak> "Wait…what?"
[2015-09-26 02:59:00] <Roget|GMs> "Punching sharks is our life!" one of the three yells, as they charge at you guys with a spear that has a boxing glove on the end of it!
[2015-09-26 02:59:05] <Roget|GMs> Agility to dodge!
[2015-09-26 02:59:21] <KadeLeMuse> Marion shrugs at Max like 'worth a try!' then dodges!
[2015-09-26 02:59:59] <KadeLeMuse> 4df+5 (AGI+GGT because punching spear MIGHT be deadly)
[2015-09-26 03:00:00] <Glacon> KadeLeMuse: (AGI+GGT because punching spear MIGHT be deadly): 4 (4df+5=3+, 4-, 4-, 0)
[2015-09-26 03:00:08] <Nanoro> 4df+3 lel dodging
[2015-09-26 03:00:08] <Glacon> Nanoro: lel dodging: 2 (4df+3=4-, 4-, 3+, 0)
[2015-09-26 03:00:25] <Nanoro> 4df+6 yes yes I know the drill
[2015-09-26 03:00:25] <Glacon> Nanoro: yes yes I know the drill: 8 (4df+6=3+, 3+, 4-, 3+)
[2015-09-26 03:00:35] <Roget|GMs> 4df+4 HYAAAAA
[2015-09-26 03:00:36] <Glacon> Roget|GMs: HYAAAAA: 4 (4df+4=3+, 3+, 4-, 4-)
[2015-09-26 03:00:45] <Roget|GMs> Max, pdef!
[2015-09-26 03:00:53] <Nanoro> Already did :U
[2015-09-26 03:01:26] <TheGameFreak> 4df+3 Dodge the spear, Martin!
[2015-09-26 03:01:26] <Glacon> TheGameFreak: Dodge the spear, Martin!: 2 (4df+3=4-, 3+, 4-, 0)
[2015-09-26 03:01:30] <Roget|GMs> pfft
[2015-09-26 03:01:32] <Roget|GMs> ok
[2015-09-26 03:01:32] <TheGameFreak> (Or not)
[2015-09-26 03:01:38] <Roget|GMs> Pdef!
[2015-09-26 03:01:51] <TheGameFreak> 4df+5 Don't get hurt, Martin!
[2015-09-26 03:01:51] <Glacon> TheGameFreak: Don't get hurt, Martin!: 5 (4df+5=3+, 4-, 0, 0)
[2015-09-26 03:02:02] <Roget|GMs> 4df+6 POW
[2015-09-26 03:02:02] <Glacon> Roget|GMs: POW: 7 (4df+6=0, 3+, 0, 0)
[2015-09-26 03:02:09] <TheGameFreak> (OR DO)
[2015-09-26 03:02:31] <Roget|GMs> Martin, you get hit in the face! -1 health!
[2015-09-26 03:03:07] <TheGameFreak> "Ah!" Martin recoils, then rubs his face in pain.
[2015-09-26 03:03:24] <Nanoro> And Max?
[2015-09-26 03:04:05] <KadeLeMuse> "We have nothing to do with sharks!"
[2015-09-26 03:04:12] <TheGameFreak> Martin looks up at the three men. "Why would you do that?"
[2015-09-26 03:05:08] <Roget|GMs> "YOU ARE SHARK SYMPATHIZERS!"
[2015-09-26 03:05:36] <Nanoro> And what happened to Max? :L
[2015-09-26 03:05:54] <Roget|GMs> Max is fine.
[2015-09-26 03:05:57] <Roget|GMs> He didn't get punched.
[2015-09-26 03:06:14] <Nanoro> He looks up with a face something like this.
[2015-09-26 03:06:32] <Nanoro> A stick with a punching glove. Really.
[2015-09-26 03:07:14] <Roget|GMs> "SHAAARKS."
[2015-09-26 03:07:17] <Roget|GMs> They seem confused.
[2015-09-26 03:07:28] <KadeLeMuse> "…Why do you think that?" They sit down next to Martin to get a better look at the hit.
[2015-09-26 03:07:45] <Nanoro> Max deflates a bit. He walks over to the closest one of the trio.
[2015-09-26 03:07:45] <Roget|GMs> It looks like it'll be a nasty bruise.
[2015-09-26 03:08:06] <Roget|GMs> He edges back. "DO NOT GET WITHIN PUNCHING RANGE OR I WILL USE DRASTICALLY!"
[2015-09-26 03:08:18] <Nanoro> Max keeps approaching.
[2015-09-26 03:08:45] <Roget|GMs> One of them says “Self, my teeth have become shark-like, in the sense that they have all turned into sharks!” to which another responds "Good, now start punching them!"
[2015-09-26 03:08:51] <Roget|GMs> He begins punching himself in the face.
[2015-09-26 03:08:54] <Nanoro> 4df+7 Once in range, he places one hand on the guy's shoulder and uses the other to give his face a good, hearty slap.
[2015-09-26 03:08:54] <Glacon> Nanoro: Once in range, he places one hand on the guy's shoulder and uses the other to give his face a good, hearty slap.: 8 (4df+7=0, 3+, 0, 0)
[2015-09-26 03:09:13] <Nanoro> "Snap the hell outta it. Do we look like bloody sharks to ye."
[2015-09-26 03:09:34] <KadeLeMuse> They wince a bit "Looks that a bad bruise, but nothing worse, thankfully." They stand up then help up Martin.
[2015-09-26 03:09:45] <Roget|GMs> The guy explodes into shark guts.
