Into Banganash

[23:01:46] <Wogglebug> Laura, roll mdef.
[23:01:51] <Wogglebug> DC6
[23:02:12] <padri> 4df+5 mdef!
[23:02:12] <Glacon> padri: mdef!: 5 (4df+5=0, 3+, 4-, 0)
[23:02:18] <ZombieRaptor> Jack is still eating, holy hell, does he ever stop?
[23:02:36] <Wogglebug> You feel compelled to go farther North, toward the mountain.
[23:03:23] <padri> She does so!
[23:03:31] <Wogglebug> Jack, roll mdef.
[23:03:36] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+5
[23:03:37] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 6 (4df+5=3+, 0, 0, 0)
[23:04:04] <Wogglebug> You feel slightly warmer than you'd like.
[23:04:42] <ZombieRaptor> Jack heads outside to cooler temperatures, pizza slice in hand.
[23:05:48] <ihp> Jacob heads outside of the site, towards the lake? ~They have a lake here?~
[23:06:15] <padri> Laura probably gets there first. She was already at the lake when this all started.
[23:06:53] <ZombieRaptor> Jack follows Jake, might as well do something today. "Evenin Jake!"
[23:06:55] <Wogglebug> There's a large cave, Laura.
[23:06:56] <Wogglebug> It looks dark, and imposing.
[23:06:56] <Wogglebug> But kind of interesting.
[23:07:00] <Wogglebug> Since when has there been a cave up here?
[23:07:08] <padri> Laura saw it the other day?
[23:07:27] <Wogglebug> Probably.
[23:07:27] <Wogglebug> Still weird.
[23:07:46] <padri> She still has the flashlight. She's been meaning to come out here.
[23:07:49] <ihp> Jacob nods at Jack. "Evening. Figured I should go on a walk." He heads into the woods.
[23:08:04] <ZombieRaptor> "Mind if I tag along?" Jack walks beside him.
[23:08:04] <padri> She turns it on and shines it into the cave.
[23:08:48] <Wogglebug> It's not as dark, with the flashlight.
[23:08:50] <Wogglebug> Mostly caveish.
[23:08:52] <Wogglebug> Looks cold.
[23:09:12] <padri> Laura takes a step inside.
[23:09:24] <ihp> Jake shrugs. "I see no reason why not." He heads into the woods, finding his way towards the lake. Hopefully.
[23:09:53] <Wogglebug> You find the lake, after a bit.
[23:09:59] <Wogglebug> You feel you should go north from there.
[23:10:05] <Wogglebug> It's a cave, inside, Laura.
[23:10:10] <Wogglebug> It leads far down and back.
[23:10:13] <ihp> Jacob heads north, past the ake.
[23:10:16] <Wogglebug> The slope is steap, but doable.
[23:10:16] <ihp> Lake*
[23:10:32] <ZombieRaptor> Jack follows!
[23:10:32] <Nemi> Lis steps outside the site and starts walking.
[23:10:47] <Wogglebug> Laura, roll perception.
[23:10:55] <ihp> Jacob keeps heading north.
[23:10:56] <padri> 4df+6 perc!
[23:10:57] <Glacon> padri: perc!: 6 (4df+6=3+, 3+, 4-, 4-)
[23:11:44] <Wogglebug> You notice that there is almost no rubble in the cave. The opening downwards is uneven, sure, but it's all mostly a single piece of rock.
[23:12:25] <Wogglebug> The rock there is weird too. Lighter than usual, for the area.
[23:12:52] <Wogglebug> You arrive at the cave, Jake and Jack.
[23:12:58] <Wogglebug> Laura's in there, staring.
[23:13:02] <Wogglebug> Lis, you pass the lake.
[23:13:04] <padri> Laura thinks of her subway … experience. She walks ahead, but very carefully.
[23:13:12] <ZombieRaptor> "Blimey… This forest has some interesting places."
[23:13:15] <ihp> Jacob blinks. "Miss Moodie? What are you doing here?"
[23:13:30] <padri> She turns. "I was going for a walk."
[23:13:37] <Nemi> Lis thrusts her hands into her pockets and keeps going. She likes it out here. The unusually cool weather is nice, even if the lake is too warm for her tastes.
[23:13:39] <padri> "What are you doing here, Jacob?"
[23:13:42] <Nemi> You know what they say about cold and conductivity.
[23:14:49] <ihp> "Much of the same, Miss Moodie." He shrugs, looking past her into the cave. He takes out his headlamp and puts it on his head. "Going spelunking?"
[23:15:24] <Wogglebug> Eventually, Lis reaches the cave as well.
[23:15:28] <padri> "I'm not sure." She sounds vaguely perplexed.
[23:15:31] <Wogglebug> Jake and Jake and Laura are there.
[23:15:37] <ZombieRaptor> Jack reaches an arm behind him and takes a small flashlight out of a side pocket of his backpack.
[23:15:44] <ZombieRaptor> He takes a few steps into the cave mouth.
[23:15:51] <ihp> "Well, best go in a group."
[23:15:52] <Wogglebug> It's a cave, yup.
[23:15:55] <Wogglebug> It leads down.
[23:16:17] <ZombieRaptor> "I wonder if there could be some gems."
[23:16:42] <ihp> Jacob turns on his headlamp and looks down into the cave.
[23:16:54] <padri> Laura makes a dubious "mm" sound.
[23:16:56] <Wogglebug> It's a cave, yup.
[23:17:04] <padri> She walks farther into the cave.
[23:17:09] <ZombieRaptor> Jack starts heading down the slope!
[23:17:23] <Wogglebug> You go, Jack!
[23:17:26] <Wogglebug> Laura too!
[23:17:41] <padri> Woo!
[23:17:43] <Wogglebug> Even Jacob!
[23:17:43] <Nemi> Lis swivels on her heels, peering into the gave. She follows!
[23:17:44] <ihp> Jacob frowns, and follows after them.
[23:17:44] <padri> They walk!
[23:17:44] <ZombieRaptor> Jack blazes the trail! Everything catches fire. But not really
[23:17:50] <Wogglebug> It goes on and on and on and on and on.
[23:18:03] * Nemi has small strides, due to being tiny. Wowee!
[23:18:05] <Wogglebug> It starts getting colder.
[23:18:07] <Nemi> Lis does, too.
[23:18:09] <Wogglebug> After a few bends, you can't see the light from outside.
[23:18:13] <padri> ZombieRaptor: laura had already been going when jack followed.
[23:18:16] <Wogglebug> The only illumination comes from the lamps.
[23:18:23] <padri> But laura lets him go first.
[23:18:29] <ZombieRaptor> Padri :I I was joking
[23:18:34] <Nemi> Lis is glad she brought her fuzzy coat and scarf. She pulls out her everpresent crank flashlight and gives it a squeeze or two to shed some light.
[23:18:44] <Wogglebug> Dark, dripping sounds surround them.
[23:18:48] <padri> Jack's in the lead now! Everything's on fire!
[23:18:54] <Wogglebug> *drip drop drip drop drip*
[23:19:08] <Nemi> Lis hopes that they all don't slide into a pool of water.
[23:19:09] <Wogglebug> The cave narrows.
[23:19:09] <Wogglebug> And narrows.
[23:19:17] <Nemi> Nonetheless, she keeps going along. She feels smug in her smallness.
[23:19:18] <Wogglebug> A pretty tight squeeze, here.
[23:19:24] <ZombieRaptor> Jack hopes they don't find a massive eye.
[23:19:29] <ihp> Jacob frowns, keeping his lamp on. "Maybe… we should turn back?"
[23:19:33] <ZombieRaptor> Jack frowns, he's a tall guy.
[23:19:35] <padri> Laura begins getting worried. She's not especially claustrophobic, but still …
[23:19:39] <Wogglebug> Jack!
[23:19:43] <Wogglebug> Roll percep!
[23:19:53] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+5 +5 If it's visual!
[23:19:54] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: +5 If it's visual!: 6 (4df+5=4-, 3+, 0, 3+)
[23:20:05] <Wogglebug> It's visual!
[23:20:14] <ZombieRaptor> There is much rejoicing
[23:20:17] <Wogglebug> There's a slight light, ahead. Daylight. Looks liek a few hundred feet.
[23:20:20] <Wogglebug> Just a sliver of it.
[23:20:26] <ZombieRaptor> "Oi! I see light."
[23:20:40] <padri> Laura nods.
[23:20:46] <ihp> "…must be a tunnel of some kind. Maybe they used it in Prohibition to smuggle booze tot he military base?"
[23:20:52] <ihp> "Then again, too narrow for that…"
[23:20:59] <Wogglebug> Could be, Jacob.
[23:21:02] <Wogglebug> Could be.
[23:21:20] <Wogglebug> The light gets closer and closer.
[23:21:20] <Wogglebug> And eventualyly, they reach it.
[23:21:20] <Wogglebug> It turns, to an exit.
[23:21:29] <ZombieRaptor> "Nah, that's ishkabibble Jake." Jack quips
[23:21:29] <Wogglebug> It's a whole lot colder, now.
[23:21:53] <ihp> Jacob frowns. "…I…. don't like this."
[23:22:04] <Wogglebug> Do they exit?
[23:22:17] <Nemi> "Huh."
[23:22:23] <Nemi> Lis exits! She likes cold. She exults in it.
[23:22:24] <padri> ~I don't like many things. Including suddenly being new places.~ Laura does.
[23:22:29] <ihp> Jacob spins to face Lisabeth. "Where did you come from?!"
[23:22:31] <ZombieRaptor> Jack follows
[23:22:50] <ihp> Jacob goes out of the cave, blinking at the daylight and the cold.
[23:23:05] <Wogglebug> They're outside of the cave. There's heavy snow on the ground. Behind them, a high cliff of rock an ice towers. In front, after a small strip of icey lands, is an ocean.
[23:23:15] <Wogglebug> Jesus it's big. Definitely an ocean.
[23:23:19] <ihp> "…what the…"
[23:23:22] <ZombieRaptor> "An ocean… What."
[23:23:24] <Wogglebug> There's an island, barely visible.
[23:23:31] <Nemi> "I was here the whole time," she explains, quietly and pleasantly. She stands on tiptoe to peer off into the watery expanse.
[23:23:42] <Wogglebug> The land terminate to the left of them, but slope up in a sort of path to their right.
[23:23:48] <ihp> Jacob frowns, trying to look over at the island, turning off his light.
[23:24:03] <Nemi> She bites at her lip. This is so strange, but at the same time, she thinks it's beautiful. She pockets her flash.
[23:24:05] <padri> Laura heads to the right.
[23:24:08] <Nemi> "Do you see that island?"
[23:24:10] <Wogglebug> Go to #tooltime
[23:24:13] <padri> She's confused by all of it.
[23:24:13] <Nemi> She doubletakes, and hurries after Laura.
[23:24:44] <ihp> Jacob blinks. "Miss Moodie! Miss Tande! Stick together!"
[23:25:04] <ihp> He sighs, and curses softly, going after them.

[23:24:26] <padri> Laura heads up the path.
[23:24:33] <Nemi> Lis follows Laura up the path.
[23:24:35] <ZombieRaptor> Jack follow
[23:24:38] <ZombieRaptor> S
[23:24:50] <Wogglebug> The air around is cold, and the ground is covered in snow and ice.
[23:25:00] <Wogglebug> The sky is an overcast grey, but the sun is up there somewhere.
[23:25:20] <ihp> Jacob follows. "Where are we? Siberia?"
[23:25:22] <Wogglebug> The path slopes up, smoothly in most parts, but with a few dips and drops.
[23:25:31] <padri> "I hope to find out."
[23:25:33] <ZombieRaptor> "Let's find out."
[23:26:19] <Wogglebug> What's that, to the right of the path!
[23:26:32] <Wogglebug> Some sort fo side trail, with stairs leading up through the cliff face.
[23:26:32] <Wogglebug> Probably a shortcut.
[23:26:44] <ZombieRaptor> Jack merrily trumps that way!
[23:26:48] <ZombieRaptor> Tromps*
[23:26:51] <Wogglebug> It's pretty narrow. Like a gorge.
[23:27:06] <ihp> Jacob frowns. "…bah." He goes after Jack. "I don't like this. I really don't like this."
[23:27:14] <Wogglebug> The rock around you seems to be mostly ice, really.
[23:27:15] <padri> She follows Jack.
[23:27:18] <Wogglebug> Old, old ice.
[23:27:18] <ZombieRaptor> "I love it."
[23:27:42] <padri> Laura wishes she'd brought a shawl as well as her coat. Who knew she'd need it?
[23:27:53] <Wogglebug> The steps go up, shifting from stone to an old, gnarled wood.
[23:28:04] * Nemi lets the others go up for a bit first, then follows afterwards. She's lagging behind deliberately. She seems.. well, exultant in the cold. It's almost like home.
[23:28:07] <Nemi> Lis does this, too.
[23:28:51] <ZombieRaptor> "If anyone suddenly stops shivering… That's bad.. Remember that."
[23:29:10] <Nemi> Lis was never shivering to begin with.
[23:29:22] <padri> She nods. She will trust the medic.
[23:29:28] <Wogglebug> Lis is like soem sort of superconductor.
[23:29:33] <ihp> Jacob nods. "Noted, Mr. Markos." He keeps on going up the stairs. "If there's nothing up here, we try and see what's on the island."
[23:29:56] <Wogglebug> After a while, they exit off the trail.
[23:30:00] <Wogglebug> There's a bench there, and a large plain of snowy land.
[23:30:22] <ihp> "Perhaps we should map this place out. One moment." Jacob digs in his pockets, getting out a notebook and a pen. He sits down on the bench, deciding not to question it, and begins writing out a map from what he's seen so far.
[23:30:25] <padri> Laura looks around. "How do you propose we get to the island, Jacob?"
[23:30:25] <Wogglebug> There's fog a whiles off.
[23:30:37] <Nemi> Lis raises her hand over her eyes and gazes out over the ocean from their elevated position, trying to get eyes on the island, then at the terrain around them.
