New Arrival

16:13 ShotgunFiend He puts it on.
16:13 ShotgunFiend Branko might see a pocket watch tossed into the same drawer.
16:13 TesKin "New watch?"
16:14 ShotgunFiend "Uhh, sorta."
16:14 ShotgunFiend "Found it out in the hall."
16:14 TesKin Branko nods, sitting at his bench. "Anything strange about it?"
16:14 Wixelt Over in containment, Ace builds a three dimensional house of cards.
16:15 ShotgunFiend "Aside from th' li'l man inside, naw…"
16:15 TesKin "Lit- What?"
16:15 ShotgunFiend "Should say that… /was/ inside."
16:16 TesKin "Oookay?"
16:16 ShotgunFiend "I crushed it. On accident. Tried to run, and uh. Yeah."
16:17 TesKin "Welcome to The Foundation."
16:19 Wixelt d10
16:19 Glacon Wixelt: 6 (d10=6)
16:19 ShotgunFiend "Thanks."
16:19 Wixelt Ace's card house wobbles a little, but remains solid as he puts the final cards in place.
16:23 TesKin Branko starts messing around with some scary looking metal gauntlets.
16:32 * ReallySleepingPotato is now known as DiePotato
16:37 Wixelt Jackal paces back and forth in his and Ace's cell.
16:49 * Nanoro joined #origins-ic3
16:52 TesKin Branko tinkers with GunArm! at his workbench.
16:52 Nanoro Nathan is doing surgery.
16:52 Nanoro 4df+12
16:52 Glacon Nanoro: 11 (4df+12=0, -, -, +)
16:52 Nanoro Decent and clean work, as always. No major complications.
16:52 DiePotato Artyom's training at the gym.
16:53 DiePotato Mainly working with the punching bag
16:53 Wixelt All of you, roll perception.
16:53 DiePotato 4df+4 Russian perceps pls
16:53 Glacon DiePotato: Russian perceps pls: 5 (4df+4=0, +, 0, 0)
16:54 JamJam66 George is walking past medical to collect some new painkillers.
16:54 TesKin 4df+3 Glacon plz
16:54 Glacon TesKin: Glacon plz: 4 (4df+3=-, +, +, 0)
16:54 Nanoro 4df+6 Nothing passes by my everlasting gaze
16:54 Glacon Nanoro: Nothing passes by my everlasting gaze: 4 (4df+6=0, 0, -, -)
16:54 JamJam66 4df+8
16:54 Glacon JamJam66: 7 (4df+8=0, 0, -, 0)
16:54 Nanoro (Or apparently, a lot of things do.)
16:54 Nanoro Nathan is semi-busy cleaning his equipment.
16:55 Wixelt All of you may feel sudden tremors pass through the area, like an earthquake.
16:55 Wixelt Only very light
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16:55 JamJam66 "Tremors again? Huh."
16:56 TesKin Branko frowns. ~That isn't good.~
16:56 DiePotato Artyom feels the shakes and thinks it's him. He sits down on the ground
16:56 JamJam66 "It better not be that bloody sphere again."
16:56 DiePotato ~should've eaten~
16:57 Wixelt You might all notice scientists and guards dash past your location.
16:57 JamJam66 "Oh dear."
16:57 Nanoro Nathan looks over his shoulder, removing his surgical mask.
16:57 DiePotato Artyom stares wide eyed at the swarm running past the gym
16:57 Nanoro "… Nurse, I trust you can take it from here. I'm going to get refreshments."
16:57 TesKin Branko stands, strapping the MASSIVE RIFLE to his arm and joins the guards.
16:57 TesKin Because he is security.
16:58 JamJam66 ~What's happening now? Do we ever get a peaceful day?~
16:58 Nanoro He peeks out the operation hall door.
16:58 DiePotato "[Shit]"
16:58 DiePotato Artyom runs with them remembering he's supposed to be with security
16:59 JamJam66 George heads in the same direction to see what's happening. Someone might need help.