[2015-09-26 03:09:59] <Nanoro> Max recoils!
[2015-09-26 03:10:11] <Nanoro> "… The hell-?!"
[2015-09-26 03:10:18] <Roget|GMs> The other two open their mouths and expose some razor-sharp teeth. "YOU SPC FOOLS THINK YOU CAN OUTSMART SHARK-KIND! BUT THIS IS NOT YOUR BASE! THIS IS DEATH!"
[2015-09-26 03:10:26] <Roget|GMs> Their skin turns grey and they begin getting bigger.
[2015-09-26 03:10:27] <TheGameFreak> Martin stands up, then looks at Max.
[2015-09-26 03:10:50] <Nanoro> Max raises his brows. Shit shit shit time to punch things good.
[2015-09-26 03:10:58] <TheGameFreak> He pales at the sight of the other man. "Oh…"
[2015-09-26 03:11:28] <Roget|GMs> “Sir, do you hate science? Are you a science-hating shark-puncher? Do you approve of the non-science shark agenda?"
[2015-09-26 03:11:33] <Nanoro> He drops Betsy on the floor, it won't be of use at this range.
[2015-09-26 03:11:47] <Nanoro> He frowns. "… What the hell are ye."
[2015-09-26 03:12:14] <Roget|GMs> "WE ARE TURBO SHARK PULVERIZERS."
[2015-09-26 03:12:15] <TheGameFreak> Martin shakes his head. "No! I love science! I'm an engineer, for Christ's sake!"
[2015-09-26 03:12:31] <KadeLeMuse> Marion's eyes widen and they back up a bit! They're no use at combat.
[2015-09-26 03:13:07] <TheGameFreak> Martin backs away as well. What good is a mere wrench against…whatever that thing is.
[2015-09-26 03:13:12] <Nanoro> 4df+7 Aaaand how about a nice fist to the face right 'bout now, yes
[2015-09-26 03:13:13] <Glacon> Nanoro: Aaaand how about a nice fist to the face right 'bout now, yes: 11 (4df+7=3+, 3+, 3+, 3+)
[2015-09-26 03:13:33] <Talonair> :|
[2015-09-26 03:13:45] <Roget|GMs> The two of them are about seven feet tall, naked humanoids with grey skin, huge arms, and gills. They sport razor sharp teeth.
[2015-09-26 03:13:49] <Roget|GMs> 4df+3 not the face!
[2015-09-26 03:13:49] <Glacon> Roget|GMs: not the face!: 2 (4df+3=0, 4-, 4-, 3+)
[2015-09-26 03:14:00] <Roget|GMs> Max pulverizes one of their faces, and it stumbles backwards.
[2015-09-26 03:14:03] <Nanoro> (FARUCON PAAAAAWNCH)
[2015-09-26 03:14:30] <Nanoro> "C'mon then", he turns to the other. "C'mere ye bloody abomination."
[2015-09-26 03:14:41] <TheGameFreak> Oh screw it. Martin charges at one of the shark men, throwing a punch at them.
[2015-09-26 03:14:50] <Roget|GMs> It picks up the boxing glove spear. "GRRR."
[2015-09-26 03:15:01] <TheGameFreak> 4df+4 Melee Martin Punch!
[2015-09-26 03:15:01] <Glacon> TheGameFreak: Melee Martin Punch!: 3 (4df+4=4-, 0, 4-, 3+)
[2015-09-26 03:15:28] <Roget|GMs> 4df+3
[2015-09-26 03:15:28] <Glacon> Roget|GMs: 5 (4df+3=3+, 3+, 0, 0)
[2015-09-26 03:15:34] <Roget|GMs> You fail to connect.
[2015-09-26 03:16:12] <KadeLeMuse> "…you got the order wrong on the name and forgot the 'foundation' part, just so you know."
[2015-09-26 03:17:21] <TheGameFreak> "We are the SCP Foundation! And we are the guardians of this planet Earth, and all its living inhabitants!"
[2015-09-26 03:18:22] <KadeLeMuse> Marion just watches nervously.
[2015-09-26 03:18:36] <Roget|GMs> 4df+5 the non-punched shark lunges at…
[2015-09-26 03:18:37] <Glacon> Roget|GMs: the non-punched shark lunges at…: 5 (4df+5=0, 0, 0, 0)
[2015-09-26 03:18:38] <Roget|GMs> 1d3
[2015-09-26 03:18:38] <Glacon> Roget|GMs: 1 (1d3=1)
[2015-09-26 03:18:46] <Roget|GMs> Marion!
[2015-09-26 03:19:17] <KadeLeMuse> 4df+5 (AGI+GGT BECAUSE SHARK IS DEADLY)
[2015-09-26 03:19:17] <Glacon> KadeLeMuse: (AGI+GGT BECAUSE SHARK IS DEADLY): 6 (4df+5=0, 0, 3+, 0)
[2015-09-26 03:19:35] <TheGameFreak> 4df+3 Agility "No!" Martin lunges at the shark man, aiming to tackle.
[2015-09-26 03:19:35] <Glacon> TheGameFreak: Agility "No!" Martin lunges at the shark man, aiming to tackle.: 4 (4df+3=0, 0, 3+, 0)
[2015-09-26 03:19:52] <Roget|GMs> The shark is tackled away before it can land a punch!
[2015-09-26 03:21:09] <KadeLeMuse> "Thank you, Martin!" They look around the room. Any doors nearby?
[2015-09-26 03:21:25] <Nanoro> Max glances back at the punched shark! Is it still alive or did Max cave its skull in?