[23:30:39] <Wogglebug> The wood of the bench is old.
[23:30:51] <ZombieRaptor> "Huh."
[23:30:54] <Wogglebug> In frotn of it, there's a slight discoloration of the snow, like some sort of path.
[23:31:00] <Nemi> "So this place is, or was, inhabited," she muses.
[23:31:07] <Wogglebug> It leads left, and right, with significantly heavier wear to the right.
[23:31:37] <ZombieRaptor> "To the right shall we?"
[23:31:51] <ihp> Jacob looks at his map, hoping it's accurate. "Take the road less traveled by, Mr. Markos."
[23:32:11] <padri> "But we want to know what this place is. I say right."
[23:32:14] <Wogglebug> An ox-cart comes up from the left, at the edge of vision.
[23:32:21] <Wogglebug> It approaches slowly.
[23:32:23] <padri> "Or … we wait."
[23:32:23] <Nemi> Lis watches the cart. What's on it? Anyone in sight?
[23:32:25] <ihp> Jacob tries to get a better look at the cart.
[23:32:29] <Wogglebug> It looks heavily laden.
[23:32:41] <ihp> 4df+4 Perception a go-go!
[23:32:42] <Glacon> ihp: Perception a go-go!: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, 4-, 3+)
[23:32:44] <Nemi> "Contact incoming."
[23:32:46] <Nemi> 4df+8 eye see
[23:32:48] <Glacon> Nemi: eye see: 10 (4df+8=3+, 0, 0, 3+)
[23:32:51] <Wogglebug> There's someone driving it, Jacob.
[23:33:01] <Wogglebug> The man driving it is wrapped in furs, Nemi.
[23:33:06] <Wogglebug> *Lisd
[23:33:10] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+10
[23:33:11] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 8 (4df+10=4-, 0, 4-, 0)
[23:33:13] <padri> 4df+6 wooga
[23:33:14] <Glacon> padri: wooga: 6 (4df+6=3+, 4-, 0, 0)
[23:33:14] <Nemi> "Man in.. furs. Makes sense."
[23:33:15] <Wogglebug> Same, Jack.
[23:33:27] <ihp> Jacob frowns. "In furs…" He remembers the experience in the liquor shop.
[23:33:29] <Wogglebug> Laura, there's someone driving, it, their clothes are brownish.
[23:33:36] <ZombieRaptor> "Hey mate!" Jack says excitedly
[23:33:43] <ZombieRaptor> He shouts*
[23:33:43] <Wogglebug> It's too far, Jack.
[23:33:52] <Wogglebug> It's approaching, though.
[23:33:53] * padri is now known as padinner
[23:34:01] <ihp> He approaches the oxcart, hands raised to show he's unarmed. "Sir?"
[23:34:25] <Wogglebug> The cart stops at the strange man in the road.
[23:34:25] <Wogglebug> "Who's that?"
[23:34:27] <Wogglebug> Perception, Jacob.
[23:34:29] <Nemi> Lis bumbles along after Jacob. She is tiny and harmless looking.
[23:34:49] <ihp> 4df+4 add +3 for lycanthrope if you feel it applies.
[23:34:50] <Glacon> ihp: add +3 for lycanthrope if you feel it applies.: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, 4-, 3+)
[23:34:51] <ZombieRaptor> Jack follows, imposing with his height.
[23:35:15] <Nemi> Lis might be mistaken for certain spooky undead spirits, though.
[23:35:16] <Wogglebug> The man has an old-fashioned shotgun/blunderbuss pointed at you from under his coat, Jacob.
[23:35:33] <ihp> Jacob raises his hands. "We mean no harm. We've come here from somewhere else. Where are we?"
[23:35:53] <ihp> ~A more apt question might be /where/ are we.~
[23:35:56] <ihp> *when
[23:35:58] <Wogglebug> "Well, right now you're int he middle of the bloody road."
[23:36:13] <ihp> "Where's the nearest town?"
[23:36:22] <ZombieRaptor> "What is this region."
[23:36:25] <ihp> Does the man have any kind of accent?
[23:36:29] <Nemi> Lis steps off the road, and peers at the other two, bemused.
[23:36:58] * ProcyonBreakfast is now known as ProcyonLotor
[23:37:17] <Wogglebug> "It leads to Banganash, if tha's what you mean."
[23:37:23] <Wogglebug> "Other way is just farms."
[23:37:35] <Nemi> "Thank you, ser."
[23:37:45] <Wogglebug> The guys' accent is like some weird variation on British.
[23:37:52] <Wogglebug> Heavier.
[23:38:10] <Nemi> There's a lot of accents in England. Any regional variant? Londoner, Northerner?
[23:38:10] <Wogglebug> Somewhat more slavic.
[23:38:11] <ihp> Jacob nods. "Just take this road and we'll get to it?"
[23:38:52] <Wogglebug> His in particular is more london-ish.
[23:38:57] <Wogglebug> The man nods.
[23:39:25] <ZombieRaptor> Jack whispers to Jake. "We in some kinda different dimension?"
[23:39:28] <Wogglebug> He glares at Jack, and his imposing australianesqueness, and spurs the oxens on.
[23:39:32] <Nemi> Slavic Londoner accent. Huh. Lis is thoroughly bemused, and strongly suspects they are no longer in Kansas.
[23:40:05] * Faminepulse has joined #tooltime
[23:40:18] <Wogglebug> Kansas would be shot and hung, in this place.
[23:40:33] <ihp> Jacob looks at Jack. "I'm not discounting the possibility." He continues down the road.
[23:40:45] <ihp> ~I hope they don't mind werewolves here…~
[23:40:47] <Wogglebug> The ox guy goes faster, suspicious.
[23:40:51] <Wogglebug> Of you, that is.
[23:40:53] <ZombieRaptor> Jack follows along.
[23:40:56] <Wogglebug> You are all suspicious.
[23:41:16] <Wogglebug> The trail goes on and on, along the cliff side, winding slightly.
[23:41:24] <Wogglebug> The area all around it is a snow-covered plain.
[23:41:36] <ihp> "What country are we in? We may have wandered over the border somewhere!"
[23:41:42] <ZombieRaptor> Jack bends down and makes a snowball.
[23:41:57] <Wogglebug> It's daylight. Morning, likely.
[23:42:06] <ZombieRaptor> He tosses it lightly at Jake.
[23:42:07] <Nemi> Lis bumbles along the trail toward Banganash, humming contentedly to herself.
[23:42:21] <Nemi> She's not going all that quickly, since she actually enjoys the weather.
[23:43:01] <Wogglebug> (lis, you have +1 to anomalous in this weather.)
[23:43:32] <Wogglebug> (btdubs)
[23:43:48] <ZombieRaptor> Jack is having a grand time.
[23:44:04] <Wogglebug> After a while, you start passing small houses. They lok like they have farms attached, but it's hard to tell wiht all the snow.
[23:44:12] <Wogglebug> In the distance… roll percep.
[23:44:17] <ihp> 4df+4 huh
[23:44:18] <Glacon> ihp: huh: 4 (4df+4=4-, 0, 0, 3+)
[23:44:29] <Nemi> 4df+8 eyeballssss
[23:44:30] <Glacon> Nemi: eyeballssss: 6 (4df+8=4-, 3+, 4-, 4-)
[23:44:35] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+10 Keen eyes!
[23:44:36] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: Keen eyes!: 11 (4df+10=0, 3+, 0, 0)
[23:44:38] <Nemi> Lis has like, never even used her anomaly.
[23:45:10] <Wogglebug> There's /something/ ahead, Lis and Jacob.
[23:45:20] <Wogglebug> Jack, there's a giant wall ahead,like thta surrounding a city.
[23:45:32] <ZombieRaptor> "Wow…. That's, pretty big."
[23:45:34] <Wogglebug> It's heavy, and dark, like iron.
[23:45:35] <Wogglebug> There are many protrusions and outbuildings.
[23:45:40] <Wogglebug> And some buildings just outside the wall.
[23:45:45] <Wogglebug> The wall is huge.
[23:45:47] <Wogglebug> Not ridiculous.
[23:45:59] <Wogglebug> But still, it's a big fucking wall.
[23:45:59] <Wogglebug> Jacob and Lis can see it after a bit.
[23:46:22] <ihp> Jacob whistles. "This is Banganash?"
[23:46:43] <ZombieRaptor> "Apparently."
[23:46:45] <Wogglebug> The wall, and the buildings, have a vaguely Victorian feel to their design, but a whole lot more grime and dust and snow.
[23:47:07] <Nemi> Lis squints as they approach. She's not sure what to make of what she sees until they get closer, at which point she's gobsmacked by the sheer scale of it.
[23:47:09] <Wogglebug> Lots of fancy fiddly pointless bits.
[23:47:09] <Wogglebug> Anyone looking at the sky, percep.
[23:47:18] <ihp> 4df+4 Jacob looks up.
[23:47:18] <Glacon> ihp: Jacob looks up.: 4 (4df+4=4-, 0, 3+, 0)
[23:47:35] <Nemi> Lis is not presently peering at the sky, being more interested in the wall.
[23:47:47] <ZombieRaptor> Jack looks at the wall.
[23:47:48] <Wogglebug> Anyone looking around, there are some people milling about outside the city, generally city activity. They're all dressed for very cold weather, about a century or two out of fashion.
[23:47:58] <Wogglebug> Jacob, there are ships up there of some sort.
[23:48:03] <Wogglebug> Like baots.
[23:48:12] <Wogglebug> Some have balloons.
[23:48:21] <ihp> Jacob stares. "Those… those are airships."
[23:48:25] <Wogglebug> Not many, though.
[23:48:30] <ZombieRaptor> "What?"
[23:48:33] <Wogglebug> Not here, anyway.
[23:48:35] <ZombieRaptor> Jack looks up. "Huh."
[23:48:35] <ihp> Jacob points up to Jack.
[23:49:10] <ZombieRaptor> Steampunk drifts through Jack's mind, but he dismisses it as ishkabibble.
[23:49:13] <Wogglebug> There's a gate, p ahead. The man with the ox-cart is being checked at it.
[23:49:18] <Wogglebug> Customs of some sort.
[23:49:35] <ihp> Jacob frowns. "We… may not be able to get in."
[23:49:36] <Wogglebug> Jack knows nothign of steampunk.
[23:49:36] <Wogglebug> It doesn't exist.
[23:49:40] <ZombieRaptor> "Uhh… These people are gonna be very surprised looking through my bag."
[23:49:48] <ZombieRaptor> (I was being silly, sorry)
[23:49:54] <Wogglebug> The closest thing he would likely think of would be something similar to 1920s science fiction.
[23:50:11] <ihp> Jacob sighs, stepping up after the ox cart. ~This is going to suck.~
[23:50:12] <Wogglebug> A few people are milling through the gate, around the cart.
[23:50:17] <Wogglebug> Seems they only stop vehicles.
[23:50:41] <ZombieRaptor> Jack goes forwards, hoping him and his rather odd looking backpack relatively isn't searched.
[23:50:47] <Wogglebug> The guards checking the cart are large men, with pointed helmets and chain-mail and pikes.
[23:50:52] <ihp> His mind drifts back to the wreckage he found, somewhere else, in a snowy place… "I… think I may have been here before."
[23:51:01] <ihp> "Not here specifically, but this same… area."
[23:51:02] <Wogglebug> One of the guards gives Jack a funny look, but doesn't do anything.
[23:51:05] <Nemi> "Zeppelins?" Lis peers up. Huh. She proceeds along with the others. She's starting to get excited. This is so neat.
[23:51:06] * Faminepulse has quit (Ping timeout: 183 seconds)
[23:51:27] <ZombieRaptor> Jack whistles. "Interesting place."
[23:51:28] <Nemi> Lis' skin is the same colour as the snow and stands out, intensely, against the sheer black of her coat and hair. Her eyes shine blue like the ocean.
[23:51:30] <ihp> Jacob, once inside, starts writing out more of his map. He labels the city "Banganash."
[23:51:30] <Wogglebug> After the gate, they're in the city proper.
[23:51:30] <Wogglebug> This area, just in front of the entrance, is a very lagre square.
[23:51:32] <Nemi> Or like ice.
[23:51:40] <Nemi> Lis peers about the square!
[23:51:48] <Wogglebug> Many people are here, with traffic… well, it's technically flowing.
[23:51:57] <Wogglebug> There are shops and things around the square.
[23:52:10] <Wogglebug> A fountain, large and ornate.
[23:52:11] <Wogglebug> A few kids running aorund.
[23:52:15] <Wogglebug> A street performer.
[23:52:16] <ZombieRaptor> Jack looks at the shops.
[23:52:20] <Wogglebug> A man selling papers.
[23:52:24] <Wogglebug> That sort of thing.
[23:52:57] <Wogglebug> The shops seem to be the normal sort, but out of date. There's tailors and produce and lumber and such. Lots of bulk traders around this are, it seems.
[23:53:03] <Wogglebug> *area
[23:53:03] <ihp> Jacob walks up to the paper-seller, looking at the headline, if there is one.
[23:53:13] <Wogglebug> The man is waving them around.
[23:53:29] <ihp> Jacob coughs. "How much for one of those?"
[23:53:31] <ZombieRaptor> Jack watches the street performer, deciding the shops aren't that interesting
[23:53:41] <ihp> He knows that dollars won't be good here.
[23:53:45] <Wogglebug> "A penny, sir."
[23:54:07] <Wogglebug> The man is actually about 14.
[23:54:15] <Wogglebug> Hard to tell, though, with all the furs.
[23:54:46] <Wogglebug> The man is doping a funny dance, Jack.
[23:54:46] <Wogglebug> *doing
[23:54:47] <ihp> Jacob looks in his pockets to see if there's anything he can barter with.
[23:54:48] <Wogglebug> He's brightly colored, and fat.
[23:55:07] <Wogglebug> There's some change, Jacob, from the other day.
[23:55:11] <ZombieRaptor> Jack grins, dancing fat people!
