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19:50 Wixelt A random woman lies unconscious in Medical
19:53 Wixelt She's completely motionless
19:55 Prior Lacey walks through the sickbay, rubbing her jaw where the dentist was looking at her teeth a moment ago.
19:56 Wixelt As the woman is unconscious, she doesn't notice this.
19:56 Prior She has a sticker on her dress depicting false teeth with a sparkle. She can't turn down a free sticker.
19:58 Prior She briefly stops and checks the woman's chart.
19:59 Prior "Heart rate fine. Breathing fine… Your urine doesn't seem great, but that's not too bad."
19:59 Wixelt It shows that she's been more or less completely stable, but it's indicated that she hasn't woken up yet.
20:00 Prior Lacey looks through the chart for any information about the woman. Scip number, object class, anything with the word "temporal" or "dimensional", because those are always a good bet when someone appears,
20:01 Wixelt Nothing, she's completely normal.
20:02 Wixelt Other than the fact that she is still wearing clothing marked with the SCP emblem.
20:02 Prior "Your not guarded, so you aren't a scip… do you have a staff number?" She looks for one. "A transfer from -17 or -41?"
20:03 Wixelt Nothing, the information on her doesn't tie her to any unit or site. She quite literally appeared out of nowhere.
20:04 Nanoro Nathan lurks Medical.
20:04 Nanoro He is sorting paperwork.
20:04 Nanoro d10
20:04 Glacon Nanoro: 8 (d10=8)
20:05 Nanoro A splendid pace, he is on a roll.
20:05 Prior "We aren't /that/ sloppy, are we? So if you have no staff number… a level 5 wouldn't be kept here. A level 4 would be common knowledge. You aren't from here. A traveller of some kind. Or an infiltrator, but they'd have tested for that."
20:06 Wixelt The woman stirs abit, groaning faintly.
20:06 Prior "But the scientists knew you were coming… but Tomas had no idea what was going…" Lacey looks up. "Nurse? Nurse, she's waking up."
20:08 Wixelt Lacey, the scientists said there was a spatial disturbance, or something of that nature, they never mentioned a person.
20:09 Prior ~So. Someone from somewhere else, or some/when/ else. I'll have to ask around, but I doubt anyone knows anything.~
20:10 Wixelt A nurse comes forward at your call.
20:10 Wixelt "Yes ma'am?"
20:11 Prior "She… she moved. Made a noise. Just thought you'd like to know."
20:12 Nanoro Nathan finishes his paperwork and neatly puts them into a stack.
20:13 Nanoro He gets up and hovers to them quietly.
20:13 Wixelt The woman groans again, tossing slightly.
20:13 Wixelt The nurse turn to you Lacey.
20:13 Wixelt "She seems stable. I'll be nearby for my rounds. If anything bad happens, call for me."
20:13 Nanoro "Is there something new about the patient, nurse..?" He looks at the nurse over his glasses.
20:14 Wixelt The nurse turns to face you Nathan.
20:14 Prior "Sure. Is she on any anaesthetic or general medication?"
20:15 Wixelt "All I know is that she appeared out of nowhere. I'm not told a lot about these things."
20:15 Wixelt Nathan, it's the woman who appeared out of nowhere a couple of days ago.
20:15 Wixelt The nurse turns back to Lacey and shakes her head.
20:15 Nanoro "I am aware, I was there when it happened." He looks down at the woman. "She appears to be waking."
20:16 Wixelt "No need, she's been out this entire time."
20:16 Nanoro Nathan quickly glances at the patient file.
20:16 Wixelt You see exactly what Lacey did.
20:16 Wixelt She's stable but hasn't woken yet.
20:16 Wixelt She's more or less normal.
20:17 Wixelt She's wearing Foundation marked clothing.
20:17 Wixelt She's not tied to any kind of unit or site though, and quite literally appeared out of nowhere.
20:17 Nanoro ".. Hm. Not personnel. No matter, a patient is a patient." He looks back up at the nurse. "Have her monitored in case she wakes up disoriented."
20:18 Prior "You have any guesses as to where she came from, Doctor Rosenburg?"
20:18 Prior ((redact if I got the name wrong))
20:18 Nanoro Nathan scribbles a few notes into his notepad before striding off to do his rounds.
20:18 Wixelt The woman's eyes slowly flicker open.
20:19 Nanoro He turns back at Lacey. "Rosenberg, in fact. No, I haven't." That is one cold, piercing gaze he's got.