[2015-09-26 03:21:33] <Roget|GMs> It's quivering on the floor.
[2015-09-26 03:22:04] <Roget|GMs> There's a staircase at the end of the room.
[2015-09-26 03:22:36] <Nanoro> Good. Then Max can freely focus on the other one.
[2015-09-26 03:22:55] <Nanoro> He grabs Betsy off the floor and goes for a shot at it!
[2015-09-26 03:23:19] <Nanoro> 4df+5 *click* *tssSCH* *BRAKOW*
[2015-09-26 03:23:19] <Glacon> Nanoro: *click* *tssSCH* *BRAKOW*: 4 (4df+5=4-, 4-, 3+, 0)
[2015-09-26 03:23:54] <Roget|GMs> 4df+3 nuuu
[2015-09-26 03:23:55] <Glacon> Roget|GMs: nuuu: 5 (4df+3=3+, 4-, 3+, 3+)
[2015-09-26 03:24:00] <Roget|GMs> You miss!
[2015-09-26 03:24:26] <Nanoro> Max frowns. Gotta keep the shark away from the others. No time for reload.
[2015-09-26 03:24:55] <KadeLeMuse> Marion looks at the one quivering. "…Hey, are you alright?"They turn to the others "Guys!This one just seems scared now! Not a threat."
[2015-09-26 03:25:04] <Roget|GMs> "Bluuuh… sharks."
[2015-09-26 03:26:34] <Talonair> Rebecca climbs down!
[2015-09-26 03:26:50] <Roget|GMs> You see your friends and some more turbo shark pulverizers!
[2015-09-26 03:26:59] <KadeLeMuse> They turn to quivery-shark again. "We didn't come here to hurt you,honestly. We were just trying to investigate something."
[2015-09-26 03:26:59] <Nanoro> 4df+7 Stop, tackle time
[2015-09-26 03:27:00] <Glacon> Nanoro: Stop, tackle time: 5 (4df+7=4-, 3+, 4-, 4-)
[2015-09-26 03:27:10] <Roget|GMs> Tackling a shark!
[2015-09-26 03:27:10] <TheGameFreak> Martin gets up, then looks at the quivering shark man.
[2015-09-26 03:27:34] <Nanoro> Max will try his best to keep the one with the punching spear restrained!
[2015-09-26 03:27:38] <Talonair> "Oh not more of them!"
[2015-09-26 03:27:52] <Roget|GMs> 4df+3
[2015-09-26 03:27:52] <Glacon> Roget|GMs: 4 (4df+3=3+, 3+, 0, 4-)
[2015-09-26 03:27:58] <Roget|GMs> You keep it down!
[2015-09-26 03:29:16] <KadeLeMuse> Marion looks over at Becca. "one is just scared now, no need for fighting. The other…"They look at Max.
[2015-09-26 03:29:30] <Nanoro> Max's keeping it pinned like a pro.
[2015-09-26 03:29:37] <Nanoro> "This'un ain't movin'."
[2015-09-26 03:29:41] <Talonair> "There's one upstairs, stuck in a window."
[2015-09-26 03:29:44] <Roget|GMs> It kind of falls apart in his hands. "No! My skin!"
[2015-09-26 03:29:51] <Roget|GMs> It falls apart into shark giblets.
[2015-09-26 03:30:04] <Talonair> "…"
[2015-09-26 03:30:06] <Nanoro> Max arcs a brow as it seriously just melts away apparently.
[2015-09-26 03:30:15] <Nanoro> He sits up confused.
[2015-09-26 03:31:44] <Roget|GMs> The other shark has stopped moving.
[2015-09-26 03:31:49] <Roget|GMs> Everything is dead.
[2015-09-26 03:32:03] <TheGameFreak> Martin looks around.
[2015-09-26 03:32:12] <TheGameFreak> "Well, then….that happened."
[2015-09-26 03:32:20] <Nanoro> Max clambers up. "… Aye."
[2015-09-26 03:32:29] <Nanoro> "… What were we doin' here again."
[2015-09-26 03:32:53] <Talonair> "I think you should look upstairs."
[2015-09-26 03:32:59] <KadeLeMuse> Marion blinks, then looks at the once quivery one sadly. "…Do we know what happened? And investigatingpeople with crates."
[2015-09-26 03:33:55] <Nanoro> Max looks at the ladder leading upstairs. "Reckon we oughta."
[2015-09-26 03:34:54] <TheGameFreak> Martin nods.
[2015-09-26 03:35:51] <Roget|GMs> Out of the top of the ladder, a bruised great white pokes its head out. It gnashed its teeth.
[2015-09-26 03:36:15] <Talonair> "Oh fuck off!" She punches it in the face
[2015-09-26 03:36:17] <Talonair> 4df+7
[2015-09-26 03:36:18] <Glacon> Talonair: 5 (4df+7=0, 4-, 4-, 0)
[2015-09-26 03:36:29] → Daedalus joined (~moc.rr.ser.lacos.11E767B-CRInys|enahtanoj#moc.rr.ser.lacos.11E767B-CRInys|enahtanoj)
[2015-09-26 03:37:18] <KadeLeMuse> Marion nods, but blinks at that. "…You three do that, maybe. I'll try to look through the cubicles down here for context."
[2015-09-26 03:37:33] <Roget|GMs> The shark looks at her indignantly.
[2015-09-26 03:38:04] <Roget|GMs> It tries to squeeze its way out of the hole, gnashing its teeth.
