Nightmare Personified

16:19 Balthazaar Olga wanders the labs
16:19 Wixelt Wilson does more science
16:20 Wixelt 4df+6
16:20 Glacon Wixelt: 7 (4df+6=+, -, 0, +)
16:20 Wixelt Nothing of interest occurs
16:20 Wixelt *grumble*
16:20 Balthazaar Olga looks in Wilsons lab!
16:20 Balthazaar "Wison? What are you doing?"
16:20 Wixelt Wilson looks up.
16:21 Wixelt "Oh, morning Olga."
16:21 Wixelt He looks like he was just getting up from a nap, but it also appears that he's hooked up to a machine, which he's apparently reading the results from.
16:22 Wixelt "I'm trying to find a pattern within the anomaly of shared dreaming."
16:23 Balthazaar Olga looks curious. "How does it work?"
16:24 Wixelt "Well, since it's already proven that said anomaly exists within this site, i'm using this machine to measure brainwaves to try and see if there's any kind of pattern that might suggest what's causing it."
16:26 Balthazaar Olga nods slowly. "Could… I be helpful?"
16:26 Wixelt Wilson thinks for a moment.
16:27 Wixelt "If you're willing to be hooked up to a machine to measure your brainwaves whilst you sleep, yes."
16:28 Balthazaar "… Would I be restrained?"
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16:29 Wixelt "I don't usually restrain myself, so no."
16:29 Balthazaar Olga nods a little. "Is it invasive?"
16:32 Wixelt "The whole anomaly is invasive. I'm pretty sure everyone in our task force has been in someone else's dream at one point or another. As for the readings itself I get from this machine, I can't actually see what you're dreaming with them."
16:33 Balthazaar "I meant do things pierce the skin…"
16:33 Wixelt "Oh. No, of course not."
16:34 Balthazaar "Then I would be willing to help
16:34 Balthazaar ."
16:35 Wixelt Wilson nods, "Thank you."
16:35 Wixelt It should be noted that Wilson has a comfortable chair set up next to his machine.
16:36 Balthazaar What do I do?" She seems less hostile than usual, made more fun to play since being huged by 999
16:38 Wixelt Wilson gestures to the chair, "Take a seat."
16:38 Wixelt He then goes over to the EEG machine and begins to tweak some of the settings on it.
16:39 Balthazaar She sits, getting comfortable
16:40 Wixelt "Now, since you don't with to take anything skin piercing, something which I can relate to, would you accept taking a pill to induce sleep, or would you prefer to sleep naturally?"
16:40 Wixelt *wish
16:42 Balthazaar "I could be asleep in 5 minutes naturally… Saskia kept me up last night." She has a dark circle under her eye
16:42 Wixelt "Alright then"
16:43 Balthazaar She leans her head back and closes her eye
16:43 Balthazaar Turns out she was wrong
16:43 Wixelt He lifts up a number of what looks small suction pads attached to wires. Due to the nature of the machine they're attached to, it's easy to guess that they go on your face.
16:43 Balthazaar It only takes her 2 minutes
16:47 Balthazaar Olga sits still for their application
16:47 Wixelt They are applied.
16:47 Wixelt Then after she nods off…
16:52 Balthazaar Olga starts to dream about Francesca
16:52 Balthazaar Olga follows Frans lead as they walk through the woods, and swim in a lake
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16:54 Balthazaar Doing couple stuff, etc
16:56 Wixelt Olga, roll perception.
17:00 Balthazaar 4df+4
17:00 Glacon Balthazaar: 4 (4df+4=0, +, -, 0)
17:00 Wixelt You get the feeling that you are being watched, but nothing more
17:01 Balthazaar She looks around for a moment, then goes back to cuddling Francesca
17:02 Wixelt The wind whistles forebodingly.
17:02 Wixelt Olga, you hear the sound of something cracking.
17:06 Balthazaar Olga looks around, holding Francesca close, protective.
17:07 Wixelt The trees in the surrounding area appear to be breaking apart and crumbling into dust.
17:07 Balthazaar "[Come on!]" Olga takes Francesca by the hand and starts running with her, away from the decay
17:08 Wixelt The landscape quickly becomes barren.
17:08 Wixelt Roll perception.