[23:55:26] <ihp> Jacob takes out the change, and hands it to the boy. "Here."
[23:55:46] <ZombieRaptor> Jack rustles around in his pocket for a coin and flips it towards the man. It's a quarter.
[23:56:09] <Wogglebug> The boy looks at it, suspiciously. He takes a penny, and glares at it. "What is this? What country's it from? What's it made of?"
[23:56:17] <Nemi> Lis keeps her hands in her pocket, watching, bemused.
[23:56:24] <Wogglebug> It lands in a little at ont he gorund,a dn the man claps happily as he dances.
[23:56:34] <Wogglebug> Lis, that's a nice fountain, there.
[23:56:36] <ihp> "Um. It's a penny where I come from. It's copper."
[23:56:55] <Nemi> Lis walks over to the fountain.
[23:56:57] <Wogglebug> The boy shrugs, pockets it, and hands over the paper.
[23:57:11] <Wogglebug> It's a couple of broadsheets.
[23:57:14] <ihp> Jacob looks over the paper, hoping it's in English and not some Nordic language.
[23:57:18] <ZombieRaptor> "I wonder if they accept American dollars." Jack wonders aloud.
[23:57:30] <Wogglebug> It's large, and bubbly, with ice floating in it.
[23:57:34] <ihp> ~Markos, do you want them to know we're from a place that might not eve exist around here?~
[23:57:37] <ZombieRaptor> He heads over to Jake.
[23:58:01] <Wogglebug> It's English, but the grammar and spelling and typesetting is old-fashioned.
[23:58:01] <Wogglebug> Hardish to read.
[23:58:14] <Nemi> Lis sits by the fountain, and peers around. She breathes in the crisp wintry air, and wonders just what they've found beneath the mountain.
[23:58:16] <Wogglebug> The fountain has a large statue in it, of a very large bear, spouting ater.
[23:58:20] <ihp> Jacob tries to read it the best he can, looking at the headline.
[23:58:52] <Nemi> Hm. Bears. Lis puzzles that over. Bears are a Russian symbol, but this place is like.. Slavic England.
[23:59:04] <Wogglebug> The headlines discusses the oncoming whaling season, and the preparations all the dockworkers are making to handle the rush.
[23:59:30] <Wogglebug> Roll perception, Lis.
[23:59:57] <Nemi> 4df+8
[23:59:58] <Glacon> Nemi: 9 (4df+8=0, 3+, 0, 0)
[23:59:59] <ZombieRaptor> Jack wanders down the street.
[00:00:11] <Nemi> Lis wishes she had money.
[00:00:30] <Wogglebug> The bear statue has human-looking eyes, Very detailed.
[00:00:31] <Wogglebug> Jack, there are many people, and shops and things.
[00:00:33] <ihp> Jacob frowns, looking for anything that indicates anything about politics, what country they're from, anything.
[00:00:47] <Wogglebug> The buildings are old, and not especially high, but they look well kept-up.
[00:01:46] * padinner is now known as padri
[00:02:05] <Wogglebug> The title of the paper is 'Banganash Herald' dated…. well, there's no month, just a number '193' and a year 6211.
[00:02:41] <Wogglebug> Not AD though.
[00:02:48] <Wogglebug> ENR
[00:03:32] <Wogglebug> There's lots of shops, Jack.
[00:03:38] <Nemi> Lis blinks. She straightens somewhat, peering at those strange eyes. Huh..
[00:03:39] <ZombieRaptor> Any particularly interesting,
[00:03:41] <ZombieRaptor> ?
[00:03:42] <Wogglebug> Which way do you head? There are many streets and alleys and things.
[00:03:44] <padri> Laura is there!
[00:03:46] <Nemi> Her fanciful imagination makes her think of werebears.
[00:03:58] <ihp> Jacob looks around for anything resembling a library or a bookstore.
[00:04:32] <Wogglebug> Jacob, after a while of wandering, you wander for a while.
[00:04:32] <Wogglebug> These street signs are confusing.
[00:04:32] <Wogglebug> Which way do you head?
[00:04:52] <Wogglebug> Let's say North is to the left of where they entered.
[00:04:53] <Wogglebug> The city center is to the East.
[00:04:59] <ihp> Jacob heads to the city center.
[00:05:10] <padri> Laura wonders if there might be a city hall there. She follows Jacob.
[00:05:13] <Wogglebug> There are many large buildings in that area.
[00:05:26] <Nemi> Lis doesn't really know where to go, so after a few moments, she rematerializes near Jacob and Laura and follows after them.
[00:05:47] <ZombieRaptor> Jack goes back to following them.. Unless he's lost at this point.
[00:05:49] <Wogglebug> One looks vaguely like a courthouse, and another like…. some sort of guildahll?
[00:05:55] <padri> Laura rematerialized, too! It's all the rage now!
[00:05:57] <Wogglebug> There are many such buildings.
[00:06:05] <Wogglebug> However!
[00:06:18] <Wogglebug> There's a very large one that looks vaguly academic.
[00:06:23] <Wogglebug> Far too many columns.
[00:06:34] <ihp> Jacob walks over to the academic building with the many columns.
[00:06:45] <padri> Laura follows Jacob. Cause why not?
[00:06:49] <Wogglebug> There are people standing on the steps leading to the entrance.
[00:06:54] <Wogglebug> Talking.
[00:06:57] <ZombieRaptor> Jack heads towards the courthouse.
[00:07:11] <Wogglebug> The entrance is very large.
[00:07:12] <Wogglebug> Jack, it's a large, low building.
[00:07:15] <Wogglebug> There are guards there.
[00:07:18] <ihp> 4df+7 Jacob focuses his hearing to try and eavesdrop on the people talking. (Perception + Lycanthrope because focused)
[00:07:19] <Glacon> ihp: Jacob focuses his hearing to try and eavesdrop on the people talking. (Perception + Lycanthrope because focused): 6 (4df+7=4-, 0, 0, 0)
[00:07:25] <Wogglebug> Jacob, the building's door is wide open.
[00:07:33] <Nemi> Lis just idly listens in, without letting on that she is.
[00:07:36] <Wogglebug> The people are discussing… well, lots of thigns.
[00:07:54] <ZombieRaptor> Jack goes as far as the guards allow, hopefully inside.
[00:07:57] <padri> Actually, Laura goes with Jack. Someone needs to go with Jack and laura's interested in the courthouse.
[00:08:20] <Nemi> Lis rocks on her heels near Jacob. She's FASCINATED by this place, but overwhelmed by the possibilities all the same.
[00:08:31] <Wogglebug> That guy is saying something about crop yields, and that woman mentions herbs,a dn the guy says something on the rite of shabbet the devourer, and that dude thinks it's far too cloudy for a game, and so on.
[00:09:06] <Wogglebug> The guards glare at him as he approaches the entrance.
[00:09:06] <Wogglebug> "NO admittance. Court's closed."
[00:09:06] <Wogglebug> They have large pikes.
[00:09:06] <Wogglebug> And scowls.
[00:09:07] <Wogglebug> There's 6 of them.
[00:09:24] <ZombieRaptor> "Whys that mate?"
[00:09:25] <ihp> Jacob enters the academic building after this.
[00:09:32] <ZombieRaptor> Jack grins.
[00:09:46] <padri> Laura smiles next to him. She wants to know, too.
[00:09:48] <Nemi> Lis sticks with Jacob! She just.. absorbs everything.
[00:09:56] <Wogglebug> The entrance is large, and, well, it looks like a foyer in the 'guys look how great this building is' sense.
[00:09:59] <Nemi> Not like some kind of Devouring Ooze.
[00:10:03] <Wogglebug> "It's Saturday."
[00:10:15] <Wogglebug> "Court's closed on Saturdays. Citizen."
[00:10:30] <Wogglebug> He pronounces Saturday closer to Satyrdey
[00:11:04] <ZombieRaptor> "Huh…"
[00:11:12] <padri> "Why?"
[00:11:15] <Wogglebug> Jacob, there are many people inside, milling about.
[00:11:25] <Wogglebug> There are large halls leading off in several directions.
[00:11:41] <ihp> Jacob looks around, and heads into one of the halls at random, looking for a map of the area.
[00:12:00] <padri> She hopes she sounds foreign enough to get away with asking dumb questions.
[00:12:01] <Wogglebug> "Because the judges don't work Saturdays."
[00:12:13] <Wogglebug> The man just thinks Laura's a weird foreigner.
[00:12:21] <ZombieRaptor> "I see, judges need days off too yea mate?"
[00:12:39] <padri> She looks to Jack. (Laura is okay with this.) "Well then. Where to now?"
[00:12:53] <Wogglebug> The halls is well lit, from above, through sky-light. The walls are light, cold stone, and the flooring is heavy wood.
[00:12:58] <ZombieRaptor> "Try to find Jake and Lis?"
[00:13:02] <Wogglebug> The man scowls at Jack.
[00:13:20] <ihp> Jacob frowns. ~No books?~
[00:13:21] <ZombieRaptor> "You alright?" Jack doesn't know why all the scowls, he's bein friendly
[00:13:30] <Wogglebug> The hall eventually leads to a large, open library-like place.
[00:13:46] <ihp> Jacob grins at this, and immediately starts looking around for anything resembling a book on maps.
[00:14:12] <Wogglebug> There's a man at a desk in the front of the place, with many high shelves of books arranged in rows radiating around.
[00:14:12] <Wogglebug> Several people are aorund, doing library things.
[00:14:14] <padri> Laura doesn't like mysterious guards scowling at her. "Let's do." She takes him by the arm and leads him away.
[00:14:24] <Wogglebug> The man regards Jake suspiciously.
[00:14:24] <ZombieRaptor> Jack follows.
[00:14:38] <padri> She looks at all the other grand buildings. "I wonder what those are."
[00:14:41] <Nemi> Lis is just behind and to the right of Jacob. She's peering around the library, intrigued.
[00:14:58] <Nemi> Any signage? She'd like to find something on the history of the place if she can find any.
[00:14:59] <Wogglebug> Roll perception, Laura.
[00:15:09] <Wogglebug> Roll perception.
[00:15:11] <ihp> Jacob doesn't like that look, so he goes up to the librarian. "Excuse me, sir, where are the books on cartography?"
[00:15:13] <ZombieRaptor> Jack looks for someplace interesting
[00:15:22] <padri> 4df+6 perc!
[00:15:24] <Glacon> padri: perc!: 8 (4df+6=3+, 4-, 3+, 3+)
[00:15:32] <Wogglebug> "In the cartography section, right over there." The man points.
[00:15:52] <Wogglebug> A lot of them are guildhalls, Laura. And various civic buildings. A few are offices.
[00:16:10] <Wogglebug> "Are you foreigners?"
[00:16:14] <Wogglebug> He says foreigners especially oddly.
[00:16:25] <ihp> Jacob nods… "You could say that, yes."
[00:16:25] <ZombieRaptor> Who is asked this?
[00:16:36] <Nemi> 4df+8 perception for Lis!
[00:16:37] <Glacon> Nemi: perception for Lis!: 7 (4df+8=4-, 4-, 0, 3+)
[00:16:39] <Wogglebug> "Don't take any books from the building."
[00:16:51] <Nemi> Lis slowly nods at the librarian man. She has yet to say a word.
[00:16:53] <Wogglebug> "And do not damage them."
[00:17:10] <padri> That was asked of jacob. "Why don't we try one of those buildings?"
[00:17:37] <ZombieRaptor> "Sure."
[00:17:37] <Nemi> What's the general look of people around here? Roughly Slavic, British Islands, Nordic..?
[00:17:53] <ihp> Jacob nods. "Yes sir." He goes over to the cartography section, and looks for an atlas.
[00:18:05] <padri> Laura picks one at random and walks up to it.
[00:18:11] <ZombieRaptor> Jack follows!
[00:18:17] <Wogglebug> Lis, there are lots of different subjects. Literature, Cartography, Oceanography, Herbology, Wildlife, History, Civics, Geology, Thaumaturgy, Biology, Chemistry, Alchemistry, Mathematics, Agriculture, Husbandry, etc.
[00:19:11] <Wogglebug> It's a small office, Laura. Smallish. A sign on the front says 'Mineral Rights Office'.
[00:19:14] <Wogglebug> Jack, perception.
[00:19:28] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+5 +5 visual stuffs
[00:19:29] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: +5 visual stuffs: 3 (4df+5=0, 4-, 4-, 0)
[00:19:43] <Wogglebug> There is a man over there, and he is /very/ short.
[00:19:45] <Wogglebug> Several, actually.
[00:19:56] <Wogglebug> Just walking buy.
[00:19:56] <Wogglebug> They have long beards.
[00:19:58] * Sax has joined #tooltime
[00:20:08] <Wogglebug> *by
[00:20:11] <padri> Laura wonders what 'mineral rights' refers to. She doesn't notice the dwarves.
[00:20:14] <ZombieRaptor> Jack grins, looking at em
[00:20:33] <Wogglebug> Jake, you ifnd a general atlas.
[00:20:38] <Wogglebug> It looks.. unfamiliar.
[00:20:43] <Wogglebug> All the continents are wrong.
[00:20:56] <padri> She looks to Jack to ask about 'mineral rights' and then notices him grinning at the dwarves. She gawks.
[00:20:57] <ihp> Jacob frowns, looking for anything in the atlas that would resemble this country.
[00:21:05] <Wogglebug> You see something that looks vaguely like Australia, or maybe that's Antarctice.
[00:21:20] <Wogglebug> It's towards where Europe would usually be.
[00:21:22] <padri> It's not exactly polite.
[00:21:28] <Wogglebug> There are two large landmasses on either pole.
[00:21:35] <Wogglebug> The Northern one looks larger.
[00:21:59] <Wogglebug> The dwarves don't notice.
[00:21:59] <Wogglebug> They just have a businees meeting to get to.
[00:22:00] <Wogglebug> They're very well dressed.
[00:22:05] <Wogglebug> Lots of gilding.