[2015-09-26 03:38:37] <Talonair> She sighs, drawing her shotgun
[2015-09-26 03:39:01] <KadeLeMuse> Marion runs off to look through (and potentially hide) in the cubicles!
[2015-09-26 03:39:55] <KadeLeMuse> 4df+6 (PERC, +4 if sharks is environmenttal enough to count) wtf is going on, context pls
[2015-09-26 03:39:56] <Glacon> KadeLeMuse: (PERC, +4 if sharks is environmenttal enough to count) wtf is going on, context pls: 9 (4df+6=3+, 0, 3+, 3+)
[2015-09-26 03:41:11] <Talonair> 4df+9 Click-click boom
[2015-09-26 03:41:11] <Glacon> Talonair: Click-click boom: 9 (4df+9=0, 0, 3+, 4-)
[2015-09-26 03:41:35] <Roget|GMs> You find a typewriter, with a document in it. It describes how some shark activists were using this museum, a facility formerly belonging to something called an SPC, to create "sharky double agents" for "missions against the anti-shark fascist agenda". The paper is covered in dust and looks quite old.
[2015-09-26 03:44:31] <KadeLeMuse> Marion blinks and retrieves the document gently. "…I got answers to some questions, but am still incredibly confused."
[2015-09-26 03:45:25] <Nanoro> "Think we all are", Max cleans some shark bits off of himself
[2015-09-26 03:46:28] <Roget|GMs> The sharks head explodes. It showers everyone else around it with guts and teeth.
[2015-09-26 03:46:43] <Talonair> "… Ewww."
[2015-09-26 03:47:03] <TheGameFreak> "Ugh." Martin covers his face.
[2015-09-26 03:47:26] <Nanoro> Max is already covered in that stuff and is probably the furthest away anyhow.
[2015-09-26 03:48:38] <Roget|GMs> The shark corpse now blocks the way. It's jammed in there tight.
[2015-09-26 03:49:12] <KadeLeMuse> Marion walks back out of the cubicle when the guts are done flying, carrying the document. "No, I mean, the context is /even more bizarre than most of our missions/." They holdout the document for others to read.
[2015-09-26 03:49:54] <TheGameFreak> Martin reads the document, then raises an eyebrow.
[2015-09-26 03:50:01] <Talonair> "Max, give me a hand with this?"
[2015-09-26 03:50:06] <TheGameFreak> "That is…I mean, that is…what?"
[2015-09-26 03:50:22] <Nanoro> Max sighs, tossing some bigger chunks away. "Aye." He trots over.
[2015-09-26 03:50:28] <Nanoro> Strength? Or melee?
[2015-09-26 03:50:58] <Roget|GMs> Strength
[2015-09-26 03:51:08] <Talonair> 4df+4 STRONK
[2015-09-26 03:51:08] <Glacon> Talonair: STRONK: 6 (4df+4=0, 3+, 0, 3+)
[2015-09-26 03:51:10] <Nanoro> 4df+5 STRONK
[2015-09-26 03:51:10] <Glacon> Nanoro: STRONK: 5 (4df+5=4-, 3+, 0, 0)
[2015-09-26 03:52:41] <Roget|GMs> You yank a slimy shark corpse out of there.
[2015-09-26 03:53:03] <Nanoro> Max steps out of the way as the corpse flops down.
[2015-09-26 03:53:50] <Talonair> Rebecca climbs up the ladder
[2015-09-26 03:54:03] <KadeLeMuse> "I know. Honestly, it almost feels like some elaborate prank on the Foundation. I mean,SPC? The only thing is this would take a lot of time to set up just to mess with us- this paper is /old/."
[2015-09-26 03:54:23] <Roget|GMs> It's slick with shark guts. All the rooms are the same as when Rebecca checked them, save for one thing… the turbo shark pulverizer 6000 is gone.
[2015-09-26 03:54:45] <Talonair> "…… Fucking shit."
[2015-09-26 03:54:46] ⇐ Complete_Zero quit (moc.duolccri.gnitoot.72936A5E-CRInys|94638diu#moc.duolccri.gnitoot.72936A5E-CRInys|94638diu): Quit: Connection closed for inactivity
[2015-09-26 03:56:17] ⇐ gumbal1 quit (retal.xobdnas.ym.raelc.lliw.1l|bmug#retal.xobdnas.ym.raelc.lliw.1l|bmug): Ping timeout: 188 seconds
[2015-09-26 03:56:24] <Nanoro> Max prods the dead shark-man with his foot, then crouching down to give it a proper look.
[2015-09-26 03:56:39] <Roget|GMs> It looks like a human/shark crossbreed
[2015-09-26 03:56:44] <Roget|GMs> gills and everything
[2015-09-26 03:56:47] <Nanoro> "… Think we oughta, like. Haul one o' these back or summat?"
[2015-09-26 03:57:02] <Nanoro> "Let the lab fellas give 'em a look."
[2015-09-26 03:57:44] <Roget|GMs> Perception, Max!
[2015-09-26 03:57:54] <Nanoro> 4df+4 Hrm?
[2015-09-26 03:57:54] <Glacon> Nanoro: Hrm?: 2 (4df+4=0, 4-, 4-, 0)
[2015-09-26 03:58:04] <Roget|GMs> There's a… metal thing in its abdomen
[2015-09-26 03:58:09] <Nanoro> (srs, Max. Eyes. You can open them sometimes.)
[2015-09-26 03:58:18] <Nanoro> He blinks, reaching out for it.
