Memory Highway 1- Bleed and Burst

PM <JamJam66> "Huh. Morroco have gained their independance from France."
9:55:14 PM <Prior> George, perception.
9:55:53 PM <JamJam66> 4df+8
9:55:54 PM <Glacon> JamJam66: 8 (4df+8=0, +, -, 0)
9:56:53 PM <Prior> You feel a smal tremor running through the site. Across from you a glss rattles off a table and…
9:56:57 PM <Prior> 1d10
9:56:57 PM <Glacon> Prior: 1 (1d10=1)
9:57:07 PM <Prior> shatters into tiny pieces on the floor.
9:57:18 PM <JamJam66> "What on Earth was that?"
9:57:33 PM <JamJam66> "We don't get many earthquakes, do we?:
9:57:35 PM <JamJam66> *"
9:58:02 PM <Prior> You seem to be alone in the room. An intercom is onthe wal by the door, though.
9:58:26 PM <JamJam66> George walks over to the intercom and calls security
9:59:00 PM <JamJam66> «That was just a quake… right?»
9:59:53 PM <Prior> «Did we get another one? Yeah, they've been happening on and off since the renovations started. More localised now. Don't worry about it.»
10:00:17 PM <JamJam66> «Oh, that's fine. Thanks.»
10:00:21 PM <Prior> Roll perception again.
10:00:36 PM <JamJam66> 4df+8
10:00:37 PM <Glacon> JamJam66: 11 (4df+8=+, +, +, 0)
10:00:50 PM <Prior> (this guy sees fucking everything)
10:01:57 PM <Prior> A… sphere, about a foot across, floats up through the floor of the commons room. It glows red and pink in a somewhat inviting manner and seems to drift aimlesly upwards.
10:02:20 PM <JamJam66> "What the fuck is that?"
10:02:42 PM <JamJam66> George walks towards the sphere and observes it.
10:02:53 PM <Prior> It offers no replies, other than a vague drift towards the back wall.
10:04:14 PM <Prior> *Drift*…
10:04:28 PM <JamJam66> George decides to touch the sphere with the rolled up paper.
10:04:29 PM <JamJam66> Poke.
10:05:02 PM <Prior> the paper passes through the sphere with no resistance. It appears to be accelerating away from you, very slightly.
10:05:33 PM <JamJam66> "That's strange."
10:05:50 PM <Prior> *driftdrift*…
10:05:57 PM <JamJam66> George, probably against his better judgement, decides to gently toch the sphere.
10:06:30 PM <Prior> the sphere drifts away from his hand and starts to pass into the wall.
10:07:03 PM <Prior> *driiiiiiift…*
10:07:33 PM <JamJam66> ~Where's it going?~
10:08:15 PM <Prior> The corridor would be beyond that wall.
10:08:39 PM <JamJam66> George walks out into the corridor to follow the mysterious sphere.
10:09:40 PM <Prior> the hallway is empty, oddly enough. It slowly begins to drift down the hall, away from you. Its warm pink glow remains constant.
10:10:48 PM <JamJam66> "Hey. Anyone here?" George calls out in hope of attracting someone who can explain what is happening, whilst following the sphere.
10:11:28 PM <Prior> No real replies other than the faint murmuring of people going about their business a fair ways away.
10:12:01 PM <Prior> it continues to drift away, more slowly now.
10:12:17 PM <JamJam66> ~Huh. Guess I'm on my own then.~
10:12:41 PM <Prior> *driiiiiift*
10:12:50 PM <JamJam66> George carefully inspects the sphere, following it down the corridor
10:13:04 PM <Prior> Perception.
10:13:32 PM <JamJam66> 4df+8
10:13:32 PM <Glacon> JamJam66: 12 (4df+8=+, +, +, +)
10:13:39 PM <Prior> Oh wow.
10:13:45 PM <JamJam66> (Crit)
10:13:46 PM <TesKin> Holy fuck.
10:13:50 PM <JamJam66> (Yay)
10:15:21 PM <Prior> The sphere seems to accelerate more as you get nearer and relax when you are far away. From it you can hear the faint but steady beat of drums, and see what appears to be a pink-tinged skyline. Incidentally, how do you feel?
10:15:51 PM <JamJam66> George feels pretty calm just now.
10:16:43 PM <Prior> Then it is moving relatively slowly, compared to earlier when you were a little nervous and it moved faster. Odd.
10:16:56 PM <JamJam66> He slows down a bit.
10:17:13 PM <JamJam66> He examines the skyline. Does he recognise it?
10:17:55 PM <Prior> It appears to be… grassland? Maybe steppes, viewed from a high place. A city is visible in the foreground.