16:59 Wixelt Anyone heading with the guards and scientists will eventually bump into each other as the groups converge on the same location.
16:59 JamJam66 "What's happening?"
17:00 Nanoro Nathan calmly walks to the scene, a glass of water in hand.
17:00 DiePotato Artyom looks around for someone he knows and sees Branko
17:00 TesKin Branko loads a 12.7mm round into GunArm! waiting to be told just what the fuck is going on.
17:01 JamJam66 George cranes his neck to try to see past the rabble.
17:01 DiePotato Artyom checks his pistols to make sure they're loaded.
17:02 Wixelt One of the scientists turns to face you George, "Spatial disturbance."
17:02 JamJam66 "Well, that's great."
17:02 TesKin "Another one?"
17:02 Nanoro Nathan sips his water. "Will this be a disturbance to our work?"
17:02 DiePotato Artyom frowns
17:03 DiePotato Something that can't be killed probably
17:03 Wixelt Eventually the group stops at a specific location and begins setting up scientific looking equipment.
17:04 JamJam66 George hangs back, curious
17:04 TesKin Branko looks around, pointing guards into position around the sciency guys.
17:04 DiePotato Artyom steps forward a bit to see the scene
17:05 Nanoro Nathan observes from a short distance, mildly curious.
17:07 Wixelt One of the scientists looking at a readout on one of the equipment pieces begins to frown heavily.
17:07 Wixelt "Dear lord…"
17:07 JamJam66 ~Oh dear~
17:07 DiePotato Artyoms frown deepens
17:08 Wixelt Everyone roll perception.
17:08 DiePotato He realizes when a scientist says something like that it's not good
17:08 DiePotato 4df+4
17:08 Glacon DiePotato: 5 (4df+4=+, -, 0, +)
17:08 JamJam66 4df+8
17:08 Glacon JamJam66: 10 (4df+8=0, 0, +, +)
17:08 Nanoro 4df+6 Eyes of an eagle, he replaced them with his own.
17:08 Glacon Nanoro: Eyes of an eagle, he replaced them with his own.: 7 (4df+6=+, -, +, 0)
17:10 Wixelt TesKin?
17:10 TesKin 4df+3
17:10 Glacon TesKin: 5 (4df+3=0, 0, +, +)
17:10 TesKin (Sorry about that, got distracted)
17:11 Wixelt Branko and Artyom, you may notice a pressure building in the air.
17:11 Wixelt Nathan and George, you may notice small amounts electricity beginning to arc about.
17:11 Wixelt *of
17:11 TesKin "Pressure building."
17:11 TesKin Branko frowns.
17:12 DiePotato Artyom nods agreeing with Brank
17:12 JamJam66 "What the-"
17:12 Nanoro Nathan looks around. "This is unsettling."
17:12 Nanoro He almost looks concerned.
17:12 JamJam66 "This doesn't look good"
17:14 DiePotato Artyom places a hand on one of his pistols ready to draw
17:14 * Graemeducation joined #origins-ic3
17:15 * JamJam66 is now known as JamJam
17:15 Wixelt One of the scientist jumps up in alarm.
17:16 Wixelt *s
17:16 * JamJam66 joined #origins-ic3
17:17 * JamJam66 is now known as JamJamAFK
17:18 Wixelt "Everyone needs to get clear!!"
17:18 * JamJam quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
17:20 DiePotato Artyom takes a step or two back
17:20 * Nemi joined #origins-ic3
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17:20 TesKin Branko chills where he is.
17:20 Nanoro Nathan believes he is far enough.
17:21 DiePotato Artyom also draws one pistol holding it ready
17:22 Wixelt There's suddenly and explosion of light in the area. A shockwave corsses the area rapidly.
17:23 Wixelt Everyone, roll physical defense.