[00:22:13] <ZombieRaptor> Jack follows Laura
[00:22:14] <Nemi> Thaumaturgy, huh. IIiinteresting. Lis will page through some books on history, first. Then thaumaturgy, because that's interesting. Herbology and wildlife to follow.
[00:22:16] <ZombieRaptor> Continues to*
[00:22:36] <Wogglebug> There are many, many books on history, Lis.
[00:22:46] <padri> Laura is watching the dwarves. "Are those … dwarves?" She would, indeed, think of this, because she's been reading Tolkien.
[00:22:56] <ihp> Jacob looks up the northern landmass, figuring that they're actually there.
[00:22:57] <Nemi> She'll start with most recent and look back. At the least she'll try to look over the table of contents to figure out a general idea as to what's going on.
[00:23:11] <Wogglebug> They probably are, Luara. They fit the description.
[00:23:19] <Wogglebug> They're not very well organized, Lis.
[00:23:19] <padri> But dwarves don't exist.
[00:23:22] <Wogglebug> Motly just there.
[00:23:29] <Wogglebug> They all have weird titles.
[00:23:35] <Wogglebug> Fancy books, though.
[00:23:36] <Wogglebug> Very nice binding.
[00:23:41] <ZombieRaptor> "Possibly mate."
[00:23:49] <Nemi> Weird.
[00:23:53] <Nemi> Lis will read them randomly, then.
[00:23:53] <Wogglebug> It's a large land mass, Jacob. Given as Nurtlend.
[00:23:53] <padri> Laura turns, looking around for more things that don't exist. Maybe there's trolls or something. You never know.
[00:24:08] <Wogglebug> The city of Banganash is on there.
[00:24:12] <ihp> Jacob looks around Nurtlend for anything resembling Banganash.
[00:24:26] <ihp> Jacob grins, and tries to find a map of the area around it after seeing this.
[00:24:34] <Wogglebug> It's almost directly North of a large, strange looking landmass towards the tropic of (whatever the northern tropic is)
[00:24:36] <ihp> Just to approximate where they came in.
[00:24:44] <ihp> (Tropic of Cancer)
[00:24:49] <Wogglebug> (Kay
[00:24:59] <Wogglebug> Well.
[00:25:08] <padri> Perc?
[00:25:10] <Wogglebug> Laura is outside the mineral rights building
[00:25:11] <Wogglebug> So.
[00:25:16] <Wogglebug> You never know
[00:25:32] <padri> Indeed. Well, at least not until the GM tells you.
[00:26:08] <Wogglebug> Jacob, roll academics to find a map of Nurtlend.
[00:26:19] <ihp> 4df+4
[00:26:20] <Glacon> ihp: 6 (4df+4=0, 0, 3+, 3+)
[00:26:22] <ihp> woo
[00:26:35] <ZombieRaptor> Jack heads into the building!
[00:26:39] <Wogglebug> You find a book on the geography of Nurtlend.
[00:26:44] <Wogglebug> It's… well, it's incomplete.
[00:26:48] <padri> Laura seems to have lost her train of thought. Good thing Jack took charge. Laura just follows him.
[00:26:56] <Wogglebug> The area orounf Bangansh is pretty decently mapped, though.
[00:27:03] <Wogglebug> There a few islands to the sea aorund it.
[00:27:12] <Wogglebug> And mountains to the North.
[00:27:17] <ihp> Perception to see if he can find where they came in?
[00:27:30] <Wogglebug> No other cities nearby, just rural areas. A few towns.
[00:27:41] <Wogglebug> They probably came in along the Southern shelf of the land.
[00:27:45] <Nemi> Lis is fine with just sitting here reading for a good while. Which is also good because Nemi just realizes that Nemi must run afk for a while. Whoops!
[00:27:49] <Wogglebug> Jack, the door is locked.
[00:27:52] <Wogglebug> You could knock.
[00:28:48] <ihp> Jacob copies down the map in his notebook the best he can.
[00:28:48] <ZombieRaptor> Jack knocks
[00:29:25] <Wogglebug> After a bit, someon answers the door.
[00:29:40] <Wogglebug> Roll raw academics Jacob, adjust based on how good you expect Jacob would be at map-making.
[00:30:07] <Wogglebug> The someone is about 8 feet tall, and made out of stone. It wears some sort of what one might call pants, and is very broad.
[00:30:11] <ZombieRaptor> Jack smiles at the person. "'Ello! What's this place?"
[00:30:17] <ihp> 4df+4-1 Jacob is no artist, that's for sure.
[00:30:18] <Glacon> ihp: Jacob is no artist, that's for sure.: 4 (4df+4-1=0, 3+, 3+, 4-)
[00:30:22] <ZombieRaptor> He looks up at the giant.
[00:30:30] <Wogglebug> "Mineral Rights Association. Are you being oppressed? And are you a troll?"
[00:30:35] <padri> Laura is in even more shock than when she saw the dwarfs.
[00:30:41] <padri> She gapes.
[00:30:43] * Faminepulse has joined #tooltime
[00:30:45] <Wogglebug> You do a decent mockup of the are, Jacob.
[00:30:47] <padri> It's obvious.
[00:31:00] <Wogglebug> The troll pretneds not to notice the gaping.
[00:31:07] <ZombieRaptor> "I am not being oppressed mate, just explorin."
[00:31:18] <ihp> Jacob grins, marking the area at the map where he thinks they came in with an X.
[00:31:22] <Wogglebug> "Okay."
[00:31:26] <Wogglebug> The troll slams the door nonchalantly.
[00:31:33] <padri> Laura blinks.
[00:31:48] <ZombieRaptor> "Nice guy that."
[00:32:04] <padri> "He was a /rock/ …"
[00:32:12] <ZombieRaptor> "He was."
[00:32:40] <padri> "How … ?" She's stunned.
[00:32:48] <Wogglebug> "My name's Jefferston. And the door's not that thick." A muffled voice said.
[00:32:50] <Wogglebug> *says
[00:33:14] <padri> She stammers. "Oh, I, um…"
[00:33:31] <Wogglebug> You hear plodding away.
[00:33:47] <padri> She bucks up. "Where to next?"
[00:33:52] <Wogglebug> BRB
[00:33:53] * Wogglebug is now known as Wogglebugout
[00:34:03] <ihp> Jacob replaces the atlas on the shelf, and looks around the rest of the library.
[00:34:13] <ZombieRaptor> Jack looks around for some different place… He wants to find some place to do with wizards.. PPAAWWSS
[00:35:39] * Wogglebugout is now known as Wogglebug
[00:35:46] <Wogglebug> There was no pause.
[00:35:57] <Wogglebug> It contains such books as listed above, Jacob.
[00:36:11] <Wogglebug> Literature, Cartography, Oceanography, Herbology, Wildlife, History, Civics, Geology, Thaumaturgy, Biology, Chemistry, Alchemistry, Mathematics, Agriculture, Husbandry, etc.
[00:36:17] <Wogglebug> Lis is somewhere in the history aise, sleeping, probably.
[00:36:19] <Wogglebug> The lazy.
[00:36:33] <Wogglebug> Jack, you would have to find a wizard, then, most likely.
[00:36:43] <ZombieRaptor> Jack looks for a wizard.
[00:36:50] <Wogglebug> Roll perception to look.
[00:36:51] <ihp> Jacob looks around the thaumaturgy section, wondering if there's a book about teleportation.
[00:36:55] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+10
[00:36:56] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 10 (4df+10=0, 4-, 3+, 0)
[00:37:26] <Wogglebug> Roll perception, Ihp.
[00:37:40] <ihp> 4df+4 damn.
[00:37:41] <Glacon> ihp: damn.: 4 (4df+4=0, 4-, 0, 3+)
[00:38:01] <Wogglebug> There're a few that seem to deal with it.
[00:39:36] <ihp> Jacob grabs a book on one, and sits at a table, reading it.
[00:39:38] <Wogglebug> Jack, there's a very towering building to the North.
[00:39:38] <Wogglebug> It looks vaguely.. large.
[00:39:38] <Wogglebug> Wizards like big things, right?
[00:39:54] <ZombieRaptor> "Let's head towards the tower!" Jack sets off.
[00:40:05] <padri> Laura hurries after him. "Why?"
[00:40:07] <ZombieRaptor> He seems particularly excited.
[00:40:08] <Wogglebug> Roll academics (magical)
[00:40:10] <ZombieRaptor> "Wizards."
[00:40:21] <Wogglebug> Jack, perception.
[00:40:29] <padri> "Wizards?"
[00:40:32] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+5 +5 if you know what
[00:40:33] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: +5 if you know what: 4 (4df+5=0, 0, 0, 4-)
[00:40:42] <Wogglebug> 4df+6
[00:40:42] <ZombieRaptor> "Wizards.." He nods.
[00:40:42] <Glacon> Wogglebug: 7 (4df+6=3+, 3+, 4-, 0)
[00:40:53] <ihp> 4df+0 Jacob knows nothing about Magic. So add +4 if you just want base academics.
[00:40:54] <Glacon> ihp: Jacob knows nothing about Magic. So add +4 if you just want base academics.: 2 (4df+0=3+, 3+, 4-, 3+)
[00:40:55] <Wogglebug> Jack, did someone just bump into you?
[00:41:06] <Wogglebug> Jacob, it seems…. confusing.
[00:41:06] <Wogglebug> Very confusing.
[00:41:10] <ZombieRaptor> Jack looks at the guy. Pickpocketer?
[00:41:14] <ZombieRaptor> Or whatever it is
[00:41:31] <ihp> Jacob groans. "Son of a bitch."
[00:41:48] <Wogglebug> It talks about binding matter to energy, and moving the energy through what sounds suspiciously like an extradimensional space.
[00:41:59] <Wogglebug> How the fuck can you /bind/ matter to energy?
[00:42:03] <Wogglebug> What does that even mean?>
[00:42:07] <Wogglebug> Jack, there's no one there.
[00:42:12] <Wogglebug> Or is therE?
[00:42:16] <Wogglebug> Roll perception, visual.
[00:42:21] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+10
[00:42:22] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 9 (4df+10=0, 0, 4-, 0)
[00:42:35] <padri> Laura looks around, too, but she doesn't know what's going on.
[00:42:50] <Wogglebug> That boy there is walking away from you awfully suspicious-like.
[00:43:29] <ZombieRaptor> Jack steps off after the boy, trying to look inconspicuous.
[00:43:33] <ihp> Jacob sighs, and replaces the book on the shelf. Maybe Abraham could make more sense of it. He'll have to see if he can bring him here.
[00:43:37] <padri> How old a boy? (Though Laura has yet to see him.{
[00:43:39] <padri> )
[00:43:44] <Wogglebug> Probably 11.
[00:43:45] <Wogglebug> Ish.
[00:44:06] <padri> Laura follows Jack, confused. (Thanks. /Huge/ effect on how Laura will behave.)
[00:44:08] <Wogglebug> Jacob, roll perception.
[00:44:36] <ZombieRaptor> He whispers. "I think that boy just pick pocketed me.. Little bumps serve as a distraction."
[00:44:59] <padri> She frowns. "He's just a child."
[00:45:09] <ihp> 4df+4
[00:45:09] <Wogglebug> The boy is moving quicker, now.
[00:45:10] <Glacon> ihp: 4 (4df+4=0, 3+, 0, 4-)
[00:45:12] <ihp> :(
[00:45:14] <Wogglebug> He might have noticed you.
[00:45:26] <Wogglebug> 4df+3+2
[00:45:26] <Glacon> Wogglebug: 6 (4df+3+2=0, 4-, 3+, 3+)
[00:45:50] <ZombieRaptor> "Don't underestimate children.." Jack stretches his legs out for a moment and keeps walking, keeping him within sight.
[00:45:51] <Wogglebug> Did something move behind you, Jacob? Probably not. Probably.
[00:46:05] <ihp> Jacob turns around. ~What was that…~
[00:46:07] <Wogglebug> Jack is taller tha most people there.
[00:46:19] <Wogglebug> Minus hats.
[00:46:21] <Wogglebug> Nothing apparently there, Jacob.
[00:46:25] <Wogglebug> Except…
[00:46:32] <Wogglebug> Roll perception, scent, with your bonus.
[00:46:43] <ihp> 4df+7 Jacob sniffs at the air.
[00:46:43] <Glacon> ihp: Jacob sniffs at the air.: 9 (4df+7=3+, 4-, 3+, 3+)
[00:47:00] <padri> Laura frowns, walking away from Jack and hurrying around to catch up with the boy from amidst the crowd.
[00:47:02] <Wogglebug> Something smells like chemicals.
[00:47:03] <Wogglebug> Lots of them.
[00:47:15] <Wogglebug> The boy breaks into a run!
[00:47:23] <Wogglebug> He's fleeing South!
[00:47:23] <ihp> Jacob's eyes go wide. He follows his nose.
[00:47:39] <ZombieRaptor> This is what Jack stretches for, he pursues with a long loping stride.
[00:47:48] <Wogglebug> They lead you forwards, and slightly to the left, and slightly farther to the left, and down, and ow!
[00:47:48] <Wogglebug> You hit somethign fleshy.
[00:47:59] <Wogglebug> A man stumble in front of you, onto the ground./
[00:48:03] <Wogglebug> Where did he come from?
[00:48:09] <ZombieRaptor> Jack frowns. "Oi!"
[00:48:09] <Wogglebug> He's older, and wearing a long robe.
[00:48:20] <Wogglebug> Jack, there are a lot of peoplk int e way.
[00:48:25] <padri> Laura is distressed. Poor child. She runs, too.
[00:48:27] <Wogglebug> Roll agility to get throguh the crowd.
[00:48:37] <ihp> Jacob blinks at the man. "Apologies…" He raises an eyebrow at the man, rubbing his nose. "I smelled something chemical. Was that you?"
[00:48:38] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+7 Lotta dodgin
[00:48:38] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: Lotta dodgin: 8 (4df+7=0, 3+, 0, 0)
[00:48:39] <Wogglebug> Slow-twitch, mind you.
