Intercom Chats

05:02:44: <gumbal1> Harlan wanders the containment wing.
05:03:47: <Roget> Harlan hears the strange and wonderous sounds of sleeping anomalies. From snores. pops, and creaks, it's quieter here.
05:04:35: <gumbal1> He looks for 1030's containment chamber.
05:04:46: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi wanders in to containment, grabs the keys and heads to 230's containment cell, quietly opening it.
05:07:36: <Proto_Lost> Harley is rooting about the archives, reading up on his teammates.
05:08:18: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi closes the door behind him.. He looks into the cell, is 230 asleep?
05:08:31: <Roget> 230 is at his desk, like before
05:09:37: <lurkd> SCP-1030's head is rolling laps around its containment chamber.
05:10:01: <lurkd> Harlan can see it up ahead.
05:10:04: <gumbal1> (Is there a viewing window?)
05:10:07: <Roget> yes
05:10:21: <lurkd> There's a porthole.
05:10:34: <lurkd> (woop sry)
05:10:57: <gumbal1> Harlan tries to get its attention.
05:11:05: <gumbal1> (Could it hear him speak?)
05:11:08: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi walks to the intercom «Evening 230.»
05:11:52: <lurkd> (probably if roget doesn't disagree)
05:12:09: <Roget> Theres intercom
05:12:13: <lurkd> Ivan looks up and listens.
05:12:48: <Roget> you mean 1030?
05:13:33: <lurkd> erg redact that last one
05:14:14: <gumbal1> Harlan goes to the intercom and speaks the following in Hebrew. «[Hello? Can you understand me? Hop once for yes, twice for no.]»
05:15:16: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> «Hello 230?»
05:15:41: <lurkd> The head stops and bounces once.
05:16:06: <Roget> 230 looks up, stretches its long, thin limbs slowly, and walks over. «Hello, honey. Did you miss me?»
05:17:04: <gumbal1> ~Alright, this is good. ~ «[Do you feel better from last night?]»
05:18:09: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> ~This guy is way to happy… Is he just here because he's unusually happy?~ «Not miss as much as feel compelled to come back… Not many anomalous beings are able to be talked to… What do you do at that desk all day?»
05:19:48: <lurkd> Two hops.
05:21:38: <gumbal1> «[Oh. Sorry about that. Did we interrupt something important?]»
05:23:51: <lurkd> *hop* *hop*
05:24:22: <Roget> «I think things up»
05:25:23: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> «…. Do you enjoy being here?»
05:25:59: <gumbal1> 4df+3 «[This may sound odd, but… did you ever know your creator?]» (persuasion)
05:26:00: <Glacon> gumbal1: «[This may sound odd, but… did you ever know your creator?]» (persuasion): 5 (4df+3=0, 3+, 3+, 0)
05:26:56: <Roget> «I have amenities. Good conversation. The General always has interesting ideas. His girl is nice.»
05:27:43: <lurkd> It pauses for a long time. *hop*
05:27:54: <ihp> Susan wanders around the site aimlessly.
05:28:12: <gumbal1> «[Was he a good man?]»
05:28:22: <Proto_Lost> Harley has finished his little binge on everyone's reports, and has now arrived at the cafeteria.
05:28:22: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> «The girl? Iris?»
05:30:20: <lurkd> No hops.
05:30:46: <gumbal1> «[Was he a man?]»
05:31:10: <lurkd> *hop* *hop*
05:31:16: <Roget> «is that her name? She's sucha sweetheart…»
05:32:07: <gumbal1> «[Did you like him?]»
05:32:43: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> «Do you know why you are here?»
05:33:35: <lurkd> The head rolls over to the nearest wall and slams against it as if trying to escape its cell fruitlessly.
05:33:52: <Roget> «Why, I haven't the foggiest, chum.»
05:33:53: <lurkd> *thud*
05:34:17: <gumbal1> «[Is there something you need to do?]»
05:34:20: <lurkd> *thud*
05:35:04: <lurkd> It rolls to the other end. *thud*
05:36:18: <gumbal1> «[Alright then. Goodbye.]» He steps away from the intercom. "[And sorry]."
05:36:28: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi thinks for a moment «Gonna leave now… Goodbye»
05:36:43: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi walks out of the place, locking it
05:37:04: <lurkd> The head rolls to the farthest corner and remains still. Pretty sad.
05:39:17: <Roget> «Farewell…»

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