[2015-09-26 03:58:20] ⇐ ProcyonLotor quit (nooccaR.snaeM.rotoL|noycorP#nooccaR.snaeM.rotoL|noycorP): Ping timeout: 181 seconds
[2015-09-26 03:59:00] <KadeLeMuse> They nod. "At the very least, I'll be busy with notes for the next few days." they look at the sharkman too.
[2015-09-26 03:59:04] <Roget|GMs> It's… a folded up sattelite dish, labeled "SPC COMM ARRAY 1111". It looks like it took up most of the abdomen space, with the rest of the organs pushed around.
[2015-09-26 03:59:32] <Nanoro> Max seriously arcs a brow at it. "… Huh. The hell was this in there for."
[2015-09-26 04:00:14] <Roget|GMs> WHo knows? They seem crazy.
[2015-09-26 04:00:21] <KadeLeMuse> "You're asking me." They shrug cluelessly.
[2015-09-26 04:01:30] <TheGameFreak> Martin eyes the satellite dish. "I'm guessing to function as some sort of communications device…somehow."
[2015-09-26 04:01:40] <Nanoro> Max then looks at the upstairs ladder. "Wanna take one more peek before we wrap things up?"
[2015-09-26 04:02:07] <Talonair> "I've looked."
[2015-09-26 04:02:34] <Nanoro> Max already climbs up to give the upstairs a look-see.
[2015-09-26 04:02:35] <KadeLeMuse> "Anything we should bring back?"
[2015-09-26 04:03:07] <Roget|GMs> There's a bunch of rooms with junk. six in total.
[2015-09-26 04:03:11] <Nanoro> "Reckon we oughta haul the most intact'un of these back", he says as he climbs. "An' that… Whatever I just pulled out. Notes too."
[2015-09-26 04:03:30] <Talonair> "I found these." She digs the papers out of her jacket
[2015-09-26 04:04:40] <Nanoro> Max ransacks the junk piles for anything else worth noting.
[2015-09-26 04:04:54] <Roget|GMs> He gets some brass knuckles and boxing gloves
[2015-09-26 04:05:05] <Roget|GMs> and shark fetuses in jars if he wants them
[2015-09-26 04:05:06] <Roget|GMs> if he's weird
[2015-09-26 04:05:22] <KadeLeMuse> Marion nods and grabs any other notes they can find here before climbing up after Max to look for anything sooper seekrit.
[2015-09-26 04:05:50] <Nanoro> Max looks at all the boxing equipment. He tries on some brass knuckles.
[2015-09-26 04:05:53] <Roget|GMs> Marion, perc
[2015-09-26 04:05:59] <Nanoro> "… Huh. Why the hell are these in 'ere for."
[2015-09-26 04:06:10] <Nanoro> He pockets a pair.
[2015-09-26 04:06:16] → gumbal1 joined (retal.xobdnas.ym.raelc.lliw.1l|bmug#retal.xobdnas.ym.raelc.lliw.1l|bmug)
[2015-09-26 04:06:20] <KadeLeMuse> 4df+6 (as usual, +4 if environmental)
[2015-09-26 04:06:21] <Glacon> KadeLeMuse: (as usual, +4 if environmental): 4 (4df+6=4-, 4-, 4-, 3+)
[2015-09-26 04:06:33] <KadeLeMuse> ;n;
[2015-09-26 04:06:58] <Roget|GMs> You find a shark plushie, looks like it came from when the museum was active. It's an adorable tiger shark.
[2015-09-26 04:07:39] <Talonair> Rebecca hunts around as well
[2015-09-26 04:08:04] <Roget|GMs> Rebecca perc!
[2015-09-26 04:08:09] <Talonair> 4df+4
[2015-09-26 04:08:10] <Glacon> Talonair: 5 (4df+4=4-, 0, 3+, 3+)
[2015-09-26 04:08:23] <KadeLeMuse> They smile at take the plushie. The pause an put a shark fetus in a jar in their kit. They're weird.
[2015-09-26 04:08:38] <Roget|GMs> You find nothing terribly interesting
[2015-09-26 04:08:46] <KadeLeMuse> They then go back down to wait!
[2015-09-26 04:08:57] <Roget|GMs> The jalopy is still waiting outside
[2015-09-26 04:09:20] <Roget|GMs> Becca, just as you give up hope you see a hammerhead plush peeking from atop a pile of crates
[2015-09-26 04:09:23] <Roget|GMs> it is cute
[2015-09-26 04:09:41] <Talonair> She blinks and picks it up, looking it over. ".. Cute."
[2015-09-26 04:09:52] <Nanoro> Max huffs, making a mental note of all of this. He then goes back down and tries to see if he could move the shark-man that whimpered to the jalopy somehow.
[2015-09-26 04:10:09] <Roget|GMs> Strength!
[2015-09-26 04:10:22] <Nanoro> Is there any sort of large cloth or such nearby? He gets the feeling that human touch /might/ break these guys apart.
[2015-09-26 04:10:39] <Roget|GMs> There's cubicle cloth
[2015-09-26 04:11:02] <Nanoro> He will wrap one around the sharkman.
[2015-09-26 04:11:09] <Nanoro> 4df+5 STRONK
[2015-09-26 04:11:09] <Glacon> Nanoro: STRONK: 2 (4df+5=4-, 4-, 4-, 0)
[2015-09-26 04:11:20] <Roget|GMs> You fail to pick up sharkman. Wimp.
[2015-09-26 04:11:33] <Nanoro> *HNNNGH* ".. Bloody hell, was this feller always this heavy."
[2015-09-26 04:11:47] <Talonair> "Let me try."