20:19 Wixelt She glances around warily.
20:19 Wixelt The nurse notes this and remains nearby in case anything happens.
20:20 Nanoro Rosenberg turns his attention to her.
20:20 Prior "I'm sorry, we haven't… She's awake." She flips to the table on her chart and makes a not of the waking time.
20:20 Nanoro "Good, you're awake. Do you feel disoriented?"
20:21 Wixelt The woman glances at you.
20:21 Wixelt "I've probably been out for a couple of days." she raises an eyebrow, "What do you think?"
20:22 Prior Lacey quickly gets her a cup of water and passes it to her. "Drink up. You'll feel better."
20:23 Wixelt The woman takes it, drinking down a large gulp.
20:23 Nanoro "You appear to have been out for…" He checks the chart.
20:24 Wixelt Almost 2 days.
20:24 Wixelt You might note that this woman's woken up in what to her is probably a strange place, and yet took that water from you without hesitating for a moment.
20:24 Nanoro "… Almost two days." He looks back at her, directly into her eyes.
20:26 Nanoro "You do not appear to be enlisted for the Foundation, but are still wearing the Foundation insignia." This sentence is uttered like a fact, but from his tone you can tell it is meant as a question.
20:26 Wixelt She looks directly into your eyes.
20:26 Wixelt "Yes, what of it?"
20:27 Nanoro "I am required to ask the reason for that." His tone makes it feel like you're talking to an iceberg.
20:27 Prior "That means either you took the jacket from someone who owned it or, more likely, you're a time or space traveler."
20:27 Wixelt The woman looks at Lacey.
20:28 Prior ~odd that that's the more realistic option~
20:28 Wixelt "I'm a time traveller."
20:28 Wixelt She ay
20:28 Wixelt *says this really matter of factly.
20:29 Nanoro Nathan has a hint of doubt in his tone. "… We'll see. You'll be interrogated upon your recovery."
20:29 Wixelt "I'm fine."
20:29 Prior "Oh, wow. What time are you from?" Lacey has no difficulty believing this.
20:29 Wixelt "You can ask your questions now."
20:29 Wixelt "1988."
20:30 Nanoro "I am a doctor, not an interrogator." Nathan scribbles into his notepad. "I'll see about having someone qualified here shortly."
20:31 Prior "Wow, the eighties! I take it you know when you've come from."
20:32 Wixelt The woman nods at both Nathan and Lacey's comments.
20:32 Prior *to
20:33 Prior ((how did that take that long to post?))
20:33 Wixelt "Yes. 1955, or thereabouts?"
20:34 Nanoro He flips the pad shut. "Is there anything you would need, miss-..?" He looks at her questioningly.
20:34 Prior "March sixth, 1956."
20:35 Wixelt "Close enough."
20:35 *** GraemeCracker joined #origins-ic3
20:35 Prior "So… why are you here?"
20:37 Wixelt "A number of reasons. The main ones were that I was tasked with fulfilling a stable time loop by coming back here and conveying some information to the Foundation of this time."
20:37 Prior "Which was?"
20:37 Nanoro Nathan is still expecting a name.
20:38 Wixelt Maybe if Nathan ask- oh, he did.
20:38 Nanoro Pffft.
20:39 Wixelt "I was told to tell this time's Foundation to trust the Reds Alliance."
20:39 Nanoro Nanoro, God of Apples laughs on his cloud.
20:39 Wixelt "There were a number of other things, but that was important."
20:39 Nanoro Nathan scribbles that down, like pretty much everything else.
20:40 Wixelt Nathan, it's likely that she's engrossed in her conversation with Lacey, and didn't notice you asking.
20:41 Prior "You mean the russians? Or do you mean something anomalous?"
20:42 Nanoro He is patient enough to wait.
20:43 Wixelt "Are you familiar with a race known as the card spirits?"
20:44 Prior "You mean Ace and Jackal? They're a race?"
20:44 Wixelt The woman nods.
20:46 Prior "I sort of am. Why?"
20:48 Wixelt "At the end of the day, the reds are the good guys, and they present no harm to humanity. If they are trusted, having them as allies will play a major part in the inevitable fight against their opposites."
20:49 Prior "They always seemed nice enough." Lacey looks happy, but then her smile fades. "Wait, opposites? You mean like clubs and spades?"
20:50 Wixelt The woman nods again.
20:51 Wixelt "If my memory serves, they've already attacked one of the Foundation's bases; this one, judging by your comments; a number of times as a result of seeing you as an ally of the Reds."
