Moranis strikes again

[15:27] Balthazaar Hurried footsteps approach, and soon this man: is at the door, panting
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[15:28] Balthazaar "… Hiii…" he says
[15:30] Nemi Voss swiels her head to peer at Moranis. ".. hello?"
[15:32] Balthazaar He's got a briefcase with him. "Boy, it sure is raining cats and dogs…" He smiles uncomfortably. "I'm dr Edwin Moranis, ma'am… Do you think you two lovely ladies would mind helping me with some research?'
[15:32] Nemi "I think that would depend on what kind of research we're talking about."
[15:33] ZombieMesh Maddie emerges from the halls, bouncy ball in her hand.
[15:34] Nemi Voss looks faintly amused, as usual.
[15:35] ZombieMesh "Oh man, new people?" She bounces the ball on the tile of the hall a few times before stilling it and walking into the common room.
[15:35] Dexanote Favour glances to Maddie, then nods to Moranis.
[15:35] Balthazaar He sits down and puts his case on the table, opening it. Inside is a metallic device that looks like a combination of pineapple, toaster, and cat. "Oh, it's nothing too dangerous. Basically, this is designed to make field agents able to hear each others thoughts, so you don't give away your positions with loud talking!"
[15:36] Nemi "Miss Madeline." She half-salutes, then gives Moranis a dubious look. Then the device. Then a doubly dubious look to Moranis. "This is going to have unfathomably bizarre side-effects, isn't it."
[15:37] TomRos Bowman walks into commons, smirking like a drunken man. "Hello everybody." He sits in a nearby chair.
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[15:37] ZombieMesh "Are we playing with science in here?" Maddie takes a seat, flips it around, and sits down with herself facing the back of the chair.
[15:37] Balthazaar "There are a few… Kinks that need to be worked out…"
[15:38] Nemi "Evening." Voss inclines her head to Bowman. Then, a more serious look at Moranis. "Such as..?"
[15:38] Dexanote Favour nods slowly to Dr Moranis, and glances at Voss.
[15:40] Balthazaar "Well, before I refined the design, it made the mice grow eyes all over their bodies, but that was just a hiccup." He smiles uncomfortably again. "Now, though, it only occasionally turns them purple."
[15:41] Nemi Voss gives him a long, long look. Clearly she's percolating .. something. ".. you know. Fine. I have some insurance in case it /does/ .. misfire."
[15:42] Balthazaar "Yeah? What's that, ma'am?"
[15:42] TomRos Bowman draws a hand-rolled cigarette from his Altoids tin and lights it, watching the smoke and not paying any attention to his surroundings.
[15:43] ZombieMesh "Voss, wanna hook up brains? I bet you got a sexy brain. Or is the newbie gunna be your new BFF." Maddie whispers: "That's Brain a Friends Forever."
[15:44] ZombieMesh ((Minus the random a ))
[15:44] Nemi "I have a very resourceful associate." She nods, glances to Maddie. She laughs. "I think that's something for the two of you to decide on. Don't want to scar the newbie unless she asks for it, no?"
[15:44] DrSavage Randall heads into commons, quiet.
[15:44] Balthazaar "It can link up to four people together." He smiles in a proud, uncomfortable way
[15:45] Nemi "Interesting. And I can see the application if it works. That it appears to be part.. fruit, and part feline is a little more questionable, but who am I to question anomalous science?" Voss sits up, winces, recovers her composure neatly.
[15:46] DrSavage "Hmmmm…?"
[15:47] ZombieMesh "Well I claim one of those four spots."
[15:47] Dexanote Favour writes on her chalkboard. [Is this the first human testing?]
[15:47] Nemi "So. How does it work? I'm in, of course, but I /am/ curious. And you just want a chance to touch my sexy brain." Voss looks amused. Terribly so.
[15:47] Balthazaar He smiles and presses a big red button on the machine. A tube extends. On the end of the tube are four circular depressions. "Okay. So, those of you wanting to try it out, please put your fingers on a pad."
[15:48] Balthazaar He nods to Favour!
[15:48] ZombieMesh Maddie scoots her chair towards the man and his strange device, booping her finger on the thingy thang.
[15:49] DrSavage Randall looks to the new person.