10:18:13 PM <Prior> It looks old. Stone walls and straw rooves.
10:18:55 PM <JamJam66> ~Where is that?~
10:19:57 PM <Prior> Nowhere you recognise.
10:20:32 PM <Prior> The sphere is now bobbing in place, largely stationary.
10:20:39 PM <JamJam66> ~This is certainly… unusual.~
10:20:57 PM <JamJam66> ~It's not moving due to me… is it?~
10:24:06 PM <Prior> It certainly could be. Reacting to your thoughts and movements. But it never seems to react very fast…
10:24:47 PM <JamJam66> Quickly, George leaps forwards and attempts to grab the sphere.
10:24:53 PM <Prior> agility
10:25:30 PM <JamJam66> 4df+3
10:25:31 PM <Glacon> JamJam66: 3 (4df+3=0, -, 0, +)
10:26:07 PM <Prior> your hand touches the sphere. Mdef.
10:26:49 PM <JamJam66> 4df+8
10:26:49 PM <Glacon> JamJam66: 8 (4df+8=0, 0, 0, 0)
10:29:20 PM <Prior> Your feel a wash of warmth over you and you blink. When your eyes open you're standing on the edge of some stone tower, arms spread and raised to the sky. It's hot here, hotter than New York, certainly. The pounding of drums throbs through your skull.
10:29:26 PM <Prior> What do you do?
10:29:33 PM <JamJam66> "What
10:29:48 PM <JamJam66> *"What? Where am I?"
10:30:11 PM <JamJam66> George immediately steps back away from the edge
10:30:12 PM <Prior> Something prods you in the back.
10:30:58 PM <JamJam66> George immediately spins around
10:33:39 PM <JamJam66> (Priot)
10:33:42 PM <Prior> There's a man of chinese or malaysian descent behind you, holding a spear and wearing elaborate brass armor. He looks more surprised than angry. His skin is covered in tattoos inked in deep red. Beside him is stood another… individual wearing a robe of the same colour that hides any appearance he may have posessed.
10:34:26 PM <JamJam66> "Umm… hello? Do you speak English?" He knows it's hopeless.
10:36:09 PM <Prior> The man tilts his head and speaks some language you may identify as sounding similar to mandarin, although it sounds markedly different on several levels.
10:36:36 PM <Prior> Tell me, what clothes is george wearing right now?
10:37:34 PM <JamJam66> Just a shirt and black trousers. He has a medical bag around his waist, and is wearing a silver watch.
10:41:01 PM <Prior> The one in the robe makes a motion. His chin briefly comes into view, and you can see he has far, FAR too many canines in his mouth. "Where. Is. Deleragg."
10:41:32 PM <JamJam66> "Deleragg? I don't know him."
10:42:51 PM <Prior> "Where. You. From." The words are spoken laboriously, each one accompanied by a slight twinge in your head.
10:43:54 PM <JamJam66> "I'm from Scotland. I'm George Spiers.:
10:44:46 PM <Prior> "Scot… land?" The man in armour mutters.
10:45:04 PM <JamJam66> "Yes. Where am I?:
10:46:06 PM <Prior> The robed man bares his teeth and raises a hand. "Stand. Still." He goes to press it to your forehead.
10:46:37 PM <JamJam66> George stands still.
10:47:23 PM <Prior> His palm contacts your bare skin. You feel a tingle in your mind. Mdef, or don't to let him in.
10:47:48 PM <JamJam66> 4df+8
10:47:49 PM <Glacon> JamJam66: 6 (4df+8=+, -, -, -)
10:47:57 PM <JamJam66> (Shit)
10:48:10 PM <Prior> 4df+8 get in the blood of the mind
10:48:10 PM <Glacon> Prior: get in the blood of the mind: 8 (4df+8=+, -, -, +)
10:49:08 PM <Prior> The tingle grows into an itch, then into an ache. You feel memories arise unbidden, thoughts of home and the foundation, and the sphere. The sphere appears very prominently.
10:49:43 PM <JamJam66> "What are you doing? Stop!"
10:50:36 PM <Prior> The priest's hood falls back. His eyes are yellow and his head is bald. He appears to be very, VERY angry. "Time… sphere! All. Irrelevant!"
10:50:44 PM ↔ JamJam66 nipped out
10:53:16 PM <Prior> The priest's hood falls back. His eyes are yellow and his head is bald. He appears to be very, VERY angry. "Time… sphere! All. Irrelevant!"
10:53:30 PM <Prior> Then his voice grows to a yell. "FOUNDATION!"
10:53:49 PM <Prior> The man in armour levels his spear at you.