17:23 Nanoro 4df+3
17:23 Glacon Nanoro: 5 (4df+3=+, +, 0, 0)
17:23 DiePotato 4df+3 glass cannon ftw
17:23 Glacon DiePotato: glass cannon ftw: 2 (4df+3=0, 0, 0, -)
17:23 * JamJam66 joined #origins-ic3
17:24 TesKin 4df+5
17:24 Glacon TesKin: 5 (4df+5=+, -, -, +)
17:24 JamJam66 4df+3
17:24 Glacon JamJam66: 4 (4df+3=-, +, +, 0)
17:24 JamJam66 (Sorry)
17:25 JamJam66 (I had to buy bread)
17:25 * JamJamAFK quit (Ping timeout: 185 seconds)
17:25 Wixelt Nathan, Branko, you just manage to hold on to your position.
17:26 Wixelt Artyom and George, you get push backwards a bit.
17:26 JamJam66 "Agh!"
17:26 JamJam66 "What the hell was that?"
17:26 DiePotato Artyom gets pushed back falling on his ass
17:27 Wixelt After a few moments, the light fades away.
17:28 JamJam66 George blinks a few times.
17:28 JamJam66 "What's going on?"
17:29 Wixelt The various pieces of scientific equipment are in various levels of disrepair.
17:29 DiePotato Luckily Arty didn't have his finger on the trigger
17:30 Nanoro ((brb, gotta go do stuff))
17:30 - Nanoro is away (Away)
17:30 Wixelt (So si Nathan unconcious then?)
17:31 TesKin Branko frowns harder, flicking the safter off on ArmGun! and slipping his hands into Punch Gauntlets
17:32 DiePotato Artyom gets back
17:32 DiePotato up
17:32 Prior Lacey stumbles into the corridor, slightly out of breath. "What… what was that?"
17:32 DiePotato "Is that it?"
17:33 * Riemann quit (Ping timeout: 181 seconds)
17:33 Wixelt Everyone still standing, roll perception.
17:33 JamJam66 4df+8
17:33 Glacon JamJam66: 9 (4df+8=+, 0, 0, 0)
17:33 TesKin 4df+3
17:33 Glacon TesKin: 3 (4df+3=+, -, 0, 0)
17:33 DiePotato 4df+4 He got back up
17:33 Glacon DiePotato: He got back up: 2 (4df+4=-, -, +, -)
17:33 Prior 4df+4 The heck is going on?
17:33 Glacon Prior: The heck is going on?: 7 (4df+4=+, +, +, 0)
17:36 * Riemann joined #origins-ic3
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17:37 Wixelt Branko, Artyom, you notice nothing.
17:38 Wixelt George, Lacey, there's someone here who wasn't there before.
17:38 - Nanoro is back
17:39 JamJam66 George suddenly has to leave for a mysterious reason ;-;.
17:39 Prior Lacey looks at this newcomer.
17:39 * JamJam66 quit (Quit: Shmurr)
17:39 Nanoro 4df+6 Is it too late for the roll? :d
17:39 Glacon Nanoro: Is it too late for the roll? :d: 6 (4df+6=0, +, -, 0)
17:41 Wixelt Nathan, you also notice this person.
17:42 * Wixelt is now known as WixNommable
17:55 * WixNommable is now known as Wixelt
17:57 Wixelt There's a young woman, probably in her 20s, lieing unconcious on the floor.
17:57 Nanoro Nathan's doctor instincts kick in. He goes over.
17:58 Prior Lacey tries to find a scientist here she recognizes to ask what they were doing.
17:58 DiePotato Artyom walks over and keeps a gun trained on her
17:59 DiePotato wait redact
17:59 DiePotato forget arty didnt notice
17:59 Wixelt Lacey, there's a couple present you might recognise.
17:59 Nanoro Nathan checks her pulse and breathing first and foremost.
18:00 Nanoro 4df+12 Lean mean medical machine
18:00 Glacon Nanoro: Lean mean medical machine: 11 (4df+12=+, -, 0, -)
18:00 Wixelt Nathan, she's alive and stable.
18:00 TesKin Branko hangs around, confused as fuck.