[15:49] Nemi "Alright." Voss leans— winces, reconsiders, scootches her own chair over, and places her finger on the indicated pad.
[15:49] Dexanote Favour is a young woman wearing a pastel green dress. Her dark hair is pinned back in a tight bun, and she wears black rimmed round glasses.
[15:49] Balthazaar Maddie, there's a little stinging feeling as it takes a blood sample
[15:49] DrSavage Favour, Randall is taller than any man should be.
[15:49] Dexanote She has a chalkboard and chalk all over her hands, as well as a thick, small binder notebook.
[15:49] ZombieMesh Maddie looks offended and pained. "YOU DIDNT SAY NEEDLES!"
[15:50] Balthazaar Same with you, Voss. "Right now, it's gathering blood samples, so it can tell you apart." He smiles
[15:50] Nemi "Oh? I didn't notice. Thanks, alcohol."
[15:50] Nemi "Keen."
[15:50] ZombieMesh "What if we share the same blood type?"
[15:50] Nemi "I strongly doubt we share the same blood type, miss Madeline."
[15:50] Dexanote She winces at the word 'needle', and glances at Randall. She blinks at Randall, and quickly flips to the first page in her notebook, holding it up to Randall as she watches and listens to the other three.
[15:51] Dexanote [Hello. My name is Favour Clement. I am an interpreter. Lovely to meet you. Due to a sickness in my childhood, I am unable to speak. I am mute.]
[15:51] TomRos Bowman jumps at the shout, hand on the butt of his Thompson. He stands up.
[15:51] Balthazaar He just smiles at Maddie uncomfartably. "Anyone else want to try? Room for two more."
[15:51] TomRos "I'll just go to bed. Night, friends." He leaves.
[15:51] Dexanote She gingerly raises her other hand, and holds it out for the doctor to maneuver.
[15:51] Nemi "Ciao-ciao, love."
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[15:52] Balthazaar He gently places her finger on the pad
[15:53] Balthazaar "Okay! One more spot! Dr Clymer? Would you like to participate?"
[15:53] DrSavage Randall sits quietly and nods. "Yes."
[15:54] DrSavage Randall signs to Favour. "[Good to meet you, Favour. You will be very useful here. I am virologist, and doctor. I am also an anomaly."
[15:54] ZombieMesh "I bet his thoughts are going to be all wet."
[15:54] Balthazaar "Please, put your finger on the pad."
[15:54] DrSavage Randall puts his finger on the pad.
[15:54] Nemi "Why's that, Madeline?"
[15:54] ZombieMesh "Cause he's an Octopus."
[15:55] Balthazaar "Okay, that's done. Let's get it tested." He grins and presses the red button again!
[15:55] Balthazaar The machine starts to humm and vibrate
[15:55] Nemi Voss would hold her breath if breathing too deeply didn't hurt.
[15:55] ZombieMesh Maddie would also seem to vibrate. With excitement.
[15:57] Balthazaar The vibration, however, makes a glass of water tip over, falling on the floor. Moranis, as he's walking back to the seat, trips over on the water and falls to the ground! His rm bonks the machine, and his head hits the floor with a sharp crack
[15:57] Balthazaar The machine vibrates even more, before emitting a blinding flash. You all feel a wet, tingly sensation all over
[15:57] Nemi "Oh, /nadgers/."
[15:58] DrSavage "Hmmmm?"
[15:58] ZombieMesh Maddie knew Randall would make things wet! Also, that guy is super not okay!
[15:58] Balthazaar Pause for description
[15:59] Balthazaar When the light fades, you find that something has gone rather badly wrong
[15:59] Nemi Voss is /completely unsurprised/.
[16:01] Balthazaar Instead of sitting where you were, you're all in MAddies chair and you can hear each others thoughts. You can all see Randall, Voss and Favour sitting slumped in their chairs, unmoving. You may notice that you're all trapped in Maddies' body now
[16:01] Balthazaar Unpause
[16:01] Dexanote 'Oh my lord.' A strange, melodic feminine voice.
[16:01] DrSavage "…What?"
[16:02] Nemi 'This is new.' Voss sounds rather.. neutral in tone, though distinctly English.
