Laugh is Fun

7:04 PM <LAUGH> The television in commons abruptly turns on. The screen is just static. The whitenoise is loud and annoying.
7:05 PM <Alivi> Izumi jumps when it does. “….[What the hell…]"
7:06 PM <Aphex_> "…" Hans shifts his scowling at the TV.
7:06 PM <LAUGH> The occasional sounds of jazz music can be heard behind the static.
7:06 PM <Alivi> Izumi sighs, and goes to turn it off.
7:07 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina frowns at the tv, knitting in hand
7:08 PM <LAUGH> The TV turns back on immediately. The static remains for a moment, but eventually clears to reveal the words, "LAUGH IS FUN," written in fridge magnets. Jazz music is playing over the image.
7:09 PM <Alivi> Izumi crosses her arms and reads the message. She looks back at the others. “…….it won’t turn off….”
7:09 PM <%Talonair> Kit wanders down to commons, and blinks
7:09 PM <%Talonair> "What's wrong with the television?"
7:11 PM <Alivi> “It won’t turn of-“ Izumi kinda freezes when she sees it is Kit.
7:11 PM <LAUGH> The image on the television zooms out a bit to reveal a full-size refrigerator on which the message is written. It's in a kitchen. This kitchen may look familiar to some. The fridge opens and a tall man steps out, but he can only be seen from the neck down as his head is cutoff by the edge of the screen. He is wearing a dark three piece suit and wingtips.
7:11 PM <@Balthazaar> "What is this? I do not know this program…"
7:11 PM <Alivi> Izumi tries to turn it off again
7:11 PM <%Talonair> Kit frowns
7:12 PM <LAUGH> The television refuses to turn off.
7:12 PM <Alivi> She goes to unplug the TV
7:12 PM <Aphex_> Hans grabs his FAL and stomps to the Caf. He doesn't need this shit today.
7:13 PM <LAUGH> "Laughy McLaugherson here, and welcome to the world's favorite prank show, 'Laugh is Fun!' This episode is a very special one!" He walks toward the camera, which follows his stride. He is walking through the site cafeteria.
7:13 PM <LAUGH> Hans will find nothing in the caf. The TV still does not lose power.
7:14 PM <%Talonair> Kit sits on the sofa, frowning deeply
7:14 PM <Alivi> “…………………………………I take out plug. Why still working?"
7:14 PM <%Talonair> "Anomaly."
7:15 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina stares at the tv, looking a bit scared.
7:15 PM <Alivi> “…Should we call containment?” Izumi asks Kit.
7:16 PM <%Talonair> "Maybe…"
7:16 PM <Alivi> Izumi sighs.
7:17 PM <LAUGH> Laughy's voice is smooth and inviting, like any TV host. "I'm here at beautiful SCP Foundation Site-77 in Italy. This is our long-awaited Foundation Special! This episode is all about the dramatic, the comedic, the terrifying containment breach. What are normal, everyday people faced with when containment goes mad? Stay tuned to find out!" Laughy points into the camera and jazz music plays as the screen fades to black.
7:17 PM <@Balthazaar> "W-what? containment breach!?"
7:17 PM <%Talonair> "Sabina, just stay calm."
7:18 PM <Alivi> “….There’s…no way…right?"
7:19 PM <Alivi> Izumi looks at Kit, “I’ll call containment?”
7:20 PM <@Balthazaar> She nods a bit, breathing deeply
7:21 PM <LAUGH> The blackness suddenly cuts to a new shot. It's the beach. A small girl is skipping happily along the edge of the water. She has black hair and is dressed in traditional Japanese clothes.
7:21 PM <LAUGH> Izumi recognizes her.
7:22 PM <Alivi> Izumi pauses and freezes, her eyes growing wide.
7:22 PM <%Talonair> "Izumi?"
7:22 PM <Alivi> Where does this shot appear to be?
7:22 PM <LAUGH> The beach on site.
7:22 PM <Alivi> Izumi doesn’t respond but instead places a hand over her mouth.