[00:48:43] <padri> 4df+4 must get to the child
[00:48:43] <ZombieRaptor> Uhh
[00:48:44] <Glacon> padri: must get to the child: 5 (4df+4=3+, 4-, 3+, 0)
[00:48:49] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+3
[00:48:50] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 2 (4df+3=0, 0, 0, 4-)
[00:49:00] <Wogglebug> The man stammers "Uhhh, duhh…. maybe?'
[00:49:06] <Wogglebug> "Who are you?"
[00:49:14] <ihp> "I'm a foreigner."
[00:49:15] <Wogglebug> "Why were you looking at the thaumaturgy books?"
[00:49:23] <ihp> "I was… why do you ask?"
[00:49:40] <Wogglebug> You get caught behind a large cart as the boy goes under it, Jack.
[00:49:40] <Wogglebug> Laura, you continue pursuit.
[00:49:56] <Wogglebug> "Well."
[00:49:56] <Wogglebug> "No one's really /supposed/ to look at those."
[00:49:56] <Wogglebug> "They're just there so you /could/"
[00:49:59] <ZombieRaptor> Jack goes around the cart. ~Darnit!~
[00:50:02] <Wogglebug> "But people aren't really /supposed/ to."
[00:50:06] <Wogglebug> "Everyone knows that."
[00:50:11] <ihp> "…oh."
[00:50:32] <Wogglebug> Jacob, perception.
[00:50:32] <Wogglebug> The boy turns down an alley, Laura!
[00:50:37] <ihp> 4df+4
[00:50:38] <Glacon> ihp: 4 (4df+4=3+, 3+, 4-, 4-)
[00:50:44] <Wogglebug> Run!
[00:50:44] <Wogglebug> (Agility)
[00:50:46] <Wogglebug> Jacob, this guy is totes a wizard.
[00:50:47] <padri> She would call out to the kid to reassure him, but she that isn't going to help. Instead, she just follows.
[00:50:49] <Wogglebug> He reeks of wizardry.
[00:50:57] <Wogglebug> Mostly the robe, really.
[00:50:59] <padri> 4df+4 C'mon
[00:50:59] <Glacon> padri: C'mon: 5 (4df+4=4-, 3+, 0, 3+)
[00:51:01] <Wogglebug> Ectoplasm stains.
[00:51:10] <Wogglebug> You follow him well, Laura!
[00:51:16] <Wogglebug> This alley sure is.. dark, thoguh.
[00:51:22] <ihp> Jacob crosses his arms. "I was looking at the books because I was brought here before, somehow, while trying to purchase liquor in my homeland."
[00:51:30] <padri> Laura has her flashlight! She turns it on!
[00:51:35] <Wogglebug> Rooll perception, Laura.
[00:51:38] <padri> "Hello?"
[00:51:52] <padri> 4df+12 persuing a child so Motherhood.
[00:51:54] <Glacon> padri: persuing a child so Motherhood.: 12 (4df+12=3+, 3+, 4-, 4-)
[00:52:25] <Wogglebug> The man thinks for a second. "Did you have an unquenchable desire to servitude someone? Or for blood? Or, umm, for pickled herring?"
[00:52:28] <ZombieRaptor> Has Jack lost sight of them?
[00:52:34] <Wogglebug> Laura, you rmod doesn't apply.
[00:52:36] <Wogglebug> What's the base roll?
[00:52:51] <ihp> Jacob frowns. "…the second one, but only for bloody meat."
[00:52:53] <padri> then -6
[00:52:59] <Wogglebug> Jack, they probably went around that corner there.
[00:53:03] <Wogglebug> "Hmm."
[00:53:09] <padri> so 6
[00:53:09] <ZombieRaptor> Jack goes that way.
[00:53:14] <Wogglebug> "No idea what could have done that.'
[00:53:24] <Wogglebug> "What part of the library were you in?"
[00:53:30] * TeslaTornado has left #tooltime ()
[00:53:53] <Wogglebug> Laura, there's someone hiding up ahead, and someone running away down the alley.
[00:54:13] <Wogglebug> Jack, you find Laura, staring with her flashlight out.
[00:54:37] <padri> "Wait! I just want to help!" ~Poor kid…~
[00:54:49] <padri> She doesn't know who's who or who to persue.
[00:54:50] <Wogglebug> Not so poor anymore! Badumtish!
[00:54:51] <ihp> "I… didn't mean 'here' as in the library. I mean 'here' as in this landmass. I was brought to a wreckage of one of the air-boats, with a man next to it."
[00:55:04] <Wogglebug> "Well."
[00:55:04] <ZombieRaptor> Jack puts a hand in his pocket for his butterfly knife, but doesn't draw it
[00:55:07] <Wogglebug> "That's weird."
[00:55:11] <Wogglebug> "Who are you?"
[00:55:16] <Wogglebug> "Where are you from?"
[00:55:30] <Wogglebug> It's there, Jack.
[00:55:30] <Wogglebug> Being a knife.
[00:55:33] <ZombieRaptor> (Brb, dinner)
[00:55:41] <ihp> "…my name is Jacob. As for where I'm from…" He sighs. "You're a wizard, so tell me. Do you believe in worlds other than your own?"
[00:55:49] <Wogglebug> "Well.'
[00:55:56] <Wogglebug> "I mean."
[00:56:23] <Wogglebug> "I'm from Sacramento, soooooo."
[00:56:30] <ihp> Jacob stares. "…are you kidding."
[00:56:39] <Wogglebug> The man's accent falters slightly.
[00:56:43] <Wogglebug> "Nope."
[00:56:53] <padri> She walks up to the person who was hiding.
[00:56:55] <Wogglebug> "Sacramento"
[00:56:59] <ihp> "Oh. I'm from Macon. Georgia. I work up in New York."
[00:57:04] <ihp> "…how did you get here?"
[00:57:57] <Wogglebug> "Exchange program with the university. Archchancellor made some stupid deal a century or two ago. They send a few, we send a few. The university here isn't nearly as good, though."
[00:58:10] <Wogglebug> "But ehh, the weather's good for the allergies."
[00:58:36] <Wogglebug> It's the kid you were chasing.
[00:58:40] <ihp> "…there's a university of magic in /Sacramento/."
[00:58:44] <Wogglebug> He looks slighly panicked.
[00:59:12] <Wogglebug> "Well, next to it, technically. Sort of a hop skip and a dimensional rift away, as it were."
[00:59:24] <padri> She kneels down in front of him and reaches out to put a soothing hand on his shoulder. "You doin okay, kid?"
[00:59:27] <Wogglebug> (he kid looks panicked, not the wizard)
[00:59:42] <Wogglebug> The kid pulls a knife.
[01:00:08] <padri> Hands go up in the air. "Woah, hold on. I really don't mean any trouble. Promise."
[01:00:10] <ZombieRaptor> Jack flips out his butterfly knife, twirling it out with the blade out. "Drop it buddy."
[01:00:22] <Wogglebug> The boy trusn on you Jack.
[01:00:25] <Wogglebug> He's got a knife too.
[01:00:35] <Wogglebug> Kid ain't fuckin' around, old man.
[01:00:40] <ZombieRaptor> "Mate, I'm experienced with this, and I'd rather not hurt you."
[01:00:41] <padri> "Hush, Jack. It's okay. He's just scared. Put it away, Jack." She sounds very calm.
[01:00:46] <ZombieRaptor> "Why did you run mate?"
[01:00:57] <Wogglebug> "I'd rather not guy you like a fucking boar, you old shit."
[01:01:03] <padri> "Jack, put the knife away."
[01:01:09] <Wogglebug> "So just fuck on off, right?"
[01:01:39] * Faminepulse has quit (Ping timeout: 181 seconds)
[01:01:53] * Faminepulse has joined #tooltime
[01:02:01] <padri> Still calm.
[01:02:12] <Wogglebug> Jacob, the man shuffles his feet a little.
[01:02:18] <Wogglebug> "So."
[01:02:29] <Wogglebug> "You're came from New York?"
[01:02:31] <Wogglebug> "Who're you with?"
[01:02:45] <ihp> Jacob sighs. "Some friends. We… stumbled across this place in the woods."
[01:02:53] <ZombieRaptor> "Come on buddy, drop the knife, no one wins in a knife fight."
[01:02:53] <Wogglebug> "Oh."
[01:02:58] <Wogglebug> "Well, okay."
[01:03:06] <ZombieRaptor> "And I have reservations about harming children."
[01:03:40] <ihp> "What can you tell me about Nurtlend?"
[01:03:48] <Wogglebug> The man shrugs, and walks off. "Don't take any books out. There's no spell or anything, but someone'll kill you for one of those things, so it's sort of a stupid risk."
[01:04:09] <Wogglebug> He seems distracted.
[01:04:09] <Wogglebug> And, well.
[01:04:09] <Wogglebug> He probably has class.
[01:04:43] <Wogglebug> "SO FUCK OFF, AND YOU LIVE."
[01:05:00] <Wogglebug> This kid looks piiiiiissed,
[01:05:04] <Wogglebug> Homey just wants all you money, is all.
[01:05:27] <ZombieRaptor> Jack holds his knife closer to his leg. "If you stole my wallet, you'll find the currency unusable anyways."
[01:05:46] <Wogglebug> "Says you, asshole!"
[01:05:49] <Wogglebug> The kid bolts.
[01:05:55] <Wogglebug> Must have caught his breathe.
[01:05:59] <ZombieRaptor> Wasn't it a dead end?
[01:06:03] <ihp> Jacob nods. "I wasn't intending to."
[01:06:08] <ihp> He watches the man walk off.
[01:06:11] <Wogglebug> Nah. An alley.
[01:06:30] <padri> She turns on Jack. "/Thank/ you for that, Jack." She sounds anything but grateful. She storms out of the alley.
[01:06:45] <ZombieRaptor> Jack runs after the kid.
[01:06:50] <Wogglebug> You're back in the street.It's much the same.
[01:07:20] <Wogglebug> Jack, roll agility, slow.
[01:07:38] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+3
[01:07:39] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+3
[01:07:39] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 3 (4df+3=0, 0, 4-, 3+)
[01:07:40] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 2 (4df+3=0, 0, 4-, 0)
[01:07:44] <ZombieRaptor> (Whoops)
[01:07:46] <Wogglebug> Not a chance.
[01:07:49] <Wogglebug> He's long gone.
[01:07:53] <Wogglebug> There goes your cash.
[01:09:36] * Sax has quit (Ping timeout)
[01:10:04] <ihp> Jacob, after a while, exits the library, deciding to meet back up with the rest of his team.
[01:10:20] <ihp> He's still hung up on the fact that there's a school of magic in fucking /Sacramento/.
[01:10:46] <Wogglebug> You wander through the city for a while, Jacob.
[01:10:50] <padri> Laura heads off some direction.
[01:10:54] <Wogglebug> Which way to you head?
[01:10:56] <padri> What directions are there to head?
[01:11:04] <ihp> Jacob head south.
[01:11:08] <Wogglebug> North, East, SOuth, West
[01:11:26] <padri> Any indication what is in each?
[01:11:40] <ZombieRaptor> Jack heads off towards the tower.
[01:11:42] <Wogglebug> Jacob, after a great deal of wandering through some vaguely;y commercial districts, you start passing through a more industrial area.
[01:11:53] <Wogglebug> Laura came from the West.
[01:12:01] <Wogglebug> Jack heads North!
[01:12:03] <ihp> Industrial as in factories and smokestacks?
[01:12:05] <Wogglebug> And it's not a tower.
[01:12:12] <ZombieRaptor> Whatever the hell it is…
[01:12:12] <Wogglebug> Just a vaguely visible large building.
[01:12:13] * Faminepulse has quit (Ping timeout: 187 seconds)
[01:12:16] <Wogglebug> Yes, Jacob.
[01:12:22] <Wogglebug> Old-school industrial.
[01:12:25] * Faminepulse has joined #tooltime
[01:12:30] <Wogglebug> There are a lot of ships, here.
[01:12:39] <Wogglebug> All moored below or above the path of the bunt of the smoke.
[01:12:42] <ihp> Jacob grunts, covering his nose and wheezing. Industrial age+werewolf sense of smell=coughing fit.
[01:12:43] <padri> I thought Laura came from the east …
[01:12:51] <Wogglebug> Nah
[01:12:54] <Wogglebug> The West
[01:12:57] <padri> Well, if she came from the west, she goes east.
[01:13:06] <Wogglebug> You go east!
[01:13:24] <Wogglebug> You walk and walk, through the town center and out the other side.
[01:13:32] <Wogglebug> This area seems largely commercial and residential.
[01:13:34] <ihp> ~These must be the whaling ships,~ Jacob thinks as he heads closer to them.
[01:13:36] <ZombieRaptor> Jack happily goes off on his lonesome, probably gonna catch up with them at the site.
[01:13:41] <Wogglebug> There are many shops and houses and things.
[01:13:52] <Wogglebug> Some might be, Jacob.
[01:13:59] <Wogglebug> Not all, obviously.
[01:14:05] <Wogglebug> Some are much too large, or too small.
[01:14:08] <Wogglebug> Some are just right, thouhg.
[01:14:16] <ihp> Jacob wonders where the airships dock…
[01:14:18] <padri> Laura looks in the windows of the shops.
[01:14:22] <padri> Window shopping!
[01:14:35] <Wogglebug> Up ahead, many are visible, taking off and landing soemwhere.
[01:14:45] <Wogglebug> There arne't many windows, Laura.
[01:14:47] <Wogglebug> Some.
[01:14:49] <Wogglebug> But not many.
[01:15:30] <padri> In the commercial bits?
[01:15:37] <padri> No windows?
[01:15:37] <ihp> Jacob heads towards where the airships are.
[01:15:52] <padri> She finds this strange. She reads the signs instead, then?
[01:15:59] <Wogglebug> Not /many/. Some.
[01:16:16] <Wogglebug> Glass is really expensive, there.
[01:16:30] <padri> And signs?
[01:16:39] <Wogglebug> Hard to produce.