17:10 Balthazaar 4df+4
17:10 Glacon Balthazaar: 4 (4df+4=+, 0, -, 0)
17:10 Balthazaar Olga holds Francesca close, panting and frightened
17:10 Wixelt You can't shake the feeling that something is watching you, following you.
17:11 Balthazaar "[What do we do? Francesca… What do we do? Tell me what to do…"
17:11 Wixelt You can't shake the feeling that something is watching you, following you.
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17:13 Wixelt And suddenly, Francesca isn't there.
17:16 Balthazaar "Fransesca!!" Olga cries out for her
17:16 Balthazaar Looking about frantically
17:16 Wixelt The landscape has been reduced to an endless flat plane of dust.
17:17 Wixelt The sky now has a red tint to it.
17:17 Wixelt Roll perception.
17:18 Balthazaar 4df+4
17:18 Glacon Balthazaar: 2 (4df+4=-, -, +, -)
17:18 Balthazaar "Francesca! Francesca come back! /Please!/"
17:18 Wixelt You don't notice anything, but something is very clearly nearby."
17:19 Balthazaar She falls to her knees and starts to cry
17:19 Wixelt Light footsteps approach nearby.
17:20 Balthazaar "Francesca!?" Olga turns to see if the footsteps belong to who she hopes the do
17:21 Wixelt It's not Francesca.
17:21 Wixelt In front of you stands a figure made of shadows, with no discernable features other than an omnipresent darkness.
17:22 Wixelt Their form seems to flicker slightly at a constant rate.
17:23 Balthazaar She just sort of stares
17:24 Wixelt The figure takes another step towards you.
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17:27 Balthazaar Olga just stays on her knees
17:28 Wixelt It reaches out it's hand towards you.
17:32 Balthazaar She just continues to stare, crying
17:33 Wixelt Arm of the figure extends until it's two middle fingers are mere inches away from your forehead.
17:34 Wixelt Roll Mdef
17:35 Balthazaar She closes her eyes
17:35 Balthazaar 4df+4
17:35 Glacon Balthazaar: 0 (4df+4=-, -, -, -)
17:36 Wixelt With a splitting pain, your entire mind is filled with an explosion of mental activity.
17:37 Balthazaar She gasps in pain, clutching her hands to her head
17:37 Wixelt One by one, a series of numbers are burned into your memory:
17:37 Wixelt '23 46 93 71 27 36 8 54'
17:38 Wixelt Then, you're suddenly back in Wilson's lab again.
17:38 Balthazaar Olga wakes up, shaking
17:38 Wixelt Wilson has a look of extreme worry on your face.
17:39 Balthazaar "You! You made her go away, why did you do that!?"
17:39 Balthazaar "What are these numbers in my head!?"
17:39 Wixelt "W- what?!"
17:39 Wixelt Wilson takes a step back.
17:40 Balthazaar She doesn't make any move to be aggressive just yet
17:41 Wixelt "Olga, what happened in there?!"
17:42 Wixelt It's pretty clear that Wilson has no idea what you're talking about.
17:42 Balthazaar She looks at him, taking in his expression
17:43 Balthazaar "I… I was with Francesca… We were happy… Then everything died and she vanished and this… Man came and touched my head and it hurt so much… The numbers… It put numbers in here…" She aggressively taps her temple.
17:43 Wixelt "A man…"
17:44 Wixelt "This is the first i've heard of such a thing."
17:44 Wixelt Wilson looks both scared and confused at this point.
17:44 Balthazaar "N-not a man… Like… More like shadows… Lots of shadows… I thought you said this wasn't a bad test!"
17:45 Wixelt "It wasn't meant to be."
17:45 Wixelt "I had no idea that would happen."
17:45 Balthazaar Olga nods rapidly.
17:45 Balthazaar Muttering the numbers over and over
17:47 Wixelt "I knew something was wrong, I should've acted sooner."
17:47 Wixelt Wilson leans against the machine, looking down at the floor.
17:48 Balthazaar "I-I need to lay down…" She gets up slowly
17:49 Wixelt Wilson nods, shuddering a little himself.
17:49 Wixelt The image of Olga twitching heavily in her sleep plays back in his mind.
17:49 Balthazaar Heading out unsteadily

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