[2015-09-26 04:11:52] <Nanoro> "Yo Becca, gimme a hand here."
[2015-09-26 04:12:01] <KadeLeMuse> They place the tiger shark plushie in the car, then sit down and smile at double hook hands. "The others will be down soon, don't worry."
[2015-09-26 04:12:01] <Talonair> 4df+4 STRONK
[2015-09-26 04:12:02] <Glacon> Talonair: STRONK: 6 (4df+4=3+, 3+, 3+, 4-)
[2015-09-26 04:12:08] <Nanoro> 4df+5 ALSO STRONK
[2015-09-26 04:12:08] <Glacon> Nanoro: ALSO STRONK: 5 (4df+5=3+, 4-, 3+, 4-)
[2015-09-26 04:12:42] <Roget|GMs> YOU DID IT
[2015-09-26 04:13:00] <TheGameFreak> Martin gets in the car, sighing.
[2015-09-26 04:13:24] <Nanoro> They start to haul the shark corpse towards the car then, presumably!
[2015-09-26 04:13:46] <Roget|GMs> They drag it to the car! The hooked man is nonplussed.
[2015-09-26 04:13:50] <Roget|GMs> "Good job, eh."
[2015-09-26 04:13:59] <KadeLeMuse> Marion picks up the tiger shark plushie to make room.
[2015-09-26 04:14:24] <Nanoro> "Mrh. Reckon so." Max hauls himself into the car.
[2015-09-26 04:14:58] <TheGameFreak> "Eh. Could've been worse." Martin shrugs.
[2015-09-26 04:15:05] <Roget|GMs> He revs the car, and peels off back to #origins-ic


[2015-09-26 02:15:06] <Talonair> 4df+6 (PERC+Criminal Activities) She scans the room for any more traps
[2015-09-26 02:15:07] <Glacon> Talonair: (PERC+Criminal Activities) She scans the room for any more traps: 8 (4df+6=3+, 0, 0, 3+)
[2015-09-26 02:15:45] → LadyKatie joined (||tibbiM)
[2015-09-26 02:15:57] → Rattman joined (PI.74EC3F6B.6D313498.EA232496|tibbiM#PI.74EC3F6B.6D313498.EA232496|tibbiM)
[2015-09-26 02:16:04] <Roget|GMs> You see a tripwire in front of the bulkhead door, as well as some suspicious looking boxes at the bottom of some stacks. The ceiling is completely bare, but there is a patch with some discolored paint near the wall to your left.
[2015-09-26 02:17:03] <Talonair> She makes sure to stay away from anything suspicious, and goes to check the papers
[2015-09-26 02:18:44] <Roget|GMs> They have crayon pictures of sharks, and a detailed blueprint of what appears to be a shark-human hybrid. Several pieces of paper are just the word "punching???" over and over again.
[2015-09-26 02:19:19] <Talonair> She frowns, folding the papers and putting them in her jacket pocket
[2015-09-26 02:19:45] <Roget|GMs> The papers crumble compliantly.
[2015-09-26 02:20:40] <Talonair> She then checks the non-supicious boxes
[2015-09-26 02:21:37] <Roget|GMs> They appear to be full of boxing gloves, brass knuckles, boxing tape, spiked knuckles, and diagrams of different ways to punch things.
[2015-09-26 02:22:16] <Talonair> She takes a set of brass knuckles, before seeing about disarming the tripwire
[2015-09-26 02:23:05] <Roget|GMs> It looks to be pretty basic and easy to disarm. Sneak to carefully cut it.
[2015-09-26 02:24:44] <Talonair> 4df+5 (+2 if Criminal Activities)
[2015-09-26 02:24:45] <Glacon> Talonair: (+2 if Criminal Activities): 3 (4df+5=0, 4-, 0, 4-)
[2015-09-26 02:25:02] <Roget|GMs> You snip the wire easily.
[2015-09-26 02:25:10] <Roget|GMs> It's not clear what it even connected to.
[2015-09-26 02:25:45] <Talonair> She examines the door!
[2015-09-26 02:27:02] ⇐ Rattman quit (PI.74EC3F6B.6D313498.EA232496|tibbiM#PI.74EC3F6B.6D313498.EA232496|tibbiM): Quit: ajax IRC Client
[2015-09-26 02:27:48] <Roget|GMs> It's a steel bulkhead, like something from a battleship. There's a turnable whatsit in the middle used to open the door, but it looks rusted.
[2015-09-26 02:28:44] <Talonair> Any traps?
[2015-09-26 02:28:56] <Roget|GMs> None that you can see.
[2015-09-26 02:29:14] <Talonair> She tries to turn it
[2015-09-26 02:29:40] <Roget|GMs> It turns very smoothly.
[2015-09-26 02:30:22] <Talonair> She raises an eyebrow at that, turning it further
[2015-09-26 02:30:57] <Roget|GMs> The door opens up!
[2015-09-26 02:31:08] <Talonair> She peers through
[2015-09-26 02:31:37] <Roget|GMs> It's very dark. Perception.
[2015-09-26 02:32:22] <Talonair> 4df+4 (+2 if Criminal Activities)
[2015-09-26 02:32:23] <Glacon> Talonair: (+2 if Criminal Activities): 6 (4df+4=3+, 3+, 4-, 3+)
[2015-09-26 02:33:23] <Roget|GMs> It looks to be a thin hallway extending left and right. There's no light at all. There's something shimmering from the light coming from the now-open door though.