18:00 Prior "Hey there Tomas. What was that loud bang?"
18:00 Nanoro He tries to wake her up by shaking her lightly. "Madam, are you alright?"
18:01 DiePotato Artyom sees the doctor examining some collapsed woman
18:02 DiePotato To Branko in Russian "[You know what's happening
18:02 DiePotato ]"
18:03 Wixelt Tomas shakes his head, he clearly doesn't know, and is a little dazed.
18:05 TesKin "[nope]"
18:05 Wixelt Nathan, the woman doesn't wake up.
18:05 Prior Lacey shrugs and pats him on the back. "Eh, things go wrong sometimes, I guess. As long as nobody got too badly hurt."
18:06 Wixelt Tomas nods, and staggers over to one of the ruined pieces of equipment.
18:07 Nanoro He places her into a position that does not interfere with her breathing.
18:09 TesKin Branko keeps looking around for possible targets.
18:12 Wixelt Branko, there's no apparent target, but you'll probably have noticed the young man on the floor by now.
18:13 DiePotato Artyom's just wondering why he' s here nothing is apparently happening
18:14 TesKin Branko doesn't touch the guy. He's no medic and would probably only make it worse.
18:14 Wixelt *young woman
18:14 Wixelt Sorry
18:14 - Nanoro is away (Brb, y'all)
18:15 Wixelt Artyom, you may notice by now that several people are crowded around someone on the floor.
18:16 * Nanoro quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
18:17 DiePotato Arty walks up and sets his gaze upon the someone determining if they're dangerous
18:19 * TheRaven joined #origins-ic3
18:19 DiePotato He still has his gun drawn
18:20 Wixelt It's a young woman, she's unconcious.
18:22 Prior Lacey goes and sees to any guards or scientists who look hurt. Incidentally, does she recognize the young woman?
18:24 DiePotato Arty keeps his gun trained on her waiting for the medic. "Medic!"
18:27 Wixelt A couple of medics go to help the ones who are already there.
18:27 DiePotato Artyom keeps his gun trained on the woman as the medics work. Anomalies come in all shapes and sizes
18:30 Wixelt The medics eventually lift her up and carry her away to medical.
18:30 Wixelt Anyone still around, roll perception.
18:30 DiePotato 4df+4
18:30 Glacon DiePotato: 4 (4df+4=0, +, -, 0)
18:31 TesKin 4df+3
18:31 Glacon TesKin: 3 (4df+3=+, +, -, -)
18:34 Wixelt As they carry her away, you may notice the woman has a familiar symbol on the shoulder of her shirt.
18:35 TesKin Branko watches. What is the symbol?
18:35 Wixelt
18:36 DiePotato Arty notices
18:36 DiePotato "You saw that too?"
18:36 Prior 4df+4 Huh?
18:36 Glacon Prior: Huh?: 5 (4df+4=+, +, -, 0)
18:36 Wixelt You notice Lacey.
18:37 Wixelt
18:37 TesKin "She is with the Foundation."
18:37 Prior "So she's an agent…or a contained scip."
18:38 DiePotato "I've never seen her before…"
18:39 TesKin Branko shrugs, and heads off after the medics
18:40 Wixelt There is something familiar about the woman though.
18:40 Prior Lacey follows him, kicking her feet.
18:40 DiePotato Artyom follows silently
18:41 DiePotato He's quite curious
18:42 Wixelt The medics take the woman to Medical.
18:43 Wixelt They deposit the woman in one of the beds there, before heading off elsewhere.
18:43 TesKin Branko looks around, before heading to Containment,
18:43 TesKin Maybe someone there could tell him what the fuck is going on?
18:44 DiePotato Artyom just stays in medical waiting for if and when the woman wakes up
18:47 Wixelt She doesn't whilst you're there
18:47 Prior (I think we're done, DP)
18:47 DiePotato (ah)
18:47 DiePotato (k)
18:48 DiePotato Artyom wanders off then

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