10:54:32 PM <JamJam66> "Please, I mean no harm."
10:54:32 PM <JamJam66> "What do you want?"
10:55:14 PM <JamJam66> George quicly grabs his gun and points it at the soldier.
10:55:30 PM <JamJam66> "I may be a doctor but I'm still a soldier."
10:55:37 PM <Prior> The man in armour shouts at you too. He is less comprehensible, but you hear the word "foundation at least twice. He doesn't appear to care about the gun.
10:56:02 PM <JamJam66> "What do you know about the Foundation?"
10:57:53 PM <Prior> He doesn't seem to have a reply, other than a lunge with his spear.
10:58:14 PM <Prior> 4df+9 genghis khan don't got shit
10:58:15 PM <Glacon> Prior: genghis khan don't got shit: 9 (4df+9=0, +, 0, -)
10:58:30 PM <Prior> roll agility or melee
10:59:13 PM <JamJam66> 4df+3
10:59:14 PM <Glacon> JamJam66: 3 (4df+3=+, -, +, -)
10:59:34 PM <Prior> Well, you're hit. Roll pdef.
10:59:43 PM <Prior> 4df+6
10:59:44 PM <Glacon> Prior: 5 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, -)
10:59:54 PM <JamJam66> 4df+3
10:59:54 PM <Glacon> JamJam66: 3 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, -)
11:00:02 PM <JamJam66> Damn
11:00:33 PM <Prior> the spear sticks you in the upper thigh, you are mostly ok though. you lose 1 Phealth.
11:00:39 PM <Prior> Your turn.
11:01:07 PM <JamJam66> George points his gun at the warrior and fires
11:01:14 PM <Prior> ranged
11:01:14 PM <JamJam66> 4df+3
11:01:15 PM <Glacon> JamJam66: 2 (4df+3=+, 0, -, -)
11:01:43 PM <Prior> 4df+5 TANK IT
11:01:44 PM <Glacon> Prior: TANK IT: 2 (4df+5=-, 0, -, -)
11:02:16 PM <Prior> the rounds penetrate his armour, but only just. he's staggered though, so your turn again.
11:02:16 PM <JamJam66> (Are those someone's stats?)
11:02:31 PM <Prior> (for this guy, yeah)
11:02:41 PM <JamJam66> 4df+3 Bang bang
11:02:42 PM <Glacon> JamJam66: Bang bang: 6 (4df+3=0, +, +, +)
11:02:46 PM <JamJam66> Boom
11:03:18 PM <Prior> 4df+5 argh
11:03:19 PM <Glacon> Prior: argh: 2 (4df+5=-, -, -, 0)
11:04:01 PM <Prior> that hurt. Big holes punched in his armour and he staggers back. that looks like it hurt a LOT.
11:05:36 PM <Prior> Whilst he is bleeding the priest raises a hand. Roll Pdef.
11:05:37 PM <JamJam66> "Tell me what you know about the Foundation"
11:05:52 PM <JamJam66> 4df+3
11:05:52 PM <Glacon> JamJam66: 6 (4df+3=+, +, 0, +)
11:06:52 PM <Prior> 4df+4 blood boils warming up.
11:06:52 PM <Glacon> Prior: blood boils warming up.: 3 (4df+4=0, -, +, -)
11:07:22 PM <Prior> Something itches across your body, but you feel okay for now, except the big wound in your leg.
11:07:55 PM <Prior> "Foundation. Is. Foe."
11:08:16 PM <Prior> The priest points behind you. "We. Bring. Destroyer."
11:08:41 PM <JamJam66> George looks round
11:09:48 PM <Prior> Below the tower… oh god, the corpses. A pile of corpses, hundred, thousands of bodies. Maybe tens of thousands. They stack surprisingly well.
11:10:20 PM <Prior> Around them stands a cheering crowd, maybe a million strong.
11:10:24 PM <JamJam66> "What the fuck have you done?" George is angry now
11:11:03 PM <Prior> "Man. Falls. Blood. Rises." He extends his hand again. Pdef.
11:11:12 PM <JamJam66> 4df+3
11:11:12 PM <Glacon> JamJam66: 2 (4df+3=-, +, 0, -)
11:11:27 PM <Prior> 4df+4 Weakling.
11:11:28 PM <Glacon> Prior: Weakling.: 4 (4df+4=+, 0, -, 0)
11:11:55 PM <Prior> That hurt. Lose another point of phealth as a thousand small cuts burst across your body.
11:12:22 PM <JamJam66> "Agh!"
11:12:48 PM <Prior> The warrior in armour is getting up too. Still shouting in proto-mandarin.