[2015-09-26 02:34:32] <Talonair> She cautiously approaches it
[2015-09-26 02:34:53] <Roget|GMs> It's… a bear trap! It blocks the path to the right!
[2015-09-26 02:35:56] <Talonair> She digs out one of the brass knuckles she took and throws it at the trap, aiming to trigger it
[2015-09-26 02:36:18] <Roget|GMs> The jaws snap shut!
[2015-09-26 02:36:22] <Roget|GMs> *CLANK*
[2015-09-26 02:37:41] <Talonair> She smirks, taking her torch out
[2015-09-26 02:38:22] → DiePotato joined (yrf.reidlos.retat.reknit|54407diu#yrf.reidlos.retat.reknit|54407diu)
[2015-09-26 02:39:37] <Talonair> She turns it on, looking down both hallways
[2015-09-26 02:40:38] <Roget|GMs> It's a narrow hall, about twenty feet long, with two doors to your right and three to your left
[2015-09-26 02:41:21] <Talonair> She heads to the right first, looking for any more traps
[2015-09-26 02:41:50] <Roget|GMs> Nothing apparent. Each door is labeled "TEST"
[2015-09-26 02:42:26] <Talonair> Any windows?
[2015-09-26 02:43:01] <Roget|GMs> They're thoroughly boarded up.
[2015-09-26 02:43:22] <Talonair> She tries the first door
[2015-09-26 02:44:22] <Roget|GMs> It opens up. There's a small tank with a dead shark in it. Otherwise, the room is empty.
[2015-09-26 02:44:35] <Roget|GMs> There is another window, with a pressure plate, but no bars.
[2015-09-26 02:45:18] <Talonair> She goes to the next door and opens it
[2015-09-26 02:46:27] <Roget|GMs> There's a bunch of broken glass and the pervasive smell of dead fish. Another window and pressure plate.
[2015-09-26 02:47:05] <Talonair> She frowns, heading back down to the left. ~Sharks, why sharks?~
[2015-09-26 02:47:37] <Roget|GMs> Perception!
[2015-09-26 02:48:22] <Talonair> 4df+4 (+2 if CA)
[2015-09-26 02:48:23] <Glacon> Talonair: (+2 if CA): 8 (4df+4=3+, 3+, 3+, 3+)
[2015-09-26 02:48:26] <Talonair> :|
[2015-09-26 02:49:59] <Roget|GMs> You hear the sound of scraping from the second to last door on the left, along with a muffled voice. It seems to be ranting about sharks, punching, and yelling the word TURBO very loudly. You can tell its the only thing in an otherwise empty room, and it seems to be running around and… splashing?
[2015-09-26 02:50:37] <Talonair> She blinks, drawing her two Uzis again and slowly approaching the door
[2015-09-26 02:51:48] <Roget|GMs> There's thumping from the other side.
[2015-09-26 02:52:02] <Talonair> On the door?
[2015-09-26 02:52:35] <Roget|GMs> yes
[2015-09-26 02:52:51] <Talonair> She kicks it lightly, once
[2015-09-26 02:54:36] <Roget|GMs> It falls over. Water begins pouring out of the room, at angle height. Inside, you see a gray-skinned humanoid with beefy muscles. It has gills, and long pink hair. There's flying sharks all around him, and he is punching them in a pitched battle. "YOU FINNED MENACE! YOU GILLED GROTESQUE GUTLESS GNASHERS! YOU SHALL ALL BE PUNCHED IN TURN!"
[2015-09-26 02:55:12] <Talonair> "…………………………………."
[2015-09-26 02:55:38] <Talonair> ~What?~
[2015-09-26 02:56:49] <Roget|GMs> He uppercuts a great white, and donkey-punches a hammerhead. He turns to Rebecca. "WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE? ANOTHER MEMBER OF THE PRO-SHARK INTELLIGENISTA?"
[2015-09-26 02:57:09] <Talonair> "….What?"
[2015-09-26 02:57:49] <Roget|GMs> He assumes a fighting pose. "BE WARNED! MY PUNCHES ARE 100% DEADLY TO SHARK AND SHARK-ALIGNED MAMMALS!"
[2015-09-26 02:58:32] <Talonair> "…. I promise you I'm not a shark."
[2015-09-26 02:59:23] <Roget|GMs> "DO NOT LIE TO THE TURBO SHARK PULVERIZER 6000!"
[2015-09-26 02:59:26] <Roget|GMs> He rushes you!
[2015-09-26 03:00:15] <Talonair> 4df+9 (RNG+Gunslinger) She unloads into him with both Uzis
[2015-09-26 03:00:15] <Glacon> Talonair: (RNG+Gunslinger) She unloads into him with both Uzis: 12 (4df+9=3+, 3+, 0, 3+)
[2015-09-26 03:01:00] <Roget|GMs> 4df+5 OW
[2015-09-26 03:01:00] <Glacon> Roget|GMs: OW: 3 (4df+5=0, 4-, 0, 4-)
[2015-09-26 03:01:15] <Roget|GMs> You pump him full of lead. He falls back into the water, and it starts turning red.
[2015-09-26 03:01:32] <Talonair> She lowers her Uzis. "Idiot."
[2015-09-26 03:01:48] <Roget|GMs> "OR AM I?"
[2015-09-26 03:01:53] <Roget|GMs> He laughs from the water
[2015-09-26 03:02:16] <Talonair> She points her Uzis at him again
[2015-09-26 03:02:58] <Roget|GMs> The saltwater seems to be healing his wounds. The bullets work their way out of him and splash to the floor. "NICE TRY, SHE-SHARK!"