7:23 PM <LAUGH> Everyone's radios go off: "Containment Breach, we're putting the facility on lockdown."
7:23 PM <%Talonair> "… Shit."
7:23 PM <LAUGH> A loud siren, like a storm alarm, can be heard in the distance. This sound is also coming from the TV speakers.
7:24 PM <@Balthazaar> "Oh god…" Sabina stands and goes to hold her pistol
7:24 PM <Alivi> Izumi moves to leave the commons and go to the beach.
7:25 PM <@Balthazaar> "Izumi? what is wrong?"
7:25 PM <%Talonair> Kit stops Izumi
7:25 PM <%Talonair> "Site's on lockdown, stay here."
7:25 PM <LAUGH> The door to commons will not budge. Hard lockdown.
7:25 PM <Alivi> “Let me go!” She tries to push past Kit.
7:26 PM <%Talonair> "The doors won't open, Izumi."
7:26 PM <LAUGH> The little girl on the screen pauses. She looks around, confused at the siren. The sand on the beach shifts a bit until a large machine rises from the sand. It looks like a large cannon of some kind.
7:26 PM <Alivi> “[But if I don’t get there in time….Why is she even there?! She’s dead she’s been dead]” Izumi’s Japanese is ragged and fast.
7:28 PM <@Balthazaar> "Oh goodness…"
7:28 PM <%Talonair> "…"
7:28 PM <LAUGH> The barrel of the large cannon points down directly at the girl. "Containment breach detected. Threat level: Keter."
7:29 PM <@Balthazaar> "Izumi, don't look…"
7:29 PM <Alivi> Izumi looks at Sabina and turns to follow Sabina’s line of sight.
7:29 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina tries to cover Izumis eyes!
7:30 PM <Alivi> It works!
7:30 PM <LAUGH> Flames shoot from the barrel of the cannon. A giant ball of fire flies out fifty feet, completely consuming the little girl. The flames are sustained for about twenty seconds. When the fire stops, the girl is gone and a small, charred humanoid shape lying in the sand has taken her place.
7:30 PM <%Talonair> "…. Jesus Christ…"
7:30 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina closes her eyes too
7:31 PM <Alivi> Izumi tries to move Sabina’s hands. “…[what happened to Ayumi???]”
7:31 PM <@Balthazaar> "What?"
7:32 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabinas hands are moved
7:32 PM <@Balthazaar> she looks over too
7:32 PM <%Talonair> "Don't-!"
7:32 PM <LAUGH> All is quiet for a moment. Then, a familiar figure rises from the water. He is wearing a snorkeling mask. He removes it when his head is cut off by the edge of the screen again. "Ayumi, you're on the prank show, 'Laugh is Fun!' This was all just a harmless ruse the whole time!"
7:33 PM <Alivi> “Ayumi!” Izumi freezes when she sees the screen. “……I…” Izumi chokes back a sob. “…"
7:33 PM <LAUGH> The camera shifts to the tiny charred corpse. It moves, clearly in pain. An opening in the head, which must have been the mouth, begins to move as the corpse laughs.
7:34 PM <%Talonair> "What the fuck is this?"
7:34 PM <Alivi> Izumi places her hands over her ears, “Stop!!! Stop Stop."
7:34 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina gasps in horror, her hands covering her mouth
7:35 PM <Alivi> “[Please stop]” She is breaking down and falls to her knees.
7:35 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina hugs her close, but doesn't know what to say
7:35 PM <LAUGH> The screen is consumed by static again. When the image is clear again, a pretty girl with red hair and freckles can be seen punching a bag in the gym. Sabina recognizes her.
7:37 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabinas arms drop from the hug. "… Trissie?"
7:37 PM <@Balthazaar> She stares at the tv, mouth hanging open
7:37 PM <%Talonair> "Sabina?" Kit looks over at Sabina, concerned
7:39 PM <LAUGH> The woman punching the bag suddenly stops. The bag is moving strangely. Laughy begins narrating. "Uh-oh, looks like Triss here is going to experience our wild card prank tonight!"