[16:02] Balthazaar You all have control of the body you're in
[16:02] Dexanote Immediately, Favour draws the hands to her mouth.
[16:03] Nemi 'So that's what I look like from the third person. Damn.' Voss idly raises one of Maddie's arms, then has it promptly overriden by Favour.
[16:03] ZombieMesh /It's a lot louder in here than it n- DONT MOVE ME!
[16:03] Dexanote She lets out an incoherent rasp, and then a panicked choke.
[16:03] Nemi 'Right. Doctor Clymer, are you in here too? I think our … good friend here needs medical attention.'
[16:04] ZombieMesh /Aw man, now I got an Octopus stuck in me.

[16:04] Dexanote 'Undo it undo it undo it undo it undo it-' she struggles to calm herself.
[16:05] ZombieMesh /This is REALLY uncomfortable for me. Especially with the added voices.
[16:05] ZombieMesh /Atleast I think it is…
Maddie tries to make herself pinch herself.
[16:06] DrSavage 'Stop. /Now/.'
[16:06] Nemi 'Terribly sorry, miss Madeline. I suppose we should have expected something like this from a device that appeared to be half-fruit and half-cat.'
[16:06] DrSavage Oh lord, Randall's voice is a booming, commanding one.
[16:06] DrSavage 'Not talking to you, Maddie.'
[16:07] ZombieMesh Maddie's voice seems a tad deeper than her normal, sort of squeaky chipper voice. Most likely because she uses the voice she hears when she talks, which would have more bass than it actually has.
[16:08] Dexanote The body begins to breathe heavily, with raspy, harsh croaks. Favour's not having a good time.
[16:08] Balthazaar Randall, wtf, you're a girl now
[16:08] ZombieMesh Maddie tries to pinch herself again to see if everyone can feel it.
[16:09] Nemi Voss also sounds deeper than she already does, husky tones replaced by distinctly lower ones. 'Ow. I will say, this /is/ new. I'm relinquishing control over any body functions, by the by.'
[16:09] DrSavage 'Favour. Be calm. We will find our way…back.'
[16:09] DrSavage Randall looks down at the body.
[16:09] Balthazaar You can all feel it
[16:09] ZombieMesh Maddie slaps herself. // Don't be a perc, Randall!

[16:10] ZombieMesh Perv))
[16:10] Dexanote Favour lets out a sharp cry at the slap! She jumps at the noise, clamping the hands over the mouth.
[16:10] DrSavage 'I am not a pervert! This is odd to me!'
[16:10] DrSavage 'Everyone quit controlling the body, just talk!'
[16:11] DrSavage Randall's voice increases in "volume".
[16:11] ZombieMesh Maddie forces her arms down and goes to squish her breasts. Remember the feeling cause you gunna miss it.
[16:11] Nemi 'Now I just feel bad.'
[16:11] Balthazaar You all feel it
[16:12] DrSavage 'Will you quit it?! I'm not interested in that!' Randall sounds embarassed.
[16:12] Balthazaar Voss, you get the hiccups
[16:12] Dexanote 'STOP IT.' Favour balls the fists and holds the arms tight together.
[16:12] Nemi "Hic!" 'Oh /nadgers/. Hold on. Holding breath a tad. Please don't override.'
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[16:14] DrSavage 'Why am I in here with women?! This is very uncomfortable…'
[16:15] Nemi 'And here I'd think you wouldn't find it too odd, squiddy."
[16:15] Dexanote Favour goes silent, the body's teeth clenching tightly.
[16:15] Dexanote 'How do we fix this.'
[16:15] ZombieMesh / Newbie, stop making me hurt my hands. They're delicate and need love.
[16:16] Balthazaar The machine rattles and puts out another burst of light
[16:16] Balthazaar When it subsides, you're all in Randalls body
[16:16] Nemi 'Oh— different and— oh. So that's how /that/ feels."
[16:16] Dexanote "Agh!" Favour shouts!
[16:16] Dexanote And slaps the hands over the mouth.
[16:17] DrSavage "NO."
[16:17] Dexanote 'YOUR VOICE IS SO DEEP.'
[16:17] Nemi 'Okay. This is /exceptionally/ odd.'
[16:17] DrSavage Randall will fight so very hard for control.