[01:16:39] <ZombieRaptor> Jack walks n shit
[01:16:50] <Wogglebug> Plenty, Laura.
[01:16:52] <Wogglebug> There are all sorts of shops.
[01:17:53] <padri> Anything that stands out as odd?
[01:18:05] <Wogglebug> Jack, eventually you arrive at a large, walled complex, where the big buildings are.
[01:18:05] <Wogglebug> The walls are a heavy, dark stone.
[01:18:10] <ihp> Does Jacob eventually arrive at the airship station?
[01:18:12] <Wogglebug> There's a 'Dwarf Specialty Goods' store.
[01:18:18] <ZombieRaptor> Jack knocks on a door or whatever is there..
[01:18:19] <Wogglebug> Yes, Jacob does!
[01:18:23] <Wogglebug> It's a huge docking area.
[01:18:32] <Wogglebug> Many ships are hustling about, and many men as well.
[01:18:36] <Wogglebug> It all overlooks the sea.
[01:18:39] <Wogglebug> Far, far below.
[01:18:41] <ihp> Jacob decides to talk to someone who's in charge.
[01:18:49] <Wogglebug> This place likely overhangs from the cliff.
[01:18:54] <Wogglebug> It's hard to tell.
[01:18:56] <padri> Laura heads in that. She wonders what kind of goods are special to dwarves. (Dwarf bread.)
[01:19:07] <Wogglebug> Who's in charge.
[01:19:36] <Wogglebug> Inside, there are many dwarf related items. Beard-grooming kits, engraving supplies, a few axes for sale, many nice gens, that sort of thing.
[01:19:39] <Wogglebug> No bread.
[01:19:49] <Wogglebug> There's no door, Jack.
[01:20:00] <ZombieRaptor> What is there..
[01:20:06] <Wogglebug> There is a large gate, though.
[01:20:13] <Wogglebug> Roll perception, visual.
[01:20:27] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+10
[01:20:28] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 9 (4df+10=4-, 3+, 0, 4-)
[01:20:42] <ihp> Jacob tries to enter the airship station, then.
[01:20:47] <Wogglebug> Jacob, there's some sort of building over there, look like that might be the control and customs hub for the area.
[01:20:49] <padri> She browses for a while before heading out and walking in whatever is the shop next door.
[01:20:52] <Wogglebug> 4df+6+2
[01:20:52] <Glacon> Wogglebug: 6 (4df+6+2=0, 4-, 0, 4-)
[01:21:24] <ihp> He notices the customs station, and heads over to it, knocking on the door.
[01:21:30] <Wogglebug> Jack, there are guards out front the gate. Four of them. They're 9 feet tall, very human looking, made of a smooth, ceramic-like stone, and extremely hard to focus on.
[01:21:52] <ZombieRaptor> Jack walks up to them. "Afternoon mates.. What's this area here?"
[01:22:01] <Wogglebug> Next door is a dwarfish clothing shop, Laura.
[01:22:22] <Wogglebug> None of it would likely fit you.
[01:22:32] <Wogglebug> They don't respond, Jack.
[01:22:33] <padri> What's after that?
[01:22:50] <ZombieRaptor> Is the gate open?
[01:22:56] <Wogglebug> Jacob, the inside of the customs house is large, and filled with people at desks being shouted/begged at by people not at desks.
[01:23:04] <Wogglebug> The gate is /extremely/ closed, Jack.
[01:23:14] <Wogglebug> After that is a blacksmith's, Laura.
[01:23:27] <Wogglebug> Goldsons's and Sons.
[01:23:32] <ZombieRaptor> (… I guess this is a turn back and go somewhere else?)
[01:23:35] <ihp> Jacob frowns, and shakes his head, deciding it might be too busy.
[01:23:56] <Wogglebug> (Well. You could try and break into the wizard school. That'd be a /great/ idea.)
[01:24:05] <ZombieRaptor> ._.
[01:24:07] <Wogglebug> Jacob, do you look at what ships are harbored, outside?
[01:24:15] <Wogglebug> (Or just say you're a wizard.)
[01:24:22] <ihp> Jacob, as a matter of fact, does.
[01:24:31] <Wogglebug> There are many large ships, in thsi area.
[01:24:38] <ZombieRaptor> "Oi… This seems like a place for wizards? I happen to be a focuser."
[01:24:47] <Wogglebug> A /lot/ of them are large, heavy, barrel-chested cargo freighters.
[01:24:48] <padri> This must be a dwarfish area of town. Are there dwarfs on the streets to back up this hypothesis?
[01:25:00] <Wogglebug> One of the guards turns its head, Jacob.
[01:25:04] <Wogglebug> *Jack
[01:25:10] <Wogglebug> "Display credential."
[01:25:25] <Wogglebug> The voice is terrifying.
[01:25:26] <Wogglebug> Quite a few, Laura.
[01:25:31] <Wogglebug> Jaco, there are also a few military-looking ships.
[01:25:33] <ZombieRaptor> "Credential? I'm a foreigner.. I don't know what you mean."
[01:25:38] <Wogglebug> One of which is utterly /massive/
[01:25:45] <Wogglebug> Easily the biggest ship there.
[01:26:00] <Wogglebug> As large as an Aircraft Carrier.
[01:26:05] <Wogglebug> It's out to sea a bit, too large to harbor near the port.
[01:26:20] <Wogglebug> "Present Credntial. Display Crednetial."
[01:26:34] <ihp> Jacob whistles, wondering what the hell that ship is for.
[01:26:42] <Wogglebug> Probably killing people.
[01:26:45] <Wogglebug> It looks it.
[01:26:57] <Wogglebug> Lots of guns.
[01:27:05] <ZombieRaptor> "I don't know hat credential I'm meant to display…" Neither does the player.
[01:27:08] <Wogglebug> How do they stabilize it when they fire?
[01:27:16] <Wogglebug> "Present Credential."
[01:27:26] <Wogglebug> Well, think about it. How would a wizard show they're a wizard?
[01:27:28] <padri> She feels unusually tall. It makes her uncomfortable. She walks on.
[01:27:44] <ZombieRaptor> Well, you know, is there someone stabbed or some shit nearby?
[01:27:53] <Wogglebug> Not presently, no.
[01:27:59] <padri> Not /yet/
[01:28:00] <ZombieRaptor> Then that's a problem.., mate
[01:28:01] <padri> :P
[01:28:28] <ihp> Jacob frowns. Roll engineering to figure out how the hell this ship works?
[01:28:40] <Wogglebug> Sure.
[01:29:33] <ZombieRaptor> "You got anyone injured? I could show ya?"
[01:29:35] <Wogglebug> Laura, you eventually move into a more human part of town.
[01:29:35] <Wogglebug> There are lots of human shops.
[01:29:40] <Wogglebug> The thigns does not respond.
[01:29:41] <ihp> 4df+5 engineering
[01:29:42] <Glacon> ihp: engineering: 2 (4df+5=4-, 0, 4-, 4-)
[01:29:44] <ihp> GDI
[01:29:56] <Wogglebug> It probably involves shifting around some sort of wieght, Jacob.
[01:30:04] <ZombieRaptor> Jack just stands there like an idiot then I suppose.
[01:30:13] <ihp> Jacob scratches his head and sighs.
[01:30:31] <ZombieRaptor> He walks around the walls.
[01:30:37] <Wogglebug> They're very large.
[01:30:42] <Wogglebug> No obvious openings.
[01:30:51] <padri> Any stores that stand out here?
[01:31:13] <Wogglebug> There's one that sells weapons, that's pretty cool.
[01:31:16] <Wogglebug> And one that sells dresses.
[01:31:25] <ZombieRaptor> He looks at the stone guys… He could cut them and heal them, but they could stab him and they aren't organic by the looks.
[01:31:28] <Wogglebug> And one that sells small magical charms.
[01:31:42] <ihp> Jacob goes back to the square, and heads east.
[01:31:44] <padri> Magic? She steps in that one.
[01:32:16] <Wogglebug> It's nice in there, very warm compared to outside. There's a shopkeep, and a guy sweeping up. The shopkeep is an older woman.
[01:32:23] <Wogglebug> Many little trinkets are in glass cases.
[01:32:25] <padri> (She, being a woman, may have to step in the dress store at least once before she leaves … Y'know, for research …)
[01:32:29] <Wogglebug> There are glass windows.
[01:32:40] <padri> Laura looks in them.
[01:32:48] <Wogglebug> Jacob, there are many shops and things.
[01:33:06] <ihp> Jacob looks around the shopping district for his friends.
[01:33:09] <Wogglebug> You pass a few bars and things.
[01:33:09] <Wogglebug> That store there is selling fur coats.
[01:33:11] <Wogglebug> Very nice, by th elooks.
[01:33:30] <Wogglebug> He could find, Laura, eventually.
[01:33:33] <Wogglebug> If he goes Northwest for w ahile.
[01:33:49] <ihp> Jacob, for now, decides to head into the fur shop.
[01:33:54] <Wogglebug> No way for him to know that, though.
[01:34:00] <Wogglebug> Thery're little pendants, with descriptions of what they do.
[01:34:08] <Wogglebug> Health, Wellness, Wisdon, etc.
[01:34:23] <ZombieRaptor> "Oh god damnit…" Jack sounds annoyed, he carves into his hand with his knife. ~Fuckin healing myself sucks.~
[01:34:28] <Wogglebug> They sound sort of scammish.
[01:34:28] <Wogglebug> Nice things, though.
[01:34:28] <Wogglebug> That one for health is a pretty green broach.
[01:34:40] <Wogglebug> The guard doesn't respond.
[01:34:55] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+3 Yay for using his own life force to heal himself, triple the effect on his tiredness
[01:34:55] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: Yay for using his own life force to heal himself, triple the effect on his tiredness: 2 (4df+3=3+, 0, 4-, 4-)
[01:35:09] <padri> They're in cases, so Laura has no way of knowing if they're genuine. Unless she asks to hold one … "Excuse me ma'am?"
[01:35:11] <Wogglebug> There are many fur coats and scarves and just general furs, Jacob.
[01:35:22] <Wogglebug> A large, bald, mustachioed man sits behind a counter, reading a newspaper.
[01:35:30] <Wogglebug> "Hmm, yes dear?"
[01:35:43] <Wogglebug> Your wounds sort of heals some, Jack.
[01:35:46] <ihp> Jacob, just out of curiosity, looks at a wolf pelt.
[01:35:52] <Wogglebug> The guard looks at you with suspicion.
[01:35:56] <padri> "Do you think I could see this one?" She points to the pretty green broach.
[01:36:10] <ZombieRaptor> ~Oh, so that wasn't good enough for you?~ Jack frowns.
[01:36:11] <Wogglebug> It turns, towards thegate for a moment, nods once.
[01:36:12] <Wogglebug> The gate opens.
[01:36:22] <Wogglebug> There's many, Jacob.
[01:36:23] <ZombieRaptor> Jack stays frowning but walks inside.
[01:36:26] <Wogglebug> MOst are damaged.
[01:36:35] <Wogglebug> Like, you know, spear holes and things.
[01:36:37] <Wogglebug> It happens.
[01:36:52] <ihp> Jacob frowns. ~Not very good quality, if they allow them to get damaged that badly. Aim for the eye, at least.~
[01:36:59] <Wogglebug> Inside is a lagre square, with several huge buildings surrouding it.
[01:37:04] <Wogglebug> There's a massive fountain.
[01:37:16] <ZombieRaptor> Any place that looks like it would appeal to Jack's abilities?
[01:37:18] <Wogglebug> The air here is /very/ comfortable.
[01:37:18] <Wogglebug> And magically charged.
[01:37:21] <Wogglebug> Anomalous abilities get +2 here.
[01:37:28] <Wogglebug> Not especailly, Jack.
[01:37:41] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+5 Lets finish this up heal hand stuffs
[01:37:43] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: Lets finish this up heal hand stuffs: 4 (4df+5=4-, 3+, 0, 4-)
[01:37:43] <Wogglebug> You don't know what there buildings are.
[01:37:47] <Wogglebug> It heals.
[01:37:58] <ZombieRaptor> Jack just wanders around then I guess..
[01:38:00] <ihp> He looks aroudn to see if there are any pelts from more exotic creatures.
[01:38:05] <ihp> Like, things that don't exist in his world.
[01:38:12] <Wogglebug> "Of course, dear."
[01:38:13] <Wogglebug> Says the woman.,
[01:38:27] <Wogglebug> She opens the container and hands Laura the broach.
[01:38:38] <Wogglebug> There are some, Jacob.
[01:38:40] <padri> Roll?
[01:38:49] <Wogglebug> A white dear pelt, with too many openings at the horns.
[01:38:55] <Wogglebug> Roll, Laura.
[01:39:10] <padri> 4df+6
[01:39:11] <Wogglebug> Normal.
[01:39:11] <Glacon> padri: 5 (4df+6=0, 4-, 4-, 3+)
[01:39:13] <Wogglebug> A very very very long bear pelt.
[01:39:25] <Wogglebug> Some sort of skin of a snake with three heads,
[01:39:33] <Wogglebug> In the form of a furry scarf.
[01:39:59] <Wogglebug> You feel nothing, Laura.
[01:39:59] <Wogglebug> It's just a broach.
[01:40:06] <Wogglebug> You get a feeling they're not all fake, though.
[01:40:39] <Wogglebug> Jack, you arrive closer to a fountain, because a square is hard to wander in.
[01:40:39] <Wogglebug> It's a statue of…. what is that?
[01:40:47] <Wogglebug> It looks like a man with some sort of armored robe fighting….
[01:40:53] <padri> She continues to look around.
[01:40:56] <Wogglebug> Has Jack read the Lord of the Rings?
[01:41:09] <ZombieRaptor> Uhh…
[01:41:13] <ZombieRaptor> 1d2
[01:41:15] <Wogglebug> Answer honestly.