7:39 PM <@Balthazaar> "Nono!" Sabina runs to the intercomm, dialling the gym. "[Trissie, Trissie! Run! Leave the bag, run!]"
7:40 PM <LAUGH> The gym intercom on TV does nothing.
7:41 PM <@Balthazaar> "[Trissie! Trissie!]" Sabina yells into the intercomm
7:41 PM <LAUGH> Suddenly, a blade juts out of the bag and cuts a long slit in it. A man in full riot armor steps out. He has a knife and a large baton. He speaks into the radio on his shoulder. "Containment breach found. Threat level: Keter."
7:41 PM <LAUGH> Triss appears distressed.
7:41 PM <@Balthazaar> She stares at the tv hopelessly
7:41 PM <%Talonair> "Gods…"
7:41 PM <@Balthazaar> "Trissie no…"
7:43 PM <LAUGH> The armored figure approaches the woman. He lifts the baton above his head. She tries to block, but he swings it hard into her head. She stumbles backward into the boxing ring. The armored man swipes at her several times with the knife. She is clearly bleeding. She falls into the fetal position, crying.
7:43 PM <%Talonair> "….." Kit watches in mute horror
7:44 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina screams and runs to the door, pounding on it to try get out to the gym and crying hysterically, looking over her shoulder at the tv a lot
7:44 PM <Alivi> Izumi is still blocking out the sounds. She is still crying.
7:45 PM <LAUGH> The armored man beats the balled-up Triss with his baton. Cracking can be heard from the speakers. Eventually, the woman's head is caved in. The man sticks the knife into her chest and leaves it there as a victory gesture. He walks away from the body to the corner of the room.
7:46 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina slumps into the corner, then onto the floor, sobbing and staring at the TV.
7:48 PM <LAUGH> After some silence, the familiar suit and wingtips steps out of the punching bag as well. The head is still cutoff by the edge of the screen. Laughy points at Triss. "She actually thought it was real! It's all a big joke, Trissie. You're on 'Laugh is Fun.' Funny, eh?"
7:50 PM <LAUGH> The body of Triss sits upright. The knife is still in her chest. Her head has a giant dent in the top of it and appears severely deformed from the beating. She speaks enthusiastically through shattered teeth. "I can't believe it was all you! I love your show!" The screen goes back to static again.
7:51 PM <%Talonair> "Holy fuck…."
7:52 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina curls into the fetal position and shakes, staring at the tv
7:52 PM <LAUGH> When the image is clear again, one of the labs is in view. A large, rugged man with black hair is running around the lab. He is sweating and seems panicked. Kit should recognize him.
7:53 PM <LAUGH> He seems to be trying to find an escape.
7:53 PM <%Talonair> "…. Geoff? But he's…"
7:54 PM <LAUGH> Geoff begins frantically inspecting a wall for a means of escape.
7:55 PM <%Talonair> "He's dead…"
7:55 PM <LAUGH> "Containment breach detected. Threat level: Keter." A few red blinking lights appear on the floor. Geoff does not notice as he is preoccupied with the wall.
7:55 PM <%Talonair> "Oh no…"
7:56 PM <LAUGH> Geoff backs away from the wall. His foot narrowly misses one of the blinking lights. He seems frustrated.
7:59 PM <%Talonair> Kit just watches in mute horror
8:00 PM <LAUGH> Geoff rams his shoulder into the wall. Nothing happens. He backs up and tries again. This time, he loses balance and falls. He lands directly on one of the red lights. A loud sequence of beeps can be heard.
8:00 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina sniffles and wipes at her eyes
8:01 PM <LAUGH> It a few seconds, a boom loud enough to corrupt the sound to just whitenoise comes through the speakers. The lab is concealed by dust. When it finally settles, a slightly blood-spattered lens reveals the ruins of the lab. Chunks of Geoff are scattered about the room's remains.
8:01 PM <%Talonair> "….."