[2015-09-26 03:03:49] <Talonair> "… [[You've got to be fucking with me.]]" She turns and runs
[2015-09-26 03:05:21] <Roget|GMs> The Turbo Shark Pulverizer gets up, and slides out the door, falling on his face. "YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T SHARK>"
[2015-09-26 03:06:03] <Talonair> She runs into one of the other rooms and stands in front of the window, careful to not step on the pressure plate
[2015-09-26 03:06:45] <Roget|GMs> The TURBO SHARK PULVERIZER 6000 steps into the room. "I HAVE YOU NOW!"
[2015-09-26 03:07:08] <Talonair> "Come on then!"
[2015-09-26 03:07:32] <Roget|GMs> It rushes you, yelling about sharks.
[2015-09-26 03:07:54] <Talonair> She attempts to dodge out the way, and trip it so it hurtles out the window
[2015-09-26 03:08:13] <Roget|GMs> Agi!
[2015-09-26 03:08:55] <Talonair> 4df+8 (AGI+Firefight Dancer)
[2015-09-26 03:08:56] <Glacon> Talonair: (AGI+Firefight Dancer): 7 (4df+8=0, 4-, 4-, 3+)
[2015-09-26 03:09:13] <Roget|GMs> 4df+6 TTTTTURBO
[2015-09-26 03:09:13] <Glacon> Roget|GMs: TTTTTURBO: 8 (4df+6=0, 3+, 0, 3+)
[2015-09-26 03:09:24] <Roget|GMs> You don't dodge! Pdef to be punched!
[2015-09-26 03:09:31] <Talonair> 4df+4 Fuk
[2015-09-26 03:09:31] <Glacon> Talonair: Fuk: 3 (4df+4=3+, 4-, 4-, 0)
[2015-09-26 03:10:37] <Roget|GMs> 4df+5 T-T-T-TURBO PUNCH
[2015-09-26 03:10:38] <Glacon> Roget|GMs: T-T-T-TURBO PUNCH: 5 (4df+5=0, 0, 3+, 4-)
[2015-09-26 03:10:46] <Roget|GMs> You take a damage as he punches you in the face.
[2015-09-26 03:10:50] <Roget|GMs> "POW!"
[2015-09-26 03:11:04] <Talonair> "[[Fuck!]]" /Now/ she's pissed
[2015-09-26 03:11:25] <Talonair> 4df+7 (MEL+Streetfighter) She tries to get behind him and kick him out the window
[2015-09-26 03:11:25] <Glacon> Talonair: (MEL+Streetfighter) She tries to get behind him and kick him out the window: 7 (4df+7=4-, 4-, 3+, 3+)
[2015-09-26 03:11:37] <Roget|GMs> 4df+5 oh no
[2015-09-26 03:11:38] <Glacon> Roget|GMs: oh no: 4 (4df+5=4-, 0, 4-, 3+)
[2015-09-26 03:11:58] <Roget|GMs> You kick him hard enough that he crams into the windowframe, but he's too big to fly out.
[2015-09-26 03:12:00] <Roget|GMs> "FUCK."
[2015-09-26 03:12:29] <Talonair> So he's stuck?
[2015-09-26 03:13:00] <Roget|GMs> Yes
[2015-09-26 03:13:18] <Talonair> 4df+9 She puts a bullet into each kneecap to make sure
[2015-09-26 03:13:20] <Glacon> Talonair: She puts a bullet into each kneecap to make sure: 6 (4df+9=4-, 0, 4-, 4-)
[2015-09-26 03:14:07] <Roget|GMs> "FSKJDHSKDSKJDSKJ!!!!!!!!!!"
[2015-09-26 03:15:02] <Talonair> "Now stay there."
[2015-09-26 03:15:45] <Roget|GMs> "SHARKS! SHAAAARKS!"
[2015-09-26 03:15:49] <Roget|GMs> it struggles but stays put
[2015-09-26 03:16:39] <Talonair> She looks for anything to tie it up with
[2015-09-26 03:18:17] <Roget|GMs> Nothing. The room is bare.
[2015-09-26 03:19:19] <Talonair> She looks at it. How likely is it that it can break free?
[2015-09-26 03:19:34] <Roget|GMs> He's stuck fast.
[2015-09-26 03:19:51] <Talonair> Then she goes to explore the other two rooms that haven't been explored yet
[2015-09-26 03:20:27] <Roget|GMs> There's one with test tubes full of shark fetuses, and one with some dead sharks all over the floor.
[2015-09-26 03:20:58] <Talonair> Any stairs?
[2015-09-26 03:21:22] <Roget|GMs> The last room has a trapdoor, which leads down.
[2015-09-26 03:21:52] <Talonair> She opens it
[2015-09-26 03:22:16] <Roget|GMs> It leads down. There's light down there, and you hear people.
[2015-09-26 03:23:11] <Talonair> 4df+4 (PERC) Do I recognise them?
[2015-09-26 03:23:11] <Glacon> Talonair: (PERC) Do I recognise them?: 4 (4df+4=4-, 3+, 0, 0)
[2015-09-26 03:23:36] <Roget|GMs> Yes!
[2015-09-26 03:24:08] <Talonair> Is there a ladder?
[2015-09-26 03:25:09] <Roget|GMs> Yup!
[2015-09-26 03:25:17] <Roget|GMs> Everything is turning up Rebecca!
[2015-09-26 03:25:31] <Talonair> She climbs down
[2015-09-26 03:25:57] <Roget|GMs> You make your way into #homeimprovement

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