20:53 Prior "I think I was at another site when that happened. But I know Ace, and she's my ally for sure. I'll make sure your message gets to the right people. Can you specify a date?"
20:55 Wixelt "For what?"
20:55 Prior "The conflict, future invasions… Anything you can remember at all would help."
20:56 Wixelt "I wasn't told that, and even if I did know, it might change the course of history, so i'd be hesitant to tell you."
20:58 Prior "That's okay. I know there will be limits on what you can tell us. I've read up on foundation temporal information policy. I imagine it'll be roughly the same in thirty years."
20:58 Wixelt "I'd assume so. I can't exactly comment on a time in which I'm not yet born."
20:58 Prior "Incidentally, what's your name? I'll need it so we can keep you away from your ancestors. Unless they've stopped that procedure."
20:59 Wixelt "My name's Megan."
20:59 Prior "Megan…" She makes a circling motion with her hand.
20:59 Nanoro Nathan finishes his notes. ~/Finally/.~
21:00 Wixelt "One of the things they said was that I shouldn't reveal my full name in case someone made a connection with family."
21:00 Wixelt "My father works for the Foundation in my time, but I was never told when he started, so i'm not taking risks."
21:02 Prior "That's a concern, but I don't know if the higher-ups will let you wander around if there's a chance you could go and find him. Be careful." She sighs, and her previously absent, /almost/ ever present smile returns. The serious Lacey time is over. "Good to meet you, Miss Megan!"
21:03 Wixelt The woman nods.
21:03 Wixelt *Megan
21:04 Wixelt "It's pleasure, miss…?"
21:04 Wixelt *a
21:04 Prior "Lacey. Just Lacey, if you don't mind."
21:04 Nanoro Nathan rips off the page with their conversation logged on it, then hands it to Lacey. "I take it you might need this later."
21:05 Wixelt The woman's eye twitches for a moment, before returning to normal.
21:05 Wixelt You might not even notice.
21:05 Wixelt "Nice to meet you Lacey."
21:06 Nanoro He then turns to Megan. "Is there anything you might require, miss?" Nathan's doctor mode is apparent.
21:06 Wixelt "No, i'm fine, thank you."
21:08 Nanoro "Very well. The nurses will help you if necessary." Nathan again flips his notepad shut, making a small nod-bow hybrid and striding off.
21:08 Prior "Thank you, Nathan." She takes it and heads over to the intercom. «5080 to 19. Medical subject… 00672-33 confirmed as temporal traveller, as per code… uh… 33-1-TEMP. Warnings noted and itemised. Contained items 3032-1 and 3032-2 are friendly and will require assistance in engaging hostile forces at a future date.»
21:10 Prior She leaves to deliver the transcript to the anomalous log officer on duty.
21:10 Wixelt «Copy 5080. We'll see what we can do.»
21:11 Nanoro It is of note that the note also has her arrival logged.
21:11 Wixelt Megan takes out some sort of utility knife and starts fiddling with it.
21:14 Prior Lacey pops back in through the door. "I've delivered your warning to people. Don't worry, they're very proactive here. We aren't that old fashioned."
21:15 Wixelt Megan nods happily. She's still fiddling with her utility knife.
21:16 Prior "Where did you get that?" Lacey comes and sits by her bed.
21:17 Wixelt "It'a a family possession. It's meant to be a good luck charm of a sort. It was given to my father by my grandfather apparently. He gave it to me before I came here."
21:17 Prior Lacey peers at the knife, does she recognise it?
21:19 Wixelt You haven't seen this particular knife before. There's a number of people who have these kinds of knives around the site though.
21:20 Wixelt It has a letter marked onto the side, but appears to have faded over time and is illegible.
21:21 Prior "Y'know… your daddy coul be someone I know. Hell, if you're from the eighties… I could be your mother. That's a scary thought. Not likely though."
21:21 Wixelt Megan glances at Lacey for a moment.
21:22 Wixelt "You're not my mother. If you were, I would've run from the room the moment I saw you."
21:22 Wixelt "No offense."
21:24 Prior "None taken. I can be pretty scary." She sticks out her tongue and pulls a spooky face. "What're the eighties like? If you can tell me anything, that is."
21:26 Wixelt "I'm not allowed to say much. And I don't know the fifties that well, so I wouldn't know what to compare to."
21:27 Prior "Weeeeeell, I dunno… do black people get rights in the future?"