8:02 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina stares, shaking
8:03 PM <LAUGH> Coughing and waving dust away, Laughy walks into view from off screen. His face would have been seen if the dust had just settled a bit quicker. "Geoff, baby, welcome to television! You're on everyone's favorite show for merry jokesters, 'Laugh is Fun!' How bad did we get ya?"
8:05 PM <Alivi> Izumi is still refusing to look at the screen.
8:06 PM <LAUGH> A blown-off hand in the corner of the screen extends its middle finger at Laughy. "Oh, what a sense of humor on this one! Hey, thanks for being a good sport, Geoff." Laughy finger-guns at the hand, then walks toward the camera until the screen is filled by his necktie. "Stay tuned for tonight's finale: we have a group who are going to get the full containment security experience. If you wanna see some scared suckers, wait for me, Laughy McLaugherson, to come back after this break!" The TV finally turns off.
8:06 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina can't look away, shaking
8:06 PM <%Talonair> "……." Kit rubs her face slowly
8:07 PM <Alivi> “…Ayumi…” Izumi is still crying she barely manages the name.
8:08 PM <LAUGH> The siren continues in the distance.
8:08 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina slowly stands, then manages to get herself into a chair
8:08 PM <@Balthazaar> "Not real… N-not real…"
8:10 PM <LAUGH> The room is eerily silent, but for the sobbing and the distant siren.
8:10 PM <%Talonair> Kit sniffs after some time, still waiting
8:11 PM <LAUGH> Everyone roll MDEF.
8:11 PM <%Talonair> 4df+3 HAHAHAHA
8:11 PM <Glacon> Talonair: HAHAHAHA: 5 (4df+3=0, +, +, 0)
8:12 PM <%Talonair> (Is failing gonna be more interesting?)
8:12 PM <@Balthazaar> 4df+4
8:12 PM <Glacon> Balthazaar: 3 (4df+4=0, -, 0, 0)
8:12 PM <Alivi> 4df+5
8:12 PM <Glacon> Alivi: 6 (4df+5=+, 0, +, -)
8:12 PM <Alivi> ((I second Talo’s question)
8:12 PM <@Balthazaar> (I third it)
8:13 PM <LAUGH> (It's not a hallucination thing or anything crazy. It won't really change the event too much.)
8:13 PM <LAUGH> d10
8:13 PM <Glacon> LAUGH: 3 (d10=3)
8:13 PM <%Talonair> (Ok)
8:14 PM <LAUGH> No one forgets what just happened.
8:14 PM <LAUGH> Everyone's radios go off simultaneously. "Containment breach located: Commons. Threat level: Keter."
8:15 PM <Alivi> Izumi is shaking still. However she hears that.
8:15 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina gets to her feet, worried
8:15 PM <%Talonair> "…. Oh /fuck/" Kit's on her feet unslinging her rifle
8:15 PM <@Balthazaar> Pistol still in hand
8:15 PM <Alivi> Izumi takes out her knife. “…Kit…what if they mean us?"
8:16 PM <LAUGH> The floor of commons is suddenly dotted with evenly-spaced red blinking lights.
8:16 PM <%Talonair> "…. Keep. Very. Still."
8:17 PM <Alivi> Izumi freezes as soon as Kit tells her to. “…What are they?"
8:17 PM <%Talonair> "I saw them blow Geoff up."
8:17 PM <LAUGH> There is enough space between the lights for people to walk around comfortably.
8:17 PM <%Talonair> Kit isn't taking chances
8:18 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina stays still, shaking a bit
8:18 PM <Alivi> Izumi is still…just waiting
8:19 PM <LAUGH> A large, roughly 5-foot-tall radial saw blade shoots up from the floor. It spins with a loud motor sound and moves quickly directly for Izumi.
8:19 PM <%Talonair> "IZUMI!"
8:19 PM <@Balthazaar> "Watch out!"
8:20 PM <LAUGH> Izumi, roll AGILITY.