11:12:48 PM <JamJam66> 4df+3 George shoots to incapacitate
11:12:49 PM <Glacon> JamJam66: George shoots to incapacitate: 3 (4df+3=-, 0, +, 0)
11:13:12 PM <Prior> (the warrior or the priest?)
11:13:48 PM <JamJam66> Priest
11:14:05 PM <Prior> 4df+3 not so tough…
11:14:06 PM <Glacon> Prior: not so tough…: 4 (4df+3=0, +, -, +)
11:14:32 PM <JamJam66> (;n;)
11:14:33 PM <Prior> rounds thump into his shoulder, but for some reason he just don't givadam.
11:14:48 PM <JamJam66> "Damnit!"
11:15:18 PM <Prior> The priest raises both hands this time. "BOIL!"
11:15:37 PM <Prior> 4df+8 hope you brought your lucky dice…
11:15:37 PM <Glacon> Prior: hope you brought your lucky dice…: 11 (4df+8=0, +, +, +)
11:15:50 PM <Prior> roll pdef
11:15:57 PM <JamJam66> 4df+3
11:15:58 PM <Glacon> JamJam66: 1 (4df+3=-, -, -, +)
11:16:05 PM <JamJam66> (No)
11:17:18 PM <Prior> You feel hot for a brief second, and then… it hurts. it hurts a lot. Skin ruptures in great gouts and… there's a lot of blood.
11:17:36 PM <JamJam66> "Aghh!"
11:17:45 PM <JamJam66> George falls to the floor
11:18:06 PM <Prior> It's everywhere, it's in your lungs it's… that's all of it. You can't…
11:18:15 PM <Prior> George, you die.
11:18:20 PM <Prior> Your eyes close…
11:18:33 PM <Prior> and you open them to the sight of a Sit-19 hallway.
11:18:56 PM <JamJam66> "Did… did that just happen?"
11:19:10 PM <JamJam66> He looks around for the sphere
11:19:34 PM <Prior> It's gone. There's a lab technician in the hallway in front of you, though. He has a bagel.
11:19:59 PM <Prior> "Hey agent. You doing 'kay?"
11:20:13 PM <JamJam66> "I… I think so. "
11:20:39 PM <JamJam66> "There was this quake and then a sphere and then…"
11:20:51 PM <JamJam66> "Oh god. I need to tell someone."
11:21:11 PM <Prior> "Yeah, we got that over in the cafeteria." He heads off, munching.
11:21:40 PM <JamJam66> George heads to the cafeteria.
11:26:01 PM <JamJam66> George walks back into the commons and over to the intercom. He calls security.
11:27:20 PM <JamJam66> «I called about the quake a while back, but after that this… orange sphere appeared.»
11:28:21 PM <Prior> «Orange sphere. Gimme a sec…»
11:28:34 PM <Prior> «*paper rustling*»
11:29:16 PM <Prior> «No documented phenomena, no extant scips with that effect. I can log an occurence if you like.»
11:29:27 PM <JamJam66> «Then I touched it… I was transported to this place… with a Chinese priest? He knew about the Foundation.»
11:30:24 PM <JamJam66> «And there were all these bodies. Thousands. I thunk they were summoning something.»
11:30:35 PM <JamJam66> «Then I died and was back here.»
11:30:50 PM <Prior> «Uh-huh. Listen, I can log this but…wait, you died?»
11:31:29 PM <JamJam66> «Yeah.»
11:32:04 PM <JamJam66> «He fucking filled my lungs with blood. Seriously, this guy is dangerous. He didn't notice when I shot him.»
11:32:29 PM <Prior> «murmuring preacher… 106… dude, I… yeah, hang on»
11:32:46 PM <JamJam66> «Thanks.»
11:32:47 PM <Prior> «what time did you leave?»
11:33:32 PM <JamJam66> <Um… 10, 15 minutes ago?»
11:33:34 PM <Prior> George, if you look at your watch or a clock, you may notice no time has passed between touching the sphere and waking up
11:33:50 PM <JamJam66> «Hang on…»
11:34:07 PM <JamJam66> «It feels like that but it seems no time has passed.»
11:35:53 PM <JamJam66> «Seriously, what happened?»
11:36:58 PM <Prior> «Don't know. Could be temporal or something. We'll get it logged. Mind rolling around for a debriefing later this evening?»
11:37:59 PM <JamJam66> «Sure. Where do I head?»
11:38:43 PM <Prior> «2F 33. Just come in around nine.»
11:38:56 PM <Prior> (JJ, you can do that "off-camera")
11:39:04 PM <JamJam66> (Oh good)
11:39:14 PM <JamJam66> «Sure. Thanks.»

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