21:28 Wixelt "They do."
21:29 Prior Lacey smiles. "Doooo… do we drive flying cars?"
21:30 Wixelt "No. Not even close."
21:32 Prior "Dammit." She leans back. "What about the Russians? The nuclear war and everything?"
21:34 Wixelt "It's coming to an end, I think. But nothing's really happened anyway."
21:35 Prior "Thirty years…" Lacey slumps a little. "We don't patch things up in the next thirty years…"
21:35 Prior "One last thing. The Beatles. Do you know who they are?"
21:35 Wixelt "All things take time. I like to think that things will settle down eventually."
21:36 Wixelt "They're one of the world's greatest music groups. Why do you ask?"
21:36 Wixelt (Also Prior, the Beatles didn't form until 1960)
21:37 Wixelt "And by all accounts, they shouldn't exist yet."
21:39 Prior "Oh, just have a poster from… nevermind. It's all fine." She stands up. "I know you can't tell me everything, but… do you know about SCP-5080?"
21:40 Wixelt "No, why do you ask?"
21:42 Prior "No real reason." She says quickly. "Just… curious."
21:44 Prior "Anyway, I have to dash. I have a rat to feed." She does a short curtsy. "Take care, Miss!"
21:44 Wixelt Megan nods.
21:44 Wixelt "I will."
21:45 Prior Lacey heads off to her cell.
21:45 Wixelt On the way there, you might pass Wilson in the corridor.
21:46 Wixelt He appears to be trying to fix some kind of machine that's on the fritz.
21:46 Prior Lacey waves to him. "Hello Doctor Wilson! How's your head?"
21:46 Wixelt "It's good. Thank you."
21:47 Wixelt Wilson turns and smiles.
21:47 Wixelt He then glances back at the machine, frowning.
21:48 Prior "Something wrong with your… machine thingy?" Lacey knows nothing about machinery, but showing concern is always a kindness.
21:48 Wixelt "I'm not sure. Someone just asked me to try and fix it."
21:49 Wixelt "Perhaps if I make a cut here…"
21:49 Wixelt He peers into the wiring.
21:50 Prior Lacey peers over his shoulder at the mass of blue and red and green and… brown was live, right?
21:50 Wixelt He reaches into one of the pockets of his lab coat for something.
21:51 Wixelt Not finding it, he looks in another pocket.
21:51 Wixelt "Hmm…"
21:53 Wixelt "Can't seem to find…"
21:54 Wixelt He reaches into one more pocket.
21:54 Wixelt "Ah! There it is."
21:57 Wixelt He produces an object from his pocket.
21:58 Prior Lacey is still marvelling at wires and flashing lig- what is that?
21:58 Wixelt It's a utility knife.
21:59 Prior "Hey, doctor Wilson, can I see your knife for a moment?"
22:00 Wixelt Wilson pauses, then hands it to you.
22:00 Wixelt "Sure, but be careful. My father gave me that."
22:01 Prior ~Thank goodness he isn't familiar with my SCPs~ She inspects the knife for a letter carved into the blade.
22:01 Wixelt You find an 'E' marked onto it.
22:05 Prior "It's an excellent knife." She passes it back. "I forgot to mention. Doctor Wilson, Doctor Picardy has asked me to tell you not to go into the medical wards for the next few days. He's rehibilitating an poor man who associates another person with your name with traumas, and consider the chances of your presence somehow causing a relapse as dangerously high."
22:07 Wixelt Wilson frowns for a moment.
22:07 Wixelt "I understand."
22:07 Wixelt "Elliot Wilson isn't exactly a common name in this area though. It's a strange coincidence."
22:07 Prior "Good." She gives him a hug. "Thank you so much, Elliot."
22:08 Prior "I think it might just be one of them. I don't really know."
22:08 Wixelt Wilson frowns.
22:08 Wixelt "Elliot?"
22:09 Wixelt Wilson is a little surprised as most people call him by his last name.
22:10 Prior "Sorry. Is that not ok?" She lets go. "I call most folks here by their first names. I can make an exception for you like I do for Doctor Zakharov."
22:10 Wixelt "No, it's fine. You just caught me by surprise."
22:11 Prior "Good. You're a good man, Doctor. Thank you for understanding." She beams at him in her widest, eyes-closed happy Lacey grin way.
22:12 Prior Then she goes off to tell the most senior person she can find about his daughter.
22:12 Wixelt Wilson gives a small smile, then goes back to working on the machine.

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