8:21 PM <Alivi> 4df+4
8:21 PM <Glacon> Alivi: 4 (4df+4=0, +, 0, -)
8:21 PM <LAUGH> 4df+4
8:21 PM <Glacon> LAUGH: 6 (4df+4=+, +, +, -)
8:23 PM <LAUGH> Izumi jumps out of the way of the saw and lands on safe space, but the giant blade catches her ankle and saws off her left foot. She is bleeding a lot and feels the pain, but will not suffer the effects of blood loss.
8:23 PM <@Balthazaar> "No!" Sabina runs over to try help
8:24 PM <%Talonair> "CAREFUL SABINA!"
8:24 PM <LAUGH> Sabina, roll SNEAK.
8:24 PM <@Balthazaar> 4df+3
8:24 PM <Glacon> Balthazaar: 1 (4df+3=-, -, +, -)
8:25 PM <LAUGH> 4df+3
8:25 PM <Glacon> LAUGH: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, +, -)
8:27 PM <LAUGH> In the process of running to Izumi, Sabina steps on one of the red lights. A spike about an inch wide shoots from the floor. It impales Sabina's right arm and withdraws back into the floor. The effects of Izumi's injury apply here as well.
8:27 PM <Alivi> Izumi screams in pain. She grits her teeth.
8:27 PM <%Talonair> Kit's eyes are wide, keeping very still
8:28 PM <Alivi> She is trying to remember to breath but she is having trouble clearly.
8:30 PM <LAUGH> "Well, well, well, what have we here?" The voice is muffled and coming from the corner of the room. It seems to be directed at Kit.
8:30 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina cries out and clutches her arm, but keeps going, geing careful not to step on any spots
8:30 PM <%Talonair> Kit turns around, aiming her rifle
8:31 PM <LAUGH> Kit sees the man in full riot gear. He is wielding a comically large police baton. He charges Kit.
8:31 PM <%Talonair> She's going to dodge!
8:33 PM <LAUGH> The guard swings his giant baton directly at Kit's head. Kit, roll AGILITY.
8:33 PM <%Talonair> 4df+8 Amateur
8:33 PM <Glacon> Talonair: Amateur: 9 (4df+8=0, +, 0, 0)
8:33 PM <LAUGH> 4df+5
8:33 PM <Glacon> LAUGH: 5 (4df+5=0, 0, +, -)
8:33 PM <LAUGH> The swing misses as Kit successfully dodges.
8:33 PM <%Talonair> She's going to shoot him in the chest
8:34 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina shoots at the guard too
8:34 PM <@Balthazaar> Unloads her pistol at him, in fact
8:34 PM <@Balthazaar> More angry than upset
8:35 PM <%Talonair> 4df+5 Ranged
8:35 PM <Glacon> Talonair: Ranged: 5 (4df+5=-, -, +, +)
8:35 PM <Alivi> Izumi is trying to stop the bleeding right now she's too frazzled to realize she isn't feeling bloodloss effects
8:36 PM <@Balthazaar> 4df+5 ranged as well
8:36 PM <Glacon> Balthazaar: ranged as well: 5 (4df+5=+, -, 0, 0)
8:36 PM <LAUGH> 4df+5
8:36 PM <Glacon> LAUGH: 7 (4df+5=+, +, +, -)
8:36 PM <%Talonair> ._.
8:37 PM <LAUGH> The guard takes each shot with a stumble. "Wildcard benefits," the figure chuckles. He swings his baton at Kit once more.
8:37 PM <@Balthazaar> "Kit!" Sabina is freaking out, hurrying over without looking where she's going
8:38 PM <Alivi> "Sabina stop!"
8:38 PM <%Talonair> 4df+8 No go away (AGI)
8:38 PM <Glacon> Talonair: No go away (AGI): 7 (4df+8=-, -, +, 0)
8:38 PM <LAUGH> Kit, roll AGILITY. Sabina, roll SNEAK.
8:38 PM <@Balthazaar> 4df+3
8:38 PM <Glacon> Balthazaar: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, -, +)
8:38 PM <LAUGH> 4df+5
8:38 PM <Glacon> LAUGH: 3 (4df+5=0, -, 0, -)
8:38 PM <LAUGH> The guard misses again.