[16:17] Dexanote 'Everything is so heavy!'
[16:17] Balthazaar The tentacles are easy to control
[16:17] Balthazaar You're all equally strong
[16:17] Dexanote The body chokes. 'WHAT IS THAT'
[16:18] ZombieMesh Maddie tries to make the tentacle go towards Randall's mouth. // CALIMARI //
[16:18] DrSavage "Don't you do it!"
[16:19] ZombieMesh / Wait, this is our only chance to feel like a guy! //
[16:19] Dexanote Favour sees the tentacle and /screams/.
[16:19] Dexanote Mostly mentally, i'll presume someone cuts her off physically.
[16:19] Nemi 'Maybe /your/ only chance.' Voss prevents Randall's body from screaming aloud. 'That came out strangely.'
[16:20] DrSavage Randall screams internally.
[16:20] ZombieMesh Maddie's idea is heard by all. Touch crotch. Do it.
[16:20] Dexanote 'WHY DO YOU HAVE OCTOPUS ARMS!?'
[16:21] ZombieMesh Maddie tries to make a tentacle go dooooown.
[16:21] DrSavage Randall will fight to make the tentacle stop.
[16:21] Dexanote '… no, stop that. Stop it.' The arms spread wide.
[16:21] Nemi 'Whoever's doing that, stop that, this isn't the time.'
[16:22] Nemi '.. Doctor, you have very uncomfortable undergarments.'
[16:22] ZombieMesh / LETS TAKE THEM OFF //
[16:22] Dexanote 'Stop that!'
[16:22] Nemi 'Can we not? I know that we're technically not in an area under local judicial jurisdiction but indecent exposure is a class one felony.'
[16:22] Balthazaar It feels so weird! There's… Stuff… down there
[16:23] Dexanote The horror of perversion overrides the horror of the mind-meld.
[16:23] DrSavage Also, you all can hear Randall's heartbeat and his brain fire.
[16:23] >| Nanoro (moc.duolccri.egdirbxu.74C9FCA8-CRInys|32918diu#moc.duolccri.egdirbxu.74C9FCA8-CRInys|32918diu) has joined #Origins-ic
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[16:23] DrSavage Because oh god he /always/ hear it.
[16:23] Nemi 'This feels so much like when I have a migraine coming on. Ugh. How do you /deal/, doctor?'
[16:23] >| Ragz (~ten.labolgcbs.ackorf.deepsthgil.D879C977-CRInys|zgaR#ten.labolgcbs.ackorf.deepsthgil.D879C977-CRInys|zgaR) has joined #Origins-ic
[16:23] Balthazaar Also, stubble!
[16:23] DrSavage You can also hear him hear /your/ hearts.
[16:24] DrSavage Y'all can feel the tentacles connected way down to some unknown organ.
[16:24] ZombieMesh / I will ruin my social standing with everyone just to get these skimpy babies to touch things and touch them good. //
[16:24] Nemi 'So it's /you/. Oh boy.'
[16:25] DrSavage "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS MADDIE?" Randall bellows.
[16:25] Dexanote 'ahh-ah-ah-aaaaaah it's so loud!- The hands cringe.
[16:26] ZombieMesh Maddie tries to TOUCH ALL THE THINGS!
[16:26] Nemi 'Well, if pattern holds, we have a short time before we move on to either myself or miss Favour's.."
[16:26] ZombieMesh / I AM OCTOPUS FEAR ME //
[16:26] DrSavage "I don't want to go into a female body…"
[16:27] Nemi 'Lord in heaven.'
[16:27] Balthazaar The machine starts to whir again. Last chance for Randall stuff
[16:27] ZombieMesh Maddie tries to slap him/herself.
[16:27] DrSavage Randall stops it before it hits. Right before.
[16:28] ZombieMesh / Kill joy. //
[16:28] Nemi 'Oh, hold on to your butts. Butt. Here we go..'
[16:29] ZombieMesh Maddie tries to hold onto his butt.
[16:29] DrSavage 'No, let me out of this madhouse!'
[16:29] DrSavage Randall's butt is grabbed.
[16:29] Balthazaar It flashes!