[01:41:15] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 1 (1d2=1)
[01:41:30] * Soulless has quit (Ping timeout)
[01:41:31] <ZombieRaptor> 2 for no, 1 for yes, gonna roll again cause I don't know
[01:41:33] <ZombieRaptor> D2
[01:41:37] <ZombieRaptor> d2
[01:41:53] <Wogglebug> In the store, or outside, Laura?
[01:41:58] <padri> in.
[01:42:01] <ZombieRaptor> 1d2
[01:42:02] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 2 (1d2=2)
[01:42:07] <Wogglebug> There are other charms and things.
[01:42:09] <ZombieRaptor> No he has not.
[01:42:14] <Wogglebug> Nothing /really/ surprising.
[01:42:27] <ihp> Jacob picks up the snake pelt. "What is this?"
[01:42:40] <Wogglebug> Well, it's large, and has very longs limbs and jaws, and is wreathed in fire.
[01:42:48] <padri> She hands the brooch back, remarking on how pretty it is, and heads outside to look.
[01:42:50] <Wogglebug> The fire is somehow static, carved from… well, carved.
[01:42:58] <Wogglebug> There are other shops!
[01:43:04] <ZombieRaptor> "Huh…" Jack walks on past it.
[01:43:37] <Wogglebug> "'Ayt's a Zandalopriaon Charmer. Magical Snake. hey say having one brings good luck. Probably works if it's dead, too."
[01:43:54] <Wogglebug> You're out front of a massive building, Jack.
[01:44:03] <padri> Laura wanders into the dress shop because none of the men are around to make her feel silly for doing so.
[01:44:05] <Wogglebug> Looks like some sort of academic building.
[01:44:06] <ZombieRaptor> He walks in!
[01:44:10] <Wogglebug> It has that sort of design.
[01:44:19] <ihp> "…how much?"
[01:44:57] <Wogglebug> "40."
[01:45:03] <Wogglebug> You manage to get in through a door, Jack.
[01:45:04] <Wogglebug> Inside is a large entrance hall, with many doors.
[01:45:13] <Wogglebug> There are student-looking people milling about.
[01:45:16] <Wogglebug> Many give you odd looks.
[01:45:36] <ihp> Jacob frowns. "Do you accept foreign currency?" He looks around in his pockets, hoping he has a silver dollar or something more than change.
[01:45:39] <ZombieRaptor> Jack tries to stop one of them.
[01:45:58] <Wogglebug> You have some money, Jacob.
[01:46:05] <Wogglebug> However much he would have.
[01:46:12] <Wogglebug> "Depends on how foreign."
[01:46:30] <ihp> Jacob has a pair of 10 dollar bills on him, usually, and some change. "Where I come from, we use paper currency."
[01:46:34] <padri> She looks at the clothes they sell for women of this city.
[01:46:35] <Wogglebug> Jack, you grab a random student.
[01:46:43] <ZombieRaptor> "Oi, what is this place mate?"
[01:47:04] <Wogglebug> You wake up later, on your back, near the wall of the university, in a bush.
[01:47:04] <Wogglebug> You're still inside, though.
[01:47:18] <ZombieRaptor> Fantastic
[01:47:22] <Wogglebug> The man looks at the currency.
[01:47:37] <Wogglebug> "Oonitoid Stats?"
[01:47:48] <ZombieRaptor> Jack stands up and looks around..
[01:48:00] <Wogglebug> "They do business with the British Empire, yeah?"
[01:48:00] <Wogglebug> You're still there, Jack.
[01:48:09] <Wogglebug> Same university. Just in a bush.
[01:48:29] <ZombieRaptor> What happened?
[01:48:41] <Wogglebug> You got magicked by an automated system.
[01:48:42] <ihp> Jacob blinks. "Yes! They do!"
[01:48:53] <ZombieRaptor> Jack frowns and looks for someone nearby.
[01:48:57] <ihp> ~They have Britain in this universe?!~
[01:48:59] <Wogglebug> "What's the exchange rate to a pound?"
[01:50:18] <Wogglebug> There are plenty of people, Jack.
[01:50:50] <ZombieRaptor> Jack waves one over, frowning, he isn't havin a grand time, he's quite confused..
[01:51:31] <Wogglebug> The guy stares at Jacob. It's a funny look.
[01:51:34] <Wogglebug> Suspicious of him.
[01:51:42] <ihp> "Um…" Jacob thinks. "I think it's 3 pounds to a dollar."
[01:51:45] <padri> She does a good deal of window shopping.
[01:52:02] <Wogglebug> The man considers.
[01:52:03] <padri> She enjoys herself. This is a /normal/ thing that /normal/ people do.
[01:52:06] <ihp> "It's been a while since I checked the rate."
[01:52:08] <padri> She /misses/ normal things.
[01:52:11] <Wogglebug> "Alright, four dolers then."
[01:52:26] <ihp> Jacob hands the 10 dollar bill to him. "Can you make change?"
[01:52:35] <Wogglebug> The man thinks.
[01:52:41] <Wogglebug> "I can get you proper money, for change."
[01:52:53] <ihp> "That would be appreciated."
[01:53:16] <Wogglebug> The man nods, and rings it up.
[01:53:24] <Wogglebug> He hands Jacob money back.
[01:54:05] <Wogglebug> About 60 whatever the name of their currency is.
[01:54:05] <Wogglebug> There's no name listed on the bils.
[01:54:05] <Wogglebug> They're just reserve exchange bills.
[01:54:35] <Wogglebug> Laura, there's a very nice dress int hat shop.
[01:54:35] <Wogglebug> It looks expensive.
[01:54:37] <Wogglebug> Jack, there are two kids fighting over there, holy shit.
[01:54:50] <Wogglebug> One just threw a lightnign bolt at the other.
[01:54:51] <Wogglebug> And the guy deflected it!
[01:54:53] <Wogglebug> Hot damn!
[01:55:02] <ZombieRaptor> "Bloody.." Jack walks over to observe.
[01:55:06] <padri> She admires it. It's very nice.
[01:55:14] <Wogglebug> Roll agility, fast!
[01:55:16] <Wogglebug> (Jack)
[01:55:21] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+7
[01:55:22] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 6 (4df+7=3+, 0, 4-, 4-)
[01:55:25] <Wogglebug> It's somewhat yellow.
[01:55:50] <ihp> Jacob nods at the shopkeeper, and takes his Zandalopriaon Charmer pelt out of the shop, wrapped around his neck like a scarf.
[01:55:51] <Wogglebug> Laura, you can hear water flowing.
[01:55:56] <ihp> He then heads tot he northwest.
[01:55:57] <Wogglebug> The man hands you the pelt, Jacob.
[01:56:18] <padri> Water? This is strange. She touches the dress. Laura looks good in yellow.
[01:56:24] <Wogglebug> You arrive at a large waterway, Jacob.
[01:56:27] <ihp> Jacob nods in thanks to the man, and leaves five of the currency as a note.
[01:56:32] <Wogglebug> There's an occasional bridge.
[01:56:40] <Wogglebug> On this side of it, there are many nice shops.
[01:56:44] <Wogglebug> On the other, some nice apartments.
[01:56:47] <Wogglebug> A nice area in general.
[01:57:00] <ihp> Jacob stretches his arms and sighs happily, and decides to look around the shops some more, now that he has actual currency.
[01:57:01] <Wogglebug> You doge a stray fireball, Jack.
[01:57:06] <Wogglebug> *dodge
[01:57:17] <Wogglebug> Oh shit!
[01:57:34] <Wogglebug> That kid's head just got split open by a lightning bolt!
[01:57:34] <Wogglebug> Fuck!
[01:57:35] <Wogglebug> hE'S ON THE GROUND, UNCONSCIOUS.
[01:57:40] <Wogglebug> Woops
[01:57:45] <ZombieRaptor> "Hell!"
[01:57:56] <padri> Laura looks around for a dressing room.
[01:57:59] <ZombieRaptor> Jack runs over. "Shit.." He kneels beside the kid.
[01:58:02] <ihp> Jacob decides to try and sniff out his friends.
[01:58:07] <ihp> 4df+7 sniff sniff hooray!
[01:58:08] <Glacon> ihp: sniff sniff hooray!: 6 (4df+7=4-, 4-, 0, 3+)
[01:58:16] <Wogglebug> There are chemist shops, boutiques, tailors, just about everything.
[01:58:22] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+5 Healer
[01:58:23] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: Healer: 7 (4df+5=0, 0, 3+, 3+)
[01:58:48] <Wogglebug> Is Jack also using medical equipment, or just his powers?
[01:59:13] <Wogglebug> Laura, there's one in the shop.
[01:59:33] <ZombieRaptor> Jack swings around his backpack first, uses less energy for him if he treats it traditionally first,
[01:59:35] <padri> She tries on the beautiful dress.~
[01:59:45] <padri> Makes her feel like a princess.
[01:59:54] <ZombieRaptor> 4f+5 After that he uses magic then.
[02:00:11] <Wogglebug> You patch the kid up nicely, Jack.
[02:00:15] <Wogglebug> Damn good job.
[02:00:28] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+5 Magic glacon!
[02:00:29] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: Magic glacon!: 5 (4df+5=0, 4-, 0, 3+)
[02:00:29] <Wogglebug> A skinny man runs up to you. looks like a medic.
[02:01:08] <ihp> Jacob continues trying to sniff out his friends.
[02:01:10] <Wogglebug> He has a large, white overcoat with a red whatsemcalled ont eh back.
[02:01:10] <Wogglebug> The symbol of hermes.
[02:01:28] <Wogglebug> You sniff out Laura, Jake the Dog!
[02:01:31] <ZombieRaptor> A uhh.. Lyre?
[02:01:32] <Wogglebug> She's in a dress shop.
[02:01:34] <Wogglebug> She loosk gorgeous.
[02:01:46] <ihp> Jacob stares at Laura through the window, and enters the shop.
[02:01:48] <Wogglebug> Caduceus
[02:01:59] <padri> Laura in a dressing room.
[02:02:00] <Wogglebug> That one.
[02:02:04] <padri> But it's a dress shop!
[02:02:28] <Wogglebug> Well, the mirro r is oudie the room.
[02:02:34] <padri> She steps out, lookin in a mirror. She looks like she's having a great time.
[02:02:45] <Nemi> Now where could Lis be?
[02:02:55] <ihp> Jacob coughs politely at Laura.
[02:03:00] <ZombieRaptor> (Battling a dragon! :p )
[02:03:03] <Wogglebug> Redact, the "COME ANY CLOSER AND I'LL GUT YOU LIE A FUCKING BOAR!"
[02:03:05] <Wogglebug> Err
[02:03:11] <ZombieRaptor> ?
[02:03:17] <Wogglebug> I mean Rod of Aesculapius
[02:03:21] <padri> She turns. She looks rather embarrassed. "Jacob!"
[02:03:23] <Wogglebug> Wrong copypaste :I
[02:03:44] <Wogglebug> Lis is still in the library, reading at a desk.
[02:03:52] <Wogglebug> She's looking at a tome on the history of some empire.
[02:04:16] <ihp> Jacob smiles. "Hello. Interesting place here, eh?" He taps his charmer scarf; it's a three-headed snake pelt.
[02:04:21] <Wogglebug> Apparenlty they were rule by a dragon, and he was actually a great ruler, but then some asshole killed it because he didn't realize he was an alright guy.
[02:04:25] <Wogglebug> *ruled
[02:04:44] <Nemi> Lis contemplates the effects of anti-draconic racism.
[02:04:52] <Nemi> Sadly, she shuts the book and shakes her head. RIP.
[02:04:54] <Wogglebug> Terrible stuff, that.
[02:05:08] <Nemi> She puts the book back and decides to head outside and see what else is about this neato strange city.
[02:05:39] * Faminepulse has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[02:05:41] <Wogglebug> Which way does she head?
[02:05:55] * Faminepulse has joined #tooltime
[02:06:10] <Nemi> Lis decides to go… North!
[02:06:42] <padri> She looks at it. "At least I'm not the only one who's been shopping." She smiles when she sees that. "I'm not sure I could afford this if I had the right money anyway. I guess I'll get dressed and we can go find the others." She sounds a little sad that shopping is over.
[02:06:53] <Wogglebug> She, after a while fo walking through somewhat commercial and somewhat professional areas, arrives at a great dark wall.
[02:06:58] * Wogglebug has left #tooltime ()
[02:07:10] * Wogglebug has joined #tooltime
[02:07:10] * ChanServ promoted Wogglebug to operator
[02:07:17] <Wogglebug> Repost last minute please.
[02:07:17] <Nemi> A Great Wall!
[02:07:27] <Nemi> [22:13] <@Nemi> Lis decides to go… North!
[02:07:28] <Nemi> [22:14] <padri> She looks at it. "At least I'm not the only one who's been shopping." She smiles when she sees that. "I'm not sure I could afford this if I had the right money anyway. I guess I'll get dressed and we can go find the others." She sounds a little sad that shopping is over.
[02:07:28] <Nemi> [22:14] <@Wogglebug> She, after a while fo walking through somewhat commercial and somewhat professional areas, arrives at a great dark wall.
[02:07:29] <Wogglebug> No /that/ great.
[02:07:40] <Wogglebug> It surround what looks like a sort of university.
[02:07:51] <Nemi> So a mediocre giant wall. And a university, huh? She walks around looking for a gate.
[02:07:54] <Wogglebug> There's a gate to the west.
[02:08:01] <Wogglebug> Roll perception at the gate.
[02:09:08] <ihp> Jacob looks at Laura, and hands her a page from his notebook. "I think I might head back to the site, now, report my findings to someone. Here's a map back to the entrance."
[02:09:30] <padri> She takes it. "Thank you. I'll catch up with you later, then."
[02:10:02] <Nemi> 4df+8 per!
[02:10:03] <Glacon> Nemi: per!: 9 (4df+8=3+, 0, 0, 0)
[02:10:09] <Wogglebug> 4df+6+2
[02:10:09] <Glacon> Wogglebug: 9 (4df+6+2=4-, 3+, 0, 3+)
[02:10:27] <Wogglebug> You see some guards there, vaguely.