8:38 PM <LAUGH> 4df+3
8:38 PM <Glacon> LAUGH: 1 (4df+3=-, -, -, +)
8:38 PM <%Talonair> Kit will grab him and throw him face-first into one of the red lights
8:39 PM <LAUGH> Sabina manages to avoid each mine.
8:40 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina didn't plan this far ahead, and now she doesn't know what t do.
8:40 PM <LAUGH> The guard completely forgets about Kit and turns his back to her. He slowly approaches Sabina.
8:41 PM <%Talonair> 4df+6 Throw!
8:41 PM <Glacon> Talonair: Throw!: 4 (4df+6=+, -, -, -)
8:42 PM <LAUGH> The guard, oblivious, is thrown into a nearby mine. A large spike, about five inches wide, impales him through the chest. His uniform deflates, as if no one were ever in it.
8:43 PM <@Balthazaar> "Ha! Yes!"
8:43 PM <%Talonair> Kit nods
8:44 PM <LAUGH> The radios go off once more. "Containment procedures unsuccessful. Activating emergency security devices."
8:45 PM <LAUGH> Everyone roll PERC.
8:45 PM <%Talonair> 4df+3 Wah?
8:45 PM <Alivi> Izumi laughs somewhat relieved but still in pain "damnit…"
8:45 PM <Glacon> Talonair: Wah?: 5 (4df+3=+, +, 0, 0)
8:45 PM <Alivi> 4df+3
8:45 PM <Glacon> Alivi: 3 (4df+3=0, -, +, 0)
8:45 PM <@Balthazaar> 4df+4 Sabina holds her injured arm close
8:45 PM <Glacon> Balthazaar: Sabina holds her injured arm close: 0 (4df+4=-, -, -, -)
8:46 PM <LAUGH> Kit is the only one who notices the cannon-like barrels coming out of the walls.
8:46 PM <%Talonair> "Oh SHIT!" Kit tries to find cover
8:47 PM <LAUGH> Kit, roll SURVIVAL.
8:47 PM <Alivi> Izumi looks at kit alarmed "kit what?"
8:47 PM <%Talonair> 4df+5 "GET DOWN!"
8:47 PM <Glacon> Talonair: "GET DOWN!": 1 (4df+5=-, -, -, -)
8:47 PM <%Talonair> ._.
8:47 PM <LAUGH> 4df+4
8:47 PM <Glacon> LAUGH: 4 (4df+4=-, +, -, +)
8:47 PM <Fae> (wow)
8:48 PM <Alivi> Izumi doesn't know where she could go
8:48 PM <LAUGH> Flames engulf everyone in the room. Everyone can feel their flesh burning. Their clothes somehow remain intact.
8:48 PM <%Talonair> Kit /screams/
8:49 PM <Alivi> Izumi screams in pain and horror and is pretty sure she is dying
8:49 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina falls and flails, screaming in agony
8:50 PM <LAUGH> The flames last about twenty seconds. When they stop, everyone is a charred mess, but still alive.
8:51 PM <%Talonair> Kit doesn't move
8:51 PM <Alivi> Nor does Izumi
8:52 PM <LAUGH> The radios, somehow unburned, speak again. "Final security procedure. Experimental, untested."
8:52 PM <LAUGH> Everyone roll a 10 dice.
8:52 PM <%Talonair> d10
8:52 PM <Glacon> Talonair: 10 (d10=10)
8:52 PM <%Talonair> "Please no more…"
8:53 PM <@Balthazaar> sabina whimpers, gasping for breath and huddled into herself
8:53 PM <@Balthazaar> d10
8:53 PM <Glacon> Balthazaar: 1 (d10=1)
8:53 PM <Alivi> d10
8:53 PM <Glacon> Alivi: 8 (d10=8)
8:55 PM <LAUGH> Whooshing sounds can be heard about the room. Glass objects break, furniture is scratched and cut seemingly at random. Those with quicker eyes can make out what appears the several piano wires being launched between walls. One of them cuts Izumi in half through the waist. Another one decapitates Kit. They feel every bit of pain. But they somehow manage to live through it. The whooshing soon stops and is replaced by cruel, unforgiving silence.