[16:30] =-= Soulless is now known as Soulless|Dreamin
[16:30] Balthazaar Suddenly, you're in Favour's body!
[16:31] Nemi 'You know, I've long since stopped trying to figure out the logistics behind this. Given that neurons can only hold a certain amount of information and the consciousness is a function of… nevermind. So. Uh. This is something.'
[16:31] ZombieMesh / Hey, it's Newbie! //
[16:31] ZombieMesh / If I'm in you, do I know sign language? Or do I have to pull it out of something? //
[16:31] DrSavage Randall does not talk nor move Favour.
[16:32] Dexanote 'Oh no.' she clamps her hands together. '… what?! No! That's not how it works!'
[16:32] Dexanote 'Can you speak any other language? Try it.' she blinks. 'Or. No. Don't try it!'
[16:33] ZombieMesh / I can think English and like once Spanish. Hola! //
[16:33] ZombieMesh One

[16:33] Nemi 'No, from the.. Okay, from the feel of it, it's not like she's mute by /choice/. I can't make words.' Favour's body makes some unpleasant whispery rasping noises before Voss gives up.
[16:33] ZombieMesh / I can't mess with Newbie, that would be mean, //
[16:34] Dexanote It's all fine for a few seconds, then a particularly hoarse rasp and a sharp, raspy pain in the throat.
[16:34] Dexanote Favour cringes externally, balling her fists. 'I asked you not to try it!'
[16:34] Nemi 'Oh god. I'm sorry. Let's leave her well enough alone.'
[16:34] DrSavage 'Nobody make her talk. Nobody, Maddie.'
[16:35] DrSavage Randall sounds /angry/.
[16:35] Dexanote 'I wrote it down!' She picks up her notebook and opens it to the first page. [Hello. My name is Favour Clement. I am an interpreter. Lovely to meet you. Due to a sickness in my childhood, I am unable to speak. I am mute.]
[16:35] Nemi 'Lord in heaven, I feel bad. I'm sorry.'
[16:35] ZombieMesh / I'm not a monster! I sad I won't mess with her. She's new. //
[16:35] Dexanote 'Thank you!' She huffs, frustrated, and turns to look at Moranis.
[16:35] Nemi 'All in all it's rather amazing that we're all so calm about this.'
[16:35] Dexanote 'Are any of you doctors?'
[16:35] ZombieMesh / Hee Hee, More Anus. //
[16:35] DrSavage 'I am.'
[16:35] Nemi 'I mean. It was.. I believe doctor Clymer is- yes.'
[16:35] Nemi 'I mean, it's his title and all.'
[16:36] ZombieMesh / Wont we need Randall body to fix him? //
[16:36] Dexanote 'Is he dead? You can check.' She lets go of the book.
[16:36] =-= DiePotato is now known as SlepPotato
[16:36] DrSavage Randall makes her reach for him to check a pulse.
[16:36] Nemi 'No idea. If we're going in sequence, I'm next. I could probably pick him up and toss him around until he wakes up or whatever.'
[16:36] Dexanote 'That would not be kind.'
[16:37] ZombieMesh / Should we walk closer to him? Wait, if we switch while were standing up… //
[16:37] Nemi 'Right. Also, asking in advance. No touching the butt, boobs, or other sensitive areas. Thanks. And yes, let's not stand up, since we don't want the newbie to end up with some horrible injury.'
[16:37] ZombieMesh / Guys, we should wait till we first transfer into someone. That way we have the maximum amount of time to work. //
[16:38] Nemi 'As soon as we transfer, we
yes. That.'
[16:38] Balthazaar The machine whirs and flashes again!
[16:38] Nemi 'Here we go..'
[16:38] Balthazaar Suddenly, you're in Voss' body!
[16:38] ZombieMesh / Woah. You feel about as weird as Randall. I dunno what it is. //
[16:39] Dexanote '… you are strong.'
[16:39] Nemi First thing. Voss is /tall/. And movements feel effortless, even if there's the twinge and spike of pain in the lower back ribs with each motion. 'Yeah? Height you think?'
[16:39] ZombieMesh / I'm going to be back here and let y'all work. //
[16:40] ZombieMesh Maddie's voice is small and far away.