[02:10:31] <Wogglebug> They feel large.
[02:10:59] <padri> She looks in the mirror again. She likes the dress. She looks for a shop keeper.
[02:11:02] <Nemi> Lis supposes that's a good trait in a guard; largeness, loyalty, scariness, and generally lack of imagination. She approaches, curiously. Little Lis.
[02:11:25] <Wogglebug> An arm stops her from nearing the gate too closely.
[02:11:37] <Wogglebug> It's huge.
[02:11:38] <Wogglebug> And armored.
[02:12:06] <Wogglebug> "Present Credential."
[02:12:21] <Nemi> Lis blinks. She stops riiiight there. "Um. I don't think I have any.."
[02:12:26] <ihp> Jacob smiles at Laura, and starts heading to the city gates.
[02:12:43] <ihp> From there, he makes his way back to the entrance to this world, hopefully without any complications.
[02:12:58] <Wogglebug> He make sit jst fine.
[02:13:12] <Wogglebug> Make is just fine.
[02:13:12] <Wogglebug> It
[02:13:34] <Wogglebug> "Present credential."
[02:13:35] <Wogglebug> The thing, close up, is obviously a golem of some sort.
[02:14:11] <Nemi> Lis knows about golems!
[02:14:13] <Wogglebug> Massive thing.
[02:14:21] <Nemi> But she also knows that they're not really negotiatable. She backs off.
[02:14:42] <Wogglebug> It /is/ a university with golems out front.
[02:15:07] <Wogglebug> Maybe crednetial is a road term.
[02:15:12] <Wogglebug> *broad
[02:15:23] <Wogglebug> (Also a hard to type term.)
[02:15:28] <Nemi> Lis muses. She attempts, "Lisabet Tande."
[02:16:12] <Wogglebug> No response.
[02:16:34] <Nemi> She snaps her finger, then tries, "Explorer."
[02:16:48] <padri> Laura triesa buy a dress.
[02:17:01] <Wogglebug> No answer, Lis.
[02:17:05] <Wogglebug> "Who are you?"
[02:17:12] <Wogglebug> The medical guy lears at Jack.
[02:17:27] <ZombieRaptor> Jack rolled a 5 up there for magiks
[02:17:29] <Nemi> Lis sighs, and decides to keep wandering.
[02:17:36] <Nemi> It was worth trying.
[02:17:46] <Wogglebug> "120 bills, Miss."
[02:18:13] <Wogglebug> The man behind the counter says this to Laura.
[02:18:31] <Wogglebug> You find some other buildings around the place, Lis.
[02:18:31] <Wogglebug> That one there looks like some sort of non-gated-and-weird university.
[02:18:37] <Wogglebug> It's smaller.
[02:18:46] <Nemi> A -different- University. Anyone around up front?
[02:18:47] <padri> She nods. "It's gorgeous." That sounds very expensive. And she has none of the right kind of money anyhow. And she doesn't know her money is valid. So she changes back and hangs up the dress again.
[02:19:12] <Wogglebug> Well, students.
[02:19:16] <Wogglebug> You know how that sort of thing is.
[02:19:16] <ihp> Jacob totally gave Laura some cash before he left. :P
[02:19:24] <Wogglebug> It's not enough.
[02:19:26] <Wogglebug> Abotu half.
[02:20:09] <Wogglebug> "Well?"
[02:20:13] <padri> Oh! Then she does know! She has some money of her own. "I don't know how the conversion works…"
[02:20:20] <Wogglebug> The man is stilll accosting Jack.
[02:20:34] <Wogglebug> The man looks at the bills suspiciously.
[02:20:35] <Wogglebug> "We don't accept these here, sorry."
[02:20:43] <Nemi> Lis never went to university, so she doesn't.
[02:20:47] <Wogglebug> "Try a merchant by the docks."
[02:20:51] <Nemi> She bumbles onto the campus, peering around with curiosity!
[02:21:13] <Wogglebug> There are buildings, and students, and such.
[02:21:13] <Wogglebug> Pretty active place.
[02:21:19] <padri> She nods. "Thank you." Smile. Hang up dress. Walk out. At least shopping isn't out of the question!
[02:21:44] <Wogglebug> A lot of dwarves, actually.
[02:22:15] <Wogglebug> The man is staring at Jack, awaiting an answer.
[02:22:28] <ZombieRaptor> Did he say anything?
[02:22:33] <Nemi> Interesting! Lis asks a passerby who looks particularly receptive, "Hello! I'm Lis, I'm new in town. What's all this place?"
[02:22:33] <Wogglebug> Jack didn't.
[02:22:43] <ZombieRaptor> Did the man*
[02:22:45] <Wogglebug> The guy asked who he was.
[02:22:46] <ZombieRaptor> Accosting him.
[02:23:02] <ZombieRaptor> "I'm Jack Markos mate."
[02:23:13] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+5 Jack tries to heal the kid with magic now
[02:23:14] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: Jack tries to heal the kid with magic now: 4 (4df+5=3+, 0, 4-, 4-)
[02:23:24] <Wogglebug> The kid's already healed.
[02:23:28] <Wogglebug> Jack healed him.
[02:23:29] <ZombieRaptor> Ah
[02:23:39] <ZombieRaptor> Jack stands up,
[02:23:44] <Wogglebug> A student, who happens to be a dwarf: "Umm, University of Banganash."
[02:24:09] <Wogglebug> "Well, do you work here?" The man.
[02:24:12] <Nemi> Lis is probably not much taller than the dwarf, and far less heavily built. "Oh. That makes sense. Thank you. Um, what's the studies here?"
[02:24:19] <Wogglebug> Where does Laura head next?
[02:24:19] <Wogglebug> She's near the waterfront.
[02:24:23] <ZombieRaptor> "I do not work here, why?"
[02:24:30] <padri> What's on the waterfront?
[02:24:40] <ZombieRaptor> (Billions of kittens)
[02:24:42] <Wogglebug> Lots of nice shops.
[02:24:46] * Faminepulse has quit (Quit:
[02:24:46] <Wogglebug> "Well, then don't touch the students."
[02:25:01] <ZombieRaptor> "Whys that? The kid could have bled out mate."
[02:25:03] <Wogglebug> "And get out of my way."
[02:25:03] <Wogglebug> The man pretends to tend to the previously healed student.,
[02:25:05] <Wogglebug> He needs to keep his job.
[02:25:19] <Wogglebug> "Quit saying mate, you uneducated pilluck."
[02:25:40] <Wogglebug> Damn that guy's rude.
[02:25:49] <ZombieRaptor> "… I say mate because I don't know your name… Your rather rude you know that?" Yep
[02:25:56] <ZombieRaptor> You're*
[02:26:12] <Wogglebug> The man makes a vague motion over his shoulder.
[02:26:22] <Wogglebug> Two of the very lagre, very hard to see guards are approaching from the wings, Jack.
[02:26:27] <ZombieRaptor> "Anyways, the kid is fine, just put em on a cot."
[02:26:29] <Wogglebug> No good deed goes unpunished.
[02:26:46] <ZombieRaptor> Jack frowns. "Damn… I want to enroll here or something.."
[02:27:02] <Wogglebug> The student responds to Lis, after much thinking "Mostly geology. And agriculture."
[02:27:11] <Wogglebug> "Shipwrighting."
[02:27:24] <Wogglebug> The guards are getting close, Jack. Best leave.
[02:27:27] <Nemi> "Oh, neat. Thank you." That sounds really boring, but useful.
[02:27:43] <padri> She heads into a random shop!
[02:27:45] <ZombieRaptor> Leave the place entirely?
[02:27:45] <Nemi> Lis decides to keep wandering. Cities are so big!
[02:28:07] <Wogglebug> It selles /pies/, Laura.
[02:28:07] <Wogglebug> /Fancy/ pies.
[02:28:14] <Wogglebug> Well, before the guards make you, Jack.
[02:28:17] <ZombieRaptor> Jack heads out, looking annoyed.
[02:28:29] <ZombieRaptor> ~Great…~
[02:28:42] <Wogglebug> After a while of wandering, Lis comes across a small, nice looking bookshop.
[02:28:46] <padri> It smells /amazing/ in here.
[02:28:48] <Wogglebug> It's very quaint.
[02:28:57] <Wogglebug> There are couches inside. Probably a good place to rest.
[02:29:05] <Nemi> Lis decides to duck inside, peering about! She has no money, but she still likes the idea of looking about. And resting.
[02:29:09] <ZombieRaptor> ~Not much else here..~ Jack's quite annoyed at having to leave the only really interesting place to him. He frowns loudly.
[02:29:18] <ZombieRaptor> ~Rude bastard that guy was~
[02:29:21] <Wogglebug> There are all sorts of books and….. what is that?
[02:29:29] <Nemi> What's whaaaat.
[02:29:42] <Wogglebug> Some sort fo tall, shaggy thing.
[02:29:43] <Wogglebug> Like a shag carpet wrapped around a pole.
[02:29:53] <padri> She wanders around.
[02:29:55] <Wogglebug> It's reading a book on manners.
[02:29:57] <Wogglebug> Well, it looks like it is.
[02:30:23] <Nemi> Huh. Weird. Lis tries not to stare.
[02:30:26] <Wogglebug> There are lots of boutiques, Laura.
[02:30:26] <Wogglebug> You could probably get just about anything made here.
[02:30:29] <ZombieRaptor> Jack looks around… Where else in the town would be good for a wizard?
[02:30:52] <Wogglebug> Probably the Underground Magical Dueling scene.
[02:31:01] <Wogglebug> Which, of course, Jack wouldn't know about.
[02:31:19] <padri> She looks for something a child might enjoy.
[02:31:19] <ZombieRaptor> Jack isn't an offensive wizard sadly.
[02:31:25] <padri> More specifically, her child.
[02:31:31] <Wogglebug> There's a toy shop.
[02:31:34] <ZombieRaptor> Jack sighs.
[02:31:40] <Wogglebug> It looks more like a tinker's really.
[02:31:52] <Wogglebug> Lis, there are a lot of cool books here.
[02:32:03] <Nemi> Any particular titles of interest?
[02:32:05] <Wogglebug> There's an old man shelving books in a corner.
[02:32:16] <padri> She goes in.
[02:32:51] <Wogglebug> 'Thaumaturgy' 'Cake Making for Witches' and 'A Dungeonmancer's Guide to Traps' are some notable ones.
[02:33:02] <Wogglebug> Laura, the inside of the place is /amazing/.
[02:33:13] <Wogglebug> All sort of clockwork toys and things.
[02:33:16] <ZombieRaptor> Jack wanders away I guess.
[02:33:22] <Wogglebug> Little monkeys chasing little mice.
[02:33:22] <Wogglebug> Made of clockwork.
[02:33:23] <Nemi> Idly, Lis decides to peek at the Dungeonmancer's Guide, just because that sounds amusing. And clever. She has no idea about Thaumaturgy or baking.
[02:33:36] <padri> Laura feels like a child herself.
[02:34:36] <padri> She looks at everything, touching, picking things up.
[02:34:40] <Wogglebug> It's all about how you can outfit your dungeon with traps for pesky adventurers.
[02:34:49] <Wogglebug> There are some /very/ descriptive illustrations.
[02:34:57] <Wogglebug> They're all super cool, Laura.
[02:35:04] <Wogglebug> There's a toy horse that walks.
[02:35:09] <Wogglebug> Canters.
[02:35:15] <Nemi> Lis is like 'daaaaang that's rad.' And finds herself grinning far too much. It's giving her ideas.
[02:35:17] <Wogglebug> Jack, you come across a large waterway.
[02:35:21] <Wogglebug> <any shops line it.
[02:36:46] <Nemi> Eventually, after amusing herself people-watching and picking through fascinating books, Lis starts bumbling off.
[02:36:47] <Wogglebug> You see Laura go into a shop, Jack!
[02:37:08] <Wogglebug> It looks like a tinker's.
[02:37:10] <padri> She picks up one of the monkeys.
[02:37:20] <ZombieRaptor> Jack does see this! But he goes off and trudges back home.
[02:37:20] <Nemi> Lis wonders where everyone is.
[02:37:37] <Wogglebug> It's adorable.
[02:37:37] <Wogglebug> It chitters and moves when you press little levers.
[02:37:37] <Wogglebug> You can hear it whirr.
[02:37:47] <Wogglebug> Lis, they're probably /somewhere/ certainly.
[02:37:52] <Nemi> Mysterious!
[02:37:59] <Nemi> Lis wishes she had money. She would buy so many souvenirs.
[02:38:25] <padri> Laura expects this to be expensive, too. But she has to ask. She looks.
[02:38:26] <Wogglebug> Well, shouldn't be hard finding her way back.
[02:38:38] <Wogglebug> It's marked as 30.
[02:38:44] <Wogglebug> On a little tag.
[02:39:04] <ZombieRaptor> Jack walks on past the shop Laura is and back home, woo for good instinct of direction. (Survival or no need?)
[02:39:18] <Wogglebug> Nah
[02:39:28] <padri> Awesome! Jacob gave her that much.
[02:39:31] <Wogglebug> It's a pretty simple path.
[02:39:35] <padri> She buys it n stuff.
[02:39:45] <ZombieRaptor> Jack heads home.
[02:39:48] <Wogglebug> He actually gave her 60.
[02:39:48] <Wogglebug> So she still has 30!
[02:39:53] <Wogglebug> Laura obtains a toy monkey!
[02:40:23] <ZombieRaptor> Jack twirls his butterfly knife around while walking, entertaining himself.
[02:40:23] <Nemi> Lis bumbles her way back home, for now.
[02:40:30] <padri> Woo! Katie will love it. She heads home.
[02:40:39] <padri> She feels rly good cause normal stuff.
[02:40:55] <Wogglebug> Everyone makes it back to the site, eventually!
[02:40:55] <Wogglebug> Like before, but in reverse!
[02:40:58] <Wogglebug> It's notably darker.
[02:42:14] <Wogglebug> -Location Closed-

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