8:56 PM <%Talonair> Kit's screaming again
8:56 PM <@Balthazaar> 'm-make it stop… let me die… make it stop…"
8:56 PM <Alivi> Izumi screams
8:58 PM <LAUGH> Suddenly, one of the walls of commons falls away, like a floppy piece of cardboard. It reveals what appears to be a row of bleachers. Hundreds of people are sitting there, applauding. There are also very bright lights in front of them, which render those in commons unable to see who is in the audience.
8:59 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina shrieks and tries to cover her head
9:00 PM <%Talonair> "YOU BASTARDS!"
9:00 PM <Alivi> Izumi is just sobbing she tries to cover her eyes
9:02 PM <LAUGH> A figure walks from the crowd and into commons, clapping slowly. He is wearing a royal blue three piece suit and black and white wingtip shoes. The lights directly behind him make his face dark and impossible to see. He stands above what remains of the ruined commons. Furniture, destroyed. Three bodies on the floor, all blackened by burns. One's sliced in half, intestines falling out. One's head is detached from its body. The other is surprisingly intact. "So, you fell for it, huh?"
9:02 PM <LAUGH> Everyone roll MDEF before responding.
9:02 PM <%Talonair> 4df+3
9:02 PM <Glacon> Talonair: 3 (4df+3=-, +, -, +)
9:02 PM <@Balthazaar> 4df+4
9:02 PM <Glacon> Balthazaar: 6 (4df+4=+, +, 0, 0)
9:03 PM <Alivi> 4df+5
9:03 PM <Glacon> Alivi: 7 (4df+5=0, +, 0, +)
9:03 PM <LAUGH> 4df+6
9:03 PM <Glacon> LAUGH: 7 (4df+6=0, +, -, +)
9:04 PM <LAUGH> Everyone is seduced by Laughy's inviting mannerisms. They've seen his show. His show makes them laugh. They are fans of his. They want to be him.
9:05 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina smiles and starts to laugh. "Oh… Oh you got me!"
9:05 PM <%Talonair> Kit grins and laughs. "Very good!"
9:06 PM <Alivi> Izumi begins giggling "oh wow… Never knew it come…"
9:06 PM <Alivi> She begins laughing
9:08 PM <LAUGH> Laughy laughs as well. He slaps his knee from laughing so hard. "Thank all three of you for joining me, Laughy McLaugherson, on the world's favorite prank show, 'Laugh is Fun!' I hope you all had a wonderful time! Join me next week for my new episode, where the theme will be Day of Dismemberment! Thank you all, and don't forget to keep laughing!"
9:08 PM <@Balthazaar> "I can't believe I'm really on the show, this is a dream come true!"
9:08 PM <LAUGH> Laughy bows and accepts his applause.
9:10 PM <Alivi> "I know!!! I hope we get autographs!"
9:11 PM <LAUGH> Jazz music begins playing loudly. The lights fade. When everyone's eyes readjust, their injuries are vastly less severe. Severed limbs become deep cuts, charred skin becomes splotchy skin burns, etc. The common room is completely unharmed. The TV is just playing static. A VHS tape labelled, 'Site-77 Extravaganza!' sits on top of it. Everything is just as it was before the TV turned on otherwise.
9:12 PM <%Talonair> So Kit has deep lacerations to the neck?
9:12 PM <LAUGH> Well, if fatal, the cuts are not as deep.
9:12 PM <%Talonair> Yea Kit's still gonna rush to medical
9:13 PM <@Balthazaar> are their minds still effected?
9:14 PM <LAUGH> No. No lingering effects.
9:14 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina gasps for breath, bursts into tears and starts hurrying to medical
9:14 PM <Alivi> Izumi goes to medical with Kit.

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