[16:40] Nemi There's also the.. okay. We'll be frank. There's a distinct sense of many things moving in response to the most simple motions. Once wonders how Voss does anything in day-to-day life. 'Sure. You're having too much fun, aren't you.'
[16:40] Nemi Unless someone takes the reins, Voss will try to move her body over to Moranis and.. check for a pulse, so on.
[16:41] ZombieMesh A tiny voice says //I can only be an ass to myself and Randall.

[16:41] Nemi 'Aw.'
[16:42] Nemi … And Voss willl attempt to disconnect the device from her finger, if just to prevent more possibly dangerous body-hopping.
[16:42] Balthazaar It isn't connected, that was just getting a blood sample
[16:43] Balthazaar Moranis is alive, just unconscious
[16:43] ZombieMesh A tiny drum roll is heard in the back of, well, whatever this might be called.
[16:43] Nemi Oh dear. Voss will at least try to ensure her body has a soft place to fall when the next transference hits. 'I'm sure you all can tell but he's quite alive, just unconscious. I can't claim to understand anything about that device of his. It's part /pineapple/, for heaven's sake.'
[16:45] DrSavage 'Voss. Are you completely human?'
[16:45] ZombieMesh / Wow. Rude. //
[16:45] Nemi '.. yes? Why?'
[16:45] Dexanote '… oh.'
[16:45] Nemi 'Are you mirin'?'
[16:45] ZombieMesh / Just for that I'm gunna get you bad when we reach your body, jerk. //
[16:46] Balthazaar The machine whirs again
[16:46] ZombieMesh / COME TO MOMMA! //
[16:46] Balthazaar rattling a bit too
[16:46] Dexanote 'Sit!'
[16:46] Nemi 'Sitting.'
[16:46] Balthazaar There's a flash of light!
[16:46] Balthazaar It's much more intense, and lasts longer.
[16:47] Nemi That is not exactly comforting.
[16:47] |<— EldritchCyanide has left (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
[16:48] Balthazaar When you come too… you find that all of your bodies have merged into a horrific mass like only with all of your heads, no instruments, and Randall tentacles emerging all over the place
[16:49] Nemi 'Oh dear god. This'll take forever for me to fix up.'
[16:49] Nemi Voss' head swivels to look at the others and the misshapen mass of flesh they have been merged into. "Oh, no. And after I put so muchc /effort/ into me.."
[16:49] Balthazaar Voss, one of the tentacles is growing out of your ear
[16:50] Nemi "Augh!"
[16:50] DrSavage Randall just /screams/.
[16:50] ZombieMesh Maddie makes the noises of someone who just smelled something rancid.
[16:50] Nemi Voss isn't screaming. Instead, she seems simply alarmed and trying to find a solution.
[16:50] Dexanote Favour [almost] screams as well - its hoarse and broken and rasping, ending with painful coughs.
[16:51] ZombieMesh Maddie tries to smack a tentacle at More Anus.
[16:51] Nemi One wonders what Voss has gone through to react so calmly to this.
[16:51] ZombieMesh "I DONT WANNA BE PLAY DOH!"
[16:52] Nemi "This is /very/ much not my ideal state either!"
[16:53] Nemi Voss reaches one of the limbsu nder her control to Moranis' device. Let's se if she can figureo ut what went wrong, beyond it being by Moranis.
[16:53] ZombieMesh Any tentacles that Maddie can control are probably flailing around, a few aimed at the fallen researcher.
[16:54] Balthazaar Voss, roll science or academics
[16:54] Nemi 4df+6 ANONOMALIES???
[16:54] Glacon Nemi: ANONOMALIES???: 5 (4df+6=0, 0, -, 0)
[16:54] Balthazaar Voss, pushing the big red button should fix all this
[16:55] Nemi Voss streetches her controlled arm as best as possible to press dat button.
[16:55] Balthazaar There's a big flash. You feel yourselves all pulled apart, and when you can see again, all is back to normal!
[16:56] ZombieMesh Maddie touches her face.
[16:56] Nemi Voss takes a few breathes, waiting for the sting of pain in her back.
[16:56] Dexanote Favour wraps her arms around her chest, breathing heavily. Her chalkboard and notebook clatter to the ground.
[16:57] Balthazaar Fin

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